Fumbles, lousy plays – not Denver — Obama’s O’Reilly interview

Yesterday before the Super Bowl, Bill O’Reilly sat with President Obama for a predictable interview as President Obama blamed Fox News for his travails. Monday-morning quarterbacking would probably say Obama should have skipped the O’Reilly interview. He came off totally on defense and at times was clearly doing everything possible to avoid inquiry. You can watch the whole thing here if you have 10 minutes to kill.

Between House Minority Leader Pelosi’s dubious appearance with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show and Obama’s interview yesterday, Democrat leadership looks lost, incompetent, and evasive.

However, President Obama struggles with something far more serious: integrity. After all, he was awarded the “Lie of the Year” for 2013 and according to the Washington Post delivered several more lies during his fifth State of the Union just last week.

He struggled yet again when faced with tough inquiry yesterday – further eroding confidence but more importantly, credibility. As reported by Fox News,

President Obama adamantly rejected the suggestion that the IRS was used for political purposes by singling out Tea Party groups seeking tax exemption. “That’s not what happened,” he said. Rather, he said, IRS officials were confused about how to implement the law governing those kinds of tax-exempt groups.” “There were some bone-headed decisions,” Obama conceded. But when asked whether corruption, or mass corruption, was at play, he responded: “Not even mass corruption — not even a smidgen of corruption.”

You have to laugh at how the liberal media is pursuing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over traffic lane closures as major corruption, but Obama just blows off his IRS being used as a bludgeon against conservative groups. I would have asked him if he agrees with Senator Schumer’s assertion that efforts should be redoubled by the IRS and government agencies to attack grassroots conservative groups.

But most unnerving was the president’s response when asked about Benghazi. Obama said his administration didn’t try to “hide the ball” regarding the attacks, in which four Americans were killed including Ambassador Chris Stevens. “We revealed to the American people exactly what we understood at the time,” the president said. We all know this to be completely untrue. The terrorist attack at the US Consulate in Benghazi had nothing to do with a “spontaneous reaction to a crude anti-Islam video trailer.”

Fox News reported

Obama also claimed that the attackers were made up of a mix of people, some affiliated with terror organizations and others who were just “troublemakers.” A recent report from the Senate Intelligence Committee, though, definitively declared that individuals tied to Al Qaeda groups were involved.

Furthermore, the day after the SOTU address, Obama administration Director of National Intelligence James Clapper stated before the Senate Intelligence Committee that he finds a-+Qaida no less viable than they were ten years ago — far from being decimated and on the run.

On the topic of Obamacare, the president argued, “that total enrollment is now just about a month behind schedule and that young people, key to making Obamacare work, are enrolling at a good rate.”

Quite a meaningless and nebulous response, don’t you think? President Obama wouldn’t answer when asked repeatedly why he kept Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on the job. “I try to focus not on the fumbles but on the next play,” he said.

My takeaway from the interview? Obama is a pathological liar whose disdain for the American people is evidenced in his offensive belief that he can say anything, just smile, blame someone else, and continue to disregard the rule of law. At some point, he will be held accountable.


  1. What got me about the the Benghazi attack he states “we also have to make sure that we understand our folks out there are in a hazardous, dangerous situation” so why wouldn’t they increase protection, or get out like England and others did? Why didn’t he send more troops to help our people there instead of decreasing it or ignoring the Ambassadors request? … Obama really has no clue how to run a country and has no business in office. He should be impeached immediately.

  2. Obama claimed that the Benghazi attackers were made up of a mix of people, some affiliated with terror organizations and others who were just “troublemakers.” We may be in deep doo-doo if, as Obama asserts, AlQaeda has linked up with Halloween Trick-or-Treaters.

    And how can he claim there is “not even a smidgen of corruption” regarding the IRS’ political targeting of conservative groups when the central figure, Lois Lerner, took the Fifth and has never been thoroughly interviewed or investigated? Pretty bold assertion when there hasn’t really been any investigation.

  3. It seems to me those that have his number would’ve expected nothing more or nothing less than what they got in this interview. He’s as slippery as they come so the challenge is, how to catch him red handed at the lies. But even then, with all the support he has, and the campaign to nullify his opposition, the guy is virtually unstoppable. It’s pretty frustrating to watch.

      • I do understand the extreme frustration people that oppose him are experiencing. He is a brilliant politician and as slippery as they come. I don’t, however, condone murder or even the suggestion of it. I suspect your comment was frustrated jest.

  4. I have come to grips with the fact “every word the man utters to the public is a lie.” Plain and simple his agenda has been to milk the tax payers for extravagant vacations, destroy the constitution, lie to the public when ever his hand is caught in the proverbial cookie dough. A honest disgrace to the office of the president of the United States. His behavior in Africa was enough to make bile come up any ones throat. I’m ashamed that the world is watching as this ma tears down one of the most powerful countries in te world.

  5. I agree with everything you said . . . until the last sentence. I don’t believe he will ever be held accountable because Conservatives are too afraid of being labeled racist for calling him on all of his deception and placing himself above the Constitution. And Obama knows that, which is why he arrogantly plows on with his own agenda despite a significant lack of public support. Our best chance to neutralize his destructive agenda is with a change in the Senate this November.

    • I agree with ArizConservative, maybe cause I’m a AkConservative. BUT not sure the people are smart enough to “VOTE” out Harry Reid’s
      idiot Senate???

    • The liberals over played the race card. It was used for corrupt reasons and in the minds of many now it no longer holds water. Laughable. The account has been overdrawn.

    • THATS COMMING, he is “OUT” on his ASS along with all his “TRAITOR” Reps!!! VOTE EVERY ONE OF THEM “OUT OF OFFICE” BYE BYE DUMFUKS!!!

  6. I rather the media interview Hillary the worse possible choice for 2016. The MSM is letting her slide on her numerous lies.. she would be a horrible choice every bit as bad as berry has been.

  7. Complete waste of the man’s time. Orielly should have spent that entire time interviewing him about that state of the economy and what the president plans on doing to fix it. I actually think Obama came out looking better and the guy is a complete academic when it comes to his economic policy. Can we just try something that even if by coincidence at least worked?

    • “academic” get “REAL” no more so than the “MAN ON THE MOON”!!! Yeah academic couldn’t “doesn’t want too repair the “DAMAGE” HE obozo has DONE!!! Academic my ASS!!! PUT DOWN THE ‘Kool-Aid’ DICHEAD!!!

  8. The interview was riddled with BS answers and explanations.

    And towards the end, when O’Reilly presented a question asked by a woman in Fresno, CA wanting to know why the president “thinks it is necessary to fundamentally transform the nation…..”, Obama responded, “I don’t think we have to fundamentally transform the nation.” But those, as O’Reilly pointed out, were his words.

    Seems I have heard this switching of gears before. We all remember “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. Period.” But then, Obama claims back in Nov 2013, that what he ACTUALLY said was that “you can keep your plan, IF it hasn’t changed since the law passed”.

    I think he thinks we are all idiots. I am tired of the shell games.

    • Idiots we are not. I recognize him from decades ago in my teenage years, as one of those pesky little liars and trouble makers you block from your circle of friends, Yes, to me he has always been transparent.

    • That appears to be “EXACTLY” what obozo AND sorros believe Americans are “STUPID”!!! Now we need to show both of them “WTF”!!!

  9. Lots of people keep saying “he will be held accountable” – by whom, when, what penalty will he pay??? We have such a milk toast House that Beohner won’t even appoint a “special prosecuter” to honestly handle any of the scandals.

    • It’s obvious the Democrats “ARE” trying to put the Blame on the GOP, however if you were listening obozo “ADMITTED” HE HAD caused the “SHUTDOWN, he even said it himself, dumbfuks, so how do you like “YOUR” president now “STUPID”!!!

  10. I don’t know if I would call the President a pathological liar, I am more inclined to believe he is just an incompetent politician and delusional.

      • Even if he doesn’t know his handlers do and he is just carrying out our enemies, his handlers, policies. I believe he has been promised great wealth by some middle eastern country.

    • He’s “ALL” of the above!!! Hell bent on “DESTRUCTION” of our Republic. He only wants to “SHARE” the Wealth, if you can belive that from a “LIEING” TRAITOR!!!

  11. I am so very sick and tired of Obama getting away with all the lies. It appears everyone is scared to death of what he can do to them. No one who has any authority will speak up and tell all.

    • Your “RIGHT” there “ALL” SKEERED to voice objections, what gets me is if the country crumbles then “WHO” is going to “PAY” for ostupids actions, if the republic falls then who is going to pay for obozo malfeasance!! OUR Children that’s who!!!

  12. One thing he said is true! If Fox hadn’t kept all this corruption on their front burners we would all be scratching our heads wondering what happened. The rest of the media is happy that up is now down and red is now black and lies are now truth

  13. Phil Grande’s business program today called O’Reilly an “amateur” at the interview. O’Reilly was more concerned about saving Obama’s face than getting some important answers for America. O’Reilly didn’t challenge any of the fake numbers Obama was tossing out. O’Reilly flunked….didn’t prepare for the interview.
    They should have had Trey Gowdy do the interview, that would have been worth watching! Trey Gowdy is a pit bull in the guise of s southern gentleman, if someone doesn’t answer the question, he just reframes the question and asks it again….and again, if necessary until he gets the answers.

    • I don’t know that pressing Mr. Obama harder would have yielded any answers. I think it would’ve just angered the Pres even more.

      • I trust Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz, and TX Rep. Louie Gohmert.
        TX Sen. Cruz is my senator and Rep. Louie Gohmert is from the Tyler, TX district…..SC should be Very proud of Trey Gowdy. He’s awesome, too !

      • Every “AMERICIAN” should be PROUD of Gowdy and take a stand with him in defense of the “Declaration of Independence and the “Bill of Rights”!!! Mr Gowdy, “PLEASE” run for POTUS, We need Americans like “YOU”!!!

      • Gowdy doesn’t seem to want to “PLAY” obozo’s “GAMES”, stand STRONG Repersenitive Gowdy, “WE THE PEOPLE” are behind you!!!

    • To me O’Reilly’s facial expression seemed to reflect that he was dumbfounded by comrad obama’s answers. He had ten minutes and more questions so he had to move on. I am not an O’Reilly fan but that was my impression. Maybe I was just so amazed at his in your face lying that I saw my feelings on O’Reillys face. Either way I was absolutely frightened more than ever after that interview. He has no conscious whatsoever and plans to continue to do as he pleases. Maybe he will use his “pen” to give himself another term!

  14. deny , deny , deny even when they KNOW you did it. Is anybpdy going to step up and tell him he doesn’t get to decide if a wrong was done and he will go to jail for denying pertinent information?

  15. “At some point, he will be held accountable.”
    When? By whom? What is it going to take to Arrest, Convict, and Sentence Ovomit and all his co-conspirators for the Treasonous actions against the Constitution, the American people, and the Office he holds? He has made alliances with the Muslim Brotherhood-parent organizations for many terrorist organizations including Al Quaeda-and left key American officials and personnel in Lybia open to attack that left 4 Americans dead, and many more wounded and traumatized! He’s been complicit in less than legal operations along our southern border that resulted in at least one American Border patrol agent dead, hundreds of Mexican citizens dead! He has been at the helm of Federal Agencies that have caused massive restraints on our economy! He has fired or accepted resignations of hundreds of our Military Commanders and made it nearly impossible for our soldiers to do their jobs and yes protect themselves on the battlefield! He has made intentionally made the last government shut-down as painful as possible to the people in order to punish Republican efforts to de-fund his prize ACA(OvomitCare). The list goes on and on of the subversive nature of his actions!
    So I ask again, When will we reach that point when Ovomit is held accountable?

  16. “My takeaway from the interview? Obama is a pathological liar whose
    disdain for the American people is evidenced in his offensive belief
    that he can say anything, just smile, blame someone else, and continue
    to disregard the rule of law. At some point, he will be held
    It has come down to that for me and quite frankly it makes me ill because I want to believe that the president is not disgusted by my presence in my country.

  17. The level more severe than Narcissistic Personality Disorder is Pathological Narcissism. ..Pathological Narcissism is obama’s level and one of the hallmarks of that is the ability to LIE to people’s faces without a hint of conscience.
    Bill O’Reilly only had 10 minutes to interview obama.
    I thought the things Glenn Beck mentioned about the interview were interesting. They had to do with mood, atmosphere, and demeanor. Firstly, regardless of who is poresident, the White House is suppposed to (among other things) showcase the president…So there’s that…
    O’Reilly was Required to wear a tie, but not obama which was meant to make obama look like “every man” and more relaxed than O’Reilly. According to Glenn, someone, at the last minute told obama to take his tie off.
    I forget how many people Beck said would have been standing behind obama off camera, Glaring at O’Reilly. This was Supposed to have an intimidating effect, but I doubt O’Reilly was as intimidated as they wanted. He had to cut off obama answering a bit when obama would take too long with an answer because only 10 minutes were allowed for All the questions O’Reilly had with him….So, overall, O’Reilly did pretty good considering he was interviewing (As Allen stated) a pathological Liar.

  18. 501C’s have been around forever and now the IRS has a difficult time understanding them. What a liar and deceiver Obama is! He rattles on and on and tries to convince the American public that he is free of any wrong doing. We need special committees to get down to the bottom of this and why Boener won’t approve this is beyond me other than he is being held hostage by something he has done in the past. I suspected this of the R supreme court justice when he ruled for Obamacare. The truth will come out but the American people need to know now to get this mad man out of the White House!

  19. He is not even a good liar anymore, how much longer before someone with authority holds this man accountable? I’ve figured out what his fundamental transformation is all about and I don’t want to see our country become another former Soviet Union, Cuba, China, etc…This is not why my ancestors and others fought in the American Revolution and it is certainly not what they envisioned America becoming.

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  20. I gotta tell you. Another thing I took away from the interview is that O’Reilly doesn’t have the kajones to really press Obama when he is filibustering and just downright dodging the questions. Bill likes to portray himself as a tough interviewer that won’t let the interviewee control the interview. But that is exactly what Obama did. HE dictated the course of the interview. And Bill just kissed up to him at the end with a mutal admiration society kiss fest.

  21. Oblammer is a professional deflector. He is also professional at taking a simple yes or no question and turning it into a dissertational response. He is also very adept at at threatening people, subtely during interviews. You see, Oblammer has the IRS, NSA, CIA, and the FBI all backing him, not withstanding the LSM singing praises for him on all fronts. Anyone that disagrees with him could be toast. It is painfully clear that the media mites who stand up to Oblammer have a mountain to climb. Until us voters stand up and open our mouths outside of the bloggosphere, nothing, nadda, will happen. We the people, need to stand united and speak with one voice or we will become silent and inconsequential all in due time as Oblammer plans

    • “CORRECT” obozo has crossed the lines too many times, it “IS” Apparent “obozo does “NOT” have a CLUE what he is doing!!!

      • It was jarringly apparent in the interview that he was clueless! I have seen him look less than smart before but last night he looked like a complete idiot and an angry one at that! He barely contained his anger!

  22. What is more interesting is the TROLLs seem to be silent lately, or nearly silent. Maybe they are starting to see the error in their thinking? I have my doubts since the cool aid was probably LSD lased. No one will probably ever know sinde the TROLLS will not admit to being drugged into voting for such a disaster. But, I can never be surprised, TROLLS have always come throught proving me wrong.

  23. Totally agree, and I thought Bill did a good job of trying to keep Obama on each topic. What made me the angriest was when O’Reilly asked him, from an e-mail he had received, “Why should we fundamentally change our country?” The presidents answer was, “We DON’T have to fundamentally change our country.” Isn’t that what he ran on. I have been sending the white house messages regarding my thoughts on that particular answer. If any of you would like to send messages to the white house, here is the link. At least you can share your thoughts, and get it off your chest,. http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/submit-questions-and-comments

  24. What a disappointment Bil O’Reilly was he could have quizzed the President on Raising the Minimum Wage, Unemployment Extension, Immigration Reform, Keystone XL Pipeline and TPP things important to Americans so what does he ask him about Benghazi (President should have said) “Bill the hearings and The New York Times explained what happen in Benghazi and there was no IRS scandal Next Question

  25. An interviewer can only do so much in a 10 minute time slot especially when as you can see Obama does alot of time stalling and any sign of disrespect to Obama and the Obama sheep liberal media would have been all over it like white on rice

    • Actually one of the Huffpo ho’s labeled O’Reilly as borderline racist for this interview! Anytime you don’t kiss his fanny you are a racist period! I want Allen West for President and he’s black so take that liberal fools!


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