Conservatives under assault by power-hungry on both sides

Yesterday, Bill O’Reilly interviewed President Obama on Fox and asked him about the scandal surrounding the IRS targeting of constitutional conservatives and the Tea Party.

Unsurprisingly, the president took up a defensive position and vehemently countered there is no corruption or targeting. And why would we expect a different response? After all, it’s a “phony scandal.” Funny thing, I’ve actually seen some of the letters sent by the IRS.

Obama may believe there’s no wrongdoing and his administration is doing everything it can to avoid the consequences, but this was not just a few loose cannons.

However, there is another assault on conservatives and the Tea Party coming from “our own side” and the repercussions are reverberating.

As reported by,

After wasting nearly $325 million during the 2012 election cycle with nothing to show for it and then declaring war on the Tea Party, donations to Karl Rove’s three Crossroads groups decreased by 98% last year, down to just $6.1 combined in 2013. The groups reportedly raised a paltry $6.1 million combined in 2013.

Rove runs Crossroads GPS, American Crossroads, and the new Conservative Victory Project Super PAC, formed this year to counterbalance the influence of Tea Party and conservative grassroots forces in GOP primaries.

I think the name of the new group “Conservative Victory Project” is quite deceptive — oxymoronic actually — and evidences the schism on our side and the GOP establishment’s true fear of losing power and influence to the American people. But if not for the constitutional conservative grassroots, the GOP would not have had a majority in the House of Representatives.

As Breitbart News reports,

Rove’s organization has been so tarnished among the conservative base that candidates fear donors will not contribute to any group associated with him.” In a shrewd maneuver, Rove’s Crossroads network has reloaded with groups that share donors but are technically not affiliated on paper with them. Rove’s groups “are permitted to accept unlimited corporate and individual contributions,” and donations to Crossroads GPS, a nonprofit, are even tax deductible.

We recently reported on Senator Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) address at the Center for American Progress (the George Soros backed progressive organization) attacking the conservative grassroots groups by “redoubling efforts using the IRS and government agencies.”

And now we know there’s a concerted effort by the GOP establishment to do the same – remember, you don’t have to be a Democrat to be a progressive.

Here’s my take on it. Big government advocates are threatened, regardless of party, and they’re dead set against losing power. The Washington DC cabal wants to continue being the center of power, and that means continuing and increasing government spending. They believe the greatest resource they have is money — not contributions from genuine Americans, but rather that of special interest groups.

What these DC politicians, statists and/or progressives don’t realize is that the greatest resource the American people have is the truth, and the Constitution of the United States.

Money and corruption will never be able to stand against a heartfelt resolve and love of country. Selfless service always defeats self-service and the days are drawing near when “We the People” will restore the American Republic


  1. I have been saying for 3 years Rove was a cancer, glad he is losing support now if Hannity would not put him on his show I would be elated.

  2. I have said on numerous occasions that someone should cram Rove’s white board up his arse…maybe now someone will! Rove and the rest of the Moderate Centrist’s need to be shown the door after they have been sufficiently covered with hot tar and lots of feathers! The DC Elite of both Parties are the means by which the cancer of Marxism has been allowed to grow in this country and it is prime time to thin out their numbers permanently! Leftist’s and their “useful idiots”, the Liberals, need to be shown once and for all time, that America wants nothing to do with them. They have ruined just about everything sacred in this country, and they should pay dearly for it. They have bent and broken our system of limited government, declared war on America in their demoralization of the culture, Religion and the Family. The up coming American Spring protest will not accomplish anything if they do not carry Clubs and Pitchforks! The Left laughs at peaceful protests and continues on as if nothing was said or done.

    “When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

    Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

  3. If the GOP is not in bed with the Progressive Democrat Socialists, then why the heck are they fighting Conservatives and all those in the Tea Party? Are they as traitorous as the Democrats who want to turn this Country over to the UN? Or are they plain stupid?

  4. Col. West you are looking at it from a to high vantage point: the Libprogs and the Chamber of Commerce crowd have decided to return us to a more Feudal society where they can rule without resistance. Slave Masters one and all they are.

  5. IMO… the republican party will not stop doing and saying stupid things so long as there’s RINO’s in bed with the democrat party’s agenda. If we want a strong, stand your ground against tyranny and corruption president in our government…. we need more candidates and elected officials to choose from like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Paul Ryan, Allen West….. etc. Get rid of the do nothing, compromising, part of the problem republicans that are sitting by, watching and even helping the Liberal, Progressive, Communist Democrat Party and all it little “useful idiots” destroy the American way of life. I firmly believe that these devoted, conservative individuals have the best interest of America and the American People in their hearts and efforts. Some things will sound a little strong and harsh, but keep in mind….. you don’t get rid of the unhealthy fat, lose weight and get healthy by sitting on your ass, pushing a pencil and eating potato chips. These individuals say what they mean and mean what they say and the agenda is ALL ABOUT AMERICA and it’s people.



    “Obama’s DEEDS”, by Speech, Letter, Decree, Executive Order, and …
    his FAILED LEADERSHIP, promulgated by his Administrative CZAR’s, AND The
    Democratic Senate, “IS a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER”…To Our Great Nation …PERIOD.


    Please SHARE…

    We Can Take America Back…PERIOD.

    May God continue to BLESS OUR AMERICA.

    Robert David Hummel USA RET,. Inverness, FL

  7. I hope you are correct sir. However, if we believe we can leave the boat and somehow negotiate walking on the waves apart from Jesus, it will be a sadly laughable sight.

    • OandP, u probably are not going to believe this if I tell u, because one really has to see it to believe it, but the scientists have gone one small step forward for man, and one giant leap for Christianity. the scientists have created a gelatinous like substance that u throw into a pool of water and…..get this….u can walk ontop the water!! I wouldn’t have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. One guy was even break dancing on the water (with the gel underneath). If u don’t move fast enough however, u break through both the surface tension of the water AND the gel and start sinking in to the gel. Basically u get slimed and someone has to pull u out before u drown. It’s a bit of a challenge but basically anyone can do this. Perhaps Jesus will be with us if we find ourselves needing to catch a wave without a surfboard. 😛

      • Do you know what a metaphor is Greg? And when you make claims of AMAZING STUFF … post a link. Also snark is cute to the lazy spoiled among.

  8. Really Allen? You were the MOST HATED member of congress when you served. Not because of your political opinions, concerning econ and foreign policy, but because you’re a douche. Your social positions were scary. You’re a racist when it comes to Muslims saying all Muslims are bad when CLEARLY it’s only the radical ones. Members on BOTH sides of the aisle couldn’t stand you and parties happened to celebrate your retirement, while your cult cried on the sideline. Sorry, but us RINOs are going to know out every single teatolitarian like yourself. You can CLAIM you aren’t Tea Party or Libertarian, but you are. Same thing as looney Ron Paul. AND you have your own cult of lunatic supporters saying whackadoo things totally outside of the mainstream. Like are they on drugs? Like WTF. They smoking that quack like Daffy Duck? Come on Allen. Good god. NO WONDER a good 99% of Congress hated you. WOW

    • LOL

      if LTC West is hated by most on Capitol Hill, just like Cruz and Lee are hated, it’s a GOOD THING FOR AMERICA

      it means LTC West is on the right Constitutional track and the dominant Conservative Electorate will back him to the hilt, ole buddy ole pal


      • I feel the same, “HOPEFULLY” LTC WEST STAYS the course, “WE THE PEOPLE” NEED MORE Americans like LTC West

    • Af, the only douchebag here is u. We on the right are the only bunch of sane people in existence. The problem with the RINO’s is that speak a good lot, but they suck when it comes to voting: they vote like a bunch of whiny liberals, like u Af. Truth is, the RINO’s are holding the rest of the GOP back, so they all need to go. The GOP is coming down to the neoconservative Republicans, the Tea Party, the Libertarian Party, the Federalist Party, the Constitutionalist Party, and the Independent Party. U see, Af, u have no more force than an ant trying to hold up a boulder. Soon u are going to be crushed into an inkspot and u go home to your favorite weed-smoking friends…maybe even go into business with them. But, u are not going to knock out the NEW important players in the GOP with the old ones. We are leaving the old behind. You either get on the bus now and take the trip with us or be left behind for good.

    • RDavis49: IMO… the republican party will not stop doing and saying stupid things so long as there’s RINO’s in bed with the democrat party’s agenda. If we want a strong, stand your ground against tyranny and corruption president in our government…. we need more candidates and elected officials to choose from like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Paul Ryan, Allen West….. etc. Get rid of the do nothing, compromising, part of the problem republicans that are sitting by, watching and even helping the Liberal, Progressive, Communist Democrat Party and all it little “useful idiots” destroy the American way of life. I firmly believe that these devoted, conservative individuals have the best interest of America and the American People in their hearts and efforts. Some things will sound a little strong and harsh, but keep in mind….. you don’t get rid of the unhealthy fat, lose weight and get healthy by sitting on your ass, pushing a pencil and eating potato chips. These individuals say what they mean and mean what they say and the agenda is ALL ABOUT AMERICA and it’s people.

    • Hey there Mr. Af you must be a liberal. No Republican would ever claim to be a RINO like it was a good thing. I’m glad you think us TEA Party folk are whacked. Because I think you liberals are stupid, immoral, hypocrites who without the support of the media couldn’t get a candidate elected dog catcher. The only difference between conservatism and liberalism is that conservatism works. Liberal policies fail. Just look at Detroit. Then look at Wisconsin. Since you probably are unaware the Republican governor fought like hell and got conservative fiscal policies enacted. He faced a recall election for doing so. His policies worked so well that by the time the recall came around his opponents couldn’t attack him over them. Wisconsin ended 2013 with $912 million surplus. How are any of those libtard regulated, over taxed, welfare states you champion doing? I know, it’s Bush’s fault and I’m a racist. Yawn.

  9. I’ve never been more disgusted with the GOP. They criticize Obama and the Democratic Party and everything that is happening, but are they doing anything at all to stop all this nonsense? Ben Ghazi, the IRS Scandal, Obamacare, Fast and Furious, and a long list of scandals (not phony scandals) have occurred under this administration and as far as I’m concerned the GOP has let me down almost as much by doing nothing. But it doesn’t stop there for me personally, I haven’t been happy with them in some time. Until some party, starts talking about bringing our jobs back to this country and paying down the national debt, I’m going to remain fed up. Obama and every other politician can create all the welfare programs to help the disadvantaged get ahead through education, and that is not a bad thing, but when they graduate and the true fact is there really aren’t enough descent paying jobs to go around anymore, then it really doesn’t matter. I hope the Tea Party can address both these problems while at the same time keep us from becoming the Marxist country I see us developing into. So far the only real leaders I see standing up against what is going on all come from the Tea Party and no, I’m not a member saying that, but an Independent voter. I wish Trey Gowdy would run for President, now there is someone who is not sitting back and keeping his mouth shut while our country is falling apart.

    • To a degree the GOP is shackled when it comes to doing anything. The Senate is controlled by one very Marxist Majority Leader who will not even let a GOP bill be voted on. There was one that would have virtually solved the unemployment mess by closing a loop-hole the tax code and saved almost twice what the estimated cost of extending the payments. All it did was require the Social Security number of the children an earned income credit was destined to support. And Reid stopped it cold. Over 100 bills have been sent to the Senate and not one has even been introduced on the floor of the Senate. Then there is the Senate’s God and his veto pen. He preaches and pontificates his desire and the Senate leaders kiss his ——–, bow down and lick his feet, then do the great one’s will.

      • WE THE PEOPLEN NEED TO VOTE “EVERY” Marxists OUT of There job’s untill THIS Country is “FIXED”!!! Immigration, borders, Healthcare and a litany of other “DESASTERS” obozo has put us in!!!

    • I was thinking the “SAME” thing about Trey Gowdy, I would “LOVE” to see Mr. Gowdy Run against the “SCROUDGE” in the White House NOW!!! At least Mr. Gowdy “IS” a TRUE AMERICIAN!!!

  10. Give me a break the war between Tea-Party and GOP is about money. Citizen United is biting the republican establishment in the ass and it hurts. Too many groups competing for the same donations. Those who call themselves “grassroot” today will be the establishment tomorrow and they will do their best to keep power.

  11. The time is past coming when both major parties need to be blocked from the executive office. Term limits need to be put in place. Properly structured to be constitutional, conservative enough to stop a lifelong politician in their tracks and progressive enough to allow for the true Patriot to rise to the heights of political power if one should ever emerge that has what it takes to be a true leader. Vote only third party candidates for the oval office and send a clear and unmistakable message that the jig is up.

    • There are term limits for the President. It’s 2 terms and no more. That can be found in the 22nd Amendment. It was during the presidency of Harry Truman. He became the last president that was not limited. Except that he imposed those limits upon himself.

      • I am taking about the legislature. While great damage can be done by a single person with bad intentions, or even one president with the right intentions but who is being misguided, a lifelong legislator in combination with others of his/her ilk do greater damage both by blocking what action may be good and by passing into law that which is a poorly researched, thought out, and terribly executed piece of legislation. It is what has been going on for decades now. All of us know it. What good has been done is now overtaken by what is of no good and actually harmful which is the result of life long legislators who control the apparatus of this branch of our government. These legislators develop tunnel vision early on and for a majority of the lifelong careers become a dead weight on the American peoples neck. Their focus becomes less and less their whole constituencies, more and more their individual parties goals and then their fellow elected party members orders hold greater sway particularly at the point of deciding major issues but not to ignore the give and take of voting for one thing in order to get a vote for another regardless of the legitimacy of the legislation and its benefit to the nation. I could go on but I suspect you might agree here and if not I’d like to hear just way not.

  12. Progressivism is THE rot at the center of the tree of liberty. This insidious rot stays hidden and affects both parties equally. If you think GW Bush is Conservative then
    you are a Progressive, just maybe you do not realize it. Much like most
    Democrats not realizing they are Communists since they have moved so far left
    of center.

  13. I’m not a member of any club. Until the Tea Party changes a few things, I will not join. I want a person that is for all “Americans” regardless of Color or Ethic Group they fall in. I want a person that will follow the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Our Laws on
    the Books, etc. I want someone that will kick the UN out of the US, stop letting other Countries buy up America, Stop Sending Funding to Countries that don’t give a damn about us. I want someone to bring back our Jobs, Protect our Borders, do something about the Illegal’s and Support our Military. I want someone to get out of the Dirty Business of Big Business, Unions and can’t be bought. I want someone to get rid of Obama Care and bring back our Insurance we had and then Fix it the Right Way. I want a person that will Investigate Everything and Everyone’s actions (regardless of party) the last 5 years and if anyone Broke any Laws, Committed Treason, Misappropriated Funds, Stole Funding, etc., will throw them in jail. I want every American in each State to have the right to recall Elected Officials. I’m sure I missed something and someone will add it.

      • I guess we look everywhere for them Jim. They are out there, it’s just a dirty business and cost is ridiculous. I believe whoever it is that runs, has to stick to the facts that all “Americans” can understand what they are talking about. At the same time they have to treat all “Americans” the same. It does not matter anymore who is on Welfare, Food Stamps, Unemployment, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. It’s
        all about the “People” and “Our Country”. I guess it’s what you are looking for, but myself, I’m tired of the “Elected Officials” constantly talking down to the “People” while they sit up there receiving donations and promises from well off jerks in this country and not doing what they were Sworn into to do.

    • Couldn’t say it better Reba. One of the biggest problems with today’s politicians, both Democrat and Republican, is that what was once wrong is right with them now and what was once the right thing is now the wrong thing to them.

  14. Reba, Remember the TEA Party is not apolitical party like the Democraps and the Elephants. It was started as a protest against higher taxes. Taxed Enough Already made the acronym TEA – get it? There is a PAC that is named Tea Party something and they spread funds around to candidates that fit their idea of what a Conservative should stand for. ,Many in those groups have not a clue what they are talking about as they get their talking points from the mainstream media, who have a lesser clue. But, the GOP power grab gang said it so it is true. And the Jack asses mimic the rhetoric as well and as often as they can so it becomes superficially true. Then the Democraps go silent as the GOP destroys itself from within.

    • Thank you for your service! Now let me say this! When I look at the Tea Party site, at the beginning it talks about our Constitution, etc. Wonderful! As I go down further, I read about how they want to screw the people over on Social Security, etc. A total turn off to me. Why you ask? They don’t want to look for the fraud and abuse in these programs and find out what is really wrong. They don’t want to look for the “Billions” that is missing nor find out who is responsible. My point is this; it’s okay to take away from the ones that are abusing the system, it’s not okay to take away from everyone before you find out who is abusing the system and fix it. Does that make sense to you?

  15. By what I’ve read in the last few days, the movement to rid ourselves of this administration is softening because of the many, many fearful or slack people in our congress and other parts of the administration to actually DO the work necessary.

    Someone needs to move. Someone with the power to get it done. My belief is that all would follow, but we are running around in circles and biting our own tail with leading titles to the websites, links, etc., for the reader to find that the titles to those links are not what is really happening.

    Clarity would be a good thing here folks. Let the progressive sites bend their discussions (they do that). We need to be point on when it comes to accusations and statements and get down to the “nitty-gritty”.

  16. You couldn’t be more right Mr West. The GOP leadership expects that the TEA Party will vote Republican even if our favorites are defeated in primary elections. The GOP had best get a reality check pretty damn fast. I won’t vote for a RINO. The GOP can either return to it’s conservative roots or it can die. There is no middle ground. We conservatives want more Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and Trey Gowdy. and no John McCain, Lindsy Graham, or Chris Christie. At least that’s what this one wants. Wouldn’t mind seeing Mr. Alan West and Dr. Ben Carson run for office as well.

      • Rubio lost us after he voted for the wrong bills, after saying he wasn’t for it! Still haven’t decided about Paul Ryan, for the same reason. Such a disappointment!

      • Rand isn’t as far right as I’d like him to be but he’s a lot better than McCain or Graham. He opposes foreign aid (aka treason) Obamacare and has forced Obama to publically admit to certain limits on his powers. Immigration is the one he worries me on.

      • My Lord, I would never vote for McCain or Graham. In fact, I don’t want to even see the previous names that filled the President and Vice President positions up to now.

  17. It would make sense that donations would drop substantially in a non-presidential election cycle. The GOP fears loss of seats due to Tea Party support of non-GOP supported candidates, drawing votes away from the Repulican agenda and risking a split vote which would hand the seat over to a Democrat. Rather than listen to the legitimate concerns of the Tea Party, they are attempting to demonize the movement.


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