Mutiny on the USS America?

Do you remember anything from President Obama’s State of the Union address this week?? It got the lowest ratings since Bill Clinton’s 1990 address — even the final episode of The Biggest Loser did better on NBC than Obama’s SOTU.

If a nation tunes out its leader, can the nation survive? Imagine if the Commander of an aircraft carrier got on “the horn” to the crew for his state of the ship address and mission statement, and only 10 percent of the crew listened. I’d say that would be a critical issue and the ship is leaderless.

Has America become a leaderless ship of state adrift in turbulent seas? Do we have anyone at the helm steering this ship, and does the captain of the ship even care?

The one clear statement made by the president is that he will take action without legislative approval. So actually President Obama, as the captain of our ship, has stated he cares not what the ship’s officers think, he will do as he pleases.

The sad thing is he became captain of a ship not based on any previous skill, but because he had a pretty uniform. The ship’s crew knows he has a lack of ability and has little or no confidence in him.

The immediate danger is that this ship is in the sights of many enemy submarines who want to torpedo and sink the USS America. And without a skilled sailor as the leader, it’s entirely possible the ship may run itself aground on the rocks of debt and expanding dependency.

Never forget the images of the Costa Concordia, and the actions of its captain who abandoned the ship for his own personal safety.

This week America was treated to a most disturbing display from an untrustworthy self-centered individual placed into a position of leadership. We have no direction and the sea state is worsening.

Now, I am an ol’ Soldier, but in the finest traditions of the Navy, we could sure use a John Paul Jones, Farragut, Halsey, Nimitz or Spruance.

President Obama is starting to remind me of Lieutenant Commander Philip Francis Queeg of The Caine Mutiny.

How much will the crew of America tolerate before we mutiny?


  1. We reelected President Obama because of his positions on the Minimum Wage, Immigration Reform, Healthcare, Unemployment Extension. So this is the deal Republicans are going to get on board and support the Presidents Positions or he will do it on his own with the support of the American People it’s like this Republicans, Tea Party “Your either with us or your against us” and you don’t want to be against us

      • Instead of calling garak names, I’d like to see posters tell him where is way off base. Maybe that’s too much trouble to try to educate a liberal, but it would be better than insulting and getting in the gutter like they do to conservatives.

      • usa, u cannot “educate” a liberal. they talk about education, but they do not care for it when it comes to themselves.

        they are adamant in their positions and although their methods don’t work and outcomes prove this, they still insist that they are “right” and “smart” and “know it all” and conservatives are just plain “dumb”.

        Here are my thoughts on the matter, I’d rather be considered the “dumb” party than the “evil” party of which the liberal party is mostly composed.

    • You are a disgrace to this country and everything it stands for, Garak. There’s a reason that there is a separation of power in the Federal Government. No, sir, you do not want to be against the actual majority of the American people when they’ve finally had enough in realizing that the First, Forth, and Tenth Amendments have failed and they have to use the Second to show you why it was written when one branch of government has gone out of control.

      • I certainly agree with that, it would seem that today more than ever police are being caught on video violating peoples rights not too mention brutality, and even the unnecessary use of deadly force, even against handicapped people, so that guy is one reason no one trusts law enforcement either…disgrace indeed!!!!!!!

      • No, sir, you do not want to be against the actual majority of the American people You claim ” The majority of the American People I think you probably mean the the actual majority of the American people that live in Red States” The majority of people that live in Blue States don’t feel that way. Unless you bring up Raising the Minimum Wage, Extending Unemployment, Affordable Healthcare. Equal pay for mean and woman doing the same jobs. For that I agree the majority of American People do want that. I would even stretch it to say most Americans do not want there employers deciding what they can and cave have in the healthcare Plans (Abortion and Contraception)

      • Your needle is stuck in the groove-min wage, etc, and you are unwilling to learn the rights and whys of what should be done. Some of these issues will only bring America to her knees quicker.

        Stop playing Nicolas Chauvin to Obama’s Napoleon.

      • That’s it, that’s it!!! Spend, spend, and spend some more!!!
        Didn’t you ever hear the story of how to fish?

      • If somebody worked 10 or 15 years than laid off now collects a Unemployment Insurance (there money) are they freeloaders ? How about GE and Exxon Mobil who pay little or no Federal Taxes ain’t they the Freeloaders ?

      • How about the 47% who don’t pay one thin dime in taxes AND get a refund on the money they didn’t pay, welfare, free medical when they get shot, EBT, Snap, etc.
        Face it, you and your kind are freeloaders, your daddy must be so proud of you.
        Why do you envy others who work for their money?

      • That 47% comment did wonders for Mitt Romney. Those 47% buy gas they pay “gas taxes” they buy food they pay “sales taxes” They use electric they pay Utility Taxes” In order to pay Federal taxes you have to reach a certain Threshold they clearly do not. I just learned today that the NFL pays no taxes ? WTF the NFL no Taxes ?

      • Do you even listen to yourself, “they pay taxes”.
        They pay ‘taxes’, with my taxes.
        I have suffered your ignorance long enough.
        You are a proponent of freeloading, do you still live with Mommy too?
        You are putting up straw men, the last defense for the indefensible.

      • There you are. 25 years is not long enough to draw a large pension. I worked i the private sector for 53 years to get mine.

        25 years?? Wow. So you start at 18 and retire at 43. Do you realize that when retirements are calculated, the length of time is a factor in the amount you get?? Why should you? You only want your master to take care of you.

      • I said ” too small pension.” not Large pension— BTW can’t retire till 55 except Police and Fire and I am OK with them retiring at 45

    • In the pursuit of
      INCOME INEQUALITY and FAIRNESS, Progressives, Marxist, Liberals, Socialists have
      sacrificed 94 Million people in the
      last century in their effort to impose a Central Controlling big Government
      ideology that was suppose to work for the good of the people that were

      This number does not
      include the billions that suffered under the repressive regimes that
      fundamentally changed those Governments.

      But because it hasn’t
      been tried in the U.S. the Progressive, Marxist,
      liberal, socialists believe that the outcome will be different. They also
      believe that the Constitution, which protects individual rights and limits the
      power of Government over the individual, is a document that needs to be
      fundamentally changed to implement their obviously flawed

      The Goal:
      Central (Big) Government Control of a socialist utopian society takes precedence over Protection of Individual Rights, all in the name of

    • N o, President Obama got reelected mainly because of fraud at the polls. My mother, a staunch democratic supporter voted 4 times for Obama. She has been dead since 1994…….

      • wow… that would be horrible if it were true.
        If it were true, you would have (or could have) brought that to the attention of a conservative media outlet and it would be national news.

        But since no one ever heard of that fraud happening, it’s obvious you’re just making stuff up on an internet board.

      • People have gone to jail, moron. Statistics show in counties in Ohio, VA and Florida that more people voted for Obama than the actual population in those areas.

      • No, those statistics turned out to be wrong.
        i am not denying that some people have gone to jail for attempted voter fraud.
        But as to being a moron… maybe you should learn how to read.
        The above poster I responded to made a claim that his dead mother voted four times for Obama.
        there have been no cases (zero) of this happening with Obama.
        If this were true, it would be a big national news story and not just same guy posting on a message board.

      • You have never heard about the fact that Obozo got 110% of the vote in one precinct? Or about all the dead people that voted? This stuff is not made up.

      • Ask Col West if there is voter fraud. proven and no recount. These things are proven and reported all the time but MSM won’t report it. How can the left guarantee a victory without fraud?

      • No, it wasn’t proven.
        Regardless, we can debate the difference between actual voter fraud and allegations another time.
        My post was responding to the above poster who claimed his dead mother voted four times for Obama.
        No such report was ever made. So either this poster has proof of voter fraud and isn’t alerting the authorities, just random people on message boards… or he is lying.

      • In Col West’s case it was 114% of the voters voted. Check the old news. The district lady, (I forgot her name), lost her job , but Col West still did not have the votes problem repaired and di not regain his seat.

    • You’ve no idea what you are up against. You and your Liberal Progressive brethren will fall. Your blood will stain the streets of the Babylon you are trying to create. And the blood of those of us that die in the conflict – those of us who fight for what America is supposed to be – our blood will nourish the soils of this country once we take it back from your cold, sick and selfish Socialist hands.

      And for the love of all things good, pull out a grammar book and go back over it. You’re an adult, aren’t you?

    • garak99, you say “your either with us or your against us and you don’t want to be against us”. I have a reality check for you ignorant ass. WE are against you, so what are YOU going to do about it. I am a 17 year law enforcement veteran and I can tell you right now the majority of law enforcement IS NOT with you and I would bet a large majority of the Military is NOT with you. I hate to break it to you garak99, history has proven that clearly the pencil is NOT mightier than the sword or say gun…..if you get my drift. I bet you don’t even own a gun you big pussy… probably call 911 and hope real men and women come protect you and your family…..

      • My Father was ex navy WW II I am ex Air Force Regular and NJANG (1972-1980) You are not required to give blood for the country. That is a John Wayne complex

      • I’m glad you clarified that for him. He probably thought you were talking about donating blood to the Red Cross.

    • I could break you into two without losing a breath, twerp. Everything you mentioned above is ruining the economy. You are either a dope, or a dope-smoker. Shut up and let the adults run things, or you might be the one to get hurt.

      • Keith, you may be wrong about him with that. I believe it is the Kool Aid that caused Garak to become a Prog.. The adult thing is absolutely on target.

  2. The Caine Mutiny, one of my favorite books (and films), is a great metaphor for the Obama presidency. And there are about two dozen real-life “crises” that you can substitute for the “strawberries” and “dye marker” incidents.

    But give us more free phones. That’s what we want! 😛

  3. We have tolerated too much already and there is no end in sight. In fact we have almost 3 more years. What will our country have become by the end of 3 years. Mission American Spring led by Ret. Col Harry Riley is our last chance.

    • OR, one smart man who can somehow get the IMPEACHMENT proceedings started and continued and going from the House into the Senate.

      If nothing else, at least to slow down the runaway Democratic train which is going to derail this country anytime soon and NOT permit us to get back up and running.

      Hopefully this will take just enough time that the 2014, Nov. elections occur and we get the right people into office to start to make a difference the correct way, the Conservative way.

      AND, let’s NOT forget that there are going to be two months worth of “black out” dates for use of electronic media (T.V., radio, internet) for advertising for conservative (Republican) candidates for the next primary election WITH WHICH THE liberal (Democrat) candidates WILL NOT HAVE TO FACE or contend BECAUSE of the sweep of the pen of Obama that set things completely up that way (obstructing Rep’s but permitting Dem’s) campaign advertising.

      Although completely unfair, apparently it has been made fully legal. Our candidates cannot advertise with electronic media for two months (of all August and all October) whereas their’s can!!

      Again, we can thank Obama for this. Another one of his schemes. The reason given is to “save on campaign costs” in advertising politicians.

      • Where did you find this information about the “black out” dates for Republicans in August and October? I couldn’t find it. Thank you.

  4. with a swipe of his pen. he is destroying America . he is making our founding fathers roll over in there grave. people should realize we need. god back our founding fathers prayed & established this nation on god. since I was in school when prayer existed & they removed god from the picture the nation has gone nuts. gay marriage,,abortion, murder, more food stamps & less employment. and Mr president is turning against IsrAEL. Gods chosen people. the day is coming. I pray for all

    • No. Obama and the rest of the Collectivists in Washington already have overthrown the government. It is our sacred duty to set things right.

    • I don’t think “overthrow” is what a lot of us want. We, I at least would like to see an effort to have the country stewarded as it was intended. At least to the somewhat lacking level is has been run up until 2008. What we have these day’s is not so much a republic but a dictatorship. I read another post mentioning the abuses of the 1st,4th and 10th amendments and a vieled threat that the 2n’d could possibly stop those abuses. The current administration and the left tried pretty hard to curtail the 2nd as well and they will try the next scheme to accomplish that. I didn’t serve my country for this (2 x, 20 years apart) and fund it with my tax burden.There does not seem to be much I can do about it now except try to educate low information, single-issue voters.

    • No, because the form or structure of government is good. It’s the Muslims that want to destroy and overthrow our government.

      We just want a “mutiny” so to speak, meaning IMPEACHMENT of our leader so that someone else can be put in to do a better job, be a better “captain of the ship”.

      The Constitution says if High Crimes and misdemeanors have been committed then it is not only the Peoples’ Right, it is their Duty to impeach or remove that individual so as to make way for someone who is not corrupted in that position.

      Obama is corrupted and thus needs to be impeached.

  5. They will never overthrow thevgovernment the. people r pupets . they just complain, sign impeachment and nothing changes so u have what u vote for change

  6. Soon might be too late!.so many have given their lives to create and insure the Great Freedom of secure and protect our liberty, it may be time like this country’s forefathers had to decide that it would not tolerate the oppression from the King…we seem to be where they were back in 1775..We have an oppressive King Obama! In the words of Thomas Payne..” Give me liberty or give me death!” I for one, will give all up to my last breath to protect the constitution and all that those have given before me! I pray for this country and it’s future..God bless us!

  7. I agree with the determination of inept leadership. Who is the mutiny against however? The people elected him president. We are participants(willingly or unwillingly in the same ship together) in the process even if we did not vote for him. The question is, have we lost faith with our fellow Americans in self determination? And if so, how much longer can our system of democracy endure? If we have and we no longer hold faith in our leaders and or the process, how do we divorce ourselves from those leaders and that process?

    • Not all of the people elected him President. I would say we sure HAVE lost faith in our fellow Americans because it was mostly the uninformed who put us into this mess.

  8. People didn’t watch because we have heard his lies before. We didn’t need to watch because we knew he was going to use executive order. We don’t need to listen as much as we need to pay attention to his and his minions actions (or lack of). We have a cry baby for a house speaker, Congress has been reduced to a bunch of puppets, our guys and gals who fight for our country don’t get paid enough, un-employment is at an all time high and Oh-bummer and his family have no problem taking vacations on our dime! Who’s not watching?

  9. I can’t watch Captain Crunch the Economy Obama~~I’ve run out of barf bags~~this lying sack of Shiite is trashing our freedoms, abusing his authority and causes death and destruction with his insane Obama-Crap-Care, Fast and Furious~Benghazi, IRS and NSA scandals~~This Marxist, Koran Kissing Benedict Arnold, Neville Chamberlin, Constitution bashing Usurper with Phony I’D.s isn’t qualified to be in charge of a Gay Pride Parade !

    • I disagree, “The Dear Leader” ☭omrade Øbama is imminently qualified to be in charge of a Gay Pride Parade. But that’s about all.

      The “mutiny” will occur in November and continue through January of 2017, God, and intelligent voters, willing.

  10. yea i rember that movie only thing is whats gong on now is’t a movie . but it is all to close to what is happening . my many thanks to all who have served in uniform and done so honorably . this from one who just could not pass the physical. i do vote so i do have bitching rights . and i dam sure didn’t vote for Obama. ide have gladly voted for Ron Paul as it was i voted for Romney as being the closest to what i beleave now God willing there will bee a tea party canidate on the valid. i love my God my Country and its people but guess what and who i dont trust or care about

  11. It’s a win-win situation for this creep traitor. If he doesn’t trash America, he will receive accolades, lecture tours, prizes, fawning adulation, loads of money and so forth. If the creep does succeed in trashing America, then he has fulfilled the filthy desire of his heart. And will probably still find his way to loadsofmoney via his NWO puppeteers as a little dankeschoen, just like our traitor creep, Tony Blair did.

  12. Fortunately there are Oath Keepers & III%’s that will stand in the breach should the need arise. And, hopefully the Military will follow it’s Oath regarding Domestic Enemies & Unlawful Orders. The only wild card is the DHS which has been arming itself to the teeth with MRAP’s & True Assault Rifles. Since they seem to be following Obama’s call for a Domestic Defense Force.

    • While I truly respect the Oath Keepers and their commitment, I do have to wonder how many will be able to stick with to their principles if their families are threatened.

      • That is the question that faces all of us regardless of circumstances. I am sure that with all things some will have to be more underground in their support due to that fact. And, I agree it is a problem we need to addressed now. The problem now as in the original American War For Independence is that only three percent of the Colonist’s actually were willing to risk it all to create the Original Tree of Liberty and it will most likely be the same when that same Tree needs refreshing.

  13. It’s time to Refresh the Tree of Liberty. What more proof do “We the People” need? Obama does NOT have our best interest in mind.

  14. Well, if the captain of the USS America is delivering his speech from the depths of the rum locker, is it any surprise that only 10% of the crew listen to the unintelligible gibberish?

  15. I am praying that, like in the movies, there is a core of people (Patriots) working in the background to undermine this administration …. Please let it be so. And Please let them succeed without too much bloodshed or a civil war ….

  16. We have very few Elected Officials that stand for what we believe in. We have big???????’S, on who will stand up with us to save our Country; DHA, FBI our Active Duty Military, etc? I personally believe the 2014 Elections will be too late. When someone bypasses our Laws and writes Executive Orders for whatever they want at anytime, we are in trouble. We don’t have anyone that is willing to arrest the ones that have pushed out our Constitution, Bill Of Rights, Broken our Laws, etc., aside and has torn our Country from one end to another. The President of the United
    States and his minions has all intentions to bring our Country down to its
    knees and fast.

      • Hopefully Operation Spring being held on May 16, 2014, will change what’s happening to our Country. It is scary what our Elected Officials are doing and not doing. I’m a Military Brat from the time I was
        conceived and retired from the Federal Service which I supported our troops everyday in my career. No one can answer the question;
        do we have anyone in the DHA, FBI, our Active Duty Military and other offices that will support our Country? Then again, maybe it’s best not to advertise! I wish individuals would discuss these issues and share their thoughts and knowledge more seriously in there post.

  17. I’m really enjoying reading this. Finally someone is bring up the subject. Why is America allowing this man to keep going on and on and on? He’s gotten away with so very much and now he’s going to Saudi Arabia? He is a traitor along with his staff, Hillary Clinton and yes, even John Kerry. I’d also like to see Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi ousted from Congress. Those two are knee deep in you-know-what with Obama. I liked what those grassroots people in Chicago said in response to his SOTU. He’s not doing anything for us except putting us deeper in debt and making the gap between black and white and also poor, middle class Americans and the rich wider than ever. And, even though women are not thought of highly in Saudi Arabia, what do you wanna bet her highness and their little highnesses and mother of the bride will want to go also and run up the national debt even more. Did you see where “we paid” $3,200 for a jacket for her to wear? Ridiculous! We can’t afford them anymore. Never could in the first place but certain people had to be shown. I only hope now they will see the light.

  18. Here is our mission; Mission: Restoration of Constitutional government, rule of law, freedom, liberty “of the people, for the people, by the people” from despotic and tyrannical federal leadership.
    This is the link to find out mor about Operation American Spring.

  19. Do you remember anything from President Obama’s State of the Union address this week?? It got the lowest ratings since Bill Clinton’s 1990 address
    Do you remember anything from President Obama’s State of the Union address this week?? It got the lowest ratings since Bill Clinton’s 1990 address
    Do you remember anything from President Obama’s State of the Union address this week?? It got the lowest ratings since Bill Clinton’s 1990 address

  20. Isn’t this worse than the IRS scandal? Pilot who refused to
    participate in transporting thousands (ongoing influx of illegal Muslims being
    brought in the USA now!) The pilots were asked to sign away their
    Constitutional rights, or lose their jobs (as of January 14th) and are ordering them to transport full planes of illegal Muslims here to the United States! Planes full of illegal Muslims are entering the USA, and being “taxied passed immigration,”
    “and they were give thousands of dollars in their pockets and other kinds
    of benefits!” This is happening over and over!

    • I read about this before and it’s extremely frightening. It is the Muslim goal to take over the world and they are doing it little by little. Look at what’s happened in England and other European countries. And look at Dallas and the extremely large Muslim community there. I’ll feel much more secure when Obama is out of office and someone like Scott Walker assumes power. He can turn this country around.

  21. Well, Lt Col West is a leader. Obama, or whatever his real name is, is not a leader. Folks are tired of hearing the same old lies. Now he is making noises like “He has a pen and a telephone” and he is going to rule by executive orders. With all due respect, this man should not be acting like a dictator. Anyway, most are already starting to get drunk for the Super Bowl and are unaware of anything going on in politics. When they lose their job, their insurance, their freedom, then they will start to listen. I hope it is not too late.

  22. dear Colonial West I am pleading to you as my fellow serviceman ,how much longer are our Generals and Admirals going to stand by and see our country distroid from the enemies within ? We took an oath to never let that happen ! How much longer Colonial West ?This old Marine took that val ,I was never told a day I could lay my oath down ,and you wasn’t given a day to lay it down ether ,I am and all we Marines are ready to defend the Constitution ,so help us GOD

  23. You goofs need to do some research. Queeg was right. He was coerced and prodded to the point of insanity. That’s why the book is called the Caine Mutiny. Not the Captain Queeg Mutiny

  24. Amen! I am asking the very same question. Our reps in D.C. don’t seem to have the collective will to push back against this Obama machine and agenda. The ship of state is sinking fast. In fact, it resembles the Titanic at present. Will rearranging the deck chairs still grant time to make a difference? Barack “Alinsky” Obama is creating havoc unprecedented in our country and myraid low information voters and citizens abdicating their duties contributes to a murkey future at best — at least in the short run.

  25. Queeg earned his position and came up through the ranks. Obama is the equivalent of an Ensign who never had to make a decision, but go along to get along, then one day woke up to find himself captain.

  26. His statement that he will act without Congress is anticipatory breach of The Constitution of the United States. Where is impeachment?

  27. I have been wondering for quite some time if it isn’t time for We The People to start a revolution. Obama is ruining this country…

  28. Oh man, the “absent ship’s captain” analogy is a great way to describe Zerobama. The guy either is trying to steer the ship right into the biggest iceberg, or just doesn’t care where and when it sinks. All he cares about is everyone saying “Aye aye, sir” to him all day.

      ADVISING…………….. 🙂
      Respectfully & thankfully……………………………………..

      • Thank you, but I copied this from a lady who posted the web site. I had to post it as much as I could, because it’s another stunning action from this Administration.

  29. When I was sworn into the Navy in 1963, I took an oath to protect my country from all enemies foreign and domestic. I never thought that my Government would be the enemy. I still believe in and hold to that oath. I love my Country, it’s the government that I do not trust.

    • I trust the vision of the Founding Fathers as explained in the Federalist Papers and through their gift to the nation, our United States Constitution. Like you I find it easy to trust the government but not the souls entrusted to make it function with honesty and efficiency.

      • You are right about that Thom. But, I don’t think that Bush used Gates to fire more than 200 patriotic military leaders as Obama has. Gates turned out to be a Obama errand boy who has no core values. He would have resigned much earlier if he did. Now he writes a book. If you think I’m a Bush fan you are mistaken. He is just like his father. Bigger govt. and New world order believer.

  30. Call me crazy, but I’ve always been puzzled by how a Commander in Chief of the US Military can be given that position without any military experience. Then again, I’m baffled by how a new Senator with a few months on the job can be handed the keys to the White House.

    • Not only that,he wasn’t elected by popular vote, he got the seat because the “Chicago Machine” got his opponent eliminated on a technical basis!

      • I believe Obama’s way to the presidency was paved for him all the way. He definitely was not qualified for the job.

      • I would rather pull someone off the streets who never sat in an office who loved America. Mr West; you do not fit the first sentence. However, I would be proud to have you help throw out these imposters.
        America does NOT need a king or dictator!!!!!!
        America needs a truth speaking President!

    • The Mus Brother and Soro s poured so much $ into the machine that there wasn’t a chance he wouldn’t be elected. A hurricane disinformation machine fueling lies.

      • Do you know that the Left Wing Neo Nazi Liberal Democ RAT Machine Raised 57 Million just to demonize Romney, this is what we are facing from these P#ke Sc#mbags when they can spend so much money LYING about there opponents, such as Romney. We must make sure that Hillary the BUTCHER OF BENGHAZI goes down in Flames.

    • A fast talker convienced many of the ignorant that never bather to read and understand even the Preamble of the Constitution of our great nation.

      • Mr. Obama does have a eloquent slick way of speaking. His speach reminds me of the speakers in the story “1984”. His talking is just like a snake when it is testing the air with it’s tounge.

      • You are correct. He is elocuent and has all the atributes you describe. Never the less he is a fast talker that can’t be trusted. His minios are equally untrusted, but voters are always betrayed by the demo-rats( this not a typo), is what happened time and time again.

      • Laddyboy,
        I’ve enjoyed all your comments, but I have to disagree about his “eloquent way of speaking”! At best, he’s a decent “reader”. Have you heard him attempt to speak without his “pacifier”, I mean “teleprompter”? He stutters & stammers like the complete fool he is! When he has to speak without his “tele”, THAT’S when he’s actually TOLD us what his real intentions are to destroy this Republic!

        He’s so narcissistic, arrogant & hates this country so much, he WANTS us to know what he’s doing! He’s PROUD of the damage he’s doing to the greatest country on the planet…one man taking down the United States of America! One man, not even eligible to be the leader of the country, being able to fool almost half its citizens & conniving & shrewd enough to win the rest by voter fraud & voting machine tampering! What an accomplishment for a foreign born community organizer!

      • Guess what?! No offence taken by me. I appreciate your insite. I was not thinking about ALL the times he used the teleprompter at his ‘official’ speaches. I believe I totally agree with YOU. That makes me wonder if he had a teleprompter at the SOTU lies – – – I mean speal. As of now ,I wonder if ‘v. jarrett’ writes a lot of his speaches. I had the opinion that her “job” was to make sure he did not vear far from the Socialist’s and ‘soro’s’ commentary!
        I wonder if only one Republican will file for the ousting of Barry. Especially since he basically declaired war against Congress. All of Congress should be screaming for Barry and his co-conspirators resignation if not jailing them and trying them for treason using the laws of the Constitution and the Amendments.

      • You really believe that Obama is a gifted orator? I never felt that way. He’s not a warm and fuzzy character to begin with let alone one who has strong memory retention and the ability to speak concisely extemporaneously.

        Listen to SOTU again and imagine those same words being spoken by Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, FDR, or Reagan. Obama hasn’t the genius or the skill to compare.

    • Nor one without a proven citizenship, draft registration card, valid Social Security card and one with proven ties to Biill Ayres and suspected of ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Notice how he protects them but goes after other Muslim groups.
      Is that why he wouldn’t respond to Benghazi because there were Muslim Brotherhood or that he was protecting involved or some other underhanded operation? Just wondering?

      • Don’t forget the ‘Federal Reserve’. Big bankers getting fat from America running the biggest PONZI scheme going.

      • But the new and improved Ponzi scheme, dubbed myRA by Obama, may become the granddaddy of them all. The beast wants your retirement money now. The money funneled out from our paychecks isn’t enough to keep the good times rolling for the Democrats. As more information trickles out of Washington, let’s see if this latest scheme is even worse than Dodd-Frank and Obamacare.

    • Well, that’s the way the Founding Fathers set it up.. You have a problem with our Constitution? You think it is defective?

  31. Unfortunately, I believe something is going to have to “bite this country in the arse again” before people pay attention and get back to basics of the Constitution!

  32. I’m in for Operation American Spring on May 16th in DC. Hope millions of veterans participate. Go to for additional info.

    • I hope you will include patriotic Americans who were not allowed to serve in the Military. I love America, even with the problems we have. I CHOOSE to live in the country that has allowed me to be so FREE.

  33. Nah, “no way out” lives in his Moms basement, unemployable and probably could not get a job in a burger joint. Pathetic example of the public school system.

    • I am convinced he is a muslim islamist. This is being demonstrated by his HATE for America and the Constitution of these United States and its Amendments.

  34. I know of no one who listens to this petty little man. He should listen to the Chicago black activists who stated he should just quit.

  35. Hey all nothing will happen to the ship. The usa will be destroyed and sink, however obama and the democrats will stay in power and control because 49 % of the american people want to continue to get the free stuff, they have no idea what is going on in the world and will vote for obama over and over again. It is sad but true god save the usa but i think even he is going to allow us to sink because he is disappointed in his children and what we all have done.

    • One thought: What is being done about the reported FRAUD done at the voting polls? I have heard there were 100% votes for Mr. Obama in one community mid states. In another community in the south there were 150% votes for Mr. Obama. According to statistics, These two occurrances CANNOT happen at any time. If these percentages are correct, there was FRAUD committed. These need to be addressed. I have heard nothing in the “news” about these situations. Where are the reporters? Is anybody listening?

      • Really? Who determined that? I saw one female black poll worker interviewed as she bragged that she had voted numerous times for this president (absentee for herself and in person; absentee for friends and relatives). Bragged! What about the brighter people who just did it and decided not to brag?

        But whatever, can it really hurt if states take measures to assure that voters are who they say they are? Is that so much to ask of people who are choosing a world leader???

      • There is your answer, the Media!. the Rich, owns the media & controls most Blogs, they control both party’s & Obama, also Presidents in the past,they controlled the Bush/Clinton & others in the past, they kept passing bills year after year until until it was the right time to take over our government to make the one world order, or new world order. they want the U N to run the world for them. NO BOEDERS st all! .

      • What percentage of the military votes were deliberately NOT counted?
        This election as well as the “08 election was hijacked.
        The Dear Leader is a total and complete fraud.
        Why hasn’t Bill Ayers been tried for treason? Why does Valerie Jarrett have so much power? Why isn’t she being investigated? Why hasn’t Eric Holder been fired and put in jail?
        Everyone and everything that IS this current administration stinks like decaying fish.

  36. If he senses that the crew is about to mutiny, he will stir up a disturbance, declare it a crises, which they say they cant waste a good crisis, and declare martial law and from there never release his hold. The earlier we act, the better for us. “Let’s Roll”.

  37. Absolutely great and to the point, easy to understand and truthful to the core! This man is terrific! Why didn’t the people elect him president…he is far better than the last two GOP candidates for POTUS!!!

  38. The ship of State has been in serious trouble since “The Ones” first inauguration. The Navy distress signal is to fly the American Flag upside down, I encourage all patriotic Americans to join me and fly your flag upside down until this clown is gone.

  39. The captain of a ship can do very little without the crew. The American people is the crew and when we stop following his orders he is helpless. That time is speeding toward us as fast as a bullet!!!

  40. We have our Captain Queeg, and he is it along with his compliment of ship of fools to advise him. And sooner or later, when “We the people” are tired of listening to his dimwitted foolishness we will deal with him as the Constitution has instructed, and he will be banished to the dust bin of history that is occupied by other wanna be tyrants, that came before him.

  41. In the 60s I was sitting in a helicopter waiting for a sub to surface. When it did we would see the start of world war three. We however had a leader for a president. President Kennedy stood his ground. The other countries knew that when he made a statement he meant it and would back it up. His advantage was his nation backed him and the military would build a bridge to the moon if he would ask. He was a man that our military respected and the nation as well . When you stand before a nation with its power behind you other nations listen and you can talk from a position of strength. A nations standing in the world comes from its leaders. When they make a statement they back it up. We are a nation that no longer has the respect of the world. We buy our friends. The only words they want to hear is how much money are you giving us.

    Our president has finished much of what was started many years ago. there wasn’t much he could do to screw it up . Not that he has not tried. Our leader has pulled our nation down to a laughing stock. Our leader has an empty scrotum.
    Is there a leader who can draw this nation up once more to the one place in the world where any man could rise up from his birth and transform us back from this progression down the road to ruin.
    We shall see.

  42. We the People seek true Leadership and organization to take our country back Mr. West, the kind of Leadership of which a man of your skillset has experience. The American Spring movement is on the horizon. Would you lead Mr. West? The American Patriots are ready to roll.

  43. All that’s wrong with our country can be laid at the feet of the RINOS. Boehner and McConnell, McCann, Ryan and Graham all have blood on their hands?

    • We can blame the old fool McCain for his stupid, inane campaign which allowed the Marxist traitor to capture the presidency in ’08. Let’s tar and feather him at the same time we do the despicable bunch from Chicago.

  44. Bill Clinton wasn’t President in 1990, George H.W. Bush was. Clinton took office in January 1993. I hope this was just a typo.

  45. “All the networks were tuned in to watch pResident O’bama deliver the State of the Union on Tuesday, but a lot of their viewers were tuned elsewhere.

    The ratings are in, and they’re not pretty: the yearly speech got its lowest ratings since 2000.

    The 2014 State of the Union got 33.3 million viewers, according to Nielsen figures. That is the smallest audience Obama has gotten since he took office in 2009. In comparison, Obama’s highest-rated State of the Union address was in 2009 when he drew 52.4 million viewers. Viewership has declined every year since then, and 2014’s speech was down from 33.5 million last year.”

    P.S. GOOD! In 2013 at least 200,000 People got that The Naked Emperor is a Naked LIAR!

    “Meanwhile, President Bush’s smallest audience for a State of the Union was 37.5 million in 2008.”

    WOW !!! It’s Again Bush’s fault.

    Please keep in mind that the population of the USA in July 2008 was an estimated 303,824,640 (According to the CIA World Factbook).

    According to The U.S. Census Bureau’s Population Clock As of January 30, 2014, the United States has a total resident population of 317,570,000

    Lets to do Math:
    Bush: Population – 303,824,000; Viewers – 37.5 million; 4.2 millions more Viewers
    O’Zero: Population – 317,570,000; Viewers- 33.5mils; 13,746,000 more Population

    CONCLUSION: More People have become RACISTS. Shame on You!!!

      • Nope, my TV was completely turned off.

        I was reading The IDIOT by Fyodor Dostoevsky about male’s insanity.

        Next I am going to read his Crime and Punishment.
        I hope the PUNISHMENT will be according to his KRIMES.

      • LOL! I have this thing about wanting to hear it with my own ears before the news covers it. I just couldn’t deal with it after the first 1/2 hour.

      • We all are guilty, including myself, of not doing our duty to keep up with what this enemy of the U.S. is up to. Most of us for the same reason, we can’t stand to hear him lie or see his communist/socialist scum face any longer. I apologize to my fellow Americans for that short coming.

      • I am not one to cast stones at anyone. Yes, “We the People” have a way of thinking the “Greatest Country in the World” can do no wrong. We have learned differently, haven’t we? We can only do what we can and the best way we can. Log onto and join (it’s free),

        All of us can support in different ways.

  46. I’m hoping the 200 plus Admirals and Generals Obama has fired for “Lack of Confidence” will side with America against the “Obama Civilian Security Force”, the UN soldiers allowed on our shores, and the several police departments that have sold out to the Marxist Muslim. I’m hoping the veteran’s Sebilius (Or was it Pelosi?) tagged as being mentally ill will lock and load. It is obvious Obama wants a civil war and the internment camps are preparing for the on slot!

    • It was Feinstein. She said all veterans are suffering from some sort of mental illness and should therefore be prohibited from owning firearms.

    • Richard is correct. There was also the published opinion of Janet Reno that veterans were likely to become domestic terrorists not long after she took over as head of DHS. Well they may be correct that we will be the ones to stand up to their tyranny and attempt to subvert our constitution and completely ruin our country.

      • Bama59,
        Wasn’t it Janet Napolitano instead of Reno? Janet Napolitano was the DHS wacko who thinks our military & Tea Party patriots are the terrorists, NOT the REAL terrorists who threaten our very way of life!

      • You are exactly right, my age seems to be getting the better of my memory. Thanks for the correction it was Janet from another planet Napotitano.

  47. right spot on. It would have been better if West had been the first Afro-American/ black president. He is a real leader and a real patriot.

    • In reply to garak99(below) if that post is ever cleared moderation
      In other words, the path to destruction.
      Liberal ideas have a long track record of failure–so much so that must “communist” countries are running away from them.
      on the other hand, conservative ideas have a long track record of success and are being adopted by former communist countries.
      Government solutions seem to always produce much worse problems than they were meant to solve.–almost with out exception.
      Liberalism = slavery to the government

    • You boys need a leader. The time for talk is over. Do you think that 10 or even 20 million protesters are going to faze that arrogant bastard. The American people have resisted the movement to take their arms. Now is the time to use them for the reasons the 2nd amendment was written. Will somebody stand up and be a leader?

  48. He talks to hear himself talk!! I’ve gotten sooooo sick of listening to his “flakey” voice!! It’s time to kick his a$$ out of our White House and send him packing back to Kenya where he belongs!!

  49. I couldn’t watch the SOTU. I truly get physically nauseated when I hear him speak. It’s the lies, they are so blatantly outrageous.

    • veronica…me too!! Why listen to a pack of lies that never stop. Did Obama really claim that unemployment is at it’s lowest and the economy is improving?

    • Charles deGaulle??? Are you on a pitcher of nasty cooled ? If you did not know this, Charles deGaulle told the American soldiers to get out of France after the war ended. The American soldiers in turn asked him if that also meant the 54 thousand dead and buried American soldiers in the ground. Charles deGaulle was a coward and traitor during the 2nd ww.

  50. Unfortunately, between Obama and the congress, the ship is looking more and more like the Titanic. We can not sustain either the level of debt or spending we are incurring. Anyone who thinks we can may as well scream in the face of their children that they hate them, because it is their children who will be responsible for their greed and selfishness.

  51. I was a member of the commissioning Crew of the USS America (CVA66) in 1964, As a Plank Owner of that ship I cringe every time I hear Obama refer to himself as a leader of America, the union. Obama is a disgrace to the country of America and should never use the term “America” in the same breath as he utters his Kenyan name. He should be tried for treasonous acts and sentenced to confinement for the rest of his natural life.

    The USS America was scuttled after live-fire testing on 14 May 2005. A sinking that I will never understand.

    • I was stationed aboard the America from late ’77-81 and this article kept reminding me of that time. I was unaware of her demise, sad. I think she was the last conventional carrier in service. You are correct, Obama could not command her much less our country.

  52. The mutiny will take place May 16, 2014 in D.C. It is called “Operation American Spring” & the goal is to have 10 MILLION patriotic Americans show up. Last I heard, 2 million have committed to be there so far. Check this link (the same one Reba posted below) for more info:


    Consider this your personal, engraved invitation to attend!

    • Be careful lest you are deemed a Middle Wing Radical American Citizen with rebellious tendencies that supports the Constitution instead of the manifesto (yet to be written). On a serious note, EVERYONE needs to learn all they can about the O.A.S., a peaceful gathering planned to occur in D.C. with the goal of ousting the 5 top talking heads from political office. It has been said there may be life threatening action from the federal level on American citizens. It has come to this, again.

      • I was remiss in not mentioning that OAS will be a PEACEFUL demonstration (NO WEAPONS ALLOWED!!!!!). Thank you for adding that, Hey.

  53. I sure We can find an old tin can to load HIM and all is zars on for a good ol fashioned live fire scuttling accidentally on purpose !

  54. Oh, there’s someone at the helm alright. It’s just that most of the crew isn’t paying attention to what the captain is doing, as they are distracted by so many different things, lies and “free stuff” the capt. gave them.

    • Congress needs to begin with the largest impediment to honesty and justice–the single greatest reason why scandals have gone unanswered, an evidently corrupt crony disguised as the Attorney General of the United States. Eric Holder must be held to account for his actions. Then honest and complete investigations into Fast and Furious, the AP spying incident, the FOX News/Rosen incident, the IRS incident, Benghazi, the Sebelius fundraising incident, no bid contracts to inept companies for Obamacare/IT services, and seeming pro radical Islamic ties and financial dealings can be thoroughly examined. … And finally we should have Barack Obama’s personal records unsealed and placed in the public record. The American people have a right to know who their President is.

      • Anyone who doesn’t “know who their President is” from what he has DONE will surely not learn anything from his hidden past.

      • I agree with you. But it would be icing on the cake to further demonstrate how far back the lies really began and how shamefully the MSM acted on their own behalf rather than for the country.

    • Pointless, feel-good, exercise to impeach until Senate is not in Democrat control. We must work ro take back the Senate THIS YEAR!

    • Stanley,
      Congress should’ve have to impeach what was never eligible to be president in the first place. They just need to remove him & arrest him for numerous crimes against the Republic!

  55. Why should anyone listen to the “state of the union” speech? Nothing is true, nothing is real. Better to watch reruns of “The Twilight Zone” – they are more believable and more interesting!

      • jvance,
        It was also a rerun of part of George W. Bush’s 2007 speech! Can you say plagiarism?! Did he & his writers think nobody would notice? What a bunch of worthless thugs & idiots! They can’t ever write a speech without committing a crime!

  56. Don’t you remember Obama saying that “Climate Change is settled science.”
    Climate does change, of course. His Majesty meant ‘man-caused’ and is using his bad science to shut down America – killing coal, which supplies 23% or more of our electricity – or more in some regions.
    Cutting the EPA’s budget is our only tool to stop the madness.
    We must take back the Senate in 2014!
    Each of us must help – or simply surrender.

    • Climate change is a geological event that man cannot control , only monitor. It’s no way caused by man. There’s under sea volcanic activity under the north polar region and Iceland causing the melting of ice. Society needs to start listening to scientists instead of Snake Oil Salesmen like Al Gore.

  57. I so hope its not true that Obama believes to remake America, he first must create sheer misery among the American ppl. that they will then turn to the government for help.I read this in ‘rules for radicals’ and other sources that Obama has embraced.I do know that when Obama talks about ‘fairness’ he means if one family is impoverished than ALL americans must be impoverished.Of course that excludes him and his friends.

  58. It’s people like Mr. West to whom the American people can turn for leadership these days. Gen. Boyton is another fearless leader who’s willing to lead the American people. Now, how do people with the skill, determination, intelligence, & love for God & country come together to effectively re-united a divided nation to successfully overthrow an illegitimate government & re-establish a once-great nation under God?? We need lots of prayer flat on our faces, folks! We need bravery & a firm commitment to fight to the death for what we believe. Sounds like war, doesn’t it? How much do we believe in our republican form of government, the only one on the globe? Each of us is going to have to answer that question in very, very near future.

  59. We know that what Obama is doing to the country will lead to a lawless impoverished state. We made provisions to protect our families financially and physically from Obama several years ago and continue to use the time we have to improve those preparations before the collapse. Everything the man says proofs our position: he is a criminal operating a criminal enterprise out of the White House. God protect us from this evil.

    • Steve, I believe in prepping, but be careful what you post. As you know, Obama recently signed an Executive Order giving him authority to enter your house and confiscate any and all horded food and/or supplies. And, as far as this garak99 dweeb. I challenge you to bring facts to discussions that support the job Obama has done. I know you can’t…so, in typical fashion, you make snide remarks about others postings! When will Liberals wipe the koolaid from their eyes and realize that Obama considers them an infidel too?

  60. It wouldn’t matter if Reagan was President we’d be in the exact same place. Drowning in debt, a slave to the lender. Until we the people stand up and demand fiscal responsibility from our elected officials we are just wasting our time and energy. I liked Reagan, but the government and national debt both grew while he was President. The enemies of America are not the hopelessly inept politicians. The enemies of America are the foreign bankers who have been in control of this nation since 1913. It is worthy of noting that two senators are calling for an audit of the federal reserve. They are Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. There may still be hope for America

    • Obama is responsible for most of the mess we’re in. It surely would have been different with a patriot in the White House rather than a golfer goof-off. Obama is leading the nation into despair and destruction. The President’s job is to administer the laws made by our Congress. Obama and Reid and Pelosi are making their own laws. And the nation is on the brink of disaster.

      • Things would be better without Obama for some of our social ills. The NSA would still be watching our every move, word, and thought But with a patriot in the White House they’d be targeting Mosques as well as everyone else. Immigration would be the same. But illegals would be getting their benefits cut instead of our veterans and that alone would be a vast improvement.

  61. With the proper leadership the crew of the USS America will support a mutiny and, quite frankly, have been waiting for the action to start for some time. The captain of this ship should continuously be looking over his shoulder at his JO’s and the rest of the crew.

    • We need 3 Generals (AF, Army, Marines) and an Admiral (Navy) to be the chiefs of staff for the revolution + every hunter in the country as the new volunteer minutemen. Any body ever read “The Hornets Nest” by Jimmy Carter.

  62. The mutiny needs to take place at the ballot boxes in November! There’s an easy fix to the Obama Administration’s “progressive/socialistic” agenda to “fundamentally transform” our once great nation. The fix is to make Congress “veto proof” with the legal ability to void any Presidential veto. In the Senate, 67 votes are required; in the House, 290 votes are required. We mutineers can make this happen! When conservatives take control of the Senate next January, Harry Reid will no longer be able to dictate which House bills will be brought before the Senate. With a veto-proof Congress, Mr. Obama will be a “toothless dictator.” Early next January, when the new Congress is called into session, it can be possible that Obamacare is defunded and replaced…it can be possible that much of what Obama has put into place can be repealed. If our mutiny is scuttled at the ballot box next November. USS America will certainly sink with all of us aboard!

    • I do agree with your statement about using the ballot box in November, however, I seriously doubt the trustworthiness and integrity of that system. My fear is that we can vote as we please, yet it will make no difference. The electoral process is rigged and we (the people) have absolutely no way to verify FOR OURSELVES that it is legitimate. How do we really know that the democrat actually won? He got 140% of the total votes and the republican got 0% – even in heavily republican districts… I mean, come on!!

  63. I really don’t understand how he even became a US Senator on how he keeps his identity hidden and his qualificatins questionable. If our media would of done their job like they do with republican candidates, would they even of voted for Obama once, let alone twice. I don’t understand how someone can vote in a community leader that makes great speeches, but has no abilities to lead a country. Never ran a business, been a brass in the military and served our country like so many previous president done before. The world laughs at USA, and knows whatever he says is ridiculous and no creditability. Laughs at us for letting such an incompetent idiot to run our country and the words out his mouth will never happen since he has no backbone.

    • Obama promised to make extreme changes in the nation. He has done so. None improved the nation, but changes surely have occurred!

    • Is Obama really a good speaker? Before you answer that, watch a few old President Reagan speeches on YouTube. (After seeing a few, one should not wonder why Pres. Reagan was called “the Great Communicator”.) Then say whether you think Obama is a good speaker.

      • President Reagan didn’t need a teleprompter; yes I agree he was much better. Where Obama has to have and is funny to watch him fumble when it breaks down. The left seem to love what ever comes out of mouth until some of his lies have come to them; their bottom line and they are seeing what it is truly means to have supported him the devil.

    • If enough honest people signed up at their Supervisor of Election, Office to work the polls at Election time it would go a long way. There are many ways to help them validate the voters.

    • Yes by all means keep telling your self it was voter fraud, that way you don’t have to face the cold hard truth that America is far more informed than you, doesn’t live in your twisted fantasy world and legally fairly CHOSE Obama over your nut ball a$$ clown candidates! Fair and square …Bet you believe in little green men from outer space as well as massive voter fraud, Yeah that must be it!,couldn’t be that we the informed ,educated majority rejected your crazy conspiracy view point and voted in the best choice for president we had to pick from…… Just tell yourself, they hate you because your beautiful, not because your jerks and unfit for governance!

      • So the fact that some precincts in Ohio had zero votes for Mitt (not our best candidate) doesn’t sound like voter fraud. The fact that people were bused from town to town so they could vote over and over isn’t voter fraud. Get real friend! Next time you stay home!

      • show a verified voting result from the board of elections that supports that claim, I call bull $hit to your blogger nonsense!! Prove it (BOARD OF ELECTIONS RESULTS) anything other than that is just your right wing bs , Just like suposldly “Obamacare had the ‘Forced chip” everyone had to recieve, you all spread that BS like wildfire as well! The mention of a ‘Chip” in the wording of the ACA. was CHIP which was an abrev. for “Childrens Health Insurance Program” and had nothing with the mark of the beast!! The rfdi
        Chips” were in regaurds to madicaly implanted devices needed to be up to a standard just as toy and electric devices have to be UL approved, the device clause was not about planting big brother chips in us but instead was about making sure your pacemake, Pain pump,Etc/ that was installed into you wife of father wasn’t some sub standard Or NO STANDARD chinese junk that wasnt going to work and was sub standard You Tea Partiers don’t really have fact on your side, you have been fed bull$hit by professional bloggers and lackys of multi national corps and Fox ‘News” which has fed you lies! again Show me board of elections results that ANT PRECIENT HAD ZERO VOTE FOR MITT!! the results are public record, but I hate to tell you my gullable friend, That claim was debunked and you can find that out on SNOPES!!! Sorry but you either don’t know youve been had or your just a lair!!

      • CBS did report that some urban districts showed Zero votes for Romney When the Voteing records were checked for fraud the redgistered Republicans in the philly urban districts showed only 12 redgistered Republicans in that district. When those 12 Republicans were questioned all of them said they did not vote for Romney, this was investigated in each county where Romney got no votes and in each case the districts were solid black, inner city and had a demographic of at least %99 redgistered Democrats . The results in each investigation was that no fraud had occurred, Its just a result of a changing America where all the middle class white republicans have almost completely left those inner citys so as a result, no one in those areas is foolish enough to vote against their own self interests by voting for the rich tax dodging white Mormon who only wanted to cut social welfare programs and give the super rich more tax cuts…. No fraud was found just smart black folks and a few republicans in those areas who could not seem to stomach voting for Romney even though they were Card carrying Republicans…. No fraud, it was just that Mitt was that stupid of a candidate to offer the American people! Don’t cry foul or cheat!! Get with the program, understand America has changed and put forward progressive centerist republicans to run for office . If you guys choose to go farther right you can forget ever getting control of the White house or even winning national elections ever again! People like Allen West , and Ted Cruz are just stupid choices for you guys to offer as your candidates and America is smarter than to vote a nut ball that even though he throws the far right the ‘red meat” they love to feed upon , to the rest of the thinking rational realistic voting majority , they are nut jobs and idiots and or con men and unfit for governance!

    • Not libertarianism – liberalism! Libertarians take care of themselves and despise the government. I sure hope that your comment was a bran fart.

      • Yes just as was said Libertarians think they can go it alone.
        Well good luck. Sorry you hate democracy & smart cooperative people.

      • No dislike for democracy, just an abiding dislike for dependence and whining. Liberts think they can go it alone because they CAN. They also are generous in assisting others less fortunate.

      • Libertarians cannot dig a hole.
        They can only order someone else to do it.
        Libertarians are egotist who do not do blue collar work.
        They think everyone else is dumber than them
        & will gladly dig holes for them.

        All Amerika needs to pick up a shovel by themselves.

      • You are either ill informed or deluded. Open your eyes and look at what The One has done to the US. I am a bit old. You are going to pay the price for his unconstitutional foolishness.

  64. Here is what you can do about Voter Fraud. Start demanding your State goes back to Paper Ballots, we still use them. Color the circle in with a black marker and slide it into the Machine Readers. Our Supervisor of Election can validate the votes with paper ballots if need be. Also, if enough honest people signed up at their Supervisor of Election Office to work the polls at Election time it would go a long way. There are many ways to help them validate the voters.

    Log onto and join (it’s free),

    All of us can support in different ways.

    • But what about people who vote that aren’t legally qualified? I personally know two people in California who were not citizens at the time who successfully registered to vote. These two didn’t vote and had no intention to. I believe they probably signed up when approached by someone in a voter registration drive in front of a grocery store. Their English skill wasn’t good and they don’t like to so “no” likely didn’t know what they were signing up for. Apparently, California just takes a person’s word that one is legally qualified to vote. I wonder what percentage of California votes are actually made by legal voters.

      • It is up to the American People to demand that their whole State goes back to Paper Ballots. The last election in parts of Florida was a nightmare. Do I think Governor Scott went far enough with the changes he made? No!! I think every person that has anything to do with voting, should be told, if you break the law in any way you will go to jail, period!! I also think that the Governor should have the National Guard, FHP and any other force at all poles until further
        notice. They also should be told the same thing; you will go to jail if you break the laws. Voters should only be able to register to vote at the Supervisor of Election office or by the individuals that work
        there. It is the people rights to demand that their Governor make it right for voters of his/her state is not full of fraud, not Washington. It is up to “We the People” to take a stand and demand that our State Government does what “We the People” want. Not everyone will want
        it to be right, but it is up to the ones that do want our Country to follow the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc., to fight for it. You just have to group together and start demanding for change. Everyone that work
        the polls or go to vote should have every Elected Officials Phone numbers in case they see or know of something that is wrong, they can call those individuals. That’s why I think Governor’s should have the National Guard, etc., should be at every polling place until “We
        the People” get rid of fraud.

      • Reba,
        If all the states used the TN system to vote, it would be nearly (I say “nearly” because there’s always some criminal who comes up with SOME way to screw things up) impossible to have fraudulent voting. In TN, you HAVE to have a photo ID & as of this year, it HAS to be a state issued photo ID (if you don’t have a driver’s license, you have to have a non-driving state ID & to get it you have to have your SS card, certified copies of your birth certificate & another form of ID to show that you’re an American citizen & a resident of TN). You have to have your voter ID card. When you get to the voting poll, you have to show these, then your name is on a roll in the books. They look up your name from your ID & voter card then you have to sign beside your name. The voting machine seems to be tamper proof & if I remember correctly, it’s on a paper ballot that you have to insert in the slot in the ballot box. That’s why 69% (about that) of TN did NOT vote for O’Dumbo in 2008 or 2012!!!

      • Florida has always had Voter ID with a picture and you also
        have a voting card. We just had crooked Elected Officials (Supervisor of Elections), in some places. That’s why I said the people need to volunteer to watch for voter fraud committed by anyone and the Governor needed to put the National Guard and others at the polls until further notice. Does it make me happy doing something like that, no, but we need to do something to stop the fraud. Any Governor or Elected Officials that is not
        willing to go the extra mile to stop voting fraud should be fired.

      • It certainly has to be stopped. The only voice we have is our vote & now that’s being taken away from us by this Communist Regime! There’s only ONE reason this administration doesn’t want voter ID & that’s because it puts a real “damper” on their ability to commit fraud. They can’t “bus in” all their illegal voters & have them vote 2 or 3 times each in 2 or 3 different places if they have to show an ID! If they can’t win “fairly” they’ll win anyway they can! I never dreamed we’d be living in the old USSR! If we need the National Guard for us to vote, we’re not living in the nation I grew up in & it’s frightening & sad! Next comes amnesty for about 30 million illegal immigrants & if people don’t think they’ll be allowed to vote, they’re in for a rude awakening!

      • Exactly! My reasoning for the National Guard is to prevent Voter Fraud. The states are not ready for 2014 Elections. They have not cleaned the Registers and not all have invoked Voter ID. Even some of the ones that have, the Administration is fighting them. The Democrats will do everything possible to win and that includes Voter Fraud. It’s our only option right now to make sure we have a clean Election. We need to make sure only legal Americans can vote and someone with authority is there to watch and monitor the polling places. It’s going to get a lot worse before November. If you haven’t gone to either of these sites, please do so. Let me know what you think of them.


      • You’re absolutely right & yes I did look at the 100% fed up site. The name of the site represents the attitude I’ve had for 6 years! LOL! The smuggling illegal muslims into the country does NOT surprise me in the least but terrifies me & makes me furious! We’ve heard that O’Dumbo was going to bring them here, we just didn’t know how. The Republican Rep, Rick Womick, is the representative for the district where the huge mosque was protested but build anyway. I’m not sure why he’d tell the story of his flight unless he intended to do something about it or to warn people what was going on. I hope the guy who was interviewed approached Rep. Womick about it to find out what he was going to do to prevent it from happening again!

        I think O’Dumbo will do everything he can to prevent Voter ID & if he can’t, he’ll just try to use the “special powers” he thinks he has by Executive Order & if that doesn’t work, he’ll just create a crisis that he “can’t let go to waste” & declare Martial Law. These criminals are too close to realizing their agenda. They’re going to do everything they can to keep from losing the Senate.

      • It is terrifying! My question is; what other Elected Official
        knows this is going on and why are they not coming forward?

        I would say it’s time to start calling the Elected Officials, writing to the newspapers and raising hell about what is going on and let the people know in Tennessee. State Rep. Rick Womick, needs to start answering questions about what he did, why and how many times Most of all, when does he plan on informing everyone else? He does not have an excuse if he signed the papers the company sent out to everyone. This should have been in the news as soon as he landed.

      • It certainly should’ve been in the news, but I don’t hold my breath for REAL news to be reported. My gosh, Joe Arpaio has spent years investigating O’Dumbo & not even a word on Fox, much less the “messiah stream media”!

        I have the same questions! I have so many questions for our TN RINO Senators & my representative about so many things, but I’m sure they’re sick of me & I’m probably on some sort of “hit list” even though I work from home, don’t bother anybody & rarely ever get out of the house! For 16 years I had to travel hundreds of miles per week for my business but can now do most on line; so I’m not just some hermit! LOL!

        My remedy to ALL our problems is to charge O’Dumbo & his entire administration for treason & all the other numerous crimes they’ve committed. I’m so disgusted with ALL the pansies who took an oath to uphold the constitution who are shirking their responsibilities for fear of being called “racist” when this president is half as white as most of them are! He doesn’t have to be “impeached”! This phony was never eligible to be nominated, let alone serve as the POTUS, but few questioned his eligibility or background because he was a progressive “black” (NOT) man. If he’d been a conservative, no matter what ethnicity, he would’ve been run through the ringer & run out on a rail!

        If these criminals were out of the picture, the voter fraud & voting machine tampering wouldn’t be the problem it’s been with these radical thugs running the show, the NSA spying would be reigned in, the IRS could be abolished & “O’DumboCareless” would be gone as if it never happened! Every freak he appointed & every single unconstitutional bill, law, Small Arms Treaty, Executive Order & everything else he’s shoved down our throats would be null & void & we could be back on the road to recovery! I’ve been waiting for 6 years now for SOMEBODY to DO SOMETHING & I’m getting tired!

      • If your Elected Officials are not responding to you, write to the Local Newspapers and address it to the
        Elected Official(s) and ask your questions that way. That will get his or her attention and everyone else that reads the
        papers. Just make sure you have the facts to back up your questions. I wonder why, when president Obama broke the first law why the House and Congress did not start a lawsuit and take it to the Supreme Court. Now it will take forever to get it together and process the charges. There are so many issues now that would throw any “American” in jail, but yet, Obama, his Administration and the Senate continue on.

        It’s great that you have your own Home Business. I would have loved to work at home before I retired.

      • Photo ID’s are going to take care of the problem, not when you have Soro producing the voting machines preloaded with votes for his puppet of choice.

      • I should have put in my post: “We the People” should be demanding our State Governors and Elected Officials do something about the Illegal’s from voting.

  65. I just won’t waste time listening/viewing to P. Obamma. But it is not his fault. The Liberal Media put him there in the White House, because, like them… he’s a “talker”.

    • He talks without saying anything. Started to watch his interview with Bill O’Reilly a bit ago…couldn’t get past the first 2 questions…he wouldn’t give a straight answer…no surprise. I wasn’t going to waste more time just watching him spin things.

  66. Not only is this self indulging, fraud of a man, no ability to be the leader of a grave digging crew much less the Greatest Nation in the World….now stands at the threshold of the total and unimaginable demise of this Nation, the premier standard of peace, freedom, prosperity and respect of human values. As a soldier that has tasted the stench of battle and a believer in divine inspiration, I am convinced and assured that this leader and his supporters are guilty of and promotion of the desolation of the divine laws of dynamics for assuring the preservation of our blessed nation. 1. A strong and resolute military with a grand strategy to protect freedom from enemies outside the nation. 2. Vigorous law enforcement and adjective jurisprudence to protect freedom from enemies inside the nation. This sin nature is not only the source of warm but also the source of crime. Bothe war and crime have been scourges to mankind through the ages. Divine inspiration ordained the military for the protection from external aggression and law for protection from internal aggression. The stability of a nation depends on a powerful and proficient military organization, a fair and adjective body of laws, and impartial, uncompromising enforcement of those laws. Both the military and law enforcement share one common goal: defeat the enemy, both foreign and domestic. The military must deter or crush the foreign enemy while the judicial system must deter, incarcerate or execute the criminal (Ex. 21:23,cf, Rom. 13:4) Only then can the specter of tyranny and anarchy be dissipated and peace and freedom be assured. When flawed leadership and subjective interpretation of law neutralize the effectiveness of the military and aw enforcement, the probability of war intensifies and the crime rate soars. The nation is victimized when the military is neglected, despised, ineffective: honest citizens are victimized by criminals in Government as well as in society. The duty of divinely ordained government is to secure freedom by promoting a strong defense against all enemies. The laws of divine establishment of America are designed to protect the citizens, to protect property, and to give equal opportunity for all to pursue a course in life. Freedom provides the environment to succeed or to fail based on one’s own motivation, decisions, and capabilities. Decisions and actions precipitate a diversity of results. No two people succeed to the same degree and no two equally fail. Hence, the blessings of freedom guarantee inequality among people. Those in governing authority must support equality of opportunity to flourish or falter, nut never coerce equality of results. Whereas in the past, patriotism, morality and individual sacrifice characterized the American way of life, today such qualities are exceptions rather than the rule. multitudes of people refuse to assume the responsibilities of citizenship in a free nation. Influenced by relativism and secularism they have no clearly defined objectives other than instant gratification and self-aggrandizement. Successive generation of Americans are progressively abandoning the principles which established and preserved this nation. In this fertile soil of unrealistic expectations, spiritual and moral decline, and lack of a personal and national destiny are sown the seed of disaster and slavery. Freedom can not survive spiritual and moral decline that devalue and deteriorate the national defense. When degeneracy and decay weaken the undergirding of virtue and integrity our natural faith is neglected, freedom is taken for granted and the military is ridiculed and despised. Despite scorn from those who are recipients of our blessed freedom courtesy of the military, the profession of arms is honorable before our Lord and who understand the principles of the divine establishment. The soldier may be unappreciated or even detested by those he is call upon to defend, yet his duty is to God and country remains. Through the for of nation confusion and decadence there shines in the souls of a dedicated few, the lucid light of their divine duties and the common sense of the our divine establishment. Of this I see no other government agenda but that of the systematic and total dissolution of our Republic, our freedom and the divine honor of this our country, the United States of America.

  67. We all understand that Obam’s crew members among the Washington DC elites of the Democratic Party took, and are still taking, the orders that are relentlessly propelling the ship of state toward the rocks.
    The precious votes of the citizens of this Republic should not be wasted on a president and Democratic Party that is so radical it is radicalize the most common actions of moral Americans. We need Americans for America voted into office in the 2014 election, and all coming elections.
    Marvin Fox

  68. I’m no fan of liberal/neo-conservative progressive policies, but please explain to me why I should bother to keep reading past the “Bill Clinton’s 1990 address” whopper in the first paragraph.

    If you can’t even remember when Clinton first took office (hint: What year comes after 1992?), what other “facts” have you neglected?

    • Everyone makes typo and other errors. Yes, it is important to get the facts right, but Mr. West might not have anyone to proof read everything he writes or maybe it was just missed. I get pass it myself and read the article and comments. Just add the correction to your post and that will be enough to inform others.

      • Then I should also add that Mr. West’s reference to Queeg indicates that he either never read “The Caine Mutiny” or fundamentally disagrees with Greenwald’s damning speech at the end of the novel about who was manning the guns – defending the country – while the privileged kids were looking down on them.
        Some errors are too fundamental to dismiss as typos instead of recognizing them as indicators of sloppy (and careless) thinking.

      • I agree.

        Now, I would like to have honest to God discussions on what is happening to Our Country. I would like input from individuals that have the knowledge on the subject being discussed.

      • He was off by a few months. That’s enough to be called “sloppy and careless thinking?” And West is simply emphasizing the part where Queeg is losing it. He’s sees a parallel to that in some of Obama’s behavior. The fact remains that Queeg is nuts at the end—-whether he’s a hero or not. West is not suggesting this is a perfect, blow-by-blow analogy. And Clinton was elected in 92. Yes, he took office in ’93. You make it sound like some kind of monumental error.

      • Well, I’d call 3 years (minimum, as I suspect he’s actually referring to one of Clinton’s later State of the Union addresses) something more than a “few months” — I’d consider it more akin to describing Waco as a BATF overreaction to the Oklahoma City bombing.
        It’s hard enough to persuade honest, sincere liberals (yes, there are quite a few, actually) that they might be wrong even armed with an abundance of indisputable facts, reason, and patience without having to address sloppy rhetoric from folks who should know better.

      • It’s actually an interesting analogy. Ever since the egregious lying about Benghazi I’ve had the feeling that Obama was losing it. But to a sophist all this irrelevant – gotta come up with some counter-argument no matter how ridiculous!

      • As I suggested in another comment, try rethinking the common stereotype of Queeg from “Queeg’s just loony” to “Queeg’s a military officer coping with PTSD while trying to stay in the fight” and maybe you’ll understand why I dislike the common interpretation so much. And why I might blow a gasket over an analogy implicitly equating Queeg with a self-serving coward who only answered the call of his own ambition.

      • Would you consider accuracy to be one of the merits of the argument?
        Or would you prefer the soft-hearted (and usually progressive) standard that intent matters more than keeping numbers and facts straight?

      • Sure, if you can explain what his point really is.
        I honestly can’t tell what he’s calling for — popular insurrection? Revolution? A populist demagogue to step forward for everybody to fall in behind? Or maybe just venting some inconclusive thoughts about how dire the situation is with so real suggestion for a remedy?

      • He is being intentionally vague (for reasons you can probably guess), however he is empathizing with millions of patriotic Americans in our anger, resentment and frustration as we watch our nation crumble. “Something” will have to happen in the near future. We cannot sustain the course we are on. Now whether it will be political, military or something like and economic collapse is anyones guess. But something will happen.

      • Yes something will indeed happen. our country will continue to improve as it has by all measurable data and matrix and within ten years the Country will look at West, the Tea Party and all it’s throngs of idiots just as history has judged the John Birchers to whom they have so much in common, also a group of disgrunteled morons with little education, savy, grasp of fact or power on their side, Just another stain on an otherwise great country! There is a good reason why you fools are the fringe minority,,,, Hint… you’re idiots!, Go put your tin foil hats on and yell into the wind, West represents a small fringe of misguided uneducated fools and idiots and bigots, don’t delude yourselves into thinking anything more!

      • If you think this ends well I am sorry to inform you that your understanding of history and politics is lacking. You speak with passion and “education”, but you lack the wisdom to see the error of your position.
        I have an advanced degree myself, so lets dispense with the intellectual snobbery shall we? Instead lets have you present exactly what is improving in our nation?

        Not the economic outlook of the middle class.
        Not our test scores in relation to the world.
        Not our respect or power projection in the eyes of the world.
        Not our debt issues.
        Not our optimism for the future.
        Not our personal freedoms (other than to smoke pot)

        So whats better Mr. Liberal sharp tongue? People laying around and scamming the government out of benefits? Millions losing their insurance via Obamacare?

        Do you think at all? Are you capable of making connections? We are on a downward spiral,

      • your grasp on politics and history is showing, You’re a fool to think the US is in some type of dire trouble, that’s foolishness , as Plato said “There is nothing new under the sun” and many times in our history the simple minded were convinced that the end was at hand , shame you are one of those…. News flash oh my ignorant friend, New spending is at 50 year lows, debt is shrinking and during Eishenhowers years our debt to GDP. ratio was far higher, Only you Tea Tards think our world standing is slipping, Turn off Fox Turn off your computor and go make some more foil hats and wait for the end with the other idiot doomsday preppers!! You are a fool like many fools in our past but just like the confederates said the world was doomed they were like you just unable to cope with the fact that the country was fine, it had only rejected them and their mindset and ideas…. Funny how history repeats itself!

      • please excuse the typos, It’s hard to type while your’e laughing and smoking all that Obama Pot, …My wife and I are middle class, have degrees our selves and never made more money than during the Obama years, maybe that’s because we don’t wear tin foil hats and see the right wing doomsday garbage for just what it is! Also why I was able to amass enough wealth to retire thee years ago! Enjoy dealing with the fact that ten or so years from now every one will see you Tea Party people in the same light we now look at those who said the end was neigh so many times before and yet ALL of them were wrong, just as you are now… Not to worry, in time you will progress to the next step in growth as conservatism is the next step or point in development after you recover from your school boy infatuation with Liberatarianism, but BEFORE you learn the importance of having experienced something rather than just thinking you know something! After you gain experience you will also be progressive and wonder at your present stance and viewpoint! It’s just the normal maturing process at work.

      • Unfortunately, yes.
        And probably guilty of overreacting to an egregious 10-year journalistic error wrapped in a sophomoric literary analogy.
        For those still reading this, try rethinking the common stereotype of Queeg in terms of a serving military officer coping with PTSD while still in the fight and maybe you’ll understand why I dislike the common interpretation so much. And why I would blow a gasket at somebody implicitly equating Queeg with a self-serving coward.

      • Really?
        What are you basing that claim on? Hopefully something more substantive than the fact that Queeg was far from fearless — and which outweighs Queeg’s demonstrated willingness to sail his ship into a typhoon when ordered to.

      • Right up there with his choosing the same woman who implicitly claimed that Libyans will spontaneously bring mortars to a political demonstration as his newest National Security Adviser.

  69. This is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill——-Abandon ship, ABANDON SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!
    Or perhaps a mutiny by the officers against our blameless Capt. Queeg clone might be in order to save the sinking ship !? If not, we’re all going down with her. And with the cuts in the military there will be no Coast Guard available to save anybody. “Semper Paratus” will be “Nunquam Paratus” anymore thanks to Barry.
    Is there a Senator Maryk (Lt. Steve Maryx) in the wings?? I DOUBT it!—– Man the lifeboats!!!!
    And I’d bet the libs would push the women and children out of the way to board them.

  70. The Constitution and Bill of Rights along with the Federalist papers state that we the People have the right to remove a government that is subverting those rights!

  71. I’ve often wondered how Obama would have been evaluated, from a leadership standpoint, were he in the military. What qualities he did or didn’t have that would be considered necessary for advancement. And whether he would have been even considered for advancement due to the need for security clearance.

  72. Excellent analogy. While Obama drills holes in the bottom of our boat to let the water out, a bunch of legislators and senators have their own drills and are helping him make more holes. If enough American zombies wake up and smell the coffee, we might be able to remove him, but he has already done irreparable damage. Three more years???? MusingsbyMarian do tc om

  73. C’mon Col West, it is time for you to run with Ted Cruz for pres/VP. Then undo all the presidential edicts this clown has created. Need help, call me!

    • I agree with you ( WEST / CRUZ ) 2016..

      ….Lets change EVERYTHING back that OBUMER has signed with his KING ALMIGHTY ( PEN ) Or used his MAGIC KING PHONE TO CREATE.( CLOWN SHOWS MUST GO !!! )

  74. obama treats us like how the Russians treated the Kursk. But we don’t have to end up like the Kursk…we can still stand up and tell obama that we will no longer tolerate his commie arse!

  75. Every mutiny needs a leader, and I’d follow you, sir. HM2 (FMF), USN, OIF 9.01, 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, USMC.

    • 18 U.S.C. §2383. Rebellion or insurrection

      Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

      • Oh yes, you Tin Foil hat wearing clowns call your selves adults but when someone reads you the constitution then all of the sudden you don’t want to debate like adults, Do you Tea Tards really wonder why Cain and the rest of the Tin Foil hat troop are rejected at the national level??? Enjoy your tiny fringe fanatic movement. The real adults, you know us progressives (The voting MAJORITY) who elected Obama TWICE will just continue to run the country while you fools wait for the end or your “Mutiny”…. warning the Confederates were stupid enough to try it and they at least wern’t just kooks to amuse the rest of the country like you Tea Party nut jobs are! Hillary 2016!! Deal with it! No body is listening to your viewpoint! …except for the entertainment value of course! Go Todd Akin and Allen West!!! With these types of nut jobs in your party the GOP. doesn’t need enemys

      • Please explain to me (the Constitutionalist) what part of the Constitution gives the government to power of Health Care Control, Dept of Energy, Dept of Education, Dept of Agriculture, Dept of Homeland Security, war on drugs, etc.

      • take a basic civics course!!! The part you are looking for to explain all laws that are not spelled out to allow or prohibit is the part of the constitution where it refers to ‘DELEGATED AUTHORITY” that allows for the entire ledgeslative process of all law making .That gives the government both at the federal and local level to make any law or dept, with overseeing jurisdiction powers that passes both houses of congress or state ledg. and is not struck down by the SCOTUS!!! Glad to educate!

      • I suppose it depends on who you take this “civics course” from. Personally, I prefer to take it from the history that this was based on. The founders gave the federal government 18 enumerated powers. And the rest are left to the states or to the people. You haven’t told me what part of the Constitution gives these powers. What article even has the term “delegated authority” in it?

        Please take your civics course and toss it. I asked you a question, and you nearly lost it with a “greater than thou” attitude. Now, genius, answer my question.

        Take a Constitution COURSE

      • News flash , the Constitution is indeed a living document, this debate you seem to want to have about it being a “Stagnant” one is silly, The supreme court is the last word in what is or is not “Constitutional” They have determined that my statement is correct, in line with the best constitutional lawyers interpretation and this makes the Rulings from the SCOTUS. the last word in what is or is not constitutional, As the Court itself said, It is not that the Supreme Court can never be wrong about the constitution but the fact that the Constitution itself made the Supreme Court the last and final word on the Constitution is what makes the SCOTUS always right about the Constitution! You can choose to deny or ‘Take your civics course from Allen West or Glen Beck himself but the opinion you have means nothing if it does not comport with what the SCOTUS said was constitutional and they say even the War Powers act and Executive privilege is indeed constitutional as well, Sorry you don’t like that FACT but your displeasure does not change the law of the land, Gain some knowledge look it up yourself I not hear to debate with you and you seem to want to sound bright, but even a bright person can be a fool, Delegated Authority Paragraph and precident of ‘Delagated Authority” to follow, this post as I’ll have to do what you could yourself do…. LOOK IT UP!….. then you can just shut off your computer and go sign up for a basic civics course so you can catch up with the laws reguarding our Constitution. Glen Beck (The drop out and con man) sure has fooled a bunch of sheep it would seem and it sounds like you are one of them.

      • I see that the Communists on the left have gotten to you, and as with any cancer, are spreading via people like you.

        Sparky, Stalin had a term for you, sir. “Useful idiot”. Anyone who would grant power to the government that they don’t trust with another party, is an idiot.

        Can you please point out the Article of the Constitution that the SOTUS decided that case on? Of course not. Nothing in the Constitution gave that power to the SOTUS.

        By the way, the reason for the serious majority required is to protect our life, property and liberty. Democrats (Communists) and most Republicans (Socialists or at least Crony Capitalists) want complete power to the federal government. Only an absolute idiot would want that.

        But when the shooting starts… it will be flees like you against trained Marines like me… how do you think that will work out for you? Probably not good Sparky.

        I’d love for you to come to my house for poker.. I will have some living rules for you to play by.. let’s see how long you can stay in that game.

      • again argue with the SCOTUS theyhave nothing better to do with their time than to reaffirm the folly of your sillyness, they will be happy to get you up to speed with the last 250 years of case law and president, the biggest problem with discussing constitutional law with you Glen Beck victims is that he has giving you a tib bit of fact wrapped up in a whole lot of BS, that sounds like what you wish was the real world. Again the Supreme court is the last word on what is and what is not “Legal” or Constitutional It’s a shame you dont like that but that is indeed the way it is, the way it was intended and debating the point with you is an exercise in speaking with a child who will stand there and argue the point “Who said you were the boss of me Mommy” Who gave the SCOYUS those powers, short story??? the Constitution, who gave the power of laws making to Congress who Used Delagated Legislative Authority to give out those various tasks and duties as they saw fit and whos decisions were affirmed by the Scotus,,,, Now face up to reality, what and how you feel about that being right or wrong or fair or not or unconstitutional or not is a moot point as it is a fact and all you griping and pissing and moaning doesn’t change that fact, the only way you can change that fact is to appoint like minded members to the SCOTUS yourself…. Good luck!! Meanwhile we the rational, sane, voting majority will go on running the show and continue to glance un the direction of the Glen Beck Allen West followers and roll our eyes and laugh.. done with you!!! Hillary 2016!! Suck it up buttercup!!

      • Please don’t talk to me in ways you’d never do to my face… I’d bet 100.00 bucks you have no DD 214, and I paid for the freedom you toss away, so it came cheap to you.

      • you joined up and you got paid YOUR JOB OF CHOICE, Nothing more, nothing less, you did nothing noble and surly protected nothing nor gave me any of the freedoms we both enjoy My you really are self deluded arn’t you, and Yes I would indeed say this to your face,” Little big men” have been threatening to “teach me some manners ” all my life! I’m Fifty something and still waiting!! Now stick with the issues! you and you “teatards” really don’t want to admit you have no clue to how the ledg. process has legally and constitutionally evolved and how it is in the real world, you just want to ” argue the existence of life” a pass time for the bored or moronic…. I’ll leave you and the rest of the” teatards” to it!!,,, Me and mine??? well we have a country to run!! How’s this Allen West idiot doing in the White house anyway??? oh yes I almost for got, his election run was nothing but the punchline for political jokes!!! Guess you fools who are backers of this clown didn’t get the memo. He didn’t even get enough support to win one county of the country much less then win the White House!! Keep telling yourself your getting somewhere and have influence, and us who don’t wear Tin Foil hats?? We’ll just keep electing more and more progressives who unlike you guys arn’t nut jobs to political office ! Enjoy getting crushed in 2014, 2016 and beyond!!

      • From that rant, I see Spanky is pissed. We can meet Spanky, I have a plan for that if you’re interested.

        The founders were crazy too I suppose that men should be free. And, you are a STATIST, right?

        You’d have me, and Allen West and everyone who opposes you taken to the gallows if you had that option, right? Of course, you’d not do it yourself… you’d have some armed thugs do it for you.

        You believe in omnipotent government. Government is your hero. And… you’d elect Hillary.. bwahahahahhaa..

        Seriously.. we can set up a temp email address for contact, and we do get into a ring… I’d look forward to it. Let me know what you think…

        To be fair, I was on a Marine Boxing team, but that was just a job.. one that you wouldn’t have made it through boot camp for I am fairly sure.

      • Oh be honest, you got discharged because you were the squad Queer!Seriously though, Hillary, not because shes so great, We will elect her just to remind you that the few dozens or so of Allen West/ Tea Tard supporters just really don’t matter. John Boehner got the message, Didn’t you? Keep keeping the GOP weak, that’s all you and your’e type have done! (Thank you for that at least) By the way, Nice job of losing in Iraq Soldier boy!! And Afghanistan??? Did you mean to show the enemy just how easy it was to send our military packing or were you just that weak at the job you signed up for?? You should have done your’e country a favor and just stayed home in your folks basement playing X Box where you couldn’t embolden Al Quiada, We with a brain said that going into those two wars for a Republican lie would only strengthen the enemy so go ahead and pat your self on the back for accomplishing that personally you idiot!

      • You have no clue as to when I served.. or where. You have served as a machinist.. a Union freaking machinist Joel-Myna Swanson. I see you removed your picture huh?

        What a coward.. hahahahahaha

      • I stated that I gave you your freedom? Where did I state that? I stated that I PAID a price for it. I have permanent bodily damage doing that. My friends paid with their lives. You have paid nothing.

        The Constitution, which you so hate, GAVE it to you. Oh, and did I say I was a Tea Partier? Nope. Did I claim to be a Republican? Nope.

        But you just keep on “thinking”..

      • Anyone you get elected to President won’t have a Congress to work with. 2010.. You got Obummercare passed… Oppps and got 83 tea party people elected to the house. 2012…. most Americans thought, see Obummercare isn’t so bad.. they didn’t realize that it hadn’t even started yet.

        2014… Oppps, Obummercare is not only EVERY SINGLE THING WE SAID IT WAS, but the website didn’t even work. Not even we could have dreamed that the ineptitude socialist could possible be that stupid..

        So again, you will lose the Senate. bwahahahahahaha.. Obummer sent to his corner, all alone… powerless

      • wanna bet on that??? Dems keep Senate Let me be the first to tell you that election night You will be the source of my laughter,,,, Guess you have’nt seen the polls this week! Generic polls have the dems at %47 the repubs at %44 for the senate, Obama care roll out pushed Dem numbers down for a few weeks but as monthly numbers have shown the GOP only had one month where they were ahead in the Senate race polls and that bounce is OVER shorty!…. Sorry loser but the Senate stays blue and so does the white house!! Sorry but the real world doesn’t live in your fantasy world ! Obama Care !!You couldn’t stop it and we crushed your bag over it, The GOP spent all their political capital on repeal and FAILED!!! Now all the GOP has to run on is” We Republicans shut down the government and cost you thousands of jobs!!” And “We Republicans killed any imigration reform”Run on that you stupid hand job. Now sit in the corner and make another tin foil hat!!

      • I don’t think anyone joins and goes through 14 weeks of hell just to get in… at 300 bucks per month, joined for a job…

        I lost 22 of my men.. You are an idiot to say that. Why don’t you march on down to Arlington and piss on a grave.. I’d like to see the result..

        Noooo you only have the bravery to do that online.

      • I have an idea Joel-Myrna… Why don’t you head just a bit south of Moncks-Corner to Parris Island, or just to the local town there, in Beaufort and tell all your opinions to a Marine DI in a bar…


      • You failed in Wisconsin, your home state. You failed in SC, your new home. You are just an uneducated union machinist who can’t find a job in SC, so you call yourself “retired”, right Joel-Myrna Swanson?…

        Go on down to Beaufort, hit a bar, and tell this to the DIs you meet.. bwahahahahahaha.. and move to a state with a Democrat governor if you hate everyone so much.

      • Oh, and did your civics course cover where the president gets to make laws, change laws and enforce only the laws he wants to?

      • artical one : Section of of the Constitution provides that all power is vested in Congress. despite early resistance the US SUPREME COURT Gradually accepted the “Delegation of Legislative Authority” so long as congress sets clear standards As I said Its Constitution if and when and because the Supreme court says so Now go take a Constitution course and a basic civics course or two and go to the Supreme Court Of The United States and challenge their rulling if you don’t like these facts that I informed you on… Sorry but Glen Beck is wrong because the SCOTUS says he and you are wrong and the statements I made about Delegated Authority have been challenged in the SCOTUS and delegated Authority was upheld,,,, Artical one, Section one,,, get someone to explain it to you if you can’t grasp the concept and it’s constitutanality! Otherwise take it up with the SCOTUS but I wont argue the point with you as the SCOTUS has already ruled and stated my point to be FACT!! if you care for some more on this go to….. Now enough of you I don’t have time to try to get you the education into Constitutional law that you should posess before you debate with already decided and setteled legal matters! again read ….. http://Legal-dictionary.the Troll on…. Hillary 2016!!! that will really give you something to challenge the constitutionality of then!!!

    • Perhaps because the folks with the skills to change that are also smart enough to know it would only make things much, much worse.

      • Let’s start with the most obvious 2 effects:
        1) Who becomes the next President (and a re-electable incumbent)?
        2) What happened to legacies (real and revised) of the womanizing former Senator from Massachusetts on 22 NOV 1963?

  76. How can a “leader” that constantly lies expect people to trust and follow him? This POTUS has sealed his legacy as the “great divider”. He has surrounded himself with fellow communists and fellow travelers.

  77. We could use a “Cain” mutiny. Herman Cain to be precise. Of the 8 candidates that started the field last year he had an actual simple tax plan laid out.

    • As I recall, he also tried to strike a rational (and electable) balance between having substance and reiterating easily digestable pablum.

      • Yeah, you are pretty scary, for expecting the government to obey its own law. bwahahahahahahaha.. I suspect Camino is a Communist.. and that there are any left is scary.

      • People who are paranoid.

        I’m reading here about people who can’t figure out how Obama is still alive. That’s scary thinking.

      • It doesn’t surprise you in the least that someone hasn’t at least tried to get him? I mean there are some real nuts running around out there. The other thing, about people being paranoid, it should only be considered paranoia if it isn’t true. If you can’t see the outright hubris of this president when he states that he’ll just go around congress to do what he wants, not the first time he’s done it either.

      • What you’re saying indicates what I mean by “scary.” Wow.

        No, I’m not surprised some lunatic hasn’t gone after him. I’m a little surprised by how many people on this thread want it to happen.

      • There are surely some that would like to see it but they are scattered among the ones that still adore him even if he has violated his oath of office and unconstitutionally changed laws, usurped power, and outright lied to the public. Kind of evens things out in the end.

  78. We cannot commit mutiny, we are the boat owners. This employee of ours has decided to unilaterally break the law, and violate the traditions of the United States of America.

    We didn’t commit mutiny, the President committed TREASON.

    • Too, RIGHT ! HE is guilty of several counts of TREASON.
      He is not a President, he certainly is not, my President.
      We need to arrest, his butt and haul his ass, OUT OF OUR HOUSE ! DO IT NOW !!!!

      • I’m a WHAT???? That is what I’d expect from the left.. to use racism, or something to assault the messenger…

      • 28 U.S. CODE § 4101 – DEFINITIONS

        (1) Defamation.— The term “defamation” means any action or other proceeding for defamation, libel, slander, or similar claim alleging that forms of speech are false, have caused damage to reputation or emotional distress, have presented any person in a false light, or have resulted in criticism, dishonor, or condemnation of any person.

  79. What is important is that Congress ignore the President. Keep passing simple sensible laws, and when the Senate blocks them or Obama vetoes them, make it known.

  80. There are 2 real problems here:
    1) impeachment of the POTUS requires a 2/3 majority in the Senate
    2) you can’t attack Obama becasue that makes you a racist

    Solution: Impeach Holder and Sebellius (and any others in this corrupt regime). Conviction would only take a simple majority in the Senate, whcih should be possible in 2015.

    • Two thirds majority, not a simple majority! which you wont get either anyway. sorry for you that you lost the election, but America sees you Tea Party types for the self deluded tiny fringe that you are, Impeach??? Don’t make me laugh, you guys couldn’t even hold the Republicans to the” no new taxes pledge ” My how deluded you tiny fringe minority are inside you’re little bubble, Hide under your beds and wait for the soon coming end, meanwhile we on the left will just continue to sign up new voters and continue to win the White house again and again, and again !!

      • A simple majority should be quite possible after 2015. And maybe even before, especially in Sebellius’ case. Everybody hates her, and even some Democrats would probably like to vote her out, and get on record as doing so.

      • conventional wisdom said that Mitt Romney SHOULD have easily won the White House, after all the recovery was slow and unemployment was high but clearly Americans prefer Democrats to republicans as representitives and unless gerrymandering protects red districts they vote to make the Democrats keep the power! Would have could have should have, No Senate majority for the GOP. and I’ll go on record of reminding you that the GOP was self deluded not so long ago and still are “Mitt WINS BY A LANDSLIDE” Ahh sweet memories, funny how often history repeats!As much as the American people don’t love the democrats the majority are united on one thing, …they distrust the REPUBLICANS far more!!!

      • People figured “give the young ethnic president a little more time”, and “yuck to the old white smiley mormon who hates big bird and wants to reduce our exemptions, but hey, nice management style hair cut”. That was before the cancellations and the website fiasco. Lesson 1: make sure laws to destroy the country only take effect after the election.

      • Grandfathered insurance policies that even though the NEW guidelines for NEW policy’s didn’t go into effect until 2015, the Insurance companies CEO’s make the profit driven decision to dump the ‘Junk” policy’s rather than upgrade them and you Tea Baggers buy into or at least repeat the Right wing talking point that the private decision of a private company to maximize profits was somehow Obama’s doing!! No logic in that nonsense talking point at all, Again those junk policy’s were GRANDFATHERED and as such didn’t need to be changed or cancelled! but as always, you right wingers don’t care or understand facts or reality, not when you can blame a lefty for the sins of your corporate masters who have the moronic sheep of the far right to serve them without ever figuring out that they have you right where they want you guys, Dumb, angry, and looking in anyplace but the mirror to see who is really screwing you guys! Your so lost that you vote against your own self interests.. Facts don’t matter to you all as long as you have somebody to tell you that your winning, that your under attack, that your the good guys and your in the right…. shame on you guys for being so arrogant or self centered or ignorant!! Thank God like Allen West, America has rejected you guys and will not let your fringe element ever get majority rule or hold the reigns of power! Can’t wait till you have to deal with Madam President Hillary Clinton and Bill is back in the White House, then you will really cry about how unfair it all is . well we remember how you all loved GW Bush and stood silent as he lied us into two un needed wars and spent us and deregulated us into the great recession.. Well, now You can try that again, Love our president and stand silent again that is!!!

      • booboy gave the insurance companies an easy way to cancel any policy they didn’t like. Obuckwheat is the reason this country is on a downward slide.

      • Don’t get too cocky, boy ! “My God IS In Control ” All this corruption, Transparency, Wild Spending, Love of Evil(Homosexuality and Abortion) and Socialism will be brought under control.. Until that happens, we will continue to run full throttle into an eternity You and like minded people have encouraged.. Our country continues rebel against The Almighty God of the Universe and because of that rebellion we are falling to new levels of immorality .. It Will Catch Up With Us !
        2 Chronicles 7 v. 14
        If my people , which are called by My name, Will humble themselves, and Pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land.. God Is Our Only Answer !
        We are in a War … A SPIRITUAL WAR ! It is a war between Good and Evil … and don’t underestimate it.. The Bible has the answers….All The Answers to every problem we have today. And the solution..Think before you speak .. . I don’t want you or anyone else have to live in a tormented place, for eternity.. When God has a place of Peace and Joy and Eternal Bliss.. I will continue to pray for you and all the unsaved.. Satan has you blinded, but God wants you to see the truth and be set free forever..John 3 v.16… For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him , Should Not Perish, but have everlasting life. May God reach out and touch you with His Blessed Hand. Amen ..

      • Don’t get too pxuis , I too am saved , save your judgments for youreself!! you sound like your average self deluded false christian pharasie! Save your bull$hit fake FAUX” Christian love” For Satan when you stand before him…. You use your Brotherly Christian concern to bash people??? Like Christ said “Leave me I never knew you !!!” “Woe to the false preacher that causes even one of mine to stumble” Your a faker and not a real Christian at all, Most Republicans are fools who don’t do the works of God, The caring for the least of our brethern You are a cut below those however because they at least don’t use scripture to be used as a cudgel against someone just because you don’t like their political viewpoint so you dismmis them as un saved to discredit their viewpoint?? Only an Fake UnGodly Unsaved jerk befouls scripture and uses it to harm or hurt or defame !!!Repent Oh false preacher the comming of the Lord is near !I’ll pray for you and all the other unsaved republican greedy who rob from the poor and give to the corporate beast!1 You and your type rob through the taxes you foist on the poorest and least able to support big tax dodging multinational corps> You are the satan and God will judge you harshly….Amen!!

      • Hey Brother…. Just what (if any) scripture do you have that backs up one single word you spattered? And sorry to burst your ego bubble, but I don’t believe your are saved,,, THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT ARE NOT SHOWING BROTHER !
        And I am NOT for the many corrupt big business that hurts the little guy and I do not take up for all the repubs do… They have plenty of faults too.. The world is so full of sin now because the god of this world is running things… (that’s satan if you don’t know) But he can only go as far as the Almighty lets him go… Soon and Very soon satan will be jerked back and be thrown into the pits of Hellfire for all he has done to disturb God’s holy plan.. Until then we as believers will spread the truth of God’s word and take more souls from his deadly grasp… I will also pray for you and your bitterness and your language that you use… Where in the bible did you find that? I will still pray for your soul… Amen !

      • Amen Brother… He loved us more than we could ever imagine.. Praise Be to God ! I thank Him for forgiving me of My Old sin nature, and for the ones I still sometimes commit.. Thank You Jesus.

      • How about ( Matthew 7:21-23) to (And I quote you) “back up one word I spattered” You’d recognize “Depart from or Leave me, I never knew you” was that scripture if not for the fact your an apostate or False christian or false preacher!! I’ll pray for your soul and that you wake up and see your part of the right wing who has worshiped :Mammon” instead of following Christ … face it, you really arn’t equipped to debate with me as you don’t know your facts, scripture or have the intellect to debate, much less do you have the Holy Spirit as your fruit is bitter and thus so is your spirit!, Matt. 7-21-23 ” Many will say to me in that day,Lord,Lord,shall enter into the kingdom of heaven;but he that doeth…….”.And then I will profess to them (YOU!) I never knew YOU,”Depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”

      • Continue living and blogging like this and these words you quote will ring in your ears when you come at the DECIDING gate! If you are regenerated, you will bear fruit immediately! You will get faith to add virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience etc. Reading your blogs it’s self evident you are LACKING these marks. Works of the flesh are showing friend, but fruits of the SPIRIT are ABSENT! Read and study 2 Pet.1, and escape these things by the SOVEREIGN grace of GOD.
        PS Sorry for this late reply. Just to busy.

      • The demoncraps give their voting base free everything from your tax money to buy their votes. This is how these POS win elections

      • Cut your hair, raise a family, pay taxes for 30 more years. buy and pay off a house or two, Raise and send your kids through the University system and then get back to me, I’m not wasting my time debating with a clueless wet behind the ears pubesent child… news flash! with candidates like the GOP has run lately any one the left ran against them would win, no cheat, no free crap was need to easily win America was just glad not to be stuck with the Idiot, cultist, tax dodging,Draft dodging Mormon or the old bumbling fool and his dimwit no brain idiot from Alaska was all that America needed to reject those clowns!

      • Get off this website.You proved yourself a not thinking FOOL! Voting polls were run by George Soro and his Spanish crew!
        No FRAUD detected! You might have a question or 2, considering Philadelphia had nobody voting for Romney, But can happen often in a hamlet. But left wingers, like you, cannot think for themselves!

      • Oh I forgot , This site is just for sheep who don’t have facts or history to debate ideas with, Its just for butt hurt losers who want to have their self delusion re enforced!! It’s why we who get our candidates elected to the White house call you nut jobs” Fox a tards!!” Enjoy your loss in 2016!! The tea party is over Even John Boehner has figured this out as the debt deal showed!!!! Hows it feel to have the grown up Republicans tell your nut job tea party to go sit in the corner and shut up so the big Kids could get back to running the country??

      • The demoncommies stole both elections. We have a constitutional right and obligation to throw off an oppressive government. This muslime thug is the worst there is. He will go. One way or another and all the dopes that back him will follow.

      • Bush did, Al Gore won by over 100,000 votes in FLA. thus giving him the win, the Supreme court usurped their role and put in the fix for Bush from Reagan appointees to the court 4 to 3…. a cheat indeed! but no credible cheating occurred in Obama’s TWO overwhelming wins! Plain and simple America didn’t want Romney or McCain and what thinking person would!

      • The Democrats cut their own throats with this one. They enacted the “NUCLEAR” option which means that any vote only takes simple majority. His ass will be gone if it gets to the Senate.

      • get rid of dirty harry ried and the senate will fold like a wind blown house of cards, ol harry is Obama’s bulldog, but with a smaller brain, in the senate. But I don’t think his state wants him back.

    • Why would impeaching Obama be racist ? We have impeached pres before. You guys love throwing around that word racist , makes you guy look like you are . So again , why is it racist?

    • As I’ve been saying for years about this agreement, when? You’ve hD countries like Syria, Egypt, now the Ukraine change their governments and all your side does is talk.

  81. I don’t think anyone should be being up Mutiny on the Bounty, considering the only reason why the crew took over was for sex with native girls.

    • I believe you’ve confused mutiny on the Bounty (historical event recounted in the movie versions) with The Caine Mutiny, a novel by Herman Wouk. Capt. Queeg’s crew mutinied because he was absurdly punitive and gave contradictory orders which left the ship turning in circles.

  82. 18 U.S.C. §2383. Rebellion or insurrection

    Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

    • And the Constitution is the Supreme Law, learn Amendment 10… Oh and by the way, calling me a pedophile? I would love it if your slimy civilian mouth would run like that in my presence but you are a brave man over the Internet. You slimy civilian wannabe.

  83. Clinton wasn’t president until 1992. Saying that nobody watched his 1990 speech isn’t saying much. We get it, though. Watching Obama SOTU 2014 waould’ve been a bigger waste than watching superbowl 48.

  84. As a ship’s company sailor on the U.S.S. America, 1969 – 1971, we had a great crew AND Captain. We rode out a typhoon in the South China Sea, returned to ” Yankee Station” and resumed killing Communists – a worth while venture. The multiple Obama Voters have made America into a ship of fools. We need real leadership at the ” helm of State ” and not the CORRUPT Dem-Lib-Prog-Soc-Comms that are Killing America. I will not abandon ship – but will fight, AGAIN.

    • Personally, they expect people like you and I, who joined to kill a Commie for Mommy, to just lay down and let them take over now.. Not me brother.

      • spoken just like the other delusional butthurt fools of the old south!! Long live the union!!! we ‘Socialists” need some fools to make an example of from time to time so if you feel froggy go ahead and jump junior!! er Brother Ha, Ha, my you tea tards are a delusional bunck of social rejects and political retards!!!

    • Nice. I was a Navy F-4 RIO in VF-96 during the Wespac Cruise, 1970. And I do remember that typhoon as well as the waves coming over the flight deck when we transitioned from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. Amazing.

  85. The USS Constitution – ” Ole Ironsides” – Under President George Washington. The Patriots Out Thunk the enemy. They built the ship with brick sides and put wood over it. And when the Brits shot at it with cannon balls – the cannons balls bounced off. The Brits couldn’t figure it out. America Won! That is what has made America Great! We Used to Out Think Em AND OUT DO Em! Lest We Forget – Patriots We Gotta Do It Again ! NOW!

  86. Obama is like the ship capitan of the titanic but instead of trying to avoid icebergs he is searching them out on purpose.


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