Most memorable Super Bowl: the one I never saw

It was Super Bowl XXV, January 27, 1991 between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants in Tampa Bay, Florida at the ol’ Sombrero.

I had deployed to the Persian Gulf right after the new year, Captain Allen West of the 4th Battalion, 5th Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Infantry Division — as part of Operation Desert Storm.

What I remember had nothing to do with the game. As we redeployed in May of 1991, as we were approaching Philadelphia, they put on Whitney Houston singing the Star Spangled Banner, our National Anthem, before Super Bowl XXV.

We were minutes from landing back in America, and those 2 minutes and 49 seconds brought tears to every eye. And even today, as I go back and watch Whitney singing, I cry again. It’s just that memorable.

So, I wanted to share with you my most memorable Super Bowl moment. I heard it was a great game, came down to a last second missed field goal by Scott Norwood of the Bills. But still to this day, hearing that magnificent voice and seeing those American flags waving – that I shall never forget.



  1. I made dinner for Mr Mora (Giants owner) the night before the game at a restaurant I was an apprentice at.Whitney was the best ever at our anthem.

  2. Such a God given talent too end so tragic. Her mother tried raising her correctly but the Devil and Bobby Browns influence was too great…..

  3. I remember that night, I still get chill bumps listening to that beautiful voice of Whitney Houston, she would not believe what has happened to our America as it was back then. The crowds were happy waving ole glory and tears in our eyes with pride in our hearts. Dear God please BLESS AMERICA AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This was a great story! Thanks for sharing this experience! I think life moments like that – the ones we remember and cherish the most – are gentle reminders – milestones that make us who we are. We will dearly miss Miss Whitney Houston. She was such a wonderful talent!

  5. Got to help roll out the Colors on 9/11/11 for the Chargers pre-season home opener. Standing there in my blues, its such a powerful moment when the crescendo at “Brave” and flyover coincides, brought prideful tears to my eyes.

  6. Thank you so much for your service. Veterans like you and my husband who served during Desert Storm deserve our thanks and respect.

  7. This was back when Americans of all races and creeds, believed in their country and were not being taught a pack of falsehoods about our history.

  8. I am so glad you post this. I missed the first part of that game, and have always wanted to listen to her sing. Everyone told me how marvelous it was, and I can’t thank you enough for your sharing her with us again. You rock !!

  9. I was there with you in the desert, sir. I remember getting up at 0300 to listen to the pre-game. Whitney Houston did an awesome job on the National Anthem. To this day, it is one of the most memorable moments in sports history.

  10. Just really sad she had to get mixed up with drugs and alcohol, took her to soon and we now will never hear any new songs sung with that beautiful voice, oh what stardom can ruin!

  11. For those of us that have worn the uniform for a “lifetime” first joy for what we have been and deep , deep sadness for what we have become! But thank you Col.

  12. Possibly the best rendition of our National Anthem ever given. Such a shame, took the talented woman out of the slums, but she never could not leave the slums. RIP Whitney I know you were saved. See you on the other side.

  13. No One can ever sing that like her. I miss her she was so beautiful and so blessed with that voice, they should just play this tape for the New York super bowl on Sunday, it would be wonderful….

  14. Every time I hear “our dear leader” speak, I wish to be an expatriate. Whitney Houston and Allen West make me feel proud to be American again.

  15. I was working a beer truck outside and we could still hear that amazing voice singing our National Anthem so beautifully and respectfully.

  16. Most of us were raised to feel a strong emotion when we hear it, and she did a phenomenal job singing it. Nowdays it seems like more and more young people don’t feel that patriotic surge when they hear it. It’s a shame.

  17. For all her Faults she had the most beautiful voice in the world. RIP Whitney, yes Sir Col. days that changed our lives forever.. To many times people forget what has been sacrificed for their Freedom. It is good to remember these things, they Humble you as a Human..

  18. Liberty….there is NO other choice, my friends. Even as a Canadian, this brought a tear to my eye and a calming in my heart. Thanks Allen.

  19. Seeing this I have to say again Whitney was one of the best in history of music. No one could of done it better as she did singing
    our country’s song proudly,effortlessly and flawlessly! I only wish she was still among us.

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  20. Hearing our anthem has always meant something to me. These days, makes me want to kick the butts of anyone anti-American. And some of those people were born here…

  21. Whitney sang it beautifully , such a bad ending for this lady . I love America all those here who are anti American should be ashamed of themselves.

  22. Amazing rendition~~The Best ever~~What a shame Whitney had to go that that Dead end road of Drug addiction~~She was blessed with all that talent~~hooking up with Bobby Brown dragged her down but ultimately it was her choice !


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