They don’t need to see me naked — some suggestions for TSA

I do a lot of traveling so I’m quite familiar with the Transportation Security Agency (TSA). In my overall experience, these are good -hearted Americans who are doing their duty.

Now, I admit, there are one or two who are lacking in “customer service skills.” I remember coming back from a trip to Israel and having some nice skin cream from the Dead Sea that a TSA agent in Newark confiscated and tossed into the trash bin – even though I showed him the purchase receipt. Funny thing, it got through security at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport.

So on that subject, Poltico has an article by former TSA Agent Jason Edward Harrington entitled, “Dear America, I saw you naked. And yes we ere laughing. Confessions of an ex-TSA Agent.”

Harrington says he was called into his boss’ office after he sent a letter to the New York Times after Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had tried to detonate 80 grams of a highly explosive powder while on Northwest Airlines Flight 253. Harrington said

The TSA saw the near-miss as proof that aviation security could not be ensured without the installation of full-body scanners in every U.S. airport. But the agency’s many critics called its decision just another knee-jerk response to an attempted terrorist attack. I agreed, and wrote to the Times saying as much.

He kept his job, but Harrington said he hated it, “patting down the crotches of children, the elderly and even infants as part of the post-9/11 airport security show.”

The story I found most appalling was of having to confiscate a bottle of champagne from a group of Marines coming home from Afghanistan intended as a celebration for young decorate soldier in a wheelchair, both legs lost to an I.E.D.

Sadly, these experiences had a negative effect on Harrington as well as others, as he said,

I quickly discovered I was working for an agency whose morale was among the lowest in the U.S. government. In private, most TSA officers I talked to told me they felt the agency’s day-to-day operations represented an abuse of public trust and funds.

I always offer a simple thank you to the TSA agents when I’m flying. I recognize theirs is a thankless job, not because of who they are, bu the bureaucrats who develop the insidious rules and regulations which restrict the use of common sense and wise discretion.

Do we have a fool-proof airport security system? Absolutely not, actually I believe we operate under a false sense of security to placate a government hierarchy. Why don’t we institute a trend analysis system of airport security? I doubt we will have another shoe bomber.

My solution would be to establish a base set of federal airport security standards issued for all airports. Instead of a federal TSA agency, I’d delegate that responsibility to the respective airports. They would have to maintain the level of standards issued from the federal government, but nothing could restrain them from adding standards based upon their respective locations. And there would be regular announced and unannounced inspections.

Saturday I fly back from St. Louis to West Palm Beach. I will thank the TSA agents who, for the most part, are doing their best under conditions of stupidity.

What has been your best and worst experience with the TSA?


    • I don’t fly, period. There are valid reasons for my not flying, so the inept TSA is just one of the many other reasons. My destinations are such that I can drive in as few hours as the fights and waiting and driving a rental car takes. Yes, I get tired, but I would also get tired if I were flying and being groped. I’ll continue to drive.

  1. We don’t need TSA , we have open borders, and looks at the sham of a visa system we have.. yet Americans should be subjected to TSA, I don’t think so.

  2. They are violating the Constitution and if they feel so bad about their jobs they need to quit. Following orders is NO defense. I sure the hell would not thank them for working for the new gestapo! We need to be making their lives as miserable as they are making ours.

  3. TSA is nothing more than child fondlers and granny grabbers. Yes there are a few, very few, that are respectable, but most are in it for the power trip and the chance to grab tits.

  4. I won’t fly. TSA is violating American rights. Explosives are hard to get for the average American after 9/11. Guns? Even 3-D guns are seen by the average X-Ray or metal detectors. The heads of TSA is about gestapo style tactics. Yes Control. So again I will not fly. I have no need to leave the U.S. and if I do. Driving to Mexico is nice place so is candida.

  5. Was flying with my daughter and a HS friend. The friend was tagged to get a personal security check. My daughter thought it was funny and began snapping a few pictures. A TSA agent came running up to her grabbed her camera, and began deleting the photos she took. I just wanted to make the flight on time, so neither I or my husband intervened. However, many times I wish I had told her to get her hands off of my daughters camera. We had already gone through security and were not a risk.

    • There are areas that any picture taking or filming is prohibited especially in transportation facilities . I was taking a video of the inside of the train station in Dublin , Ireland with my IPad when a police officer came over and told me it wasn’t permitted. He didn’t make me delete it, just stop. Several Irish citizens couldn’t believe it wasn’t allowed.

  6. I traveled over 150,000 miles in the last 24 month. I have no problems or issues with TSA – none. I even wear a t- shirt – female TSA’s welcome to pat me down – still leave me alone – jeez

  7. I dread the times when I have to go through TSA, because I opt out of the scanners and get patted down every time. A few rough pat downs in Seattle and one in Anchorage, where it seemed that the TSA agents were making it intentionally miserable for me as an example of a rebellious “Opt Out”. After reading Ex-TSA Agent Jason Harrigan’s story about TSA, I’m still glad that I opt out every time. I do believe that there have been “False Flag Incident” compelling the purchase of the full body scanners, which George Soros and the TSA Director cashed in on. Also, when we we violate the 4th Amendment and our Constitutional Rights inch by inch for the sake of security, we are truly sacrificing our liberties each step of the way. Was it Jefferson who said that “Those who sacrifice their liberties for the sake of security will inevitably lose both of them”!! jab

  8. I’ve been treated far better going through European and Middle Eastern airport security than I have in the good old USA! Not all TSA agents are bad, but there always seems to be some assclown that probably got the job with a GED and think’s he’s God. Add to the stupid and I really mean STUPID rules TSA has like no bottles of water, limited amounts of carry on toiletry items like shampoo, toothpaste, etc. I remember reading an article where a nursing mother was denied her infants bottled breast milk even though TSA regulations state she was allowed to have it! Get rid of the TSA and hire more Air Marshals. Put the airports in charge of their own security.

  9. I was witness to heinous treatment of a young child who was autistic. They treated her like a common criminal and myself and others couldnt take it any longer as we witnessed the child scream in fear of being handled and groped. Several other men including me started to yell at the tsa agents even if it meant we were to be arrested. Our fatherly instincts went into overdrive as we protested the treatment of the child and her distraught mother. Luckily a supervisor came over and quickly allowed the scared autistic child and her mother to go on to thier flight. That was the day I lost all respect for tsa.

    • I lost all respect for them when my husband and I were flying to visit his Mom – his last trip. He was very ill (obviously) and set off the alarm because he was wearing suspenders. TSA were upset that he had not taken off his shirt to reveal the suspenders and were making him stand up to remove them though they could tell he was weak. They would NOT let him sit down nor would they let me help him. His fingers were too weak to release the metal clasps of the suspenders and they finally let him sit down but they still would not allow me to help. I was in tears. They Did.Not.Care. Not one bit.
      He was so dangerous. It’s been 5 years and I haven’t flown since. If airlines/airports will tolerate this BS they don’t need my money. I used to fly at least a couple times a year. Now, if I can’t drive I don’t go.
      This was the Seattle airport btw.

  10. I refuse to fly anywhere because of the TSA. I will not have some pervert TSA person groping my crotch while they let Arab women pass with only a search of the head area. this is political correctness insanity. If I can’t drive there I don’t go.

  11. It’s insanity that there is no discrimination allowed! Why detain everyone?? If you have trained people that could watch the behavior of passengers from the time they get to the airport until they board TSA they wouldn’t be intrusive, abusive nor unfriendly because they’ve had to pat down 1000 people already and isn’t even half way through his/her day. It would be a million times better for everyone concerned. We can already be witnessed from security cameras so why not put them to good use.

    • They can’t do that because it would make way too much sense and be too effective and they would have to admit they were wrong, and people with something to hide call it “profiling”. As if they don’t profile people themselves every day. We all do. It’s called human nature. But then again those type of people aren’t human. They are simply robots.

  12. Having worked for TSA also have my idea about what needs to happen for security at the airports in the nation. I would have the x-ray for carry on, although the new ceramic knives are hard to see, and two armed police officers with dogs. Everyone would be subject to both of the dogs just to ensure explosives are not anywhere on the person or the bags. I had to quit TSA because it is just a joke and I could no longer participate in the farce. The TSA personnel are so busy looking for lighters and sewing scissors that they miss what could be deadly on a flight.

  13. Easily do for air travel the same thing government did with banking. All banks currently operate anti-money laundering and terrorism financing programs.
    Make the airlines run a simple security (ID verification) on each traveler. Since the vast majority of travelers book ahead of time to get good price, and virtually everyone charges the booking, there is both time and information available to verify every traveler before they get to the airport. For the few who do not pass the checks — they get screened by TSA (probably about 1% of travelers). Banks do this same process for every account opened. Cost would be a tiny fraction of what we pay for TSA and the accuracy of the process could be much better with some of the data currently available for verification. And lines could be eliminated.

    • EXCELLENT idea! Now, if we can just get someone to listen…;o)
      I’ll bet that those who benefit from selling all those spiffy uniforms and huge x-ray machines would object to that, though…

  14. Israel offered us their airport security program. And we told them no thank you we can do it ourselves. Right. Their airport is the safest in the world and we pat down babies.

  15. I havent flown in over 12 years……. There is no way I will be patted down, or go in some box to see me practically naked….. I hate waiting in lines, I get very upset and agry waiting and waiting……

  16. There was a day when I did lots of flying…..had my mileage card and all, but I have NOT flown since all this TSA CRAP, and probably never will fly again!

    I am one who “Profited” form the millions of $$ worth of items that the TSA STOLE, Yes, STOLE from airline passengers, in that I have bought “Tons” of it from government auctions and resold the stuff on eBay and other sites. ISome of the items STOLEN from passengers was nothing less than a crime!

    Kids plastic toys, those 1 1/2″ stamped scissors from sewing kits, 2 1/2″ adjustable wrenches. (Sold one collector 2 one half inch Craftsman adj wrench for nearly $40.00).

    Volunteers going to help out in Storm Damaged areas have had virtually all their power tools STOLEN. If they did not take the tool, they took the battery’s…. How were they supposed to be able to replace the equipment to be able to help after they arrived at destination.

    Yes, I did also buy knife lots. Government even sold me switch blade knives in these lots, and lots of other knives that people should have known better than try to take along, but also 99.999999% of which the carrier had NO evil intentions. Me? I NEVER go anyplace without my pocket knife.

    Just my take on the intrusion of our present governments…..

  17. My son had his commemorative pen, which he was given upon completing his years of service in the Air Force, confiscated in St. Louis. He tried to protest, and the TSA agent told him…”You can stand here and argue with me, and miss your flight…..or, you can move along.”

  18. I use to love traveling, now I hate it thanks to TSA. As a child I was robbed by cancer, now I am robbed morals and dignity by TSA every time I fly. Due to the metal plate and screws I now have to be groped every time I fly. Certain privileges my husband had to marry me for, TSA gets for free. It’s humiliating to be groped in front of your parents, your brothers, your spouse, and your children. I fly for free due to a job, and rather not due to TSA’s. Even worse if you refuse the X-ray machine they try to make you lift up certain item of clothes so they can swab you. They also are rude if you ask for a private pat down. Most time they refuse. Sorry, I have lost all respect for TSA. I even have to send my children and spouse in a different row so my children don’t have to be groped because of me.
    There job may be thankless,but they choose what they do just like you and I do. It’s a choice they make to grope, pat, and humiliate people for a living.

  19. The existence of the TSA and their ludicrous procedures are evidence that the wrong people are winning the onslaught against America. I’ve read many articles about events where a misbehaving passenger is subdued by fellow passengers assisting the flight crew. Criminal activity on a plane populated with Americans is a stupid move in this day and age.

  20. I’m divorced and my young sons (5 & 7 years old) came to visit me in Texas from Florida for Xmas. One of their Xmas gifts was a pair of HOLLOW PLASTIC nunchucks. When it was time for them to return home. The TSA confiscated those plastic nunchucks from my two sons.

  21. About three years ago, I was flying home from Atlanta. At the Atlanta airport, I was patted down. The female TSA agent checked under my breasts, under my arms, etc. What she didn’t even blink on was that I had a pretty good size soft brace wrapped below my elbow with a gel pack in it. She never even paused for it. I thought as I got on my plane, that I sure hope no one else came through with any explosives wrapped around their elbow!

  22. Just came back from a trip where my family’s passports were stolen but I still had all mine. Additionally, I am a highly cleared public sector worker and provided my credentials. We were also ESCORTED through the connecting airport by a fellow cleared, credentialed law enforcement worker. STILL, TSA had to interview my family about who they were over a two hour period before we could go through security. Additionally, I sent all our information ahead of time to try to pre-clear everyone.

  23. I used to ride my mountain bike in the woods daily; I carried a hunting knife and pepper spray in a pouch with my iPod because you never know. Not thinking of this as I prepared to fly cross country to New York, I tossed my iPod pouch into my laptop case. Astonishingly, TSA never detected either item. ON THE PLANE setting up my laptop for my “inflight entertainment” I realized my error. Due to this, I question the TSA effectiveness, especially when stories are reported about TSA harrassing children, old people, etc. while the guy who could have an entire village in his beard and whose name requires a full load of phlegm to pronounce gets a cursory pass of the wand so the TSA doesn’t get accused of “profiling.”

  24. Thursday, flying out of Atlanta, a TSA agent ran my bags through the X-ray machine then took it back. They did not however, put it right back on the scanner but rather had it behind a partition for several minutes.
    When I got my bag back, it was missing 5 silver dollars and $150.00 in cash.
    Unfortunatly, bbecause I failed to discover the theft emediatlly, they will do nothing about it.

    • It was their version of getting a “bonus.” Personally, once the “theft” was discovered, I would have raised hell over it.

  25. Worst: Phoenix Tsa Called In The Police On Me. I Saw Her (Tsa Agent) Make The Sign Of A Gun Regarding What She Saw In My Bag. I Was Completely Panicked, As I Was Traveling With My Two Young Sons. What Would Happen To Them If They Cart Me Off To Jail?! When The Officers Arrived And Saw The “Gun” in My Bag, One Of Them Took me Aside And Apologized To Me For The Treatment. The gun Turned Out To Be A Small Toy Souvenir On A Cardboard Package. The Police Officer Got My Home Address And Mailed The Toy Gun To Me At His Own Expense.

  26. When TSA was new, we went on a family vacation to Hawaii. Leaving out of our hometown airport, I was behind my older sons in the line, ahead of my wife and young stepson. It was July, it was hot, and we all were dressed for Hawaii in shorts, tee shirts and sandals (pre-shoe removal days.) As my oldest’s backpack disappeared into the scanner on the conveyor, I noticed that his Swiss Army knife was attached to the zipper pull. I swallowed hard and kept my mouth shut. I followed him through, and quietly told him to pick up his bag and walk away. He looked at my funny, being 13, but complied. No one said a thing about the knife.

    Meanwhile, I heard screaming behind me. In their wisdom, TSA had chosen the 6-year-old for an “enhanced search,” and they had forcibly separated him from his Mom so they could do so. He was terrified, she was mad as a wet hen, and safe to say airline security was not increased. I had never been so convinced we were living in an incompetent police state. Of course, that was pre-Obama and we’ve seen much worse since.

  27. I remember this saying…”if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…it’s a duck”. There is nothing wrong with profiling. It it looks like a terrorist…just might be a terrorist. This country is so politically correct that we have lost our freedoms and securities, to bow to a small extremist group of radicals that are using OUR laws and freedoms against us. My thought is this…If you’re NOT a citizen here in the U.S., you DO NOT enjoy the rights as guaranteed under our constitution. You DO NOT have the right to claim discrimination or profiling. You DO NOT have the same free speech and religious rights as we do as citizens. If you’re a foreigner then you will be subject to additional scrutiny here. Try this PC crap in another country and see what happens. We need to wake up, smell the coffee, and start kicking some ass!

    • You’re absolutely right. Problem is, we’ve given citizenship out indiscriminately, i.e., Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who had become a U.S. Citizen on 9/11/12 and who should have been stopped by profiling long before he and his brother unleashed their venom upon innocent people in Boston.

      • Right … he was “screened” by the gov’t and determined to NOT be a threat. So, again … an example of federal government doing a poorer job than local or private.

  28. Bad experiences:

    1. Saw a TSA agent take a tiny snow globe from a European girl who wanted to give it to her friend at home. She started crying and no amount of protest could get it back for her (and as the author of the TSA article mentioned, they can test the water).

    2. Was not allowed to keep my carry-on in view MANY tines during a pat-down.

    3. Watching the elderly go through the full body scanners knowing full well their skin is thinner, their immune systems weaker, and they are receiving a full body dose of radiation that may very well very well alter their DNA and cause cancer AS WELL AS disrupt their pacemakers.

    4. Lied to by a TSA employee who told me that a scanner that emits radiation was a metal detector.

    5. Told bya TSA employee in Kansas that opt-outs of the full body scanners soon will not be an option.

    6. Told by the German version of TSA (they do far less than we and look – no flights down!) – that, despite no signage communicating this to passengers – you can have them turn off the scanner to pass through. The subsequent pat-down was a second-long formality. The German employee told me that this is usually to facilitate passengers with pacemakers WHO WOULD KNOW TO ASK THAT THE MACHINES BE TURNED OFF…(well, I guess German passengers might know!)

    Positive: Oftentimes very friendly pat-downs. Pat-downs don’t bother me. I am female with martial arts experience.

    • I went through TSA the last time I flew, and showed them my pacer card. They know what it looks like, and since it was a slow day at the airport, the guard laughed and hollered, “Hey Joe, got another one!!”. We all laughed and I was sent to a private room to be patted down. They were extremely professional, and I thanked the two women who patted me down and witnessed. I don’t DARE try to go through TSA now. So much bad has happened over the years that I’d rather drive than fly.

    • Pat downs should bother you. You have done nothing to deserve a “pat down” other than purchase a “ticket” to fly on a commercial airline, that is operated for the public. When you purchased your “ticket,” you DID NOT commit a CRIME, yet you are treated as you have committed one.

      In order for you to “fly,” you’ve had your 4th Amendment rights violated. The only thing you did was to “purchase” a ticket to engage in “lawful commerce.”

      How would you feel if you had to submit to “pat down,” before entering a department store open to the public? Look at all the crap some people will go through today to watch a stinking “foot ball” game.

      Just food for thought.

  29. When I came back from Iraq, the commercial plane had the flight crew and soldiers really happy to be back as the only passengers on the plane. We must have been the safest and happiest plane in the sky that day.This was 6 months after the 2003 invasion, we were among the 1st troops back.. We stopped in DC to refuel.
    Our 1st Sgt. told us to go stretch our legs for a bit. In a soldiers mind who has not had a drink in 6 months, that means go get a beer. As we were going back to the plane we had to go through security. Mind you, we were all in uniform and the plane had 150 or so automatic weapons on it. The TSA had the gall to make every one of us empty pockets and take our boots off. I have not flown since.

    • Upon return from Iraq in 07, my unit having already been through a thorough search by customs at the other end, had to rescreen at the US Airport. We were arriving home, and were processed like a threat. No logic, only procedure.

      • When I went through Navy Customs in Balad I could not believe how “thourogh” they were. Treated everyone like they were trying to hide something in their bags. The everyone when I went through were US Personel only. This was about as bad as the TSA.

  30. While flying on a summer vacation, my blonde, curly haired, three year-old daughter was made to remove her flip-flops and have her BARE FEET wanded. Really? Where has the common sense gone in this country?

  31. I agree with how authority for security should be delegated to individual airports. Some small airport in the midwest that a terrorist would NEVER bother targetting does not need the security to do pat downs or at least as serious a level of security. Major airports, however, are what will be targeted and flights to and from such large airports are what will be targeted. Thus, it is important that each airport tailor its security to meets it needs and not have a national system like the TSA everywhere. Likewise, thigns like education should be kept at a local level.

  32. I took my elderly Mother to the airport. She had just had cancer surgery and had been told it was terminal. I was flying her home to be with my Sister and her family for her last Christmas. I ask for a wheelchair and we wheeled to the TSA check point. They made my Mother stand up and she was a physically searched while young Arabs paraded thru the line untouched. The elderly woman standing next to my Mom had Alzheimers and was screaming in fear. They would not allow her daughter to remain with her and she was in near hysteria. As I watched, I couldn’t believe that our government could be so stupid and heartless. I truly believe in profiling. If you want to find a duck, you should look for a duck.

  33. I no longer fly. I would rather spend a week driving to my destination than go through the embarrassment of TSA security checkpoints.

  34. If you delegate individual security to every airport, there would be no consistency. Seeing as planes would flying to other airports. What if they didn’t have the same protocol? Not a good idea.

  35. The whole way the TSA goes about airline security is a joke. They should do it the way the Israelis do it. The Israeli airline, El Al, despite the Jews being the most hated people on Earth, has never had a hijacking or a terrorist incident. And I attribute that solely to the way they screen their passengers and luggage. Our TSA should use the Israeli model. It works.

  36. I so agree with Allen West . “My solution would be to establish a base set of federal airport security standards issued for all airports. Instead of a federal TSA agency, I’d delegate that responsibility to the respective airports. ”

    Actually, I believe the Federal Government should establish a base set of standards for all programs that are to be IMPLEMENTED by and the Responsibility of State and Local Governments. NOT the Federal Government.

    • The airports need to “profile” like they do at the airports in Israel. They test their people several times a day. If their “Security People” fail a test, they are fired! In their system it is not “F up, move up.” They are hitting the bricks looking for a new job.

      Israel is surrounded by countries that want to wipe them off the face of the world, yet they have the safest airports in the world.

      One other thing. Israel found out that “Gun Free Zones” don’t work. So, they got rid of them!

      • Yep, they’re smart people. But really it is simple common sense which is one asset much of our sad Country has come up lacking in.

      • I believe that common sense died awhile back. It seems like we’ve got the “inmates” running the asylum.

  37. The overwhelming majority of terrorist are Muslims. Therefore it make sense to ban all Muslims from normal airlines.
    They can have their own Muslim Airlines and can blow their fellow Muslims out of the sky.
    Instead of going through the scan, passenger would simply need to tear a page from the Quran while being watched by trained a TSA agent.

    • Ahh that’s right, let’s bring back the whole “separate but equal” laws in the United States. You sound like those on the left who want to punish someone because of the god they chose to worship in public. I would have you know that I spent 3 deployments in Iraq with American Soldiers who were Muslim. We didn’t care what religion they were, and they putting their ass on the line so others would not have to.
      Are their Muslim terrorists? Of course. But there are terrorists of all religions, and those whom don’t follow a religion. Religion can be a beautiful thing, or it can be twisted into hate and bigotry as well. Just look at the Westboro Baptist Church. They twist the words of the Christian God into something vile, instead of the beauty and moral code it represents.
      In this country you have the right to worship whomever and whatever you want. You also have the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These rights are undeniable and cannot be removed. Yet, we are at a state in our history where we seem comfortable handing those rights over, be they our own or another person’s. It makes me sick to think that a fellow American would be comfortable in handing over their rights or removing those from another person.

      Republican or Democrat, what is the difference these days?
      Wake up America!

      • Really? When was the last time you heard of a Buddhist, Jewish, or Christian terrorist? And in the U.S.A. Granted, they might some of other religions like Hindus but they are limited to their countries of origin, as it is not in their tenets to conquer the world. And just because they are westerners they are automatically “Christians”, don’t give me that liberal excuse.
        The fact is that even Muslim Soldiers cannot be trusted 100%, never heard of a Mormon Soldier going crazy, but certainly Muslims Soldiers have turned against their own peers, both as pert of the USA Forces and host nations “allied” forces.

      • Also, if you truly are a Captain like your username says you are, you would know that there are plenty of Muslim Soldiers that have served this country with honor and integrity.

      • The actual point is, is that the only people who have TRULY terrorized their fellows have been those of the muslim faith. This is not so hard to understand in all honesty is it? And though Westborough church might not be a true example of the grace, and love of God (if asked for forgiveness of sins including homosexuality as God’s word states), you cannot fairly compare them to muslim shoot ’em up terrorists! That is just an insane liberalesque view. BTW giving rights to all religions wasn’t intended in the first place and was certainly not intended to phase out Christianity while literally bowing down and kissing up to the muslims but this is where we seem to “beheaded” today (pun intended).

      • Let’s see, which religion was it whose people flew airliners into large buildings in the US, which religion was it those member killed twenty some soldiers at Ft Hood? I cannot defend Westboro much but to my knowledge they have never done any of that.

      • No, they just picketed my best friends funeral. A man who lived with pride and honor in this country. A man who put his life on the line so others would not have to.
        Then that piece of crap “church” comes along and say that he was killed because God hates fags… Which he wasn’t at all. They showed up at his funeral while his family was trying to grieve, to me that is the same as terrorism.

      • Yes I agree and I certainly was not really defending them. Just saying they didn’t kill people like the Taliban, etc do.

  38. Thankfully, I’ve been flying with a child for the past 9 years – so I’ve never had to go through the scanner. We have never had any ‘groping’ situations with the TSA. But, this past Christmas, when we flew from NC to California (LAX) – I had forgotten to take the pepper spray (laced with Tear Gas) out of my purse, and it was never detected. Not by security in NC or by security flying back from LAX.
    I was able to carry pepper spray w/ Tear Gas onto 2 different flights.
    The TSA did however, detect and confiscate a milk box from my carry-on bag.

  39. Since the TSA doesn’t screen everybody and everything with access to the aircraft every time, they can’t and shouldn’t claim to be providing security for anything! In my twenty years on active duty, working in a secured complex, I can tell you without hesitation or reservation that what the TSA does is nothing but window dressing. It does nothing to ensure our safe travel, and seems in fact to be more in line with the desires of the terrorists, disrupting our way of life. This from my own life experiences, and that of my wife, a former TSA agent of 5+years. The TSA is a waste of taxpayer money!

    • Thank you! I tell people this all the time. What the TSA us doing is a joke, and a bad joke. Their presence is a “knee jerk” reaction to 9/11.

      I told my wife, with the exception of going overseas, we will drive when we travel. I refuse to put myself, or my family, through the crap you’ve got to in order to fly somewhere.

  40. Even worse is being bathed in radiation which is ironically a big problem for the TSA agents themselves. They’re around the machines everyday without any protection. We should start to see mass cancer cases within 10 years or so.

      • The real end game is to kill of most of populace leaving just enough to act as easily controlled slaves for the plutocratic elites who see their bloodlines as superior. This despite the fact that all their inbreeding has created inferior genes full of defects. We’re talking evil Beverly Hillbillies here!

  41. I spent over 20 years in our miltary, defending this country. I worked for Cival Defense Agency (now FEMA). I retired from Us Customs after 16+ years with them. I am blue eyed, blond, But, because I had a knee replacement a few years back, I cannot get past TSA. I show my retired Miltary ID, I have even worn shorts, which plainly shows my 8 inch scar on my knee. I always tell them I am going to set off the metal detector. Yet after always being polite to the TSA folks, I still get treated like a criminal. There is a terrible lack of common sense in the TSA guide lines. I truly believe we are less secure now, we were before TSA.

  42. The Israelis never molest their airline passengers and they are the only airline that hasn’t had a bomb on their airplanes. What the agents do is profile to catch terrorists. America is not allowed to profile because it is offensive. This is what happens when liberals get in control.

  43. By TSA rules they can’t search but 20% of middle easterners, undoubtably a rule set forth by the supervision of the DHS, who are members of the Muslim Brotherhood. And they make up for the lack of real security, by searching little old ladies and children.

  44. Right! who needs the 4th Amendment anyway! Security over freedom any day… …SLAVES! You want some humor/irony? Leave it to a half black (just as white as Zimmerman) to help bring slavery back to AmeriKa! Ooops!! Is this racist?.

  45. The middle class of AmeriKa is like an abused wife. Bad things happen to Daddy government or AmeriKa and Daddy government beats the wife for her own good and protection. Then turns around and says, “I love you, and it’s your fault this happened”.
    This is the Patriot Act, TSA, ObamaCare, etc. Daddy government can take away, at
    will, anything you own and you have to prove you’re innocent. The middle class
    is paying for their own demise and they are to ignorant to realize it. And make sure you turn around and say, “thank you” for your thankless job. Hmmmmmm!

  46. Please!!, tell how these TSA agents are not like those Jews that helped the Nazis prior to their (Jews) mass exportations to the camps?

  47. Getting assaulted by a tsa agent the last time I flew from St. Louis to Phoenix. And it WAS the last time I will fly. I’m driving on all future vacation trips. I was humiliated and made very uncomfortable by both the x-ray scanner & the agent putting her hands all over me & in places anyone else would be arrested for touching. I did NOT have the same experience on the way back. I was treated with the respect that should be shown a grandmother at Sky Harbor airport.

  48. I wholly reject the TSA and DHS in the most vehement and vociferous of terms!!! I only need to give the one example. Had I been there, I guarantee I’d be in federal prison now.. My daughter was invited to the Western Regional Dance Festival. The ballerinas who went were 12 -14 year old girls who I can declare with almost no doubt were as pure as the driven snow. “Enhanced pat downs” had just begun. I warned the other mothers to drive the 16 hrs. rather than fly. I found out later that at least one angelic child, who had NEVER been touched sexually had been felt up until the pervert “felt resistance.” I will never regret driving my daughter there.

    But of course we know they had to touch that child sexually because everyone knows the heinous, murderous intentions that lurk in the mind of 12 year old pale blond ballerinas. I HATE THOSE WHO DO THIS TO CHILDREN, OUR VETERANS AND OUR AGED!

    We know where the threat lies and it is not the aforementioned. It is the followers of Islam who we often hear get a free pass from that inflicted upon preteen ballerinas. It has been three years and I am still enraged!!!

  49. I do not understand why TSA agents have to do the 4X crotch pass. I 100% refuse to do the scanner, they can keep doing the crotch pats, I guess. I usually fly Southwest (because I’m a cheap sob) and I am thrilled that they just acquired KTN status, which I intend to use. That is probably the stupidest thing TSA does, making people with WAY higher clearances than any of the employees at TSA have, and those who are directly working the planes that fly have to go through these silly crotch checks.

  50. Allen, when they tossed your skin cream into the trash they revealed a very important thing here. They really did not believe that the cream was dangerous or it would have been placed in a container that would not become a bomb later on. What they demonstrated for you and others is that they have the power to abuse anyone they chose for any reason they chose.And for the typical eighth grade graduate that is a sense of entitlement they won’t often get in the private business world.

  51. The purpose of the TSA isn’t about airport security. It’s about controlling people. They are training us to accept what should be unacceptable. We have become sheep who will put up with the most invasive, degrading treatment for the “privilege” of being allowed to spend money to get on a plane. If they truly wanted airport security, they wouldn’t hire unskilled bureaucrats. They would model security after some of the most potentially dangerous airports in the world. Israel! Do they pack you in a line waiting to be scanned? No! Do they use unskilled idiots watching a monitor or waving a metal detector? No! They actually use highly skilled agents, trained to find suspicious behavior and they watch you from the time you pull into the parking lot until you get on the plane…and probably even during the flight. They talk to you. They ask you who you are, where you’re going and why. If you set off any red flags, they take you aside for further questioning. They understand that any place where people get bunched together could be a potential target. Is it profiling? Yes! Is it racial profiling? No. It’s behavioral profiling and we could learn volumes from them. Unfortunately, the TSA won’t be going away anytime soon.

    “No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!” – Ronald Reagan

    I know some people must fly as part of their livelihood, but until the TSA changes or disbands, if I have the option, I will drive.

  52. I stopped flying. I drive everywhere. So until TSA has to check me getting into my own car or I can afford my own aircraft, I’ll drive everywhere and plan accordingly. The next time I fly and it’s overseas, I don’t plan on returning, there are too many stupid laws and agencies that are being created to suppress the population. I’m pretty much fed up with all the crap and until someone with some balls is elected to turn this ship around I feel that these types of out of control things are just going to get worse. It’s sad, I spent 20 years defending this country to retire and not recognize it any more. Where did America go?

    • You’re not the only one who stopped flying. I’ve added an additional 56,000 miles to my car during the last two years avoiding TSA, and let me tell you, sometimes the trips have been brutal.

      But guess what? I got to see a sunset while crossing the Mississippi River that was so beautiful until it blew my mind. It was like driving right into the middle of the world’s largest postcard, LOL. And there are many parts of the country that are just that beautiful, at least to me.

      Meanwhile, I learned that even though I never left US soil, I still have to clear US Customs and Border Patrol in El Paso . . . Not exactly ideal but at least there’s no pat-down.

  53. Sheeple bad better start developing a backbone and the willpower to sacrifice in order to right tyrannical wrongs. I had suggested that the sheep… er citizens should have boycotted using the airlines when this totalitarian, nonsensensical excuse for safety was implemented. America, “home of the brave and land of the free” my ass, it has become “home of the ‘FRAID and land of the ENSLAVED”!


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