A personal message of thanks — especially for liberals

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Sometimes you awake and have a moment of reflection. Today is such a day.

I will be heading out to St. Louis for the Constitutional Coalition’s conference on education and the media. I have the distinct honor of being selected as their keynote speaker on Friday evening. I am a truly blessed fella and so very thankful to God for all He has done in my life.

America is indeed a great land that affords its citizens the opportunity to excel in their respective pursuits — you just have to place your hand upon the rung on the ladder and begin the climb.

You know, last year at this time we had about 190,000 people following us on Facebook. Today we are on the cusp of hitting 900,000. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for trusting me with providing you truth and a vision of what our Republic can, and will be.

This website, www.allenbwest.com, was the brainchild of a wonderful woman, Michele Hickford, the Editor-in-Chief. I met Michele on a dive boat back in 2010. She thought I looked familiar and the rest is history.

In just three and a half months, her herculean efforts has made this a highly viewed website, and just so you know, there are only two of us, backed up by the fantastic folks at Liberty Alliance out in Georgia, making this website happen. What a great group of patriotic Americans.

Now, with the success of this endeavor come challenges — well, not only challenges, but quite a bit of comic relief. I enjoy knowing we’re so effective we have our own resident liberal progressive trolls in the comments section. They often make me laugh and always encourage me to press harder. As I tell Michele, “You don’t get flak unless you’re over the target.”


So please folks, do indeed keep it up because you are a daily inspiration for all of us to continue the fight to restore our Republic, recommit us to our Constitutional values and principles, and reclaim our American pride and swagger.

I especially love it when liberals say my not being in Congress means I’m irrelevant. Actually, if there is ever a time for me to not be in Congress, it is now.

I have the opportunity to fight against progressive socialism in the style I prefer, like a Paratrooper, jumping in behind enemy lines, causing disruption and mayhem. I much prefer guerrilla tactics of infiltration and penetration to playing by some artificial political rules of engagement that benefit my adversary.

As my good friend retired Marine 1st Sgt Jim “Finger” Reifinger says, “If you ever find yourself in a fair fight, its all because your tactics suck.”

So, thank you God, my Savior Jesus Christ, and a blessed Holy Spirit that maintains a burning flame within me. Thank you Liberty Alliance and thank you, Michele.

But most of all, God bless and thanks to all of you who have taken a simple young fella from the inner city of Atlanta and elevated me to this place. And yes, thank you liberals for constantly reminding me what I don’t want my country to become. Every attack steels my resolve. Please don’t go to another website to harass. I like having you right here.

As I travel today to St. Louis, I hope to shake the hands of many American patriots and I look forward to being in St. Louis as part of the Constitutional Coalition conference.

I am so thankful for being an American.

So, my fellow Americans — conservatives and all the rest — as you reflect today, what are you most thankful for?


  1. From distant Romania, thank you for giving us hope. If America falls, everything follows suit. All the best and here’s hoping that we’ll get to see you in the White House.

  2. Great advice – WE have many daily trolls on our site (FB – Tea Party Rockers) – we loved meeting you in December – Charleston SC – Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

  3. How wonderful to read this. I understand Progressivism as I live in Montgomery County MD and was once in the gerrymandered district “represented” by the illustrious Donna Edwards! My lovely state senator, Jamie Raskin wrote me once that he would like to see this a country of representational districts, a term I had never heard before. It’s not one-man-one-vote but representation by group. And that is how Donna Edwards holds her seat. You remember her, COL West, I am sure.

  4. When the trolls attack you’ve hit a nerve…..press the attack. I’ve found that they hate the truth. While truth sets true American Patriots free, it’s like salt poured on an open and painful wound to the Kool-Aid drinking liberals. Unfortunately, they are so blinded by their socialist arguments that they fail to understand they have used faulty logic. As the old expression goes, “for such smart people they sure do play stupid well!”

  5. Sorry sir, but no one took you from Atlanta and elevated you anywhere. YOU did it. You may have been taught a good work ethic, respect, given the opportunity to get a good education and all the things that a person needs to be successful, but, you chose to take those things and make something of yourself instead of saying poor lil ole me. Thank you for your service to our country and for all you continue to do!

  6. you have a nation of devoted supporters, they stand by you through it all. We are always here for you. But you knew that. Its called loyalty.

  7. Trolls are just liberals banished to their Grannys dark musty basement with lots of time on their hands, because they live off of others.

  8. I am thankful there are Americans like yourself that haven’t succumb to the kool aid and can articulate the deficiencies of the liberal agenda without sounding like the near future is all doom and gloom.

  9. You are what this country needs. You are wellspoken, articulate, and diciplined. We need men like you to get the message across that Americans must know we are at crossroad in our history and we the people need to become active participants in re laiming America as we once knew it to be especially morally and spiritually

  10. So glad and relieved you’re out there, fighting for our American traditions, especially after Obama’s self-serving SOTU speech!

  11. If the liberal retards are trolling your site that means they’re afraid of you…you’re doing something right to attract their attention! Keep on keeping on! God Bless!

  12. Today, I’m thankful that a group of young (high school-aged) patriots, the Tennessee Teen Eagles, will be leaving Nashville before Mr. Oblamer gets here, so that they can hear and meet you in-person. Thanks for your continued leadership, Colonel.

  13. Liberals are here because they are in a state of panic. Thanks specifically to the 2010 Tea Party Movement, Obama has been a lame duck for 4 years, and with the DNC concerting all of their efforts and campaign finances to “hail Mary” Senate seats in states that easily went to Romney in 2012, ceding they will not retake the House, while fearing they will lose the Senate, it guarantees the relevancy of the GOP. Liberals are finally realizing they were never the 98% of the country–just 98% of the problem. Keep up the fight, Sir!!!

    • I agree with you. I have seen the Liberals get uglier and uglier as we all start fighting back against their lack of values, morals and ethics. The numbers you stated proves it.

    • Recent polls show that Conservatives outnumber Liberals 2 to 1 on avergae nationwide. The problem arose when the liberals started their foot-stomping and whining and pining for attention. Well they got it. Meanwhile conservatives were offering little public rebukes to the things being said. That is starting to change, and change in a big way. The liberals are right about one thing. They will not take the House back, and come November, I see them losing the Senate as well.

  14. Again, Col. West, thank you for serving our country – both IN military uniform and in civilian clothes. Your dedication, devotion and PATRIOTISM speak volumes of your love and leadership for this currently-misguided nation. Thank you!

  15. I am a US Marine, I didn’t have the honor of serving under you, but I know you and I chewed some of the same dirt in the First Gulf War. It’s nice to know you still have my back, and if needed just call I got yours. Semper Fi

  16. I’m thankful for your determination and resolve… and thank goodness you’re not in Congress! You should run for President, you’ll have my vote!

  17. I am thankful I was born an American. I am thankful there are people like yourself still standing for what America is really all about.

  18. I watch as some fight the good fight. I also watch as some falter to the left and cave on issues we all know we shouldn’t be agreeing with simply to not be construed as ambivalent. I am thankful for the guys (and girls) that are out there giving it their all to keep our Country great… and in working hard to not allow it to fall. I thank you Col. West. ALWAYS

  19. Typical liberal/progressive tactics- silence people with differing opinions while they preach about free speech and tolerance. Keep up the good fight COL West! I would like to see you in the White House someday.

  20. Come to think of it not only was Hitler a Progressive but so were Lenin and Mao.
    The problem with liberals is that they believe their own lies and manipulated statistics.

  21. There are plenty of people throughout history who made a huge difference without holding political office. Jesus, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Billy Graham, and M. L. K. to name a few of the obvious ones.

  22. Trevor Loudon suggested that the true leaders of this country get
    together and assemble a ready to roll “government in waiting” with
    consensus candidates for all the major offices: President VP and the
    major cabinet offices. Then present and support that slate to the
    American people over the next two years. This would be a much stronger
    strategy than following the 2012 Republican approach of presenting a
    “shooting gallery” of contending single candidates en route to settling
    for the last man standing. This idea is very promising and can be
    easily prototyped and tested.
    It could include the following for example: Col. Alan West; Dr. Ben Carson; and many more.

    • That’s along the lines of what Chuck Norris was saying leading up to the 2012 election. He cited Abraham Lincoln as having harnessed the talents of his political rivals by placing them in his cabinet. Mr. Norris was advocating the same approach for Mitt Romney, who did not take it.

      I believe, and this is completely conjecture on my part, that had Romney announced some cabinet appointments prior to the election, he could have rallied the Conservative base. Specifically, at the time, I would have been excited by having Col. West for Secretary of Defence, Ron Paul for treasury, Dr. Carson or Rick Santorum for HHS, etc. By such an action, I believe Romney would have rallied the supporters of those individuals to his cause. Instead, as we know, it was the conservative base that declined to vote that cost Romney the 2012 election.

  23. Continue onward Col.West! You are a man of great integrity and a proud patriot. With gods blessing and the strong Americans that are left I pray we can shift the direction this country is headed and restore this Great Country! Continue to fight the good fight!

  24. Give them hell and give them some good advice. here’s a starter. As you can see the Obamanator is going to write an E.O. to help the poor and you know what that means. More taxes to help the freeloading parasite.

    If Obama wanted to do the nation any good he’d write an E.O. that abolished the IRS and it’s 10,000 pages of tax code. Go to a flat 10% tax for “everyone” with no write offs for any reason or anything and institute a 2% VAT tax abolishing “all” other taxes completely. To make sure “everyone” pays, simply go to a cashless society so all earning, regardless of how small the transaction, are taxed at the time of the transaction and therefore eliminating the need to file an income tax return and assuring equality and fairness. This would assure every one paid 10% on their income regardless if it was $1.00 or $100B+ dollars. 8% would go to the feds, 2% would go to the state, and everyone would pay a 2% VAT tax at the time of sale on everything. The 2% VAT tax would means that those who made the most, who consequently buy the most, would pay the most, while those who made less and therefore buy less, would pay less, consequently making the tax burden equal and fair. The 2% VAT tax would replaced “all” the other taxes currently imposed upon upon society which directly controls our livelihood by controlling your ( net / disposable) income. The E.O. must also state that taxes and VAT can “never” be increased for “any” reason, “ever” and no other taxation or fines can be imposed. They are to be locked in and the country and each entity is to run on these defined funds.- Gee, what a concept.

    Oh and one more thing moron. How about balancing the budget by Dec 31st of each year or those who are responsible lose their pay, retirement and medical coverage until it is, and there is no back pay for doing such a shit-hot job.

    This is just so incredible easy to accomplish, it’s ridiculous.

    You can take your Socialist democratic party’s agenda of taxing the working class to see the parasites of this nation or of this world succeed and shove it up your 70% taxation and fines ass. You, your party and all your lackey followers are beyond stupid and personally at this time in history I see no possibility of this country’s survival or return to normal other than the complete eradication of the Socialist Democratic Party, all it’s members and RINO’s, support groups and followers. You and your cartel members have successfully taken us back to July 1776.

    By the way Obama, this photo of you flipping us off shows your true colors. It’s right back at you brotha, times two.

  25. I didn’t really like you until I found out you were a rider. Then I tolerated you.

    OK, I’m lying. I liked you and then I found out you were a rider and I was proud of liking you.

    Just keep on trying to make the best out of this mess we’ve gotten ourselves into Stanley … and you’ll have a loyal follower into the pits of hell.


  26. Marine general order #2. ” Walk my post in a military manner, keeping always on the alert and
    observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing.” LTC Allen West sure does keep us informed of the TRUTH as he carries out that general order. I would serve with him in combat any time. Makes me realize there are plenty of Americans that know we are in the greatest country on EARTH and have in their heart the desire to keep it that way. Our GUV’MENT is broken and people like Colonel West show HELP is on the way.


      not that it matters…. but I’m Conservative Constitutional Caucasian…. but for some reason because I am the LIBERALS keep calling me racist…. NOT APPLICABLE! I’d LOVE to see this combo run for President!!!!

  27. I, too, am thankful for my loving Father who has blessed be so many times and continues to do so! I’m thankful He has blessed you to the unique position you hold; using the tactics that you and I both like! God Bless you, our fellow patriots, and the others.

  28. America loves you Col. West. You stand for the American ideals that many of us hold dear. I am praying the American giant, the citizens, will continue to wake up so we can salvage our country before this POTUS and his renegade administration destroys the only light that has shinned for the rest for the world since we became a Republic. God Bless America and her people that love her.

  29. Col West…press on!! press on!! You have A LOT of supporters out here would would consider it the privilege of a lifetime to volunteer in your campaign for president!!!

  30. I am thankful we still have a breed of leaders the caliber or Allen West. As a former Infantryman, I would follow LTC West to the gates of hell and relish the ensuing battle.

  31. Well said, Mr. West. My mother always said, “if someone is talking about you, at least they are leaving others alone, those that may not be as strong as you are”. You keep on fighting on our behalf, you are a blessing to all of us, who want our country back in the right hands. Always keep God at the center of everything you do. May God go before you and bless you. Thank You, Mr. West for all you are doing.

  32. Your the best Col. West thank you for your service to our country and all that you do to fight the good fight for us.My father was a Army Rt. ( full bird ) Col. from the Korean war,if he was still alive I could hear him now that Col.West is a great man.My father would have been proud to serve in the Army with a man like you.

  33. Our Pleasure, Sir – ‘Ua Mau ke Ea o ka Aina i ka Pono’ – true words of a famous Hawaiian king… The present POTUS has apparently never learned these words, or does not beleive them. Thank your for reflecting this truth each day, continue on.

  34. Thank you for showing us the truth, Allen. I am in Florida I can say that it would have been great to have you represent us, but God does have you where He wants you to be. Remember, the devil only attacks when we are on the right path, keep up the good work and thanks for taking a stand.

  35. Only a group of people as corrupt and ignorant as Wasseman-Schultz and her crew would be dumb enough to think that restructuring your district to keep you from re-election would silence you. Quite obvious to this Ranger that they don’t understand our resolve! People without character and Honor will never understand the gravity of the Oath we swore or the Creed we live by. Thank you, Sir, for embodying what is finest about both. Keep up the fight and know that thousands of your Brothers are standing firmly at your side and covering your six! RLTW!

  36. I thank God every day that there are people like you who will not give up the fight. Stand firm and carry on! You’ve got my vote!

  37. I don’t feed trolls, I just smack them around a little. This too diminishes their relevance. Love reading your messages, Col. West.

  38. Bravo Zulu 😉 Colonel West. The Congressional fiefdoms like everyone to go along to get along. It appears they were not helpful in your reelection effort, so you have two flanks to worry about. I believe you’d make a great President. We’ll see.

  39. Thank you for all you do. I support you and all your efforts. I respect you for the decent man that you are, and for all you do and have done for our country.

  40. I am most thankful for courageous Americans like you, Col. West, and of course all of our brave warriors who spend each day in foreign lands fighting to preserve our freedom.

  41. Mr.West I admire you for staying true to your principles and not giving in or bending on your core values and beliefs.You sir are a rarity and a breath of fresh air in the political world today.God Bless you and your family and keep the pressure on the Rhinos.

  42. The Trolls love to smell up a nice place, and leave garbage strewn everywhere they go. But as you said, if your not getting flak, it’s because your not over your target.

  43. Love the comment about flak and the target!!!!!! Right on!!!!! I would so like to see YOU in the white house, you would be on the scale of Ike!!! And a lot of us still remember WHY the nation liked IKE!

  44. Whenever I notice a troll on 2 or 3 Facebook threads, I always make it a point to Block them. To date, I have blocked probably 50-60 trolls. Amazingly enough, I do not often find trolls on Col. West’s thread (or Ted Cruz’ threads or Greg Abbott’s or …); however I see many *responses* to trolls that I have obviously Blocked in the past. There seem to be two morals that one can draw: (1) The same trolls haunt the same threads, and (2) There are not NEARLY as many trolls as one might suppose, given the frequency of their posts.

  45. Col West, remember they only smear what they fear. Keep up the great work and thank you for serving and continuing to serv We The People. I look forward to voting for you.

  46. In response to your query as to what I am most thankful for: Besides my Lord and my family, I am most thankful for freedom of speech/expression. I feel as if that freedom is being threatened with being stifled because of fear of retaliation from a government/world that does not tolerate opposing viewpoints, and also threatened by a media who is no longer objective in seeking and reporting truth. I grew up in the America where my freedom of expression was taken for granted by me an others. I see now how precious and fragile that freedom is.

  47. I am most thankful for the fact that we still have the right to our opinion in the U.S. I am thankful for the fact that we have a brilliant black republican who has the utter audacity to tell people how he feels about what is being done in attempts to destroy this country!
    I LOVE YOU, Colonel West, for your opinions and your fearless expressions of them!!! I am also exceedingly thankful that you place these idiots exactly where they need to be = troll status! Thank you so very much for what you do.

  48. I am thankful for you who has not given in to the liberal status quo! I will stay focused on our freedom and continue to believe we will overcome this ridiculous man’s belief that he is a superior being. His time will come because we have God on our side who is always watching our backs!

  49. Go for it Colonel (yeah I know, I left off the lieutenant) you are the kind of man we need running point for those of us who are unable.

  50. It’s funny that when you thank the trolls and encourage their efforts, there are no troll comments, not even “you’re welcome.”

  51. I am great full to have to opportunity to express myself freely and receive information without any bias.
    Mr. West and Ms. Hickford, you have done a phenomenal job in keeping your content current, interesting as well as a modern looking. I hope you submit this website for as many internet awards as possible. God bless and keep up the good work .

  52. I don’t mind trolls. I like to get all sides of an issue. If they are disrespectful to me, then we will defiantly have a problem. I know my follow patriots have my back

  53. Good article Col.

    I have “friends” on FB that unfriend liberals who appear on their pages and comments. I never unfriend anyone, I’ll debate all of those that want to debate. I use your example when they get to the name-calling and insult flinging, this is generally the point that I know I have touched a nerve by presenting facts over their emotions

    • Unfortunately, you are attempting to influence a belief system using facts and logic. It may make you feel good when you’ve “touched a nerve”, but I doubt it has done much to change theri world view.

  54. On behalf of liberals everywhere, I want to thank you as well Mr. West.
    I am a centrist with liberal leanings on many issues and I am, quite frankly, embarrassed by the extremists on the far left with their radical unAmerican ideas that make moderates and centrists look bad by association.

    But you, sir, are a breath of fresh air and a reminder that there are also extremist Conservatives with radical unAmerican ideas that make rational conservatives look bad by association.

    It is extremists like you with your revisionist history, fear mongering, and unAmerican belief that this nation is meant only for conservative Christians that feed the lunatic fringe on the far right and push most moderates away from the right.

    People like you, Sarah Palin, Hannity, et al are all very good at stirring up an angry demographic… which helps win local elections in areas that lean right to begin with.
    But it is people like you that helped President Obama get reelected.
    (I hope he sent you a nice thank you card)

    There are (and were) legitimate reasons to criticize this administration… many things they did wrong… but as long as the voices of legitimate criticism coming from the right are drowned out by crazy conspiracies from the far right, you allow all criticism to be marginalized.

    So, job well done sir.
    Either you are unaware of how helpful you have been to the administration or you are perhaps a brilliant undercover plant, working for them by damaging their opposition.

    While I am no fan of the Obama administration, I think he would have been better than the GOP alternative… so thank you Mr West for all your help.

    • young man, you are a twit. no more than an educated fool.
      claim to have served the country, but would support this administration that wants to take away your veteran’s benefits, take away your right to bear arms and tell you that you cannot worship a Christian god, but require that YOU must be open to all other schools of thought, including radical muslims in the military.
      centrist? sitting on the fence, that’s what you are. an opportunist. pompous **s.

      • You know nothing about me but decided that I must fit all the things that make you angry so you just attributed those beliefs to me.
        You missed the part of my comment where I wrote that I am not a fan of this administration when you wrote that I support them.
        Also no one is saying you can’t worship a Christian God… you are being paranoid.
        Oh… and I am a gun owner and support the right to bear arms, so that’s one more wrong assumption on your part.
        And how am I an opportunist?
        How does that even apply to this discussion?… or did you not know what that word meant when you wrote it?

        You will always think you are right when you assume what the other person believes instead of actually finding out.

      • You must live in a simple world if you think I must support one person if I dislike his opponent.
        I have conservative and liberal values, though I’m more liberal on social issues, while conservative on economic and foreign policy issues.
        I can find fault with Obama and fault with West.

        Since you don’t like what I wrote, all you are doing is calling me names.
        And you think I’m the troll in this discussion?

      • oh no, quite to the contrary. your comments above told me everything I needed to know…your calling patriots who are fed up with this tyrannical administration extremists and un-American. you’re scared. of us.
        and that your liberal little world of lies is falling apart and people are waking up to the failures of this administration.

      • I agree that this administration has failures… but I disagree that everyone here is a patriot.
        there are some pretty unAmerican exclusionary things being said on these pages from West supporters.

    • Brendan, can you tell me how fiscal responsibility, limited government and promoting a return to the Constitution written by our forefather’s is equated, in your opinion, to extremism on the Right. If believing that our government should not spend more than it takes in and should manage OUR money at least as well as they expect us to manage it, if believing that the rights of the people outweigh the rights of our government and that there is an imbalance right now in the power of the government vs. individual freedoms, and if believing that our U.S. Constitution should not be trampled on, especially by our government is considered extreme, then I am extreme and proud of it.

      • Actually, on those points, I agree with you and share those values.
        As I wrote below in response to someone else… I consider myself conservative on economic issues.
        But let’s face it… the majority of what Mr West (and his supporters) discuss on this site is more about social issues than economic issues… and on that I strongly disagree.

      • I too am fiscally conservative but socially progressive. I find the Republican party in my state of Texas to be of the extremist variety and it forces me to seek out the lesser of two evils. The Republicans I have supported in the past, and would have voted in the future have been targeted as RINOs by the fringe right and that is only helping the center-left as they seem logical and calm by comparison.

      • “I consider myself conservative on economic issues.”

        So, you’d cut funding for programs you believe in? Yeah, that makes sense. (NOT)

        BTW, why not quote Mr. West’s extremism?

      • It is certainly your right to disagree, but at age 63, I have come to understand how interwoven social and economic issues are. Conservatives are shamed, manipulated and abused by the left for caring so little about the poor and underpriviledged when, in reality, the right has a long history of being more responsive to those needs than the left. It is a fact that conservatives give more to the poor than the right. Social and emotional issues drive politics. Sixty second ads that promote lies on the left are like hit and run attacks, and we all know there is an enormous double standard. The left can spew hatred, but if the right even so much as disagrees, we are demonized and ridiculed. You cannot remove social issues from the dialog, Brendan. It’s impossible.

    • Mr. West never said any such thing. Shame on you. Mr. West never tried to tell you what you should believe that I saw nor did he insult your intellegience. If you knew anything about the person you are trying to diminish, you would know he KNOWS history to way, way back when. So he is not fear mongering, he is not submitting a revisionist history, and he sure didn’t help Obama get elected. Obama got elected with his faux hope and change mantra and lying and deceit and by being the one and only thing he is or is capable of being and that is a good speaker “period”.. He can’t now nor could he ever deliver on anything he promised, because he has never done or been anything but a leach on society………and right now a very expensive one!

      • He absolutely helped Obama get elected.
        His marginalizing and accusing anyone who didn’t agree with him of not being real Americans helped push people away and he brought conspiracy topics into the national dialog that moderate Republicans were forced to address, having the effect of losing moderates on both sides.

        Allen West is as helpful to the image of the Republican Party as Jeremiah Wright is helpful to the image of President Obama.

        As to Allen West’s use of obscure selective history…
        his public attack of American Muslims by referencing what a different sect of Islam did a thousand years ago is as relevant as attacking American Protestants today for the Spanish Inquisitions.

      • Brendan, what you are trying to compare is like apples and oranges. Protestents and the Spanish inquisition was a single event and over. Muslims have been waring with each other from day 1. The Middle East has been in turmoil forever. Most of us are watching what is going on in almost every country where muslims have settled and they do not bring peace nor do they assimilate into any country as one would expect. Some do, but the majority do not sadly.

      • Sure… if you’re a loon like West who believes that Suffi American Muslims are responsible for what some radical wahabist muslims from Saudi Arabia did.
        that’s like blaming a lutheran christian in Pennsylvania for what a Phlangist Christian in the hills of Lebanon does.

      • Out of the gates with ad hominem? Yep, you’re a troll. Why not quote Mr West associating American Muslims with Wahhabism?

      • Backing off your statement? Justify what you said, you made the assertion, prove it.

        “loon like West who believes that Suffi American Muslims are responsible for what some radical wahabist muslims from Saudi Arabia did.”

        Prove that statement.

      • He asks a question? Should we be more like Muslims who have honor killings, even in this country?

        Do you deny what the Quran states about how to deal with infidels, e.g., behead them?

        Do Muslims use suicide tactics in the USA? Hmm, guess you did forget about 09/11/2001.

        And since when is not mentioning something that’s irrelevant cause folks grief?

      • No… I agree that radical Islam is a very real threat.
        I also agree that there are some pretty violent parts of the koran.
        But I also know that there are millions of peaceful muslims who have learned to disregard the violent passages of the koran, just as there are christians and jews who ignore the violent parts of the bible.

        Radical Islam is a real threat.
        But the world’s one billion muslims are not all radical muslims.

        Holding all muslims responsible for extremism is like holding all men responsible for rape.

      • “But I also know that there are millions of peaceful muslims who have learned to disregard the violent passages of the koran”

        Name them.

        Where does Jesus implore folks to kill their enemies?

        “But the world’s one billion muslims are not all radical muslims.”

        Non sequitur, given the number who are.

        You still didn’t quote Mr. West’s supposed condemnation of all Muslim, care to try for double or nothing?

      • Actually, I linked you a video of his condemnation of all muslims as he makes no distinction… comparing african american muslims to nigerian muslims and so on.
        He broadbrushes all muslims.

        Name all the peaceful muslims?
        Are you just being absurd?
        Should I also name all the men who don’t rape?

        Oh and if you can’t find violence in the bible, you may want to get your money back from wherever you bought yours.

      • “Actually, I linked you a video of his condemnation of all muslims as he makes no distinction”

        No, you didn’t. Try quoting a blanket condemnation of all Muslims from the clip. Are you that dishonest or just trolling?

        “Name all the peaceful muslims?”

        Not too quick, eh? Try reading it again, this time with effort towards comprehension.

        Where does Jesus implore folks to kill their enemies?

      • were you breastfed as a baby?????? Military people DO NOT make things up my friend…….because life is too precious to lose…….we stick to logic and protocol….unlike libs who go by “feelings”..and they are usually wrong. Col. West is no extremist……but you are no matter how much you call yourself a “centrist”……..you are just really a socialist leaning in the direction of communism………with a healthy dose of Naziism.

      • Wow… I’m a Nazi now?
        Godwin’s law
        Oh, and if military people are always right… I’m an Army veteran too, so does that mean we’re both right?

    • Remember everything you just wrote …save this letter for after the midterm elections…then get back to us on what you just wrote to see how wrong you are!!!!

  55. God Bless you Colonel! You told me once that you would return to the political arena. May I suggest, if not a run for the Oval Office, you consider going after that socialist scumbag Alan Grayson? Central Florida has a lot to offer.

  56. There’s an old saying that if I’m disturbed I’m disturbable. This applies to trolls and people who become ugly over someting said or written that they know to be true in their hearts.

    • Usually if liberal trolls get mad (but don’t have an answer or reply that makes sense), they just start calling people names or insulting them anyway!

  57. We thank you Colonel from our hearts. Our eyes have always been open as have our minds, with you now things are clear and defined as you have been there and done that. I will follow you into the heat of the battle with the Socialistic liberal trolls and the progressive idiots that hold fast to thier lunacy and ill gotten beliefs. Fight on Sir, we are with you

  58. I feel honored and priviledged to be considered one of http://www.allenbwest.com resident troll. I take it as an honor when people assume I’m a professional. I like challenging their prejudice and misconceptions. I take personal pride in that, pride that OFA could never match with any amount of dollars. I like to think the Col. reads the comments and I manage to get under his skin. If not I sure get under some of his supporters skin.

  59. Thank you, Col. West, for being one of the good guys, for standing up for conservative values and protecting our Constitution.

  60. @Brendan:
    “It is extremists like you with your revisionist history, fear
    mongering, and unAmerican belief that this nation is meant only for
    conservative Christians that feed the lunatic fringe on the far right
    and push most moderates away from the right. People like you, Sarah Palin, Hannity”
    YOU are no ‘centrist’ (who is nothing more than a Liberal unable to admit he’s a radical). There are NO “extremist” on the Right, but Constitutionalists. The nation was FOUNDED on “conservative principle”; we are the ppl fighting for the Constitution, personal liberty and small government, as FOUNDED. Liberals/ Progressives/ Socialist/ Marxist — that is what all “anti conservatives” are promoting. Become informed, get educated and stop your slandering and name calling of Constitutional Conservatives — because you are the problem, you are the anti-American, the political racist, the political bigot, the willfully ignorant propagandist drone. God bless you Col. West and those strong enough, outspoken enough and intelligent enough to stand for what is right and good.

    • Interesting.
      You called me a racist and a bigot?
      Where did I write anything that would remotely fit that?

      Also, I have no problem with Constitutional conservatives.
      My problem is with those who do not understand the Constitution and promote values in direct opposition to the Constitution while wrongly thinking they are upholding it.
      For example… the countless people on this site (including Mr West) who have no understanding of the First Amendment and wish to make this a christian nation with religion inserted, through government, into public life.

      As to your comment that there are no extremists on the right… well that’s just naive.

      • Brendan, news flash. This is a Christian nation. Roughly 70% of the people in this country are Christians. The founders came here to escape religious persecution. Religion was part of their lives, it was brought into the governance of the country as well. One has only to really look at the building (inside and out) in DC to understand what a huge part their belief system played in every decision they made for this country and for themselves. I understand there are those who would turn us into an amoral country of corrupted people to match our leaders in DC.

      • You are confusing the Pilgrims with the Founders.
        The Pilgrims arrived here 160 years before the Constitution was written.
        our laws come from the Constitution of the United States of America, not the Charter of the Plymouth Colony.

        You are also making the assumption that because some of the Founders were religious men that they wanted that to be part of our government.
        They did not. They understood the danger of mixing the two and that’s why they kept religion out of the Constitution.

        yes, this is a nation where the majority of the population is Christian… but this nation is a nation for all.
        That is one of our founding principles.

      • You don’t get it and you never will….God is the head of this Nation…..it is a Christian Nation and you will not change that with your ignorance! Our laws were written on the principles of the Holy Bible..The Constitution and Bill of Rights were written on the principles of the bible and guess what..if you had read and studied the bible properly you will find you and your buddy satan lose in the end! You’re a blithering idiot!

      • You are a troll who resorts to insults when you can not put together a valid argument to make your point.

        Our laws were written by great men who understood the danger of mixing religion and law.. that is why the Founders, in their wisdom, kept religion out of the Constitution and clarified it in the First Amendment.

        You are a typical example of what I was citing as the problem with many of West’s extremists followers.
        You have an incorrect revisionist view of history and promote values that are unConstitutional, all while believing you are upholding the Constitution.

        I support your faith and your religious beliefs… but you confuse them with the law of the land.
        James Madison wrote the First Amendment… go look up his countless writings about the meaning of the First Amendment before continuing with your wrong interpretation of the Constitution.

      • Brendan, stop trying to use facts and logic, you will lose everytime. How you going to argue with someone who talks about knowledge then cite the Bible.

      • And what James Madison wrote is not relevant to the interpretation of the First Amendment as it is not ambiguous and can be interpreted from its own four corners.

      • No we don`t……..you are injecting misleading information. Separation of Church and State simply means No church can interfere with government and government cannot interfere with church……..but all people are free to worship their God in their own way.

      • Duke, I believe, because of the church of England which was a government church, the folks who wrote the constitution were trying to assure no government church was rammed down our throats and that the government never tried interferring in religion or dictating what you were allowed to believe or not believe. Unfortunately, the dictator in the white house is doing everything he can to make it very difficult for some to practice their Christian religion while promoting his Muslim religion (and people were worried about Mr. Romney and his Mormen beliefs; how sad…………..At least Romney could have fixed things, and he loved this country too much to do what Obama has and is doing)

      • @Steve. Well, no, not really. The religious freedom is the base. The number of Christians is a statistic. Brendan is correct about that. The rest of it, go find a bridge to fight under. But make sure your tactics don’t suck.

      • Actually BRandon, the word “founders” has more than one meaning and you can certainly be a founder of more than one thing. The way I used it is perfectly acceptable to describe the people that came here and gathered in small villages to settle and live. Of course they didn’t live under the constitution, but there were rules and even a failed attempt a socialism in one settlement…………which failed miserably (it seems no matter what the time frame, you get pikers if you start making everything equal for all) and many died until the governor decided to put in a free market system, more or less, and let everyone work their own land and grow their own food. Amazingly those who had been pikers actually became the ones who were most productive (imagine that). Let’s add another word since you are the maven of words………….how about framers for 160 years later since the folks who wrote the constition were not the founders of the country but the founders of the constitution and they could also be called the framers of the constitution :).

        You might want to read the constitution again, but read it and your bible in tandum, and look for common themes and similarities……..they are there. Many of the
        framers were men of the cloth (and were Christians obviously since we accept all unlike some religions who prefer killing off anyone who is not part of their group……….and actually kill off their own if they aren’t conservative enough). Some of the framers of the constitution were businessmen, some were farmers, and some were not what could be called religious and am sure you can add some professions I missed, can’t you?.

      • I believe the Ten Commandments are a perfect example of what to live by. I believe the early settlers for the most part lived by them. The Commandments were given to Moses thousands of years before the Constitution was written. They parallel the Constitution in many ways and are a moral guide for everyone.

        Unfortunately there are many folks (Including me in the late sixties) who choose to live on the dark side whether they realize it or not and attempt to destroy anything that is morally good. Remember the “If it feels good do it.” generation? I do – and look at where we are today.

      • I agree, and they used to post them in classrooms back before the banned God from the schools. Children need rules, boundaries, and order in their lives, and I dare say I would far prefer to see the 10 commandments posted in the classrooms than some of the x rated things they put in them (all the way down to the 5 year olds) and call sex education.

      • Nobody said it was ONLY for Christians…….you are trying to insert things that are not there……..a;; we`re telling you is that the first settlers to the first drafters of the Constitution were NOT muslim, Not hindu, Not Sikh, Not atheist………….they were men and women who believed that the government doesn`t have a right to dictate what religion a man is to live by because of a government……by the Grace of God>>>>this country was founded and built!!!!

      • How can it be a Christian nation when the constitution says specifically: United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion. No establishment of religion, zero, zilch, zip nada. Meaning first and foremost Christianity.

      • You are clearly the one with no understanding of the constitution..and this has been a Christian Nation from the get go..People like you continue on a daily base to persecute Christians….fail to follow the constitution due to ignorance and the evil embedded deep in your soul! There is going to be a day of reckoning for you so I suggest you be prepared!

      • How do I persecute Christians?
        That is an absurd accusation.
        That would like me writing “people like you kick dogs.”

        The United States is not a Christian nation.
        We are a nation with a majority Christian population, but, contrary to what some extremists would like, our Constitution protects religious freedom for all.

        If you want to live in a country ruled by religion, check out Iran.

      • i agree with brendan. though this country IS majority christian. many of our forefathers were deists, agnostics. dont any of you read history?? do you need historical accuracies quoted here to prove it? cause if so, be prepared to be set on fire! this country was founded on religious FREEDOM not support for just one. seems like theres a majority troll residence on this site. if i have to actually show you ignoramus’ this country was built FOR 1) relgious freedom by 2) NON religious men, i expect liberals identifying themselves with the name calling.

      • Brendan there are extremists on BOTH sides. You say that those countless ppl have no understanding of the first amendment. You go on to further propagate that they want to make this a Christian nation. Now pay attention. this nation was founded by Christians so in essence it is a Christian nation. HOWEVER, upon past experiences our forefathers ensured this no violation of religious freedom would be tolerated. It’s freedom of religion not freedom from. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But it’s more disastrous to let a fool who is wrong sway others into believing than a person who is correct and be ridiculed. Most conservatives btw are very knowledgeable about the Constitution. The Bill of Rights were designated to never be changed or reverse course only improved upon. Trumping one’s personal liberties, even though you might not agree, are as bad as those claiming violation and demanding the person give up their own freedom and beliefs. PC is cliche. Say what is on your mind and then shut up you might learn something.

      • In essence… it is not a Christian nation.
        You can not talk about the letter of the law under the Constitution as absolute (a point I agree with) and then use a little association presumptive maneuver to disregard it for your convenience by suggesting that if some of the Founders were Christians, everything they wrote doesn’t count and we are a Christian nation.

        Don’t take my word for it. Take the word of James Madison.
        He wrote the First Amendment.

        “The civil Government, though bereft of everything like an associated hierarchy, possesses the requisite stability, and performs its functions with complete success, whilst the number, the industry, and the morality of the priesthood, and the devotion of the people, have been manifestly increased by the total separation of the church from the State “(Letter to Robert Walsh, Mar. 2, 1819).

        “Strongly guarded as is the separation between religion and & Gov’t in the Constitution of the United States the danger of encroachment by Ecclesiastical Bodies, may be illustrated by precedents already furnished in their short history “(Detached Memoranda, circa 1820).

        “Every new and successful example, therefore, of a perfect separation between the ecclesiastical and civil matters, is of importance; and I have no doubt that every new example will succeed, as every past one has done, in showing that religion and Government will both exist in greater purity the less they are mixed together “(Letter to Edward Livingston,July 10, 1822).

        “I must admit moreover that it may not be easy, in every possible case, to trace the line of separation between the rights of religion and the civil authority with such distinctness as to avoid collisions and doubts on unessential points. The tendency to a usurpation on one side or the other or to a corrupting coalition or alliance between them will be best guarded against by entire abstinence of the government from interference in any way whatever, beyond the necessity of preserving public order and protecting each sect against trespasses on its legal rights by others. “(Letter Rev. Jasper Adams, Spring 1832).

        “To the Baptist Churches on Neal’s Greek on Black Creek, North Carolina I have received, fellow-citizens, your address, approving my objection to the Bill containing a grant of public
        land to the Baptist Church at Salem Meeting House, Mississippi Territory. Having always regarded the practical distinction between Religion and Civil Government as essential to the purity of both, and as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, I could not have otherwise discharged my duty on the occasion which presented itself ” (Letter to Baptist Churches in North Carolina, June 3, 1811).

      • 1-The First Amendment, when ratified, applied only to the federal government.,
        2-11 of 13 states ratifying had established Christian Churches.

      • Do you know that when the 1st Amendment was ratified that 11 of
        13 states had established Christian churches. The establishment clause was enacted to preserve the right of the states to establish their own religions.

      • Can you please tell me who and why the first Colonists came here???????……….oh you don`t know do you….this country was founded on Christian principles based on Judaic religion. Put that in your pipe and smoke it
        Also, Brendan……do you know the Second Amendment???????.yet you people try to rip it off of the document…..what part of ” shall not infringe” do YOU not understand….you liberal weenie marxist?

      • What are you babbling about?
        I support the Second Amendment and am a gun owner.
        You are arguing with me over things I never said.

        Also, since you’re so supportive of the Bill of Rights, you should study the First Amendment and see how everything you wrote about Christian principles has nothing to do with our Constitution.

        Also, you need to read your history if you think the first colonists who came here in 1620 had anything to do with the government our Founders formed 160 years later.

      • “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”

        What part has you baffled? Has any Congressman suggested a law that would coerce you into joining a church? What part of Free exercise thereof is difficult to understand?

        See, unlike Socialists like you and Obama, no one is forcing you to join a church or tithe. The same can’t be said of your church of socialism supported by tax dollars via SS, MedicCare and ObamaRxCare.

        If your church were so great, the gov’t wouldn’t force folks to join it.

      • You don’t seem very bright. Which part of what you wrote do you thing goes against anything I wrote?
        You are arguing with me over things you imagine I am against.

      • And more ad hominem?

        “christian nation with religion inserted, through government, into public life.”

        You are inserting YOUR religion into go’vt. Your religion and Obama’s are socialism. How do you justify welfare?

      • “More babbling.. please show where I support Obamacare”

        LOL, so now you’re lying? Quote me saying you support ObamaRxCare. Ad hominem and slander?

        Did you vote for Obama? Seems you come here to defend Obama, no? Or is it just attacking those with whom you disagree?

        How do you justify welfare? Try answering the question.

      • You will always win arguments with me if you make up what I say.

        I do not support Obama… but I have no patience for crazy conspiracies about him.

        Why the hell are you asking me to justify welfare?
        Where did I ever say I supported it?
        You are being ridiculous.

        Here let me play your game and ask questions of you…
        How do you justify eating babies?
        It doesn’t matter that you never said anything about eating babies,,, I want you to defend it.

      • Oh, so you assume I have absolute liberal leanings on all social issues.

        I think the welfare state is a mess and needs to be reformed.
        A helping hand in hard times should not be a permanent way of life.
        The only people who should be receiving long term aid are those who are GENUINELY disabled… and there should be more oversight to save costs by investigating and prosecuting fraud.

        The social issues I fall on the liberal end of the spectrum are more libertarian issues that the left seems to embrace more than the right regarding individual liberties and equal rights.

      • By answering Brendan…isn’t everyone doing exactly what this post tells us not to do? Feed the trolls?

      • To be honest, seems he’s not exactly a troll … he ended the ad hominem and answered questions.

        Not a “typical” troll. (IMHO)

  61. Love your articles and your little “troll” flow chart. I repeat that everyplace I see those trying to impress others with their intelligence by name calling, profanity and other degradation style arguments. Guess somebody never educated them to the fact that they hurt no one but themselves and their “causes”.

    And by the way, I am creatively acquiring your “troll” flowchart. I do pray that you bo not mind.

      • Those so-called “shennanigans” saved American lives–those who would be bothered by are no true Americans and would not vote for Colonel West. BTW, you have been dealing wiht obama far too long, one is never responsible for anything, Colonel West immediately admitted what he did and did not try to shift the blame onto someone or something else as obama and his nit nabobs always try to do.

      • Hey I don’t know what happened I wasn’t there. The only uniform I ever wore was of my high school football team. So I can’t judge a soldier actions in combat. But this is politics and in politics perception is reality.

      • thank you for that moronic hysterical belly laugh……I needed that after seeing my Obama care bill!!!!!.

  62. At this second I am thankful for being able to sit and look out of the beautiful window that is mine and see the wind whip the snow into a white out above the beautiful, endless yard that is mine. So that is a grand American thing.

  63. Allen West, like many conservatives have one goal in mind and that’s demonizing the President. He is not worth of a Executive Branch position.

    • obama demonizes himself without any help from Colonel West. It is obama, not Colonel West a proven leader and hero, that i not worthy of an Executive Branch position,

    • Col. West has more honor in his little finger than that moron in the WHite House has in his entire body…..thank you for being a liberal troll.we appreciate the laughs and shake our heads in amazement that anyone can be so stupid…….

    • The one goal we have in mind is following the Constitution and doing what most people consider to be, “The Right Thing”, by America. You are correct in your summary that the President is not worth of a Executive Branch position.

  64. Sometimes I just want to punch out my fellow conservatives. Do not feed the trolls means DO NOT FEED THE IGNORANT BEASTS. Do not respond to their stupidity, do not ‘correct’ their statements. You know they’re wrong, I know they’re wrong, everyone with half a brain knows they’re wrong but please, resist the temptation. I know it’s hard, sometimes my fingers fairly tingle with anticipation of putting the butthurt on them, but for the most part I successfully resist. You can too. They live to stir the pot. They do not have a realistic grasp of how things actually work but they are more than willing to spend hours explaining what they think if you let them. In conclusion, as one of my favorite bits from Bob Newhart explains: “Stop it!” DON’T FEED THE TROLLS.

      • Lighten up I was just pulling Steve’s leg. But seriously I don’t think I’m a troll I just like lively debate. Sometimes I’m even proven wrong and ill admit it. What’s the point of posting your opinion if you wont engage in debate.

      • I’ll buy that. No serious person wants an echo chamber. Yet there are some who just come to hate. It’s almost as if they hate the
        very idea of a conservative who happens to be black having his own website. And I do not mean you, Vlad.

    • мʏ ɴ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ιɢнвօʀ’ѕ нαʟғ-ѕιѕт­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀ мαĸ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ѕ $6з нօυʀʟʏ օɴ тн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ ʟαքтօք. ѕн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ нαѕ в­­­­­­e­­­­­­­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɴ υɴ­­­­­­e­­­­­­мքʟօʏ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ɖ ғօʀ ғιʋ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн н­­­­­­e­­­­­­ʀ քαʏ աαѕ $21214 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тн­­­­­­e­­­­­­ ʟαքтօք ғօʀ α ғ­­­­­­e­­­­­­ա нօυʀѕ. н­­­­­­e­­­­­­ нαѕ α ɢօօɖ քօιɴт fox800&#46com

    • Although I know you are right, it’s hard when they make some comments. They really aren’t here to make any meaningful addition, and I know that. Usually it is mostly insulting and comments no one can figure out but them!

  65. It isn’t about winning its about burying the Liberals forever. All of their moves wreck a nation and destroy freedom. No Quarter Sir. Liberals…Be Advised.

    • Exactly Paul, we must take no prisoners. Aim for a massacre at the polls. We’ve got to get back into both houses of the Congress this year in Nov, 2014. And then take the White House in 2016.

      • P.S. We conservatives MUST remember that advertising for candidates this year is going to be VASTLY different because of the executive order (EO) that Obama passed to create “control of campaign” costs. It creates A GREAT INEQUALITY and barrier to advertising for the conservatives, because his EO ONLY applies to conservatives as hard as u may find that to believe — it DOES NOT apply to liberals. That’s the rumor going around.

        The REALITY of it is that conservative candidates will not be able to advertise on electronic media (t.v., radio, internet – like FB and other social media) for ~one month @3 months out from the Nov election date, so from Aug.1 to Aug. 31, then again for ~one month @1 month out, or from Oct.1 to Oct. 31.

        The liberals, meanwhile will be able to advertise ALL their candidates during these two, one-month-long “black out” dates. So, Conservatives will ONLY be able to use electronic media to advertise their candidates from NOW until July 31st fully, then only once again for one month from Sept.1 to 30th.

        That ONLY gives us conservatives Seven months from now, or just about ~1/2 year to start advertising our conservative candidates and finish advertising them on electronic media. The liberals will have Nine months from now, or an extra two months to advertise on electronic media. IF rumors are right about this EO.

        I hope I’m not spreading false information and the RNC is aware of and ready for this!!

      • Here are the exact resolutions proposed. However, you can go to regulations.gov to voice your opposition to this. Comments will be taken until Feb. 28, 2014. Everybody should go there and inundate the site with our protests.

        I wonder why the Tea Party groups don’t give up trying to be tax exempt and just incorporate. That would solve a lot of problems. We don’t have to be tax-exempt. If we don’t make any money, we don’t have to pay any taxes, and it would eliminate a lot of the pounding that the tax-exempt Tea Parties are getting.

        These mandates would be only for tea party, pro-life, and pro-family groups – anything they consider “conservative.”

        Why do you suppose they are doing this? Because they are scared to death of us!
        Prohibit using words like “oppose,” “vote,” “support,” “defeat,” and “reject.”

        Prohibit mentioning, on its website or on any communication
        (email, letter, etc.) that would reach 500 people or more, the name of a
        candidate for office, 30 days before a primary election and 60 days
        before a general election.

        Prohibit mentioning the name of a political party, 30 days
        before a primary election and 60 days before a general election, if that
        party has a candidate running for office.

        Prohibit voter registration drives or conducting a non-partisan “get-out-the-vote drive.”

        Prohibit creating or distributing voter guides outlining how incumbents voted on particular bills.

        Prohibit hosting candidates for office at any event,
        including debates and charitable fundraisers, 30 days before a primary
        election or 60 days before the general election, if the candidate is
        part of the event’s program.

        Restrict employees of such organizations from volunteering for campaigns.

        Prohibit distributing any materials prepared on behalf a candidate for office.

        Restrict the ability of officers and leaders of such
        organizations to publicly speak about incumbents, legislation, and/or
        voting records.

        Restrict the ability of officers and leaders of such organizations to make public statements regarding the nomination of judges.

        Create a 90-day blackout period, on an election year, that restricts the speech of 501(c)(4) organizations.

        Declare political activity as contrary to the promotion of social welfare.

        Protect labor unions and trade associations by exempting them from the proposed regulations.

      • God bless you, and thank you so much for the info. I was on a call with Heritage the other night about this, and although I got a number of pieces of good info on making comments, I wanted the exact wording and wasn’t sure where to find it!!!!

  66. We support you Col. because you are a man of distinction and high honor. You listen to us and we thank YOU for that. We want you in the White House. I know you probably feel you can best serve the people by doing what you`re doing, but we need aq real American in the White House. Please !!!!!! consider running!!!!! Salute`

  67. Keep up the good fight Col. On a side note my youngest son ex Army Combat Medic Spc Spivey says hi from the Gator Medic, he said you would probably remember him from youalls deployment in ’03. Ciao

  68. Beware of hackers who uses other fb users names and deliver messages contrary to the ideology of the real person. I believe that you are a patriot and a very good person Col West. If you read something different, then my account is hacked.

  69. I am thankfull we have people you Mr. West and others like you still out there fighting the fights that need to be fought. Thank you.

  70. You should count that as a “compliment”….that they are trying so hard to “bring you down”! If I’m not mistaken, Satan works on the same levels! Keep up your good work, and stay strong in God, and He will be with you young man.

    • Even if u got involved in the RNC, that would be great. To outline some of our conservative values and perhaps to coalesce the separate parties (GOP/Republican, Tea Party, Federalists, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Independents, etc.) into one Republican voting party…

      • Oh, and try to get the Green Party to run again in the 2016 Presidential Election to try to split the Democrat vote again!!! Run, Ralph Nader, Run!!

    • I would rather see him in the Senate – taking the place of one of those progressives and/or RINOs that need to go. But…as I have said before (and I hope he doesn’t think I am trolling here), there is his vote in favor of the NDAA that still sticks in my craw. I wish he would address that issue.

  71. I saw a comment the other day on a site that said Palin and Rogers both have retarded children..such mean and evilness. We must rise above being sucked into retaliation. I have gotten some very rude and ugly responses to things I have said but I have decided to ignore them. I will not waste time or energy to such evilness. Being a Believer I know God is going to have the last word!!

  72. A “Liberal Paradise” would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment,
    > free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing,
    > free utilities, and only Law Enforcement has guns.
    > And believe it or not, such a place does indeed exist ..it’s called prison.
    > Sheriff Joe Arpaio
    > Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

  73. I am one of about 50 million Southern white redneck Tea Party “racists” who would wade through ten feet of snow barefooted to vote for you.

    I am proud to call myself a conservative, and you are part of the reason…

  74. I like the line jumping behind enemy lines, but with so many places to jump make sure your loaded for bear so you don’t get eaten.

    • Nah, these liberals are nothing but sweet-talking powder puffs. Remember they don’t like arms — are probably even afraid of arms.

      • Your absolutely right gregzimmerman007 they are a bunch of whoosy’s. But the on-slot of media attacking from all sides you really need to be ready for bear the communist or national socialist bear that is with plenty of irrefutable facts.

  75. West proclaims, “I am a truly blessed fella and so very thankful to God for all He has done in my life.”

    Is it not presumptuous to declare for yourself that you are blessed and God’s Beloved? Perhaps the better frame of mind is to confess yourself a sinner and strive for improvement and to better your character and let God decide at your Judgement whether you will be blessed. Grasping that status now may be a form of arrogance, despite how many others join with you in praising themselves.

    • Edward, you should re-read your New Testament. Allen lives under Grace and is an adoptive Son of God through Jesus Christ! He is Blessed indeed. He is thankful the way a true son would be. Arrogance? Thanking God and Jesus for blessings is right and proper. Living under condemnation is not. Quit projecting your spiritual/psychological issues onto Allen and realize you are saved and loved unconditionally by God! I love you too Brother Edward!

    • False. God favors and blesses all. I like that you dressed up your barbarous come back in a fine suit, but there’s still a primitive barbarian underneath. It is not presumptuous. Edward, I am a complete dunce when it comes to religion, but even I know God favors all. What manner of father is a being that preemptively looks down on his son or daughter and demands that they devote themselves to pleasing him before bestowing his blessing? Grasping that status while devoting yourself to hate is arrogance. Grasping that status while lifting others up is confidence. It is God that gave us free will. Therefore, in fighting for the rights and liberties of all Americans, Allen does have God’s blessing.

    • I don’t see Col West as praising himself. He knows that he is a sinner, but he is blessed and God’s beloved because of Jesus. Believing how much he is loved is not arrogant. We don’t have to wait until we meet God in person to be blessed; it comes with the territory! People who don’t feel blessed now don’t understand grace. Jesus said “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” We cannot of ourselves be improved and earn our blessings in God’s sight. God sees us not, for when he looks at us he sees only Jesus. Why should we not rejoice in that, instead of wallow in our sin? Of course we are sinners, but the blood of Jesus covered all that and we now live in the light. Sorry that your religion keeps you in the darkness. I’d much rather live in the light that Col. West does.

    • Feeling blessed and thankful means he is happy where he is and with what he has. Being grateful for feeling blessed is certainly not arrogant. It is quite the opposite, because the opposite would be complaining on ones position in life and what is in that life. How can you possibly connect the dots the way you have????

    • Yawn, you’re grasping at straws. Mr. West is clearly thankful for what he has and where he is life, which lends itself to a sense of humility…the opposite of arrogance. The entire statement is dedicated to West’s motivation to keep pressing on, to improving the lives of all Americans by preserving conservative values, is that not striving to be better? Or are we just desperate to have something to criticize?

  76. I am thankful and proud of men like you. Who will fight the good fight so that America can regain what has been lost in recent years. May we become as we were… I salute you Allen West!!

  77. I love your quote about fair fights. Sounds right to me. It’s John Boehner’s problem. He doesn’t understand how unfairly the Dems fight and he keeps helping them out. He’s got to go.

    • Most republicans are honest and say what they mean. Then, they get involved with the democrats expecting an honest discussion and them to keep their word on agreements. It never works out, and it happens over and over. I was totally blown away, for instance, when Rubio was talking immigration with Shumer, and all I could think is he is being had, and he was. They want exactly what they want, and in the end, no matter what they say, the final deal is nothing like what you agreed on, and everything they want is there while you are left holding an empty sock!

  78. Please go to my post below, a reply regarding the proposed mandates silencing conservative organizations. It is important that everybody knows this, and that everybody knows where to go to protest it. It is a reply to gregzimmerman007, who is replying to Paulonthe400. If you haven’t already heard about this, it will blow your mind that conservatives are being so blatantly bullied and silenced. We must take our stand and not allow this to happen.

  79. I am thankful for patriotic go getters like you Colonel West, who stand up and fight for those of us who aren’t known but are out here right behind you backing you up!

  80. I’m thankful that I live in a country where we can stand up and fight back, against tyranny…. physically if necessary.
    I’m thankful that the constitution gives me that right.
    I’m thankful for veterans, like you, who are proud of what they’ve done, in the service to our country.
    I’m thankful that my brothers and sisters, throughout this great nation, are willing to speak their minds, demanding to be heard by politicians who are ignoring the best constitution ever written.
    I’m thankful that I came home from my own time in a foreign land, fighting an enemy who could disappear into the population, then turn around and attempt to kill you again, the next night or day…. much like what our current troops and yourself have fought.
    I’m grateful for freedom of speech, so that I may speak my own mind, freely and without fear of retribution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
    I’m grateful for a loving Jesus Christ, my savior and His Holy Father, creator of all that is, was or ever will be.
    I’m grateful to my Lord, that I am relatively healthy, as compared to so many others who fight disease, pain or other ailments that are debilitating.
    I’m grateful for being given a sound mind, as compared to the thousands of mentally ill, developmentally disabled or personality disordered, who may or may not know what they do.
    I’m grateful for a lot of things and I could go on and on, but I’ll stop here.
    Thank you for all you do, Col. West. God bless and be with you in all your endeavors. May He also bless your family and friends, so that they may continue to love and support you.

  81. I am thankful for being alive, to live another day. Thankful for having been given the opportunity to be and live in such a great country as America where we have the Constitution and a Bill of Rights. No other country gives such Freedoms to their Citizens and we should never forget that! We should never allow anyone or any group to take these Freedoms from us. We must be vigilant, always.

  82. Today I am most thankful for YOU!! And thankful for the hearts of America that beat in every one of us patriots!

  83. I am thankful that “a simple young fella from the inner city of Atlanta” had the faith and courage to face the challenges God placed before him and now stands prepared to lead us out of this wilderness we face. Col. West, ya gotta run for President!

  84. Col. Allen I would like to see you coupled with Ted Cruz and Ben Carson as Secretary of State. You have the experience and knowledge of world military matters and I believe that is what the world consists of now, military action everywhere. You have a keen sense of justice and fair play. Military strategy is your expertise and I think you would be excellent in keeping our troops safe and 100% supported as well as a great representative of the US to the world. You are not a war monger but absolutely unafraid to make a stand and fight. We need a strong man in this position and that is you. Ted is also courageous and has the US Constitution expertise and meets challenges head on, so I would place him as President. Ben Carson is truly motivating and influential in the character and direction we need to be going in and has many solutions to this Republic’s problems. He would be excellent in the Vice-President position. The three of you would be an undefeatable and awesome team!!! Ya’ll are what this country needs NOW!!

  85. Back in 2008 when there was the AOL Straw Poll was the first time I got to know Obama’s PAID zombie trolls. I became friends with some of them and they told me Obama had very expensive, empty offices on Michigan Avenue that he decided to fill up with hired Obots to spam Conservatives and spread misinformation and lies.

    They are still out there, only worse than ever, because Obama is such a clear, massive joke and failure. You see these idiots all over Conservative Facebook pages and Twitter feeds…Never bothering to address facts, just insulting people and spewing bile. Like liberals do.

    These trolls are vicious liars and racebaiters, who like Obama are ripping apart the fabric of our country. Very sad people. This is why it’s not possible to have an intelligent conversation with anyone on the left. Everything is reduced to pure ugliness and hate with liberals. If you question them, and bring up the DOCUMENTED FACTS about what Obama has done to destroy our country, they immediately spew “racist” nonsense and it’s just plain pathetic.

    The best way to deal with the Obama/Soros trolls dispatched to your page/feed/site is to ignore them. THEY are irrelevant. Period.


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