“Biggest Loser” tops biggest loser in Tuesday TV ratings

The day after the SOTU address I kinda did my own TV ratings poll in my neighborhood as I went out about my business. Most people I queried didn’t even watch or began watching, then turned it off.

As reported by Politico, the Nielsen ratings confirm my unscientific analysis. In fact, NBC’s airing of the “Biggest Loser” finale actually outperformed its showing of the State of the Union.

According to Politico, “Fewer than 33.3 million Americans watched President Obama’s State of the Union address on television last night, the lowest turnout since President Clinton’s final State of the Union address in 2000, according to newly released Nielsen ratings.

Viewership for Obama’s State of the Union addresses has been in decline since 2009, when he drew 52.4 million television viewers. 48.0 million watched on television in 2010, 42.8 million in 2011, 37.8 million in 2012 and 33.5 million in 2013. This year’s speech now replaces last year’s as the second-lowest rated since Nielsen began recording viewership in 1993.”

Now that’s compelling television!

For those who ask if Obama is a lame duck president, well, based on these numbers, it certainly seems the case. No one seems to care.

If a president gives his State of the Union address in the forest does anyone hear it?


  1. Unfortunately, because of Obama’s pathetic backwards socialist policies, it is We, the American people, who have become the biggest losers.

  2. It’s is going to be a long 3 years until he is gone. I really do feel sorry for all my American friends. The rebuilding of your economy, and the repair to your reputation will take some hard work and dedication, and a leader who knows how to pull the strings and get things done. Not one who has his strings pulled.

  3. well you can imagine when BO gives his last state of the union address the numbers will be even lower, perhaps the lowest ever and do these numbers reflect the percentage of the population, in which case, BO might have had the lowest percentage of all time since the population is greater now than under Clinton

      • You suspect wrongly … by the time BO gives his last State of the Union the is country will be sooooooo glad to see him go that no one will waste a minute of time or thought to listen to this lame duck quacking away about how great he is … all he thinks about is himself, I, ME and ME and I and on and on with his utter clueless stupidity in life

  4. The Number BO is shooting for next.
    1/27/2000ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CNN, FOXNC, MSNBC 22,536,000 households 31,478,000 viewers Clinton

  5. That is because Obama SOTU speech is the same damn thing he says every single day while out campaigning on his 10 year campaign!

  6. Nobody here tuned in, either. We tend to avoid bad re-runs and poorly presented fiction.

    Thank you, Allen West, for all you’ve done and continue to do for us and for our country.

    God bless you, sir.

  7. I popped in the movie, “Liar, Liar.” At least I was able to get some comedy relief! I just cannot stand to listen to his lies!

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  8. We care, BUT we know the lies we will hear, so why waste the time listening to someone that should never have been able to run let alone be elected 2X.


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