SOTU: Small balls and a wounded warrior gets stabbed in the back

Last night’s State of the Union (SOTU) address showed a small man talking about small ball issues in order to promote a political agenda. And a wounded warrior with ten combat deployments was trotted out to make political points, even as he was being stabbed in the back by the very politicians applauding him.

In my opinion, there was only one honest moment last night — not a dry eye when Army Ranger SFC Cory Remsburg, who had 10 combat deployments, was honored. SFC Remsburg was injured during a roadside bomb attack in Afghanistan and received a thunderous standing ovation. Remsburg represents the best of America, a commitment to service and sacrifice for our Republic.

However, on the House floor were those who voted to cut SFC Remsburg’s annual one percent cost of living adjustment until he reaches the age of 62. You see, SFC Remsburg is a service disabled medically retired veteran who will be affected by the Budget Compromise that President Obama lauded in his speech. As well, the Obama administration has increased the bureaucratic red tape for veterans submitting their claims. Lastly, President Obama’s administration has decided to close 189 Tricare service centers that assist our veterans and their families with their medical claims.

How could those people clap for SFC Remsburg, knowing they inflicted more wounds by stabbing him in the back?

That is the essence of hypocrisy and sadly, how I saw last night’s theme.

Here’s what else I saw.

A confrontational Barack Obama sought to position himself against Congress in order to make gains for the mid-term elections. Obama truly believes he doesn’t have to seek a legislative solution and can go it alone.

Obama has comfortably taken the position of “bystander” over the past five years. But the travails of the American people have been a direct result of his policies. In addition, while already suffering from a lack of credibility and integrity, he only exacerbated the problem by offering up even more false statements.

Early into the speech Obama took a shot at Republicans regarding ending any discourse that results in a “government shutdown” or that threatens the “full faith and credit” of the United States. Yes, that was his one positive moment in 2013.
But it was also meant as a warning shot as America is about to hit the debt ceiling again in February, where he says he will not compromise.

And speaking of the debt — which was $10.67 trillion when President Obama took office and is now $17.3 trillion – he never mentioned it at all. Wonder why? After all, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Mullen, said it was the number one national security issue facing America. Oh well.

Obama focused on income inequality, extension of unemployment benefits, increase of the minimum wage, and women’s compensation – issues all about political gain. It was “Uncle Sugar” in full flower, and if you don’t follow his lead, you’re certainly a hater. However, it has been under his watch that the incredible income gap has expanded.

He spoke about corporate and stock profits rising. Perhaps the president should have addressed the $85 billion per month the Federal Reserve is printing in order to sustain an economy that is failing. Those dollars are not making it to Main Street and as a matter of fact, they cause a creeping inflation affecting our spending power.

The President touted the low unemployment rate at 6.7 percent, If it’s that great, why do we need to extend unemployment benefits, as an emergency? And for the 11th time? We should be talking about policies that get Americans back to work, not extending their unemployment.

I agree with the President that it’s great a small business owner decided he could increase the minimum wage of his employees. But that’s the business owner’s decision, not the president’s. And what about those business owners who have cut workers’ hours because of Obamacare? We need policies that enable business owners to make the right decisions for their employees, not top down government driven mandates by pen.

And until we solve our unemployment situation for Americans and those here legally, why do we need to flood the workforce with those here illegally? Our workforce participation rate is the lowest in approximately 40 years. Putting illegal aliens into the workforce will further depress wages and hurt segments of our society – particularly in the black community, where unemployment is at a chronic state. But it’s a great political issue if you want to win the Hispanic vote. And by the way, the word “comprehensive” means passing legislation over 1500 pages long that no one reads.

President Obama talked about Iraq and Afghanistan as “wars we are ending.” Oh really? Does the enemy know that? Again as a bystander, Obama has been absent in engaging Hamid Karzai in outlining a future mission in Afghanistan, similar to his absence with Iraqi President al-Maliki.

Obama hardly mentioned the terrorist group that was “decimated and on the run” and has now taken control in Fallujah and Ramadi. President Obama was hard pressed to convince Americans that Iran can be trusted and the nuclear deal is good for our nation. And Obama’s threat to veto any new sanctions against Iran is not aligned with the will of Congress nor the American people.

It took Obama almost 45 minutes to mention Obamacare, and the president repeated the lie about 9 million Americans signed up – a bogus claim for which Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post recently awarded 3 Pinocchios.”

Oh, and this is great — according to the president, climate change is a fact. I had no idea he was also a weatherman. But maybe that does makes sense…after all, his great pal Bill Ayers was part of the Weather Underground.


  1. Maybe we should just let uncle sugar do what he will & PERHAPS the sheeple will finally see the man behind the curtain pulling all the levers, creating is fake magic?

  2. Typical political ploy to demonstrate just how much they care for veterans when, in fact, they despise and fear us. A bunch of one eyed jacks. I have more respect for known enemies. At least they’re honest about their true intent.

  3. What stood out to me most was him saying he wants to prevent mass shootings. like the cinema in aurora colorado and school house shootings. he said he wants somthing done and he will bypass congress if he has to. To me this means more attacks on the second amendment this year and more blaintent disreguard for the constitution. When i bet he is the one reponsible for sending the mass shooters to do mass shooting like adolf hitler. maybe the mass shooters are under MK ultra mind control or have some sort of biometric system in them that they can be controlled to pull off these acts of murder on american citizens. All so the fuhrer can disarm us and make america a police state. scrapping yhe constitution because without the second amendment we cannot defend our other constitutional rights and the thugs in DC have a monopoly on force. and we will have a boot on our face everyday of our lives without our right to bear arms.

  4. Obama can dictate a $10 min wage as a condition for contract but he can’t make the $8 worker worth $10. Only the employer willing to hire him can do that …. but employees do not hire people who are not worth the going wage.

    • Yup, just look up The Little Ice Age. It used to get so cold in London that the Thames would freeze solid and they would hold carnivals on it. It also gave rise to the Potato as a food source. It was too cold and all the grain crops froze. The potato, which grows underground was more resistant to the weather.

  5. Thank you Mr. West for taking the time to fight for our Constitution and the American people. I am a resident in MA and there are plenty like me outside of boston. I am a soldier ready to fight for my country and follow the right leader. I took an oath to defend our Constitution and I will do that until I’m six feet under. We are waiting for a call to arms if it comes to that.

  6. Right on on every issue. He raised the federal income to just stir the general public up. How many federal employees really made under $10/hour?! He is securing the federal worker vote, the Hispanic vote, the female vote, the gay/lesbian vote, the liberal vote. The Democrats are buying votes with our tax money. I pray for the wrath of God. And then let’s see what this government will do for people.

    • If we have to pay $10 an hour across the board (which where he wants to takes us) I would have to either close my business or raise prices. It seems like a lose – lose situation to me.

      • We had a small business and I truly believe he doesn’t care. All the while bragging and encouraging business owners yet making it impossible for them to thrive. It is all so disheartening where he is taking us. And they can’t blame Bush…he owns every bit of what is happening.

  7. It broke my heart knowing that this Ranger was being used by this low-life. It still is an amazement to me why the Republican Party isn’t taking this man to task over all his executive orders that are stepping over Congress and the Constitution. Just pathetic…

    • Congress 101 it’s the Speaker of the House who gets the ball rolling on O. O gave him the bottomline on the green while golfing early on and Boehner, the Speaker has been a pussy ever since. Nov. get him OUT, reclaim the senate and we have a chance of Nixing this Nixon. And BTW lennox troll go to hell…

  8. President Obama claims that not having healthcare is the primary cause of financial hardship in the U.S.

    No Mr. President, the disintegration of the traditional family unit is quickest path to and the main cause of financial hardship and a host of other social ills in the U.S.

    Failure to identify the root cause of a problem will result in the failure to develop a solution.

    Failure to acknowledge the root cause of the problem will result in failure.

  9. I, along with a few hundred others were laid off from our jobs at McAfee yesterday. I didn’t watch one second of the speech last night. I couldn’t stomach having sunshine and roses blown up my backside about how wonderful the economy is by a President who doesn’t care, in front of a Congress which is seemingly unable to act, on the day that I lost my job.

    • Good luck in your job search, Brendan. Words of advice – get engaged in your search right away. Don’t take any time to lament the loss. When you find a new job, negotiate a couple of weeks off up front to refresh your batteries and start fresh.

  10. “A confrontational Barack Obama sought to position himself against Congress in order to make gains for the mid-term elections. Obama truly believes he doesn’t have to seek a legislative solution and can go it alone.”

    I saw this also and thought it was about time too …

  11. Well put. I love the way you explain things in simple english so that any American with even half a brain can understand things. As for the others with less than half … they must be the sheeple that keep following the self appointed king wherever he takes them.

  12. Col West, watching him speak is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Empty rhetoric, platitudes, falsehoods (lies), talking points, and threats…clearly nothing I did not expect, and the reason I did not watch it….Sorry, that is time you will never get back!

  13. I could not watch any of this Liars speech. Seeing excerpts even nauseates me. I am very dismayed that when OLiar announced his intention to double down as a dictator and ignore Congress, there was wild applause from Dems. This is crazy, do all Dems hate the USA and our Constitution. Not a single Dem should be elected in Nov.

    • Yes. They all hate the country (except for the $$ they can milk out of it), and despise the Constitution – because they all see themselves as feudal lords with that vaunted piece of paper getting in their way.

    • The repubs might get some balls when they have more of them to fight with. Who knows they might have been biding their time until then. They want to let Obummer keep on burying himself deeper and deeper until there is no wiggle room left for him and then let BOOM, he could be gone in a heartbeat, the only other problem is Biden. All must fall. We should pull the dems tricks and run an African American, true African American, for president. Go Allen West!!!

  14. We sure see a lot of politicians talking about all of the lawless actions Obama is doing, but they are the only ones who can do something about it, and they are not. Big hat, no cattle. Talk talk talk – when are the ones in the place to actually do something going to DO SOMETHING?

    • Its not that simple. If impeachment proceedings were brought to the house and passed the president would stand trial in the senate. The senate is controlled by other idiots lust like Obomber. The senate would require a 2/3 majority vote which the people would not get. Thereby enabling the president to do whatever he wants and could not be stopped,any of his previous traitorous acts would be inadmissible due to double jepordy. Then if the repscapture both the house and senate it would be next to impossible to have the president impeached.

  15. The treatment of our wounded, our veterans and the families of our
    fallen is horrific. No veteran or active duty military member should see
    a penny of benefits reduced while this country has an ounce of gold in
    its treasury.

    The Liar-in-Chief talked some good vagaries, but
    his disdain for the military in general, and those who serve in
    particular, is constantly in evidence. If he cared as much as he claims,
    his first EO announced last night would have been to streamline the
    huge backlog on disability claims plaguing the VA — not upping the
    minimum wage for some government contractors.

  16. I said the same thing to the wife about congress screwing vets and how he was letting them use him like that. It was typical political hypocrisy!

  17. Makes you wonder why Mr. West didn’t do more when he was in office to shift funding away from new weapons (planes, tanks, ships) and contractor with a history of abuse towards Veterans Services. Easy to criticize the job others are doing while you’re sitting on the sidelines after getting voted out by people who were tired of you making a fool of yourself. Also maybe Mr. West should talk to his buddies in the House and Senate to see if they’ll actually pass something this year or just say no again for a record 6th straight year.

    • Do you think we need more laws? I hear people complain about nothing being done in congress. What they fail to understand is we don’t need more regulation. In fact they don’t enforce current laws on the books.

    • Valid point, but I believe Mr. West believes funding should remain firm on National Defense and the support of Vets should simply be left at what the Government promised these men before they enlisted. He’s not suggesting a spending increase in either area. Simply pointing out that the cuts need to come from other areas and I believe there are more than enough of those to go around.

    • I think you are looking things a little askew John. The house has submitted multiple budget proposals each year. However Obama’s buddy Harry Reid has not even allowed them to see the Senate floor unless it contained EVERYTHING he wanted. And the Democrats in the Senate did not even submit a budget plan for four years. And then they refused to compromise at all last year. So I think it is the Dems in the Senate that need to take a look at reorganizing so that they can avoid creating another ‘shut-down’ this year.

  18. He also bragged about reducing the “deficit” by half. We’re still over $1.7 TRILLION in debt. That hasn’t changed a whit. Not to mention that his “deficit is still higher than any in history.

      • Actually, debt and deficit aren’t mentioned anywhere in the papers I’ve read on inflation. Mostly it’s due to greedy central banks, idiots who elect Cons/Libs, and REAL PROPERTY INTEREST RATES. Along GPD with deflation, and monetary availability.

        So before you open your mouth you’d better learn that inflation, is synthetic. It’s created by greedy bastards with R’s and D’s in their boxes.

        Understand? Greedy ‘JOB CREATORS’ raise prices, why? Because they are money hungry parasites.

        Thanks for playing, ‘Who’s never going to be a millionaire?’.

      • 87% of jobs are created by struggling small business owners with fewer than 20 employees. This is who Dr. Gonzo is condemning as “Greedy ‘JOB CREATORS'” raise prices and calls them “money hungry parasites.” In this lousy economy while facing higher costs themselves (inflation and Obamacare), they have no choice but to raise prices or go bankrupt. Bank ruptcy would cause their employees to be unemployed.
        Dr. Gonzo’s propaganda is what the liberals use to support their lies.

      • The costs of the wars over 10 (ten) years were less than 1 (one) year of Obama’s stimulus and jobs spending. The costs of the wars are temporary. The cost per year of Obamacare is twice as much and it goes on forever unless Obamacare is repealed.

  19. I am someone who spent ten years in the Army (1965 – 1975). I was very disappointed in the President in last nights speech. My grandson is in basic training at Ft. Jackson, SC and I am wondering if he will be treated the same as SFC Remsburg.

  20. throughout most of the SOTU he used others gains and good fortune to make it a feel good environment to make himself look good. and most would fall for that. i am of the same thought as you on the stabbing in the back of not just SFC Remsberg, but all veterans. our pensions, taking away the healthcare (TriCare) for retirees, the suspension of educational benifits, and using us as pawns to get his way on Obamacare.

  21. By saying he will go around congress,what he is really saying is that he knows that he is about to lose control of the senate and he doesn’t need them to make laws.What he forgets is that when we gain control of the senate he will be impeached if not arrested for treason first.Every one is waiting for martial law but he is one step closer to taking over as king.By passing the TPP he will have destroyed the constitution by eliminating the borders.And as far as immigration goes it will be non existent.

    • You must be joking! Arrested for treason? Ahahahahaha, how can so many of you people be so blind? This is a dog and pony show, always has been always will be. As long as there are only two parties. But you keep on dreaming of treason charges, and a nga in chains. Tv zombie.

  22. You can’t say it, and won’t, so I will; Corey Remsberg is a sellout for all injured vets coming back from war! He should have said “NO! I will not be your poster boy!” The military despises this abhorrent man that play Commander-In-Chief. I know not one of my brethren that would have taken that seat next to the first lady. Did you see how fast she bolted from the room as soon as his drivel stopped?

    • When your commander orders you, you go. Remsberg had little choice, if he had declined, Obamboozler would have sent Jarrett out to find another “effed up veteran”. Barrycade can’t ply his craft without props, we’ve all seen that for years, so ease up on Remsberg, he saved some other shmuck from having to sit there.

      • That’s right! He’s not a sellout…..he’s a hero and he had absolutely no choice as to whether he wanted to be there or not. As long as he is in uniform President Obama is his boss. Made me want to vomit. Watching the phony pain on Michelle Obama’s face when they pointed him out made me even sicker! My heart broke for that poor guy!

    • We felt the same way here in our home, sellout is right! immediately we wondered how much money he was paid to be Obama’s poster boy. Who cares that his benefits were cut with a huge chunk of change dropped in his lap.

  23. Climate change IS a fact. It changes all the time – it warms up it cools down. The part that is NOT fact: is that somehow it’s brought on by man-made pollution. Leftist politicians cling to this fact but add the fluff and the gullible believe it.

    • Oh yes, the left embraces climate change, then jumps in bed with big oil, makes SURE that alternative (solyndra) energy fails. So yeah, it’s the same old same old. But you’re missing the wider view. As usual, you’re too busy bashing your polar ‘opposites’. Keep up the good work.

      • I recall our country sinking millions into Solyndra not to make sure alternative energy failed, but to give it a leg up. It failed on its own. Climate change has been proven several times to be a hoax, but contiunes because of the money these carbon credit freaks stand to embezzel from American business and citizens.

    • That is proof of how dumb liberals are. Climate change is a THEORY. Pretending that government funded scientists who know their funding will end unless they are working to promote Climate Change makes up a consensus of all scientists does not change a THEORY to a fact. A consensus of scientists thought we were going to seen a new ice age in the 1970s. That, too, was a THEORY and not a fact. Obama declaring that a THEORY is a fact is not the proof that converts THEORY into fact.
      If liberals are too stoopid to know the difference between a THEORY and a fact, they’re too stoopid to be in political office.

  24. nothing more than His typical backdoor hypocrisy. I certainly hope all this social media outrage culminates in a never before seen turnout in 2014. Otherwise we can kiss this country goodbye in our lifetime.

  25. Allen West, a man with the courage to speak truth to the people in charge. Allen I urge you to run for Senator in Florida, you have my vote.

    • I agree and Bill Nelson needs to be forced to retire. Bill Nelson wastes taxpayer’s dollars. Early in his lengthy Congressional career, taxpayer’s spent $4 million dollars to make him the first member of Congress to go into space. Now his big push is for $9 billion for 95 miles of high speed rail between Tampa and Orlando. It will end up being supported by taxpayers for decades since, like most of Amtrak, there will be too few passengers to sustain the huge costs of maintaining it. Bill Nelson needs to be put out to pasture and Allen West should replace him.

  26. When did this president get a license to market products to the American people, such as Ford trucks? I’m sure Ford’s competitors are tickled about that. And when did he become an expert about it, that Ford trucks are the best in America? Shameless and lawless! I’ll never buy another Ford product!

    • Carey. Ford was the only big 3 auto maker that didn’t take govt’ money for a bailout. They pulled themselves up and out. The quality of a Ford is higher than most automakers and caused them to rebound. The Ford F-150 has been the best selling truck for years. The reason? They are reliable and well built. You don’t have to ever buy another Ford product but, you may be biting off your nose to spite your face.

  27. I feel that Obama stooped to a lower level when he used an injured soldier to prove a point…after all the cuts to the military and Obama firing the experienced military personnel….what a poor example of leadership. I remember a speech that I listened to, made by Bush, that sounded very close to what Obama stated in his speech. And what about the first lady and her contributions to our young people…she had the gaul to invite people who most likely did not admire her or her husband.

    • He plagurized (sp?) part of President Bush’s 2007 State of the Union speech….that’s why it sounded familiar. Exact wording.

  28. If you would quit calling the usurper in the Spite House president, I would have a much less difficult time reading your posts. President Bush was generally referred to as Bush or Mr. Bush. Rarely were the words President Bush uttered. It makes me throw up in my mouth a little every time I see the word president appear before that usurper’s name.

  29. “Obama truly believes he doesn’t have to seek a legislative solution and can go it alone.”
    Why would he think any differently? When has he ever been challenged when he went it alone, let alone stopped?

  30. This is a time to urge your Senators and Congressman to consider the People they represent above their Political party. Mr Obama really can’t go it on his own unless our Legislators turn a blind eye. Three branches were made for checks and balances. Next, Our Veterans are a tough breed. They can handle anything to include cuts in their pay. They Shouldn’t Have To. They and their families have sacrificed enough for this country. The promises made prior to enlistment should not be written in pencil to be erased at will. The Veteran has given his promise written in BLOOD! Let’s give every service member that served 6 years a lifetime 70% pension as the Legislators have! How about that? Make the Law Makers live With EVERY law they pass.

  31. GREAT POINTS, LTC (RET) WEST! I could not watch the State Of The Union Address. Barry makes me sick, every time he opens his mouth, I cringe. In United States history, no BIGGER LIAR has ever stepped foot in the White House, yet alone occupied it. At what point will the American people realize that this Marxist Moslem is here to DESTROY CAPITALISM AND USHER IN SOCIALISM AS THE SAVING IDEOLOGY?

  32. Maybe if this administration changed the rules of engagement and let the troops fight the way they fought in WWII he wouldn’t have had to go back 10 times. Now lets cut his pay and have him be responsible for all his medical bills. Hail America the dumbest country in the world.

    • Tony, I agree with every word on the rules of engagement and why our troops have to go back so many times! You are 100% correct. Our President has tried to decimate our great countrys military! The greatest power in the world is being destroyed by someone who knows absolutely nothing about it!!

    • Ole barry the most Anti Military pres, also the WORST and most CORRUPT, has no prob USING OUR HEROES as His Pawns!!!!!! DESPICABLE!!!!!!!

      • Ryan said,” We had our invited vet”. So were they doing the same? Or where they different? And, if you say different, what was the difference?

      • You know he was referring to ole barry and his Cronies, the most Anti Military administration in history!! They invited OUR HERO to used as their Pawn!! He and hil Still have not come clean on their Responsibility for FOUR Americans being Tortured and Murdered in Benghazi!!!

      • So, again. Only the Repubs can bring a VET and take a bunch of pictures with him but the President can’t….The President is an American as well so that would make him HIS hero as well wouldn’t it? And, I always hear about Benghazi….Where was the anger when Americans died under Bush?

        January 22, 2002. Calcutta, India. Gunmen associated with Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami attack the U.S. Consulate. Five people are killed.

        June 14, 2002. Karachi, Pakistan. Suicide bomber connected with al Qaeda attacks the U.S. Consulate, killing 12 and injuring 51.

        October 12, 2002. Denpasar, Indonesia. U.S. diplomatic offices bombed as part of a string of “Bali Bombings.” No fatalities.

        February 28, 2003. Islamabad, Pakistan. Several gunmen fire upon the U.S. Embassy. Two people are killed.

        May 12, 2003. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Armed al Qaeda
        terrorists storm the diplomatic compound, killing 36 people including
        nine Americans. The assailants committed suicide by detonating a truck

        July 30, 2004. Tashkent, Uzbekistan. A suicide bomber from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan attacks the U.S. Embassy, killing two people.

        December 6, 2004. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Al Qaeda terrorists storm the U.S. Consulate and occupy the perimeter wall. Nine people are killed.

        March 2, 2006. Karachi, Pakistan again. Suicide
        bomber attacks the U.S. Consulate killing four people, including U.S.
        diplomat David Foy who was directly targeted by the attackers. (I wonder
        if Lindsey Graham or Fox News would even recognize the name “David
        Foy.” This is the third Karachi terrorist attack in four years on what’s
        considered American soil.)

        September 12, 2006. Damascus, Syria. Four armed
        gunmen shouting “Allahu akbar” storm the U.S. Embassy using grenades,
        automatic weapons, a car bomb and a truck bomb. Four people are killed,
        13 are wounded.

        January 12, 2007. Athens, Greece. Members of a Greek
        terrorist group called the Revolutionary Struggle fire a
        rocket-propelled grenade at the U.S. Embassy. No fatalities.

        March 18, 2008. Sana’a, Yemen. Members of the
        al-Qaeda-linked Islamic Jihad of Yemen fire a mortar at the U.S.
        Embassy. The shot misses the embassy, but hits nearby school killing

        July 9, 2008. Istanbul, Turkey. Four armed terrorists attack the U.S. Consulate. Six people are killed.

        September 17, 2008. Sana’a, Yemen. Terrorists
        dressed as military officials attack the U.S. Embassy with an arsenal of
        weapons including RPGs and detonate two car bombs. Sixteen people are
        killed, including an American student and her husband (they had been married for three weeks when the attack occurred). This is the second attack on this embassy in seven months.

        Or Don’t those American lives matter? You won’t have an answer for that so you will mention Fast & Furious! Go ahead, I know!

      • FIRST Of all, I am NOT Stupid enough to fall for the LIAR in chief, not the President by any means, not even pres for this Kenyan, NOT American, but Anti American Anti Military at every turn!! These Hypocrite DemoRats who are parading OUR HERO as their PAWN, while their every Vote is against Our Heroes!!
        Trying to engage in a discussion with a FOOL is Fruitless, so I won’t! Just wallow in the Mud with your Socialist pres who is supporlting his Muslim brotherhood with OUR taxes to Kill more of our Heroes and then using them as Pawns, for you Obamabot Idiots to fall for their Sick charade!! Despicable!! Maybe, one day you will WAKE UP, sadly, it will prob be too late!!

      • Not one response to my questions about the lives of those other American lives….You do know that it was Bush who put that soldier in harms way with this war? You do know that right? Give you another chance to answer the question as to why those American lives under Bush are not as important than the ones under Bush? Kenyan, not American, Muslim (All that’s missing is thug & the N-word)…Fox, Rush spoon fed….But anyway, LET’S GET BACK TO THE FACTS. Notice, facts aren’t republican nor democratic…They are the truth, which you have said none!

      • One last time, everything i said is FACT, ole barry is Kenyan, Socialist,Muslim, Anti American, Anti Military and a Thug!! I don’t use the RACISM card like ole barry always does to keep CONTROL!! Stick your RACISM where the sun doesn’t shine corey, I would Gladly vote for Carson,Keyes,Cane or West who are all…. WHOA,,,, BLACK!!! Kinda shoots your RACIST CRAP full of holes, but then you are one of ole barry’s Convenient Idiots , so what can ya expect!!!?? Go wallow in the mud, I have neither the time nor inclination to engage with a FOOL, especially an Obamabot FOOL!! Mores the pity, your RACIST CRAP didn’t work, because it’s another LIE Promulgated by your RACIST LIAR in chief!!

      • Definition of thug: a violent criminal….Since the President isn’t that then you must mean the other silent definition (thug = N-Word) I understand…..Where do you get your facts from I would love to look them up….And, again you made no comment to those 13 Benghazi’s under Bush and those American lives lost (more than 4)! I wonder why? My college degrees would beg to differ my being called a FOOL! When the facts don’t add up you result to name calling….Yet I stick to the facts…And, this far you have said not one!

  33. Obama hates the Military, as most Liberals do. Those that are liberal and have served have come out on the side against the USA, and get the news to be their biggest cheerleader.

    Cory Remsburg is an American Hero. I wish the Cameras would have gone on the faces of all those Republicans like Rep Paul Ryan, who cut his retirement and who cut his pension. I wish all those GOP members – those progressives from the house that voted for this, would have had their faces shown. They need to be removed from office.

    it is not just Liberals that did this, Progressives from the GOP did this also. Why do people forget to mention that. Why do people choose to bow to the Group of Progressives, vote for the Same Progressives of the GOP, when they do tremendous damage.

    Paul Ryan set this deal up with Patty Murray. Why do you think Romney Picked him !!

    I hope and pray as we come on November of 2014 elections, people do NOT vote back in these disgusting individuals. if YOU Do, you are no better than those voting for liberals. you are letting the liberals win everytime with these progressives.

      • Neither will I !! The man is a Disgrace to the nation and to those that have given so much.

        thank you for your service, I am so grateful. May our Lord Bless you and keep you safe always.

  34. {Run of the mill career politicians need not apply.}
    True Leaders Needed

    As a child I heard a great men speak;
    of serving others, rather than ourselves.
    My young heart was moved with aspirations;
    his murder put my dreams upon a shelf.

    Another stood tall on the podium,
    he taught love and the brotherhood of man.
    I longed to go join in the marches, then
    they shot the man who wrote from Birmingham.

    Another sought to rise up and lead us,
    and he shared the ideals of his brother.
    From the darkness, a lone sniper shot him.
    So most lost hope there would be another.

    Look upon the shameless way of many.
    Deception seems their only stratagem.
    Children seeking leaders, don’t find any.
    Where are the giants to inspire them?

    I weep for the future generations.
    Those who search for a reason to believe.
    Where’s the honored ones to lead this nation?
    From this current shameful state bring reprieve.

    Listen all who aim to serve in office.
    Check hearts as only you and God can do.
    America needs those willing to serve her.
    The children of the land are watching you.

    c.d.m. 1/27/14

  35. I wasn’t going to tear up, but when the POTUS said he wants to get well enough to re-deploy (practically impossible) for his 11th deployment, I finally teared up as well. I just couldn’t keep it in any longer. It made me wonder about a scenario where what IF he hadn’t gone back for a tenth deployment but rather stopped on his 9th? It made me wonder, when are a certain number of deployments ENOUGH deployments for a soldier? Obviously this man loved being a soldier. He will never get a chance to do that again. The soldier in the wheelchair also will never get that again. So Allen, when do u think enough deployments is enough? A dozen? Half-a-dozen? Eight? Ten? What?

    • This is only my opinion but here goes. The State of the Union was not intended to put our wounded warriors on display! I found it a disgusting ploy. My heart broke for those young men. You try to give the impression that you have always supported the military, please, don’t! You have never been a supporter of the military in this country…….all on the guise that you want to bring them all home and use ” diplomacy”. Well sir, to have a war it
      takes two sides.! . Diplomacy will not work when the enemy hates everything we stand for, wants to annihilate us from this earth, thinks that they will be rewarded in heaven and uses machetes on our bodies to prove they are heathens! By the way……..I come from a long line of Marine vets and each and everyone of them is a hero! Air Force too! Semper Fi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I spent just shy of 4 years doing everything I could for our wounded warriors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Almost to a man, they said all they wanted was to hurry up and heal and get back to Iraq.

      One of my guys actually fought the Army for a year as they tried to med-board him out and he didn’t want out…he wanted to go back to Iraq. He was Airborne and had a broken back. They told him he couldn’t jump anymore so just get out. He told them no, he couldn’t jump, but he damn sure could fly the planes for those who could. The Army told him he wasn’t trained for that and he told them to train him. He won and the last time I saw him he was head to NY to re-train as their pilot.
      Our men and women in uniform are amazing!

  36. Just think, the conservatives republicans tea partiers blocked the
    “Veterans Jobs Bill” & the “Veterans Benefits Bill” 3 times at last I
    looked! And they blocked the “Wounded Veterans Benefit Bill” twice!!
    They seem to forget our President was on national TV asking the house
    GOPers to stop blocking the benefits for our wounded veterans, remember
    it was a backlog, because the GOPers wanted to pay China before our

    • Hey even us wounded veterans understand that we cannot keep spending money we don’t have.Yes vote down those bills, but vote down everybody else’s too! Stop this insanity of spending , spending , and spending!

      • Maybe you need to google the history of presidential spending, then google the spending for each year and see who is responsible for the spending…It’s facts that may surprise you….But, then again, you will probably go back to Benghazi…..or Fast & Furious

      • Cory I blame EVERYBODY … Dems and Repubs…. The problem we have now though is the current occupant is neither…. he is a petty thug, third world, dictator through and through….

      • The bills were BLOCKED, never the opportunity to be voted on. You can go o line to view the bills you can see them for face value. They were blocked because they would have created jobs along with the American Jobs Act and lowered unemployment thus guaranteeing this Presidents re-election.

      • how many bills are stagnant in congress because dingy harry reid won’t even bring them to a vote?? does that outrage you too Corey?

      • What are they? And, if they were blocking what has been estimated to be between 1.1 and 2.3 million jobs then yes….

      • anything to do with the economy, healthcare. and does it not bother you that he is willing to go against the constitution to push through his agenda? the constitution he made an oath to uphold?

      • Wait, who are you speaking about Harry Reid or the President? Every president and politician has an “agenda”. Boehner has an “agenda” with that Keystone Pipeline..He has stock in 7 out of the 9 companies involved and stands to make millions upon its passing….That’s an “agenda”. Now, please tell me what part of the Constitution has been violated?

      • we are just two people that disagree. no one in congress is perfect. i like the keystone pipeline because i don’t want to be dependent on foreign oil. is he the only one with an interest in the pipeline? probably not. lets just disagree. we are just opposite people. have a good night.

    • I just put in bill harry reid will not bring to a vote and got a plethora!! iran sanctions, gun control, jobs vote, jobless bill amendment. just go to and see about how he laughed about having the ability to stall and sit on votes for years. this is not the way the congress should be working. I am not a party line voter but for sure that he will not bring up bills to a vote because he does not agree with them is wrong. its corrupt. and he is corrupt. Corey, at the very least, refusing to bring up numerous bills to even a simple vote has got to be offensive to you in some way. if it is not than i question your sincerity and wonder if you voted for obama because of his race and not because you believed or even knew what he stood for. i find you to be a party line voter with no opinion of your own and just talking points from the left. Really, search out and tell me why just because someone does not like a bill or he cannot control the outcome of the vote why he should be allowed to sit on it till he dies in the chamber? alot of these men and women have seen their best days and it is time for them to go. on both sides. he has had about 6 years to keep his promises and he has not and we all know the reason why. the america we have now is not the one he envisions. He is not a capitalist, and has no allegiance to this country, only to his ideals. those do not even resemble america. and he is gonna ram his agenda through. Corey, I really doubt that, if you love this country, you will like the way this country would look if there were not for conservatives standing in the way.

      • The Republicans have blocked 82 presidential nominees under President Barack Obama, 86 blocked under all other presidents combined!

        Did you know, for example, that a total of 375 bills that passed the House have been blocked by Republicans in the Senate?


        HR 12 — Paycheck Fairness Act

        H.R. 20 — Melanie Blocker Stokes Mom’s Opportunity to Access Health,
        Education, Research, and Support for Postpartum Depression Act

        H.R. 320 — CJ’s Home Protection Act

        H.R. 448 — Elder Abuse Victims Act

        H.R. 466 –- Wounded Veteran Job Security Act

        H.R. 515 –- Radioactive Import Deterrence Act

        H.R. 549 — National Bombing Prevention Act

        H.R. 577 –- Vision Care for Kids Act

        H.R. 626 –- Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act

        H.R. 780 –- Student Internet Safety Act

        H.R. 911 — Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act

        H.R. 985 — Free Flow of Information Act

        H.R. 1029 -– Alien Smuggling and Terrorism Prevention Act

        H.R. 1110 –- PHONE Act and H.R. 1258 – The Truth in Caller ID Act

        H.R. 1168 — Veterans Retraining Act

        H.R. 1171 –- Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program Reauthorization

        H.R. 1262 — Water Quality Investment Act

        H.R. 1293 — Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act of 2009

        H.R. 1319 –- Informed P2P User Act

        H.R. 1380 — Josh Miller HEARTS Act

        H.R. 1429 — Stop AIDS in Prison Act

        to name a few…

        Republicans have filibustered more of President Obama’s executive branch nominees than were filibustered under all other presidents combined. From 1949 through the end of 2008, the Senate held cloture votes to end filibusters of 20 executive branch nominees. So far in the Obama administration, the Senate has held cloture votes on 27 executive branch nominees. That means the Senate GOP is on pace to filibuster over twice as many
        of President Obama’s executive branch nominees as the total number filibustered under all previous presidents combined.

  37. I have never watched one of his speeches due to the fact that my dislike for the man
    overrides my ability to calmly listen; it is later that I sit down and read the
    speech so that I may truly read between the lines as to what he is means rather
    than what he states.

    While I whole heartedly support all military men and women who service our
    country, the use of Army Ranger SFC Cory Remsburg as a back drop for his agenda was disgusting. That brave young man should have been given a hero’s welcome at another venue; God know he has more than earned it. I too shook my head in wonder at the fact that those who stood there clapping were the very same
    individuals that are systematically stripping this young man and others who
    have served or are currently serving our country of benefits that they have earned.

    One thing I can agree on with Mr. Obama and that is you cannot support a family on minimum wage, which is why those jobs are considered to be a stepping stone as one advances through life. I cringe when I hear people complain that they would have to work two jobs to make ends meet. Several times in my life I have worked as many as three jobs, granted two of them part time, while striving to put my child through a prestigious university and while earning my own degree later in life.

    Please people, I beg of you, do not just lament what this man is doing but get out there and educate the populous on what his true vision of America is and what his
    policies have done to the middle class American. Speak quietly but firmly, be informed with facts, not opinions because we have but 2 years to set in motion the drive to reclaim our country and bring her back to what she once was.

  38. I don’t believe that we should ever again raise the “Debt Ceiling”. We should not be spending based upon expectations. We shouldn’t spend a nickel unless we have the money.

  39. “The _________ touted the low unemployment rate at 6.7 percent, If it’s that great, why do we need to extend unemployment benefits, as an emergency?”

    Why don’t the republicans use the demonrats own words against them? In August 2003 the unemployment rate was at 6.1 (keep in mind this was after 9-11 and the beginning of 2 war fronts) and old Nasty Pelousy had this to say:

    “Job losses are taking a real toll on the financial security of American families. While Democrats are fighting for opportunity, jobs, and economic security for working families,
    Republicans continue to focus on helping those who need help the least. “According to today’s survey, while the national unemployment rate dropped slightly, IT STILL STANDS AT A
    NEAR RECORD HIGH. In addition, the unemployment rate for African Americans was still over 11 percent in July, and the unemployment rate for Hispanics was 8.2 percent in July.
    “It is time for President Bush and the Republicans to get to work for all Americans, not just the elite few.”

    Now, anyone with two functioning brain cells know that 6.1% unemployment was NO WHERE near a record high…in 5 years perhaps, but not a record by any stretch of Nasty’s
    Unemployment rate for African-Americans fell from 12.5 percent in November to 11.9 percent in December of 2013. That makes President Bush’s 11% look dang good.

    • Because of sequestration (Congresses lack of intestinal fortitude to do what’s right by the Country), I was laid off in Mar ’13. I started drawing unemployment in Jun ’13. On Dec 28, ’13, unemployment ended for those on the roles. They aren’t counted anymore? Unemployment must have dropped right after Christmas I guess?

      • The reports come out at the end of the month, and with Christmas hiring it only makes sense they dropped in December. It will be interesting to see what January reports bring.

    • I love the old unemployment rate/inherited from the Bush Administration argument. As you pointed out unemployment under Bush was 6.1 in August of 03, but it then dropped over the next few years bottoming at 4.4 percent. Iit’s true it was under Bush in January 2007 that unemployment rates started to rise. And they were at 7.8 percent by the time Obama was inaugurated
      in January 09. But they continued to rise under Obama reaching double digits. It wasn’t until January 2011 that unemployment rates finally saw a drop of 3 points and they have continued to steadily decline since. Unemployment is currently at 6.7 percent.

      So the relative questions seem to be… What happened in January 2007 that might have prompted the unemployment rates to rise, and what happened in January 2011 that appears to have turned them around?

      The answer seems pretty simple. The controlling interests of Congress changed. It was January 2007 when Democrats took control of both the House and the Senate, and from Obamas inauguration until January 2011 Democrats controlled both houses of Congress and held the Presidency. It wasn’t until after the 2010 mid term elections when Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives, and in January 2011 when the newly elected controlling members of the House were seated that we started seeing the decline in unemployment numbers.

      Did Obama as President inherit a declining economy and a rising unemployment rate? Absolutely! But from whom did he inherit it? A Democrat controlled Congress would be the correct answer.

      • If you count all the people who have stopped looking for jobs…the unemployment rate is through the roof!! They’ve dropped off the percentage they now quote…it’s not an accurate picture at all but it sounds good to the low information voter!!

      • Thanks Vince … you are correct of course, but my post was already too long to include all the stats. I was trying to make a point about how the demonrats act versus the ridiculous reaction by the stupid party.

        Of course the rate stayed below 5% until after 9-11. It took the republican congress a few months to get the figure down to 5% and below, but it stayed there for the next 3 years ….
        that is until the demonrat congress and their wealthy puppet masters (read George Soros) pulled off the calculated, orchestrated, financial terrorist attack on our financial system on 9-11-08. Only in the last 2 months of his 96 months in office did the rate go to 7% or above.
        During 8 years of the Bush Presidency the unemployment average was 5.3%. Now go back and read old Pelousy’s words again to see the hypocrisy.

  40. Mr.West should have been prosecuted when he was in the Armed Forces. He is a terrible example of a professional soldier and politician as well as human being!!!

    • You are a liar. Where is your proof??
      Do you not know of obama’s past record? What has obama and his administration actually done to help the American people other than to increase food stamps (1 in 5 American households now on food stamps), and how many millions are out of work, have had to resort to multiple part time jobs in order to pay the bills and just get by…….if the unemployment is actually around 6%, WHY do we need to expand the unemployment check benefits???
      You obviously did NOT read the article.

      • If you bother to check the reason why Mr.West left the military you’ll find out the reason.Its not a secret Colleen.Do you realize the before Obama got elected this country was losing 700000 jobs a month? No the economy is not great but its a hell of a lot better than when Bush was in office

      • Chet, you might want to look up a comparison of how many deaths have occurred under Obamas watch compared to Bush from the War in Afghanistan. Not favorable to your so called Commander-in-Chief. As for the economy be being better, BS! I’m 52 and for the first time since I was 16 I’m making minimum wage and I’m one of those people now stuck working a part time job and looking for a second one just so I can survive. Thanks to Obamacare and my COBRA insurance having to comply with the ACA my premiums went up significantly, much more than in years past. However, Obamacare doesn’t help me because right now I don’t even make $11,500 a year, which is the minimum you have to make to be eligible. Can’t have Medicaid because my state didn’t want to go broke expanding Medicaid. If it were not for my mother I would be working and yet probably living in my car or a shelter. Improving, BS, I know others who are struggling just like me and today I am financially worse off than I have ever been in my entire life.

      • Appreciate your support, but every aspect that I wrote about is related to Obamacare, and I sure can’t blame that on my right wing friends in Congress because none of them voted for this law. Until you have directly been negatively impacted by the ACA, you cannot understand. This law is a job killer among other downfalls. However, I don’t really have too many right wing friends in Congress to speak of right now anyways. I’m an Independent and currently a very fed up one that Congress is sitting by and doing very little to put an end to the nonsense I see developing in our country. There are a few I still like with Trey Gowdy at the top of my list primarily because he is one of the few left willing to make a stand.

      • Clinton put through the largest tax increase in U.S. history ..At that pt. Congess spent as mush and as fast as they could .Scam after scam surfaced and Bush inherited that disaster ..Not to mention the scum bag Clinton making the USA the laughing stock of the world .Progressive dems are the demise of our great nation..Obama is a liar and cannot be trusted at all.

      • Boy Chet. You are a typical lib, obfuscating the discussion by attacking the character of the messenger with complete and utter BS, while ignoring the logic in his article. Please go away and preach to your own libtard choir.

      • Have you ever thought of the good men and women officers who did it the right way in the service?. If you think its B.S. look it up and it’ll show what the truth is and not what you hope it to be. You neo-conservatives have to stop listening to Rush so much

    • And you should have to go over and face the uncertainty of whether you will come home again except for the intel that can be gained on the battlefield. You are a spineless liberal troll. Go climb back in your hole. When you have done something to help your country, then you can speak.

      • Fortunately liberals can and do serve in the military Richard. Mr.West is one of the reasons why the people in the Middle East hate us because of his conduct

      • Right! I’m sure it has nothing to do with our way of life and religious beliefs conflicting with theirs? Get real!

      • we don’t want to win over the population. but feel free to go over there and try. i doubt you make it back in anything but a bodybag.

      • I said nothing about mistreating it’s citizens. I refuse to be blind to the truth of the matter, however, and I am very aware that a majority of them hate our way of life and many of our religious beliefs. Were not called the infidel out of kindness. My only point is the importance of recognizing the root cause of our enemy and I believe it has a lot more to do with what I stated than anything Col. West did.

      • I read an article about Mr. West actions and while I don’t agree with what he did, I’ve also never been in a war zone where defining your enemy from your ally is so difficult as it has been in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He was trying to protect his troops that much I know for certain. At least he was trying to protect his troops, the same can’t be said for the current administration that has cut troop levels to a level I don’t believe anyone in uniform feels comfortable.

      • That’s why we should get the hell out of there. I’m pissed at Obama cause he’s not getting the troops out faster so we can prevent idiots like West from ruining the rep of the United States

      • Well I can definitely agree with you that we need to get our troops out of there, but the reasons are different. A lot of people may not agree with me, but I was never for going to Iraq and I believed our stay in Afghanistan should have been very short. My reasoning is I honestly believe it doesn’t matter when we leave, a return to chaos is almost guaranteed once we leave. All one has to do is look at the history of the Middle East, the divisions between Shiite and Sunni, their anti-west attitude, and what their religion teaches, and to expect Americans to somehow create a Democracy in that part of the world, especially when our own seems to be falling apart, I think is far-fetched. I believe we have made some good changes while we have been over there, but there are some things I don’t think we as Americans can change, and I fear once we leave those facts will become clear. The other reason I don’t believe we should stay is because I recently read an article that many of the insurgents they are capturing lately are being arrested only to be released again. That is just downright crazy and no way to run a war. Can you imagine if we had released our POW’s during WWII only to go out and kill more of our soldiers. What is our Commander-in-Chief thinking? I would be more than ready to come home if I was in a war zone where the administration is cutting troops and allowing that kind of nonsense. It’s putting our troops in danger and I want to see my cousin and all the other soldiers over there make it home alive.

      • the people in the middle east hate us because we are free. they don’t like free. they like control. they hate us because we are allied with Israel. From the time Abraham had Ishmael with Sarah’s handmaid there has been conflict as to who the true son of the promise is. we all know it is Isaac. but try telling that to the son’s of Ishmael…. they hate us and it has nothing to do with allen west.

    • Anyone can read the real facts about Colonel West and his military career…….and if you do……you will change your mind. Maybe you never had to make life or death decisions, sir! I happen to have Marine veterans in my family and it may be hard for you to fathom but they actually will die for each other in combat. They will put themselves in danger to protect their brothers. How dare you judge him. Read the whole story. The last thing he should be called is a “terrible example” of anything!

      • Karen, Libs never admit they’re wrong. They all suffer from narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Chet would just say something like “that info he wrote himself”, or “a right-wing conspiracy, the one that brought down the Twin Towers and has polluted our air for decades, wrote it”.

      • This still doesnt excuse what he did over there.Torture is torture! Would you want the police to do that to one of your family members????

      • TORTURE??? Clearly YOU have no idea what torture is. That was not torture!!!
        If one of my family members was planting a bomb, or knew who was planting a bomb, to kill untold numbers of troops you’re damned right I would want him to do what he did. Hell I wouldn’t care if he actually would torture the pos planning on doing something like that.
        “When it comes to the safety of my men, I would go through hell with a gas can.”
        LTC Allen West

      • War isn’t a Social Club where everyone plays nice. It’s obvious you don’t understand War! It’s about SURVIVAL.

  41. West, it appears you are using this man for the exact same reasons. To promote your political agendas by pretending to defend a soldier. That is about as shallow as it gets. Not surprising though, coming from a guy who was booted out of the military and won the award for biggest sore loser of 2012….

  42. You libs are fascinating. As Mr. West professionally writes an on target article regarding current matters at hand, all you can do is attack the man personally….nothing about the speech, nothing about the issues. The truth hurts doesn’t it? And I have yet, in the year’s since Obama got into office, even begun to understand why liberals are defending his (and his cronies) insane actions. I’m not defending the Republicans either, I’m strictly speaking of Obama and his actions or lack thereof. It would be quite an interesting concept if the titles of Democrats and Republicans were taken off the table and people could simply listen to the issues. When simple tests like this have been done before with just average citizens, Obama “supporters” actually stated they did not agree with his policies at all, were not even aware of issues, were confused about who the people in the White House even were….basically uninformed, uneducated, uncaring, but apparently, just like to complain about “the other side”. It’s a common psychological reaction that when people are confronted with questions they can’t answered and are ashamed they don’t know the answers, they get very defensive and attack the messenger…..hmmmmm

  43. @ Mr. West. As always, a pleasure reading your blogs. Sadly, so much negative truth to it all. I was absolutely disgusted watching the insincerity (I won’t name names….but) that was going on during the “tribute” to Corey. Coming from a very long line of military family members and having been a military wife myself, I am horrified with the treatment of our military members. The “bleeding hearts” have eroded our Patriotic nation by shredding away at our Constitution, clawing at our Christian foundation, eliminating Patriotic heritage from our classrooms and replaced these with greed, laziness, blame and “redistribution” (or as I call it Robin Hood Syndrome – STEALING from one to give to another). They are nothing short of selfish. All wanting what THEY want at whatever cost – not taking into consideration the well being of our nation. For if they had even the slightest open minds they would recognize that the reason our nation catapulted as quickly as it did was because of our freedoms and opportunities. With Obama leading the helm with pen in hand; deciding that HIS ideals and laws are what is right for our nation and that he does not need Congress involved at all, there is one and only one word that describes Obama’s actions and that word and DICTATOR.

  44. So LTC West, how do we light a fire under Congress’s ass to hold Obama’s feet to the fire? Congress is filled with a bunch of moral cowards. They are too afraid they will be called “mean spirited”. Well, I would probably be one of the meanest there if I was to somehow be elected. Congress seems to no longer give a damn what the electorate think of them. We are truly forming our own “Corps of Royalty” and with Count Reid and Countess Pelosi leading the way, we will be rivaling the Brits pretty soon.

  45. As a retired Naval Officer retired from combat injuries from two wars, I was conflicted over SFC Cory Remsburg appearance. I know in every State of the Union they Parade out a wounded serviceman, this I understand and applaud giving them recognition but I could see from the unstable gait and appearance that the SFC was again giving his all (which any wounded serviceman would do), but I felt he was still needing medical care for just this appearance.
    What did he White House do go to a Military Hospital looking for the most injured serviceman that they could parade around. I in know way want to make any statement on the SFC’s appearance, he deserved it and more, but I felt that he was being used as a prop to get some applause for his speach. Obama certainly said nothing to back the military with commitment and conviction. I noticed that it wasn’t until the Military Chief of Staff started clapping for the SFC that the other Admirals and Generals like sheep joined in. Again I am biased against
    Obama so I will apologize to all that I might offend but he is a pathological liar and I felt the military was being used to prop up his pathetic speach and record. Your opinion.

    • I agree. The only thing Obama has proved to be to me anyways is a good speaker and actor. However, for me, the show ended a long time ago and he has lost all credibility with this voter.

    • Obama is always exploiting somebody, he thinks nothing of forcing a wounded vet to stand as an example, and to get applause, he will stand a Cancer victim in front of the podium as he is discussing cancer, he surrounds himself with children as he is discussing education, so this is nothing new.

    • I agree Thomas. The audacity to cut vet benefits and then parade a hero around to make himself feel better or look better. He IS a pathological liar, but worse yet, he is a criminal. Impeach, prosecute and imprisonment.

  46. I met SFC Remsburg briefly in Honolulu when our battalion played volleyball against his in the Navy Invitational.
    The guy is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met and a good soldier; It is disgusting to see him used as yet another human prop just so the Liar-In-Chief to bask in this noble man’s reflected glory.
    As a good soldier myself, I will follow the CIC’s legal orders, but I can’t help despising the man himself and eagerly awaiting his replacement.

  47. Its funny how one group always says the other is so wrong. I think, as someone stated already, that we need to drop this “Republican/Democrat” bull $#!+ and put OUR issues on the table and let the AMERICAN people vote. Also, if you are a citizen than you shouldn’t have the right to vote for anything that deals with this country. PERIOD!!! Somethings I do agree with but all of America needs to have their vote. Not some Pompous @$$ who say they represent the people. Whatever! One thing I will mention, Mr. West, is that when Obama started in office, almost 2 terms ago, that the debt was already 10.6 Trillion and now you are blaming him because it is now 7 more. What about the blame on the President who made it 10 Trillion to begin with? I believe Obama is the AntiChrist and I will tell you why! The so called “Christians” came up with an “antichrist” because the person who will bring down the rich politicians (who were Chrisitans since the Roman times) and raise up the poor (which they don’t want the same stature cause we are basically slaves) will do anything to keep their greedy @$$es rich. Conspiracy! Down with all Politicians! Let the people decide on each issue through a vote!

    • It took all the presidents before him to get it to 10trillion! And Obummer has nearly doubled it in his 2 terms. Stop drinking the Koolaid and wake up!

    • Not sure who wrote this, I am sure whomever did write it has the ,”Oh poor,poor me, I’m so abused and taken advantage of” syndrome though!!! How about manning up and not blaming everyone else for your inability to get ahead in this life. Get out and do something beside bitching and name calling. We have dumped hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars into the failed school systems in our inner cities, and to what avail? You can’t teach someone if they don’t want to learn! The food stamp and welfare wagon is running amok, over 1,000,000 people have disappeared from the work force, are you sh!tt!$& me!!!
      So what if the debt was $10,000,000,000,000.00 when Obama took over? He was the guy railing against that very thing, and here we are 4 years later another $7,000,000,000,000.00 more in debt with no end in sight, unless you look ahead to his depatture from the oval office.

      • To all the “Woe is me!” people out there; you are responsible for you! Not the government or anybody else just you! It is up to you to make the best decisions for your life!!

    • You miss the point entirely, Bush did not post a 10.1 trillion dollar debt, it was all of the presidents before Obama total, Obama has added 7 Seven trillion, so far, by himself.

  48. President Lame Duck had his rose colored glasses on last night. He offered only platitudes and no substantive policy to get us out of the quagmire the economy is in. His boldest policy was free MyRa’s for the “free stuffers!” That’s going to put Americans back to work.

  49. So Allen this guy has lied continuously to the country. His administration at his direction has done more illegal and unethical things then Nixon ever thought of doing. He is doing his very best to bring Sharia Law to this country and give any Muslim group an express pass while attacking anyone who does agree with him. Cutting funds for Vets and Active Duty Service members. Simple questions, “Why in the Hell has this guy not been impeached?”

  50. The 189 Tricare Service Centers offer walk-in customers face-to-face
    assistance with claims paperwork, enrollment changes and other administrative
    tasks. Fifty percent of the visits to the centers are for in- and out-processing
    and requests to change primary care providers, and the rest involve
    billing-related questions, officials said.

    “The change will not — let me repeat that — will not affect any Tricare
    medical benefit or health care service,” Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve
    Warren said.

  51. We need less government in every area of our lives. From the National, state county and cities government, less, less,less,less! Then we can get our country out of debit and back to being a great free country.

    • Allen West for president, nobody cares what a brain dead liberal has to say anyway. It would be so refreshing to have a leader that had the country’s best interest at heart, who actually had served in the military, and who was a true patriot, Wow, but we can dream can’t we? its still not illegal, at least so far.

      • Not so much that they are brain dead. They want no one to think for themselves and be stupid sheepeoples so, they can spend our hard earned money and we believe everything they say. Well people I don’t know about you but, I am riding my Heavenly Fathers shirt tale all the way home. Hey, Just say Jesus! (“7eventh Time Down”) There is power in the name. God please have mercy on this country and our president, show us how to be good stewardess in “Jesus name” Amen!

      • How about Col. West and Sen. Ted Cruz. that would be a hell of a team regardless which is the president or vp.

      • Why Col West and Cruz ? Both are relatively new to politics, how about Rand Paul as President and Col West as VP?

      • deepsea, that would work I guess. I like Paul, however, I believe Paul has not been in politics very long. Wasn’t he an eye surgeon before running for the Senate? I like Cruz because he has a lot of legal experience and as the Allan Durquoits (spelling ?) from Harvard Law School said Cruz was one of the brightest , if not the brightest, he has taught in his years at Harvard. Plus, I think Cruz appeared 4 or 5 times before the US Supreme Ct. and won every case.

    • You are a WELFARE GIVE ME MORE NUT. Obama is nothing to you but your next TBone steak on tax payers money. If Obama wasn’t kill all of us that work to support people like you then you would be the first in line to bash him..

    • Seriously? An intelligent man (that doesn’t need a teleprompter), that can not only PROVE he’s an American (without spending $2 million), SERVED and defended the country he LOVES (unlike the one who loves Islam), and actually showed up in Congress…………unlike Barry who accomplished absolutely ZIP before and after his election, got a free ride into the most important position in the world by the underground……..gee, “guest”……I think I see who the idiot is.

    • And you can’t even leave your name – another coward yelling out how intellegent “he” is. Go back to “moveon” they’re probably missing your intelegent input for the MSNBC show.

  52. He’s trying to make points by sacrificing Congress since they have a lower rating then him. His mistake is in thinking that all of congress is graded the same. IN reality many of us dislike congress for the liberal agenda they have been taking. IF/When they come to their senses and realize that America IS a Business and needs to be run as one,

  53. Allen, please run for President!!! If you need a Vice President at your side…like a good NCO would be in any Command…I’ll have your back!!! Wife won’t be happy but our country NEEDS a real leader!! A man with character and conviction to lead our country back to greatness.

    Todd S. Dunmire
    USMC 1989-1993
    US Army 1994-2010
    KFOR 2000
    OIF x 2 2003-2004, 2008-2009
    OEF 2005-2006

      • Which part of being a conservative do you not like. You probably really do not like defending the constitution that gives you the right to come to a site like this and spew your left wing agenda. Small minds will always be small minds.

      • If people who think like you are so willing to dismiss Col. West, then he must be exactly the right person.

        PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT. And I’m serious.

      • You may be correct because obama has poisoned the well, so to speak, for any future black man and there are some great ones like Col. West. Dr.Ben Carson, the brain surgeon is great to name a couple.

      • the only poison is he’s really not a man nor has he been where struggling black MEN ever been but he is from a trashy white mentality and a confused boy who learned how to lie and smile in your face and walk away without heart. A real sorry situation for people everywhere unless your as heartless as he is – then you’ve got competition, We need statesmen not snakemen.

      • Heaven forbid a black man leaves the Democrat Plantation.
        Or was never part of it to begin with.
        That is when you see the true RACISTS of the Liberal/Progressive Dem Party

    • Allen West would get my vote!!! Dunmire for vice. Need anyone else, I am willing to do my part. Lets get back on the right track in America!

  54. Enough is enough, immediately need term limits in congress.Lobbyists should be illegal. Earmarks are illegal. All billion dollar corporations should be deemed monopolies and hire middle men with no companies allowed anymore to manufacture and sell direct to public. This is how you fix capitalism. Capitlism is not supposed to be dominant and we lost our middle class with Wal mart etc.

    • @HK, ‘enough is enough’ Ron Paul tried for the last decade to get bills passed that would make Congress/representatives to actually read them first before voting, also one law at a time, or no pork added, also Audit the Fed, pay attention and vote!! The Bills are;
      Read the Bills Act
      One Bill at Time Act
      Audit the Fed Act

      • Capitalism is a manufacturer, distributor, jobber, retailer, consumer. All the middlemen make a percentage of sales and then we have a middle class again. Corporations are set up now with being top heavy and we have a very rich corporate society with a ton of low paid worker bees below it and the professional salesmen and brokers are squeezed out of the economy…those salesmen with their 40 to 75 thousand dollar commissions per year are instead forced into lower paying jobs out of desperation. I can make a bunch more money with my own company without a broker, but I prefer to pay brokers and let them sell my produce and although I make less money I personally have more time for family and they have a life too…

      • Oh I hear you and it seems to me you have made a great point in you’re comments! I use brokers also and agents!

  55. I can’t help but take notice of the common trend that continuously goes on in modern politics, particularly in this administration. Democrats want to blame the Bush Administration for everything and Republicans want to blame the Obama Administration for everything. You have all got to be kidding me, they are two udder extremes from different parties and neither accomplished anything in their terms that wasn’t already thought of or orchestrated by either Regan, Bush sr, or Clinton. The only thing either President has accomplish is instilling the fact that you can be a complete moron with no political knowledge and still become President. I know someone reading this is say “oh but Bush went to Yale school of Law” or “Obama went to Harvard Law” yea that’s fantastic, one got in because of daddy’s money and connections and the other because of affirmative action. Both Presidents are currently responsible for adding nearly 7 trillion dollars in national debt. Check the numbers, the national debt was at 3.9 trillion dollars when Bush entered office and he left with over 10 trillion, and then we have Obama who accumulated another 7 trillion in debt in only 5 year with another 3 to go. I could keep this going for a while but i’m sure you get the point. If the only thing you base your vote on is political party, race or sex. Be prepared to keep this pattern going for many administrations to come, but if you do your research now and elect someone with a somewhat logical voting history and actually has all of Americas best interests at heart, we might stand a chance to move forward in life and reclaim a functioning America that we once had.

    • That is exactly is what we need to do. The only down side to that is we have no control over who our choices are. I will never vote for another person again until I have researched his life with all the data I can find. No I did not vote for Obama. I was a democrat all my life, I have registered independent. The media has gotten to be a propaganda machine.

    • I really do not think America will last if this pattern continues! Their goal (inc. Bush) and for decades has been to usher in the New World Order and in order to do that they have to get America out of the way and “CHANGE” or weaken us! The UN is behind this and has been Communist run since 1942! O is now worth over 10,000,000 dollars and Michelle gets 44,000 per month for her salary! How did a Community Organizer amass such a fortune? Corruption, theft, investment in green technology, insider trading and the likes of Soros! Solyndra has billions missing and they still do not know where it is?

  56. Sir, would you please comment on the situation regarding the U.S. nuclear arsenal?This appears to be an increasingly serious situation.

  57. Do you enjoy being the token Republican black man that has to prove you are different by being an Obama hater? I didn’t get that message at all during his state of the union address?

    • Your post is a great example of what is called “the uninformed”. No wonder these leftist keep getting voted into office. Sad, very sad

      • They’re brainwashed. From time to time they come up for air, leaving their iPads and computer games to check in on what the lame-stream media is saying. And then after making themselves another junk food snack and maybe, just maybe sniffing their armpits trying to decide whether it’s time they took a shower or not and put on some clean underwear, they resume their zombie-like playing status. They’re A-holes.

    • That’s a racist remark and I think your wrong! He isn’t the only Black man or women for that matter, that doesn’t agree with Obama. I would vote for this man in 2016! Allot of Black people believe Obama isn’t doing his job, what would you call them? Why does he have to be using Obama to prove he is different? He uses his own brain, he has his own thoughts and he is brilliant! A real American who Loves his country! Why can’t he disagree without you labeling and attacking him? Obama didn’t try and give that message last night, he always tries to look good and uses his charm and slick words to woo you. If you know the history of the cuts he’s made you’d understand Mr. West’s statements, unless you yourself think the military doesn’t deserve the best from their government. I am not going to argue with you, I simply do not agree with you, you are who you are, thanks to people like my husband and other service men/women, you have the freedom to voice your opinion. I am a Conservative White woman and wife of a disabled vet, trying to support my family while my husband waits for his VA disability, friend of other wives of disabled vets, who are waiting for theirs, 19 months and counting, I know what Obama’s faults are! Allen West For President 2016!

    • Bean up the ass, I mean . . deanofthebass, I’m a white registered Republican. I would NEVER vote for Obama, but would vote for Allen
      in a heartbeat and pray that he enters the 2016 presidential race. What sort of token does this make me? Because everyone that is deaf & blind to Obama and says such things about Allen, Herman, etc., fail to see the ignorance of your statement and that It holds no merit. It only shows that your heart holds a lot of resentment. When Dr. King said that no one should judge another by the color of
      their skin, he did not lay out certain criteria. It was a statement for total equality among everyone. Yet, when Allen and other intelligent, honest
      blacks don’t look at Obama’s skin color and instead, look at his
      CHARACTER, they are token Republicans? Honestly, do you feel Dr. King would be okay with Obama and the arrogant destruction he has brought upon our country? NO! Because Dr. King was intelligent, honest and unafraid to state what the truth is about anyone, regardless of whom else was blind. It’s time you opened your ears to learn and your eyes to look past color solidarity. We are all people first before we are a particular race.

      • Easy Liverighteous -this knot hole will not understand “GET” what your saying not even a little- stupid is as stupid does- he’s acustomed to believing things like the nightly news shows are telling you the truth – the whole truth and NOTHING but the truth and Obama is picked on but the wonderful honest and deserving of our admiration and trust because our vote said so. There are some really simpletons who take TV seriously. But seriously, nice try, I agree with you if it’s any consoulation.

    • @deanofthebass – Your remark is so off base. Col. West is NOT a token anything…he has proven himself and continues to do so! Being an Obama hater is not different, it is pretty mainstream! You notice that Obama’s approval rating right now is lower than it ever has been! I wonder if you need to change your name to deanofthedumbass. 🙁

    • I spit on you – you dishonor even the breath with which you breath. Your brain may be deprived from lack of air so you didn’t GET that message- but the message your giving comes from you talking out of your ass probably cause that’s where your head is-

    • If you didn’t get what Obama was really saying then you need to clean your ears out and really listen and don’t insult Allen West who is a man who has served his country and fought for your right to say “ugly” things to someone that you have no right to criticize…you should be ashamed of yourself…Obama must really feel good about all the ignorant people who really believe his bull crap…but perhaps you were dropped on your head as a baby and you just can’t help it but don’t tell us we are wrong because we can tell that when Obama opens his mouth he is always lying…you should apologize to Allen West…!!!

    • Every time I hear “black man” I want to scream he is also a white man, did everyone forget that fact. So maybe we should just compromise and say he is a dark caucasian?

  58. It’s all posturing from here on, Mr. West. Obama came & conquered; Paul Krugman draws it up. Your towering achievements will be recorded alongside Obama’s for posterity.

    • Yes he did come and conquer. More people are in poverty, more people are on food stamps, more people are unemployed, our old allies do not like us very much any more, most of Europe does not trust us, the Justice Department only goes after individuals and groups they do not like and choose which Federal laws they want to enforce. Obamacare is a doomsday law that Obama only enforces the parts he likes or that will take the heat off of him until someone gets elected. What part of enforcing all laws do you not understandThese are just the beginning of what is going on. How much longer will it take for some folks to see the damage that has taken place.

  59. He wants to force a minimum wage increase so workers can afford his “affordable” Obamacare. Still puts the burden on the small business. The foundation of our economy (small businesses) has been overloaded and will eventually break under such cruelty. It’s a means to his goal . . . . destruction of our economy and country. George Soros is smiling nicely, I’m certain.

      • And our hard earned taxes pay for his lavish trips while our dept to China continues to rise, illegals drain us of resources that our vets and elderly should be getting. UGH! Why aren’t our officials doing something instead of just blabbering about their frustrations and big plans?

  60. We wouldn’t have to raise the minimum wage if everyone still had their full time jobs. The only reason they have to raise it is so that everyone can afford Obamacare. And furthermore, if we extend the unemployment benefits again why would anyone ever go back to work when they can live carefree off the Gov’t… 6 months is all they should get. Unless they are enrolled in school, or some sort of Job training that will carry them past the six months…then and only after they prover every month that they are still enrolled in this training should it go for the 99 weeks that it is now. I say this because I know that some legitimate unemployed people who have lost their jobs and are now going to school to reeducate themselves or get certified in a career path with the end result of getting a job. Most certification programs at the community college levels are 18-24 months…

    • They will find a way to take the money – bait and switch! They give you more but will take more so really how are you coming out ahead?

  61. Also take note there was no mention of the wounded veterans heroism or anything about his service, it was all about his being a victim. He was made a tool for Oblammer to hang out there for Oblammer’s warped benefit though I think most of us could see right through the false show Oblammer depicted.

  62. I couldn’t force myself to watch the potus. When i woke up this morning, and saw SFC Remsberg being used, I was pissed.

  63. What happened to the ole’time hook ? This was worse than the gong show!!!! Poor night’s “entertainment waste of air time for the President of the BLOWHARD CLUB, and applauding FOOLS.

  64. My brother has been wading through months of red tape at the V.A. For a replacement wheelchair. The one he has now is so dilapidated that it’s dangerous but the only alternative would be to lay in bed till all the paperwork is shuffled from one office to another. That is the reality of government run healthcare.

    • It’s damn angering to hear about how Vets are treated. And you’re right, obama-government-care won’t be any different, except that it’s worse when someone who volunteered and put their life on the line for the rest of us gets treated like your brother is. Hope he gets a new wheelchair soon and when he does, maybe someone could send a picture of his old broken one to the obamas, letting them know they are about as useful AND dangerous to our Country as the broken wheelchair is.

    • I can tell you from experience that the only way to get the VA off their butts to get anything done is, first, call and remind them that they are taking too long…you as his brother can do that for him as well as any other members of the family and any friends…find out who to contact and stay on them…second, call your Congressman (man or woman) and tell them about the situation and how your brother has been waiting…if anyone tells you that you can’t call on the veterans behalf just have your brother sign papers that will allow you to speak to the VA on his behalf…if you really want to help your brother it is a benefit to a veteran for someone or several someone’s to contact the VA on their behalf because as many veterans have explained to me they feel if they call all the time they feel like they are begging, of course they aren’t but they have pride, and it hurts them emotionally to keep on calling…it is easier for you to call as you are able to be “tough” with the VA employee and let them know that taking so much time is totally unacceptable, sure they will complain that they are so busy and so many requests are coming in but tell them you realize this but the veteran has served his country and the least we can do is make sure we follow up on the promise to take care of them, which includes their medical needs, and they need to come first and foremost…believe me when he gets what he needs he will feel good and so will you and anyone else that has helped…how do I know this well I did that for my son and when he wanted to give up on his benefits I helped him get back in the game and keep going…never let your brother give up because he has sacrificed for our country and he should be honored, as well as all the veterans…Sincerely, Maggie (an Iowa mother and a member of the Blue Star Mothers of America)

      • You are right. I once contacted a congressman after reading a Vet’s published letter to a newspaper editor. And I made it public.

      • I work for the VA on the health side of the house, nothing gets paperwork moving faster than having a Congressman call and ask why he doesn’t have what he needs. They become priority cases and go straight to the front of the line.

    • When you go back to the VA and if you start to get the run-around Just mention that “I guess my next move will have to be a call to Congressman (the name of yours) and get a ( and here it is, the word that will that will causes anyone in hearing distance to look your way wide eyed and stunned) Congressional started and then ask for all names of those you spoke to. Re-member, your brother has and probably still paying their salary, not to mention he has been paying his own pay check ever since he went to boot camp. And don’t let the congressman try to give you the run around mention JAG if he does.

  65. Fortunately, only 10% of americans were watching. Unfortunately, the praetorian media will be playing “glory” clips for several days. Ugh!

  66. “climate change is a fact” —> “no idea he was a weatherman”

    I hate the scientific illiteracy of even the most supposedly educated politicians and pundits. Are you kidding me? The day to day weather has almost NOTHING to do with anthropogenic global climate change. Not to mention “weathermen” don’t even develop weather models, run simulations, predict weather, or study climate science. They simply have a decent enough meteorology background to report information given to them without sounding like idiots. I know because my father was a weatherman. He never once had to code in a bunch of equations into the giant supercomputers that fill up entire office building floors (this is what ‘predicting weather’ is really about)

    Climate change is one of the most simple ideas in physics: add more blanket, and you get warmer. Even the densest of pundits can agree. Stop eating up the B.S.

    • The time between Ice Ages tends to be 25,000 years. We are already at the halfway mark, yet Global Warming alarmists continue to deny that we are entering the first half of the next Ice Age.

    • You hate the scientific illiteracy and we hate die hard alarmist like yourself. There is no proof of global warming. None. Do we affect the planet with pollution etc. But the global warming scare tactic is just that. There is no “global warming degree” and most so called experts have degrees in philosopy, law and other useless degrees.

  67. Mr Obama said he raised minimum wage for workers on Federal Contracts to Ten Dollars & change well In CA the prevailing wage law has been in effect for years
    so if you paid a worker 10 $ an hour and was audited you would find your self

    locked up in jail for under paying a Employee on a prevailing wage project of the

    Federal Government My point is that he didn’t raise any ones wages in fact 10.00
    dollars an hour would be around 30 an hour short 40 to 50 dollars an Hour would

    be about the money paid to any one in the Construction/Engineering Trades So what
    I’m saying is he lied again

  68. Given this Administration track record with our Nation’s military I cannot understand why anyone in the military would allow themselves to be “trotted out to make political points”?

    • Chris E Moore “Some people wonder all their lives if they’ve made a difference. The Marines don’t have that problem.” Obama has spent his years cutting down our Military, so I think ex-Military people have more than a right to speak out.

      • Maybe I was not clear, why would any military member or their family allow themselves to be used as pawns by politicians that loathed them and everything that they sacrifice for?
        Semper fi!

      • F DeMoraes– yes I did read your comment wrong. My husband and brother are Air Force, so this crap Obama is doing really angers me.

  69. Mr. West, its controversial ending notwithstanding, you’ve had a decorated and honorable career. However, no matter how illustrious your career, no matter how educated you are, no matter your statesmanship status, no matter your passion for your country, your above words are ultimately fruitless and beneath you.

    I had a lot more to say, but I retracted it, because I think it would amount to little more than fodder for back and forth arguments. But I think if you pause long enough to think objectively about whatever impact you want your words to have, you may glimpse my meaning.

    • You seem to me to be the type who would call Col West a racist for daring to criticize Obama. Only problem is, you have to keep your mouth shut on that one because Col West is more black than your boy Obama. You must be really seething over that one.
      “Your meaning” is that you are offended that anyone would dare criticize the great visionary Obama, and by way of extension, super smart elitists like you who know best what’s best for the rest of us.

      • You are mistaken. I never said, alluded to, or care anything about the “race card.” My meaning is that one of the marks of a great leader, especially a military leader, is that they are careful not to publicly tear down THEIR leaders. Even when there is passionate disagreement, the level of animosity communicated above for a sitting President not only speaks to the character of the President, but also to the character of the one making the comments. Those who follow (like the average American who wants a better America) or those who simply watch (like the Average American whose lost faith, or our allies and enemies) see the divisiveness and the instability of the country AND its leaders.

        Ret. General and former Secretary of State Collin Powell is ALSO black and is ALSO Republican, despite having supported President Obama. However, when he speaks, his words are carefully thought out, subtle, and uplifting. He doesn’t throw stones, and he doesn’t spit bile at America’s leaders, because he understands that although they may be a house divided, the world sees them, and history will ultimately remember and judge them as one entity that either succeeds or fails.

      • If he was just some nobody, I’d likely ignore or dismiss his words. But when more is expected of a person, and that person begins to speak and behave in a manner that falls woefully short of his caliber, you don’t ignore it, you say to that person “I expect better of you.”

      • You mean he speaks the facts and truth? He is not perfect nor is anyone else. His articles do make you think, don’t they?

      • The only thing his words make me think are about the nature of HIS character. He could communicate his thoughts in a manner that is more distinguished and respectable by all…if he wanted to. And a man like him should have learned to tailor his words a LONG time ago.

      • Would that also apply to Obama ‘s character assassination of President Bush? President Bush, is such an honorable man, he will not even offer an opinion on Obama’s political decisions. As deplorable as they may be. Col West has not been president, and therefore is allowed to voice his thoughts, as is any other citizen. ‘Succeeds or fails’ , many of us believe that to be the sole purpose of Obama’s presidency, to ‘fundamentally change the nation’, into what a copy of Europe, with socialist’s in office and universal health-care, and thereby cause it to fail. Animosity I believe so, the depth’s of which have not yet began to be revealed .

      • I believe that President Obama has addressed the Bush Administration and some of the methods used and how they should be changed. However, I don’t think he said anything directly negative about President Bush himself. That would have disrespected the very office that he was trying to hold when he was campaigning. I also recall President Obama thanking President Bush during his initial inauguration, and even reaching out to him after Bin Laden’s death, to share in the moment.

        To be fair, being overseas now, I do not see or hear a lot of what goes on (the small quips back and forth), so I don’t know that the President has NOT attacked former President Bush. I just haven’t seen it, and definitely not like Col West.

        Col West is absolutely entitled to his opinion. He even has every right to share it. I’m just saying that for someone of his caliber, he should know that the communicating what he has in the manner that he has may not be in anyone’s best interest; his included.

      • What exactly makes West more black than the POTUS, that statement is pure stupidity. What does it mean to be black since you seem to know exactly what would make one more or less black. And though Christopher didn’t state nor imply that West was racist, a person can be racist and belong to that particular group, just for your own edification.

  70. Why couldn’t the Gov’t. sell some of the many empty buildings, in prime locations & sitting empty for years, instead of picking on the VETS who made it all possible?

  71. I have never not wanted to listen ti a president speak in my life time, but I thought listening to the president’s state if the union was a waist of my time bc he lies. I could tell he was lying when he ran for president because his debating tactics are to agree with any good ideas his opposer has and add a spin on it. The idea then gets applauded and becomes his in the viewers eye bc he was the last to comment on it. Watch and you will see….

  72. IT is always Polictically correct for anyone to send soldiers out in public for SOTU addresses. I cannot think of the last one without a soldier. Too bad it means absolutely nothing to those they are in the room with, only to those watching at home on TV, with no power…

      • Russell Jones you sound like my kind of guy and a patriot. It is time to stand up, speak out and vote. Take back our country from crooked politicians regardless of party affiliations. We are the people.

  73. I resent them trotting out a very disfigured veteran to showcase his status as a victim of George Bush’s disasterous and failed policies. Shame on the left for making his a victim instead of a patriot.

    • You do realize that he was wounded in Afghanistan right? You do realize that Al Qaeda and OBL was scheming 9/11 from there right? You do realize that Obama’s Rules of Engagement have seriously hampered our military’s efforts and have caused more casualties in the last 4 years than all of Bush’s years. You don’t know anything other than what MSNBC tells you.

  74. Climate change is a fact and it’s not according to the president, it’s according to the hundreds of scholarly journals on the topic since 1970. Perhaps I’m nitpicking, but this one detail that I know without doubt casts a shadow on the rest of your writing. Further reading suggests the Budget Compromise was bipartisan and, while backed by Obama, supported by roughly half of both sides, though there are dissidents for each.

    • Actually. It has been proven NOT to be a fact. There is a theory but to date it is not proven. But heck facts and liberals never reside in the same universe.

    • I agreed with everything this article had in it aside from the climate change comment. My understanding is that climate change is a fact and the argument isn’t about it existence but how much of it is the result of human beings.

  75. As a member of the Armed Forces its congressmen like this who disrespect the elected office. I don’t care if you are a COL or not he was elected and you must fully respect that as he is your CDR in Chief. You are a politician who is using his office to get away with saying such disrespectful comments. You should be ashamed. It would be one thing if you were just a politician and not a member of the armed forces. I don’t care what party affiliation you are, but you wear a uniform and that should come first. SGT Sykes

    • Good grief, sarge! You really need an attitude adjustment. West was a battalion commander who was effectively forced to retire because he scared the dickens out of a rag-head prisoner by firing a handgun near his head, thereby getting info from said rag-head which saved the lives of some of his troops.

      Col. West is an American citizen. He is no longer in the military and, please, spare me that UCMJ crap about how retirees are still ‘in’. I don’t know that that has ever been tested in the courts, but I’ll betcha it would lose big-time!

    • I agree with you, but I don’t regard people forced to retire as gentlemen who need to extend such courtesies. As stated below Mr. West was forced to retire due to his tactics on his deployment, he was charged with doing the right thing and failed hence being forced out. Also he isn’t using his political position because he lost the election because “we” chose someone better. He is entitled to his opinion, and freedom of speech – even if we don’t agree with him.

    • Sometimes a CinC proves to be so incapable and/or faithless to the nation that he must not be obeyed or respected. This is such a time.

      Your oath to uphold the Constitution and to defend this nation against all enemies foreign and domestic comes first. Obedience and respect for a person/office somewhere after that. If you don’t get that, you’ve already broken your oath and need to get out of any position of responsibility.

  76. I applaud Col. West for speaking the truth and standing on high moral principles. I wish more politicians shared his intellect and compassion for the country. I don’t consider politicians that outright lie to their constituents to be deserved of any respect.

  77. Allen West, you are absolutely right. If only people’s eyes & ears could discern the corruption that has taken our nation on a downward spiral these last five years. However, one only has to read the news regularly to see outright disregard for our laws and behavior appropriate for oversexed adolescents. I do not have any respect for someone who is deliberately trying to destroy our economy.

  78. What we need is an Army of Lawyers and just file a lawsuit on every executive order he signs and keep his DOJ so busy with briefs they don’t have time to scheme

  79. Cory did his rehabilitation over 17 months at my hospital, Casa Colina Center for Rehabilitation in Pomona, Ca. He used to flip everyone off with a smile on his face. He is not a trained puppy to wheel out for show. He is my hero and a hell of a fighter.


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