Democrats double down on progressive vision with Hillary love affair

We are a full three years away from the 2016 presidential election, but the Democrats are already looking forward to the inauguration of Hillary Clinton.

As reported today in The Hill,

Fifty-six Democratic lawmakers say they would endorse Hillary Clinton for president if she launches a 2016 White House bid, according to a survey. Twenty-two congressional Democrats had already publicly endorsed Clinton. An additional 34 members told The Hill that if Clinton runs, they would back her in the Democratic primary.

Here’s the complete list.

The total represents more than 20 percent of the 253 Democrats in the House and Senate. It is also more than half of the lawmaker endorsements Clinton received in 2008. One Senate Democratic aide said, “You want us to comment on whether the senator supports a candidate who hasn’t declared, in a race that isn’t underway and in which no one is running?”

It might be absurd, but perhaps there are those who don’t want to end up on the Clinton “enemy list.” In fact two members who were on Clinton’s so-called enemies list during her presidential campaign have already endorsed her for 2016: Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) and Rep. Robert Andrews (D-N.J.).

But what exactly are these Democrats supporting? Just recently Hillary Clinton admitted Benghazi was her greatest regret. What exactly about Benghazi does Mrs. Clinton regret? Does she regret abandoning an American Ambassador and three others to die? Does she regret not being truthful about who denied requests for additional security? Does she regret being complicit in the lie of blaming this “spontaneous demonstration” on some crude anti-Islam video trailer? Does she regret using taxpayer dollars to apologize to the Muslim world about a video which we know had nothing to do with Benghazi? Does she regret the statement she made before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in relation to the “preventable” deaths of Americans, “what difference at this point does it make?”

There is blood on the hands of Hillary Rodham Clinton and anyone supporting her is complicit in the murder, lies, and deceit that is Benghazi. It would be a travesty if she is elected to the highest office in the land.

I find it interesting that Bill and Hillary Clinton were in attendance at the inauguration of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Apparently the Clintons are embracing the far left progressive socialist agenda as they position for a 2016 run, knowing the Democrat party is not a centrist party — as reflected in the devotion to the failing agenda of Barack Obama and celebration of de Blasio and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Hillary Clinton has no accomplishments for which to run for President of the United States, a precedent established by the current occupant. So let’s be honest, presidential elections are not about competence, ability, integrity, or character anymore. They have devolved into a grand political American Idol contest — and Democrats know this.

Barack Obama was, and still is, an empty suit but he is the “first black president” and any opposition is classified as racist. Hillary Clinton will run solely on being the “first woman president” and any opposition will be classified as sexist, misogynist, and part of the war on women.

Leadership matters little, while likeability and “rock star appeal” have taken preeminence. Image trumps substance and deception overrules truth. Welcome to the new America — at least the new progressive socialist vision of America.

With three years still to go in his presidency, Barack Obama has become irrelevant and the popular Left has anointed Hillary.

I hope each and every American will repeat this mantra: fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. We must not be fooled again! And we must begin to stem this progressive tide in 2014.


  1. CHESS GAME, JUST A FRIGGIN CHESS GAME. THEY PLAY Out with one another, having nothing to do with anything. TAX ALL TO KEEP UP THEIR LIFESTYLES. VANITY!

  2. Unless Hillary is in jail, she WILL be our next president. I truly hope and pray that she will be a “lame duck” president her entire term.

      • I know. But, Morris didn’t plan on the first black president interfering with his prediction. There will be votes for her coming from women because of the mere fact that she is a woman, she would be the first woman and she would be the first wife of a former president; NO other reason than one of those.

  3. She has always been a liar, her history shows it, enough of these families running, bad enough we had slick the no integrity liar for 8 years we don’t need her .

  4. Then it’s time for the rest of the parties, or upstart parties to do something about it, and the American Public to stop being so lazy about who they vote for. People need to stand for something, even if it’s their own beliefs, and stand fast for them. Otherwise, what you get is the empty suit in the white house now. Americans have to do something, not politicians, but the American public. The average Joe. It cannot be done for them. Either do it, or don’t complain.

  5. And the Republican Party cannot convey this example of Marxism and how they may offer an alternative? No wonder people are leaving that party in droves.

    • So true Ben Nunes. It is very difficult for the average person to start a movement and our representatives in government complain, start petitions but don’t take action to get things going. They are so worried about California and East Coast progressives that they seem to forget how many conservative Americans are in the mid-west that would be happy to know help vote these people out.

    • Republican party doesn’t need an alternative. They will keep America’s laws in accordance with the Constitution as it always has before Obama. That they are public servants voted in to do a job for THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE. Why do they need an alternative to Marxism? That’s not America. 90 million citizens were happy just the way America was before Obama took office, and long before you or I was born!

  6. Screw Hillary Clinton & ANYONE who supports her.

    People like Hillary & her supporters are what is wrong with this country and they must be dealt with & purged!

  7. I see how the Democrats are going to try to play this off…just like when Obama does his incedious BS ,if we call him on it , we get called a raciest, the same tactic will be used if Hillary gets into office, to dissagree is to be against her being a WOMAN…nothing will be allowed to be said against her policies. We must not allow this to happen….time for some “bud nipping”!

  8. I’m not yet convinced that she will be the Democrat candidate.

    Part of me suspects that Hillary is (and has always been) a false flag candidate. Just look at all the years and years of “OMG We Must Stop Hillary!” fear mongering that started 5 minutes after Kerry lost against Bush. For years Shaun Hannity called his show the “Stop Hillary Express”. Conservatives myopically railed against the Hillary-monster and the Dems slipped a cypher in right under our nose (I still remember many of my fellow Republicans being extremely relieved that Obama beat Hillary).

    Democrats are the masters of redirection and distraction … what monster are they REALLY planning on running while they dangle Hillary in front of our faces?

  9. Democrats NEVER divide. A democrat 92% of the time vote STRAIGHT TICKET whereas republicans vote straight ticket 68%. What’s wrong with this picture?

    • Amen! I USED to vote with a little of each, but that was before Clinton turned the White House into a whore house 🙁 Now that Obama won’t even consider any compromise it’s straight Republican. and let me apologize for trying to be bi-partisan when I was young.

    • Too true. I have a friend who votes straight ticket Demonrat every single election, no matter how corrupt the candidate. So I always vote straight ticket Republican just to cancel out her vote.

  10. Has anyone though of Nanny Bloomberg running and, as stated, Killary is a shill, a pawn, a distraction. Nanny has the money and the name to carry out the DemoLibs agenda to sell the US out to the muslims.

  11. I think its like a spouse “regrets” an affair. . .when then get found out! I can’t believe she regrets the lying, deceiving, or even the horrible job of nothingness as Secretary of State! While, she’s regretting what has come to light, more is yet to be made known!

  12. It is absurd to say these Democrats will support her in 2016 when they may not even be in office themselves after 2014.

  13. It is very difficult to believe that the American voting public is dumb enough to support this flea bag for president; but, I guess if they elected the Bamster twice, they are that dumb!

  14. My hope is that this will never happen and the fact that competency, ability, integrity, and character are no longer a factor in our political system is a sad comentary.

  15. I would love to comment on this , but I am way to busy conducting the war on women. Also, trying to get black people back in chains in what ever spare time I have left. Its not easy being an extremist and a hate monger.

  16. Well if that’s the best the Democrats can come up for a candidate, I really believe there’s nothing to worry about. It’s really laughable!!

    • Robert, the only problem with your thinking is, that’s what we all thought about Ovomit being elected to a 2nd term!!! We have to do everything possible to keep this POS, Hillary Clinton out of office!!!

  17. To really know how she is likely to manage the government you have to go back to how she managed changes to health insurance/health care back in the 1990’s when Bill was in the White House.

    She managed it like she managed the defense of the compound in Benghazi.

  18. Yes for sure.!! She can never account for the horrific act she committed. Its over now but she should never be put in a position of power again. We cannot lose anymore of our patriots. The Republicans better have a Great! candidate. We need a change.!!

  19. I say we all find out just who the bastards are that are supporting this sick bitch, and warn them about getting voted out, then do it!

  20. We better pray for THE RIGHT PERSON to surface in the next two years.. We must change the direction of America from this downward spiral we are in thanks to Obama.

  21. Do you think that “contributions” from the Clinton Foundation will play a role on Hilliarys run for Prez. In the mean time the Republicans continue to go away do to drug charges and other embarassments. You may rest assured that this election will be pro fem again alledged anti fem, just like the Huessin elections were about race.

    • you mean like posting pics of his weiner? or maybe making billions on the sale of postal property by giving your rich realtor husband the contract? or maybe by threatening phone calls to the insurance commission to lie about numbers of victims of obamacare? or how about lying about her past to get a single mother vote, or how about driving off a bridge to kill your pregnant girlfriend? … the tea party is alive and well…

      • The real question is, if the Clinton Foundation contributes to her campaign, will they be investigated by the IRS? THAT would be most telling, and also explain why Muslims might be so interested in her election.

      • I inadvertently posted this comment in the wrong place…and was unable to correct it. I meant to post it to Dan.

  22. I think it’s great the you people keep throw up your rep candidate du jour at Mrs. Clinton and her numbers are still higher.
    Also, why do you keep harping on that Bengazi BS. The reps had their oppurtuny to grill her, years ago. Somehow you keep finding more unanswered questions. I guess you think if you keep saying that often enough, someone’s bound to listen.

    • Benghazi BS? do you have a clue as to what you are saying? it happened 09/11/2012, just a little over a year ago and Hillary hid from any sort of ‘grilling’ until months later, when she screamed ‘what difference does it make’? Isn’t the responsibility of any citizen to ask questions, especially when there are so many original questions yet to be answered and obama has yet to allow actual witnesses to be questioned…your name certainly says a lot about what to expect from you…

      • a REALLY GOOD QUESTION, puss puss…’We the People’ are still waiting for some truth, some answers from your president and his administration, from your dem presidential candidate, who really doesn’t care, and from the witnesses who have been ordered by obama to remain unavailable…hmmmm….something to hide?

      • Interesting . You have a witness with info but was ordered not to talk ? But Obama let him say he can’t talk about the info he has? And FOX news hasn’t gone to court under the Freedom of info act to get this reliable witness to talk. ?

      • that would be another good question. one that has been ask many times of the obama administration. if you watch Cspan at all, anything besides MSNBC??? you would not be so blasé about it…this prez is out of control with his pen and his phone…

      • and whose at the bottom of that? obama, harry reid and the DOJ, who is treading so deep in their own waste and corruption…they are the country’s worst and will continue to be. Hillary is a pawn. she was winning the nomination in 07 until she suddenly decided to defer to obama…now we know she was promised the sec of state gig, and we all know how that worked out…so now the handlers with the money who bought obama’s chair will try to buy Hillary the same thing. and you have the ignorance to swallow this whole and like it…sadly, they don’t like you either…they don’t give a rat’s behind about any of us, you quiet “supporter” or Conservative shouting at the top of our lungs for you to see the danger…I could implore you all to do a little truth finding research, but they’ve made it too easy for your lackadaisical tendencies to just swallow it and fool yourselves into believing its all OK…wake up before its too late for all of us.

      • puss puss, you haven’t a clue…if you would stick to one subject, but you just bounce around like a rubber ball…you too are full of air…no substance…

      • About my name, you do know it’s a fake . People come up with outrageous names all the time. What the hell does your name mean ?

      • Have you nothing better to do than be a troll for the left? You jump on here spouting the ‘party line’ and insult and belittle people. You are a keyboard bully. Nothing more. The sad part about liberals is that they all think that they are in ‘the club’ when they are in power. Funny now how some of the more intelligent among you have had their health insurance cancelled, lost their house due to predatory lending practices that Slick Willy de-regulated and are now starting to question the logic about where all this is going. I saw a picture yesterday that best described it. You are simply watering the tree that you will hang from. What is sad is that most liberals simply don’t see it happening that way. I guess time will tell.

      • Please, leave your utter indignation for one of your comatose friends. All I do is ask questions or give a new point of view. Isn’t that the point? I make you accountable for whatever BS you pull out your ass and call you out on it.
        Since I hurt your feelings, I will not posts anymore smartass comments . Which will be difficult since I think I’m terribly hilarious . But if I am attracted and insulted , I will retaliate .

      • Read the senate report ~ (2) things in particular stand out ~ and I haven’t read the entire thing ~ I would also love to know all the redacted information ~ #1 “Ultimately, however, the final responsibility for security at diplomatic facilities lies with the former Secretary of State, … At the end of the day, she was responsible for ensuring the safety of all Americans serving in our diplomatic facilities. Her failure to do so clearly made a difference in the lives of the four murdered Americans and their
        families. ” and #2 ~ The report also noted, chillingly, that the FBI’s investigation of the attacks has been hampered in Libya and that 15 people “supporting the investigation or otherwise helpful to the United States” have since been killed in Benghazi. The report said it was unclear whether those killings were related to the inquiry.

      • It doesn’t! matter what Mrs. Clinton does, the reps will never leave her alone . The woman has done do much service to this country , but the reps are only focused on nailing her on Bengazi . More hearings, more questions, more TV FaceTime , maybe something will stick. Yes, mistakes were made and people died, but she took responsibility and promised to change things. Of course other admin had their own Bebgazi’s , but can’t mention that. When it comes to the Obama admin everything is fair game.
        If the reps win more seats and take over the senate and house , they will do nothing but try to stop the pres and nail Hilary. When they are called out on their inability to resolve anything , they simply blame the pres. Do you honestly think that is productive for this country? What are they going to accomplish ? Is it healthy for this country to be mired in BS, just to prove a point? This country has major problems and the people we elected to help us are busy making speeches .

    • They don’t care about the dead ambassador, they only care about sticking dirt on Hillary. Now that Benghazi will not stick they’re bringing Monica Lewinski out of the woodworks. But they don’t realize that most millenials don’t even know who’s Monica Lewinski.

      • there you go, juvenile and crass insults when there is no reason to be, you still insist upon being a cruel human being. whose the sad one?

      • excuse me. you ignore whatever you want, but 4 dead americans, and a sec of state who says ‘what difference does it make?’…and you say we are not the ones caring? we do realize millenials are more concerned with miley cyrus and her vulgarity, but does that stop you from growing and learning? does that automatically make you irresponsible? If you ever bother to go a little deeper into political fields, please educate yourself…being young is not an excuse to vote without knowledge…

    • Vince Foster worked for her and killed himself in his office by shooting himself in the mouth. His body was “moved” to the park where he was found by a civilian with no gun in his hand or anywhere near his body. The wound he suffered would have produced splatter and a large blood pool. Neither were found at the scene by investigators. Later on, a gun was found in his hand.
      His body was moved because he was essentially “her” lawyer and no telling what documents would have been found if his office, the last place anyone saw him alive, had been declared a crime scene. Even though the office should have been declared a crime scene despite where his body was found, investigators were forbidden to do so by Bernie Nussbaum at “her” direction. A “suicide note” note was “found” over a week later after staffers all told investigators they had searched for over two hours in the office to no avail. Access to Foster’s office was “strictly controlled” by Nussbaum who sat a Foster’s desk with stacks of paper determining what was to be withheld due to “executive privilege” and even accused one investigator of trying to look over his shoulder. Thus the “investigation” was a non-event.

      You go ahead nitwit and scream bullshit. This woman is a “felon-on-the-loose” and you want her running the government.

      • You do know that wS 16 years ago, right? If anyone had any evidence they wound have brought it up then. You people are so desperate to find anything to discredit Clinton you are willing to embarrass yourselves. I can’t wait until her campaign starts. I hope you keep it up, the more crap you throw at Mrs . Clinton , the better she looks .

      • Why? Because you have no evidence ? As usually your side turns to insults when you can’t prove your point . DEFLECT, DENY, INSULT.

      • There were more attracts on Hilary back then, Whitewater, Health care. She was the first First Lady to testify before a congressional panel over Bill’s lying about Monica. AND nothing stuck. The right is seeing their Bengazi tramp card is not going to work .

      • There is no statute of limitations on her behavior. It is called her history. Socialists progressives will go back 30 years to invent “chit” a la “Dan Rather” to slander a republican on any level of public office.

        And you are correct about her looks in a “mud pack”. There ain’t a plastic surgeon alive that would take the “challenge” to make her “look better”. The more mud we sling, the more we cover that “suck” up!

      • I never mentioned her looks. Unless it’s Miss Amer, I don’t vote for people according to how they look.
        If course , in you quest to discredit Hilary, you make to make fun of her looks, I would say, just business as usual for the desperate .

      • Well said Chew… I will never be convinced Vince Foster committed suicide. Benghazi BS is truly the comment of a nitwit and someone with their head up their ass. It is also hurtful to this country.

  23. It’s the dumbing down of America. Anyway, her regret over Benghazi is simply the single regret that any sociopath has for what they have done…she got caught.

    • It’s about the legacy of the Democrat party. It’s about them being able to say “We had the first black president” and want to be able to say “We had the first woman president” by supporting Hillary. So what if they are incompetent and lack experience as long as they are the first. So they don’t mind putting the future of the country in jeopardy as long as they have the bragging rights of the first black and first woman president.
      We need to stop them from controlling the Senate in 2014 and finish the job by electing a conservative as president in 2016.

      • The one that has been put in office now should be enough to make them hang their head in shame and forget about a popularity race. We need someone that REALLY has the capacity to do the job and work for the good of the people and the country.

      • I agree. Though Florida GOP is getting a very slow start in my opinion. Last meeting I finally told them to get it together or I’d be going with the Tea Party people as in 2010. There is too much entrenched dead wood.

      • worse could happen…the Tea Party is alive and well. after all, we are all fighting for the Constitution, and this country needs people to support it…

      • I can only hope that if ever, for the first time elected a Jewish President, doesn’t turn out to be a Putz.

      • Thug ? Me. All I did was ask a question. Obliviously you have no answer, so I will assume you were making a foible attempt to fit in with the rest of posters.
        I thought this was a forum of free thought and expression . That’s for everybody, not just for like minded people . If you call me a thug for asking you a simple question , I pity you.

      • bet you can’t wait till the teacher brings in your juice and crackers for snack time…and THEN its story time and then nap time…! rough day for you?

      • Philanthropussy what have I missed, have you gone all “Gansta”, everyone is gang banging you, I hope you’re wearing protection :), There is “ConServ” in Conservatism. YO! Peace!

      • Obama took away the guns, so the insurrection has been called off do to bad weather. So the only thing left to use our arms for is to satisfy the erection. I see you deal with Master-baters 🙂

      • Maybe you should call someone in Ukraine . They know how yo get things done. They weren’t afraid of a little rain

  24. Allen you are 100% correct about Hillary Clinton. And it’s not only The Benghazi murders that have cast blood on her hands. What about the “Mena Arkansas Drug” scandal that Bill was tied to? What about the “White Water” real estate scandal she was involved in? I forget now what the gentleman’s name is that was in her upper echelon who “committed suicide” which forensics proved could not have been a suicide, what about him? He knew where “the bodies” were buried. Nothing was ever done about that blood either. Hillary and Bill Clinton are thugs just as much as Barack Obama is. They truly believe they are deserving of this high office and will do anything and step on anyone who gets in their way. No one like this should EVER be elected president of our nation.. The things that made the United States great was the honesty and integrity of the generation who fought and won WWII. Their children tried to do the same in Viet Nam but the crooked politicians got in the way and made way for future crooked politicians. Now that is all we have to choose from. I am not much enamored of the Republicans either. I agree with Dr. Ben Carson and you. We should elect men and women who have lived and demonstrated honor, integrity and honesty in their public and private lives. It’s about coming together as people and solving the problems of this nation…..not about which party wins what!!! It’s not about parties, it’s about people saving our nation. Period.

    • I agree with everything you said and I remember all of it. But be warned that the liberal media is now saying that the word “thug” is code for the N word.

      • Boy do I feel old, maybe it’s because I am, but to me a Thug is like a guy who knocks you over the head and steals your wallet, there’s no racial connotation involved, its a nonbiased word, that can apply to any thug. I need to brush up on my Ebonics.

    • Is the right so desperate to discredit Hiliary, you are bring up BS that happened years ago and she was cleared of all of it. Didn’t she have a conformation meeting when she was appointed Sec of State? Did any of your BS come up?

      • Hillary discredited herself, no one has to. If you wish to live in a fantasy where she is your idle, no one can stop you, only feel sorry for you for not facing FACTS.

      • stop the juvenile insults will you? I know, you just can’t seem to help yourself…but you belittle yourself with every one…are we to take you and your ‘arguments’ seriously? then act like a grown up and present something…and then actually read the response instead of ignoring it with name calling…we have learned the liberal tricks, and are really tired of them…

      • Stop being a victim . The big bad liberals are sneaking up behind you and controlling your life. But of course , it’s more convineant to have someone to blame your shortcomings on.

      • “Facts” “you can’t handle the fact”. In which direction are this facts facing, so I know in which direction to face.Everyone keeps talking about facts, but all I see is passionate responses, if you have facts to share, share them, otherwise its all opinion and commentary, which is okay as long as we remain civil. Other post, everyone is talking about the U.S. Constitution, a great piece of work, somewhere in the constitution it is written “freedom of speech” ,”Freedom of expression, “The pursuit of Happiness”, in the all inspiring words of that lovable drunk highway speeder “Rodney King “Why Can’t we all just get along”.

      • She has already discredited herself and it all started with watergate and has carried on up to this day…she openly admitted Benghazi was her fault…how long will you continue to be stupid? Get off the drugs!

      • its not the ‘right’ as you put it? It would be the people of the US who want to live in a country that still follows the Constitution and the laws under that document…those who are stopping Hillary are the ones fighting for YOUR own rights too…if you are so blind as to see the corrupt tendencies of this administration, their blatant ignorance when its convenient, and the lies they perpetrate, then you are welcome to continue your ignorance…but sooner or later, you will find, its not going to be blissful…the democratic agenda and those who will stop at nothing to obtain it, are NOT YOUR FRIENDS

      • and you accuse me of craziness…most of us here are on the same page, but then there is you…’what ‘other’ Constutution is there? please enlighten us..

      • I don’t know what page everyone is on, but I’m a slow reader. I’m not sure what book everyone is reading from. If its the U.S. Constitution, what article or amendment are we speaking of, in relation to this conversation on Hillary. Without really knowing for a fact, it is my believe she screwed up big time, and there is enough evidence to suggest she knew everything and did nothing to stop it, but that’s just me. Am I close to the page.

      • by the way. ‘she was cleared of all of it’…all of what? she wasn’t cleared of anything…her past is out there, and ignored by media, and appointed without a vote…BS is bull sh*t. facts are facts…she has proven herself to be a liar, she has proven herself to be incompetent, and she has proven herself to be a woman who will stop at nothing to cover her ass…including the deaths of Americans…

      • You are aware in the span of 18 mins you contacted me 5 times. Rampling. And you call me a troll . Regardless , I’m not going the flag you. I like a good laugh

      • Psycho starker who desperately wants to make a point is flagging me . Does that mean you are out of my hair forever ? Please, Lords of technology make it so!!!!

      • you, puss puss, were the one who brought up ‘flagging’. am I not allowed to respond to your rantings? your name calling? and your mindless babble? again, if you are so inclined, flag me…I care not. but you are one who trolls these sites looking for an argument…because your acquaintances in real time won’t give you the opportunity to show your antagonism for others…so you troll, searching for someone you can indulge yourself on…real internet trooper!

      • Why are you still bothering me? You are worse than an crazy ex girlfriend . Why don’t you get off the computer, go outside and make some friends. Stop harassing people who’s only crime is expressing an opinion.

    • You said it well Charli, are we forgetting the implications that she incited violence in the Egyptian protest of the people? The women is a thug along with her husband and Obama. God is our only salvation for this country, America needs to turn to Him, before He completely lift His hand from this country and we lose His protection. HE THAT HAVE EARS LET HIM HEAR!

  25. P.S. Chewinmule (below) has a better memory than I. It was Vince Foster I was referring to. That dog still won’t hunt. And that woman with the “P” word in her name is just a blind, dumb person.

      • Wow!, Philanthropussy, I see you’re holding your own whether with reason or slight, remember you’re only as good as the people you spare with.

      • Sir, I do not attend to be a bully or troll. I will admit I have made statements which may be considered questionable , but it’s only a response to someone’s insult . I will try to do better.

      • You’re doing just fine, keep doing what you’re doing. The conversation gets boring when it’s all one sided. It’s more fun when your holding your own against the choirboys.

  26. I would love to get their names off of everything in Ar , esp. the airport because I will not step foot in that airport as long as it is named after a murderer. I live in Ar and I can’t stand him or her, they are THUGS.

    • Watch out. The liberal media is now pretending that the word “thug” is code for the N word. We know it’s a ridiculous attempt to find racism where none exists.

      • Actly that was the people on tweeter who called Richard Sherman a thug. Then, Sherman in an interview a couple days later said it was a code word for [email protected]@&&ger.
        The right strikes out again.

      • What’s “Actly”??? It started with tweets but was a topic on all the news programs on Sunday, cable and network. MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS are hardly examples of the right striking out.

      • we are the III%.we already know why she did it.weapons that were supplied to muzzies,thats why.we will have justice and soon.death to traitors

      • Another yawn fest, empty threats. I would think you people would have been inspired by Egypt , the Ukraine , even Syria . They got things done .

      • ‘you people’…you don’t include yourself? you get to sit back and rant, and then there is ‘you people’ you look down on…troll somewhere else…

      • Dude… WHAT planet are you on?? Hitlary failed in her position as Scy of State. In fact she denied multiple requests for increased security that fell on her deaf ears. She had zero control of not only the embassy but was clueless to the arms being dealt from the location as well. I’m thinking your a koolaid slurper. Calling YOU out for WHO YOU ARE.

      • All this evidence you pulled out your ass and no indictment . I’m going to change my name to YOU HAVE NOTHING

      • So you are ready to convict without evidence . That’s called Kangaroo court. Hang them high at noon? Thumbs up or down ?

      • Hilary was in charge she knew, and did nothing and then went along with a lame excuse to cover it up. Hilary is getting a pass because that’s what people with that much power get away with.
        People tend to believe what they want to believe, there is enough evidence to suggest she knew, regardless of this four of our own are dead. I do not trust Hilary’s judgement enough to vote her in as the next commander and chief.

      • I want someone to sit down with her and ask her questions. Someone EVERYBODY can agree with . You people have brought up some good points and I have learned a lot about the situation .

      • Hilary has had enough time to speak out on her own behave, every news station would bend over backwards for an interview, Hilary knows better than to commit or convict herself.

      • the man IS a thug. perhaps if he’d civilize himself and show some self control people wouldn’t get that ‘impression’…those who throw stones shouldn’t live in glass houses…and Sherman shows his own brand racism in his comments. I heard his pathetic whine of an interview…

      • Funny, the rest of your buddies and Allen West thought Sherman was a good guy. They even praised Sherman and excused his outburst . I guess you can see thru him to he’s true thug. You should have you do security at the airport

      • what are you ranting about now? your comment just about makes sense and then it doesn’t…my comment on Sherman was based on his actions, some of his interviews, and his past comments…he himself brought up the word thug, and how he was called a thug when he was young, and now again…he was whining because he acts like he does and gets called on it…kinda like you.

      • If you read the story by Mr. West and read the comments, you will see everybody is supported of Sherman. BTW, If you look at Sherman’s past, you wil be surprised at what he has accomplished . Probably more than you.

      • I thought a “thug” meant like “gangster”‘ I’m not up on my nebonic’s or has that also changed.

      • It think the definition has changed. It used to me a criminal. Now it’s more for anyone black. Like when white people used to call blk people homeboy.

  27. She scares me ….

    She knows how many wars she and Obama started, and still she is quiet ….

    She knows how much illegal spying is going on, and still she is quiet.

    She knows how her husband is a predator, and still she blames others.

    And the worst of them all, she failed HER 3 AM phone call test ….


  28. Patriots, please don’t let progressives drag you in to partisan bickering. Hillary is a loser because she disregards the constitution and believes the end justifies the means, not because she is a democrat. Lots of republicans are likewise losers because of their progressive beliefs. Focus people!

  29. TRUE American Patriots have ALL identified Hitlary Clinton as the very reason WHY 4 American Citizens WERE SLAUGHTERED due to as Scy. Of State as a result of DERELICTION of DUTY.
    Only those Liberal Sheep who cannot think for themselves will deny her involvement and continue on as ignorant citizen Sheep of this country.
    …Now WHY again was she FIRED from the Watergate Hearings?? Fired for LYING!! Now there’s a candidate to WASTE your vote on. Double down on STUPID and VOTE Hitlary!!

    • She lied to congress during watergate, that was a felony, why wasn’t she charged?? What I need to know is who got the blow job?? She should have lost her law license and been prevented from ever running for any office……

      • This is the very reason I’M F’ing Tea Party.
        Good luck to the GOP for electing yet another POS RINO in 2016. TRUE American Patriots like me will AGAIN split the Conservative vote down the middle and they will LOSE AGAIN. The GOP had better figure out a way to deal with TRUE American Patriots LIKE ME who WILL CRASH THEIR F’ing SHIP AGAIN. Just watch us.

  30. First of all, this disabled Paramedic/Firefighter thanks you for your service! I hope you will consider again running for office. Our nation still needs you, perhaps now more than ever.

    God Bless You Col. West!

    Rev. R. Vincent Warde

  31. She worked for a liar, is married to a liar, and was fired for lying during Watergate. Yeah… just what America needs, more lies.

  32. I personally think Obama has no intention of giving back his control of the white house and he will use any means to keep it. Hillary is an after thought and doesn’t matter who backs her the people will not elect her after benghazi.

    • george soros bought obama’s chair. without his money and power, and his hatred for America, she might have won the democratic nomination…and then who knows…don’t you find it strange, she was winning the democratic nomination, and all of a sudden she deferred to obama? of course she was given the sec of state position, to keep her in the public eye and now is dressed up for the oval office…

      a FB friend posted this this morning, sharing here: However, I will say this… after listening to Obama give his SOTU speech …, it dawned on me that he can get away with the purely blatant lies because he knows: 1. The media will cover for him and not call him out; 2. The established Rep Party won’t provide any opposition; and 3. Enough of the American people have been dumbed-down to the point where we have no idea for what’s going on around us… we’re totally ignorant!

  33. ….and you don’t even count the anti-aircraft missiles she & Obama gave to the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya after Benghazi which they tested last Saturday in the Sinai by downing an Egyptian helicopter………

  34. So you can not even re tweet this because a error twiitter sign pops up…if I was a conspirator I would say there is an attack on this page not to let this out there……………..Also I wonder if Hillary regrets the a film maker was in jail for months because of the big lie (A video was the cause of the terrorist killing our Ambassador)

    • What about the prisoners in Guantanamo ? When are they going to have their day In court? How long have they been in there?

      • well sit tight, your president has released many of the terrorists who have gone one to commit further atrocities…HAPPY NOW. ??

      • And how many judges have release criminals because the court deems them safe , only to commit further atrocities ? What’s better odds, getting killed by someone on parole or being blown up by a terrorist ?

      • I know your side is fixated on all things Obama , but you do know there were other presidence before him. And many of them selected judges. As well as governors and other judges.

      • I am not. It was wrong when Bush did it as it is wrong now. All presidents are responsible and if we are looking to place fault – rest assured the fault is ours: yours as well as mine.

      • I have heard so many terrible stories . I can’t believe victims don’t have a say about this. I hate it when mental health pros say people are safe around the public. Yes, but they don’t let them loose on their block.

      • Bush was a great president, he said what he was going to do and dd it. Bush had conviction of character, whereas Obama is just a character, who should be convicted for all the lies he contrived to the American U.S. citizens. Obama is a great vaguely speaker, as bush just speaks honestly and understandably.

      • You are correct Philanthropussy, every president made their selection, but the other presidents in my opinion were much better at it.

      • Frankly, the only judge Obama appointed that I know of was the brave judge in Utah who granted gay couples their civil rights to marriage

      • Great, now gays can suffer like everyone one else. I attended a Gay couples wedding in NYC, the couple have been together something like 40 yrs, it was held in a beautiful church, no lighting bolts to stop it. G-d Bless them. Maybe if we just leave morals and righteousness in G-D’s hands, we can get back to putting America back to work.

      • You are trying to reason with the unreasonable, So as a conservative, I will be clear, Obama has every right to select Federal judges with Senate approval, the Senate can reject them, but at some point a judge has to be approved. As you might have guest, I hold no allegiance to Obama, and it being my right to bitch about him as everyone bitched about every president before and will after, Obama has a right of selection of Federal Judges, whether it be of natural or unnatural selection, but I jest.

      • You do that and get back to me Monday. Today is bad bec my BFF cracked a couple open, and we are going to binge watch all last season of Game of Thorns

      • the omnipotent of course. he appoints…congress accepts…obama has forgotten there is 3 parts to our government and he is doing all he can to make sure that two of them are reduced to wall paper…

      • you seem to argue amongst yourself…and you are losing…
        your comment is supposed to justify the release of prisoners at Guantanamo, somehow…

      • There is absolutely no justification for releasing the prisoners at Guantanamo, unless of course they are innocent, but we will never know, there is no trial. We should just hang them, then shoot them, then put them on trial and do it all over again, just for the fun of it, because we’re Americans and that’s what we do best. G-D save the Queen.

      • Personally, when you put it that way Philanthropussy I wouldn’t choose either to be released if it leads to the same end. But that’s just me 🙂

      • I probably should have spoke up sooner and I am sorry that I didn’t but, your username is offensive and an example of what is wrong with society today.

      • Actually I took from George Carlin. He was a comedian since the 60’s. He was talking about those crazy rich people who leave money to their animals . This cat does charity work .

  35. So does that mean George Bush has Blood on his hands for all the people killed at our embassies while he was actually President???? Does that mean you have blood on your hands for all the Millions on budget cuts for security you initiated for the State Department???? What shocks me is your hatred of Ms Clinton seems to be more intense then your hatred of the people that actually initiated the attack. Why is that?!?!?!?!

    • Yep. I have and will continue to defend this country no matter what. It hurts me to see our heroes and citizens left to die with no support from the country they love and defend no matter who did it.

    • because she could have stopped it….terrorists are just that, and Hillary was sec of state of the greatest and strongest nation in the world…and did nothing, and has STILL done nothing but lied to cover her ass…so be shocked, but what shocks me is there are people like yourself who try to make excuses for her when there is none…

    • @rc1957; Idiots like you is what’s wrong with this Country. Hillary is and has been a known killer since her days in Arkansas. Please keep the Clinton trash in New York, along with your Governor and Mayor. The USA does not need her stinking up the White House again like the Obama’s are doing now.

    • I’m not sure why ANY criticism of this administration is referred to as “hatred” or “racism”, it seems to be a popular defense when one is defending the indefensible. The Secretary of State has the charge of ensuring security at foreign consulates, and is unwilling to take ANY blame whatsoever. Her health issues and their lies about a video, insured the true story would not come out prior to the elections. Thus saving face for “the man who decimated Al Qaeda”.
      I’d be happy to take a stab at your questions (my opinions only)

      1) I think George Bush DOES have blood on his hands. Almost two million Iraqi civilians were killed during our occupation. However Obama is the president, not Bush (another defense, “What about Bush?”).

      2) BILLIONS in the Pentagon budget SHOULD be cut, since we spend more than anyone in the world as we keep the Industrial Military Complex well fed. Especially seeing the “War on Terror” is targeting US more than THEM lately. Anyone recall Sept 10, 2001? Rumsfeld announced “the Pentagon can’t account for $2.3trillion dollars.” They aint good with $.

      3) In most cases of attacks SOMEONE is usually held accountable, or the president at least, accepts responsibility for acts occurring on his watch. That is something we are accustomed to seeing in America. It’s what LEADERS do. (Politicians create stories of video protests running amok).

      But in 2013, whistle blowers are demoted (and worse), witnesses scattered, liars are promoted and hand-picked investigators are chosen to “get to the bottom of Benghazi”, without even interviewing the Secretary of State.

      Hope that helped.

  36. On Benghazi:
    If you will, please take a short, hypothetical journey with me:
    You are startled awake, and run from your burning house. You call 911. They steer you to the fire dept. You report, “my house is on fire, my wife and baby are inside! HURRY”! They ask you, “How long has the fire been burning?” Confused, but cooperative, “10-15 minutes. I guess”. “Oh sorry”,they say, “we’ll never get there in time to save your family, the fire has burned for much too long”. “There’s no sense in even sending fire trucks now. Sorry about your family dude.”

    Imagine, that’s the way first responders handled emergent situations.
    But they don’t do they? Because they have no idea when it will become “too late” to save a life. They sound the alarm, jump in their trucks, and go “balls out” to get there.
    The ONLY logical explanation for not sending help to Benghazi, is the administration DID have an idea of how long the attack was SUPPOSED to last. The attackers had blue prints, knew the safe-room location, and SHOULD have been in and out within 2 hours. A quick kidnapping (Stevens), and masterfully negotiated prisoner swap (Blind Sheik), and the White House claims victory is ours (again)! The battle however, was inconveniently lengthened by heroes’ refusals of orders to “stand down”.

    That’s all I have to say about that.

    • What’s most chilling is that obama and hillary still have not been charged with anything. Out here in the real world, we call them murderers.

  37. I blame the Muslim terrorists who committed the murder at Benghazi. There is no way we or any security force or any country can absolutely prevent horrible things from happening when determined terrorists are involved. Could we have done better? Perhaps. But accidents happen all the time that teach us that although we might be able to do better next time, there was little we could do to stop the tragedy that taught us the lesson.

    Let’s just do better next time. Although I think that the terrorists will simply look for a place to strike that is not on our high-security list.

    • I would go along with that theory if the Whitehouse had not had as much advance notice and repeated calls for help…..YES, we could have and should have done better.

  38. I do not believe there was little we could do. And of course terrorists committed the crime (duh) but the government (Hillary) did not act on the information given her. Benghazi is her crime, her lack of leadership, her lack of response. She should never have a government position again. God Forbid not the commander-in-chief. I am female but to vote for her because she is the first female running will be another mistake this country can not afford.


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