Allen West: State of the Union response

A year of action or executive action? Here is Allen West’s State of the Union response.


  1. I wrote many things on Facebook this evening. This is what I left with: The President always says we are a Democracy. We are not. We are a Republic. He has said over several speeches that we are a Democracy. Again, we are a Republic. You, Sir, do not represent very, very many of us. That is why you openly LIE!

  2. If I want to be lied to, I will look in the mirror and tell myself I’m still 21 and weigh 120 pounds!. I didn’t need to listen to this Pinocchio …… Same old same old…….

    • I do not know were the president created all those jobs I have been out of work going on 4years and I am in my early 60’s which makes it even harder I hear the president say training for young people and jobs for them but what about the seniors who got cleaned out cause they lost there jobs and could not retire but were forced to. I am still able to work and want to but for the older individual they do not hire them, I am waiting for election time and checking out the candidates,and many seniors feel the same way i do.

      • That is normally what our congress would be doing, asking these questions and giving us answers, they all seem to be in cahoots, there just are no new jobs, all new lay offs and businesses closing. People over 50 since 2008 have had it tough.

  3. We need to impeach obama and start to undo the damage that he has done. Are all of these executive orders legal? They should not be. All of the orders are for him and not for the American people. He is not the king. We have our congress and senate to prevent his being king. Why are they allowing it? It needs to stop. What are they going to do when he signs and executive order allowing him to be king? time is now to stop him and get him out of there. Time to repair the things he has done. he is trying to allow the illegals to have complete freedom here so that they can vote and support his kingdom.

    • The GOP is NOT “allowing it”! They don’t have the votes in the Senate to impeach the Imposter. The Senate isn’t even allowed to read any bills Congress sends them – Reid thinks he’s the Senate dick-tator. Congress WILL pass a bill of impeachment, WHEN the GOP has a majority in the Senate, and will pass it too! Without BOTH Houses signing on, the Impeachment fails. Vote for the Republicans in the MidTerms, so this CAN happen!

  4. Why don’t he address the stuff that truely matters. like the stand down in benghazi treason. or the signing of NDAA treason. also the use of domestic drones in the usa an act of war on the american people. also drone strikes that killed over 4,700 innocent woman children and noncombatants war crimes.The agitation of multiple countries war crime. funding of al queda treason.attack on the second amendment treason. oh yeah and unlawful spying on law abiding citizens treason. targeting of political groups through irs treason. fast and furious scandal war crimes/ treason. oh yeah and destroying the country of the usa from within treason. and when they pass the trans pacific partnership fast track that will be the nail in the coffin for america. say hello to the next holocaust/antichrist beast empire welcome to the new world order.

    • Shawn, he actually said “Mo American’s privacy has been compromised.” I couldn’t believe my ears! If he addressed any og the other scandals you mentioned, he’d have to admit they ARE scandals! If he did that, he’d HAVE to do something about them! He’s NOT one to face up to his bumbling, inept, rotten decisions!! Also, he;s not the Anti-Christ: he wasn’t born in the Middles East, he’s NOT a charmer, and he’s not handsome! He is just conditioning us to accept the Anti-Christ when he gets here! So many Americans are so willing to give up their freedoms for being taken care of, and for “safety”! They follow the Anti-Christ like lemmings going off a cliff!

  5. What we heard was 100% BC, this is what you get when you put someone with NO qualifications who is a Pathological LIAR in office.. In the real world the so called leader would be FIRED from a Drive Through!!

    • Why? Because she was polite, well-mannered, and nice?! She wasn’t screaming like the left is accustomed to doing. She was intelligent and in control! She couldn’t answer his ridiculous proposals, because she taped the speech earlier today! By the way, just because YOU are a hater doesn’t mean the Republicans have to be!

      • She taped the speech earlier today AFTER RECEIVING A COPY OF HIS SPEECH. Geez. Do you think she issued a response without knowing what he was going to say? We don’t hate her. We hate how the GOP forced her to act. Just like they did with Bobby Jindal. We are just tired of this neutrality that being polite brings to the table when it is one sided. POTUS and the other Communist/Progressive/Socialist/Democrat members of Congress are always making personal attacks and ignoring the rules to further their agenda. They know the other side plays by the rules, so they bring a gun to a knife fight and win every time. McCain, Romney, Boehner etc. They all took the high ground and got their butts kicked. We grow tired of our side speaking in slow, deliberate tones to ensure the audience falls asleep. Americans want to see some passion. We should see some level of aggravation at this President’s continued lawlessness. We should see a lack of control to a degree of this President’s shameless and egregious lies to the families of the men who died in Benghazi, lies to the family of the border agent who was killed by a Fast & Furious gun and who lies to the American people with almost every word he utters.

  6. Allan West you hit it on the head…..You are presidential material….You were able to precisely identifie the problem’s…the soloution’s…..God bless you !!!!

  7. All I heard was another campaign like speech from Obama. Allen you are right about leadership. . What I heard also He was trying to help the democrats moral. Failed. Allen I have this sneaky feeling you going to run. Just say when.

  8. You are totally correct, Col. West! Thank you for your response. Obama is the first POTUS in history to refuse to negotiate and compromise with the other side of the aisle. He’s convinced he should have everything his way, but that’s not the premise on which our great Republic was founded, nor what our Constitution dictates. He has single handedly trumped every effort the Republicans have made toward an open discussion of ideas. He has made it crystal clear, to his detriment, that governing this country will be his way or the highway.. His tenure in office will be forever remembered, from start to finish, as eight years of dismal failure. What a legacy!

  9. Hold their feet to the fire! Like frogs in the frying pan, we let them turn up the heat by compromising. Now it’s time to get back to the rules of the game -The Constitution.

  10. Col. West, I believe in the same values as yourself, and think you, and Ted Cruz needs to run on the same ticket for 2016…….please let this happen

  11. I predicted it, and my family called me a crazy old man. Now even though I said he was going to do it, I can not freekin believe it!

  12. I like what you said, and I agree with you, however what is more scary is, he continues to act like a tyrant and bully. Instead telling us, how he plans to fix this, instead he is tearing down our very foundation, our core principles. The constitution use to mean something to me. The oath meant something to me. Now he violates that, without giving proof of his birth, his breaking our constitution, our savings, medical, food, and gas. Our business. This from a man who never served his country, and I remember my government classes, by law he has to prove his birth, citizenship. He took an oath to protect our rights and values, yet it seems okay. Republicans, have not done much in the way of impeaching, regardless of which side of Senate your on, you have a moral obligation to preserve those rights. To take action when needed. Now I do not know who to trust, Ryan turned, Cain turned, Boehner turned. So why would I trust anyone at this point. Media has lied so much, so many things wrong. All I can say is, I will never respect this president, no matter what he says at this point, doesn’t matter.

  13. Amen, Lt.Col. West! He “acted” excited, faking a smile even, trying to “charm” voters! What a lost cause! I counted 30 lies in his speech, with his arrogant smile reminding us he really thinks he’s smarter than us, and that he’s fooling us! I was counting; he said 15 TIMES that if Congress didn’t act on what he wanted,”I’ll do it on my own.” He does think he’s King! The “programs” he proposed, all re-hashed FAILURES from the last five years, would each cost BILLIONS in taxpayers’ money. And he blames America’s education system, the one HE has so damaged with his Common Core, on the fact that graduates can’t find employment! He never sees HE is the problem! And the best lie? “We don’t resent those, who by virtue of their own effort, achieve more than anyone else.” HE’s the one leading the “HATE THE RICH” parade!! HOW did America ever sink SO low as to elect that LIAR as the head of the government!?!

  14. Here you have a dictator by the name of Barry Soetoro, who has never run a business in his life, telling businesses what to do. He is an arrogant, narcissist, dictator!!

  15. Obama doesn’t want to work with Congress.. He wants to turn us into a socialized state. He’s angry because the constitution gets in his way. He said himself that he’s finding it harder to change things than he anticipated. No kidding!! I’m putting my trust in you, Col. West…. please stay the course.

  16. Obama refuses to here the peoples voice ! The people elected This Congress! And Congress is the Peoples Voice ! . For Obama to side step and ignore congress. He is also directly side stepping the American peoples Voice!…

  17. Here is some info on your guy Allen West – In 2003 West was charged in an incident that involved the beating and simulated execution of an Iraqi Police officer. West was fined $5000, and allowed to retire as a lieutenant colonel after an Article 32 hearing and accepting a Non-judicial punishment. [6] The alternative to retirement was to face a Court Martial for torture, with a sentence of 11 years.

    • Please get your facts Correct ! …. Lt. Colonel Allen West after the wartime incident of August 20, 2003. West was the officer in charge when soldiers under his command interrogated an Iraqi policeman suspected of being a double agent with a knowlege of enemy ambush sites. The man would not divulge any information . A pistol round fired by West near the agent’s head opened lines of communication and the military intelligence gained saved lives. The Colonel, recipient of the Bronze Star and numerous decorations for valor was not playing “Fair” by political standards in a time of war.

      • no, never was told that. I should have asked all the right wingers on here, seems they were all out there with him in the field when he did this.

      • I guess they didn’t teach you about plagiarism either. You should really consider reading the actual report rather than a website that anyone can alter.

      • maybe you need to understand what the word means. I wasn’t trying to pass off any work as my own. I stated here was some information on Allen West. Where is the actual report Chris?

      • How did you not intend to pass information off as your own when you copied and pasted another person’s work under your name. By not quoting and citing the material, you are in fact plagiarizing. A simple Google search will reveal the report. You have your opinion and I have mine but the bottom line is that Colonel West was able to extract information from a terrorist. Are you telling me you would have rather seen a news article about a dozen soldiers being ambushed and killed than a known terrorist being frightened into revealing valuable information?

      • I was just thinking the same thing myself. why waste my time discussing something with a bunch of closed minded people who think they know it all. u guys put down Obama and other democrats but most of the leaders in your party are far worse. Most of you pretend to be Christians but intolerance and hatred is all I see here on these right wing sites.

      • Every once in a while I get a kick out of seeing all the bullshit you guys write on these sites and see if anyone has anything useful to say. Maybe you should troll a liberal site every so often and try opening your mind once in a while.

      • Good try, but there isn’t any source that says Wikipedia is not reliable. I would certainly believe what I see there over what you say or what most of the people post on here.

      • It’s common knowledge. For example, I can search for the polio vaccination on Wikipedia and add my own information even though I know nothing about the polio vaccination. Does that sound like a reputable source of information if anyone can create a page or add their own information? I’m assuming you never went to high school, let alone college, or you have been told to never use Wikipedia as a source of information.

      • Your assumption is wrong. I am a license nurse and then went on to school in Accounting and worked over 20 years as a Financial Analyst. I retired at 56 with no bills, owning my own home free of a mortgage and I sell on Ebay and sit on a Board of Directors. Over 135+ college units.

      • Congratulations on your success. Considering I am a recent college grad, I can safely say that I know more about the Internet and Wikipedia than you do. My phone won’t let me paste sites but if you do a simple Google search for “is Wikipedia a reputable source” you will find a search result titled “What’s Wrong with Wikipedia?-iSites-Harvard University”. I suggest reading this article that is affiliated with Harvard University, one of the most respectable universities in the world. You will then see that Wikipedia is a source for quick information but shouldn’t be used to form an argument and most certainly not to provide information about Colonel West or any other person considering that information can be posted by anyone.

      • I come from Connecticut and was accepted into Yale’s nursing program. Just because you are a recent college grad does not mean you know more about the Internet than I do. I already saw that site and several others. You missed one important point. What I said about him is true, regardless of whether the site is reliable or not. I just brought and got passed a bylaw amendment, which would normally be handled by a real estate lawyer. I planned and was successful in overthrowing an ineffective Board for the second time. Some people underestimate me, you are one of them. I don’t mind though, I like to surprise people that do.

      • You seem to think that people on the Internet care about another person’s personal life. I’m sorry to inform you that they don’t. Considering you were unaware and I still don’t think that you are aware of the lack of credibility that Wikipedia has as a source, I really doubt you know more about the Internet than a person who has grown up with the Internet. Sure, Wikipedia has the information about Colonel Allen West’s resignation but it by no means informs a reader about the entire story or the circumstances that Colonel West was facing. I would just hope that all Americans, at least those not affiliated with the Westboro Baptist Church, would support Colonel West for saving the lives of dozens of American soldiers from imminent ambush rather than a terrorist.

      • I wasn’t telling you because I think you are interested. I was trying to convey I’m a resourceful person. I used the internet to accomplish those things. Suffice it to say I think we have said all we need to now. Good luck with the path you choose for whatever you went to school for.

      • I appreciate that. In the end, it doesn’t matter what a persons political views are as long as they work hard for their success much like you have done.

      • thanks. if people focused more on that and not on putting each other down, it would be a better world and people would have better lives. I’m glad we could end the conversation like this.

      • “Anyone who can access the site can edit almost any of its articles.”
        That’s what it says directly on Wikipedia’s homepage. Still think a collection of jumbled opinions is reputable?

    • Which everyone knew about, he never lied about, and took full responsibility for. You ever been in the field in the type of situation he was in? If not, please refrain from judgement.

      • Perhaps “forced to resign” should with hold judgement also? Tens of thousands of Marines did NOT disgrace their uniform. Apparently his commanders thought other wise,’ya think!

      • In what way did he disgrace his uniform again? He was the sacrificial lamb for those incompetents above him who care more for political correctness than saving lives. Obama is a PRIME example, as his ROE’s are getting our soldiers killed on a daily basis.

      • The party of personal responsibility my as*! When you lose it’s someone elese fault. When you go to jail unknown invisible agents did it. Losers will always lose until they MAN UP and take responsibility, cry baby.

    • Linda – what’s the matter, sweetie? Incapable of articulating a rebuttal to Mr. West’s points, so you cracked open the Alinksy for Dummies book and decided to make a pathetic attempt at attacking his character? Please go back to the low information web sites with communities that think you’re one of the smart ones…

      • I didn’t bother wasting my time to listen to what Allen West had to say. I don’t appreciate your tone and your holier than thou attitude, sweetie. I’m smart enough to have bought my own home, paid it off in 15 years and retired at 56 with no bills. What about you Dreaming of Cali? Moved somewhere else where it’s cheaper to live? I don’t have to dream of Cali, I get to live here.

      • Wow – you didn’t even listen to what he said, yet still felt qualified to respond? Well, I guess that pretty much sums up the reason why they call people like you “libtards”.

      • I never said anything in response to what the man had to say. Did you bother to follow the thread to see what was said. Maybe you should take your own advice before giving out any. Also, pretty childish to call me a name. That just goes to show your character or lack thereof.

      • Actually, you initially attacked this man’s character unjustly, and now you want to cry about someone attacking yours? You post a negative comment about someone, it’s pretty much a given that the favor will be returned. And, fyi, I have been following the thread. And if you were the first one to start throwing stones at West, wouldn’t it be you that has the “holier than thou attitude”? As is usually the case with progressives, your goal was to derail the focus of the conversation and turn it into an on-going argument that has nothing to do with the original topic. The fact that you are still carrying on about this, that, and the other, lends credence to my observation. But hey, you just keep doing what your best at, and let the grown ups get back to work.

      • I posted a fact, not a negative comment. Then I was attacked by more than a half a dozen of you. Yeah, you grown ups that act like children and call people who think differently nasty names, go back to work. I get to stay up late since I retired and I am self employed and can do what I want.

      • You “posted a fact, not a negative comment.” as only a liberal would call a negative comment and attempt to derail legitimate discussion.

        If you’re retired, you’re also probably old enough to recognize this from the old ‘Andy Griffith Show’: “Well, I’ll be!”.

      • 1. Being able to stay up late and do what you want does not make you a grown up. 2. A smear is not a fact because you call it a fact.

      • Oh, I don’t know. It seems pretty childish to me to willy-nilly, randomly seek out a discussion thread, never mind what the discussion is about and throw out a smear. The main thing is you sure told us, didn’t you? Yup, that was pretty darn clever.

      • First of all, I did not seek out this discussion thread randomly. I clicked on it from a posting of a facebook friend. You just might learn something if you were able to shut up long enough and try listening to what someone else has to say for just a moment, I did not throw out a smear or post a negative comment I simply stated a fact. I would never try to tell a right wingers like you anything, that would rarely work since you have your mind set and can’t see any other view but your own. I was able to come to a meeting of the minds with another person on here and ended that discussion in a positive way. Probably not possible with you but I am glad at least two of us could focus on something we both agreed on and allow each other to disagee on the rest without having to put each other down.

      • “I did not throw out a smear or post a negative comment I simply stated a fact.”
        Do you really believe that? You really don’t know the difference? Or do you really think we’re stupid? The fact is, your intent to smear was clear from the beginning.

    • Your IGNORANCE is showing PROFUSELY. An officer of unusually high integrity, the colonel had reported himself to his chain-of-command for firing a pistol near – not at – near, the head of an Iraqi prisoner to “get him to talk.” The tactic worked, and the prisoner divulged plans for an upcoming attack that could have cost several American lives.

      That West didn’t follow “proper procedures” in questioning the prisoner is undisputed. The colonel acknowledged that, in saying he did it in order to protect his men. The outstanding career officer said at his Article 32 hearing that he would “walk through hell with a gasoline can” in his hand if it meant he could save his troops. “I am prepared to lay down my life for any one of them, if need be,” he said. Do you think the “Finocchio in Chief” would do the same?

      • Quoting liberal blogs (incl. liberal sources therein) isn’t helping your cause/smear campaign. It only shows the shallowness of your thought-process and willingness to believe someone else’s non-objective tripe.

      • And pray tell, which party would that be? The one where you cannot utter a complete sentence without telling at least three lies – oh wait, that would be your party. Sorry.

      • I’ll take the word of one of our Marines over just about anyone……especially Obama, Reid, or God Forbid…..Pelosi! They lie right to our faces and think we are all too dumb to know it. Arrogance is truly rampant with those three. Semper Fi, Colonel West! There’s always someone trying to throw dirt on a good man’s reputation! You did the right thing and for those who have never been in the military, you know not what you say!! MAY GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN AND THEIR FAMILIES! Mr. Obama has decimated the

      • Dang, finally a true red blooded American hero. I hope so anyway. I get so tired of hearing how we have to play nice with the people who aim to kill our men. Making him poop his pants is not criminal.

    • FYI : Linda, I see you ‘copy /past’ this item; Now be so kind and supply the link otherwise you have commuted a federal crime, under ‘copy write law’

      • you and allen west are the ones using the smear tactics. I was merely posting available online information about West, not making up lies like you guys do about Obama.

      • Would be nigh impossible to make up lies about the King Of Liars, or Liar-In-Chief. After all, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period.

      • could it be he was not able to foresee every detail when rolling out a major program, and it wasn’t a lie. Unlike Bush who lied about weapons of mass destruction and starting a war.

      • Obummer knew EXACTLY what he was doing. And it was with a lot of help from Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, etc., who have tried for decades to inflict these policies of government control on the ‘ungrateful peasants’ who don’t know what’s good for them. He knew exactly what he was doing. You’re naive if you don’t think so.

      • Then why did he approach the insurance companies and ask them to allow the people to keep their policies? Also, the only reason they were not able to keep them, were they were not good policies. We don’t know how many people were affected and people who lost their policies most likely got better and cheaper insurance. I don’t think I am naïve and I really don’t’it was on purpose.

      • Whether Obummer “asked” insurance companies to continue old policies or not is a moot point. It took MONTHS to translate new Obummercare regulations into the old policies. Something that is virtually impossible to reverse on a dime. Your claim that policy holders insurances were not good is preposterous. Policy buyers chose for themselves for what they wanted to be insured. Other than for yourself, who are you (or the government) to declare what is “good” for each individual buyer? Further, on average, those ca. 6 million who lost their old policy are now paying much higher premiums and deductibles than previously, with the added bonus of being (and paying for it) insured for illnesses and conditions that they’ll never have, such as male and elderly pregnancy and breast cancer and female prostrate cancer. Coverage for “everything” has to be paid for. Millions of policies more are expected to be cancelled when the employer mandate (illegally and unilaterally extended by Obummer) goes into effect January 2015…after the mid-term elections. THAT is deliberate and transparent. If the Republicans pulled such a stunt, guaranteed you would be crying foul.

      • That is such BULLSHIT!! He never said, “If you like your policy you can keep your policy IF IT MEETS GOVERNMENT STANDARDS. He said, “If you like your policy you can keep your policy, PERIOD.” That means NO RESTRICTIONS. You, the President, and everyone else who tries to use that ex post facto argument about “they were not good policies” are just plain hiding from the truth. And it’s BULLSHIT to say they got better AND CHEAPER insurance. My wife had a hysterectomy, I DON’T F’n NEED MATERNITY CARE FOR MY FAMILY and I sure as hell don’y need it at 2.7 times the monthly cost of what I was paying before! So close your ignorant pie hole.

      • On the subject of WMD, every western nation had their own intel that said the same as ours. Even the Democrats in Congress clamored for intervention. You libs just don’t like facts of the process getting in the way…we should forget that the Dems played their part too. “I was for the Iraq war before I was against it” – John Kerry

      • The war we are still in? That means that Bush was right since your president is still knee deep in it. Doesn’t it?

      • Are you really that ignorant? It has already been shown, and he admitted to the FACT, that he along with his administration KNEW, well before hand that he wasn’t being truthful.(nice way of saying he is a bald faced liar) The president himself said that he regretted that many had been misled by what he said and apologized for “not being clear”.

      • That response may work with your liberal friends, but it’s a$$-backwards. You did of course try to smear Col. West with unrelated ‘material’, attempting to deflect and disqualify his remarks because he spoke the truth. If you think I believe otherwise, you’re mistaken. Obummer can be generalized as thin-skinned, dishonest, unqualified, narcissistic and idealistic socialist thug. Traits that make for a loser President, but a wonderful representative of the radical liberal mindset.

      • You probably didn’t bother to read his article, of whom you express feigned revile, thus, no arguments either way on it from you. Just as I expected.

      • why are you even here? You need to go smoke your pot and drink your blue obama kool aid in a dark room.

    • And they should have given him a medal for his actions…he saved the lives of American soldiers on that day and we love him. My son would follow Rep. Allen into hell if he asked, because he knows that Allen West would NEVER leave a man behind. He gave up his career rather than allow a terrorist free reign to kill more of his men! Allen walks the walk, unlike another man who merely loves to hear himself talk!

      • In our country, once you earn the title, you keep it. A former governor is still refered to as Governor so and so, just as a former member of Congress is appropriately called Rep. so and so. You don’t have to like it, but that is the way it works.

      • I don’t care one way or the other with respect to him. Just not sure that is how it works. I looked him up and as I stated, it was either former or ex Representative.

      • Yes, you can certainly add former or ex if you wish, but it also perfectly correct to simply give the title. If you listen to the news, you will frequently hear Bush and/or Clinton referred to as President Bush/President Clinton or former President Bush/former President Clinton…either is appropriate and correct.

    • Yeah… Linda… he was (charged), do you understand that term? It’s like YOU being arrested for prostitution. Col West fell on the sword for the Army so all the democrat talking heads wouldn’t run out and spew the news 24/7 of the savagery. Tell you what… Linda… why don’t you join the service, go over there and serve a tour, or two, come back and tell us how it went, and if you still (feel) the same.

  18. Now THAT was a State of the Union Response! I went to for a response and was greeted by only Spanish, from an Hispanic Congresswoman from Florida (I guess they’re preparing for amnesty); I went to CNN for the Republican response and Sen. Rubio and Rep. Rodgers BOTH gave the most innocuous, irrelevant, boring “response” imaginable. It’s no wonder the Republicans are totally ineffectual in Congress in opposition to Obama’s government and the rapid spiral in which our country finds itself as a consequence of it.

  19. Sorry Allen,I would love to watch the Video,but I refuse to watch an Add 1st,I pay for my Usage of BandWidth and Boycott Videos that Run Adds 1st

  20. It is time for the American people to ‘flex’ our muscle and show these arrogant Democrat punks that this is still a government ‘for the people and by the people’.

  21. Hate to break it to you Colonel but Natalie Grant walking out on the Grammy’s is getting a lot more attention than your lousy response. On your own website.

  22. Mr. West, THANK YOU!!! You are RIGHT ON THE MARK!!! I HIGHLY RESPECT AND I agree with your statements!!! With Much Respect & Sincerely, Leslee Carneau

  23. I like the way Allen characterized Mr. O as a “bystander”; that is what O is, and a not very observant bystander. He is totally agenda-driven, and either pretends not to notice what is happening, or ignores it. This is why he always claims to have heard about these scandals second-hand, as if they had nothing to do with the actions taken by his Cabinet members and their underlings. He is like a third-world dictator who expects to always get his way.

  24. What is keeping us – the American people – from having Obama recalled? Is this a possibility, since it has become obvious that our congress and judicial system is filled with liberal cowards?

  25. Sorry, when you said “re-establish credibility,” I had to smirk.
    Perhaps a sworn statement from Bill Clinton would be a start.

  26. Statistically, my former employer was warned to get rid of my category of people by 2009. Deals were offered which were quite callous and racial in design. Today, Obama’s plan is aimed at training (his words) the colored youth to step into any jobs that have been liberated by the massive job loss caused by his administration. Allen West called it right when he nailed Obama as a self proclaimed innocent bystander. That was true, a bystander with a major racial agenda. By the grace of God, his kind should be removed from power before the country sinks any lower. Impeach soon.

  27. I’m tired. I didn’t watch BO. I’m tired of the lies. I’m tired of his arrogant self. I’m tired of the road this great country is heading as we cannot do anything about it. I’m tired of the mainstream media. My father served 30 years in the Army, loved this country, fought three wars I know daddy is turning over in his grave. I am so sad to see the road this country is going down and there is nothing we can do. We have become such a lazy society, we want something for nothing. What happened to hard work? Wake up America.

    • It isn’t easy and it is exhausting, but we must fight on. Don’t give up. Remember, there are millions of us out here that feel the same way. I become frustrated as well, but I will not give up. This country is worth the fight and I know your father would agree! May your father rest in peace; he is a true patriot from what you wrote.

      • Yes Theresa, we must fight back with our minds and our keypads, our backs even and, yes Mr. Briggs, it is exhausting and worth every effort to keep the hope of the founding fathers afloat to help lead this and each succeeding generation to a brighter future still. But both parties have contributed mightily to remove Americans rugged individualism from front and center; each party in their own way. It isn’t anything new that both parties allowed for the super-growth of the special interest industry, allowed for the super-lucrative lifestyle of the Washington political character who all to often decides, against the national interest, to stay in public office for a lifetime; and both parties have cordoned off their playing field to such a great extent that a true leader shouldn’t even wish to trade elbows with the wolves who are guarding the Washington henhouse. Yes the effort is worth every pain and sorrow and no, it will not ever get any easier. It is the cross which one must bare quietly with their head held up, humbly so that others can see and believe the value and worth of a constitution stained-through with the blood of all those through the centuries who have carried their cross across the threshold of individual liberty, through good will toward their fellow man, desiring peace on earth, and even more, acknowledging the greater than thou theory of the universe.

      • Nice article – Media: How Dishonesty Distorts Political Discourse. Thanks. I watched the show on Pete Seeger just now, and again for the 2nd or 3rd time over these last years. It helps put some things in perspective. Have you seen the show on his life, well lived but often very, very difficult? You keep up the good work and stay in touch.

    • I have provided a reply below Mr. Briggs. I hope it provides some comfort though it most certainly will not allow for giving up as you yourself witnessed through the life of your departed father; that giving up is not an option in this life even as we hope and pray for a still greater spiritual life in the next. As a young Marine, I at the age of 17, so many years ago, recognized the need to hold fast to the holy Bible, to a pure sense of freedom and to what we here have in our Constitution, so as to make our own way through this life trying always to not impede others on their own road forward.

    • Theresa, most of us feel as you do. But I know that Obama didn’t get into the WH all by himself. WE (meaning, Americans, as a general group) helped him get there. We are equally to blame for where we are now.
      I didn’t vote for him, and who knows if you did. But I can tell you how he got there – if you want to know. No, I won’t go on about the conspiracy theories we have all read about. It is much deeper than that.
      To understand how he got there is to understand, in part, how he will be removed. I fear, though, that we Americas have gone far too close to the edge of the cliff, and we can no longer avoid the fall.
      The important thing is to understand what each of us needs to do, individually, to find salvation for ourselves, for our families and for those we care about. But again, I’m afraid that at this point in time, we Americans no longer want to hear the truth. We may very well have gone too far, this time.

  28. . Dear Mr. West why hasn’t the Republican Party. Press charges for impeachment against. This president for break no laws against the Constitution.

  29. Thinking the answer to Americas problems can be fixed by political action, executive or otherwise is like bailing the Titanic with a cereal bowl thinking all will be well.

  30. Well Thank You Allen West! Thank you for your wisdom and insight, knowing exactly what is best – more than the man elected (twice) by the people of this nation. Thank you for focusing on the Keystone pipeline (the only darn thing righties can say about job creation). Thank you for having the gall to tell me my President is arrogant – the height of your arrogance. Thank you for tell me that the workers of America are less deserving of a fair life than the people who have millions (you) by insulting them for their laziness.

    I could go on but in summary your speech was a waste of bandwidth and an insult to thinking, caring, Americans.

    • Obama knows what’s best for us? I think not. I remember Obama’s shovel ready jobs, oh wait, none.Remember, you can keep your doctor, no so true. Remember, more will be covered and cheaper? Not happening. I could go on, but in summary. Last night’s speech was same old lip service.

    • Allen West is a very intelligent person and a great example of what all Americans should be unlike this president we have now, that you say was elected twice which is questionable. Obama is educated and well trained but intelligence is not his strong point. Big difference between being educated and being intelligent.

      • They all have. That’s the problem. The only solace is that when the money runs out, they will all starve and we can start over.

      • You may be surprised by the fact that I’m a VP of a non-profit organization and have had the dis-pleasurable opportunity to see what has happened to this country over the past 20 years. Trust me, it didn’t start with the guy in the White House today.

      • Still not understanding your ‘sarcasm’ but lying about my mom’s death? That would be a new human low. Thinking that I would doesn’t say much for your regard of humanity.

      • It was hard to know if you just played off my sarcasm to state that. I am truly sorry about your mother. I would never throw something like that at anyone, to intentionally hurt them. Talk about a major league back fire! Wow.

      • Honestly I thought you were insulting me and dragging my mom into it. No worries though, I love sticking my head in the dragons jaw and expect to get kicked around some – it’s kind of fun actually!

      • The sarcasm was, Moms don’t usually approve of insulting others. Your point was simply degrading others without any political context. Calling someone stupid does not really prove anything.

    • Screw that muslim terrorist in the white house. The only reason that Kenyan got elected is because of stupid, racist people like you wanted to “make history” so bad that you didn’t stop to THINK that you were electing a fraud.
      This country is in shambles, and it’s the fault of IDIOTS like you. You helped elect an illegal from Chicago who has never held a real job in his entire life or accomplished a single thing without help from someone else. This moron you put in office despises this nation, but so do all dhimmocrats.

      • I’m a racist because I’m a middle-age white guy who voted for a black guy? Is that the argument you’re bringing to the party?

        Actually I voted for the gentleman who most represents my dreams for my country. I couldn’t give a darn about what color, creed, height, golf handicap, bowling average, or on base percentage the man has (or woman for that matter.

        Once again, ‘muslim terrorist’, ‘Kenyan’, ‘stupid racist’, etc. Not the words of the liberal in this conversation.

    • You sir are arrogant and do not know what you are talking about.Just because the President was elected twice does not make him knowledgable, Just popular and mostly with those who have their hands out.Fair? Who said life is fair sir? If all men worked hard and tried to make a go of it our Nation would be strong! We are a Nation of lazy freeloaders.Allen West is a man of wisdom and intergety.Thank God this is Obama’s last year. He is taking us down the wrong path!

      • I believe that they stole the election, why did they (democrats) do away with the paper ballots, It’s easier to cheat on the votes on these voting machines instead of having your people vote dozens of times. Vote earlier and often Democrats say. It’s not a joke.

    • All those comments about my ignorance and arrogance, and not a single syllable about the guy who called the President a Muslim terrorist, and who questioned his heritage.

      You folks are so foolish, even your ‘Mrs. P’ can’t figure out that his term runs three more years and doesn’t end this year. Comments about ‘stolen elections’ and lazy freeloaders, and ‘illegal(s) from Chicago. Take off the aluminum hats, consult a calendar, and grow up.

  31. I only watched it when (my life over 600 pound man ) was on. I don’t even watch that but because his lying mouth and face was everywhere but on that station I watched it. I wish Honey Boo Boo would have been on I think I would have liked that better then seeing stomach’s cut open to down size. So Tired of him wasting our time
    Allen West have you thought about running for President of the United States of America ?

    • I watched the same show. Honey Boo Boo is on tomorrow night. Allen West must run for president soon. Or at least for the Senate! We need him.

      • Not surprised that you (and yours) would know the TV schedule for Honey Boo Boo! When is Duck Dynasty on? Storage Wars? You people would be extremely funny if you weren’t so scary.

    • Back when I was in 6th grade I remember his campaign for presidency (I even got his autograph which I wish I hadn’t lost). Unfortunately the Republicans went for Bush at that time and Allen West was not getting a great deal of support or media attention.

  32. You’re a good man Mr. West; I sure wish the majority of Americans would open their ears and eyes and learn about our Republic, instead of sucking up handouts. But, if this were to happen, it would still be a generation before our country turns around to more prosperous times.

  33. Allen West I am moving to Delray Beach Fl. in a few short months Palm Beach Co. you county, It would be my honor to help you in anyway possible for your re-election campaign. You sir are a true American who always will put America first you are desperately needed in Washington if there is anything I can do call on me

  34. Sorry but he was too easy on the obamsssssss. I know allen tries to be nice in what he says and does, but you can not be nice to obabamssss because he/it does not know what the word means. Please do not make the mistake the reps did by holding Sarah back from hitting him/it with broadside after broadside. Political correct does not work with this thing, it just wants more. You have a good day, take some pills for your upset tummy from having to listen to its speech. Then get back on the high road to save our country from the like of the obamassssss.

  35. Maybe you’ve heard that we are in need of a Congressman in our district? Congressman Redel is resigning. Ever consider relocating? Better yet, how about the presidency in 2016? Please, sir, we need you.

  36. I wasn’t paying attention.. but I was just told the Joint Chiefs were standing and clapping– and asked if that was customary or if maybe the CIC (Jarrett) ordered them too..

    I don’t know the answer..

    • The Joint Chiefs are supposed to act like members of the Supreme Court at this event. They are not to pander to politics, instead be above politics. Unfortunately, they have become so political with Obama, they no longer have any shame when it comes to their blatant pandering. The JOCS are in for their own gain.

      • This is because Odumbo has relieved some 70 or so senior military generals across all of the branches of our military. Be wary of who is left. The ones who were let go swore oaths to defend this country and I say we’ve not seen the last of them.

  37. Lt Col Allen West, I choose to stand with you and appreciate your words of wisdom in reference to Obama address to our Country. Let me know what I can to support you for President of the United States of America.

  38. Good points Allen. Let’s be honest though, you know this Congress has no desire to compromise either – thus the 40+ attempts at repealing and obstructing healthcare reform (which has both positives and negatives but no one willing to work through them on either side). This SOTU speech was no different then any other by any other president. You know all of them make promises they can’t keep and that every president in the last 100 years has used executive orders to push their agenda. Do I like the idea of executive orders? Yes and no. If they are on how he manages the Executive branch then yes, if they involve public policy – not so much. Again though, if we are stalled out in legislative acrobatics, something needs to be done to stop the circus. It is one thing to be critical and you have valid points (although I disagree with some of your solutions) but, to act like this president has done anything wrong by taking the same actions that previous presidents have is disingenuous.

    Side note for the haters – I know Allen personally and am not attacking him. This is called debate (which is an exchange in viewpoints) and I am probably one of Allen’s only liberal buddies 🙂

    • so just why do you call every one who disagrees with you or Obama a hater is that the only thing you Democrats are good at calling everyone that disagrees with you Haters or Racist? Is it because you think it will get us to back down from what we believe and know to be true. Well it will not work we will stand by out beliefs and we will stand against all of you Democrat socialist liberals and Obama and we will stand against you together. their are not a few of us their are over 150 million and we are just as American as you pretend to be and we believe in this country even if you do not.

      • Did I say “all you haters” or “the haters”? I was merely making a point to those that the label “hater” would apply to, so if the shoe fits..

        Did I call anyone a racist?

        Did I ask anyone to back down from their beliefs?

        Did I say anything about not believing in the same country I put a uniform on to defend?

        Your reply is a good example of the problem we have in this country. I make a few statements and you focused all of your energy on one word and then bloviate a bunch of incoherent generalizations.

      • Nelson, I too wore the uniform and served. Thank you for your service.
        Although all SOTU speeches from tons of previous presidents also tend to over promote the positives this president takes it to a totally different plateau. He BLATANTLY LIES! This president has a mainstream media that will not hold him accountable. This subjects the uninformed to a false reality. This president is a cheerleader who pouts and throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way. Now he makes statements that contradict the covenants of our laws by stating to the American people that he intends to circumvent our entire legislative branch and go it alone. He swore in his oath to uphold our constitution. There are hundreds of examples of POTUS NOT upholding it.

        There are so many actions and inactions taken by this administration that boggle the mind. 5 years worth of bad decisions that have made us more vulnerable, less safe and less free. Hundreds of instances that are frankly illogical in reference to the American way of life. If however you reference these instances to the Saul Alinsky rules typed out above you see all of these totally adhering to the communist playbook. So while liberals lead us down a road to communism/socialism don’t count on me to go down silently. If you are so blind that you cannot see what is happening then you are a huge part of the problem. I’ll not sit and be quiet any longer and watch the left steal from our people and our kids. Political correctness be damned!

        Am I a hater? Of this president and the crook/liars in his cabinet? – YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!


      • you are shouting, I was hopefull to hear more than opinion. There is too much namecalling. My opinion. The tea party speech was deleated Where did it go?

  39. I am sure there have been many executve orders in the past by past Presidents, but none so blatantly over riding our branches of government and due process. Congress makes the laws and changes to them…not the President!

  40. Allen West has more class and common sense in his little finger than
    Obama has in his whole body. For those who seem to think that anyone
    who disagrees with or dislikes Obama is racist, Allen West also has more
    black blood.

  41. the state of the union address resembled a pep rally to me..people cheering because everyone else was, people looking like they had no idea how the game is played, and people looking like they should be somewhere else! I was not impressed with any of it as there were no new ideas or old ones that made sense…and then the pres is off today campaigning..he never sets aside time to work with the congress…he has no intention of compromising with them because he will not sit down with them to exchange ideas.

  42. So far we’ve been treated the Republican official response in english and spanish, Tea-Party’s responses by Rand Paul’s and Mike Lee, Sarah Palin’s response via facebook from some ballgame. Only missing are Joe Walsh, Rick Santorum, Stacey Dash and the guy from Duck Dynasty.

  43. How to create a communist state by Saul Alinsky

    There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a communist state. The first is the most important.

    1) Healthcare –
    Control healthcare and you control the people

    2) Poverty –
    Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

    3) Debt –
    Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

    4) Gun Control –
    Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

    5) Welfare –
    Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income)

    6) Education –
    Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of what children learn in school.

    7) Religion –
    Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools

    8) Class Warfare –
    Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

    Does any of this sound like what is happening to the United States ?

      • I too would vote for Allen West to be President, if he sought the office. But as for Barack Obama, I have a good prison in mind for him: Andersonville, that old infamous Civil War prisoner-of-war camp in Georgia.

  44. Always refreshing to hear LTC West speak. Of course, helps that he’s still 100% behind our Country and the citizens. obama has a bad attitude and makes for an even WORSE President.

  45. Allen West lives the life of true Patriot who we can trust to lead us as he is always steadfast and loyal to the American Dream. We need him in government, please support him in whatever means possible.

  46. Col. Allen west, thank you for your service. If you ever decide to relocate, please look at Oklahoma. We are always looking for quality people as yourself. The best to you in the future.

  47. COL. West, being a supporter of the Tea Party movement I was curious as to what your opinion on the Chamber of Commerce taking an anti-Tea Party stance

    • мʏ в­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ѕт ғʀι­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɴɖ’ѕ ѕιѕт­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ-ιɴ-ʟαա мαĸ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ѕ $8з ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʋ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀʏ нօυʀ օɴ тн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ ʟαքтօք. ѕн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ нαѕ в­­­­­­℮­­­­­­­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ɴ օυт օғ α ʝօв ғօʀ 9 мօɴтнѕ вυт ʟαѕт мօɴтн н­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ քαʏ աαѕ $162з0 ʝυѕт աօʀĸιɴɢ օɴ тн­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ ʟαքтօք ғօʀ α ғ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ա нօυʀѕ. աнʏ ɴօт тʀʏ н­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ʀ­­­­­­℮­­­­­­ fox800&#46com

    • My thought! Ask the businesses that you shop at if they are a member of the Chamber of Commerce. If they are, tell them you will no longer shop there until they are no longer a member. At the same time, tell them you would like to see all the “USA” products in one area and if they are not carrying “Made in the USA” you will no longer shop there.


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