Satan to carry torch at Olympics?

A video posted on a jihadist website and produced by Islamic Jihad Union, an al-Qaida ally based near the Afghan-Pakistani border, warns of terror and the presence of Satan at the upcoming Sochi Games. According to NBC News, the group compares the Olympics in Russia to those held under Adolf Hitler in 1936. A speaker in the video whose face is blurred says,

Satan is with you, and he will leave you at the most inopportune moment and that moment will be coming soon.

The video, recorded by the Islamic Jihad Union, an al-Qaida ally based near the Afghan-Pakistani border, mocks how Russians have become terrified of “so-called Muslim extremists. The union serves as an umbrella group for fighters from the Caucasus, Turkey and beyond, and has been involved in plots in Uzbekistan and Germany. The title of the video, in Russian, translates to something like “In the Run-Up to the Demon Olympics 2014.”

I am still wondering how a group that was supposed to be “decimated and on the run” is an even more present and viable threat. And remember, President Obama and current CIA Director John Brennan told us jihad is a legitimate tenet of Islam.

I suppose we could try and pacify these bloodthirsty Mohammedans, as Winston Churchill called them, and send them downloads of John Lennon’s song ” Give Peace a Chance.” Hey, maybe we can send them cargo boxes of “coexist” bumper stickers.

But this is a deadly serious situation. Let us never forget the Beslan school incident in Russia or the fact that the Tsarnaev jihadists were from Dagestan, and the Obama administration failed to heed warnings about them from Russia.

There is a two-faceted goal here for the Islamists. One is to terrorize a grand sporting event on the world stage. The second is to embarrass Russian President Vladimir Putin. Imagine if the Olympic games were cancelled? Imagine the propaganda message and aid to recruitment that would provide Islamic jihadists.

There is only one way to contend with Islamic totalitarianism and its militant terrorist wing: search and destroy, and make sure they get their heavenly promise of 72 virgins. By the way, that should include anyone who supports them. It’s the only language they understand.


  1. Russia is a dying country, they are no longer a super power. Its clear as day Putin and the Russian leaders are in a frenzy trying to hide how dangerous it is in Russia . Clearly a Singh of weakness and the US should jump all over it to embarrass Putin like he trys doing to Obama.

    • On the contrary, much as I’m uneasy about Vladímir Vladimírovich Pútjin’s being so dictatorial, it well could be that under him Russia will have a great Renaissance!!! One GOOD step he has undertaken is to start helping Russia’s Christian basis towards restoration, another is his country’s turning pro-life – which will stop Russia’s population decline and improve its confidence AND morals the way the USA was 200 years ago. Also, he definitely strikes me as not a man to be crossed – in fact, he has the potential to even wipe the real mover-and-shaker of Islam (Saudi Arabia) right off the map – the Saudis and others (including the Iranians) could find themselves in worse trouble than ever they could imagine nowadays from the USA if they don’t back off…

    • Spoken like a liberal. Russia is not dying that is just wishful thinking on obama’s part. Putin will be there to change obama’s diapers again when it is necessary.

    • brandon — Obama embarrasses himself and all true Americans but you being a supporter of this socialist regime can’t see that. Russia supports Iran’s leader while Obama supports the terrorists who are fighting to remove him and install the MB just like he did in Egypt. Obama is an Islamist and a terrorist fighting to destroy America from the inside out and you are willing to help him so guess what that makes you.

      • And “True Americans” understand that NOT ALL AMERICANS

        “Like You”, are even American in the first place..
        Otherwise you would know the Constitution and if you “were” “smart” you would know that he “Obama” disregards it and has passed and enforced as much as he can that happens to be “Illegal” ..

        So I think your not getting it on what it
        “Mean To Be An American” and “In The Land OF THE FREE” .. !!!

      • I do understand and I fought for this country and will stand up for the rights of all my fellow Americans… even ones I disagree with.

    • Obama killed more Al Qaeda terrorists in his first two years than Bush did in all eight.
      Perhaps you are confusing the word “supports” with the word “kills.”

      • Brendan,

        Obama didn’t kill ANYONE….NOT ONE PERSON….The mighty men and women of the US military did the killing and this IDIOT of a president narcistically takes credit for it….

        I prove that by quoting you directly “Obama killed more…”

  2. “CIA Director John Brennan told us jihad is a legitimate tenet of Islam.” Have you ever asked how he knows it is such? He is an open practitioner of the religion, supposedly related to his job if I am not mistaken. Did you notice the Director praying in Zero Dark Thirty? We have been infiltrated and it will only get worse before it gets better.

    • The USA MUST get rid of Obama and the ENTIRE “Democratic” Party as well as all “RINOs” before there will be any hope of things getting better!!! Don’t people realise that the Commies have taken over Congress, the various departments and agencies and everywhere else in the entire American federal government and MANY of the state governments???

      • Yes, especially the one’s that kill innocent life’s and also the Peaceful ones that silently never “PROTEST” against it, because it would get them killed for “Bring Shame Against Their Family” .. LoL
        For supporting an “Infidel” and “Innocent Human Being” ..

        So yea, I want Islam to stop being forced “Acceptance” ..
        I tolerate your existence, but I do NOT have to as a Free American Agree or Accept your “Hate Religion” ..

        I think you can burn in Hell for your so simplistic support in the
        lack of what thousands and millions of innocent life’s Muslims and Islamist have done to MY PEOPLE ..

        And you willingly Attack Conservative, Christian Americans ..
        I think your in the wrong country ..

        If Islam is so great, then get off my Land and go back to your beloved Islamic Countries in the Middle East .. :

        I’m sick and tired of being from Michigan in the sense…
        I live near Dearborn were we have the Largest Islamic Immigrants in all of America ..

        They are Violent, and Disregard the Laws ..
        They have killed innocent life’s in My State in the name of “Allah” …
        If you even walk into Dearborn cities and neighborhoods with a Bible, Christian Symbols, Apparel, Christian Outreach and or Worship Centers or you are simply “Jewish”
        You are attacked .. and “Killed” ..

        So tell me why I should respect you or anyone that happens to be
        Muslim in my Country .. ??

        I’m also quiet sick of the excuse that they shouldn’t being doing it, they aren’t suppose to be following that – but if that was soo, then it would have been resolved ..

        So I don’t understand why you even support it ..

      • Please read the following slowly, because it appears you completely misunderstand everything I write and make unfounded assumptions.

        I am not a Muslim.
        Somehow, you came to the conclusion that since I support the rights of Muslim Americans that I must be Muslim.
        I also support the rights of children, the elderly, women, and so on.
        But I am not elderly, or a child, or a woman and so on.

        As to you not understanding why I support the rights of Muslim Americans… it is because I love this country and support the Constitution… so I stand up for the rights of all my fellow Americans… Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and so on.

        I even support the rights of people I disagree with… because I am an American patriot who understands the founding principles of this nation.

      • That would be nice if you would of implied that in your statements, because your statements obviously don’t reflect this, considering you also are getting alot of dislikes, which means not alot of people including myself are to fond of you supporting Muslims considering they have no desire to NOT kill me or my people that you so “think of” and”willingly” say you support.

        I think you are ignorant of the amount of Peaceful Muslims that don’t want just tolerance, they want acceptance.

        Which is a huge difference, and when they want “Acceptance” just as “Homosexuals” or “Feminist” do, they want it at “100%” with “No Questions Asked or Disagreement” ..

        They want it their way and their way is unconstitutional and eventually leads to violence of others.

        Those who are truly peaceful also in many surveys over 60%+ declared that American’s deserve death or jail for any disagreement, bad mouthing or freely exercised opinion in opposing Islam.

        And you are seriously ignorant of how Islam works.
        You are a “Infidel” 100% in every peaceful or violent Muslims home their Quran is always the same, I own one, and they never change. They still view Americans the way their little book tells them to. Whether they act on it or not.

        They never ever protest against the violence that does result from someone from their religion.
        No one steps out and risks their life for my people.
        Just complete and utter silence.
        Ever wounder Why?? Guess Guess.. Dare you too.
        Actually Don’t ..

        You are not much of a American Patriot when you lack the understanding and first hand experience I have with Islam.

        Islam religion is designed to plant their people all over the Earth and Conquer and destroy their enemy.
        We are one of their most hated targets on their list.
        You don’t understand. At All !

      • You know nothing of Islam and people like you who marginalize all muslims are in the way of us ever truly defeating radical Islam.
        There are multiple sects of Islam… and to simplify it for you, there is a war (literally) between different sects over the future of Islam.

        You say you don’t believe in moderate Muslims because you don’t see them speaking out or standing up to the violent radicals….
        Are you blind?
        Forget the peace protests of American muslims that don’t garner much attention (most notably the march in Washington)… have you not been watching the news the past few years and seen the backlash against Muslim extremism from within teh Muslim world?

        Most notably the civil unrest in Egypt…
        After Mubarak was ousted and Morisi tried to turn Egypt into a radical Islamic state… what happened?
        The people (moderate Muslims) stood up and revolted, with the aid of the military and there have been ongoing clashes between extremist and moderate muslims in the streets.

        look into the roots of the ongoing struggle between Sunnis and Shi’ites before you make assumptions about Islam.

        As to your insulting comments about American Muslims not belonging in this country… maybe you should go to Arlington National Cemetery and demand that all the Muslim Americans who died fighting radical muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan be buried elsewhere.
        They are better Americans than you.

        You say you love this country, but you don’t even understand its founding principles.

        I’ve read your comments.
        You want to live in a country populated only by people that share your religious and political beliefs… that goes against everything this country stands for.

        One final thing regarding radical Islam… don’t mistake my defense of moderate muslims as me being in any way forgiving of the radicals.
        Radical Islam is a real threat and needs to be wiped out.
        But as long as we continue to broadbrush generalize all muslims as the same for convenience we will never defeat our enemy.

        A real understanding of the intricate problems within Islam will help us defeat the radicals… the current demonization of all muslims for political purposes only helps our enemies and hampers our ability to defeat them.

      • Sooooo ???? !!!!
        And yet you are still here ..

        Still *Trolling Much* .. Get A Life ..
        Tired of seeing your comments ..

        Who cares if he goes off topic and actually he’s ON TOPIC
        Considering Obama has been raised Communist from a Communist family and due to my Connections in Africa ..

        I already know with Facts Obama has complete and Obvious UnAmerican and UNCONSTITUTIONAL Intentions ..

        He already has and IS destroying MY HOME, MY COUNTRY !!!

      • So you think bringing Obama into a topic that is about Al Qaeda threatening the Russians is staying on topic?


      • No wow

        Is that you seem to think that their is nothing wrong with your statements which point to you being a gullible, nonfactual and blinded person by what Obama is doing in this country.

        You seem to think that you pointing out someone else decision to go off topic, in your mind, might I add.
        Is reason for you to point it out and declare it as wrong.

        It’s a Free Country, someone can go off topic if they want, the only time I ever agree going off topic on something is annoying and in need of correcting is it’s completely unrelated and random tangent … and has no connection to the main focal point on any level.

        If that even makes sense to you.

        Obama is connected to Al Qaeda and is supporting it behind closed doors, he is a Islamist, posing as a Christian, with plenty of facts to support opposite of that.

        And He has threatened Russian along with other Nations unnecessarily and yes they have threatened back.

        So he’s intertwined on different points this Forum concludes.
        I really am not an “overreacting” person like you ..
        I think you need to not care so much about what everyone points out. Off topic or not.

  3. Everything Obama has ever said is an embarrassment! And damn these cowardly al-Qaida sand rats! And damn Muhammad to hell!

  4. Colonel West, no oversimplification and leap of logic is shameful enough for you to avoid. Disgusting part is I know you are a better soldier than that. You would objectively analyse the situation if your soldiers lives where at risk. Shame on you Col. you know better.

      • Notice your pic is dark and mysterious and probably taken in a dungeon??? Go do something good in life walk a old lady across the street teach a kid basketball stop complaining.

      • I taught my boy basketball, football, algebra and history, helped the lady across the street to her scooter this morning. Nothing mysterious about a black man thinking. Are you a racist?

      • Shut the hell up, and yet you call yourself “My Conservative People” ..

        Wow … This is irrelevant and completely “Uncalled For”

        Notice your pic is dark and mysterious and probably taken in a dungeon

        Screw Off .. !!

      • Um just a little bit, I don’t care for my Conservative people claiming they are Conservatives and especially Christians and implying or sounding like their racist ..

        If you seem to support that, then you need to find the correct party you should be in.

        Because I’m a very mixed Nationality and I would prefer that everyone respect everyone – wrong or not in a conversation or belief.. is irrelevant ..

        Racism or any implying of it -is wrong and degrading and does not belong in a “Civilized Society” and “YOU” are supposed to be this example especially come from the same party as ME.. 🙂

      • Also I’m a female .. Don’t call me “Bro” .. I’m a Lady.
        Call me “Ma’am” .. Thanks 🙂

    • Agreed. West is deliberately misleading his reactionary followers with his insinuation that our leaders endorse violent jihad.
      He knows enough about Islam to know that the term “jihad” has multiple meanings and is deliberately stirring outrage.

      • Deliberately ??!!

        Your so full of crap ..
        Take your non Conservative and American self off of My Land or at least off of this PAGE …

        Are leaders do endorse VIOLENT Jihad ..
        Considering they do nothing for the CHRISTIANS IN ISLAMIC MIDDLE EASTERN COUNTRIES ..

        They Let Innocent PEOPLE DIE ..

        You are sooo beyond ignorant .. !!!

      • wow… you don’t know what words mean but are very adamant and angry about them.
        Also… Why should I leave for being American? That doesn’t even make sense.

      • Oooh God you really don’t get it ..
        Nevermind .. no point in explaining something to someone so wrong, irrational and ignorant.

  5. to VLAD99: Col West is dead on target- so few have the courage to say what needs to be said. It is not oversimplification- it is the blatant truth.There is no compromise with Islam, 1,000 years of perpetual war and enslavement have taught us that. The murdering will never end in India, never end in the Balkans, never end in the Russian borders…. and it has already started here… 9/11 was nothing more than on more incident in a 1,000 year history – Read your history first, then see if Col West is oversimplifying. Calling his truth oversimplification is a cop-out to avoid having the courage to do what needs to be done.

    • It is over 1400 years of history. If you would like to see Dr Bill Warner(Google him),who is a professor , present the facts he is well worth the watch. Islam is a scourge and all it leaves in its wake is destruction.

      I see Vlad the Impaler (99) is front and center again. It mystifies me why he continues to follow Col. West, it is certainly not as and admirer.

      • TO Pam: Well said. The fact that all culture freezes under the Islamic yoke, all progress stops, and perpetual belligerence against all communities and nations around them becomes entrenched, is so well documented from the past and so obvious in every single present day example, that to continue to ignore this demonstrates either inexcusable stupidity, or deliberate treachery. There is way that any half-way educated person cannot see this simple straight forward truth.

        W. Gerard Poole
        Ethnomusicology/Ritual Studies

      • Sometimes I think that in our educated and civilized society, we cannot in our wildest imagination believe that such and evil exists or is a threat to us. I on the other hand do not comprehend how they could be so blind.

    • If the suggestion is that our current leader lacks to courage to act. A certain Osama Bin Laden begs to differ. That being said it’s intellectually dishonest from the Colonel to conflate, islam, jihad and al-quaida in the same narrative. He knows better, he served in combat fighting those same enemies. Knows the value of intelligence knows not to make assumptions about the enemy.

      • As if Barack hussein Obama pointed the gun at that coward and pulled the trigger all by himself. Get real. The move to end Bin Laden’s life was set in motion long before Oblamer took office and held too much momentum for Odumber to stop it. If he could have stopped it without looking like more of a coward he would have.

  6. Islam is a totalitarian regime masquerading as a religion. Satan — the *real* Satan — is its top leader. In this respect it is similar to the Democrat party.

  7. A wack job Muslim terrorist admitting channeling satan? That is extra ordinary. Not sure why he’s coming out of the closet?

      • Islam is another Force of Satan ..
        So what exactly is your point ??

        I’m sure you fit right in with them ..

        Nonbelievers ?? LOL ROTFL !!!
        That’s everyone that’s NOT Christian ..

        Unless if you were to look at it from a Secular Views, it’s everyone that doesn’t belong to a “Religion” ..

        And from your view or Islamic View …
        It’s Everyone “But Islam” .. LoL ..

        And Satan doesn’t just work through people he does things all on his own, along with Demons .. Which are not humans ..

        So I honestly don’t understand what you think Allen West is referring to, because he IS a CHRISTIAN MAN and is referring to the opposite of what YOU ARE …

        And actually – weirdnewsgetsweirder – is being very “Accurate” in his statement ..

      • You are simply demonstrating that you also did not understand the article.
        The Al Qaeda spokesman was referring to non believers of Islam as the forces of satan… the above poster (like you) misread that and thought the Al Qaeda spokesman was referring to himself.

        Try critical thinking. contrary to your misunderstanding, my explaining what he was saying does not mean I agree with what he was saying.

  8. You are so right LTC West. We so need you for President, a real leader, experienced, intelligent, knows our history, knows our enemies…God Bless you, and please, run for president in ’16!

      • If Allen West lost, it would be the same way Obama ‘won,’ through ballots rigged by the left and voter intimidation.

        I saw it during the 2008 campaign (and in the run up to it) and by 2012 political violence had run me out of the country.

  9. From the above editorial…
    “And remember, President Obama and current CIA Director John Brennan told us jihad is a legitimate tenet of Islam.”
    Mr. West, you are deliberately being misleading in an attempt to anger your followers by implying that Obama and Brennan support violent jihad.
    You are an educated man and, despite your bias, you have read enough about Islam to know that the term “jihad” has multiple meanings to muslims, primarily about internal struggles with faith.

    There are many legitimate reasons to be critical of this President and his administration.
    Including that out of context comment in an editorial about Al Qaeda making threats is disgraceful and beneath you.

      • Seriously, you’re not making sense. You’re just doing childish name calling without presenting one word of substance related to what was written.
        I wrote that Mr West was being misleading in his use of a quote regarding Jihad.
        Your response to that is that I am a wet behind the ears occupier?????… whatever that means.

        Do you just write random unrelated thoughts as all your responses?

    • Ah now Brendan – is it after thinkin’ that Mr. O’Bummer is an Oirishman that yez might be defending the indefensible.

      Get with it – the nation that built universities and centers of learning across Europe has now capitulated to Islam…’Ireland will be a center of Islamic Finance,’ (Enda Kenny after sitting in the backseat of Barak’s limo) which means Sharia for Ireland!

      Whether Irish by nationality or heritage, Brendan, you need to do a lot more research and denounce the turrible habit that let the Normans occupy Ireland for 800 years – the practice of SELLING OUT YOUR FRIENDS!

      ‘Internal struggles with faith’ is stolen from the Christians. ‘Peace’ is through submission. Communication via LIES, as in spoken = taqquiya, or lived = kitman.

      Jihad is a war of subjugation to islam. And Obama has made his own moslem allegiance perfectly clear. End of.

  10. LTC West: You are still the Liberals number one target, wear it like a badge of honor. Notice how Liberals come on here posing and using the old Alinsky strategy “Boring From Within”. Of course, they don’t fool any of us and they certainly don’t fool you. Keep up the good work!

  11. We are the driving force behind the made up al queda …its not the muslims we need to fear its the people who really did 911 …the Israelis and our own FBI.

  12. If they do attack the games, it will be slightly embarrassing for Putin, devastating for the families of anybody killed or maimed, but I suggest it will be a bigger own goal for the jihadists. Whilst the likes of Cameron and Obama will make the normal excuses about a minority of extremists, the rest of the World just may start to wake up to the threat of this satanic cult.

  13. Your last paragraph says it all, Mr. West. “Reasoning with them” as our “President” has only weakens our position and makes us a laughing stock. Which, I guess, is what the “President” wants.

  14. Allen. .you know damn good and well they’re prominent because we’re paying the bills on their weapons and ammo, but for your sake, let us be your voice on that matter, we don’t want to earn your mailbox a “red dot” too.. And yes, I totally agree, they should be eradicated from the face of the Earth, to include their unarmed supporters, to include, MALIK OBAMA!!

  15. Muslims Col. West will never tell you about.

    Mohamed A. El-Erian – CEO of PIMCO, manager of over $1 trillion in global assets.[4]
    Fuad El-Hibri – CEO of Emergent BioSolutions[5][6]
    Jawed Karim – Co-founder of Youtube[7]
    Salman Khan – Entrepreneur, former hedge fund analyst and founder of the Khan Academy.
    Shahid Khan – owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League (NFL), the English Premier League team Fulham F.C., and automobile parts manufacturer Flex-N-Gate in Urbana, Illinois.[8]
    Farooq Kathwari – CEO of Ethan Allen Global, Inc.[9][10]
    Abdul Malik Mujahid – President of Sound Vision and community activist[11]
    Safi Qureshey – Pakistani-American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and former CEO of AST Research.[12]

    • Col. West is not suggesting these fine entrepreneurs are terrorists. But I would guess they were educated at our universities, and also on scholarships as foreign students. They have “the American Dream”. My question to you Vlad, would they have been this successful if they had remained in their home country?

  16. Beware false prophets in the later days. Mohammed was one of those false prophets we were all warned about in the Bible. It does not state that all prophets are bad. It just gives us a warning so that we are able to decide for ourselves which prophets exemplify God’s and Christ’s messages to the world and those that promote the opposite. Mohammed and his teachings to not exemplify God’s or Christ’s messages. God would never call for Jihad on non-believers and the message of Christ was clearly one of peace. I do not care to hear about Muslims in high places or in large corporations. If they believe in Jihad or in the torture and murder of Christian, women or young girls they are not spreading a message that comes for God. No, their messages is from Satan. It is time for the World’s Christians no matter what Church affiliate or lack there of you have, to stand up and throw these people out of our countries and send them back to the middle east where they can destroy their own societies. The have tried to conquer the world on many occasions. The difference now is that we are letting them infiltrate our countries when we should be turning them back. Good or bad, they do not have the right to disrupt our society.

  17. Bottom line is that Islam is a warrior faith. Concieved with the sole purpose of destroying Christianity and the Jewish faiths. And their preferred methods of destruction are imprisonment, subjection, and death. Coexistance is not tolerated in the Muslim world.

    • Yup and ole barry is right in there with all of his Muslim bros, working to Destroy US, while his obedient Idiots stand by cheering!!

  18. We need not kill them, that only empowers their people, to keep going!! An
    open dialogue with them on national TV, something they have asked for!!

    yourself what would Jesus do!! Gandhi said an eye for an eye and the whole
    world goes blind- we must penetrate the darkness with light- MLK-
    one of the greatest Christians to walk the planet, he freed his people as
    did Gandhi, through Non violent movement!!!

    This is a comment in reference to Satan at the Olympics!! What does
    writing an article about this accomplish- it seems Fear””
    These extremists use this tactic, we don’t need to!!! Their is a book
    titled Three cups of Tea” fantastic book- Greg Mortenson is fighting
    terrorism by building schools so they can educate their own people!!
    This is the best way of fighting terrorism, it just takes longer, it seems
    better than dropping bombs and shooting bullets, many times innocent
    people die…… We can do better as a people, and I believe we will….


  19. I would send so many to see Allah that IT would run out of virgins . They may find out that this is not the same as playing with obama !

  20. One Moslem killer attack on western interests, should bring on a nuclear bombing of a “holy” city somewhere, mecca or medina not excluded, and Fuckk the Saudis. Give the Moslem scum their choice of city that they would prefer for the west to vaporize, then take turns, first a U.S. nuke, then a Brit nuke, then a Russian nuke, and so on until the Moslem renounces his gutter cult, the same way the Japs were forced to renounce their boy emperors’ divinity. Enjoy. Sincerely. The Cuban Crusader

  21. Mr. Allen West is dead on with his analyze of radical Muslims and the Tal-ban . Islamic goals are not those of peace but those of conquer and control by Islamic Sharia law . What is really scary is there interoperation of there own religion is to destroy all those who are not Muslim and they will even kill and murder those of Muslim faith that oppose there goals.


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