Video: shocking incompetence from Obama administration (again?)

This very short clip comes from a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Afghanistan in December of 2013. Supposedly a year from that date, the Obama administration says American troops shall be completely withdrawn from Afghanistan. We can see how that strategy, or lack thereof, has played out in Iraq.

This video gives credence to some of the assertions presented by former SecDef Robert Gates in his book, Duty. Watch it and see the abject disdain Obama administration bureaucrats have for the House of Representatives and their mission of oversight.

Can you imagine what would happen if you showed up to a meeting on a specific topic, which you knew beforehand, and were completely unprepared? Cue Donald Trump: “You’re fired!”

Yep, there is no accountability in government whatsoever. And just to drive the point home, Charlene Lamb, reported to be the one accountable for State Department failures in Benghazi, has been promoted to Regional Security Officer.

And don’t forget that former State Department Spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, who was likely complicit in altering the original CIA incident report talking points, also received a promotion. Folks, I aint’ making this stuff up!


    • The percentage of Obama’s Cabinet who have worked in the private business sector prior to their appointment to the Cabinet is 8%!

      • That much? I would have thought more like 0.08% or the equivalence of Biden’s hair plugs.

        So who was the failure in the private sector that was then appointed by Oprah’s crush?

  1. The entire Obamarx Administration in a nutshell. From top to bottom, it’s completely incompetent and corrupt. Yet half the country doesn’t give a damn.

    I never imagined we could have anything like this in the United States.

    • That’s because too many Americans can tell you more about Honey white trash Boo Boo or the Krapdashians than they can tell you about damn near any political figure or topic. sad really

  2. Well if Obummer says we need to get out of Afghanistan, he’s right. We are not doing anything there to make a difference.

  3. Col. West, we know you aren’t making anything up. This administration’s behavior of irresponsibility and not giving a Damn have been Off The Scale pretty much from the beginning….They disgust me beyond description.

  4. imagine if you attended a business meeting at your job and did this, your boss would consider firing you if you didn’t change your ways… these people make every intelligent American sick

  5. Why would it surprise anyone to find out that the most incompetent President in this country’s history has filled his administration with a bunch of equally incompetent officials? The man he chose for VP should have been your first clue!

  6. They know, they just know better than to tell. The panel should have gotten busy ousting them and everybody else that admitted that they weren’t doing their job. Instead they just laughed and shrugged their shoulders and walked away.

  7. The Obummer Administration mantra: “It’s time to get the experts out of the way and let people who know nothing whatsoever about anything take charge”. Incompetence has become a virtue.

    • And send them to some unfriendly place, give them all the security that Benghazi got, and all the support the Ambassador and his protectors received. Think they’d want to go?

      • The pattern of the Obama admin is to send our most incompetent, or the most accomplished campaign donors, to our best allies where they can enact his foreign policy doctrine of being condescending to our friends while kissing up to our enemies.
        I do like your idea though.

  8. They don’t care, Colonel. ‘Abject disdain’ says it all. Disdain for the Constitution, disdain for oversight, and mostly disdain for the young men and women they send to their deaths.

  9. Wow, completely unbelievable and unacceptable. Meanwhile, our elected republican officials increase spending and talk about immigration. I am so disgusted with the government right now.

    • NO GOPer should be giving the Democrats the time of day with their FAUX Immigration reform nonsense.
      It is NOT reform!! IT IS AMNESTY!! I Am SO F#^KING FED UP WITH THE LIES AND GAMES FROM THESE IDIOTS AND I HAVE EVER RIGHT TO BE ANGRY WITH THEM. They are like 5 year olds with the games they play.

      • I hate to disagree with you but my 5 year old doesn’t even try to get away with the kind of crap the admin pulls. Hell my 2 year old doesn’t even try to evade my questions like they do.

  10. As a Californian conservative, my vote does no good anymore. I am laughed at and I am belittled when I state facts and concerns on our constitutional rights being stripped away. The media has brainwashed the majority, and I fear we will never recover from the damage that has been done. Worse than that I know, from our world history, that it will just get worse. The Republic is doomed.

    • yes it will get worse..and for the life of me I cannot believe how stupid people are….can they not see the damage he is doing to OUR COUNTRY ?

    • So true Gordon. Those of us that represent conservative California have no voice. Even at the polls our votes mean nothing because all that counts are the crooked electoral votes. If every vote truly counted our outcomes would have been so different. My children who will be adults in the next year will inherit a corrupt govermment that they can do nothing about.

    • You really should stop needling the liberals and let them get back to reading and telling fairy tales to each other.

  11. Proof that being qualified for a position has little importance to this administration. Blind loyalty or being a huge donor are the only qualifications.

  12. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for the very typical answer given by Obama Administration officials. They are told before hand that there is going to be a hearing on a topic they have worked on and run for a long time.
    Their answers are always, ” I will have to get back to you on that one.”


    I am telling you this Government needs to be reformed!! NOT IMMIGRATION!!

  13. “Ill have to get back to you on that one” Is a typical blow off answer in Obamas administration.

    It should be illegal. They should be fired if they cant report to Congress what is going on.

    I GUARANTEE you they don’t say they will have to get back to Obama when HE asks them!!

    They do this so the Conservatives wont know anything.

  14. Fire them all! Why is this administration continuing to get away with this incompetence. For the life of me I do not know how much more we can all take…God help us!

    • My son in law retired several months after Obozo took office. He requested and was granted that GW Bush sign the Discharge Papers. President Bush not only signed the papers but also sent a beautiful letter of gratitude of service but also of congratulations and an American Flag.
      In no way did he want Obummer’s name on anything.

  15. Ummm, well Congressman once I pull my head out of the President’s crotch I’ll be able to ummm comprehend what you just axed me, foo’.

  16. The one thing we seem to forget is that the “Government” isn’t some invisible entity…it’s actually us….we are the government…..not t
    he thieves and liars that live there leeching off of our earned income….they are the problem….the issues are politician driven….our job is to keep these liars on tract…..we have NO leadership period.No budget,No respect for constitution,No concern for people,No concern for honesty,No concern for integrity.We the people have to set the example for the politicians….they are to caught up in graft and there own seat of power….we need to start making laws and have them represent us….they work for us….I am checking how we as citizens can have laws changed and take back our country from these left wing socialists…..the time for words is over

  17. “I don’t know” seems to be the answer or “Ill get back to you”. Do they ever “get back” to anybody or is that just an exit strategy?

  18. It’s like when they ask Clapper (Head of Homeland Security) about a bomb in England that was all over the news, he did not have a CLUE and looked like a total idiot. Then when they asked him about the NSA, he out and out LIED and said no, they didn’t collect data. Our country is being run by a bunch of morons!!!

  19. You are either gullible or completely naïve to believe that this arrogant, aberration of an American administration, is ALWAYS genuinely incompetent. The reality is, that they are refusing to cooperate with congress in any way shape or form.

  20. I can believe this. Look who their boss is. Obama is the most incompetent president we’ve ever had in the United States. Chances are that he doesn’t know 10% of what he is supposed to know. And the mainstream media continues to support him. That says a great deal more about the mainstream media than it does that non-American citizen president who is occupying our White House.

  21. I could not imagine still being a Battalion Level Staff Officer if I had been as unprepared for a briefing as that. These are people who have a role to play in military affairs?

    • Obama , who has NO military experience, is micro-managing our military, and firing top leaders that don’t approve of his agenda!

  22. Lol. That’s hilarious. I see that all the time only I’m asking questions of 2 year olds. I expect it of 2 year olds. I expect professionals of government officials. Even in college we had to come to class prepared.

  23. If the administration showed as much determination in helping us as they show in lying to us what would the country look like now????????????

  24. Oh my GOD!!! REALLY this is a prime example of how all is done in Washington now everyone answers a question with a question or has to get back to you on that. So disgraceful!!!!!!!

  25. Does this really surprise anyone? Come on, obama does not care, I honesty believe he just wants tax payers money spent and has given the order to spend it all now matter how much. his administration gets promoted for making mistakes, the bigger the mistake the bigger the promotion. He is out to ruin our country and so far he is doing an eloquent job is he not? Lol, give me break he is a muslim and hates our country!

  26. I believe all Gov. is trained to double talk just to get into office, is there a degree for bulling the public in College?…Gov. has the highest degree of bull….after all my years on earth, this does not surprise me. They are always “ON” at gatherings, parties, etc. WW3 coming? Be ready folks…. that or another Hitler will take over…they will then share the wealth…they will steal what they can first, then what is left over they will give to us….I would like my share right now please….

      • But most of us on here don’t want to “live as one” with Leftists. Or co-exist with them either, for that matter.

      • MotherBatherick, I agree. Can you imagine folks suggesting we live in peace with Pol Pot or Our Dear Leader in N. Korea or perhaps we were just being intolerant of Nazis and should have tried to come to a compromise with them. The Leftists want to destroy this country. They not only hate everything this country stands for, most of them are ashamed of being white (or just love degrading anyone not “of color” if they are “of color”)

        We can not get along with the leftists. We do have to try to do is re-educate the average liberal on the street who have allowed themselves to be duped, but the leftist leaders need to be publicly humiliated and tried for treason. Then throw them in jail or give them whatever punishment a traitor gets.

  27. USA is not the power house it once was. However (sadly) it is still our best hope for defence and security. This kind of thing and the general direction of USA today, gives me the jitters…Really!!

  28. They kept their mouths shut about obama and Hillary. Letting people die for their political benefit and then trying to cover it up. Putting a man in prison for making a film that had nothing to do with anything that happened.
    This is what the liberals think of justice and fair play.

  29. The Communist Party runs the country now. They care not one whit for the Constitution, Congress, or the people of the United States, and the Republicans sit on their hands like little boys in first grade.

  30. The reason why the Defense budget cuts are falling on the backs of both active duty and Military Retiree’s COLAs, healthcare and Commissary benefits is simple. There is no profit to be made in military retirements and the active troops benefits by contractors, therefore our elected officials and White House cabinet members pockets are not getting padded by by them!

    As long as our tax money being spent on the (for profit) US Government contractors goes unaccounted for, many pockets of our elected officials and white house cabinet members with be well padded..

    I myself am a retired reserve enlisted E-6 with 22 years combined active and reserve service with 2 tours in Kuwait. My own military retirement pension (which won’t start until age 60 by the way) is going to be a whopping $800 -$900 a month! (Plus or minus depending on whether I actually see any Cost of Living in the future!).

    This for me will not occur for yet another 14 years from now. Yes, fortunately I am blessed with a civilian career and will see a retirement from it. However, for those retired reservists who are partially VA service connected disabled and may not be able to work or are limited in their ability to work due to their service connected disability, they may now have the “working age” years which to get any kind of a decent retirement salary and now that measly little COLA that was taken away is nothing more than a slap in the face followed with a “Thank you for your service”..

    Our elected officials and their appointees are absolutely pathetic!! ALL OF THEM!

  31. Obama and or his administration has unilaterally changed elements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA); declared an anti-gay-rights law unconstitutional; lifted the threat of deportation for an entire class of undocumented immigrants; bypassed Senate confirmation of controversial nominees; waived compliance requirements in education law; and altered the work requirements under welfare reform. This month, the Obama administration took the highly unusual step of announcing that it will recognize gay marriages performed in Utah – even though Utah itself says it will not recognize them while the issue is pending in court.

    Early in his presidency, Obama also expanded presidential warmaking powers, surveillance of the American public, and extrajudicial drone strikes on alleged terrorists outside the United States, including Americans – going beyond Mr. Bush’s own global war on terror following 9/11. But more recently, he has flexed his executive muscle more on domestic policy.

    In the process, Obama’s claims of executive authority have infuriated opponents, while emboldening supporters to demand more on a range of issues, from immigration and gay rights to the minimum wage and Guantanamo Bay prison camp

    To critics, Obama is the ultimate “imperial president,” willfully violating the Constitution to further his goals, having failed to convince Congress of the merits of his arguments. To others, he is exercising legitimate executive authority in the face of an intransigent Congress and in keeping with the practices of past presidents .By Linda Feldmann .

  32. We need to start cleaning house and removing these fools! ‘Your Fired’ needs to be a common thing over the next few years. This will send a chill down a lot of people spines and they will start doing their jobs better. Getting tried of this idiocy our representatives and government works have taken up…

  33. Screw up in this administration and it is an automatic promotion and pay raise when in actuality it should be a firing squad for what these jerks have done.

  34. Obama just orders more money to be printed when he needs it. These people could care less about our military personnel, including Obama, Kerry, Biden. This administration is totally incompetent and would be fired in the corporate world.

  35. We have enemy people demanding rights and mocking our laws; same people Gladly take our money that clearly says “In God We Trust” on it. I call foul and think it is time to open our borders and make all illegals and muslims leave!

    • Good job on demonstrating ignorant racism. Do u even know what “open our borders” means? It means to let more people in. U have no idea what ur talking about.

  36. Progressive Socialists are incompetent. They are impractical, unrealistic, and amoralistic. They are ‘destroyers’ yet know nothing of replacing what they destroy. They wish to destroy America. Can anyone imagine the state of America should the Progressives succeed? They are are con artists who sell a product that doesn’y work. They all need to be sent packing.

  37. Sheriff Joe Arpaio Michael Zullo and the Cold Case Posse have promised universe shattering Revelations into Obama’s frauded identity any politician who turns a blind eye after the revelations is committing treason no ifs ands or buts about it these same politicians who turn a blind eye should be hung high in the public square…….. what would our forefathers do?

    • I am praying daily that the Cold Case Posse CAN win this charge right away ! obama/biden/clinton/reid/pelosi/boehner….&&& All of the politicians that did not charge obama right away, he is totally ineligible for the presidency for 5 full years now…& hie social security card if from a dead man from connecticut, a state that he never lived in…..I am going to the American Spring may 16th @ Our White House, I have many more Americans to stand up, before it is too late !!

      • They have been monkeying around for three years on a COLB investigation that would take a high school boy a few minutes to prove absolutely to be a fraud. By the time it gets thru the courts we may all be dead.

      • This information would not take a high school boy or anyone else proving it, in a few minutes or months for that matter. I would rather wait and have the “Truth” and the “FACTS”, then it come out and something be wrong with the information.

  38. Obama cannot be touched, you see it everyday. He is appointed to destroy our nation for its Adultery, Abortion, Naturists, Homosexuals, idolitry,and Corrupt judges and politics.
    Get yourself a strong seat belt the Planet is about to ROCK bigtime.

    • while i am whole heartedly against obama. your religious undertone is absurd. are you preparing for the rapture???? get in line with the millions of others who have been preparing for that same event over the last 2000 years. And as for your view on homosexuality…you should read a book or do some research on the topic. since you have a picture of your savior for your profile i have no doubt you take the book of genesis literally. using your logic…god created everything animals and humans. Are you aware that over 140 species of animals..including humans…have been observed in homosexual behavior. 140, of gods great creations…have been seen acting in homosexual ways. what can you take from this???? either you wake the hell up and realize that it is just something that occurs in nature. it is natural. something that is a minority (as homosexuality) does not make it not natural. that would be like saying the people with the rarest blood types on earth are not “natural.” or you can pour over your scripture to come up with some reason to refute the facts…which is what most christians do. If god made everything on earth…all the animals..why is it even they have a small populous that is homosexual????

      • Your comments are also a little off putting. God created all. But God does not compel any to follow His word. All creatures have the right to act how they choose, or to follow whatever feelings they might have. There is also a minority of several species where certain members feel it is natural to murder their own kind. That doesn’t mean it is an accepted behavior to follow those feelings. Extreme example yes, but that’s the logic you just used to dismiss a behavior that is contrary to divine nature. The natural man is an enemy to God. Whether you want to call something natural or not, Christianity teaches that our job is to put off the natural man, and embrace our divine nature, and control our actions. Master ourselves. Not just follow whatever feeling we have, whether good or bad, acceptable or not. God created us in His image. He is our Father, and we have divine potential.

  39. Use to be when you made a disgrace of yourself in office, that person resigned in disgrace, w/o coercion, you did it because it was your responsibility

  40. I’d say incompetence too. I really believe it was deliberate. Just my opinion. “Cause Obama had an election, & he had al queda on the run. Benghazi didn’t fit.

  41. Gee I wish I could tell the IRS, I don’t know how much I make, how much tax I paid, where my W2 is. I cannot believe two basic questions could not be answered. He should have asked, I know you don’t know anything, but could you tell me what’s on the papers you brought with you or, it might be a stretch, but could you tell me what you do know and we’ll go from there?

  42. This very short clip comes from a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Afghanistan in December of 2013. Supposedly a year from that date, the Obama administration says American troops shall be completely withdrawn from Afghanistan. We can see how that strategy, or lack thereof, has played out in Iraq.

    Yes, we saw that it saved us from having American troops in the middle of the Iraqi civil war. It’s astonishing that any American would think we should throw away even more lives trying to save Iraq from itself.

    This video gives credence to some of the assertions presented by former SecDef Robert Gates in his book, Duty. Watch it and see the abject disdain Obama administration bureaucrats have for the House of Representatives and their mission of oversight.

    A disdain for the House of Representatives that’s shared by the vast majority of Americans.


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