Iraqis flee as al-Qaida takes over

So much for our efforts in Iraq. According to United Nations officials, as reported by CNS News, more than 140,000 Iraqis have fled parts of Anbar province over clashes between security forces and al-Qaida militants, the worst displacement of civilians in years. More than 65,000 people have fled the conflict in the last week alone.

CNS says Islamic militants controlling a mainly Sunni area west of Baghdad are so well-armed that they could occupy the capital. Can you imagine al-Qaida taking over the entire country?

Nobody can argue that “bringing the troops home” has a lovely emotional appeal. Who would not want to welcome their loved ones back into safety’s warm embrace?

The problem is, that phrase has nothing to do with the actual, serious, hard truth about why we sent our troops away from home in the first place.

When you send troops into battle, you expect them to win, not simply go home when they get tired of the whole thing – or when their Commander-in-Chief wants to score political points. “Conflict” does not end when you leave.

We departed Iraq without a Status of Forces Agreement or a residual force. We left a huge sucking vacuum that al-Qaida is eager to fill. We have abandoned the Iraqi people. Another superb foreign policy move from a president who wanted to improve our nation’s standing in the eyes of the world.

Everything we fought for in Iraq is going south. We fought to give the Iraqi people the freedom to choose their own destiny. And we threw it all away – along with the lives of thousands of American men and women (although that pales in comparison to the million or so American boys and girls thrown in the garbage after abortion every year, but that’s a different article).

All of our actions have consequences. And the very people we set out to help are now even more helpless.


  1. When are we going to learn we can’t nation build in the middle east or anywhere else in the world for that matter. We would have been better off leaving Saddam in power!!!!

  2. obamas plan is right on schedule. these cunts will be brought here in transport planes in 2016, to keep obama in power.

    • What are you babbling about?… everything about Iraq, from the invasion to the withdrawal, was decided before Obama became President.

  3. Carpet bomb them. Fill the skies with drones and kill anything that looks al Qaeda. But first get a new president who isn’t in league with terrorists.

  4. Never again should America get involved in war with politicians imposing impossible to “win” rules of engagement on them. Unleash fully and actually “win” in months, not dragged on for years costing us too much in money and lives. Yes there will be civilian casualties… it’s war for crying out loud!

  5. Islamic jihad terrorists are well positioned here and have been for quite a while. Of the world’s 1.9 billion claimed by Islamic leaders, there are an estimated 7-10 million Muslims in the U.S. That is up from 5 million estimated 10 years ago. I believe the 7-10 million is a low-ball figure. No one knows for sure because our Census laws do not allow us to ask about religious affiliation.

    All Muslims say the same shahada – confession of faith – There is no God but Allah. Muhammad is Allah’s prophet. That sets the stage for taking over the world for Allah, the establishment of a worldwide caliphate with Shar’ia Law, forced conversion of all infidels – unbelievers in Islam, subjugation in dhimmi of those who will not convert, or elimination of those who have converted or not at the whim of some Islamist leader (starting with any who have left Islam, then in order moving on to Jews, Christians, and others.)

    Obama has said there are 2000 mosques, Islamic societies, and such in the U.S. now, up from 1200 10 years ago. Obama should know due to the strong influences on him by Islamists and Marxists; his installing Islamist and Marxist operatives in his tyrannical, despotic, evil regime; and hosting hundreds of Islamist visitors at the White House for consultations with him. The Islamists include Valerie Jarrett – Obama’s closest advisor, born in Iran – and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s adviser Huma Abedin – who has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

    You can search online and get maps of the locations of: 1) the mosques, etc., 2) Islamic jihad terrorist fundraising sites, and 3) Islamic jihad terrorist training sites in the U.S. The mosques, etc. and fundraising sites maps are near mirror images. The training sites are under Jamaat al-Fuqra.

    A specific purpose of Jamaat al-Fuqra is to recruit and train domestic terrorists in the US. The two Pakistani brothers arrested in Ft. Lauderdale two years ago may well have been trained by Jamaat al-Fuqra. Naturalized US citizens, they were planning terrorist attacks in the US with WMDs, according to the FBI.

    If people are even semi-conscious (and not deaf, blind, and dumb), they should remember the Ft. Hood Massacre, when US Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan ran around screaming “Alahu akubar” and gunning down US soldiers, their family members, and other citizens. There were also two young, unarmed US Army recruits shot down in front of a Little Rock, Arkansas recruiting station in that time frame. Various other plots have been thwarted. One was for an attack with bombs and real assault rifles, machine guns, etc. on Ft. Dix, NJ. An alert citizen got law enforcement onto that plot. He was and still is a camera and photoshop owner who saw pictures the plotters brought in for processing at his business.

  6. I think its the perfect plan. Get all those turds in one place then drop a nuke and turn iraq into a cereal bowl. Problem solved after we somehow blame iran.

    • I can’t believe you said “somehow”. Obama and his cronies are master of the blame game. For them, it’s just another day.

  7. Not only that but just like in VietNam when the liberals pulled the plug there, anyone who cooperated with the US will likely be brutally murdered. The same fate likely awaits Afghanistan in a few years. 🙂

    I would argue that we should not get into these wars in the first place. Like Ron Paul said, the Constitution allows Congress to hire mercenaries that in this case could have probably killed Bin Laden without spending 100s of billions and have thousands of our great troops killed or maimed.

    What do you think?

      • Nixon brought us out of Vietnam. Kennedy had SF advisers there, and was fixing to bring them home. After he was killed, Johnson, sent our troops in, in force.

      • Are you agreeing with me and gave me more info? Not sure. Nam didn’t turn out as well as this gov thought .

  8. Same thing happen in Viet Num. Now the world knows you can’t depend on the USA to finish the Job. Think of all the lives that will be taken after we leave. obama you have already told the enemy that we are leaving. No wonder people go over to the other side. They are scared they will lose their life. obama you don’t know what you’re doing. Are do you???????????????

    • How does what is happening in Iraq in any way have to do with Obama?
      Obama has done a lot of things that you can blame him for,
      This is not one of them.
      The withdrawal plan was arranged long before he even became President.

  9. So we send in the troops again? Dump more man power, equiptment and billions of dollars on this war? Leave in ten years and come back and do it again? Lke I said before, we are scewed. We will never leave that area, no matter was started it or president.

  10. We did give the government they wanted. This is what they chose to have for a government. The Maliki government wanted us out, and we obliged them. Next time lets make it a parking lot with glowing mushrooms clouds.

    • No, next time we declare actual war. Defeat their military forces, take over the government and replace it with one that will function in a proper manner.

  11. I don’t think we should have been there in the first place. These are enemies that will never give up and the people that want a different way of life are either unwilling or cannot fight for themselves. The only solution would be to take the place over and keep a military force there forever. We are not in the conquering business, so we need to build our military force to defend the homeland when these extremest come knocking, and they will.

    • War is a way of life for them. They are raised from childhood to hate Christians and Jews. Many of them know no other occupation, and their greatest desire is to “martyr” themselves for Allah. It’s in their charter.

  12. it’s not the Iraqis fault per se. The problem is Islam and it’s warlike tendencies. War in the Middle East will never stop until we /they address Islam.

  13. Is Iran going to defeat Iraq after all? These Al-Qaida Militants may actually be Iranians using Arms supplied by Iran to take control of Iraq … something that Iran could not do when Sadam was Iraq’s Ruler … that would make it a lot easier for Iran to attack Israel.

  14. Why are we the unpaid police for the world? We’ve invested a fortune in lives and treasure – and for what? So some corrupt dictator can amass untold wealth while making deals with our enemies to kill our men and women while burning churches along the way.

  15. Whether or not this problem was preventable is debatable. Why it is debatable is as follows: would Iraq have agreed to any SOFA deal that didn’t subject American troops to some element of Shari’a law? In short—one must ask if the powers that be in Iraq really appreciated America’s presence to agree to whatever it might take on America’s end to agree to a SOFA (to me, subjecting American forces to Shari’a law would have been a deal-breaker). This problem doesn’t exist in areas such as Germany and Japan because of major differences in their cultures.

    The underlying questions may have some uncomfortable answers, and so one needs to really think this through. Each question posed can be debated to a stalemate and both sides be somewhat correct…and somewhat wrong too (provided that they’re actually addressing the point at hand).

  16. The only country or group of countries that will ever do anything about Iran and the terrorist groups they support is Germany and nine of its closest allies in the European Union. They will finish the job that we started. They won’t show mercy to anyone or anything. When they’re done, there will be nothing left of Iran, Iraq and any other country that supports the terrorists. And then when The European Union realizes that we don’t have any of their gold left that we have been “holding” for them, they will take control of the Nukes that we have stored in Europe, and turn them on us. Btw, the European Bank has control of a lot of our financial institutions already. That happened after the crash of 2008. History shows that Germany and anyone allied with them are merciless in war. It won’t be pretty. History says so!!


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