My take on the Sherman outburst

Last week on Sunday we were treated to a fantastic and thrilling end to the NFC Championship game when the Seattle Seahawks prevailed over the San Francisco 49ers before their home crowd. Seattle battled back to win 23-17 to earn their second trip to the Super Bowl. The game ended with a spectacular defensive play by Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman who deflected a pass intended for 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree into the hands of a Seahawks linebacker for the game- ending interception.

However, instead of being remembered for his impressive defensive play, Sherman is all over the media based on his immediate post-game interview with Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews. I watched the interview and just attributed it to an adrenaline-hyped athlete. I could just imagine if someone was on the battlefield after an intense firefight that perhaps involved hand-to-hand combat and interviewed one of the troops who’d been in contact within minutes of the engagement ending.

I’m not trying to say a football game is equivalent to combat but instead making the comparative analysis of emotion and adrenaline. What should have been forgotten has now erupted into a racial confrontation. According to a report on CBS by Ryan Wilson it seems some have referred to Sherman as a “thug” and now Sherman has equated the use of that word as synonymous to the “N-word.”

During a Wednesday press conference, Sherman said, “The reason it bothers me is because it seems like it’s an accepted way of calling somebody the N-word now,” he said. “It’s like everybody else said the N-word and then they say ‘thug’ and that’s fine. It kind of takes me aback and it’s kind of disappointing because they know.”

Folks, it was just a game and Richard Sherman is a player, and a pretty doggone good cornerback. Why is it that the media is sooooo overboard on his post-game interview? Who amongst us can say how we would have responded to an interview immediately following the pivotal play in sending their team to the greatest stage in football? Who amongst us knows what “jaw-jacking” went back and forth out there on the island that is the place where cornerbacks do their business? Erin Andrews asked Sherman to take her through that final play, Sherman responded and now the incessant media hounding has taken America right back down the same damn rabbit hole of race.

Richard Sherman still has one more game against one of the greatest quarterbacks ever and I can guarantee he will be tested. Muhammad Ali was the self-proclaimed “greatest of all time” and we all know of his antics — imagine what the media today would say about that? Lighten up, we have far more interesting things to talk about, even in the world of sports.

Do you think the media has blown this out of proportion and why? And I believe the Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl in case you wanted to know..


  1. I am sorry to disagree sir. I could agree with you if it had ended at the interview and just blamed it on the spur of the moment and the excitement, but he continue the rant on local tv almost a hour later after showering and dressing for the media. He then continued on twitter later with his comment about the critics, “the lion don’t care what the sheep think.”. That took it too far sir and turned me into a Bronco fan for the Super Bowl.

  2. Allen, love your commentary and positions in general. It (bragging in interview) was poor form by Sherman…it would have been just as poor form if it were a white cornerback – race is not a factor. It doesn’t make him Hitler, but what ever happened to sportsmanship?

      • Because Crabtree acted like an ass, you say its ok for this “well educated” man to do it as well? How childish does that sound? If he knows Crabtree is an idiot, then take the high road. A great man doesn’t have to tell everyone he is great.

      • Saw the mic’d up version earlier today and yes, Crabtree was a jerk. However Sherman should have put on his big boy panties and answered the questions Erin Andrews was asking about the game instead of going on an enraged personal rant that made him look bad.

      • I’ve seen what happened in real time. I’m not a 49er or Crabtree fan. I live in Seattle now but am a Vikings fan, so don’t really have an agenda. I’ve seen hundreds of those sideline interviews, after games, before games, during games. That one made me cringe and I just hoped it would get over soon. Again, not a felony, just reflected very poorly on him and his organization. I’m happy he apologized.

  3. I grew up watching Earl Campbell play. One of the greatest running backs, and he did it all with humility. Never talked smack (at least on camera), and never paraded around like an idiot. Sorry, but that’s the standard I hold our professional athletes to. Also – see Nolan Ryan and Hakeem Olajuwon.

  4. Sherman was way out of line. I get there’s adrenaline, but players at the end of a game are usually more composed. The Giants kicker hit a game winning field goal to get them in the Super Bowl two years ago and, though he was excited and pumped on adrenaline, didn’t go the route Sherman did. Sherman brought this on himself. Did the media overplay it? maybe, but that’s what they’re good at.

  5. Thank you, sir! Finally a reasonable comment on this. Mr. Sherman is a bright young man. I hope he goes far in the NFL and contributes greatly to his community during and after. I have a sense, from watching some other interviews, that he will.

  6. Did anyone see the mic’d version? Sherman tried to say heck of a game to Crabtree, and he got nothing but a stiff arm to the face as a reply… ain’t no wonder Sherman was fired up. Not excusing it, but it does make more sense as to why the interview went that way.

  7. Absolutely agree! Sherman was still “in the moment” and said exactly what was on his mind. Disagree on the pick though, Seattle in a blowout.

  8. I am not a football fan, and it took me several attempts to understand what Sherman said and the remainder of this week to understand the big deal. (I still do not). Still, from what I have read about him, he is an interesting man with a compelling story. Zelda may watch the big BOWL afterall!

  9. I heard the MF word from him in the live broadcast, but before that, I heard him congratulate Crabtree on a good game and then got snubbed by Mr. Crabtree, so yes, I believe he was pumped with adrenaline. Ye without sin, cast the first stone!

  10. Lotta arses here/ “Go Broncos” as if none of you had ever been fired up before. I’d love to see how you’d react being in his place, with that much vigor pumping through your veins.

  11. It was a great play by a great cornerback. I cut him slack on his comments made in the heat of the moment. He’s not a “thug”. He’s not the N-word. He’s a human being who was very excited and lost in the moment of going to the biggest game of his life. I wish him luck and continued success but like Mr. West, I think Denver takes it 31-17.

  12. Colonel, there is no excuse for bad behavior. Mr Sherman behaved in an immature manner, something he does a LOT. I would have greater expectation of humility and maturity from one of my troops.

  13. “miked up” he stretched out his hand to Crabtree and said “hell of a game” and the opposite emotion from Crabtree came out by pushing him away on the face mask. Maybe that is what really sparked the “rant”? Almost like telling a lib about how the AHCA rollout also lost the “political game” and we get pushed in the face and the media reports we are “thugs”.

  14. Apparently Crabtree was talking some smack about him…I’d say he is more than justified to gloat a little and point out that Crabtree doesn’t have much to talk about if he can’t even pay attention to an important play like that one…I don’t think folks use the work thug or hood to mean anything any different than they ever did…I an kind of see how Sherman probably came off that way with his voice all hoarse, his long hair, and making a ruckus….

  15. Sorry, COL West. No excuse for Sherman’s rant. I’m a retired Army COL myself. I would never be given a pass for that kind of unprofessional, over-the-top commentary after ANY kind of military op. And as for the word “thug?” Just look at today’s news about the Idiot Bieber. He’s being called a thug over and over. Not racial – it’s a word that characterizes a lack of character. And speaking of character – GO Manning!! GO BRONCOS!

    • You were a senior military officer. He’s a young football player. No comparison. As for the thug comments…how many thugs graduate from Stanford? While not all uses of the word equate to the n-word, I believe some were.

      • Maybe it’s true that not many thugs graduate from Stanford, but the possibility can’t be eliminated using Sherman as an example. He’s being called a thug because of his momentary actions in the post-game interview, not because of his level or venue of education. His behavior almost DICTATED the use of the label. He lost control of himself. Yes he’s young. Yes, he should be allowed to make up for such a rookie mistake, but should he be allowed to wallow in his little racial self-pity party? I don’t think so. He needs to cowboy up and get his head back in the game.

  16. He was over the top thug. “Thug” isn’t the new N word, but another excuse thugs will throw out when they are caught acting like idiots. Being a thug is a badge of honor and thugs relish in the idea of it. He may have gotten snubbed by Crabtree (I saw the verbal exchange), but that’s no excuse to act like an idiot in front of a camera or not. His true colors showed. I was undecided who I wanted to win the SB, and he clinched it for me. Hopefully Champ Bailey can teach this young thug how an all star corner should act.

  17. Labels aside, I will say that I prefer how Russell Wilson let’s his actions on the field speak for him. Listening to Sherman, I couldn’t help but be reminded of WWF wrestlers. The sad part in all this is that he distracted the deserved attention from his team-mates accomplishment and made it all about him. He has since recognized this himself. He is a great player and has a great story. How the next chapter unfolds will be interesting.

  18. Loved it – need more honesty & passion not lame scripted statements “I’m going to Disney Land” now that I’ve won the Super Bowl! Besides I heard no profanity or name calling just good old chest pounding – also remember Douche bag Coach Harbaugh & Sherman have long running feud from their time together @ Stanford!

  19. Yes, media has overblown the story but what is making me sad is that Sherman is allowing himself to be pulled down with them into their little cesspool. Rise above it Sherman! My 17-year old son admires your skills.

  20. Amazing- thug is now the same as the N word? Where did THAT come from? I thought Sherman’s after game interview was thuggish, myself. The interview was about the win, the team- instead he goes off on an “I’m the greatest ever, Crabtree sucks” kinda enraged rant- it took away from the win, and made him look bad. He (and a couple other Hawks) also started jawing with Jimmy Graham on the field prior to the Saints game -I don’t know what he said, but I’ve never seen Graham get that upset with anybody.

  21. I’m sorry Col. West, but you know as well as I do that Ali’s parading and puffing himself up was also received by a large portion of the general public as poor sportsmanship and “what’s to be expected of a black man.” I’m not saying that it was the “right” way for people to think of it, but we both know it’s true. Now, from what I understand, Sherman is a Stanford graduate, he’s probably a gentleman in most situations and you’re most likely correct in your assessment that his adrenaline and post-victory emotions got the best of him. The problem is, when those factors affected him he failed to keep them in check and, being a celebrity, his poor sportsmanship and lack of self-control, although understandably caused by adrenaline and emotions, were briefly displayed to the world. Yes, he is a great corner. Yes, he did set a great example of how to play football, but his example of how to handle victory with grace was sorely lacking. He’s whining and playing the race card because he was rigorously criticized and he’s not humble enough to accept the criticism and apologize for his bad behavior, ‘rub some dirt on it’ and get back into the fight. Okay, so HE equates the word thug with the N-word. Maybe some of the potentially thousands of people who called him that ALSO make the same equation and the offense was intended. He can either wallow in self pity about it or show himself to be better than that momentary loss of control.

  22. I think everybody is misinterpreting this. He didnt exactly say “thug” is the same as the N-word. He said this is how it makes him feel. Richard Sherman is a guy who escaped all of the pitfalls of growing up in Compton. He is a planet away from Compton now, he’s worked very hard, and he deserves to be accepted and even admired. Calling Sherman a “thug” puts him right back there with all of the bad parts of growing up in Compton. Calling a almost anyone else a thug, i.e. “union thug”, is not equivalent to calling them the N-word and I think Sherman would agree.

    The adrenaline fueled rant after the game was a rookie mistake for a celebrity, but the guy is only 24 and deserves to be cut some slack.

  23. Erin Andrews asked him a question about what it meant to the team, and he went on a rant about himself. Contrast that with the post-game interview with Peyton Manning. Manning was thanking his o-line, the receivers, the defense and, given the time, probably would have thanked the water boys. One puts team above self, the other just the opposite.

    That is why I have a problem with Richard Sherman. Content of his character, not the color of his skin.

    • Token Richard Sherman Apologist here. I just have to chime in when I see something that just isn’t true.

      Exhibit A: Erin Andrews – Richard Sherman Transcript

      Andrews: “Richard, let me ask you about the final play. Take me through it.”

      Sherman: “Well, I’m the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you’re going to get. Don’t you ever talk about me.”

      Andrews: “Who was talking about you?”

      Sherman: “Crabtree. Don’t you open your mouth about the best. Or I’m ma shut it for you real quick. L.O.B (Legion of boom, the nickname of the Seahawks secondary).”

      Andrews: “Alright, before … Well, Joe, back over to you.”
      Erin Andrews says nothing about what it meant to the team. She asks no such question. Your statement is false.

  24. I think the reaction to Sherman may be from 49er fans upset over the loss and calling him a thug in the heat of the moment. He should offer them the same benefit of the doubt that he expects given to him given the emotional ending to the game.

    • they were not in the heat of the moment, they were sitting at their computers much later, time to think about what they said.

      • The 49er fans are still in the “heat of the moment ” as we speak. They are upset over the end of the game and are using his “outburst” as a weapon to bludgeon him with. He should understand that most of the negativity directed at him is from people who were upset at the outcome of the game who are seizing upon the opportunity to demonize him.

  25. Allen, my very first disagreement with you… Seattle will win the Superbowl! That being said, I think it’s important to listen to what Mr. Sherman said right after the play. He went to Mr. Crabtree and said “good game” followed by trying to shake his hand to which Mr. Crabtree pushed his face away. Such is the heat of the moment as you said! Give them all a break, after all they are all just human!

  26. I’m glad you have this take on it Col. West. People are losing their minds over this guy when they have no idea what it’s like to be him, or have ever experienced the emotions of that situation. I can tell you I’ve had angry outbursts after being zoned in during intense competition, and said some things I later regretted, but that in no way represents who I am. Anyways, I will continue to stick up for the guy and am grateful for high profile people like you Colonel who aren’t afraid to defend him.

  27. Did anyone not see his news interview where he was so rude to the reporters in the studio? I mean, it wasn’t a one time thing. The guy has not got any class whatsoever.

    • What are you talking about? He was cordial, articulate, and deep in his recent press conference. He’s even acknowledged immaturity shown by himself. See and hear what you want I guess.

      • Guess I didn’t stick around to watch another to see if he changed his tune. The Skip Bayless interview is what I was referring to. I just stated how I felt. The world is full of all kinds of “opinions” and I gave mine. You don’t have to agree. I’m not mad. lol

      • Bayless is a polarizing juicebox. Unfortunately Sherman took the bait. Look at Bayless’ history. He’s not exactly known as a good guy. The best thing to come out of that interview was:

        “I’m better at life than you” – Richard Sherman

  28. NOOOOOOOO!!!!! You had my vote for President until you made your Super Bowl pick! Well, I suppose I might still swing your way on that one. But you’ll be very disappointed on February 2nd… #GoHawks!

  29. Sherman acted like a thug & a horse’s ass (no pun intended) and now is trying to play the race card when people reacted to his boorish conduct. Sorry, I have ZERO sympathy for him.

    Hope the Broncos not only win but shut the Seahawks out.

  30. From Seattle a respectful disagree on the football opinion. And I know what a football fan you are. On Sherman… he is also a straight A student with a degree in communications from Stanford. He was pumped. And he did communicate.

    • He communicated badly. That education of his didn’t serve him well in the heat of the moment. He needs to learn some self control or he will be despised no matter how skilled a player.

  31. I agree with you 110%. It is so depressing to see the latent racism that is driving this furor. I have followed tennis for a long time, and I have yet to see a newspaper story with a significant number of comments on a match played by Serena Williams, where there isn’t at least one creep that calls her a gorilla.

    Both Sherman and the Williams sisters grew up in Compton CA. Serena and Venus would occasionally hear gunshots as they were practicing on municipal courts as teen-agers.

    Yet both their family, and Sherman’s family have produced stellar athletes and people, even as they struggled in a challenging environment. I wonder just how many people could have done the same.

    I was glad to see that Erin Andrews did not get drawn into this, and supported Richard Sherman in many tweets and comments.

    The other thing that I guess you are never supposed to do is say that you’re the best.

    Go Hawks!

  32. A jerk is what I called him. He knew he was on national TV when he responded to the question. I just strongly dislike braggarts.

    As for the media, I have’t seen the sports channels, so I don’t know if they’ve blown the situation up. However, knowing how they usually screw everything else up, they probably have done so in this case as well.

    That being said, from your commentary, it sounds like Mr. Sherman is the one who turned this into a race thing. I hardly think the term thug is anywhere close to using the N-word. Why can’t he just accept that there are those of us who couldn’t care less about his color & we just don’t agree with him acting like an ass with our children watching. Why can’t sports heroes be more humble. The quarterback for Seattle set an awesome example of how real men should behave. Humble & respectful. Sherman should take lessons.

  33. When Erin Andrews shoved that microphone in his face after a grand finale like that, what did she think he would say? Plus, the video of the exchange between he and Crabtree prior tells ALL of where Sherman was coming from,…he WAS being the gentleman and showing sportsmanship…Crabtree…showed his true color, he was an ass. The media , which they are good at , has taken this WAY beyond overboard. Kudos to Sherman…and good for him, he’s educated himself to perfection and showed passion for what he loves doing…so what?

  34. I think there would be less hype if the media would have shown the entire conversation between the two instead of only showing one side like they tend to do with everything. The media controls the masses with their one-sided stories. Then, we have FoxNews and CNN showing different sides of the same story. Making the population turn against each other. The country has become so volatile that something like a game of football turns into a frenzy. We need someone like Colonel West to show the country what common sense is before we tear ourselves apart. Our biggest enemy isn’t the Middle East, or North Korea, or even China. It’s our media and ourselves. I hope everyone can see how they control us by what they’ve done with this football game.

  35. Racism. Ya know, “Racism” would not be getting so much traction in these past few years if people stopped focusing on…..RACE!! I will say that the issue of race has been re-manufactured as a Democrat/Socialist ‘ace’ card to play. I would even go so far as to say that Obama and his support net have been the main perps. That said, when your mind focuses on something (neg. or pos.), it begins to see it EVERYWHERE. This is attributed to a part of the human brain called the reticular activating system (ala you’re thinking bout buying a Ford Explorer….now you begin to notice Ford Explorers everywhere , when you’re out n about, the same part of the brain that thinks it sees a snake, when it’s actually a stick etc…)
    Just stop talking about race, ignore the issue,….maybe the attitude will catch on & those who start screaming “racism!!” will look like the idiots they really are.

    • While I agree with the notion that you tend to find what you are looking for, I don’t think the issue of race is far below the surface. Again, I will bring up something that I have noticed over years of following tennis. I have yet to see a story involving Serena Williams that have a goodly number of comments, without there being at least one person who calls her a gorilla And I have never seen that said of any non-black player. I would love to believe that it is become a non-issue, but I don’t think things are quite as good as you are saying.

      • Helen – I NEVER implied things were/are “rosy”. People will always be “people”. There will always be murder, there will always be theft, there will always be hate, there will always be bullying, there will always be racism etc.. – the point is: when people get on a forum, speak to media, or whatever about racism – even when it’s warranted (but most often when it’s irrelevant & overused) : the surest way to deflate it is to not perpetuate it by escalating back n forth arguing. However, I truly believe that the majority of race related issues are false accusations perpetuated via the media. THAT – I can guarantee you- is where most of the real racism you mentioned is instigated. People see the petty accusations of race via media & it’s enabling of it, & they feel the need to counter attack w/nasty racist comments, as you described. It’s funny how the all glorifying media is now playing “race” in the favor of minorities, whereas the same media Liberal media was accused of racism back during the OJ Simpson trial. Ironically, the same race baiters who cried out against Time magazine etc.. then, are the very ones perpetuating the faux race accusations now. Get my point?

  36. Arrogant jocks playing a game for some mythical championship. Neatly packaged every year and sold to us like it matters. Generally not this philosophical or down on the game but every year I get a little more tired of the endless talking head, idiot jocks and their boring tantrums like this latest example. ESPN is unwatchable and the nfl network isn’t far behind. Also, my team missed the playoffs this year so there’s that.

  37. I disagree with your pick Mr. West but I agree with your Sherman analysis. Unfortunately there are opinions like this one from John McCain, who I voted for once.
    “You know, everybody is such a [Peyton] Manning fan and that loudmouth from Seattle sort of epitomizes the Seattle team to me, but I’m sure I’m going get in trouble for that one, too,”

    Read more:

    I really appreciate his service to the country, and maybe that let’s you get away with statements like this, but really? What a pathetic thing to say about the entire team.

  38. Mr West, I agree with everything you said except the last sentence, Hawks will win. Ali bragged about being the best, and guess what, he was and with only 2 years under Sherman’s belt in the NFL he may be the best, the stats say he is and here in the northwest we believe he is. Your a very smart man but you brought yourself down a notch for thinking Broncos will win. Everything else, keep up the good fight.

  39. Sherman had plenty of time to calm down–his team had taken over the ball, run plays, and the 49ers had called a timeout. He was not the least bit fresh off the field.

    I’ve seen thousands of postgame, on-field interviews, and never one with that level of self-aggrandizement. He’s not Ali, who was a solo athlete. He’s part of a team, and his behavior was disrespectful toward his teammates.

  40. His apology for the outburst was more than adequate for me. Move on, shut up and quit ruining my day you bunch of media crybabies!

    • they would not have called him a thug if he was white. all of us know that. I love Sherman. He is passionate and a damn good football player. he does incredible charity work in the Seattle Tacoma area. Good man. And if you see the whole video of that time, the interview is really no big deal

      • They didn’t call him a thug due to his skin color. They called him a thug because he was screaming and hopping around like one. End of story.

    • Dude, he threw the racial connotation in there as a defense instead of just owning an immature moment and getting on with the business of being a serious NFL superstar…

      • Well, for starters, you get an instant pass plus bonus points for having a Larryboy – The Cartoon Adventures avatar, so you’re alright in my book. That said, perhaps it wasn’t you GumpForrestGump, but there were a significant amount of racial-based comments on the internet. I don’t think he deserved that.

      • Yeah, there may have been racially biased comments. Haters are gonna hate. I just think he should cowboy up, apologize, and quit feeling sorry for himself. Nobody’s docking his million dollar pay check.

  41. Just because he is a Stanford graduate doesn’t really mean he is intelligent. I know coaches/players in college football that “paid” someone to do their homework, thesis, etc. I’m certainly not directing this at anyone in particular, but I know for a fact it happens and if the coaches/players that have done this went on their own merit, they would be out of job and out of college. And, what better way for Sherman to try and divert attention away from his behavior than by claiming racism. Sad to say, I’m not surprised. Shows his true character once again. That isn’t someone that shows remorse for his actions. I’d whip my kids behind if they every embarrassed their team/family like that. Please!

    • Agree 100% Lynn! Most always agree with Allen West, but not this time. Race has nothing to do with Sherman’s outburst. While watching the tv end of game and the excitement with their win, Sherman’s outburst literally scared me, it was so out of context, as the camera was directly on his face which took up the screen as he was shouting. I don’t recall ever seeing an outburst like that. No class or diplomacy…I’ll remember that much of Richard Sherman. Don’t care if he was a Stanford graduate, smart. That display of animosity, obviously he’s expressed himself like that more than once. Employees would be fired for his display. Being a star doesn’t give you the okay to act like a “thug”; like Bieber’s recent behavior. Of course, Justin’s may be jail time.

  42. They put Sherman down for getting all excited after such a big win but everyone is talking about it. Reminds me of how Ali use to talk crap and he did it to make the next fight more exciting. I heard Crabtree started some crap earlier and Sherman told him he’d show him on the field, and you know what, HE DID.

  43. Blown way out of proportion! I grew up with 6 brothers. Smack talk is part of the game. And you’re right, throw in adrenaline and words flow. Should be a great super bowl!

  44. He is young…..he is going to the Super Bowl……How many people can say they have never said something they lived to regret? Give him a break!

    • I’ve already said he was just being immature and he’ll have to do some hard PR work to get out from under this, but he can do it if he wants to. The whole problem with this, for me, is the playing of the race card as a defense. He behaved badly, so everyone is hating on him because he’s black and not because of his bad behavior? Get it straight. It’s the rant that made people mad, Sherman, not your skin color.

  45. So what he is saying if ( ppl ) don’t like what is being said they can say it’s as same as useing the N word.??? Whats Next?.so if i say hay man you got game,if he dont like it he can say you saying that cause i am black you sterotypeing me.cause i am black.i did not relize thugs came in one color that something being tought at stanford?

  46. Mr. West, I agree with 99% of everything you say and hope that one day you will be our President, But not everyone is right 100% of the time…BOOM!!Go Hawks!!!

  47. Blown out of proportion let the players play the game and the media just cover the game and don’t add or detract or judge based on his response that you requested

  48. I think most people would be proud and happy not petty and angry.Its the super bowl and yes you are in it enjoy, dont act like an idiot

  49. He gets paid big Bucks To Defend Passes.That’s his job.He Should Do his Job and shut The Pie hole.Nobody likes a loud mouth.Let your Play on the field do The Talking.

    • He was not off the field yet. They need to let the players cool down before they interview them. Besides Sherman kicked Crabbtrees but on that play. You must not have played in any sports. Shut your pie hole you don’t know what you are talking about. Have a nice day.

  50. The NFL doesn’t allow the media in the lockeroom for the first 10 to 15 minutes after a game…thus allowing for a ‘cooling off period’. And now we know why. Also, Sheppard is a communications major from Stanford University. You’ve got to have something on the ball to set foot on the Stanford campus. And I’m going to disagree with your prognostication Sir.

  51. This was not a single instance Sherman is a jerk for sure, thug maybe. Crabtree is the better player and Sherman can’t stand it.

  52. they would not have called him a thug if he was white. all of us know
    that. I love Sherman. He is passionate and a damn good football
    player. he does incredible charity work in the Seattle Tacoma area.
    Good man. And if you see the whole video of that time that the NFL network has you will see the interview is
    really no big deal.

    • They’re calling Justin Beiber a thug, and he IS white. Who cares about his skin color? I don’t. Neither do I care that he graduated from Stanford or grew up in Compton. All I am really judging is the behavior I saw in that interview, and it was lacking in maturity and grace. Thug, juvenile, loudmouth; whatever you call him he didn’t show maturity or good sportsmanship, and it has nothing to do with his skin color. As far as I know, he’s the one who brought his skin color into the mix by playing the race card as a defense mechanism because he hasn’t got the humility or honor to just apologize for being human and get his head back into the game.

  53. It wouldn’t be a media event if he hadn’t been interviewed when he was ‘adrenaline hyped.’ Part of being a professional ‘anything’ is being professional. What happens on the field, i.e. ‘jaw jacking’ should stay on the field and in the locker rooms. it’s not about race, it’s about class. I really don’t think anyone interviews soldiers immediately after a huge battle when they are still shell shocked. As a lifetime Bronco fan who had a friend play for the Hawks years ago, I gotta go with Denver!

  54. And all this hoopla has eclipsed the fact that Seattle’s QB, Russell Wilson, is one of the most gracious, mature, and gentlemanly men to ever play the game. A shame. HE should be the story; the focus of the media’s spotlight. Instead, we always have to chase after something negative, make a mountain out of a mole-hill, and make “shocked” faces over it.

  55. I think he cheapens what he accomplished by setting oa very poor example of winning with grace and class and deflects attention his team members deserved. He did NOT score all the Seattle points and he did NOT make the tackle on every play in the game. It was a TEAM win.

  56. I got both sides of this discussion but…… this isn’t college anymore. Well paid professional athlete. Role model… ???? I don’t know… he should use his brain as much as his braun….class is a great & valuable asset in life. Lots of great athletes have it.. …Peyton Manning for example…go broncos!

  57. Team play team sport overshadowing the rest of the team with a self rigthious rant . h edidnt win the game alone. Iam not a fan of either team, outcome dont mean nothing to me. i love the game of football, it is the ultimate team sport. Spoiled the end of a great game for many!

  58. It was in the heat of the moment reactions and a perfect reason for banning media sensationalists from the arena. All this is ridiculous and anyone who ever played the game at such a higher level understands. Let’s get back to BenghazI!

  59. I think the media has blown this way way out of proportion and believe you are right Col. Spot on, except the part where Denver will win the Super Bowl. We’ve been waiting a long time for this and it’s our turn 🙂 Other than that I think you would make a very good president of the USA God bless you from way up here in WA State. One of the 12’s Cindy Milne Republic, WA

  60. I think this is so sad Richard Sherman is so much more than a rant after a game, he does a lot for the community gives back, he really is a smart, great guy and the best corner in the league! We love our Seahawks in Seattle!!!

  61. I was a younger man when the Red Skins were all that. I met several of those gentlemen. I met Mr Gibbs and several of the last group of players he coached for Washington. Today’s group of stars are more like Justin Bieber then Leroy Jefferson, Art Monk or even the loud mouth Joe Thiesman. They are over paid for the little they give to society. They are the same as shameless RAP stars accept they can play ball. They whimper if their fingers tingle after they speared an opponent and want more money and time off. God gave them the talent. They would do better to recognize this and be grateful. This kid will end up like so many other worn out athletes, in trouble, penniless, sick, in prison or dead. My prayers are for the Spirit to touch this fellow and he heal him. God bless those who can and do.

  62. The biggest “thug” in the NFL is not Richard Sherman or Richie Incognito; it’s Roger Goodell. A guy who tries to toughen up his wingman in the trenches is Spartan, not criminal. And Richard Sherman’s biggest mistake is not what he said, but how he said it. If he would have smiled and rhymed he’d be the next Muhammad Ali, but in the heat of the moment he came across more like Homey the Clown. Personally, I love me some Homey!

  63. Basketball and football is considered to have a thug culture but in hockey its ok to brother brawl every game. Kevin Love stumped a. Player just like Ndomaken Suh, but Suh was called a thug by the media. Big Ben had two charges of rape and was never called a thug by the. Media. I don’t believe in playing the race card but wake up folks.

    • you don’t believe in playing the race card? YOU WAKE UP BECAUSE YOU JUST DID…….. I don’t know where people come up with all this stuff I don’t hear about these new names until I read about them or have someone say something to me which knocks me off my feet… I’m glad my life is full of important things and not having to nick pick over stupid words….

      • Delphine, you don’t have to shout at the guy … Look this whole “race card” thing – whatever that is – is not really the point. This conservative behind of mine is as lily white as they come, but you have to ask yourself – would people be throwing around the word “thug” if Sherman had been a white guy? I’m not so sure. Which leads me to believe that Karl and the others are raising a legit issue.

    • It’s Sherman and you that are playing the race card. Nobody called him a thug because he’s black or from Compton. They called him a thug because of his lack of maturity and lack of self-control. Very ungracious way for a sportsman to behave when victorious.

      • A lack of self control? He is a model citizen and a pillar in his community. Never had any problems on or off the field. He is just a boisterous young man and that gives the perception of a thug?He play the same mind games athletes like Muhammad Ali and Shaq had done for years but it was excepted. The media has it’s bias.Cutler come down on his player’s and he’s considered abusive. Brady do the same and he is considered as a field general. RG3 was a media darling , until he criticized Obama. Then they came down on him.Richard Sherman recieved more coverage than the attacks in Benghazi. Ask yourself why. hope I gave more racially diverse example for the closed minded.

      • Dude, you obviously didn’t read what I said. It has nothing to do with race at all. It has nothing to do with criticizing Obama, which most defenders of Obama pretend they believe is all about race, as well. It doesn’t matter what kind of model citizen he is. If he loses control, even for a moment, (if he was in control of his faculties at that moment I bet he’s a train wreck at alumni fund raisers…), in front of a video camera and screams and shouts about how great HE is when he is asked about his team, it reflects as out of control and “thuggish”. I understand he was able to leverage his skills on the grid iron into a great education opportunity, which is supposed to give him favor, but when you act like a thug in front of a video camera, you shouldn’t be surprised if they call you a thug for it. Don’t throw the race card on the table, just apologize to your adoring public and consider your team’s efforts the next time you have a mic shoved in your face.

  64. I agree, it was just adrenaline and the heat of the moment, further more if Crabtree was talking trash first, I don’t blame Sherman for rubbing the win in Crabtree’s face lol. For the record though, Seahawks will win by a field goal. The media even hypes up traffic jams these days, I find it insane to cover a traffic jam more then they covered fast and furious and benghazi.

  65. Sherman has a reputation for taunting (remember the incident with Tom Brady). His team holds the top spot for personal fouls. Sherman is not called for a lot of his fouls. I think that he was taunting Crabtree. He chose to act like a buffoon subsequent to the game. To make matters worse, he is now pulling the race card in trying to equate the term “thug” to the “N” word. Seahawks fans want to brush this under the rug, because it suits their purposes. Did Steve Young speak like this after a game? Did Joe Montana? Did Jerry Rice? No, we could go on and on, speaking of football players who do not get in front of a mic and exhibit such idiotic behavior. Sherman, in nice terms, is a jerk. He made his bed.

    • You obviously don’t know anything about the incident with Brady. You give examples of QBs not defensive players. And you obviously know nothing about who Richard Sherman is. He apologized for his mistake.

      • What “same” (I assume you meant same, not sane) mistake? How many times do you think he apologized anyway? And how many times does it take for people to “forgive” his emotional response? Geez. Just because you don’t like a team doesn’t make them bad guys.

  66. I am amazed at all the people making excuses for bad behavior. Never saw Jerry rice act like Sherman. Difference between a class act and a thug wannabe

  67. Well now the Seahawks most likely will live up to the way they have done things in the past when they get into this kind of sisuation.They will most likely just through it all away with bad moves like they always do.Screw em.

  68. Absolutely blown out of proportion. I wasn’t the least bit offended. Just chalked it up to youth and a certain lack of wisdom at that moment. Doesn’t take away from his skill and abilities, IMO. In subsequent interviews, etc., Sherman’s intelligence and knowledge of the game are apparent. He and Crabtree have a history and it just came burbling up unexpectedly after Crabtree refused his handshake and pushed him in the facemask. Sherman felt disrespected. Networks loved making a buck off the incident and should now drop it.

  69. You had me until you endorsed the Broncos. Now I only like you for your record and politics. We’re no longer sports-friends. 😀

  70. I think Sherman showed the biggest lack of sportsmanship I have seen since Roberto Alomar spit on an umpire. It was pure arrogance. Then to go out of his way to berate Crabtree all through the press conference. And making the choke sign to the SF bench too. ZERO CLASS! Someone should tell this guy that pride goes before a fall. I don’t think his words had anything to do with race. It was due to a lack of humility and class. PERIOD!

    • Look at the video of just before the interview. Sherman went to shake Crabtrees hand and congratulation on a hard fought game….Crabtree punched him…then Andrews interviewed him. I’d be pissed off too.

  71. When you just win a huge game the average player is thrilled, happy. They don’t go on a angered rage. It was not a normal response. As for it turning into a racial thing, it always seems to be used when a white does not agree with say a Obama policy. If you disagree with his ideology you are a racist if you are white.

    • Sherman didn’t turn it into a “racial thing”. The commenters on Twitter, etc. are the ones who called him despicable racist names. It’s nothing like Obama using the race card for his pathetic policies. These are supposed football fans using the race card.

      • Then Sherman should have responded to those racist attacks rather than trying to redefine “thug” as a racist term.

    • not true on the first part of your comment. I have seen all kinds of reaction after winning a big game (or losing). It depends on the developments leading to the game.

      • Agree have seen all kinds of reaction, but primarily, it depends on the character of the person, not on developments leading to the game.

      • i agree character does have an influence in how we react, but we ALL have character flaws….except maybe you of course. Today we expect athletes to be some kind of moral compasses, as if being able to intercept a football or jump very high, or hit a golf ball somehow equals perfect person. Not only that, we believe(not you of course) that being a fan, even if we never buy a ticket or a jersey, gives us the authority to demand that they are also role models.The guy went crazy on a post-game(the 2nd most important btw) interview, and many of you act as if you have been betrayed by a love one. Get a life and chill out, it is really not that big of a deal. I have seen worst.and Not the developments leading to the game? really have you ever played any sports? have you ever seen any games? or did you just catch the youtube video? smh

      • Yes, I have played sports, do still play stick and ball games and other competitive activities. Not that it matters, but I’m a huge college football fan, barely an NFL fan and only watched the earlier game that day. But have read up on it, seen the preceding, commentary, Crabtree’s off-season and response comments. Doesn’t matter. You are mis-understanding my position. I am not demanding anything of Mr. Sherman. He can be a thug, and a low-life punk, and a classless unsportsmanlike pig all he wants to and make millions of dollars doing it. If his contract doesn’t call for him to be a role model then he doesn’t have to. It’s not illegal to be an idiot or punk. BUT…I will call a thug a thug. And that’s all I’m doing. Didn’t say I was perfect and don’t expect that of athletes. Humility and a trail showing character and class I respect. I don’t respect disrespecters. That’s all that’s going on here.

        Oh, and this is one of the reasons I have a difficult time getting into NFL football. Too many Shermans…unconstrained by coaches.

      • I find it very hard to argue with you because I agree with your values, I just don’t think it was that big of a deal. I am almost sure if the interviewer had not opened her eyes like he had just found out Sherman was a serial killer, his little spectacle would have been just that: little….and he’s no thug. he’s a loud mouth, obnoxious, smack-talking player that won the ticket to enter the biggest game this coming Sunday. He doesn’t deserve all the insults he’s getting. He may deserve a butt-whopping from Cabtree if he so chooses to confront him, but from that to being a thug there is a lot of road to cover. Good points though

      • I reject the premise that I have to be perfect to ever judge someone else’s actions as inappropriate. I mean, since we’re all imperfect (definitely including me!), where do we get off judging murderers? Because it’s wrong, clearly wrong, and independent of our individual faults. That’s a cop out.
        I have seen worse also. Is that the line of acceptability now? As long as it’s not the worst thing I’ve seen in my whole entire life, I should remain quiet about it? Of course not.
        I don’t expect role models from athletes, but I appreciate it when I see it. And I let the ones who act like pinheads know that I think they’re acting like pinheads. No more, no less. Sherman is completely free to act like a pinhead, but I will call it that. I wasn’t “betrayed” but if my son had acted that way, I sure wouldn’t excuse it as “heat of the moment”.

      • I never said you had to be perfect to judge, but this overreaction makes it look like you are so perfect, that his little tantrum was just too much to handle. After all this discussion I may agree that he acted like a pinhead, but he is no thug, and I think it is very unfair that he is being called one and treated like one. That is my only point and the only reason I am going on and on is because this being a mostly conservative site, and so many people are reacting just like liberals do when a celebrity says or does something dumb. Labeling him a thug is wrong. That, my friend is my only point

      • I think we largely agre. Just differ on whether the term “thug” is appropriate here. I think he acted and sounded like a thug during that interview, but that doesn’t me he IS a thug. Didn’t intend to overreact. Thanks for the reasonable discussion. Nice change from the normal. 🙂

      • Same here! sometimes we get so engaged in the discussion that we forget that the disagreement is so small. It was a pleasure, take care

  72. Adrenaline may have been a factor but true sportsmanship shines through for those with class. Sorry, I cannot condone Sherman’s dissing of Crabtree. Any highly respectable athlete praises his opponents to some degree, always shares in the glory of victory thanking his entire team – showing no selfish admiration. Many NFL fans have seen how dirty the Seahawks have played this year. Tough is one thing, dirty is another. The Broncos have a true team attitude and Peyton has had a record-setting year so they deserve to go out on top. Peyton always gives his team credit for enabling him to reach those outstanding records. GO BRONCOS!!

    • You have no idea how the Seahawks play if you call them “dirty”. They’re tough not dirty, and fans are hardly the judges of what’s “dirty” especially when they don’t like a team. The Seahawks have total respect for every team they play and have acknowledged what a great player Peyton is and what a great team the Broncos are. You don’t know Sherman. He apologized for his comments. He’s the one who congratulated Crabtree after the game and got shoved in the face for his efforts.

    • Watch the video of Sherman congratulating Crabtree trying to shake his hand…and Crabtree punching him…just before the Andrews question.

    • Sherman dissing Crabtree? You obviously don’t know what went on! Sherman outstretched his hand to shake Crabtree and say, “great game” and Crabtree slugs him in the face just before the mic gets shoved in his face for an interview! So naturally Sherman was angry and lashed out! What would you have done if you had went to wish someone well and that person punches you.!

      • Give me a break, yes Sherman did seemingly attempt a nice gesture but I would bet it was more of a “”sticking it to ya “” moment. How angry was he?? He didn’t retaliate so he wasn’t that angry. He had a helmet on for pete’s sake. You do realize they run into each other at high rates of speed. Regardless of all that crap before, during and after, Sherman acted like a fool in the interview. If he was genuine in his approach to sportsmanship with Crabtree, even given the punch in his “” helmet””, he should have made mention that it was a war out there on the field with crabtree, give him some props on his night, and been humble about his own performance. I was rooting for the Seahawks btw. Hope they win the bowl.

    • Two strikes against Denver. The Nehring and Tebow curses. Nehring is my late brother in law who is from Seattle area. Just kidding.

  73. My issue isn’t with Sherman, (although his act was classless) but with fox network who continued to interview him after his weak sportsmanship. These acts are why I have watched less NFL football on Sunday. The NFL has lots of issues with thuggish behavior and it is ruining the product.

    • I have to wonder … Would we be making such a big deal out of this if the reporter didn’t respond the way she did? I’ve seen plenty of post-game, adrenaline-fueled rants, so this didn’t actually phase me until she got defensive. Interesting.

  74. I only saw the words, as I was flipping channels, never heard him swear or use a name, just yelled. Things like this seem to go and go, the man lost his temper, that’s all.

  75. race was never an issue with most ppl. he just acted like a self centered jackass, and the race card was thrown out there, when journalists wanted to make money… and sherman himself wanted to justify his actions

  76. ‘do what you want and dont care what they think’ – (tina fey). well, tina, that is a big part of what is wrong with society!

  77. He came across as a complete horse’s rearend, great player or not…and I’d have to say “not” at this point as a great player would have been humble and confident in his abilities not his “mouth”.
    Go Broncos!

    • Gene, look at what happened just before the interview. Sherman went to shake Crabtree’s hand and said good game. Crabtree hit him in the face. Off season, Crabtree called Sherman mediocre and tried to pick a fight. No swearing by Sherman.

      • AGAIN with the “he started it” argument? If you only act classy when dealing with classy people, then you’re not classy.

  78. I don’t know about most folks but I’m sick to death of hearing “racisim” at every turn. I’m afraid I’m starting to notice when someone is black. Personally………..I don’t care if you’re green (which many people are………green with envy) shut up about it, you’re only drawing attention to the fact of the color of your skin. I can’t help it if I’m white just like you can’t help if you’re brown, yellow or black but I can help what my character is just like you can and that’s all that matters to me.

  79. We try and teach our children good sportsmanship. These football players are role models. Be a classy winner! And don’t be a bad sport when you lose. Go Broncos!

    • They don’t show how Crabtree hit Sherman in the face just before the
      interview when Sherman went to shake his hand and say great game. They
      also don’t talk about how Crabtree was calling Sherman mediocre in
      public either. Sherman is a young man who is very young and passionate.
      Bright man who came out of the ghetto and earned a Stanford degree. Was told he wasn’t big enough to play in the NFL.

  80. Totally out of proportion. As you noted, an adrenaline-pumped, passionate testosterone-laced emotional outburst based on an off-field and on-field incident between the two competitors. Let the guys be guys. He didn’t use profanity, and his comments were based on things said to him from Crabtree. The real thugs were those who elected to use racial slurs against Sherman on the net. Richard Sherman is a class act who apologized for his comments. That should’ve ended the story. He does incredible things in Seattle for unfortunate kids of all ages and families who are struggling. He donates his time, money, and encouragement to young people and raises money for his Blanket Coverage foundation to help the underprivileged. Those who judge him for his conduct need to consider the whole young man and not just a piece of emotion that got away from him.

  81. Look at what happened just before that….Sherman went to wish Crabtree well and reached out to shake Crabtree’s hand…What did Crabtree do? Hit Sherman in the face…then the interview. Before that, Crabtree tried to pick a fight with Sherman in the off season and called him mediocre.

    Can we now understand why this young man was upset. He is an impressive young man coming out of a very bad neighborhood. Great job Sherman. Seahawks will prevail. Defense wins games.

    Crabtree is the poor sport. Media passing judgement and so do we…

  82. The sports media which includes ESPN which is owned by Disney is in bed with Peyton Manning and the Broncos. The media needed a villain and they have selected Richard Sherman as the bad guy. Richard had played a tough game and he was just blowing off steam. Go Seahawks. I have relatives who live in Washington state. Manning is just a puppet for those media goons who never played a game of sports in the professional level. Neither did I but I lived in Panama where the media educated you why sports stars behave the way they do after a tough battle. Richard just ignore those buttheads and just win baby.

      • I am sure all the players have class, I will not be that low… but to tell you the truth I never get involved in sports, I love the Seahawks they ALL have so much class and Sherman showed so much class by taking it to the field and whopping Crabtree in the game and then walking away from Crabtree punching him in the face. Seahawks Rule.

  83. As an extremely Staunch Conservative for the first time I am not going to agree with you. Adrenaline Yes…..but typical for Sherman you bet. This is not his first mouthy offense and trust me it will not be his last.

    • They don’t show how Crabtree hit Sherman in the face just before the interview when Sherman went to shake his hand and say great game. They also don’t talk about how Crabtree was calling Sherman mediocre in public either. Sherman is a young man who is very young and passionate. Bright man who came out of the ghetto and earned a Stanford degree. Was told he wasn’t big enough to play in the NFL.

      • Oh Yes they did. And to tell you the Truth I honestly don’t think he was going to Crabtree to shake his hand….They did talk about Crabtree calling Sherman mediocre in public….Yes he is young and passionate and if you want to talk about coming from nowhere… about Jerry Rice. Now that is a story everybody needs to hear. I would much rather talk about someone positive like Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice was always a gentleman on the field. This I cannot say for Crabtree or Sherman. Mississippi Valley State…that is where Jerry Rice Graduated….now there is a story. You and I are on the same side when it comes to things that matter….like getting the Idiot out of the White House… we have both said our piece on this issue and I am not looking for an argument… in closing it is going to be a great Super Bowl with two Great Teams… I hope you enjoy that game also. Best wishes, PT.

      • Yes he did put out his hand and say hell of a game… so what is your problem.. I am a conservative also and never got into sports until I found out how great all these players are.. Sherman showed great restraint by walking away… Go Hawks

      • None of that is an out for a classless interview. “He started it” doesn’t work for me and even so, if he’d have returned the mediocre judgment, we wouldn’t even be talking about this. Would have been funny and a great jab. No excuse for that interview. Fine athlete, not a great person, imho.

  84. Sherman extended his hand to Crabtree to shake his hand but instead got punched in the face mask by Crabtree, all this before a mic gets shoved in his face! No time to cool down after being dissed, plus the adrenaline from everything you can’t expect him to give a pretty little speech after that! He was angry! Give him some credit he never swore once and most players after something like that would have ranted a whole string of curse words!

  85. It sure looks like Ryan Wilson was on the right track, he acted like a thug!!! Im betting on Broncos so he can get off his high horse…sherman has no class whatsoever!!

    • So, your argument for Sherman is “well HE started it”? I didn’t accept that from my kids when they were 5 and I don’t accept it from a professional athlete. Period.

      • Not at all… the rivalry between Sherman and Crabtree has been present for some time. He was trying to be very sportsman like, Crabtree was being a poor loser. If you happen to look up their twitter feeds from that night, you’ll see how Crabtree was continuously calling Sherman a bad player, saying he won by fluke, and all out just destroying him in the media.
        Who does the media portray in all of this as the bad guy though? Sherman, of course. What a wonderful message about bullying we’r’e showing our children.
        Sherman graduated from Stanford, and writes a well versed column for a popular news paper. He’s not a thug, as the media is portraying him, but in the incident with Crabtree, where BOTH were in the wrong (Crabtree for being a dumbass, and Sherman for taking his aggression into the interview) the media is doing nobody any good by constantly pulling Sherman through the dirt.

        So it’s not “HE started it!” It’s more of knowing that both started it, but punishing one.

      • In this incident, imho, he acted like a thug. Have seen Crabtree’s response, and while only very slimly complimentary, he does not lash out. He did call Sherman “mediocre”–big deal. Still, not a Crabtree fan either. But if you repond to punks like a thug…you’re a thug. Everyone has class when accepting awards and being congratulated. It’s how you respond to extreme adversity (e.g. attacks) that shows your true character.

      • I think this could be a wonderful lesson about being bullied. If we take your premise that Crabtree had been bullying Sherman for some time and Sherman finally blew, that’s a good teaching moment. Look at what an idiot he came across as. Don’t let a bully manipulate you into that position. Rise above. Ignore their inaccurate attacks and move on. As a wise man once told me, “Don’t argue with an idiot, ’cause they’ll bring you down to their level and whip you with experience.”
        I’ll give you that they are potentially BOTH pinheads and thugs. But Crabtree is a more strategic pinhead. I watched his response interview and he said Sherman was “mediocre” in a calm tone of voice and said that Sherman made one good play. He came across in a much better light. Sherman should get control of his emotions if he desires not to be called a thug, imho.

        p.s. With their histories, I have some doubt that Sherman’s attempted post-game handshake was anything more than an “in your face” sarcastic move. But that’s just my interpretation based on their relationship before and since.

  86. I completely agree with you and I am so glad to hear a voice of reason on this subject. Very unfortunate that everyone took his adrenalin pumped interview so seriously. Denver all the way.

  87. I have been defending him, but the new information that he thinks “thug” is racist? Give me a break. I’m tired of the racist defense for everything. When we say he acted like a thug, it means he acted like a thug, not like a black man. White men can be thugs, too. Threatening violence generally makes on think “thug.” Go Broncos!

    • I think what they’re saying is that there are some people using the word “thug” as a replacement for not being able to say the n-word. Kinda like when people use the word “fracking” instead of the f-word. I think it’s an interesting point and worth considering.

      • So what’s next in that list that people presume to be a stand-in for the n word? Criminal? Bad person? If any black, when confronted with his bad behavior, takes Obama’s lead and calls it racism and then redefines every negative word when applied to blacks as a replacement for the n-word, where does that leave us? Ridiculous.

      • I think you’re considering it too legalistically in your assessment, Joe. It’s not about a list of dos and don’ts – it’s a heart issue. Real racism is still alive. I wish it weren’t, but it is. And some of those folks walk the line of acceptable social behavior. I think it’s far less prevalent than some of the more paranoid lefties would say, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

      • Sure it’s still a problem, and those people will likely continue to be racists no matter how restricted we are able to get them on their language. Just like getting “moderate racists” (?) to stop openly using the n-word didn’t fix their racist heart, neither will defining a bunch of other words as racist and possibly getting less people to use those words. And making an existing word, with a non-racist definition, *into* a racist word is not helpful and likely counterproductive, imho.

      • I agree that racism is alive, and that’s sad. I just don’t believe that redefining non-racist words into being racist words in any way helps combat racism. It doesn’t. It detracts from the battle against racism with distractions and confusion and political correctness. We should hit racism right in its heart where it lives, with laser focus. No distractions.

  88. Sherman’s rant reminds me of Obama when he doesn’t get his way.

    Seriously, I thought it was a perfectly normal expression of the moment.
    Don’t put a microphone in front of a man who has been in a 3 hr physical, mental, and trash talking battle…if you can’t handle the response.
    Forget all the politically correct non-sense. This was NOT a middle-school girls volleyball game…It was the freaking NFC Championship game!
    It was a great game, and it should be an awesome Super Bowl.
    I’m picking the Broncos as well.

  89. sir I must disagree with the you shermantor and the hawks with the backing of the 12 man will win the game, also could you imagine Muhamad Ali in his prime right now,, these people would loose there mind,,, hawks by 9

  90. Allen I totally agree. The media chooses to not show Sherman extending his hand to shake hands with Crabtree that night, or Crabtree pushing Sherman away, shoving his facemask. Then… instantly put a camera in Sherman’s face and his reaction is misinterpreted as the action. I love Sherman and what he brings to the game. He is the greatest thing since Deion Sanders in the defensive secondary.

  91. Allen, I am extremely disappointed in your take on this. This is the first time I have ever disagreed with you. I normally completely respect your opinion, as you have been consistently spot on. I wish we had more outspoken conservatives like you. Having said that, your are completely wrong about Sherman, and you need to research what you are talking about a little more. This was not adrenaline, it was the result of a reaction to PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs), I call it “roids rage”. He tested positive for this, and got off through a loop hole. The guy, just like his organization, coach, teammates and fans are completely classless.

    • Hey Rob… obviously you are not a fan. Take the loser bus and keep such wennie responses to yourself… Wow talk about an ass..

      • Hey Will, what did I say that is not based on facts? No, i am not a fan, and you obviously are a Seahawks fan. We outplayed you, and our organization, coach, team and fans have some class. Look the word up. The NFL wanted you in the superbowl, which explains the 13th man, the officials who gave you the game before the Sherman play. Please respond with something intelligent, and by the way, talk is cheap, your sorry team in 35 years has never won a Superbowl, we have 5. You and Sherman cannot act like you have been there because you haven’t. You are the loser, and Payton will add to that legacy.

    • I agree with Rob 100%. He could have given credit to his teammates for the win.But instead he focused on himself. I respect others view points but when I disagree that does not make me a bigot, Jim. Sounds like to me your a racist hate-filled leftists.

  92. I played sports all my life up through high school. Baseball and football each and every year and added wrestling my last 2 years in high school. The one thing I can’t stand is a braggart. In front of millions of viewers including impressionable kids, they got to watch a superstar act like a child idiot. Don’t give me raw emotion. Don’t give me testosterone driven after an intense game. It’s a poor excuse for his behavior. Truthfully I can’t stand all the extra junk that goes on. Flexing after a hit. Spiking the ball. Slamming the ball over the goal post. Motioning the first down with your arm after getting one. It’s crap. It takes away from enjoying a game. Kudos to Sherman for all that he has accomplished. Shame on him for acting like a toddler. Be the best at what you do and let your works shine brighter than your mouth.

  93. Don’t have a problem with being brash. I do have a problem declaring themselves the greatest after being caught using PED’s. Sure he got out on a technicality like Brian Braun but wait a bit and he’ll get caught again.

      • you are 100% wrong. When you are at that level in any sport or profession it always is(for most). To you it isn’t because you just turn the TV off…or stand up and leave the stadium. And by the way, I think his reaction was childish, but I have seen many other clips in which he shows a different side. He is passionate about what he does, but he shows it in the “wrong” way so let’s dump on him. The guy just made probably the most important play in his life thus far, but we are too good to look beyond a 45 second interview RIGHT after the game. We have to hammer him, because how dare he not be “civilized” like the rest of us whom are always good and well behaved?

  94. Thousands upon thousands of players play the game passionately and experience “the heat of the moment”. However, few personally insult an opponent after the game in the manner of Mr. Sherman. Furthermore, he also did it after the moment, in a press conference, after he showered and changed into a shirt and tie. That is an equal measure of the man. You will find him behaving in similar ways with other people and in other arenas.
    By the way, a great many athletes “do things for the community”. The fact that Mr. Sherman has a charity like other pro athletes does not entitle him to behave unlike other pro athletes after the game, in any way he wants.
    Lastly, Muhammad Ali, for all his gift of gab, also took it too far and was chastised. You may recall that he made fun of Joe Frazier’s more “African” features, calling him a “gorilla”, pressing his own nose flatter and wider, and making all sorts of racial slurs. That bothered Frazier, and many blacks, for decades. Not everything one says can be written off as “antics” or “heat of the moment” outbursts.
    As one partially perspicacious pundit once said, words matter.

    • I think you take things out of context as the media wishes, and are letting them shape your opinions… dig a little deeper, see what transpired moments before the “interview”, Sherman is a consummate human being playing a game that requires you turn on “beast mode” to win at the lever these guys play at. he’s also just 24. there’s a lot of context besides that one moment…

      • lol requires you to turn on beast mode? What is this animal kingdom? There is no excuse for ANY player to behave in that manner EVER!
        But calling him a thug is just as ignorant as your reply!

  95. You are coming to the Lincoln Day dinner in Chelan County and you are gonna have to eat your words SIR!! lol I will be there to give you a good razing!

    • So Crabtree put his hand on Sherman’s facemask and kept him at arm’s length during the game, on the field and that somehow justifies this ridiculous thug rant? No. (And no, thug is not racist and does not even imply “black”…unless you’re Richard Sherman.)

      • Good post as I, for one, I am tired of everyone making excuses for rude and crude behavior. My son said it best, “you can take the punk out the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto our of the punk”. That saying is not based on color but on observed behavior. In the real world, if you do no know a person you are prone to judge them by what you observe. Wrong or not, it is how most people judge others. So if you don’t want to be thought of as a thug, then don’t act like one on National Television.

    • Or just plain ignorance perhaps? It was unsportsmanlike for him to behave like that but to call him a thug is wrong! I was always taught to be a gentleman toward a defeated opponent during a sporting event, what happened to that?

  96. Yes, I believe the media has blown this out of proportion. And, I also agree with Sherman that people have substituted using the word “thug” now instead of the “N-word”. He was, exactly as you stated, hyped-up, adrenaline flowing, after just coming of the “field of battle”. Now everyone wants to be a keyboard judge and jury and “convict”him for his open and honest speech for that moment. It’s just plain silly and hateful!

  97. I don’t recall Magic, Jordan, Walter Payton, or Even bill lambert or dennis rodman getting that derisive over a defeated opponent.
    hollow logs make the most noise. he has born physical gifts he honed but the class of a thug. I guess if it was a white player we’d say hillbilly or trash but its not a correct correlation to blame folks calling hin a thug as racist. … he stunk up the air like a classless punk thug. he could have screamed 2 times louder about his team their victory or god or a positive. … he went to trash talk AFTER the final whistle. adrenaline then must be like being drunk. .. The true him came flying out.

  98. Sherman is the Man, Best Corner in the league. In sports, players talk smack and work to psych each other out. Mr Sherman is a Young, Intelligent, Competitive Athelete at the top of his game. People need to grow up and stop being such panzies. Realize that the News Media is there for one thing, to get you to pay attention to what ever they’re showing you so they can make more $$. Let it go move on, It’s Seattle’s Year Col West. Respectfully.

  99. Sorry. But his response to the thug name is now the common way a black American responds to criticism. You can not say anything negative if the person is black. whatever word you use will now be called an “exceptable” word that really means the “n” word.
    This is used when they (black americans ) know they are wrong.
    Obama has used this to great effect since the election in 2008.
    I’m not buying it. I know what a “thug” is, and it has nothing to do with skin color.
    So Sherman. You are a good player. You are also a thug. None of those words have anything to do with your skin color. If you had any class you would have just apologized and then shut up about it. But you Sherman, you had to bring race into it. That tells me that you know you were wrong. You are making excuses for your own failure. Just like Obama. He has taught you well…how to make excuses for yourself.

  100. A thug is a thug, no matter the color. I wouldn’t necessarily use that word to describe Sherman as I usually reserve the term for the characters who steal or fight out on the streets. He was talking smack, but I don’t attribute it to just an adrenaline rush after the game. It’s not the first time he’s done it. He’s just a loud mouth, pompous ass.

  101. The Seahawks will win the Super Bowl. Yes, the media demonized Sherman as if his rant contained every swear word in the book, however, there was no word to bleep. Sherman is the best corner back in the NFL…his record portrays that fact. He should be proud of his accomplishments on and off the field. Sherman came from a rough neighborhood and worked very hard graduating from college at the top of his class and accomplishing the American dream. We need to make an example of Sherman as a positive roll model for our youth to emulate.

    • Yeah, teach our kids to kick a man when he’s down and threaten to “machete” his opponents. ***slaps forehead*** America is screwed.

      • America is screwed because an athlete said some silly stuff to his opponent? you might need a pill called Chill. man

      • not according to the beating he’s taking! I didn’t like it either. I just don’t think is that big of a deal. That doesn’t mean that in a general sense I disagree with you. I like the Tebows and the Griffin IIIs just to mention a few. I also like the ones that just play the game and we have no idea where they stand. But there are some that are loud and obnoxious, and good at what they do. They talk smack and they back it up. But in today’s world everyone is watching and commenting. Many people disliking what he did, considered acceptable when Trent? punched him in the face. That they found okay. Assault, they found worthy of praise, and you know what? he didn’t even cursed. He took the punch(not without being called a coward and a punk because he didn’t retaliate). He goes off after winning the Superbowl ticket and he is called a thug. Most people have no idea what a real thug looks like.
        But again, I am not against your values and ideals, I just think this avalanche on him was simply too much.

      • Talk smack during the game all you want, I could care less. Sherman ran all the way across the field to rub it in Crabtree’s face (and I am no fan of Crabtree btw). I think if I’m Crabtree I throat punch him. All he did was push him off with an open hand, no punches. Read my post above if you want to get my take on the whole situation.

      • so throat punching is okay?….btw a punch that could actually kill the guy…but talking smack after the game is objectionable. Now that’s funny

  102. Disagree with you strongly here. He responded with no class. You can respond positively even in the heat of the moment, and even with great emotion. Just goes to show you what he’s really like when the filter is removed by a little adrenaline.

  103. Also, since I it seems Americans are now not allowed to use the term “thug” for blacks (I assume we can still use it for whites without being accused of racism), maybe someone could generate a list of PC descriptors for low-life, despicable people when they happen to be black.

  104. Mr. West, I have drifted back and forth on this one a few times. For the most part I agree with your stance. Where we may differ is in Sherman’s (and others like Stephan A. Smith) defining to the world what my use of the word “thug” means. I am poised to think this is an outstanding effort to “deflect” attention and personal accountability away from himself and blaming others – for their analysis if his actions. While his post-game actions may be completely understandable given the circumstances, at some point a genuine apology should not be accompanied with finger pointing on another issue.

    Lastly I have to say I am not only perplexed but I am offended by this society given privledge some people have by defining what someone else meant in what they say. I may not be respected if I use the “n word” but surely I can say it, and if I felt the need or desire to say it about a person I would (although I dont). If I use the word “thug” while I am comparing someone’s situational behavior it is NOBODY’s right to say I am meaning it differently than the context it which I was saying it. For Sherman, Smith, or anyone to say when white people say thug it is a code word for anything else, they are actually making that statement from a racially divided perspective and in fact are being racist themselves. Could you please address this as best you can.

    Much respect and admiration for you sir.

  105. Lets not forget after Sherman made that amazing play, Crabtree grabbed his face mask and a flag was thrown. Unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The Seattle was give the ball for two more plays, San Francisco called a time out after each play. Giving Sherman enough time to hage calmed down enough to think before he spoke. He has apologized and is trying to move on. So should we. (NFL football is no comparison to the battlefield. )

    • No offense intended, but maybe you should reread your posts before you actually post them. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt and hope you don’t turn your school papers in without rereading them first. By the way, your comment is right on about being compared to the battlefield.

      • Did you understand the post? If picking apart my grammer and spelling errors, makes you feel a little more intelligent, glad I could help. 🙂 I really don’t feel I need to justify errors made by a “smart” phone.

      • And therein lies the problem. Americans learning the correct methods and art of sentence structure has, sadly, been replaced by ‘smart phones’ and other electronic equipment. While in school, without the proper attention and then subsequent future use of proper grammar will result in nothing less than a future dumbing down of America. Every aspect of knowledge should not be overlooked as we continue to fall behind much of the rest of the world in many important categories.

      • Twice now you have made assumptions about my academic performance. Have you learned what assume means? Not only have I completed that phase of my life. I now manage
        to run a successful business, without even having a grasp on the English Language! America it is the land of opportunity. If in my grammar Faux Pas has contributed to the current state America is in then PLEASE accept my apology!

  106. Anyone who has played competitive sports knew the mindset of Sherman just moments after making the deciding play in a game whose winner would transcend to the biggest stage in football. He was simply jacked up and fueled by the adrenaline that courses though the bodies of the athletes playing at the highest of all competitive levels. I think the media is complicit in this, always searching for the outrageous offering, and they surely got one. I am with the Lt Col on this one, “move along people, nothing to see here”. Broncos by 10.

    • If I made a great play in a football game in school and was all “hyped up” and talked to ANYONE like that (much less media), my dad would have worn me out and had a talk with me about sportsmanship and class and character. Now it may be that Sherman didn’t have good parenting; I know nothing if his background, but if he was my kid, I would have to acknowledge failure as a parent. That might be his only excuse, but at some point, you hopefully rise above the limitations of your upbringing. Sherman…not so much.

  107. Sounds like you are making excuses for him and I thought you were different Allen West. I call people that act like that, PUNKS.

    • “I thought you were different Allen West”…laughable. No offense intended, just funny in a sad kind of way that you apparently changed your whole opinion on Allan just because he sees it differently this one time.

      • you did. You said you though he was different, implying that because he is seeing this issue differently now you think he is no different than the rest. Now I think I was wrong, because you are implying that either there are other times in which he demonstrated he is no different (which makes no sense) or there other times you simply disagree with him (which is perfectly fine). You are 2 for 2 Sandra: both your comments are to me laughable, because depending on how you read them they either make sense or they absolutely not. Again no offense, I am just silly that way. 🙂

  108. Sherman went to Crabtree after the play and butt smacked him and tried to instigate him by wanting to shake his hand. Crabtree responded by face mushing him. Sherman started this whole mess to begin with then had the nerve to “thug out” on camera because Crabtree didn’t fall for his crap.

  109. Sherman responded like a warrior fresh out of battle. He didn’t curse or didn’t call anyone a name. If you have every played competitive sports, you would know how he feels. The sheer adrenaline in your system fuels that spirit.

    On the “thug” issue I think Mr West and I feel the same way. You work hard all your life to not be seen as that and just because of your skin color, you are called a thug. If you saw Mr West in his leather biker outfit and didn’t know who he was, most would think “thug!” However, you would miss the compassionate conservative patriot, veteran, and American that he truly is. Sherman is a Stanford graduate and finished the salutatorian of his class in high school with a 4.2 adjusted GPA. He was brash in his interview, but that is part of what makes us all American. We have that spirit in us to be better. So give the man a pass (which he may pick off and run back for 20 yards), he was just hyper.

    • I disagree with your “thug” analysis. It doesn’t matter what race you are. If Sherman had been a white man screaming in the camera the same way, I guarantee you, one of the first words that’d come to mind would be thug. The press would have also blown up. The only difference is, none of the hype would be about skin color. It was a huge game. There were a lot of people watching. Let’s forgive and forget. It’s time to move on.

  110. And the last time the media didn’t blow something “out of proportion” was???
    They think Christie should be hung for treason, and Hillary should be president to keep up the fine work of our current tyrant.

    • Nothing was blown out of proportion. He said what he said and acted as he acted in front of national television – how is that the media’s fault. Richard Sherman brought this on himself. Don’t blame the media in this one.

      • This has spent more time as “headline news” than Bengahzi or the IRS fiasco…that’s what I meant by blowing it out of proportion….in the entire scheme of things this is hardly important, and I agree with you, he could have done a fantastic interview, but no…and now he wants to start in with the “thug” BS.

  111. I do believe it wasn’t what he said but how he acted as he said it which turned many people off and therefore set the media ablaze. We expect our athletes to act humble and gracious at all times. Sherman was none of those as he continued to stare into the camera, dance and unfortunately act like a punk. I am sure he was full of adrenalin after making the play he had, but unfortunately we have put way too much emphasis on these type of events. I remember one past coach told his players to act like they had been there before. If we use this as our mantra, this must of been the first good play he ever made in a crucial situation.

  112. Sir, I am a huge fan of yours – I wish you could be our president someday. But you’ve missed some important facts in this event. Sherman made that great play, Crabtree walked away and Sherman had to run all the way across the field to rub it in to Crabtree under the guise of congratulating him and wanting to shake his hand. Then during the interview, he continues to choose to rub it in and downgrade his oponent. Classless and unsportsmanlike. Don’t forget the “machete” remark in his interview that all of his supporters seem to “forget”. For all he has accomplished on and off the field, it’s sad that Sherman chose to reaffirm the adage that you can take the guy out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the guy. He smart enough to know better, which to me indicates he wants all this attention, dispite his following remarks condeming what he himself said. … and then HE plays the race card? If one supports what he said by making excuses for when he said it and where he went to college etc., one supports stepping all over a man when he’s down. Something real men don’t do. This was nothing more than a selfish act by a selfish man putting himself on a pedestal that his play alone should have and would have done.

  113. It’s like everything thing else the news media reports… the American news media is America’s worst enemy. They just LOVE to stir the pot of hatred and racism. If it’s not the race pot they are stirring, it’s the alternative lifestyle pot they are stirring. The news media ONLY reports what boost their ratings, especially if they can give it a hatred spin. Think about it, if Justin Beiber’s, Lindsay Lohan’s and/or Mylie Cyrus’s indiscretions are what they consider headline news worthy, the news media is nothing more credible than any other tabloid that can be purchased while standing in line at the grocery store.

    • Glenda, could not agree more. Our “stars” should not be given press time for their rude and unacceptable behavoir. Being rude to the public at the end of a game is just stupid. I found his outburst to be disgusting.

    • Race shouldn’t have even been brought up in this case, it’s all nonsense.

      The past and current actions are what are being judged, he has a history, last year it was a different player he got into it with.

      He just lacks professionalism.

  114. No I do not think it was blown out of proportion, this guy is rude and ignorant and does not do much to help the game. Once a dirty player always a dirty player. I really hope they lose to the Broncos. Broncos look out for more dirty football plays that is the only way they can win. GO BRONCOS!!!!

    • How was Sherman being dirty? He tried to shake Crabtree’s hand,and said “helluva game”This Crabtree is the same player that held out of training camp,a ROOKIE ! Crabtree is arrogant,and also has a big mouth! Watch the replay a few times before you start running your mouth off about something you don’t even know! Oh,by the way,Sherman graduated from Stanford with a 3.9 GPA. Now,who’s the dummy ?

      • I don’t know why people have to mention where he went to school, who cares, it’s what comes out of peoples mouths that defines their hearts, he needs a transplant.

      • I hope you get one too because if you are so quick to condemn him, you must be another one of those who’s never said anything in the heat of the moment you didn’t later regret. Bravo.

      • Sherman has a history, he is a smart man, however he is a big mouth athlete that is bad for the game.

        Look at Barry Sanders! The man had the ability and he never acted like a fool.

    • He talks too much trash Discus. He has never been accused of being a dirty player. You must have not watched Seattle play, because your statements are completely off. Trash talking and playing dirty is not the same.

  115. I’m a 49ers fan. I don’t like the Seahawks nor their 12th man. But they won the game and it’s over. Now on to the Super Bowl. Sherman made a stupid comment, but he is also, IMO, stupid for saying the word “thug” now indicates something other than what it actually does. Just another black man who is racist. It isn’t going to get any better until we get that racist president out of office. I hope the Broncos win, too!

  116. Mr. Sherman is wrong in his assessment that “thug” is synonymous with the “N-word”. He is just trying to pull the race card, and to be honest, this displays that his character is shallow and that he is a coward. Instead of accountability, he shifts into a shameful accusation. The truth is, people of ALL colors can display “thug” behavior, it’s a choice. It’s all about HOW the behavior is perceived by others with an objective approach. Intuition, which is human nature, is a remarkable tool, further, there are many of us who also served in the military and can appreciate the comparative analysis of the stresses of enemy engagement, and then interviewing within minutes of that situation -true…colorful words might be used. However, there have been recent video compilations put up specifically highlighting Mr. Sherman’s “colorful” behavior in other games -and, quite simply… his arrogance exceeds his athletic ability. He acts like a bully on the field and constantly displays terrible sportsmanship and low-class. So, objectively, we can deduce that his past behavior proves his newly earned title.

    • It equates to that to HIM, not you or anyone else. The racist comments posted on Twitter and other places were despicable. Why don’t comment on those? Why don’t you mention when he congratulated Crabtree on the game, Crabtree shoved him in the face. Geez, you people. You know nothing about this kid and are so quick to condemn him because he doesn’t fit into your tidy little boxes of how an athlete should be. You cite QBs instead of defensive players for your quiet examples of class and conduct. He apologized for his outburst, but you people want to condemn him for his thug mentality, his classless behavior, his terrible sportsmanship, and his arrogant play. I think you should look in the mirror.

  117. I have always disliked the end of the half and end of the game “interviews” They serve no purpose and most all say the same “nothing”. In my world thug does not equal black. It equals some one who has a high disregard for right from wrong.
    Go Broncos!

  118. Now you yourself may have just made comments that may infuriate Sherman;”Richard Sherman still has one more game against one of the greatest quarterbacks ever and I can guarantee he will be tested.” I would hate to have to listen to his “rant” again on National TV, thrashing you for saying “he will be tested”. Perhaps he’ll threaten you too. I do not like the “I can and will say what I want ” attitude. There is something called Self Control and as soon as we all learn that lesson………………lives will become so much better, in all areas of Life!Read more at

  119. Allen..normally I would agree with your comments. you are wrong. ..he’s an arrogant Thug….and talks like he’s from the ghetto. …is this how you would want your son to talk. So he prevented a reception… big effing deal. ..!!!!!!

    • My favorite kind of thug:-) Full of good deeds and accomplishments. Did he make a mistake? Sure, most of us do at one time or another.

  120. GO BRONCOS!!! I knew I liked Allen West. Now I just have one more reason. Hey, when the sunrise and sunset are Broncos’ orange and blue, you know they are God’s team 🙂

  121. “Who amongst us can say how we would have responded to an interview immediately following the pivotal play in sending their team to the greatest stage in football?”


    With all due respect – I can honestly say I wouldn’t have reacted that way. And I’m almost certain you would have conducted yourself with more self respect & sportsmanship than Mr. Sherman displayed.

  122. I think that the verbal confrontation between the cornerback and the receiver looked like it may have been taunting. Without the audio of the exchange it appears that the one was “rubbing it in” to the other. Appearance isn’t everything but a person ought to have enough self control not to make a big thing out of a small thing. I attribute the overblown media response to provocative words and gestures of the cornerback in the interview. I’ve seen lots and lots of post-game interviews and I’ve not often seen behavior like that. It looked just like someone was jacked up on steroids. Again, appearance isn’t everything. Maybe it’s a slow media day and those liberal knuckleheads in the media have nothing better to do.

  123. Media has to cover something since they can’t cover real news. They cover up so much they dwell in this. NO one but the media cared about his tiny little comments when he was all hyped. Media spends a lot of time in this and traffic jams. Keeps them distracted from reporting things like Benghazi, fast and furious, a failed presidency, etc. I think we have put up with the MSM as long as we are going too. Pretty clear who the BS is now and it’s not Sherman.

  124. why is allen west so very normal? why cant the world follow his lead, in politics, sports and in life? bless him and promote him

  125. I didn’t see the game, or the interview, just checked the score after church that night. I did eventually read Sherman’s comments, bracing myself for all kinds of foul language, and violent threats, based on people’s anger over the “outburst.” What I read, seemed to me to just be typical obnoxious football trash-talk. Certainly I’ve heard worse from players and fans alike. Now, the Super Bowl, is being characterized by some as a “battle between good and evil.” Seriously, I saw that headline somewhere! Now, I wonder, if I’ll be physically assaulted, if I wear my Wilson jersey in public. Lots of 49er fans here. To characterize an entire team as “evil” because of the uncouth behavior of one is ridiculous.

  126. Thanks to the media and the internet, a few ill-chosen words at the end of a football game have become a national conversation. Sherman was born in Watts, raised in Compton, stayed out of trouble, graduated from Stanford, became one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL, and may be a Superbowl champ in just a few days…I think he’s earned a pass. We should be focusing on important things, instead of wasting our time on this.

    • A man gets judged his entire life, you crowning him for past ccomplishments is fine, giving his a pass on his current actions is not. He is now being paid as a professional athlete, he needs to act like a professional.

  127. Allen, I generally enjoy and agree with your items. But, on this, I must passionately disagree. White people who act in an ill manner are also called “thugs”; it has nothing to do with race. Richard Sherman’s behavior was uncalled for and, quite frankly, deplorable for a Stanford graduate, professional ballplayer. You and others may excuse his behavior, but I, myself, think it was a terrible way for a role model to young men to conduct himself. If the adrenaline rush does that to ballplayers, why didn’t we see Peyton Manning, calling out Tom Brady. There is no excuse in my book for what he did … and then to follow up with a half-hearted apology, for the media, told me all I needed to know about Richard Sherman. In this uncertain world of hate, anger and violence, this type of behavior should be condemned not lauded.

    • You get a brief snapshot of this young man, and that’s all it takes for you to make a judgment of not only him but all professional athletes. Good grief.

  128. I could care less about professional sports figures, increasingly they all lack any sense of class, character or professionalism. They are just entertainment figures, being used and using the industry to promote themselves. Sports is increasingly an expression of arrogance not sportsmanship or a true love of the game. It is all about the money and their idiotic fame as an image a false image at that.

  129. Mr West
    I see where you went with your comparison between Combat and Football .I like you served in the military and also played Football in high school and college. Yes the adrenaline is close but that doesn’t excuse Sherman for how he conducted himself in the interview. He is a professional athlete and a so called roll model to children everywhere who want to play the game. He also represents his team and pro football .With that said if he believes that someone referring to his actions as THUG like I would suggest he look up the definition of the word and then look up the definition the “N” word. I grew up in Ill during the race riots having the National Guard escorting us to and from class in school . This was not a race issue when he made the statement it was a man acting on his own not his race. All men are created equal and I for one am tiered of every time a Black man is called on his actions he plays the race card . I believe thug behavior does describe his actions the report jumped side ways when he started rant this was uncalled for behavior on his part.

    I also agree with you on most issues and follow you .

    GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dictionary defines a thug as a “violent criminal”. Why call a Stanford graduate a thug beside the fact that he is black and wears dreadlocks. Bobby Knight spent 30 years acting like a douchebag. No one ever called him a thug.

    • To Sherman, the equation exists whether or not it meets with yours and others’ definitions of “thug”. He didn’t play the race card. The so-called “fans” of the game posted horrible vile racial slurs on Twitter and elsewhere on the net. And you want to talk about role models? Try investigating who he is as a person, not caught in the moment after being shoved in the face by Crabtree after congratulating him on the game. If you think he’s a thug, then you want to perceive him as one. The kids and struggling families who he helps with his time, money, and encouragement in the Seattle area would definitely disagree with you. Thug could be applied to the unfortunate man who holds the highest office in our land if you’re talking about poor examples of role models.

  130. The name of the game is RATINGS. It’s not truthful accurate reporting, but sensation that gets ratings, and anything that stimulates emotions, even negative emotions, is preferable to simple truth. What stimulates outrage and anger better than racial slurs? So that’s the card the media plays. They are irresponsibly fanning fires better left to gutter quietly out for lack of fuel!

  131. Of course the rant was probably not the smart thing to do.

    But what the media and most of his critics fail to know is that moments before the interview, Michael Crabtree shoved Richard Sherman in the face after Sherman extended to his hand to shake and said, “Helluva game, helluva game”. Sherman clearly lost his composure, but there was something behind it.

    Trash talkers (Sherman and Crabtree) are gonna trash talk. In the context of the moment and in what he has done in the rest of his life, Richard Sherman is not a thug. He is actually quite an accomplished person who has given much back to others.

  132. Good old school football how the game should be played. Everyone complaining probably isn’t a fan of football or has let society cut their balls off. So what a competitor said he’s the best there are no participation medals giving out here, win or go home. And for all that say he’s supposed to be a role model, well how many of you are Stanford grads and raise millions and participate in your own charities? Plus if you’re looking to others then yourself to be your childd role model, then you fail as a parent and are what’s wrong with this country.

  133. I saw it the same way. Sherman was still in the passion of the moment….. less than 60 seconds since the end of that play. I say give him a break. He is a passionate player. I’m hoping to see a great Superbowl played by the two greatest teams this year. It should be a real treat for all……… uh, but ignore the Obamacare Ads please!

  134. Well said! My thoughts exactly. He was pulled aside immediately after the game and play..I wouldn’t expect anything less from an intense and passionate athlete.

  135. I heard what he said but I didn’t comprehend it … all I thought was “didn’t his parents teach him ANY manners?” He appears to be a “poor winner” … which can be even worse than a poor loser. But to equate the term ‘thug’ being equal to ‘the N-word’ … What is this? CENSORSHIP by the ‘tolerant’? To this grandmother … he is uncouth and lacks civility ………. and were I his momma or grandma, he’d get an appropriate punishment for embarrassing the family name. I surely hope your pick for the Super Bowl is on target …. I’d hate to hear what venom would come out of his mouth if the Seahawks win. Richard Sherman should be a lesson for what NOT to do for every other athlete!

  136. A. W., while I can agree that this was an emotionally charged game, and that Mr Sherman certainly is one the the best to ever play that position, I must assert that professional athletes are ever more looked up to as role models and as such need to monitor their behavior even more closely than say a U.S. senator, sad but true. Over the past few years Video games have been blamed for the emotional problems of our youth, while most of them can separate reality from the digital fantasy, when the tirades like Mr Sherman conducted occur the know that this is real, Mr Sherman is a real live person, and they will attempt to emulate him, in every facet. Mr Sherman may well be able to separate the heat of the moment from violence, some of the young folks that adore him may not be able to. Until these athletes learn that their actions affect another sector of the populace this abbhorent behavior will continue until someone gets hurt or killed. It is time for the sanctioning bodies to take aim at this kind of behavior, and force these “HEROS” to conduct themselves less like barbarians and more like hero’s.

    • I find it fascinating that you discount Sherman congratulated Crabtree and Crabtree shoved him in the face. Now there’s a role model for you. “Barbarians”? Really? My goodness. You must be a soccer fan. No offense.

  137. On a local broadcast after the game, he gave all the glory to God for the team’s win. He is a wonderful guy and gives much back to the community. Can’t even imagine the adrenaline high at that point in his career. This is a non-story, but it has taken our attention away from the fact that the world is on fire and our president is ignoring the rule of law.

  138. Yes, the media is blowing it out of proportion. But, for Sherman to take the word “thug” and equate it to the “N word” is almost as bad. I am a white woman, a Republican. Do I think Sherman acted like a “thug”?? I didn’t hear or see the actual interview. But, let me tell you that the word “thug” has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE “N WORD”. It absolutely does not. It has and always will be equated with such things as the Mafia, the gangs, and the gangsters. Sherman is somewhat now to blame for keeping this going. Personally, even growing up on football, I do not watch or follow because I think most athletes in most sports are overpaid for what they do and who they are. Both the media and Sherman need to back off. But there is another element to this you are forgetting about————even bad publicity is considered “free publicity” and keeps something or someone in the spotlight. This could be as much about the issue as the issue itself. Actually, all of them, the media and the football players are pretty irrelevant to me in most cases——-they are all about garnering attention, ratings, etc. And, the more anyone focuses on this, truthfully, they don’t really hate it as much as they are saying or we are thinking. Turn it off, tune it on, and let’s get on with taking care of the real issues of this Country. This whole hype with sports, is just that and in the end doesn’t amount to a “hill of beans” IMHO.

  139. The Defense of the Seahawks have energized the Offense all season. The QB of the Broncos will attempt to throw Bombs, but our Defense will either knock them down or intercept them. I expect the Seahawks winning this game going away. Defense wins Championships.

    • If there is one person who can pick them apart it’s Manning. I’m sure he already knows on which down Sherman is most likely to scratch his butt.

  140. Wow I find myself in agreement with the Colonel. While Mr Sherman outburst was a poor example for the youth who might look up to him. Let’s relax here it’s still just a game. Mr Sherman plays at the highest level and is one of the best at his position. He graduated from Stanford while he grew up in one of the worse neighborhood in America. I understand the thug label might hit a raw nerve. We can say he overreacted by yelling racism but how many of us can say we grew up in Compton. He knows real thugs. My 14 year old was able to see his antics as poor sportsmanship because I taught him what real sportsmanship was. Mr Sherman is not role model parents are.

  141. I’m from the Pacific Northwest, I love the Seahawks, I love Sherman and the rest of the LOB.

    Some of you talk about how his outburst wasn’t a good example for the youth to look up to. But the youth should also be taught to look at all of a person’s character, not just one very small detail (such as Sherman’s outburst). Sherman is a man from a tough area (Compton I believe) who worked hard, got an Ivy League education, and became one of the best cornerbacks in the league (as of today). He’s charitable, and his teammates love him.

    I guess my point is this: he’s an AWESOME example for youth to look up to. He obviously had an issue with Crabtree, and what did he do? He SHOWED Crabtree what he was capable of. At which point, he literally put the Seahawks into the Super Bowl (had Crabtree caught that pass, they would have been up by 1 point).

    I think one lesson we ought to teach our youth is that there are times when you must prove yourself. Crabtree had made comments about Sherman not being a good cornerback. Sherman showed him and he told the world of it. And what did Crabtree do afterward in the locker room? He told the media that AGAIN that Sherman wasn’t anything (he said that Sherman “didn’t do anything all game” even though Kaepernick only threw his way a couple of times).

    I personally feel that Sherman was pumped and just said “IN YOUR FACE” Crabtree. And while he could have taken the “upper road,” sometimes you need to say what is on your mind. Now the world knows that Crabtree was a sore loser who doubted the very cornerback who was to cover him. He should have taken Sherman seriously.

  142. If I were to use the word “thug,” it wouldn’t be in a racial tone. Unfortunately, I have known White, Black, Hispanic and Filipino thugs… Yet I have known many more decently good people in each. When Sherman ranted, my first instinct was to think he was ranting like a thug. Yet after I heard him in the coming days I find him to be a decent young man. I remember a time when I would walk across the black line on the basketball court and my personality seemed to change. I could get rather strident in my speech. Then a friend confronted me and suggested I should take a look at how I was talking – some may have thought I was acting like a thug… It wasn’t how he knew me… He was right. That’s a true friend that had courage to call me out. And I had a chance to change… Sherman deserves the same chance… However, go Broncos!

  143. Personally I cannot even begin to relate to what Sherman had to endure to get out of Compton with the honor of second in his class…to graduation from Stanford with a degree….to work hard enough to be one of the best cornerbacks in the league and then… 2 seconds after one of the biggest plays in football history, pumped on adrenaline, people get hyped about a perceived rant against a player who has worked hard to downgrade Sherman’s accomplishment. Good grief people cut the man a break and see his whole character not 10 seconds of it!

    • “A perceived rant”–? What would he have to do for it to be a “real” rant? In those 10 seconds, we DID see his whole character.

      • So those 10 secs negate everything he has done before in his life? I really hope the Colonel sees for himself how this young man is treated by his supporters. One black man who’s lived by the Colonel principles, took responsibility and managed to work himself to the pinnacle of his profession. I really hope the Colonel finally sees the double-standard and realize it’s not grievance peddling.

  144. Let’s get some perspective here: John McEnroe… berated judges at every match I saw him play in. Man was known for his bad tude on and off court. But, of course that’s different, right!

    • Bobby Knight threw chairs on the court berated journalists and fans. Took 29 years and getting physical with a player to fire him. Whole other standard.

  145. I agree that this has received too much attention by the “other than sports” crowd as has bbeeber and the kardashian. Just wish Benghazi would get the same attention but that would be asking a bit much from the MSM

  146. He was caught up in a moment, it can happen to anyone from a football player to a baseball player, a basketball player , soldier or even a President. I don’t know what the big deal was anyhow. The media treating it like a “never happened before moment” is why it has escalated. Sherman is an excellent football player, I wish him well in the Super Bowl, but will the media please give it a rest and not spoil pregame shows with this being the top talk item. “GO BRONCOS”

  147. I agree it was the moment, not to mention when he tried to extend a hand he was pushed in the face! I wonder every time I hear this why that isn’t the story of bad sportsmanship then what Sherman said in the interview, which by the way he didn’t use any profanity unlike Justin Bieber in his arrest dropping F-bombs left and right to police officers.That’s thug behavior not what Sherman did.If he acted that way in all the time I might have a different opinion, but it was an awesome moment for him and he is the reason his teams going to the Superbowl, give the guy a break! I wish him good luck and I hope he does it again for his team.

  148. I agree that he was caught up in the moment. Celebrating ones achievements are great. I would have never called him a thug that was not fair.
    My only problem was that he did not sound like the intelligent he is supposed to be.

  149. I looked up THUG in the Urban Dictionary and it says nothing about violence.
    a) Tupac says- someone who is going thru a struggle
    b) someone not wearing bling, listening to rap or talking black
    c) to be true and not a fake
    on the other hand, I looked THUG up in the Webster dictionary and say said a brutal ruffian or assassin.
    BTW, Jason Bieber is more of a thug than Richard Shermen

    • Entirely too much going on outside of the world of sports for this much time and effort to be devoted to an unleashed, pumped up athlete in his moment of glory. Let’s impeach the thug in OUR house and move on…and there’s NOTHING racial in the word thug….geeez.

      • Actually it was people tweeter who called him a thug as well as a [email protected]@ger. The media just reported it. He said in his interview that there is more thuggish behavior in hockey by the gets called a thug.
        Also what thug are you talking about? Obama again?

    • Just got too exited after a big play nothing we haven’t seen before. So far that defense shut-down Brees and Kaepernick. Two elite QB’s but none of them is Peyton Manning. Then again that Seahawks defense is something special. Game should be better then in previous years. Still picking the Seahawks just because of the hatin’ on Sherman.

  150. On a whole other topic, am I the only tired of seeing the Mannings in the SB? They are worse than the Bushes and Clintons combined. I know, I know beat them on the field.

  151. You’re wrong to make excuses for him. The other athletes who were interviewed didn’t react that way–only Sherman. A man is judged by his behavior. Sherman is getting what he deserves, and you are misguided to defend him.

  152. I really like the Broncos but the Seahawks have something special. They need to stand down off of Sherman now and let it go. Sorry Col but his behavior is not excusable due to the heat of the moment. He beat the receiver but his comments were low class and the example was bad. He had a chance to shine by simply saying how happy he was to have blocked out Crabtree and helping his team to win.

    • Dude it’s the pro’s not pop one. These guys are performers, not role models. His comments might have been poor sportsmanship but it’s not his role to teach sportsmanship. That’s the role of the parents, my 14 year old could see by himself that attitude was not to be emulated. I took the time to teach him sportsmanship.

      • No i don’t agree! Being Professional Football player means represent yourself and your team in professional manner. This is 101 stuff that is taught from day one in sports. I have spent time as a football player and coach. He got a personal foul for his actions against Crabtree in the Endzone and the ball was spotted by the ref. “Be a warrior and a gentleman!”

      • I agree totally. Not professional?Absolutely. Poor sportsmanship, Totally. Tuggish? That is a stretch. He didn’t steal anything did not harm anyone.

  153. The Colonel finally said something that I disagree with. You have got to be kidding me. Making an analogy of a combat soldier and what he may have said. Jeez. Excuses for Sherman. Now us crackers cannot say “thug” because it is a sub for the “n” word. No Colonel his parents DID NOT raise him correctly. Giving him a “pass” because of his adrenaline quantity is just crap. This little comment by you has really opened my eyes to your true feelings.

    • “Lucky breaks”. You must not have watched the game. And he’s not a jerk. He’s a competitor and a huge contributor to the community of Seattle for underprivileged families and kids of all ages. He apologized for his conduct, but apparently he’s unforgivable. All these perfect people here in these comments . . .

      • We both know you’re not “sorry”. And I actually understand how you reacted to his outburst. But the thug stuff and the vile racial slurs. You have no idea how that hurts certain people. High road? My goodness. How do you feel when someone calls you a terrible name – undeserved? You just hold your head high and ignore it? It really doesn’t matter what you think of conduct in this particular incident. Your unwillingness to consider what kind of young man he is overall and forgive him is the hard part to understand. You don’t have to like it.

  154. The word “Thug” has no racial connotation.Anyone who says otherwise is ignorant. Don’t make something out if that it isn’t!

  155. His behavior meant nothing and people are making something of nothing. When are people other than black people called thugs? They could have called him cocky but they called him a thug. He did not hit anyone or curse out anyone. He did not call Crabtree out of his name but he is a thug. The only person he robbed was the 49’ers from their next Superbowl but he is a thug. Just another distraction.

    • I am in my sixties and I have heard thug since I was a kid, mostly regarding gangsters like Al Capone and his bunch. I would never have thought of this being used as the N word until this event. But, then I am not black either. I don’t think anyone i know of would use it in that way, and I hope the word does not start being used in that context. I think it should just be dropped before it does. The more something is talked about the bigger it gets. I agree with Allen West. We have bigger things to talk about with what is going on in this country.

      I also agree that these players should realize they are role models for the ones coming up behind them, that looks to them that way. I cringe when I think of the example of people like Miley Cyrus is setting for young girls. I think some responsibility should come along with being in the lime light. Also, what will their children turn out to be like, It all gets filtered down, unfortunately.

  156. Honestly, I am so sick of people behaving badly and then using the race card in their defense. Yes, Richard Sherman, I am talking about you. No one called you a thug because you are black, no one called you a thug because you are black, no one is referring to you as the “N” word because you are black. People are dissing you because of your outlandish, unprofessional, and arrogant behavior. It does not matter to me what color you are, there are still things you need to honor as an NFL player, a role model to our children, the first being Respect. So please quit making up excuses, look at yourself as a person and try to work on your inner self.

    • Paulette, Richard Sherman did NOT use the race card. The twitter “fans” used vile racial slurs against him, not because of his conduct but because they hate the football team he plays for. He didn’t bring up race, they did. To him, maybe not to you or some other people here, calling him a thug was equitable to calling him the n word. To him. He does so much for kids and underprivileged families in the Seattle community. All you people who want to judge and condemn him for a snapshot of the moment have zero understanding of who Richard Sherman is. Your prerogative to cast all your dispersions on him for that moment which he apologized for. Hope you don’t get judged this severely by those moments when you failed to do exactly what was expected of you.

      • Reread what U wrote…..regardless of what twitfans wrote—HE equated THUG with the Nword. HE did that. That was incorrect, but what he thinks…..Thugs are all colors, and means different levels of low life to different people.(he acted low-life in the interview) Thug shouldn’t have been used here; but he should’ve been the bigger person and ignored it. Take the high road.

  157. Race has nothing to do with all of this. I lived in a neighborhood that called people thugs and they weren’t just black people. To equate thug with the N word is ridiculous. A thug is anyone of any color that is a bully or threatens and pushes people around and talks in a certain way. Also I think that the behavior from Sherman was poor sportsmanship conduct and was a horrible example of how any athlete should behave. Not only were his comments made right after the game but the behavior and words carried on for over 30 minutes after the game in the post game interview. There is no excuse for it. My kids all play sports and if they had acted like that no matter what the situation would have been I would have not let them play for a few games. I do think it is time to let it rest and let things get back to normal. I did see the interaction of Crabtree and Sherman right after the game ended and I think that Crabtree’s actions towards Sherman were uncalled for also. If somebody comes up to tell you good game then you shake their hand not push them in the face. Somebody needed to be the better man, the adult and it looks like neither one of them did that.

    • “A thug is anyone of any color that is a bully or threatens and pushes people around and talks in a certain way.” Really? the way you speak can qualify you as a thug? Meriam-Webster qualifies a thug as “a violent criminal.” I coached my kid football team and that type of behavior would have earned any of my players a couple of games on the bench. My role is to educate them, Sherman is grown man and a professional. He’s there to play football.

      • I think it’s true that there are some people who are using the term “thug” as replacement vocabulary for the n-word. I’m also certain that there are a lot of other people using the term in the way it is intended to be used – and not as replacement vocabulary. As a result, I think discussing this subject is throwing people a curve-ball. Good on Allen West for raising the subject. We need to be talking about stuff like this.

    • When Sherman approached Crabtree and tried to shame him, the game was not over. It was pure taunting. If Crabtree had reacted similarly after the game, it would have been different. Sherman crossed the line and wants to blame others for his unsportsmanlike actions!

  158. HE RESPONDED AS MOST WOULD WHEN DISRESPECTED. HE OFFERED HIS HAND TO CARPENTER AND WAS SHOVED IN THE FACE FOR HIS SPOrtSMAnlike gesture. he is not a thug. he is a football player that got caught up in the moment.I like the guys reaction..(and I am not a black man-I am an old jewish white guy)

  159. Way, way over blown !!! Sherman lives to show how good he is. He was only challenged 2 or 3 times the whole game. He’s that good. Of course he was blowing his own horn and pretty loudly too, but I truely dont think he ment to disrespect Crabtree as a man. He was hurt in that he didnt have more impact on the game itself. He needs to realize tough that His play secured the win and take that more to heart.

  160. Sherman has no class and this story should have no legs. It should have been over and done with Sunday evening.

  161. This story is way over blown. Don’t talk to an athlete in the “spirit of the moment” if you don’t want expletives, and crazy talk.

  162. I can’t believe how much media attention this got. So a football player talked up his game. That’s everyday in the NFL and completely normal.

  163. Trying to pass this off as an “adrenaline-hyped athlete” is a joke. Peyton didn’t speak badly about Tom Brady immediately after the game when a microphone was shoved in his face. Just saying.

  164. Calling this adrenalin hype is wrong. Bad manners are bad manners, no matter what color the clod is who is exhibiting them. It’s unsportsmanlike conduct by a self-important know-it-all who thinks he’s the center of the universe. Period.

  165. Simply Sherman has no class, heat of the moment BS, in the heat of the moment is where true character shows up…we saw the real Sherman…no Adrenalin rush will cover that up…

    • You people have no idea who Richard Sherman is. And apparently you’ve never had one outburst in your life where you apologized. Your true character is showing in your snap judgments.

      • I don’t care WHO he is….doesn’t matter. People in the Olympics for example have MUCH more pressure, and one shot at it in many cases…..and they DO NOT ACT LIKE A JACK ASS. NO SNAP JUDGEMENTS HERE.

      • You don’t care that he helps kids of all ages, underprivileged families, and that he apologized for his actions. And you think athletes in the Olympics haven’t acted stupidly? Obviously, you don’t consider anything you’ve ever done as possibly fitting into your “jackass” definition.

      • I’ve never been on the national stage; that’s what makes HIS role tougher~~AND HE’S GETTING PAID ENOUGH to deal. His apology was cancelled out, in my opinion, because again he failed by bringing the thug argument in to it. Mistake. I think it’s great that he gives back and it is imperative that he behave for THE KID’S SAKES that he influences. Right? He must set an example. Look, there’s a reason this whole thing is a huge topic… doesn’t happen, because it SHOULDN’T BE A PART OF THE GAME. He is only part of the team, and HE represents them. I’ve seen some narcissistic behavior in Olympics, but NOTHING remotely close as off the chain rude, ugly, and uncontrolled as that episode.

      • I’m sure you’re a good person, but to say this is “off the chain rude, ugly, and uncontrolled as that episode” indicates that you have no passion for the game of football, that you don’t get that kind of competitive drive, and that you don’t tolerate anything in anyone – especially people in sports – who act outside of your defined behaviors. Of course you are entitled to feel this way and to state your opinions. Others referred to his behavior as thug-ish. Others brought the race card into it. He felt the equation in HIS life that the thug word was like the n word. He’s a good kid. His apology should mean something, but you obviously don’t think forgiveness is part of the deal in the sports world.

      • Oh for pity’s sake…. I WAS extremely involved in sports myself; I understand the game AND passion. He can act in ANY dumb way he wants. But he WILL SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES OF HIS ACTIONS. Just like all the rest of us in life. BTW~~~football ain’t about hearts, flowers, and forgiveness.

      • Then why do you insist he act the way you expect him to, to not dare say anything you construe as rude, etc. Yes, we will definitely all suffer the consequences of our actions. Thank God He looks at the heart and not just the mistakes we make on a daily basis.

      • Ok, one more time. It is not about what I EXPECT. He is on the national stage. He has an obligation to himself and HIS TEAM to exhibit sportsmanlike behavior. THIS IS WHY HE WAS FINED. Hopefully he will get it and move on.

  166. We agree on the outcome of the Superbowl. I, however, disagree about Sherman. I have seen plenty of post-game interviews and none have shown a complete lack of class Sherman showed. BTW – Clay/Ali was a SHOWMAN and all his posturing was in good nature.

  167. Sherman took a good win by a TEAM and made it all about himself. He took a great play by the linebacker, Smith, and now no one even knows that poor guys name. THAT is what Richard Sherman did, and did without class and in poor taste at best.

  168. I thought Sherman could have handled himself better BUT he could have handled it worse. He is, after all, a young man experiencing intense dynamic situations many of us will never know. So for now, unless his behavior intensifies I think we should grant him a little grace and perhaps use the entire event -from Crabtree’s shove to his mouth off- as something to ponder and perhaps use to teach our kids about the complexities of sports.

    I read Sherman’s comments on being called a ‘thug’ and I think he articulated himself admirably. I understand, with his history and hard work, why it bothers him so much. Is it the new ‘n’ word? I don’t know, but it certainly is a thoughtless and cruel label. Shame on the media for fanning those flames! Cocky seems more fitting a description – anything beyond that is exaggeration.

    I pray this young man seeks strength from God to ignore the derogatory remarks and to develop further wisdom. He certainly seems talented and kids (of all ages) need role models they can cheer for on the field and off.

  169. The press will blow ANYTHING out of proportion that doesn’t involve their messiah, barrack the anointed. A better example is that while conservatives are targeted by the IRS and not a word is mentioned, Chris Christie and the closing of the George Washington Bridge ramp stories are seen daily.

    Mr. Sherman is a great cornerback but the story is insignificant and frankly an INTENTIONAL distraction diverting attention from the disaster the current administration has been to us.

  170. Like always I agree with you once again, the actual interview with Sherman was awesome, all the hoopla by most of the negative talking heads was bullcrap, outta toucb with the reality. Allan West for President 2016 . ( P.S. – only thing I ever disagreed with that I know of is I might be rooting rooting for the Seahawks )

  171. Please Allen, don’t defend bad manners and profanity as an adrenaline-hype. Thugs will be thugs no matter what ethnic background. And just because they’re in the NFL doesn’t mean they received the upbringing and class that we assume they should have because they went to college. These guys have been protected and mollycoddled their entire lives, then when they get on the big stage they show their true colors and blow any misconceptions we have about them having any class.

    • Of what profanity do you speak? Richard Sherman did not use any profanity in the interview, nor was he unmannerly beyond expressing anger toward someone who, we now know, had had a long-term vendetta against Sherman, having gone so far as to try to fight with him at a charity event. Richard Sherman did have a strong upbringing, even though he grew up in extremely poor circumstances in Compton (Protected and mollycoddled? Hardly!), but graduated with beyond 4.0 numbers (he took a large number of AP and honors classes) and chose Stanford when he was recruited by a number of universities, specifically because it represented the very best educational opportunity for him. And even though he was a Freshman All-American in football and ran track for Stanford, he graduated in three years – how many undergrads do that at Stanford? – and worked on his Masters in his fourth year of eligibility. His charity, Blanket Coverage, gives inner-city kids supplies and books so that they’ll have a better chance to succeed in their education. What of this speaks “classless” to you?
      A number of folks here, you included, have expressed the idea that “thug” is not a racial term, and when we were growing up, that was true. In the 21st-century vernacular, however, it has become a reference almost exclusively for black gang members or would-be gang members. Culturally, it is a racially charged term, and when that particular charge is leveled at him by most commenters, it is being used in that sense. Indeed, there’s no reason to call him a thug otherwise, because any of the traditional uses for the word involve illegal violence, and Sherman has never warranted that description.
      I have already written that I have much more of a problem with his comments at the post-game press conference, where he, in a very measured tone, attempted to humiliate Crabtree as “a mediocre receiver.” That wasn’t classy; but it wasn’t thuggish (in any sense) or representative of a poor upbringing.
      Let’s appeal to reason: is it classy to make accusations about the character of a man whose background you clearly don’t know? I took the time to find out about him and like much of what I see, and have called out that behavior which was unbecoming. I believe that is what you or I would want anyone to do for us.

  172. Like you, I believe the press reaction to the Erin Andrews interview was overblown (possibly because it was with Erin Andrews, but let’s not go there for the moment). However, it was the calm, rational statements Richard Sherman (who by all accounts is not only a top-echelon athlete, but a very bright and well-spoken Stanford graduate with a big heart for helping inner city kids through his charity) made that were unprofessional and unsportsmanlike, in trying to heap public shame on an opponent whose team he had just beaten. Shawne Merriman pointed this out on Twitter and I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, when the NFL fined him they only mentioned the “taunting on the field” – I doubt they’ve taught him very much about professionalism by fining him for a spur-of-the-moment outburst.

  173. I don’t blame Sherman for being upset after offering a handshake and getting his facemask pushed in return. He’s a great player. Is he a thug? No! And, by the way, I’ve known plenty of thugs, and a whole bunch of them were White.

  174. I was not attempting to ignore Mr Sherman’s explanation that he was trying to congratulate Mr Crabtree, I am alluding to his un-reasonable out burst in the face of Erin Andrews following the game. While I recognize that these players were still hyped up on adrenalin and that they were excited about their win, My point is that as a “Professional” they all need to be careful about what they say and how they say it. The post game outburst demonstrates a lack of moral character and to me more closely resembles the antics of a mafiso wiseguy, or a playground bully than a professional athlete setting a good example for the kids that wish to emulate him.

    • I understand the perspective you’re bringing here – and in principle I agree – but the more I learn about this issue, the more I think that the timing was just really bad and he got caught at a bad moment. You should see Greta’s latest take on this on the FoxNews website.

  175. The term “thug” may not equal the n-word right now, but the term “gay” used to mean joyful and happy. If people start using it in that way, the meaning will change. I think it’s important to call it out, even if most people are not intending it in that way.

  176. I have never seen Sherman play, before the SF win. I like him. I think Allen is absolutely on track, when he describes the ‘outburst’ as a comparative analysis of emotion and adrenaline. [The pesky sideline reporter could have pulled the mic’ back, but she didn’t.]

    I agree with Sherman that the QB gets nearly all of the press. Ironically, my favorite player for Denver is Quinton Carter, the best Safety Oklahoma has had, imo. If you haven’t seen him play, yet, you will. If Denver has the good sense to keep him.

    I have now fondly nicknamed Sherman, “Kehaar” – one of my favorite characters in the book, “Watership down”… Kehaar is reliable, impatient, intelligent, loyal, and helpful. Kehaar attacks out of nowhere, and is never afraid of a fight.

    “Kehaar” may not look exactly like a sea hawk, but he is bold and opportunistic, a noisy species with a familiar “kree-ar” call. GOOOOOOOO Seahawks!!!

  177. Sherman made a great play and was proud of it!

    Contrast Sherman with Jack Tatum who wrote a book titled “They Call Me Assassin”. Tatum tackled Darryl Stingley as he was in the air attempting a catch and left him in a motorized wheelchair for the rest of his life. Tatum was known for spear tackling people leading with his helmet even as a player was already lying flat on the ground.

    Tatum never really took responsibility for his ruthless behavior as expressed in his book. Sherman did not end Crabtree’s career with a violent act, but Sherman is far more vilified than Tatum ever was.

  178. Been there, done that. And to a point, regretted it. LTC West, you are right, this was an emotional outburst but Leftists will use it because obama has had them thinking in terms of “divide and conquer” rather than really defining what “IT” is…
    Wonder what the Benghazi Four would say on a hot-mic if their voices could be heard today..

  179. The only reason this has devolved into a racial situation is because Sherman took it there. That seems like standing operating procedure these days–“they called me a thug because I’m black.” No they called him a thug because he acted like one. I’m sorry, but I think you’re taking this all too lightly. I’ve seen a lot of postgame interviews, but I don’t remember anything that compares to this one. He went off on a crazed rant dissing Crabtree and telling everyone how great he was. It wasn’t only what he said, but the out of control way he said it. Andrews looked like she was in shock. If you’ve seen Sherman in other venues you know that he can sound like the Stanford graduate that he is. However, he is still prone to put other people down and pump himself up. I think most people loved the attitude of Ali. He never came across like a jerk. I think you’re cutting this guy too much slack. Trash talking may be standard fare on the field and in the heat of battle, but when you’re being interviewed on national television and headed to the Super Bowl, you ought to have a little more class and humility than Sherman displayed. I’m glad the media has made a big deal of it. So much bad behavior these days is excused and ignored. I’m just sorry he didn’t man up and just say “my bad” and apologize. These players are role models whether they want to accept it or not. He embarrassed his team and the NFL.

    • Hooked, I wonder if you’ve been able to see all the other info that has emerged on this. Greta did a great piece on FoxNews about how she misjudged the guy too quickly, and she apologized for what she said about him. What we didn’t see was Sherman initiating a good-sportsmanship handshake with Crabtree, congratulating him saying “hell of a game” to him with his hand extended, then Crabtree shoved him in the face. That’s what happened immediately before Sherman had a mic stuck in his face. Then everybody starts calling Sherman a thug. You have to ask “why?” Sherman has got to wonder “why?” Was it his best moment? No. But worthy of being called a thug? Certainly not. So, was it Sherman who took it to a racial issue? I really don’t think so. I think his comments in that regard are just him trying to make sense of what people were saying about him. Frankly, I think he’s got a pretty valid point, all things considered.

      • Yes, I’ve seen the tape of Sherman & Crabtree, and I saw Greta’s comments about it. I didn’t agree with her about-face. First of all I don’t know what went on between Sherman & Crabtree the rest of the game and what might have been said. I think you know that they’re not best friends. Crabtree shouldn’t have reacted like he did at the end of the game, but that doesn’t justify Sherman’s rant on national television. What I saw was an out of control jerk acting like a fool. I do understand why people thought his behavior was thuggish, and I don’t think thug is a synonym for the N-word. There are a lot of idiots on Twitter that said a bunch of stuff that shouldn’t have been said, but that’s always the case. You have to take people like that with a grain of salt. Assuming that everyone who called him a thug is a racist, however, is a cop-out. Is that the guy you want your kids to emulate–raving about how great he is and trashing another player? He tends to be less than humble even when he’s not out of control. Yes, Sherman is the one who brought race into it by equating thug with the N-word. He should have just taken responsibility for his actions. I would have respected that. If he’s wondering why people are saying what they’re saying, maybe he should take a look at the videotape and then watch some of the other players being interviewed as well. Did you happen to see Sherman when he was on First Take a while back? I thought he was a jerk back then, and he hasn’t done anything to change my mind. If he wants respect, he needs to show some to other people, even if someone shoves a mike in his face. He also needs to learn some self-control. I thought Erin Andrews looked like a deer-in-the-headlights when he went off like that.

  180. Sherman brought race into this, which is very unfortunate. According to Merriam Webster, the definition of thug….


    noun ˈthəg

    : a violent criminal

    That definition covers every race, and I personally do not see Sherman as a thug. Why did he not use the definition of thug to make his point? WHY bring race into this? He is very well spoken (OK so maybe not the night of his interview after his teams won), and seems like a decent guy. I have never won a card game, much less a pro football game, so I do not understand the intensity behind it…….however, maybe venting his frustration could have taken place in a different venue? That was the time to focus on a team victory, not an individual issue. Maybe I am wrong but….. GO BRONCO’S!

  181. Well this is interesting. From Wikipedia


    Sherman has been involved in several controversies during his short NFL career. Sherman repeatedly taunted Tom Brady and the Patriots during an October 2012 game. After the game, Sherman posted to his Twitter account a photo of himself yelling at Brady with “U mad bro?” superimposed on it. He later removed the post.[8] Sherman also stirred controversy with his response to not being selected to the 2013 Pro Bowl.[15] In March 2013, Sherman went on to ESPN First Take, where he argued with Skip Bayless. Sherman told Bayless “I’m intelligent enough and capable enough to understand that you are an ignorant, pompous, egotistical cretin. I am going to crush you on here because I am tired of hearing about it.” He also claimed that he was “better at life” than the First Take analyst.[27] Sherman was also involved in a Twitter feud with fellow NFL cornerback, Darrelle Revis,[28] to the point that Joe Haden also involved himself into the conversation, claiming that he was the No. 2 cornerback in the league, behind Revis and ahead of Sherman.[29] Sherman has also been involved in controversies with Trent Williams[30] and Roddy White.[31] On January 19, 2014, Sherman stirred up controversy during the NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers when he made a choke sign towards Colin Kaepernick at the end of the game. Sherman’s taunting continued after the game during his post-game interview where he insulted 49er Michael Crabtree.[32] Sherman would later be fined by the NFL $7,875 for taunting, however, the NFL did not specify whether the fine was in response to the taunts during the game, after the game, or both.[33]

  182. I dont know Sherman nor did i see the interview but honestly everybody in sports think they are the greatest thing that happened to sports. Players are always mouthing off and bragging about their abilities. I don’t see how his comments are any different then anyone else’s bragging comments.

  183. Yes, the emotions were high and Sherman was surely pumped up about that pivotal play. I didn’t think nothing of it. He’s a proud player and wanted to tell the world – – and the NFL QB’s & WR’s – – don’t tread on me!


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