Obama’s systematic dismantling of our military strength: now it’s the Pacific

Two years ago, the Obama administration made a strategic posture decision to shift military focus from the Middle East to the Pacific Rim. In doing so we have seen a complete collapse of US influence in the Middle East and the destabilization of Libya, support to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, a power vacuum created in Iraq, a horrific civil war in Syria, the empowerment and resurgence of Islamic terror groups including al-Qaida, and a very troubling agreement with Iran.

All of this has resulted in a far more dangerous neighborhood for our best ally in the Middle East, Israel, who just foiled an al-Qaida plot to attack our Embassy in Tel Aviv. So does this mean we’re making better gains in the Pacific? Hardly.

According to the Washington Times,

The Obama administration’s ballyhooed military “pivot” to Asia is running into some frank talk from the top U.S. commander in the Pacific. Three years after the Pentagon said it was de-emphasizing Europe in favor of the Asia-Pacific region, Navy Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III said this week that U.S. dominance has weakened in the shadow of a more aggressive China. “Our historic dominance that most of us in this room have enjoyed is diminishing, no question.”

China has flexed its muscles in a number of ways:

  • > Territorial disputes with US ally Japan over the Senkaku Islands
  • > The creation of an air defense zone requiring foreign civilian and military aircraft to notify Chinese authorities of flight plans and even cargo
  • > Testing of ultra-high-speed missile vehicle potentially capable of challenging US Pacific operations
  • > Testing of a hypersonic glide vehicle
  • > An intentional confrontation initiated by the Chinese Navy that could have caused a collision with a US Navy Cruiser warship, as we reported here

Admiral Locklear conceded,

We need to think about all scenarios, not just the ones we’ve been dealing with over the last several years where we’ve enjoyed basic air superiority and basic sea superiority. There are places in the world where in this century we won’t have them.

On January 5, 2012 President Obama pledged his strategy would put more military muscle into Asia saying, “We will be strengthening our presence in the Asia Pacific region, and budget reductions will not come at the expense of that critical region.”

Okay, but those words are pretty empty when we’re shrinking our naval capacity just as China is expanding theirs.

And so it goes, it’s not just the intentional destruction of America’s economic and domestic standing. The Obama administration seems more enamored with allowing beards and turbans in the military than securing our national interests and bolstering our allies’ confidence in our commitments.

I know many have an isolationist perspective when it comes to foreign policy and national security. But never forget that the number one responsibility per the Constitution for the federal government is to “provide for the common defense.”

In a world of despots, dictators, theocrats, and autocrats, the best tool to preclude militaristic adventurism is a military deterrent. The Obama administration is destroying that tool and endangering our nation.


      • no amount of praying, or talking’s going to do any good. It’s going to take action. our paid politicians are incompetent or perhaps in on it I no longer trust any of them. I get so sick of being asked to vote on something then asked to make a donation. Hopefully our retired military will take the lead and we will certainly follow.

    • Greg, all this it’s done by design. He and all the iberals had this plan for years, now they found a Muslim co u need ist to put t b e plan in place. Power the enemies, while weaking the America defense.

    • I do not believe we will be attacked, at least not in the US, maybe embassies or corporate interests over seas, but not US stateside soil.

      I believe the plan was removing US involvement and control. Al-Qaeda did not start out thinking that the US needed to be an enemy, it was when they looked at their target and knew they could not over come the US support of their target (King Faud) when they changed their priorities.

      China does not yet wish to invade US, but would like to get the US support and effective interference out of its back yard in places like Taiwan, Japan, Philippines and Korea.

      Russia does not want to invade the US but would like to see the US separated from main land Europe and most important to break up or at least defang the NATO military strength and capabilities.

      Iran wants to rid itself of Israel and push down the Saud dominance of Arabia, both require a weak US military and chaotic Diplomatic presence. Iran is happy to let us get bogged down with the Pashtuns while it reunites with Russia in their joint ventures inside Syria and Lebanon.

  1. And to think that when I served in the Army during the Cater years, they he gutted the armed forces to much. But Obama is showing how Cater would had gutted it even more if Carter had won reelection. Obama is putting Carter to shame. We have become a paper tiger under Obama and China, Iran and other adversaries and they have no fear of us and will do what they may knowing that Obama is on their side and has no BALLS.

  2. He may be dismantling our Military, but he has created his own private army! It’s called The Department of Homeland Security. His concern seems to be with the American people not the Chinese or anyone else. We have a very dangerous person in the White House whose agenda is getting rid of high ranking Military Personnel that speak against him and replacing them with “Yes Men” and people that don’t have a problem firing on American Citizens. Whatever you do, don’t give up your weapons, if you have them, and if you don’t, GET ONE!

    • It is the question: “Would you, if asked, fire upon your fellow Americans?” A “Yes” answer keeps your job, a “No” answer means you will be forced out of the service. I hope that many of our military people are saying yes when they don’t really mean it, to keep their jobs but would not fire on their fellow Americans.

  3. There is no denying he is weakening this country, not just the military, but the dollar, and in how many other areas, seems tough to stop when you have such a corrupt Congress and 50% of the people who can’t seem to vote for anyone worthwhile.

    • Just because Putin’s a better leader and much more charismatic than Obama doesn’t mean Obama is stupid. He has an agenda and he’s following that agenda. The problem is, nobody has been able to expose, so far, what exactly that agenda is. Not with proof, anyway. With the media backing him so wholeheartedly, it’s not going to happen by accident. Someone’s going to have to put their job on the line or even their life on the line to get the job done. Breitbart and Hastings may not be the only casualties.

      • Keep watching the distraction while the real con takes place. Obama is a puppet, who has no original concept on his own. I have yet to see a single initiative that has him as the source. Can you name one?

        Seems to me you have a perfect storm situation, a minority presidential candidate who is willing to be the face. An ideological Zealot as the control who orchestrates supposed experts to formulate a plan of attack on policy, giving positions to weak figure heads content with resume building or simply being on the plaque for the annuals of history. Combine this with a Senate that has yet to understand how it stands for what it believes in without contesting the powers of the executive, lead by the biggest sell outs in the Reid team. And a National media that knows its following a loser but has no ethical or moral fiber to stand up and save their causes with a demand of performance based critique and now is trapped with having to totally sell out least the ideas and causes get tarnished in his down fall.

        You combine all that with a conservative base that is principled in its conviction but unable able to govern from such hard line principals that do not sell a message well with the avg voter, combine this with the lack of showing any ability to stay focused and on message about the the top 3 topics that every voter is seeing as priority.

        In the final pot of soup, all these ingredients give us the pile of crap situation we currently find ourselves in.

      • I’m not disagreeing with you. I still believe he knows what his agenda is and he’s intelligently working toward that agenda, even if it didn’t originate in his own brain.
        I’d like to know what you think the solution to all of this is.

      • The way I see it, there is three possible paths. None of which are necessarily divided on party lines, or change the context of the core ideals that the multiple ideologies have. That is not to say they won’t be, just that they need not be.

        1) Most likely will be a stagnation of political movement until the next presidency, and even here there is at least an equal chance that even with new candidates, the same ole stays the norm, leaving America to grind its way towards a major defining moment, where change is actually accomplished, because there really won’t be another option.

        2) The Senate finds its soul again. Showmanship takes a backseat to the real soul of the Senate, Statesmen.

        It should not matter what party is in Majority or Minority, which is holding the Executive branch and how the House is aligned. The Senate was on purpose, designed to the be place of reason, of philosophical debate and encompassing all of the Union as its flock, not just those with D’s or R’s behind their tittles, and especially not just for those with $’s in their contribution checks.

        3) The divides in the Union can not be overcome, and succession becomes a platform, where the focus is not on bringing solutions for everyone, but instead on the fact that those who leave first, get out from under the burdens the Debt places on them. Musical chairs of the most cruel diplomatic way.

        The world is ripe for the top power to divide and become 2 lesser powers, neither being threatened by outside forces for some time to come.

        This doesn’t bode well for our allies, but then again, we have placated to their needs for far too long.

        If you were looking for my opinion on specific legislation, I could go into those in another post, or if you would like me to go further in explaining any part of these 3 paths, I would be happy to express my opinion. But I think an over zealous Executive and a House that has no teeth but budgetary, there is only the check of impeachment, or succession to limit how far a party can take the Union.

      • I think you meant secession instead of succession, but yes, I have also been wondering which of these three would be the most likely to occur. I’m also wondering what’s going to happen if a state decides to secede.

      • Yes I did mean secession, thanks for pointing that out. There is still a need of editors in the world, just not their added opinions I suppose 😀

        I wrote in order of likelihood as I seen it. I unfortunately feel we are in for 6-12 yrs of the same ole same ole, and passing the buck on the hard issues. Politics will continue to be less about results and logic and more about social desires and feelings wrapped up in a shinny presentable wrapper. I blame Gary Heart for breaking us, where character no long matters.

        As for secession, I think Wyoming might be the first to leave, it has everything to gain and nothing to lose. That is one reason the Federal Govt should not own more of a state than it’s people.

        Texas is the key for any large scale secession wave though. They are the big push game changer. With them comes a real chance at a foreseeable future with prosperity out side the Union. When they go, half the Union will go.

        I think there is surely a chance of it being non violent. If for instance, Texas was to learn from Ft. Sumner and not try to take the Federal bases and buildings by force, the Federal Govt will withdraw out of pure logistical reasoning. Then an opportunity to purchase the space and equipment out right will be very appealing to both sides, and it will be nothing more than financial transaction sealing the reality. I can actually see this departure being more of a legal negotiation than a conflict. With Texas just refusing to collect taxes for the Federal Govt and refusing to follow any Federal orders past its declared independence. Occupation being too expensive and harsh of an option for the Feds, it is really powerless to stop it.

        If Texans do not learn from history, and try to take by force, there is too much a threat of a civil war to have either side then stand in the way of the momentum.

        At the moment it is a conundrum, as it has to be appealing for both Texas and California/New York to have Texas leave the Union, simply on grounds of their political power gains, one does have to ask how much of the Union gets to be allowed to leave before the remaining members see how weakened they become without the other?

        For Texas, how much of the Union can it absorb in a new Union before the same issues of opposition to its views becomes a real political counter force?

        Atm I can only safely say that everything west of the Mississippi River and east of the Sierra Mountains with Ia, Co and NM being exceptions, will most assuredly desire to break away with Texas.

  4. China’s best source of American military technology is Israel, which sells to China every bit of American secret military technology that Israel gets from America for free by exploiting America’s friendship, or by outright stealing from America through espionage.

    • You can believe that if you want to, but it’s probably not true. Israel realizes that the dumb ass we have in the White House right now is not a real reflection of American sentiment toward them and they still value our alliance with them, which they know will be honored much more highly once we get rid of the great pretender. China’s got no kind of hard-on for Israel and they won’t honor anything but their own power, so Israel would be stupid to try currying favor with them by selling our intelligence secrets to China.

    • Just what technology would that be? Considering we give them dumb down less capable equipment which they then tear down and make design mods to from their own R&D. The only highly advanced equipment we have given them, or sold them, or worked with them on developing, is centered around the patriot missile defense system and CWIZ anti-air, anti projectile defense system. No offense, but of all conspiracy theories, this one is weak on several fronts, so til so proof of what is actually happening is shown to warrant more consideration…I say let them make a dime from China if they wish.

      You do realize that the number 1 purchaser of Iranian and Arab oil is China? What makes you think that with this much at stake for either side that the other side would think it makes sense to enter into partnership for anything else but self promotion? Not shared defense.

    • You seem to forget Klinton giving our technology to China, when he so happily visited them. And now they want to nuke the left coast…. which would really damage a huge portion of the northwest and many western states.

    • This is the first I have heard. Would you care to clarify, or do you simply intend to make accusations against our allies that have now basis in reality? What Liberal, Jew hating blog spoon fed you this crap? If regbs means regular B*llsh*t then I get it.

  5. Stupid, he is not. Why can’t you all understand this is part of the plan? Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and he is handing the world over to them. I can’t believe he is still breathing in this nation……proof positive America is not what it once was.

    • While I admit that this suspicion has crossed my mind more times than I care to admit, I still need the smoking gun in order to believe he is actually a clandestine MEMBER of the MB. He definitely has some sympathetic actions and rhetoric toward them under his belt. I DO agree with you that he is purposely making detrimental policies for the US, but I think it’s more along the Cloward-Piven model than the Muslim Brotherhood sleeper agent conspiracy theory. Who knows? Maybe it’s both…

      • All I said is that in order for me to believe he is actually a “card carrying member” of the MB, I would need some proof. I don’t need proof that he’s a dirt-bag. I don’t need proof that he’s a Muslim or at the very least sympathetic to Islam, just that he is a member of the actual Muslim Brotherhood.

      • I’m not disputing that. All I said is that in order for me to believe he is actually a “card carrying member” of the MB, I would need some proof. I don’t need proof that he’s a dirt-bag. I don’t need proof that he’s a Muslim or at the very least sympathetic to Islam, just that he is a member of the actual Muslim Brotherhood.

      • Hey, I’m with you. Obviously he is bad for America. Short of finding proof of illegal, impeachable crimes on his part, what would you like to do about it?

      • Both the House and the Senate should stand up to him and tell him to stop issuing mandates and bypassing Congress. He does not have the constitutional authority or power to legislate from the White House ad nauseum.There has to be a balance of power which he has totally ignored. Both the Legislative and the Judicial branches according to the Constitution has equal authority and power as the Executive branch. They should get together and remind him of that fact.

      • Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Yeah, I feel you. The problem is, the Senate won’t do that. Maybe if enough people.vote to replace all the RINOs and Democrats in both houses then something like that can happen next year, but a LOT of damage can be done in a year. You know what they say… “If wishes were fishes…”

      • And that is exactly the problem and always has been. Too many boot kissers in the Parties. They were elected to do a job and they are not doing it. I agree with you that for anything to really happen people need to elect new people and get rid of the power mad politicians. We have 10 months to make it happen. Then we can do something about Obama and limit the terms of Senators and Congressmen.

      • I guess it all boils down to bringing up the uncomfortable topic of politics at dinner parties and neighborhood get-togethers.

      • Your guess is good as mine. I know it is uncouth to talk politics at the dinner table. One of my sisters is an Obama adorer so I am not allowed to bring it up because she thinks I am a bigot. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin, it is his love of socialism that I am against. We fought three wars combating socialism and I was in one of them. Now we have a president who thinks it is God’s gift to the world, which we know it is not. It has failed in every country that has tried it. And the reason why is socialism does not respect any individual rights. It is tyranny in that since. It is only concern is about the collective.

      • Maybe you should bring the subject up anyway. I refuse to get in a shouting match with my kid brother, who is a Democrat, but I will gladly and freely debate him on any topic. He hasn’t changed his mind, but because of our discussions a lot of people hear my conservative talking points and the message gets out there. Hey, unless we start wearing it on our sleeve, nothing will change. It’s just THAT serious.


      • You and I don’t always agree, but I think you are right here. My sister has a doctorate in theology. My BA is in religions of the world.Even though I am older than she is, she likes to grind that in. My philosophy is, just because you have a doctorate in theology doesn’t mean you understand the teachings of Christ, it means you understand theology, the study of God. Thomas Aquinas finished his masterpiece, “The Summa Theologica,” be stating that it is all straw. He understood it is better to know and love Christ is much more important.
        Good night!

      • Well Jim, actually your sister must be right about you because anybody who understands anything about the insurance industry knows that the ACA, for instance, is not socialism. As a matter of fact, it is the largest privatization of any industry that has ever taken place on American soil. Are you just anti-business, or what? Insurers are thrilled to death about this legislation!

      • I was talking about Obama himself, not the ACA. And if you notice the ACA is not working as well as he wanted. His idea of sharing the wealth IS socialism!

      • …oh, and I’d also like to know which wars we fought against communism (not socialism). Vietnam was not really about halting the spread of communism.

      • Karl Marx came up with socialism and from that came Leninism, Nazism, Communism, etc. WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War was to fight the spread of these different forms of socialism.Did you forget that Greece had tried it and went into bankruptcy? Socialism borrow and takes money from those who have money, so what happens when the money runs out? It collapses.

      • Actually Jim, Obama does have the authority to do that constitutionally, and congress has no authority to “stand up to him” on this count.

        Do you just make stuff up because you can’t think of anything to say? You certainly didn’t criticize any of the preceding presidents for issuing as many executive orders beyond the will of the other two branches.

      • Mandates he is allowed, but continually bypassing Congress because he thinks they are too slow(which I admit they are) he is not. And what do you think I am making up? The government is made of three branches, not just the presidency. I have read the Constitution and have a copy of it here at home. When I am not sure of something I look it up. Where do you get your information from?

      • JIm, I got an “A” in high school civics. Did you?

        You’re right, there are 3 branches of government. And if anybody is really upset by the way Obama is doing business (which is his right within the law), they can sue in court. But I doubt this court will support any such claims. He has not overstepped the bound of his authority within the law. Your opinion in these matters counts for almost nothing.

      • I only got a B+. But there are several cases going to the Supreme Court about some of the things he may have overstepped like the Labor Board appointments. I think he will lose this one. I think his HHS mandate will be shot done. Just because a bunch of Democrats think that Obamacare’s HHS mandate should trump the First Amendment does not mean the Supreme Court will agree them. I don’t think they will. But like you said neither one of or opinions will count for nothing.

      • My confidence in the system, Jim, stems from actions like these. Our governmental system is working, and has been working very well because such alternative steps to recourse exist. We’ll have to wait to see what the SCOTUS has to say about the Labor Board appointments. But even if Obama loses that case, it won’t 1- get him sanctioned or impeached, or 2- stop him or any other president from issuing these executive orders.

      • Go do a search on YouTube. At one time there were quite a few videos of Obama in his earlier days admitting that he was a Muslim. Most of them were in 2007 or before he began his presidential run, (he was telling the truth then), on his Muslim faith and his plan for a one-payer government healthcare plan.

    • That’s exactly what I’ve been saying since before he was elected. I’m SICK of ppl acting Surprised at all the communist islamic things he & his fellow scumbags do & that goes for cruella too!

    • I agree with you!It is amazing how many Americans get this and how many Congressmen and Senators get this,yet Obama hasn’t been arrested for crimes of treason against our nation.He is a well trained Muslim plant who is working towards the Muslim master plan to bring down the USA.I don’t understand how the FBI and CIA are allowing Muslim Brotherhood members to come and go to the White House as they are.Is this seriously not raising red flags every where about this President?The Koran says there must be chaos and blood shed before their savior will come.Do Democrats really not know this about Muslims?

  6. closing our borders can be called anything you want……….we want sovereignty back and a robust, healthy economy again. Then and while, to some extent, this is getting America back on track, we can watch out over the rest of the world, just do it with cameras, missiles and drones……….

  7. For our national security, repeat, National Security that son of a bitch must be removed from office before he gets us all killed.

  8. Stripping the military is not the way to save money.
    I spent 23 years in the military and it pisses me off
    to see half assed leaders and a half assed congress
    half doing the job.
    If you going to go to war, for what ever reason go
    to win it, or stay the hell out of it.
    There is no way there will ever be lasting peace.
    Muslims have been fighting sense the beginning
    of time and they will always be fighting, we need to get the hell out, or act like we intend to win.

    • Sarg thanks for your service. I served 25 years in the Corps and the cycle continues with these inept politicians. They have no desire to win as they are controlled by the elitist agenda. I’ve recently read an article where they are wanting to take away health care from military retirees (tricare prime). All i have got to say is bring back the draft. Everyone needs some skin in the game. Sick of these spoiled punk brat politicians. They make me so disgusted to see what they have done to our military.

    • Thank you both for your service, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart!
      It’s never been about “saving money” or “trimming the deficit”, it’s about destroying this great nation….nothing more.

  9. You have a commie, Moslem sympathiser, in the presidency, who is inelligible to be there, and had never so much as shot a bb gun in his life, and now pretends to be competent to be “COMMANDER IN CHIEF” of the United States if America. HA!

  10. Americans need to realize that the 0bama administration are NOT incompetent. They are doing what they are doing with a purpose. To destroy America. Do you REALLY think all these military officers are using drugs and the other ludicrous charges? That such virtually unprecedented charges are now being flung around like dung? Do you really think it’s just a coincidence that Islamists are overthrowing country after country in the MidEast and elsewhere? Do you really think it’s a coincidence that China chooses this time to claim some insignificant rocks and provoke Japan? Really?

    America, what have you done?

  11. In a world of despots, dictators, theocrats, and autocrats

    You named our problem, we have joined the rest of the world with our own.

  12. “The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. … The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their President.”-unknown

    • That’s the real issue. A fickle, foolish electorate that never looks past the flowery prose of slogans at the actions or history of the person. Of course the Palace Guard media is always ready to serve the democrat party’s interests.

  13. Just because the diminishing of America’s power and influence to do good has always been part of the Obama agenda doesn’t mean he isn’t also incompetent. His is doing exactly what he said he would do. Seems there are a FEW promises he keeps such as “fundamentally transforming America” into just another supplicant at the UN’s table, albeit the one who pays the most to be there. It’s unfortunate that his incompetence and disengagement (ennui) isn’t greater in this area. He’s a tool. A ventriloquist’s dummy. Those who think that’s a “conspiracy theory” aren’t wrong. It’s a “theory” because those pulling the strings are very good at doing so out of sight and at staying out of sight, though we have caught glimpses. So absolute proof is scarce as hen’s teeth. But just because a theory isn’t proven fact doesn’t make it wrong. I cite the “theory of evolution” for our Leftist friends as example. For the rest of us, there are “conspiracy theories” that have been proven outright conspiracies once the curtain is pulled aside and the “wizard” is seen.

  14. Dictatorship comes next. Just because our military may become week. It does not mean that the citizens will become week. We will have to fight to regain everything that this candy ass has given away.

  15. It’s only natural to hoard weapons and ammo. Liberals are unwilling and unable to protect America, so it will inevitably fall on THE PEOPLE to defend themselves

  16. I knew something was up when I heard about our troops deployed to Australia in 2012. Back then I had come to a similar conclusion on POTUS’s intention to withdraw from middle east. I heard “this will create a vacuum and unkess its filled by good, evil will clamor and rise to take its place”.

  17. Why are we not doing anything? What did Obama mean when he told Putin there was something he couldn’t do until after his re-election? I think his frosty meetings with him are phony as are his “broken” relationships with Ayres and Wright. I keep hoping a Seal Team will rise to the defense of their country. @sudsy: Most empires fight their wars to win & they don’t give up until the job is done. We are not an empire. Dubya Bush said “This could take 30 years & if anybody had anything to say, say so now, in Sept of 2001. Nobody said anything, so we went to war. These wars were not the thing that destroyed our economy.

    • Let’s show them the country will support them, before he completely destroys them. Attend Operation American Spring May 16 in DC. We need 10 mill patriots to shut DC down and get their attention. Another million to stay until resignations or arrests tendered. Learn more at: http://patriotsforamerica.ning.com/

      • OAS will put an end to this tyranny. Col. West & all the purged military commanders should join this effort to take back OUR COUNTRY

      • There’s also the danger that it would turn out like Honduras’ coup turned out. Constitutional succession rules were followed. Joe Biden would be an even worse president than Obama is. Although at least he’s not a Muslim.

  18. Colonel West…i have nothing but respect for you.when i look at you i don’t see color.i see a fine american,whom i would be proud to call my president.not only because you are a better man than obama..because i think you are the best hope to restore this country to decent values…and undo the damage he has done to our military.

  19. Hmmmm….when was it decided to start ramping down ops in Iraq? SOFA was signed in…2008.

    Let’s review some others stances:

    Some Republican presidential candidates are charting a different course than their GOP counterparts on the war in Afghanistan, raising questions about ideological rifts before a crucial election cycle.

    Jon Huntsman, who will announce his candidacy next week, openly questioned U.S. strategy in the war-torn nation in an interview with Esquire magazine.

    “Should we stay and play traffic cop? I don’t think that serves our strategic interests,” the former Utah governor said.

    Mitt Romney, the current frontrunner in the race, echoed similar sentiments in Monday’s debate, saying “it’s time for us to bring our troops home as soon as we possibly can, consistent with the word that comes to our generals.”

    Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty also said at a recent gathering of GOP activists that the United States should cut back its troops, depending on conditions on the ground, a different tune from his 2009 stance when he pushed President Obama to support a surge.

    The viewpoints of the 2012 candidates mark a stark departure from 2008, when the issue of terrorism still ranked higher on Americans’ agenda, and investing in the Afghanistan war, both monetarily and physically with more troops, was a strong policy stance for Republicans.

    At the time, libertarian Ron Paul stood out as a pariah in his opposition to the war. But that has since changed.

  20. “Afghanistan—where empires go to die. ”

    Didn’t we learn anything when we armed the Afghanis to take down the Russkies?

  21. Locklear’s is an Obama robot. When asked what’s the greatest threat to the U.S. in Asia, he didn’t mention North Korea nukes nor PRC expansionist bullying but pointed to ‘global warming”. And this is the U.S’s #1 military guy in the Pacific?

  22. Now, our troops have been ordered to carry weapons in Afghanistan that are NOT loaded! Obama should not be ordering the rules of engagement anyway, and must be stopped from doing this! It is the same kind of power grab he is using to make other laws at his own whim: See two sites for information: http://www.barenakedislam.com/2010/05/24/obama-regime-orders-u-s-troops-in-afghanistan-to-carry-weapons-with-no-bullets/

    And: http://godfatherpolitics.com/4260/us-president-commander-in-chief-congress-calls-him/


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