Breaking: New letter to Boehner re: Benghazi

We have been fortunate to receive a copy of a letter by Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va) that has been issued to Speaker of the House John Boehner. You can read it here. I was honored to affix my name to a letter from the family members of Sean Smith and Ty Woods and countless other retired senior military officers and conservatives demanding a House select committee on Benghazi.

Last week’s Senate Intelligence Committee report was quite telling in that we have many unanswered questions and the attack was “preventable.”

Rep. Wolf has proposed H.Res 36 calling for a select committee with subpoena powers. It has 180 cosponsors. I ask you, our faithful readers, to review the letter to Speaker Boehner, call his office lending your voice and support to the establishment of a select committee, and if your Congressional Representatives have not signed on to H.Res 36, call their office and demand they do so — or be considered complicit in the abandoning, murder, lies, and deceit of this horrible episode.

This cannot stand. As Voltaire said, “to the living we owe respect, to the dead we owe the truth.”


  1. It is necessary to hold everyone accountable for Benghazi. From the ones responsible for allowing the consulate and soldiers to be killed without sending help, and also those who could’ve did something but did not !!!

    • He is a horrible speaker no doubt, A wretched RINO who has disdain for conservatives but will weep and cry stating he trusts Barry..

  2. Thank you for sharing this letter with us. I have written and called Boehner’s office countless times for other matters and nothing changes, but will do so again as these 4 men deserve better. We deserve answers as do the families.

  3. We do not need gun control! This is a ploy by the government and President Barack Obama and his followers to try and stop the American citizens to their 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms. There are enough gun control laws already. That will not this will not stop the criminals who get the guns one way or another and this will do nothing to stop or deter them. Do not support this gun control bill.

  4. John Boehner is a miserable excuse for Republican leadership. He doesn’t have the testicular fortitude that some of the students I teach have. Sadly, we can make all the phone calls in the world and write all the letters we want, but he and the other RINOs (I’m talking about you, Eric Cantor!) won’t do a darn thing.

  5. We’ve been waiting and waiting for Speaker Boehner to stand up for the Benghazi victims and families. Why should this letter be expected to sway him to do more at this point? Lots of nice words but I’m not holding my breath that Boehner will do anything. And why on earth would Mr. Wolf end his letter with “Best wishes.” He should have said “Do something now or else!”

  6. If Boehner continues to stonewall and shirk his responsibilities he should be removed. Maybe Rep. Bachmann can initiate that process since she promised not to vote for Boehner to a 2nd term as Speaker. She not only voted yes she pushed him across the finish line. Congress is full of cowards as well as other substances. It’s time to call them to account.

    Office of the Speaker

    H-232 The Capitol

    Washington, DC 20515

    Phone: (202) 225-0600

    Fax: (202) 225-5117

  7. Senator Trey Gowdy said in an interview something was coming out on Benghazi. Boehner better do the right thing here and step up to the plate. This garbage of pointing the finger to Ambassador Stevens is a bunch of BS. It’s time Obama and Hillary stand up and admit they were at fault. Like that is going to happen. What did Hillary do when it was getting heated up on the hill over Benghazi???? She ran.

    • Even if Ambassador Stevens was doing something wrong it was because HE WAS TOLD TO by them!!

      They aren’t fooling anyone but those idiots who are die hard liberal goofballs.

      • I am with you on that. That administration has blood on their hands and it really gets me upset that they point a bloody finger to Ambassador Stevens. The only good thing is they will never tarnish him to the American People.That (B)witch Hillary needs to answer for this. And if she runs in 2016,,,this WILL follow her.

  8. I had to listen to my pathetic excuse for a Republican, Congressman Mac Thornberry, explain to me last night at a candidate’s forum how those of us pushing for a select committee on Benghazi are “looking for a resolution to the issue in a 1/2 hour like an episode of Judge Judy”. What a condescending jerk – can’t wait until he’s voted out. Go Elaine Hays Go!

  9. BOEHNERS MAILBOX IS FULL!! Probably full of messages about this among some other things. But watch this bum will ignore everyone.

  10. thought this government was suposed to be transparent ? they r all liers and need to be replaced.we all know what happened our government failed to protect americans again.

    • Are you joking…they are transparent.. they show all their deceitfulness right in your face..without regard for anyone but their own!

    • Please for give me, I am a former teacher. In place of “there”, use “they’re”. Also use a comma after backbone. We have some excellent folks on “Our” side. Trey Gowdy is a fire spewing Congressman who deserves our support. Allen West, Dr. Carson, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and many others, are working hard on our behalf. There is bitter opposition to Obamacare, and the through the roof cost of welfare. Millions are fed up with stolen elections, illegals feeding at the Public Trough, and the perks of Government. Many know the dangers of Islam. That is why I want Allen West in 2016. He will put The Constitution above his own self interests. Of that, I am confident. God Bless.

      • Forgive her, guys, please. It’s a typo error, must have accidentally press the space key. We’re getting away from the real topic.

      • Well O.K. All is forgiven : BUT it’s I am married to a teacher . NOT I an married to a teacher ; Just saying.

      • Love you, I an married to a teacher. Please stop with the grammar lessons. My fat fingers do not fit in small print. My wife drives me crazy enough. Lol

      • hey teach spell forgive correctly then, before you cast aspersions on others grammatical proclivities

      • Isn’t it funny how when people always try to show their ass how they do the same things in the mistake error lol.

      • @Stoned_Conservative missed congreeman but the post is a useless entity – who cares about the spelling or grammar? Have you heard our so-callled journalists. Don’t know what grade level she taught but reads rather childish. What the hell does “Any errors made are result of a bowl of Nature’s Finest.” mean?

      • Passion, be not a child of the grammar nazi. Nuf said? Never capitalize words that do not deserve it. obama reid schummer nazi illegal alien mexicans mexico, I think you get the point.

  11. The Peoples House contains too many Marxist, Muslims, and folks who wish to disarm me, in opposition of The Second Amendment. May the fleas of The Kenyan, infest you. Hey, it’s meant to be a joke. Liberal puts gun to head. BANG! Another dead vote for Obama.

    • when the US operates from a position of strength, draws lines in the sand and defends that line no matter what , and tells our enemies every day in words and deeds that we are serious, then , yes, those attacks would have never happened. Because they knew nothing would happen to them , which nothing has, they felt emboldened to hit us…when you lead from behind, let muslims wear beards , burkas , and turbins in the US Military, and just act weak in the face of everything , then you are not truly American

      • If you’re going to get upset about Muslims in the military, who are honorably serving our country, wearing beards and turbins, then you must be equally upset that Jews in the military are allowed to wear Yarmulkes. I would prefer that nothing be allowed except for the uniform but what’s fair is fair. You can’t allow one and discriminate against the other.

      • If the yarmulke can be hidden beneath a standard military cap, or other required headgear, I see no reason to deny them. OTOH, a turban, generally, can NOT do so. If you are of a religion absolutely REQUIRING the wearing of a turban, you should find some other way to serve your country. The military requires wearing of different helmets, head phones, and other areas with restricted head-room, and would entail too much problems to compensate by the military. Otherwise, stow the turban. Beards are likewise, normally a non-conforming appearance. The wearing of these has, in the past, been by specific approval only, and only at sea, or deep in-country, generally. Any other appearance would be up to higher command.

      • You would normally have to be special ops such as a seal in order to wear a beard. Another reason that it would be allowed is to blend in with the local people of the region.

      • No one (especially not I) is comparing a Jewish person to a Muslim terrorist FYI -not all Muslims are terrorists. Many serve in our military with honor and to show their patriotism to the U.S. They serve to show that not all Muslims should be tarred by the same brush. If a Muslim dies in combat while serving in our military is his death any less of a sacrifice? I think not.

      • I served 14yrs in the AF and no one was allowed to wear anything other than the uniform. No beards, turbans or Yarmulkes while in uniform. So there was no discrimination. Now under Obama the only religion your allowed is Islam; all others are discriminated against. Don’t let the liberals fool you with their B.S.

      • While not a fan of Obama to say that the only religion you’re allowed is Islam is not true as I’m sure you well know, and I do agree with you that nothing but the official uniform should be allowed..

      • I live near a military base and talk with those stationed there. And they’ll tell you what I’m saying is true.

      • My brother is a Navy SeaBee – 20 years in, my brother-in law is Army and a cousin is an Army Chaplin and I know what you’re saying is not true,, but we can agree to disagree.

      • All I know is what the people I talk to tell me. It may not be going on every where and just happening at random bases.

      • Islam has no place in our military. When it hits the fan do you think that the muslim brother is going to choose the Christian over Islam……They will point him out gladly. The word infiltrated comes to mind.

  12. If Democrat administrations were held to the same standards that the Republicans are, we’d be listening to testimony in impeachment hearings now.

  13. John Boehner is a do nothing…….perhaps NSA has something good on him. Shut up or we will give you up. It the only thing that makes half sense. of course he is spineless

    • I agree, just two years ago, a lot of true blue, died in the wool GOP members suddenly switched allegiance to some questionable statements and previously unheard of support for strange, unlike GOP agendas and polices…….very strange indeed.

      • I too put forth the opinion that the Dems have evidently found all the skeletons in the GOP closets. They are running scared, you can see it in Boehners face. This has to be historical that we have a perfect storm of despots that have come together in Washington and not one person will stand for America and her people.

      • It’s because there’s no one willing to die for their country except in the military. That’s why Allen was kicked out and why he’s still trying to shed light on these rats!

    • Maybe even the RNC calling the shots! I sure wish he would get his act together though! Our rights are too precious to lose over political correctness!


    • Joel714. While I agree with your opinion on Mr. Boehner, you should read the posting policy for this site. It says all caps will not be tolerated. Thanks for not using profanity.

      • really if that is all that is wrong with his statement why comment really. he is just telling the truth. they also reduced our pay to pay foreigner more welfare… and i have a friend with cancer over here and they will not even give her medicaid or disability…. this country is pretty screwed up..

      • Like the senior death panels they say do not exist a lot of needy people go without so they can treat a couch potato for a hangnail.

    • Agree with you wholeheartedly Joel! These people aren’t even what we call Americans. They’re doing their very best to reverse the meaning of it altogether ……………… and we’re letting them.

  15. Well, even if you believe they won’t do anything, call anyway. All of your state congressional and senate reps. Bombard their phone lines, emails, and faxes.

  16. I cannot imagine a single American who does not want the truth about this mess. It has been going on too long. Find the people who were evacutated and let’s hear their stories!! I also can only imagine ONE American who could possibly say, “What does it matter…???” That is un-American!

  17. BURN HILLARY! This bullshit has gone on long enough! She does NOT have diplomatic immunity! Call them all in by January 31st. They don’t show up have a bench warrant served on them!

  18. Pam you nailed it! The Dems have all the dirt on all the GOP leaders. That’s why Boehner and company are dragging their feet hoping time will pass (quickly) and all controversy will be fade away.

  19. If John Boehner is permitted to continue representing the republican party, then the republican party presidential candidate will be another farce election for all intents and purposes. They are simply back-dooring in Hillary Clinton (and that is likely the reason they are not investigating Benghazi).

      • Thank you. It’s the way I feel. Something is terribly off-center with the lack of response republicans have on the Benghazi issue. Aiding and abetting Hillary cannot be dismissed. Especially when Boehner is “friends” with Obama and has promised Reid “amnesty.”

      • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: today’s republicans (RINO variety) are yesterday’s democrats. Those like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Allen West and a few others are the New Republican Party and all we have to get America back on the path to freedoms, integrity, financial stability and equality as stated “all men are created equal” and not class or group warfare/preferred.

    • I really do smile when I read articles that say the left is turning on Obama. I even read a headline saying they are now calling for his impeachment. Don’t delude yourself into thinking they are on our side. They want him gone because he isn’t liberal enough for them. They aren’t working to bring the country back to the center, they are working to further their liberal agenda. Impeachment isn’t an option when you have a Republican party that is as hapless as the current one. Impeach Boehner and you’ll just get another clown from the car.

  20. Boehner is as big a crook as Hillary, Harry, Obama, Panetta and all the rest of the leftists. He will never start that committee to get to the truth on Benghazi.

  21. I have no trust in The Speaker. I have very little trust in many others. They talk the talk but they don’t walk the walk. Servicemen fight and die for their country and this is their reward. We need a serious house cleaning in 2014 and Colonel West in 2016.

  22. Jim- unless we have good primary candidates who win, voting against clowns like Boehner will merely substitute even worse Democrat/Progressive/Socialists.

    • We have been walking down this primrose path toward destruction for many decades. Even when conservative candidates occupy the Hallowed Halls we continue to enact entirely Unconstitutional laws. At some point we must conclude that the system is broken, not the individuals. So called “better” candidates have never rectified our dilemma.

    • The Republican party has been infiltrated by enough liberal operatives to make it inconsequential in American politics. It doesn’t matter one iota who they run, we are now a one party system. Why is it the only way Republicans can win an election is if they move toward the left and liberalism. It never seems to work the other way. The left just get more radical, the right gets more liberal. Free stuff really does work.

    • Turned long ago when he got the deal on the golf course from Obama.
      This year is the year Boehner goes down! Oh he may talk like he’s gonna do something but every time he piddles his pants.

  23. Impeaching Obama, will do nothing. What needs to happen is the truth to come out along with a copy of Hilary Clinton’s admitting she was the cause of the deaths like she did in a television recorded interview. And removing Obama from office will be impossible just like it was with Clinton. Obama can’t run again. He does more damage to the liberal party by being in office. He’s screwed up more things than a 30 year carpenter and there’s more coming. He is the perfect advertisement for failing of the socialist liberal attempts at controlling the U.S. citizenry. That’s why when he goes to a state, all the democratic candidates in that state hide form him and will not be seen with him for fear of being associated with him.

    • Finally someone who knows the TRUTH! The lack of added security in Benghazi lies directly with Hillary Clinton. She admitted that she ignored the request and took no official action on it, therefore NO official report was given to the President. The President was not aware that there was a request for additional security as those requests fall under the jurisdiction of the State Department.

  24. To do nothing, in the face of all of the evidence, is the greatest of crimes. This means all citizens, as well a politicians, who are individually are just as guilty by not becoming involved, and maintaining pressure through communication at all local, state and federal levels with their elected officials, speaking out to family and friends, educating their children, and by not voting! We cannot expect change without becoming active in the changes we call for!

    • Frankly, I do not believe our elected criminals give a rat’s ass about phone calls, email and letters. Our Congress has been dysfunctional for quite a few years and is becoming more inept rather than better. My Representative hasn’t responded to me in years.

  25. Does anyone REALLY want the truth? My American Muslim friend was working in Tripoli and he said on 9/10/12 that angry men were milling around yelling about the video posted on the Internet. On 9/11/12 he said the crowed was starting to riot and feared opportunist terrorists had joined in. My friend in Cairo reported the an angry crowed was gathering outside the Embassy. A Facebook friend in Tunisia talked to me on line and did not understand why the USA government allowed the video The Innocence of Muslims to be posted on the Internet. I told him our government doesn’t see these videos first and that people are free to post most anything.
    Hillary Clinton being the director of the State Depart. at the time WAS solely responsible for adding additional security to each and every Embassy and Consulate in all countries where any angry mob might be joined by terrorists and cause destruction and death to innocent Americans and the Arabs who worked for them.

    • You and your friend are idiots, the so called video had only a handful of views before the attack. Even after the attack for a day or two there were hardly any views till the publics interest made them start looking for it. It was so cheesy I could only watch about 30 seconds of it and turned it off, it was like an eight year old made it. The sad thing is the guy that made it is still in jail last I heard and has broken no laws. obama doesn’t like it because it’s anti muslim. PERIOD

      • It’s high time each one of us citizens who haven’t allowed ourselves to be demoralized into mere subjects to take a look at the international scene and then urgently turn our gaze inward. Are any of us guilty of being small-fry examples in our puny daily dealings of what we claim to detest on the major scene?

        The seemingly cleanest and most moral among us can all do with a little soul searching. And I don’t mean for us to judge ourselves by modernistic social standards – we may appear better than we really are. I mean we should stop reading and studying the Book we love and cherish so dearly. What? What is this guy saying? Yes. Don’t put the Book back on the shelf. Or, if it’s been on the shelf accumulating dust, grab it and blow off the dust, and I will share a not-so-secret secret concerning blowing the dust off of your mind:

        The problem with the Book is that we come to it with prejudice, sentiment, and even arrogance. But that is not a problem with the Book; it’s with us! Our relationship to the Book mirrors our relationship, or lack thereof, with its Author. There were many who believed ON Jesus in His day. But they were reading Him by their own standards, and Jesus even ends up calling them children of Satan, which they were.

        Oh, they believed academically that He was the Messiah! But they believed not a word that He said. And to believe His words means to allow His words to read you. “The ax is cutting at the roots of the trees,” said John the Baptist. To believe Christ’s words is to allow them to cut us – to our roots! The result? A cleaned-up conduit for the power and authority of God Almighty. Greater works we will do, the greatest being to allow that power to make us into eternal Sons of God, just like His Firstborn, Jesus!

        I”m not at all minimizing the Benghazi disaster. But the power of God must be allowed to broaden our minds and our thinking to where solutions abundant will flow, not just to reverse the mentality of our leaders, but to unshackle all humanity from human nature itself.

        Sorry to say, though, that thin skins and thick skulls are still not learning this lesson, even when told it. Human nature (really Satan’s implanted nature, which all since Adam have allowed him to plant), will show all its true colors to the max before even the majority will wake up from the slumber deep within to accept human nature’s final eradication.

        There is no more excuse for our shortcomings. And we can no longer use our shortcomings as our excuse. That has been the case for centuries, but it has been easy until now to not believe that and be deceived into thinking we and everything are alright!

    • The video excuse is bull crap! This terrorist attack was planned for months, and they have proved it with letters begging the State Department for more security!

    • There were coordinated attacks at several embassies coinciding with 9/11 which as anyone with half a brain should now realize is an official Islamist holiday. They were planned before the video cover story. Obama had already proclaimed the war over. So for NO OTHER REASON than to not look like the fools they actually are, the Preezy and his crew of Constitutionally challenged clowns concocted the ridiculous video lie. Think about that for a minute. Let this sink in. The POS in the White House cares much more about LOOKING BAD and his grip on power than he does about the lives and safety of the mimilitary personel under his command. If that does not render him unfit for the office he holds I don’t what else possibly could.

  26. When will people start to really get after Boehner even half as much as Obama? The man stonewalls almost anything of substance against Obama. He talks tough but is a sucking chest wound to the GOP.

  27. Congress is a scripted stage play. All Members have their part to play; either for or against the current issue. However, the outcome is predetermined regardless of the verbiage spewed forth from Democrats and Republicans; liberals and conservatives. We are given the illusion of choice. Just look at one single issue. Obama’s lack of Constitutional authority to hold office. Neither his birth father, nor his adoptive father were US citizens. Therefore, he does not meet the standard of natural born citizen as required by Article Two. Where is the entire Republican Party on this issue. They are mute.

  28. It was not about a movie… The terrorist groups were wanting the weapons all for their own groups . They were not satisfied with “their fair share ” they wanted them all. They would not settle for a handout,when they felt like taking what they wanted,which was everything . That is what they want is everything and that is how they play the game . Take everything killing to get it. Learn how to survive this global jihad,or be among the rotting corpses .as islam creeps around the world.

  29. I suggest all people reading this plan on attending the “American Spring” march planned for this spring, let’s make it such a huge turnout that the whole world will see it. There were a half a million people who braved the subzero temps Tuessday for the Roe VS Wade prolife march,, I didn;t see one word about it on the major news networks, but last year with the million muslim march ( broadcast before hand nonstop by major networks ) even though only 32 people showed up. In my opinion, the media is compliant with this admuinsitration and is also guilty of treason….. Can’t wait to get some American adults in the White House for a change..

  30. Obama is not a natural born American citizen and should never have been able to hold or run for the office in the first place impeach and imprison him Hilary and the 535 members of congress who have turned there backs on this great country and its people.

  31. I have also gone on line and emailed directly to the office of the Speaker in full support of the appointment of a House Select Committee on Benghazi.
    I suggest we all do this (email) as well as lighting up the congressional switchboard. It has been over a year. There are no ongoing military nor intelligence operations in the area.Many sensitive details have already become public knowledge. Only politicians at the highest level benefit from the continued cover up! Find ’em, fix ’em, flog ’em!

  32. There’s not going to be any investigation by Boehner because he knew exactly what Chris Stevens was doing in Benghazi… running weapons; the weapons Obama stole from Libya, to his al Qaeda allies in Syria.
    That’s why Ambassador Stevens refused help from the military, but kept asking for protection from the State Department and the CIA.
    Rand Paul knows this, but he has been silenced.
    We all know this, but we can’t find anyone with the courage to speak up.

  33. Yea the people want an arrest we want Hillary behind bars! She has ordered many of her nay Sayers to die now it’s her time, her time to die!!! If she makes it to the WhiteHouse the people will truly regret it she will make Barry look like a farm boy!!

  34. There was an important op-ed piece in The Wall Street Journal this week by Gregory Hicks, the Number-2 man at our Libyan embassy, which debunks the assertions (mostly made by the Hillary/Obama apologists and their media echo chamber) that it was the murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens who “refused extra security” in Benghazi and thus (conveniently for them) supposedly bore much of the blame for what happened. Hicks here explains the intricate legal and diplomatic Kabuki dance that Stevens was forced to perform (by his superiors at State and officials at the Pentagon) that ended up with less security protection than necessary in Benghazi and himself and three other American heroes murdered. .

    • There is no doubt Amb. Stevens had the goods on someone in the WH or SD. Personally, I think he was sent to Benghazi on purpose to work under the least of security. Why did the attack happen within one hour after th leader from Egypt left? Hillary Clinton knows all the answers and she’s not about to incriminate herself or defy anyone in the WH either.

  35. Boehner will never do it. He is in bed with Obama. When will you figure that out? Justin Amash for Speaker. Impeach Obama and Biden now!

  36. It was a White House hit job. Boehner is being black mailed by Obama who has some very damaging evidence, obtained by his NSA, on him and all of his RINO co-conspirators.

  37. since boehner refuses to hold anyone accountable for anything, it’s time
    he was put out of commission… IF boehner IS being blackmailed (as
    i suspect he is), this will continue as long as he remains speaker; and
    the house members are complicit by continuing to vote him in as
    speaker. therefore, boehner needs to lose his primary! the only way
    that is going to happen is for people (from other states) to financially
    support his conservative opponent in the primary! i will do what i can
    (as i try to help conservatives in other states). i’m not a resident
    of OH; nor KY; but i’m gonna try to donate more in those two states to
    get rid of those2 senior RINOs!!!

    • I think that Bohner is concerned a lot more with feathering his nest, making the necessary connections for the lobbying career that comes when he decides to leave political office. He doesn’t give a damn about advancing the cause of Constitutional conservatism and rolling back the federal machine. He’s a part of the machine.

  38. There’s absolutely no way that “Noballs” Boehner is going to do anything to investigate this tragedy — he would have done so by now if he wasn’t a RINO puppet controlled by the liberal progressives.

  39. I personally don’t care what the Administration and his Minions have on anyone. Come clean and let the Americans decide if you should stay or go. The Elected Officials took an Oath and if they don’t Honor it, then they need to be removed. For the life of me, I don’t understand why the American people cannot have these officials removed, regardless what State they were elected in. They represent the Country, not just their State.

  40. Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi…definition of “obsession”…I wonder why you people couldn’t get anywhere near this excited for the 5,000 brave troops who died in Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld’s pointless adventure in Iraq…oh well.

    • More soldiers have dies since Obama took office than when Bush was in office. If you are listening to the dick licking Obama news outlets, you wouldn’t know that. Nor would you know of all the other of hundreds of dead bodies around Obama’s neck, that he is responsible for. Why don’t you get your head our of your crack, come to the light, and get the real truth.

      • Where are you getting your information?? Only 264 of 4,486 deaths in the Iraq War came under Obama, who ended our involvement. I

      • In total, 2,144 U.S. military personnel have given their lives fighting in and around Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

        1,575 of the U.S. military personnel who have sacrificed their lives in this cause were killed during the presidency of Barack Obama.

        That means 73 percent of the casualties in the Afghan War have happened on Barack Obama’s watch.

        Under President George W. Bush, from 2001 until Jan. 20, 2009, 569 U.S. military personnel were killed in and around Afghanistan fighting in Operation Enduring Freedom.

    • I’ll leave it on this note.

      Benghazi, BENGAHZI, B-E-N-G-A-H-Z-I! Where 4 men died, not because they were in battle with every resource their country could muster and still fell victim to enemy devices, but because those resources were deliberately absent by an Administration that didn’t care under a Constitution and Declaration of Independence that required that of said Administration. It’s called treason. Look it up.

      • And would you not agree that the same applies to Bush’s Iraq adventure? A war started under false pretenses and where the ratio of deaths to Benghazi was at least 1,250:1?

      • What were the false pretenses? Weapons of mass destruction? You’re going to say.
        Those weapons of mass destruction were shipped to Syria we all watched the caravans of military vehicles driving to Syria right before Bush started bombing. You can watch it on TV for yourself, and they were used on the Syrian people 10 years later.

      • Not likely. Hussein & the Assads did not like each other. Far more likely he got them with the help of his buddy Vlad Putin. And if “everyone” knew why didn’t we bomb that convoy??

      • Watch the video for yourself, then you decide.

        James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence in the Obama Administration, thought so.

        Whether or not sensitive weapons technology was moved to Syria is a hotly disputed question in the intelligence community. James Clapper, now the Director of National Intelligence and formerly the director of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, said in 2003 that he believed materials had been moved out of Iraq in the months before the war and cited satellite imagery.

      • Damn right the WMDs were shipped out and to Egypt too. It was filmed. We saw the cargo ourselves. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Those people are so oppressed and abused it’s not funny. Long before we ever got there. This guy forgets they hung Hussein themselves. But meh, it was all for that oil, eh?

        Let’s talk about all those WePays the Occupy gangs create, make disappear after so much comes in and then launders it to evade paying where it was intended to go – not to mention taxes while the IRS rejected valid 501-3c’s and 4’s to law-abiding citizens. Let’s talk about all the liberal thugs the Washington, D.C. FBI uses as informants and let into Infragard with criminal records, shall we? If that guy wants to be embarrassed, I’ll start dropping names Eric Holder will cringe at. Watch me.

      • This discussion is about Benghazi. You’re the one who interjected another subject just as all you talking heads do to avoid having to answer. Typical.

      • Uh, I was pointing out the difference between a war and a terrorist attack. Were you not talking to me?

      • No, the other “Walter”. The one that called people talking about Benghazi, “obsessed” and then started “obsessing” about Bush and made a fool of himself.

      • Stop interjecting a question with a question. The point of Benghazi is 4 men died because this administration failed to help them and it was deliberate. That’s treason. Which you apparently don’t care about so I don’t consider you American. Americans pledge to the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution – in that order. If you don’t, get out. You don’t let men who serve die because you feel like it.

        As for your comments on Iraq, over 1 million kurds and sunnis were slaughtered by Hussein before we even got involved. We saw the mass graves. WE also saw the WMDs you say didn’t exist. But we were there. We know the truth. You don’t. You humanitarian liberals should think about that before you go parroting what all the talking heads have to say – the same ones that weren’t there either and have no right telling lies. The truth is, you don’t care about 1 million+ deaths and don’t say a thing about the repeat situation that’s going on now.

        Oh, and now that we’re gone, they’re right back to killing their own again. So much for proving your point. You didn’t.

      • Well it’s not like any peace loving democrats voted to go in…oh wait.
        YEAs — 77
        Bayh (D-IN)
        Biden (D-DE)
        Breaux (D-LA)
        Cantwell (D-WA)
        Carnahan (D-MO)
        Carper (D-DE)
        Cleland (D-GA)
        Clinton (D-NY)
        Daschle (D-SD)
        Dodd (D-CT)
        Dorgan (D-ND)
        Edwards (D-NC)
        Feinstein (D-CA)
        Harkin (D-IA) Hollings (D-SC)
        Johnson (D-SD)
        Kerry (D-MA)
        Kohl (D-WI)
        Landrieu (D-LA)
        Lieberman (D-CT)
        Lincoln (D-AR)
        Miller (D-GA)
        Nelson (D-FL)
        Nelson (D-NE)
        Reid (D-NV)
        Rockefeller (D-WV)
        Schumer (D-NY)
        Torricelli (D-NJ)
        All democrats. Darn.

    • Your dam right Benghazi. You would never see Bush Cheney or Rums field leave a soldier behind or not respond to an attack on our protectors and representatives. Then knowingly lie about it. Who cares. I care.

  41. Walter, Oh we did, for each and every one of them and all the others since the beginning of time and including the 3,000 murdered on 9-11. I guess it doesn’t bother you that 4 individuals and 15 more since then, died for no reason, because of individuals that run our Country are worthless. This President is not even worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as President Bush.

  42. I’ve seen letters before. I seen congressmen and senators stand behind a podium and demand action, investigations and justice. Then, ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Nothing. Why???? I believe all republicans (and democrats) are so dirty, so corrupt, that they fear retaliation from the Left that would cost them their careers. Pathetic. Washington, District of Corruption needs cleansing. Top to bottom. Left to Right. This will continue until we clean house every 8 years with term limits. I have pledged to never vote for another incumbent professional politician. I will support, and vote for a constitutional conservative Patriot and work to help this candidate unseat the current Rino. If unsuccessful in a Primary, then I shall not vote at all. Sending the incumbents back to Washington serves no purpose in solving our problems. I’d just as soon give the government completely to the liberals and hasten the demise of America. Our children and grand children will hate my generation for our cowardice!

  43. I’m going the extra, non-complicity mile, by offering this in addition to calling my Rep as the Colonel recommends.

    a website called Open Congress where this bill is being discussed.
    It’s run by the Sunlight Foundation. You can register and vote up this
    bill plus you can easily find your Rep. and email him or her. No sweat

    Right now it’s at 88% in favor of the bill but it’s low on participation. Maybe someone with a big readership can pump this up to help people easily have their voices heard? It’s really easy and only takes 5 minutes but low participation may show that people don’t know about it. Also, it’s private and confidential.

    Thanks, Colonel! Semper Fi!

    • My bad. This is not a bill, but a resolution with subpoena powers. Sorry for that.

      After you send your letter, you’ll be given your Rep’s address and phone number if you want to give them a call. Very convenient. I like it!


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