Rev. Barber and the Negro’s loss of grievances

Rev. William Barber (Photo: Scott Davis/Daily Reflection)

There can be no debate that a duplicitous hypocrisy exists when it comes to the vitriol black conservatives must face – not only from the white liberal establishment but from other blacks as well.

So enter the latest example of this heinous practice by Rev. William Barber II, a leader in the North Carolina NAACP. As reported in the Washington Post,

While speaking at Zion Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina, Rev. Barber made these comments referring to South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, “A ventriloquist can always find a good dummy. The extreme right wing down here finds a black guy to be senator and claims he’s the first black senator since Reconstruction, and then he goes to Washington, D.C., and articulates the agenda of the Tea Party.”

Senator Scott was appointed by Governor Nikki Haley to the position after former Senator Jim DeMint resigned in late 2012. Senator Scott issued this response, “To reflect seriously on the comments of a person, a pastor, that is filled with baseless and meaningless rhetoric would be to do a disservice to the very people who have sacrificed so much and paved a way. Instead, I will honor the memory of Dr. King by being proactive in holding the door for others and serving my fellow man. And Rev. Barber will remind me and others of what not to do.”

Rev. Barber made his remarks as he spoke on issues such as healthcare and voting. He is a staunch opponent of voter ID but one has to ask, did he speak out against the DNC requiring picture ID for entry into their convention held in Charlotte NC in 2012?

Barber later told that King “emphasized love and justice rather than extremism,” and that support for “the far right” ignores problems in South Carolina such as aid to the poor and public education.

I wonder if Rev. Barber consents to the expanding poverty and food stamp rolls that have occurred under the past 5 years of the Obama administration. Furthermore, I suppose Rev. Barber concurs with President Obama and his decision in 2009 to cancel the DC school voucher program for deserving young black children — while Obama sends his own daughters to the prestigious Sidwell Friends School.

Such hypocrisy is unconscionable but not unexpected from individuals who Booker T. Washington — surely one of those extremist black “dummies” — described a century ago:

There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.

The Rev. Kevin E. Donalson Sr., the Zion Baptist Church’s pastor who hosted Rev. Barber, meanwhile, told that although he agreed “in principle” with Barber’s comments, he would not have used such language. And although he’s “grateful” that South Carolina has an African-American senator, he believes the policies Scott supports hurt the people whom King spent his life trying to help.

This is the insidious perspective coming from these so-called black leaders. They do not want to accept policies that support economic growth and prosperity for the black community. They are more than happy to keep the black community on a 21st century liberal plantation in exchange for votes and their own position of relevance.

Rev. Barber reminds me of the practice in Africa of certain black tribes capturing and selling other blacks to white slavers. It seems this practice continues but in a different manner, but the end result remains — economic servitude and enslavement to the welfare nanny-state, instead of the physical chains of bondage.

I find it shameful that any attempt to promote policies, such as urban economic empowerment zones, which would enable a better standard of living, are attacked as extreme.

The heart of the black community is conservative and these ministers preach individual salvation on Sunday. Unfortunately, they preach collective subjugation Monday to Saturday.


  1. and the left can always find mouth pieces to spew hate …. 50 years democrats running detroit and hows that working out ….. chicago is a war zone also run by democrats ……

  2. The real “dummies” are liberals who think that all black people have to think a certain way. You Know nothing about the tea party. You make your money and get your power off of hate.

  3. Let me guess, The Zion Baptist Church has a 501c3 tax exemption as a non-profit religious entity, while the Reverends Barber and Donalson engage in blatant political advocacy from its pulpit. The IRS is purportedly targeting conservative groups for the exact same conduct, but I would wager the “Church” and the politcal hacks disguised as “Reverends” will continue to engage in political advocacy with complete impunity, immune from the attentions of the IRS.

    • t then I am reminded of that classic scene in ‘Casablanca’ as Rick’s casino is closed down.
      Rick: “How can you close me up? On what grounds?
      Captain Renault: “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”
      (a croupier hands Renault a pile of money)
      Croupier: “Your winnings, sir.”
      Captain Renault: (sotto voce) “Oh, thank you very much.”
      Captain Renault: “Everybody out at once!!”

    • This has been going on for a great many years: “Liberal” churches are wide open as Leftist political centers and are ignored by the IRS, while Conservative churches are heavily scrutinized. That’s why it was a wonder to me that folks were surprised at the recent stories of the IRS going after Conservatives. They didn’t suddenly become corrupt when Obama took office; they’re just a little more blatant about who they are, due to “their kind” of Administration calling the shots, as are most all their fellow travelers on the Left now.

  4. May God help us all–black and white–red and yellow. Whatever happened the the “hope” that man or woman could work and earn a decent living for their family–head held high with pride and an equal opportunity to compete? That is the American dream that has been trampled on by the “give-away programs to get a vote.”

  5. The black individuals need leaders who will lead them out of poverty, not mouths to scream their outrage. They need someone to do something (Like creating jobs) and not just gripe about their plight. A matter of fact, us white folks could use some of that ourselves these days. We’re all in this together and making more white people poor has not helped the black community one bit.

    • 0bama should have been that beacon….but, he has been an epic failure… hope lies in folks like allen west, ben carson and the rest of the great, strong black. conservative leaders…. pray for them…

      • Obama never meant to be a beacon. With the exception of Ted Cruz, the only good leaders I see are black conservatives. How racist of me huh? West, Carson and Cain, I will vote for any of them for president. Cruz is my current hope but only because he has a chance of getting the republican nomination, miniscule as that chance is. We need a new party, and Tea Party has a nice ring to it!

      • Obama never intended to be a beacon of anything. He is a conman who got elected to the highest office by promising freebies. A beacon of hope is someone who loves God and country more than themselves. This seems to fit Allen West, Dr. Carson and Herman Cain, as well as Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin. I would happily vote for any one of these fine Americans for President, but I doubt I will get the chance unless they form a new party or run as independents. Conservatives have no party anymore and the republican party would never give them the backing they need to win the primaries, they threaten their cushy jobs with all the perks. But, I’ll not vote for a lesser person than these.

    • That gets a down vote for many reasons.
      #1 You’re being racist, that’s enough, but you’re doing so when you are a guest on Allen West’s site which makes you the epitome of stupidity and ignorance.
      #2 As an idiot you completely miss who is blaming their failures on others. Basically it’s lazy people who have been trained to be lazy and not accept responsibility for where they are.
      #3 You can’t spell, you are an idiot after all, and you can’t figure out the Caps Lock / Shift key.

    • Hey, proudwhite…your post comes across as wrong-headed, ignorant, and totally out of proper perspective. Comments like that don’t help anything – just makes things worse. I suppose it’s possible that you didn’t intend to be offensive, but I can’t be sure because of how badly you wrote it. What are you
      doing? Trying to make conservatives look bad?

      • Yes, they are mindlessly generalized…I have friends who are Irish and they get very angry when people refer to all Irish as alcoholics. Think proudwhite…before you generalize…it’s people like you that make to so blacks can’t dig out from under the stereotyping. Semper fi Army!

    • the Constitution doesn’t say “separation of church and state as soooo many people believe…. it insures that the government cannot create a church and make everyone attend…..[that was what England had in mind]……the pastor cannot endorse a candidate or party “from the pulpit”……cannot use church funds to support a candidate or party……but, discussing issues from the pulpit is NOT prohibited because many issues are based on scripture…..

    • The church could lose its tax exempt status. But since Eric Holder has been running the DOJ, he’s made it a point to say he will only prosecute white on black crime and ignore any infractions by blacks.

  6. My prayer is that the black community wake up to the plantation mentality that is thrust upon them by the Progressive/Democrat agenda and they begin to fullfill the dreams of Dr. King. It is my belief that Black Conservatives will begin to be recognized by ALL as the voice of reason and a light out of the darkness. God Bless.

    • Dr.MLK would die from a heart attack if he could witness the “first” blackish “president”…. his heart would break for his people and what has been done to push his race in reverse at 60 MPH back into the 1950’s……he had a dream & this “presidency” could have been a dream come true instead of the NIGHTMARE it is …..

      • Agreed….even with the cards staked against them, family values and a good moral background, led them to a freedom from one form of discrimination..This freedom is now being squashed with an entitled, enabled attitude that the left has pushed on them. It will take a generation to recover, if ever, from it. The soft racism of low expectations.

  7. “The heart of the black community is conservative and these ministers preach individual salvation on Sunday. Unfortunately, they preach collective subjugation Monday to Saturday.”

    It’s surprising that a larger amount of educated black people don’t see the Charlatans for whom they are. it’s an interesting phenomenon that happens in Latino communities as well. Latinos tend to have conservative, family oriented values. Yet they consistently vote Liberal as a majority. Its weird.

    • Could it be because the Democrats promise them free stuff and entitlements paid for by the taxpayers that Democrats have condemned as “greedy”? So Democrats buy votes with taxpayer funded programs and teach the recipients to hate those whose tax dollars are actually paying for the programs. It’s an example of biting the hand that feeds you.

      • Obviously, you have a reading comprehension and retention problem. Otherwise, you would realize “them” was in response to Mohammed’s pink swastika’s comment. I suggest you read that again and you’ll understand who “them” is.

      • What makes you think I have a comprehension problem. I ask who “them” are…Mohammed mentioned Lations, Conservation black community etc… Your post is not clear are you speaking about all of the groups listed or the NAACP group, liberal blacks, black or white race baiters.

      • You just want to argue with someone. My reply was clear and you’re just playing dumb. I’m not going to waste my time on you.

      • I’m not looking for an argument. I don’t mind a discussion; however, to me your comment was very general and not pointed. I asked for a clarification, instead you’ve become argumentative. In my life I hear them, those people, you people and on.. So reading the comments and looking at your comment to me it wasn’t clear of whom you were speaking.

  8. Its hard for a white man to disagree with Mr Barber , or Jackson , or Sharpton without being called a racist . In my eyes thats the pot calling the kettle black . How can a racist who makes money off stirring up the public and cutting old healing wounds open again serve any real purpose other than to their self benefit. I believe in voter ID , I believe in being conservative . I was once a democrat but after Mr Obama delivered on his promise of hope and change , I changed from a democrat to an independent conservative and I hope they all get impeached , fired , retired , replaced and the USA restored , The Constitution starts with WE THE PEOPLE ,, not we the whites , we the Mexican illegals , we the racist , we the blacks , Its for all of us to protect us from big government and preserve our rights in this great nation . It will take men of honor like Allen West to restore what these others of color try so hard to divide . Its not an issue of color its an issue of entitlement and manipulation .

    • It is so refreshing to hear your comments. I hope people will leave their political affiliation for candidates that are standing up for our freedoms. Each President seems to be adding all these regulations, suppressing our way of life as Americans. Making people dependent on the government. We are at a very dangerous place. This government knows they need to shut down the Tea Party movement, ie the IRS scandal. The Tea Party just represents keeping Government in its place to me. No matter what, this time career politicians need to go from both parties and we need to start over if that is at all possible. We can hope!

  9. someday hopefully the ignorant blacks will wake up and realize that the democratic party is responsible for keeping them repressed ,, NYC is next in line to be the next Detroit if they have their way ,, and the slums will grow ever more larger and stay on the beholding side of ministering race baiters who claim that they are being held back by the republicans who also don’t have a clue ,,as to what’s going on,, change is needed in all government but first you need bright,honest, true God fearing personal who really care about the human race , and not the color of a sinners skin ,,

  10. i just wonder what matchbook these so called reverends get their degree from, they are nothing more than snake oil salesmen playing on the people to remain ignorant. what this stupid negro doesn’t mention is that the first black congressman during reconstruction was physically removed from serving his constituents because he was a republican. and the ones that removed him were DEMOCRATS. there are some really ignorant “pastors” out there and the negroes that believe them!!!!!

    • To answer your question about where they get their degree’s from, I can answer that. The loud mouth trouble maker’s who are always brewing up humbug in the black community are attending these so called divinity colleges started by other trouble makers. I’m a 30 year Law Enforcement Veteran ,and I’ve been watching them for the last 15 years and it’s a total shame how this is done. Okay there are some who come to the prison and recruit prisoners to become preachers, now we are talking scum, child molesters, rapist, dope dealers and so on and the have classes with them for about 4 months twice a week and they get their certificate , and I know one personally, who has a jail house certificate and came out and now claims to have a PhD but here’s the kicker….NO HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA ….and most recently raised to the title of Bishop, but served timed for playing with little girls at one time . And when there is some sort of NAACP protest , he’s right in the middle of it . These people set up these schools over night and get government funding for it . There are hundreds of them in the Metro New Orleans area and the local and state politicians fear them , The Mayor and the Police Chief especially , just check it out . The vast Majority of them can’t read above a 3 grade level ……….

      • i know what you’re saying, i’m just using the matchbook analogy to prove how easy it is to become one of these idiots!!!!! and these government funded “non profits” are just another way to screw the taxpayer.

      • Again, if we Christians would just do as Jesus said and look at a person’s works, we would know better than to be taken for a ride, but too often we don’t. Then we need to have the courage to out the phonies for who and what they are. As it is, the Church today has gotten soft, lazy and weak, and I say that as a Christian, not to bash the Church but to remind us we need to wake up and do what’s right. Good, old fashioned common sense has gone the way of the dinosaur because we’re not teaching our kids, and others to really listen to what people say, watch what they do, and then measure and compare actions with words. It’s no wonder that low lifes like this ‘Reverend’ aren’t afraid to use the Church as cover for their own hustling, we’ve been too weak now for a long time to stand up and fight this type of thing. It’s time to light the fire again, and let everyone see that light.

  11. In the election for congress in 1870 my ancestor “Corker” won the election for the 5th district in Georgia. When he showed up for his seat he was challenged by his defeated opponent “Beard”. Corker’s opponent was a black man. Beard assumed he would win due to the reconstruction laws that only had been loosened up in July of 1868 allowing former confederate soldiers now to vote. Many of the former slaves joined loyal leagues to support the republican party. The republican party was trying to control the entire country especially with all the new party members. But Corker had won the election not only because more whites could now vote but many of the blacks had issues with the black republican candidates. Issac Heard a former slave stated “The republican party had placed a class of people before the colored people and this class of people was not popular.”……..My point not all blacks believe like the NAACP. The history of this country shows that there have always been two factions of blacks…the Booker T. Washington blacks vs. the We dubois faction. One seeks peace and harmony the other seeks strife and hatred.

    • As there are 3 kinds of whites, the nut-case liberals, the nut-case KKK type, and the middle of the road, common sense, down to earth whites. Problem is the 3rd group has been silent far too long. There are far more of us in the 3rd group than in the other two groups.

      • The, as you call them, nut-case liberals seem to have swung from reasonable left to their current position, whereas the nut-case KKK types have always been nut-case KKK types, typically uneducated and impoverished, but staunchly independent, and not willing to learn the reason for conservatism.

    • Yes, and those issues are used to split the black community. Then it bleeds over to the seriously poor educational system that black children are submerged into…you know John Corker, PBS Pinckback and others. And you’re right not all black believe the NAACP. I see the results every day.

  12. Alot of comments are people wondering why the black community doesn’t wake up to whats being done to them. Heres my thoughts. I think they do see it, but I think they have not been educated as to how their freedom really came about and how their civil rights really came about and exactly which party was responcible for these things and which party tried to stop it including 14 democrats holding a philibuster to stop their civil rights. Now they have been so dependent for so long and told for so long that republicans want them to “starve” they are afraid to vote republican as they did in the past, because I think they envision being cut off from all economic aid in one fell swoop. The adults in their communities who worked hard and brought themselves up to a better place are gone now, the Martin Luther Kings are gone.
    And now we face a new era of racism due to a divide that is being propegated by their so called leaders and the man they call president. I see this divide that so many of us worked so hard to kill being brought to life in comments I now hear young people making, hypocrisies they are now noticing, black colleges, they ask why can’t there be white colleges, black groups by the thousands, white groups are banned, black comedians ripping on whites but whites not allowed to do it to them. In our media and law, the differences. As one young girl said to me…”minorities don’t really want equality, they want special treatment, they want to wear their color on their sleeves but your not suppose to notice their color unless it’s convienant for them.” This is the attitude I see and hear growing and it’s saddens me that she is right.

    • well written. We must have black leaders as DR. King. We need to teach all children what respect means. I was taught to respect everyone regardless of their faith the color of their skin. All Humans should be treated with respect. As the saying goes treat everyone as you would want to be treated. Dr King has paved the way for everyone to have the same opportunities to grow and we have some that want to wallow in the current black leaders false statements. S

    • Lyndon B. Johnson was telling the truth, after signing into law his Great Society bill of welfare, foodstamps and Medicaid, “We will not have to worry about getting the ‘nigrah’ vote now for the next 200 years.” It was about getting votes and nothing else. It has done nothing to pull anyone out of poverty. Instead it keeps them in poverty and dependent on the government. Those on these programs doubt their own ability to work and climb out of poverty and stuck in poverty as long as they are dependent on these programs.

      • Exactly. These programs are so structured in ways to discourage any attemp by people using them to better themselves and get off the government teat. The people in government who derive their living and their sense of importance could not survive without a permanent underclass. Sadly, much of the education system has fostered this type of enslavement.

    • Why is it that everyone that says blacks should stop pointing fingers for their troubles alwas manage to point a finger at what they assume is their troubles. We all know what LBJ said and who filibustered Civil-Rights. Guess what? They are all dead. No one cares what LBJ said some 60 years ago. We all know republican party been pandering to those same dixiecrats ever since CRA and they’ve all switched party. We all know about Willie Horton, we all know about the southern strategy. We all know Rush Limbaugh is a conservative. Please if you’re going to give history lessons tell the whole story.

      • First of all, Vlad, you’re entitled to your opinion, (sorry, but here comes the cliche) just not your own facts. I happened to be alive when LBJ was around, and probably many others blogging here were. LBJ did more damage to EVERYBODY in this nation than any other President before him, with the possibe exception of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and at least Roosevelt thought he was helping people. The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter what the intentions were, it is always a HORRIBLE idea to foster citizens’ dependence on government handouts. Don’t believe me? Just investigate the fine print, and you’ll find that most government ‘help’ programs discourage getting an education. For example EDD will deny you the help that you were taxed to pay for during your time of working if you decide to go to school during your unemployment. When you do work part time they will ask you how much you earned, and then skim off that amount from your ‘benefits’. and then wonder why people are afraid to accept part time work, while they look for full time work. I know, I’ve been on EDD before. One last thing; I hate to burst your bubble but the democrats and republicans did NOT ‘switch parties’. Perhaps you should google John Calhoun, or Abraham Lincoln. Hint; Calhoun was the democrat, and Lincoln was the republican. Next time you decide to lecture everybody on history maybe you should take the time to dig up some actual facts, they’re out there if you care to look.

      • Vlad, you can also get the correct history by going online to the Library of Congress and type in a request for civil rights legislation since 1865. You will be enlightened and shocked to discover the true history of civil rights in this country, including the rights for women.

  13. If white ‘preachers’ stood today and said such things, they would be tarred and feathered by the NAACP. Like if I were to say, “Obama and his comrades at arms are like dummies in the lap of socialist’s such as Saul David Alinsky.” Would that perchance perturb some people? I would be speaking from my heart.

  14. I would bet if a “from behind” picture was posted for this racist, hiding behind the title of “Rev”, you’d see a curly tail. The National Association of Always Complaining People does nothing for the Black Community. They are in their race baiting for he money and high life. This pig fits the description.

  15. I wonder if ignoring these people and the pandering would do more to see the disappear, than to give the voice and some misplaced authority that may not have had prior to the giving voice? Just a thought.

    • No, it wouldn’t, because unfortunately, there are far too many listening too, and believing them. You can’t fight lies with silence. Only truth can fight such dishonesty.

      • You can’t fight a liberal TV media. The new ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN,Oprah,and Hollywood will never let the agenda of the liberal ideas that socialism is what we American’s need die, we are ignored if we have faith in our Nation, Our God and our families. We are the silent majority and we are so busy trying to make a living and trying to keep our families together we do not have the money or time to be advocates other than here on Facebook. Many of the so called leaders of oppressed blacks are wealthy and have plenty of time and money to continue subjugating their own race for gain. It all comes down to power and money. If these persons were ignored when they open their mouths a spit out the message of poverty and propaganda that has been espoused by the Democrat Party for the last 149 years we would not be in this situation.
        Take a look at the rich history of successful blacks in this nation and realize that someone is neglecting to teach our young the importance of excellence, even if it should be the very best brick mason, the very best diesel mechanic, or the very best lawyer and doctor you can possibly be.

  16. For someone who doesn’t play victim. Col. West spend a lot of time worrying about what’s been said about “black conservatives”

    • Pointing out the double standard and the hypocrisy of it. Look at the “meat” of the message instead of the surface. Come on now.

      It’s not about being a victim, it’s about those that have rose above the nonsense continuing to be propagated by the left and their ilk.

    • Col. West doesn’t play the victim – he has succeeded in all areas of his his life. Home, military, politics. Simply calling out hypocrisy and racism when it’s there isn’t playing the victim.

      • Using racism as an excuse is not the answer! It seems anyone opposed to Obama is discredited by calling them a racist. I am white and date a black woman. I am far from a racist, but have certainly observed it. Even some blacks give us dirty looks when they see us together. I have been snubbed by black and white. Criticizing black or white leftist politicians is not racist.

      • But calling out a racist, lying, Muslim President for being a racist lying (claims to be Christian) Muslim, now that’s racist … right?

    • Under the current administration the unemployment rate for young black men is currently 40%. Note that this is under a black president with the liberal democrats controlling 5/6 of the government. The democrats have always claimed to represent and care for black Americans. Yet every major metropolitan area under democrat control exhibits the same symptoms of poverty
      and decay. Some of these ares have been under democrat control for 40+ years. How can this be explained other than to admit that literalism is abject failure. The truth is liberals trade pittances of food stamps and welfare checks for votes at election time each year then forget about those whose cause they claim to champion. The philosophy of conservatism is to work at learning a marketable skill, enter the job market and thereby society, earning the rewards for doing so. Then you don’t need the democrats and their disgusting plantation of poverty. Of course this would put the poverty pimps out of business, which is they scream so loudly when their gravy train is threatened. Its so easy to point the finger at someone else and blame them for your misfortune as the NAACP does. But isn’t that exactly what the white democrats did after the Civil War when.they started the KKK? Isn’t that exactly what Hitler did? In fact isn’t that what all despots do when their policies fail? Find a scapegoat and blame them for the leaders failures? Now ask yourself, “What is OUR leader doing now?”.

  17. I completely agree with Col. West’s assessment. It is easier to continue to place blame than it is to accept guilt. The truth is, with the exception of the Federal Government and their handouts, there is nobody alive in this country today that had anything to do with the enslavement of the black people here. For over 30 years the racism in this country had nearly disappeared. The extreme left has brought it back because it suits their need to divide and conquer. It is not the white people in America who are keeping them enslaved. It is the black people, who by accepting the “role” our government has given them (that of uneducated, unemployed welfare/foodstamp collectors) deny themselves the very things that Dr. King worked so hard for them to achieve.

    • And sadly far too many are not listening to MLK’s message, which was an END to racism. He envisioned that people would one day see each other by their merits, or faults, not by their color. As a nation, though we started out well, we’ve gone off the path, and we need to start pushing back against the people who spread racial division, by using truth and facts. One good way to do that might be for anyone who can afford to do it, to get their kids out of the public schools, who teach kids to be dependant on government, and convince them that they are incapable of thinking for themselves.

  18. What ever happened to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ? If some of the “white” churches “preached” politics, they’d be charged, harassed, and denied tax status and so on. This man needs to read the Word of God; not to mention the history of black America. Obama is not the savior some seem to think he is. He has not lived the “black American experience”. He lived in Hawaii, Malaysia and was a child of privilege. His mother was white, so why does everyone call him an “African American”? Was he from Africa? But he uses the race card whenever he thinks it will suit his needs or bring more division.

    • Because far too many people can’t see past another person’s skin color. If you’re not the same color as them, you’re not a whole human being. If you’re a different color than they are, then you are to be used then demonized.

  19. Barber lives in our town. He is a Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton wannabe. Like the rest of his brethren, he has done nothing to help the black community. He will be the first one to throw the race card on the table, every time.

    • If these race baiting/hating individuals weren’t able to fool and encourage the continued anger/hatred of the black population against the white population; these creeps would have no purpose. Their OWN people would be throwing them out, becoming more and more independent; and these creeps would be out of a job.

  20. rev·er·end
    adjective: reverend
    used as a title or form of address to racists who pretend to be clergy.
    “the Reverend Jesse Jackson”

  21. Another fatazz race-baiting jerry curl wearing fried chicken eating baboon. Where do they find these pimps? They get rich spreading racism.

  22. Liberalism is a disorder,not very different from the horrendous Munchausen by proxy syndrome. Look it up and think about how the Liberal treats people as children and then perpetuates problems while for decades proclaim they care. And only they can provide the cure. While most Liberals dont consciously do this, there are many in Government that know full well what they are doing..

  23. Tim Scott is a good conservative man and he should be encouraged not slandered ! But this man who is race baiting “WILL” get his just rewards in the end !

  24. I am grateful for your stand on this issue. I grew up in a small town in Alabama with a widowed mother with 10 children of which I am number 10. This was before social security was given to coal miners and when it was finally given, they were credited with earning 1200.00 a year. This meant my mother received 36.50 total SS for herself and four children still eligible for SS. Her children and her selfless hard work clothed and feed the family. Somehow three of the 10 graduated college, two with Masters degrees. Four sons were in WWII at the same time and later owned homes and had families which they supported. The answer to poverty is hard work, education and responsibility all of which can be achieved with a thriving economy. I am now financially independent, retired and enjoying life. The last several years of working, I worked three jobs to save and send my two daughters through college without one dime from the federal government or the college. And, they had no student loan or debt upon graduating. I am tired of hearing the broken leg syndrome from those who will not and do not want to work for a living. Go to school, learn, work, save, live below your means and be responsible. According to the effort is the reward.

  25. “The heart of the black community is conservative and these ministers preach individual salvation on Sunday. Unfortunately, they preach collective subjugation Monday to Saturday.”

    That’s quality commentary right there. Thank you.

  26. Allen, I live in North Carolina and the latest hate emitted by “Rev” Barber is just the latest example of his vitriol. Barber is upset that Republicans are now in control in NC because his “gravy train” will end. If you read this article, you will see that under Democrat control, Barber milked the taxpayer through grants to his “non-profits”.

    By the way, I met you several years ago when you spoke at the NCGOP State Convention. I was the one that told you that when you run for President I want to work for you and you said that God would call me first! I respect and admire you sir, and the offer stands!

  27. When individuals as Tim Scott, Allen West and others start going out to all people and take the time to explain and educate them about what is being done by the Elected Officials, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barber and others and how they are doing it, then I will believe they have all the people interest at heart. As long as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barber and others continue what they do it’s a no win situation, because no one is behind them explaining the other side and truth. You can’t educate people on the Internet and TV. Mr. West had a video on here not long ago and he needs to add it back to each newsletter he posts. The video spoke volumes of the people fed up and asking for help, in a meeting that Al Sharpton held.

  28. If leaders, both black or white, truly value education and want nothing more than to empower children then the only answer is education. And if the objective is to truly educate then one cannot possibly vote for the party that places teachers’ unions above those children.

  29. I would like to believe that ‘the heart of the black community is conservative’. Unfortunately, the facts don’t seem to bear that out.

  30. “Victimhood” pays. It pays well. And it has the added advantage of allowing anger, hatred, bad behavior with no responsibility…any and all excuses for an absence of personal responsibility. So much easier to cry, “poor me” than to educate yourself of the real facts. “Poor me” is easier than admitting you’ve been duped, played…and throwing out the parasitic con men.
    “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” You can surround people with facts and truth but you cannot make them hear it let alone act on it. They have to THIRST for it themselves.

  31. Comical that blacks by the millions are members of the founding Party of the KKK…
    Better yet is that they don’t recognize the means by which the Democrats continue their slavery to this day…
    Perhaps if they made “runaway Slave” mandatory viewing in every black church in America, they’d get the idea…

  32. What if the Rev. was right? Is it the stance of both political sides to just opposed the other side no matter what is said?

    • Mr. Bonds, study the Rev.’s position statement. Determine For Yourself whether it is valid, or just noise. If it’s noise, turn it off. I have been in the GOP for a long time and have witnessed its failures, and there have been too many since Jack Kemp [Google him.] and Ronald Reagan. Col. West speaks from a perspective with a voice that transcends the political “noise” and bring a message that the GOP and the country need to hear, right now!

      • The silliness of the first part of the statement doesn’t negate the second portion in which he states a Black Senator when to Washington and articulated the agenda of the Tea Party. He is angry because he believes “the policies Scott supports hurt the people whom King spent his life trying to help.”

        What if the Rev. is right?

      • Rev. Barber has a screw loose and I wouldn’t be surprised, like others that really don’t need food stamps or welfare are like a bunch of suckers, Sucking the system dry. They have been doing it for years……. Barber is just an example of scum in society, and he needs to run his mouth some. Loser he is and deserves nothing from no one….. He is like Jesse,, probably another extortionist sucking his victims dry under their nose as they give in to his ways………

      • Maybe so..I don’t know the man…but a black man pushing the Agenda of the Tea Party is NOT what the vast majority of minority voters in South Carolina he is playing politics by preaching to a crowd that agrees with is message. Politics suck huh?

      • Yep, youmembers of the keep drinking that Kool Aid Mr. Bonds. Just another one of those intellectually-enlightened members of the Democrat party that continues to enslave minorities with their policies of never-ending welfare, food stamps, unemployment and “free” healthcare benefits, Obamaphones included. You sound so reasonable, yet your perspective is nothing other than a re-hashing of your party’s talking points. The party of Jim Crow, the KKK, segregation, George Wallace, Senator Byrd et al. The party of LBJ who’s policies have “bought” your votes for years. You rant against the wealthy, yet there’s more wealth on the Democrat side of the aisle in Washington than the Republican side. Obama’s campaigns scored record-setting contributions from Wall Street and corporations. How big a hypocrite hides behind your well-crafted rhetoric?

      • I don’t have a party. All political ideologies, alliance, parties, and bickering is a detriment to the country. Democrats are too weak to stand up to the GOP…and the GOP are too emotional to use reason. Democratic and Republican politicians are bought, sold, and traded for the benefit of those who can control them with money. If you think there is one party that is better than another…YOU are part of the problem. They are both on the same team. It is unfortunate that the vast majority of Americans can not see that.

        I don’t rant against the wealthy…that is pure hyperbole. I call attention to corruption and market/economic manipulation of those who control our country with their wealth. That does not include all wealthy people. But, in order to attempt to combat a very rational and factual argument, you have to engage is superlatives and extremism.

        I am not an Obama fan. Like I said…he is just like the last 3 Republican Presidents…you all only dislike him because he is a Democrat. It proves my point that they are all on the same team, but most Americans ( you in this case) either don’t know or don’t want to know this inconvenient fact.

      • You mean that what you perceive as a majority of black people don’t want a black man who understands liberty: what it is, what you get by going out and getting it and what you don’t get because you can’t just take it from someone else.

      • The people are on the right are fine with taking liberties away if it is condoned by the bible or some oppressive sense of morality.

      • I thought you don’t look at people as left or right? But if you feel the belief in God is an oppressive sense of morality, you need to take it up with Him.

      • A belief in God is not an oppressive sense of morality. I believe in God. The oppressive sense of morality is the belief that you can and SHOULD legislate people based on YOUR religion and understanding of it.

      • Ok if the Rev. is correct, then what are policies that can help the people Dr. King spent his life trying to help? Because liberal policies like government housing complexes, welfare from cradle to grave, and affirmative action have been dismal failures. I am a conservative Hispanic who grew up in the era of the UFW and Cesar Chavez, and my father actually conceded at one time that communism was better than capitalism. However, my experience now is that the more conservative I became, the more successful I became. I stopped blaming others, including the rich and “powerful,” and began trusting God to lead me. My life has meaning now, which is probably what all people of color want. People like Rev. Barber want us to find meaning in programs and the collective fight of individual efforts towards success. So now, you tell us if the Rev. is right!

      • The policies that will help EVERYONE who are treated unfairly by a system that HEAVILY favors the rich and the privileged (which is who Dr. King was trying to help) are to STOP allowing the rich and powerful who are greedy, corrupt, and immoral (not all rich people…just the few who are like this) from hijacking our government by bribing corrupt and selfish politicians. Dr. King fought for the rights of poor and working poor people to have equal playing fields and equal rights. It is unbelievable that people on the right fight against this as if they will lose something if it happens. Nothing could be further from the truth. If the middle class and working poor do better economically EVERYONE does better…even the rich people!

        Welfare, Affirmative Action and Government housing have failed at what exactly?

        Very few people want hand outs (there are some who do), The VAST MAJORITY of people just DON’T want a foot on their head as they try to climb the latter of success…yet that is exactly what is going on. No poor person controls legislation, markets, or economic policy yet they get all the blame for the problems in this country and middle class people who are having their wages diminished by those who do control markets, economic policy, and legislation that perversely favors the wealthy are blamed for nothing and promoted as if THEY are the ones who are keeping the country afloat. How crazy is that? So, yes the Rev was right.

      • I think we both are involved in rhetoric to some degree. Let me try and clarify mine. Welfare has failed at helping the poor not be poor (we have more poor than ever in our history), Affirmative Action did not increase the number of successful, minority high school graduates get into college (high school dropout rates have increased, so minority college entrants have also), and government housing has not bred minority communities of healthy, God-fearing, safe, people. Is that exact enough? So, let’s address your rhetoric; what is a “foot on their head,” exactly? How do poor people get the blame for all the problems in this country (other than the statistics proving that blacks kill more blacks than anyone else and that more black babies are born with absent fathers than any other race-Hispanics are very close behind)? I am middle class, how are my wages getting diminished exactly (I have earned more every year for over a decade, and I’m not alone)? The wealthy DO keep the country afloat by providing jobs and investing wealth in various industries and commodities here in the US. Do you think the massive number of people getting food stamps keep this country afloat? Is it really crazy to believe that wealthy and powerful people keep this country afloat? While I agree wholeheartedly with your anger about lobbyists controlling the way government spends money, true conservatives have been battling that issue for years, and we could use some help. But liberals don’t realize they are actually helping government stay entrenched in business as usual. Obama received more support from Wall Street than any other President in modern history!! Now that, my friend, is truly crazy.

      • It sounds like you have digested a healthy dose of right wing strategy. Let’s see if I can help a little in the misconceptions that you have although I doubt that it will change how you feel at all.

        First, welfare is NOT supposed to help people get out of poverty. How on earth can feeding a person on $3.50 a day lift someone out of poverty? The goal of welfare is to keep the poor, unfortunate, or struggling for the being destitute, starving, being homeless, and/or dying. I suggest you ask the droves of new people who have needed assistance because of this atrocious economy if the assistance they received are both necessary and appreciated. Almost 70% of people who get welfare are off in 1 year or less. 80% are off in 5 years or less. That means only 20% of people are on for longer than 5 years. When you include physically or mentally disable, orphans, widows, those taking in others kids because of tragedy, and the elderly you find that less than 5% of welfare recipients are deadbeats, yet the prevailing theory for those on the right is the majority of those on welfare are lazy deadbeats who are gaming the system. That is nonsense.

        There is no Affirmative Action in high The college enrollment rate for minorities is up almost 30% since 1980 and that is with the costs of college more than doubling in the same time span. Again, you misunderstand the purpose. The purpose of Affirmative Action was not to make sure there were more successful black and latino people in the states. It was to help (even though it can’t completely) level the playing fields. People want equal opportunities…regardless of the results. Isn’t it a right wing moniker that we can’t have equal outcomes?

        Housing projects were not to create these communities you speak of. They were to cheaply and efficiently house people who would otherwise be homeless or close to it. Now, I agree that this was the wrong tactic, but I don’t know anyone who agrees it was the right thing to do now that we see the outcome. I was too young to vote at the time however. Ha!

        Lastly, with regard to the question about blaming the poor, let’s tackle that by the statements you followed it with. The wealthy keep the country afloat. So if the condition of our country is not the fault of the corrupt, greedy, immoral elite class who have hijacked our republic…then that only leaves the poor, middle class, and working poor right? That is not to say that all rich people are apart of the corrupt ruling class. Many don’t participate in politics, market manipulation, or economic policy at all. Many want the best for the country even to there own detriment ( i use that term lightly) Warren Buffet. But there ARE rich and powerful people like the Koch brothers who subscribe to the notion “give me all a country’s wealth and I care not who makes its laws”. That is because they can buy, sell, and trade any politician they want to achieve any end they desire. And that my friend is MORE WEALTH at the cost of destroying the middle class. That is the proverbial foot on the head I refer to. How? Because although your income may go up year over year, the wealth and income for the middle class has remained almost flat for the last 30 years and it has declined for the working poor and the poor, while over the same period of time the upper class has seen its income and wealth skyrocket! That is not by accident or free market forces…it is by corrupt manipulation of legislators by BOTH SIDES.

        As for Obama…he is horrible. He governs just like a Republican, but Republicans have a problem with it because he is a Democrat…smh.

      • It sounds like you want to avoid the facts that I presented because you are emotionally attached to what you feel. Facts are not left or right wing.

      • You don’t present facts. You present a little knowledge. Others are presenting you with more knowledge. Take it.

      • You are welcomed to present evidence or facts that contradict the things I have presented, but just saying they are not facts does not mean they aren’t.

      • If you took everything away from everybody in America and said – start over – what would happen? Some people would become rich, some poor and some would end up somewhere in the middle. You could start all over every ten years – same outcome. What people are saying when they want ‘equality’ is one of two things: they want you to give them what you have or they want ‘overs’. You don’t get what belongs to someone else – that’s called stealing. You also don’t get ‘overs’ in life. You just get life.

      • Nobody is trying to prevent the NATURAL outcomes of people in their pursuit of happiness. What we are trying to prevent is the UNNATURAL, unethical, corrupt, and oppressive success of some at the expense of others by manipulating legislation, markets , and economic forces.

        I am not even sure why people on the right are against that.

      • If the ‘Black Senator’ articulated Tea Party ‘agenda’ – he spoke up for less government, less taxation, upholding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If those things hurt ‘black people’, they certainly aren’t the same ‘black people’ King spent his life trying to help.

      • With all due respect..the vast majority of tea party believers have no idea what they are fighting for. They have heard an ideology preached and they agree with it based on emotion. Less taxation has done NOTHING for the country. Less Government is a good thing, but people have no idea why they want less government…they just think it sounds like a good thing. And Conservatives…especially Tea Party members don’t realize that they are ANTI-Constitutional because they are Anti-Federalists. The founders who added the Bill of Rights to the Constitution were AGAINST the Constitution and a strong federal government….just like Conservatives and Tea party members.

        It is a shame that people believe in things they don’t understand.

      • You really need to look in the mirror and repeat your last sentence hear, out loud, a couple of times.

      • I rarely “believe” things. Either something is true or it is untrue. I don’t accept what either side says. I challenge both to come up with what is ACTUALLY true independent of party nonsense….and it is all nonsense. If it is something I don’t understand…i ask someone who does…who is unbiased. You should try it.

      • With all due respect, I disagree with your assessment. You’re guessing. Everything you are saying about them, I see in you. You’re basing your beliefs on emotion. Less taxation isn’t going on – so no, it hasn’t done anything for the country. Millions of people know exactly why they want less government – limited government is Constitutional, and for a clear reason. To clarify your statement regarding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights: Charters of Freedom “To the Federalists, those who favored the Constitution, a bill of rights was unnecessary because the Federal Government was limited in its powers and could not interfere with the rights of the people or the states; also, most states had bills of rights. To the Anti-Federalists, those who opposed the Constitution, the prospect of establishing a strong central government without an explicit list of rights guaranteed to the people was unthinkable. Throughout the ratification process, individuals and state ratification conventions called for the adoption of a bill of rights.
        The First Federal Congress took up the question of a bill of rights almost immediately. Congress proposed twelve amendments to the states. Ten of these were added to the Constitution on December 15, 1791.

      • Anti-Federalism refers to a movement that opposed the creation of a stronger U.S. federal government and which later opposed the ratification of the Constitution of 1788.

        “The Anti-Federalists were composed of diverse elements, including those opposed to the Constitution because they thought that a stronger government threatened the sovereignty and prestige of the states, localities, or individuals; those that claimed a new centralized, disguised “monarchic” power that would only replace the cast-off despotism of Great Britain

        Still others believed that while the national government under the Articles was too weak, the national government under the Constitution would be too strong. Another complaint of the Anti-Federalists was that the Constitution provided for a centralized rather than Federal Government”

        Is it your contention that Conservatives today don’t think the Federal Government is “too strong”, too big, and has too much control? If so, are they closer to the Anti-Federalists (most who were opposed to a strong federal government) or Constitutional propents who believed a strong federal government was necessary?

      • Please show me in the Constitution (not the Bill of Rights) where it says how limited the government should be. Thanks.

        And, do you ACTUALLY believe the needs of all were covered in the original Constitution and Bill of rights?

      • “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”
Patrick Henry

        ”Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.”

        For those of us who have searched the depths of the Constitution know that even though these quotes are not found directly within the text of the document on the one hand, they fully incapsulate the dominant principles of that document which is that the dominant portion of power should forever be in the hands of the citizen for the preservation of his own freedom.

        This is the principle that sets the United States Constitution apart from any other nation. It is also why every freedom that is not spelled out in the text is allocated to the states.

        “The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen”…Dennis Prager.

        Survey any 100 adult people and 95% will tell you that the job and or purpose of government is to take care of its people. This concept is totally antithetical to the concept of freedom that is the dominant principle of our Constitution.

        For any government to provide for and or take care of its people it has to assume or seize the power to do so; and its principle source of seizing that power is taxation.

        Put quite simply: you want food stamps, housing, healthcare, daycare, phones, social security, pensions, birth control. minimum wages, income equality, equality of results, and you believe that the government can provide those things; then that government has to be big enough and powerful enough to first take those means from someone else and give them to you.

        If you want a bigger and bigger government then prepare yourself to be a slave.

      • I don’t know what Constitution you were reading or how you understood the Federalist Papers, but if you think more taxes and bigger government are so great, just write the check.

      • “With all due respect..the vast majority of tea party believers have no idea what they are fighting for”

        How would you know?

      • Good question. Maybe I overstated my position. To rephrase: the vast majority of tea party beliefs, thoughts, and opinions offered by Tea Party politicians and online comments are contrary to the goals of the founding fathers….which is what the Tea Party claims they are fighting for.

        Thanks for the correction.

    • Andre, it is up to us to know the difference of who is right and who is wrong. It is just that simple, common sense is the barometer.

  33. Colonel, you continue to speak the truth from a perspective that cannot be denied. I pray that your audience and the greater audience across this fine country can hear it, learn from it and act.
    Drive on.

  34. To me the NAACP is the “BIGGEST RACIAL IDIOTIC GROUP” in the world….. They say and call the white man a “RACIST” if they say something wrong. When it comes to a black guy killing a white guy, the whites do not holler and carry on like a bunch of losers. Let it be a black man killed by a white guy, then Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and everyone else in the NAACP gets involved and hollers slurs at the white people……. I treat everyone, be black or white, pink or yellow the same way I expected to be treated. Treat me with Respect then I will Respect you back. Call me names and then I will dish them back at ya just as hard… I am not prejudice in no way. Treat those the same you wanted to be treated…… Then there will be no problem with anyone. Am sick and tired of the NAACP crying like a bunch of pansies when something doesn’t go their way. They need to listen to bill Cosby on what he thinks of his own kind….. Nuff said

  35. By definition the NAACP is a racist organization. Could you imagine having a “National Association for the advancement of White People”? What is ironic is that the black people in the NAACP can’t see that it promotes giving advantages to a group based on the color of their skin. This is the exact thing that we are trying to get away from.

    These people are pushing us farther away from judging people based on the content of their character not the color of their skin. The NAACP, like “Affirmative Action” ,is no longer helpful. it is a nothing less than a form of discrimination and racism.

  36. Mr. Barber is not a true teacher of GOD’s word, if he was, he would not being saying all these things. He’s about as phony as a $3.00 bill! I guess he has never read what Paul said about pastors/teachers…1Peter 4:17(false ones should really be worried)


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