GOP again chooses politics over policy on immigration


I find it unbelievable that the Republican Party may find a way to steal defeat from the jaws of victory in this very important 2014 mid-term election. Looks like they’re getting ready to step in it regarding immigration.

A great editorial in Investors Business Daily titled “House GOP Plans to Save Obama with Immigration Reform” just makes me cringe.

Republicans should own the issue of immigration. After all, the last time — 1986 — the nation took the “comprehensive” approach that Democrats now propose, nothing ended up being fixed in exchange for the amnesty for millions of illegals. And today, insisting on securing the border before doing anything else is no-lose politically.

Instead it seems the GOP is more concerned about being demonized by the liberal progressive Left on the issue of illegal immigration and will find a way to cave, or as DC calls it “compromise.” Ever noticed that when Democrats are in power, you never hear the word compromise used? During the first two years of Obama’s presidency when Democrats controlled the House and Senate did you ever hear the media talk about compromise? In DC and political lexicon, compromise simply means Republicans give in to Democrats, on everything.

So instead of recognizing illegal immigration is a multi-headed hydra affecting our national security, economy, healthcare, education, and local criminality, and must be dealt with by sound policy, everyone appears to be rushing to gain favor from the Hispanic electorate. It’s all about politics.

The House GOP is poised to use a piecemeal strategy as cover to enact, more or less, the Democrats’ agenda on immigration — giving the party millions of dependable Democratic votes as a consequence.

As reported by The Hill last week, Senate Democrats were told by Obama to expect House Speaker John Boehner to succeed this year in passing an immigration reform that would include amnesty because he believes Republicans fear opposing it would render them politically vulnerable. A tell-tale sign: Boehner recently hired former John McCain immigration specialist Becky Tallent. Boehner will supposedly release a one-page list of immigration “principles” some time before Obama delivers his State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday.

According to Investors Business Daily, last month a Pew poll found 55 percent of Hispanics believe finding a way for illegals to live and work in the U.S. lawfully without fear of deportation is more important than giving them amnesty.

We must first do what the federal government failed to do in 1986: secure our porous border. We must end the practice of American taxpayer-funded benefits going to individuals here illegally. A great start would be ending tax loopholes for illegals.

We must have economic policy reforms that first of all get Americans back to work — we already have wage depression for middle-income families and a genocidal unemployment situation in the black community.

We need to work with out agriculture industry to develop a means by which we can have a guest worker program that is tracked. Comprehensive reform in DC-speak means a really big and convoluted political remedy that no one reads before they vote on it. And in the long term, the issue is never resolved, only exacerbated.

The GOP must persuade all Americans they can deliver on prosperity by reversing Obama’s big government policies in order to gain majority support.

Democrats play the political game of collectivism and the result from their big government schemes is greater dependency on the welfare state. Republicans — principled Republicans — must enact policy through regular order procedure that advances individual success, opportunity, and prosperity. That is the American dream, and why so many have sacrificed and ventured to our shores — legally.

When I was on Capitol Hill I had a very astute mentor by the name of Judy Schneider who worked at the Congressional Research Service. I will never forget the first time I sat down with this renowned Congressional expert when she imparted to me three key things about Congress: policy, politics, and procedure. She was very direct in explaining that two of the three make you a statesman. One of the three makes you a DC politician. But understanding all three will make you a force to be reckoned with, and a threat to the powers to be.

Where do you think the leading members of the House GOP score on this scale? Will the House GOP cave on this issue of illegal immigration and grant amnesty for an ill-conceived “political” gain, or will they stand on principle as true statesmen?


    • McCain did the same thing, the media and liberals praised him up and down until the day he won the GOP nomination and then they decided he was a right wing extremist…of course those of us who were paying attention knew better! I voted for Governor Palin!

    • There’s no difference…the GOP believes the party should be more moderate, hence the Romney nomination in 2012, and the crowning of Christie for 2016 before there’s ever been a primary! They believe to win, they have to be like Christie, a liberal Republican. Fact is, Romney won independent voters, but he lost Conservatives who refused to back him. The GOP WILL LOSE IN 2016, because while the DNC will ignite its base, the GOP is alienating its base by attacking conservstives, and running moderates. I’ve told them on several occasions; I will NEVER support Christie, and if they run him, I’ll stay home…and I always vote straight Republican!

      • it is not about being moderate, it’s about being realistic and practical, and picking the battles you are hard fast to hold and work with good solutions on ones you’re not so holding to.

        for instance, for 35 yrs the right to life vote centered around a all or nothing position. It got them more abortions not less. You can be principled in your convictions, but if the act of being principled gets you a worse condition than you had before you moved to demand your principal, you have failed at your position,

        So here lately everyone is realizing that most believe there is grounds for which we could improve, making late term abortions outlawed and having a regulatory system that harshly discourages massive amounts of abortion performed. Laws were adjusted to take on this new position and low and behold for the first time since Roe vs Wade we have a rapid decline in abortions performed.

        Immigration is another position that is just like abortion. It is one that needs to see the practical capability and get that done, rather than the constant loss on principal.

      • “I always vote straight Republican!”

        I’m sorry. You should learn to get out of your rut before you hit the ditch and really get stuck. Staying home is certainly a piss poor answer!

  1. I’m confused with Democrats saying the majority of the country wants comprehensive immigration reform which includes amnesty? I want immigration reform, but that includes tightening our borders, fixing tax loopholes that give billions to illegals that have children living abroad, punishing employers that hire illegals! I’d also like to see a 24hr turn around time for deportation instead of tying up our court system! Illegals with legitimate concerns with thier lives should apply at the local U.S.Embassy!

  2. Any Republican that votes for an AMNESTY plan will get no votes and no money from me or my family. I will not support the National Party but will pick my own Tea Party candidates.

    Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire……this includes you!

  3. It is so past time for a third conservative party, the GOP has no principles and stands for nothing I want, the dem lites they are.

    • We can take the GOP back. We just have to unify behind a good candidate in 2016. For 2014 it’s a matter of not donating to the GOP, but donating and helping in whatever way possible to get the true conservatives elected.

      • You dream big. Yes it is possible to do it, BUT to do it the correct way, by voteing, would take at least 2 votes and may be 3. We do not have the leasure of taking that long. As crooked as most politicians are, we should be able to charge, arrest, remove from office (put in prison for a long time) and elect the kind of people this country needs Look at the problem reid now has, but what will happen????? And blue the rep party, made up of all those good old boys, will never put a good person up. Some one like ryan, or McCain, or Romney people of that caliber….loosers. As long as they listen to the likes of rove, they have to go.

      • I don’t disagree with you, but I think it can be done. Too many people want to quit the party. All that does is scatter us, we need to stand together in this.

      • Without solidarity within the GOP they are more of an empty suit than Obama. AARP began to veer off track toward the liberals just like the GOP. AMAC was formed, and they are gaining rapidly on AARP. A Constitutional Party could lay out a platform and attract many members from the GOP, but people are afraid to get off dead center and onto a new track. This fear is being generated by both the DNC and the GOP in order to hold on to their two party system. Trouble is, it will take time to get the fraidy-cats to move into something new in the volume needed to succeed, and time is getting terribly short. Right now the GOP needs to re-unite and quit playing with themselves trying to see who has the biggest dick; either crap or get off the crapper and let real patriots perform some miracles!

  4. The GOP are after the corporate donations, (cheap labor), and the Hispanic vote. That’s why they’re embracing another amnesty. It doesn’t matter to them what Americans want as long as they get their power grab. I’m disgusted with the status quo in Washington and wish a third party would take it all from them both in the next two elections. If we banned together as a people we could do it.

    • And you think the Libtards aren’t after Corporate Donations? Who the hell do you think voted the main Libtard into office to begin with besides the Blacks?? Get your head out of the sand!!

  5. Ours is the only country in the world that allows illegals to stay within our borders by any means necessary. It’s very frustrating. None of us should have a problem with people immigrating legally… it’s what our nation was built on. Legal immigrants built our roads, built our railways, built our entire infrastructure. Now, we citizens are allowing this sort of thing to happen. Even Switzerland wouldn’t allow this!

    • Our country was built on this principle when it was new, we are full to the brim now, close the borders to all immigrants I say.


    • bounty for what? their ears? their heads? so you wish to treat them like animals? Life has no meaning because of a line on a map?

      How hard is it to see there is a righteous answer to this problem, that the problem isn’t some wall or failure of a wall, it isn’t some imaginary line in the sand of the desert southwest. The problem is a system that requires 10-20 years of red tape to swim through in order to get the back ground process completed in triplicate and pay off all the non US officials that we demand sign the paper when we have had 10-15 years of them living beside us from which to draw our own conclusions.

      I am all for deporting the bad ones or those who support the bad ones, but I have lived with them for all my life and know damn well there is lots if not a majority of good ones and I don’t see needing to deport the good ones who have already established a residency. That is just barking for the sake of barking.


  7. Don’t you get it? The Professional politicians don’t give a damn about your quaint five and ten dollar donations! They are the big leagues, they are after corporate sponsorship! I am surprised the don’t have jackets like the NASCAR drivers have…. Emblazoned with the logos of their sponsors. Boehner’s passing the amnesty is like winning Daytona! I’ll even bet that harry reid will shake up a bottle of champagne to spray all over him and nancy pelosi rubs her boobs all over his arm while giving him a big wet victory kiss! Ohhhh Sorry about that… I know too graphic… I just got throw-up in my mouth too.
    You understand my point though, I tried to relate it to something us rubes in the fly over states would get.

    • Truer words were never spoken…. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty (the economy) Rs and Ds are just different sides of the same coin…..

  8. Has the GOP ever considered the fact that doing something the Dems don’t like is a good thing, not a bad thing. That is how we will tell ourselves apart from them.

  9. The problem isn’t the illegals or building a wall or securing the borders. The reason is simple. They are getting jobs and money here. You cut the money, you cut illegal border crossings. Fine employers who KNOWINGLY hire these workers. Cut social benefits to people who are NOT actively seeking US citizenship. You have an anchor baby? Well you had better start the process for citizenship right then so that you can stay here and raise the child. If not, then you and the child are going back to your home country. I know illegals that own property, businesses, and make more than I do and they flaunt the fact they do it right in our faces. They should pay like we do.

    • You’ll actually be sending those illegals into criminal activity. They have been so successful coming here for work, that it will be a few generations before they figure out they can’t get honest work. So when they get here they will end up going to criminal activity to make their money. Stopping any more from getting here is the first step to successful reform.

      • you’re right don. instead we should just give up and let this invading army of illegals overrun our SOVEREIGN nation. yeah right…

      • hey stupid they already are criminals. they are here illegally. what does it take for you idiots to understand, a murder,,bank robbery raping of a child . they are criminals now

      • Wow. Jumping to conclusions about my post is what is stupid. You don’t have to tell me they are illegals. My fix is to have people living along the border shoot them for trespassing. I was just pointing out that D Birkley was wrong saying we could fight the problem by punishing those that hire them. That had been policy for as long as I remember. It didn’t fix the problem, obviously. The majority of them are not commiting any illegal activity other than being here. It’s the children they have here that generally become hardened criminals. Most illegals(pre-Obama) respected how easy it was to get deported and tried to respect our laws. Their children don’t remember what it was like where their family came from, and have no respect for where they are.

  10. I don’t know anyone who approves of the terms of this Immigration Reform, but then again, I don’t know that many Dems and liberals. I don’t let them in my world. They drive me crazy. Go ahead African Americans looking for work. Vote Democratic and let the Mexicans take the jobs you want. Fools.

  11. Unfortunately, I think you are correct on this and if they do it, they guarantee a severe loss in 2014, they definitely won’t take the Senate and will probably lose the House and there will be a strong conservative third party candidate in 2016, giving Democrats the presidency forever. Oh well, let them dig their own grave, I’ll not help them do it!

  12. The majority of the Republicans are now wearing panties and sleeping with the Dems! Tea Party all the way! Now is the time to put the majority of 535 out to pasture!

    NO more chaces for repubs AND DEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. These illegals are stealing our tax dollars in social service benefits and tax fraud. They need to enforce the laws that are already on the books and make new olds. Anyone hiring anyone without American status should be fined $500,000 and that includes anyone that has a home looking for cheap labor. That will force these people out of our country and eliminate the tax ID numbers which they use to steal return of income tax that actually is paid by the American citizen! These people broke the law and do not deserve to become citizens – they should be snuffed out by not allowing them to work and stopping all social services to them!

    • How do you suggest enforcing this? How does one go about insuring that documentation is legitimate? Where is justice in your scheme? $500,000 seems like it would cause a lot of corrupted trials as the govt tries to gain this money. It also begs the question of how do you collect from an organization that has less than $50k in asset value? Are there to be prison terms for certain cases? If not how does justice get applied when the rich can combat the charges and the middle class self employed construction contractor can’t afford the time off for the court trial?

      People break laws all the time, speeding, running a red light, drinking and driving, copy right violations, swearing on the phone, taking pictures of someone in private, recording phone conversations…just at what level do we place crossing an imaginary line on a map? Is it equated to murder? Rape? Grand Theft? Assault? Pot Smoking? Traffic Violation?

      There is not a single solution that will get all 20-40million illegals out of this country, none, as it is physically impossible. So, knowing there are limits to how many can be deported, and knowing there are economical conditions to mass deportation, knowing there are humanitarian issues that complicate the individual situation, and knowing that many of these people are good people, living here openly, with families and owning houses and cars and shopping in local stores, how do you suggest having a judicial answer to this complexity? If it is not justice and righteousness in the end, you are no better than those you are convicting, so I wish to hear this justice process.

  15. I’m so disgusted with my government. The more I read on these sites the more it feels we are beyond the point of no return!!!

  16. The one missing ingredient here for the conservatives and the rule of law is RESOLVE. The border will never be completely “secured”. ANY physical obstacle can be breached by a resolute infiltrator. The ‘Ho Chi Minh Trail’ should have taught us that.. So the only means of maintaining the rule of law is again, RESOLVE. In this case, a NATIONAL RESOLVE, which doesn’t exist. Finding illegal immigrants without proper documentation should naturally, be immediately deported. Whether detected at airports or international borders, or in American cities by law enforcement during normal law enforcement activity, they should be deported. This seems cruel and unusual for a largely over-indulged, rather guilty American population, but that is life in the big world. Unfortunately, American culture has gotten so that those of color have gained a ‘moral high ground’ based solely on their ‘non-whiteness’ and ‘victim status’, not from some real legal or moral basis. This ‘high ground’ seems to have invalidated the rule of law, and plays into the hands of the ‘victim industry’. So the millions of illegal immigrants in question are here to stay, sending a very grave message to the rest of Central and South America that American law is a ‘paper tiger’. To resist this cultural development is to all but openly admit bigotry or racial hatred, regardless of the invalidity of such attribution. Who in the conservative ranks is willing to weather such ensuing destruction of their own political careers? Facts are facts, the nation doesn’t have the RESOLVE required to stem the avalanches of illegal immigration that exists and is yet to come….

    • skip the racial, how about just the practical …how do you deport 40million people? There is not enough boats, planes or cars to do this action that you principally hold needs to be done. You can’t even begin to find them all without violating a lot of innocent people’s rights who are citizens…the law is clearly stuck on this. So what do you do in the mean time? Let them go? jail them? put them in concentration like camps where you become responsible for all the rape, murder, tyrannical barbaric strong man wins rule, not to mention the corruption involved in keeping them?

      Principally I am in agreement with you on the law is the law and it is important. But so is the law that says do not drive drunk, yet how many get off with a class room study of defensive driving and some insurance premium increases? Hell if you are a senator with diabetes you can get off with even less than that.

      Practically though, when you look out across the nation, you quickly realize how big a task you are asking for, and how long it will take to get right, and how many wrongs will be committed in the process and just how unrighteous it all will be in the end, over a silly line that should not have been crossed but was.

      Should we not start first with saying criminals need to go and if you are caught harboring a criminal, you go too? that is doable and an improvement with the right side of the law on your side.

      • The solution is not that complicated. First, enforce employee verification. You need to be legally in the country to work. A simple thing that our government has been unwilling to do. Second, follow people who enter the country to make sure they leave when their visas expire. Third, stop giving tax payer handouts like section 8 voucher, day care vouchers, translation services, food stamps to illegal immigrants. Fourth, do not enroll kids of illegal immigrants into grade and secondary schools; they are here illegally. Fifth, if you are illegally in the country and give birth to a child, the child should have no inherent right to be a citizen.

        Following, these simple and inexpensive steps will solve much of the illegal immigration problem.

      • Mexico has a population of around 140.000.000- you’re saying 40,000,000 of them are here already.. maybe we should just surrender the country, and we can move to Mexico

      • Enforce the laws on the books. End any and all support for illegal aliens. No drivers permits, no welfare, no food stamps, no voting without a valid ID, and no employment. Mandatory E-Verify, and make the financial penalty severe enough that no business would dare hire an illegal. Allow the border states to secure their border how they see fit. Get rid of any official that doesn’t allow ICE to do their job – i.e. states picking up verified illegals and ICE not being allowed to deport them.


    • even jail offers a warm bed, a hot meal and protection from the elements…your sentence fails at even this, not to mention you have not turned over the magic wand that you wish to have waved to make them all go poof or even all go register. The law handling of determination will be no different tomorrow than it was yesterday, so hopefully you understand just how unreal your position is merely speaking from logistical or practical perspective.


      • only if we get to shoot evil americans too…to me, evil is one so careless with life, and also trolls…trolls need shot too….hmmm the great conundrum…how does one shoot someone for being evil because they value human life so little without being one who values human life so little? shall we solve that one first?

      • We’re being invaded and you’re the frog in the pot that’s slowly being brought to boil. If you’re so pro amnesty, why don’t you support them Robert? You’re the party of fairness, right? Is it fair to the legal immigrants that took the time to obey the process, and pay taxes like the rest of us, to grant amnesty to illegals that said screw US law, we’ll do what we want?

      • There is nothing fair about the process, legal or illegal. Getting your application done from a country like UK or Germany, is rather quick, and not many costs involved, but someone from Honduras on the other hand, could take 5-9 yrs to get all the paper work completed, and the amount they will have to pay in bribes and pay offs is well over $30K

        As for the whole taxes bit, there is two parts to this, those who are working above board who are having taxes taken out without their ability to lay claim on it…and those who are getting paid under the table.

        Once you have come to the realization that you can not deport them all, as it is simply not possible without some incredibly draconian methods that would make NAZI-SS hunting for Jews look like armatures, you realize that some will be here whether they are or are not paying taxes, and the sooner you get them inside the system, the sooner you can get them right with the tax laws that every citizen follows.

        As for the sanctity of the laws, I am sure if I followed you around long enough I could discover you breaking a few laws, be they traffic, zoning, communication, drugs, contraband, taxes, sex…somewhere you are likely to break a law. Sanctimoniousness only counts when you are clean, otherwise you are just splitting hairs. Got any copyright stuff on your computers? how about Porn?

      • Umm, I have a magic want- STOP GIVING THEM OUR MONEY AND JOBS!! If you noticed, Mexico doesnt have this problem, they actually enforce their immigration laws. Yet WE are wrong to demand the same??

  18. There is a lot of dreaming and to be blunt, cruel people in this crowd.

    1) it is physically impossible to remove 20-40million people and put them back in their home countries. It would take 10-15 yrs of economic crisis to coax them to leave on their own and yet that is the fastest method available to getting this task done. Trying to throw them out via law enforcement will simply back log the already back logged courts, and crowd the already crowded prisons and still wind up with millions of humanitarian and moral conflicts that will always leave the enforcer on the wrong side of righteousness.
    2) the most common way for illegal entry into the United States today is through the airport. Visa violations is the most common reasoning for classification as illegal immigrant status. Build all the wall you wish, it will get you no where. The problem is a system issue not a location issue, and it’s time we take it serious enough to look at the facts and not the stereotypes.
    3) There is well established productive non-citizenry that will never stand a shot at getting legal status with our current immigration system. The only fast method for Citizen status is to have money, lots of money. We need to have a process that accounts for time that we can prove someone’s merit and moral standing. The only sure way of that is using the time in the US as a tool from which to look back on for historical proof of their good character and ability to sustain themselves in the US economically. After all the number 1 hold up on our process is verifying backgrounds. Why do we need Mexico or India to tell us these people were good people 10-15 years ago when we have had them in the US for the last 10-15 years? The sooner we get them legitimate the sooner they fall under the same laws as the rest of us and the sooner the labor market can stabilize to their new conditions of labor pool.
    4) end work visa status applications unless extreme hardship can be proven such as a doctor. Force Corporations to have to train our citizens for their short falls in employment and end one method of visa enabled entry that simply gets abused.
    5) End student visa approvals unless they are requested by the United States Govt. We should not be using a seat in a class room to teach other nations how to be competitive with us economically, scientifically, or technically. We have US colleges abroad for such reach out programs and would highlight those programs more in foreign countries if we made that the single source of an American Education. This would close down yet another method of visa violation that is widely used and abused.
    6) There should be a merit system that gives credit for those who own homes, businesses, property already here. It does us no good to destroy our own economy due to mass fluctuation in economical and social depressions from the vast void left behind by departures. If we have to keep some, let this be the starting point for what is acceptable.
    7) all must pass a criminal background check with in the US criminal justice system, any criminals must leave. Make a 10yr probation term that enables the US to deport any applicant who breaks the law, or has a child who breaks the law.
    8) charge the countries who have repeat offenders per offender. If countries had to pay a monetary fine per offender, they would be more opt to work with the US on getting their migration issues resolved. This will give us partners in this problem rather than abusers.
    9) have a clear identifiable process for proving work eligible status. Have a clear counter fit resistant id method for establishing legal workers, Immigrant or natural born citizen. This will enable employers to be able to tell who is legal and who is not, denying them a method for skirting the law with a deniability defense.
    10) update and fix our citizen and legal documented worker system so that it can function more quickly and fairly with those who would like to have come here legally but due to red tape barriers, did not have that option.
    11) Fine for breaking the law on crossing a boarder without authorization. This will bring them right with the law and start their ability to apply for citizenship. $3k per person. Second offense is deportation.
    12) If no threat, criminal activity or back ground, and work history can be provided, humanitarian conditions trump deportation.
    13) 4yrs military service equates to citizenship application for approval upon re-enlistment or honorable discharge. DD-214 should speak more volumes than a visa application from a foreign embassy.

    I am sure I am forgetting some, but in the end, we need to be righteous on this, demand respect for the law through a penalty process but still end at a point that is righteous and tolerant.
    We have a valid need for immigration, our system is broken and we all know it, we should not let our failures equate to our loss of opportunity. We should understand our limitations in perfect enforcement and so address the root causes and issues with a mind that is not deportation first fix second. If we show a sound principled position that also is compassionate and thoughtful of our realities, we can stand to make this a win for both the political positions, as well as the social positions of bringing out of the shadows those who need to be our partner in this process. Anything less will appear bigot’d, mean, and self serving on a non-righteous standing. If the right decides this is an issue that they can not offer a compassionate solution for, they will fail and keep failing for the Dems will not ever solve this issue on their own, its too good to them being broken, and you will still wind up with all the issues you currently have, but worse in electorate opinion.

    • One might think you’re for immigration reform LMAO. We have 20 million people current on food stamps, the unemployment rate is somewhere between 15 and 30% depending on who you talk to (it’s not 6.7% as Obama says by any means). So we’ll be adding 20-30 million to the unemplyment rolls and they’ll start drawing unemployment, food stamps, heating assistance, nursery assistance and on and on! Plus when you add another 20-30M Democrats do you think the Republicans will ever win another Presidential election in the next 50 years. The folks broke our dam immigration laws and we’re gonna reward them with citizenship. Sounds like something a Democrat would come up with!

      • How do you add something that is already within your system. Look around, those without work and money left already. It wasn’t that many.

        I would not be against a time period of probation where they can not get any more money out of Unemployment than they put into it.
        Btw, applying for any kind of social financial aid would knock them further back in the line, since establishing it’s those who are already well established that get first consideration.

        As for who they would vote for, a mass majority would vote Conservative if not for this single issue. But it’s not just that gain, most Hispanics and Chinese would vote Conservative if not for this issue too…wake up its why the Dems have not offered a real solution, because its an issue they get to use over and over again, and the REPS haven’t offered one because of the exact same reason. It’s a political win for both sides to not solve it…the problem only recently is that REPS are seeing it is costing them more than it is costing the Dems to keep up this game.

        If you did not have this issue, Romney would be in the White House, not Obama…if you did not have this issue, McCain would have won the first damn time.

      • Mandatory E-Verify with strict penalties for employers, realtors banks and landlords. With no housing or jobs…the majority will leave on their own. They came here illegally and deserve no favoritism. The U.S. is beyond the point where we can allow illegal immigrants to stay solely because they are already here. That approach and sentiment is sheer nonsense and will improve nothing. In 10 years we’ll be right back here again arguing about the next 20,000,000 and what to do with them.

      • show me a system and I will show you a method of breaking it. Burying your head in the sand and saying we just need to get stricter is not a very pleasant path, as many US citizens will be effected in the vigorous pursuit of getting justice out of non citizen. Then what? can we march you out onto the streets and make you pay for the injustice to the citizen in order to please your desires of people on the right side of a line? You are asking the people to like your tyranny and pass these stricter laws that will effect them, but when they come pass laws forcing tyranny on you, you blow a gasket…so lets not go that route.

        I can support E-Verify for employment. But not for anything else as that will eliminate large portions of our commerce…how many Europeans are going to come when they cant get their banking done, or rent a house for a month? Your laws go past just the Illegals your aiming to cast out.

        Also there is no proof they will leave on their own, where there is proof is that black market systems will be established to provide them a service at outrageous costs and more than likely immoral conditions as they prey on these peoples desire or lack of options other than, to stay.

    • Saying that our immigration system is broken has become a cliche, the meaning of which is rather ambiguous. At a period in which the U.S. is the third most populous country in the world and is experiencing historic legal immigration levels, not to mention illegal immigration, to say that we have a valid need for immigration is to say what exactly; there seems to be no danger from a lack of immigration. Rather, the increase in population directly attributable to immigrants and their resultant descendants is placing an ever increasing strain on various sectors of the environment, not to mention our infrastructure.

      For me, the main issue is sustainability. A policy of that essentially offers amnesty to up to 20 million or more illegal immigrants is one that will only encourage more illegal immigration as it did with Reagan’s amnesty of 3 million. We cannot keep up with checking and processing those legally entering into the country, how are we going to properly do background checks on millions of illegals? No doubt it will be more of a rubber stamp.

      I believe that we, as a country, need to move towards economic sustainability or a steady state economy. For that we need population stabilization, not ever increasing growth. We are living in a “full” world; it is of finite size and an economic paradigm of every increasing growth is doomed to eventual failure that pushes other species, plant and animal, into extinction.

      It is high time for people illegally here to accept their existential responsibility for their actions to set roots in this country. Actions have consequences.

    • Generally speaking it’s considered bad form to post a 1000 word blog as a comment on someone else’s website..

      That said only 3% of legal US Citizens consider immigration reform (or more accurately; surrendering to an invasion) a priority at the moment.. The vast majority don’t want to hear the word amnesty or pathway to citizenship until they are sure the border is sealed.

      As for bigoted, and the rest of hog wash, the root causes are Mexico’s problem, not ours. We are under no obligation, morally of otherwise to change our laws or culture to accommodate the invaders? If someone broke into your house, would you invite the burglar to move in, take the master bedroom and, help himself to anything he wanted?

      • you got internet rules somewhere that I may educate myself to these considerations?

        Proof of your 3%?

        And while I don’t consider immigration the top priority atm, I know politics, and it will be at some point this year simply because the Dems are hurting and have very little to offer other than divide and separate.

        As for the Bigoted…what makes you think the masses are all mexicans? The Mexican issue is going to greatly decrease (as it already has) as they enter in the top 10 economic countries of the world, forcasted by Forbes and the Wall St Journal to occur by the year 2020.

        I do not consider someone coming here on one form of a visa, living here legally for a few years, and then getting attached to this country to a point they wish to continue to call it home as a relevant comparison to a common house burglar. One is intentionally trying to hurt you as they assault your house hold, the other is merely stuck between a bad system and a worse place, more than likely harm to them if they return to that worse place.

      • It’s up to the individual website owner.. if you did on my site I’d tell you to open your own website if you want to publish blogs- If you did it again I’d block your IP from accessing my site

        Here’s a link to the 3%

        We have upwards of 20 million people who didn’t bother with visas.. they feel they’re superior to legitimate immigrants
        who did it right.. They demand we modify our customs, schools. laws, language and customs to suit them.. These are the demands of invaders, not the requests of immigrants..

        40 million — is an invasion, not immigration. so it’s more like a gang burglarizing a lot of homes.

      • being an illegal immigrant, and not bothering with Visas is not the same thing. Most Illegal immigrants are from over staying their visa, not from crossing the boarder undocumented.

        You got one poll that uses a laundry list of options diluting the net result to lay a claim of 3%. All that when the question was “what is the top priority”. I don’t believe immigration is the top priority. It however is a wedge issue and the Dems have nothing to run on other than wedge issues. They have no solution, just more give aways, passing the issues on to the next group of leaders.

        Knowing that, you can damn well bet it will be a major talking point in 2014 elections. Republicans had better have a solution this time or the net results will be lots of principled leaders not in office, and the same wacko lib crew running the show.

  19. The idiots in control of the Republican Party are all but committed to this giant boondoggle of “Immigration Reform.” I have voted Republican in every presidential election since 1978, and 2012 in all probability the last year that I will do so. The Republican establishment doesn’t even care if the party survives or not; after all, it’s all about them and they have learned to profit from failure. And, boy oh boy, are we fixin’ to have some fail!

    • I don’t know about you, but I would so love to see a descent third party develop. I’ve had it with the Democrats, period, but I’m sick of a bunch of spineless do nothing Republicans as well.

  20. Colonel West

    1, Mexico has a population of about 140,000,000– according to Robert, who is posting all over this thread, and seems to know quite a bit about the situation, 40,000,000 of them are already here. At what point do we stop calling it an immigration issue and begin calling it an invasion.. If enough of us call it what it is, we can demand Congress and the president live up to their Constitutional Obligation to protect the states from invasion

    2. Pretty sure you recall the success of the Stop SOPA email campaign, 5,000,000 emails in one day crashed the Capitols webservers, causing congressional websites to go down and knocking out the entire email system. That scared the poop out of John Boehner, Harry Reid and the rest of the political leadership. SOPA died that day, the American people killed it, neither Reid or Boehner have mentioned it since at least not publicly.. ..

    No reason the process can’t be repeated, for any issue including so called immigration reform..You have enough supporters to put something like that in motion

    • There’s been a movement in Mexico to take back California and ALL the states taken from them in the Spanish American War and resulting actions afterward. I don’t remember the name of the movement, but they are organized very well … and it’s working. That’s another reason for everyone who can, show up in DC on May 16th. Check my web link above.

  21. If Republicans allow amnesty they can kiss their political futures goodbye. They are stupid to believe that they will gain the hispanic vote by granting amnesty as Obama will get all the credit.

  22. Are you Serious? Where in the hell do you expect to put 40M plus people in our Country? Where in the hell are the jobs for all of them, when Americans can’t even find work? How about following the Laws that are on the books to start with! How about taking care of the people that applied for Citizenship that have been waiting many years! How about securing our borders first! Our Elected Officials are raising
    hell about Americans receiving Food Stamps, Unemployment and cutting the
    Military and other Americans pay and they have the nerve to allow 40M plus to
    stay in our Country? How much more do you think the American People can afford? Stop letting them come in to have babies! Stop them from receiving benefits and send
    them home and let them apply the right way!

  23. OK… I don’t have all the answers, but I’m posting this link everywhere and I’m hoping all of you do too. Operation American Spring needs to be ten million strong or…. 40 million. Whatever it takes!

    I agree with all Mr West stands for and says in this article. Operation American Spring is a take back America protest. Please pass the word to every website you can post it on!

    Here’s the link. LET’S GET IT DONE!

  24. The Republican Party as become spineless. There is hardly anyone in congress that has half a brain and actually is still trying to stop this mess.

  25. What is wrong with these suits? They gain an inch and they start their Anti American sellout the US citizen agenda they have been famous for lately. Kissing the fat butt cheeks of big business, drug cartels, and lobbyist? The worse part, they think the American people are idiots just because idiots were put in power by the American people. No more, let’s end the GOP!

    • Nope. Not a good idea. The Liberals, believe it or not are the problem. The senate and white house are Democrat-controlled. That means MOST the mistakes going on for the last six (6) years are due to the Democrats, Furthermore, many of the Republicans are caving in to the Democrat requests thus making them Democrats essentially as well. No, the Liberals are the ones destroying the country in every way and it’s even conceivable that Obama is setting up the USA for massive failure with the Muslims taking over — as “fictitious” or “paranoid” a thought as that sounds currently. I’d like to think it is semi-fictional right now with a 50:50 chance of happening and the thoughts are “paranormal” meaning surrounding the normal and not really abnormal at all.

  26. so, now what? im so tired of hearing, no, reading, everybody’s blog, reply,op-ed, etc., about how angry they are about whats going on…IS THERE NOBODY WITH A PLAN OF ACTION? i have nothing, but , if i had the resources and connections that some people have, I WOULD BE TAKING THE FIGHT TO THEM, AND AT RIGHT SOON! im sorry fellow patriots, im just so frustrated that i can do nothing. breaks my damn heart!

      • mr. zimmerman, i apologize for not being absolutely clear in my latest rant..what i was talking about was taking the fight to our tyrannical govt and their jack booted thugs! mexico, as far as im concerned, is an easy fix. build the damn wall and kick out all illegals and make them come in the right way. i also grow tired of hearing ” they are just seeking a better life. ” well doesnt a bank robber rob a bank for the money to better his/her life? we cant choose which laws to abide by. either we are a nation of laws or we are not. period. now, about your 6 “plans”, first off, i consider myself a constitutional, libertarian, patriot…that being said, its absolutely against my beliefs to steal money from some to to give to another…thats pure liberal socialism, and i cant belive you even suggested it. as far as amnesty, it may happen, but i would never vote for it. i used to call myself a republican but as far as im concerned the GOP is just as bad as the libtards and they also are in desperate need of being removed from office. compromising and siding with the enemy is not my idea of a “good deal.” and trying to get the GOP to ” buy in ” to the idea of controlling someones wages, as you suggested, is a play right out of the libtards socialist handbook! any FREE thinking man knows if the govt can impose a min. wage they can impose a maximum wage. learned that from Rush years ago and damned if he wasnt right again! and i dont know why you try to disguise yourself for anything but the libtard you are, ive only ever in my whole existance heard libs talk bad about corporations. all big companies have ever done was to produce jobs and live the wonderful capatalist dream of profit. and we all want that! but people like you want to steal it from people who worked hard and achieved! but you want to go even farther and have some kind of federal laws against success? and you repeat in your “plans”, ” if we can get the republicans to buy in to this”…you are actually saying to somehow coerce already slimey politicians to be even more dictatorial! you are just as bad as that waste of a human being in the white house and his ilk. lastly, you say “we have to keep “our” young republicans busy signing new voters”… we need to teach our kids to watch out for liberty hating people like you! NO FREEMAN WRITES THAT KIND OF TRIPE! WE BELIEVE IN THE FREE MARKET, GOVT THAT REPORTS TO US, AND LIBERTY FOR ALL WHO ARE WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE FOR IT AS IT MAY BE DEAR! YOU SIR ARE NOT ANY KIND OF MAN WHO LOVES THE CONSTITUTION, OR, ARE WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE FOR FREEDOM, UNLESS THAT IS, IF SOMEONE ELSE PAYS IT FOR YOU! YOU ARE DEFINITELY PART OF WHAT IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG WITH MY BELOVED COUNTRY THESE DAYS! SO STOP TRYING TO HIDE YOUR “STRIPES”, AND GET BACK OVER TO YOUR SOCIALIST LIBTARD FRIENDS! AND HOPEFULLY YOU WILL GO DOWN WITH THE REST OF THEM WHEN THE S**T HITS THE FAN! thank you, and have a nice day.

      • Well said Larry. The LAST thing we need in this country is more Government control of business. Everything they touch goes to hell. And these people are going to “fair minimum wage” many thousands of people right out of a job. There should BE NO MINIMUM WAGE. If my teenage son is willing to work for $3/hour because he has no experience, he should be allowed. It will level set itself. If companies pay too little, people would not want to work there. No one is holding a gun to these people’s heads forcing them to work there. And the liberals say “Well this just puts more people on Welfare…” This liberal administration has the disgusting honor of having the highest Welfare participation rate in HISTORY. How is that working out for you?

      • thanks…and i cant wait until we can remove all tyrants and their little jack booted thugs, by force if necessary, and bring our great nation back to her original glory! and there is no compromise! FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION AS IT IS WRITTEN! IT IS NOT A “LIVING DOCUMENT”! every word in it is as true and necessary now, as it was then! anyone who goes against the constitution in any way, is an enemy! and should be removed from any office or job by their own resignation, or by hostile force! i know good people on our side believe in peaceful protest…ill be here covering them, because i KNOW, only force, hostile force, can get those persons out who believe they are in “power” and remind the people of the United States of America, who obviously have forgotten our legacy. WAKE UP AMERICA! IT CAN ALL BE LOST! TIME FOR ALL FREE PEOPLES TO MAKE A STAND AND FIGHT!

  27. They’ll do it because certain people have told them, Latino voters will vote for the GOP if they pass it but this issue has been a Democrat issue for so long that it will take well over a decade if not more after legalization before legalized illegals will be willing to change their minds on who to vote for. It’s a long term investment with very few short term returns.
    The problem is. They are here and they are here by the millions. That’s not only uncollected tax dollars but its also millions of more votes to the Democrats and that’s the only reason they really care about it. With the state of the economy the way it is, the GOP doesn’t have ten years. It has two years before a King or Queen could be “crowned” from an economically crippling tipping point where a state of emergency is declared and such could easily persist for decades.
    I know that’s a cold way of looking at people who wanted to escape authoritative Central and South American countries engaged in civil wars with drug cartels but that’s just how it is. It’s a tragedy of great proportions. A.A.

    • But Kenneth, sometimes the “smart” grassroots people, the tail of the dog, “wag the dog,” but other times the dog wags its tail. With all the PAC’s gaining control of the Congress, they seem to be wagging Congress more than anyone else.

  28. Less government/Less spending (smaller government) – Eliminate the red ink:
    Amnesty/Agriculture: if the GOP give in (compromise), then they (we) must make sure all illegal immigrants that are legalized get TIN’s (tax identification numbers) and not SSN’s (social security numbers). The former means the newly legalized immigrants PAY taxes but don’t get welfare benefits. The latter means they would pay taxes BUT ALSO get welfare benefits if needed.
    Visiting (Migrant) Workers: MUST have an active Passport AND ALSO an active VISA stamp for visiting/migrant workers that states the dates they are permitted to be in the USA. Upon expiration of the VISA stamp, the migrant worker returns to his/her country. For Mexican Migrant (visiting) workers, they probably should have VISA stamps which last four (4) months, that being through the Summer growing season.
    Jobs/Economy: “Reduce” CEO pay and increase worker pay to stimulate the economy, jobs, business and the market. Use the formula of $500:$1 for the max pay ratio for the CEO’s pay to the Workers’ pay. Specifically, use the 500:1 pay ratio as follows: take the CEO’s (annual pay + bonuses) and match it to the Workers’ (median pay + all benefits) at a ratio of 500:1. This should lower the CEO’s pay for “rich” corporations while raising the pay for the workers. In poorer or growing corporations, CEO’s will retain there pay while workers will continue to (likely) get paid minimum wage. However, the ratio motivates and provides incentive to both the CEO and the workers to cooperate and make the corporation do better. We need a FEDERAL regulation as much as I don’t like to say that for all corporations.

    • I like what you propose but, there is so much corruption in the cesspool we call Congress that I doubt if we can get them to listen to us!! I made so many phone calls and written so many letters to Congressmen that I’m about to just give up. The TEA PARTY is the party with the common sense values that is going to turn this country around!!

    • You call yourself a conservative? You’d REALLY force wage control through legislation? You’re nothing more than a God forsaken socialist and have no idea what it means to live in a free country, good sir. But frankly stop lying to yourself on where you belong, because you have no idea how a free economy, business, nor individual liberty works.

  29. If the GOP was a football team, the QB would throw interceptions on purpose so they would not be accused of being unfair by the other team’s fans. They would feel that no one liked them should they win the game.

    They are listening to the wrong fans.

    An ex Republican, now independent.

  30. It WILL be the end of the GOP if they pass Amnesty on Immigration “Reform”. Our Immigration Policies/Laws DON’T need reformed. They NEED TO BE ENFORCED!!!

    Amnesty is NOT reform!!! It is giving into those who BROKE our Laws!!!

  31. The GOP is on their last leg, but I’m not for a third party this go around. It would only take votes away and cause a loss. I feel we need more Elected Officials with a Military Background and a proven consistent record, especially someone, for the President or Vice President Positions. To start having “Bills” written one item at a time with no pork or anything else thrown in. We need someone that understands budgeting and how it works and is willing to do away with funding every damn country in the world, but Israel. Someone, who is willing to kick the UN out and undo all the damage that has been done to our Country and Americans for many years. Someone that will find where all the “Billions” have gone and try and recoup it and put the individuals in jail for what they have done. Someone, who will put all the individuals in jail that has committed fraud, deals and anything else that was done illegally over the years. Someone, that is willing to undo all the Executive Orders. We need someone, who will undo “OBAMACARE” and take our Healthcare back to how it was, with a couple of changes and a way for the uninsured to have Healthcare. Someone, that is willing to undo all the damage that has been done to our Military. Someone, who has the guts to clean up this country and someone, that is for “ALL AMERICANS,” not just a select group of people.

    • We keep putting it off to the next election it will never happen– Potentially we have the numbers

      The problem is we’re fractured.. There’s a lot of us who have voted GOP all their lives, won’t be easy for them. Then there’s at least 100 large TEA/Conservative/Libertarian Groups with leaders who have their own agendas and all of them want to be in charge… We seem to be a little short on Ben Franklin’s, Thomas Jefferson’s and George Washington’s at the moment.

      If someone like West. Palin, along with Leaders of the Constitution and Libertarian Parties got together and put together a strategy, a 3rd Party is doable..It would be a huge help if a Ted Cruz or Trey Gowdy decided to help

      • I can see it in 2016, but not in 2014. They are not together and have not gone to all the people and talked to them about what has happened and what they think needs changing and how they plan on
        changing it. Talking in person, not by TV and Internet will have to happen. Not enough time for 2014 and people are changing slowly not fast.

      • The Chamber of Commerce controlled GOP plans to Fix Obamacare,Grant Amnesty and go for Common Core, plus a couple treaties that will make the Chamber and Obama happy and screw the rest of us…Stuff we won’t be able to undo

      • I don’t disagree with you, but I think a lot of things can be undone, if they were not followed by the Constitution, Bill Of Rights, etc. I don’t care for the Chamber Of Commerce and
        I wished businesses would quit supporting them.

      • Wish it was that simple, but they don’t pass simple laws, then the administration adds regulations that weave every law into 100s of agencies..affecting millions of people..often private industry has to change how they conduct business, with the old model gone, it’s hard to revert back

        Makes it relay hard to untangle

      • True Grumpy, but we can only take it a step at a time. It’s time for all Americans to unite and take our country back from them.
        Start pounding the Elected Officials with calls. Look at the last post from Pissed.

    • All fantastic points! The only “bill” I want to see passed is one that states “all bills will be no longer than 1 page, and in simple English”. No riders, no pork, and no excuses about it being too long to read in the 11th hour before the vote!

  32. they pass immigration reform with out a good working physical barrier the full length of the border no republican will ever get my vote again.

  33. Don’t count on jobs with the keystone pipeline that’s going straight to illegals after amnesty. That’s the hold up. If ossama approves keystone sooner unemployed americans get jobs. Let the riots begin.

  34. The 1986 Immigration Bill was supposed to provide border security and grant amnesty. Our government granted the amnesty but failed to provide border security. As a result, we now have 10-15 million people in our country illegally — 2/3 of which crossed our borders illegally according to DHS statistics. By granting amnesty without achieving border security, Congress is ensuring that 10-20 years from now, our children will be facing the same illegal problem as we face today. Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  35. Please call your State’s Republican Party office and tell them if Republicans pass Amnesty in ANY form you, your family and as many friends and co-workers will leave the Party if registered as a Republican and will promise to NOT vote for a single Republican in 2014 & 2016. You will allow the party of ELITES to die a slow painful death!!! The elites like Boehner, Ryan, McShame are making mega bucks off their oVomitCare investments so do NOT think for a minute they will end it! I’m sure they are getting their investments that will pump money into their bank accounts bought so they rack in that money once Amnesty is passed. We pay… They gain!

    • Our household has already made it abundantly clear that the GOP no longer has our support, or our money, because they insist on being the “go along to get along” party. We will continue to support individual candidates, but no longer the party until they return to the conservative party they were supposed to be.

  36. Stop voting for the good old boy’s from the good old boy club and start voting for Nationalist who care for America. Col. West, it’s time for a new Party.

    • Chester, list the names, where they are located and there history. Third Party is not ready for 2014, but it might be possible for 2016. For 2014 Elections
      we need to clean house and replace them with the best candidate with a consistence record.

  37. What we need to do is tie healthcare to citizenship. Keep social security, Medicare and Medicade as originally planned. If you’re not a citizen then you pay for your healthcare. If it is a life threatening accident they will be treated. If the state pays the cost and they are not applying for citizenship they will be sent back to the last documented country of residence. My countries children and grandchildren should not be forced to pay for these criminals. Just because these politicians want to be reelected.

  38. Michael, I agree that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid need to stay the same, but they need to put the Health Insurance back the way it was. They can cover the uninsured a different way, that is a lot easier, lest costly and without destroying everyone else. My feelings: They need to process the ones that have applied for Citizenship and have been waiting for years to become a Citizen before they do anything with the Illegal’s. I think they should be sent home and then apply the right way. The only change I’m for is setting up a system for farmers. They get better benefits then the Americans and they don’t pay into anything. I’m tired of paying for them and I’m tired of them ripping our Country apart. The Illegal’s have broke us. Follow the Laws on the books! Read below, what Pissed said about calling your Elected Officials.

    • I don’t believe the insurance companies would put people back on their policies at the same rates they had. They have lost too much money. I also don’t believe those with serious problems could get back on their old policies at all. This whole system has been broken, I believe, beyond repair.

      • All the government needs to do, is cancel OBAMACARE and pass
        a Bill that reinstates Insurance Companies back to the way they were and to include Pre-existing Conditions and return Medicare to the way it was. That bill also includes everything going back
        to the way it was before it was implemented, Businesses, etc., including the Insurance Companies can’t have any increases for at least a year or until everything is undone and corrected and have to prove what the increases intell. It will be a lot of work, but the Insurance Companies can reload the last Data Base prior to making the changes. The Insurance Companies haven’t lost much
        yet, because the real hit is coming this year. Everything can be undone with a little work and effort. It might take the Elected Officials an hour to write up the Bill. The Administration put in the Bill to cover Insurance lost and we the Taxpayers are going to pay
        for it along with all the other funding that has been spent with the highest abuse of Taxpayers money. The Insurance Companies were in on this and they should take a hit, without the Taxpayers
        paying for it. I would much rather go back to the way it was and then approach the uninsured with common sense. The reason Obama Care was pushed through by the Democrats; it’s the government way to have total control over the American People.

  39. GOPUSA Eagle [[email protected]] Read the

    The US Chamber of Commerce Versus America

    By Michelle Malkin January 24, 2014 6:55 am

    Maybe it’s time to start letting Businesses know that if they support the
    Chamber Of Commerce, we will not support them.


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