The common sense conservative policy for abortion

So often I speak with people who say, “Republicans have to stop talking about social issues, stop saying anything about abortion.” Well, I have to humbly disagree. There must be a common sense conservative policy on social issues, including abortion. If not, progressive socialists will continue to drag Republicans down that rabbit hole believing they own the issue, which they do not.

Today marks the 40th anniversary of legalized abortion in all 9 months of pregnancy, for any reason in America and the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision. Let me quantify what that actually means.

According to an analysis by, there have been approximately 55,772,015 abortions since the 1973 decision. And in the black community there have been approximately 13 million black babies aborted.

Further breakdown of the analysis shows there are more than 3,300 abortions daily and 137 abortions per hour every hour in the United States. It means about every 30 seconds, a human life is aborted in the United States.

I certainly support women’s reproductive health. I believe we should be doing everything to find cures for ovarian, cervical, uterine, and breast cancers. But I do not believe women’s reproductive health is synonymous with killing babies.

As a matter of fact, I can almost bet most Americans would agree abortion should not be a primary means of birth control.

We should not promote infanticide in America, which is exactly what late term abortions are. I wholeheartedly disagree with President Obama who as a state senator in Illinois supported legislation stating that a baby that survives an abortion still deserves to die — what type of monster takes that position? And no, having a baby is not a punishment Mr. President.

What disturbs me the most is that politics have overtaken our sensibility. Women’s rights are not just defined by killing babies. And it is pure politics of demagoguery and fear to make women believe that anyone is trying to dictate what they do with their bodies.

However, do not try the heinous practice of ending the life of an unborn child behind a discussion on rights. We are talking about something that has grown to epidemic proportion and no one seeks to force women into back alleys. Let’s talk about this issue responsibly.

In the past 50 years we appear to have lost the war on poverty. But in the past 43 years we have lost nearly 54 million future Americans — they were not a burden, they were a blessing, God’s everyday miracle of life. Lives who will never know the American dream — and in the black community, will never know of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream. We can do better and I am proudly a pro-life Conservative. Good thing I don’t live in New York State.


  1. i totally agree and actually think it should be 8 weeks myself. if you don’t know or can’t be bothered with a decision by that time, you should have abstained.

    • So happy to see someone else who sees it how I do. At 8 weeks they have all of their body parts and organs. All they need to do is grow and develop.

      • At CONCEPTION, these fetuses (babies) have their own unique DNA distinct from either parent and therefore they are alive and should be allowed to develop!

        If we are looking for “life” on other planets in the form of single cell amoebas, then why is a human at conception any less of a life?

  2. NO ABORTIONS…..PERIOD! Close your legs, say no, use a condom, claim celibacy, whatever it takes! A.B.S.O.L.U.T.E.L.Y. N.O. A.B.O.R.T.I.O.N.S.!!!!! No matter when, a HUMAN BEING is being M.U.R.D.E.R.E.D! If these “women” can’t figure out how to not become pregnant…..REALLY!?!?!?!?!?!? arrrrgggghhhhhh

    • What say you about cases of rape and incest where the woman didn’t make a decision to have intercourse? I bet I already know the answer. I bet you blame women for getting raped. You say they were asking for it.

      • Oh, wait, let me guess….you must be at least 13 yo, never bothered to look past your nose about reality and life. Let me explain it to you…..s.l.o.w.l.y. I know this will be difficult for you but, less than 2%, I repeat, less than 2% of “rapes” end up in a pregnancy. MOST of the women that are raped go to the ER/doctor and they are “cleaned” out, so to speak….those who chose NOT to do that, are still less than 2%. I do not care WHY or HOW a woman becomes pregnant….the CHILD is still a life! PERIOD…..AMEN! You, want to decide when/who/how/what makes a life?????? That is your choice and your mistake….take your 1980 argument somewhere else…..God don’t make no mistakes……PERIOD!

      • Okay – let me explain it to you since you need it S-L-O-W-L-Y in language you can understand. By your own percentages – no matter what the percentage is – those are the ones who need it to be legal and their choice. And you are correct. It is their choice no matter what year you would like to ascribe it to – it is still theirs and not yours. We can leave the rest of it alone simply because a tubal pregnancy might be more than you can wrap your brain around.

      • With all your growling and carrying on, I have you pictured as some kind of ogre, and maybe not very bright. As most educated people realized long ago, DNA is passed along via intercourse between a male and a female, mixed by matching up with an ovum, and delivered to life about nine months later with characteristics of both parents. If you believe that a rape victim should carry the progeny of a rapist to term, I feel sorry for you. In my opinion, and I know you will disagree, the fetus of a rape case should require a mandatory abortion, no exceptions. Also, a fetus with extreme defects, which would normally be taken care of by a still birth, should not be saved by heroic efforts of doctors and be forced to live a life of misery until they finally succumb to it; that not only places a severe burden on the child, it does the same for the parents; this should be left to the choice of the parents to abort or not. Other than that, I am pretty much pro-life.

        As for your “God don’t make no mistakes……PERIOD!”, please check your double negatives so God doesn’t get a bad rap for you saying He makes mistakes, since he does not make mistakes, in my opinion.

    • And this is the kind of rabid response this issue that convenes into the topics of rape and incest being brought into it. This is also the kind of mindset that always seems to blame the woman for any instance of rape ie: she brought it on herself.
      The facts are – it is not your choice in her pregnancy.

  3. Agreed, the 20 week mark is an outrage…. I mean come on thats HALF WAY! isn’t is 24 weeks you could possibly take the baby out and it could live? wait another 4 weeks and the baby could live outside.

    • I believe there have actually been cases of 20 week premies surviving at this point. Studies have even shown a high likelihood that they feel pain.

  4. Col. West,

    This is another great piece and something I absolutely agree with, I think 12 weeks maybe a little too late, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

  5. Sir, I applaud your courage when speaking about such a volatile subject. I disagree with allowing abortion in cases of rape and incest. Abortion is not a social issue, sir. It is a constitutional issue. The right to life is listed first in the list of our human rights because it is the most precious. It should be protected for all humans. A human conceived during a crime is not at fault and should not be sentenced to death. I am a rape victim and certainly would have needed support and assistance recovering while carrying a reminder within my body had that been the case, but being a victim should not give me the right to have the person growing within me murdered. God bless you for your continued service to our country.

    • Thank you for your reply. I can’t imagine the pain you must have endured. You are right. Life is life regardless of how that life came into being and murder is murder. This rape/ incest exception always makes me cringe because it is no fault of the life with no voice. As you I too respect Allen West greatly and appreciate his service but just disagree on this issue. I realize he’s trying to use common sense and a little compromise but how do you compromise with life?

      • Thank you, Mr. Powers, for your compassion. In many cultures of the past babies born out of wedlock were put to death-post birth! Thankfully, I know of no culture that still subscribe to the belief that the manner of conception somehow “taints” the person born. Perhaps there will be a substantial change in the belief that abortion is acceptable. Continued discussion is the only good way to change perceptions. I raised my sons to respect life and they will do the same with whomever they are entrusted to raise.

  6. I’m sorry. I’m not seeing how killing an innocent human being is reasonable “up to” a certain number of weeks, or because of the way in which the INNOCENT unborn child was conceived. We are a bunch of moral wimps.

  7. Maybe the zealots advocating abortions should choose any ONE of their existing children to be aborted, just like they advocate treatment for new mothers fetuses.

  8. Your opinions on abortion exactly reflect mine, and are a common-sense alternative to current practice, which is in humane and barbaric.

  9. I agree with most, but disagree with “in cases of rape, incest, etc. 2 wrongs don’t make a right . The rape was wrong and the baby is innocent, so the murder of the baby is also wrong. I would say that if the mother’s death was a surety should she carry or deliver the baby to term, then and only then would it be acceptable to terminate the baby’s life. The innocent baby in any case has a right to life and can be adopted out if the mother doesn’t wish to keep it.

  10. I wonder how many presidents, scientist, mathematicians, cancer cure s, disease cures, wonderful son’s, daughter’s, grand children etc have been murdered before they got a chance to show the world. I wonder how many Dad’s had a say if their baby got murdered, after all when you give a man permission to have sex with you you are actually making him a part of the results. They have to pay if a woman decides to keep it. If they have no say in the abortion why should they have to pay if “THE WOMAN” decides to keep it, after all it’s HER choice she say’s. I pray I never have to know the low of knowing a grand baby of mine was killed and by a child of mine. God forbid. I also have a family member that never would of had two wonderful children and 2 wonderful grand babies if it wasn’t for adoption.

  11. Good article, but I am an extremist- unless the mothers life is actually threatened, which, for example in Ireland physicians have stated is almost never the case. I believe that as Abe Lincoln noted at gettyburg, that constitutionally all innocent human beings have a right from their creator to life and liberty. Abortion was banned in all Christian nations for millenia until the Stalinists in the Soviet Union and then in pre- WW II Germany brought it back to the table. Congress has ruled based on the best and unanimous science that babies are human from conception. And arguing whether you can be human and not a person is something best left to the nazis. None the less, your position is much better than our presidents. I dont think when we arrive in glory we will ever be embarrassed the republican party stood in defense of pre-natal infants

  12. I do not agree with abortion and I sure do not want my tax payer dollars going to it.
    It does not even make any sense in 2014 to have abortions when we have emergency contraceptives available. Sadly some women are using abortion as BC.

  13. 1 more thing if a amoeba found on another palnet is considered LIFE than exactly why isn’t a baby life in the beginning?

  14. The real problem here is that too many women don’t value the life of an unborn child. Someone has to speak for the child and thus the government is involved.
    This comes about because of the total lack of responsibility many people have towards life, theirs and others. This country needs a responsibility campaign. If done right the results would be amazing.

  15. I made phone calls for Right To Life for yearrrrssss to people. My question to those who decided that they were for abortion was always as follows:

    Do you at present have children?

    Do me a favor then.
    When they go to sleep tonight, put a pillow over their little face and hold it there and watch them fight and kick and try to scream at you to stop, but make sure you don’t until they don’t move at all anymore.
    THAT’S INSANE!!!!!! Why would I do that????? You are a pig!!!
    Well, then, why do you think it’s any different if you have a “doctor” rip them apart from inside the womb or have them “born” and then cut their spinal cords?
    But, but, they are alive and they are my children????????
    So, what difference does that make?

    Oh…………I never thought about it that way.
    Apparently not.

  16. Abortion has always existed, let´s face it. Before abortion was legalized, rich girls would cross borders where it was legalized while middle class or poor girls had to take their chances with near-sorcerers who butchered them with knitting needles or gave them potions you wouldn’t give your dog. Completely banning abortion is simply unrealistic in a world of sexual freedom. I do agree with LtCol West on this issue. A cold headed common sense policy that sets standards and still meets with our era’s challenges is much needed.
    Let me also add something to the debate: the issue of abortion is always and almost exclusively about women but two people are needed to make a baby. If we are to force a woman by law to give birth to the child she has conceived, we should respect the equality of women and men before the law and also force the father by law to fulfill his duties concerning the mother and the child. If we ban abortion, we must set a legal standard for both parents to do their job and not only the woman!

  17. Colonel I love ya man, but I have to call you out here. You cannot be pro-life and in the same breath say abortion is ok in the case of rape, incest, or a confirmed threat to the mothers life. WOW, can you say two faced? You are either pro-choice or pro-life. You can’t be both. A true pro-lifer would say under no circumstance shall a life be taken. See you built in subjectivity. I say no! Also, a true conservative says government stay out of my life, not I will dictate when you can have an abortion and when you cannot. Do you not see the hypocrisy?

    • The Col can very well be Pro-Life in regard to his own and not forcing that viewpoint onto another human being. He seems to understand this is not an easy issue with easy answers as so many would like to believe.

    • IF you had to choose between his position and the Democratic position of allowing 4th trimester abortions, which would you choose? Many independents would support his proposal. It may not be perfect, but kit is doable.

      • You used the word “choose” twice in your response. Are you sure you are not a closet Pro-Choice???
        I wish abortions didn’t happen, but they should not be illegal. Who are you to tell someone else how to make medical choices in their lives??? If you believe you have that right, you are a bleeding heart liberal. PERIOD

  18. I too applaud your stance and would love to see you throw your name in the ring in 2016. We need true leadership that’s fueled with genuine conviction and values while steadfast with the strength of a solid backbone…

    However on this issue I’d have to disagree and go further than you suggest, and I believe it’s in no way ‘extreme’ to suggest my position. It’s incredible that the left has so taken command of this issue that someone who stands for life coule be considered extreme.

    The death of ANY human before birth, as a result of any type of means to terminate a pregnancy, is a sin against humanity. WHY do we give ‘women’ a right to choose who can be killed before birth? Why do we let women choose whether to kill a baby or keep it alive, without the input of the father, yet the father is later held hostage to support should the woman decide to NOT kill the child?

    Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I am all for holding a father accountable for the raising and support of any child he fathers.

    But the issue of a woman’s body being the sole part of the argument in favor of abortion has to be sided with nature itself. The very fact is, whether you believe in creation or evolution, nature has designed the female body to carry the developing child while the male was free to hunt or provide for the family in whatever means necessary. We have to err on the side of nature in this regard, so nature gets the last word.

    I believe that what society needs to do is wraps its arms around and cherish every human life, regardless of means of conception. If a young woman is raped, subjected to incest, or known to carry a defective child, we as a society need to wrap our arms around that woman and cherish the child while doing all we can to support the birth and help the child afterward, whether that means putting it into a new home or anything similar.

    In the case of a true threat to a mother’s life, then we have to err on the side of the mother, if that’s her choice, because obviously losing her would lead to the death of both. I believe that’s the only ‘choice’ that a woman should be entitled to. When we start putting the future of the human race into the hands of someone who wants to abort a child because she doesn’t want stretch lines, or prefers a girl over a boy, or any other pathetic example, we are doomed when it comes to all good things.

    I remember when abortion became legal in 1973; it was the year I graduated from high school. The message we received was that the most critical thinkers in the land (the Supreme Court) felt it was OK to devalue human life and kill our children at will. The message was clear. I had friends having babies in high school and others who were seeking back alley abortions for whatever reason.

    And now, where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton when nearly one out of four abortions is a black child? Why are they crying that this is the white man’s way of destroying the black race? OMG it would be easy to make such a comparison.

    I find the entire discussion disgusting and it may be one of the turning points of our time when looking back dozens or hundreds of years from now. Our society used to VALUE life. Now it simply measures whether it’s convenient or practical for whatever circumstances surround the pregnancy.

    We are lost.

      • Thanks Betty Anne. I see a couple of typo’s but the most notable is regarding the Sharpton/Jackson statement which SHOULD read, “Why AREN’T they crying…” Obviously they only play the race card when it benefits their causes.

        I have to agree to and uphold the comments regarding how many incredible contributors our society has lost due to 55 million lives being snuffed before they took a breath of air.
        We will never know.

    • No. In the cases of rape and incest – you can not force a woman to carry a child against her will. And again – as soon as you okay it in one instance – it is across the board.

      • Two wrongs don’t make a right. Part of the crime of the rape is the conceiving of a child that one will not parent. The mother should parent the child and that will make some good come about. I am sure the unaborted child finding love and life in the world with it’s mother would agree!

  19. Disappointed in you, Allen West. I’d have voted for you in a heartbeat for President prior to this, but saying it is ok with you to allow abortion up to 12 to 20 weeks? That saddens me very much. I saw you as stronger and more principled than this. VERY DISAPPOINTED, sir.

    • You can not force a woman to carry a child or pregnancy! You want to FORCE woman to be pregnant? What about when her life is in danger from the pregnancy itself? As soon as you okay it in one instance – that Freedom goes across the board and THIS is where women in the Pro-Choice arena shout, “My Body – My Choice!!” Choice goes TWO directions! Mr. Allen’s answer was thought out and reasonable to ALL parties involved! The rabid responses against abortion are what leads up to violence outside abortion clinics and people using violence outside those grounds into CRIMINAL areas as well. Are you condoning that too!? Let’s get personal, Shane. My personal choice right now is not to have an abortion – but I will not take it off the solution board for a woman who needs it to save her life, or through rape or incest – or whatever reasons she has to look at this very serious topic. It is her life – it is her choice – and until that life is viable outside her body – it is her choice.

      • Jane, exactly when can a human exist on its own outside of the womb? If a human outside of the womb does not receive sustenance etc. once born, he/she will die.

      • In the case of rape a crime is committed. To have an abortion is to commit another crime. I do believe that the time for choice is when one chooses to engage in the act that conceives and that after that there is responsibility to face, not more choices. With rape or incest, we must understand that we are dealing with a crime and two wrongs is not going to make a right, or make anything better. Once a child is conceived it has a right to life, and also the mother, if she has an abortion is doing something that will negatively effect her own health down the road in many ways. Something often not pointed out also!

      • A child conceived by any act – good or bad – at the time of conception has its own distinct DNA separate from either the mother or father. That in an of itself gives it the right to its own life. And the right not to be intentionally killed.

        Two wrongs do not make a right. Carry the child to term and give it up for adoption. Go to counseling and get help for the trauma of rape. We ALL have trials in this life to endure. Less than 1% of abortions are because of rape, incest or danger to the mother. 99% are because it is “inconvenient” to have a baby, an “accident”, etc.

        There are multitudes of families who want to and are adopting children every day. I think even more would adopt if the adoption fees and attorney fees were lower. I personally know 6 people who have adopted a total of 12 children. (One of them adopted SIX KIDS!)

  20. There’s contradiction in your position. If that’s “54 million Americans who were not a burden, but a blessing”, then why would you allow aborting ANY of them. They are humans from the point of conception. Anything less is infanticide. Please reconsider.

      • This is one thing that we do not know, but we can only trust that God is fair and just and that every human being does have a soul!

    • I think he is looking for common ground. While I agree completely with your statement, abortion is NOT going to go away, and I think the best thing to do is look for a winnable fight. And anything past the first trimester is a good place to start. Its NOT the end goal, but banning abortions AFTER that point is better than NO law at all. Just my 2 cents worth

      • I had the same thought. Limiting abortions after the first trimester isn’t the perfect outcome but it is a good place to start.

      • Yes, indeed, but we need to have a moral standard that defines right from wrong. If the laws are going to stop short of what such a standard demands, then we should still work toward the complete legal implementation of the moral standard! We should adopt a uniform standard and I think that Mr. West is saying that and that is a very important and necessary thing that we must do!

      • Looking for common ground does NOT mean you should avoid the truth that life begins at conception. Common ground can be offered while moving in the direction of stopping all abortion. Wouldn’t it be great to see a politician say that from the beginning.

  21. I’m pro-choice and Anti-abortion. Think of all the lives we can save if we JUST PREVENT THE PREGNANCY???? How hard IS this anyway???And if my tax-dollars are supporting your children, then you are NOT having anymore until YOU can provide for them. #Norplant

    • One thing not often understood is that the contraceptive pill does allow for a child to be conceived, so it is another way that abortion happens. The pill acts on the female body to make the uterus reject the fetus so that it aborts! So, the pill does NOT prevent conception. People have many abortions who are on the pill and they do not realize this!

      • Wrong!!!! Oral contraceptives pills taken daily PREVENT ovulation – as well as Norplant and the nuva ring. There is no conception because there is no egg. The new iuds also secrete hormones to prevent ovulation.

        The old copper iuds and the plan b “after pill” make the uterine lining more inhospitable to the implantation of a POTENTIALLY fertilized egg – hence the uproar by Catholics over being forced to pay for it in healthcare plans.

        I am a nurse practitioner BTW.

      • You said it yourself, Elizabeth. The plan b pill makes the uterine lining inhospitable to the implantation of a fertilized egg. I’m not a nurse practitioner, but like most adults in this country, I do know that an egg is fertilized before it implants in the wall of the uterus. As you must know, there is no such thing as a “potentially fertilized egg.” If the egg is not fertilized, it does not implant in the lining of the uterus. If is is fertilized, it implants. Thus, the morning after pill is designed to prevent a fertilized egg from implanting. There is no need to prevent an unfertilized egg from implanting.
        I find it hard to believe you are really a nurse practitioner. If so, where did you get your training? I am suspicious of your credentials because you don’t seem to know the basics of human reproduction.

    • My folks had 21 of us fartfaces, & dad had a 1 liner I’ll never forget: “If you wait til you can afford kids, you’ll never have any.” They never got on the welfare rolls, & as the 15th one down, I’m grateful they let God choose when conception would take place. Doing it right isn’t for the faint of heart, but then neither is marriage: either do it right or keep your pants on.

  22. Thank you Mr.Allen West, your statement is right on point. I live in NYC and have no plans to leave it. I choose to stand my ground, I will not give up my soul (Molon Labe!) as our politicians have chosen to do. G-D Save New York.

  23. I respectfully disagree with Allen West’s position on this issue.. One cannot count themselves pro-life just because they wish a smaller percentage of abortions than progressives. Abortion is the taking of a human life and a human life can only be taken justifiably for certain reasons. War, Self-defense, capital punishment, and perhaps others. The idea of using the first trimester is ridiculously arbitrary certainly NOT one of those reasons. War and capital punishment has never been claimed as a reason for abortion in American since Roe V. Wade. That leaves self-defense. If attempting to carry a baby to term will result in the death of the mother and child then the choice to save the mother is not even a choice since the baby is going to die either way. Save as many as you can. Rape and incest are no more legitimate reasons than when the Muslims who want to kill their daughters who are the victims of rape. Babies are the victims of rape and incest NOT the guilty causes.

    • I agree. And rape and incest are not passed down genetically. A child of rape or incest is not tainted in any way, except in the minds of those who cannot separate a victim from a perpetrator. God bless any woman who chooses not to kill the second victim of a rapist.
      Our former surgeon general has stated publicly that he has never known of a case where a doctor had to choose between saving the life of the mother or saving the life of her baby. What happens when pregnancy is dangerous to the life of the mother is that the baby is carried as long as possible for the safety of the mother, possibly delivered a little early, and every measure is taken to save BOTH the baby’s life and the mother’s life. He said it is never an either/or situation. The whole either/or scenario is made up, according to him.
      Your comparison to Muslims killing their daughters who are victims of rape is extremely apropos.

  24. Dismayed at the idea that killing an innocent baby at 12 to 20 weeks is “reasonable” to Col. West. Maybe politically reasonable for those willing to compromise morality and decency for purposes of political expediency. Can you imagine a politician saying it is reasonable to beat your wife but only for the first two months of the year. It doesn’t matter when you beat her because it is morally wrong anytime. WHEN one kills an innocent human being doesn’t matter unless one does not find that killing of any moral significance. Those who say abortion at any stage is a ” tough” decision are willing to compromise their morality and human decency for some specific convenient expediency and that is what makes them ultimately dangerous to everyone, not just babies.

    • I agree, and perhaps Allen West should give this some thought. The time to have a “choice” about whether or not to conceive a child is when one chooses to engage in the act that can conceive a child. Other than this, “choice” is not a moral option. From the moment of conception, the conceived being has a right to life and those who have conceived (parents) have the responsibility to bring that life into the world and nurture and protect it! Yes!

  25. True Christians support abortion. Since fetuses have souls from the moment of conception, and are under the age of accountability, all aborted persons go to heaven. On the other hand, if they are born and grow up, there is a chance that they will become atheists or join a false religion and burn in hell for eternity. Being against abortion is the same as hoping that more souls are tortured for an eternity.

      • Abortion is murder period. No ifs ands or buts about it. Last time I checked murder is a big no no in God’s eyes. Yes, aborted babies do go to heaven but that DOES NOT mean we should support their murders or the ones that murdered them (doctors and would be mothers included). I have never heard nor read such a twisted comment about Christianity.

      • OK, abortion is murder, got that. But murder won’t send you to hell or deny you admittance to heaven. That is based solely on whether or not you repent and accept Jesus as your savior. Since heaven and hell last an eternity, that is infinitely more important than suffering or death on the earthly plane.

      • Deep down, you must know that it is evil to murder someone. Killing your own child is especially evil. Working to convince a woman that she should kill her own child is evil. Even if a person’s life will be terrible, and they will make the choice to spend eternity in hell rather than accept the free gift of God’s love, what gives you the right to kill that person before they have a chance to experience even a day on this earth? God loves every one of us, including you, but he gives us a choice of whether to love him back or not. If our love for God was not given by choice, it’s wouldn’t be genuine. Why do you love the murder of children so much, and why do you try to defend it with twisted arguments that attempt to blame God for the evil actions of people? Have you killed your own children before they were born?

      • Thankfully, I have not found it necessary to murder any of my children. However, I do support elective abortion up to the 75th trimester.

    • Quite wrong. What you are saying here is a denial of God’s nature itself! We are here to be tested, and God has reasons for all of us! Whether one ends up in heaven or hell is God’s judgment. If we speculate on God’s judgment about the unborn we do need to realize that God has knowledge we do not. No, any doctrine that people should not live because they might go to hell if they live is a false doctrine which flies in the face of the entire revelations of both the Old and the New Testaments! God help us!

      • Yeah, yeah, subverting God’s plan. Let me ask you: all the fetuses that die by miscarriage, or injury to the mother, what happens to their souls? And is the miscarriage not part of God’s plan? Before we started vaccinating our children and infant mortality sometimes went over 30%, what happened to the souls of all those children who died before their second year? Are we subverting God’s will be preventing or curing childhood illnesses?
        You say God’s plan was for those aborted children to be born and have the chance to reject him and spend an eternity in hell. Those who are denied the chance before possibly doing that will undoubtedly be very grateful, whatever God had planned for them.
        It seems to me that God’s plan is a very fragile thing, and has long since been derailed.

      • Actually, God has sent us to be tested on this earth. We are given our agency to choose right or wrong and we are judged on how well we endure our trials. So yes, misery happens in the life. Sometimes, like in the case of sick children, if feels like it is from God but it is a part of our test. Alot of time, misery happens because of the choices others or you make. These are consequences. It feels unfair but again, we are tested on how well we endure. For those babies that don’t make it due to miscarriage is a completely different thing from one where a mother knowingly kills a healthy baby. Its too bad you can’t tell the difference. God’s plan isn’t fragile. Your understanding of it is.

    • Andrew, can you tell us where in the bible it states that there is an age of accountability? It is something that is widely believed among Christians (myself included), but the bible never says it exists.

      • It doesn’t. It is common but completely invented theology. Without it, you find yourself worshiping someone who is torturing millions for an eternity for the crime of being miscarried or succumbing to a childhood illness.

    • Are you against anything but a guaranteed existence? True Christians lead full lives & trust in God’s Providence for what’s unseen. That’s the definition of hope: “…I hope to obtain the pardon of my sins, the help of Thy Grace & Life Everlasting….” Take a chance, buddy: your future’s so bright you gotta wear shades.

    • That’s ridiculous. And since we are talking about Christianity here. I will add that someone had a plan that guarantee all of us would make it to “heaven”. He was gonna MAKE us be good. Of course that takes away our free agency but he thought that was a good price to pay. God disagreed. Satan lost.

  26. The 55 million are just those recorded/reported, the actual number can only be estimated (probably x2). Then 16, my now wife of 32 years went to the Offutt AFB Hospital for a routine checkup in 1981. The nurse was doing the pre-check with my wife’s mom apart from her in the waiting room. The nurse checking my wife in noticed something about her nipples and asked if she could be pregnant, my wife responded in the affirmative. The nurse quickly took her to another room and had her get on the bed and put her legs in the stirrups. Shortly, there were three women (she wasn’t sure if one was a Doctor or not) in the room telling her this would be a quick procedure and nothing would be said to the parents or put in her medical record. As a total blessing, my wife had situational awareness as she firmly said NO even after they berated her, trying to convince her to abort the child. A funny, but not really related part, is one of the nurses commented how the father would never marry her…me, now together after 32 yrs. Our son is doing well. Just saying this probably happened many times over across the US back then due to the callous attitude of the mainstream medical community towards abortion.

    • That is a really shocking story, and very sad. 🙁 How can anyone kill an innocent human being? And in your wife’s case, they tried to force a mother to kill her own child. That is horrendous, inhuman. I don’t understand how anyone can kill an infant, especially their own child, and not admit they have murdered an innocent person. It’s a selfish, immoral, and evil decision to end your own child’s life. It’s unfathomable to me. Thank God your wife-to-be was aware of what was going on and stopped them from violating her body and murdering her child. It makes me sick that people in the medical and infanticide industry actually work hard to convince a woman that she should kill her own baby, and then go to sleep at night. They must do some pretty hefty mental gymnastics to convince themselves that they are helping someone. That is a poverty of spirit, as Mother Theresa put it. Your wife knew, as a 16-year-old, and possibly having just found out she was pregnant (you didn’t say whether she herself knew before they tested her), that her baby was a precious gift. Not all teenage girls have the guts to stand up to three women in a medical setting pressuring her to let them “do a procedure” to “fix a problem.” Your story has a beautiful happy ending. God bless you and your wife and son!

    • I’m betting Jr. is eternally grateful.
      I have a true story for you:
      She bore 21 children in as many yrs. & raised them with dad who helped shorten the tears, for they didn’t all make it: among them were 7, who lived long enough just to show us to Heaven; & if they weren’t enough, there was 1 born retarded, named Christopher David; then Lesson 1 started. Our family continued to learn what love is: there are no conditions of Strong Man or Whiz, for dear Chris was neither, but answered to love, which leads to the subject that I’m thinking of. When God took Chris back Home, He gave 3 more Chris’s, & I thought I was lucky, ’cause the next was my Mrs., but my life didn’t start with an event such as this: you see, I’m the next one who’s born after Chris; and if they had given up hope after him, then I may have been torn apart limb by limb – so to me all our blessings come right in proportion: should we love all our children or get an abortion?

  27. Typical “prolifer” comment. “Let’s stop abortion for those who we deem valuable, or those that feel pain.”

    Abortion is wrong because all humans are made in God’s image. All humans deserve protection. Stop the compromise! The only “common sense” thing to do with abortion is to abolish it!

    • Amen: for rape & incest you make the father pay all costs for 18 yrs., including the costs connected with the mother’s option of adopting out.

    • So you’d rather keep abortion throughout all 9 months of pregnancy the law of the land and not save any babies than to change the law to 12 weeks and be able to save at least some? It’s all or nothing for you, really?

  28. Yes, and we need more people in this country. In Europe, because of abortions, the countries are dying out, not replicating themselves. it’s about 60 Million abortions in this nation, but world wide 1,200 Million. China is a whopping 35,000 daily! If we, the USA, would come up with a moral standard then perhaps the rest of the world could be encouraged to follow that instead of what is happening. How does God put up with this. . .or maybe He isn’t?!

    • Its not just the crimes of the father. In cases other than RAPE, INCEST WAS STILL A CHOICE, it takes TWO TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!,

  29. The Nazis killed people by the millions after they were born and now we kill millions before they are born. What is the difference?

  30. Thank you sir. Well said. Abortion should never be an “easy” thing to have done at any time and should be illegal after 20 weeks for sure. Partial birth my rear. I wonder how many woman, who were living on the edge, making poor choices and became pregnant, but chose life and because of that, turned their lives around? The liberal masses who wig out at the very suggestion of amending Roe, always spout off about the many children living in poor conditions etc. Well, being poor is not a permanent condition. Look at Dr Carson and Col West for that matter. Poor is a temporary condition that can change, even now in our screwed up society.


    Below is in all caps, I can not see and therefore all caps is best in order to spell check, and check for typos. Tablets to not allow for enlarging font, nor screen enlargement. If it offends, just do not read it.











  32. Since the dawn of humanity we’ve known what causes pregnancy and for at least 3
    decades we’ve had access to effective birth control. If pregnancy occurs not as
    a result of rape or incest then it is caused by laziness or stupidity. Now I
    know there aren’t 1.3 million cases of pregnancy yearly that are due to rape or
    incest, there probably aren’t 1.3 thousand cases of such. So a whole lot of
    people are stupidly or lazily getting pregnant and making an unborn human pay
    the price!

  33. A human being is created at conception. It has it’s own distinct DNA apart from the male and female that created it. While it may be in a form we don’t recognize, it is still a PERSON that is developing.

  34. It is hypocritical to look for “life” on other planets – lowly one celled organisms, yet not recognize a human at one day, 8 or even 20 weeks, with millions of cells as remotely worthy of life.

  35. Mr. West, I am disappointed in you. I thought you would take a more rational stance on this. I have not seen you compromise on much less important issues than the preservation of innocent human life. Why do you draw an arbitrary line i the middle of pregnancy? Anyone with half a brain knows that life begins at conception. Only the morally bankrupt can claim otherwise. I’m very disappointed that you have taken a RINO-type stance on the murder of infants. Very disappointed.

    • Of course he doesn’t believe “a thing” magically turns into a baby on a certain day, he believes life begins at conception and he believes in the sanctity of human life. However he also knows that until Republicans are willing to compromise, abortion will continue to be the law of the land throughout all 9 months of pregnancy. And if we are able to save some babies, it’s better than saving none. This does not have to be “all or nothing”, 40 years of this law should tell us that! We pro-lifers should not cut off our noses to spite our faces. Let’s focus on changing the law to protect babies after the first trimester because we stand a much better chance of getting American’s to agree with that position. Also, Mr. West said the first trimester which is 12 weeks, not the middle of pregnancy which is about 20 weeks, or 2 months later.

  36. I agree but it shows how little we care about life and he is right on the 3 areas where a woman has a right to choose but as others have said there is protection out there if u do not want to get pregnant and if a couple do not want kids then both of them can get fixed.

  37. Can anyone even imagine the outrage if a convicted killer was put to death in the same manner as a fetus undergoing abortion? How about an animal? How have we become so base that we can not see how horrible abortion is? The problem is that once you buy into an ideology, if it disagrees with the ideology you must change your morality. The left has convinced women to buy into the progressive ideology and in order to do that they have had to destroy their sense of the sanctity of life in the womb in favor of their own convenience. The bankruptcy of such a position must be exposed as anti-women, anti-social.

  38. You know when the abortion discussion will get real? When science discovers the “gay gene” and people start aborting gay babies. Then the left with start screaming!

    • No, do not worry. The Perverts tried very hard to find the “gay gene(s)”, but they failed, because the “Homo” gene(s) does NOT exist. God did NOT include it in DNA. HOMOSEXUALITY is a Mental Disorder which leads to the Sexual DEPRAVITY!

      But we have another problem and veeeery serious.

      My dear Brothers and Sister in our LORD Jesus Christ:
      This is an ALERT for you.

      What I found out it’s totally DEVASTATING NEWS – there is a war on you – on Christians and thus on the whole Christianity – with the plan to TERMINATE us. And it’s not what you think. I am not talking about the open war on Christianity by this RACIST, GODLESS, LAWLESS, and DEBAUCHED administration. Nope.

      I am talking about another war – GENETIC war, which is plotted behind the curtain.

      The final goal of this war is completely TERMINATE / FINISH Christianity.

      I understand you are inpatient so here is a PAINFUL News.

      After years of the research GAY SCIENTISTS at Pink Tiger Research Institute (PTRI) in Australia have identified a genetic marker which they say proves Christianity is NOT choice, but it’s inherence as boldness.

      These Gay Scientists have isolated the Christian (!!!) Gene which makes people Christian.

      Their hypóthesis is based on the experiments with the “Christian” Rats..

      The Gay Scientists at PTRI are now looking for further FUNDING in order to CONTINUE THEIR RESEARCH for an explanation of Christianity altogether, and to HELP DEVELOP THE METHOD TO REMOVE the Christian GENE, as they did with their “christian” Rats. Their Rats now are Atheists.

      My dear Brothers and Sisters, this is NOT a joke. No doubt me.

      Oh man, Sciense is a powerful engine of the civilization, especially in the hands of the PERVERTS. And we can fully rely on the GAY scientists. In my mind no doubt whatsoever.

      P.S. “Our Liberals Friends”, in spite of your greediness you can invest in your cause by donating to the Gay Scientists research and thus to HELP DEVELOP THE METHOD TO REMOVE the Christian GENE. Once and for all – F O R E V E R ! Isn’t your dream?

      (I thought that there are only DemocRats.)

  39. Here is my stance on this – leave it up to the states to begin with…then there should be a ” 3 Strikes Your Sterilized ” Figure out the DNA of the man and Sterlize him too!! Then if you want to spread your legs and not at least use a condom there will be No More Innocent Lives Killed.
    On the other hand if Adoption and possibly Abstinence would be used as a platform then maybe some women would not be so turned around about this

  40. The baby’s development in the FIRST trimester:

    Week 5: the baby’s brain, spinal cord, heart and other organs begin to form.
    Week 6: the HEART begins to BEAT
    Week 7: Baby’s head
    Week 8: Baby’s eyes
    Week 9: Baby’s toes
    Week 11: Baby’s genitals

    And imagine, at Week 12 Baby’s fingernails are developing

    “My frame WAS NOT hidden from You [God], when I was being MADE IN SECRET, intricately woven in the depth of the earth. Your [God’s] eyes saw my unformed substance; in Your book were written every one of them, the days, that were formed for me, when as yet there were none of them. (Psalm 139:15-16)

    Godless DemonCrats are voting for the INFANTICIDE.

    And “compassionate” Liberals have NONE problems to kill 24-30 weeks babies. They even will not help to baby who survived abortion.

    They call them “pro-choice” instead of the “Pro-INFANTICIDE”. But we
    know who they are and we will call them by their proper name: INFANTICIDERS

    As always they change the meanings/definitions of the words: bigot, homophobe,
    islamophobe, hate, “war on woman”, racists, etc.

    But we know who they are – Pure EVIL.

    It was a ‘DISBELIEVE’ and ‘SHOCKING’ even for men to hear this from the FL Planned Parenthood’s lobbyist.

    The question for the FL PP’s lobbyist was: Should a NEWBORN receive medical attention or be left to die? (It was meant if “NEWBORN” survived a failed abortion)
    Her answer was: (smiling) That’s a very good question. I really don’t know how to answer that.

    “The Lord shall reward the doer of evil according to his wickedness.” (2Sam.3:39)

  41. On 01/07/13 Planned Parenthood released their 2011-2012 annual report.

    *** In 2011, Planned Parenthood performed a record 333,964 abortions while receiving a record $542 million in TAXPAYER funding. (People you are Involuntary paying for the Democrats’ INFANTICIDE)

    *** Over the past three years, Planned Parenthood has performed nearly ONE million abortions – 995,687.

    *** Cancer screening & prevention services and contraceptive services provided by
    Planned Parenthood continue to drop. Contraceptive services have dropped by 12% since 2009, and cancer screening & prevention services have dropped by 29%.

    The U.S. House of Representatives voted twice in 2011 to strip Planned Parenthood of its taxpayer funding, but Obama was willing to SHUT DOWN the ENTIRE federal
    government rather then cut a single penny of TAX FUNDING from Planned Parenthood.

  42. No matter which way you look at it or at what stage -3 weeks, 12 weeks, 24 weeks, etc., abortion is MURDER! If a woman is so concerned about her body, then she should take precautions before having sex. When are we going to take responsibility for our actions????

  43. You either believe that genus and species are determined by DNA, or you don’t. You either believe that a pregnant human female is carrying an unborn human being, or you don’t. You either believe that all human beings have human rights, or you don’t. You either believe that it’s all right for a mother to kill her children, or you don’t.

  44. If the abortion issue is to be addressed incrementally, which actually makes sense, WE need to reframe the question as the Left does all the time. This is really (as Rick Warren phrased it) a question of civil rights. We need to change the language to the CORE issue:
    When do civil rights begin? At conception? 3 months? Later? How much later, birth? Some of the eugenicists think the answer is at 2 years old! Without civil rights, anyone can be killed and it isn’t “murder”.

  45. If a fetus is a person, then Involuntary Servitude to the fetus-person is a violation of the woman’s Constitutional rights via the 13th Amendment.

    “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

    • Draco I never heard that reasoning before, interesting thought. But, voluntary servitude is permitted, right? Hard to argue that pregnancy is involuntary except for rape or incest.

    • Draco,
      The problem with your reasoning is that if the law acknowledges that an unborn child is a person, as you suggest, then to kill them is also a crime. Do we commit one crime in order to prevent another? Your reasoning is circular.

    • What you are talking about is PARENTHOOD. Its not involuntary servitude, (although it feels like it sometimes, Ha!) Most of those 55 million women had sex voluntarily. SEX is our bodies biological way of creating life. Therefore it can be a CONSEQUENCE. Good or bad is your own opinion.

    • Your argument holds zero merit. Other than rape, the two involved chose to have unprotected intercourse. Ergo… They VOLUNTARILY entered into the position as parents hence no violation of rights! Either use a condom, don’t do it or give it up for adoption. You should really think before you post uninformed senseless drivel…

  46. Did you know that Planned Parenthood was founded by an active clan speaker?

    Did you know that 95 percent of all abortion clinics are in minority neighborhood?

    Did you know that Jesse Jackson when he ran for president he changed his stance on abortion, from “black genocide” to a “woman’s choice?”

    Did you know that the Nazis took much of their eugenics science from American eugenics scientist’s?

    Did you know that eugenics was created in America after the end of slavery to destroy blacks in America through sterilization, birth control, and eventually abortion?

    Did you know that abortion is the number one killer of blacks in America. every year abortion kills more black people than AIDS, heart disease, cigarettes, and gang violence. Combined!

    Did you know that one in four black children are aborted? 

    Did you know that the most dangerous place for a black baby to be in her mother’s womb?

    Did you know that both political parties not only knew about this ethnic cleansing, but support it still to this day? (Yes I will provide proof.)

    Do you support racism? Ethnic cleansing? Genocide?!?

    This documentary was put out by black people, to educate black people of the truth about abortion. I would challenge you to watch this video in its entirety and then ask yourself where it is wrong. 

    All the evidence provided in this documentary is taken directly from the Library of Congress it is the actual historical documents proving the truth about abortion.

  47. One bright spot in this issue is that conservatives are unlikely to abort their children and liberals are. It is likely that the aborted child would have grown up liberal like it’s parent. Therefore, it is likely that we have less liberals with the rate of abortion.

  48. Seeing that pro abortionists don’t have any value for life then it is something that people should look at for future annialation of anyone. This is a disgusting perspective and one should read Saul Alinsky’s ideology. This is in the under the surface a population control and will also be a sentence on senior citizens as well. There is already a bill in Oregon for euthanasia.

  49. //I am quite sure many of you would agree that in cases of rape, incest, and confirmed threat to a mother’s life it is clearly a woman’s right to choose — I take that position.//

    First, I know nobody wants to read all of this but this is my take on abortion.

    I do NOT take that position entirely. The reason I do not is because I know scientifically conception does NOT happen for the first 24 to 48 hours and up to 5 days after intercourse.

    A rape victim has the time to get to a hospital, Report the rape and take the preventative measures!! NOT doing that is irresponsible!! NO conservative should be against this because pregnancy has not even occurred yet!

    I know every liberal will say, ” What about in the case of a rape victim who is held and raped for days?” Well, If as soon as they are released they go to the hospital(which you would think they would need to) within 48 hours or up to 5 days after intercourse, and take the pill then it would be legal.

    Why cant we use common sense? We should be able to create laws that have common sense written into them.

    If there is a confirmed threat to a mothers life an abortion should be allowed by choice however, The baby should be given the chance to live outside of an agreed upon time that a child has a chance to live outside the womb.

    Why should abortion be legal inside of an incestuous relationship between two consenting adults? They know what they are doing!!

    In cases of Incestuous RAPE abortion should be legal inside of the first and second trimester.
    If the child is deemed healthy inside the third than the baby should not be allowed to be aborted. I know some would have issue with this, but if you believe God is the giver and taker of life then what right do we have?
    Incest IS NOT RAPE! But if a female is UNDER AGE then it is RAPE regardless of Incest or not. I do agree that a rape that happens inside the family there should be reason to abort the baby. This is my compromising position.
    I really believe that if a pregnancy occurs then God obviously blessed it for whatever reason. We don’t know all things. But I am willing to compromise with those people who don’t believe in a God because I believe those people who do believe in God will not follow those same laws. But they are available to them just in case they truly didn’t know that they didn’t really believe in God.

    These third trimester abortions have no business being legal in any case.
    Rape victims should have the responsibility to turn in their rapist immediately and go to the hospital.

  50. Just because your daughter said she did have sex until she was married and was a good girl….. Doesn’t mean she was!!! Take your “values” and put them to the test. Are you counting medical reasons after an amino or a bad test?? I know plenty of God fearing people who has “used” that process for a healthy child. Abortion are not birth control, education in the answer not taking rights away.

  51. Let these Pompous people support and condone the killing of babies. They think they are untouchable, but God is in control and there WILL be a day of reckoning. They are either very brave or very stupid!

  52. Once again Colonel, you have taken a logical and measured position on a very divisive issue. God Bless You! If you decide to run for Congress again, let me know, so that I can volunteer to work on your campaign.
    Also, I loved the logic behind the comment from one of your readers that Liberals will continue to abort their progeny, while Conservatives will continue to procreate, leading eventually to a majority of Conservative voters. If only I could believe that this country will survive long enough to see that day. I have my doubts.

  53. This is logical according to man but God sees it VERY diffrrently. I admire your stand in most areas except this. It IS NOT a womans RIGHT to murder.


    • Incest is a willing choice? Not in most incidences! It usually begins when the girl is a very young child and continues until adulthood with the girl being threatened with something to keep her compliant…or simply ignorant of what is wrong with the situation after a lifetime of abuse.

      • And like I said that becomes a case of rape. And as such those actions need to be addressed more severe than what they have been. In action that you are describing that becomes kidnapping( domestic doesn’t require the victim to be removed from the home),endangerment, extortion to some degree, forced sodomy, among other charges and should be punished according to the offense. But when they are older and understand their actions shouldn’t we all start taking responsibility for those choice instead of what you are advocating. As ex-military I’ve seen some Terri le things from be headings to worse, but I’ve seen documentary or it abortions and if you saw the suffering those little souls suffer you would change your mind on it, it did mind, out of all I’ve seen its the one thing that has put a black spot on my soul…

  55. France was the first country to legalize the use of RU-486 as an abortifacient in 1988, allowing its use up to seven weeks of pregnancy. By one estimate, a quarter of all French abortions now use RU-486.

    A pregnant girl under the age of 18 may ask for an abortion without consulting her parents first if she accompanied to the clinic by an adult of her choice, who must not tell her parents or any third party about the abortion.

  56. Thank you. So glad to finally hear you speak on this subject. Like you, I too believe that a woman has the right to choose if her life is in danger, or in the cases of rape and incest. I am a Republican and I applaud your stance. To me that does not make you a “right wing conservative”, it makes you human. And, this is the stance I want to see my Republican party take on this issue.

    • Please explain how you go from “father is a rapist” to “therefore baby must die”. I fail to understand how you make such an incredible planet-to-planet leap. How exactly are the two connected? Then when you’re done fumbling through your incoherent explanation, go here.

    • Actually, the woman should choose to allow her child to live no matter what the circumstances are. Parents have to make sacrifices for their children in life and sometimes those sacrifices means trading your life to give them life (protecting your child in any situation including jumping into danger by rescuing them)
      This thinking has left the minds of parents today. My mom had four extremely risky pregnancies. All were planned and no talk of abortion ever entered her mind. The problem was the Rhesus factor in the blood, she is RH negative blood type and all four of us girls are RH positive blood types. If one drop of our blood mixed with hers, it would have been possible death for mother and child, mental retardation of the child, her body making antibodies to reject the pregnancy, and many other health problems for both mother and child. She chose us all and put her life on the line for each of us. That is a TRUE mother that would sacrifice herself to give us life and we thank her for the choice she made.

  57. Mr. West would you suggest gathering up all the children of jailed and convicted rapists and killing them? Then why is it “acceptable” for you to think killing the very unborn child you seem to be defending if his/she is conceived in rape? Go to the website and meet RAPE CONCEIVED PERSONS you wanted to abort !

    • No where does he say he WANTS these children aborted, in fact, given the opportunity I’m sure he would counsel a rape victim against abortion, he merely says that those women should be given the choice of carrying the child to term or not. But I do believe he missed out on saying those women who decide to abort because of rape, need to have reported that rape and been given the opportunity to receive the morning after pill in order to prevent any pregnancy from occurring. I have a fear that we would simply end up with the same number of abortions, but many accusations of rape by unknown men, when in fact the woman not only knows the father, but lives with him!

      • With respect, you’re missing the point that I and Saynsumthn are making. Mr. West’s position on abortion makes him pro-choice, not pro-life. So therefore there is a bit of hypocrisy there, or at the very least, ignorance. And I don’t mean lack of intelligence, because I have the utmost respect for Colonel West. I simply mean, not having all the facts or not thinking it through more carefully. Life is life. The circumstances surrounding how that life came to being do not determine the value or validity of that life. It doesn’t make sense. It is a disconnected leap of illogic. We have the key to so many of our ills and yet when the answer involves morality we seem to go lethargic/apathetic, and as I said in another comment to someone else, it never ends well. Someone almost always pays with their life. And this silent holocaust grinds on. 56 million Americans denied life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the name of convenience. I wonder how many Martin Luther King Jr’s, or Madame Curie’s, George Washington Carver’s or Albert Einstein’s we’ve snuffed out in the 40+ years since Roe v. Wade. But even if they would have been normal, regular, everyday folk, their life is valuable beyond the point where any of us have the moral authority to determine whether or not they live.

      • Just wondering where you stand on the couple who are married, use protection because they know she can’t carry a child to term, but then the unthinkable happens? She has a hell of choice wouldn’t you say? And he has to support that choice 100%. There are good reasons to abort but many people just refuse to see it. i am a conservative, I am a christian, but I can’t abide a world where society would force a woman to sacrifice her health and possibly her life to try to bring a baby to term when it is extremely unlikely the baby, if brought to term would be healthy. When the doctors tell you there is 99% chance the baby will not go to term and if he/she does, will be deformed, brain damaged, etc.. Or, she can go off all of her medications while pregnant, risk dying in which case the baby dies too and the man is left alone.. Like I said in an earlier post, common sense dictates you make the difficult choice. You take all the precautions but then that 1 in a million thing happens..

      • My mother had four high risk pregnancies in the ’60’s and ’70’s when the medical field wasn’t as advanced as it is now without even considering abortion. My youngest sister had a high risk pregnancy that could have cost her her life, her child (my niece) was born emergency c-section and rushed to surgery to close the hole on her back where her spine ended into a large knot. My niece was born with severe spina bifida and hydrocephelus. She was given 5 years to live. She’s now 16 and even though she’s mentally handicapped, she’s still a blessing to our lives, and my sister survived the pregnancy. Any woman that wants to abort due to “medical reasons” is just thinking of herself. Dr’s aren’t always right, after all, I was told that I’d never have a child, but I have a very healthy, intelligent 8 year old. See, The Dr was WRONG!!!!

      • First, I would as you might expect, disagree that there are “good reasons to abort”. Secondly I fail to understand how the scenario you describe is “unthinkable”, when as you stated, the woman already knows she “can’t carry a child to term”. (Nancy Townsend replied to you and makes good points you might also ponder). Thirdly, doctor’s, even with today’s advancements, do not have the technology nor the know-how to ever make a “99%” dogmatic diagnosis. If a doctor makes such a diagnosis, I can tell you I would grab my wife and run away from that doctor as fast as my legs could carry me. Which brings me to another very poignant statement I’d like to make. My legs can’t carry me, because I was born with birth defects, that have lead to me being in a wheelchair since I was 15 years old. When my mother was pregnant with me, abortion was still illegal in this country, thank God, but my mother would have chosen to carry me to term anyway, regardless of any doctor’s prognosis on my life expectancy or quality thereof. In fact they informed her I would be a bed-baby my entire short life. They said I was hydrocephalic and that was entirely incorrect. I was not expected to live beyond my first birthday. Then they said, 3 years old, and then they said 5. And every time they placed an expiration label on me, I made liars out of them. I walked until I was 15, which they said I would never do, and ironically it was doctor’s who trying to fix me, paralyzed me from the waist down. So, before you put to much stock in doctor’s and modern medicine, you might think on these things. I’m not disrespecting you, I just think you, like Colonel West and so many others, only think you’ve thought things through, when you need other human input to be able to make that claim with any level of validity.

        But, right now I would point out that you are trying to come up with reasons to justify abortion on a large scale by circumstances that are infinitesimally small-scale by comparison. But in the interest of civil debate, I will answer your inquiry to the best of my ability. First, as I mentioned cases like the one you describe are extremely rare, but if we are going to stand around debating a holocaust which has denied, and continues to deny life to more than 55 million human beings, it is still important to address that one, rare case, I agree. A life, as I stated before is a life.

        So, that said, I would conclude with this: If a woman knows she cannot, without serious risk to her own life and that of the child, carry a pregnancy to term, then as you yourself pointed out, she must make the difficult choice, as must her husband who has equal stake in the matter. Contrary to the popular belief of most liberals and pro-choicers, this is his progeny as well. And that difficult decision, should they truly seek the correct one, indeed the moral one, because this ultimately is an issue of morality, would be to discuss finding other ways to achieve gratification, that do not risk such a possibility. So you see, God will always provide a way if we are sincere in finding it. It has been a priviledge debating with you.

      • Also wanted to add that if the couple has been told that she can’t carry a child to term and she believe’s the dr, then why not take PREVENTATIVE measures as in tubal ligation, I mean after all, SHE was WARNED and KNEW the risk so why even put yourself into that life or death situation to start with. Am I crazy or is that how MATURE adults would handle the situation. Oh, I forgot, people can’t make rational decisions anymore, they prefer to wait until the damage is done and THEN worry about it.

    • I would say the best way to avoid the problems you’ve outlined here, is to stop having sex, or at the very least, be more responsible. You want pro-choice? Why don’t men and women CHOOSE to act more responsibly? (and kids playing grown-up for that matter) Why don’t they CHOOSE to control their impulses? Why don’t they CHOOSE to use a condom, spermicide, IUD, or better yet, since those methods aren’t 100%, why don’t people CHOOSE to engage in other forms of gratification that do not inevitably lead to pregnancy? There are many, many CHOICES, but folks never seem to gravitate towards the moral ones. It always ends badly; someone gets pregnant and someone dies. You see, people who can’t afford to raise a child shouldn’t do that which leads to having one, any more than say, a suicidal alcoholic handling a firearm. As I said, it always ends badly. Wouldn’t you agree?

    • so we kill them? Well, what about your life? Do you work and support yourself and your family, if you have one? What if your mother aborted you? What do you have to offer humanity. Think about it. Besides there are many people who are on food stamps who won’t work and just live on the rest of us. Should the govt propose to get rid of those people no matter how old they are or whatever? It is evil for people to kill all these babies. It is not from God it is from the Devil who is in control in this fallen world.

      • we are. we just have to stand up and take it ourselves. practice temperance which means self control. it applies to more than just alcohol and drug use. it applies to sexual behavior. teach our young ladies and our young men to plan out what they do. educate them

    • Why not expect some personal responsibility from those mothers? The first thing we can do is STOP paying women to have children they cannot afford! How many of those children would never have been conceived if their mother and father knew that THEY were going to be responsible for feeding, clothing and housing that child until the age of 18? We should normalize adoption so that a young woman who does end up pregnant finds it as viable and socially acceptable as abortion. And EVERYONE who is on any type of government welfare should be required to be on some form of semi permanent birth control or sign a document stating that they understand that if they refuse they will be removed from the program if they get pregnant again. Safe, reliable, birth control has been available for decades and it is free at women’s clinics all over the country. Certainly everyone deserves a hand up, but no one deserves a life of handouts. (And I am excluding those who are truly physically or mentally incapable of caring for themselves from this conversation)

      • love this answer. really good points. however birth control is not accessable to every female out there. this is how they end up in abortion clinics or having unplanned children. also educating males and females about family planning and what it means to be a parent would help. I know this because I sent my kids to catholic high schools. one of these schools had a parent sponsored class on childbirth, raising children and family planning and life planning. this school had a 90 percent graduation rate that went on to attend college. it works. education not legislation.

      • Lisa, I beg to differ with you on your answer. Birth control is and has been provided to ANY female out there that will go to the local health dept to pick it up. They have a basket full of free condoms sitting on a counter and if a female has their annual pap-smear there then they get free birth control pills, it’s been the norm since the ’70’s and hasn’t changed. They also give free pregnancy tests, free mammograms, free immunizations for children, free blood pressure meds for the elderly, flu shots….. I could go on but you get the idea that the help is there, just ignored. Everything there is based on income and for those at poverty line or below there’s no charge, for those above, the price is way cheaper than the dr office. Liberal media and democrats don’t want anyone to know this though because these are the reasons they give to keep an abortion clinic open.

  58. Mr. West, Thank you for your courage in serving our nation. Thank you for having done so with honor and dignity. I also thank you for your post-military service as well. I truly appreciate all you are doing to help preserve our way of life.

    But just one thing, sir. Please explain how you go from “father is a rapist” to “therefore baby must die”. I fail to understand how you make such an incredible planet-to-planet leap. How exactly are the two connected? Then, when you’ve tried in vain to explain that position, go here:
    We all have moments when we learn something new. This is your moment. Don’t revile it; embrace it.
    With Respect,
    Keith Davidson.

    • Thank you Keith for standing up for my life. When my biological mother was 15 she was a ward of the state, a foster child. In 1964, my life was protected by law, had I been born a decade later, I know I would have been killed. If you believe scientifically that life begins at conception, it is completely illogical to say “except in cases of rape”! If you believe that abortion should be illegal at 22 weeks because the fetus can “feel pain”, it makes no logical sense to say “except in cases of rape”! Killing a child is wrong, period. What false sense of compassion says that we answer violence with more violence? Who doe that help? I have spend years working with young women facing a crisis pregnancy, many because of rape. What she needs is love, support, counseling and help!! We can and we MUST love them both!!

      • Pamela, I don’t know you, but I can say without equivocation that the world is a better place with you in it. You and those who have similar stories are uniquely poised to turn the tide and shift the balance of this war in the favor of we who fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. God bless you for your courage and your commitment to ending this silent holocaust. The war we fight is one of morality. It is one of battling back ignorance, and one of fighting against those who promote their industry with misinformation out of pure greed which they’ve opted for at the expense of respect for human life. Let’s never stop, and if we battle on, I know we will be rewarded with victory. Life is a gift and is precious. And it is not for us to decide who lives and who dies. But then a heart as good as yours…..already knows that. Be well always, and never stop fighting.

      • Thank you for the kind words Keith, and it is so true, the battle is not ours, and it is not of this world. Mother Theresa said that we are not called to be “successful”, we are called to be “Faithful”, and I pray for the strength to be faithful, leaving the success in the hands of the Almighty. No matter the giants we face, we will never, never give up. And I have read the end of this book… spoiler alert… WE WIN! 🙂

      • LOL!! Yes, we do win. And that’s really good news. Take care, and I’ll see you in that bright city!

  59. A woman made her choice when she had sex. When a fetus exists there are two who should have a choice. Someone needs to speak for the unborn.Thank you, Mr. West, for speaking for the unborn. There is no sense in searching for life in the universe if we cannot identify and preserve it here at home.

  60. I know this will cause anger. But I’m am not in this fight. I do not take a side, for or against abortion. People like to throw around bible verses that supposedly speak against abortion. Here is one that seems to indicate otherwise.

    Ecclesiastes 6:3-4

    A man may have a hundred children and live many years; yet no matter how long he lives, if he cannot enjoy his prosperity and does not receive proper burial, I say that a stillborn child is better off than he. It comes without meaning, it departs in darkness, and in darkness its name is shrouded.

    Please keep your angry replies to yourself. As I said, I am not in this fight. And as a Christian, I do not believe that Jesus wants us fighting. He wants us bringing people to him in love, not anger.

  61. Don’t you know that God’s heart is broken over these murdered babies? If you are a Bible reader, I refer you to some of the practices of the pagan religion that the Israelites took part in. When they turned from God towards these religions – the Asharah poles, false gods made out of wood & metal, for example – they also took part in the sacrifice of newborns. Sorry, I can’t quote you chapter and verse but I know that the prophets of that time railed against the turning from God and the taking part in the practices. Please read Psalm 139. We are made in His image; He knows us at conception; He created every cell and then we have the nerve to say “it is my body and I have the right to do what I want with it”! Yes, I know that argument of “there will still be women doing this anyway” and that those who choose should be granted a safe, healthy environment. My response is twofold: first, my maternal grandmother died having an abortion. I was denied ever knowing her due to a botched illegal procedure (back in the 30’s). Second, women still don’t always have a safe, healthy environment. It is a surgical procedure for goodness’ sakes! Women have more care getting breast implants than they do when they get an abortion! This is not right either. It is big business and it is all about money; not about protecting women’s rights. Finally, I abhor the idea that abortion is a form of birth control. That is what they teach our kids in school, you know.

  62. I have made this same comment over and over mr. west. you did not mention making birth control affordable and attainable. you would not believe how many doctors resist prescribing birth control. insurance companies do not want to cover this. please do not tell me obamacare is susposed to stop that practice. also, educate women on what happens after childbirth and stop glorifying teen pregnancy and young motherhood. people really are not societies weeds. they deserve more from the beginning of life than what is being given. I’m talking about families. not single parent households. education is the answer not legislation. how about we make abortion an unneeded procedure

    • According to all reputable sources, birth control is readily available and affordable to ALL. Roughly 90% of sexually active women report using birth control at some point in their sex lives according to the Gutmacher Institute (Gutmacher is the research arm of Planned Parenthood). Further, Casey v. Planned Parenthood established the link between abortion and contraception: namely that WHEN contraception fails, abortion is the last alternative.

      Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood employee and now pro-life advocate, pointed out that PP clinics GIVE out contraception, knowing that WHEN it fails, the girls will be back for an abortion.

      Contraception and the contraception culture is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    • How much does a condom cost? How much does abstinence cost? There ya go, two extremely inexpensive, and one 100% effective methods of birth control. BC is not expensive, abortions are costly, not just in money, but in emotional ways later in life, even when you know you did the right thing to protect the females health, it still hurts years later to know.. That’s what gets me about the ant-abortion crowd. I am pro common sense, if it makes sense to abort the pregnancy (there are good reasons) then do it, if it makes no common sense then don’t do it. But these wackos that thrust photos of aborted fetuses in peoples faces, people they don’t even know. It is just disgusting, and hurtful to many who still struggle with choices made years ago.

  63. How many lost souls do we bring to the Kingdom by calling them “murderers?” I’m thinking not many.

  64. When we legislate based on Reason, we get limited government and Justice is served. When we legislate based on Emotion, we get disaster.

    Science holds that that which is growing in a woman is indeed a distinct human being, with its own genetic makeup, its own blood supply and type, a distinct heart beat, and distinct brain activity, Reason would hold that abortion is the willful termination of innocent life, which is also termed murder. Seeing as post-partum murder is illegal, law based on Reason would have in-utero murder illegal as well…without hesitation.

  65. Just one question… How do you make the distinction between actual rape and a partner pissed of and scorned. All of us have seen both sides of this. Get pregnant, not married, pissed or break up with other and use it as a weapon to get back at that”son of o [email protected]#$%&”. We ALL know folks like that.we have seen it in the news where a man spent 20 yrs in prison for rape and never did it. Evidence and testimony if ally sent him free. Not always the case but something to think about. And for those who didn’t really do anything wrong that is one of the cruelest thing you could do…

    • How do you make the distinction between any crime victim and someone who lied about it?
      Investigation and/or trials
      Should we disregard all criminal complaints because some people lie about it?

      • Absolutely not. What I’m saying is we need to set standards and morals to prevent the partner scorned stuff and go after which ever side committed the crime. Including the partner scorned.Too long we have fallen for the Boohoo fell sorry for women’s without regard to the facts and innocent men and women have paid the price. Go back to law that was for the people not the ones with the most money or slickest story. Instead of the easy road do their job and protect and serve! Cause 20+ years is a long time to lose your freedom over someone who was angry you turned them down. Ironically nothing happened to the woman who cried wolf.

  66. Why don’t you people worry about the already born? Do you know how many babies are left to die in garage cans or stuck in foster homes. You know a girl brought up in fostercare has a high chance of being a pregant. Or the kids who grow up in abusive households. There is good chance that they abuse to.

  67. My question is why is a pass given for an abortion for a rape victim? Does the abortion make the woman magically forget that she was raped???? I believe if you ask a woman that was raped that didn’t conceive during the rape, she will tell you that she still relives the rape again and again even without a child or an abortion associated with it. There are so many infertile couples out there that if a child is conceived out of a rape, why not turn that pain into a moment of joy for an unfortunate infertile couple?

    • If we forget the trauma of rape and just weigh the abortion itself… the reasonable argument that can be made is that it is a pregnancy that was forced on the woman without her consent.
      While you may argue that a woman who chooses to have sex has a responsibility for the risk of pregnancy… a woman who is raped is not responsible for being pregnant.

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