Breaking news from Tel Aviv: al-Qaida doesn’t like Obama because he’s black

Breaking news: Israeli security has thwarted an al-Qaida terrorist plot to attack the US Embassy in Tel Aviv. First of all, hat tip to the Israeli security forces and their intel systems — wonder if they had to data mine everyone in Israel to find out about the plot? But what has to really have President Obama angry is that these guys are supposed to be playing along with his and the New York Times narrative that al-Qaida is decimated and on the run. Damn those pesky non-compliant Islamic terrorists taking over Fallujah and Ramadi and now trying to blow up our embassy! I guess they were not happy with Obama letting them attack the consulate in Benghazi and kill an Ambassador.

Bloodthirsty jihadists, we tried to make nice with them and blame it all on a video, and even used taxpayer dollars to apologize to them. I’m quite sure President Obama is wondering, “what will it take for them to like me, I am letting Iran have a nuclear weapon, don’t they know my poll numbers are tanking here?”

It’s obvious what’s going on with Islamic terrorists, al-Qaida et al — they don’t like Obama because he is black.


  1. Let’s not forget the chopper full of SEALs that went down.

    “A House panel is investigating the 2011 helicopter crash in Afghanistan in which 30 Americans were killed, after victims’ family members voiced concern that the government may have been partly to blame for the tragedy.

    Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, confirmed to that his subcommittee on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is probing the crash, and lawmakers probably will hold at least one hearing. The helicopter was shot down by insurgents in August 2011; many of those killed were part of the same Navy SEAL Team 6 unit that carried out the raid on Usama bin Laden’s [sic] compound three months earlier.”

    Did anyone ever clear up that little mystery?

    • What is not generally known is that, in the 19th Century, when European powers carved out spheres of control in Africa (just as they did everywhere outside of Europe and the Americas *the carved up the Americas in previous centuries, but the revolutions between 1775 and 1820 ended most of that*), many of the native Africans who sided with the Europeans *and a great many did* did so because the Europeans were bringing slavery to an end in their areas by taking over and removing the Arab and African Mohammedans who were enslaving the non-Muslims.

      Further, if the Mohammedans (Muslims) want to point a finger at the Europeans for taking Africans to the Americas as slaves, they would do well to remember that three fingers point back at them. The Mohammedan Arabs took many millions more Africans out of Africa to slave pens in the Levant, Arabian Peninsula, Anatolia, Mesopotamia and Persia than the Europeans did to Europe and the Americas. Yet, the population of Africans and their descendants in the Americas and Europe is many times greater than in the aforementioned areas of Southwestern Asia. There is a very good reason for that.

      The Europeans did not castrate the men and gang-rape (repeatedly) the women during the transport. Further, the men and women thus enslaved were, by and large, allowed to have children (for economic reasons, to be sure) and raise families (as much as enslaved people can do so). Also, from the beginning of the Transatlantic slave trade, there were those who questioned not only the real economic benefit, but also sought to deal with the moral issues such activity engendered. Over the decades and centuries, there arose, as Westerners returned gave thought to and developed their political traditions, a move to a gradual, and then outright, outlawing of the slave trade, and eventually, slavery itself.

      Even the fact that the United States, a nation whose ideals included the belief that “all men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness,” had to eventually devolve into civil war to settle the issue, demonstrates that Westerners and those who have imbibed their Judaeo-Christian ethos are much more apt to see people as all having the same basic rights.

    • Forget abt slave trading they even sell children on the market for sex slaves these poor kids have ZERO rights and are property ajd they get LEGALLY beaten and raped on a regular basis! These are the kind of things we should be inforning the libs abt

  2. while I think its funny as hell , too many on the left are going to think your sarcasm is serious and blame you for it…. its just sad……. 🙁

  3. hahahahahahaha And this is probably truer than we know…lololololol another reason they wouldn’t like him is that he is denying his undying love for Mohamed….crazy days and thank you Israel for keeping it real.

    • “Ham [Africans] begat all those who are black and curly-haired, while Japheth [Turks] begat all those who are full-faced with small eyes, and Shem [Arabs] begat everyone who is handsome of face with beautiful hair. Noah prayed that the hair of Ham’s descendants would not grow beyond their ears, and that whenever his descendants met Shem’s, the latter would enslave them.”

      Al-Tabari, Vol. 2, p. 21, p. 21

  4. Oh that pesky Qur’an…Muslims were the first slave owners long before slaves were imported to America..If you are not Arab you are “slave material” ….”A man married a maid-slave who bore him a child. Would that child be free or would he be an owned slave?” “Her child whom she bore from him would be the property of her master according to all the Imams (heads of the four Islamic schools of law) because the child follows the (status) of his mother in freedom or slavery. If the child is not of the race of Arabs, then he is definitely an owned slave according to the scholars, but the scholars disputed (his status) among themselves if he was from the Arabs – whether he must be enslaved or not because when A’isha (Muhammad’s wife) had a maid-slave who was an Arab, Muhammad said to A’isha, `Set this maid free because she is from the children of Ishmael.'”

      • I stand corrected..”early slave owners” as directed in the Qur’an..”Ham [Africans] begat all those who are black and curly-haired, while Japheth [Turks] begat all those who are full-faced with small eyes, and Shem [Arabs] begat everyone who is handsome of face with beautiful hair. Noah prayed that the hair of Ham’s descendants would not grow beyond their ears, and that whenever his descendants met Shem’s, the latter would enslave them.”
        Al-Tabari, Vol. 2, p. 21, p. 21

      • Ah… I had thought it was in the Qur’an, but I see it is, in fact, Al-Tabari, where it is said.

        Of course, without the Hadiths of al-Tabari, Bukhari, Ishaq, and Muslim, the Qur’an makes no sense. It is so disjointed a rant that a novel written by a 6 year old would be more coherent.

      • I sure the ones enslaved felt that it was a business also. I would be more inclined to agree with your opinion if I had no ethics and if the institution of this said business not been racially or religiously motivated.

      • There are other motivations such as world domination: Take the Nazis who lent themselves license by simply dehumanized all who were not of “Aryan Blood.” Now they were free to do what they will with whomever. Forced Labor Camps, with the lie “Work Will Make You Free” over every entrance. Medical experimentation to perfect the Aryan Race. Death camps to rid Germany (and world) of those who would taint the Aryan Gene Pool.
        And the darkness that the Nazis set free upon the world, lies dormant is us all.
        We are a predatory, violent species.
        But there is hope.
        The Humble Carpenter’s return is nigh.

      • My ancestors were slaves for 3000 years, that included Muslims, Greeks,Romans and other groups, we never got paid for the work we did back then and they call us cheap :). It’s okay not asking for reparation, I’m just glad to be free in the USA.

    • Actually , you are 100% right the kind of people we had to lower all the standards for because they just coudn’t make the grade example firefighter training and police officer training and then lower it even more for airport inspecte
      rs and emergency phone lines after all they are morons and not capable of learning and retaining what they learn.

  5. Yep, I think that his inability to uphold the Constitution which he swore to do is one reason. And the fact that at most news conferences he claims not to know what is going on until issues hit the news stands & finds things out when the Americam people know is a dereliction of duty.

    • Oh, Obama has the _ability_ to uphold the Constitution. He just doesn’t have the _will_. Apparently the only thing he has the will to do is play golf and say stupid things when he’s not just telling outright whoppers. Worst president since Jimmy Carter (according to my dad, Carter was well before my time).

  6. uh oh . Now Obamas (hypothetical) son can’t join al-qaida. That poor (hypothetical) kid is gonna get a complex and end up a regular black dude. That must drive papa hypothetical crazy.

  7. Not sure being marginally black is a bad quality.

    I hate him because of other qualities:
    *His disdain for what make America great
    *Blatant disregard for the US Constitution
    *Benghazi cover up
    *Fast & Furious cover up
    *The debt he has piled up
    Etc…. I could go on forever.

  8. Continued obsession with this elusive Iranian Nuclear bomb. Evangelic obsession with Israel. Have you ever considered that Israel is acting against our interests in the Middle East. Do you not realize Israel is a SOCIALIST country? Let me restate that ISRAEL IS SOCIALIST. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East? ONLY JEWS CAN VOTE! Arabs aren’t even granted citizenship! Were not talking about crazy extremists, we are talking about decent Arab families that have lived inside Israel since its birth! Yet when we even remotely question if they are harming our position in the region….we are Anti-Semetic? When did watching out for Israel’s interest become more important than America’s interests?

    • Sooo…. Do you even know the definition of Socialism? Have you been to a socialist country? Israel has socialist tendencies especially their government intrusion, but to say it is the meanest bully out there is being quite blind to the violence that surrounds them. For every home destroyed by the IDF I can find more instances of rocket attacks, Suicide bombers, and murderers.
      Yes Only Jews or Jewish decendents can become Israelis that is a fact. Maybe you should look at the countries that border Israel and their emigration laws too. Israel was founded on the principle of a safe-haven for Jews world wide to have a place. If you want to become Israeli without any Jewsih decendency, convert to Judaism! It takes quite a few years as you ned to be fluent in Hebrew and know the Torah and other scripture. The Arabs can do the same and become apostates.
      But I would be damned to find Jewish people as citizens given any rights in the bordering countries or other countries in the middle east. In fact my flights to Muslim countries strictly prohibit Jewish people from entering their countries altogether.
      Before you go off the deep end for the poor palestinians or how Hamas wants peace dogma, please check your facts of the entire region, as well as history. Know that supporters of Israel are dogged allies of Israel because it could easily be overwhelmed by a superior force as Israel is very small. You may not care if Israel is wiped off the face of the earth or not but a lot of us do. I would rather have a police state of Israel than a Theocratic cesspool of Palestine.

    • Has it ever occurred to you that you are an idiot? I’m sure it hasn’t. Does Israel NOT have Arab members of the Knesset? Have Arabs NOT been appointed by the Jewish state as ambassadors to other nations? Can you imagine THAT happening in any other mid-east country?. You are simply speaking the lies you have read, or you are making up your own – YOU decide which.

    • Having lived in Israel myself from 1967 (did witness the Six Day War) to 1969 and presently have a sister, nephews, and cousins in Israel, I really don’t know nor understand where in the world you came up with such information. Please open the following links and read them:

      That’s a small tiny preview.
      But having read your comment, chances are that you may come up with some kind of “Zionist or Jewish Conspiracy” in order to refuse my reply/comment.

    • I am an American Jew (“evil zionist”) writing to you from Jerusalem. And I must say that you are terribly missinformed. Not only are the arabs here able to vote, they are even allowed to (and do) hold seats in the knesset (israeli parliment). The arabs in East Jerusalem refused to live under Jewish rule and were granted their own govt – the PA (palistinian athourity) I suggest you learn the history of israel and the Jewish claim to it before missinforming other anti semites so they can also say “I dont hate Jews only those who suppport israel. I am an 18 yo American and although I am registered as an idependent, I consider myself to be a tea partiest. And as such I am very pro the free market. But to say that bec israel is socialist is a reason not to be their ally is just anti semetic – besides the fact that most of our allies are socialist (Europe among others) what about saudi arabi? Their courtd kill people who violate the quaran (such as adulterers and homosexuals) but no thats totally cool that we are allies, but it is ISRAEL that is bad bec they are SOCIALISTS. Btw israel is becoming more amd more capitalist. In fact do you know the name of the country with most annual start-ups in the word? Yup, you guessed it ISRAEL – and thats not even per capita that is the highest NUMBER of start ups!!! So as israel is advancing to a freer market and a stronger and safer and more advanced society, O-BUTTHOLE is making the US weaker poorer and lessafe. You need stop reading the lib propaganda media and start leaning history and you will see that not only does ALL of Israel belong to the jews, but also that the are our # 1 ally in the region and the greatest asset to the US (as specially on couter terrorism, intel, and high tech joint research). You should also realize that our problem is at home! O-BUTTHOLE is destroying everything our forefathers worked hard to build, faught and even died to defend! He has decimated the economy highered the debt and spending, slashed the military budget while simultanously os raisong a domestic army og loyalists and is givong them military wrapons (like tanks and REAL assault weapons – full-auto. O van go on snd on about this topic but I’d be here all day. So all I ask is that you learn the history of of of israel and the bible as well as world histoy (particularly how dicyators and tyrants rise to power and useful idiots such as yourself are treated by the vey beast that you jave created) when you do so you will realize who the true enemy is ISLAM and they are in the WH. I am not just another lineral kid who thinks about how I can comstantly pleasure myself or how to tell others to live. I was put here for a purpose. I have studies (extensively) and will continue to study the Bible, science, history, theology, philosophy, as well as phsycology. I am a proud Jew and a Proud American (I say it in that order bec I am only an American till I die but I will always remain a Jew) I know who I am what my mission is and where I am going. I have studied atheism the big bang and many religions from all sorts of authors societies and approaches and I am a firm beleiver in the God of Israel. Im not an armchair lib like you who just insults religious ppl when your not not making sure they are giving their fair share. I practice what I preach (judaism) and I am willing to fight for what I believe in (relogious freedom, indevidual liberty, and economic freedom). I was going to fight for the US army but I realized that they do not work for the American ppl but are just the pawns of a pentegon that is being purhed and replaced by O-BUTTHOLE loyalists. So, I am now in Jerusalem studdying the torah sci history and many other topics. And in about a year from now I will join the israeli army. I am strong in my beleifs and and motivated by them. I will take a stand for what I know is right and the last thing to intimidate me from joining is you whinny libs calling me names. To all of you rightouse Evangelicals out there GOD bless you! Remember that we have a God in this world and must love and love accordingly. (I have the motto “what good is it if you have conquered the whole world if you have lost your soul” above my bed and I would suggest that you do the same) stay strong and remember what we are here for and live every day to its fullest. God bless you guys, God bless America and God bless Israel.
      Ps: if it offends you when ppl speak of God it is probably bec you feel guilty for you ways. Which is a good thing just dont repond by hating religious ppl you should take it as a wake up call and start searching for God. Read the bible and read boks thate explain how science is not a contradiction but rather a proof to Gods existence. The libs try to pretend that athiest are the only ones who study science and it is the furthests from the truth. There are many books wrtitten on science and how it complements religion by God fearing Christians and Jews on all lvels including that of quantum physics and the theory of reletivity, the relationship between space gravity time and vilocity as well as biology and evolution. There is no running or hiding from God and we will all be judged one day (even atheists get judged lol). Science does not “set you free” or you religious obligations values and way of life IT PROVES THE EXISTANCE OF GOD AND MAKES YOU EVEN MORE OBLIGATED.

  9. Having lived in and around Arab nations, I observed that their black minority populations are the subject of all sorts of discrimination. I believe that the Jihadists embrace the black Islamics because they will fight alongside them. However, when all the non-believers have been eradicated, the black islamics will be next. Somethilng like this happened in Vietnam. The North Vietnamese armed and trained the VietCong to fight against the South Vietnam govt., but the now-former VietCong are not treated as former allies, and are not being rewarded with anything but scorn

  10. Yes the western world MUST stand by Israel because you see that Islam is not a peaceful religion as the Muslim world would contend, but a religion formed by a pagan Idol worshiper who says he spoke to Gabriel who told him a new religion, Islam which supposedly was foretold by Jesus CHRIST YES the MESSIAH! Well we can see what Islam has brought upon the world where there are most of the hot spots in our world today and Muslims killing one another. Surely this is not the way of God but the way of the devil!

    • Colonel it is so hard to keep the high ground though. Sometimes I think we need to use a can opener to ope peoples skull and pour in common sense.

    • I don’t hate him because he’s black or half or maybe neither, or mostly so !! I hate him because he is a jackass who is destroying our country disrespecting everything we as a country have ever held dear and bunches of other reasons none of them remotely connected with the color of his skin…’s the COLOR OF HIS HEART I hate, disrespect, dispise …. and the reason I would love to see him hung from the highest tree in the public swuare of Washington DC, and tickets sold to the event.

      • I don’t like or dislike President Obama. I don’t know the man. It’s just that he’s taking America down a road from which we may never return. Our Democratic Republic is no more. It is now a Socialist Autocracy where Freedom, Human Rights, and Free Enterprise are just words.

  11. No surprise there. Most Asians are very prejudiced against dark skinned people. The drug stores and pharmacies are loaded with skin whitening products and people tend to look down their noses at people with darker skins.

  12. Maybe because he wants to be the man in charge he is trying real hard to buy his way in with our weapons and money he keeps giving them, everything they want he gives them all I can see is they are using him which makes him not only our fool but he is the worlds FOOL!

  13. Why should anyone White ,Black be surprised. if you know history it was the Muslim, Arabs , that sold the Africans to the Dutch, English shoppers. The Muslims had a lock on the slave trade in the Middle east and North Africa.

    • They always made slaves out of their enemies! Look up the word “dhimmitude” which some say IS somewhere in the 2,000 page O’NO Care!

    • That’s right. But you will never learn that in school. It was the white man that came over and forced blacks on their boats and brought them to America.

      • The white men didn’t force anyone. it was the Kenyans that captured and sold their own people. This slave thing is old and tiring. You liberals talk about moving on or “what difference does it make?” Slavery had been around since the beginning of time and most nationalities have been enslaved at one time or another. There are no slaves alive today in this country. We ended slavery for the good of mankind. But it just keeps being thrown in face 150 years later. And wake up call to American blacks! Slavery still exists in Africa You should be proud to be here. You are better off here than there.

      • We still have racist decendents of pro Slavery folks who want to minimize it’s horror and stain on the USA. They probably still are segregationists.

    • Have you ever heard of one or two ships with maybe 200 people on it. Go to another inhabited country and just take people for slaves. Someone had to let them. Back then there were also people of volunteered to go on those ships. You ever heard of Indentured Servants. Also their own leaders sold them off. Whites didn’t just go over there and take them. That’s one of the biggest lies told. The other is we came out of the ocean and evolved into modern man. It’s harder to believe that than to believe in a higher power or God did it.

      • Michael first lets clear up the subject of indentured slaves, in the colonies Virginia was becoming a very prosperous state dut to the growth of Tobacco after John Rolfe discovered a new method of curing the leaf From then on to the end of the 17th Century new immigrants arrived to till the land which was desperately needed with working man power. A solution to this problem was found in the use of Indentured Servants. These were persons who sold themselves into labor service for a specified number of years(usually five) The owner of the contract could sell it any time, so the servant might be transferred from employer to employer. But at the expiration of the term the servant became completely free. However inncluded in this work force were indentured servants mostly from England that were in Debtor Prisons, and it many cases it was difficult to pay the debts that brought to prison in the first place.. According to Historic notes the first Africans came to these shores in 1619 by a Dutch Man Of War. (20 Africans to be exact) These Afficans were not slaves but indentured Servants sold to the Virginia government their contracts sold to indoividual farmers.. After they worked out their contracts they became free, some became land owners. By 1671 Africans numbered over two thousand. At that time Tribal warfare among the tribes in Africa held men< women and children in the continent of Africa and sold them to the Dutch, English and French. Most of the traders were merchants of Muslim and Arabic background. The rest is a long history too long to write here. The same tribal warfare continues in the African continent today. Sudan, Somalia, Year ago the Mau Mau uprising with it leader Jomo Kenyatta

  14. Obama doesn’t care if they don’t like him. They’re just Jayvees, so they may as well be non-existent. But he’s more that willing to use them to advance global socialism, after all, they’re just freedom fighters trying to push back those oppressive American Imperialist.

  15. LMFAO!!! Then I guess we need to send the Revs Al and Jesse over to the middle east to organize a few protest marches. Maybe they can use a justice for Trayvon theme to motivate the media to cover their efforts.

  16. Geez Colonel, You know Hanoi John would have protected the embassy or maybe Eric Holder could have set up a Fast and Furious style sting .or if nothing else they could have tapped Hillary for the job, she probably has another video sitting on the shelf….

  17. THIS IS BULLSHIT. If they wanted to take him out they would have done it a long time ago. His top aides are in the White House all the time and they would do it there. All are bunch of Muslims Or Muslim lovers.

  18. A Frenchman, an Englishman an American and a Saudi Arabian are all on a plane together when the pilot has a heart attack and dies.
    After frantically searching the plane they realize that there is only one parachute. The American looks at them and says “Well, boys should we draw straws to see who’s going to get the parachute?”
    After a moment of silence, the men are all surprised when the Frenchman stands up and says “Viva la France!” and jumps out of the airplane.
    After another moment of stunned silence the English man, not about to be outdone by a Frenchie stands and says “God save the queen!” And he jumps out of the airplane.
    The American and the Saudi Arabian slowly turn and look at each other. The Saudi Arabian man asks the American. ” Are you going to do the noble things as well?” The American stands up, smiles and says. “Remember 911!” and throws the Saudi Arabian out of the airplane.

    • Read the last paragraph people. It’s meant to be a joke because anyone who doesn’t agree with Obama is called a “racist” by the leftists.

      • Absolutely true, jusmiopinion. Your either a racist, or an enemy of the state. Im a white heterosexual tax paying male home owner who gets the race, religion, sex card dropped on constantly. Breaks my heart to know my 5 yr old son will be growing up in this nightmare and bound to debt he didn’t create all in the name of ” making friends “. I think america just needs to grow a back bone

  19. I have black friends that have discriminated against each other being not black enough (Detroit) and looked down on those that were lighter skinned!

  20. Maybe dear leader will pull hillery out of retirement to screech her signature line…is he scheduled to appear at the UN anytime soon?

    • I get the sarcasm. But it’s also a valid question, Alondra. The whole spectrum of race baiters may be cowardly, but they aren’t totally without a survival instinct. Islamicists have a nasty tendency to make Chicago style thuggery look like toddlers having a spat. They already have their security details to protect them from all of us “radical conservatives”, though none of us would physically harm them. The Islamicists have no such restrictions.

      • Actually, LTC West may be making a joke of Obama supporters seeing “racism” in every opponent to Obama, but the Mohammedans are, in fact, racists. Mohammed, their “prophet,” was as racist as they come. He hated Jews, Blacks, Persians, and Byzantines. The Qur’an says that the Arabs are the “best of peoples.”

      • How many people did the Christans crusade kill? Of kill off the indigenous people because the church thought they were heidens? Or people told convert or die? Even now , the brutally happening in Africa is Christains vs. Muslims .

      • I was speaking of Jesus not organized religion. Jesus was sinless. He did not advocate killing. Mohammed advocated killing the infidels (Me!). You should try to be like Jesus. I fall short but I do try.

      • In those days people were uneducated and that’s how tge church wanted it so they can control then. Anyone in Christian had to be wiped out .

      • No I should be blamed . It’s not guilt by association . Like whites can’t all be blamed for slavery , or all men can’t be blamed for rape.

      • Hon, the bible advocated killing all over it. If I were to be stoned for fornacating I world would lose a great person

      • I remember a carpenter in my catholic Sunday school teachings . His name was Jesus, sounded more like Hey- Zeus

      • It looks as though the books you read differ greatly from the ones I’ve read. But then, modern History books are written by revisionists.

      • True, Amer history say slaves were happy to have long term employment and the Amer Indians were so greatful to be dumped in the middle of a wasteland than living free on their antrestral homeland . The Japenese Amer thought it was fun the federal goverment sent them camping during the war. Women couldn’t understand why they needed to vote, Amer industry was only giving little kids job training ,

      • You seem to think that you alone have a corner on what History says. So, since the rest of us don’t know anything at all, I guess it’s time to stop replying to your self centered posts. That little arrow to the right of your post that flags whatever you say is more fun to use anyway.

      • My oh my, our free press is censoring me. Interesting . I call you out on your crazy talk and you cry to your master bec I won’t walk lock step to your wackiness. Flag away, doll.

      • Growing up, I always heard that, “The Jews are the chosen People”, as a Jew I wish G-D sometimes would choose someone else :).

      • No I don!t think so. Do you want the baggage that the Christian carry around ? Even within their own religion they can’t find anything in common .

      • It was a joke, humor, (taken from the film “Fiddler on the roof”).On a more serious note,being Jewish has nothing to do with religion, it is what I am, not ashamed of it, I just have my own views evolved as I growing up opened mind, that could get me crucified. G-D is eternal and lives in everything, G-D just is, such is the name G-D spoke to moses “I am”. Religion separates G-D’s children, causes hatred, resentment, and the cause of most all conflict, that suffers the children of (wo)man. G-d speaks to us all, we only need listen, until we lift what separates us humans we remain divided. Those that feel “G-D is Dead” a now popular song I just heard performed at Grammys, it now makes sense that music is losing its heart and soul. Back to topic, Back on point “Obama is not liked”, color has nothing to do with it.
        To much said here, somebody stop me!
        P.SSS. Love your avatar.

      • My avatar was a headdress I wore for a Halloween party. My roommate BF was from the Middle East and he tied it for me . I ‘ve gotten a lot of questions and accusations over that costume . I just looks so real. PS, I wore the headdress , a bikini and heels and went as Miss Terrorist 2010.
        Thanks for following me. I’m not sure where you are politically , but I’m far left.

      • Great costume, love the mystery of the veil. I am far to the right, but as the beloved NYC mayor Ed Koch would say “I’m a liberal with sanity”, I say I am a “Conservative with sanity”, although I do have to take a lot of crap from my family and once FB friends who have since defriended me , for simply having a different take on life. I have become a social hermit, being I live in Liberal central. Even my governor of NYS and mayor of NYC have asked me to leave, as a Jew I’m use to it, “They call me the Wanderer, I wander around, around, around” .
        But as a responsible adult who in life has always been the designated driver, so others can party, coffee being my only vice and I drink it black, I remain in NYC, someone has to pay the bill for others decadence.Okay, I can’t get the idea of a highheeled burka wearing, bikini clad woman out of my head, you see how bad of an influence you are to me, I’m going to hell for sure now. The posts you have contributed to reads as a person of reason, without reason there is no reason to have discussion, and without discussion the world is stagnant. Case and point the USA government, children, not one adult in the bunch, they have America fighting each other over twitter feeds, he said she said, it’s like high school.. Forgive me I’m on a rant.

        See you in cyberspace.

      • I’m a bit confused. What is Chicago style violence ? Do you mean the gangster days? Or gun violence because every city has both. Or are you picking on Chicago because of it’s current crime levels despite the fact that there is violence everywhere? You know at one point every big Amer city gas been on the most violent list.

      • I should have said “mafia” style which would apply to the violence done by all of that type of groups–the traditional mafia, the Russian “mob”, the Yakuza…

      • The word gangster was made up in Chicago during Al Capone days. The mafia was more in NY, Nj , Philly.

      • You really don’t know what you are talking about. My Dad was born in Chicago in 1920 and YES I am Sicilian. Chicago is the most corrupt city in the nation with the MOST violence. Detroit is close behind. LA is a cesspool and violate but not as bad as Chicago. I can’t say anything about New York other than its a liberal wasteland. PHilly is also a cesspool with very violent people. Its no longer the City of Brotherly Love.

      • The person I was communiticating with asked why I said gangster. My answer was no insult to anyone . I never mentioned Italians. Capone just happened to be Ital. I never insulted me, just mentioned his name. Got it?

      • My original post was about the use of a word. Gangster vs Mafia. I mentioned Al Capone bec he was a gangster in Chicago when the word gangster was used. I you think I mentioned Ital, then I must haven’t been describing tge country not it’s people who I wonderful people abd should know bec I have dated many Ital men and they are some crazy mother fuckers. Is that clear?

      • Hi Carolyn, Where to you place Washington DC in this spectrum
        of corruption? No question about it we are getting “CHANGE” and we have the best government money can buy.

      • Carolyn, I concur. Government is far to invasive today. We need to get back to what is provided for in The Constitution of the United States. Not HHS mandates, executive orders, &
        piles & piles of Regulations & Laws. Federal one size fits all
        regs & laws just does not work.

      • Chicago style is a reference to corruption more than the violence. Its always been a city of the bought and paid for politicians. The underworld loves this city…

      • NYC is the safest big city in the world, thanks to mayor Rudy Giuliani and New Yorks Finest, that deal with 10 million citizens with only 34 thousand officers. We have crime, but when you compare it to the number of people living here it’s not much.
        Before Giuliani, is was mob city, watch the movie “GoodFellas”

        The “Bamboo lounge” was the bar in Canarsie, Brooklyn, corner of ave N and Rockaway PKWY. where Joe pesci’s character shot Spider, a kid from Canarsie High School.

        The bad old days.

      • Oh yeah. When I lived in San Diego the bar from Top Gun, Kansas City bar was down the street. I climbed the stairs from the Exorcist at midnight, and last Sunday I passed by the Versace mansion.

  21. I have said this before and I will say this again. You CAN NOT buy friends It has never worked and It NEVER will. A true friend stands closer than a brother.

    • This country has always brought friends . That’s the first thing we do is hand over a check. Unfortunately , we never keep track if it and never ask where it’s going, and continue giving ,even thou we know it’s going to curruption .

      • Correct. Remember if you will the Billions $$ given the TO BIG TO FAIL
        BANKS. $$$26 Billion to GoldMann Sachs, & more to other so they could trade in Government securities & support politicians like O and others. Money talks in DC especially at the White House & the House
        of LORDS.

      • Sir you must be reading my mind. I will advised you to stop right now before my reach the part if my brain where I kept my kiitens and puppy videos. It may get questionable .

  22. I just love this article, it shows the incompetence of our government, and why we are all upset. But he has no problem taking our guns, and selling them to our enemies. I don’t know about anybody else, but I am so sick of the race card being used

  23. Nothing new about this all Muslim’s hate American’s! But they hate the African race even more that they do the “white man”! They don’t like anyone darker than they are!

    • You mean Afro Amer race. There are many African in Muslim countries . Libya , Morocco, Saudi, Kuwait . They see Amer
      blacks as either entertainers ( rappers) or lazy dangerous thugs, according the TV. Except if you are Oprah, Beyoncé , Michael Jordan , Levron James and Eddie Murphy. If the terrorist don’t like Obama, it’s because he is pres.

      • Afro Amer as you call it is not a race. I’m an American. It’s my country. My race is Caucasian. The black race is Negro, and there is no country called Africa America. It’s one or the other – not both.

      • Drop the colors and you’re right. Nobody should tell anyone else what to do, as long as they do no harm to anyone else.

        That’s the Freedom that America was founded on. It comes with responsibilities too.

  24. Right on the nail head. awesome. and thank you for this first thing in the morning. it will bring me a brighter day. thank you and please, keep up the good fight.

    • Let’s see. If you’re not with them you’re an infidel and should either be dead or a slave. If they give you a chance to ‘convert’ you’ll still be a slave at best… and watched the rest of your life, which will probably be short.

      To them that’s not racist. It’s fairness.

  25. It’s a lie, they back Obama, they lie as much as Obama does, they are in this together, the Muslim’s are just waiting for Obama to open up our borders for them. Beware of BS from the Muslims.

  26. They don’t like the Muslim Obama because of the Sunni – Shiite division in the Islam political machine. Obama is an infidel because he is Shiite, and loves Iran, and not part of the Sunni majority. Maybe one of those ragheads will get to Obama, and win themselves 72 virgin boys in their polluted orgy heaven where sex is the prize for death of a martyr.


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