Charlie Crist and the battle for Florida’s soul


We already know the progressive socialists have Texas in their sights. Their darling State Senator, Wendy Davis, is their pick to win the governor’s mansion. Problem is she just had a little issue with knowing her own life story. But then again, President Obama had the same issue. However, lying appears to be the modus operandi for liberal progressives, and they get rewarded for it.

So here we are in Florida with our own shape-shifting chameleon running for Governor, Charlie Crist. And according to Politico,

President Barack Obama’s campaign manager is signing on to help former Republican Charlie Crist return to the Florida governor’s office as a Democrat. Jim Messina is joining Crist’s campaign as a senior strategic adviser, providing big-picture advice as the race gets under way. Messina joins another Obama alum, ad maker Jim Margolis, in the effort to aid Crist.

Let me give you a brief introduction to Florida’s Mr.Tan Man. Charlie Crist was the Republican Governor of Florida not too long ago. In 2008 he pledged his support to one GOP presidential nominee, then switched to Senator John McCain. Crist was all over the media as many felt he was positioning himself to be the vice presidential selection with Senator McCain. That did not happen.

Subsequently, Governor Crist became unsatisfied with being the chief executive of the Sunshine State and decided to run for US Senate. When Senator Mel Martinez decided to resign, Governor Crist appointed his former Chief of Staff George Lemiuex to fill the seat — which many saw as a place holder move.

What Crist didn’t count on was the challenge of former GOP Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio in that senate race. Crist dismissed Rubio until the once 40-point gap began to narrow. There were rumors that Crist was considering switching parties since it seemed he was heading towards a GOP primary defeat — a little stimulus embrace of President Obama was a contributing factor. Crist wholeheartedly stated he would never switch parties.

Then, lo and behold, Crist became an Independent, claiming both parties were failing the people. Well, Crist failed and lost the senate race.

Amazingly, Crist decided it was time for yet another political makeover and in 2012 as a Democrat spoke at the Democrat National convention in Charlotte. Parrotting the liberal progressive talking point, Crist says the GOP is too extreme.

Obviously, character is not a necessary quality for Democrats and therefore completely understandable having Jim Messina as part of the Crist team. After all, Messina was instrumental in the reelection of the most characterless individual to ever reside in 1600 Pennsylvania.

So here we go in Florida, lies, deceit, and misdirection will be the theme of the Crist campaign. What is truly offensive is that Crist, Obama, Wasserman-Schultz, and the Democrats believe the people of Florida are just that stupid.

Florida Governor Rick Scott may not be the warmest and fuzziest – and he certainly doesn’t sport a year-round tan. But his record of economic restoration in Florida is rock solid, and far superior to that of Crist when he was a Republican Governor.

But the gubernatorial election in Florida will not be about the issues, because that’s not what Messina does. It will be about demonizing Scott. The issues of Medicare cuts should matter. The issues of growing welfare rolls and dependency should matter. The issues of protecting our veterans should matter. The issue of economic growth and business opportunities should matter.

Virginia just elected a corrupt Democrat for Governor. New York City just elected a Marxist/socialist. What shall be Florida’s fate?


  1. Can’t Say Anything without Mr President and His Group Getting Bent…
    So Like My Mom Said “If You Can’t Say Something Nice”
    Nuff Said!!
    Sempre Fi”……Wake Up People!

  2. The MSM does not help, its left leaning and they refuse to report facts, but people need to think and go investigate for themselves, look up conservative sites get the ” real” facts.. and vote wisely, look at the NY Mayoral race, only 24% showed up to vote.,..

  3. I remember well the chameleon named Crist! He was more concerned with getting his tanned face on tv than the future of this great state of Florida. What an embarrassment he is. Gov Scott is taking care of the fiscal end for us Floridians….and we have the privilege of being one of the few states that is currently in the black. I honestly can’t believe Crist has the gall to run here again. ….wait….under which party now??

  4. Chris is done in FLA. He switched parties for more votes. Everyone knows that. Now N.Y. would vote for him. Look at there Gov and Mayor. What a joke. They just voted more taxes for themselves.

  5. [Cereal Box Message] Charlie needs a Paycheck. That’s why he’s running.

    [For those who can read] He spent his entire governorship trying to secure a Senate Seat while Scott took over the abandoned post. Scott undid over a decade of neglect and bad policy, set right a capsizing ship, and made Florida a Top Ten State to Live In. Charlie crawls out of the burning ship that was his political career like a Disney Villain and wants back in? NO!! If he really wanted to be Governor so bad, why did he leave in the first place?

    • Why did Crist leave? Simple! As governor he would face term limits and as Senator, there would be no term limits. He wanted a political lifetime career and to move to D.C. to play with the big boys. Besides, it would’ve impressed his NYC socialite wife. I think it was due to his wife’s connections that he and Alex Sink (another loser in FL governor’s race) in 2009 invested the state’s pension money into the NYC realestate market after the housing bubble had imploded. They lost billions of state pension dollars by that stupid move.

  6. I really hope Florida gets it right. There are few lights of freedom still shining in this country anymore. NY is clearly lost as is most all of the NE. Even our gov Christie jumps into the devils bed (Obama) when it suits him. My wife and I were considering Florida for a move out of NJ. I hope it stays conservative. Theres not too many places left to be a conservative in this country. If they pass amnesty, Texas is even gone.

  7. Funny I lived in Florida for 33 years and These Yankees who come there like Carpet Baggers from the North will be dealt with and sent back up north real soon !~~!

  8. The damage Obama and The the Democrats did to Medicare to fund Obamacare, should scare the crap out of Florida Seniors and Disabled!

  9. Hmmm….yet another article about the Florida Governor’s race that fails to mention all the candidates in the race! Best way to get rid of these shady politicians is to vote for Adrian Wyllie for Governor of Florida! The Republicans and Democrats are too chicken to debate him because they know they will lose!

  10. As a Conservative the Republican Party better primary Scott or there are a lot of us who will vote local and pass on the Governor’s race. Scott has/is single handedly destroying the industry I work in.

  11. I lost any faith I had in Crist when he went to work for a Florida law firm which donates hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to Washington lobbyists representing our failed legal system.

  12. Crist is a slimy SOB with ZERO core principles and represents everything that is wrong with the political class, doing whatever is politically expedient to get and maintain power. At some point in his own career, old Charlie began to see himself as “Christ” rather than Crist, believing himself to be the sole savior for Floridians.

  13. Florida is corrupt with RINO-Democrats. If they haven’t already, people had better start paying attention to what is going on there.

  14. Stick with the slimeball Rick Scott, who led his former health care empire into the largest fine ever assessed for Medicare fraud.


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