Canadian PM Harper: Anti-semitism rises in the West, disguised

Yesterday, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered a remarkable address to the Israeli Knesset – remarkable because it demonstrated a true statesman and leader’s support for Israel, something our own president could never do.

“Through fire and water, Canada will stand with you,” Harper said, as reported by Israel Hayom. I couldn’t help but reflect on and compare our own president’s address to the Turkish general assembly or his speech at Cairo University with prominent Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the front rows – heck, during his visit to Israel he didn’t even address the Knesset, instead holding a rah-rah rally at a local university.

Harper said he believed the story of Israel is a great example to the world:

It is a story, essentially, of a people whose response to suffering has been to move beyond resentment and build a most extraordinary society, a vibrant democracy, a freedom-loving country with an independent and rights-affirming judiciary, an innovative, world-leading ‘start-up’ nation.You have taken the collective memory of death and persecution to build an optimistic, forward-looking society, one that so values life you will sometimes release a thousand criminals and terrorists to save one of your own.

The Canadian Prime Minister also pointed out an insidious trend that I fear American Jews are missing completely: the rise again of anti-semitism in the West under the guise of criticism of Israel, cloaked in moral relativism.

In the garden of such moral relativism, the seeds of a much more sinister notion can be easily planted. And so we have witnessed in recent years the mutation of the old disease of anti-semitism and the emergence of a new strain.

In much of the western world, the old hatred has been translated into more sophisticated language for use in polite society. People who would never say they hate and blame the Jews for their own failings or the problems of the world, instead declare their hatred of Israel and blame the only Jewish state for the problems of the Middle East.

Liberal American Jews (of which there are many) are complicit. Witness Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ foot-dragging in sanctions against Iran. I find it difficult to understand how the Jewish community can be so supportive of Obama when he is clearly not supportive of the Jewish State of Israel. Don’t forget his “off mike” exchange with then-French President Sarkozy about Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Harper’s passionate support for Israel so incensed two Israeli Arab Members of the Knesset that they shouted at him and walked out, after he decried the characterization of Israel as an apartheid state.

Consider the irony — Arab representatives in the Israeli Knesset shouting at a visiting Prime Minister, and walking out. If Israel was such an “apartheid state” would that be possible? How many Jews sit as members of parliamentary bodies in Arab, or Muslim nations?

Here where I live in South Florida there’s a large Jewish community. Just recently a dear friend and my personal doctor, Glenn Myers, told me about an exchange he had with a fellow shul congregant who told him firmly, “Republicans hate President Obama because he is black.”

Glenn asked me how someone could be so blinded by the truth? The simple answer is we have a liberal media that shields the truth and an electorate that, for whatever reason, rejects the truth.

No one “dislikes” President Obama because of his skin color. President Obama is not held in high regard for many reasons, but one of them surely must be because he would never have the courage or conviction to deliver an address like Canadian Prime Minister Harper.

What will it take for American Jews to understand the truth? We always say “never again,” but we had better take heed of this new strain of anti-semitism – and be honest with ourselves about who truly is a friend of the Jewish State.


  1. the left hates the Jewish people, I would advise them to move out of New York-with the mayor and the governor so far to the left it can only mean the start of something evil. I also find it hard to understand why there is so much loyalty to the left-wake up folks-

  2. Jews in the USA seem brainwashed into voting against their own interests. Obama could come out and state that the Jews are evil and need to be eliminated and the Jewish folks would line up at concentration camps to show they agreed with Obama.

    Like when the blacks insist on voting Dem too when the Dems INVENTED the KKK(you could not be Republican or black and be a member of the KKK) and have fought tooth and nail against civil rights for blacks.

    The truth never seems to matter in these sorts of situations. It’s just sick.

  3. How right you are, I am Jewish Republican, I can’t understand how can any Jewish person vote for Obama. Just so you know though, when I was helping the Romney campaign, there were many Jews right along side me, helping for the same cause.

  4. I’m not sure why we are supposed to be so solidly behind Israel, when it is also trying to oppress the Palestinians. Nobody is an angel here, but fair is fair, and building settlements, among other things on other people’s land doesn’t seem fair to me.

    • Israel is not trying to oppress the Palestinians, Hamas is oppressing the Palestinians. Over 26000 Tons a week is being transported to the Palestinians which Hamas gives mostly to its own families before transporting it to the people. Imagine that if you are caught having music at your wedding and dance in public, you get shot.

    • Israel is not trying to oppress the Palestinians, Hamas is oppressing the Palestinians. Over 26000 Tons a week is being transported by israel to the Palestinians which Hamas gives mostly to its own families before giving it to the people. Imagine that if you are caught having music at your wedding and dance in public, you get shot

  5. Perhaps the policy of Israel is the cause of any rise of anti-semitism. A bully, aparthide country will not gain any friends or respect.

    • LMAO, I guess you didn’t read this article…..Stephen Harper was making a speech while Arab kneset members were shouting at him…..yeah that’s apartheid. If this happened here, they would of been thrown out.

      • Did you know that an American cannot directly send money to a Catholic orphange in Bethlehem run by the Sisters of Charity? Every aspect of what goes in and out of the occupied terratory is tightly controlled by israel. Including Christmas for the Christian orphans, Yes, there are Christian Palestians and they suffer greatly. More so at the hand of the occupying power than the Palestian Muslims. Research that one,

      • Do your research, Israel does not have control of the West Bank, the Palestinians do, When Israel had control, The West Bank Christian were thriving. Since the Palestinians took control the Christian population there is dwindling because of harassment and threatening from the Muslims,

      • Wrong, go there, come back and then try again. The Christians fear the Isralies more than their Muslim neighbors, As for control, there is no Palestian army, Navy Air force, There are a few police forces, if there is hint of trouble, they are the first target of the I.D.F. Settlers are allowed weapons, which they carry freely, Palestians are not. Many roads are off limits to Palestians, water is rationed, You obviously have strong feelings for Israel, but you are wrong on your facts. Imagine a prison, without cells, the inmates wonder in circles, every move watched boy the guards. That is Palestine. And please do not infer I am anti-sematic. The peoople that marched in Selma, Alabama for civil rights were jJews, What happened to those Jews??

      • You post that you are Jewish, Have you been to Israel?? Have you been to Bethlehem?? How much time have you spent in the Occupied terratory??? Have much time have you spent with the Christian orphans?? The Muslin orphans, the malnourished childen of Gaza, As a Jew you should care about Israel, as a human, you should care about all. This will be my last reply to you, the truth does not seem to interest you, Furthering the Zioniest agenda of double speak does.

      • Not only have I been to Israel, but also I am an Israeli citizen, I have been to Bethlehem before, and I have been to Judea and Samaria, I was in the Israeli Army when I was 18 for two years. I do care as a human, but I need to see that they care also. They don’t care about their own, why would they care about me or my children. If Hamas can take a 14 year old mentally challenged boy, strap a bomb around him to blow up Israelis, than who is there to negotiate with? The job of an Israeli soldier is to protect Israeli children first, and if we need to attack the enemy it has to be with minimal civilian casualty. If Muslim children are in danger, than sorry I rather see Israeli children protected first, as an Israeli that is my first priority, just like an American or any citizen of any country would want. The Palestinians need to take some responsibility and stop launching rockets from schools, buildings and hospital, knowing that Israel would retaliate (as any country would).

      • Re: Alabama: the black party told the whites (Jews) they didn’t want them interfering (helping) anymore; do some research again. “Look at both sides now…”

  6. Thank you Col. West.

    I am Jewish and a student of our history as a nation. I watch with concern, or should I say with FEAR, as liberal/delusional Jews repeat behaviors of the ‘enlightened Jews’ in pre-Hitler Europe and continue to support a man who has shown time and again his dislike for the Jewish nation, its people, and its land. What does Obama’s skin color have to do with his anti-Israel/anti-Jewish stance? I reject Obama as a human being, for he chooses to stand with evil against truth and against justice. I, and many others accuse Obama and his cohorts of having blood on their hands, American and Israeli. Obama is a selfish coward and a dishonest man (perhaps blunt is better –Obama is a self-servingegotistical liar with no moral compass), who hates all that ethical and moral individuals hold in high regard: Truth, justice, integrity, respect, responsibility, kindness, charity… and the list goes on.

    For that silly man in the synagogue who believes (does he really?)
    that those Jews who see Obama’s ‘true colors’– that is who he is as a man — dislike
    him because of his skin color, I have this to say. “Wake up sir. You need not concern yourself bigotry among Jews who reject Obama, you should rather fear Obama’s racism. It is you, it is your Jewish brother, it is your Jewish children that
    Obama despises”

    I hope my fellow Jews wake up before it is too late.

    God bless Stephen Harper and God bless you Sir, Col. West.

  7. Israel sends humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip! Unbelievable!: ”

    Israel facilitates the entry of humanitarian supplies into the Gaza Strip for the benefit of the civilian population, despite the fact that Gaza is controlled by Hamas – a terrorist organization that has declared its intention to eliminate the Jewish State.

    The amount and variety of goods entering Gaza every day has increased exponentially since 2010.”

    • Israel has a TOTAL blockaid on Gaza, Israel is an occupying power. The people of Gaza can send nothing out, cannot bring anything in. The list of prohibited goods is long and in some cases very capricious. Gaza has been called the world’s largest outdoor prison. Isralie gun boats do not allow fishermen to go far enough out to sea to have a decent catch. Most children in Graza are malnourished. Please research, Also, you stated “facilitates” that does not mean, “gives”. There are also many instances of humanitarian aid spoiling while waiting to be inspected.

      • Yes, blame Israel for everything, Maybe you should blame Egypt, since they also have a blockade on Gaza, There is a reason why there is a blockade on Gaza. Since Israel gave back Gaza, there have been thousands and thousands of rockets launched into Israel, could you imagine if there was no blockade? The reason that there is blockade is because Hamas refuses to recognize Israel, and continue to attack Israel, if Hamas showed good faith after Israel pulled out, I bet you their situation would of been a lot better.

  8. I’m Mixed Gentile and Jewish: Middle Eastern ..

    I’m Native American Cherokee and Choctaw Indian
    Caucasian: …
    Northern European, English, Irish, Scottish and French-Canadian
    Middle Eastern: Jewish …

    So My Home is America, My Natural Birth Place and My Ancestors Land ..
    Israel is also My Home, My Gods Land, My Gods People – And Christian Property ..

    Not Obama’s, NOT Terrorist, and No One Else’s, with intention of Destroy, Corrupting, Removing, Changing, Eliminating the Inhabitants, Culture, or Society …

    Anyone Peaceful is welcomed to Israel
    Anyone Christian (Messianic Jew or Gentile)
    Anyone Jewish
    Anyone – Anyone, that respect, protects and Defends Jews, and Israel … 🙂

  9. Jews the world over need to wake up or they’ll be faced with another ‘holocaust’ and it will be their own fault because they voted for the one who cries racism because he’s black. I don’t care what color he is but I do care that he’s at the base of so many scandals and cares more for the muslim brotherhood than he does America or Israel. Plus he’s covered up what happened at Benghazi and has not apologized to the families of those victims because he sat on his duff and let them die while he went to Vegas(?). I think, actually I’m not sure where he or hillary were. I don’t even know if we’ll ever find out. He’s such a disgrace and his entire administration is also because even though he’s wrong they stand by him. Mother would say, “He lies and they swear to it.”

  10. G-d bless you Mr. West. I’m a proud Canadian Jew. It seems to me that the comfortable American Jews are simply in denial, which just a few decades ago brought their European counterparts to the death camps.

    • I too am a proud Canadian and with the strong Conservative Leader and Government that we’ve had for ten+ years, our Country has blossomed into what many around the world are envious. But in being so, from what I’ve witnessed, has put a huge target on our freedoms and our Liberty.
      We too have our own EVIL forces throughout our Country , but by the grace of God and imo just plain old common sense from Canadians, we and our Government stand firm and resolute…..for now. 🙂
      All good Canadians are 100% with you Patriots….your views, dreams and unwavering resilience in your fight….for what’s right.
      God Bless America, and every single one of you !!!!

      • Thanks bro. I live just below the Canadian border and have met a great many FINE Canadians over the course of my life. Oh yeah, there are idiot liberals everywhere, we all have to put up with them. Glad to read your words, knowing that if and when the fit hits the shan, we’ll have help from our northern brothers. God Bless Canada, and every single one of YOU, also!

      • Your so welcome and so right….we ARE “Brothers” in this war. Clearly your enemy is ours and we know it.
        I’d never thought I’d see the day when Canadians would consider the US Government an ENEMY to OUR freedoms and Liberty….but they are. How frickin sad is that? Wow!!!

  11. I posted this before, but isn’t it ironic that Obama was elected BECAUSE HE IS BLACK. Now with his approval ratings falling he claims they dislike him because he’s black. How stupid can one man be? Mina’s comments are right on. I know that all of my Christian brothers stand with Israel and always will. And that’s a lot of Americans.

  12. In the 1940’s my Father fought his way through Europe, making is way to the concentration camps where he helped liberate those people held in the camps. He had to shoot many people, and he had to deal with many atrocities and as a result he returned home a drunk. One day as a child I caught him on the porch crying so I asked him why he was crying. He said that during the war he had to shoot a 14 year old Hitler Youth in the head and he couldn’t get that image out of his mind. There were many men like my Father with similar stories.
    Recently, the American Jews demanded $80,000,000. from the American Government because of the problems they endured in the Holocaust. Is’nt this a bill the Germans should be paying? Not only did our Fathers pay the price to save them from the Germans, now their sons have to pay these ungrateful deadbeats for something the damn Germans did. These Jews do not give a damn about America. Have they erected even one monument to those men and women that died to save them?
    According to their own admissions, in 1918 the Jews murdered over 20 million Ukrainians. Why is’nt that history being written about? Why is it that every Jewish atrocity throughout history is simply edited out as if it never happened?

    • Lies lies lies lies. You are just an anti-Semite. Jews never ever murdered Ukranians. Back than Jews were afraid of their own shadow because they were persecuted. Jews never demanded 80,000,000 from American government. I as an American Jew and a grand daughter of a Holocaust survivor, continue to volunteer and donate to our beloved American veterans, and American warrior project.

    • From where did you get this crap? Or are you just a person who likes to start trouble. Too many trouble makers in this world…

    • Whatever you said about WW2 & jews & ukranians is the tottal LIES. With all due respect : “your Fathers paid the price to save them…..” just for 10 months of war. But the Soviet Union aka Russians fought that war alone for 3,5years and lost 20 million people and Germany does pay contribution for killing 6 million Jews. I strongly suggest you to learn the histoty and don’t juggle with the facts.

      • I agree with you. However, America entered WWII after the Japanese attack (1941) on Pearl Harbor. Americans fought until the war ended in 1945.

  13. If Americans were locked up in concentation camps here in America, how many of you actually believe the Jews would lift a finger to help them?

    • Read back what you just wrote, Hey there, Jews that live here in America are American. I as an American Jew would help any American no matter what religion and what race they are.

  14. The ridiculous posts by several people on this thread alleging all kinds of conspiracies and crimes SUPPOSEDLY committed by Israel and/or the Jews are ample proof of just how RIGHT Prime Minister Harper and and Colonel West are in bringing up this important issue.

  15. I STAND with Israel. To the dirt bags trying to disparage the good name of the Jewish people on the Left AND Right you can pound sand!! I don’t need Mr. West to tell me and what many Jews already know. Obama is a Muslim and hater of Israel. liberty, and gun rights. More than any ethnic group Jews should be armed to the teeth. -Signed Jewish American

  16. I do not understand the Jewish people that live in the United States. I do not understand why some of them would support a man that does not stand behind the Country they left to have a better life. The majority of Americans supports Israel, so why don’t they?
    Why do they tolerate a President that does nothing to help their Country? I think the survivors of the Holocaust should start speaking to the Jewish communities and remind them what happened and that is what is happening to us and Israel with our President.

    President Obama’s mix heritage had nothing to do with us not
    voting for him. We researched his history and everything that was said about him. What we found out, is why we did not vote for him.

  17. Beyond all reasoning, the American Jews have always voted for Democrats. Is it because they are trying to help make prophesy come to pass or just complete stupidity and ignorance? As stated below, in many posts, a lot of us are just blown away at the ignorance shown by American Jews. If anyone truly figures it out, write a book .. you’ll be wealthy in no time.

    • I don’t think All American Jews have their head in the sand, just the ones who voted for the presiding dictator ‘President’. I changed from a non-political party to the Republican party for this last election (2012).

  18. I still believe the most damaging but brilliant strategy by the Communist left has been the control over America’s mainstream media and Hollywood. It remains extremely difficult to change the minds of 47% of Americans. They do not understand what is happening to our society. I am thankful for the Internet and websites like this that offer the truth and a forum for expression. If you watch what is happening in Europe, you will get a glimpse of our future. Buckle up, we are in for a bumpy ride the next three years.

  19. imo, my Prime Minister was not only speaking to the People of Israel, he was also speaking directly to their enemies, the Government of the USA included. Listen to the speech….hear for yourselves.

    I never thought i’d see the day when the majority of Canadians and our strong Conservative Fed. Gov. would consider the US Government, an ENEMY and a direct threat to OUR freedoms and Liberty….but clearly and sadly, IT IS.

    With that being said…..the majority of Canadians stand firm and resolute with everyone of you Patriotic Americans in your war against your own Government.
    God Bless America!!!

  20. You know things have changed when the Canadian govt is more conservative than our own. The Jewish community needs our support -because the Democrats sure as heck aren’t their friends!

  21. Continued obsession with this elusive Iranian Nuclear bomb. Evangelic
    obsession with Israel. Have you ever considered that Israel is acting
    against our interests in the Middle East. Do you not realize Israel is a
    SOCIALIST country? Let me restate that ISRAEL IS SOCIALIST. Israel is
    the only democracy in the Middle East? ONLY JEWS CAN VOTE! Arabs aren’t
    even granted citizenship! Were not talking about crazy extremists, we
    are talking about decent Arab families that have lived inside Israel
    since its birth! Yet when we even remotely question if they are harming
    our position in the region….we are Anti-Semetic? When did watching out
    for Israel’s interest become more important than America’s interests? What do WE owe Israel? WE have sent them more military aid than any other period in their history! Yet they continue to build settlements and spit in our faces as we try to negotiate peace.

  22. When we look at the people that voted for President Obama, it’s across every Ethic group in our Country. I don’t blame them for believing in a man that gives them dreams and hope. Who of us does not want a better life for ourselves, our family and for everyone else in this world? I blame the Elected Officials and the ones
    that want to be elected. Why? They do not go out to the people and talk to
    them and explain the difference where they can understand how the Economy,
    Funding, Education, Welfare, Food Stamps, etc.
    Our Republicans only care about “Big Business, Not the People.” Some people don’t want to have a better life, some people work toward a better life, some people had a better life and lost everything and some people are barely hanging on. The Republicans and Tea Party do not look for the “Billions” that have been stolen, the “Billions” that can’t be accounted for and that is being given to individuals that are Illegal. The “Billions” that President Obama is spending that is Illegal. They put no
    effort toward finding the funding and individuals that are responsible for the
    fraud. Nope, they cut “Benefits” for everyone before finding the previous.
    Sure they are individuals that abuse the system, but I bet you there is
    a hell of a lot more that are in bad shape and can’t feed their families
    because of the cut Benefits. No Commo Sense whatsoever with the Republicans and Tea Party. Fix the problems, and then come back to all the people about cutting their Benefits.
    PS-I am a Conservative and I do not receive any benefits. I’m just tired of the American People being shafted from the Elected Officials that can’t seem to take care of ALL AMERICANS!

  23. Stephen Harper is a beacon of light and decency in the foggy world of hypocrisy and cynicism. It makes proud to be a Canadian.
    G-d willing, he will set a precedent for all leaders of the free world countries to stand up for truth and justice in the world in general and in the ME in particular.
    This way, maybe it will be a greater chance to achieve a real peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

  24. Thank you for posting this and for your love and fight for our country! I am also a patriot, a Jew, and have always been a fighter for the underdog. I think that is inherent in us and the Israelis and one of the reasons why so many American Jews are liberals – because we pretty much were the underdog throughout history, so we understand, feel for, and help others in the same position. And this incredible America (and Israel) has given us the freedom to do that – with education and hard work, to raise ourselves up and help provide opportunities for others to do the same. The Democratic Party used to be about that – it no longer is and is no longer concerned about the preservation of our country’s values, our constitution, and the interests of the majority of the people. The pendulum has swung too far and our politicians are hastening America’s demise by allowing it. American Jews need to take the blinders off and be suspicious of the actions of this administration, which are well disguised in words of fighting for the underdog. We Jews need to stop supporting and pushing their agenda. Clear the cobwebs, sit on a cloud and see the bigger picture, and ask yourselves if our government’s actions are whittling away at our freedoms and constitutional rights? Are they/we brainwashing our children so they become robots and proponents of their agenda? Are they using our government agencies to quell opposition? Are they preparing for a total takeover of our country someday? And if that happens, will it be a Muslim takeover of our country – people who have sworn to kill the infidels (Americans, Jews, blacks, whoever)? History can repeat itself if we allow it to. Let’s not do that this time. Let’s be more like Israel and fight, even though the enemy is not shooting missiles at us – their game plan is more insidious and more effective – the slow change of our country. We can’t seem to get through to our politicians so the pendulum keeps blindly swinging. Our only hope is to try and preserve the ultimate protective right that will keep the enemy at bay and save us – the right to bear arms. I believe, it was deliberately put in the constitution to prevent not just an enemy attacking us on our shores, but to prevent our own government from becoming a dictatorship and attack and hurt its own people, as it does in so much of the world. We, the people of this great country, must never
    allow the government, as hard as they try and with whatever measures
    they employ, to take right that from us. I hope this made sense, and thank you for inspiring us to share our thoughts Mr. West.

    • Wow!! You are so right. The media, schools and colleges, entertainment venues, etc. have been infilitrated with ideology that is destructive to America.
      I am not liberal even though I have been an underdog in many ways. Do you think liberalism among Jews in America also comes from their being secular Jews?

  25. ok I AM A CANADIAN,i got nothing against israel BUT i do hate the term anti-semite.Why?Because it is Grossly misused!! the Semites are not isreal but the other arabs which do descend from the the old,historic,semite tribes! It’s about as true as calling a white guy a nubian!!LOL!! then couple that with the fact that the term, however misused, is often used as a blanket excuse to silence voices that do not please the powers that control most if not all western media.I wish isreal century of peaceful living but don’t take me for a sap and tell me to hush one more time and i might just shove that finger where the star of bethlehem don’t shine!


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