A woman’s thoughts on Lone Survivor. And a message to candy-ass liberals.

The real men of Operation Red Wing

I saw Lone Survivor today. I wept. I’m a female, I can do that sort of thing in public.

Here’s why I wept.

In the first few minutes of the film, watching the Navy SEALS train, I turned to my friends and said what a travesty it would be if the physical requirements were ever adjusted downwards to accommodate women – or anyone who could not meet them for that matter, regardless of gender or orientation. These men, these warriors, are elite for a reason. They are capable of doing things very few can. That’s the way we want and need them to be.

I wept for the mothers, wives, sisters, fathers, brothers and friends of the beautiful, strong and healthy warriors who gave everything to defend the freedoms of this nation, and of others they would never know.

I wept for the people of Afghanistan who are not supporters of the Taliban. Those who can only dream of a different life. Who even in the best of times must eke out their existence in the harshest of conditions. Who will never know the comfort and liberty we do. For the women who will never have the choices I have, and the freedom to chart their own course. Perhaps it is an accident of birth. In some respects, I felt that about Marcus Luttrell himself. It was an accident of fate that he survived and others did not. Such is life, and only God knows the plan for each of us.

But most of all, I wept in anger. I am overcome with rage at the elected politicians who have never served their country in uniform, never seen battle and yet make decisions that affect the life and death of their fellow citizens.

I am so angry that our rules of engagement, made in courtrooms by people whose personal agenda has nothing to do with victory, restrict the ability of our military to do the thing we send them into battle to do: fight.

I am disgusted that budgets for military equipment and training get shaved away and shaved away so much that lives are lost because we cannot adequately equip the men and women we send into the most terrifying situations.

I have no words to be spoken in polite company to express my frustration that this administration seems more focused on the sexual orientation of our warriors than their fighting readiness or following up on the promises made to them in their retirement.

I am however thankful this film was made, and somewhat surprised Hollywood allowed it. Pardon my candor, but I hope every candy-ass liberal can take a few minutes away from the exertions of Kanye West and Lady Gaga, look beyond themselves and their concern for polar bears and baby harp seals, and understand what real sacrifice, real pain, real effort and real honor truly is.


  1. When I saw it I too was angry at how our administration isn’t doing their job, holding up these brave men that follow orders and go into battle daily.

  2. Very well said! Our fighting men and women need the best training and equipment they can get. Candy ass says it all in a nutshell!

  3. I totally agree with Michelle. I saw the movie yesterday and every thing she said is true! I was impressed with the audience. Not a sound. When it was over after a moment of silence, every one applauded for these brave soldiers. I cried also for the same reasons. I checked my husband several times out of the corner of my eye and I saw the same tears.
    My grandsons have lost two friends in Iraq and one who came home with serious wounds from Afganistan. I told a friend, if a woman ran the military there would be less wars. However, I do believe that women could not handle the abuse that these men suffered.
    Again, I second every thing Michelle said. God help this country.

  4. Funny Michele HIckford, I written this right after I saw it on Jan 8th, I went to my PC and FB and this is what I felt:

    America-Patriots Go Support the Movie

    Make it the Biggest Box Office Surprise
    in Support of all our Vets!

    & HIS BROTHER’S Action

    Plus all the other Vets from
    Revolutionary Wars to Present Day.

    Thank-You Marcus Luttrell American Hero
    along with his Brothers

    Thank-You Peter Berg Director of Lone
    Survivor very good job handling this story.

    Proceeds made from Lone Survivor will
    support Lone Survivor Foundation

    I wanted to tell you I found myself after
    crying and to the point of sobbing 🙂 my inter- self/heart was feeling OUTRAGED
    for a couple of hours. This morning, as I recall the movie I still feel
    OUTRAGED. Why? Knowing how the Vets are recently a big target with Obama administration

    600+ backlog of disability claims (Lauren Price


    Religious symbols being removed (i.e. Prayer, Crosses, Bibles)

    Open Air Museums purposely fenced in from a spite-full POTUS

    Congress not including our VETS COLA in the budget

    Political Posture issues about the surge with both Hillary &
    POTUS (to win votes)

    POTUS not defining existing war by not using the appropriate
    words (PC Police)

    Touting Al Qaeda is on the run both Hillary & Obama lied
    about Benghazi to win the election.

    Obama has managed to fire and/or retire many Military Leaders

    Obama & Holder attempting to prosecute Al Qaeda in American

    Obama releasing Al Qaeda from Gitmo

    Obama trying to shut Gitmo down.

    Obama defining Ft Hood as Work Place Violence preventing Purple
    Hearts and monetary values presented to our Military (Cover lie about Al Qaeda

    Obama & Holder Fast
    & Furious fatal to Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry (Gun Running)

    Obama drawing Red Line and did not back up as a leader

    Obama supporting Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt destroying the

    Obama & Hillary used Benghazi to cover up Arms Shipments to
    Muslim Brotherhood

    Obama & Hillary unlike the Military Brothers and Sister got
    the order to “Stand Down” when it comes to supporting our people in uniform.

    Obama & Hillary use drones on American Citizen

    Obama & Hillary destroyed the whole area of Libya, Syria,
    Egypt, Iraq, & Afghan

    Obama-Hillary-Kerry does not support Israel

    Obama-Hillary-Kerry has no Foreign Policy in regard to support
    the USA sovereignty

    Obama sends millions of Tax Payer money to people/country’s that
    don’t support us.

    Obama-Kerry makes deals with Iran to become a nuclear power

    Obama has bowed to all foreign Countries with apology tours

    Obama does not like America and does not believe in America

    Obama & Congress closing down the Military Vets Tri Care

    The distaste for Congress, WH Administration,
    Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Holder & Obama has marked a time in American
    History I am not proud of. This Movie should wake up the American People and
    insist our Government take action now to Restore, Respect and Reverend our

    I was so upset thinking how Obama
    instead of support and taking up where Bush left off with the conflict is
    undermining our Military. Obama wants nothing to do with Afghan and he has ruin
    Iraq he turns his back and says it is Bush’s war and appears to wash his hands
    of getting involved. He has not asked and/or given any direction to the
    Military or the American people as to, What is the Mission? What is the engagement
    or What are the goals of Afghan war? He has not informed or bragged of what we
    have accomplished. Obama is always missing in action. Never visits and/or support unless it is
    election time. I was enraged to compare the treatment of both Congress and
    Administration regarding expensive Vacations, expensive Golf trips, and flying
    that big Air Force One around almost every day to our college Kids on the endless
    campaign trips of nothing and use it to divide Americans continually. Wow how the
    movie has opened my American Pride for this country to a bitter distaste for
    this administration. I only wish Bush was back to at least give them total
    support and finish the job. I found there were not enough certain helicopters
    to protect certain schnook choppers and some of the equipment malfunction. Bush did believe in America and never made an
    apology about it. John F Kenney would
    always encourage us as a Nation and was very positive. Have you ever experienced a uplifting
    encouraging word from this administration?

    Have you seen this yet? Please I urge you to
    go. See what is happening in a war we
    have been fighting for the past 11 years.
    So you know a little statistic here:

    Bush Casualties in 7 Years was about

    Obama Casualties in 4 ½ Years was about

    Then look at these stats:

    would receive the first $550 million installment of a total of $4.2 billion in
    previously blocked overseas funds on or about February 1, a senior U.S.
    official said on Sunday.

    a November 24 nuclear agreement, six major powers agreed to give Iran access to
    $4.2 billion in revenues blocked overseas if it carries out the deal, which
    offers sanctions relief in exchange for steps to curb the Iranian nuclear

    payments are contingent on Iran diluting its stockpile of 20 percent enriched
    uranium to no more than 5 percent enriched uranium. The U.S. official, who
    spoke on condition of anonymity, described the payment schedule as follows:

    1 – $550 million (NOTE: February 1 is a Saturday, so this payment may need to
    happen on February 3);

    1 – $450 million (payment for half of dilution);

    7 – $550 million;

    10 – $550 million;

    15 – $450 million (payment for completion of dilution);

    14 – $550 million;

    17 – $550 million;

    20 – $550 million (NOTE: July 20 is a Sunday, so this payment may need to
    happen on July 21).

    Have we the AMERICA People SOLD OUR
    SOULS to this ADMINISTRATION of Distracter & Destruction?

    Not me!
    I will not COMPLY. I am AMERICAN
    and I will fight back with TRUTH and my VOTE it cannot be bought like they
    think it can.

    Comparing what is going on now, how
    this administration has acted with Congress and the players as Hillary Clinton,
    Susan Rice, Leon Panetta, Eric Holder, Joe Biden, Leon Panetta and especially the Benghazi lie, this movie
    brought it out in me. Marcus Luttrell is a hero and to the brothers &
    sisters he served along beside.


    You actually lived the battle. It was
    something else.

    By the way next Vet you see out
    America, THANK HIM/HER Buy their lunch, dinner or Shake their hand firmly.

  5. The “rules of engagement” made by our sissy-boy brown-nosing lawyers are almost beyond comprehension.
    What a tremendous statement…thank you, ma’am, from my heart.

  6. Absolutely! Great article! Unfortunately our nation is becoming more and more liberal due to freebies. We are a hand out society. Not sure it will get any better if we as parents keep wanting our children to have it “better” than we had it!

  7. I so agree. As a US Navy retiree and a woman who has been to the Middle East war zones, I have seen just what she speaks of. I earned the retirement pension and medical benefits I now have, not just by serving in uniform, but missing graduations, Christmases, Easters, and birthdays of my children. I love my country and anyone who thinks they work as hard as a military member in a war zone, or that their job is just as dangerous, needs to go for 30 days and get an idea. To get the full monty, how about a full 9 or 12 month tour. And although I don’t agree with the liberal ideas I have fought to give them the privilege to express them,

  8. Wow exactly how I felt when I saw the movie yesterday! I could not have said it so well but it is exactly the thoughts I had and the feelings I have! Rules of engagement is hog wash! War is awful and we should not be binding the hands of those who know how to fight it! And we should have the equipment/supplies they need there when needed! It saddens me how these men who love this country without question sacrifice all for it and the wussies in Washington have no clue what that kind of patirotism is all about! My heart breaks for their families who can no longer hold or tell them how much they love them! Their children will grow up without their love and example! I do feel for the people of Afghanistan who want better for their families but we need to bring our people home as we are fighting with our hands tied and that is not fair to ask of anyone!

  9. And it was a great movie. I was tearful, but in a packed theatre I only seen a few that were. Some just don’t get it and never will. #selfish

  10. Well said. Being from a military family, I can relate to this statement and the movie. The people that sit in suits and tie the hands of our fighting men and women need only spend one week in battle…things might be different. God Bless America and our brave men and women! Prayers for the family and friends they leave behind.

  11. Thank you, Michele Hickford. Thank you very much for this poignant review. You expressed my sentiments 100%!

    As the stepmother of a Marine, a cousin to two Marines and a friend of a wounded warrior, frustration is an understatement when it comes to how I feel about these “PANSIES” on the left that want to minimize the strength of military by easing up the requirements so women can be on the battlefield. SHAME ON THEM.

    If they want to be “equal,” they need to step up and do EXACTLY what the men do or find another, safer way to serve their country.

    And rage is an understatement to how I feel about our veteran’s benefits being cut while politicians keep getting raises and the president and his family take vacation after vacation with no forethought, afterthought or ANY thought about the welfare of our military personnel.

    I may never be able to watch this movie in particular because I’ll admit, I have a very, very hard time with movies like this while still having family on active duty. But my heart and prayers are with these men and women and their every day.

    God bless them all!

    • I have a loved one overseas and I feel that women should have a right to advance in the military, but they should not lower the standards to accommodate. My man is about 265 lbs of muscle… how’s a woman going to throw him over her shoulder or drag him out of a dangerous situation if he’s hurt?

      • Exactly! I watched the female units graduate at my stepson’s boot camp graduation, and I was just as proud of them as every other graduate. Nothing wrong at all with women being snipers, pilots, etc., etc. but to lower the standards is putting all of our men and women in unsafe situations!

  12. You will see the same thing in America when we have to take it back from King Obozo and his clones. The heros will be coming out of the wood work. SOON.

    • No. I think there’s more ignorance in your response to this article. If you’re going to point out ignorance as you put it maybe you can elaborate.

      • Fine…..to assume it is the “candy ass liberals” who are at fault for any issue or problem with our military is ignorance. To think soldiers having inadequate armor or weapons is due to liberals, is ignorance. In fact, to blame one political party is complete ignorance. Half the reason we have issues in this country is because the citizens have fallen into the quicksand trap that the OTHER political party is to blame for everything. Republicans are not always right. Democrats are not always right. And until we citizens stop supporting our own political party with blind anger towards the other side, nothing will change.

      • Pubs may not always be right but liberal candy asses are always wrong when it comes to the military you can’t legislate war from 10,000 miles away.

      • only democrats will try to run a war without actually being there and not being soldiers (see Vietnam)

      • Here we go with the Bush bashing again! Is that all you miserable lefty O-BAM-O bots know how to do? Can’t win an intelligent argument, so let’s blame Bush. Pathetic!

      • I wasn’t blaming Bush! The guy said only democrats start wars without being there. I pointed out that both bush’s did.
        I can’t even say their name without name calling and cries that I’m bashing them?

      • No, he did not say anything about Democrats starting wars. He said they will try to legislate and control wars without actually knowing how to conduct or being there to conduct wars. They do it from 10,000 miles away.

      • yeah because Clinton didn’t bomb a Tylenol factory or ignore the fact that he could have had bin laden 3 times while he was president.

      • Your words displayed your ignorance. Have you served and experienced the differences in administrations. I have. The democrats seem to like us in word but not need.

    • Show me where she blames Libs for war or issues with our Military?

      Pardon my candor, but I hope every candy-ass liberal can take a few minutes away from the exertions of Kanye West and Lady Gaga, look beyond themselves and their concern for polar bears and baby harp seals, and understand what real sacrifice, real pain, real effort and real honor truly is

  13. There is a reason war is so horrible. If it wasn’t, it would last a HELL of a lot longer. Our brave men and women fight so we don’t have to, so we can live free, and so those “candy-ass” liberals can whine about how bad things are. If only they knew. I wish they could switch places with our military members so they could get a bird’s-eye view of what it takes, but if they did they’d certainly f*** it up. Then I wish they could change places with the anti-Taliban Afghanis who have to survive under those savages. I think they’d be singing an entirely different tune, one that sounds a lot more like the National Anthem.

  14. Wow. As a disabled vet myself, I’m glad we’re of the same school
    of thought, too bad civilian politicians have no clue. God Bless sister!

  15. I couldn’t have said it better myself
    I applauded right until the comment about ” look beyond themselves ( I agree) and their concern for polar bears and baby harp seals” (disagree). It’s a mistake to stereotype people. I am a voice for animals, because they don’t have a voice, that doesn’t mean people like myself aren’t also a voice for our Troops, past and present.

    Just because someone cares about animal welfare and the planet we live on doesn’t make them a liberal.

  16. I couldn’t have said it the way you did ma’am… without looking like I am talking about me… Thank you for seeing the core of our military men and women… The panty waist libs will never see anything but pitty and unfairness… As a vet thank you… we ask for no pitty, do not moran or sympathize for us having a bad day… Just love and Thank them!!!

  17. Well said. Since Viet Nam every conflict politicians consider the left screams it will be like Viet Nam all over. You state very clearly why it ends up being like Viet Nam. The left cuts the military first in any budget reduction, harmfully restrictive Rules of Engagement, lack of support for the mission and withdrawal too prematurely.

    • The General that ordered the rescue chopper that was shot down killing 18 Elite Soldiers should be in Prison. That is worse than Bengahzi! You dont sent a chopper blind into a hot LZ after a seal team goes missing.

  18. Free….we’re not free. Not free in the context that our founding fathers intended. We’re number 17 on the freedom chart. We’re enslaved in useless laws, useless gov that just want to control you.

  19. Excellent Michelle, I have felt the same way for a long time. I’m not sure I want to put myself through watching this movie, but I guess if these men and women can put their lives on the line, I can honor them by feeling a tiny bit of their pain and go see it.

  20. Funny she mentioned Polar Bears…I’ve got a Baby Boomer cousin who only seems to care about 2 things…health care (ObamaCare) and environmental issues. He’s emailed me some stuff on “Spirit Bears” (Albino Alaskan Brown Bears, I think), and I just laugh… the priorities of liberals just baffle the hell out of me. I just don’t get it.

    • If you keep in mind the fact they are mentally ill and incapable of logical, coherent discussion then you will be much better off, less frustrated and have a lower blood pressure.

    • I hope after you have had a good laugh that you educate your cousin exactly where his priorities should be. Boomers need people like you to “help” them understand real life. P.S. I hope he never gets really, really sick and has to use O’dumb-bo care… that’s IF he has even signed up yet.

      • The problem is that you can’t educate them. Most liberals only see the light when the policies of the left eventually personally impact them. All the talking in the world makes no difference.

  21. I think its important to save animals…however the liberals candy asses aren’t doing anything to accomplish that either…if humans would just leave them alone the animals would handle things well.

    • You really don’t get it do you? What the whole meaning of this post by this Lady, is that some things like life liberty and freedom for ALL, are worth paying to make happen. Which is more important to you a baby seal or a human being who suffers from the abuses of her own government, like those in the middle east. What expense is more important a politicians paycheck or the cost of a piece of military equipment that could save a life of one of our heros that has been sent to a real chance of death, by the very same politician who at this very time is taking the pay out of their pockets. In a perfect world all gods creatures would be safe, but didn’t god make lions cheetas and other predators? Our environment is in danger yes, but I believe that when we send someone to fight in battle we should be conscientious enough to send the very best to ensure they have a good chance of coming home.

      • what part of my comment makes you (all knowing one) think I don’t get the meaning of this post? you can read, but not absorb what I said, you poor thing…are you learning impaired? I said, “the libs aren’t doing anything about … EITHER”. My family has given a few of those heroes, and now the dems are cutting their benefits…the country defamed my brother for doing his job in Nam, so don’t you even begin to think ‘I DON’T GET IT’ because I care about animals, who don’t have a voice and due to man’s greed and irresponsibility are dying out. Even the HEROES ‘get this’. how dare you assume, without actually knowing what you read…what a buffoon.

    • You go save the animals douche bag and crawl back under your rock because you have no place commenting here where we are speaking of TRUE HEROES. OMG…the nerve!!!

    • Animals would overpopulate or become diseased and die of overpopulation if we let them do as they please. What the hell’s wrong with you? Don’t you have ANY smarts? Learn something about animals, instead of “feel good” things. It’s idiots like you, who’ve screwed up this great nation. And I agree .. go to the PETA site and wring your hanky. Leave talk of patriots to real patriots.
      Just go away!

      • grew up on a farm in a hunting family…don’t condescend to me. I’ve seen too many species extinct because of man’s greed and irresponsibility. my hanky wrings for dolts like yourself. real patriots are responsible, not just blow hards.

  22. I just got home from the theater myself. I ditto all of the above. These men give up their lives and they do it happily. They forgo their relationships, future children any legacy left behind and it makes me proud. Proud but angry. So many do not deserve their sacrifice.

  23. That was great but it will never happen. Liberals are not interested in reality, only in feeling good about themselves.

  24. i think the book should be required reading in high school, and.. step up gym classes to make men out of these candy asses instead of focusing on catching a damn football. thank God for our fighting men and women! same requirements go for the girls instead of them focusing on their cell phones and worrying about what they are going to wear tomorrow.

    • Amen on physically educating, along with making them EARN their grades and not be given them to make them feel good. No good can be accomplished by turning our kids into sniveling wimps, that have no clue as to honor, loyalty or duty to country.

      • easy that. how about starting with the pledge of allegiance and putting God back in the schools. if you read Luttrell’s book “lone survivor”, he gives much credit to the Lord as does his family and community.i do believe that his angels were working overtime that day.

  25. Clinton did everything he could to discriminate the military…I had a cousin in special forces and he saw what Clinton did the army and when Bush took over they were thrilled to have a President that understood them and did everything to provide for them what they needed….he left the military when it looked like Hillary would be president…he said he would never serve under another Democratic President….liberals know nothing about fighting a war and they never will. Disgusting little pigs that they are only tie the hands of our military!!! We should have bombed the Taliban and killed every man woman and child in the Taliban. Then we might have been able to win this war!

    • This Movie was about something that happened during the GWB administration. A team was sent on a suicide mission against 300 Taliban and when they went missing the idiot Generals sent another chopper into a hot LZ and got 18 more elite troops killed.

  26. Running for any political office should have a requirement of prior military service. Especially at the federal level, where the ONLY duty of congress is the defense of this Great Nation….

  27. Well said until you mention political affinity, aren’t we all proud of the
    men and women who put thier lives on the line for all of us. I have a feeling the snipers don’t care about
    Your being on the right or good side of poltics. I get it that people hate our president, but can you shut that part down
    When talking about our proud military.

    • Has nothing to do with hate. When will people get it? It has everything to do with his FAILED policies! And no is the answer to your question about aren’t we all proud of the men/women in our military. Do you not pay attention?

    • she should not show that part down, it is most important. he is the destroyer of our LIBERTY AND FREEDOMS these men fought and died for.. we must speak of this tyranny~~~~

    • Can’t shut that down because the libs are the ones who elected these idiots into office. The liberal politicians are the ones who are destroying our military. So when you say you support our men and women in uniform, you are lying!

  28. You tell’em sister. You call”em candy asses, I call’em disloyal fucks and even murderers.
    Excuse my rude language. But as a combat vet raised by combat vets (patriots of the first order) I believe I have the right.
    They’ll see the true horrors of war. They keep this bullshit up and it will be right on their front doorstep. Threating their children like its threatening ours. Those selfserving son of bitches that think their above it all. It’ll pleasure me to watch them grovel. And grovel they will. Their cries will be louder than anyone because suffering isn’t something their accustomed to. They won’t get any pitty from me.

  29. Beautiful tribute to the real celebrities of this nation, the warriors who have answered the call, whenever necessary, to do the things that most Americans cannot even imagine. As she truthfully stated, the “candy assed liberals” have no conception of what true heroes really are made of, they are too busy pretending to be concerned about everything except those things that are real and truly a threat to the life of this country. God bless our warriors for all time.

  30. What a bunch of right wing morons! Never been in a war – never been shot at – probably every one of your fat slobs has had your asses kicked by a “candy assed liberal”!! LOLOLOL

      • This liberal coward is an Ex Marine Special Operator AND an Ex NAVY SEAL!! I Have been shot in combat – edured the hardships – sacrificed for my country – and it is only right wing cowards who have never seen a day of combat and usually project their own weak minded ideas on to others. There were some REAL problems with this particular mission. FIRST – they broke the code of continuing the mission without communications!! THAT IS STUPID and IRRESPONSIBLE on the part of the patrol leader. NO ONE had to die that day if they had simply followed the protocol that that WE used on EVERY mission!!!!! AFTER the insert – and while the choppers are still in the area – you establish Comm and if you you can’t you call the choppers back for an extract!!!! So tell me what YOU know about special ops besides what you learned on TV or in the movies?????? Coward!

      • So tell me, what serviceman, or woman, would come on here and berate others like you have while claiming to be an ex Marine and an ex Navy Seal?

        Not any that I know of. And I’ve had the honor of knowing a few in my lifetime.

      • Depends…what movie you talking about? He goes back and forth and he even has some “homemade” movies he made in his basement:)

      • Who was my CO WHERE???? You freaking idiot!!! I served on TWO Marine Force Recon Teams – ONE Recon Battalion Team and a navy SEAL group at the 1st Special Warfare Unit. Are you so stupid that you think a guy has ONE CO for his entire career???????? YOU CLEARLY know nothing about the military and you have a weak mind.

        Being at Group one does not make you a SEAL. My ex worked there… He wasn’t a SEAL. BUDS class number please. and just name one of your CO’s… how about your CO at Group One? What Team were you attached to? What was your rate? When did you serve? I think you are full of crap.

      • Rule #1 in Spec. Ops. Knowing how to control and manage your emotions. Something you clearly are not able to do. Fail!!!

      • Didn’t claim to be a warrior did I? See that in my post anywhere? But I have served my country, as has my best friend, my father, my godfather, and my step father. And I can guarantee you this much. I know how people who have served their country act towards those they have served and you ain’t it buddy.

      • You do not even have a command of the English language and you know NOTHING about warriors or me to be more specific. I bet you are an uneducated no nothing fat tattooed alcoholic who not only does not have the discipline to be a special operator – you do not even have job that supports your family in comfort. Am i right?????

      • What’s your BUDS number? Oh that’s right, you don’t get one playing Call of Duty on your XBox or Playstation.

      • yeah, he acts like NO SEAL I have ever known… but he does act like a wannabe that goes around and claims he was. Bet he comes up with a bohus class numer!!

      • Of COURSE you would say that !!!!!! I was expecting it from fat know nothings from the right that truly believe that everyone should THINK like they do and anyone who does not agree is a phony!!! LOLOLOLOL You are probably a fat no nothing with no education – a lot of tattoos – carry a concealed weapon because you do not know how to fight with hands and feet – and have NEVER seen day in combat except on your X Box.

      • No capitalization – and so far you have communicated in not very well thought out maximum of 8 word sentences. Congratulations LOOSER!

      • So says Captain CAPSLOCK.

        By the way, the word you’re looking for is “loser”, loser. You’ve spelled it that way multiple times in this thread, so I must assume it is intentional.

        Run on back to Reddit and announce your great “victory”, or whatever it is you juvenile trolls do.

      • Don’t assume he thinks he is spelling loser incorrectly. If Libs believe they are right, they think they must be. Look at the guy called President.

      • Well damn, if it’s taken him this long to look it up I’d hate to think what being in combat with him must of been like.

      • Hey, captric, 1. you are obviously LYING because there is NO such thing as “an Ex Marine special operator,” because- ONCE A MARINE, ALWAYS A MARINE!
        2. Same for SEALs
        3. “AFTER the insert – and while the choppers are still in the area – you
        establish Comm and if you you can’t you call the choppers back for an
        extract!!!!” If you CANNOT establish comms, HOW THE HELL are you going to CALL them back?

        4. You did not learn enough watching TV or the movies.

      • Ex Marine?? There’s no such thing and anyone who has worn the uniform knows that. I’m calling shenanigans.

      • There you go with the EX MARINE again. I’m a war veteran and I’ve served as a contractor ever since. Camp Foster, Camp Courtney and Futenma in Okinawa and now live in Korea as mission essential. Please stop talking here, as it is an embarrassment to any armed forces personnel. Tattooed alcoholic? I have brothers who will never be the same physically or mentally from going inside vertical coffins while clearing houses and they are still supportive of any candy ass liberal agenda.

      • There you go with the EX MARINE again. I’m a war veteran and I’ve served as a contractor ever since. Camp Foster, Camp Courtney and Futenma in Okinawa and now live in Korea as mission essential. Please stop talking here, as it is an embarrassment to any armed forces personnel. Tattooed alcoholic? I have brothers who will never be the same physically or mentally from going inside vertical coffins while clearing houses and they are still not supportive of any candy ass liberal agenda.

      • You are a true ignorant moron. No military man would berate his fellow comrade like you just did. I believe you are a liar just like the rest of the liberal asses.

      • Captric, you said that as an Ex-Marine (which if you should recall is never correct…you would be a FORMER Marine) and an Ex-Seal that if upon insert you cannot establish communications then you would call the troop carriers back.
        Question? If you are unable to establish communications, just how would you contact the helios? Smoke signals?

      • What was your class number? Maybe we need to sick Senior Chief Shipley on you… If you are really a SEAL, then you know who he is. lol… right!

      • I’m throwing the bullshit flag on you captric. A real Marine would never call himself EX as you do.
        I know this because ONCE A MARINE ALWAYS A MARINE. Ask me how I know this

      • Hey people, I think we all need to ignore captric. There are some definite “issues” going on here that we aren’t going to resolve. Captric, get some help before you hurt yourself or someone else. Your irrational comments and intense anger is not normal. Please get some help.

      • You play too many video games. You also may want to stop before you get into trouble, “stolen valor” is a crime, you know?

      • Really? Well, if you were, which I doubt, there are few things wrong with your claims.

        1. There is no such thing as an EX Marine or an EX Navy Seal.
        2. TRUE Marines and SEALS don’t “brag” about themselves while insulting others.

        3. The Corps would have taught you some manners and discipline!

        4. TRUE SpecOps and SEALS don’t come to a forum and troll, puffing themselves up and insulting other brothers and sisters in arms.

        If – and that’s a big IF – you were in the service, I’d bet a Dishonorable Discharge is in your papers somewhere.

      • You far right nut jobs that follow a looser like Allen West never cease to amaze me. Do you buy in to the efficacy of EVERY bumper sticker you read??? You really do represent your party well – shallow minded – uneducated – and suffering from motivated reasoning (look it up since I am POSITIVE you do not have the intellect to know what it means). Keep it up – us cowardly left wing wimps who have actually left pieces of our bodies in foreign lands fighting for the your fantasy that you have “freedom” laugh and are reassured that you are helping to bury the Republican Party which will be the best thing that ever happened to the WORLD.

    • Any time, any place…..you name it.

      I’ve been there, so bring it candy ass.

      And for the record, I am not “right wing”….just an American.

      • You are just another cowardly internet warrior throwing insults over the internet! People like YOU are why guys like Allen West and the rest of the right wing trash crashed and burned in the last election.

      • …..cowardly internet warrior throwing insults over the internet

        Yep that’s exactly what you’re acting like and doing.

      • What’s childish is your trolling, using the caps lock key, and the inability to spell the word “loser” correctly. But then I wouldn’t expect any less from a “loser” such as your loser, lying self.

      • You’re probably right. If he did serve he probably got an admin separation or section 8 shortly after boot camp if he made it that far. Definite mental case with this one.

    • Are you talking to a mirror? I know your type, a real warrior behind a keyboard, real tough when you’re talking out your butt. Come out of the closet little boy and get some!

  31. It has ever been this way, ever since the first Continental Congress shortchanged troops in the field. It was the same in the War of 1812 when bungling caused the loss of the Battle of Bladensburg and DC was captured and burned. It was the same in Mexico, the same in the Civil War as both US and CS Congresses fumbled and fretted and left troops die in the field with inadequate food, medical support, and other gear. It was the same in 1898 in Cuba and the Philippines, again in France, 1917-1918.

    Congress shortchanged our military for 22 years between 1919-1941, and sent our boys into the Pacific and Europe with 2nd and 3rd rate gear and vehicles for the first 2 years of WWII. It was the same aan has s we wasted lives in Vietnam as “policy” snatched defeat from our victorious troops in 1968 after the Tet offensive… we won that month, and politicians wasted the victory by failing to call for a surrender that the North Vietnamese would have given.

    We squandered another victory in Iraq in 1990-91, and again in 2003-04. Afghanistan has been a political fiasco since the end of the first year… when again, politicians squandered a victory for naught, by failing to ever identify a workable political goal.

  32. ►I couldn’t have worded it any better than what she said. We haven’t gone to a movie in forever, so I haven’t seen this yet. But as soon as it comes out on TV or video, I’ll manage to afford it someway. ◄

  33. Everything about this is sad. Sad reasoning, sad death, sad dispositions, sad comments, sad ignorance. Wish I hadn’t read any of it nor watched the Hollywood movie. The longer I live, the more I realize that there are about 7 billion humans too many.

    • Rusty, I just got home from seeing this movie. The only thing I could think on the way home is how fortunate we are to have brave men who are willing to sacrifice their lives for us. Did you know that Marcus Luttrell was a consultant for this non-Hollywood movie? If you looked closely you could find him in the movie as well. Have you seen him interviewed in length? He bears the scars of this awful war so that you & I don’t have too. The other SEALS died, the men on the helicopter died so that you & I don’t have too. If you should see any of our military on the street, you should thank them and count your blessings for them. They go and do what you can’t or won’t do. How many people do you know that thinks “Rusty has my back”? I don’t think you have it in you.

    • I wondered how long it would take some typical American idiot to tell me to kill myself. Two places everyone is a bad ass, behind the wheel of their car and on-line… Anyway, I will die soon enough along with you all and we’ll take our place among all the other dead people that not just thought, but thought they were right.

      • Gave you a like on your post. I don’t agree with all you say, but you do make a good point; behind a wheel of a car and behind the keyboard, all are badasses! We all die in time; to be one who makes a difference, even a difference so small that only a few notice, is still something of worth, and makes the journey worthwhile. I would not think to tell you or anyone else to kill themselves; you’re here to make a large or small difference in some way, and when it’s time to go, well, we do not decide. Good Luck to you.

  34. I’m sorry but they will never understand what real sacrifice, real pain or honor really is. They are never exposed to it within their narrow view of life. They think people that have those things in their makeup are idiots because they care for and protect others. You will not catch a liberal doing things like that.

    • I happen to agree with most everything you say, but to say act like liberals are the only ones with a narrow view of life is insane. I have plenty of friends that are staunch conservatives that see everything purely in black and white, just as I have many liberal friends that see only black and white…the whole “us vs. them” attitude will never lead to any significant change. Until people can start to come together and realize that the only way to move forward is to do so as a unified front, we are doomed. I’m so tired of hearing “if our guy was in office, this wouldn’t happen” and then their guy gets into office and its more of the same. People need to think for themselves and vote accordingly instead of just listening to their favorite political talk show and passing off those opinions as gospel.

      • To clarify, by agreeing with most everything you say, I meant it as far as people not realizing what real sacrifice, real pain, and honor are. Many people don’t and they shouldn’t be tearing down the men, like those from Operation Red Wings, that really have given up most everything to defend us and our way of life regardless of what they happen to think of the battle they are fighting.

  35. AMEN!!!!! I haven’t seen it YET. But plan to, although I will probably wait until it is released on DVD and purchase it so I can watch it at home. I agree with you that SEALS are elite. There is no one else who can do what they can. Would not want to meet one in a dark alley alone. Unless he is on my side. LOL!!!

  36. I say excellent and I stand with you. If only liberals could understand that they are poison for us all and they have given our country away—-but we have let them. Shame on us all. I think that all of us—and I mean ALL of us—should have to exit our graduation stage and enter two years of military service for America. Not only would we soon realize that America is the greatest country on earth, but we would avoid many of the things we have suffered in the most recent years. It would be “So, you aren’t happy allowing crosses to be up for the Lord? Well TOO BAD!!!” So, you don’t want to spend money on our veterans? Well TOO BAD!!!” “So you believe that we should be more like Europe? Well TOO BAD!!!” and I could go on and on. The majority of us would have been all over the world and would know how much we do not want to be them. We would be more appreciative and vigilant.

    • israel requires boys and girls right out of high school train 2 years in the military before they go to college. mandatory! i say let’s do it!

      • i feel sorry for you. and i would rather my children (and they are) and grandchildren are prepared to defend themselves and their families when the time comes. apparently you are the type that will wait for someone else to take your bullet for you instead of man up yourself.

      • How do you know that Captic hasn’t served? How do you know that he isn’t a police officer in Detroit or LA? How do you know that he wasn’t one of the firemen to run into the WTC? It is apparent that many of the small minded people here who hate fags and believe God has their whole life planned out and that spicks and spooks belong in jail where they are, don’t realize that the people they’re pointing fingers at are the one’s supporting their broke asses. (Red states lead the way in poverty and receive bulk of social welfare). Many here believe that a person who thinks for himself and works toward a better world, ( look up progressive and liberal in a dictionary) is somehow less able to handle himself or herself. The fact of the matter is that the liberals are younger, stronger, and more agile than the crusty old Conservatives and their #’s are increasing exponentially while the opposite is obviously true for the latter. I can shoot very well and do spend time occasionally at the range. I don’t own a gun. I’ll just take yours.

      • As would I! Keep the young ones home and send age and experience to do some of the missions. I do not doubt that I or others like me could do it all, but those such as libsbite and myself could help in some ways.

      • but i can shoot straight, Paul! i am a nurse that takes care of wounded warriors so i guess i do my part as best that i can.

      • if you are a nurse, you are a non combatant… but thanks for what you do. It takes all of us to complete the mission

      • I’m a female. And a medic. And to top it all off, I’m Air Force. I have multiple deployments, my last two in Iraq and Afghanistan. I was attached to Army units, and while my Geneva Convention card gave me protections my teammates didn’t have, I was trained to be a combatant if the need arose. I’m not quite sure how to take your “but thanks” part of your comment. Combat medics are far more than non-combatants.

      • alright, that was a little too harsh, i’m just tired of non combat individuals acting like they’ve been there done that, you haven’t and you won’t unless you put yourself in that situation. Take care of us when things don’t go right, and even when things go right, we deserve it, and for most of you’ll, you’re welcome.

      • You’re certainly right, I must apologize, because obviously you know what situations I’ve been in. Thank you for putting me in my place.

      • You take care of our wounded soldiers and you want more of our children to be in harm’s way. That is interesting. My brother is a Dr in the army, presently overseas, and I’m certain that he doesn’t share your feelings. Perhaps he’s a candy ass liberal. I’ll ask him when he gets back from his third tour.

      • no,paul. i don’t want them to be in harms way. i want them to be prepared to stay safe. and i do have a son in the military and am proud of him and thank God every day that he is safe and is good at what he does.

      • I’m sorry, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. War is a means death. Our soldiers are committing suicide at a rate of 1 per day and there are dopes here who couldn’t care less.

      • Thank you! God bless every nurse, doctor, etc. in the medical field, else we’d have a lot of men and women coming back who may not otherwise make it!

  37. Short changing the military happens after every war. Liberals (and some conservatives) decide they need the money that supported the military to use for their own pet projects. Problem is, once the pet projects are in full swing, we (the people) never get the money back and the pet projects continue on. When money is then needed to maintain our military, it is gone. The number one responsibility of the federal government is to protect the citizens of this country. To bad it doesn’t know how!

  38. Thank you, Michele, for all you have done for our country and others. May God bless you and set his angels guard over you from all enemies, foreign & domestic.

  39. I just finished reading the book. Can someone tell me why Marcus did not mention the Lt Murphy received the Medal of Honor. He told about how he and the others received the Navy across. Also, one part of the book does not make sense to me – the part where he said that Lt Murphey was screaming for him to please help me Marcus. THe man he described prior to this event doesn’t sound like a man who would be screaming for help. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Clearly you have NEVER been in combat!! It is not like ANY movie and that includes THIS one. Marcus was the Medic! Of COURSE Murphy would have been screaming for help after being shot and knowing he was dying. The medal of honor was awarded AFTER the book was published.

    • Personality traits change significantly (for better or worse, but either way totally understandable), once you have been shot a few times. Several combat missions unscathed means nothing really at that point. I for one have no clue how I would react to bullet holes.. but I can venture a guess that It would include a lot of screaming, trying not to bawl my eyes out, and generally begging anyone near me for help 😉

      • Perhaps. Although I volunteered but was rejected outright on medical grounds. Being a military brat has drawbacks. Like persistent medical records.
        Anyway at least I know I’m no burden to anyone.
        The truth though is that everyone reacts differently. It can’t be so easilly predicted. Machismo helps strengthen the will, but is not everything. I wouldn’t fault anyone after taking wounds like that.

  40. By the way civilian author… I did 20 years in the military and I ALWAYS did my PT to the male standard. Way to insult us female veterans who spill our blood in defense of our country just like the men do. But then again, you can sit your happy little ass in the theater and become a military expert in 2 hours while some of us had the courage to put on a uniform and endure things you will NEVER know. Suck it civie!

    • Methinks you read a different article then I. She has nothing against women in the military. What she has something against is changing the standards in the military in order to accommodate women (or anyone else).

      Look past your defense reflex, calm down, and re-read.

      Perhaps the real problem is that there is – by your own admission – a “male standard PT” and a “female standard PT.” If women really are equal and should be treated equally and put on the front lines (all with which I 100% agree), then they should be held to equal standards.

      • Her first paragraph in the article was inferring women cannot do the job. I do not set the standards and there are standards for male and female then it is broken down by age. So there is a different PT standard for a 50 year old MAN than an 18 year old MAN… I agree there should be one standard which is why I always did my PT to the male standard.

      • Don’t know what to say other then you clearly flew off the handle for nothing. As the author said, “[standards shouldn’t be] adjusted downwards to accommodate women – or anyone who could not meet them for that matter, regardless of gender or orientation”

        If you want to keep on banging that drum, you may want to evaluate your own personal anger issues and overactive defense mechanisms….but that’s your call. Life’s already hard…no sense making it harder. At the end of the day, the stronger person can simply say: you know, you’re right…I misread the article…it was a bad day/night/whatever. No harm done.

    • I put my 20 years in and I know that I could never keep up with those men and knew no women who could either you are a man want to be and nothing more

      • I am a woman and never said I could do BUDs or keep up with the SEALs. I said I did my PT to the male standard. and I am pretty happy being a woman SO unless you have the stones to put on a uniform for 20 like I did, you can suck my ass.

    • She wasn’t insulting you! She yelling at these idiots who decided to lower the standard so that any panty waiste wimp that fancies themselves a tough guy can be in an elite force! Lay off!
      This woman speaks for many! Our leaders think lowering standards will raise morale it only kills it! We have the worst educated population in the civilized world! We have college grads who can’t put an intelligent sentence together and can’t count higher than ten because they don’t have more fingers! That is what lowering standards will do!
      My daughter works hards to make A’s in her classes. Then these stupid lazy kids never do their homework can’t pass an open book test so they are failing! The teacher’s solution? Give these lazy brats C’s! Now how does that make my hard working daughter feel? ANGRY! I would think that you too should be angry! You worked your butt off to get where you are and now morons are lowering that standard so substandards can join your ranks! Do you really feel akin to this generation of losers about to join you?

      • Great comments! I no longer serve, but have watched many I know go. Lowering standards, whether in the classroom or in the field, does not help or respect those who work to meet the standards, or exceed those standards! Those who work hard to excel are correct to feel pissed about the pass given to those who decline to meet even the minimum. Thank you KellyKAFIR for your service!

  41. Eloquently spoken, great thoughts until laying blame on this administration. While I want our soldiers home as much as anyone, my brother is overseas as we speak, remember when this crap all started.

      • Oh I’m quite certain I didn’t blame anyone. I’m very careful about the words I choose. War for the sake of war is insane. “One thing about war, people die”.

      • I think you’ve already dispensed your load, and I am one who will disagree with you about ‘her rant’. Her opinion, and I agree with most of it. You’ve not received many up votes and have received down votes for your posts. I stay silent most of the time. Others could do that too.

      • War has been a part of history since day one. There have been, are, and will be people who want to rule the world. They do not reason. They do not care for anything but themselves and their agenda. They have top be stopped. This applies to the “enemy within” also. My oath that is still in effect states I will oppose enemies of this country both foreign and domestic. The biggest threat to this nation is the domestic enemy. They are the government at all levels. We need to clean the outhouse out and set this nation back where it was. Yes, we have faults that need to be addressed but we don’t need a bunch of inerts riding the gravy train. All just pull their load. The flux we are in now can be blamed on the government full of corrupt, career politicians buying votes with our social programs and rewarding illegal aliens. All this is doing is dividing us and watering us down. They know they can not face us united and united we must be.

    • Here is why it matters… obama changed the rules of engagement to a point where our soldiers have their hands almost literarily tied. He gave up the timeline of withdraw and thereby ensured that our enemies knew what to expect and where. There are other things he has done (such as appointing based on political preference and not military capabilities), but that is another story.

      Bush started the war, and while I disagreed with how Afghanistan was fought, nor with Iraq, that doesn’t by any means absolve obama and his incompetence..

      • There’s plenty of blame to go around. Anyone putting our soldiers in harm’s way when there is no need is complicit. She just used the forum as a rant which is unacceptable.

      • I don’t disagree. As I stated I was against Iraq flatly and I was against how Afghanistan was fought. I do believe that Afghanistan should have been fought but only as punitive mission not nation building.
        I was simply commenting about the statement above.

    • Paul, your brothers chances returning in a casket have increased 200% under this administration. If you love him, you may want to do some checking on how Obama is dismantling the top military brass of our country.

    • It is sad that 5 people have a problem with my post. Surely 5 people who can’t read, can’t comprehend, or do not support our troops. Take your choice ladies. It is unfortunate when a completely innocuous statement sparks the ire of a group it is a sad statement of the group and should cause members to take notice

  42. if women can make the standards in place, then go for it. otherwise, no. i am retired LEO and I made the standards that were in place and I maintain those throughout my career. Some women can do it, but not all, in the same manner, some men can do it, but not all

    • and I also saw many men who failed their standard PT… I have seen men malingering to get out of deployment… it happens with both sexes. You are right, not all women (or men) can do it.

      • I served in the national guard for 17 years. I have only ever passed one APFT legitimatly (the rest were pencil whipped) I volunteered for three deployments to Iraq and one on the Texas/Mexico border. On the first deployment I had to fight to stay on it. They tried to REFRAD me within the first 25 days of the deployment.

    • Vietnam was the same verbal handcuffs attempted to be applied by the likes of politicians. They did not have enough people to watch all of us. Therefore, we at times fought the way we were trained. When Charlie or the NVA stood and fought, we won. I am a firm believer in diplomacy first but if it doesn’t work, and it hasn’t in many cases, get the hell out of the way and let the military do their job. Micromanagement from a comfy chair at long range costs lives.

  43. What pisses me off are those stupid ROE’s… that a unit has to think about media coverage and legal fallout while on a mission hamstrings our troops.

  44. I just saw this movie and had a lot of similar emotions as I watched. However, I sadly disagree with the author’s last paragraph. Even if people someone who loathes the military (or doesn’t understand the frequent danger those brave people are in) sees this film, the fact remains that this is and will always be “Hollywood” to them….or worse, “Reality T.V.” So it won’t be real. It won’t matter. They will cry their tears and feel better about themselves for doing so. I would hope differently but its a lot easier playing “Monday Morning Quarterback” from a cushie little movie seat while eating popcorn and Milk Duds than actually being in the middle of an actual firefight. I never have and will never second guess (or question the motives of) those who do. They have my highest respect.

  45. If you’ve never read the book Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein, you should. He discusses an eventual solution to all this, in which only veterans are allowed to serve in public office or vote, because they have put their lives on the line for the greater good of the public. I know this country isn’t ready for that type of system, and there are many things that would have to happen before it would BE ready, but reading the sections of the book in which the author discusses the events that lead up to this system, it almost seems as if Heinlein was prophetic. I recommend the book for anyone who is an avid supporter of those who serve in the military.

    • Thanks, GFG, I’ll check that one out.
      My core belief is that this world will never know peace until the Prince of Peace returns. We have distanced ourselves from Him. I am grateful to my bones for warriors who allow themselves to be made hard, in order to deal with those who subordinate the weak, who support a god of hate, manipulation, deceit and death.

      • Abish,

        You are so right about this world will never know peace. History backs this all the way. A fact from WWII. Admiral Yamamoto who led the attack on Pearl Harbor told his subordinates who wanted to continue on our west coast, no. There is a weapon behind every blade of grass there. He was educated here. He also said after Pearl Horbor we have only awoken a sleeping giant.

      • Yeah, there has been way too much insinuation of military corruption and scandal for it to be readily received at this point, but maybe one of these days. I know that the military and police are the only ones willing to sacrifice their lives for the rest of us. It’s too bad that power corrupts.

      • Military leaders today are much more “political oriented” than in the past to protect and further their careers. The government is purging the flag ranks today of those who do not agree with them. Come time for the poop to hit the fan, the military, for the most part, will not back the government. They will not obey the politicized admirals and generals. It is a matter of numbers. We the people outnumber them hands down and reality shows it but in their make believe world, Alice in Wonderland DC they can not see this.

      • I agree. That’s one of the forms of corruption I referred to. I also agree about them honoring their oaths instead of obeying the politicized leaders.

      • It s coming to a head fast. Be prepared to help. It will take all of us “UNITED” as one to accomplish it. There will be several fronts to contend with. Those who are riding the gray train (welfare) and think we owe them and the illegals who are rewarded for breaking the law. All of these have sold themselves into slavery. I wonder what would happen if no body worked and paid taxes. The welfare and freebies would disappear.

      • I am prepared. We have to also be ready for those on the gray train to come after what we have that they don’t. It’s going to get really ugly when the handouts stop.

      • KJ, our thoughts and conclusions make us twins. I hibernate in San Diego winters and drive the country in the spring/summer. I am reading it across the board. When, not if, it erupts, we will have several factions to deal with and deal with them we will. Keep the powder dry and the safety off.

      • I think that “special” you are referring to is the same type of special that rode the short bus to school. .

      • Sounds like the voice of experience speaking, and if you don’t have an appreciation of our military, perhaps you don’t deserve to live here.

    • Once the “great societal implosion” comes, it will be the veterans who will take charge and un-eff the malignancy which threatens our republic.

    • One of my favorites. And the book is quite different from the movie.
      I’d agree with you, except: it replaces service for freedom to all with service for rights to me. Service becomes a selfish rather than selfless endeavor.
      Will public conscious be willing to make that shift?

  46. Military doesnt protect our country anymore… The Military protects corporations interests overseas… They invade country’s over lies to steal their natural resources for corporate profit… Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan etc….. Think it was an accident the CEO of Halliburton left a 8 figure job to take a 200,000 dollar a year job by coincidence? With in 1 year Halliburon got hundreds of billions in no bid contracts… HMMMMMM…

    Last I checked I didnt see any ships from Afghanistan storming the beach of Florida to take over Miami… Its all fake patriotic brainwashing geared towards citizens with a low IQ who follow the herd… its embarrassing and disgusting…

      • Ummm… the largest lithium vein in the world was “discovered” accidentally… And 90% of the worlds opium comes from Afghanistan… Countless soldiers have testified to being “opium field” guards… Opium is used in Pain Killers… 80% of the worlds painkillers are consumed by Americans…

      • 80%? There are many airheads throughout the world. It has been and is a way of life for many cultures including Vietnam not just Afghanistan. I for one have had pain killers because I need them. As soon as I was capable, I took myself off them. I control me. Not them

      • That’s hot garbage. The lithium and other precious metals aren’t being mined because security is too weak, and they certainly don’t belong to Americans. Most likely the Chinese will purchase rights to mine… if it’s safe. And no one has been an opium field guard. I’ve seen plenty of efforts at erradicating drugs over there, and even had the distinct pleasure of seeing some heroin production camps, but if you think we’re either encouraging, or worse profitting from, that kind of thing you are plain wrong. And I didn’t read that on a website, I’ve been there for two years and seen it with my own eyes. Quit being an armchair consipracy theorist.

    • Matt,
      Do you remember 9/11? I believe it had something to do with our fighting in Afghanistan. As far as the rest of the sand box goes or any other place we have committed troops, I am a firm believer in taking the fight to them. It is way better than here. I am a proud retired Marine and can say we veterans and today’s troops have kept our people from having to experience a war zone except for the Civil War and 1 day of it 9/11.

      • It has NOTING to do with 9-11… if thats the case why did the US government just allow victims of 9-11 to sue the SAUDI ARABIAN government for the deaths of their loved ones?? The hijackers were from Saudi… Your comment is proof of how ignorant our citizens have become… We are in Afghanistan for Lithium and Opium… PERIOD…Iv been to Afghanistan… Have you?

      • No Matt I was/am a bit too old for Afghanistan but I have been to Vietnam, and long before this present sandbox war, I made landings in Taiwan, Japan, Caribbean, and one in particular in the middle east in a place called Lebanon. We were known as the worlds mobile fire department – putting out hot spots wherever.

        I do believe Bin Laden was a Saudi before he crawled under a rock in Afghanistan and Pakistan with fellow rag head jehadist and Taliban.

      • The terrorists were FROM Saudi, but training IN Afghanistan! That may be difficult for you to grasp: WORK AT IT!

    • Matt Many of us have served, so that you may say anything you wish, right or wrong. Do I agree with all decisions made by our military or government? Of course not. But please don’t generalize. At least we had the coconuts to serve, so that you and everyone else can say as they please. Matt, for you to say “Its all fake patriotic brainwashing geared towards citizens with a low IQ who follow the herd… its embarrassing and disgusting” is an unfair and untrue statement. MANY of those serving in the military have extremely high IQ’s(I scored a 95 out of a possible 99 on the ASVAB test. I have a 135 IQ) A good share of the jobs in the military are at a technical level too difficult for most people. If someone has a low IQ, so what?? At least THEY have the balls to face danger, to do what they feel is right. I had a fellow soldier in basic who scored low on the asvab and thought he was dumb. But he was all heart. Heart and courage DEMANDS respect, not stupid unkind comments. I have all the respect in the world for him and for those like him, AS YOU SHOULD. It was the citizens with “low IQs” as you call it, during WW2 who won that war.

      • Your reply shows your IQ… “coconuts to serve” or needed a job?? I was a bodyguard for 5 years and have been in every hell hole you can imagine in the world with OUT military and guns… So park your “coconuts to serve” crap… I have been to Afghanistan since the war started… THis video explains it all, and describes you in the video… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jl2JQfxnnHU

      • You comparing being a bodyguard to being a soldier on a battlefield is like Kanye West comparing his job to being a soldier in battle! WANNABE!

      • Matt, you are a typical liberal idiot, regardless of what you say. If you like to kiss the ass of rogan, go kiss it and don’t try to convince me or anyone else what a smart fellow he is. True, our politicians are idiots, but your hero, rogan, doesn’t know it all nor have all the answers. I think you are here just to be a troll and cause arguments. You are probably doing something I can’t mention as you read all the comments back at you. Get off yet? Please … go away and suck up to your hero.

      • I am not in the same league with Einstein by any means. Yet, I graduated High School, went through and passed many high tech schools in the military and after retirement, I went back to school for electronics. I came through it with a 3.7 GPA and worked in this field for 26 more years. I am neither brain washed or follow the herd. I have accomplished something in my life. That is more than the sorry career welfare inerts who know nothing but “give me” and do nothing to earn it. They think I all other productive people have to take care of them. These people need glass belly buttons so they can see where they are going. They have inserted their heads where the sun don’t shine and are walking around blind with paid for by the tax payers free cell phones. Those that do not feel patriotism for this country don’t have to stay if it is so bad.

        I consider myself a sheepdog forever protecting the flock. This and my oath remain in effect until the day I pass on. Yes Matt, even you so you can dis people like me. I smile at your ignorance.

    • Look up the history of Halliburton before you go on rants–starting with Lady Bird Johnson’s family controlling the old Brown and Root which became Halliburton.

  47. Having seen the movie, I fail to see the connection to anything you ‘wept for.’
    Perhaps you saw the movie, but did not really SEE the movie.
    LOTS of women serve in our military forces, and kick ass, and take a lot of names. And I am sure you realize that women make babies too.. which is, from what I have heard, second most difficult thing in life only to the sorts of events shown in the movie.
    You use the term ‘THIS administration” which indicates you have no grasp of history. It is a constant issue to be addressed in the military, and THIS ADMINISTRATION has at least made positive steps towards gender neutrality in the military.

    Yes there is a lot of oppression in the region of everyone, including women. but the fact that there are a LOT of people willing to stand up to the Taliban is a reason to celebrate. Not cry about.

    The film has no political slant or bias. So, the whole “candy ass liberals” seems not only unnecessary (except this is likely a political blog) and perhaps violates the posting policy mentioned just above the comments (again, political hypocrisy?)

    In no instance does the film mention equipment failure as being to blame. Sure the radio was not working. but that was not a failure of budget or equipment. that was a failure of location. They had guns. They had ammo. they had rations. They had vests.
    Sure, there was some failings back at base in management. But they did eventually send two troop helicopters. That did not end well at all.

    To connect anything in this real life story to anything you are angry about just seems like a stretch of anger.

      • Great comments and common sense. He came here to pick a fight, if you comply, he wins. Move on, he deserves neither your anger or your time. You are a better person than he’ll ever hope to be.

      • Good point. Was getting ready to rip into a privileged military brat (daddy obviously an officer, and mommy probably a college teacher [divorced now, of course!]) But seeing you comment, KJ made me take a deep breath and remember why I served. Thanks. No fights tonight.

    • Let me explain something to you. Child birth is a great pain, no doubt, but it is NOT the same thing as asking a person to carry another person that outweighs you by a full stone across ten miles of terrain. Most tough as nails men have a hard time with Navy SEALS training, it’s a matter of long term mental and physical endurance, it is not something that women could do at this particular time under the current standards. They simply cannot do it. They cannot build enough upper body strength, they cannot meet the requirements physically.

      • Well at least now we arrive at a something that can be proven or disproven. And not some lame excuse like “distraction” . I contend that while not all or even similar numbers to men, at least a few women in service can meet or exceed the training requirements of a SEAL.
        Saying someone CANT is a sure way to be proven wrong. Just because its the way bits always been does not mean its the way it always should be.

      • I am a woman. I was in the Navy.

        Women CANNOT meet or exceed the physical training requirements to become a Navy Seal.

        End of discussion.

    • Emery, obviously you have never served. And you missed the whole point that she was making as I understood exactly what she was saying.

      • Just because I disagree with her does not mean I did not understand her. And adding that YOU understood, and therefore I must have missed the point adds nothing.
        And that whole “you never served” argument is a joke. It holds no value unless you make the connection. Not everyone who has served thinks the way you do.
        First, I hope you at least looked me up before making that assumption. Second, it’d be good to ask before making an assertion.
        But you are correct.. I personally have never served. But I lived most of my life surrounded by those who have, and grew up in the military (including living in less than safe countries, off base). So no. MY ass was not on the front line. But I have a decent amount of second hand knowledge.

    • What does “gender neutrality” encompass?

      Congress defined gender-neutral as being “evaluated on the basis of common, relevant performance standards, without differential standards of evaluation on the basis of gender.” But by leaving “relevant” in there, the door was open for a debate on the meaning of “is”, and the clear meaning of the rule was inverted so that instead of the standards neutralizing gender, gender neutralized the standards.

      “Lifting a 95-pound artillery round must be done by a Marine, either male or female,” a Marine Corps memo noted. 95-pound artillery rounds are a gender-neutral standard. Like anything else on the battlefield, they are a true standard that cannot be graded on a gender curve. Training is meant to prepare soldiers for the reality of the battlefield. And the battlefield does not discriminate.

      Affirmative action has lowered standards in most professions, but there are professions where lowering standards is impossible. Colleges can accept poorer students and companies can reserve jobs based on quotas. The cost of unqualified employees in the workplace is financial, but the cost of unqualified soldiers on the battlefield is lethal.

      The military is not ready for “gender neutral” when it comes to ground combat units. The Marine Corps recently discovered what most people already knew…you cannot evaluate males and females using the same standards. Female Marines were scheduled to begin doing pull-ups as part of their training on Jan 1. The minimum was three. In a year long test over 50 % of females could not do the minimum. Upper body physical strength is critical in a ground combat environment. Six female Marines have tried to pass the Infantry Officer Course, a requirement for a Marine officer to command a ground combat unit. None have made it past the first week. And unless they lower the standards to make them “gender neutral”, the odds are that no female will ever pass the course because of the upper body strength requirements.

      But it makes people feel good to put women in roles that were previously occupied by males only. Even if it ends up getting more people killed.

  48. To commit our troops in a combat zone and then make them incapable of even defending themselves let alone giving them the power to obtain a clearly stated objective is a crime greater than the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, NSA spying and all the others combined. Those who enter the service do so for many reasons but in the end all must have a love a country, a belief in America. The rules of engagement our troops are operating under brings shame upon the worlds finest fighting force. It brings shame upon our nation. And every official elected and otherwise who has contributed to this situation should be held accountable. they’re the ones who should be in prison. Not the soldiers who ordered the killings of enemy combatants.

      • You mean like LBJ and the Gulf of Tonkin episode….or doesn’t that count as a lie to get us into a senseless war that sent over 58,000 men and women to their deaths?

      • That absolutely counts. See, you and most Republicans and Democrats believe this is about a team. You pick your team, Republicans, and you cheer relentless and blindly no matter what.I don’t care. I think if you call yourself a Republican or a Democrat you’re an idiot. The bottom line is it is not patriotic to go to war for America because we’re never there for the reasons you’re told.

      • I agree, both teams are really the same team. Neither care about us small people. Both have raised themselves over everyday Americans. They have lost touch of the struggles we little people go through. This is a good reason for term limits. Our elected officials should have experience in combat to decide the fate of our military. Experience as Corporate leaders to decide what is the best way to create jobs. Experience in Economics to keep the books balanced. Our current Administration has neither. And if people aren’t frustrated with either of their party’s preformance, they are very naive, don’t pay attention or just don’t care.

      • I am unclear about what false circumstances you are referring to. I believe you are talking about Iraq. Correct me if I am wrong. Going into Iraq was approved by both Republicans and Democrats. Hillary Clinton and John Kerry both gave yes votes to go to war with Iraq and agreed because of the intel the Administration was given at that time. This is public record and you can check to see the votes on that resolution.

  49. American radical liberal politicians have become the Reverse Taliban: Homo up, Weaken Up, Race-bait up – or face character assassination and the death of your voice in the media.

  50. This was well written until you ended with a nonsense political rant. I am a liberal, but I’m also a Soldier who deployed to Iraq numerous times. I would say its time for you to understand policy, politics and truth on the ground in Afghanistan and what is currently occurring in our nation.

    • Maybe it’s time you understand that Ovomit HATES our Military, because his father did, NOT because he has a brain! He has demoted or severed OVER 355 senior officers who have fantastic experience and proven track records! He has left America with the Generals, Colonels, and Majors who are yes-men, and ass-kissers! He is NOT concerned about our troops’ welfare, or lives! He cares ONLY about politics, and how HE looks to the libTARD press! Catch a clue, Man! Al-Quaeda has already taken Iraq back because Ovomit ABANDONED THEM!!! Now, he’s going to do that in Afghanistan! WHY did our men and women die? NOT for THAT piece of CRAP!!!

  51. KellyKAFIR thanks for your 20 years in the service. And, I admire you for your work ethic (doing your pt to the male standard). In the first paragraph if the author had put ” lowering the standards for SOME women and anyone else not up to the standard” that may have gone over better. But I don’t think she meant any offense by it. I went through basic and saw many of the girls I admired (I say it that way because I was 30 in basic, and 38 when I went through basic the second time). We had one girl do the obstacle course with a sprained arm and went on to complete basic. What a stud!! Male and female, we had great soldiers, and we had some I’d have kicked their buts out. Heart, dedication, and loyalty are NOT gender specific. The thing that really hit me after the movie was, of all those I went through basic with, male or female, are they all ok? Have any I known and trained with paid the ultimate price? I hate not knowing what’s happened to them. Anyhow, thanks for your service, and to all the others who have gone on before, and who are currently in our military. YOU are true heros….

  52. I saw the movie,and loved it,but my question is why didn’t they take the three herders with them to the top of the mt. and let them go after they were extracted?They would have been long gone by the time the herders warned the Taliban.

    • I haven’t seen the movie, but in the book, they were ‘on task’ – they were hoping the herders would NOT warn the enemy. They didn’t know they would and they were not trying to be extracted at that time. They were trying to finish their job/assignment.

  53. I wouldn’t want any man or woman to be in the military right now. Our government under the current Administration does not care about you they are your enemy.! Stay home and try to save your Country!

      • 75% of troop deaths have been under Obama. Just saying. Maybe you should read our ROE’s before you run your civi mouth.

      • You really don’t have any idea what Game was talking about, do you? ROE = Rules of Engagement They are so restrictive now, it is putting lives at risk. You basically have to be getting shot at directly, in order to return fire, or, engage the enemy. Just seeing them armed in not enough to engage (fire at) them. That is insane!
        B Co
        3rd Ranger Battalion
        75th Ranger Regiment

  54. I saw the movie last night and was highly inpressed with it, it makes me mad at our politicians for the way they think a war has to be fought. You are excactly right on every one of your points.if you love our nation you must fight to preserve it. At all cost.

  55. I’m shooting my thesis project this summer and it deals with today’s vets, battle and returning home with PTSD. There are so many stories that need to be told, and this is one fine example of how our young warriors are courageous and honorable.

  56. I am as patriotic as the next person, I am a woman & i loved the movie but you lost me at candy ass liberals, Kanye West etc. This happened in 2005 when Bush was President.

    • Wow,,,thank you for informing me of who cut the funding for out troops,,,you say it was bush,damn how times flys,,I would have sworn that just happened,,,my bad,,,

      • I interpreted this article as the author was saying it would not have happened had there been adequate funding. My point was that this happened in 2005. This was the most non-political movie and everyone wants to turn it into something political. It was terribly tragic regardless of who is or was President.

      • Melinda, don’t try to argue with stupid. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.

      • Why do you want to call your self stupid? I mean your not the brightest but I’m sure your not stupid,,maybe you just do stupid things,,,

      • Next time you try to insult someone’s intelligence, at least I think that’s what you’re trying to do, make sure you use the correct words. It’s yourself not your self and you’re as in you are not your. we won’t even get into the commas.

      • I was in the Navy in 2005. I can assure you that the Bush Administration very adequately funded the military. In fact, the last time the military was treated so well with both respect and funding before GWB was during the Reagan Administration.

        Obama cut the military funding with his sequester and then the most recent additional cuts about two weeks ago. He also treats the services like they are a laboratory for social change.

        Obama was my last Commander in Chief. He was and still is the worse President/Commander in Chief this country has ever had. Trust me, I thought nobody would ever top LBJ and Carter, but Obama tops them all now.

        Carter can now die in peace knowing full well that he will no longer be called the worst President in the history of the country.

      • You are spot on. I just got laid off after working for a huge defense contractor for 7 years due to the funding cuts by Obama Adm. Trust me, I worked for a very well funded contractor with contracts in Afghanistan. i just questioned the segue the author used. – making it appear that the tragedy would not have happened had it not been for spending cuts and I get all this shi*storm instead. thanks for your service. My brother was in the navy for 23 years,

    • oh don’t worry, the libs will do it again because in the words of hilary clinton “what difference does it make?” it’s an ongoing statement with those crazy libs.

    • Excuse me?! That’s NOT the point being made here. Get OVER it! Bush is NOT president and has NOT been for five years. Oh, and BTW, when BHO leaves office do the republicans get to blame EVERYTHING on him ad infinitum?

    • She’s talking about a movie that was released in the box office this past weekend, not in 2005. She’s talking about her hopes that Kanye West and the rest of the liberal POS crowd out there will watch the movie and learn something about sacrifice. I can’t figure out whether your comment was based on a desire to defend Kanye West or if it was just based on the fact that you didn’t READ the article.

      • I did read the article and my question is why is everyone making this about politics when it was clearly a non-political movie? I could care less about Kanye West. I was just making the point that I liked the article up until the whole candy ass liberal thing. It made no sense and if you go back and read it, I interpreted that the author was saying this would not have happened had funding been cut and I pointed out this operation took place in 2005 and what does it have to do with the current administration? Don’t put me down for how I interpreted the article.

      • The missions of our Navy SEALS are dangerous enough as it is but having obama and the candy-azz Liberals in DC making cuts to their budget just made it a whole lot tougher on them.

      • Not putting you down, exactly. Just wanting to know where you got the idea that this isn’t political. The liberals the author speaks of are ruining our military and the compensation given to our veterans. The movie is a good example of what our veterans and military face while in the field, how they put their lives on the line for our country, and the article compares that sacrifice to the treatment they are receiving at the hands of our current administration.

      • All I am saying is that current White House policies have no outcome on what happened during this operation in 2005. This was a tragedy period. Its a great article until you get to the whole candy ass liberal….it just loses steam. There is no segue. The author is trying to marry the movie and current policies in washington into one and its not possible. Its nothing more than just a catchy phrase {candy as liberal, candy ass conservatives, candy ass politicians……)The article should have just stopped before that began, Just trying to have an intelligent discussion without all the hate mongering of political parties.

      • My point too. I was totally destroyed after watching it. Kept saying “these guys….” yet unable to finish a sentence. Hard not to cry a bit.
        Came expecting an interesting discussion about it. Got weird crazy politics. Well OK the bit about liberals in the title clued me in. But was hoping for more fact/logic what we stand for and why, less name calling and bashing.

      • thank you Emery – this is my point. Almost no intelligent discussions here. I wanted to talk about the movie and the fact that it is very non-political.

      • OK I have to claim ignorance to the kanye west meme here. Have no idea wtf that is.. but I don’t pay attention to politics on both sides.. so I was confused by the mention of it.
        Thanks for clearing that up.

    • The same Kanye West who said he’s p*ssed off at the Jews for being “well connected”. WHO KNEW??!? And nobody told me?! Vhat am I chopped livah?? I wish!! OY VAY, I should only be so lucky!

  57. we don’t know your name but you are so right. I was in Viet Nam and had orders of return fire only. In a war zone with the enemy arms in hand were allowed to take the first shot. I pray the politicians be put in that situation one day. I thank you for your words please spare your thoughts to our politicians.

    • I wasn’t impressed with his rant. He’s just another know it all, who thinks he has all the answers. Yeah.. our politicians suck. Nothing a good revolt won’t take care of.

      • I wonder if you waited and listened to the entire thing? There’s so much truth in there. Maybe you should give it a listen.

  58. GREAT COMMENTS & TOTALLY ACCURATE! Only candy ass does not come close to describing the whining liberal COWARDS who bad mouth this stpry of HONOR!

  59. What if the first team had a woman with them? Would the Shepard have been so quick to point them out to the Taliban? What if the candy ass Liberals had not sent that rescue chopper into a hot LZ getting 18 SF troops killed? Oh I forgot that was during the Bush administration and they could do no wrong. Cant cut and run.

    • Did you read this before posting it? You really need to rethink your post. It makes no sense. There’s an edit button underneath it, just for posts like this one.

    • You do realize that over there, women are not human beings, they are property, they are animals that are harder to train than goats and so must be met with more cruelty and harshness least they get out of line and think or act on free will. There would be no mercy because of a woman’s presence in the midst of the outsiders, in fact it might have compelled them to react stronger and quicker, for there would offense to the sin that women would be allowed to hold a mans position.

      The suggestion that anyone in that command was a candy-ass-liberal who enabled those choppers to go into a hot LZ is absurd. The call was made before the mission began, the plans were only altered by the missing protections of the AH-64’s, though the real story goes beyond that difference, but for the sake of this debate is irrelevant.

      In a war zone, how often is a reactionary force not going into a hot LZ? Considering the sheer luck involved in that incident, just exactly what do you in your infinite wisdom think would have altered their outcome? If your answer is to not have sent them, Wrong answer…it is combat and you roll the dice with sometimes it not turning out well for the good guys, but that is combat. If your answer is wait for the AH-64 escorts, just what would they have done to have altered that silver bullet shot and its deadly outcome? You think they magically make it so that bad guys don’t get opportunities to take shots at the landing party helos?

      • Are you saying that sending in a quick reaction force would have saved Ambassador Stevens? Or might have killed that many more people. In a country that we don’t own like Afghanistan. Funny how when something happens under a Republican president it is all pomp and circumstance and when it is a Democrat he made it happen and loved it.

      • The Republicans had nothing to do with the decision to fly into the LZ. The shot that hit the helo was a 1/10000 shot. With as much fire power as we had RIGHT by benghazi, yes we could have done something. You don’t leave your brothers behind. Until your bitch ass serves you won’t know the meaning of loyalty and brotherhood.

      • The bi-partisan report that came out last week admits that the four (not just the ambassador) deaths in Benghazi could have been prevented so why the discussion? The administration should have 1) taken preventive action prior to the attack and 2) sent help when requested (because they didn’t do #1) and 3) NOT told a lies for weeks after. Anyone with half a brain would have concluded it was an attack just by virtue of the date alone…Sept. 11??? Coincidence? Please, I think not. Incidentally, I am a USAF 20 year retiree.

      • In fact, any one who understands what was available knows that Benghazi had more than capable response resources available to utilize but did not have authority to make it happen.

        I point to the 2 US navy ships sitting off the coast of Libya, each with the Navy’s version of the BlackHawk helicopter. One of these destroyers was sitting at the 15 mile mark outside Benghazi the entire time of the attack, while the other was between Tripoli and Benghazi when the attack started but was on station outside Benghazi within 3hrs from the start of the initial attack.

        These two ships alone could have aided in the rescue. Fire support from their 5″ guns would have been more than enough to break up the initial attack on the consulate, and with good fire support coordination with the CIA components, could have countered the mortar attacks with ease and precision. You will recall that it was the mortar attacks that were responsible for 2 of the deaths and most of the injuries to US personnel.

        Dispatching both the helos in fly by presence of force demonstrations could have easily scattered any threat near the consulate to enable one of them to land and retrieve the ambassador.

        Another aspect of this is the two corpsmen departments of the ships, could have easily treated to the wounded, both on scene as well as back on ship where surgical procedures could have been performed. Remember that several of the dead were due to bleeding out from their wounds, due to lack of medical treatment while the several hours of combat was taking place.

        This even before we consider what battle group was patrolling the southern Med at the time of these events…lets just say between Rota, Sig and the 2 Amphib battle groups in the area, there could have been more marines on the ground than needed to take the whole damn city…it is what they do /shrug.

        Benghazi will always be recorded in history as a failure of leadership and authorization and not a failure in having assets to make a difference in a timely manner. Those of us who have patrolled these areas and waters know just how capable we are and what was available if the authority had deemed it to be used. They didn’t for reasons we still do not understand.

      • What happened in the end is that we went in on the ground and bombed the hell out of the area. Rushing a team in on a chopper was the worst thing to do.

      • Perhaps. Hindsight is 20/20 though.
        Make the best of a bad situation when you can. Sometimes we can’t see the disaster about to happen.

  60. Liberals, especially progressives, cannot understand real sacrifice, real pain, real honor, nor real love. Their need to control blocks out so much love that many become self-loathing, then project it on others. Truly it is said that liberals love the poor, because they make so many of them. Same for every other cause which they harm.

  61. Matt Daniels is correct. unfortunately our soldiers aren’t fighting to ensure our freedoms, they are fighting to protect an empire’s ability to obtain and control natural resources and allow corporations to continue to expand their market shares and profits. this nation has misused its military men for generations and most Americans refuse to accept the possibility that this is true. fear is used by our media and politicians to keep us afraid of the boogeyman while keeping us clamoring for protections at the cost of our freedoms and liberties. I won’t be popular for this post and that doesn’t matter. it doesn’t take away from the truth in these words or the history of our country that it represents. war propaganda has been used to push us into unnecessary wars and the loss of thousands upon thousands of brave men taken advantage of by a system that didn’t really care about their sacrifice, they’re seen as pawns on a chess board of power brokers, international corporations and the military industrial complex to be used as they see fit.. the constitution is being erased and eroded under the guise of protecting us from the boogeyman terrorist threat, how can we be fighting for freedom abroad while destroying freedom at home at the same time?

    • Tell that too the many that has FOUGHT for our freedoms..you might get your ass knocked off…Tell that too the families that lost loved ones while fighting for our FREEDOM! Sir you are irrelevant!

      • Do you understand that Americans laws are the only thing that can take away American freedoms, right? the n.d.a.a and military commissions act, the patriot act, the reversal of habeas corpus and designation of enemy combatants not having rights under the geneva convention. how about the n.s.a spying going on and the extention of the battlefield to include American soil? drones being used against American citizens and the governments ability under “law” to have a kill list and to assassinate Americans citizens without trial? these things are all infringements on our liberties and made possible by American law makers under the guise of keeping us safe from the bad guys…

      • On this post I agree with you. Your previous post while true to a large extent does not negate the fact our nation has enemies who desire to extend their beliefs and political system over us and the entire world. It makes them just as bad as the greedy profiteers and just as much a danger to our freedom. Should we wait for them to invade us before we fight them? I prefer to keep the fight on their soil.

      • Have you ever given thought to the fact that most of 20th century Muslim countries history has been filled with American backed, funded dictatorships.? we are currently funding the Syrian rebels with direct ties to al-Qaeda and giving them weapons. we created the beginnings of the Taliban and al-Qaeda when we funded them during the russian-Afghanistan war. Has it ever occured to you that maybe america has invaded other nations to bring our way of life to them by force, the same way you believe the Muslim beliefs are being brought here? who’s the super power with the unlimited budget? we can’t possibly always be the poor innocent victim here when we have the biggest military ever constructed, the most powerful media the world has ever seen, and the most invasive spying apparatus and global reach. We are fighting poor people in a 3rd world nation.

      • Hell no they haven’t thought about it like that because they’ve never thought to pick up a book. They would rather just take what they’re spoon fed and believe it.

      • That’s a brilliant philosophy there: I don’t agree with the truth that you’re telling me, so I’m going to beat your ass. You’re a true patriot, sir.

  62. There should be one rule of engagement. Kill the enemy in every way possible. Make the bastards wish they had never heard of the USA!

    • Amen, I wish I had never HAD to hear of the islamic terrorist and all that hate they spew. Hate, Hate, hate. It’s sick.

  63. Liberalism is the first sign of the decline of a civilization……a disease like all diseases that cause nothing but human suffering.

  64. Amen sister! The Taliban & Al Quaida etc. have no “civilized” rules of engagement…we tie our troops hands making these rules way to restrictive especially in a combat environment! This is a no brainer and no time for philosophical debate about the equivalency or value of a human life! I value any American life and especially any of our warriors’ lives over any Taliban or Al Quaida!!! If we are serious about wanting them to protect us then we MUST give them the benefit of the doubt in a combat environment to be able to protect themselves!!!!! Let em fight and screw the rules of engagement when bullets are flying or the risk is too great. I have been there and done that! I retired from the military this is insanity what the leftist whacko progressive liberals are doing to our military you nailed it sister! Our military is not a bleeding heart social laboratory for liberal-progressive experiments!

  65. Ours is a voluntary military. Each person willingly signs a contract to serve and they do so not because they have to, they do it because they love their country. When they are hamstrung with engagement rules such as not firing unless fired upon, or until they receive an ok from higher authority, the chances of being killed are greatly increased.

  66. Amen Lady, it’s people like you that gives me hope that this nation may yet be saved if we can just get rid of the Progressive Liberals running this country

  67. I fought for our country for 4 long, hard years. as a First
    Lieutenant in the marines. When I was younger I believed in America &
    everything she stood for. I loved my guns & I could definitely shoot them.
    I joined the war against terrorism because I felt if we didn’t have anything
    worth fighting for than what is our purpose here? But I feel like we as
    Americans but HUMANS should change our ways. I’ve seen children, woman, the
    elderly. All innocent be slaughtered in an effort to get the “bad guys”.
    I’ve seen my brothers die in front of me & I’ve seen the faces of their
    families when they realize their loved one isn’t coming home. Honestly if you
    have not gone to war than you have no right to even speak of it. There are two
    types of war heroes. Ones that say it is good & is a preservation of a
    nation & ones that say it is the lowest form of humanity.

  68. I
    feel that we have been brain washed into thinking that having men die for us
    & killing men in the name of freedom is worthwhile but it isn’t. If I could
    go back I would. In all honesty the war against terrorism is an insult to our
    nation. A group of Tali’s against a nation like ours is really just like a
    pre-schooler trying to pick a fight with a grInown man, a slap on the wrist.
    But we have turned it into a giant investment of our time, money, &
    prestige. This war completely shot America down the gutter & I honestly
    feel that we did have good intentions but we saw other advantages such as oil,
    land, a vulnerable people as well as other things that we wanted. We are
    basically fighting evil with evil. I find it ironic how we can even say
    “God bless America”. God taught us to love not to kill. It was etched
    in stone! Thou shall not kill. I love my savior but I did the wrong thing by
    joining this effort. I feel afraid for the souls of my brothers & mine as
    well. I’ve killed. I used to think if I did the math in my head and balanced
    the amount of people I killed & those I’ve saved if it would compensate but
    it doesn’t seem to help. In all honestly send your child to war, your brother,
    your sister, & have them come back in a box dead & disfigured &
    tell me that war is good. Liberals are not the problem! Liberals want to save
    lives. We are basically beating a dead horse now. We have no business over
    there. Oh & Michele real sacrifice, & real pain is exactly what the men
    & women of this country do but why would we want to have them go through
    those awful things.

    • Apparently you have missed the reports of middle eastern terrorists crossing the Mexican border. ICE estimates they have caught only a small percentage of them. They are preparing to attack our country from within. One was caught stuck in a pipe in a WV water treatment facility last week. People in that area couldn’t use their water faucets. It won’t be war, it will be sabotage.

    • John_57662: You have not “been brain washed”. You need a brain to have it washed. Your diatribe is without foundation and flies in the face of reality. Liberals are the problem and will continue to be so until we void America of all of those candy-ass, mealy mouthed sons (and daughters) of bitches.

    • Are you in fantasyland? Your President has sent Billions to all the countries that hate us. In your mind I guess that makes them like us and the world iis as wonderful as it is here. I can’t believe I’m even responding to your ignorance. So stop bashing how much was spent when your Pres has spent more NOT defending our freedom and rights. Thank God I’m a We the People stand up for my country individual.

  69. I was stationed in Germany during Kuwait. I was working for the Postal service during 911. If we weren’t fighting in other countries going after terrorists. We would be in our own country fighting terrorists protecting our own families. They started this by attacking us. Let’s not quit and then let them come here. With our current POTUS, be prepared. They will be back here attacking us and our families.

  70. You lost me and any respect I had for you as an Editor in Chief with your candy-ass Liberal comment.. I understand your concerns regarding military budget cuts, etc. Those are valid concerns and I share some of your concerns. You could have expressed your views without stooping to such a low-life level. As the daughter of the most amazing man who served ALL his life in the USAF, I know a thing or two about the Military. Sorry to disappoint you, honey, but not ALL of us are about ourselves, Kanye West Lady Gaga, polar bears and baby harp seals! Do you even KNOW any Liberals? Personally? Do you socialize with us? Laugh with us? Cry with us? Evidently, you don’t. To even SUGGEST that we don’t understand what real sacrifice, real pain, real effort and real honor truly is — pardon MY candor, but what kind of human being are you? What does that even mean? What you’re actually saying is that only YOU and your fellow Conservatives DO understand real sacrifice, pain, effort, and honor? Seriously? Get a grip and get over yourself!

    • With all due respect, this is not about you, or the author, but about these brave soldiers, and what battles they face. Politics always complicate our daily lives, but nothing like they complicate the survival of these brave warriors, often costing them, and their loved ones the ultimate price.

      • I agree with you on that, but why the personal attacks? Not just from the author of this article. I’ve been scrolling through all the comments here. Liberals have no honor? We know nothing about love and sacrifice? All that B.S. takes the focus away from the real issues, and away from those brave warriors and the ultimate price they and their loved ones pay. That’s all.

    • Wait a minute……at the beginning it says “I saw Lone Survivor today. I wept. I’m a female, I can do that sort of thing in public.

      • I don’t think Allen West is female…..so these are not his thoughts but someone else’s.
        I am a Gold Star mom and echo the sentiments of the above letter. You or your father do NOT know what these young men and women go through on a daily basis. My son told me that they are fighting these wars with one hand tied behind their backs because of the so called Rules of Engagements, which got the men in Lone Survivor killed!
        So, lady, until you are out there fighting right along side these HEROES, shut the heck up!
        GSM of SGT John E Allen, KIA Ghazaliyah, Iraq, 17March2007

      • If you take time to look above the picture you will see the author’s name: Michele Hickford.

    • If you have to ask such questions then your not a true liberal. Your attacking this woman, WHY? Her comment, her compassion and her assessment of this current government is correct! The majority of the far left liberals do honestly feel that saving baby harp seals is more of a priority then what’s going on in the real world! We are at war with terror, and this war may never end and more of our fighting men and women may be needed to deal with it, people like your father. Take the time to understand what this women is talking about before you go no a rampage about nothing! If you disagree with this women the that is your right, but don’t use your fathers service in the Air Force an excuse to put an argument that you have already lost, cause you are in the minority here. I am a 9 year Army veteran, and you mam are a disgrace your country and your fathers service by writing what you just wrote. I would you rather just say God Bless America, and go see the movie “Lone survivor”, or enlist in the military. Put on a uniform and serve your country, cause unless you actually lived it, you will never know what true sacrifice is. P.S- Any liberal who supports of the down sizing of our military or it’s equipment is truly a troll.

    • And when did YOU serve in the military? Don’t open your mouth until you have walked in THEIR SHOES!! Yes, we conservatives ALL know a self serving, loud mouthed liberal whose ONLY concern is self, self, self!!!! No, seriously, YOU get a grip and get over your self serving self!!!! You wouldn’t know humility or service to God an country if it slapped you in your over fed, over educated worthless ass!!!

    • Oh, and you are a troll, too. Paragraph above, almost the same, written under a different name. TROLL…go back to your masters and tell them that stealing from people at gunpoint to give to slackers and scum doesn’t equal “sharing pain and misery”. Oh, and stuff your Das Kapital and Communist Manifesto and your Rules for Radicals where the sun shouldn’t shine (never know with you liberals).

    • oh cry a river to all the liberal progressive Socialist Communist Utopian Marxists–SCUM0who put polar bears above human beings…you say all folks are not about themselves and then bring two of the biggest elitist narcissists in the “world of entertainment” into your rant…next you will say the current White House occupant cares about the troops. Take you trolling down the street and hangout with sonya above—the two of you seem like the same caring SCUM

    • Hey, Cynthia,
      If you understood “what real sacrifice, real pain,” etc. was you would not be a candy-ass Liberal. Thank your father for his service, but, I cannot help to wonder if you shared the article and your reply with him, and, if so, what is his position?

  71. I know plenty of liberals, I was once one, but that was before they became “progressives” Liberal/progressives are all about their agenda and never see the failure they have created. They refuse to listen to the truth if it goes against their agenda and are the most self righteous humans to walk the planet.

  72. I’m a Vietnam veteran and I thank you for your wonderful words of support and understanding of the serious situations that we vets have been put thru. And the innocent lives that are so needlessly lost due to our politics and the candy ass liberals.
    Thanks again, keep up the great work………….

  73. That was the best statement I have ever heard and you are right on the mark. God Bless you for serving our country well along with every military personnel out there.The way this administration treats out service men & women is horrifying. The left wing liberal idiots should be locked up.

  74. You shame women almost as soon as you start your protest, then you shame most Americans, claiming you alone and your conservative friends understand suffering, duty and commitment. You go on and criticize the politicians, (your friendly republicans) for doing disservice to the armed forces, and you criticize the service and government for trying to make it so all service members are treated equally, no matter their gender, or sexual orientation) I wish candy ass conservatives actually understood some reality, period, and realized bleeding heart liberals suffer for and with those who serve, and serve beside them. They don’t wipe their tears just so the public can see how they feign their suffering. Parade your sanctimonious preaching to your choir so they can cheer you on in your own delusions. But I guess I am probably seeing this post from elsewhere.

    • Too bad the left’s actions have never been consistent with your retort… it’s leaves your comments uncomfortablely hanging, hollow and angrily defensive.

    • spoken like a true liberal progressive Socialist Communist Utopian Marxist there sonya..in the military equality does not come from your race, color, sexual persuasion; diversity in the military is an oxymoron…it destroys the unity of the service—the military is about being ONE UNIT…that is why cruits get issued their uniforms and get buzz cuts on day one to be the same. Of course SCUM like you want social justice to rule in the military as well; which why the military fought a PC war in Iraq and had the loses in Fallujah they did–twice–we wouldn’t want to destroy the mosque that the Jihadis were attacking our troops from. The liberal progressive SCUM of both parties; but mainly of the democrat party gleefully strip the military of its warrior spirit to make it more accepting of diversity and perversions of the gay mafia…go share your pontifications at your local coffee shop with your fellow SCUM hippie crowd

      • Scott,
        Thank you for your reply to comrade Sonya. Your reply was almost as good as the article written by Michelle. God bless you, all of our troops, and America.

    • Having served two tours in Iraq at the end of my ten years in the Army, and spent another seven years in Afghanistan supporting development efforts there, I can tell you Sonya you are not basing your arguments on any behavior that the Democratic party can demonstrate in recent history. The military despised Clinton- despised him. Its not hard when you aren’t even given enough ammunition to qualify on your weapon once a year, or when the “serviceable life” of your units barracks suddenly increases to 167 years in order to accommodate budget trimming. Or with this president, who has time and again shown a lack of respect for the military service members, veterans, or outright disdain for its leaders as evidenced in the Gates book, and, well, everything he has done and said over the course of his lifetime. I’m not a fan of everything the GOP has done with the military in recent memory either, but at this point, to say you are a liberal is, based on the behavior patters of recent sitting democratic presidents, siding with a party who runs contrary to the betterment of the people who serve. You just can’t spin it away from that.

      Next, Michele doesn’t shame anyone, except people who claim to support the military, then don’t. Its pretty simple. And as for “most Americans”, really? If you actually believe that, I hear the president has a great deal for you on health insurance. Go ahead, give him your SSN. I double dog dare you.

  75. Wow this is well said. Standing up for our warriors is never a bad thing and this lady hit the nail on the head. We need to help those giving the country their best. God bless.

    • Thank you for writing this article. It was well written… Succiently,efficiently and effectively! I and millions of Americas agree with you on every point you make. I sincerely hope that those in ” power” today read this and listen to the American people. Well done!

  76. Truly honorable intentions snd exceptionally well conditioned and battle ready men. Sadly, a hoodwink nation that continues to needlessly waste such precious lives.

  77. Sonya, reel in your narcicism. Why are you defending yourself and your party? Perhaps because your voting for idiots like obama, pelosi, reid, and so many others that have financially and with donations of arms to our enemies, have killed so many of our soldiers? I know for a fact, I’m retired military, the political agendas have killed more soldiers needlessly by restricting our actions, not resupplying us with ammo, food, basic equipment, etc.. Before you get your panties in a twist volunteer and serve your country, Then you can have a clearer viewpoint.

    • Didn’t see her party affiliation anywhere in the piece. Sonya’s points were well made and thought out.

      Both parties are guilty of leaving the troops hanging; neither is taking actions to force the VA to solve the problem of lingering claims, denied claims, and cuts in healthcare for the troops. Sadly the Repubics holding the majority in The House are doing nothing to solve the VAB issue; having contacted the entire Repubic contingent known as the VA Affairs Committee, I had one response from a rep from IN telling me to contact my useless liberal progressive Socialist Communist Utopian Marxist —Doyle; his reply was to send two copies of the VA’s position on “fixing” the backlog.

      • Yes, the House is controlled by Republicans, but nothing that comes out of the House gets past Reid, except when it comes to cutting pay for veterans, and cutting military spending, which is what you Libs. want every chance you get, cut the military!!

  78. Well said. And I think we need to ask ourselves one more question – what are we allowing to be done with precious sacrifice such as this?

  79. Well said. yeah down grading standards for anyone to fit in is what’s wrong with the country any more I don’t agree woman all cry and are not meant to be part of the team. honestly woman are asked to help them since they can’t touch females there are high standards they have to meet and yes the men look after them in and out of country. that’s what real men do. watch pushing down us female gender to far we have helped with also

  80. So well said ! I am a woman and I totally agree with you. This administration is the most corrupt one that I have seen in y life time. And yes it is such a sad day when they see fit to take away from the people that give their all for all the freedoms that we so gladly enjoy. I just can not understand why they see that as an option and that it is fine to do. I say they take a cut in pay instead of taking all our brave men and women’s retirements and equipment that is so very important for all them to have. God Bless you and all of us that see this as just WRONG.

  81. What this administration has done to the ROE is horrible. What they do to our troops and vets is worse. Instead of taking funding away from the military and vets, and sending billions to the enemy, they need to revamp the military. Pay them what they’re worth. Feed them properly while they’re fighting in war zones. Equip them properly. Let them do their jobs like they’re trained to do. It’s a sorry state of affairs. God Bless our Troops and may God Bless America!

  82. One thing I can’t figured it out yet! Why the Navy don’t aloud Women to serve as Navy Seals? She and all the feminase out there wantS “Equality’s” so bad, guve it to them, just don’t make any special rules base on sex and gender. Same Training, no Mercy! And let’s see how many of them will come out at the end! Equality, ?BS.

      • she said it would NOT be right for them to lower their standards for people who could not complete the training…AND she is CORRECT…

      • That does not mean she is not feminist. Recognizing that men and women are different when it comes to physical abilities does not make you a non feminist, it makes you a realist. Not every man can do it either, just a few. That does not mean the other mean are inferior, just different in that way. The ROE is not just Obama’s decision, but the result of human rights movements, and congress. A lot of us soldiers got persecuted for taking actions under the Bush administration. It was not Bush’s fault, but people who have never been to war, but are making decision for us.

    • It’s a FACT that the overwhelming majority of MEN can not even pass these physical requirements….let alone women!……so, no disrespect to women, but the author is 100% correct. The standards should NEVER be lowered!….I mean honestly, if this process is designed to weed out the weaker members of the male gender, it should hold the same for females. If anyone can pass the current standards, then I feel the majority of those in Spec Ops will feel comfortable serving shoulder to shoulder regardless of gender.

      • Sorry! I was been factitious with my comments. I seen many comments here and other blogs from women’s asking for eguality, as job position, but not to have the same rash and tough training as set for man. Just to proof a point to all the feminists out there.

  83. Beautifully written letter my sentiments exactly.
    Wake up you politicians you are the problem. We will solve the problem by getting rid of YOU!

    • Our ROE should be the same as Genghis Khan, Shaka, or Julius Caesar’s: Win! How you do it is immaterial. If the enemy quits, fine. If not, keep on ’em.

    • Interesting how many of you are blaming our current president for an event that took place in June 2005. Your buddy bush was UN charge of that one. Ignorance at its finest.

  84. Why all the hatred? If we were all face to face, none of you would be this hateful to one another; or else you’d get your asses beat. These type posts always turn into sad commentary within the ignorant minds of our own people. Relax! And stop grandstanding about you and or your family’s service, as if that makes your ignorant comments less ignorant. A high school drop out who, as a last resort, joined the military and loaded pallets onto planes is not my hero nor does his or her opinions about our country and our government mean more or less than the next idiot. Get over yourselves and treat each other respectfully and quit begging for self worth.

    • Your impression of who the military members are shows your ignorance. “High school drop outs”? You shouldn’t minimize the importance of our military to make your point. Some of them died for your right to make your point. I’m sorry that you haven’t completed anything in your life that is as respectable as fighting for your country. I hope you do one day. Maybe you will be grateful for this great country you are allowed to live in.

    • Just FYI a high school drop out has not been allowed into our military in years. It takes a minimum of a GED and 15 college credits for a drop out to even have a chance to join, not to mention they must score a 50 on the ASVAB. Get your facts straigh.

      U.S. Army recruiter

      • Old ASVAB or new?

        I took my ASVAB back in the mid-90s, scoring a 98 out of 99 (only missed a mechanics question). So I qualified for any MoS available. I had the Navy recruiters hounding my folks after I left home for nearly a year.

    • High school drop outs? I must have missed them in the units I served in. But had they been there, they wore a uniform, and they did their job, the same as any other soldier, and deserve your thanks and appreciation, rather than a snide, smug rant. But nice try at baiting. It failed almost as badly as your attempt at making a coherent point.

      As to service, in this subject, it does, in fact, demonstrate knowledge and experience about the topic, period.

      I don’t think its those who served who need to “get over themselves” as you so eloquently put it. But based on this little petty rant of yours, I’d say you likely weren’t worth that soldier who loaded pallets so we could eat, I’d stack that soldier up against you any day of my lifetime and take them every single time.

    • Rusty, 95% of the military has a high school dipkoma or GED. My husband has a graduate degree and has served for 17 years. I know a NCO (since you obviously do not know anything about the military-Non-Commission Officer) that got his Ph.D. The military is the most diverse group in the United States. Those who choose to serve come from every socio-economic background and race. Those in the Special Forces are beyond elite. . .the requirements physically and mentally are beyond meaure. Before you spout off, maybe you should read some facts. . .before making baseless assumptions.

      • Thank you. So you can drop out, obtain a GED, and join the military- as some do- And they aren’t my heroes. Nor are they entitled to an off limits assault on thoughtful matters of life and death. Dont you agree? Is every member of the military off limits to criticism? Judging from this forum and opinions, it seems that way.

    • Rusty , you need to GET OVER Yourself …Those who have a legacy of service to their country and a history of AMERICAN lineage are becoming a minority because of the Illegals being promoted as “GOOD GUYS” and the muslimes being brought into our country by the potus whose own citizenship status is blurry at best….Have you ever served your country either in combat or in a support capacity ??? I have served the USA in combat in VietNam in 1968 and jokers like you who demean American warriors and spout bull about “beating peoples ass” give me a sudden urge to vomit …..GET OVER YOURSELF and either get your heart in America or get your ass out …….

      • No idea how you got there… I do appreciate your service. Didn’t mean to demean service men and women- just saying that your service doesn’t make your opinions about people any better than those who didn’t serve. Service or not, you’re comments are ignorant and wrong.

    • Pretty damn sure you can’t be a high school dropout and join the military. In fact I am 100% sure. Learn your facts before you start drama you dumbass.

    • Really Rusty.. YOU are the one who’d be picking YOUR SILLY @$$off
      the ground for that SHlT you just spouted off with. Your comment shows your total IGNORANCE of what it takes to be a military member. Unless you score high enough on the ASVAB tests.. You DO NOT get into the military.. AND.. you must score high enough to qualify for most jobs. AND.. most of the time you must have a CLEAN RECORD to get a security clearance.

      BTW.. High School drop outs are NOT Allowed to join the US Military –
      AT ALL. GED’s are allowed, but you better CRUSH the ASVAB. “loading
      pallets onto planes” – Again, you show your ASS. A “Loadmaster” must
      know a tremendous amount of MATH to know WHERE and HOW to put
      weights…You IDlOT.

      But let me guess… You got turned DOWN to join.. Probably some
      DEFECTIVE moral character? Lack of Education? Trouble with the law? Your Exceedingly HUGE JEALOUSLY issue about those of us who served is
      SHOWING. Know what A$$HOLE.. I WILL aggrandize .. Two of my ancestors
      fought in the Revolution, one was wounded at Stono Ferry SC.. the other
      was wounded and died at the battle of Camden SC.. I myself am a
      permanently disabled Military Veteran (Service connected)..

      So basically.. F U C K you and your BS opinion Rusty.. Go talk to people who give a S H l T…

      • Thanks for your service. And I am sorry about your injuries if true. But, why do you feel the need to tell me all that? By the way, you had anywhere from 256 to 1032 grand parents at the time of the revolution so, if you’re white, you probably had way more than 2 ancestors who fought… Don’t diminish that fact my brother; more than 2 makes your opinion even more credible on a forum where everyone is a hero.

    • Truly one of the most asinine and ignorant comments ever to disgrace a forum. Unlike you Sparky, I would measure my words and yes, I would voice my opinion face to face without any fear of retribution physical or verbal. I do not live my life in fear and stand up for my convictions, do you Sparky? Now step down off your soapbox before you hurt yourself. Comparing a “PALLET LOADER” to Navy Seals, you are a real peach dear. People such as yourself and your ilk should always remember the golden rule, better to be thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

      • No you wouldn’t. Exactly my point though… military service of whatever kind doesn’t make you my hero. Example-see every comment in this whole thread. You’d like me if you only knew me!

    • Hey, Rusty – understand something: anyone that joins the military MUST have a H.S. diploma, or a GED. It’s obvious that you have never served, and that you do not understand what it takes to “load pallets onto planes”. So, here is a piece of advice for you – unless, and until, you serve in the military, shut up about it. It is actually people like you, who have never been a part of the military, who cause the majority of the problems within the military. Do us all a favor and stay in your ivory tower (cause you couldn’t hack boot camp), and be quiet.

    • you mean the next idiot like you – since your such an expert on subject of the military and the entrance requirements. What branch did you serve and where did you serve? How much combat service do you have in Iraq or Afghanistan? Or did you fail to qualify for military service.

      I have no problem going face to face with anyone – what you say about others fits you to a tee.

      U.S. Marine Corps – will not accept a High School Drop out – they will allow 10% to enlist that have a GED but only if scoring in the upper percentage of the ASVAB, all others have to have a HS Diploma.

      Boot camp lasts 13 weeks – Failure rate is around 43% with the number one cause being not being able to hack the physical requirements followed by the mental requirements

      All Marines after boot camp then attend Advance Infantry Training (think Army Rangers Training) because Every Marine no matter the MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) is a Infantryman First.

      The Marines also have what is called a Required reading list that you have to do every year.

      Commandant Gen. Jim Amos has released the newest version of his
      professional reading list, some of which is required for all Marines.

      The reading is outlined in all-Marine message 001/13, published Jan. 2.
      Four books labeled “Commandant’s Choice” are now a requirement for all
      Marines, and other titles are listed as a must, depending on an individual’s rank. Additional books are listed as recommended reading in categories that include aviation, logistics, counterinsurgency, roots of maneuver warfare and wounded warriors among other subjects.

    • Rusty take your opinion, unwrap it, liberally apply with KY or other water soluble lubricant and firmly wedge it up your ass to the point where it won’t come back out. I was an Armor crewman, graduated High School, and received training on armor fire control systems. YOU try to shoot, move, and communicate in a tank!

    • What?

      The military hasn’t been accepting high school dropouts since the end of World War 2 (maybe some were drafted for Vietnam?).

      I myself graduated High School before enlisting. While I was serving, I obtained a 4 year SCIENCE degree. Since being discharged, I managed to upgrade that to a post-grad degree (Master’s).

      I didn’t load pallets. I learned multiple languages that would be beneficial to men in the field (including Pashtu). I deployed with the 504th Parachute Infantry of the 82nd Airborne (US ARMY) in 2001. I was wounded in action in 2005, which has since left me permanently disabled.

      My father retired from the US Navy after 24 years of service. During that time of service, he obtained a Post Graduate degree in Business, and suffered a heart attack while on the Flight Deck at sea in the Persian Gulf. Military service is stressful.

      HIS father served in the US Navy from 1944 to 1979, enlisting to fight the Japanese. He served off the coast of Korea and Vietnam, serving ashore in Vietnam for a time as well. He missed the births of all but one of his 7 children over the years. He enlisted as an E1, rose to E9, went to the Warrant program, completed that and was given a Limited Duty Commission in the Navy, where he was promoted from O1 to O5 before retiring.

      Two of my uncles served in the US Navy, both of whom are retired. One uncle finished University, completing the ROTC program before being commissioned in the US Army. After separating from the Army, he found he missed serving and later received a commission in the Marine Corps. His twin sister (the baby of the family) enlisted as a Marine in the early 80s.

      My mother’s father was working on his post graduate degree at the University of Michigan in 1941 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. He walked down to the Navy Recruitment office and enlisted, serving from 1942 to 1945, when his destroyer was sunk by a pair of kamikazes and a torpedo. He went on to obtain his Master’s then a PHd in Computer Engineering. He ended up teaching music in High School & University.

      His brothers in law (My great uncles) were both graduates of Kansas State University’s Air Force ROTC. One flew B52s, the other serving as a B52 navigator. Both of whom flew said aircraft over North Vietnam during that conflict.

      Their father (my great grandfather) was a Cherokee farmer who enlisted in the Army in 1915 and rode in the First Cavalry (yes, RODE… they still rode horses then) in France fighting the Germans. He charged German machine guns, ON HORSEBACK.

      So, tell us, Rusty: What’s your excuse for being an uneducated ball-less wonder?

      • You just wasted 30 more minutes writing a family autobiography that I didn’t eve care to read. You missed the point.

      • You said not to talk about our family history with the service.

        So I did.

        What’s your excuse for being a limp-wristed wuss?

  85. Thanks for supporting our Volunteer Military Service Men and Women. I personally would like to see a Constitutional Amendment to the Eligibility Requirements for any State or Federal Elected or Appointed Office: All Candidates should be required to prove at least 4 Years of Honorably Discharged Military Service in The U.S. Military, and every such candidate should also be required to prove at least 3 Prior Generations of Natural Born U.S. Citizens in their Direct Lineage, and must prove to be Natural Born U.S. Citizens themselves, with continuous Residence in CONUS for the last 8 years, or be a 20 Year Veteran Of U.S. Military Service with an Honorable Discharge and NO allegiances or affiliations with any other Nation Or Government.

    • Troubleshooter , GOOD STUFF MAN …….All US elected officials should be required to have served in our military for a minimum of 4 years and the POTUS should be required to have not only served in combat but to have been in a command status in combat……also your idea of lineage and family history is right on target …from a combat veteran of VietNam War `68 Tet Offensive

      • Trick is, there are certain people that are barred from the military for having physical limitations which makes sense – if someone has a physical disability, they should not be in combat as they are unable to meet the demands of the job.

        But by your rationale, FDR should never have been President, despite the fact he effectively handled WWII and the ensuing issues that arose from that, which successfully pulled the US out of the economic turmoil and hardships of the Great Depression.

      • Kelsey Perry Carlesen: What FDR did was use the HUGE TAX BASE generated by the Spindletop Oil Field as Political Collateral by starting a bunch of Social Programs that have proven to be crippling and devastating in the long term. FDR did NOTHING for anyone but himself.

      • Well actually, there is a lot of evidence that shows social programs that when properly managed and not underfunded my later government administrations can have many positive impacts on society. Problem with a lot of FDR’s policies being branded “failures” is that later administrations cut their funding so that they couldn’t function properly, and the resources they were allocated were spread to thin to do any real help.

        Consider this, Finland pays some of the highest income tax levels in the world, but they enjoy benefits such as free post-secondary education, and universal health care. In general, Finns are more satisfied with their lives than the OECD average, with 82% of people saying they have more positive experiences in an average day (feelings of rest, pride in accomplishment, enjoyment, etc) than negative ones (pain, worry, sadness, boredom, etc). This figure is higher than the OECD average of 80%.

        Such a heavy tax rate hasn’t impeded economic growth and development. Some major companies such as Nokia, Artica Shipping (the world’s foremost manufacturer of icebreakers) and Kone (the world’s second largest elevator manufacturer after Otis).

        Finland is also a country that boasts a strong military. While they don’t go leaping into international quagmires, they have a strong defensive force and have a compulsory military service requirement.

      • See, though Kerry, here’s the deal; This is not Finland. We are much larger, and have a significantly violent criminal upper class in this country that corrupted the social programs for THEIR political purposes early on in their existence. They were used to virtually debilitate the poor and/or less socially pleasing (to upper class criminals snobs) as a control measure which maintains dependence, and rarely provides enough leverage or advantage for anyone trapped in those programs to ever get out of them. A Court system designed to function as a backstop for any likely to escape the social program traps has grown into a nice little cash cow all by itself, and is now as effective at maintaining poverty as are the social programs, and is, in effect, another social program. Are you with me? At this point, not counting offshore fields, in CONUS alone, there are 20 AVAILABLE, VIABLE, energy reserve fields with the equivalent of what was identified as accessible in the Spindletop Field. In case you are not aware, only 1/4th of the Spindletop Reserve was ever exploited. The rest of it is still there. The Spindletop Oil Field funded the Industrial boom and the War machine during Roosevelt’s Terms of Office, and like a petulant child, FDR used the wealth that came to the government from the Spindletop Boom as scooby snax to accomplish his political agenda. What I am telling you is that even now, there is 20 times the Spindletop Economic Power being kept under the radar until it can be most beneficially utilized as scooby snax by your self-established emperor. Enough so that we never have to buy from anyone else ever again, and enough that 50 earth populations could not make a dent in the reserves for the next 1000 years if ever, because, why? It replaces itself as the earth ages. Duh. The Only way that social programs can ever be a good thing in this country is if they are somehow extricated from any control or usefulness to politicians, yet still funded to the capacity necessary to truly make a difference. Do you see that in the upcoming features? Of course not, it was a rhetorical question. Right now, Barack Obumstead has on his desk at least 5 licenses for LNG Port Facilities,(already constructed and ready to start storing and shipping, and the unsigned LNG Plant Operating Licenses have been there for years, waiting on ink), and now, there is also a Fleet Of Supertankers ready and equipped to transport LNG, previously not possible because of the refrigeration needs required to maintain Natural Gas as a Liquid. We have been scammed under an artificially high price for LNG in this country when there is in fact a damaging glut, created by our only recently corrected inability to transport LNG to Asia and Europe, etc, where it sells for 4 times what it goes for in the U.S. Are you beginning to get the picture?

      • My rationale has nothing to do with FDR and his presidency …And its certain that there is absolutely NO comparison between FDR and Barrack Hussein Osama because Osama could not have carried FDRs lunch box . I stand by my statement that a POTUS should have combat Command experience to hold the office of Commander in Chief …..We cannot change whats behind us but we can certainly change whats ahead of us and that was my point ….Kelsey Perry-Carlsen

      • Well that is exactly my point. You say that the President should have served in the military, but there are people who have physical impediments that would make them ineligible for military service. However, these people can have brilliant minds that have the potential to do great things for a nation. Are you really trying to say Hoover would have been a better choice during WWII?

        Also, someone who so arrogantly tries to make comparisons between various Presidential administrations should perhaps learn how to spell their names correctly.

      • All right Kelsey Perry-Carlesen , #1 I`m not arrogant , I`m a Patriotic , conservative , combat veteran who ran a business for 40 years and was forced to retire due to health matters resulting from military service ….Just a simple taxpaying American who believes in the CONSTITUTION of the USA and its doubtful you and I will find any common ground and its pretty certain I`m not going to agree with you and for sure not going to really care about being buddies so suffice it to say that I still feel that any POTUS should have combat command experience before he aspires to be Commander in Chief …Its also obvious you have no combat experience or you`d understand the rationale of military veterans feeling that the POTUS should know how to do more than being an organizer for ACORN or a disbarred lawyer …When the Commander in Chief makes bad decisions people die needlessly and our country loses respect from the world and I did not compare any president to another president arrogantly or otherwise and you can bet your pacifier that I`m well aware how to spell that LYING muslimes name …Any misspelling was intentional and meant to disrespect the man …Before I`d ever put much stock in any opinion you might have I`d want to know the extent of your military experience , if any and I`d also want to know your age ( I`m 66 ) You keep bringing up the aspect of a persons physical limitations or infirmities preventing them from military service but NO one ever said Life was FAIR so the statement re: military service being required of a POTUS stands ………..

      • CANSOFCOM (Joint Incident Response Unit). I’m you’re so far up your own rectum that you’ve never heard of this group or could be bothered to educate yourself, but they are comprised of some of the most highly trained individuals to respond to some of the most serious threats imaginable. How does that sound for experience? Furthermore, my age suggests that someone in my position would have a better perspective of the modern demands than someone who’s experience is from a military campaign that is dramatically different than any we’re facing today.

        Here’s the thing, you call yourself a patriot; should that same love of one’s country not also apply to its fundamental values? You also say that life isn’t fair. You’re contradicting yourself. The United States of America was founded on the principle that all men are free and equal. While I agree that it is certainly an asset for a commander to have a military background, I think it should by no means be a requirement.

        Furthermore, I think its a tragedy that a former military officer has no respect for a leader that has gone to great lengths to prevent young men and women from being in harm’s way, and has done everything reasonable to withdraw the US Forces’ military presence in Iraq. Let’s not forget that its was a conservative President – who’s discharge circumstances from the National guard (who saw no combat) are hazy at best – was the one who shipped young men and women off to die in a war to find something that wasn’t there, based on intel that was shady.

        I know we don’t see eye to eye, and I don’t expect to change the perspective of a narrow-minded bigot. I honestly feel sorry for your blind hatred. May God show you some pity, because I certainly don’t.

  86. I count a number of these men as friends! They are the must humble men I know but ready day or night to defend our country any where they are sent! They generally will not talk about any of their activities outside of their community, the teams.
    Watch the movie and count it an honor to look into their lives!
    Thank God that our country has men like this to keep us and our way of life safe for an other day!

    • Not only DO they talk about it – they write BOOKS about it – sell movie rights to their story about it and cash in where they can. The Navy SEAL’s have written more books because of the mythology of their own making. Not to diminish the sacrifice of these men on this day – but THREE KIA and ONE WIA in a firefight???????? THAT is an EVERYDAY event in the ARMY and MARINES in a combat zone.

      • Well — three on the ground and then the ill planned and poorly executed rescue. I had the honor of taking one of them to San Diego – I t was Chief P.O Dan Healy. I escorted HIS escort to the ramp on arrival to retrieve the body from the cargo hold of the United Air Bus. And they were not all SEAL’s – there was a crew of Army Aviators too.
        This was the largest loss of SEAL’s in the history of the organization. But it is not even a drop in the bucket for every other combat outfit in the US armed services.

  87. There is PLENTY of money for military training and systems….but the system eats far too much of it. We have programs that are useless and a waste but cannot be killed…and we have more Generals RIGHT NOW then we did at the end of WWII. The amount of money is not the problem..the way it is spent IS.

    • There is not plenty of money. The first budgets to get trimmed are training and maintenance. Yes,,,there is a TON of waste. Our military is good at efficient and deadly fighting,,,no so much at not wasting money. Getting better? Yes, but a long ways to go.

      • Heh.

        I remember the “Fraud, Waste & Abuse” commercial spots that used to run on AFN, asking you to step forward if you know of or see any.

        Do those still run?

      • Been a long time since I have watched AFN. The hotline info is posted just about everywhere ,,,,,required in every govt. building.

      • You’re almost making my point. Take out the waste, take out the 2000 Generals we don’t need and their staffs, do away with programs NO ONE wants like the JSF….there is PLENTY of money for what the DoD really needs.

      • What organization is capable of reducing waste to zero or near zero? Only very well controlled and trained small organizations where everyone understand business efficiency. The military is not one of those and will never be. Not with the inherent constant turnover of troops.
        Also, once any military branch attains any type of financial savings, the budget is cut for that amount. In federal terms, a financial boom for the overall budget gets an equal and opposite poke in the eye by taking the same amount away from the frugal branch/unit. Yay government!

  88. I find it really interesting that so many of you are blaming the current administration for an event that happened in June of 2005. meaning your buddy Bush was responsible for all of it. the good news is in the years since those events the military has been awarded billions of dollars to help protect our men and women. sounds like many of you need to get your facts straight. ignorance at its finest.

    • Why do you want to start political bullshit. Nowhere in this story does the author mention the current administration. You inferred that on your own. Go grind your political axe elsewhere.

      • guy who can read, you apparently haven’t read enough to know that it is the current administration that has pushed through legislation allowing women to serve in combat roles. Going so far as to send memos out to school commanders, such as the commander of the U.S. Army Ranger school, stating that so many females WILL graduate Ranger training regardless of meeting set standards of training. This has happened under your messiah’s watch, and sets a dangerous precedent that gender trumps standards. Granted, five years ago R.O.E. were just as asinine as they are now, but what you have to realize is that neither party truly has the American peoples best interests at heart.

      • Good points Patrick. When females can compete with males on high school, college or professional football, baseball, or basketball teams (or just about any endeavor involving physical strength) then maybe women would be able to meet the standards to fight along side men. That will never happen though. But even if women were the equal of men in physical strength we would still have the problems of sex, romance, pregnancy, and the innate nature of men being protective of women that would make it grossly unfair to the men. Women will be given preferential treatment especially in the case of pregnancy. The Navy has said that up to 10% of women deployed on ships become pregnant while on deployment.

    • @ J liberal – you idiot. What she is talking about is how the military is being treated now by your beloved traitor in chief and his ilk. Maybe you should read what you are bashing before you bash.

    • Quit blaming Bush for your boy’s short comings, if you want to place the blame where it belongs,blame the corporate powers that rule this country and others. You know the ones who make money off of war. Don’t be so blind as to believe the lamestream media that it is only rich republicans who are benefiting from war. There are more democrat millionares in congress than republican. You like many others have been had for years!

    • Oh, I guess that doesn’t include the discontinuance of breakfast at the FOBs? and the HUGE cut the military is taking in their benefits????? I think you may be the one that needs to brush up on your facts, Mr. Liberal!

    • I don’t believe blaming Bush is going to cover what is going on in the current administration now. Each leader should take responsibility and own up to their own mistakes, whether it be Bush or Obama.

      • berry has never made a mistake, just ask him. They were all caused by the paragon of evil GWB. I guess that the former president is all-powerful since everything is STILL his fault five years after leaving the WH.

    • It is obvious you recognize ignorance J liberal. You wear it well. You liberals are really very stupid people. Try going back and reading the post. If you really think you need to go back and place blame, you should go all the way back to Clinton….hhhhmmmmm…who was that guy they had in custody and Clinton order to release?? Your idol Osama Bin Laden.

    • J liberal: So let’s talk about facts.

      You’re right; Mr. Bush was the president at the time this movie takes place. It is a fact.

      It’s also a fact that much needed material was provided to protect our service members after the time portrayed in this movie as a result of a greater emphasis on the conflict itself, but arguably also as a result of the development of better equipment based upon lessons learned in the unique operating environment of Afghanistan.

      It’s also a fact that of the 2,198 American service members killed to year end 2013, 1,634 (74.4%) of them died during President Obama’s administration. I can only surmise that since, as you say, “the military has been awarded billions of dollars to help protect our men and women” the death toll can only be explained by the policy and strategy decisions made during this Administration.

      How’s that for a fact?

    • The fact is OBAMA has been president for 5 years, not Bush! Get over it!

      The military has been “punished” over and over by OBAMA…cutting health and military benefits, threats to withhold pay, vindictively closing military memorials, taking religion and crosses away from servicemen, denying prayer in Jesus name etc etc etc.

      Obama has NEVER done ANY military service…not even, national guard, reserve,…. or a boy scout for that matter!!

      He even thinks they serve HIM.

      THEY SERVE THEIR COUNTRY AND THEIR FLAG…not this vindictive, incompetent pseudo president.

      “Sounds like many of you (LIBERALS) need to get your facts straight. ignorance at its finest.”

    • The event of 9/11 made the bubble burst on an herd bent on world power/domination (the Islamist). Going into Iraq was good. Hussein invaded Kuwait. He was part of the sandbox tribe bent on world power. The WMDs were not found. That does not mean they were not there. Hussein used some on the Kurds. I say look to Syria for where the WMDs went. We can point the finger according to our political beliefs to justify our conclusions and political affiliations. I have drawn mine on being a professional military retiree. I have all politicians in one big barrel. They are all corrupt and need to be replaced.

  89. I do not see how respect for these men, their hard work and sacrifice and respect for helpless animals are mutually exclusive. Can’t I do both?

    • Can you?
      You would find that most of those that purport to save this or that liberal cause only go through the efforts of flapping their lips and throwing a few dollars at the problem. From that feeble effort they now feel they have done enough and are ecstatic about their “involvement”. Watch any heart rending commercial about starving children, abused pets, displaced animals and of course the polar bears then go research the organization and find out the compensation of the top executives and what their administrative costs are compared to what they give to actually help. Then find out who they contribute to and you will see a labyrinth of money channels that go to a myriad of liberal causes that have nothing to do with the polar bear or starving children. You would be surprised.

    • You can… but you don’t !! (That’s a universal you.)
      Every day there are hundreds of ‘tear jerker’ ads on TV for saving the four legged poor suffering cats and dogs….

      No TV ads… to show the danger, sacrifice and suffering of our troops every minute of every day…being shot at 24/7, the heat, cold, isolation from family, removal of religious support, and MREs you wouldn’t feed to your cat or dog.

      How many daily ads do you see asking support for those servicemen in harms way….. who are keeping you free and safe…. to donate to your favorite pet cause?

      When America’s citizens give as much money, support and air time to our servicemen as they do to cats and dogs and pandas…maybe we can talk!

      • They don’t show that stuff in ads because it’s terrifying to see, and nobody wants those recruiting numbers going down.

      • I was appalled during the Bush presidency that he would not allow any recognition of a fallen soldier returning home other than a monthly number on the news. No pictures even when requested by the family to be shown of their loved one arriving at the airbase were allowed. I found that a disgrace to our brave soldiers. I cried for each one of them and their families. Our family has many former soldiers from different eras and will have more with complete pride to all.

      • Shame on you….you are politicizing returning dead servicemen for a political agenda…how ghoulish.

        I suppose you prefer the picture of Obama and Hillary standing, poker faced, by the caskets of Americans they allowed to be murdered in Benghazi….and pretending that a movie caused them to be slaughtered by his Muslim brotherhood!

        The liberal press was using the returning servicemen in caskets for political purposes…I suppose you forgot that!!

        If you have/had family members, who returned in caskets who were politicized in death, you would get it!

        My guess is that you didn’t, because those who did appreciated the privacy their dead servicemen and women as well as the family members were accorded, and not made a political spectacle for a sound bite on the nightly news!!

  90. AMEN SISTA! When my son was in Afghanistan, he said they had to call and get permission to shoot at the enemy, even after they were being fired upon. How ignorant is that?

    • Shades of Vietnam with getting permission or I should say “being required” to get permission to fight. I was a S/Sgt when I went to Vietnam. My T.O. weapon was the .45 pistol. When I asked for more or something different, “The book say….” I acquired a riot gun, the WWI trench gun, similar what you see in many police cars standing upright against the dash. At one point, someone told me it was against The Geneva Convention to carry it. I never heard this and still do not know if it is true. I did not care then or now. My reply was, “Tell Geneva to come here and take the f-ing thing away from me”. End of discussion. It, the pistol and I became very close for 13 months.

  91. First, I am a Viet Nam era veteran and I work at a VA Medical Center. I have a daughter who has served in Iraq and was awarded the Bronze Star. I respectfully disagree with your statements and conclusions for too many reasons to list. Among them is that we are short of funds at the VA, in part because of money being spent on weapon systems that neither the generals nor the admirals want.

    Those systems are not being pushed by “candy-ass” liberals, but by conservative politicians who see the financial health of their district as more important than providing basic functioning arms to those in combat and health care to those outside of combat. We were also involved for a decade in two foreign countries thanks to the decisions made by a man who joined the National Guard in order to avoid Viet Nam,

    I suggest you re-examine some of your premises. I think you are quite correct about some of the problems, but quite wrong in wanting to make it a “liberal” thing. I see both liberal and conservative politicians as being guilty, depending on the issue being discussed.

    • “Politicians” being the operative word here. It’s time to remove all the old guard politicians and their under-the-table deals. If you think “conservative” politicians are the only ones in on the deals, I would respectfully disagree with you. Our anti-American president is destroying our country and all her fine warriors and military leaders as quickly as possible. And, if I were you, with or without the military spending on “weapon systems,” I wouldn’t count too much on getting any money for the V.A. from this administration. It’s really not fair of you to imply that the National Guard is somehow defective and unworthy of men taking time from their families, hobbies, etc., to be a part of the Guard. It’s certainly better than running off to Canada during the time you are speaking of which was during the mandatory draft. That being said, my husband and two sons are former Marines. Our military and our vets deserve better.

      • My daughter would get me if I tried to imply that the National Guard was defective. She was an officer of the Alabama National Guard when she was sent to Iraq. However, George W. Bush did take the other way out from going to Canada. I do not have much respect for those who used their parental connections to make sure that they did not have to go while looking like they were supportive. The National Guard of today is not the National Guard of back then.

    • Ernesto M Obregon , First of all , are you a “VietNam era veteran” or a” VietNam War veteran “??? there is a difference . You may be correct about Republicans being concerned with the “economic health” of their districts but I`d much prefer for politicians to be spending taxpayers money on WEAPONS than giving the money to ILLEGAL Aliens and a bunch of muslimes who mostly have said “Death to the Infidels” meaning Americans …BTW ,I am not a veteran of the VietNam era but I am a COMBAT Veteran of the VietNam War serving in the Northern I Corps during the 1968 Tet Offensive and believe me when I tell you , our military has fared much better under Conservative presidents than we have under Liberal presidents and that’s a fact…..Most of the problems the VA has are a result of your potus Osama and him and Senate libs screwing our active military and disabled veterans and retired military …No president in history has had less respect or more disdain for Americas military men than osamabama …I`m not totally ignorant of the veterans dilemma at the VA as I`ve had claims and appeals pending for years and NOW , your president and his thatthugs in Congress have once again shoved it to veterans by further complicating the claim process at the VA …I remember when Osama said re: veterans that “No one forced us to join the military and we were NOT entitled to FREE care at VA Hospitals …I`m certain I`ll never get you to agree with my point and I`m equally certain I`ll never agree with your point so any further comment by me is at the least “pissn` up a rope” so I`ll shut up …..BTW congratulations to your daughter on earning the Bronze Star , she is no doubt a courageous young lady and is to be commended ……….

      • I use Viet Nam Era veteran to indicate that I am not a combat area veteran. I served during, but was never sent to Viet Nam itself. I see you as a true Viet Nam War veteran. I see myself merely as a Viet Nam Era veteran. My daughter is a true combat veteran, experiencing the loss of people in her unit, and attending the memorial services.

    • Ernesto,
      You are so right. In DC the only difference in the “2 gangs” is the spelling of their gangs. I see no difference in any of them. They are members of the good old boys club and you don’t get in without paying your dues. This is why I suspect hanky panky with Obama becoming president after just 2 years in the good old boys club. I believe George Soros is his sugar daddy and bought the corrupt, on the take politicians in Congress.

      I have a lot of experience as a 100% service connected disabled veteran. The people working at the VA, for the most part, are not responsible for the VA’s woes. Again, the VA is controlled by Congress. Like the military, it is an easy target to squeeze money out of.

      Most politicians, after WWII, that have served did so to keep from being drafted. Money along with connections talks.

      Our problem today is these politicians have us split and fighting amongst ourselves. This is an old tactic used to weaken the opposition. The open borders is and abet this by watering us down and splitting us further.

      Every politician now in government at all levels is guilty of not representing the majority. The majority is determined by true individual vote not the corrupt voting system we have today. When voter ID is vehemently opposed for such weak excuses as burdening and profiling proves my point. We all need and have to present ID in our lives, why not the voters?

  92. I haven’t seen the movie yet, just reading the book made me weep, weep with the absolute pride of knowing we still live in country called “America”, where heroes like Marcus Lutrel and his brother are born as a direct result of giving them the freedom to live their own lives, to believe in the God of their choice, and the freedom to walk their talk in an increasingly fragile and anti-christain world we find ourselves in. In the prelude to the book Marcus makes several statements that reveal the depth of his character: first he decries the current rules of engagement, stating that it’s crazy to keep on sending our most capable warriors into the most dangerous places with orders from their so-called “President” to fight with one hand tied behind their back, and second Marcus waxes philisophically that there are “few situations that exist in this world today that could not be solved just by sending in a squadron of US Marine with orders to take out the bad guys”. Sure that might be a bit of an exagerration but it’s the sort of statement you would expect to hear from a man like Marcus Lutrel. All I can say is “God Bless you Son, and Semper Fi” if Marcus and his brother are anything typical of what kind of men the State of Texas can produce, then I’m proud to be from Texas even though I’m barely fit to carry water for the likes of the Lutrel brothers.

    • Remember, the reason why Marcus Lutrel’s squad members all died in Afghanistan is because they all decided to let those 3 goatherders walk back into their camp unharmed, knowing what would happen next.

      • The reason they let them live is because the ROE’s dictate that they can be tried for murder for killing unarmed citizens. The fear of their own country is what got them killed.

  93. Very Well said, but it’s a matter of priorities, not whether you consider yourself liberal or conservative. I don’t really give two cents about movie stars and singers, I do however care about the planet and animals. I’m about as middle of the road as it comes, but, it is a set of priorities that people seem to have lost, and appreciation and respect for those who sacrifice it all.

  94. GREAT ARTICLE! I am a proud Navy Vet and also Im proud that my uncle is in the film industry and was an executive producer for Lone Survivor. I know it seems like every year there’s a new military movie that comes out and you think to yourself “how much different will this be compared to other Navy Seal movies” and for those people I answer you with this… Its all about being aware of what these brave warriors go through to protect your freedom that so many take for granted. Freedoms that liberal minded idiots try to take away. I guarantee that if we forced some of these liberal turkeys to spend a few years with these warriors behind enemy lines then when they get back they may sing a different tune.

  95. Totally agree. Especially with regard to politicians who have NEVER served making decisions for those who served. REQUIREMENT OF PRESIDENT: TO HAVE SERVED THIS COUNTRY IN UNIFORM!!!!

    • Nice thought. Mostly I think it would be a good idea, but then I remember that Jimmy Carter was not only a U.S. Navy officer but an Annapolis graduate.

    • The problem with that is by law, the President is not allowed to commit troops to war. The President can put troops in battle but that is for a limited period of time. Only the Congress, not the President can authorize war. This was discussed when Bush sent troops to war. So the Congress should be required to serve either a full twenty years in the military or have at least engaged in two combat missions…I agree…And then they would no be so quick to cut military entitlements.

  96. I want to tell everyone who has served this country, Thank you. Because of you America is still free. I am sorry that you are being treated as political pawns so I’ll pray God will give us a great new President who will keep you out of the political arena and will give you anything and everything you need to be as safe as possible. I believe that new president will be LTCOL Allen West. God Bless you all.

  97. And how is your article related to “cand-ass liberals”. Seems like you’re just upset with politicians in general. I suppose backing up your point with at least one example or fact would be asking too much.

    • I have always said that before anyone is allowed in a bar or a restaurant they should be a bar tender or wait tables for six months. I say the same about politicians, they should serve in the military for one tour before they vote in a military budget

      • Bill,
        I know from first hand experience what you are saying. I tried to serve to serve the public and gave it up after 3 tries, one as a bartender.

      • I don’t go into bars and have never waited tables, but I do know how to appreciate a good waiter. I also say, every elected official should first have a military background before they vote on a military budget.

    • Go check out any online discussion or post regarding the military and how we should be thankful for what they do – it will be ‘candy-ass’ liberals who are calling them such delightful names as ‘babykillers’. The vitriol against those who fight for our country is astounding, given what we owe them for the life we enjoy.

    • How about the current administration allowing 4 Americans to be murdered in Benghazi and then lying about the cause all the while killing with impunity with drones. Candy-ass and spineless fits the bill…..

  98. the liberals all ways gave George Bush a hard time when they accused him of not supplying our military with the proper defensive armament,and then the politicians start cutting the militaries budget under Obama and put all the solders at risk,and we don’t hear a peep from these low life liberals,talk about a double standard they should all be run out of this Country on a rail,these political hacks have no Idea what they are doing I would hate to have to serve in the Military under these Moron,its not weather they served in the Military or not its there Ideology that is the problem,they don’t have any understanding of Military strategy,and how to wage war they should stay out of it and leave this to the Military,better yet why not keep our nose out of every other Nations affairs and mind our own business,and stop trying to force our will upon other weaker Nations,if they chose to live in the 10th century so be it,the Islamic nations have been fighting each other for hundreds if not thousands of years,do we really think we will stop that from happening,not hardly it will continue and we will be hurt as well,for no good reason and nothing will change.—-Jim Hunt

    • Rhonda,
      I am retired military. Have you given any thought to what would have happened if we did not enter in WWII? We did not have troops committed before Pearl Harbor but we sure applied our industrial might is supplying the tools of war. I drew a long ago conclusion that our people are very lucky yet are hampered. They do not know what living in a war zone entails. I am proud of the fact that we, the military have shielded them from this. There are not too many countries can say this. In my humble opinion, I would rather fight those bent on world domination there than here.

      • Something wrong with you, Dum? Oh, excuse me that was Dom. I read it, understand it and agree with Rhonda Hunt. I also don’t think we should elect any one running for public office, if they have never served in the military. Our military is that important. We should not have anyone making decisions for our military who does not understand what it is all about.

  99. This Lady hit the Nail on the head with out saying it. When we let Politicans dictate the RULES of WARS, we will NEVER Win BATTLES. It happened in Korea, Viet Nam, and every Battle We went into. The way you win a WAR is to “KILL” every Enemy that opposes us. You take the BATTLE to them on their “Soil”. What happen to us to get in involved in the first place is “THEY ATTACKED US ON ‘OUR SOIL'”. Remember? We forget because of the “Lame Stream ‘MARXIST’ Media’. They put their “SPIN” on all the stories, where our President (Bush) looked bad, when what he did was TAKE THE FIGHT TO THEM. Then after the CHIMP (aka, Obonzo) was in as the President, no one noticed how the Media changed they tactics on how they reported the WAR. There wasn’t a Total of Troops killed since the Beginning of the war, just 2 U.S. Troops were killed today (No Total since the war begun or since the Chimp took over) The Media is OUR BIGGEST ENEMY TODAY.

    Next, is Congress, they Passed a law where they gave the Benefits of our Veterans to “ILLEGAL ALIENS”. These “COWARDS” who do their work in the HALLS of the Capital Building couldn’t fore go their Benefits, but those of OUR FIGHTING HEROES> Most of them were too much of COWARDS to Join the ARMED FORCES, so they don’t CARE about our TROOPS.

    FLIP CONGRESS Around and SAVE OUR COUNTRY and those in the ARMED FORCES who PROTECT US from the ENEMIES of our Country. God Bless America and OUR TROOPS!

    • M. Fazio,
      AMEN. The corrupt politicians are buying votes with the giving to illegals and the career inert welfare recipients.

      • I love the way you think, I know that there are a lot of Americans feel the same way. The only thing is, we need to let this TRUTHFUL Information out to MORE of them.

        Thank You for your response!

  100. I am a woman and agree with Michele Hickford 100% and that is before seeing the movie. I’ve felt this way for many years and do not expect any changes to be made until the illegitimate occupier of the Oval office is removed in chains and tried for the many crimes he has committed against every American. I ask you to Google the website art2superpac .com and read the 5 Supreme Court lawsuits (beginning in 1813) that prove that since Obama was not born of 2 US citizens, he was illegally placed on the ballots of 50 states by the DNC. What happened after that was the biggest coup in the history of the world that continues daily. Do not be ignorant; arm yourself with the rule of law THEN do something; call your Representatives, media, and stay angry until this is resolved and we recover. JMHO

    • George Soros is his sugar daddy and bought his election. The corrupt, on the take Congress is in his pocket. Soros is the most anti American I know. Yet the hypocrite lives here. He is a one world power advocate. What is happening here in this country he is wanted for in several others. WE need to “usher all of them out office and the country. They do not deserve to live here. AND WE WILL!

  101. I am disgusted that budgets for military equipment and training get shaved away and shaved away so much that lives are lost because we cannot adequately equip the men and women we send into the most terrifying situ
    Read more at http://www.allenbwest.com/2014/01/womans-thoughts-lone-survivor-message-candy-ass-liberals/#2RAtuf7gmac2UQvC.99

    It is all about money for equipment. But what about pay and benefits for troops, which are under attack by the House republicans.

      • Paul Ryan is no democrat but he is the author of the bait and switch. Ryan wants to reduce COLA for veterans of working age, he wants to raise the TRICARE fees for Working age veterans, and he wants to close commissaries. I don’t know why this is so hard for any person who claims the Republican party. The Republican party platform is smaller government. Hence cutting the size of our military force. They also want to cut entitlements. Veterans do not be mistaken, our pensions are an entitlement, albeit, earned; it is still and entitlement.
        If you are a true Republican you knew this and you knew it was coming. If you are hearing this for the first time then go look it up. ThIs is why Obama continued to ask name the entitlements you want to cut, and while they were talking Social Security and Medicare, all along they wanted to get at the military, but they are noting going to tell you that, not in the town hall meetings, they need your vote.
        When people use broad stroke terms, you can bet there is a reason they will not specify. But do not take my word for it, If you are a veteran, military service member, federal worker, you might want to get in tune before the mid term election. The only way to send a clear message that this will not be tolerated is to send a clear message that this will not be tolerated…

  102. Very well spoken, Michele. I’m in complete agreement with every single word. God bless our military men and women. I am and will be forever grateful for their courage.

  103. I am a veteran of 30 years in the USAR. I have observed many PT tests and the physical abilities of even the best women. I am against females being put in the front lines, especially in the elite forces. Period. There is so much difference in the upper body which is where you will need the most strength in combat. Men are far stronger in the upper body. This will set the effectiveness at the squad level which is how elite units are formed… at a sharp disadvantage.

  104. Considering the fact that the Supreme Court GAVE George Bush his Presidency in the first place, and HE was the one that started these 2 illegal wars, I would say this bitch needs to keep her mouth shut and take up arms if she’s is offended! I come from generations of soldiers, all the way back past the Revolution, and I have nothing but massive respect for anyone who defends this country. I also have massive DISRESPECT for cowards who use this kind of hate platform to get on here and place blame where blame is NOT due. At least this “illegitimate President” has been trying to get our asses OUT of there. You want blame? Blame warmongers like Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Reagan, McCain…I could go on for DAYS!! But better yet, blame this hate filled Congress who votes on the cuts but yet still continues to find funding for BILLIONS for war planes that no one EVER intends on flying!! This bitch needs to put her big girl panties on and blame people like herself who votes to put bullshit people like this in office.

    • Oh Jamie…so Mr. Bush started the wars? He flew planes into the WTC towers, Pentagon, and into a field in PA? Hmmm…talented man being in all those places at once. He must of also drove a boat into the USS Cole back in the day when Clinton was in office, too. smh

      • The war in Iraq had absolutely nothing to with 911 it was about oil and money. Please do not disrespect those who lost their lives that day.

      • I don’t know Who said it did. Iraqis were shooting at American Aircraft who are protecting Kurd civilians good reason to go to war. Tried to murder of former American president Who I didn’t vote for enough reason for me. I could list more reasons But that’s enough for me

      • How about you not disrespect the lives lost in Iraq, by thinking you know why we went to war… What you are stating is a liberal tactic to discredit. Maybe you do not know how the wars started… It started during the Gulf War when the Saudi’s chose the U.S. military instead of Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist organization for protecting Saudi Arabia… Bin Laden attacked us on 9/11, had formed an alliance with Saddam… It was a win-win for Bin Laden attack the US and have the support of a country that possessed WMD… That is why Iraq was involved because of the ties to Bin Laden and WMD’s that could be used against us… But you probably believe Iraq never had WMD, which you would be wrong, the top Commander of the Iraqi Air Force said they were taken to Syria right before the invasion (http://youtu.be/Q7LGeYr1hiQ)… Funny… What has recently been used in Syria? I wish people would do some research, it really is not that hard… Learn to think for yourselves…

      • It was about oil? Really? Are you really that out of touch with facts? Or are you just really that stupid? Probably both, but here’s the facts. There are American-supported sanctions keeping Iraqi oil off the international market dating back to pre-9/11. If we wanted their oil at any point, we would have simply dropped the sanctions and started buying from them. We wouldn’t have started a war for oil. Stop watching CNN and MNSBC and actually know what you’re talking about before you speak. You leftists are incredibly stupid.

      • you jump to way to many conclusions and are very ill informed about US history for the last 50 years or so. You need to learn a little before you follow the lead of who ever you have been getting your disinformation from. And the money people in US do not want to buy anything, if they control it, they can sell it and make huge profits. plwase learn a little before you get so hateful.

      • Jump to conclusions? You’re clearly the one that needs to learn a thing or two. It’s not an opinion, but a fact that are American-supported sanctions keeping Iraqi oil off the international market. You just so badly want it to be true that it was all about oil, that even when the facts are presented to you, you still refuse to believe. It’s sad that you can be so dead set on believing something that you’ll look at facts and say they aren’t true. I don’t agree with everything that has transpired over the course of this war, but people who believe that the war was about oil just simply don’t know the facts or the history there.

    • If you support Obama you are no American! The article of which you just ranted on is right on the money and knowing how liberals lie I must come to the conclusion that your rant is also lies.

    • Think your beloved Obama has been trying to get us out of there huh? You, Jamie, are obviously not of any military affiliation. So shut up. As the wife of an active duty Navy service member, sister to two United States Marines, and daughter of a United States Marine Vietnam veteran, lets discuss. Obama didn’t end anything. He gave it a date and said he did. In fact MORE troops went. So while I stood on the pier saying good bye to my husband over and over, loosing communication with him and other serving family members wondering if they were ok, I’m glad you sat behind the comfort of knowing Obama is trying to get us out. He doesn’t care and neither do most liberals. People like you ok tax refunds to illegals while my family watches our pay take a cut, oh but according to many Democrats we are over paid and over privileged. Well over 20 deployments served just among my immediate family. Thanks Pelosi, my brother and husband had to buy gear that is normally provided. Do you know what Corporals or Lance corporals make? E2, E3, E4??? Do you? Do you understand anything about military life? Or maybe you just don’t care. For those who ACTUALLY SERVE.ACTUALLY understand the implications of politics on military. We feel it in every day of our lives. What this articles author said was spot on. Proud to serve and because of families like mine you have the right to your idiot opinion. You are welcome!

      • And in which branch did you serve? Only a coward mocks that which he can’t do. I was Air Force before I was a Navy wife. Guarantee you know nothing of service or sacrifice. Captric you are a punk. Probably a part of generation career welfare and freebies. No other reason to come after a vet.

      • But he said Air FARCE, so he made a clever funny—in his/her own constricted mind, and fake funny surpasses rational comment, in the liberal mind..

      • I served between 1969 -1991 and help out in the vietnan thing doing blockade [submarines] and ended just after DESSERT STORM.I totally agree, OBAMA and his GROUP of IDIOTS have done nothing except screw things up and embarrass the USA in front of our ALLIES and others. I agree with what you have said here.navywifeUSMCsister

      • Tell me navywife, exactly HOW MANY wars have Democrats actually started?? So one can only assume you enjoy watching your loved ones go off to war?? You Repubs/teabaggers are so full of hypocrisy, that I bet you suffer palpitations when you walk into church!! You oeople are only proving on here that you truly LOVE war and all the harm and killing it brings upon your friends, family, innocents in other countries. Tell me, how is that working out for you? Again I ask someone, anyone, who can give me a legitimate answer. Do you people WANT war, or do you want war at the expense of other people as long asYOU are not held to blame??

      • Try WWII under Roosevelt. Try Korea under Truman. Try Vietnam under Kennedy/Johnson (who by the way escalated Vietnam), Try the bombing of the USS Cole under Clinton, Try the hostage taking in Iran and the killing of our Ambassador in Iran under Carter. And now we have Obama who is professing that he ended the war in Iraq when Al Quaeda is now in Fallujah. Clinton did crap when it came to the Cole just like Obama is disillusioned that he thinks “Al Quaeda is on the run”. Democrats have been at the forefront of every war we were in in the 20th Century. Or are you that illiterate that you don’t know your HISTORY.

    • Amazed that you cannot disagree without resorting to profanity and name calling. You didn’t even give a cogent argument to the points the author made…

    • Jamie, in a very unladylike fashion, GO F*** YOURSELF. The war in Afghanistan was the direct result of the attack on the Twin Towers, PA and the Pentagon. Did you have your head shoved up your Butt during those occasions. Try asking yourself also why this administration and congress has given money to Karzai only for that money to be transferred to a Swiss Bank Account that Karzai has because the people of Afghanistan don’t see it. As far as anyone being a Bitch as you call this soldier FIGHTING FOR YOUR FREEDOM maybe you should serve in these ARMED SERVICES instead of sitting on your fat ass collecting welfare and all other amenities. Also, this illigitmate President should be tried for Treason along with all his cronies that he’s placed into office illegally. maybe you should ask yourself why you get guest votes as likable for what you said. Maybe you should ask yourself why you want to remain anonymous without a photo but doing this as a guest. This female soldier has more balls that you have and people like you continually hide behind “guest” or “female” skirts just like the Taliban and Al Quaeda does. If anyone is the coward it’s you.

      • Carol, look folks another FOX viewer!! And I have YET to find anyone who can connect Afghanistan to 9/11, but Carol has it all figured out!! Hellno, I would not lay claim to “join” a page like this, character has yet to catch up with people who subscribe to this nonsense. Treason belongs to those who knowingly CHOOSE to do harm to this country. Look up the chemical weapons Rumsfeld under Reagan sold to Hussein to use against Iran AND the Kurds, and the million dollar loan he secured for Hussein to buy more. Oh but wait, Reagans “mind”was starting to uhhum…fail. And the dear old Bush boys!! One picked the fight, the other used tue blood of our soldiers to finish tye fight! Treason, yep, I can see where teabaggers might throw that word around so freely, since that’s what they ALL are doing right now.

      • And you are drinking too much kool aid and trot around like a mule with blinders on your eyes. bin Laden was ensconsed in Afghanistan and it was him to gave the order & direction for these terrorists to hijack planes that went into the WTC. Like I said before Jamie, try taking your head out of your butt because all you know is sh**.

    • Interesting -“…I come from generations of soldiers, all the way back past the Revolution…” – but you say nothing about having served yourself. You must be a hero by association. Nice try there Sparky.

      • Bobinnc well said. The fact that he thinks obamalama has tried to pull the troops out tells you how much he knows about whats really happening in DC…mind boggling the hatred induced rants of the ill informed…. yikes!

    • Yeah yeah yeah…Republicans bad ( and bitches, if they happen to be women), Democrats good…I’m confident you COULD go on for days, but there’s medication to suppress that kind of imbalance.Who is president now and for the past 5 years? Bush is so omnipotent that little old hapless 0 couldn’t even marginally rectify all that evil. in that time? What about that little Benghazi thing? Bush, tight?

      • You’re such an idiot. GWB had 8 years to destroy our entire world’s economy. Obama couldn’t fix it in 5 years, especially not with a Republitard-controlled Congress blocking him at every step. I still can’t see how the Republican autocrats have duped the middle- and lower-class into voting for them: they don’t care about you! You’re so freakin’ blind that you can’t see them eroding your rights on a daily basis. Just as long as you can have your guns!


      • Wow. Just frikin WOW. You are so clueless its kinda sad actually. So you are telling us not to expect obama to actually FIX anything because Bush screwed up SOOOO bad that he cant POSSIBLY help? SO what the hell is your dear leader there for? “Republitard-controlled Congress” do you even know what Congress is? I’m glad obama cares so much about the middle lower class that we have records for him to fall back on. Like record workforce dropouts, record deficit, record food stamps and record welfare. I suppose if we gave him 8 more years he might, just maybe, be able to solve all our problems.


  105. @ Jamie. Yeah Obama has been trying to pull us out, and all that was done was for not. Iraq has once again fallen to terrorist forces. I remember sitting in iraq waiting to on mission cleaning my .50 cal when the jack ads said all combat troops were pulled out. I remember thinking man I hope the terrorists know that. Obama has done nothing but lead our once great nation to shambles.

    • Joel, again I ask, exactly WHY has “Iraq once again fallen to terrorists?” Are you saying our troops are not good enough to do their job? Are you say we need to keep our troops there permanently? Is this the hypocrisy you live with on a daily basis? Which is it??

  106. Quoting Cicero – 2000 years ago:
    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot
    survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he
    is known and carries his banner openly.. But the traitor moves amongst those
    within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard
    in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor;
    he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their
    arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.
    He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to
    undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can
    no longer resist.. A murderer is less to fear.”

      • The Tea party? Wow! There are so many dumb ass comments here, I do not even know where to start. Apparently, you have never read history.

      • And YOU have read history? I doubt you have read ANYTHING! You get your education from the likes of drug addicted nicotine addict junior college flunk outs like Rush Limpwrist.

      • Oh, I see…you’re 13 or 14 and are enamored of your own…um..’wit’. You do know that Steve Jobs dropped out of college…right? There is no correlation between drop outs and stupidity or lack of drive, sweetie.

      • Oh there is a BIG difference between dropping out of school because you are bored and FLUNKING out of school because you are freaking STUPID!! Jobs was put ahead one grade in elementary school because he was brilliant even though the school recommended based on test scores that he be put ahead TWO grades. Steve Jobs was never a nicotine addict – draft dodger – radio show disc jockey – drug addict or Doctor shopping felon!

      • Theres the Rush thing again. Move on dumbass. I dont listen to Rush, or Beck. I think for myself and actually HAVE read the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the Federalist Papers. You know, the documents that founded and formed our Country. You assume that every Patriot is as brainwashed as you are by the MSM, you are wrong.

      • Dont bother linda, your being trolled by an insulting pontifcating boob…captric has had too much koolaid…

      • The Tea Party??? Are you retarded…you must be. Actually READ the Constitution…not the version you are getting from MSNBC…the real document. The Tea Party is the ONLY organization trying to abide by the document left by the founders. Moron.

      • So you want to go BACK to 1776 – MORON!? The Constitution is a living document! MORON! which is why we have a Supreme Court – MORON! I suppose you would like to go back to 1776 medicine as well! You freaking cowardly tea party moron!!!!!!

      • What an unmitigated IDIOT. The Tea Party is the ONLY party that is fighting for YOUR freedom. Democrats AND Republicans have turned their backs on the American people and are out only for themselves. The original Tea Party is the only reason you have any freedoms today, do some research.

      • Thats what always kills me, they dont understand that our outcries of injustice are attempts at saving their rights and freedoms too, not just our own. An American Patriot has no real party affiliation ~ we care about the lives and futures of all Americans!!!!

      • Fighting for our freedom? How, by endorsing candidates who average 2 squirts shy of a baboon? I am an occupational trainer for the cognitively impaired and most of my clients make more sense than the most outspoken tea party darlings. Tea parties are for little girls and this one has caused the demise of the Republican party. No big loss, but the lost system of checks and balances could prove a big deal.

      • whatever, you’ll all see. I’m not into name calling and downing people so all I’ll say is, you’ll see. Hope you have a great evening.

  107. My husband is an American Soldier – and a liberal, though I wouldn’t call him a candy ass, as he is in EOD – look it up and call him a candy ass again. Grouping liberals together as only liking certain music and pop icons actually takes so much away from this article. Are you sure you really wept for the reasons you wrote about?! Seems pretty insincere when you top it all off with such ignorance.

    • Why is he “liberal”? Does he not understand history? It seems neither do you. Before you start mouthing off to people who are conservatives, and who understand what true freedom really is, maybe you should try reading our founding documents. Then graduate to the history of America, then on to the Creature From Jekyll Island. Talk about being outraged by the elites, and their uncaring attitudes toward the military, a) it will anger you, and b) you will come to understand that it is BOTH sides of the aisle in America, funding both sides of each war. And they have been doing so, since the Civil War.

      • Apparently you don’t know history either. Thomas Jefferson was as “liberal” as they come. Seems he wrote several documents conservatives like to call upon. He adopted many of the ideals we call “liberal” today. Please stop throwing out the word as an epithet. Most conservatives use it just like the n-word…with equal viciousness. It makes you look petty, and your arguments moot because people stop listening. There are just as many brave liberals as conservatives as libertarians. Your political affiliation doesn’t make you brave.

      • It is the progressives who tainted and corrupted liberalism as exercised centuries ago. Jefferson was not as liberal as they come,certainly not by today’s standards…there is no comparison.Today’s liberals simply use the word as camouflage for the more philosophically correct ‘socialist’ or ‘Marxist’ or ‘communist’.

      • I’ll bet that’s the case and probably we should stop using words like Progressive and Liberal to describe those people because it’s actually quite a compliment when taken literally from the dictionary.

      • When one looks up the words Liberal and Progressive in the dictionary the definitions are descriptions of what any decent person should aspire to. Perhaps some don’t understand the words…or maybe they do.

      • I see you didn’t answer my question as to serving, which means you didn’t. Suggest you hush because you may have an opinion, but not an educated one.

      • Thomas Jefferson was a “liberal”? Where do you libnorants [meant as an epthet] come up with this stuff? Try reading this and say that again with a straight face:

        #1 “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.”

        #2 “If we can but prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy.”

        #3 “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”

        “I think our governments will remain virtuous for many centuries; as
        long as they are chiefly agricultural; and this will be as long as there
        shall be vacant lands in any part of America. When they get piled upon
        one another in large cities, as in Europe, they will become corrupt as in Europe.”

        #5 “To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical.”

        #6 “And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments
        are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of
        spending money to be paid by posterity in the name of funding, is but
        swindling futurity on a large scale.”

        #7 “Paper is poverty,… it is only the ghost of money, and not money itself.”

        “It is said that our paper is as good as silver, because we may have
        silver for it at the bank where it issues. This is not true. One, two,
        or three persons might have it; but a general application would soon
        exhaust their vaults, and leave a ruinous proportion of their paper in its intrinsic worthless form.”

        “The incorporation of a bank and the powers assumed [by legislation
        doing so] have not, in my opinion, been delegated to the United States by the Constitution. They are not among the powers specially enumerated.”

        #10 “That we are overdone with banking institutions which have banished the precious metals and substituted a more fluctuating and unsafe medium,
        that these have withdrawn capital from useful improvements and
        employments to nourish idleness, that the wars of the world have swollen
        our commerce beyond the wholesome limits of exchanging our own
        productions for our own wants, and that, for the emolument of a small
        proportion of our society who prefer these demoralizing pursuits to
        labors useful to the whole, the peace of the whole is endangered and all
        our present difficulties produced, are evils more easily to be deplored
        than remedied.”

        Those are just the top 10, there are plenty others. Moron.

    • If it hit a nerve with you then the term must hit fairly close. How any servicemenber is a liberal is fascinating. My husband is a Navy Sailor, I was Air Force, I am the daughter of a United States Marine and nearly every member of my family belongs to a branch of the military, in case you somehow think I don’t understand. 20 years this year for my husband in active duty. Being liberal means what to you exactly. If you are not at all enraged at what is happening to our military via the administration you are asleep at the wheel. What ignorance is it you think she drops here? I am truly dumbfounded. I hope your husband isn’t a candy ass. I have a deep respect for all servicemebers and all branches. If you agree with this administration then you get what you deserve.

      • 7 Year verteran with 6 deployments here. My father, grandfather, and 2 brothers-in-law have all served in every branch of the military. Strangely, most of us are liberal because we agree in “Liberty and Justice for All” rather than just for the privileged autocrats and their hangers-on. We fight to protect our nation despite our objection to the reasons for the war. Why? Because we believe it gives us the right to make those complaints. So I think people like Michele should shut up until they have any idea what they are talking about rather than spouting partisan bigotry in a public forum.

      • I like your style sir. Big thanks to you and your family for all of your service. I hope that you enjoy the life that you’ve earned!

      • I’ve done my time, too. If you are for liberty and justice for all and you are a liberal, then you are retarded. At least certainly not paying attention to what this liberal administration is doing and stands for. Time to get your head out of you know where and wake the eff up.

    • Who cares what music he likes? You are focused on one minute point that was made for effect, rather than as a literal definition of ‘liberal’. If your husband is a liberal in the sense that he votes “D” perhaps out of habit or family loyalty, you have a child-like interpretation of liberalism. My son has been Army for 17 years now and I can assure that a true philosophical liberal in the armed forces is a rarity,

      • Making a “minute point” for effect like that allows people to stereotype and disregard real facts. I have run across way more liberals in the military than I have Republicans, mostly because entrance tests are getting harder. As a military liberal (by choice, not birth) it is Republicans like Michele that obfuscate the real issues with their hateful rhetoric. She needs to grow up and learn to debate like an adult rather than name-call and stereotype.

      • @tryingtopickaname (which pretty much sums up the republicans), are you seriously telling Army Wife that her husbands life means less because he votes Democrat?? Well hell, now I know just exactly how low you people will go!

    • I am an Army Mom, I have 2 sons serving in the Infantry and a brother who served in Astan as well with Spec Ops. Do you think that she is wrong with regard to the current ROE? Your husband is ok with them? I don’t know ONE person who has deployed to the front lines who is OK with the ROE under Obama. Not one! From day one it was the POLITICIANS who made the ROE tight. My brother was in Astan under Bush, my sons serve under Obama. When I hear them talk, my brother is astounded by the tightening of the ROE that has occurred under Obama. 7 KIA’s this month and it’s not even fighting season yet. 1,000% increase in WIA under Obama. We should have been gone out of Astan years ago. Our military should not be used for “Social Work”.

  108. Very well said!! The Taliban have rules of war or follow any rules of engagement! Let Obama spend a couple days in the woods in Afghanistan and see what he thinks about rules of engagement?

    • Yes, right along with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Graham, and the people who actually put us there. By all means, let’s send them there and then bring them home and put them up on charges of treason, which is what should have happened when people started to wake up and finally realize we were in war for NO reason!!

      • Were you even alive in 2001? Al Qaeda attacked us. Al Qaeda was based (at that time) in Afghanistan. We went there to KICK THEIR ASS and was doing a fairly good job until obama came into power. Abandon the mission and the warrior was his credo. Poor innocent muslims and all…

  109. I don’t understand why this editorial is a shot at “Candy-ass liberals” when those that he complains about are or were mostly Republicans? Last I checked, it was BUSH that sent us to war (when his so-called military service was merely on paper) and his boy, Rumsfeld that had the gall to tell a soldier that, “You go to war with the Army you have — not the Army you might wish .”. Our rules of engagement puts us in courtrooms, because the same administration that sent us to war failed to outline a proper definition of victory, exit strategy or post war operations. People whine about always putting it all on BUSH. I say why the F&$% not?!!! He started it. Now People wanna bitch because the Dems aren’t cleaning up HIS mess to THEIR approval. If one is so moved by the courage and sacrifice of service members, then they can either sign some enlistment papers or better yet, sign a damn voting ballot and NOT elect someone that keeps us at war needlessly because he “answers to a higher power”.

      • With ya, all the way, amigo. As to who’s in control now? Nobody. This so-called “president” is AWOL and has a brain dead VP.

    • wah wah wah Mom! He started it!!! lmao Grow up. Bush is long gone and our soldiers are still dying under OBAMA’s watch. What’s he doing about it? He’s willfully making our situation with that region far far far worse than it’s ever been.

      • But wait!! So you people are fine with who actually STARTS the war, for he the hero. But the person actually trying to STOP the war STILL is not doing it to your liking!! My god, you people are bipolar!!!

      • lol So… tell me exactly what he’s done to stop the war. I won’t hold my breath for any calm, reasoned, logical or truthful answer.

      • What!? How many died under Bush? No comparison. That’s the problem with Republicans…they NEVER accept blame for anything! Bush years were the worse ever. When he left office this country was in Stage Four cancer!

      • It isn’t that they don’t take responsibility. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. But statistically speaking, ofelon has made this country plummet in every way possible. And he could care less about what happens. The troops, the country, he doesn’t care. He never served. Oh, and btw, have you enjoyed those vacations he and his family have been taking on your tax dollars? Oh wait, that’s right. He didn’t invite you. Look at the statistics before you start laying blame on republicans alone.

      • Look here http://icasualties.org/

        Iraq is a failure because we weren’t allowed to finish the job and let Al Qaeda and Iran take over.

        Afghanistan had BY FAR more casualties during obamas reign than Bush. Might want to re think your comment.

      • One of the mian reasons Obama was elected was he promised to get us out. Regardless of who started it, he hasn’t kept his promise.

    • Blame Bush? Really? Still? I thoughtall of us regardless of party affiliation had, by now, grown up and realized how ludicrous that is….the bottom line is Obama, Biden and Pelosi are a bunch of self serving loons and their only agenda is…well, theirs! They care nothing about America or her people. They are abusing their positions. They have made us a laughing stock globally.
      We are being crushed. Things continue to get worse. The quagmire is deep. 1/3 of our country not working. No real jobs with any form of stabilty, sinking economy and lost hope. We have a man from nowhere with a sealed past who can’t even remember his own birthdate who did nothing significant as a senator EVER and should never have gotten close to a ballot for POTUS let along on one. He has spent his useless suit of a life rubbing elbows with known hate mongers, thugs and domestic terrorists. He lies. He cons. He cheats.His cronies are are reflection of him. Inept, incapable,destructive ,useless suits.
      Our America is far from the road to glory. My president WILL salute the flag. My president will support our troops. My president won’t hide his past. My president will care about our country, our rights and our freedoms. My president will care about our future. My president will protect our citizens. My president will unite us and keep us strong.
      The man at the helm is the most devisive & destructive EVER. Our troops, our vets, our pride as a nation…stripped. Our rights trampled, our hope gone. And you want to take from this article, the statement candy ass liberal and make it a bush blaming party? Your loyalties are showing.
      The enemy is hiding in plain sight Thank GOD half of America sees him

      • “Sinking Economy” I have made a killing in the stock market and my 401K is ridiculous. It is important to note that the folks talking about our failing economy are all Rich! As an economist, I can tell you that this man you hate has taken a steaming pile of crap handed to him in 2008 and turned 41 record stock market closes, 3 1/2 years of record fortune 500 profits, and a growing housing market which analysts said wouldn’t come back in this generation. He has done this with actual deflation of the consumer price index, record low interest rates and the lowest rate of deficit growth since Eisenhower. I didn’t vote for him the first time because McCain is a true American hero. I didn’t vote for him the second time because he had not kept a promise that I held sacred. However, I labor under no misconceptions that he has achieved the status of rock star in economic circles which is my concern. You remember where you were when the planes hit the towers. Do you remember where you were when W finally came out and told us that banks were failing total collapse of the US economy was a real possibility and that street lights might shut off if we didn’t start bailing the banks with trillions of dollars? It was only 6 years ago.

        Start Hatin’, A-holes!

      • Hold on. I thought you Libs were AGAINST capitalism. You dont suppose that all that market money came from the fed? Our ACTUAL economy is a wreck. Since you are an economist, you should be familiar with “bubbles”. Yours is next.

        This Country is falling down the rabbit hole, but as long as you are making money (are you a lib or arent you?) its all good. Keep livin the dream……

      • Yup, and meanwhile he’s going to wage a war on income inequality which he managed to make worse in the last 5 years than under any of his predecessors. Paul, if you’re an economist, that explains why economists have the effed up reputation you do. You look at one set of numbers and draw a conclusion. Speaking of A holes, you might as well start hating cuz you are one.

      • The problem isnt one individual party. both sides are to blame. Im an infantry squad leader in the UNited States Army (currently serving), and through my perspective its partisan politics, which numerous presidents from a younger america, warned us about. it will tear this country down. No one side is right or wrong. Thats why i leave the politics to the politicians. I vote sometimes, not everytime. But i usually dont see a presidential cantidate worth voting for either. Our focus should be our economy right now. Within our borders not outside. We have some serious issues here, on our streets, in our government. For example look at this entire thread, it’s like watching a debate in congress or the senate, everyones pissing on each other over their own ideas. they dont care if theirs is right or wrong, just that its heard. They dont care if someone else from the other party has a good idea, because it was not their parties belief or idea. This country is beautiful and great in SO many ways, but it’s also ugly and disgusting in so many ways.

    • And as I recall, President Bush had to send us into war, because those American hating MUSLIMS flew some of our airplanes into the Twin Towers, and a field killing innocent Americans. Yes the war lasted longer than we wanted, but maybe it was because of libtards like yourself that kept voting to NOT go to war and blocked the war at every pass. If you want the wars ended, feel free to go ‘talk the enemy down’. I’m sure they’ll have no issues showing you just how peaceful they truly are.

      • Yeah, I seem to remember an attack on us. I think that gives us a reason to fight back. But we should have bombed the heck out of them, destroyed their ability to train more terrorists and kept our soldiers out. No nation rebuilding! It only makes it easier for them to re-group..

  110. I have not seen Lone Survivor yet because I do expect a stressful situation while watching the horrors of war. The people of Afghanistan have suffered for centuries of years and the women worse yet. Not only in Afghanistan in the whole region. Our government regardless of what Political Party is seating at the Oval Office, have known the horrors and human rights violations occured as a way of life and it was of no concerns to them until the american oil and gas companies decided they wanted those natural resources. Because our corporations go to foreign countries wanting to do business their way or no way, often those foreign government deny them. That is when all of the sudden those government become “a threat” to our country and a new invasion or war is declared. These corporations have the capital to hire mercenaries to do their dirty job, how ever they are greedy and request that Congress use the tax payers money and our loved ones be deploy to fight in conflicts we must not be involved with. You bet we have brave men that are willing to sacrifice for their homeland. It is that we can utilize them here at home to protect our borders and help the police with the wave of crime our police officers cannot win alone. Our police is overpower since the criminal have more powerful fire arms, more powerful speed boats and cars. I am still waiting in the promise President Obama made to bring our troops back home. I know I will be crying when the shooting begins, when I see the ambushes our soldiers find themselves in. Not only the equipment our soldiers are of a lesser quality than years ago, when pride not greed was the reason to have armed forces, the quality of the intelligence gathering procedures are not the same either. In the past, government had established standards for the armed forces. The budget was set to cover all that was necessary to keep our soldiers well equip. Now the budget is cut in order to spread the profits around to pay political favors. Never mind the armed forces members and their families are having a hard time to make ends meet, life as a military family is not the same. Today military families must go on food stamps. Let’s not forget the 8 year old child stationed with his family in California who committed suicide and left a letter saying, forgive me but now you will have one mouth less to feed. Look it up in the internet, you will find it unless it was blocked for obvious reasons. I am not a candy ass liberal, I am sure there are some, it is just that I want no more americans tortured and killed abroad for the abuses of Corporate America and the government, our elected officials that when those briefcase slinger tell them to jump the reply is, “how high”. I do support my troops, that is why I do not cover the sun with my hand. There is no doubt our loved ones are fulfilling their duty they were trained for, it is that they are dying and suffering from their injuries for the benefit of others who do not deserve their sacrifices, (foreign countries).

  111. Worry about the safety of our brave men and women and not collateral damage, we are at war and I believe that anything does to keep our troops safe

  112. War is brutal, people die, when you send warriors into battle Mr. President and Congress do not restrict and hand cuff them. You talk out of both sides of your mouth Mr. President, publicly you praise military personnel, privately you hate the military. I’m glad I finished my service before you got into office and undermined our fine men and women who wear the uniform and serve this great country.

  113. This confirms the mental plague which inflicts Republicans. Namely: loss! It was a Republican administration that started this stupid, idiotic, unnecessary war to begin with. But, Republicans don’t remember and they don’t want to accept responsibility for anything. However, blame goes every direction but at their own party. Bush was a “fake” soldier at best. I served four years USAF, four years Florida Air National Guard and four years Florida Army National Guard. And my USAF was during the early days of VietNam. That’s why I call Bush a “fake” solider! Obama doesn’t start wars based on lies!

    • but he has no problem allowing our men and women to die. to be murdered in Bengazi while he is more worried about parting with beyonce. to take away their bullets and not allow them to defend themselves. but then I am sure you will find more excuses and bs crap to justify his hate of America and the military.

      • Bengazi was 4 people…FOUR. GWB and the Republican Party is responsible for THOUSANDS of American deaths in Iraq. Shut your cock-holster until you have something intelligent to say.