Why black liberals will never fulfill King’s dream

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I’ve been very blessed to have traveled across this nation quite a bit during 2013. While I don’t worry about the future of America, one of my great concerns is the message of conservatism in the black community.

The black community is the most conservative group in America — on Sunday. Our great challenge is to ensure the message of individual salvation translates to one of individual liberty Monday through Saturday.

It is surely the message Dr. Martin Luther King preached.

We must promulgate this message of economic empowerment — not economic servitude — in our inner cities. We must be able to express why education enables self-reliance, which in turn promotes entrepreneurship.

This was the glorious triumvirate of Booker T. Washington, the “Father of Black Conservatism” – education, self-reliance and entrepreneurship.

When we restore our inner cities by reducing crime and growing opportunity, we enable success and America will thrive. It is there in our urban areas where progressive socialists have done their best to spread their lies of dependency and subservience to government — the evident failures of the 50-year war on poverty. We must restore the values of family and faith, and end the culture of “victimhood.”

If we are to take this message into the black community, we need a new generation of shining stars — energetic, articulate, young black conservatives who can be the sentinels and enable the rising tide to lift all boats out of economic servitude and into economic freedom.

One of my favorite songs by Earth, Wind, and Fire back in the day was “Shining Star.” I was a young high-schooler when that song came out in the Seventies and yes, I had bell bottoms and platform shoes –don’t tell me you didn’t either!

As the nation reflects on the great strides our nation has made since Dr. Martin Luther King’s momentous speech, I’d like to share with you some of the newest shining stars in the black community.

Ashley Bell is a former Hall County Commissioner in Georgia who, along with his wife Lauren, gained notoriety for leaving the Democrat Party.

John Burnett was the GOP nominee for Comptroller of NYC. I bet he doesn’t believe in “shared prosperity over individual success” and I bet folks wished he was the Comptroller.

Leah Durant is Founder of the Black American Leadership Alliance and a columnist for Breitbart.com. Previously, Leah served as a Trial Attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice, where she argued civil immigration cases on behalf of the Federal Government.

Mike Hill Florida State Representative is a US Air Force Academy graduate and potential candidate for Florida House Speaker.

Amy Holmes is a conservative commentator, news anchor on Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze TV, and a CNN political contributor.

Richard Ivory is founder of Hip Hop Republican, a dynamic young black conservative who understands social media presence and messaging.

Charles Lollar is a former Marine Officer, previous candidate for US Congress, and currently seeking the GOP nomination for Governor in Maryland.

Honorable Mayor Mia Love of Saratoga Springs Utah is a US Congressional candidate.

Michael McNeely is First Vice President of the State of Georgia Republican Party.

Katrina Pierson is a well-known TEA Party activist (who said they’re racist?) who is running for US Congress.

T.W. Shannon, an Oklahoma State Representative who is the current Speaker of the House

Raffi Williams, the son of Fox News political analyst Juan Williams (yep, I bet their dinner table conversations are interesting). Raffi is the Deputy Communications Director at the Republican National Committee.

Ladies and gents, this is far from an exhaustive list. Are there others? Doggone right, find them, and develop them — like Nicholas Buford, a sophomore at Georgia’s Valdosta State University. Share them with us too.

We must not allow the liberal left to say conservative principles and values are not relevant to every corner of America. This is not about “outreach,” it’s about “policy inclusiveness” and having flesh and blood examples who walk the walk and talk the talk.

Some will say we don’t need qualifying adjectives, but I disagree. We do need to proclaim our diversification across race, age and gender in order to purposefully engage.

We must stand together and show the truth. We must show why it is conservatism that will fulfill King’s dreams of freedom and equality.


    • It’s not about “including” gay people. It’s about gay people that decide to become conservatives, of which there are very few.

    • You do realize that the Gay movement is trying to fight for Government Recognition of their marriages as the only way their marriages can exist… If they self reliant, they would get married on their own, without the government, and without bugging everybody about their personal feelings regarding the matter. Just go get married. Marriage does not involve the government unless you want special benefits afforded to you by the government… the sole reason for the mass publicized movement of government recognition of gay marriages is for benefits. They should be looking to end all forms of government involvement in marriage as conservatives do. Marriage is between a man, a woman, and God. For homosexuals, its between the two partners and whatever third party they deem appropriate other than the government. Just wish they realized that so they can live in peace.

  1. We desperately need these people in the “D”! The most government dependent city in our nation! From what I’ve heard in our local news debates the city completely lacks any Political or religious leaders who would stand for any type of conservative self reliant ideals. We have an abundance of Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s! They are truly the reason this city’s residents are oppressed!

  2. If only the GOP establishment would realize that their future with the black community is to have the likes of Alan West and E.W. Jackson articulate conservatism to the masses. Instead they purge black conservatives at their own peril.

    • The GOP purges black conservatives because the older members, entrenched in their own comfy congressional fortresses are of the same ilk as the Democrats: personal power, not citizen empowerment. Don’t yadda yadda about Antebellum hypocrisy or misinterpretations of Scripture. Talk about how the living use the dead to oppress other living.

    • Don’t forget how it was the RINOs in control of the Florida legislature who colluded with the Democrats there to gerrymander Allen West out of his original congressional district — and who did little or nothing to help him fight against the electoral shenanigans of the corrupt local Democrat election officials in St. Lucie County that ultimately led to his narrow and VERY SUSPICIOUS re-election “defeat.”

  3. Keep posting Sir..Your message is valid..And yes, I did see Earth, Wind, and Fire at Cal Jam 1 while wearing Big Bell Levi’s and a giant Afro..

  4. Would it not be a great move of Almighty God if He moved the hearts of millions of Black men to change their hearts and return to their families to lead them in the ways of the Lord?! Malachi 4:6 seems to foresee this perhaps: “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers; lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”

    • Thats pertaining to Israel returning to the same obedience their Fathers(Abraham,Isaac,Jacob) to the Torah….after all we are grafted in to he House of Israel…

  5. It is a shame that the black community listen to the likes of the Sharptons and Jacksons. Is it because they like being told that they aren’t smart enough to achieve? When will they realize that they are the only ones holding themselves back by believing the brainwashers of this country.

    • Another cracker who thinks it’s his place to tell the dumb blacks who they should be listening to. Never fails. Just a MLK day tradition.

  6. I think is about time minorities stop looking at the color of the skin and start looking at the content of the President soul .

  7. I just find it funny seeing whole Asian families who came over to this country in the 70s to 90s as refugees with not much more than the clothing on their backs, earn college degrees, become successful professionals, and dominate in business, medicine, science, and engineering, while people born in this fine nation with all the benefits, subsidies, and comfort can’t seem to do much with their lives. ha.

      • You’re welcome to your opinion, but if you don’t agree with King, don’t pretend you do, as West seems to be doing here.

        Though I do wonder how any sane person can imagine there’s work for everyone in a country where there simply aren’t enough jobs to go around.

      • “but if you don’t agree with King, don’t pretend you do”
        On which issue? I agree with his content of character not skin color. He may have professed other ideas, some of which I disagree. There’s not one man except Jesus that I agree 100%.

      • I love Jesus, too. Who could argue with the idea that perfection calls for selling all you have and giving the money to the poor? But I also love John the Baptist’s idea that whenever you have two things–coats, food, etc.–you should give one to someone who has none.

      • Hallelujah brother I 100% Agree with you I Agree with Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ Only;Thank You Lord!!!

      • Not enough work? Wrong. Not enough people actually willing to do any work when they can instead get a check in the mail from all us hardworking taxpayers.

      • Get some meaningful tax reform, eliminate 30% of government and there will be jobs…man oh man will there be jobs.

      • Tell that to Ben Carson…if you have the heart to study or train for the work you will have a job. I honestly think Dr. King would agree – look where hard work took him!

      • And if the Progressives (Marxists) get their way, there’ll be fewer and fewer jobs as time goes by. You need to stop drinking that electric kool-aid; it’s giving you delusions.

      • MMMMM! electric kool-aid lol that took me back a few years.our problem where i live is they cant find enough people that can pass drug tests or people willing to work full time,work a couple of days take a day off.

      • there could be jobs enough if our potus and congress adjusted the tax codes to make it more profitable for manufacturing companies to return and not be run by left wing liberal unions who are the biggest detriment to job creation. They want the largest part of the pie. Few workers large paychecks. Now I see nothing wrong with a large paycheck but not at the expense of a lot of people I have to pay money toward their unemployment scam. I worked for 45 years and never, ever, drew unemployment. I paid taxes all of those years so others could. I believe it is a good program if you lose your job but not to live on for 5 years because you get used to living on it and it costs too much to work. You have to pay transportation costs, food, clothes costs and you don’t have to do that if you just sit at home in your pj’s and watch tv all day.

      • Funny..I’ve had a job since I was 16 and that was 50 years ago…I have NO break in employment. And I’m black!

      • Hence the problem with those inflicted with “Libthink.”

        If there’s not job, create one. It’s called entrepreneurialism.

        Oh, darn. There I go again using a multi-syllabic word with an ignorlib…
        Oh, darn…

      • Make up a job that doesn’t exist? Ah, life is simple when you don’t understand that where there’s no demand, there can be no supply. Really, if there were jobs for everyone, we would have 100% employment. But if you can create some new jobs out of thin air, more power to you.

      • and yet the Liberals claim that they need to legalize the illegals to do all the jobs that others won’t do. Which is it?

      • The lack of jobs is the fault of over-regulation and high taxation. I’m not talking about mega-corporations, I’m talking about the sole proprietorships, smaller LLC’s, S-Corps, and Corporations that have employee counts of about 100 or less, most commonly in the teens in counts. These small businesses are the ones providing the vast majority of jobs, they do not get the Democrat/GOP hook-ups through special tax exemptions that the larger corps do. The jobs come back when taxes are lowered, and regulations are simplified and decreased in number.

  8. When Dr. King expressed “content of character” and not “color of skin”, most whites said Heck Yea, that’s it. When will black communities come around to believing it to?

  9. The only thing wrong in this article(and it’s a positive) is the reference to people reading it being around in the 70’s. I was not, and I hope a bunch of people reading this article are also too young to remember bell bottoms! Mr. West is drawing the attention of a much younger crowd than he gives himself credit for. Keep drawing those young folks in sir, those are the people that need to hear your voice!

  10. If only “the victims” would take one second to look at their history. There were ALWAYS more BLACK slave owners than white slave owners. There were ALWAYS more WHITE Irish slaves than black slaves. Why? Because they were cheaper. Abraham Lincoln…A REPUBLICAN freed the Black man from slavery. The KKK was ALWAYS, and still is a Left Wing Democratic organization. The self imposed ridiculous reverse discrimination in this country has gotten out of hand. The sense of entitlement of Black liberals in this nation is born out of pure HUBRIS that they deserve everything for nothing because of suffering that never happened and is not happening from anyone else but themselves. Even the term African American is incorrect. NO RACE is born out of where your ancestors were and where you are now. That is YOUR HERITAGE…NOT YOUR RACE! The correct term is Negro or Black and always will be. Just because something offends you doesn’t give you the right to change it. From the looks of it, the Black Liberals will insist everything in this nation be changed until somebody finally says no.

    • Negro is the correct term…MLK used negro and not black…black for the very old generation was just as bad as using the N word. Also, can you cite references about more black slaveholders in the US?

      • That is correct. American is the correct term for everyone. American or African American is not a race as I indicated. That is why Obama’s birth certificate is in fact a forgery. The term African American did not come about until the 1980’s. The correct term in 1961 was Negro, although it was in the manuals that Black could also be used.

      • American is national origin and Negro is race. The term black wasn’t widely used until the late 1960s prior to that it was used as a slur. The slave trade is a world thing and in America it hasn’t existed for over 150 years. However, I will argue that it has been rerouted in a different form as welfare etc.

      • MLK, Jr. indeed DID use the term “black.” I don’t think the following is an obscure reference:

        “I have a dream that one day little black boys and girls will be holding hands with little white boys and girls.”

        Martin Luther King Jr., I Have A Dream

      • And many Blacks will argue Black is the correct reference other than African American. They find Negro offensive. Bottom line, they feel entitled to be offended by something…everything out of pure hubris. If we want to truly be correct, there are actually only THREE races in this world; Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid. They are based SOLELY on facial characteristics and bone structure. Every other race out there is self proclaimed, frivolous, and immaterial beyond that.

      • Yes, I believe in the late 1960’s after the Black Power movement. However, prior to that calling a Negro black was considered a racial slur.

      • Here is a quick reference to answer questions on slavery around the world. It’s important to note there are far more white slaves historically than black slaves. Also important to note that while everyone wants to focus SOLELY on the black man being sold into slavery and held by the white man, the majority of slaves SOLD worldwide were by BLACK slave traders! So, who is more at fault? The seller or the buyer who rounded them up against their will for profit?


      • You watch what happens when a white person calls a black person a negro. Do you even hear yourself? Are you that dumb?

      • Steve only the ignorant ones are that dumb. Funny thing is Negro was a commonly used word when referring to black people prior to the the mid-1960s just the same as white is for whites today. It was the N-word which was used by whites as a racial slur and today blacks use it as a term of endearment while getting offended by the word Negro. Little do you know most black people back then would rather be called colored than black. Besides, I was speaking about the era before the 1968 riots…you need to study your history before you call anyone dumb but then again ignorance is bliss. You need to do your own study of Black History and stop trying to rely on the slave master’s substandard education. The one you’ve gotten. In other words stop being trifling stupid.

  11. Colonel West I would respectfully disagree with you on one matter you mention: Revitalizing the inner cities. These places where never meant to have vitality but rather designed by American leftists for the same purpose as the ghetto’s of WW2 were designed by German leftists: To house “undesirables” and keep them there, under the thumb of the powers that be. Let us call them what they are: Ghetto’s, with all the negative implications that name entails. Instead of being forced to work in Nazi slave factories those trapped in American ghetto’s are forced to support corrupt leftists in order to maintain their meager status quo of existence, under false perception that there is no alternative. Instead of being spurred at gun point, threat of cold and hunger are used. Instead of brick and barbed wire, the barriers of the American ghetto’s are dependency and more than fifty years of psychological conditioning. In my opinion the surest way to revitalize the black community is to abandon these government ghetto’s en masse and raze them to the ground on the way out of town. In their place I think it would be fitting to raise monuments, commemorating the beginning of the end of the second enslavement of black peoples in the United States of America.

    • The inner city was the control and holding place for the freed blacks which started with the Black Codes in 1865. Oh and by the Dems/Union generals who picked the local bigots to manage the program..

  12. Thanks for the shout out on these individuals. It is tragic that the liberal machine has been so successful in suppressing the freedom of speech of these individuals.
    One example of a conservative political participant that was suppressed but not stopped: I meet this young black individual at a state republican party convention 20 years ago. We were both from a strong democratic area which was really a one party state. He was hopeful to uplift his community and those citizens in his home area. I will not give his name because to be able to accomplish any success in his political pursuit, he later changed parties. He continued to expand his experience and is now the major of his home town. His conservative view are still there. There has been major reductions in the crime activities, education has had award winning examples, and the town is showing signs of positive change after 40 years of decline.
    Another example that I can share comes from this same town: (You mention about the black community being conservative on Sunday, so this is relative.) This example is from 20 year ago when this city had become know for crime, poverty, and decay. I took a day to tour the city and my observations revealed that there was a church visible almost every three blocks. Where were the outreach programs, where were the mentor/protégé programs, where were the efforts to uplift our fellow man? If you have the god given talent to uplift your fellow man, how can you have the audacity not to do so? Churches can preach about the good book on Sunday, but through there membership they can also be good stewards in their community every day of the week.

  13. Conservatives like George Bush sure did a lot to improve America. rofl.. Well, they did send a few thousand, mostly african americans to their death in a War started under a lie of WMD’s,

    • George W. Bush is no conservative. His signature legislation was No Child Left Behind, and Medicare Part D. Conservatives opposed both. The war in Iraq, authorized by a very bi-partisan vote in the Congress, accomplished much in the stabilization of that damaged nation. Too bad all the progress has been squandered by that ignoramus in the White House and his “tell ’em when you’re going to leave ’em helpless” philosophy.

      • DMcG Donvan knows Bush isn’t a conservative.. Libs love to try that crap. And Donovan Moore I notice a lot of whites with me while serving. Check your ignorance meatball!

      • There was NOTHING wrong with NCLB. The only reason Obama needed to repeal it was because he needed to push COMMON CORE and he couldn’t with NCLB in place!! There was proof that Tests scores were improving!!

        Do you see the total difference in the two? NCLB made sure students knew where they rated every year and gave them goals they needed to achieve with Parents and Teachers!! THIS WOULD CREATE THE STANDARD FOR HARD WORK for those who lag behind and cause them to catch up! It would also give PARENTS the knowledge that their kids are lagging and give them the opportunity to work harder with their children to help them!!

        Common Core has OBAMA all over it! And IN IT ALREADY! Obama needed to write his own history before he is even history because he didn’t want anyone else writing the truth about him!

        Of Course Obama has it so that you can say 2+2=6 and get it correct as long as you explain why you answered 6!!




        No president in history has ever made sure they were in the History books before their first term was up!!!

        Of course CONTROL THE NARRATIVE is the OBAMA WAY!


    • Where is the proof that you are insinuating that mostly blacks went to fight the war in Iraq? I agree that it was a war based on false pretenses. (WMD’s) I don’t think that it was a racially motivated event like you are portraying.

    • Bush quadrupled the amount of financial aid going to Africa. Obama cut it except Kenya which got a billion dollars from his administration

    • That’s a LIE MORON LIBERAL!!

      There you go as usual passing the buck!


      If you think you can just say it was mostly African Americans you need to bring some proof with that you LIAR!

      The war also wasn’t ONLY about WMD’s!! Don’t you remember the Democrats and George Bush 78 percent approval rating?

      You all jumped off the train when you realized Bush wanted to do the HUMANE thing and stay in Iraq to make sure those people were OK!!!
      Liberals would rather see him go DESTROY IRAQ and then leave them to be tortured by Al Qaeda which would have given Al Qaeda another Country whereby they could become stronger and stronger and possibly could have given them a country to RULE!!

      Don’t be a damned FOOL!

      • I laugh ever time some nut jobs says Bush’s war….go to you tube and watch Hillary “sell” the American people why we MUST go to war. Liberals have a very selective memory. There was a long line of democrats waiting there turn to declare war….and it’s ALL on Youtube, brought to you by C-SPAN.

      • I checked the statistics, and through 2008 there were 3034 white servicepeople killed and 1025 of other races. Blacks were only 385 of that. BUT since blacks are only 13% of the US population,this is a pretty good percentage. I have to wonder how Mr.West thinks education and jobs can help Americans, when his party is totally against creating jobs and helping people get an education.

      • “when his party is totally against creating jobs and helping people get an education”

        Really? Where do you get your “facts” Betty? The DNC? Are you talking about the pork riddled jobs bill that Harry Reid REFUSED TO NEGOTIATE amendments? Are you talking about the Common Core educational requirements that says 2+3 = 6 if your logic is okay?

        And speaking of math, your math has issues, too. If blacks are 13% of the population, but less than 10% of those KIA, how is that a ‘pretty good percentage’? 385/(3034+1025) = 9.5% which is even less than Gary’s percentage.

        Every day liberals come up with the most ridiculous things.

      • Well sais, Suzie! I read somewhere that blacks were 17% of the population. That would drop the percentage even more.

      • Wow, Betty, not a single up vote. I’m thinking you’re on the wrong website dear. Type elsewhere… shoo!

      • Creating jobs requires getting the government out of the way, as well as letting people and businesses keep their hard earned money so they can grow. Do you know what growth is in business? It’s in employee numbers and physical capital that is used to produce additional goods. Slow growth of business, you prevent job creation. The Republican party is for job growth in the only way it can be done.

        Now for education, you can earn your education by reading books. Thousands of which are available on every subject. What do you learn from in school? Textbooks, books in general. Books are becoming more expensive due to regulations related to the use of resources in their production as well as increases in taxes brought on by the left. At any rate, limiting the locations where children can go to get education is not supporting education.

        The republican party is about ending the strategy of “Forced attendance” to public education so that families can pick where their child can perform his or her best when the public school is not cutting it. Liberals want to force students to learn subjects that do not give them skills and that will not get them jobs (such as history of homosexuals, or forced art classes and other electives that do not lead to occupation).

        The republicans want to encourage choice and competition in education which will lower costs and provide more freedoms to all people. Homosexual students want to learn about their history? Awesome, Homosexuals can start up their own online education programs and teach it where that student can go and learn to their hearts content. If a straight person wants to learn about it as well as part of a job requirement, then they can as well. It’s called choice, something liberals do not comprehend.

    • This comment from a party member which gave us WW1,WW2,Korea,Vietnam,Bosnia and Somalia. So far your democrats have slaughter some 160,000,000. million people. You brought us the war on Poverty as well, how’s that one working out. You left our Ambassador and three others to fend for themselves after repeatedly asking for help months in advance. You and obama have expanded the (Bushe’s) Patriot Act. You have failed to close Guantanamo in Cuba as you and obama said you’d do. Instead you spent some 40 million to rehab. the place.You let the IRS do your political dirty work, and no one has been fired. You expand the NSA ability to spy on innocent people in the “hope” they commit a crime.You and obama can now kill any American as you desire. With out a court order ! You regularly violate the Constitution. You by pass Congress and violate the very rules this country set up to ensure justice for all.

      The list goes on and on…..I only hope you sir live long enough to enjoy the fruits of your socialist dreams.

    • He did so, as required, with the approval of congress, which included demoncrats. Not to mention a coalition of several other countries. What has Ocommie done constitutionally?

    • Just so you know, my unit found tubes of serin gas stored in an Iraqi General’s briefcase back during Operation Phantom Fury… Not to mention the thousands of munitions found throughout the nation with residue of chemical weapons that would have not remained had their not been chemical weapons… then of course there is Syria’s chemical weapon stockpile that came from the 90’s… didn’t have those weapons in the first few years of 2000’s… As to your “mostly african americans” to their deaths… I’m sorry, but last I checked (as I am a Marine who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan) our troops are not sent to die, you fool, they are sent to fight and make the enemy die. You are so distorted its shameful. Do not make such disrespectful comments. I’m not talking about it being disrespectful to Lt. Col. West, but to our troops, and more importantly, the families of those who were killed by the enemy, not Bush or the republicans. Learn how responsibility works, and something about Honor, before you choose to make such disgusting remarks.

  14. I want to say something that sounds completely off the topic, but I believe like Col West, like MLK Jr., The thing that will make us all come together is work and believing in our country again. We all need fulfillment that comes with meeting our purpose in life. The hopelessness of welfare villages destroys this in people of all colors. America needs to work, we need to become a sustainment nation. We also need to become a nation and a community again.

    • …But ,,,They all must find their GOD first!!!! Beg his forgiveness for their selfish ways…promise to do what is right …..I just wish more black Conservatives would go in to their communities and churches and show them the light….That Liberals are LIARS..and their only real message is “keep me in POWER…and I will serve you….no they don’t serve you they exploit you and keep you enslaved in a new Obama Plantation! All the while they are going RICH RICH RICH…Middle class is disappearing, Poor are poorer and the FAT CAT is getting fatter!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. MLK Jr. was a Republican. He believed in hard work and strength of character to lift people up. His legacy has been high-jacked by people who don’t believe anything he stood for. How very sad.

  16. Love it….I wish more of Black America would rise up and take what MLK Jr had to say and grow with it instead of taking things out of context and using them for personal gain. They need to stop empowering people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton who are leading them to destruction. I wish more people had the heart to serve, the fortitude to persevere and the gift of gentleness that MLK Jr had….of every race.

    • These two clowns being in the Democrat party should clearly show every black person in America why they are NOT after MLK Jr’s Dream!!

      Any Party those two are affiliated with you should run from fast!!

  17. Praise God for the understanding and awakening in the Black Community that conservatisms is the answer for economic freedom IS IT TO LATE? We must remember that God will eventually destroy a party that promotes homosexuality and abortion! They will fall no matter what they do! God’s will will be established BUT will liberalism destroy America FIRST? I pray to all people repent and serve the God that the reverand Martin Luther King served or we will all perish!!

  18. The first basic thing to realize is that no one has the choice about to whom or where they are born. The color, nationality, customs and lineage are only classifications that man has set against man out of greed. All participate in that and always have.

    I appreciate Col. West’s views about getting our young adults thinking about their brain and soul in endeavors rather than any of the supposed “lesser cultures”. Anyone can improve and have ambition (hopefully for the right purposes).

    The issue of “no slavery” is not over. Our poor people (of all colors) have been knocked off kilter with the government handouts, making them sure there is no hope, no need to better themselves … no need to even try. This alone has caused the nation to slide into mental depressions that involve drug problems and emotional problems that seem never-ending. The slave traffic now is importing young people to not only vote for the “right to come here?”, and they pay for their drugs by prostituting their children and grandchildren.

    There is a whole lot to do and we’d better get busy. Color is of no importance.

    • Have you also noticed the attitudes, optimism and pessimism, or malaise, if you will, among the populace when we have a Great President such as Ronald Reagan vs when we have a total failure in the Oval Office, such as Barack Obama?

  19. The thing that is destroying the black community’s ability to go in the direction that King dreamed of is the fact that marriage has been destroyed due to widespread acceptance of, and maybe even encouragement in, the sin of fornication. But I will not stop at the black community. The whites are into it also and their families are being destroyed as well. The Bible speaks against fornication in no uncertain terms. Please see this website: http://www.biblestoriesforyoungadults.com

    • As well intended as your comments and concerns are I have to disagree. Fornication is as old as man himself, as we all may recall the saying,second oldest profession. The deterioration of the black family has come as a direct result of LBJ and his war on poverty. Those at lower income levels, uneducated, and lacking motivation will jump at the opportunity to receive free food, discounted or free housing, free cell phones, free medical etc. We did this to all people which needed our help and a hand up. We took the easy way and handed them money and said go…bother me know more. My Mother and Father always spoke of the strength and integrity of the black family. They of course spoke of their time, 40’s and the 50″s. I agree with King and West, you start with education which leads to opportunity’s and independence. With that your earn respect, a level of fulfillment, hope, and a smile as you look upon your children as they too see and learn the right way to live free.

      • Prostitution is the oldest profession, not fornication. Also, for you to say the deterioration of the black community is from a president who was in office some fifty years ago is ludicrous and insulting to black people in general, as if black people were the only ethic group at the time who had poor people.

      • It is actually choices made by individuals based on the information given to them by the leaders of their various demographics that have led to many issues. Breakdown in marriage, welfare abuse, criminal activity, lack of education. Not so much LBJ, however I won’t deny that the “war on poverty” has failed as was expected and mathematically and historically predetermined. However everyone has to understand that there is choice. Now there are many who are prevented from making better choices by gang activity and the like, however, I have trained many a Marine in my time who chose to leave that life to live for something better.

        We must look at how to provide choice to the “low-income” communities so they can understand that “poor” is a perception, “poverty” is in the eye of the beholder, and that they do have the choice to leave it. “low-income” is not a class, its a stage that we all start at (minus the less than 1% who live off their inheritance). The more we actively teach those about their thousands of available choices, and the more we help them make the better choices (welfare is not a better choice), the better chances we stand at helping people see their own way out of poverty.

    • Yes, it’s basic Bible truths!! I hear preachers saying now a days……and acting like the Word of God isn’t relevant today!!! The signs all point to the “end times” and we need to be getting right with God!! He never changes!! Fornication is sin, even though you can divorce… I can’t find anywhere that it is okay to re-marry unless your ex-spouse is dead!!! We cannot be Christians on Sunday and think we won’t pay for our sins if Jesus comes on Monday!! Yes, we have taken Him out of our homes, families, Black and White alike…and we all fall short of His Glory!

  20. I can’t pretend to know how blacks feel about anything but as a general rule of thumb regarding economics and getting ahead in life is to value education, learn to speak English coherently, don’t become mom’s and dad’s until your education is over and you’re married, tell your parents to stay married or get married, stay out of the drug scene and find good mentors. Those are basics for everyone, not just blacks. I can not imagine Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. being pleased with the way his dream has been realized at this level.

  21. You better believe that Dr. King…looking at what’s going on in the black communities nationwide, is spinning in his grave at 10,000 rpms…

  22. Col. West, I must make a stand here. I did not have platform shoes…I had (awesome music starts) pointy Cuban-heeled Beatle Boots/roachkillers (courtesy of John Hardy and Flagg Bros.!!!!).
    Killer article, by the way…couldn’t be more on target 🙂

  23. http://uixdetroit.com/videos/tomnardonevideo.aspx
    This is the story of a white guy who looked around at the neglected parks in Detroit, started mowing them and the kids came back to play on the swings, to play football, to enjoy the outdoors again. One man can start something, doesn’t matter who he is, just that he looks around, sees something to be done and does it.

  24. Unfortunately Col. West, the color of your skin does not give you free license to distort and misuse the legacy of Dr King. If government dependency is a real issue dear to your heart you should address it equally for black and white people. 56% of the white population receive entitlements while 64% of black did. Yes it’s a higher percentage but we still got plenty of help bankrupting the system. 62% of residents in rural areas receive benefits while only the urban areas 54% of the population received benefits. So if you’re really about content of character you will address the issue equaly for all. If not, you’re just a race-baiting uncle-tom.

    • Where every you get your info that number you are posting 56% is high in Latinos – Mexicans. They post them as “white” to scure the books. Look up any Sherriff’s website and find the inmates names and races. Gonzales (white/Anglo), Gomez (white/Anglo), etc… I sure the do the same at the food stamp office. They are not shy about it here in Texas.

      • That’s only because hispanic is not a race it’s a culture. A black Dominican is as hispanic as a white Spaniard. Is there anthropology in homeschool curiculums?

      • I don’t recall using the word “hispanic.” The word hispanic was also created by the government to continue segregation.
        Remember segregation? I am sure that is one of your pet projects. Culture? Boombox and a six pack real culture.

    • Vlad99 here we go again don,t it get old Uncle Tom that has been aroung longer then you have and you can,t come up with some thing different or better you will live off the working people for ever because with you it is the same old same old you should be ashamed of your self

      • While reading through the majority of your comments one can conclude that you support welfare. From there, your clear alliance with the Liberal/Democrat/Socialist party is made evident. From there you have not made much point in describing your occupation. So though mr. Fallon may be off the mark in his assumption, you have yet to make clear that you do not live on Welfare. Now a better response to Mr. Fallon would have been “I do not live on Welfare, I currently work at (fill in the blank) and have been providing for myself for (fill in the blank) years/months/days.” However, once again, your adolescence is showing.

      • No I’m not on welfare. I work for a living and very much present in my kids lives. Seriously where I work is kind of private info. No offense. Only can say my clients are americans, further south they come from, dumber they are.

    • If you have laws passed that will have benefits, there will always be a long list of individuals waiting to take advantage of it. One reason all laws need a sunset clause. Laws go on for ever. Those taking advantage of them seem to do the same.

    • As a white person, I completely respect Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain and all the rest. If you statistics are correct 56% to 64%, the part you need to consider is this: White Americans make up 72% of the population while Black Americans make up just 12%. So when you consider 64% receive entitlements and only make up 12% of the nation’s population, that there says a lot, sir. Just as it is with those who are incarcerated. Dr. Martin Luther King never intended for all his efforts for equal justice and opportunity just for his people, or all Americans, to be looked down upon by receiving entitlements or being incarcerated. Nonetheless, pResident Obama has taken this country backwards by a few decades by serving his own egotistic desires. Dr. MLK never sought to serve his ego and that’s where the difference lies between the two.

    • Vlad, how dare you label the Colonel like that! Have YOU served your country heroically as he did? As far as statistics go, black people are still a very small minority of the population – less than 20%, so your numbers on ‘who is receiving ‘ benefits are irrelevant and just plain misleading. More importantly, government dependency does NOT help the black community – or any community, it hurts us. Did you read Booker T’s book ‘up from Slavery’??? Mr. Washington warned people NOT to accept handouts and become dependent, to ‘cast down their buckets where they are’ – something which Col West did – and a message that is LOST COMPLETELY these days in the radical left dominating today’s black culture.

      Also using labels like ‘Uncle Tom’ just because you disagree with Col West is racist. Why? Because you assume that because a man is black, he must subscribe to a certain political view. Why can’t a black man be a conservative Vlad? Remember it was the Republicans who freed the slaves, NOT the Democrats. Lincoln was a Republican. If you think that being dependent on the government emancipates you, than you have a great deal more reading and learning to do.

      • I can promise you that Vlad99 has never read Uncle Tom;s cabin. He is a product of the inner city schools and most likely his Mama was a welfare mother!

    • Interesting. You call someone an Uncle Tom and accuse them of race baiting in the same breath. Please explain if you can just what good is accomplished (other than voting Democrat for life to keep the checks coming) by making it easy for anyone to get “free” welfare payments that will put them in roach infested Section 8 housing and a minimal subsistence life of sub standard medical care at a free clinic that their offspring will grow up emulating. Did not LBJ not proclaim that by offering these tidbits and getting the CRA passed he would “have those niggers voting Democrat for the next two hundred years”? It appears that you are the one who is still trapped on the plantation. The black conservatives broke the chains and left a long time ago.

      • Thank you Jimbolero for hitting the nail on the head here to Vlad99. Would like to know where he got all those percentages. Doesn’t really matter though for bottom line is: Stop depending on the Gov. as your way of life financially. Get off your butt, get educated, get a job & start rowing your own boat. You have all the opportunity in the world to be & do whatever you want to. Problem is..you consistently let the Dems. keep you in chains of past abuse. Look in your history books & you will find it wasn’t the Dems that sat you free, they liked you in those chains. But rather it was the Republican party that fought tooth & nail for your rights to be free & have the same equal opportunities as anyone else.

      • the democratic plantation is alive and well today….obama is the biggest slave holder in history….

    • What I can’t grasp is why, when you get an education and act like a regular person and interact with the rest of society, you are and” Uncle Tom”. Why do most black people think this is a betrayal of their race.

      We all have a history of coming to America from some other culture. I have traced my people to Scotland and Ireland. Interesting, but I don’t plan on living like I was in their country. I don’t hate England because they oppressed my ancestors in history. I am an American. My world is here,this is my heritage.

      Any race or color does not matter if you are an American. Get educated, learn how to dress and speak. You will be accepted for what you earn,respect . It is not given it is earned. You are not betraying your ancestors . It is always interesting and helpful to know your history. That history does not have to define who you are forever. It is time to put it behind you and move forward into the future.

      • Another cracker lecturing me about my dress code and my history. How about keeping the lessons for your own kids? I’m done being educated a long time ago, I had parents.

      • You are an insult to human beings of any race. Nothing you say makes any sense, but all of us here know you are not a Christian and you are a racist. Just called a white woman who did not agree with you a cracker. Now we all know the level of your education and why you math is way off. You most likely did not even graduate from high school much less college. And Obama would never even speak to you on any level.

      • Cracker, raciest much.. My youngest are 36 and have good careers, the lesson work great for them. Vlad the Impaler. The inspiration for Dracula, sucking the blood of society.

      • And the lessons I got worked great for me. I call anyone who tries to patronize me cracker regardless of color. So eat a cracker, cracker.

    • Listen young brother, your incoherent and inconsistent argument reminds me of me when I was an easily offended young black liberal. In your haste to chastise Lt. Col. West for not indicting whites as a greater problem with regard to government dependence, you fail to recognize two things. 1) Without respect to race Lt. Col. West has consistently and profusely spoken and written about the problem of Americas growing entitlement class, i.e., the increasing number of food stamps, welfare, unemployment recipients and the disability fraud epidemic, and now there’s Obamacare. 2) With regard to entitlements, the larger problem for the black community is that of proportionality, and its a serious problem! While government dependence is a growing problem in the majority community, but it’s debilitating and devastating to the meager 12-13% of the black community. The perceived satisfaction of pointing the finger at white folks is a useless diversion that does nothing to ease the pain and suffering of black folk. 3) It’s clear you don’t think you’re being a hypocrite when you call someone a “race-baiting Uncle Tom” – please note the sarcasm. Finally, as for representing their legacy, Lt. Col. West, MLK and BTW have at least these three things in common – they’re devout Christians, they’re black and they’re Republicans.

      • First off I’m not as young as you think. Now if I understand correctly it’s useless diversion to point the finger at white people on welfare but totally legitimate to point the finger at black people on welfare. You brother do a good job coddling your audience in their perceived double-standards. Bonus points if you manage to work Dr. King into your hate speech. Taking responsibility for oneself is not conservative it’s American. Conservatives don’t own work-ethic.

      • Taking responsibility for your own actions is American, as it is conservative. The Leftist ideology has revolved around (at least for the last 100 years) pointing the finger at others as the ones at fault for your own actions. Whether it is the rich, or the “capitalist” or white man, it has never been an active principle in practice for leftists. So since taking responsibility for your own actions is Americans, and Liberals do not do that given their century long track record on this, what does that make Liberals?

      • Vlad, I have nothing to prove to you, but just so you know. I’m a 52 year old black man, married for 22 years to a beautiful black woman and we’re raising three wonderful black teenage children. I was born and raised in a poor but happy home in the deep south and my 6th grade educated father was a hard working laborer who took care of his family the best he could. In my neighborhood the police were not our friends, as they’d just as soon shoot you than look at you, and my white high school counselors actively steered black kids away from college prep (what we call institutional racism). I remember as a 5 year old when MLK was assassinated, a policeman called me a dirty little n*gger while smashing my hand into the street with his boot and the father of a white childhood friend yelled out their backdoor that he didn’t want any little n*ggers in his house – and that was by age 5. So, make no mistake, I know who I am and I’m proud of who I am, and where I come from. So step correct young blood, this ain’t no shuck’n and jiven’ skinnin’ and grinnin’ yessah bossuh self-loathing old negro spiritual you’re dealing with. I don’t laugh when it ain’t funny and I don’t scratch where it don’t itch. So, save your little [email protected]$$ remarks as this is supposed to be grown folks conversation. Now if you’re old as you claim, then dammit act like it and we can have a serious discussion. It’s on you.

    • How can there be 56% white and 64% black? That’s 110%? It isn’t a black/white problem…it’s an American problem perpetuated by the US Govt. keeping the multitudes in servitude by using debt. The American dream depends on everyone spending…even if they don’t have it. Racism is also kept alive because it draws focus away from the real problems…always easier to blame another race for one’s problems isn’t it?

      • It’s not a percentage of a total population but percentage within their respective race. I don’t blame another race I blame everyone equally.

      • Well I never see your Colonel cite any figures at all when he talks about welfare and government dependency. I should take his word on faith only? What a freakin joke.

      • What Lt. Col. West speaks about is what is common knowledge. Over 40 million on foods stamps comprises a massive chunk of a population that has about 200 million eligible workers. That’s almost a quarter of the population of the work force, obviously roughly but please go to the US Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics to get the exact numbers for the Work Force and on Food Stamps. Taking his word on faith is not what is expected. Its seeking the answers for yourself and coming to your own conclusions that matters.

    • As an Independent voter I would say you have step over the line by calling Co. West an Uncle Tom. But then again what could we expect from a Liberal who feels if everyone doesn’t believe like they do then they have to be wrong.

      • What liberals know are stats presented in such a manner as to promote their own cause. Saying Conservatives like to believe really makes generates no point. Your comment here is an attempt at being clever, but hey, we all want to be clever from time to time. Liberals are the ones believing however, as the communist goal they are attempting to achieve has never existed. Socialism on a nationalist level has been achieved, and International Socialism is in process. So when there has never been something, yet someone strives for it, and that person chooses to believe that it will work even though its never been tried would go into believing. Conservatives Know that Capitalism works as that system has been in existence for about 200 years, (if not only in part during the last 100 years) and has led to America being where it is at and us commenting on a website… So conservatives know, Liberals believe. Just using your own words and context of your comment.

      • No. If you think the word LIBERAL is the same a vomit with disgust, how do you feel about ni**ger, or cu**t?

      • I find both of those terms offensive and disgusting. Considering that the Liberal supporting rap artists use both of those terms on a regular basis far more than any other particular demographic, I can only assume Liberals don’t have much issue with them. Thus the cause of vomit with the word Liberal more so than those other two terms, which are just offensive.

      • Actually LL Cool J and 50 Cent (“bitch can’t get a dollar out of me.” “you ain’t a shooter, you a sherm ni**er,” “cause i got no. 1 love for ny ni**er.”) are rappers. I don’t understand what you mean by Liberals support rap artist? The Constitution supports rap lyrics and money supports rap music. Or should I say 14 year old white kids support rap music.

      • The quote from my comment would be “Liberal supporting rap artists”, not the other way around that you misquoted “liberals support rap artist.”

        So maybe the correction of that misrepresentation may clear it up for you. Oi, now you are attempting to use the constitution. Ok dude, to that point, no, the Constitution does not support rap lyrics. It prevents Congress from passing any law limiting speech.

        Why yes, money does support rap music, that is how it has come into fruition, congratulations on your comprehension of day one of Economics 101.

        So I see no actual point contained within your comment… You are attempting to dodge my point, which is Liberals have no issue with rappers who use racist, sexist, and hate filled speech to put forth a mentality in kids to join gangs, do drugs, drink, and abuse women. However, they call out any white conservative type for speaking anything about rappers who are racists, and for calling them as such. Thus Liberals make me sick….

        Where is this going? Seems off the wall a bit here. So have a good day dude… go find some 14 year old white boy to rap with or something, sense that seems to be something you are familiar with… oddly.

    • nice talking points vlad…what are you doing to help humanity? please tell? and being a paid troll for the philosophical poisonous left doesn’t count

    • You math is way off. 38% of the blacks received entitlements and 2% of the white. some of this 2% is Social Security which is not an entitlement. When you start spouting figures, you need to get close to the real figures. We all look on the same search engines.

    • Hey Vlad99,,,
      Just doing welfare on the figures below and these figures do not include any of the other entitlement programs.
      The below figures are as of Jan 1, 2014 reported by the Department of Commerce.
      Total number of Americans on Welfare is 12,800,00 (Broken down it comes to 38.8% White, 39.9% Black, 15.7% Hispanic, 2.4% Asian and 3.3% Other)
      Total number on Food Stamps is 46,700,000
      Total number of Americans on Unemployment Insurance 5,600,00
      Percent of US Population on welfare is 4.l%
      Total government spending on welfare (not including food stamps or unemployment) is $131,9 billion dollars

      Your other percentages,,,can you give me all the programs you are talking about,,,Instead of listing percentages, list the entitlement programs. Did you include social security, which really isn’t an entitlement program? Thanks.

      • I’m quoting the same stats you are. I have the same numbers when it comes to welfare compared to other entlitlements and I did specify that in my post. Can you imagine Col. West leading the bus boycotts of Montgomery? Well, me neither.

      • You know I’m for Col West but I’m going to answer this. I was a young girl when Martin Luther King lead the march and did his “I have a Dream Speech”,,,so my answer is I can’t image anybody today leading that march. There was only one MLK and nobody today can fill his shoes. And that goes for Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all the others.

        I know Jesse was in the original march but he has lost his way through the years.

      • You and I both know Col West would have told Rosa Parks to stop playing victim and sit in the back of the damn bus.

      • If I take into consideration some of the postings he has done I would then have to agree with you. I admire Col. West but there are postings of his I disagree with. I feel some of the postings seem to point the finger towards one race group. What I would like to see is we drop the color and call each other Americans. You once said it,,,a crime is a crime, no matter who commits it and justice should be served. One group shouldn’t always be called out. From one of your postings I believe you and I are from the same city. So lately I’ve been trying to get more involved with our state government because we have good people who need the help. I believe you know what I’m talking about.

      • You are not quoting, you are summarizing, but that is beside the point. What you are missing is that welfare in general has been increasing instead of jobs and people occupying those jobs regardless of race. Why are you so focused on separating the races anyways?

      • I’m not focusing on seperating races Col West does. He uses MLK day to talk about government dependence among black people. I use MLK day to remind him peope of all races are government dependents.

      • because MLK day is a day celebrated by the Black community as a very important of remembering the events of the past that lead to a black president today… among other things that brought millions of blacks out of poverty and into the middle class and wealthier. However, it is also a day to open ones eyes to the reality of the present, that include both the positive and the negatives in the black community. A massive issue contained therein is the welfare raised families and criminal activities that are in stark contrast to any other demographic. So while someone the “right” might say what you just said, “MLK day is a day for all races to come together remembrance.” they get called a racist and are told it is a day for blacks only. Then you say it and its all hunky dory. You are trying to make a point of something that is so worthless that it does not rate mention honestly. But you have to find something to slander Lt. Col. West about don’t you? oh well… such is your life evidently.

      • Figures… well, statistics do not lie. It is not a living being of free will. Statistics are merely analysis of data that are used to make decisions. They are mathematical methods of making sense of certain mass accumulation of data in order to find correlation and to discover trends and patterns. So no, statistics just state what is based on the model used. The legitimacy of which is determined by its standard deviation, variance, and other points. Its not that statistics can “lie” its just a matter of has enough data been gathered and in such a way as to make the statistic relevant to the context within which it is used…

        But hey, I’m just taking a statistics class right now at DeVry…

      • You know damn well, you would question any statistics I showed you to support some Liberal issue.
        BTW, I don’t know much about Devry. I went to a real university with real students. Is Devry a diploma mill?

      • No, just as I treated the statistics showed by Vlad, I would accept them for what they are so long as you cite the source of the statistics where I can view the methods of sampling used and what the controls were to prevent bias in the sampling.

        DeVry University, Global university, campuses whorl wide, over 90% graduate to job in chosen field rate, online and on campus courses…

        Standard university that has chosen to accept the reality of the modern age and the many benefits that come about from online programs of instruction and self guided and self paced study….

        But hey, going to universities where you listen to a professor drill you all day on opinions that you do not share is so much better… considering your grades at such universities reflect the percentage likelihood you agree with Liberal policies (outside of core courses with regards to your major and actual profession outside of social sciences….)


      • Of course you believed the counselor when she told you about the 90% BS. Is that before or after you gave her your hard earned money or did it come from grandma?
        My liberal degree was in IT security. There is nothing I love better than busting some rich white republican tax cheat.

    • What you are missing here Vlad is that the focus on inner cities is related to the disproportionate crime rates in such areas. The welfare is a whole other issue in and of itself. Lt. Col. West, in this article which is about MLK and issues regarding African Americans specifically is focused on that topic, specifically. There is no need to bring up matters concerning white people on MLK day, especially in a article with the topic being concentrated on African Americans. If Lt. Col. West was writing an article about Welfare in general, then yes, it would be appropriate to bring up the stats on all races. That is not the focus of this article. Learn to understand context. Also, cite your sources if you want credibility.

      • “There is no need to bring up matters concerning white people on MLK day, especially in a article with the topic being concentrated on African Americans.” Me who always thought conservatives where only about content of character.

      • Hmm… lets see what you are trying to do here. So by taking a quote out of my comment regarding the subject of statistics which are divided into varying demographics and the targeted subject of an article you are attempting to make me appear as though I am an individual attempting to be racist? Conservatives are about content of character, statistics by their nature have no regard to morality or the like as they are merely an analysis of data that is used to make a decision. So may I just say that your attempt at slander has failed miserably. Also your effort to avoid the irrelevance of your post and its clear intent to discriminate and point the finger has failed as well. Do you have a point to make that may attempt to defend your efforts? or is your adolescence continuing to show?

  25. Unfortunately, it seems that most of us cannot comprehend nor understand fastidious deliberate and conscientious hard work. Similar to most hockey ‘fans’ aren’t really qualified to speak on the game.

  26. Sir, great list! I think you overlooked a few very influential people: Author of Blacklash and Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli; Author, musician, and Christian Alphonzo Rachel; and up and coming Bowie State University student Eugene Craig. All great Americans!

      • considered for what? sedition charges?

        you cannot possibly think that those race hustlers, and grievance pimps are civil rights leaders.

        they exploit black people for money and power…

  27. You are too modest to ever acknowledge it, but you, Col West are a hero like the great Dr. King. It must be very tough to endure the criticism from the far left which dominate these days. Please don’t give up, don’t be discouraged and keep on going, we all need you, every color and creed in America! G-D bless you Colonel and may the true great leaders like Dr. King once again emerge.

      • hmm… lets think about this. Tim Tebow is one man, Peyton Manning is another, who both are currently living at the same time. So obviously they are not the same man… You trying to be the old saying “Captain Obvious.” Besides the corny comment I just made, what is the point you are trying to make? Again, your adolescence is showing, you can get that checked out you know…

  28. Alfonzo Rachel of Zo Nation sure has a lot on history to offer young students. Or anyone for that matter. He seems to know and understand the material and how to articulate it well.

  29. “A lie told often enough soon becomes the truth” ~ Lenin

    This is what Allen West is counting on. The LIE that MLK was a “republican” becoming the truth. Not only has MLK’s OWN SON called this a lie, but here are some of Dr. King’s own words.

    “Actually, the Negro has been betrayed by both the Republican and the Democratic party. The Democrats have betrayed him by capitulating to the whims and caprices of the Southern Dixiecrats. The Republicans have betrayed him by capitulating to the blatant hypocrisy of reactionary right wing northern Republicans” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Here is an article that has more FACTUAL evidence of what Dr. King’s political affiliation was. Please be honest as we celebrate his life and legacy.

    • As Gov. Zell Miller said, he didn’t leave the Democrat party, the Democrat party left him. Unfortunately, both major parties have left the conservatives.

    • Hmm…
      Malcolm X had this to say…

      The white liberal differs from the white conservative only in one way: the liberal is more deceitful than the conservative. The liberal is more hypocritical than the conservative.

      Both want power, but the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the Negro’s friend and benefactor; and by winning the friendship, allegiance, and support of the Negro, the white liberal is able to use the Negro as a pawn or tool in this political “football game” that is constantly raging between the white liberals and white conservatives.

      Politically the American Negro is nothing but a football and the white liberals control this mentally dead ball through tricks of tokenism: false promises of integration and civil rights. In this profitable game of deceiving and exploiting the politics of the American Negro, those white liberals have the willing cooperation of the Negro civil rights leaders. These “leaders” sell out our people for just a few crumbs of token recognition and token gains. These “leaders” are satisfied with token victories and token progress because they themselves are nothing but token leaders….

      The white liberals hate The Honorable Elijah Muhammad because they know their present position in the power structure stems form their ability to deceive and to exploit the Negro, politically as well as economically. say…

  30. Mr. Allen West, please keep talking to people, at least it is getting people to talk and not too much name calling. I and my family are proud to have you as a neighbor in America and thank you, sir, for everything.

  31. You don’t worry about the future of America?
    If America don’t start to resort back to the old ways,none of that other stuff is going to matter the least bit.

    I guess it’s really too far gone now any ways
    nothing but corruption and chaos can be expected.

    • Those who have confidence in the resilience of the American people do not fear the future. Fear is based on the unknown, and to those of us who want to carry on the American legacy can see the future as a bright one as we seek to make the right decisions for our own lives, and seek to keep the choices of other from directly influencing our lives.

      • No, back to the old days where a man or woman was free from government theft of his hard earned money in order to provide for those who have lost their way. A day where any man, woman, or child could give to those in need of their own free will, and care for them in a manner that best helps them back on their feet, and on their own path of life. Back in the old days where everyone’s focus was on their own family and their own pursuits, instead of pushing agendas that seek to throw others down to bring others up. Simpler times, where it only took one person from the family working to provide for his family instead of both husband and wife having to work to do so.

        It may not have wholly existed “back in the old days.” But it was what was felt by millions of people in the 50’s, before the decadence of near national levels of wealth across the board were felt, and unemployment was only representing those transitioning from one job to another.

        Back in the old days is a term easily misrepresented by those who would quote it and slander it. Easy “pickens” really for the Liberal chickens.

      • No, communism on paper sounds great. I don’t know were the human rights violations, control of the press and media, etc ,comes from.

      • It comes from the fact that Communism cannot recognize the individual as a sovereign being. All exist to serve the State. If everyone’s life and career exists only to serve the State as well as existing in an artificially enforced “equality” then what is the motivation to ever improve one’s self? In the old USSR the narod (faceless masses) that toiled away each day in ignominy had a saying: “As long as they pretend to pay us we will pretend to work.”. Their leaders saw them only as paving stones to walked on, imprisoned, purged, shot or anything else that the current five year plan required.

  32. If you believe that government handouts and entitlements work (only for the democrats and their returning voters) history class needs to be brought back to public education. It has never worked and won’t work now. Just take a look at the Native Americans in 1876 who were moved to “reservations” and food was brought in instead of allowing them to hunt, white man’s clothing was required to be worn, the English language was the only language recognized, and if their native tongue was spoken allotment’s were withheld, they couldn’t leave the reservation without consent….. Where are most of them now? What a sad legacy of poverty and alcoholism they pass from one generation to the next. Does this sound familiar? The chains must be broken and Allen West at least has ideas! Do not let the democrats and Obama put any race of people back into shackles of slavery!!!

      • Is that not what most Democrats do when their policies fail? Especially in those inner city neighborhoods that are predominately minority. The typical response for most democrats is to point a finger at the GOP and create a boogie man. I can not remember the last time I heard a person from The Democrat Party stand up and take ownership for the decades of bad legislation that has plagued inner city neighborhoods. All they do is “point a finger” and demand more money, not on “FOX news” but you get my point.. Until the cycle is broken, you/they deserve the government they keep electing generation after generation..

      • Can I ask, how many rep presidents have this country had since the war on poverty? And how many rep senators and congressmen have we had since then and nobody has done anything about poverty? There are plenty of rep states who are happy for their citizens to get entitlements. Lots of people get greased.

      • When a population keeps voting for the same party election after election, decade after decade, generation after generation, and all they have to show for it is at best lateral movement, maybe it is time to look elsewhere for your solutions..The message of individual responsibility, family and self reliance is not a bad message. But we have a whole society that thinks government is your only salvation, and they feel that way because politicians paint them as victims and its much easier to accept your position in life if you think it is someone else’s fault.

        Look at the city of Detriot to see what i mean..If you have a voting block that will not look elsewhere for answers to their problems, they are prone to corrupt governments..I am not saying the GOP has all the answers, but dammit enough with this “victim” mentality….You asked how many (R)’s this and how many (R)’s that, the truth is who cares, you’re doing exactly what most democrats do, pointing a finger at the other side, and while we sit here and argue semantics, both the (D)’s and (R)’s are sitting back profiting off our disagreement.

      • That’s what I have been saying for the past two hours I’ve been on this site. I’m sooooo tired of painting liberals and demo in a big broad paint stroke. I’m soooooooo tied of this countries finger pointing and blaming. I belive it has sdomething to do with Obama presidency, econ, techology and the revelations for every presidence since Washington’s little secrets.

        I’m going to bed. It’s 1230 and I’m fading. CHOW

      • As opposed to the perpetual campaigner/orator/ blame everyone-else-in-chief that is currently flailing his way through his final term as President?

      • Relax, honey. Call the nurse, it’s time for your happy pills.
        Also, you sound sexually frustrated. Why don’t you go on a free sex website and find someone to give you a good one. I think you have female blue balls.

      • I am TOTALLY relax, PERVERT. I am happy by “Cling to my guns and my Bibles!”

        The “free sex website” with Tony Weiner is for SLUTS like you and Sandra Fluke.

      • Since you asked, I dressed that way for a party. You know what a party is right? It’s something you do with friends. You may not know what a friend is since you don’t have any.

      • Barking dog? Interesting. I would call you an animal lover , but if it pertains to you, I would want to put those word together . Madam you are a one woman idiot.

      • Obama is the most dedicated Marxist yet to be elected President. The Clintons were part time leftists/full time crooks that have enriched themselves everywhere they’ve ever “served”. Obama doesn’t give a tinkers damn how about how many lives he ruins or industries he destroys creating his grand socialist paradise. He and his patrons will prosper in the new order. Do you need more of the obvious explained to you?

      • No I have a lot. I just don’t know where are you getting your info. I feel we are living in a parallel universal. Me. And you ( with Joe McCarthy, Michele Bachmann, Ted Cruz and the other patriots living under a rock. )

      • You seem to have a lot of snark but not much else. Under Dear Leader 47 million of us are now on food stamps.


        The Choomster’s drones in the Interior Dept. cost us 19,000 jobs and a billion in lost earnings when they shut down the Gulf of Mexico.


        Black young men are 46% unemployed under this caring liberal Democratic Super Duper Most Transparent (maybe they just meant translucent!) Administration In History.


        The EPA’s actions cost 17,000 jobs directly related to mining with up to 35,000 total jobs lost when you add the indirect ancillary jobs.


        The Preezy and his spendaholic cohorts also doubled our national debt in his first three years in office. That’s a lotta choom!


        So you can run your little head all you want to about Cruz, Bachmann, et al (since I didn’t mention them they must be a hobby of yours) but you cannot spin the fact that Obungler and his Administration are the biggest f*ck-ups economically speaking in American history. Yes there is indeed an ass here dear Philanthroslit but I am afraid it is you.

      • It must be great to have so much free time to surf the net and cherry pick info to support your opinion. What are you, employed, a stay at home mom, bedridden or the office know it all?
        You know danm well all these newspapers you quoted blame Obama for everything one day and have a lovefest the next.
        As for your sats. They can easily be manipulated. Remember at before the election Obama released surprisingly positive econ numbers? FOX had all kinds of economists saying numbers can be manipulated either way. Figures lie and liers figure. So you see, you have nothing to show me. Of course, if you want me to cherry pick articles to support my opinions, you are going to have to wait a couple days since I do have a real job.
        I’m going back to work. You may want to put in the word W-O-R-K in your search engine. It may motivate you.

      • Acually, that’s Ms. Troll, but I’m not formal.
        I thought I made myself chrystal clear, but what do I expect when YOU get up at noon.
        If you want me to cherry pick my info and throw it back at you, no problemo. I can play that game all day. Eventually, our debate will become so heated and tempestuous, at the end of the day we’ll be throw BS fact at eachother.
        I’m sensing you are the type of person wo is so desperate to be right, you’re lost your humanity. I have no interst in helping you. You must have at least one friend who can help.

    • Putting Native American’s on Reservations was the last stage in stealing their land, not a handout. It was not a social welfare program. Whatever came after was designed to ease the conscience of those that destroyed their culture and profited off their misery. Manifest Destiny, now called American Exceptionalism, is a very conservative ideal.

  33. I’m pretty sure Allen West would have told Rosa Parks to stop playing the victim and sit in the back of the damn bus. Now Allen West is talking about Dr King as if he is the sole carrier of his legacy. Gimme a break.

    • Vlad99, you have a hell of a filter on if you believe Lt. Col. West is acting as the “sole carrier of his legacy.” Your hatred for this man is quite clear and your distorted effort to slander his character is quite appalling. The victimhood applies to today, a day where there is no Democrat sanctioned enforcement of segregation. It does not apply to the time where such a thing existed. You are stuck in the past kid. Your adolescence is quite clear, its time to grow up.

      • Why yes, it is when you consider I do not provide specific examples. However I do recommend researching the titles and labels of legislation pertaining to segregation and then looking at its date of passage, from their, go to the journal for the particular legislative house the legislation was passed in, and take a look at the vote count by party to determine for yourself. I did that about a year ago after learning a bit about the democrat party’s participation in such matters.

      • Yes I understand your phrase is not one that is race based in its nature. In many cases man, especially when it comes to votes, its not so much “black and white” as it is “yea and nay as called out by democrat or republican”. So… it is relatively clear and not cased in grey.

      • Yes I know doll. Believe it or not, politicians do vote for issues that go against their party. Kissell and Mcintyre (D)both from north carolina voted against obamacare. McCain from AZ (R) voted for gun control

      • yes, I am aware of that. However when you focus on the Majority vote being that if the democrat party, and the minority of that vote being from the republican party, then multiple those same circumstances across multiple legislatures, and you get a pattern that shows the majority of a party’s opinion and its platform.

      • Ideologically speaking, what sounds more crazy as a likelihood within ours or our children’s lifetime?

        A classless society where all resources are equally distributed and there is no private property, no war, need for militaries, or police where no one is free because everyone is limited on how much they can have and how long they can have it, not to mention how long they can live and whether they are even born is determined by others.

        Or, a world where peace is maintained by just governments, limited in their power and authority, where every man woman and child is guaranteed the right to life, liberty, and their own property. Where all the world’s resources are distributed in a manner that meets the needs of everyone, and where they can be passed down to their posterity. A world where there are no “classes” but only “stages” in life that we all go through, and every man or woman is able to make their own way as they wish so long as they do not steal from others or do harm to others. Where Justice is EQUAL not Social, and all people are treated equally under the law which is not created by the courts but by the people.

        I can tell you that the first ideology has never existed and can never exist. The second ideology has succeeded (not quite in whole, but in majority) for the last 200 or so years up till recently when it has been struggling as it did during its first big hit back in the day.

        So my ideology is in a reality that has existed, that did prevail, but that has unfortunately been corrupted due to your ideology. (mind you the first french revolution led to Napolean. If that does not make sense to you within this context then you clearly do not know where your ideologies lie if you are a Liberal) .

        The fact remains that my Ideology is not an Ideology, but a worldview that is known as Biblical Christianity. Where every man is free as they are made by God alone, and where no Government is above man. However, you live in a Worldview that has dominated the last 100 years, I’ll admit, but that is coming to a standstill and is beginning to crumble under its own weight.

        So I will continue to follow my worldview, which is returning to its place in the world slowly but surely, and will smile as I watch your “ideology” crumble in embarrassment and defeat. Enjoy.

      • A few democrats voted against ObamaCare because Pelosi already had the votes she needed to get it passed in the House. She spared a few people in her party that would have a tough time getting reelected if they had voted for it…

        Your point about McCain is invalid, he with Graham are both part of the Democratic wing of the GOP ..His name could just as easily have a (D) after it….

      • agreed 100%—I have read a few of Vlad99 comments and found it to be pretty much in line with most African Americans in regards to black conservatives…

        African Americans have become a virtual automatic vote for the Democrat party even though the policies and legislation enacted on their behalf has completely and utterly failed them..The Democrats have offered nothing except to point a finger and say “it is their fault”…..All the while keeping their positions in power..This surely was not Dr. Kings legacy..

    • I see your vast knowledge of military life shining dimly. Earning the rank of Lt Col as a black man doesn’t come from a victim’s mentality…

      • I can’t say for him but affirmative-action wasn’t in existence when I was in the military and even today it’s a farce because the power-in-charge criteria of picking is solely based on color and not on competence and color. Normally, the right person is overlook and the least qualified person is chosen to ensure the program doesn’t work.

      • I’m not true that’s true anymore. Companies may have “opportunities for minorities.” But, it’s usually white men that get hired and promoted.

      • Makes you wonder how in the 1920s there was a Black Wall Street long before the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Life is damn sure unfair basically it means that minorities have to be better than their white competition.

      • I see it everyday… earned a professional doctoral degree after retiring from the Marines and I get questioned often… and I am a minority.

      • I see the same thing. Basically, if you are black and you don’t fit the description of that ‘they’ think you are supposed to be, they tend to ask a lot of questions.

      • Who ever told you that life is fair did you a grave disservice for the get go. There will never be equality or fairness. As a woman we are considered “minorities” also.

      • I don’t subscribe to the fairness doctrine. I wouldn’t have earned what I have has life been easy on me. In fact, I like the unfairness doctrine because it makes me work harder.
        Can’t argue about females as minorities…I haven’t paid enough attention to that part of females. Since I am a school teacher I see women all day…believe me after 20 years as a Marine and only working with males, I love working with females (drama and all!). 🙂

      • I am a General Manager at a large Nissan Store in Dallas, I can assure you that people who want to be successful in business do not have the luxury of picking and choosing based on race..I want the best Person be that a man or woman, Brown, Black, White or Asian,,,Companies that use your line of thinking don’t last long in this environment…

      • I understand. I think it would be better your your understanding if you sit down and talk to someone black or latino. Ask them about entitlements, Obama, race relations, the country, etc. Over beer or lunch, something simple.

      • 80% of my work force is minority and about 70% of my management. Your position sounds like it comes from listening to the people who can’t cut the mustard.. There are plenty of white men that also fall into that category, they just use a different excuse.

      • First off, I’m very to hear there are so many different people in your company. Secondly, our chat with a minority was not intended as a bitch at whitey session. I meant it as a way to get a new prospective, that all. Your minority management have had a different experience than the whites. That’s not a cope out, just fact.
        Changing the subject. I’m going to be in Dallas in March. Never been to Texas. I’ll be there for 2 days, What do I do? I want to see the Kennedy place. What about Ft Worth?

      • I,live in Far N. Dallas, actually Plano..You can do a lot of things from going to The West End and Addison for really nice Jazz and Piano bars, great food. It really is a great town for live bands if you like that kind of thing..I am a father of three young girls so I do not get out much anymore…Trust me you will love the city though..Have not spent a lot of time in Ft worth, pretty much stay North of Dallas…Lots of Water activities on Lake Lewisville too

      • I’ll be in Austin for a conference. I thought I would see as much of Texas as I can so I’m taking a few days to drive up to Dallas. I drove thru there when I left the Navy and drove to MD we I’m from. I as usually got lost somewhere downtown. Jes, Texas is a long state. Took me half day to make it thru.

        I’ll take your advice. Must go, It’s 200 here and I’m fading. I hope I get to talk to you again. We did have a lot in command and I wasn’t tiring to confront you on youe views. Just the regular political BS. Good night.

      • Your good, no problem.. I actually am one who rarely takes anything political or social personal..I learned a long time ago that if we enter into discussions not trying to change peoples minds, things go a lot smoother. I hope your visit is good, BTW I got my masters from UT Austin, Love that city…Be safe and take care…

      • The military does not use affirmative action in its promotion of Officers. Same with enlisted. Affirmative action is a matter that pertains to the discrimination of entry level college students based not their race as a determinate of acceptance into the college or university. Wow, where on earth did you get that from?

      • After 9 and a half years in the Marine Corps, I’ve never seen a man promoted based on his color. So please, provide your evidence of affirmative action being used to promote a black man over a white man… please. I’d find it most interesting.

      • I will have to say that Affirmative Action invaded the private sector. In State and Federal and well as private, had a quota of minorities to be hired. Like our State Police for example, they had to lower the requirements and take minorities( before you raise you blood pressure, that included women) with lower test scores and abilities. That is a fact. Can’t speak for the military.

      • Vlad99. It is the employees being subsidized, not Walmart. If you have an issue with it then join the fight to end subsidizes, that is a conservative fight by the way. Just saying…

      • Government doesn’t subsidize the company by feeding it’s employees really? Is that the point you are making? When a company hire someone there are not doling out charity. If a government allow a company to pay a pittance they are subsidising that company.

      • Subsidies for Walmart would be the government paying for their costs for lets say, shipping certain goods from a particular country, or providing Walmart funds to give to certain types of employees, of the government providing protective tariff’s for their products.

        The government is subsidizing the individuals who just so happen to work for Walmart. not Walmart. When a company pays an employee, its for the services that individual provides as an employee to the company. What that employee makes outside of the income provided them by their employer, is something that is completely separate and apart from the employer.

        So no, there is no subsidy for Walmart. Though there is for the particular employee who gets food stamps. So you are attempting to bridge the gigantic gap that exists between Walmart (the income provider and partial payor of Social Security/ medicare/ Medicaid taxes) and the government (provider of food stamps at the expense of others).

        You have a very deep and serious lack of competency in the field of basic economics. Now you say pittance, the government “allow” a company to pay a “pittance” they are subsidizing that company? Meaning if a company pays its employee, that is a government subsidy? Wow… sure, where did learn that? Seriously, that is a horrible misunderstanding of reality… its a complete lack of reality, good grief son, what happened to you?

      • One solution I have always wondered about. What is wrong with people taking lower wage jobs and the government helping them out. Working makes a person proud of their accomplishment. They are a contributing member of society.

        Instead the government penalizes people for working by reducing the benefits. Supporting a $8.50 dollar wage would be much more productive that paying people to sit at home. Probable drop the crime rate because there would be less people sitting around with nothing to do by feel like victims and getting in trouble.

        Walmart pays more that Target and several other stores.

  34. I hear people always say “MLK would be a conservative today” which would be true if he could have been teleported through time and dropped into 2014 from his era, but I cant help believe if he had time to “spoil” for 40 years he’d be just another Jackson/Sharpton/Wright racebaiter

    • At the risk of repeating myself, todays “black conservatives” would have told Rosa Parks to stop playing the victim and to sit in the back of the damn bus.

      • Again, the term “victimhood” relates to individuals TODAY that are led to believe that are some how victims of some unseen oppression. Back in the days of Rosa Parks, she (along with all other black people and other races besides white) was actually a victim of racism, oppressed by a culture that saw her as less than human. So no, conservatives actually fought to end the segregation and to define the nature of the oppression of black people. That was actually a time where individuals on both sides of the “isle” agreed to end segregation and did so. So you are sadly mistaken and are making an insulting comment that is meant to slander that is not based on any form of actual logic and maturity whatsoever. Why are you so hateful?

      • The only racism that exists today is the same as has existed for the entire existence of man…
        One race sees itself as “above” another race. Same with religious affiliation, heritage, creed, even hair color.

        The sarcasm is not helping your case…

      • The term victimhood relates to individuals “today”. But conservatives “fought” in the past to end segragation. Are we in the present or are we in the past? Can’t keep up with the time-travel.

      • … sounds like a personal problem. Well, when you accept the reality that the present is nothing more than the point where the future becomes the past, then yes, one could technically say are constantly in the past until the moment we acknowledge the present. But I’m just getting all philosophical here.

        Look dude, your perception of conservatives has been manipulated by misinformation and dilution for quite some time, that is clearly evident. What I am trying to get you to catch on to is that no, conservatives would not have told Rosa Parks to shut up and sit down.

        Today, there are individuals claiming to be the victims of some unseen oppressor. This would be what is known as “victimhood” and actually have a psychological term for such a way of thinking that is related to paranoia.

        At any point, it is something artificial. Not real. Today. Your attempt to take the use of a term that pertains to individuals who believe themselves to be oppressed but in reality are not, and make it seem as though someone attempting to call out individuals who live in such an artificial world as denoting racism is clearly unfounded. So seriously, stop, you are proving yourself to be a fool. The fool goes, but the more foolish follows without question. You’re following without question those who would mislead you to believe that socialism works. It doesn’t, and the evidence is clear in history if you would take the time to view sources that are not made available on political websites (left or right).

      • Vlad the Impaler is a waste of time. He loves being the victim and that means he is “owed” something that people that just happen to have had the same color endured. Had these people lived the lives of the truly oppressed they would curl up in a ball and suck their thumbs crying for Mama..

      • No a black conservative would have shown her how to buy a car and not rely on anyone to get from point A to point B.

    • He was a Republican even when he was here. The Republican party was created as an abolitionist movement, they broke free from the Whigs and a group of abolitionist created the party. Hence why Abe Lincoln was the first Republican president. Republicans have always fought from the beginning for black Americans. Did you also know that the democrats had a kkk member as one of their senators, just as recent as recent as 2010. (Robert Byrd) But back to MLK, his niece Alveda King will tell you that her uncle was a Republican. I also wanted to recommend watching “Runaway Slave, ” excellent documentary

      • about dis-honset abe;
        Eager for fellow revolutionaries to prosecute the war against the American South, Lincoln found many willing mercenaries and conscripts in the form of German radicals ready to continue Europe’s 1848 socialist revolution. According to author Reinhart’s “August Willich’s Gallant Dutchmen,” Willich was president of the Communist League in Cologne in 1848 when the revolution broke out, and then fled to England through Switzerland where Karl Marx helped him gain membership in the League’s central committee. Willich wanted an immediate start to a new revolution, which caused a rupture with Marx—but Lincoln provided him with a golden opportunity.

        Lincoln’s German-Socialist Legacy:

        “After 1865 most Forty-eighters tempered some of the radical idealism that drove them in the 1850’s and worked to bring about changes in more practical ways. While these men were looked upon as dangerous radicals by most Americans in the 1850’s many of the changes they crusaded for have been enacted into law or are now accepted. For example…universal suffrage is in effect, the Bible and religious instruction have been removed from public schools, temperance and Sabbath laws have been eliminated in most places, labor unions are common, and antimonopoly legislation is in effect. In addition, land in the West was given to homesteaders after the Civil War. Americans, though, have rejected both total socialism and communism as economic systems, as well as the Forty-eighters call for the elimination of organized religions and the taxation of church property. Nevertheless, German-born revolutionaries would be pleased that many of the social and economic changes they so fervently espoused have been realized.

        In 1871, the executive committee of the (American) Turnerbund issued a manifesto stating the organization’s position regarding public issues and expressed its position as to socialism. “Socialism of today, in which we Turners believe, aims to remove the pernicious antagonism between labor and capital. It endeavors to effect a reconciliation between theses two, and to establish a peace by which the former are fully protected against the encroachments of the latter. In short, socialism wishes to set up business honesty.”

        (August Willich’s Gallant Dutchmen, Joseph R. Reinhart, Kent State University Press, 2006, page 184)

      • “Republicans have always fought from the beginning for black Americans.” Really? They might have at the beginning but some of us still remember Nixon’s Southern strategy, knows that Rush Limbaugh is a republican. Knows that all of those calling Trayvon Martin a thug are conservatives. Please shove it already.

      • Why do people like you get on the comment pages and slander and spew hate. When I view a comment page that your kind are dominate on, I move on. Nobody is paying attention to you including me…..

      • The kind, regardless of race or color, of poor me. Everybody picks on me because I’m (fill in the blanks). Always seeing negative and living off the idea that society must change to accommodate you and not the other way around. Dragging your past like a ball and chain, not a badge of honor of what has been accomplished.

        Do you ever read any material on what it takes to dress for a job, your resume and interview techniques…… They apply to people, all people.

      • The tone of your posts of course. My father was an Engineer. He worked his way up through the ranks and there came a time when he had some snot noses college kid that didn’t know which end was up to take under his wing and he knew eventually would be his boss. Not because they knew more but just because they had a piece of paper he didn’t. That has been going on forever. It has nothing to do with minorities, that is just life.

        You would seem to have a good position. Work is a challenge on every level. I was just a small town Sergeant , about 100 patrolmen and I was the token female, with a local Sheriffs Office. I was a scrub nurse in surgery. I was pretty and blond. Women wouldn’t hire me because of that. Men hired me because of that. I fought that image all my life and it held me back because I wouldn’t sleep my way to the top. It shocked people to learn that I was above average intelligence. That was another strike against me. But that is the world. I manage to raise twin daughters ( with no assistance) and have a retirement I can live on (at the moment).

        I am proud of my life,especially since I was a throw away child. I fought hard against the system, I did not change it ,but I strangled a life out of it.

      • The biggest challenge in my life has never been work. But growing up was something else. I grew up in a gang infested neighborhood with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. My single mom stopped working her minimum wage job so she could be home at night. She took public assistance because in her mind raising us was the most important job she had to do. We didn’t have all the stuff the gangsters had but one thing we had was a curfew. I could not come home late or could not be bough home by police because my mom was always home waiting. So I am very thankfull for welfare because without it I would have never made to my first entry-level position. And it gets me upset to see a black man villify people like my mom on MLK day. I apologize for calling you a cracker, that was uncalled for.

      • I think what we have to realize is life can be awful regardless of who we are. My Mother abandoned my brother and I at a very young age. Our father married a woman he did not love to have a care taker for us. We were dirt poor at the time and the divorce destroyed my Dad. I looked just like my mother and he hated me for it. My grandmother hated me and made my life hell.

        Mentally,emotionally and sexual abused.

        Pregnant and married at 17. My son walked away form a car wreck and has never been seen again,20 yrs now.

        Plenty more personal disasters in between. But I pulled myself up, got my GED and every other education I could between raising twin girls after their father decided to go with a newer model.

        I decided I would not be defined by that, I refused to be bitter. I do confess to being envious of people that know what unconditional love is because I have never had it..

        I am thankful that I have a retirement and a little house to live in because I never figured I would live this long. Shiny things that other people have do not bother me at all.

        God be with you and I hope you find personal peace, it is hard when you have to go every day and have to endure conditions that are just like a pebble in your shoe.

      • You are correct in saying that the unfit, unclean and unprepared come in every shade of every color and support both parties. But you are wrong to put all homeschoolers and Liberty University graduates (or other Christians) and southerners in the same bias-filled boxes. It is no different than someone saying all blacks are….. (fill in the blank) or all Italians are ….. (ditto). If you want to be listened to and respected, you will have to learn to express your views without the stereotyping and hatred. And by the way, if you are at the office right now, responding to these posts, you should not have your job; at least I would fire you if you were my employee.

      • I totally know it’s wrong to fit homeschoolers and Christian in the biased stereotypes and it’s wrong to do it to black people as well. I am fortunate enough that I have a boss who pays me for what I know and not for what I do. He’s totally ok with it my job gets done.

      • We owe you nothing. You’re arguing about OUR money and OUR nation that WE built with Blood, Sweat, and Tears, LITERALLY. I think it is YOU who feels entitled.

      • @me I have absolutely not idea what you are ranting at me about. Until you clarify your argument I shall ignore it.

      • Actually, back in the early days of this country, the political parties were Federalist and Republican and Thomas Jefferson was our first Republican president. From the quotes popping up frequently on Facebook, I would say Thomas Jefferson was more conservative than liberal because he certainly warned us about the type of “governing” we have at the present time. I am just saying in this book I am readiing about ALL the presidents, Thomas Jefferson is the first Republican president.

  35. Juan Williams is just a good guy who was politically misguided and he is not alone, but those dinners with that son of his must be hard on Juan–losing the debate at home and at work

  36. From what I find on the internet that is just a drop in the bucket of keen minded black people awakening to the demonrat lies and falsehoods . Go brother Americans , of all races , creeds , and color !! That statement has to be tempered of course to decry muslims and communists , They are liable for our current situation .

  37. Why black liberals will never fulfill King’s dream?
    Because Liberals and DemonCrats are godless.

    DemonCrats now are referring to Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. only as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. They dropped out the title “Reverend”. And Black Liberals have NONE problem with that.

    WHY? Because Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. used Christianity and God as his tools.

    “Dr. King received a degree in Sociology from Morehouse. After graduation he attended Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, PA, where he graduated in 1951 with a B. Div. Degree” and in 1955 he obtained his Ph. D. at Boston University.

      • tsk tsk tsk Your ignorance, immaturity, and unintelligence is truly revealing.

        No one is trying to push Christianity on you, or anyone else. It’s your right to not be religious. But it’s also other people’s right to be religious, and to be free to practice that religion, where moral values and principles are instilled into us a human beings. And regardless of what religion one chooses, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from tyrannical persecution, Freedom of Speech, and our right to bear arms, ie; our Unalienable God given Rights, Freedoms, and Liberty as constructed in and of the US Constitution’s” Bill Of Rights”, and the American Declaration of Independence, is what made this Nation of America, which founded on all of the aforementioned, the greatest nation on earth.

        To liberals like yourself, I realize this is like poison to you, as a cross is to a vampire, but it is what We the People, aka Patriotic American Reagan Tea Party Conservatives, Christian, Jews, etc, people of all Peaceful Freedom and Liberty loving faiths embody, embrace, stand and fight for every sec of everyday- ie; Our God Given Unalienable Right’s Freedoms, and Liberty:

        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are
        created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their
        just powers from the consent of the governed”

        Your sad attempt to falsely label, smear, and denigrate Ms Alondra, especially the false association of Hitler and fascism, is a standard liberal fascist tactic, which Hitler perfected against the Jews, called projectionism- accusing others, innocent people, of what you yourself are guilty of.

        I suggest that you take your liberal troll tripe of intolerance, ignorance, and unintelligence, aka liberal projectionist tripe of lies, and peddle it to your comrades.

        The Truth is not subjective, it is what it is, and no amount of false accusations will ever change that truth.

        Oh, and have a nice day now.

      • EVERYBODY has religion. Religion is simply your relationship (or lack thereof) with God. Even an atheist has religion. Religion in that sense is no virtue. That kind of religion can take an individual straight to hell. But where a person goes is their own choice; no one makes that choice for anyone else.

      • Kindly, GO AWAY. MY comment was not intended for you. This lady is a nut case. I have no problem when people “insult my intellegence”, but wacho called me PERVERT and SLUT. That’s out of line. Before you believe you can high jack someone’s else’s conversation, please get the full story. It makes you look foolish.

      • I agree, I will disagree with you on the issue and keep it non personal..People do not understand they loose the argument when they do that..I will disagree with you on most topics as I am a conservative who LOVES The Tea Party and what it stands for, but I still respect you as an individual …. 😉

      • Great that you got back to me. What issue are you talking about. She called me an idiot and I told her she a mini Hitler. Where do you get another other than a smart ass joke. Ha ha, your wig is on too tight.
        And if I may add, what do you know about my politics? I am the voice of reason. I believe, like the TP’s, this country is split and has to come together. There is room for everybody, like the patriots intended.

      • I just assumed, sorry….BT yes it was basically humorous comment meant to lighten up the mood..People are too damn serious today, which is the result of a polarized environment….

      • First, sorry about the first post. I didn’t know we contacted each other last night and were a good guy, unlike most yahoos I’m meet.
        Secondly, I’m glad you got the joke.

      • OKay, but I’m beginning to see I’m getting burnt out. I’m looking at other jobs within the company. And you?

      • Just trying ot make it through the month..sales goal/objectives get very old after a while..I feel like I am always cramming..

      • You really must learn to study the news more. It is the liberals who are seriously trying to eliminate Christianity. Like Hitler did. Jews were not his only target.

      • PLEASE go back and read the exchange bet. me and crazy Alondra. You will plainly see she called me a derenged idiot and I said her solution to get rid of idiots is like Hilter’s. I would have thought you would have gotten the joke after I said her wig is on too tight. In the 18 words I wrote, there is NO mention of Liberals or Christianty. Or did I write an anagram I don’t know about.

      • Upon rereading of the post, I see I, taking note of your photo, assumed the “idiots” you refer to were the 6Million Jews who were viciously slaughtered. I agree any title such as “deranged idiot” is inappropriate. Perhaps I misread the entents of both directions. My remark was to call attention to the liberal war against Biblical Christianity..which is growing rampant.

      • So Hitler who considered himself Christian was trying to eliminate Christianity. Yeah, that’s typical of the ignorance of conservatives.

    • And you conservatives desperately try to rewrite history to remove the fact that MLK was a socialist who believed capitalism had “outlived its usefulness” (in his own words) and advocated for economic justice and redistribution of wealth.

  38. Doesn’t help that the Community Organizer currently occupying the White House gives the message that it’s okay to not ever work a job and make it on your own so that you can truly gain self-respect and know what it’s like to have something you can call your own.

  39. Forget the jackass and the elephant. Black people need to unite like the jews did, focus on education and attaining economic power that will be the only way to fight our way out of our constriction.

  40. I am working very hard to avoid a comment that involves violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity or discourteous behavior and still address the editorial subject matter. I guess I just can’t do it. My dream is a world where black people don’t exist and everyone is just “people.”

  41. One small problem……………99% of all blacks can be “bought” by a “check”……..from the government, the state, the muslim-in-the-whitehouse…….or SATAN himself !!!
    They lack the integrity to stand on principal and declare their rights……
    They were brought here by the democrats in the south as slaves……..many centuries too early………they still haven’t adapted………AND MAY NEVER !

    • Buzzwords are all he has, since West stands diametrically opposed to the actual legacy of Martin Luther King that he’s trying to claim for himself.


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