The stealth jihad of Islamic immigration

Convicted terrorist Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis (photo: WPTV)

We often hear that “America is a land of immigrants,” especially from those advocating a path to citizenship for people who have defied our sovereign rule of law and are here illegally.

I recall the words of President Theodore Roosevelt who believed no man should be discriminated against because of where he was born, but insisted any immigrant who arrives on our shores should become an American in terms of faith, allegiance and language, “If he tries to keep segregated with men of his own origin and separated from the rest of America, then he isn’t doing his part as an American. We have room for but one soul loyalty, and that is loyalty to the American people.”

Contrast that with the New York scene Daniel Greenfield writes about in Frontpage Magazine,

Walk along Church Avenue and turn east onto McDonald Avenue and you will see where the old standards of working class Brooklyn give way to mosques and grocery stores selling goat meat. Mosques grow like mushrooms in basements, cell phone stores offer easy ways to wire money back to Bangladesh and old men glare at interlopers, especially if they are infidel women. This is where Mohammed Siddiquee settled a dispute the old-fashioned way by beheading his landlord.

A creeping sharia has immigrated into our America and like a cancer is spreading and attempting to take over its “host.” Greenfield notes that New York City has always had its micro communities of culture,

But Islam is not just a culture and the cultures who carry its baggage with them to the old worlds and the new are not toting it along like another ethnic food, a dialect or a national holiday. In Chinatown, Buddhist temples and protestant churches sit side by side and in Latino neighborhoods, Adventist storefront churches and massive Catholic edifices co-exist; along with them can be found synagogues, Hindu and Zoroastrian temples and the whole dizzying array of religious diversity of a port city defined by its swells and tides of immigrants.

As those of us not under the spell of political correctness know, Islam does not coexist. And in its “Al Hijra” views immigration, as Greenfield says, “a form of supremacist manifest destiny to colonize the Dar al-Harb (the non-Islamic world) and subdue it with sheer numbers or sheer force” -– just look at Europe if you need proof.

Greenfield points to Jamaica in Queens, where Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis plotted the mass murder of Americans and the bombing of the Federal Reserve, hoping to “destroy America.”

Greenfield concludes,

At this hour, no one in Little Korea, Little Italy, Little Brazil, Brighton Beach or Koreatown is plotting to destroy America so that his religion can rule the world. That is what sets the Little Bangladeshes, Little Pakistans, and Little Mogadishus apart from every other immigrant group whose dreams for the future are not overshadowed by the iron dream of Islam.

Tragically, US Attorney General Eric Holder is seeking to ban the use of religion and national origin in terrorist investigations, even including instances involving national security. I will say it again, when tolerance becomes a one-way street it leads to cultural suicide. And neighborhood by neighborhood, it is a slow, dripping death. Dear God, have we so forgotten Teddy Roosevelt’s admonition?


  1. all you can do is laugh at the stupidity of Islam. These people have invented nothing or contrubuted nothing to world harmony !!

    • im not sure laughing is all that should be done. islam is no laughing matter. they seek to conquer and destroy. this is a serious matter that will continue to destroy everything America was founded on.

    • The whole world will become a third world country run by islam. They intend to kill all that are not believers/followers of islam. That includes the idiot liberals who want to be their friends.

    • Muslims have made contributions, but for the past 500 years or so have become as seen now. Hell bent on domination of the infidels!

  2. this has slowly been happening for years…but with our current muslim appeaser president, they know that now is the time to quickly infest and take over. it will only get much much worse until something really bad happens (as if enough hasn’t happened already). even then, im not sure if all the weak minded “islam is cool” americans will still get it.

  3. Interesting information and in keeping with founding fathers fears that the greatest enemy of this republic would come from within. Political correctness has created a floodgate for this to happen.

  4. The libs and others who hate the USA insist we have no culture that isn’t racist, bigoted, or oppressive to others.

    The USA is following Europe right down the muslim path. Sharia will be our culture in time.

  5. Which why Japan totally ban muslim immigration into Japan. Main reason cited in an AMerican Thinker article was that Islam is incompatible with modern civilized society. But here, the liberal idiots will use our laws against us, and citing that we are a country of immigrants but guess what, most of us came here and become loyal Americans and not plotting to topple an infildel government.

  6. Ask most kids in High School and I’d be surprised to find one that even knows who Theodore Roosevelt was much less any quotes by him.
    The muslims will use our laws against us by twisting everything to the point of “you let Christian Scientist deny medical care to their children,why can’t I stone my infidel daughter to death for going out in public with a man not of our family?’

  7. We need to squash these little freaks.These inbred sawed off bastards should have been dealt with long ago,”W” was wrong we are at WAR with islam.

  8. When will we take action against this trash dealing immoral unethical group trash makers? Col. West is making a clarion call and these stupid liberal
    /democrats PC spouting traitors just sit and placate them.

  9. Peaceful Muslims simply must start to speak out and up about dangerous practices. Yes, I know it’s difficult, however, when it all implodes who will be able to tell the difference

      • Then you know nothing about what they are being taught, their history, or their beliefs. When the time comes to make a move, they will be instructed, with or without their agreement to take out the infidel. They have loyalty ONLY to one person – muhammed and ONE ideology – islam. They well abhor terrorism, UNTIL THEY get the order to become one. Few resist, for they themselves become the target

      • I lived as a known Christian and Infidel for nearly 3 years in an apartment in Ankara, Turkey. Never had a single problem with my religion or any other interactions with any of the Turks in my building (or anywhere else for that matter). Not all Muslims are fundamentalists seeking to eradicate all non-believers. It’s always bad to use absolutes (oh darn, I just did!).

  10. I love Daniel Greenfield and just read this full article this morning. He is spot on, as usual, and we should all heed his warning here.

  11. I am so sick of people saying there are peaceful muslims. I think it was 65 percent of American muslims agree with radicals! America needs to ban and deport all muslims out of here. I agree with freedom of religion but this is getting rediculous, a lot of you probly dissagree and that is your right. But when the next bomb goes off killing kids, we all know who it will be (muslims). Its like south korea letting Kim jun un in south korea when you know he is gunna try to take over. like the founding fathers said : it will be an inside job that will bring us down:

  12. Destroying the West is the goal but that existed long before Muslims came to America. The advocates of unlimited immigration for the purpose of making the founding WASP culture a minority finally succeeded with Jacob Javitz. What kind of name is Javitz? The same as the founding members of the Anti-Defamation League, Southern Poverty Law Center, Simon Wiesenthal Center, ACLU. Those groups advocate unlimited immigration, villainize America’s Christian foundation, undermine America’s cultural cohesion at every opportunity, and seek to outlaw Christian unity to this day. The perverse multiculturalism destroying the West absolutely is the product of the common thread of those organizations who support Eric Holder and came up with such strategies in the first place. Who founded the NAACP? It wasn’t blacks; its founding purpose was to weaken the foundational culture and institutions, not advance anyone. The answer is the same group that votes >98% Democrat and is practically unanimous in founding and supporting Left-wing groups. This group invented Communism.

    • “What kind of name is Javitz??” In 2008, I was talking to a man, and I asked, “what kind of person has the name, barrack Hussein obama”?? He replied, what does his name have to do with him being POTUS??? Apparently, lots!!! He is allowing our country to be destroyed!!!

    • And just ‘WHO’ is this ‘GROUP’ that you’re speaking of with such anamous regbs? why don’t you stop with your ridiculous ‘pussy-footing’, and come right out with it? you are an ignorant anti-Semite who chooses to blame the Jews for all of the wrong in this world…this world should be more than grateful to Judaism.. certainly not the recipients of blame…we Jews have given our great intellect, our more than generous philanthropy, we have added more than ever taken from this country, as well as every other country that Jews have, and now inhabit… there are actually far too many Jewish contributions to mention, to fit into this small space… we are taught from childhood, to leave this world a better place than it was when we entered it…I am more than familiar with your sick need to use Jews as your scape goats…you are of a garden variety… a very insecure, small minded, and envious individual.

  13. It doesn’t help that otherwise intelligent people (one of my siblings) persist in repeating the mantra that it’s “just a handful of extremists,” and express outrage every time a Muslim feels he or she has been looked at askance. With all due respects to the peaceful Muslims, why wouldn’t people look at you with suspicion? How do WE know which of you is peaceful, and which of you, whom we’ve welcomed into our communities, turns out to be Dzhokhar (“He is us. He is Cambridge.”)? PS How kindly would WE be welcomed in any of their countries of origin? Would OUR rights be respected?

  14. THREE STAGES OF ISLAM (Transcript of Video following)

    Islam is a political movement. While it openly operates in
    three stages, many, even more westernized Muslims are unaware of the process.
    Here is a detailed description of the three stages of Islam from
    ANSWERINGMUSLIMS.COM (There is a video referenced and most of the text from it
    is shown here): Three Stages of Jihad:
    1)Stage One–Stealth Jihad.
    When Muslims are completely outnumbered and can’t possibly win a physical
    confrontation with unbelievers they are commanded to promote peace with
    non-Muslims and promote a message of tolerance. . .Coexist. . . this is
    takia, concealing Muslim’s true intentions in order to protect the Muslim
    community (til it can grow in numbers). . .they are to show friendship
    outwardly but never inwardly. . .Abu Darda, “We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.”. . .
    2) Stage Two—Defensive Jihad.
    When there are enough Muslims and resources to defend the Muslim community from attacks, persecution, or criticism, Muslims are called to engage in defensive
    jihad, fighting unbelievers who pose a physical or intellectual threat to
    Islam. The primary tactic of stage two is terrorism. . .ordering the
    assassination of critics during state two. People who spoke out against Islam
    or wrote poems abut Mohammed were brutally murdered, and the citizens of
    Medina, the very people who had invited Muslims into their city saw their
    rights rapidly disappearing in the name of Allah. Stage two is characterized by
    defensive fighting, fighting those who attack the Muslim community in some
    way. . .Muslims have a much broader definition of what constitutes an attack than anything that we are familiar with. Persecution and military aggression. . .count as attacks. . .criticizing Islam counts as an attack, backing out of alliances after you figure out Mohammed’s true intentions counts as an attack. . .Muslims are ordered to respond to these “attacks” with physical violence and terrorism.
    3)Stage Three—Offensive Jihad.
    When Muslims establish a majority and achieve political power in an area
    they are commanded to begin offensive jihad. Suddenly Muslims aren’t just told
    to fight against aggressors, they are commanded to fight non-Muslims, simply for
    being non-Muslims. If Muslims have the military strength to expand their
    political power and to violently subjugate non-Muslim populations, forcing
    these non-Muslims to pay tribute, the Koran commands them to do so. . .
    .”fight until they stop persecuting us” . . .would be stage two. .
    .In stage three. . .Muslims are commanded to fight people based on what they
    believe. Total hypocrisy!. . . In this offensive jihad stage Muslims can also
    expel Christians and Jews from lands they have been living in for centuries, to
    keep certain areas, that are important to the Muslim community pure. .
    .As soon as Muslims had control of the government diversity and
    tolerance went out the window, along with the Jews and Christians. .
    .Here is America, where Muslims form a small minority, what stage are we
    in? Stage one! What’s Islam all about, according to American Muslims? It’s all
    about peace and tolerance! . . .My friends, what is so difficult about this
    to figure out? . . .Muslims have been using the same play book
    for fourteen centuries. It’s in all their sources. It’s a plain as day! And yet
    out leader and the media just can’t understand why Christians and Jews are
    second class citizens in the Muslim world, or why Muslims in Europe are ready
    to kill over cartoons! Why Muslims in America are so desperate for victim
    status they’ll cry “discrimination” what a home improvement store
    doesn’t pay for advertising on one of the most boring shows ever! . . .

    We’ve reach a point in history when we can no longer afford to be willfully stupid. If our leaders are incapable of grasping the three step strategy of jihadists, they have no business leading a marching band, let alone a Western nation! Unfortunately,
    Muslims have been so successful in their stage one operations, they’ve
    convinced our leaders and the media that the only information new need when it
    comes to Islam is what’s handed to us by terrorist linked Muslim organizations
    like CARE! . . A double sided pamphlet discussing the three stages of jihad.
    . .All you need to do is go to my blog. . .”ANSWERINGMUSLIMS.COM,” click on the “jihad” tab at the top, and open the “Three Stages of Jihad” PDF pamphlet file. You
    can print this out, fold it up, and give it to those who need to know about
    jihad, which is pretty much everyone! Islam’s greatest ally in the West is
    ignorance! Jihadists can’t subjugate us through physical force, so they’re
    doing their best to subjugate our minds. The ultimate obstacle to global jihad
    then is an informed population of free people. . .Chances are that when your
    Muslim friends tell you that Islam is peaceful, they really believe it. . .Westernized Muslim friends aren’t a source of Islamic doctrine.

    • We were told about these 3 steps of Islam years ago by a Christian missionary to Africa; he was told about these by an African Muslim in answer to his query as to how the Muslims and Christians lived in peace in a certain area: “We are still in the first phase”, he said.
      Thank you, ma’am, for posting this!

  15. It is scary how this administration is catering to Islam and they are.. Islam is evil Ideology, we should not even be in the M.E. they don’t want us there. Thousands of years later Islam is as bad then as it is now. And then administration allows people like CAIR into the WH.

  16. When you are faced with a cancer, you either cut it out or kill it anyway possible. That is what needs to happen in this case.

  17. You know what??? This is so overwhelming for me, my family and daughter’s friends! whom I just finish giving a lesson about our government and all that is happening to some friends that stop by…I am at the end of the road….Do not know what to do next…They understoood but did they really comprehend what I was trying to say? I have no clue! My daughter said excused my Mother but she is so involved with her political views that she wants everyone to understand!!!!!!!! Like LOL…I made a fool of myself and little girl friends…..I am so tired of so much EVIDENCE AGAINST OUR GOVERNMENT AND NOTHING IS HAPPENING! I FEEL LIKE EVERYONE IS FOLLOWING THE SERPENT! MY LESSON IN RELIGIOUS ED LAST WEEK AND CONTINUED TILL TODAY WITH A QUIZ FOR MY KIDS……ONE ANSWER…”THE SERPENT IS NOT REALLY BAD BECAUSE IT TOLD EVE WHAT TO DO BUT SHE HAD A CHOICE!!!! AMEN TO THAT!!! WE ALL HAVE A CHOICE! SO LET’S WORK ON IT! WE AS A NATION MUST STAND TOGETHER AND FIGHT FOR OUR MOTHER LAND! IT’S BECOMING SO BIG AND MANY KNOW WHAT THE OUTCOME WILL BE, PLEASE LET’S JOIN TOGETHER TO END THE NIGHTMARE! AND JOIN HANDS TOGETHER AS A NATION UNDER GOD AND GET RID OF THIS EVIL GOVERNMENT WE NOW HAVE! IN THE NAME OF GOD LET’S DO IT! WE NEED TO TAKE OUR NATION BACK!…AMEN GOD BLESS ALL WHO BELIEVES IN HIM AND THOSE WHO DO NOT! AMEN

    • I’m afraid that we have become a nation of ‘ LET THE OTHER GUY DO IT’. Our Forefathers would be so ashamed of us.

    • Take a breath~~~ we’ll know when it happens. You don’t want Martial Law. You need to ready yourself–hand to hand, etc etc. You have a bug out place? Survival skills? Don’t be in a hurry. You have to be 100% ready.

  18. Creeping Sharia ? Not a problem. My “friends” Smith, Wesson, Hornady, Remington and Mossburg say that is nothing to worry about. And I trust my friends. All calibres.

    A creeping sharia has immigrated into our America

    A creeping sharia has immigrated into our America
    A creeping sharia has immigrated into our America

    • The problem is that they are also afforded 2nd amendment rights and the mosques have and will continue to buy up land that can be used for training and storing weapons and ammunition. It’s happening in Virginia.

      I just hope that more and more Americans are thinking like you and me and preparing for the inevitable.

      • Yes, but as a military member – their solidarity is there weakness. If things turn violent they are pretty easy to find and they have little chance of using guerilla tactics in the USA, which they would need to do b/c they are vastly outnumbered.

      • No worries Sailing. I am the vocal of the silent “armed and ready”.
        In Ohio, there are WELL over 50,000 Patriots just waiting for the word.
        And that number is for propaganda reasons. And it is a LOW number.
        Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies. ( Grin )

      • Already done. We just have to be careful because the U.S. Government is our enemy . Ever wonder WHY they are “monitoring” Americans ? Now you know. NSA= National Socialist Administers. Nuff said. Yes, they know who I am and where I am. They just can”t find 3 people to be the first to bust through my door. The reason is obvious.

      • “Alamo time”…you need to review what happened at the Alamo…they all died.

        Think along the lines of Sherman’s march to the sea.

      • I know that of course. I was referring to the action, the unification, the attitude; as in immediately after 9/11.

      • The unity is there, as is being expressed in the comment sections from
        coast to coast. You see it happening all over the country at sites
        normally not considered conservative. CBS comments are always
        interesting to read for a pulse indicator of peoples opinion. This why
        the left is shitting all over themselves, the tide is turning against
        them and they are becoming more and more perplexed as to what must be

  19. This was bound to happen with our first muslim president. Yes, it’s been going on for years, but O’s lack of policies and his love of islam has hit the fast forward button.

  20. There is no such thing as a peaceful MUSLIM. The alleged peaceful Islamists are evil by their very nature not to denounce the violence.

  21. Our politicians allow it to happen. The media and liberals encourage it. Every place on the planet that has this type of muslim encroachment suffers from violence when they start to get more numbers. We’ll suffer the same. The muslim emigrants that are flocking to the United States are no different than the Sunni & Shia from Syria, Libya, Iraq, Somalia and every other pit that suffers from an islamic majority in population. I only hope that Americans are preparing for it. You can bet the muslims are.

  22. If they try to take over we will send them back in body bags. If they think America is an easy target they do not know America.

    • No we wont. We are being forced city by city to be tolerant of them and their religion. Detroit has the largest # of muslin in the US. And there is a city around NY called Islamburg. Where they are training for battle. A video was made of them training by law enforcement but they where not allow to do anything. Muslin are in key positions in Obama’s administration. Like it or not he is muslin and Holder is his protection from prosecution. Beware it’s coming.

      • I was not being sarcastic. There are between 9 to 11 million Muslims in the United States right now. It is one of our immigration problems. They are dominating the world through population explosion. I say eyes are closed because hypheru2 said if they try to take over. They are already setting it up. OH I agree we should send them packing …that is not the Reality. There are judges here in America that already lean towards sharia law in their ruling. This is not a joke from me this is fact. Google all this. Look at the population growth of Muslims all over the world and the population growth of America and any other country without. They have infiltrated GUV’MENT at all levels, Local, States, and Federal. We have a MAJOR PROBLEM on our hands and only a few in the Senate and House acknowledge it.

      • Yes, I understand the cancer……I think he was referring to them not understanding the Alamo attitude of Americans“oo, nice alliteration!!. I do believe that if the call was given…. ALL Americans would unite as one~ instantly again, as after 9/11. I think millions are ready already, from what I’ve been reading. Along with militias, hunters, veterans, reserves, etc, etc, etc. Remember, they are very patient…..this may not happen in our life time.

      • I realize what you mean about the Alamo and maybe I read the statement differently. Although it may not be in our lifetime…it also may be…and I for one like many you listed am ready to stand up for our Constitutional America. By the way SLOW is the way they make it happen…it is a very real process ongoing right now. I personally feel Islam is Satan’s religion.

    • I wonder about the areas of expansion and whether the proliferation is the same in states that allow concealed carry? I wonder if the expansion is as aggressive in Texas or Oklahoma as it is in New York Chicago or Detroit.

  23. Well Done C Matthews! I’ve heard it simply called “RPM”–like the engine rev. per min.
    R–Relocate, P- gain Political control, and finally, M–Military Control. Mohammed did EXACTLY this at Medina with the Jews. They first promote “Peace” as a minority within a community; then, by means of community charity they establish families usually no less than 5 children (8 avg) which focus on chnging laws to accomodate their community. Finally, when Muslims acquire key Political Seats, laws are changed and are enforced by Military means… either convert to Islam or die.
    My theory is that if one wants to see Islam disentergrate–it is all up to the women. The women of Islam need to burn their bras! As liberated women of the world, we women of America need to condemn the unjust discrimination the women of Islam are forced to endure. Talk to the hand… and get your own dinner while your at it.

  24. I have a friend that lives in the Phillipines. He said that they have had one neighborhood after another taken over. Women brutally raped. And men killed. He said the media here just ignores their plight. He said it is just a matter of time until it starts here.

  25. Allen West is absolutely correct. This is a truly frightening article but all I can say is….so what? Who’s going to do anything about it? What are we REAL Americans supposed to do? We are powerless. The enemy sleeps among us and they know our weaknesses (primarily our legal system). I fear that it’s going to take a mushroom cloud over an American city before things change.

    • Don’t agree – right now there is a balancing act in religion and politics. In America we can always hope for change through peaceful elections, so we restrain what would lead to violence in other nations. Muslims and Politicians have to walk a balancing act of trying not to violate our rights so much that our restraint no longer has meaning. When that day comes Americans will do the right thing – it is in our blood afterall, and I do not mean the love of violence – I mean the love of freedom.

      • You are naive. Muslims in this country are living mostly quietly, biding time and gaining numbers for the day when they will be strong enough to rise up and control. The call to jihad will end that peaceful time. Islam directs its followers to lie about their intentions in the name of jihad. We can never trust what an Islamist says.

  26. Absolutism is death to all rational thought. Certainly not ALL Muslims want to destroy ALL Americans. Remember the young woman shot because she desired education for Muslim women. The Doctor that helped ud find UBL? I say most, not all. An axiom: not all Muslims are terrorists, all terrorists are Muslim just might work.

  27. Cant say what I want to, but if a Muslim ever kills a member of my family I am more of an Old Testamnet guy versus New Testament.

  28. All of you are idiots. It is not a question of if or when. It is going on now. It is no longer Christians v Muslims, it is them vs everyone. Atheists, Hindus, and everyone else have a dog in this fight. Muslims hate us all because we are not them. I went to Afghanistan and Iraq. I tried to give them a chance. But these people will say they will save you and kill you on the same breath. I don’t care if I go overseas again, because I will be fighting them in my backyard before long.

    • true…everyone thinks they will just kill the Christians…..every true Christian will die because they won’t renounce their faith….the rest…ie atheists, hindu, buddists, agnostics, non-believing libs [who thought islam was cool] will convert or die….the women will all be in burqas……white men will probably be killed or slaves…the muslim men don’t want completion…..

  29. Don’t blame the islam nor the muslims,they try and the gov,our gov,allow them to fulfill their dreams with the extra support of americans traitor,communists,atheists, most of the aliens and all the illegals immigrants.

  30. There in UK is a muslim community ruled by islamic law and a judge who is British muslim citizen sentenced to 3 life sentences to a woman that was raped by 3 muslims……Can you figure out why?,Because the woman was taking a sun bath wearing a swimming suit in her house porch..and that was “a sexual provocation”

  31. The islamist intention for our nation doesn’t seem to register with our politicians. The accusations against the present Administration of being Muslim may stem from the Administration’s dealing so poorly with the situation that they might as well be a part of it.

    They don’r seem to realize they are dealing with a mindset that sees the conquest of the United States as only one step in conquering the world. The laws of the United States are stumbling blocks they must overcome to either control or kill this nation. They see themselves as servants of God, who are ordered by God to remake all things for their religion.
    I have no way to wake our politicians to the realities of the threat. Some Europeans are wake to the same threat, but not European politicians.
    Our 2 political party’s greatest similarity may be their bipartisan delusion of how to protect America.
    I see some hope from people like Allen West, new Congressmen, and the Tea Party. Elite Washington DC doesn’t get it.
    Marvin Fox

  32. I agree, but there are other areas just as described, For instance, utra-orthadox Jews. Their allegiance is to Israel and they do nothing to veil their loathing for others, The neighborhood where I once lived has gained quite a few and I sadly witnessed a group of adult men cross to the other side of the stree as they passed the Catholic church I once attended and then in unison spit on ground while facing it. Why? I have also been to a large Korea town opposite New York City in New Jersey, the occupants are not at all friendly. People on the whole are suspicious of those differant than they, but being haetful of violent to others in the United States is becoming quite common, and in some areas being white and Christian is down right dangerous.

    • But, are these people dangerous to others? Its one thing to be biased and unfriendly, keeping themselves apart. Its quite another to want to change the predominate culture around you with violence or to adhere to violence as a law mandated by your religion.

      • I didn’t say or imply it was okay to be dangerous to anyone. I was saying the groups the poster mentioned were unfriendly and had shown bias and as the poster stated, “loathing for others”. And while he did mention that being white and Christian in some areas of the US is dangerous, my question was have the groups he specifically mentioned been violent or dangerous to anyone. Spitting on the ground in front of a church is not even in the same universe as blowing up planes or setting bombs off at a race or opening fire and murdering your “comrades in arms”.

      • Where is the civility??? Where are the groups that assimilated??? Gave their children “American” sounding names, studied hard and became citizens, proudly flew the American flag in front of their home. As for “certain” groups, I would think someone born in this country, earning a livlyhood in this country would wish to be a citizen of this country, I tend to think that there is something quite un-American by holding duel citizenship. I also think the “knock out game” or “kill the polar bear” is quite evil. Flying your native countries flag at all times, or making no attempt to learn English. The original post picked a certain group to be judged. and many in this group fall short, but not all. I only stated that their are many others not living up to what one should expect from an American citizen.

  33. Wouldn’t it be great if a Reporter/ Journalist would say to 0bama, “What will you do to stop Shariah law in the world,since that law is totally abusive and offensive to women and gays, and why do you always support those Shariah law nutjobs and help them to implement such evil laws?

    • what will the muslims do to Obama when he has helped them reach their goal? they will punish the gays in this country and him for pushing their agenda…..I’m not advocating it, just sayin’……. read the history of what hitler did to the minions that brought him to power…. he was all hooked up with the muslims, too…..

      • Sorry about that, your right- real journalism is dead, the media is 0bamas Collective now,they don’t have a mind of their own anymore. Even if a reporter did ask that, 0bama wouldn’t answer directly,he would use his manipulation skills to dance around it, like he did in India when a student asked him what he’ll do about the Jihad? He just said there is many meanings of Jihad and totally avoided the question.

  34. …Jihad, Sharia, Despicable Actions, Promoted by a Despicable Ideology, Supported by an Equally Despicable Democratic minority, with the Despicable intent of ‘Overthrow’ of the One, True Country capable of keeping in check, ‘The Despicables’,..!!

    • Please stop trying to educate Liberals. They prefer to remain secure in their beliefs and ignore the truth. Also, you cause them to have headaches and develop rare types of skin cancer. In other words, keep up the good work. And feel free to teach them to play “Polish” roulette. You know, one round in an automatic. A winner every time !

      • Mrmike, I’m Polish-American and I have a Master’s Degree in Economics. I’m also a veteran of 7.5 years active duty and a proud American. Your comment was not necessary. What is your ethnic group?

      • Joe, no offense intended. It is a joke. My ancestors are German, English, Celtic, Welsh and Cherokee. However, I am a 100% U.S. Navy Veteran red blooded Patriot.

        And Joe, thank you for your service.

    • You need to keep reading the article til it sinks in~~~do some research. And look up the word attack–apparently you don’t know the meaning of the word.

      • They are storekeepers, doctors, programmers, restaurateurs, fathers, mothers, children. The sort of good neighbors who are the backbone of a community.

        Maybe if you had neighbors like that, you’d lose some of your ignorant bigotry, since you are hating people you don’t actually know.

  35. Apparently, right-wingers think the guy who sells you soup wants to murder you. How odd it is that they’ve never poisoned the falafels, or placed bombs in gas tanks.

    Of course, WE have bombed THEIR countries. Every day. For decades now.

      • boston? that was probably the Methodist ladies bible study group…. they are very militant….

      • Of course there were bombs in Boston. They were set off by two Muslims, not a billion. When someone calling himself “Christian” kills someone, we don’t blame every adherent of the religion.

      • Anyone can say they are Christian. If the Islamic religion wishes to be considered a peaceful religion then take kill out of their Quran. The bible let never states to kill someone but like David who slay Goliath he was defending others. GOD wants us to defend and protect ourselves, many leaders of the faith would not be around to spread God’s word if we allowed evil to kill them off. TURN THE other cheek does not refer to protecting yourself from physical harm it means someone verbally insulting you, that’s when you walk away. Stop trying to patronize us we are not foolish enoughto believe that the Boston bombing and all the other cases were just random incidents.

      • [ The bible let never states to kill someone]

        Actually, it says we will be happy if we smash Babylonian infants on rocks (Ps. 137:8-9). But (of course) neither Christians nor Jews use their Scriptures in such a manner as to simply take a verse and obey it blindly without considering what it says in the REST of Scripture. Same with most Muslims.

        [“TURN THE other cheek does not refer to protecting yourself from physical
        harm it means someone verbally insulting you, that’s when you walk

        Then why did he say “When someone STRIKES you on your cheek” instead of “When someone insults you”? What is that? “I take the Bible literally except when doing so would be hard”?

      • When do christians blow up people to further the cause of christianity?
        These guys were motivated by islam and it is lame to pretend otherwise. and you already know it.

      • bullshit because christians dont kill in the name of their religion and bomb innocent people because christ said to.

      • Sometimes, they do.

        If they lived in whole fundamentalist countries and insular societies, they would do it more.

      • I heard in the Gaza strip the day of 9-11 attack they passed out cookies and celebrated the attacks. So to celebrate murderous attacks of thousands would be the same as being in on it.-right?

    • Since 9/11/2001, more than 20,000 terrorist attacks on innocent people have been carried out by those claiming Islam as their motive. Don’t blame America for playing defense against a very real threat.

    • It’s not just ‘right-wingers’ Ignatz…it’s any and every person who has a strong grasp of the sad ‘reality’ of the real and present danger of Islam and it’s many followers who vow daily to murder ((all un-believers))…and unless you are in fact, a follower of Islam Ignatz… you’d be wise to ‘wake-up’ and not blame ‘WE’…we- are not the be-headers, not the honor killers, not the stoners, not the hangers,not the mothers who strap the suicide vests on their toddlers, who are thrilled and proud at the thought that their child will become a martyr for Allah… we are not the cannibals who rip innocent peoples hearts out and eat them while they’re still warm, we who refuse to have our lives, our religions, our cultures, we who want a peaceful life…will not stand by, as you prefer to do, you,.. who believe that a bomb couldn’t possibly be placed in a gas tank, have apparently forgotten 9-11, the Boston Marathon, just to name only a few of the many horrors due to Islam, that we’ve experienced…we have our own ‘home-grown’ terrorists, terrorist training camps throughout the U.S.-still time to wake-up Ignatz… but move quickly.

    • Tania Rubecca is a Christian girl in Pakistan, who was kidnapped
      by Muslims. She was walking to her uncle’s house one day, when a car drove by.
      Inside were a number of men and her Muslim friend, Rehana, who then offered her
      a ride to her uncle’s home. As soon as she got in, the Muslim men began to
      coerce her, and when she resisted, they threatened to kill her.

      placed toxic powder in her eyes and beat her without mercy. The Muslim gang then
      called Tania’s mother just to let her know that her daughter would now be a
      slave and that she was going to be sold. They sold her into slavery; her two
      masters raped her repeatedly and beat her severely. The torture did not end; it
      only became more sadistic. They tied her to a tree and anally raped her over and
      over again. They then lacerated her flesh with knives and burnt her body with
      cigarettes. They did not do this once but numerous times, taking great pleasure
      in it. These Muslim men were excited in their diabolical cruelty to ravish and
      bring pain to a Christian girl.

      As if this was not evil enough, Tania’s
      masters actually used rape as a means to force her into Islam. When our team
      interviewed her, she described her torment: “My life became miserable and I used
      to pray for death. My life became hell.”

      Tania found some hope in the
      words of an NGO, which told her they were going to take up her case. They
      interviewed her and she recounted her heinous experience. They then took her
      story and used it to obtain funds from sympathetic donors. But that was it. They
      got their money, only to leave the brutalized girl in her misery.

      this was taking place, Tania’s family was frantically searching all over for
      her; they searched and searched, but she could not be found. They were lucky to
      track Muhammad Zafar, one of Tania’s masters, through his cell phone’s SIM card.

      But when Robert (Tania’s brother) went to Dera Ghazi Khan to find his
      tortured sister, Muhammad Zafar refused to reveal anything about her. However,
      with the intervention of a former mayor, Muhammad Khan Khachela, they were able
      to get the exact location of Tania. Muhammad Zafar said that if they “are able
      to pay us 95,000 PKR we are ready to set Tania free.” Muhammad Zafar also said
      that she was currently in the custody of two Muslim men named Khadim Hussain and

      Tania’s family was at the highest peak of desperation and
      consternation. They frantically looked all over for her but the joy of their
      lives was not attained, and the capricious misery of not knowing what would
      happen, plagued their souls.

      Tania’s mother did not have the money
      needed to buy her daughter back but as is innate within that divine side of
      mankind, human affection surpasses all material possessions.

      mother put the family home up for lease and gained the money necessary to
      purchase back her daughter. Just imagine such a life for yourself, where you are
      faced with the prospect of losing your loved one, be it a daughter, a wife, a
      husband, or anyone else with that sublime familial connection.

      When they
      came to buy their love-deprived daughter, they were then struck with another
      unendurable reality. Tania had been sold again, this time to two other Muslim
      men, named Atta Muhammad and Rub Nawaz. The former Mayor Khachela, demanded that
      they release the girl, but the barbarians refused, and a long and arduous
      struggle commenced. Tania’s parents eventually had to pay that 95,000 PKR ($900
      a large sum as the average wage in Pakistan is $200 per month) and it was only
      then that they finally were able to embrace their terrorized daughter.

      The culprits were never brought to justice, and even when there was an
      appeal to have the slave masters punished, the police did not lift a finger
      against her tormenters.

      • Too bad some of the people who refuse to accept how truly horrible that “religion” is are incapable of having enough decency in themselves see the evil and stand against it instead of berating others who do stand.

      • as a dad im sick as an athiest I say bomb islam from the face of this earth. And only wish nydavid and ignatz had loved ones in the towers on 911 because it will take something that extreme to teach a liberal how far from reAlity they are!!!

    • Go see the Film – Lone Survivor- Its a true story about 4 soldiers in Afghan war, and how a Muslim saved one of them. Liberals fear Islam most, that is why most of them refuse to learn about Jihad and all their genocide of Christians in the world. Every liberal I know is a Christian. I don’t know why you say right wingers like liberals side with jihadists- no they don’t- they just don’t say how they feel because of fear and 0bamas political correctness. I feel bad for the Muslims being murdered in IRAQ right now- they are good ones who didn’t want any part of terrorist jihadists.

      • By the way my favorite doctor was born and raised in Iraq, he has family in Baghdad and I trust him more than any other doctor I’ve ever had! Stop making up crap in your head. Also most blacks are Christians in America, most Asians are Christians in America and most Latinos are Christians- being a liberal vs. republican doesn’t change that.

  36. Here’s an idea! Stop allowing these people to be the largest group of immigrants. How about stopping this group entirely for a long while. But, like all sensible solutions, the left will not allow it. Liberals will only create, support, and enforce programs that are designed to destroy this Republic.

      • well, some countries are waking up and realizing the threat of islam & outlawing it….they are banning the building of mosques, banning buquas, banning prayer time at work, banning shariah, etc, lib women think it’s PC and cool to be pro-Islamic…..they just haven’t witnessed the horrific subjugation of women practiced under shariah law…….

      • The destruction of America has started. Not in the introduction of another religion, but in our intollernece of that religion. The country that was founded on religious freedom suddenly decided it didn’t want to be anymore.

      • nydavid their religion does not recognise any other religion and thats what they teach its all Islam or you are an infidel. But to you this is ok right? Our country was built on accepting other religions thats why we have so many denominations. Islam is the one who hates. Thats why they are and should be resisted.

      • Really?
        Do you lock your doors at night or when you leave your home?
        Or do you leave them unlocked so anyone can help themselves to your home and your possessions?
        Are you starting to figure out how we can do that, Chief?

      • So the country that was founded on the idea of religious freedom will now block those of certain religions that want to come here. What do you intend to do about the Muslims that are already and have been here since the 1800’s. Some are my friends. Do I allow some bigot to throw my friends out because they don’t fit their ideal “American”.

      • You still dont understand this whole discussion do you? It is not about their religion! its about all the other religions they dont accept. They do not want to be Americans they want to be here to speak against americans and that also means you. All you homosexual liberal beliefs are the things Islam teaches against the most. The problem with them becoming true americans is they cant seperate religion from state or any business they do. Their arrogant and do think their better than everyone because their religion teaches them to think their better. NY dave stop at the library and scan the Quran tell me if to have the same opinion then.

  37. I can understand misogynistic, power-hungry men, who think that women are not equally human and were put on this earth to be servants to their desires, wanting to support and protect Islam, even allow it to flourish. But liberal women? WTF? Don’t they understand that, if they accept Sharia Law, they will be in burquas, forced to stay at home, not have careers or lives other than as slaves to men? Do they really think that, because they are so ‘accepting’, they won’t be murdered by their brothers for looking at a man, or showing their faces, or speaking their minds? How can any woman or self-respecting man want anything to do with these animals?

      • sharia law is their laws, not ours and it is not coming, its already here along with each douchebag that immigrates

      • There are parts of New York that invoke Hebrew traditional laws. Although they still acknowlede the superiority of local laws. Is that ok with you? I challenge you to find a place in the US where Sharia law is in effect.

      • Sadly, facts don’t concern these people; its just more fuel for the witch hunt.

        We had this “scare” in the UK years ago and somehow we survived.

      • Get your head out of the sand and get enlightened. Check out videos about Dearbourne Mi. and see what can happen to your city.

      • Like I said, show me something that wasn’t done with a political agenda and I will become “enlightened”.

      • The event largely portrayed as “the Dearborn event” features a religious group interrupting a private event. I view this the same as when a bunch of religious bigots show up to protest a soldier’s funeral. Same deal. Freedom for one = freedom for all.

      • Not so private event on public property. Those “religious bigots” were merely standing quietly on the side when they were surrounded by another kind of religious bigots. While being pelted with water bottles, stones and urine they remained unprotected by the nearby police. Many were injured to the point where they had blood running down their heads and into their eyes. Freedom for all? Even for our avowed enemies? Like I said before…get your head out of the sand and hope that you never do anything that might anger these unreasonable people. Oh, that’s right, you’re a guy aren’t you? So you don’t have to worry quite as much as a woman( unless you’re gay). We can’t get raped, give birth to too many girl children or make our possessive husbands jealous for no reason or we can be legally stoned under sharia law. Don’t forget the old saying ” once the nose of the camel is already in the tent…”( how appropriate).

      • OK…ya got me. They were standing around with a pigs head on a stick. That makes all the difference. This religion of peace must be doing a great job teaching their beliefsvto their youngsters. The video didn’t fake the anger and hatred in their eyes.Muslims do not tolerate infidels well. Just look at all the misery they cause around the world.

      • The point of the story is that the video is doctored to show one side of a story. It didn’t show the times that the cops intervened or the presumable Muslims that stood in front of the kids. The end note is that Sharia Law is not here. It’s being used by West and others to strike fear and solicite funding. Same was used in the other century to spread fear about blacks, Same was used by McCarthy. Need I go on?

      • And just to think that you’re still making negative ‘dumb’ blonde jokes…now will the ‘real dummy’,,, please stand up! are you standing up yet Stan?

      • Hay..lighten up on Stan. As a natural blond I do kind of have to agree with him. But you do have to watch those dye job imposters closely. After all..who would want to become a stereotype just for the sake of beauty?

      • She dyes her hair blonde, she is truly a brunette! I do not like that certain cultures speak their tounge in front os Americans! they need to speak and respect all, or go back where they came from but the politicians make it to easy for

  38. I took my wife to an Italian restaurant on Church Avenue in Brooklyn in 1966. In those intervening years the neighborhood has changed as the article states. What he says is true about Brooklyn. Many cultures and races lived side by side with no problems and that is true today with one exception: Islam. They keep to themselves never speak with you and expect that rules and laws be changed to accommodate them. I no longer live in New York but we visit Brooklyn often to see family and old friends. They, the Muslims, have done nothing to improve Brooklyn.

    • Not sure where you get this from. I live in Brooklyn and interact with them all the time. They work as hard as any other community I know. People used to say the same things about the Irish, actually…

      • Yes…the Irish were looked down on and it was unfortunate and undeserved besause they didn’t believe in genocide, beheading,piedophelia, stoning or overthrowing our government. Actually, they were pretty harmless to the health of our democracy.

    • Just look at not only the United Kingdom, France, Sweden and the rest of Europe. Think how long it will be before we have beheadings, sharia law and violence on the streets. These of the “Muslim faith?” Decide they are strong enough to defy our laws. They already are talking about beheading women in Memphis Tn. They already have requesting “no go zones” in Dearborn Mi. They are coming here in unprecedented numbers. Being a religious organization they give no financial information about their fund raising or financial accounting.

      • Funny you mention Europe. Here in the UK, the EDL who are allegedly “Christians” are a bigger terrorist threat than Muslims. Then we have Anders Brevik in Scandinavia, another Christian, he killed 77 people, including 69 children in the biggest terrorist attack that has hit Europe in half a decade.

      • If you think you’re just fine wait a few more years. You obviously don’t live in or near Muslim occupied areas of London. Maybe you’ll be hauled before a sharia court sometime soon and change your mind.

      • I wouldn’t exactly call it “fine” when I just read about two men in England who were arrested for posting something derogatory about muslims on their fb pages, because, according to authorities they broke a law they are calling “inciting racial hatred”. I would think that the two muslims who cut the young soldiers’ head off in the middle of the street incited hatred just a bit more than words on someones’ social media page.

  39. I took my family to Great America in Santa Clara, CA., unaware that it was Muslim Day. I had Muslims cutting in front of me in lines and felt their stares more than once. My daughter in law from Hawaii threw her scarf over her head so she really blended in and that seemed to make us as a group more acceptable within the crowds, but I don’t think I’ll be going back to the once “Great America” soon. I now wonder if that is going to be a problem with the new 49’er pro football stadium when it opens in Santa Clara?

      • Great America offers park sellouts to groups of over 5,000 (just looking at their policies online). So apparently Muslims did something like that, which I didn’t know when I took our family there. Yet I entered the park, paid the normal admission price for my family. I should post some pictures of that day.

      • There is not one, But a study of the history of the United States reveals a hatred of Catholics that in many cases paralells comments on this foum made about Muslims. “They” had their own schools, “They” had no allegiance to this country, only to the Pope. “They worshipped in a strange way, worshipped idols.” In some parts of America, this mind set still thrives. But the thing that differs between Catholics from Muslims and many others is a respect for life, from inception to end, It is given by God and should only be taken by God. Another, Catholics do not proselysize, worship as you please,

      • Probably true, It is judging a whole group as one. In some instances, one or two good in a very bad lot, or perhaps one or two bad in a very good lot.

  40. “I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce
    and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate,
    state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a
    subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and
    laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and
    domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I
    will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law;
    that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the
    United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of
    national importance under civilian direction when required by the law;
    and that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation
    or purpose of evasion; so help me God.”

    ~Naturalization Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America

    • Exactly ……. But they must be wanting citizenship to work towards taking this oath…This is an Oath for those who have worked hard to “become” Americans !! It was a thing to be proud of before ….. To Become Citizens so they could VOTE and Take pride in being part of this Country.

      • Correct. The oath is only as good as the degree of honor present in the heart of the one who utters it.

    • Oaths mean nothing to a Muslim. The Koran demands a Muslim to lie to an infidel if it is to further his cause. You cannot trust them. We are less than dirt to them and they want to wipe us out completely. There is no ” living side by side” in their ideology.

      • You hit upon the exact concern that made me post the oath. With the concept of “taqiyya” operative in Islam, how are good, law-abiding Westerners to trust those who conceal treason in their hearts while professing loyalty with their lips? They may say “without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion”, but only in the most untruthful manner imaginable. What they would mean by “so help me God” is even more problematic.

      • Yes, this is something that concerns me deeply. “Taqiyya” is the practice of lying in the face of those deemed infidels so as to advance Islam.

  41. The Moslems are just a Symptom, the didn’t let THEMSELVES into Europe, America, Canada and Australia.
    If we’re ever going to fix the problem, we need to recognize the
    Disease, the people at the top of Western Civilization who are dedicated
    to destroying us.

    • Disease is very right But you can take shots for it…. If you have to or you can wait peacefully by as they come in to cut off your head because you are an infidel in YOUR OWN Country that they want to over run and assume.

  42. Well, you can all thank the idiot George Bush 43. He’s opened up he floodgates for Muslims SINCE 9/11. Obama is terrible, but W was just as bad. Those who can’t afford the airfare to the USA can fly to Mexico and just walk across the border.

  43. We have a muslim president therefore we can expect no less than for him to do his best to further his religion’s insanity. The best thing we as Americans can do is to shun those people that refuse to become part of the American society and continue to hate us. Do not employ them, do not buy from them, do not provide services to them, do not sell to them, do not support them in any way. Boycott their businesses, I do this because I have noticed the very thing stated in this article. I work with a young Palestinian intern who is a very pleasant person and does not bother anyone with his religion, unfortunately he is a rare exception.

    • Really, you think our PRESIDENT is a Muslim?? Maybe the very people you are deriding would be a little more willing to assimilate if we didn’t treat them like they are all terrorists. You must be a great Christian, you know, someone who is willing to admit that the “Palestinian” intern with whom you work, is a pleasant, rare exception. Wow, such tolerance. Jesus would be proud. Oh, wait. I think he was Palestinian or was it Jewish?

      • What makes you think “Me!” is Christian? Not everyone living here is Christian, so maybe you should learn that fact before you spout off. It is absolutely proof positive that the majority of Muslim/Islamists do not try to befriend us or integrate, period! Not BEFORE 9/11 and not since. So WHY are they here??? They sit around with their smug little expressions looking down on us and think we are too stupid to see it. They were let in MY country and that is ALL the extension of the opportunity to befriend us that was needed. They refuse. So dont you sit on your illusional pedestal of goodness and grace while you rip up an American for an opinion like that person isnt worthy. You can learn a lot about how to be Christian yourself, obviously. Im NOT One , so I can tell you exactly what I think.
        And by the way, the President thinks he is Muslim too, so maybe you should catch up.

      • There are at least a dozen appointees that Obama made in DHS, DOJ & high security areas of this administration & all of them are members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hillary’s assistant’s parents are members of the Muslim Brotherhood & she married a Jew. For what purpose, as it is forbidden for Muslims to marry anyone but a Muslim.

      • Jesus could not have been a Palestinian, because those who blindly back the state of Israel claim there never was a Palestine. As for the president, who really knows?

      • YES, REALLY, I –KNOW!– obamanation is a muslim!!!!!!!!!! BY HIS OWN WORDS!!! And all you have to do is look around a little bit to find stories of muslims killing, beheading, raping, beating people HERE IN AMERICA!!!!! NOW EDUCATE YOURSELF and STOP BEING A DAMNED FOOL!!!!!

      • Just as in the past…I’m pretty sure that Jesus isn’t too happy that his followers are being persecuted. They are considered infidels and meant to be put to the sword. Oh…BTW, let’s start some sword control and highly regulate their use and sale. They seem to be very dangerous to the health of Christians and Jews.

    • I have has the same experience with a Egyptian Muslim doctor who is very
      professional and caring. He loves it here and gets along with everyone. It would be wonderful if all were like that, but this person has been a citizen for thirty years or so. He reminds me of members of my family who have been citizens one-hundred years or more!

    • Assimilation should be a mandatory requirement of all who immigrate to our Nation. If your language, culture, customs, etc. are so great why the hell are here?
      We do not want a version of the shithole that you are escaping from replicated in our shores!

      • Liberals have been pushing multiculturalism over assimilation for the past 30 years. They will regret that decision. It didn’t work for blacks and it won’t work for America if muslims cling to their outdated, offensive tribal beliefs.

    • We need to get rid of all the parasites that support this cult of muslims….Egypt got rid of their leader, and are in the process of prosecuting and outlawing the Muslims who are involved there. Its time we begin this…I hope and pray that May 16th, will be the beginning of the end of this nightmare of criminals who have been destroying our country for way too long and getting away with it.

  44. I am so glad to see this in print. It is a point that I have been trying to make over and over. It is a fact and we had better get real or we are going down.

  45. Eric Holder is a traitor to this nation and obviously hates us. He abuses his office and allows criminals to invade our shores. Since his boss feels and acts the same way, we are in trouble that will last long after the country is rid of them.

  46. Some quotes:

    “”According to Muslim teachings, God first revealed His word in the Holy Qur’an to the prophet, Muhammad, during the month of Ramadan. That word has guided billions of believers across the centuries, and those believers built a culture of learning and literature and science. All the world continues to benefit from this faith and its achievements.”

    “The Islam that we know is a faith devoted to the worship of one God, as revealed through The Holy Qur’an. It teaches the value and the importance of charity, mercy, and peace.”

    “Here in the United States our Muslim citizens are making many contributions in business, science and law, medicine and education, and in other fields. Muslim members of our Armed Forces and of my administration are serving their fellow Americans with distinction, upholding our nation’s ideals of liberty and justice in a world at peace.”

    “Islam brings hope and comfort to millions of people in my country, and to more than a billion people worldwide. Ramadan is also an occasion to remember that Islam gave birth to a rich civilization of learning that has benefited mankind.”

    ” Islam, as practiced by the vast majority of people, is a peaceful religion, a religion that respects others.”

    “”Islam is a faith that brings comfort to people. It inspires them to lead lives based on honesty, and justice, and compassion.”

    All quotations by George W. Bush

    • Point? If you are to say,,Well, Well the Republicans are no better than the DemonCrats OK, got your point. But to leave it with no ending means nothing. To be honest, no one here who served and fought in those countries knows the lessons of Islam better, it is not a religion, it is totalitarian Government with the Trappings of a Religion on its Fringes to make it look nice for the Rubes.

      • Its not a party thing…they have been taking on the name of these so called parties, strictly for the VOTES…they are all simply marxists/socialists/communists, who got voted in, because of the lies they told, ONLY to get the votes needed, so they could destroy us. The ones who don’t go with the program, get threatened, or their families threatened if they don’t cooperate…fear and intimidation and lies, have gotten them so far with this destruction of us.

      • Cynthia…sigh…apparently you know the definitions of NONE of the terms you throw around, but do so just because you believe them to be inflammatory. You are displaying REMARKABLE ignorance.

      • all of those terms while broad are closely related.. with a variety of strains it’s usually lefty sycophants who get all bent out of shape when they’re not defined as they wish…

    • The Mafia gave many gifts and held festivals in their neighborhoods to make them appear as worshiped heroes. They brought comfort to many in the protection rackets.

      That did not in anyway diminish their actions as cruel murderers and evil criminals.

      • You’re right, that’s why it isn’t. The UK went through this bullshit years ago, before everyone (except for the fascists) accepted it to be a lie

  47. And just exactly how is the US a better place by allowing millions of Third World ‘citizens’ to take up residence here? Are we really so foolish as to believe that cross cultural ‘enlightenment’ cannot be accomplished unless the actual immigrants are here? It’s really too bad we don’t have real statesmen in Washington who would unabashedly propose a return to pre 1965 immigration standards.

    • Oh Johnny…I GET IT…YOU are a Native American…funny name for such…but apparently no one in YOUR family EVER immigrated here….OR…I guess when YOUR relatives did…it was OK

      • Believe it or not….yes, there are OK immigrants and not so OK immigrants. Don’t come here because you hate us and our way of life. Don’t come here because you want us to become the backward hellhole you just left. You’ll be welcome if you want to work hard to become an asset to us and not an antisocial paricite.

    • May 16th will mark the day that the TRUE AMERICANS stand outside the White House, until the stench of this parasite regime is REMOVED….please join the growing number of Patriots and Veterans who love OUR AMERICA, who will be taking a stand, and NOT LEAVING UNTIL HE”S OUT. Its time something gets done. The Egyptians did this to get Mohammad Morsi out….its time for Americans to get Obama the fraud out, along with the rest of his minions and get rid of all the so called EXECUTIVE ORDERS HE TRIED TO MAKE LAW..this nation is stronger than just one man….His days are numbered…and he KNOWS it.

      • Why wait? Why not run a candidate against him and have him legally replaced? Oh yeah, that’s right you did and it failed.

      • Only because the democrats voted dead people, dogs and the same people over and over again, not to mention counting the votes in Spain!! Wake up people, these politicians ALL need to be removed from office, and term limits MUST be set!! NO MORE career politicians should be voted in, only those who agree to two term limits, and agree to SERVE THEIR COUNTRY, and not be paid after their service is done!! Are you
        aware that all former Congress Persons are paid their inflated salaries until they are dead? Not to mention all the former presidents still living and using our money to pay for their
        security! And their inflated salaries!! Just imagine Obama being paid his hundreds of thousands for forty-five or fifty more years!
        WRONG, WRONG !! We are mortgaging our childrens’ and grandkids futures!! It has to stop!!

      • Certainly no President should be living off the taxpayer. We need to go back to the old way, where ex-Presidents were destitute, some almost beggars. Why security? Who would be interested in kidnapping a former President? No leverage there.

        You do realize that FERS is not just for Congress but all federal employees?

        “A member elected after 1984 would have been enrolled under the FERS plan, and their pension payment under the same conditions ($153,900 top three-year average salary and 22 years of service) would be $55,404.

        In 2002, the average pension payment ranged from $41,000 to $55,000.”

      • I actually agree with you on this one. I can’t believe I’ll be paying Bush until forever for his marginal job. The whole thing should be revamped.

      • Can you say rigged election? Dead people voting?People voting twice? Lost military votes? Areas where 120% of the votes went for Obama? No voter ID cards? Legally replaced? WHAT A JOKE!!!!

      • Ummmm, except for the ACTUAL FACT that President Obama was VOTED into office TWICE by the American People…TRUE Americans. Quit being a self righteous crybaby, and GET OVER IT! Just because YOU don’t like who happens to have been elected into office, doesn’t mean it’s UN-American.

      • not only was his vote un-American, but Obama himself is UNAMERICAN!! He is Kenyan, an Islamist!! I don’t care about his color, but he himself hates America and its people!! NO one here is crying, and you can read my note below to see how honest the democrap vote really does. the democraps did the same thing in the vote for JFK in ILL. Mayor Daley of Chicago had his henchman stuff the ballot boxes for Kennedy(not that I have anything against JFK) I know because I was there!! But democraps have a record of illegal doings when voting and counting votes! Check it out, Dodo!!

  48. I am so afraid it is too late. We are crumbling from within, thanks to Obama, Eric Holder, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, and a host of other democrats who are actually Socialists, and also, not the least to blame is the Socialist Liberal Media who have covered for them and allowed this to happen by not being investigative reporters, but rather a propaganda machine for the Left….Too late. Too late. How sad. We had the greatest nation in the world. It will take a miracle to get us out of this mess.

  49. How does Liberalism (or Marxism or Socialism) co-exist with Islam? Answer: It cannot. Liberals love their abortions, women’s rights, gays and so on. Those ideas are intolerable to Islam. Liberals are infidels and will be the first to be killed. Why are they seemingly partnering up with these radical Islamists? Anyone know?

    • It is quite simple, the downfall of America as a “Christian” nation, and by that I mean, dismantling the biblical foundation. Libs don’t care how, they are too short-sighted. Muslims are quite content to watch us tear each other apart. They are united in their goal to defeat the great satan. You are correct, Islam will proudly dismantle the lib’s construct when they have vanquished the Christian foundation. At least that is the hope they have. If conservatives do not start fighting at every turn to turn back the tide, this is what will happen sans massive environmental disasters overcoming us all. Sorry for the apocalyptic downer but WWII was a warning, we are not listening or learning.

      • That’s why the Christian God is enshrined in our Constitution and Christianity was made the religion of the US in the Bill of Rights.

    • Some of us are more than willing to assist you in your quest to meet your God. All Marines and Soldiers are travel agents for Allah, and will be happy to arrange the meeting. Anyone who shoves their face in the dirt, and their ass in the air, five times a day, presents a special kind of pop-up target of opportunity.

      • You should not be serving, you clearly have no clue why you are fighting – you’re just on some kind of racist killing spree. You are a disgrace to your uniform

      • ……..and this is according to who? Who the hell are you to call me any thing? What have you ever done for anyone beside yourself? Well, after all, I did fight to protect your right to say what you feel, no matter how stupid it sounds. I guess it is my own fault, because we can’t choose who, or who not to protect.

  50. Make holder move into one of those neighborhoods and live there. Have his children try and adjust to someone who hates their guts just because they are Americans. Islam is not a religion – it is a cult by definition. A huge cult, certainly, but not one that should be allowed in this country. If the southern states have to leave the union again, it will be over issues like this…and blacks/whites/hispanics/etc. will work together to BAN islam!


      • George W. Bush was a truly great president. It is just too bad that he had a democrap house and Senate to work with his final years as pres.

      • This happend because we wanted something better now look what we have. Dear GOD help us make a better choice in 2014.

      • doris lott you are a Foul Smell,you seem to think Muslims are OK,WELL if SHARIA LAW Ever get a Hold in AUSTRALIA,I Would HOPE EVERY MUSLIM HAVE THERE THROATS CUT….SHARIA LAW is INHUMAN TO CIVILIZATION…..30 year Old MALES MARRYING 9 year OLD GIRLS NOT HERE ” MUSLIM LOVER.. 🙁

      • You haven’t a clue what I think, Aussie. You made an ignorant statement about George Bush and I showed you facts. Nobody is for Sharia Law or in support of terrorism. Research before you start your tirade and with name calling.

      • And this is the truth. Lets hear the Muslim in Chief say the same as he kisses the hand of one of our biggest enemies. Lets hear how Bush had Muslim Brotherhood in his administration or his chief advisors is a Communist Muslim. Did Bush have convicts and felons as his friends? Did Bush have a American born terrorist start his political career?

    • And those Irish – potatoes and cabbage!
      Italians – garlic and basil!
      germans – onions and liver!
      Polish – kielbasa and pirogues!

      The stench of all those immigrants assail the nostrils of every original Dutch, Spanish, English settler!

      What? People were in America before the invasion by Europeans?

  51. “If we are practicing Muslims, we are above the law of the land,” said
    Mustafa Carroll, executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth CAIR
    branch. And they scream about how they are being discriminated against. Their “prophet” in our society would be sent to prison as a pedophile.

      • I feel sad to tell you this, but America was founded by White, Christians, It was very recently that our president declared America was no longer a Christain country. As the face of America has changed so has the dynamic, She is not the shinning star she once was. Perhaps you are not old enough, or aware enought to realize this. God bless America.

      • We as Christians don’t have to advocate anything we are a Christian nation and only a small percentage are not.

      • Because a Christian America allows for the worship of other gods. A Christian America does not mandate the murder of unbelievers.
        A Christian America does not condone, nor allow pedophilia.
        A Christian America does not mandate the murder of homosexuals.
        A Christian America allows for scientific achievement and freedom of thought.

        Whereas every Muslim majority country, let alone does under the jack boot of Sharia governments are all despotic genocidal theocracys.

      • America allows the worship of god(s) if you’re into that kind of thing.
        America does not condone child molesters.
        America doesn’t mandate the death of anyone except convicted criminals.
        America allows for freedom of thought.

        Christianity has little to do with it.

        As for science, you better read up on the foundations of so many sciences being from the Islamic world.

        But have no fear, there are many promulgating a theocracy right here in the US. How would it feel to have to obey the preachings of a Christian sect that isn’t your own?

  52. The old immigrants who came here learned English in their communities, were productive and became Americans subject to American law and justice.. Muslim immigrants want us to post signs and provide interpreters in their language, want to set up their own communities where Christians are not welcome and bring in their own religion, laws and justice system to supersede ours. If you don’t like our system, there’s still plenty of room for you in the desert you just left….

    • Yet they maintained their cultural identity and original language – they didn’t surrender and repudiate their heritage.
      Should we cancel St Patrick’s Day and Columbus Day?

      • They came here for a new life, crowded in steerage, turned back if they were deemed unfit, No, they did not surrender who they were, but they assimalated. They learned English and became citizens, there was no free housing, medical care, food cards. Yes, their sons and daughter fly a flag on certain days, not every day.

      • And they send their kids to parochial school and have them learn Gaelic.
        Or they join the KofC and learn italian.

      • Your post is counter-productive. You claim “they” send their kids to school to learn a language. Yes, because they and their children speak English. To educate one’s child, to know one’s heritage is no crime. To live in a country and despise the language, ethics and religions of those already is a moral crime, and you, Sir, are a waste of time.

      • Parse the sentence properly – send to parochial school, have them learn Gaelic. No “to” in there, eh?

        So many people, possibly yourself, despise the current state of America – why not leave?

        You’ve obviously had enough of the glorious melting pot that is America, that made it great.

        Since I went to parochial school, did learn gaelic and was a member of the K of C, I can speak about them all.

        Any religion could fit your bill since they don’t align 100% with your own beliefs, yes?
        Don’t make me laugh if you’re trying to say Americans are more ethical than immigrants.
        They so despise our language that they all learn it, many foreigners, who will never grace our shores, learn english, correction – American. Some speak it better than the natives.
        How many Americans bother to learn the language of a country they may never visit? Most do so because they are forced to.

      • After World War II, Shintoism was prohibited because it propped the Emperor up as a God, and forced people from birth until death into service under the Emperor. After the war was over, the Emperor was forced to make a speech over the radio declaring himself not to be a god.
        The Japanese are no longer inslaved to their Emperor God, but they have not lost their cultural heritage. Just like Muslims if they denied their prophet God they would not lose their cultural heritage, unfortunately.

  53. It is probable that we missed the purpose and depth of “Fast and Furious”! We have no idea where those weapons went! Did they go to arm those coming over our
    borders? Did they then get used by those in “muslim sleeper cells” for use in the 35 muslim terrorist training camps in operation today throughout our country? To my knowledge no one ever tracked the money to get the full story! The results of deporting the Illegal Aliens/Criminals and closing our borders would solve our Economic woes! Obama won’t do it! WAKE UP AMERICA! Before it’s too late! There is no way to deal with this except to enforce our laws and DEPORT EVERY ILLEGAL ALIEN/CRIMINAL! We don’t have a choice! During the year 2005, there were 8 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens/criminals that crossed our southern border with as many as 19,500 illegal aliens/criminals from other terrorist countries. Over 10,000 of those were middle-eastern muslim terrorists. Imagine the condition of the borders today and how many are here! Millions are known to be here waiting in “Sleeper Cells” complete with 35 secret muslim terrorist training camps for the development of firearm skills and guerilla warfare! Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin, crack, Guns, and marijuana crossed into the U.S.from the southern border.

    • We’ve had a few operations that are similar to F&F.
      How about all the weapons we gave our best buddies in Afghanistan?
      Any of those weapons being used against Americans?

    • I already know you have never read the qur’an & what it commands its followers to do to unbelievers? The witch-hunt is in that awful book. Unbelievers are to be besieged & killed. Do some research before siding with an ideology which wants to cut your head off.

    • This is what I have heard but no one is reporting on it even Fox News. What can you tell me about Dearborn. I heard that someone was beheaded there. Why isn’t there talk about Dearborn? I am very concerned. These people want to change America and Holder and his bunch are helping them. What can we do when our govenrment helps the enemy?

      • Maybe we gotta go after all the Somalis in Maine, too.
        How many Afghanis are there in the US?

        Let’s round ’em up and put them in camps, right?

        Welcome to 1933.

      • Islam is the problem, not people from different countries. Islam (the qur’an & the hadith) is the thing which commands muslims to kill unbelievers. Islam should be banned. It promotes violence towards unbelievers, women & gay people. Do some research before siding with an ideology which wants to cut your head off.

      • Because like Christianity – it is the religion of love.

        Tell me again how many have been killed because they weren’t Christians?

      • those people who were murdering in the name of Christ, we’re not followers of Christ.

        a follower of Christ emulates Christ. Christ never murdered anyone. Christ gave his life as a sacrifice for sin.

      • Tom, 911, Boston marathon, other incidents have given people a cause to worry, Please reference Saint Joseph, Louisiana, bank shooting. This is a very small town, the murdered were known and loved by all. There is a cause for concern.

      • Don’t be stupid, no one is suggesting that we put Muslims into internment camps. That is you projecting onto others of what you would do to your political and religious enemies.

        You are right about one thing though, history is repeating itself. Iran is openly calling for a new Holocaust against the Israeli Jews. Anti-semitism is on the rise worldwide, in both the Islamic and leftist circles.
        Christians are openly being persecuted and murdered by Muslims worldwide, while the liberal media keeps it completely blacklisted. Liberal media silence can only be construed as condoning these actions.

        History is not going to look kindly on you and your comrades in arms.

      • I see what you’re doing, you’re trying to bait me into another rabbit hole.

        a true Christian has never persecuted anyone, ever.

    • One of 0bama’s favorite cities to speak in. I saw the youtube video of the Mu”lims throwing rocks at the American Christians- it was terrifying, evil is spreading fast in the world.

  54. Reminds me of the other religions that destroyed America when they grew in the US.
    Catholics – imagine what would happen if one of them became President?
    Mormons – egads!

    What of the other “races” that destroyed America when they filled the immigrant boats?
    Imagine the terror the Dutch felt when the Brits took over NY.
    How did the Protestants feel when the Irish Catholics arrived, fleeing the Famine?
    Puerto Ricans!!

    • Yeah… The difference is that Italians, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Protestants, Catholics, Dutch, none of them came here with the intent of converting people under the blade of the sword to Islam, destroying all other forms of religion and changing our political system from what it is now to Sharia law. That is their stated intent.

    • Islam is not a race! Islam is a totalitarian political ideology, disguised as a religion, which commands its followers to conquer the world & subjugate the unbelievers. Do you have any clue what that would mean to you as an unbeliever? Look up the word “dhimmi” to see what you would become under Islamic rule?

      • asking people to repent of sin and convert to Christianity is more than just a little bit different than Muslims demanding people convert to Islam under these three penalties.

        1.Convert to Islam.

        2.Submit to Sharia law as a dhimmi, and pay the jizziah tax.


      • Yes, I’m sure that’s how they presented the choice during the Crusades.

        As for Islam, why there must be hundreds of thousands of unwilling Christians killed every year in Saudi Arabia alone!

        And if you don’t choose not to convert to christianity, you’ll still be loved and accepted as if you had, right?

      • Dude. the Crusades were almost a thousand years ago! Get over it. Besides which, Christianity has had a reformation.

        Christians are not even allowed in the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca. Don’t even bother going there, that’s definitely not a winning argument for you.

        And finally. Yes, if you do not choose to convert to Christianity you will absolutely still be loved and accepted as if you had. Because the message of Christ is love and forgiveness. Repentance of sin and salvation through submission to Christ’s authority as Lord and Savior. Emulating Christ is what makes us Christians.

        Emulating Mohammed is what will make you a terrorist.
        Mohammed said: “I have been made victorious through terror.”

      • History has no place in this? You feel there are no christians that feel they should carry on the crusades?

        Which sect of islam are you talking about?

        Too bad so many christians are pharisees. Januses, judases, but certainly not following the Word.

        “Who will provide the grand design, what is yours and what is mine? Cause there is no more new frontier, we have got to make it here.
        We satisfy our endless needs and justify our bloody deeds
        In the name of destiny and in the name of God.

        And you can see them there on Sunday morning
        Stand up and sing about what it’s like up there.”

    • Good point, but there are differances. Most of what was said about those you mentioned was groundless, not so with some of our new immigrants.

    • Like the posts said they didn’t take over anything but lived side by side each other. The first Catholic president was JFK who was a Democrat. Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are doing the same in regards to our laws and Constitution by not assimilating into our culture. Roosevelt also said there is room for only one flag and one language here.

    • I am suspect of any that put their allegiance to their country of origin before that of the USA!
      Examples; Italian-American, African-American, Mexican-American, Cuban-American, Polish-American, German-American, Chinese-American, etc. etc.

      I’ll say it again, if you are so proud of your heritage, culture, idioms, language, etc, why the hell are you still here? How’s about a little respect for the Nation and its people that have made it possible to escape your homeland to a Nation that gives you the opportunity to thrive, flourish and succeed to the level of your abilities, ambitions, aspirations and hard work!

  55. If our politicians don’t find courage to speak truth soon, we will all lose our country. Sweden now finds a huge spike in radical muslim men raping blond Swedish women, the women fear them now so much they are dying their hair black. This will come to America and worse if we don’t stop the far left agenda. Even worse the Swedish media is so far gone to political correctness, and politics they refuse to report the problem.

    • It is happening here, though not politically correct to report on “hate rape” Where a black thug or group of black thugs seek out a white woman to rape. This is in no way a biased of hate post, just a fact that is not being reported.

    • If we are hinging our continued existence on politicians, we are sure doomed. Regardless of their alleged party affiliation, 75% of them just offer lip service to the electorate while they pad their wealth from anyone willing to buy them off!

      • So, you have a counter to everything posted but in the end you are just one of those perfectly content with just standing by and playing the “know it all” cowardly spectating troll!
        And you geniuses wonder why the U.S.A. is going the way of Rome!
        Don’t worry though, us first generation Americans who appreciate all that the U.S.A. stands for will do are best to “Support and the defend the Constitution and laws of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

      • You seem to propose an existence without politicians. How would that be accomplished while complying with the Constitution? Perhaps a dictator or junta to run the country?

        “First generation” Americans are the ones they want to stop, along with your parents.

        Look how well it worked out for the First “Americans”.

        And don’t forget the rest of the oath:

        “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

      • Wrong oath Mr. No It All, try the Naturalization Oath of Allegiance. Besides if you ever served you would know about something known as an unlawful order.
        Also to quote Thomas Jefferson, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”.

      • You didn’t specify. I used one of the oaths I’ve taken.
        SUre, you can tell the CO you won’t obey (like the guys over the last decade have) and live with the result.
        Don’t quote TJ unless you agree with all his statements.

      • I’ll quote however I feel like quoting.
        I guess that’s one of the differences betweens us, I can make the distinction between the right and wrong or the good or bad in every one of us and do not blindingly follow an ideology, be it right or left or whatever is trending this decade!

      • No genius, I grok those who I “parrot” well enough to know that I do not agree with them 100%. Again, I use the brain I was issued to make distinctions, I do not blindly follow any one party, affiliation or person. Try it sometime, if you dare!

      • “Yet where does this anarchy exist? Where did it ever exist, except in the single instance of Massachusetts? And can history produce an instance of a rebellion so honourably conducted? I say nothing of it’s motives. They were founded in ignorance, not wickedness. God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. And what country can preserve its liberties, if it’s rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two?”

        Referring to Shays Rebellion, which was put down with a private merchant-funded militia led by former Gen. Lincoln.
        Washington and Madison disagreed with TJ.

        McVeigh was wearing a t-shirt with the quote on it that day in OC.

    • Give them the same choice muslims were given during the Crusades – convert or die.
      “Aw heck – we were only kidding about the convert part.”

      • Or just go to your computer and read about what is happening today. Find me 10 examples of modern day Christians converting people by the sword. If you can do that, I will show you 10 thousand examples of modern Moslems converting people through kidnap, torture, rape and murder.

      • I’m sure there are examples, but why bother? You are convinced that it is a one way street, forgetting the past tragedies visited upon muslims for their faith.
        Like the Mormon persecutions.

      • Oh yeah, why bother? Because you know you can’t.
        You are intellectually dishonest. Your ideological/religious worldview prevents you from thinking anywhere but inside your small little circle of preconceived ideas. Anything that is outside of your protected little bubble is inconceivable. I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but it’s just that fragile.

        I know, you would much rather live in the past. Rather admit to the on going genocide being perpetrated by Muslims worldwide.

      • No, I’m saying it isn’t worth arguing with an absolutist.

        Christian genocide – you should trademark it. Don’t worry, they’re doing a fine job of killing themselves off w/o the help of muslims.

      • Are you trying to say that Muslims are not anti-semitic, anti gay anti Jewish immigration, anti abortion? Because if you are I’m afraid I’m just going to have to call you an idiot. Muslims adamantly apposed to all of the above.

      • Alone in what? could you be concise and what’s your point is. I’m having a difficult time following your disjointed train of thought.
        I noticed that you are attempting to deflect away any discussions from Islamic Jihad.
        Weird… I wonder why?

      • Does Islamic Jihad exist? Most assuredly. Is it the only religion to wage “jihad”? No.
        If you find this all too confusing, I can’t help you.

      • jihad is the Arabic word for struggle, or holy war. Where in the world today is there another religion waging a holy war?

        Answer: There’s not.

      • Context – is it the only religion to wage holy war? No.
        Is it the only religion to EVER wage holy war? No.
        Is it the only religion that has some adherents CURRENTLY waging holy war? Yes, to the best of my knowledge.

        But hey, you never know…are we including Europe, Africa and Asia in the mix? Does scale matter?

      • No, you are adding that “context” to the discussion, the discussion is not about whether or not other religions have ever waged holy war.The discussion is about the stealth jihad that is happening today, in America.

      • No, you just choose to be obtuse.

        There are some people who believe there is a stealth jihad in america.
        They probably outnumber the ones who disbelieve the moon landings, but are smaller than those who believe a coverup on JFK’s assassination.

      • Hey! I am one of those people who disbelieve in the moon landing. You know that picture of the astronaut climbing down the ladder off of the spaceship? If he was the first man on the Moon then who took the picture from outside of the ship?


    • Now we just need to balance the neo-nazi influence on America. I have found that a good curb stomp balances out neo-nazis real well.

      Incidentally, did you know that the second biggest selling book in the Islamic world is mein Kampf right behind the Quran.

      • If by Islamic world you mean Palestinian territories, where it #6 in 1999, then yes.
        Amazing how many anti-Semites there are in the world.

      • Yeah, what’s the number? A billion Muslims in the world.

        Also, there is no such thing as Palestinian territories. When islam launched one of its many wars of aggression against Israeli Jews. Muslims were absolutely thrashed, slaped down, by the Israelis who then liberated they’re home from the Muslims who were occupying it.
        Smile. Jesus loves you.

      • 2.1 billion christians, 1.5B muslims, 1.1B atheist/secularist, 1B hindus, 500M buddhists. What a meeting at Megiddo it will be!

        Poor student of history are you.

      • The first are stas – listed in a single sentence.

        The 2nd is a reference to your poor grasp of Mideast history…genius.

      • Aaahhhhh… Now we are getting somewhere, so you admit that Islam teaches its believers to engage in violent warfare against unbelievers?

      • There is nowhere in the New Testament that teaches Christians to fight any kind of warfare, other than the spiritual warfare we battle on a daily basis.

        On the other hand, the Quran does teach warfare, there are passages in the Quran that teach their followers to wage war against the Kaffur.

      • Agreed on the NT. Where in the NT does it say we are to treat muslims any differently than anyone else?

      • That’s my point, as a Christian I am not to treat Muslims any different. we are to show kindness and love to all people regardless of religion or skin color. A Christians greatest aspiration should be to emulate Christ to all people. That is what defines a true Christian.
        Any so called Christian that does otherwise I would advise too take a serious look at their own faith. salvation is too important to just be grasping at straws and hoping.

      • That’s right, now Muslims can read about Hitler’s final solution for the Jews in multiple languages. Sweet!

      • Granted, I didn’t go to B&N, Amazon or to actually check.


        “Mein Kampf hasn’t made The New York Times nonfiction chart since its U.S. release in 1939, the same year Germany invaded Poland, and its print sales have fallen steadily ever since. But with a flood of new e-book editions, Hitler’s notorious memoir just clocked a banner digital year. One 2012 English-language version is currently the number one Propaganda & Political Psychology book on Amazon.”

      • “Jonathan Solomon, a lawyer in Mumbai, says the same revelation struck him when he was browsing for books. “I was shocked to see that Mein Kampf is available in Indian bookstores, even in the prestigious bookstores. It was not 10 years ago.” Moreover, pirated copies of the book, in a country where a 22-year ban on Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses has still to be lifted, are available at street stalls. “It sells very well,” says P.M. Shenvi, manager of the Strand Book Stall in Mumbai. Today, publishers continue to churn out multiple reprints of Mein Kampf a year to meet what R.H. Sharma, an editor at Mumbai’s Jaico Publishing House, insists is a surging demand. In 2009, “we sold 10,000 copies over a six-month period in our Delhi shops,” Sharma has boasted.

        Perhaps Solomon should not have been taken aback. In 2002, the English-language Times of India published a report showing that Indian college students found much to admire in the Führer: namely, his efficiency, military strength and nationalism. The newspaper asked 400 elite college students, “Who’s your favourite leader from history?” Hitler came in third, just behind Mahatma Gandhi. “Because he made Germany a superpower,” was one student’s response.

        Of course, it’s not just India where Mein Kampf is topping the charts. In 2001, it became a hot item after being introduced in Bulgaria. Soon afterwards, an Arabic translation became the sixth best seller in the Palestinian territories, according to Agence France-Presse. (“National Socialism did not die with the death of its herald,” read its introduction.) Then, in 2005, the book took a top-seller spot in Turkey, selling over 100,000 copies in January and February alone—mostly, said publishers, to males between 18 and 30. And, it’s been flying off Croatian shelves for years.”

      • Hmmm…. who are those folks in the US who follow the same path? I would bet most are christians and they probably think of themselves as patriots too.

      • Do some of your “research” if you don’t know of a few groups offhand. If you don’t, unostrich thyself.

      • Hmmm…what groups in the US read Mein Kampf and agree with it? Something to do with white supremacy…

        How about Christian Identity? Aryan Nations? Thule?

        You know – skinheads, Neo-Nazis, David Dukes.

      • What do any of those groups have to do with Christ, or his teaching? They are not Christians they are racist Nazi pigs.
        No where in the bible does it say “love thy neighbor except for the blacks and Jews.” Give me a break you’re smarter than that.

        saying you’re a thing, does not make you that thing.

        Today I believe that I am a Muslim, and as a Muslim I am going to openly admit to the fact that Jesus Christ is the God of all creation. The living Son of God that sits at the right hand of the Father. The triune God. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost are the same God, as the God of the Old Testament.

      • Grow a spine and do a little research! If you a trying to insult someone by insinuating that they are White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, etc. have the stones to state it! For the record, my Portuguese surname of possibly Jewish origin and very mixed ancestry and I highly doubt that I would be accepted in their fold!
        Care to give it another go? 😉

      • You didn’t answer the question posed, now did you? Do you believe that neo-nazis, white supremacists, and others of their ilk resident in the US fit that bill?

        No need to travel very far to find like-minded people.

    • You!!! are a complete moron Jon Adams! Arab immigration to the US is a good thing? are you speaking about the illegal Arabs that our government welcomes with open arms? and you!!! on top of your ignorance, are an anti-Semite…don’t dare compare any Jew to any Arab…Jews have contributed ‘only good’ to this world…can you name a single good contribution from any Arab or any Arab country? our deaths is what they want and vow to do…their Koran instructs them…kill ((all)) infidels… and you! think that Arab immigration to the US is a good thing! OMG!

  56. No argument that Islam wants to take over the world, but let’s not forget that the Jesuits in Vatican City, Rome did so hundreds of years ago, and to this day rules leaders of every nation throughout the free world, including America. Do not fear wanna be tyrants from the Muslim faith, fear those already in power under the command of the Jesuit General, aka the Black Pope, who is the most powerful criminal in the world.

      • A Saudi Arabian Prince holds a 12 percent stock share Fox News Corp. No chance of that happening.

      • Propaganda is propaganda. But you already know all about that don’t you.
        The islamic principal of takiah or kittman. Lies meant to cover up for Islam when it is in a weakened state.

      • And here I thought that was just politics as usual in the US – lies to cover up weakness. Who knew both major parties were all muslim jihadists?

      • I actually agree with you on this point, that it is just politics as usual in the US. Lies to cover up weakness.

        You need to understand something, the political class may be weak. But we the people are strong. They work for us.

        And yes, there are Muslim Brotherhood’s operatives in the federal government.

  57. Those listed neighborhoods may not be terrorist dens (as far as we know), but they all have their own “mafias”. You may’ve heard of them?

      • I am sure you are talking about the Clinton administration that pushed through the Dodd, Frank act. Which mandated banks provide loans to people of color whose credit ratings were not exactly up to banking standards. which created a huge bubble in the housing market, and when they could not pay back their uninsured loans the inevitable housing crash came in 2008.
        That man made disaster, or Democrat economic terrorism as I like to call it. is what created the financial problems that the United States is feeling to this day.

        The crash happened because when you put a website on the stock market what does not produce anything, it doesn’t have any true value. When people Realized this that is exactly what they became worth.

      • Yes – the Dodd-Frank Act, enacted in 2010 – I’m sure that had a big effect pre-2008.

        Perhaps we can discuss the Glass-Steagal Act and Gramm-Leach Act instead. Of course, Gramm was duped.

        Too bad nobody did anything about it during the intervening years.

        As for stock valuation, perhaps you need to study up. Consider the almighty dollar – what does its value rest upon? Promises to a great extent.

      • As entertaining as financial policy is, this is a thread about stealth jihad. Something that you are trying to cover up for. Are you complicit or complacent?

        You keep trying to deflect away from the topic at hand. The topic being Islamic Jihad, and its military maneuvers.

      • Can’t admit fault I see.

        Not unexpected from a true believer.

        You have bigger things to fear than muslims and no need to look far to find them.

      • Yes, I’m sure it’s a common error to place a 2010 law as a cause for a 2008 event.
        Keep your dilithium crystals charged, you’re gonna need ’em.

      • the blast Spiegel Act allowed CEOs to take super large payments as a “golden parachute”

        what does that have to do with the economy?

        the dodd-frank Act which was enacted during the Clinton administration is what caused the housing bubble to begin with. that is what crashed our economy, the housing collapse.

      • The Glass-Steagall Act was enacted after the Great Depression. It separated commercial banks and investment banks, in part to avoid potential conflicts of interest between the lending activities of the former and rating activities of the latter. In 1999 Glass-Steagall was repealed by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. Economist Joseph Stiglitz criticized the repeal of Glass Steagall because, in his opinion, it created a risk-taking culture of investment banking dominated the more conservative commercial banking culture, leading to increased levels of risk-taking and leverage during the boom period.

      • The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (commonly referred to as Dodd-Frank) was signed into federal law by President Barack Obama on July 21, 2010 at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC. Passed as a response to the late-2000s recession, it brought the most significant changes to financial regulation in the United States since the regulatory reform that followed the Great Depression.It made changes in the American financial regulatory environment that affect all federal financial regulatory agencies and almost every part of the nation’s financial services industry.

      • Why would I visit sites that I don’t follow? How often do you go?
        Should I retort with shouldn’t you you run back over to Rush, Alex, Glenn, or Duke?

  58. Muslim community in our U.S. is still in phase one: nice, pandering, etc. Phase 2 & 3 are coming as soon as their
    numbers rise to where they can assert their jihad religion. muslims are coming into our country
    unchecked….muslim boy king does nothing anti-muslim……God help us!! (just repeating)

  59. I have written about this for years.

    I would mention the one part you may not be aware of, we are giving millions of Muslims passage into America as ‘war refugees.’ This is how the Boston Bombers got to Boston.

    But, we refuse to allow Mexicans to flee the war along the border ….. WE ARE NOT being ‘equal.’ We are NOT tolerant. We ARE being prejudiced towards the Muslim invasion and prejudiced against Catholic invasion.

    And not a single Christian group has declared war on the US. While hundreds if not thousands of Muslim churches have ….


  60. This is the very reason Obama wants amnesty for all illegals. It’s not for Mexicans it is for all the illegal muslims in the country. We need to stop this before it is too late. But I will say one thing. They will never take over the world because the Jews are still Gods chosen people and there will always be a remnant of them. God is and always will be in control.

  61. This is why the next two elections are so important. First, in 2014 we must root out liberalism and send it packing. That clears the way to remove all of Oblamers stupidty. Then in 2016 we must root out the rest of the flaming liberals, both Dems and RINOS and send them packing. After that we can require voter ID and reverse the rest of the liberal nonsense.

    • We don’t just need to get rid of the Liberals cause if we did the conservatives would spend every dime you have and leave you dry as a bone, and laugh all the way to the middle east. We have to get rid of ALL politicians that are against the TRUE American lifestyle as it was originally set forth to be.
      Remember that if you voted for a conservative gov’t., then be happy for for the 60 years of non-stop war that bleeds our country dry. The CONGRESS approves the $$$ and the wars…..If you haven’t fought for this country, join up, put on a uniform and take your chances like the rest of us that have done so.

      • You are all over the map. Put on a uniform? Take your chances? Conservatives spend every dime? Conservative gov’t happy 60 yrs of war? Man, you are all over. And stated nothing in the process.

      • Ah, the racial aussie threw me.

        So you’re just a run of the mill white supremacist.
        Glad we got that straightened out.

      • Tom im not Racial,but by the ” f#ck ” i cannot stand even looking @ those muslim Mongrels….. & the way i see it if Bush was still around there would be a lot less to look at

      • How’d you feel when he was smooching the Prince?
        You’re right – after he let the Saudis leave on 9/11, he probably would’ve bought the rest of the royal family tickets too.

      • Tom Port Douglas was a Great place,but like many ” 2 expensive & 2 Over rated ” we have better beaches @ Townsville,where i live & you Also have time to read a book but the Scenery is just as good… 😉

  62. Sad but true! Sorry america we are under attack by political correctiveness! Shape up or ship out cause our next revolution is about to begin! History has taught us all the lessons but it seems to many have lost their place! Good luck to islam as it will be destroyed in the end!

  63. How can someone who believes in Sharia be believed when they swear an Oath to the Constitution ?
    How can they be allowed to do so when we know Sharia is incompatible with the Constitution ?

    • The oath they take means nothing to them. Whatever it takes to get into Western countries is what they will do. The way I look at it is this, if they swear an oath when they come here and then start to go against our values they should be expelled immediately for breach of contract. In essence the oath is a contract with the nation. No appeals, no second chance. Gone.

      • I think we should do as Australia and just ban them period. islam is more a naziesque political ideal rather than a religion. No wonder they sided with the germans in two world wars.

  64. It appears that 9/11 taught the Progressive Liberals absolutely nothing! The more outlandish stories I read regarding the far left, the more I’m convinced they are greatly lacking in common sense. Their ideology and fulfilling their agenda appears to be all that really matter, regardless of the consequences.

    • That is because the majority of the “ideals” of the liberal left, come from feelings, rather than evidence. It’s emotional based policy.

      • That’s why people keep referring to it as a mental disorder…. And from what I see on MSNBC etc I have to agree.

      • The fact is, most violence, threats and unrest you have seen happen in North America has been perpetrated by far left groups.

      • Really? All those shootings and terrorist acts have been by liberals?
        If by unrest you mean people protesting, I gather you’re not a fan of the Constitution.

      • Uh, when did I say anything about liberals? Not every organization or person from the left is a liberal or liberal leaning. Pay attention man, or at least try to properly quote me.

        Your response to me clearly gives myself and others reading it an idea of how you look at things. You need to start fine tuning your observations and definitions.

      • Mea culpa, Ham. I didn’t think you were talking about the communist or socialist parties and their ilk Haven’t seen too many threats, unrest or shootings by them in the US recently.

      • At least the far right recognizes terrorism as a threat to our nation. None of this so called workplace violence BS in the case of the Fort Hood shooting. Four years later and the families of those killed are not receiving benefits because of this kind far left rhetoric. The far right and those like myself who are not considered far right, but definitely not left either, recognize that we are in a War on Terror due to Islamic extremism. However, the President and the far left out of political correctness have decided the term “violent extremism” is more appropriate. Did the far right have a problem recognizing that Timothy McVeigh was part of a radical Militia Movement and sentencing him to death? The far left are so into political correctness that they cannot call it like it really is and that is what has put us in danger. May I suggest you do some research into what the radical elements of this religion teach their followers. Somehow I don’t see the far left adhering to Sharia law and I certainly don’t want any part of it either. I hope the far left wakes up before it’s too late!

      • If you believe Democrats don’t “recognize” terrorism as a threat, you must not get out much. All politicians will bray the same if it gets them elected. Some fear the Republicans because they tend to go down the path of restrictions and autocracy (see Patriot Act). If you prefer a catch-all that includes the word “terror” – go for it. I will venture that “violent extremism” captures it and is more a big tent concept. It’s so much easier when it can framed as “us against them”, but be sure to include in “them” people who aren’t muslims or immigrants. Let me know when a candidate runs for office on a sharia law platform, ok?
        Too bad fear of the left has kept y’all so occupied you haven’t seen all the rights the Right have been stripping from you.

      • Guess it doesn’t bother you that our President’s choosing to label the Fort Hood Massacre as work place violence as opposed to what it really is has cost the victims families their deserved benefits. I realize the left recognizes the threat of terrorism, but I also believe the left goes overboard on political correctness and in doing so the real picture of what were dealing with is not being acknowledged and in some cases people are hurt, such as the families of Fort Hood. As for Rights taking away Rights, are you kidding? How about all those Americans who have now lost their right to keep their insurance, their doctor, and in my case my full time work hours all thanks to Obamacare. It appears under this administration we have also lost our right to have a private conversation on the phone without the government listening in on our conversation. Slowly were losing our right to practice our religion, which was guaranteed us in the Constitution. A crazy example is the new mayor of New York. They might be losing their right to ride in horse carriages through Central Park because he sees it as animal cruelty. Horses were put on this earth to be used as work animals and as long as your taking care of the animals this is not abuse. I’m not saying we haven’t lost any rights because of Republicans, but at least during this administration we have lost enough that I no longer recognize this country for what it once stood.

      • I don’t agree with that assumption. The left now owns socialism and communism. Please explain what danger you feel from the far right? I mean really….

      • If you don’t know, you haven’t been paying attention. You may “fear” socialism (education for all, social security, medicare, highways, etc), but the far right has it’s fair share of totalitarians, and others who would dictate what you can’t do.

  65. Colonel West, I appreciate the fact that you are one of the few public figures who is speaking up about what has happened and is happening in our country. Your experience and stature is rare. I hope and pray that Congress and the American people are listening.

  66. Welcome to the real world where your vote really doesnt count. Cant get the libtards out ofnoffice because they will simply “fix” the count anyway. Sadly there isonly one way outnof this mess….. and it is coming…….

    • Lets take a look at this history.

      Sweden now has the second highest number of rapes in the world, after South Africa, which at 53.2 per 100,000 is six times higher than the United States. Statistics now suggest that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped.

      In 2003, Sweden’s rape statistics were higher than average at 9.24, but in 2005 they shot up to 36.8 and by 2008 were up to 53.2. Now they are almost certainly even higher as Muslim immigrants continue forming a larger percentage of the population.

      With Muslims represented in as many as 77 percent of the rape cases and a major increase in rape cases paralleling a major increase in Muslim immigration, the wages of Muslim immigration are proving to be a sexual assault epidemic by a misogynistic ideology.

      The statistics are skewed by urban centers where the Islamic colonists cluster. In Stockholm this summer there  was an average of 5 rapes a day. Stockholm has gone from a Swedish city to a city that is one-third immigrant and is between a fifth and a quarter Muslim.

      Sweden, like the rest of the West, will have to come to terms with the fact that it can either have female equality or Muslim immigration. It cannot have both.

      I wonder, is that what the Jews and Catholics were doing when they came here?

  67. stealth jihad is a threat to all nations. But there is also another threat coming from the so-called League of Nations or the UN. There is a group inside the UN called the OIC.

    the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has formed a new MEDIA advisory committee to foster the creation of international laws criminalizing the criticism of Islam. In other words, Muslim countries want to criminalize and silence free speech globally.

    In case you did not know, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, “the collective voice of the Muslim world” is the largest international organization outside the United Nations. The primary target of proposed OIC international blasphemy laws in the United States.

    One of the OIC’s primary aims for at least the last fourteen years has been the international criminalization of speech that is critical of any Islam-related topic, including Islamic terrorism, Islamic persecution of religious minorities and human rights violations committed in the name of Islam.

    • In 2011, at the State Department’s request, the OIC drafted an alternative resolution that was intended to retain freedom of expression and still address the OIC’s concerns about alleged Islamophobia.  The result was Resolution 16/18 to Combat Intolerance Based on Religion or Belief.

      The US State Department and numerous Christian organizations were elated, believing that the OIC had abandoned its mission to protect Islam from so-called “defamation,” and instead replaced it with the goal of protecting persecuted religious minorities from discrimination and violence.  In other words, many assumed a paradigm shift away from providing legal protections to a religion and toward legal protections for people.

      But the OIC had some very creative interpretations of the language embodied in the new resolution.  By its manipulation of words such as intolerance and incitement, giving new meanings to what many thought was plain English, the OIC made it clear that it had not dropped its ultimate goal of protecting Islam from “defamation.”

      Almost immediately upon its passage and the passage of a similar resolution in the General Assembly, the OIC set out on the unconventional task of “implementing” Resolution 16/18, contrary to the norm of leaving UN resolutions in the realm of the theoretical.

      Unfortunately, the U.S. State Department acted as a willing accomplice in this effort, holding the second “Istanbul Conference” in December of 2011.  But, in its implementation phase, rather than moving toward the preservation of free expression, the OIC successfully moved the process in the opposite direction:  toward speech restrictive policies.

      Though the U.S., thus far, has not pushed for the enactment of “hate speech” laws, it has “advocated for other measures to achieve the same result.”  Indeed, at this Administration’s behest, all national security training materials and policies “de-link” any interpretation of Islam from Islamic terrorism.  Many U.S. government agencies have now made it verboten to mention Islamic terrorism or assert anything negative about Islam.

      The OIC’s task is easier in the EU countries, most of which already have some sort of hate speech restrictions.  They vary from country to country.  Some are cast as laws against the “denigration of religions”; some are “hate speech” laws; some are “public order” laws and some are “incitement to religious hatred” laws.  Additionally, the penalties can range from civil fines to jail time depending on the country.  The U.S. is the last hold out on retaining true freedom when it comes to matters of speech.

      • Almost immediately upon its passage and the passage of a similar resolution in the General Assembly, the OIC set out on the unconventional task of “implementing” Resolution 16/18, contrary to the norm of leaving UN resolutions in the realm of the theoretical.

        Unfortunately, the U.S. State Department acted as a willing accomplice in this effort, holding the second “Istanbul Conference” in December of 2011.  But, in its implementation phase, rather than moving toward the preservation of free expression, the OIC successfully moved the process in the opposite direction:  toward speech restrictive policies.

        Though the U.S., thus far, has not pushed for the enactment of “hate speech” laws, it has “advocated for other measures to achieve the same result.”  Indeed, at this Administration’s behest, all national security training materials and policies “de-link” any interpretation of Islam from Islamic terrorism.  Many U.S. government agencies have now made it verboten to mention Islamic terrorism or assert anything negative about Islam.

        The OIC’s task is easier in the EU countries, most of which already have some sort of hate speech restrictions.  They vary from country to country.  Some are cast as laws against the “denigration of religions”; some are “hate speech” laws; some are “public order” laws and some are “incitement to religious hatred” laws.  Additionally, the penalties can range from civil fines to jail time depending on the country.  The U.S. is the last hold out on retaining true freedom when it comes to matters of speech.

      • Yes, this admin. is certainly screwing things up–especially with our troops/rules of engagement etc…. and the result is, ‘WORK PLACE VIOLENCE” bs…..

  68. What a pitiful state this country is in. Politicians [including the stupid Obama and his administration], politicians , and sleeping Americans are just going along day to day while the country goes down the tubes. This Muslim thing is serious. Very serious. I’m afraid that it will come to all out war between these invaders of our freedom and the rest of us. There will be blood in the streets. I hope not, but I fear we’re headed that way.

      • Have you done ANY research on muslims here and around the world? They arrive by any means possible. In America Obama grants them special entrance permits by the thousands at tax payer expense. They congregate to enhance their strength. Build Mosques and Community Centers, also know as recruitment and fund raiser centers for their Jihad warriors. They have created Jihadi TRAINING CAMPS across America, at last count over 30 of them. They practice their “Honor Killings” aka MURDERS and the courts in their acquired areas bow to Shari a Law (illegal in U.S,) and slap them on the wrist. They taunt and/or attack non-muslims entering “their” territories! The Twin Towers, The Pentagon, Fort Hood, The Boston Marathon ring any bells? ALL MUSLIM TERROR ATTACKS ON US SOIL! The same things are happening in every country that allows them a foothold. paranoia? NO< FACTS that only skim the surface of the threat that is ISLAM!

      • That has to be one of the dumbest paragraphs constructed I’ve ever read, hahaha! I go to my local mosque regularly, there is no “jihad recruitment”. As for honor killings, that’s a cultural thing that has NOTHING to do with Islam. You people really are the epitome of ignorance.

      • There doesn’t need to be any jihad recruitment, because the Quran commands its followers to wage holy war against non believers.
        If honor murder had nothing to do with Islam and they’re only a cultural practice why is it addressed by Sharia law?

      • Yeah, really.

        Honor violence, honor murder, is not just a tribal custom; it’s Islamic law. A manual of Islamic law certified as a reliable guide to Sunni orthodoxy by Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam, says that “retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right.” However, “not subject to retaliation” is “a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring” (‘Umdat al-Salik o1.1-2). This is effectively saying that a Muslim father who kills his child for “honor” faces no legal penalty under Islamic law.

        You have been lied to, and need to do some research into what it is you have attached yourself to.

      • Well, heck! Isn’t that part of the plan? Fit in…..Mingle. Infiltrate. Why are all those Muslim brotherhood freaks in the administration “fitting in”? It is clear who and what they are.

      • Visit Dearborn Michigan you moron. I dare you to walk right through Dearborn with an I Love Jesus shirt on, and see just how tolerant the Muslims are. Don’t expect me to visit you in the hospital. IDIOT!!

      • Weird, I live an hour from Dearborn, MI, visit there all the time, and have NEVER had an issue with bigotry. You worry too damn much. Go out and live your life, rather than worry about nonexistent problems.

      • Why would you have any issues of bigotry, your Muslim remember?

        Yeah, don’t worry about those non existent problems like jihad murderers, child brides, female genital mutilation?

      • Female circumcision isn’t commanded in the Qu’ran. As for child brides, look at the Bible, it was no different then. I don’t agree with it. So how do you feel about male genital mutilation?

      • Problem is, that Mohammad married Aisha when she was six years old, and consummated the marriage with her when she was nine. Mohammad was 56 years old.
        As a Muslim you are expected to emulate Mohammed as the ideal man in all things. That is why there are many, many examples of modern Muslim men taking child brides.

        You do not see any Jews taking child brides anymore.

      • It is NOT circumcision. It IS mutilation. You compare ancient $hit in the bible to WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW? Give me a break. No one mutilates males to my knowledge…. You know as well as I do why that is done. And THAT my friend IS circumcision.

      • The issues in Dearborn are very serious–I’m sure you saw the videos of Muslims attacking the dumbass Christians who were protesting at the fair. Not something I would’ve have done–BUT the muslims were 100% wrong and should’ve been rounded up and taught that it is against the law to do what they did which is behaving like a HUGE gang… You never have a problem there? Do you dare to wear a Jesus shirt? NO.

      • You’ve obviously never been to Dearborn before if you think it’s dangerous to wear a shirt that states you’re a Christian. Are you unaware of how many Chaldeans live there?

      • That’s weird. I live 30 minutes from Dearborn,, and spent 9 days in the hospital after walking through the Muslim part of Dearborn. So don’t feed me your crap you little liar!!

      • Go to hell you lying piece of $hjit!! That day was the most terrifying day of my life! And some a$$hole named Steve is going to deny that the Muslim area of Dearborn is NOT dangerous for Christians? Shove it up your lower orifice because you have no clue!!!

      • Whatever piss ant. Keep your blinders on. If you ever make it I 94 past Ann Arbor, I can show you my scars, my police report and my hospital bills. But, you’re just a poser, anyway.

      • Steve, you are a typical insane liberal. If you don’t agree with the topic, you try to redirect the discussion by bringing in some irrelevant non-issue. Go back to your dope smoking. It is where you belong.

      • Dude, look at Europe. Look at France. Germany has already openly admitted that within 15-20 years they will be in Islamic state. Islamic supremacists will use you at the tool that you are, to achieve their ends, and then discard you. Because they consider you less then human as a Kaffir or unbeliever.

      • My life is great, thank you.
        I understand that you’re projecting your own misery on to others. Suicide is never the answer, Steve. There is redemption out there for sinners who are looking for truth. Jesus said: I I am the truth the way and the life, no one comes to the Father but through me.

      • You know what they say, MPS:

        “Debating a Muslim is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon will knock over all the pieces, shiit on the board, and then declare victory.”

      • The key to cooking small birds on a grill is very high heat and doing most of the cooking with the breast side up. I cooked these pigeons on an open grill with no cover, and I prefer it that way: You get more of a smoky flavor without overcooking the meat.

        Serves 4.
        Prep Time: 4 hours, almost all marinating time
        Cook Time: 15 minutes
        4 to 6 pigeons (or 8 to 16 doves), pluckedOlive oil to coat them


        1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
        1 teaspoon cayenne
        1 teaspoon ground cumin
        1 teaspoon ground coriander
        1 teaspoon black pepper
        1 teaspoon ground cardamom (optional)
        1/4 teaspoon cloves
        2 teaspoons dried oregano
        1 teaspoon dried mint
        1 tablespoon kosher salt


        2 cups freekehor bulgur wheat
        2 cups pigeon or dove broth, or chicken broth
        2 tablespoons olive oil
        1/2 cup minced shallots
        2 minced garlic cloves
        1 red bell pepper, diced
        3 tablespoons high-quality olive oil
        1/4 cup chopped parsley
        Salt and black pepperLemon juice to taste

        Mix all the spices for the rub together. Coat the pigeons or doves with oil, then dust with the spice rub. Put the birds in a covered container in the fridge for 3 hours, or up to overnight. An hour before you plan to cook them, take the birds out of the fridge and let them rest on the counter to come to room temperature. Meanwhile, make the green wheat salad. Bring the broth to a boil and add the freekeh or bulgur. Stir, let it come back to a boil, then cover and turn off the heat. It should be ready in 30 minutes or so.Put the olive oil in a frying pan and turn the heat to medium-high. When the oil is hot, saute the shallots for a minute or two, or until they just start to brown. Add the garlic and bell pepper, saute for another minute, then turn off the heat.Get your grill hot. Charcoal is your best bet here, but any sort of open flame will work. When the grill is hot, drizzle a little more olive oil on the pigeons and set them on the grill, breast side up. Let them cook like this for 10 minutes, making sure they don’t get burned to a crisp. You want to do most of the cooking with the breast side up. Flip the birds and set them breast side down on the grill, making sure the middle of the breast slips between the grill grates — this helps the birds lie flat. If you want to get better contact with the grill, place a brick on the pigeons while they cook on this side. Grill for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on how hot your fire is and how well done you like your birds; I prefer my doves and pigeons to be pink inside. Take the birds off the grill and let them rest, breast side up.To finish the salad, mix the green wheat or bulgur into the frying pan and add the olive oil, parsley, salt and pepper, plus lemon juice to taste. Serve alongside the pigeons.

      • Only if they pay the jizzia tax and except second class citizen ship. Very much like Jim Crow laws.

      • The groups I just mentioned are fundamentalist Muslims, you know, the ones who actually have spent their lives studying the Quran the ones who can recite it from memory verse by verse on demand. For every one example you show of Muslims protecting Christians, there are thousands upon thousands of examples of Muslims murdering Christians, raping Christians, burning their churches. Ad nauseum

      • So you can show one example of Muslims protecting Christians during Mass, which was a good thing I remember when it happened. But the problem is is the institutionalized persecution / genocide that Muslims are perpetrating against Christians worldwide.

      • Of course not, but what are they doing about trying to stop it?

        Answer: Nothing.

        Where are the Imams who are out there teaching the Mujahideen about how they got it wrong?

        Answer: They don’t, because they know the Mujahideen are right in their interpretation of the Quran.

      • So, let’s recap. A Muslim comes out and says that Israel is not the enemy. And this is what happens to him.

        The head of a mosque in Drancy, a northeastern suburb of Paris, was targeted by a gang of so-called Islamic radicals who interrupted the services and threatened to “liquidate him, this imam of the Jews.”

        The mob, about 80-strong, burst into the French mosque, halting a meeting of some 200 other imams led by Hassen Chalghoumi, who has consistently spoken out against Islamic extremism.

        The extremists called the Muslim spiritual leader an “infidel” (heathen) and a “renegade.” At the time, Chalghoumi was chairing a meeting of the Conference of Imams, an organization established just last year to promote better relations between the various faiths in France, especially Jews and Muslims.

        “They started to cry Allahu Akbar’,” Chalghouri told reporters after the incident. “Then they insulted me, my mosque, the Jewish community and the [French] Republic. They left after an hour and a half.”