Robert Gates and “whores who think they are nuns”

There is nothing more to add to a very poignant piece written by a friend, Charles Hurt, in the Washington Times about Robert Gates. What I greatly appreciate is Charles’ definition of “Duty.”

And I came across a very fine quote from a retired Marine COL Doug R., “In the perverse environment that is Washington the degrees of unethical behavior make the mere liar the most honorable man in the room. Some of the whores think they are nuns.”

Read and enjoy from Charles Hurt:

Only Washington could create a sleazy charlatan like Robert Gates and pass him off as some bipartisan example of competence and honor.

With his memoir out justifiably sliming President Obama, Vice President Joseph R. Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mr. Gates makes like a greasy, mange-patched rat scrambling atop the floating debris of a sunken ship.

“I never doubted Obama’s support for the troops,” Mr. Gates grandly writes, posturing himself as the magnanimous centrist who passes for nobility only in Washington.

“Never doubted Obama’s support for the troops, only his support for their mission.”

Holy cripes! How did this get past an editor? Does the guy not have any friends to glance over his book to tell him what a treacherous wretch he is for even thinking such stupidity, let alone memorializing it forever in a hardcover book about himself that he modestly titled “Duty?”

I will tell you what duty is.



  1. Let me share something with you all. I purchase many first edition, signed books from, Premier Collectibles of which I highly recommend to everyone. That said, this is not a plug. I recently purchased Robert Gates’ book: “Duty”; upon finding out that he changed his position (from the book) on many things he adamantly was opposed to on obama’s (lower case for emphasis of lack of respect), I called the Premier and cancelled my order. Upon request as to why I was canceling, I expressed the sentiments here. The rep was completely surprised and bothered to know this.

    They are a fine company and even once, the owner wrote me an email with his concerns on another matter.

    • I don’t know about Gates, but for sure, reading the coments here and lhe news about him praising Hilliry, Obama end Biden, tells me that he isn’t a try American. How sad the government became so diluted with low life’s like that! Judas Actions all over again!

  2. Initially I was going to purchase the book, but now after some of the critics and an honest review here I think I will save my money. Gates saying “Never doubted Obama’s support for the troops, only his support for their mission.” I have no doubt he has drank the kool aid, and a great big glass of it at that.

  3. A bunch of treasonous, vile, disgusting, sub-human creatures – the whole lot of them, starting with the Trator-In-Chief. The only true interest the have is self interest. The only true love they have is love of selves. And I hold those, who voted for them, responsible! Especially, the second time around. Their supporters are the real scum of this country…

  4. Surprised to find Allen trashing Gates … I have just started reading DUTY and find the information worth reading … it gives the lay persons an inside view (maybe not the only one) but at least a shot at trying to understand why so many horrible mistakes happen in “THE FOG OF WAR” I will be a real man and finish the book, saving my opinion of Gates until finished … hope you all do the same, J Beale

    • Sorry, JB, but when he willing went along and supported everything Obama and his cronies did, then turned around a put out the “tell all” tells me that he was not doing his duty. If it was as bad as he makes out now, he should have been speaking up then. So he failed in his duty to the troops, or he is now failing in his duty to the man who trusted him.

  5. Gates another window licker from the left..
    It bothered me when this first all came out how he waited until after the election to spill the beans, I don’t think also that it was a mistake Hillary came out glowing….

    • Glowing ? You must mean radio active ? Hillary is the most inept crazy right along with Obama ? I would hate to have her even entertain any thought of more public embarrassment to the nation.

  6. I heard another interview with Gates on a Sunday morning show. On that he also said that Hillary or Biden would make good presidents. I’d have to question his very sanity.

  7. If any General in command of forces in combat zones would commit troops to battle, then adopt rules of engagement detrimental to their very safety, have those rules available to the enemy and then provide the timetable for withdrawal, said General would lose his command. Obama has set a record for firing Generals and other top ranking members of the military. Too bad he can’t be court martialled and sent to Leavenworth.

    Too bad Mr. Gates didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to resign and then make public his concerns. Instead, waiting to write a 536-page tome where he says of Hillary Clinton: “I found her smart, idealistic but pragmatic, tough-minded, indefatigable, funny, a very valuable colleague, and a superb representative of the United States all over the world,”

    Gates also writes a contradictory statement about Obama: “I never doubted Obama’s support for the troops, only his support for their mission.” How can you “support the troops” yet not “support their mission?” Towards the end of his book Gates says this about Obama: “I believe Obama was right in each of these decisions.” One more contradiction.

    I’ve read the book in its entirety and the contradictions are amazing. You can take items here and there depending on your political or personal view as ammunition.

    My opinion: Clinton and Obama belong in jail. Gates did an overall poor job deciding which fence he was straddling.

    • I have been in a position where two Marines were killed and I was somewhat involved. I, a sergeant, allowed a tanker truck from the Marine Air Wing to pass through a road block in a combat zone because they had written and signed authorization from a Marine Colonel. These Marines were found strangled to death with barbed wire. I being stupid, stepped up and said that I recalled these men passing through the road block. Well… the authorization signed by the colonel, which I sent to the Command Post, somehow could not be found. I was summoned to 2nd Marine Division Headquarters and put through the wringer. No one wanted to know anything about the authorization that allowed these men to go into “no mans land” and consequently caused the death of these marines. But the brass was trying very hard to put these deaths on a sergeant who was trying to do his duty with very shady guide line on what his duty was. I very well remember Robert Gates as the Sec’y of Defense and I think he fitted in very nicely with whatever was the current Washington “think.”

  8. Gates is on the edges of telling the real truth about the gang running the White House. He is still an elitist and wants to stay in DC and be invited to all the nice parties and be invited to be a lobbyist . Its disgraceful how this book had just enough critical comments to get Conservatives to buy the book, but does not really get into the meat of the shocking way this administration runs the military and foreign affairs from the State Department. This is a set up for Hilary to run in 2016. He could have really lambasted her but held back because he is playing all sides of the DC crowed. I would never trust him. He is an insider, its all about the $$$$ and being in the ruling class.

  9. It is a good question Charles Hunt asks: “So tell us, Mr. Gates,
    how is it possible for a commander in chief to support the troops but
    not their mission?” My thoughts–I think I might know that the answer is that the one
    occupying the office of President of the USA is not on the side of the
    Americans! I guess that would explain it!

  10. I can see that Gates no doubt did more good by sticking around and doing whatever he could that was right, instead of throwing in the towel. And I appreciate his sharing his ordeal in his book also! I thank him for putting up with it and being their for the American people when they had/have an un-American President! If anyone should resign because they don’t believe in their cause, that would be Obama since he is against everything American, including and especially the U.S. Constitution he took the oath to support!!!

  11. I think Obama’s and Hillary’s voting record in Congress tells a better story of how they support the military. Reducing military spending using the savings for more welfare, education, and environmental projects. Biden is the crazy uncle everyone is afraid of so I don’t worry about him anymore, but Roberts while dropping dimes wants to not burn bridges in Washington. Not really surprising there, he is a bureaucrat as well as a businessman, so he would want to keep his foot in the door.

  12. I have absolutely no respect for Gates! He sold our troops out, and is way to weak to tell the truth! He says something about somebody and then sugar coats it! This book is about nothing but money, and a complete waist of time and money. Someone needs to interview him and call him out on all the discrepancies in the book.

  13. When a country has an all-volunteer army, there is no such thing as “supporting the troops but not the mission.” Every single person who is in the military is there BECAUSE they support the mission; otherwise, they wouldn’t have volunteered in the first place. This Democrat party doublespeak is merely a way of appealing to the left-wing base while not appearing to be anti-military to moderates. And most moderates are just stupid enough to buy it.

      • You are the douche. How ungrateful can you possibly be?! You sound like some snotty nosed brat who has never been outside the borders of the US or Canada. Bite your nasty tongue, I thought people like you only existed back in the 1970’s when I enlisted as a young girl.

  14. For those that served honorably my thanks. For those that are pretenders, a day is coming when all secrets will be revealed.

    “Obama’s DEEDS”, by Speech, Letter, Decree, Executive Order, and … his FAILED LEADERSHIP, promulgated by his Administrative CZAR’s, AND The Democratic Senate, “IS a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER”…To Our Great Nation …PERIOD. “We The People’s REVOLUTION is The SOLUTION…PERIOD.

  16. I have worked for Robert Gates and I have incredible admiration for this man. To quote Jon Meacham, Robert Gates is a “wise, imperfect man who did the best he could in a imperfect world”.


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