Latest Gallup poll reveals the economic truth Obama tries to hide

We continue to hear the economy is improving, but the question is from whose perspective?

Unemployment is still a rampant issue — case in point, President Obama wants another “emergency extension” of unemployment benefits. But then why would that be necessary if the rate is dropping to 6.7 percent? A recent report from Fox News of a Gallup Poll gives a differing viewpoint from outside the beltway of DC — and the propaganda of the liberal progressive media:

More than 40 percent of Americans say they are financially worse off now than they were a year ago, reversing a two-year trend in which Americans believed their situations had improved, a new Gallup poll finds. Despite a sustained, if sluggish, economic recovery that has lasted nearly five years, most Americans report being no better off financially than they were a year ago. As previous years show, Americans are typically more positive about their future compared with their assessments of the past, a testament to the enduring sense of optimism many Americans share about their financial future.

This is the Obama economy and it is failing the American people. It is time for the politics and demagoguery of castigating Republicans as “evil” ends. President Obama talks about working hard and being successful, but then attacks people who work hard and build businesses by telling them, “you didn’t build that.”

The continuing double speak will get us nowhere, except deeper in the fiscal morass in which we find ourselves. When the “progressive” Comptroller of New York City states that the objective is “shared prosperity over individual success,” that,s not a vision that promotes economic growth –quite to the contrary.

Once upon a time, President Obama labelled President Bush as unpatriotic for adding $4 trillion to our nation debt — Obama has added close to $7 trillion and may possibly double the national debt (from $10.6 trillion now, close to $18 trillion) by the time he ends his abysmal reign in January 2017 (so we hope).

It all comes down to the policies that are causing the American people to have more despair about their future. Sure, they try and feign hope, yet each year it is dashed. How many times have we heard President Obama talk about tax reform and nothing materializes. Tax reform for Obama means wealth redistribution by way of increased taxation — Obamacare entails 21 new taxes.

It’s quite easy to rally the uninformed masses to your cause — your socialist ideology of welfare nanny-state expansion. But when middle income families and workers continually see their wages depressed and their dollars lessening in value you reach a point of no return. And that is soon coming, if America follows further down this road to perdition of progressive socialism.

Five years later and the outlook isn’t any better. The policies are non-existent, but the political rhetoric of President Obama gets harsher.


    • My idea, just for starters, would be to impeach obama and threaten anyone who would vote for another Commie like him with great bodily harm.

  1. How can any poll be even close when 90+ million eligible workers are without a job. They must just poll working people in the Northeast.

  2. Obama is a great believer in “Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will believ it.” No matter how bad it gets, he will keep telling us how good it is. The sad part is a lot of people believe him, even when they can see it’s not true–just because they desperately WANT to believe him.

  3. Obama is a loser as are all the policies of the Left. If “Y” makes sense, the Left chooses “non-Y.” Obama has destroyed himself because he cannot even be heard anymore. The only reason anyone would listen to him is because he still has a lot of unilateral power which can be dangerous. Outside of that, he’s toast. I hear “not true” whenever he says anything. The idea that he is our C-in-C is unbearably painful to have to endure.

    The tragedy is that he above all, had a tremendous power to bring the races together. Instead, he’s caused a lot of distrust as he’s a man who creates sides. In O’s world, everyone is an enemy of someone else That’s a far cry from “all men are equal under the law.”

  4. If the economy is so much better, then why is it taking more of my dollars to pay for things when I am getting less, including healthcare coverage and prescription medications??? And why am I seeing more and more large groups of young people hanging around do nothing on the streets all day???

  5. If there are fewer folks in main street making fewer things and providing fewer services, then society as a whole is getting poorer.

    It’s made worse by big gubermint passing out freebies that are to be paid for by future generations, in order to buy votes for today’s privileged politicians and burrOcrats.

    It’s a great system for buying votes, but not so great at balancing budgets or promoting fiscal and moral responsibility in individuals or society.

    But it’s all good. The Privileged all have gold plated defined benefit pensions for their lifetime, So not much to see here. just move along…

  6. So many people on the left that I talk to really have no idea what Obama’s beliefs and policies are. I try to give them none partisan sources to investigate on their own when I am met with skepticism or outright denial. Invariably they get the ten mile stare and end the conversation with, “Well, you have your beliefs and I have mine.” Some act as if it causes them physical and psychological pain to hear anything negative about Obama. I don’t believe I have ever had one say that they would look into my assertions. It is scary to me that people can be so willfully closed minded, especially when it comes to the dismantling of our Constitution and the theft of our liberties. I liked Bush as a President and voted for him in both elections. My eyes were opened in his second term when he said, “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.” I have since come to believe that his policies set the stage for the staggering national debt and the loss of liberty that we are seeing under the Obama Administration. Washington, I have come to realize, is broken. We need to clean house in 2014 and replace as many RINOs and Democrats as possible with Conservatives and Libertarians. We can only affect change if we have control of both houses. As a people we must also stand up to the excesses of the WH and tell President Obama that we will not let him rule by executive fiat.

    • Electing Libertarians won’t help as much as you might think because, while they have a good grasp on economic and governmental policies, their moral convictions are all over the page, and when your national morality declines, which ours has been doing consistently for the past 80 years, the only way to get your finances and government back on track is to revive that morality.

  7. The working man has been taking a beating for years. Every 2 or 3 years you get a quarter rise. Your Pension gets canned, healthcare payments go up, 401K mach shrinks. They raise minimum wage maybe you get a quarter bump, but then comes the bennies slash. How else? The bigger government gets, the harder it is for the working man.

  8. I’m better off – but mostly because i cashed in half of my retirement accounts (before they get taken for government IOU’s) to pay off some debts.

    Look around and see the closing stores, the closing businesses, this economy continues to stink and we have a neighborhood organizer Leftist running it. No wonder.


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