COLA – the first big political lie of 2014

Military Retirees, including service disabled retired veterans, were told in December that the first thing Congress would do when back in session in January would be to rectify the 1 percent COLA cut until age of 62 for retirees as part of their budget “deal.”

Liberal progressives screamed about the unemployment insurance extension, which is also a $6 billon price tag. Guess what garnered President Obama’s and Senator Harry Reid’s attention?

In the Republican-led House, their attention was focused on passing an Obamacare security transparency measure, which, as usual, will go nowhere unfortunately.

So, they ALL lied on both sides of the aisle. Then again what is new? We military retirees are watching and, I for one am committed to making everyone who stabbed us in the back pay.

Vets, it’s time for “stand to.”


  1. And, Allen, we are all watching you as well. We are anticipating that you will run in 2016. We need a military leader as our next President. A lot of us think you qualify, in all ways. Hope you are listening.

  2. Unfortunately it would appear that anyone counting on living on retirement funds, may be in for a rude awakening. Your retirement is not safe in the hands of anyone but yourself.

    • Debora, that may not even be true. I have been reading that in order to offset the increase in interest rates that will have to happen someday, that members of Congress are contemplating FORCING you to “invest” part of your retirement, IRA and 401(k) in government-back securities. Sickening.

      • yeah, that will be a good investment. so the government can rape them just like they did with social security.

  3. First year impacts are $20 to $25 for 20 year E-6 or E-7 retirees. After 10 years, it’s $200 to $250 per month! This reportedly amounts to $6 Billion over 10 years.

    Sadly, 1/3rd of the supposed $20 Billion savings is being paid by 3 Million or so vets. As libs like to say, where’s the FAIRNESS in that?

    • BUT!! We have to pay for the massah messiah’s trips for 8 years some how.. Oh. Us vets have it WAAAAAYYY too good. Why they should do away with all vet benefits and the VA all together. Why think of the savings. All the money Dear Leader (traitorous bastard) could use to take more trips and push his communist agenda….

  4. I’m extremely disappointed in John McCain. As much of a liberal RINO he is, he has an honorable service record and he would turn his back on his fellow veterans.

    • Me too. I just had a similar conversation with a neighbor and I was appalled to hear her ignorance regarding the blatant disregard for our military personnel.

  5. They are afraid to face the groups that will riot if they don’t get their way. That would be people that are now glued to the government teat through welfare and unemployment. Illegal aliens have a stranglehold on politicians when it comes to benefits. The only solution that I see is an all out revolution or civil war. They aren’t afraid of the military, because they will just suck it up and make it work.

  6. This is to be expected from the left, but the R’s are as bad , they are dems also, except for the handful of conservatives we have in congress.. This regime never been able to get away with what they have without the worse Congress ever.

  7. I’m sick of this Administration. We have got to find a way to get these liberal nut case’s under control. The GOP are acting like they have drank some kind of vodo potion from Obama’s vodo skull. I picture them lined up like on Indiana Jones. While the libs bowing to him.

  8. Could somebody explain to me WHY the POTUS supports illegal immigrants, giving them many benefits, but turns his back on the veterans so served America and EARNED benefits and compensation. My pension and disability will be reduced over $50,000 before I’m 62. It’s a sad day in America that veterans are being treated like this. Shame on you Mr. Obama and Congress. I don’t see cuts in your pay.

    • To the libtards and the establishment on both sides they think “Oh, screw those idiots. They served their purpose. All they need to do is just vote for us and all will be well for us.” How about we reduce their pay to minimum wage and take ALL their retirement pay and perks away?

    • You know the real kicker is that Obama signed this budget and then proceeded to go on a $4 million Hawaiian vacation right after.

  9. Mr. West, please run for president in 2016. I think at least half of the people that call themselves conservatives and all the retired, former and active duty military would vote for you. Please Mr. West, your country needs you again. Respectfully yours, Richard Godwin.

  10. Obama’s hatred of the military is so obvious and disgusting that everyone who has or had someone in the military campaign should be pressuring your elected reps to keep up the investigation and releasing the information on Benghazi and Extortion 17 to rid our country of the worst commander in chief that this country has ever had.

  11. Democrats watch out And Republicans My fellow Retires Lets Shgow these guys Whom we are By Voting them Out A Call to Arms USN ENC(SW) Retired!

  12. I am not a Vet, but I am and old Hotshot Wildland Firefighter and I will stand Shoulder to Shoulder with the Vets on this. Old Hotshots get even less than the Vets, in fact, we get nothing, but there is no reason for the Vets to have to join us at the bottom of the barrel which is where this will lead if allowed to progress.

    • Thank you for your service. I don’t get much of anything either. I am a Vietnam era vet, but female. Reagan took away most of my GI Bill entitlements. I am out of work but can’t get unemployment, we have been getting by on my husband’s military retirement. So I know what it is like to do without.
      I think it is wonderful that you all are wanting to stand together, but I honestly think it is too late for a hostile action to be effective. Folks, it is time to get ourselves and our families right with God. We have a Godless President in office and he has already put everything into place to eliminate his opposition, now matter who they may be. It is time to go into our pray closets (Christians you know what I mean) and wield the two-edged sword that Satan actually fears. Folks, if you are not Christian, it is time to get right with God. Judgment is coming to this country. God help us for electing a criminal.

      • Totally agree Donna Ritter. God said HE would not be mocked, and HE has a plan. HE is in charge whether anyone believes or not. I’m with HIM

  13. All you people want Allen to Run in 2016 and so do I,But you all need to wake up,We are in dier straights,I hope the country as we know it is here in 2016,Grab your Rifle and fall in If you want another election.

  14. Vote them all out! Cannot get any worse! They work for the people!! HA! That’s a joke! Maybe if all those old coots lost their precious seats they would all sit up and take notice we are not standing still for the lying sobs!! Vote them out!

  15. The republicans tried to pass an unemployment extension and restore veterans pensions and pay for it by taking earned income deduction from illegal immigrants and the dems voted it down.

    • Then we can call the liberals racist when they don’t support West and Cain! We can tell them, you only supported Obama because he’s half white and had a white VP.

    • The last election had so much fraud it was disgraceful. If that continues into future elections it won’t matter what we mark on a ballot. Money buys and crooks devise

  16. when it seems all we can do is at the voting box and we wounder if those figures are right why because fraud in the figures and dead or illegals voting hum can any one say stuffing the ballot box ? i know several people who claim their votes no longer count. well what would happen if every one who says that actually got out and voted. when i think back to an old saying which is if you don’t vote you don’t have any bitching rights so how about those of us who aren’t working find a way to get involved. folks there has to bee a way for every one to make a difference its one way we can fight back. think about it

  17. Colonel, when are the Veterans going to march on DC? Can you imagine military veterans, retirees and disabled vets lined up shoulder to shoulder marching up Constitution Avenue, up the steps of the Capital and into the Chambers of the Senate & House? Who would stand to stop them?!!!

    • Who would stop them? Any general or flag officer on active duty. Don’t think so? MacArthur ordered US Cavalry to break up a veteran protest between world wars. Believe it.

    • Oblamers Signed Executive Orders. To declare Martial Law against them and shoot them dead in the street for violation of one of his other EO’s disrupting a political figure in the protection of the Secret Service. He has covered his Butt with illegal Executive Orders.

    • Who would stop them? Pretty much everyone who received their pay from the federal government. There are not many who would allow their families to risk losing their job security by refusing to do as ordered. That is one of the biggest drawbacks to having a situation where our federal government is able to deny our military their pay, their homes and food for their children should they refuse to do as ordered!

  18. Vets get cut and next to Poverty after putting your life on the line for America. The Politicians who are making these restrictions receive full salary and benefits for the rest of their Lives for serving one term in the midst of their fellow Cronies. Who made these self serving rules?

    • They don’t get full salary for the rest of their lives for serving one term. Get it right. Do some research before you post misinformation.

      • WOW, what a concept! I thought the rule now is just get up and say anything and keep saying it and lie and deny. I need to seriously think about this.

    • I can understand your frustration, but Congress no longer gets full salary and benefits for life for serving one term. Those big perks for Congress were removed long ago. Try googling Congressional retirement benefits and you will find that they receive benefits at different levels depending on how long they have served and which position they served in.

      • that can explain why they will lie, change laws to their benefit, Reid and Bohner will only bring votes on their agendas…any and all things to stay in place.

    • have already signed more than one but who will bring the action. We also need to mandate no more than 1 term to everybody including SCOTUS and pay for results. No living in DC, come home and live next door to the folks.

  19. Our highest ranking generals and admirals don’t give a damn. They’ve got their retirements secure. In fact, most three and four star officers will draw a higher retirement pension than their active duty base pay. The 2007 Defense Authorization Act authorizes a four star with 43 years of service to draw 107.5% of his active duty pay in retirement.

  20. I guarantee if my father, a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam Wars, were still alive, he would stand with you Allen West. He passed away in December of 2010 and while he didn’t vote for Obama, he was a kind man and gave Obama a chance to prove himself. It wasn’t even a year into his administration that my dad knew what kind of road this President was taking us down, “The Road to Destruction.” If my father were alive to hear about Benghazi, the President’s lack of support to our military, and now choosing these brave men and women to make cuts he would be appalled. How about you cut something like the stupid research you funded last year on the study of romantic novels among many other ridiculous items. My father was a quit man, but he wasn’t silent. Every time the Liberal leaning newspaper in our city wrote something that crossed the line, they received a letter from my dad and often it was printed and received thumbs up. I guarantee over the last two years there have been numerous concerns that my dad, a Retired Captain from the Air Force, would have pulled his pen and paper out and his letter would have made it to the White House. You don’t trample on the very people that protect you and by the way it is our Navy Seals who deserve all the honor of capturing Bin Laden and not our President.

  21. Yet, you keep supporting the republicans Mr. West, when they are as big a threat to our LIBERTY as the democrats….

    Neither party represents the people any more, they only represent the greedy interest of their own agenda, of the lobbyists, and of foreign nations! We keep voting left/ right, and we are stuck in a cycle of insanity!

    If we do not remove the two parties, nothing will ever change, and you know that as well as I do.

    Democrat/ Republican.. both are enemies of the Founding Fathers and LIBERTY! Both are enemies of We The People. Both support tyranny…

    • I’m not sure if Keith wants a single party system? or just a useful anarchist to usher it in. There are major differences, as can be seen in their 2012 platforms and the way they arrived at them.

      • I would prefer to see all PARTIES destroyed in this nation, parties reduce us under despotism, as proven by the current form of government we now have in DC. Parties are not in our best interest, well educated and informed voters who are not manipulated by the lies of the parties and the press is what we need. Look at how many republicans support common core education… just saying.

        It’s all about controlling every facet of your life. Look at the police state forming in this nation, which is supported by both parties. Why is it, we say Americans enjoys freedom, when in fact, we have one of largest prison populations in the world? It’s a lie! Simply because LIBERTY has been destroyed in this nation through the manipulation of the two parties.

      • I appreciate your thoughtful clarification, and your enviable idealism. However, in view of our situation within the developing police state (all in the name of peace and safety), we must band together with like-minded individuals. I wish there were an anti-beaurocratic party in favor of our US constitution and our God-given natural rights. Until then we should take back the republican party from the country-club elite. Similarly the democratic party has been pandering to all sorts of special interests rather than the general good.

    • Although there is a lot of truth in your statement, there are also a lot of freedom loving patriotic Republicans in both the House and Senate. Unfortunately, there are not enough.

      • Again, there is a difference between freedom and LIBERTY! The people in China have freedoms also, however, they have NO liberty. And please, show me where, in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, the Founding Fathers talk of freedom, because they don’t. The wrote about LIBERTY! And there is a big difference between having freedoms and having LIBERTY! And it is time we restore LIBERTY to its rightful place in our nation, and stop using freedom in it’s place.

        I don’t want freedom loving politicians, I want politicians that support LIBERTY! With liberty, freedom is not an illusion, with out liberty, freedom is lie.

  22. Well, on my last tour before retirement… figure I’ll stay here in Korea because let’s be honest… The America I grew up in is gone. It’s sad really… the Great Experiment in Freedom was pretty cool while it lasted.

  23. liberal agenda: destroy, discourage true patriots, give our enemies every advantage. Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Hillary should all be brought to trial. Let us, whom they consider totally ignorant and less valuable than they, do the judging. Reduce their pay and perks and give to the military. Cut back on the booze and parties and give to veterans. Kick them OUT. I’ll NEVER forget Benghazi and LIES.

  24. Well, when oppressive politics, do nothing elected officials and law is no longer being used equally…we can always look towards the battle of Athens, TN. GI’s got tired of being abused and tired of seeing their community being subjected to the authority of purchased good ‘ol boy system, they did something about it. While I am not saying that we have to go about it the exact same way that they did, I am saying that we need to have the same level of conviction and solidarity that carried the day. I am ready to “Stand To” because what my friends and I fought and died for, much like the rest of you, is being trampled upon by ungrateful, elitist, “Frat boys”, and a financial ruling class that has NO IDEA what it takes to fight this nations battles at their direction. I, for one, am sick of it.

  25. We must INSIST in Constitutional Amendment that limits candidacy for Congress AND The White House, and ANY position within the 3 branches of Government to persons who have served honorably in the United States Military, and are Natural Born Citizens going back at least 3 Generations.

  26. If it is legal to transfer money from one cabinet’s budget to revitalize another cabinet
    department’s budget then this is a classic red herring debate. I say
    that, because this discussion, intentionally leads the debate- observers
    to believe there are only two possible solutions “Option A (add
    funding to military operations by cutting benefits to vets) or B (Don’t improve
    funding for military operations).” Wrong! There would be a myriad of options to choose from if the decision makers had the courage to stand up to lesser need special interests in order to accomplish higher level goals. That happens all the time in the private sector. Government can cowboy- up too. Conversely, if the law does prohibit congress and the president from taking money from one cabinet budget to bolster another cabinet’s budget, than the law should be amended to allow congress to do so. I know accountability is a glaring problem in DC today and we want it fixed! If our DC reps are operating government sans priorities, including spending priorities,
    as needed to accomplish specific, citable, stratified goals- beginning with
    “. . . to protect the country from all enemies foreign and domestic.”
    as called for in their oaths of office, then the prioritization of goals and
    associated resources would be a jolly good place to start, don’t you think?

  27. It is disgraceful what our government is doing to the military. I have never been so ashamed of the people we elected in both parties.


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