Is the Supreme Court presiding over the Constitution’s destruction?

Today the US Supreme Court will hear the case regarding unconstitutional actions taken by President Obama. Part of this stems from three “recess appointments” to the National Labor Relations Board during a time when the Senate was, per the Constitution, still in session.

It seems that rules — just like the 60 vote threshold/filibuster – which were okay for Senator Obama are now unacceptable for President Obama. Interesting how that happens. Emperor Obama apparently believes it is in his purview to define what “is” is pertaining to whether the Senate is in session or not.

Since the lower courts have maintained his actions were unconstitutional, it would seem to be basically an open and shut case, right?

So it seemed when the Supreme Court had to judge whether or not the individual mandate was constitutional. In that case, the mandate simply needed to be evaluated against the commerce clause of the US Constitution. The SCOTUS indeed ruled the individual mandate was not in concert with the commerce clause — but then threw a curve ball. Chief Justice Roberts defined the individual mandate as a tax – after we were told it wasn’t – and thereby deemed it constitutional as part of Congress’ taxing authority.

Are any members of the Supreme Court perturbed by such judicial activism? Another case in point — overruling the 2008 people’s referendum in California (Proposition 8) to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

Sure seems there is a lot of “unconstitutional” activity going on in Washington DC these days — as well as lots of lying.

When Benjamin Franklin was leaving that storied hall in Philadelphia after the construct of our US Constitution, a woman supposedly asked whether our nation would have a monarchy or a republic. Franklin’s response then is our challenge today: “a Republic ma’am, if you can keep it.”

While liberal progressive disciples in the media want to persuade us that closing two lanes of traffic in New Jersey is a national catastrophe, the real catastrophe, one with far-reaching ramifications, presents itself clearly before our eyes.

Too many Americans have “eyes wide shut,” and their heads in the sand. They are either unable or unwilling to acknowledge the travesty that is the piecemeal destruction of our Constitutional Republic by an overreaching executive branch enabled by its fifth estate media accomplices.

We will have to wait for the SCOTUS decision, but in this tumultuous time, the year of a mid-term election, that decision could be very telling.


    • We, as a nation, need to be PRAYING today “AS ONE” that our country be taken back from the hands of evil and turned back around to the FREE, Constitutional, peaceful country she has always been. GOD, PLEASE BLESS AMERICA AGAIN!!!

  1. With Roberts now in bed with Barry, it’s now his court. Actually it’s not a court anymore. We need term limits for EVERYONE, even SC Justices, 6 year term alternate 3 at a time.every 3 years.

    • I believe in the Term Limits for SCOTUS. But three at a time???? Yep I agree in alternate terms. But three at one time could really sway the court one way or another.

      I don’t know how to handle this situation. Obama is stacking the courts now, that is why harry did the nuclear option. I just know like you I am so fed up with the whole situation.

      • As soon as the O announced that he had appointed himself “head court stacker” and started putting his pawns in place for a lenient conviction in his own case, I knew. This is one very corrupt government.

      • He is Woodrow Wilson reincarnated. He is FDR – FDR added two Supreme Court Justices to the Court, to make it 9 because he said the courts were to far behind, but it was because they were ruling against him on his New deal. Obama is the evil I thought i would never see. People thought that Wilson and what he did to the people was bad.

  2. Clearly, it is stunning to witness the dismantling of the very infrastructure of a form of government so astutely conceived by men who took the concept of liberty personally. Once the executive branch controls the “checks and balances” afforded by the Constitution of the United States, with the absent minded aid of the nation’s media, the sheep will have been properly herded and led to slaughter.

      • And what the media fails to comprehend is that in supporting an administration that is rapidly towing our great nation into the deep end of the socialism swamp that their industry and freedoms will be usurped.

      • They have been usurped and they still are not paying attention.

        they went after Reporter Rosen on Fox News, and the AP Reporters by using the 1917 Espionage act. they said nothing, hardly nothing about it !! Yet they still play the game. They love being invited to the White House to get their talking points. Juan Williams of Fox News was invited to the White House, then got his talking points, and then went on the following week Sunday Show and told those points. He was hammered. He totally changed his tune from the week before. That is why I don’t trust Fox either.

        It is shameful, Disgusting, and now everyone hopefully is only comparing the Media reaction to Christie and Obama. Christie is NOT PRESIDENTIAL and I fear people are falling for it.

        It is sickening beyond words what has been allowed to take place.

      • No one pays attention to them any longer (except those without computers and/or internet). Anything they feel forced to say (because everyone knows it anyway) is so belated it is old news before it gets to the screens.

      • Not if the government “adopts” them and makes them a part of the government. It is practically that already.

    • When the current unlawful Government is thrown out and most sitting jail awaiting execution by hanging, Roberts will be the one crying in the corner thinking….”Why did I ever listen to the Traitorous, Lying, Islamist PIG Obama?”

    • A lot of that is being done here … but more has to be done here. Obviously, we have no media that is worthwhile, so the citizenry is going to have to take it upon themselves to move, before it is too late.

  3. The bureaucracy are becoming the new fascists, as usual claiming it’s in our best interests. Soon your existence will be plotted with government approval before you are even conceived, your death and remains will be the subject of countless agencies, and in between those milestones the IRS and the NSA and other bureaucracies will monitor your health, your thoughts, and your wallet. And apparently we are voting for it.

    • The only vote we put in was for this pres and this congress. From that point they have placed themselves outside the duty they were elected to do and are making a mockery of this nation. There are ways to correct it, but with every day that goes by (as we’ve seen), new laws come, mysteriously, in to effect that protect all of them.

      We’ve got to stop this crap!

  4. Even if Roberts says it is a tax, it has to proportionate correct! How is that when so many are getting exemptions that have not been approved by Congress why are we not fighting it that way as well. Also when has it become a tax for individuals and businesses at the same time. How can a business pay a portion of your tax like they are with the insurance premiums that have become taxes now… Or is the Penalty the part considered a tax. So how can a group be taxed if it is not proportionate…

    • You are right, Obama’s lawyers pushed that point to the supreme court, that it is a tax. The thing is, a tax bill MUST ORIGINATE IN THE HOUSE NOT IN THE SENATE, therefore, it is unconstitutional and should have been struck down.

  5. In some respects the SCOTUS reminds me of the court in the movie “Braveheart”. No way for anyone who disagrees to win. It doesn’t matter anymore.

  6. The “eyes wide shut” term may be true but this is why we have Congressmen and Senators to fight for us. There is a combination of problems with every day Americans, one that working every day just to get by dosen’t permit time to grasp the complex issues going on in government or to cipher the media propaganda.

    • Im in agreement mike but if you think any Senator or House Rep will fight for you or me we halve already lost. It will only stop when we fight for ourselves.

      • Tim, Before redistricting in 2011 in Ohio, I had a fighter by the name of Jim Jordan. His district with Mr. Boehner’s office’s help shifted to the west and the county is now split between 2 wimpy establishment crumbs Bob Gibbs and Pat Tiberi. Want to see a real fighter in Washington, D.C. watch a future House Oversight Committee hearing and pay attention when it’s time for Mr. Jordan to step to the plate and tae his swings. Trey Gowdy is also another one on that committee that fights. We need more than them to ever win this battle.

      • Shoot! Do our illustrious Senators and Congress read anything ? Except what they have on their agenda!!
        We have 1/2 of them that just don’t want to public ally admit they ere stupid and dumb to believe Barry again! The other 1/2 could care less, just as long as their pay check keeps coming……just like the American Voters!
        The mainstream Media ? Does anyone with 1/2 a brain really believe all these cover ups!

      • We also pay attention to the details in a degree that we are able to determine if those politicians have our back or we need to assign some of us to watch our backs.

    • scmike – when one party has majority votes in either the House or the Senate, it seems to me that these Congressmen and Senators aren’t fighting for us, especially in the Senate and under the idiotic rule of Harry Reid as Majority Leader. Aside from that, don’t think that the American Public, working or not are stupid enough, in your words, “grasp the complex issues going on in government or to cipher the media propaganda”. Try looking at all the Executive Orders our so-called President issued that ARE un-constitutional. Try looking at which media station is spreading the propaganda and their ratings because they do. I for one am a Conservative Republican and watch Fox News which is rated #1 for the past 12 years. Compare that to the ratings of the Lame Stream Media like CBS, NBC, ABC & MSNBC who are bought and paid for by Progressive/Liberals and they espouse their agenda through these media’s.

    • How do you determine if the Congressmen and Senators are fighting “for” you

      when by design of the political class the worker is kept so busy holding down more than one job and the core family unity by design has been destroyed by forcing both adults to earn an income to afford the means to support a family and purchase “necessities”? It seems to me that the deck is stacked to make sure that you do NOT take the time and make the effort to ascertain exactly what the Congressmen and Senators are fighting for, much less determine the veracity of the lies and half truths flying about, mixed with emotional diatribes, and calling bad good and good bad. The issues are only as complex as you deem them to be. The complexity is undoubtedly exacerbated with lies and deceit mixed with personal agendas. Where there is a will there is a way. If you want to know the Politicians are fighting for or against your interests, it only takes effort to read, digest, think and conclude. If you really want it you will find the time. You will make the time. You will shut off the idiot box with it’s talking heads spouting sensationalism and dancing with stars, and spend the time productively learning. Weigh what you think you learned against an absolutely unbiased standard. The Constitution. Then vote the truth.

  7. SCOTUS has mis-interpreted the Commerce Clause ever since 1937. Anyone not read The Liberty Amendments yet? If not, why not. Should have been your next read when it hit the shelf of either your boo store or library. It sure was for me, reinforcing what I already had learned as a high school senior in civics finishing #1 in the bicentennial year.

  8. The ears of this nation have gone deaf. With the lack of a leader, the people have no one to believe and those of “authority” wield it towards the direction of which they believe the wind is blowing. When Barry McGuire sang the Eve of Destruction was he just a few decades off?

    • No, the evening of destruction is long and about to end. His timing is not our timing. It is therefore reasonable to assume the evening alluded to by Barry is lasting much longer than we or Barry would have expected. This only assures that He knows which in His creation believe.

  9. With the NSA spying on everyone, you know they got the goods on the judges! They will do what ever the creep in the WH wants them to do!

    • Yes I have believed this ever since they helped pass the Obamacare train wreck. It was not their position to define it as a tax when it was not presented as a tax. Also defining it as a tax in itself makes Obamacare unconstitutional because ALL tax bills must start in the house. The senate stripped a bill and put it in and passed it without ever sending it back to The House.

  10. SCOTUS ruled the PPACA is a tax. What defines a tax exemption? Can POTUS arbitrarily decide who is exempt from a tax and who is not? SCOTUS also ruled that the IRS cannot recognize civil-unions for payment of taxes but not for return of overpayment. How can SCOTUS declare “good for the goose” on one hand and allow POTUS to rule on the other?

    • Apparently he can, in regards to whether he can decide who is exempt from a tax. Look at the switcher-oo he did with Obamacare. half of congress is magically “exempt” to it, yet its mandatory according to its text.

    • These are examples of just how CORRUPT this system is as it stands. I don’t know of another POTUS who has so arrogantly stepped over his power to do everything he wants with no consideration from anyone/anything. It wouldn’t surprise me if the war began flat out in DC.

  11. Time to remove the RINO’S from office. Time for McCain, Graham, Portman, Boehner and all the rest of them to Go. If we have to return Nancy Pelosi to the House Chair so be it. If they are going to take this country down let it be a named Democrat that does it and not a democrat hiding behind the GOP Title. I will vote for a Democrat before another RINO gets my vote and that goes for a Presidential vote as well.

    • You just don’t get it there SickoftheBS, do you? The liberal side is running the Senate, the SCOTUS, and the POTUS. And where is the country headed?…down the toilet. I totally agree that many of these republicans need to go, but there are at least as many democrats that need to go with them, too. We need new leadership that will tell us like it really is…that the ountry is headed to bankruptcy, socialism (which NEVER works) and third world status. And most important, that leadership has to tell EVERY one of us that if we want to become a great nation again with fiscal responsibility and with world leadership in every important aspect of life, we will all have to make many sacrafices, work harder and become totally responsible for our own actions and our status in life.

  12. The country has Nevada in THEIR hands. The economy of Nevada depends on the rest of the country for it’s survival. If they re elect Harry Reid, then I say BOYCOTT Nevada. There are other states you can go for entertainment, and Nevada can stick Harry where the sun don’t shine.

    • Reid does not come up for reelection until 2016. By then it will be too late. A boycott of Nevada is a great idea, but with all the politically ignorant sheep in this country, it would be fruitless.

  13. Remember the stupid movies with all the redneck country folks as dumb as rocks? And the government agents so intelligent and condescending ? I thought that was entertainment?
    Now it is how Obama and Cohorts see everyone living

  14. The sad but slow cutting away of liberty in the country has a long history,it started soon after our founding,however it was accelerated to afever pitch during wilsons administration,and continues today.The federal government was only supposed to provide a common defense,foreign relations and be an orbiter between the states,but with the cry for more and more out of washington,naturally ,the power hungry,would promise the moon and be rewarded with relection for life,the honorable gentlemen,who began our country failed at one thing only,term limits,not just for congress and the president but for all who serve the country,no one should ever be able to hold office for life,with nothing to fear,they become fearless and believe than can and will do as they please,and nothing can stop them.

  15. When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. A very wise man said this and it still true to this day, now more than ever.

  16. How long will Americans citizens be related to the Ostrich and keep there heads and brains buried as to not see what is going on in our Country.How long can you stay Ignorant? Think hard. Opinion.Most things going on are very obvious don’t you think?

  17. In the case of the individual mandate. The supreme court wrote law. The individual mandate was NOT presented to the court by the lawyers seeking the mandate as a tax, but rather as a fine. Thus the court should have denied the mandate based on the governments presentation of its case. The Supreme Court is to INTERPRET the law, based on the constitution, as the case is presented. In this case the supreme court not only ruled on the case but wrote the case and presented the case to themselves. And the People have no recourse against the Supreme Court. It was assumed, I suppose, by our founding fathers that the Supreme Court would be honest.

  18. We, as a nation, need to be PRAYING today “AS ONE” that our country be taken back from the hands of evil and turned back around to the FREE, Constitutional, peaceful country she has always been. GOD, PLEASE BLESS AMERICA AGAIN!!!!!

    • Please. I am a Catholic and have a strong belief in God and Jesus. However, to expect divine intervention to save us is naïve. Pray all you want, but if that is all you will do, then the lions devouring you will be very happy. We don’t have many chances left. If the 2014 elections does not reverse the current path we are on, then solutions are very limited.

  19. unfortunately the current occupant in the white house seems to be daring the populace to rise up….or succede….it’s as if he has a “my way or the highway” attitude and who cares if you want to go elsewhere, we will just get the liberal courts to force our policies on you….the worst case scenario of the “Tyranny of Democracy”….

  20. If these people are being blackmailed, if they have even one decent bone in their bodies, they would step forward and do the right thing!! They have to know HE HAS TO GO!! If they think that if he is in full power they will keep their JOBS or even THEIR LIVES, they are sadly mistaken!!I They will have fulfilled their usefulness and be USELESS!!! They should also remember that they are “!INFIDEL DOGS!” just like the rest of us…..If they came forward and stopped his ravaging of our Constitution, they would be heroes!! No matter what the blackmail is, I think THE PEOPLE would be able to forgive QUITE A LOT to get America back!! THINK ABOUT IT!!!

    • The blackmail likely takes the form of ‘an offer they cannot refuse’, because after all we are obviously practicing policy derived from Chicago Mafia Politics.

  21. I still don’t even understand how the SCOTUS could even rule the mandate a tax in the first place since taxing powers have to originate in the House and ObamaCare originated in the Senate.

  22. The SCOTS had not authority to “amend” the law to call it a tax just to make it work – especially when its advocates were falling over themselves to tell us it was not a tax. What the hell? It was sold and passed explicitly NOT as a tax ! How dare Stevens amend it to make it work by redefining it as a tax!!

    At any rate the IDIOTS in robes after a pre-judgment that it had the character of a tax SHOULD have sent it back to congress for REVISION rather than usurp the congresses’ authority and appoint itself legislators around the constitution. But by declaring it a tax AND then declaring it constitutional they committed the most duplicitous and egregious ruling possible since their process was ILLEGAL and not catching their own blunder proves them to be incompetent. Everyone knows that ALL TAX law MUST FIRST originate in the House NOT the Senate (as this bill was) and certainly NOT the SCOTUS. Declaring a bill constitutional at the very same time SCOUTS amends the bill illegally to call it a tax and then not sending it back for congressional re-approval as proforma ruled is itself UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The whole bill is bogus and Americans should just ignore it and go set up co-op private insurance and pre-paid medical with private doctors around this incompetent government. It’s time to end the BS and take back our country from these idiots.

  23. Right on, Mr. West. Seems more and more that we are faced with a force that would turn this great nation into just another banana republic. I pray every day that the people will wake up and take our country back..

  24. There are a lot of Americans with their heads in the sand who just don’t want to hear what is going on. When they finally realize what’s happening, I hope it’s not too late to get back to our Constitution. I talk to so many people who say, I don’t keep up with politics. This is more than just politics, it is the survival of American as we know, or knew it. I don’t believe we will ever be able to go back to what we once were, the Democrats are making sure of that. Even if we get a party or parties in offices that can make it happen, it will probably takes years and won’t happen until well after my lifetime. The Supreme Court has just become a lapdog for the obama administration.
    My grandchildren will neve know the America that I knew growing up.

    • Anthony, I firmly believe he was threatened. That is the only thing that makes any sense having a SCOTUS judge say it is a tax, when the Obama administration said it wasn’t is bizarre. There is something that is not right with our government, none of them can be trusted anymore.

      • Obama’s cronies (the Democrats and supporters of Obama and this fraud) stated the healthcare act was not a tax, BUT the attorneys for Obama stated that the healthcare law WAS a tax when it came before the Supreme Court. That’s the only way they could get it deemed “constitutional.”

        Someone else stated that it was still illegal because it didn’t originate in the House. That, I believe, doesn’t matter. Obama and the Senate can write bills and suggest new laws, but it has to go before the House and they have full control on passing it or not. When the House, Senate, and President is controlled by one party, there is no bipartisanship and this is what happened with the ACA. Now that the House majority is Republican, NOTHING passes. In fact, nothing gets beyond King Harry’s wastebasket to even come up for debate unless it’s a “token” bill to make people think the Senate is being bipartisan. Now that he has changed the rules, it’s going to get worse.

        Get the majority in the Senate and House as one party, preferably a party that will follow the Constitution and work with the other side, and government will start working again like is should.

  25. I don’t know that we have our heads in the sand. Without a Congress willing to do the job they were elected to do, what do you suggest we do? Petitions have been signed, letters written, phone calls but have made no difference.

    • The 10th amendment defines Nullification, underwritten by James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin, as well as others, as indicated by their writings. Further, Colorado showed the way to the recall election in removing two, and on the way to a third (who resigned to preserve the party affiliation of the office holder), because the will of the majority of We the People of Colorado was not being represented. That mechanism is available to every state, and all citizens. Both require involvement at the grassroots level and the willingness to spend some blood, sweat, tears, and a bit of that money earned and spent solely upon what you want, rather than to fund what you, we, I need to happen. Even if you do not have the time available to contribute, fund those efforts as your conscience dictates. There are ways to make a difference. All require effort.

      • If only someone could start what you are speaking about, at a National level, so that we could rid ourselves of all Politicians who are aiming to destroy our Country.

    • vote independent in November. Do not for either party! Find someone or you run. But if we do not change this politically? We may well have to change it with other means. Letters and protest will not work now, we must vote them all out.

  26. throw them out, if they can’t follow the constitution, then they are working to destroy our constitution and should be thrown out on their asses! and then tarred and feathered!! follow the constitution!!!

  27. Am so disturbed by the people who say that they are just not into politics, that say things like they (congress) lie and we cant do anything abot them. Yes we can! We vote them all out! Wake uo America!

    • The time for voting the bums out has passed, when we have a government that uses the IRS to harass non profit groups, not require people to have an ID to vote there are no such thing as honest elections anymore.

  28. So it seems that when the Supreme Court judged whether or not the
    individual mandate was constitutional they ruled that the mandate simply
    was against the commerce clause of the US
    Constitution. Thus it is unconstitutional. Roberts then threw a curve ball. Yes, Chief
    Justice Roberts defined the individual mandate as a tax – after we were
    told it wasn’t – and thereby deemed it constitutional as part of
    Congress’ taxing authority. What was NOT and has not been widely understood is that it is still unconstitutional as implemented, as it did NOT originate in the House, which is given the sole authority to tax – raise revenue – by the constitution. Not the Senate. Not the POTUS. Not the Bureaucracy. Only the House of Representativies as defined by procedure in the Constitution, has that authority. Many say Ted Cruz was wrong, and is responsible for shutting down the government in Oct? I think not. Spin and blame from that spinning of truth into lies and concocted seemingly semi truths does not constitute fact, nor responsibility. When is the true cause, truth and purpose of the unconstitutionality of the ‘mandate’ being ajudicated in opinion as constitutional, going to be questioned on something other than politics and emotion? It is called the Law, and it is embodied in and empowered by the Constitution, the product of wise, God fearing men, based upon the principles espoused by that Deity. It has served well for 237 years. We should abandon those timeless truths now? An opinion is only as valid as the authority behind the formulation of the concepts that contributed to that opinion. As Allen West has openly declared, his basis is Jesus, as is mine. Allen and I worship the Creator and His Son, not the creation nor what the creation has produced. Last I checked, we have that God given right, which is enforced by the Constitution.

    • thank for you lucid and well articulated comments, it is good to know that there are others out there. to many today feel but do not think. thanks again. Stay the course. We must win.

    • Mr. Cruz and others were the only ones who stood for those principles in which this republic was founded on!
      I should have led with this well written and I agree and I stood with Mr. Cruz and the others. Mr. Obozo shut down the government not them.

    • It truly did not originate in the House but I don’t know whether the Court would rule against the gimmick Harry Reid used to pass it with reconciliation. He took a bill which had already passed the House, replaced everything but the number and the original title with Obamacare, passed it and sent it back to the House which was still firmly in Pelosi’s hands. 111HR3590

      Resolved, That the bill from the House of Representatives

      (H.R. 3590) entitled ‘‘An Act to
      amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to modify the first-time homebuyers credit
      in the case of members of the Armed Forces and certain other Federal employees,
      and for other purposes.’’, do pass with the following


      Strike all after the enacting
      clause and insert the following:

  29. Since the Supreme Court ruled on the individual mandate of ObamaCare, I always thought some one in the Obama administration had some “goods” on Roberts and blackmailed him for his vote. No doubt Roberts went out of his way to make this thing legal. Now we hear that Ron Paul stated, the government is spying on congress and the Supreme Court Justices. It turns out that Chief Justice Roberts has two adopted children and it is quite possible that these children were adopted illegally… Did someone use these children as a barter chip?

    • I agree he was blackmailed but not sure if it is the adoption. Probably something more along the Libes of alley as that seems to be a common denominator of corruption.

    • There is no question that the POTUS had something on Roberts, think if you will this whole NSA spying thing, how hard would it be to find something out on some relative of Roberts and threaten him with that, it is the ONLY thing that makes sense, because this was a slam dunk and the Roberts says it’s a tax when we’ve all been told over and over and over again by the Obama administration that it isn’t a tax before that.

      It is the Chicago way to use thuggery in politics, and America is paying the price.

  30. We need to keep up the fight, We need to continue to point out their lies and their double standards, both in the government and in the media. We need to shout out to the world that it is unconstitutional, regardless of what a corrupt panel of bought judges say. We need to rub their faces in the document of the constitution itself. We need to arm ourselves and prepare for the worst, but seek out a non-violent return to good over evil, right over wrong, God, Country, family. Get your government out of my life and your hands out of my pockets.


    • People like YOU are what’s wrong with our country. Keep you head buried in the sand and keep believing the “emperor” has clothes and we are doomed for sure! THIS President is NOT trying to FIX anything, unless you call turning our country into a Socialist failure, fixing something! And sweetie in case you don’t know..the buck stops at HIS desk! He needs to man up and take responsibility for the train wreck this country is headed toward.

    • You are utterly clueless about how the American form of government is supposed to work, The system is NOT broken. Obama is NOT trying to fix it, he’s trying to destroy it at the behest of his boss, george soros. America has the best government model in the world, here’s a video which makes it easier for you to understand.

      Remember, it is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

      • Partially correct…Valerie Jarrett is up a notch in rank from obama. She gets her orders from Soros. Either way, fact remains, obama is a puppet.

      • Thanks for getting it! BTW, I believe Soros mentioned gaining control over the courts in his book “Opening The Soviet System”. Don’t give money to Soros tho and buy his book, you can read it online for free.

    • You must be socialist, and if so then you are not an American. why don’t you go and live in a Socialist country for a while and see first hand what that is like. then you will understand what America is. It is to bad because so many anti American people like you are also anti God and have no faith, You need to find a Bible and begin reading it and accept Christ into your life. Go listen to Perry Stone. on you tube he can help you understand what a real American is. Liberal democrats are not Constitutional Americans they are socialist. and communist. Everything they have ever been is wrong. they were original slave owners and want to still enslave people today. democrats hate America and freedom and you are one with them. sheep led to the slaughter and so blind you cannot see the truth.

    • You are a low information voter and if you think OBAMANATION is not destroying the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE, I and my family and friends did not vote for him and because of you people we are having our freedoms taken away and you think he is trying to fix it, you need to wake up before all the freedoms you love are gone, no more TV, VIDEO GAMES, CHOICE OF WHERE YOU WANT TO GO OR WHEN, CHOICE OF WHAT YOU CAN OR CAN NOT BUY, you will be whining when they grab you and take you to the FEMA CAMPS, they are building everywhere, to bad so sad, PERIOD!!!!

  32. Elite59…you are correct. The dems have the goods on Roberts regarding his adoption of his two children…apparently it was an illegal adoption. The media were looking for dirt on Roberts. They found it, but instead of going public with it, they buried it and are blackmailing Roberts. He will NEVER go against Obama now….

  33. Well, their decision will either start the ball rolling towards re-establishing our Constitutional Republic or it will ignite a rebellion against Tyranny……

  34. That’s only part of what SCOTUS is deciding. The words in the Constitution are as follows:

    The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.

    Read literally, the President only has the power to fill vacancies that occured WHILE THE SENATE IS NOT IN SESSION. So if a vacancy occurs while the Senate is IN SESSION, they have a chance to act on it and this clause DOES NOT EVEN APPLY.

  35. Arguments went for 90 minutes first blush analysis (which are really crystal ball) are that it goes 7-2 against the President. Based on the previous rulings of the District and Appeals Courts which are consistent and in all cases have ruled against the President it looks very much like the original intent of the framers will be restored.

    The original intent was to allow the President to fill vacancies which occurred during the recesses of Congress between the two sessions or between two Congresses. Remember before we had the in session forever get nothing done (or better undone) Congress, they would meet for a month or two and adjourn. And for Congress to be called back into session and convene could take as much as two months. So, it didn’t make sense to call them back to confirm one or two appointments.

    It was never meant to allow the President to get around Congress by making an appointment when they had gone home for the weekend.

    The other grounds on which the President’s position fails is that I don’t think even the most liberal justice is going to vote to allow the President to determine whether the Senate or House is in session or out. It is always up to a body which has adopted rules of procedure to say when it is in session. Also in the Constitution there is the further requirement that each House has to give the other permission to adjourn. The Senate for example can’t adjourn on its own to avoid accepting a bill from the House.

    14 minutes ago · Like

  36. One would think the Roberts opinion itself would be challenged as a violation of the separation of powers for not returning the Obamacare mandate back to congress as a bill originated unlawfully in the senate.

    • my question is “why hasn’t anyone brought suit against it on that very point?” i am getting awfully tired of the conservative side hollering about how bad things are but not actually doing something about it. the founders put into place the tools needed if “we are to keep our republic!!!”

      • I believe Mark Levin and a small band of like-minded Patriots are trying to do just that, referencing Liberty Amendments.

      • It is our house that is in disrepair but the tools we were given can not fix rot caused by insects. We are past plugging holes and patching. It’s time to fumigate and rip out the bad wood.

      • One would also think that a violation of the INTENT of the Constitution by the court would not be presented to the same court in hopes it will be corrected. If anything the fact they did it ought to be a “bad act” resulting in removal from the bench.

  37. I again can not believe how may old people are on the SCOTUS, we need some young minds that are more into working for the AMERICAN PEOPLE, not one of these judges challenged JUDGE ROBERTS decision to make the individual mandate a tax, just so OBAMADONTCARE could keep it in the SO CALLED LAW, this is not a law it is a joke that the president thinks he can change on a whim, and the SCOTUS needs to wake up and stop this socialistic tyrant before he destroys the AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE, and abolishes all government but his own, PERIOD!!!!

    • Allegedly, and I say allegedly because I don’t really know so here is the rumor: Obama had something on Roberts. Rumored is that Roberts had possible illegal dealings adopting his kids, that is if his kids were adopted. Anyone know or hear of this?

      • I don’t know about the adoption but I have always wondered if Roberts took bribe money. With soros at the wheel, he could pay a large amount of money for obama’s plan that is screwing more people than not. Soros needs to go.

  38. I have to make one correction. While I was devastated by Justice Robert’s swing vote. He was 100% correct. While Obama swore up and down the mandate wasn’t a tax to the American people. His lawyers argued to SCOTUS it was indeed a tax and he sided with President on that. The majority ruled that Congress and the Executive can create and implement taxes and that is what was done here. That ruling was consistent with the constitution and every precedent on the topic back to the beginning of the Republic. While the courts ruling is 100% correct, it gave cover to one of the biggest lies ever to come out of the Executive and Legislative branch.

  39. Everything in our country needs an overhaul. Our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and overall pros/cons of government are not taught extensively as it should. There should be a mandate to teach our laws to be respected and obeyed. This administration are picking and choosing what rules/amendments to obey, ignoring the Constitution while not being held liable and responsible for their actions. Maybe that’s what we need more in our country: RESPONSIBILITY.

    • “With you here, and with us in my own home, in the long run, success or failure will be conditioned upon the way in which the average man, the average women, does his or her duty, first in the ordinary, every-day affairs of life, and next in those great occasional cries which call for heroic virtues. The average citizen must be a good citizen if our republics are to succeed. The stream will not permanently rise higher than the main source; and the main source of national power and national greatness is found in the average citizenship of the nation. Therefore it behooves us to do our best to see that the standard of the average citizen is kept high; and the average cannot be kept high unless the standard of the leaders is very much higher.” Theodore Roosevelt

  40. “Since the lower courts have maintained his actions were unconstitutional, it would seem to be basically an open and shut case, right?”

    If that were the case, why would they even take the case? Let the lower court ruling stand and kick Obama’s appointees off the NLRB.

    Scratch that, end the NLRB.

  41. Actually, they did NOT overturn Prop. 8 and VACATED the 9th Circuit decision. The governor of California and the attorney general decided that the gay Judge Walker suddenly had power over the whole state instead of just two districts. Also, Obama’s own lawyers argued that it could be considered a tax, and George Stephanopolis, long before, criticized Obama for not calling it a tax. It’s collected by the IRS and used to raise revenue. It’s a tax. A bad one and an unconstitutional one, though; it’ll be challenged again.

    • Are you a Lawyer Nathan? If you are, how about donating your legal expertise to challenge the monstrosities of Obama and the Supreme Court.

      • I’m an aspiring lawyer. I would love to challenge Obama, but I don’t have too many issues with the Supreme Court. Roberts and Kennedy seem to me to try to follow their legal philosophies as best they can. I don’t have a problem with them, personally.

    • When my husband and I sued the Federal government in Court here in Pa before Judge Connor, The government’s position was that is was not a tax. We won our case, but then Robert’s said that it was a tax. They are a bunch of weasels, and the citizenry had better get with it and make a change this mid-term!

      • The government lied. Roberts didn’t invent the argument that it was a tax. It was presented to him as a defense. So Obama’s lawyers basically admitted that it was basically a tax, if that was the only way it would stand. By any dictionary definition, if it raises revenues and is gathered by the IRS, it’s a tax. Does it surprise you that the government lied?

  42. Since the Supreme court is nothing more than a political farse, I think the Justices should be elected just like all other worms in Washington. And, there must br term limits for everyone, not just the President. Supreme Court-1 term of eight years. Congressmen-2 terms of 3 years, then work in the public sector. Senators- 2 terms of 3 years and return to work in the public sector. NO retirement, collect social Security just like everyone else. President-unchanged but retirement to be set at 1/2 pay. NO Secret Service detail after 2 years. I fno one has harmed him by then, he’s safe.

    • Their pay also needs to be scaled down drastically and no more mid-night $3000 per month raises voted in by Congress FOR Congress. The people need to say yay or nay. They are PUBLIC SERVANTS, not ROYALTY.

    • That would take a Constitutional Amendment and would have to be ratified, a lengthy process. As it stands at the present, it is up to the voters to elect officials who will follow the Constitution but as long as there are more and more “gimme’s” that are allowed to vote, there will be chaos in Washington.

      • I recommend Mark Levin’s book, “The Liberty Amendments.” The states can call a Constitutional Convention, and amend the Constitution. It takes three fourths of the states, but it can be done OUTSIDE of Congress. There is just such a movement growing right now.

  43. The Supreme Court is guilty of Treason, sighting a United Nations Treaty over the Constitution and the Bill of Rights IS TREASON. They swore to it and that is their own damning testimony. Hillary and Barrak have joined them in commiting treason against the United States of America and all it’s citizens.

  44. Thank you for the reminder of another of Obama’s huge lies that should be right up there with the multitude of times he was caught lying that would be able to “Keep our insurance if we liked it”, and that “If we liked our Doctor we could keep him/her.” The big lie that preceded both of those right up to the point that Justice John Roberts decided that Obamacare is constitutional, (As a Tax).
    Remember how many times Obama and his minions stated over and over that Obamacare WAS NOT A TAX!
    How conveniently that lie was swept right under the rug by the media and everyone else as soon as it passed, Just another lie from our ‘Liar in Chief’.

  45. Control over our courts: George Soros
    Control over 5th estate media: George Soros
    Control over obama, valerie and hillary: George Soros
    America needs to get ahold of Soros and put an end to his madness.

    • George Soros could not have done one thing to this country if President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Gore had not circumvented Congress to put laws and regulations in place through international treaty and executive orders. We have been betrayed by the people we elected to represent us. Most of what has happened is still largely invisible to most Americans—President Clinton was much more skilled at concealing what he was doing.

      • Agreed. obama doesn’t have to even try to conceal what he is doing…he’s being protected and Communists know that, which is why they feel so emboldened.
        Soros, Peabody Energy, China’s Shenhua Group, Microsoft, obama, hillary and Justice Roberts. This may not make any sense right now but they are related.

  46. This is all been written .. Believe what you will… It all has to come to completion.. We will not believe, we will not respect our elders , will not respect there beliefs, rebel and disbelieve … The rest is the final chapter

  47. The Supreme Court, Chief Justice ROBERTS in particular were a hugh disappointment on OBAMACARE. Justice Roberts manipulated the law to make it work in the presidents favor. WHY? Go figure. It makes one very distrustful.

  48. Perhaps the revolt against what our government has turned into is not so far off. We have a Congress who is on the take from every special interest group, foreign and domestic. The DoJ exempts itself from rules and laws. An IRS that is used as a political weapon, and not held accountable for the civil rights violations. We have a Supreme Court who was supposed to determine the Constitutionality of laws passed by the Congress, but appear to lack the stones to do so. Finally an Executive Branch that has trampled all over the law, using Executive Orders to circumvent the system of checks and balances exercised by the Congress. With all this going on the people appear to be worried more about to damn lanes on the GW Bridge being closed, while not giving two hoots in hell about Bengazi, Syria or other international interests. Maybe what we are seeing is the fraud spoken of by the Soviet Union at the close of WWII, we will be defeated in a way no one can conceive us. So while the White House plays the violin Congress heaps wood on the fire and the Supreme Court toasts marshmellows. God help us all.

  49. This is a bogus case. The clause is:

    “The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.”

    Plain English. The President can fill an opening that OCCURS DURING the recess!!! If the opening occurred while the Senate was in session and they couldn’t come to an agreement on the replacement or the Prez or Senate drug their feet it can’t be done during recess.

    This is a simple idea. If the Prez thinks it is important enough to take immediate action he can. I would mention that when this was written recesses were much longer and the Senate was NOT assumed to be available most of the year so waiting could be months. Both parties are playing loose on this one and SCOTUS needs to go back to a strict interpretation. With the Senate seated most of the year the need for recess appointments is almost non-existant except to skirt the Advise and Consent clause.

    • RIGHT NOW, TODAY! This coutry is being destroyed at an ever increasing rate. The hostilities in the Middle East are on the verge of a major explosion and when the oil stops flowing to the US, chaos will ensue. Just think of what won’t work without gas and oil. Store shelves will empty and not be restocked because there is no gas for truckers. Most people won’t be able to get to their jobs becuse no transportation. Businesses will close because they can’t get supplies or workers..Many homes will have no heat. Looting, mobs, fighting, and destruction. Our petro dollar wil collapse and we won’t be able to buy anything, even from China. We have little to trade with other countries that they can’t get elsewhere. The US will become a third world country.
      I pray every day that God will raise up mighty, Godly men and women to lead us, because we have gone so far astray. Christians have been deceived, just like everyone else. I am guilty of sin,known and unknown. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

    • Idiot racists like you make reasonable people who oppose Obama look bad.
      Liberals love racists like you because it makes it easier to dismiss their opposition.
      Congratulations on helping Obama, genius.

  50. What’s going on in this country sometimes makes me think we would have been better off paying the damn tax on TEA and going about our business! How much worse would have it been?? “God Save the Queen”!

  51. The US needs a constitutional convention. When I studied systems analysis, I was taught that when you examine a management system you have to see how it really works as opposed to that neat organizational chart behind the boss’s desk. Who has coffee with the boss’s secretary, the shop steward and ex-PFC Wintergreen in the mail room? The constitution, with all due respect, has great principles but was designed for the horse and buggy age. We need to rewrite it, updating it for the age of fast transportation and communication to say nothing of social change. I support abolishing Congress and giving every citizen to introduce bills, deliberate and vote on them over the internet. People get elected, bought by lobbyists and entrenched for life or until they do something incredibly stupid. You can buy an elected official, but you can’t buy the electorate. America, I loved it and left it.

    • There is nothing wrong with the constitution. It does not need re-written it needs to be adhered to. To the letter of each word with the true intent. instead of being bastardized or flat out ignored. Those who violate their oaths to defend it need to be held accountable for treason as per letter of the original law.

    • Have you read the bill of rights. I don’t believe modern technology makes it irrelevant or wrong. It was rights, not given to us by the government but endowed by our creator. No man should be able to take away the basic rights we were born with. The Bill of Rights doesnt need changing, they need to be upheld and protected forever.

    • There is nothing wrong with the Constitution. Principles have nothing to do with technology. The Constitution is one of the greatest documents ever produced. It has stood the test of time far beyond any other countries similar docs. Some other countries have and still do make attempts at replicating our constitution. It does not need re-writing. It needs to be adhered to and even admired. If you loved America and left it, good for you, and probably for us. I don’t think there is another country on the planet where you will enjoy the liberties that this nation provides, because of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. The American system, such as the electorate is, indeed, not perfect, but it is the best one on earth. It would be much better if all of our government officials would stop trying to destroy the Constitution and start governing according to it. It is what makes us American. So, if you don’t love it, please do leave it. You have every right to do so.

    • The last thing you want is a constitutional convention – all that will happen is the Constitution is totally eliminated And the Communist Manifesto that DC has been following ever since 1861 will become the ‘new’ US Cosnstitutoin ! !

    • Perhaps you would do well to study Cicero, Montesquieu, Voltaire, Plato, John Locke, Plutarch, Francis Bacon, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and some of the other lesser known authors studied by the founders as a matter of course before you say we need to rewrite it. The founders went back as far as they could go barring the burning of the Alexandra Library by Muslims before they compiled what went into their governing document. They took into consideration the most basic of human needs…what did they leave out except for the 7 DEADLY SINS?

  52. I’m sure the answers are pretty clear and not something that would require a lot of debate. Get on with it and let’s get this machine in reverse!

    • You need to check your math.
      The majority of the court is conservative, appointed by previous republican administrations.
      How many of the justices are Obama appointees?

  53. The comments here are so funny. A bunch of fox news brain washed zombies. You still live in a world where everybody admires the US and wants to be like it. Where the US in number 1. You need to leave the US sometimes and see what’s going on, not just from Fox news reporting. The constitution stood the test of time?!?! Is that why there are 27 amendments? The electoral system is the best in the world? Is that why 6 states pick the president?

    If every case was open and shut according to previous courts before it reached the supreme court, there would be no point for the supreme court.

    The problem with repoblicans is you don’t know how to lose. You lost the elections, the majority of the US decided they want this president with his bill and that’s it. accept it. And yeah terms of the game changed, that’s why the filibuster (which is a stupid rule to begin with) doesn’t work. And you know what changed? The fact that republicans say no to everything. That is why this is the worst congress in history in term of how many laws it passed. Yes, I know actual facts are hard to take but try.

    Eh, what’s the point, just go watch Glen Beck…

    • I’ve spent a lot of time outside the country.. You have to ask yourself, why is Europe fighting to change their system to become more like the system in the US and the Liberals in America are fighting to become more socialistic like Europe.
      YY You talk about zombies not knowing how to lose. Is that why Democrats have been in control for so long and controlled the Agenda, the legislation and the purse strings? Your Social welfare crap that you Liberals fight for has been in effect since LBJ, and all your kind can do is ask for more, more , more.. Your philosophy enables the individual to become and remain impoverished. Your so called compassion of throwing someone else’s money and walking away does nothing but enable and make the issue worse. Give them a fishing pole so they can feed themselves. Your compassion steals from someone and gives to another. It punishes hard word and rewards no work.
      Our country is in serious trouble. The Liberals have leveraged our children’s future and are unapologetic for that. Why is it that we have built an empire based on the Constitution and the Liberals want to destroy it? It makes absolutely no sense when you look at every example of what socialism does to a society.
      When you talk about not having the electoral system in our system, keep one thing in mind… you might be on the short end of the populous stick when the pendulum swings back to Conservative values in society… It always happens and it always will. History repeats itself, and if you think your Liberals are going to destroy our system and not have any consequences, you are nieve.
      I predict, when we lose our standing in the world as the world currency, things will change dramatically. Why??? Because the we have spent our selves into so much debt, it can not end good… The only thing holding inflation in check is the ability to print dollars. The currency basis goes to, lets say the Chinese, we can not control anything… That’s when inflation begins and the house of cards crumbles.. And Liberals can continue to claim the fame… It’s not if, it’s when… Why don’t you just go watch your lap dog media and don’t give people a hard time about people that report the news and not sensationalism like Chris Matthews “feeling something run up his leg” when he listens to Obama…

    • YY, IMHO, you are nothing but a bought off-n-paid4 Troll. You obviously are To Damned Dumb To Know That You Are Stupid. Go back to the mail and wait for your check. There are some True Patriots left that are not sitting back taking things lightly anymore. You just might want to “Duck~n~Cover” in the near future.

    • The reason the U.S. was #1 and everyone used to admire the U.S. and wanted to be like it was because we were a Christian nation and we offered freedom. Today we are run by communists and are quickly losing any pretense of having freedom at all. Of course that won’t matter to a brainless libtard. When your welfare check bounces, maybe you’ll take notice.

  54. Founders Law does NOT allow the SCOTUS to make any final Constitutional decisions !
    That is an Oligarchy. AS for ObamaCare – it was UN-Constitutional before the ink was even dry – DC has NO POWER OR AUTHORITY to touch or create any kind of health care at all ! It’s Treason period ! As for it being a “tax” that too is UN-Constitutional as any direct tax on the people regardless of its title, is FORBIDDEN ! So calling it a “tax” was Treason as well. Roberts is a poor excuse for the Chief Justice ! He has no clue what the Constitution says ! DC also has NO authority or Constitutional permission to make law over the states – DC is NOT the Master – it is suppose to be the SERVANT of the States and people. In short = DC HAS NO POWER inside this country – THE STATES ARE WHO HAVE The POWER ! In reality DC has no “government” – there is NOTHING IN DC that is legitimate ! What was there was gone by Constitutional law at the very first Treason committed ! ANY hint of Treason is ordered to be REMOVED ! Does no one ever read the Law of the Land (Constitution) ??

  55. If Allan West thinks States should be allowed to discriminate against a group of people Would he like to go back to the era before equal rights? Funny that’s what the Confederates said.

    • Enforcing the law already existing on the books has nothing to do with racism. Making people obey the Rule of Law has nothing to do with racism. If someone is ignoring the Rule of Law, it has nothing to do with their skin color.

      • I would say 1st that term is thrown around too freely so I would have to know which law that would be, exactly? I know the The so-called “Emancipation Proclamation” of Lincoln only gave freedom to slaves in the SOUTH! NOT in the North!
        And that the North did finally end up outlawing slavery AFTER the Civial War. What interpretation are you following re: this accusation?

    • Marriage is a state’s matter. The federal govt is proscribed from interfering according to the 10th Amendment.
      Sick “groups of people” exist, but they are not , by virtue of their mental or moral illness, empowered to dictate standards of behavior or law to normal people.There are people who want to marry their dogs. Does that mean that normal people can be coerced into recognizing the legitimacy of this insane group? The fact is that perversion is perversion is perversion. When people all agree that perversion is normal, it means the end of that “civilization”.

      • Sick perversion is tolerated in this country… that is how most rational thinkers have to tolerate sick perverted religious loons who want to usurp the Constitution and impose their laws on the population.

      • The founders who compiled The Constitution were many of them G-d fearing men. Read their letters & The Federalist Papers.

      • You are missing the point.
        The private writings of some of the Founders regarding their personal religious beliefs has no bearing on how they wanted the US government to function.
        What matters is what they wrote in the Constitution.
        While many of them were religious men… they understood the dangers of mixing religion in government, which is why they wrote the First Amendment.

        Many modern Christians who wish to usurp the Constitution look to the personal writing of the Founders regarding their religious beliefs in order to reinterpret the meaning of the First Amendment.
        If you want an honest understanding of what the meaning of the First Amendment is, don’t look at the Founders’ religious beliefs… look at the countless documents they left behind, explaining the First Amendment.

      • Late post here in response to your excellent post. To me, the Founders’ intent only matters if what they WROTE was unclear.


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