The legacy continues

Greetings from Ft. Leavenworth Kansas. I am staying in the Summerall suite in Otis Hall, named after Floridian, West Point graduate, Artilleryman, World War I veteran, Chief of Staff of the Army, and President of The Citadel’ General Charles Pelot Summerall.

I’m here to take part in a very special ceremony, a ceremony that continues a legacy. In America there are many different types of legacies — sports, entertainment, business, political — but none compare to the legacy of arms. It is a legacy that traces the men and women who have been willing to be the “watchmen on the walls'” those very special Guardians who ensure the others have the freedom and liberties they often take for granted.

There are times it is a thankless legacy, but for those who do follow the path, it is not for accolades. They do it because, well, it is a conviction like no other.

So today, January 10, 2014 at 3pm, I will have the distinct honor and pleasure to participate in the promotion ceremony of my nephew to the rank of Field Grade officer, Major.

I was promoted to Major in 1995 in Camp Casey Korea, so there was no family there for me, and my parents had both passed.

Young Herman Bernard West II will be surrounded by his loving family and we will all witness a legacy that began with a simple man, Corporal Herman West Sr. of Cuthbert Georgia. My dad’s nickname was “Buck” and I remember the day when ol’ Buck West told me he wanted an officer in the family. I took up that mantle and now today, the little fella I used to bounce on my knee is about to become the second field grade level officer in the family–an artilleryman and a paratrooper.

Bernie was there on 6 June 2002 at the change of command ceremony where I took command of an artillery battalion in the 4th Infantry Division. Later that day’ he confided in me that he wanted to be an artilleryman like his uncle. At the time, he was a Cadet at North Georgia College in Dahlonega.

I know Buck West will be looking down today, Mom by his side, and smiling. Dad, your legacy of service, sacrifice, and commitment to this nation continues, now four generations. I thank you, and a grateful nation thanks you.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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Joe Easley

Seems to me Buck instilled some really good core values in his children!


Thank You and your family for your service Lt.Colonel West.

Felix Culpa

Congratulations Major West. All The Way Sir!


Congratutions! Hooah!


Congratulations !
Thank you to you and your family for your service

Jeff Carpentier


Bill Grgurich

That is soooo GREAT! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peggy Saunders cilano
Peggy Saunders cilano

This is wonderful. You are exactly the man we need in leadership in the White House !


Thank you to both of you and those who served, and are still serving. God bless you!

TC Harp

Fantastic. From one Vet to another, I thank you both.


Thank You & Congratulations. God Bless!!

Ray Rittenhouse

Congrats from one vet to another.I know must be very proud as should be…I also in Korea on the DMZ (ImJin Scouts) and knew Camp Casey well..Thank you both for your Service and Leadership…

Adam J. Bernay

Congratulations! I’m sure he will follow even further in his uncle’s bootsteps of proud and honorable service.

Sharron Frey

Thank you so much for your service, Col. West! Congratulations to your nephew!


The thanks I wish you and yours cannot be quantified! I salute the legacy of you and yours and wish your nephew Godspeed.

Now, Sir. Won’t you please stand for office (POTUS would be just fine with me) and serve a very undeserving country once more!

Timothy-Allen Albertson
Timothy-Allen Albertson

My congratulations to the new Major. May he soon get a new CINC who once bounced him on his knee.