Christie brouhaha highlights Left’s hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of progressive socialists never ceases to amaze me, and it’s now playing itself out in New Jersey. According to Politico,

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie held a press conference Thursday morning, the day after controversy erupted over his office’s involvement in a major September traffic snafu. The move comes a day after emails and text messages were released linking members of his staff and his friends to a decision to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge in September, a major traffic headache that the mayor of a town in New Jersey alleges was political retribution for not supporting Christie.”

Of course this shouldn’t be dismissed, but am I the only one who finds this feigned righteous indignation laughable? Mayor Rahm Emmanuel sought to pressure, in effect, blackmail banks who supported weapons manufacturers as we reported, but there was not a peep. President Obama, Susan Rice, and White House spokesbeard Jay Carney have referred to Benghazi as a “phony scandal” and “false controversy.”

We see the Left doing what they do best, applying moral standards to others while being devoid of such themselves. One thing in his favor, Gov Christie did in fact fire someone involved with this action — when have we seen anyone be held accountable in the Obama administration?

According to Victoria Cavaliere of Reuters,

“New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Thursday fired a top aide who helped orchestrate massive traffic jams at a busy commuter bridge to settle a score, saying he had been blindsided in the scandal that has tarnished his political reputation on the national stage. As Christie apologized publicly for the abrupt lane closings ordered by some of his staff, which he said he did not know about beforehand, the office of the U.S. Attorney in New Jersey said it was launching an investigation”. Gov. Christie stated, “I am embarrassed and humiliated by the conduct of some of the people on my team,” Christie said. “I am who I am, but I am not a bully.”

So, what has happened with the IRS targeting scandal for the Obama administration? What has happened with the Department of Justice targeting of reporters? Even the New York Times, not exactly a bastion of conservatives, just recently criticized President Obama for having one of the most centralized and controlling administrations ever, and certainly not transparent.

It doesn’t appear this episode will blow over soon, since it provides a perfect opportunity for liberal progressives to play politics, something that former Defense Secretary Gates has brought to our attention.

Cavaliere’s reports that U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman, whose job Christie held before being elected governor, has opened a probe. A local newspaper reported emergency responders were delayed in attending to four medical situations – one involving an unconscious 91-year-old woman who later died of cardiac arrest and another, a car accident, in which four people were injured.

Why then do liberals say Benghazi is a closed episode but will certainly keep up the fire here? What do you think, is this incident being blown completely out of proportion for political purposes? Do you see duplicitous hypocrisy from the Left?

“(Christie) did well, in that he offered an aggressive response. He showed the personality that people like – which is the person who seems to like to be right in the middle of things, even in a scandal situation like this,” said Julian Zelizer, a Princeton University professor of history and public affairs. “At least for now, he offered the thing that was most important here – that he was going to hold people responsible.”

The same cannot be said of President Obama.


  1. Typical “So’s yer old man” right wing stuff. The strategy is transparent and all too common: Find something your political adversary has done and run it up in discussions is an effort to reduce the stench of odious political actions by your own ilk.

    • Find something – like in a singular sense? It is so easy to find a litany of issues your beloved lefties have shirked responsibility for or claim they will get to the bottom of. Ie, – IRS targeting, Benghazi, keep your doctor, keep your policy, etc., etc. Your lefty media skips over true issues like those and blows up trivia.

      • Keep strummin’ that chord; those issues are automatic to you, aren’t they? In the meantime, you just might consider posting something about the actual topic at hand.

      • They are automatic. Automatically avoided and brushed aside by you and your lefty compatriots. You bore me.

  2. Although I think firing the person responsible was the correct thing in the long run. I also think the person responsible should be held criminally responsible. There was after all someone who died directly attributable to this act. The rest of this stuff will come out and if it is found that the governor knew or authorized he should be prosecuted as well. That said, the article mentions some things done by Democrats and they have not been as forthright. Starting with Eric Holder those that have participated in criminal acts should be help criminally responsible, period. This is the only way to stop the shenanigans that are going on in politics.

  3. There’s no doubt that the biased main stream media double-standard is alive and well, and that they have lower to no expectations from a liberal candidate. I see this as an early attack on one they view as a potential threat in the 2016 Presidential elections. But… Chris Christie had four and possibly more Islamists sit on his Muslim Outreach Program who had links to The Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist groups. One such person was Imam Mohammad Qatanani who in 1993 was arrested and convicted for being with Hamas. The Imam brother in-law is a Hamas Militant official. Another one on Chris Christie’s Islamists he had sit on his Muslim Outreach Program was Imam Abdul Basit who had Extremist Speakers speak at his Mosque. One such speaker is the founder of the Mosque Zaid Shakir who had argued that the 1983 Marine Barracks Bombing by Hezbollah was not terrorism, but criticized the United States of demonizing Osama Bin Laden, the Talaban and several other Terrorist groups and tyrants. The center gets funding from the Saudi King Fahd who argues that Al-Qaeda along with Hamas and others are Fighters against oppression. Chris Christie sided with Imam Qatanani when the Department of Homeland Security was fighting to have Qatanani deported. So when our Military is fighting in the name of Freedom, putting their lives on the line, Chris Christie is giving support to those who support our enemies just as Hillary has been doing. I don’t view either as worthy candidates. I think the most important thing we American’s can do for our future, is elect a Presidential Candidate in the 2016 elections that first and foremost supports our Constitution, to include the Bill of Rights in its entirety. America needs to rid itself of the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists completely. We saw the damage they did and continue to do in Egypt with the support of President Obama, and we see what the support of the Muslim Brotherhood to include Al-Qaeda along with other Muslim Terrorist groups are doing in Syria. Innocent, unarmed Christians are being savagely beaten, raped and murdered at the hands of the Obama supported Muslim Terrorists. In President Obama’s paperback book “The Audacity of Hope” on page number 261 he states: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction”. Well for the Christian’s in Egypt and Syria those winds have shifted in an ugly direction, does anyone really believe he cares more about the Christians living in America than those abroad? If you do I have a bridge I’d like to sell you. That same Muslim Brotherhood he supports here also, some even placed in U.S. government positions, knowing that documents were found during the Holy Land Foundation scheme that revealed plans on how the Muslim Brotherhood would destroy America from within, how can an elected official support the Muslim Brotherhood? I myself have been and am going to continue to be watching how many elected officials will support the Muslim Brotherhood who we know want to destroy America from within. I believe only strong, real Freedom Fighting Patriots will stand up against those attempting to destroy our Constitution and our way of life. It’s one of those worthy Patriots, I will be voting for. – God Bless America, Israel, the NRA and all Real Freedom Fighting Patriots.

  4. I find it most amusing that all the liberal media is saying is that his political career is over. I don’t seem to recall any democrats career being labeled as ‘over’ for scandals far worse than this….I think they are trying to get the ‘it’s over’ words out there as much as possible to divert a strong contender away from the future Queen – Hilary.

    • They are always trying to say crap like that about the ones they don’t like even if it is not true. I think if anything this shows that he does not put up with this kind of crap and is much better off for it.

  5. I hope his now-former aides will be investigated for bribery, though I doubt that they’re guilty of that, just stupidity.
    As far as his chances for a run at the presidency is concerned, I don’t think this will hurt much; it will blow over soon.
    However, I will not vote for him ( and certainly not for Hilly), so I hope there’s a viable conservative third-party candidate —— HINT, HINT, Colonel.
    Not CC, because I don’t think this country could survive two consecutive Muslims in the WH. Strong accusation? For proof of his tendencies, all you have to do is a search for ‘ Christie “Muslim Brotherhood” ‘ and see how he’s been snuggling up to them for several years.

    • Ah, yes–Chris Christie, a confederate of the Muslims! And if you look far enough, you will probably find that he was born under circumstances that disqualify him for the presidency. Just ask your local wackadoodle.

  6. This is another Joke, they probably fired the janitor who has a sick wife and 3 young kids. Democrats are Liberal Trash, so are the Republican. Nobody in Washington DC actually cares enough about us to stand up for us people.

  7. Scandal????? Last time I checked major traffic jams are a regular occurance in the North Jersey / NYC area ( any one ever drive on the BQE at rush hour?).
    Oh, I forgot a 91 year old heart patient died while waiting for an ambulance that was stuck in the traffic jam. So, now we are supposed to believe there is ONLY ONE EMERGENCY RESPONCE VEHICLE in the entire Fort Lee NJ metropolitan area and that ambulance didn’t have a radio, cell phone, walkie talkie or some other means to notify another ambulance that they were stuck in traffic ???? NOW THATS A REAL SCANDAL !!
    And lets not forget , 91 year old people are “expendible” under the terms of Obamacare
    But, thats a story for another “scandal”

  8. Obviously the lanes closing were a big inconvenience, nobody lost their life, no large organizations were impeded from accomplishing their goals and nothing occurred that put lives in jeopardy. This with the righteous indignation can’t say the same. Should the bridge lanes have been closed, no. Is this big news, no!!

      • Actually I will give you that one and I should not blog when I have been drinking. Now that I am sober I will admit you are correct. Sadly, there are a lot of politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, who are good at not telling the truth.. However, I think Obama beats them all at this game and the American public is coming out the losers.

  9. Considering what governor Chris Christie said–and did not say–in his press conference, the conclusion is that Chris Christie is still fuzzing things up, indeed that he is deliberately hiding the real story about WHY those miserable traffic jams were devised and foisted upon the motoring public.

    When asked whether he had queried his Deputy Chief of Staff, Ms. Bridget Kelly as to WHY she had arranged for the Port Authority to cone up and plug up several lanes of bridge-bound traffic, the governor allowed as how he had not found it necessary to do so, that it was enough to know that she had lied and, since lying is something up with which Christie would not put, he sent her packing. From Christie’s description of the matter, the firing was not even done face-to-face, i.e. he did not personally advise his No.2 office staffer that her job was over and done with.

    Christie seems to have had reasons for not probing WHY his underlings had decided to visit the infamous traffic snarl upon the city of Fort Lee. The
    rumored purpose of this connivance was to punish that city’s mayor for
    declining to support Christie’s candidacy in the recent gubernatorial election. Christie provided a very credible refutation of that accusation.
    He went to extraordinary lengths to explain in exhaustive detail why he
    had no reason to exact retribution upon that “little Serbian” (pejorative term
    for Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich used by one of Christie’s appointees; Sokolich
    is actually of Croatian ethnicity).

    Those inclined (as I am) to believe that the bridge mischief was not focused against Mayor Sokolich’s turndown need to look elsewhere for the reason that energized this “prank” (Rudy Giuliani’s callous descriptor). Fortunately, some good investigative work described by Rachel Maddow has disclosed a second,
    very strong, possible reason for the “Bridgegate” debacle. This is described in detail in the Daily Kos:

    Seems there was considerable rancor between the governor and members of the state senate’s judiciary committee concerning the governor’s unprecedented action in denying tenure to a respected sitting member of the state’s supreme court. One of the key figures in this dispute was Loretta Weinburg, whose senatorial district includes Fort Lee. As reported in the Daily Kos, on the afternoon of August 12, 2013, the rancor got especially rank during discussion of this contentious matter and an angry Chris Christie unburdened himself of some unrestrained vitriol:

    “Christie called the Democrats ‘animals’ said he would not allow this judge to be subjected to them and said that there would be ramifications and they should have thought of them before opening up their mouths. That was afternoon August 12, 2013.”

    The very next morning, at about 7:30 a.m. at 7:34 am, word was sent out from his office to create some traffic problems in Ft Lee.

  10. Bribery.
    If someone bribed the Chief of Staff in N.J. to produce a sustained traffic jam (easy to do at a bridge), she would possibly get fired if someone found out, but would come out ahead monetarily. So, she got fired, but didn’t go to jail. On the other hand, look what a valuable strategic political smear she would have started.
    “Democracy” can be bought. Therefore, there is no democracy (there’s only Democrats). We see it now that political committees can donate whatever they want to a politician running for office. Money can also buy someone from the other side. This is not new in American or around the world. America was spared before, because no one was permitted to lie and get away with it.

  11. To hold others accountable, one must themselves feel accountable. Obama is a classic sociopath, none of whom ever feel personal accountability or remorse.

  12. The left has always been into holding every one responsible, accept of course the one(s) who done it. One of the guiding principles of liberalism, socialism, communism, just about any tyrannical government, I suppose is that good is evil, evil is good, the guilty are innocent and the innocent are guilty.

  13. Because Colonel West in the Benghazi situation we where attacked by foreign enemies and where not prepared to respond. Gov Christie’s staff shut down highway lanes on fellow americans for political retribution in a totally premeditaded and planned action. Which resulted in at least one death. Totally different circumstances.

    • But for weeks afterward, Obama Administration officials from the President himself on down, including his Press Secretary and his U.N. Ambassador, among others, deliberately LIED to the American people and COVERED UP what they knew to be al Quaeda involvement and the carefully planned nature of this attack, specifically timed to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary, as well as their own severe misjudgements and mistakes in handling what happened, by floating a bogus and ultimately ridiculous story about how Benghazi was just the result of a spontaneous demonstration by some local folks upset at an anti-Islam video on the Internet that got a little out of hand, which the President breezily called a “not optimal” outcome (i.e., four DEAD Americans, including an Ambassador). And even many weeks later, when being questioned by a Congressional committee as to what happened there and why, and who was asleep at the switch or dropped the ball, his Secretary of State, in a full CYA mode, rhetorically asserted “what difference does it [i.e., what happened, why and who was at fault] make?” And yet, as has been documented, the media scrutiny for Christie’s “Bridgegate” has been far more intense than any scrutiny that Benghazi was subjected to.

    • oooh Vlad! You drank so much of obama’s kool-aid that you cry red tears in your pictures now..What a wussie! Now tell us, were any of the people stuck in traffic terrorized by armed terrorists shoving guns in their faces and threatening to blow up that bridge or their cars?

  14. Anything that can take this pig out of the equation is FINE with this conservative!! He’s nothing but a RINO and progressive one at that. His employees that did this are also his long time friends. Do you think they didn’t know he’d be okay this, whether he actually okayed it or not? He is as vindictive a big fat $hit as any progressive. This shows his true colors. Get him the hell off the campaign trail. There is NOT ONE CONSERVATIVE that wants this pig as a Presidential candidate!


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