Can the GOP take advantage of Obama’s failures in the black community?

How ironic. On the day President Obama gives yet another empty rhetorical speech about “promise zones,” Newsmax reports that black Americans have fallen further behind during his presidency in income, employment and education.

The national unemployment rate has dropped to 7 percent, but the jobless rate for blacks has hardly moved since Obama took office, declining from 12.7 percent in 2009 to 12.5 percent, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report. And while the recession impacted all race and age groups’ earnings, blacks fared the worst.”

Amazingly, while Obama had an overall approval rating of 39 percent in a Dec. 10 survey conducted by Quinnipiac University, his approval was still 85 percent among black voters.

The statistics for black Americans are both appalling and staggering;

– The poverty rate for blacks sharply increased, rising from 12 percent in 2008 to 16.1 percent in the last report. Median income declined by 3.6 percent for white households to $58,000, but fell 10.9 percent to $33,500 for black households, Census Bureau figures show.

– The education gap is even more prevalent in urban centers such as Chicago. According to the 2013 National Report Card, the gap in fourth-grade math test scores between black and white students widened to 40 points — the largest gap since the national study began in 2003.

– Nationally, only 52 percent of black males graduate from high school in four years, according to the Schott Foundation’s 2012 report.

And with all the education problems in the black community, President Obama saw fit to cancel the DC school voucher program. Recently, Obama’s Department of Justice filed a suit against Louisiana’s tuition voucher program, which has produced record gains for blacks and Hispanics. Even the Washington Post editorial board said it represented a bid “to trap poor, black children in ineffective schools.”

Obama supporter Tavis Smiley said last October, “The data is going to indicate sadly that when the Obama administration is over, black people will have lost ground in every single leading economic indicator category.”

So when will the black Americans stop acquiescing to this perceived messiah and realize they are worse for the wear of their economic situation? Harry Alford, president of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, told Newsmax.

“I don’t know how much he has done or how much his policies are responsible for the current state of blacks in America. What I do know is that we are worse off than we were when he came into office.He could start with opening up the Keystone pipeline. He could stop his administration from trying to put the coal industry out of business and he could just let business be business.”

Instead we get more speeches that are nothing more than political posturing — signature Obama–but very short on results and measurable improvements. I don’t believe the black community will all of a sudden start voting conservative — they could care less about the Republican Party. But the GOP does have an opportunity for policy inclusiveness, not just “outreach,” and if 15 to 20 percent of the black community chooses a different path in elections, it will have a profound effect. It is obvious, the time is coming to run more conservative black candidates in our failing inner cities.


  1. Dear Lord, Bless our nation and help those who are prejudice among our brothers ans sisters. We were all born in your likeness.

  2. Doesn’t seem to matter that he has forsaken the lesser of “his people” in so many cases, he still be dey president.

  3. I think the black people are so enamored of a first time black president, they refuse to acknowledge what a terrible leader and liar he is.


  5. I recall asking a black friend why he voted for Obama. He couldn’t give me an answer. Too many wanted to vote the historic side of the election. Bad move for all of us.

  6. When you hear MSNBC reporting that of the black voter turnout 98% voted for Obama what assumption is to be made other than the majority of African Americans have been bamboozled into thinking race matters and are willing to put that ahead of the nation? It’s a sad ordeal. The democrats are and always have been for the most part the party that was against abolition, against emancipation, against the right to work, and against all seven civil rights acts. And then we wonder why they drive free trade and displace jobs to foreign countries and then turn around and offer welfare or worse, a government job. The plantation is still very real I think and the democrat is still in the “big house” feigning empathy for all his little “children.” Honestly, I’m shocked blacks haven’t razed D.C., but when they are being taught history by democrats why would they be expected to know who there impediment really is? It’s disgusting.

    • When you hear MSNBC reporting that of the black voter turnout 98% voted for Obama what assumption is to be made other than the majority of African Americans have been bamboozled into thinking race matters and are willing to put that ahead of the nation?

      One could be thinking instead of where blacks live and then realizing that race is not the primary reason. I can cite at least two cases where a black Republican candidate fared poorly against a white Democratic candidate in the black demographic (2006, PA – governor, and 2013, VA – lieutenant governor), which would suggest that the problem is other than race.

      • That’s a national average over both elections. Two political outcomes with fewer voters participating does not discount my point. In fact amending my comment, one should also consider both Black Migrations and the cause of each in order to understand the demographics of the areas you speak of…in particular Pennsylvania. However, I would also surmise you’re point to be not as relevant since there is a vast margin in subjective reasoning between electing the president of the United States and that of a governor which does not posses the historical gravity or potential effect on the nation.

        Also you are only furthering my point in that it seems that blacks favour democratic candidates despite democrats historically being the cause of their persecution.

  7. In order to reach the black community, you have to reach blacks where they live. Most blacks tend to vote Democrat because they live in the cities which are heavily dominated by Democrats…and in which Republicans hardly have any ground game. (This issue really is an extension of the urban-rural divide.) The Republican brand is strongest in rural America, with the suburbs being “toss-up” territory. To sum it up, Republicans need to find a way to flip the urban vote (which would also flip the black vote in the cities).

    Such does not need to start with organizing events in the inner cities…such could start with out-of-home advertisements on buses, subways, and trolleys/streetcars in the cities, and then progressing to further inroads. To say that it’s a problem with the black community is to ignore the real problem though.

  8. A five percent shift in the black vote would have a profound effect on outcomes. Unfortunately, most long-term GOP insiders are afraid of bold moves, hence we get ‘outreach’ over empowerment, calibration over risk taking, and incrementalism over vision.
    It’s later than you think. Increasing black representation in inner cites is a noble effort, but I’m afraid there’s not enough time to affect significant change. Our Republic is in peril — we need bold leaders, not lineal thinkers, who think big and enlist the involvement of ALL Americans.

  9. All black children should read Dr. Ben Carson’s biography. Dr. Ben Carson grew up in poverty, but his mother was a strong woman who insisted that her sons do well in school. She encouraged them, refused to let them goof off and made sure that they completed their schoolwork. They were taught to be well mannered and polite. Yes, it takes time and effort, but it was worth it.

  10. No matter what, MOST blacks will never vote for a republican because they have been brainwashed by the democrats (race-baiters) for so long I think it’s irreversible. Their lack of knowledge and outright stupidity, with no incentive to look at the real truth, will be their Achilles heel. More and more of them are dependent on government programs put in place by the progressives (politically-correct name for communists) and it appears that, unless they start vetting ALL of their political candidates and start making intelligent choices, their place in life will continue to deteriorate. The democrats will just keep blaming it on the republicans and they’ll continue believing their BS. The fact the 97% + of blacks voted for Obama TWICE proves that fact. Making an unqualified community organizer, that never even ran a hot dog cart, the most powerful man in the world proves their lack of common sense. The only thing I can think of why they did that is that Obama was black. Voting for a person because of their color is as bad as voting against a person because of their color. Looking at the figure of 97% + tells me they were the racists. Thank God there are people like Allen West that are at least truying to educate them so they don’t keep doing the same thing over and over putting themselves deeper into poverty.

  11. No GOP member, specially RINOs, will take advantage of anything Democrats may stubble over. Leaders cannot leaders cannot lead out of fear. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, & RINO Co, are afraid of their own shadows. TEA Party is a part of the solution. The other part is for concerned citizens to start recalling these RINOs, way before the Mi Terms, sending a shock wave thru the backs of the spineless pansies and get the message.

    • We must elect every Tea Party candidate that is running in every state where they are running. Every candidate the SCF is backing needs to be elected. We have to get rid of the RINO’s. And Ben Carson needs to be the Republican candidate in the next Presidential election. He’s the best candidate to get a large enough portion of the black vote to make a difference. Run Ben run.

  12. GOP has a chance to campaign the black vote on every election. For once I agree with the Colonel outreach doesn’t mean anything. Republican need to send their candidates in those communities and not just black candidates. I was very disapointed when the Colonel refused to be part of the congressional black caucus. That was a unique chance to promote some conservative values in the community. Calling Obama the “messiah” doesn’t help how do you expect to change people’s mind if you consider them brainwashed before even trying. The black vote is up for the taking like any othe constituents.


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