Today’s Obama forecast: chilling political rhetoric

Today President Obama will take to the stage to do what he knows best: deliver another speech of empty rhetoric. The liberal progressives know Obamacare is failing so they must shift the conversation and create a new Trojan horse.

Obama has chosen “income inequality” as the vehicle. In addition, the president wants to pick another fight — in the Chicago way of demagogic politics. He will try to convince Americans we should further expand the welfare nanny-state by extending unemployment benefits.

Once upon a time, unemployment benefits were only 26 weeks. In his first two years in office when Democrats controlled the House and Senate, Obama extended these benefits to 99 weeks.

Today President Obama will take to his bully pulpit – literally — to bully Republicans and demand unemployment benefits be extended. If unemployment is improving so much, why do benefits need to be extended to more than two years?

Under President Obama the income gap is growing. Poverty is growing. The number of Americans on food stamps is at an all-time high — just take a look at this data card.

Obama isn’t focused on economic recovery. He’s not focused on growing and expanding the opportunity society. President Obama wants to enlarge the dependency society, in a purely political move. It’s neither moral, ethical, nor principled.

He will tout an economy supposedly recovering, but then make a case for increased unemployment benefits. His economic advisor says this expansion is a temporary emergency measure — this is horrible political double speak.

Even more heinous and morally corrupt, President Obama will borrow more money against the future of our children and grandchildren, effectively destroying their hopes, for his short-term political gain.

If anyone believes this will be a temporary extension let me remind you of economist Milton Friedman’s words, “Nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program.”

Today, we shall see what this year will bring for America: more divisiveness from the supposed “great unifier.” If Republicans fall for this and don’t demand the extension be paid for by other cuts, they will lose further credibility as loyal opposition.

And we thought the first thing to be addressed in Washington DC would be rectifying the COLA cuts for military retirees and those medically retired – yeah, right.

Maybe President Obama could have given the unemployed a gift rather than spending two weeks in Hawaii, or extending the First Lady’s vacation at the cost of the American taxpayer — maybe those funds could have been used for unemployment extension?

Regardless, if President Obama would listen to someone other than Valerie Jarrett and focus on economic growth, we wouldn’t need this faux concern or speech. Today we’ll see an American who doesn’t care about this country. One who is morally bankrupt. One who cares only about his political ideology, which is destroying America via his “fundamental transformation.” We’ll be forced to watch a manipulative liar who has a deep animus toward the country, the people, and the constitution he supposedly took an oath to protect.


  1. when are AMERICANS going to wake up, Obama is leading us down that evil road of islamist, and communism, that’s his hope and change. by nature humans were born to be free, not enslaved, government tyranny is at play. when does it end. god bless us all If he isn’t removed from office and his kind. I pray for AMERICANS FREEDOM!

  2. He needs to get out of the way and someone get in there and balance this budget and get things moving again. No more blaming Bush crap. This is all on him. This is their agenda to make us all slaves to the government by taking all of our damn money. Spending on themselves with trips to Africa, Hawaii, and it goes on with stupid IRS videos and hot tub nonsense. Black and white slaves to them all. Americans are fed up with DC and I pray Americans elect people this fall that stand on American Freedoms and just plain common sense.

  3. If Obama is so concerned with income inequality I want him to give me and my family half his net worth so I can be on the same playing field as he and his Marxist family!!!

    • Dream on! He’s out to take all of yours and give half of it to First Dog and use the rest for another vacation for First Bitch and First Litter.

  4. the entire liberal progressive machine is now spewing forth the new party line…income equality is but one more translation of “social justice” brought to you by the Socialist Communist Utopian Marxist –SCUM

    • Oh! But that would not be Politically Correct. We cannot speak the truth about the leaches, the perverts, and the Raca Liberals . . . to name but a few. They declare such speech to be “Hate Speech,” and deplore it (except when they do it themselves). I guess to them it is hateful speech, for do not the bastards hate the truth? To speak of the “effort inequality” of the leach, the pervert, the Raca, would be speaking a truth that speaks of their failure to expend an honest effort at living within the moral constraints set by God, and the fools are going to have none of that. It is not of the genes, but of the heart, and their hearts are void of God and filled of Satan.

      • Did you read the entire post, or did you simply act like a typical Liberal ASS and just pick out a few words you thought you could pounce on and get all indignant over? Your reaction (I will not dignify it by calling it a response, for that would have required thought) certainly indicates that your witless bluster came straight from the mouth (make that fingers) of a retarded fool . . . that might call itself a Conservative, but leaves plenty of room for doubt. You might also learn the proper usage of the ellipse. Functional illiteracy is but another trademark of a witless Liberal. They do hate rules.

  5. Income inequality = redistribution of wealth = communism/tyranny = authoritarian government. These speeches are the same speeches all dictators have given throughout history, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao. He’s no different, its just how far will we allow him to go?

  6. I am 58 yrs old and I have never drawn unemployment. I have had a quite a few periods of unemployment but always found a job when I searched for one. Sometimes you just have to accept whatever position you can find instead of settling for 1/2 your pay through unemployment insurance.

  7. There are very few people collecting extended unemployment benefits that don’t deserve it. I handle about 30 unemployment appeals claims monthly and rarely do I ever see someone on benefits that should not be collecting. Incidentally I represent employers, not the state or federal government. Most people like the author of this article do not have a clue how unemployment works.

      • I felt that way once…but I question his putting his face ‘up front’ like he has. I’m certain that a man of his intelligence knows that he risks his life…

  8. The Victorians cast their beady eyes over the indigent and divided them into the “deserving” and “undeserving” poor. They aimed to help the former but not the latter. Unfortunately the idea of not helping those who will not help themselves is now anathemised.

    The Elizabethans described the able bodied who would not work as “sturdy beggars”. Such a good description; Sturdy beggars were run out of time to make sure they didn’t get poor rate payments from local taxes.

    Those who suck on the state’s teat like infants rather than paying their way through life are indeed beggars.

  9. The lunatics have taken over the asylum and our only means of recourse, voting, is also corrupt. As much as I appreciate you putting this information out, and I do sincerely appreciate it, I would love for those smarter than me to actually unite the majority (those who respect others, value Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity) and stop this coup of lunatics (those who despise humanity and our nation).

    We need to stop talking about how the lunatics are destroying our nation from the inside and do something about it.

    What do we need to do?

    You are a true leader with experience Col Allen. There are many great minds in our nation. It’s time we do whatever it takes to stop this lunatic train, as the lunatics are doing whatever it takes to derail our nation.

    • I just wonder… if congress is to “political” to impeach and remove themselves and the current admin, for the breaking of their oaths of office, is there some way the states or the people can do a national recall vote the way Colorado recalled some of its state legislators last year? In other words, is there some way we do not have to wait until 2016?

      It would probably actually be better than an impeachment, as we could clean out the entire executive branch along with many senators/representatives, and elect a president, vice president, and senators/representatives who would uphold and protect the constitution they swear to uphold and protect. All presidential appointed czars and bureaucrats would also be out.

      Then possibly someone with true wisdom, respect, honor, selfless service, loyalty, and integrity can lead this nation away from the edge where we are currently teetering. But this person would also need those of like heart and mind to serve selflessly the nation in the vacated cabinet posts in such a way as to undo all the damage wrought in the last 5 years. Basically, we need a revival and a remaking of our nation.

  10. Many years ago I was on unemployment, we had to go the the unemployment Office every day, wait to be called and then sent to a job interview, and return with a written, by the employer, report. You went to the Office daily READY to go to work. This lasted for two (2) weeks and then you were shut off. Now you can sit home, and call in at the end of 6 or 8 weeks and if you are not working remain on the program. All this time you are collecting benefits. I have watched em show up at the office, in recent years, wearing Bathing Trunks, with a Surf Board on their auto….

  11. If unemployment isn’t extended that means they will start being actively looking for jobs and unemployment figures will go up, correct?

  12. Sorry Col. West, I am disappointed in you sir for your decription of this “person’s” nationality. I dont know if it was a mere verbal blunder on your part, or if you just being diplomatic, but how in the lord’s name can you call him “an American”?!?

  13. “If you don’t want a man unhappy politically, don’t give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet give him none. Let him forget there is such a thing as war. If the government is inefficient, topheavy, and tax-mad, better it be all those than that people worry over it. Peace, Montag. Give the people contests they win by remembering the words to more popular songs or the names of state capitals or how much corn Iowa grew last year. Cram them full of noncombustible data, chock them so damned full of ‘facts’ they feel stuffed, but absolutely ‘brilliant’ with information. Then they’ll feel they’re thinking, they’ll get a sense of motion without moving. And they’ll be happy, because facts of that sort don’t change.”
    ― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

  14. Where are the Jobs? Why did Harry Reid hide the many Job bills the R’s sent him.. If unemployment is so low according to this lying administration , then why would we need to extend benefits.. and why is 3 months a magical number pulled out of thin air for a extension.

    • The same way they came up with a ten round magazine as being “low or standard” capacity; absolute ingeniousness!! In other words, they were more smarter than us.

  15. I just researched the History of Islam, and have been enlightened into the current situation in Europe. The Sira Muslims Immigrate, USE these social ENTITLEMENTS to establish their neighborhoods; have AT LEAST 5 kids (@ the expense of the social healthcare); then when their numbers increase–they become POLITICALLY motivated (shutting down streets,etc..); THEN, as political POWER is aquired, the final stage of Jihad, Military action comes. It happened at Medina with Mohammed himself and is HAppening now. I just bring up the question–why so many Muslim appointees in the DHS? Why do we see such a PUSH from this ADMINISTRATION for FREE everything to those who immigrate lawfully or illegally. If it were NOT for the MUSLIM JIHAD (thier socalled “Golden” YEARS) and overtaking Spain..Columbus would probably have NEVER set sailed to find another trade route to India. MUSLIMs SHUT DOWN ECONOMIC TRADE routes. R-relocate P-political power M-military force of law Watch out for the RPM of this cultural movement. Communism? Natzism? Since Mohammad 280 MILLION people have been slaughtered by this peaceful religion…NOTHING compared to the Spanish Inquisition..PERIOD!

  16. And did anyone even know that Thomas Jefferson had to deal with Islam, the pirating of ships and having to pay a “toll” as it were for American shipping trade. The same thing we are seeing in Somalia (spell?). 19,000 military battles since 9/11 relating to Muslim Jihad? Most history only recounts 5 major battles…but do some research. Find out what the Quran really says. Do they believe Jesus was the Messiah? I never knew that…And I must say that most American Muslims do not know about many historical facts regarding Mohammed, and must decide which conflicting teaching is the one they must go by…. It is amazing! I do not in any way want to disrespect anothers religion based on a few extremists, but we as a society need to really educate ourselves.

  17. It all comes down to loyalty. I’ve heard tell that once a Muslim, always a Muslim. They are taught to lie in the face of an enemy and curse them in their heartThis lie is allowed. I leave my question here inferred.

  18. Obviously the Col. has our ears and speaks the truth. We all know it. The “47%” even know it. Yet nothing is done about Obama and his agenda. We all gripe but no one I know has the budget to do anything really effective to right this Communist’s wrongs to America. Col., if you are reading this, we all want some type of action. How do we get ‘er done? No one in government listens to us but a very small segment of officials mostly those such as Rand and Cruz. So the power is with the people? Not any more. Unfortunately the Republicans shoot themselves in the foot on the social issues. They need to keep their mouths shut to maybe regain power. But until then, and only maybe then, and I personally don’t trust the Cain’s of the political world, how do the PEOPLE stop this Communist and his cronies from further destroying us? Who is respected enough to take charge of “the People’s Charge?” Would that be you Sir? Enough blogging. We need action and smart effective action. We need the people’s leadership by sane leaders like you Col. more than ever now that places like the NYC Mayoral race was fixed so Obama’s boy DiBlasio could finish off the financial capitol of the world.
    Lock and load people.

  19. When you eliminate as many jobs as he has, you gotta buy a vote somehow. That money should go to those that have chosen to defend this country, not the ones that choose to burden. The inequality asses are on Pennsylvania ave

    • Actually James, that is simply NOT completely true. The poor do get better – infinitesimally better, but ever so slightly better AND the candidates get more votes. So, you are right in one sense but not 100.000% right, just 99.999% right maybe. Just thought I’d bring that to your attention because THIS is the reason and mechanism as to why the poor keep voting for the evil demonrats. They keep on thinking that one day they are actually going to get a handout that is big enough to make them think they don’t have to work another day. As for example, I saw a cell phone company advertising cell phones and service rates, BUT that ONLY people on welfare or food stamps could qualify for these low-low rates. Sound like another evil demonrat trap for the poor? Sound like another boondoggle for demonrats in general for the upcoming Nov 2014 elections? How can we in the GOP compete with something like THAT again, since that’s how we were beaten in Ohio in 2012? Do we have to stoop to the level of the evil demonrat party and start offering gifts/goodies to get more people to sign up as republican voters?? We certainly MUST do SOMETHING before the next election to get the same advantage that this evil party currently has. Besides, Eric Holder the honest and wonderful guy that he is *sarcasm* wants to cleanup voter fraud. So where is the first place he’s going to start: gerrymandering. Incredulous.

  20. That is amazing that you still complain about President Obama saying the same thing that would work, but since those who didn’t listen the first time still aren’t. Instead, you try to break what is needed and tell your constituents they can do better but you don’t offer anything to replace it. What’s even worse, is that YOUR President is offering what you asked him to, but hoped it would not work. How stupid is that?! Those of you who can’t thnk for yourslvs, listen to those like you rant and rage what they want to hear, but you will do nothing to help them or keep your promises. YOU are only out to keep your job!

    • West has many good ideas for solutions, but the focus of identifying problems, explaining why they’re flawed, and referencing political theory in a simple manner is a community service. He is teaching the public how to think through issues without being exhaustive. For example, in this piece he mentions Milton Friedman and Valerie Jarrett, and key phrases. For anyone wanting to explore further the importance of the issue, they can cut and paste into google or Wikipedia. This information will helps voters communicate with their representatives and prepares in making solid decisions. I can come up with my own ideas and send an email to my reps.

      • David Brown, that may be well-off for you but we are the stupid party and anything we do independently will just be counterattacked by the evil demonrats. we MUST stick together in our ideas/topics and sign off on one thing at a time so as not to overwhelm Congress which must always be looking at twelve (12) things at once as the reason why it can never get anything done (even if the demonrats simply say that it is the GOP “obstructing” advancement of bills when they are EVERY bit as guilty of doing the same). if you write an exposé or find paragraphs of facts in Wikipedia, then you should: 1. post it in a blog of yours with a link to it, or 2. put the Wikipedia info you find down here, or at least provide a direct link to it where we can read further on it. I think in this manner you will better satisfy the needs of us that are a little less inclined to research things further and not think on our own (but, I do support you idea of independent thinking and learning – this is just a good human trait to have).

    • Sorry Marine, you have been away for quite some time. The GOP has been offering an alternative to Obamacare for quite some time — in fact, it is called the Republican healthcare alternative. Furthermore, the fact that the GOP does not HAVE this alternative is a MYTH perpetuated by people like you, the evil demonrats in Congress, harry-politics Reid and Mr. Oblamer himself.
      In terms of welfare, unemployment benefits, food stamps, etc. which are on the RISE, why, if millions of jobs were created just last month does Oblamer and the evil congressional demonrats want even MORE unemployment benefits for the populace at large? Isn’t Oblamer IMPLYING that the economy is doing better, so we should be giving LESS, not more unemployment benefits.
      Otherwise marine, I thank you for your service to this country and superior sacrifice of your time and energy and being. You above all others in this nation deserve the title hero and whether or not you win a medal, are the best type of kind of human we have to offer the world. So, thank you again. Amen.

  21. I’m starting to be MORE upset with the GOP Mr. West than with the evil Demonrats. I know that we are the stupid party, but do we really have to play THIS dumb? WHY won’t ANY of the Republicans, aside from a few conservatives in Congress no one is opposing the POTUS. Are they afraid of being voted out in the Nov 2014 elections, because if something isn’t done soon, then these so-called “conservatives” can forget it – we’ll just put in new ones. Even McCain is siding with Oblamer just to stay in the Senate. WHY won’t someone do something? ALL of your ideas have been good Mr. West, so why don’t you notify them of these? Can’t they just go on these until they get their own good ideas? IF we actually fight Oblamer and these evil demonrats, especially the Harry-politics Reid in the Senate, perhaps we will get SOME respect and thwart more progressive liberal democratic (Socialist) bills coming out of Congress. Naturally, that will force Oblamer’s hand to write more executive orders, but EVENTUALLY someone in Congress is going to become brave enough to start IMPEACHMENT proceedings. IN FACT, I now feel that IF Republicans in the House do NOT start the process of impeachment, I will recommend voting all current Republicans out (as the Tea Party is starting to do) and put in ALL NEW GOP members for the next sessions of Congress. We certainly don’t want to wait till 2016 to see whether not ANOTHER liberal POTUS gets in. That would be very hard to take, but I guess at least it would not be Oblamer anymore.

    • What I don’t get is McCain, he suffered all those years as a prisoner of war in Viet Nam, was tortured and beaten, all for this country, came home a hero. The mission in Viet Nam was to fight communism and now he is part of a communist take over in his own country and he does nothing but help this administration with their communist agenda. Has he forgotten or does he have brain damage, I just don’t get it, he is either blind, afraid or he’s just another piece of crap turncoat. They couldn’t break him in Viet Nam, but he comes home to be broken by Odumass and his cohorts ???? This just blows my mind…..

  22. Liberal Progressives is just a deceitful way to get around
    saying Communist. I’m a low wage earner
    who was out of work for quite some time recently, though I did not collect
    unemployment. I finally gave up and even though I have a college degree, I took
    a minimum wage job, I’m one of those underemployed individuals you here Fox
    News referring to that is not even counted in the unemployment numbers. I took a short break from working to raise my
    children and sadly my 29 year marriage ended in 2012 after my children were
    grown. During those years I returned to college and the graduated during the
    Recession and then a few months later Obama took office. After spending
    thousands of dollars out of my own pocket, I have news for Obama! I don’t want
    unemployment pay, I want an opportunity to have a descent paying full time job.
    My employer cut hours, thanks to Obamacare, so now I get to pay for my benefits
    while working my part time minimum wage job. I also don’t want food stamps and
    in my case even though I only make $11,000 a year I’m not eligible anyways because
    I have money in an IRA, which was to be used for my retirement, but instead has
    helped me survive this economic disaster. I want to see our government create
    more jobs, not more unemployment and welfare lines. Most of all I don’t want to see my country
    become a Nanny State. Were supposed to be a land of freedom and opportunity and
    what I have seen in the current administration is a gradual destruction of

    • jaswim, *wow* I wondered if any conservative voices like yours were actually out there who were making it through the economic storm putting their “money where their mouth is”. It seems as if it’s so tough out there for the unemployed that if even some of the conservatives went back on their word, then I could forgive if not understand. But, you have neither gone back on your word nor given in to the “nanny state” but rather have “stuck to your guns” and are proceeding accordingly. I’m sorry for your lost relationship – frequently financial hardships cause divorce and disruptions in family relationships. Although not being discussed on ANY of the “news” media channels, I’m sure it is high. It is just a reflection of the ongoing piss-poor economy and horrible job being done by Oblamer and the evil demonrats in Congress. They are striving for substandard Changes in our economy while Hoping the recession will end on its own with no job bills. Instead they continue to pass one rule and regulation and another that will further gum up the gears of the economic machinery. Furthermore, the Glass-Steagall Act has not been reinstated and our stock market is a ticking time bomb for residential housing to boom and bust again as it did the last time when it formed a bubble and burst. I wish you good luck, and God Bless.

  23. Naturally, inequality should NOT be the most important issue on the mind in Congress, but rather IMPEACHMENT of the POTUS should. Thereafter, getting the poor economy fixed, stupid, is the next bright move. *duh* BUT, while on the topic of pay inequality, I think people should know that the greatest inequality has to do with height. And, we should not compare apples with oranges; no, we should compare women with women, men with men – and while we are at it, white men with white men; black men with black men; white women with white women; and black women with black women. when you compare men with men, whether white with white or black with black, you always find one thing: the taller people make MORE money than the short. WHY? because they are taller. Therefore, taller white men and shorter white men should get paid the same amount as the white man of average height IF they are all in the same position, perform the same and have the same seniority. Likewise with black men: tall blacks and short blacks should get paid the same amount as blacks of average height. [perhaps this discrepancy has made its way into business because of the pay scales of the players in the NBA, starting with Michael Jackson, the first man with a 10-year 100 million dollar basketball contract. Not to shabby.] Furthermore, the same can be said about tall and short white women, and about tall and short black women; These groups should be paid equally such that the white woman of average height makes as much as the other white women and the black women of average height the same as the other black women, so as to make things fair. And there you have it; by not comparing uneven groups in the first place (i.e. blacks with whites, or women with men, one eliminates the element of unevenness and thus increases fairness). Also, since height is the GREATEST factor for one’s earning potential on the job, eliminating this UNFAIR factor will be most liberating to people. Again, just don’t go comparing apples with oranges, but rather apples with apples and oranges with oranges. ONLY then can one make a desirable FAIR assessment of peoples’ job positions and income.

  24. “This is why it is so important for people
    to speak up when our freedoms are threatened”!. . . . “They’ve begun
    throwing the poor, the homeless, in the prison camps, the FEMA camps! Now, all
    they have left to do is take the guns!” “Columbia, South Carolina decided to rescind its
    controversial decision to criminalize homelessness after facing major backlash
    from police, city workers and advocates”. . . “In California, a 66
    year old man was jailed. . .after being accused of illegally housing homeless
    people on his ranch. , ,”

  25. obama is George Soros’ mini-me and Valerie Jarrett a mini mouse. All three have very small minds and with a small “C” or not, all three are big on Communism. Wish they’d get the hell out of our Country.


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