Thrilling end to the BCS era. Will Bob Costas make the ‘Noles change their mascot?

The first BCS game was played in Tempe Arizona at Sun Devil Stadium between Florida State and Tennessee. That last BCS championship game was played in Pasadena, California at the Rose Bowl between Florida State and Auburn. And in a fitting end to the BCS era, Florida State prevailed and won its second BCS championship, defeating Auburn 34-31. It was a thrilling game and Florida State proved that after a season of blowouts they could play the entire four quarters.

The Seminoles scored the winning touchdown with just 13 seconds remaining in the game. Their score came after Auburn had driven the length of the field and scored a touchdown to go ahead 31-27 with just 1:30 remaining, when Florida State and their Heisman trophy-winning Freshman QB Jameis Winston went on offense.

Three key plays enabled the FSU victory: a fake punt, a kickoff return for a touchdown, and a pass interference call in the end zone on FSU’s final drive.

Auburn jumped out to a commanding 21-3 lead due to an aggressive defense that heavily pressured the freshman Heisman winner Winston. However, hat tip has to go out to the FSU Coaching staff for making the requisite adjustments enabling the vaunted FSU offense to click.

The Seminoles broke the seven-year BCS domination of the Southeastern Conference, and if Auburn had won last night, the State of Alabama could have boasted winning the last five BCS championships. Next year Division I college football will go to a four team playoff.

Congratulations to the Florida State University Seminoles. “Fear the Spear!” The State of Florida has a college football champion.

Now of course the question will be, how long before President Obama and NBC sportscaster Bob Costas come out and chastise Florida State for their mascot?


  1. Since FSU has the support of the Seminole tribe, any adverse comments made by Costas or Obama will likely be met with the scorn and derision they deserve. I am not an FSU alum, but GO NOLES!

  2. Obummer and Costas can spew their vitriol all they want. FSU Seminoles will always be the Seminoles (with the blessings of the Tribe). Go Noles!!!!

  3. This subject seems to be a spillover of the Washington Redskins debate. I can see and understand the perspective of the Native Americans when they equate redskin to n****r, but the Seminoles and Apaches were both notable warrior tribes. The Seminoles were warriors; football is a controlled form of warfare. The Apaches were warriors, and the Apache helicopter is an extremely effective weapon of true warfare. Being from Texas, I have mixed feelings about the name of our pro football team in Houston. We have a history of waging war for our republic, but “Texans” feels a little overused and tired. I cannot see how having a sports team named for the people and spirit of my state being derogatory. The Irish have had over 150 years to scream about being referred to/stereotyped as “fighting” (Notre Dame), but I have yet to hear a peep from them. With the exception of the Redskins, I think this is a silly debate which amounts to little more than PC gaining a little more foothold in this country.

  4. The Seminoles of Florida never signed a peace treaty with the U.S. Government, and in WWI and WWII, declared war as a separate nation against the enemies of the United States. Pretty bad ass, and having a team represent them in a way that the Seminole nation (of Florida, not those who fled to Oklahoma) agrees to, approves of, and supports, should end the discussion. Of course it doesn’t because Bob Costas and politically correct people like him make a good living in part by deciding what is right and what is wrong for you and I to do and not do.

  5. I love the Noles and I like President Obama. Haven’t heard him say
    anything about this and I think you’re just making stuff up to keep an
    interested audience.

  6. I love the Noles and I like President Obama. Haven’t heard him say
    anything about this and I think A. West is just making stuff up to keep an
    interested audience.

  7. I’ve heard that FSU pays for using their chief, which, well, draw your own conclusion. And that riding a horse around, carrying a flaming spear? Not terribly authentic, and disrespectful of Native American heritage. And insult one Indian and you’ve insulted them all, or so we’ve been told.

    But support of a tribe means nothing to the NCAA, as local Sioux tribe supported the use of the name Fighting Sioux for its athletic teams but the university would still be sanctioned by the NCAA if UND used the name.

    Then consider the University of Illinois. The school was barred from using Chief Illiniwek as the university’s symbol, or allowing the student representative to dance in regalia donated by actual in fact Native Americans at football and basketball halftimes:

    However, although the Chief logo can’t be used by the university, the university does allow the Chief logo to be used on clothing on a :”heritage” basis. So, yes, it’s OK if the university makes money on it.
    And another however, the school is allowed to continue to use “Fighting Illini” as a team name, despite the fact it’s an actual tribe name…and not, as some ignorant fools have suggested, a shortened name of the state. The state’s name is actually a French spelling of Illini. No doubt the NCAA fears national ridicule if Fighting Illini were banned.

    But for now, UND has no team name: Fighting Sioux or nothing. And the students of the University of Illinois recently, by a four-to-one margin, rejected any change to the team name or adopting a mascot to replace Chief Illiniwek (note: not considered a mascot by his supporters). It’s Chief or Nothing on the Champaign campus.

    And no, the university can’t pay off the tribe like FSU does. The Illini tribe no longer exists.

  8. OBAMA AND COSTAS , they are both fools!!!! they have lost touch with reality and are more concerned with being P. C. than being professional in the performance of their jobs,also neither one has the common sense that GOD gave a p-ss ant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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