Speaker Boehner, install a select committee on Benghazi now.

I’ve joined family members of the victims of the Benghazi terrorist attack and more than 70 fellow conservative and military leaders in sending a letter to House Speaker John Boehner demanding that he install a select committee to once and for all get the answers and the truth regarding the tragic events of September 11, 2012.

There is widespread support for a select committee to get to the bottom of disturbing questions surrounding the attack, as H.Res. 36 has 178 cosponsors. Yet Speaker of the House John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor refuse to bring it to the House floor for a vote. You have to wonder, is there something they know that they prefer not come to light?

We can no longer accept silence, obfuscation and inaction on this subject.

You can read the letter here.. Please feel free to download and circulate it widely.


  1. BENGHAZI is the 1st time a POTUS ever told to “Release the witness/survivors!” EVERY single news channel should be airing that creepy fact & every single day!

  2. I would say to Speaker Bainer that it is also time to start the Impeachment Process on President Obama for disregarding the Constitution and changing laws unilaterally to fit his own personal agenda.

    • And as soon as he’s impeached, those who propped him up should be in prison. I envision countless bureaucrats behind bars… as well as quite a few politicians!

  3. Boehner should have called a special investigator/ committee long ago.. He is not fit for the Job and the RINO’s should have gone along with Louie Gohmert and elected Allen West to be the Speaker of the House.

  4. sure, it’s an under the table gun running deal that the both of them signed off on. That’s what they’re hiding. If I’m wrong, by all means tell us, why the intercepting silence?

      • In particular the stevens case is the one I’m referencing. But the Mexico case was really stupid. The Benghazi situation was supposed to be more organized. When you deal with unorganized, arrogant thugs, there’s going to be uncontrollable egos involved.

        No one thought about getting a memo to the guys that was defending the compound. That was a big OOPS! But, if they lose their lives, no one would be alive to reveal the coverup. It was a serious backfire.

        After what happened to Ollie North taking the obvious fall for the Iran/Contra arms deal, there can only be one reason no one has sit in the same hot seat. After all, this is a hellaofa epic screw up and makes Reagan’s arms deal seem miniscule. The reason is, the guy that could have someone serving time over this, signed off on it.

    • They let Stevens be tortured, sodomized with a bayonet, beaten, teeth kicked out, burnt and dragged through the streets while still alive. People need to HEAR and READ that, not just that he was just murdered. Perhaps they should also see some of the photos the terrorists took while they committed these acts in glee. Do you think that might wake some American sheeple up?.

  5. lol Select committee defined: Individuals that Obama and Boehner can pick and choose from.

    What is needed is an independent special prosecutor.

  6. There is widespread support for a select committee to get to the bottom of disturbing questions surrounding the attack, as H.Res. 36 has 178 cosponsors. Yet Speaker of the House John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor refuse to bring it to the House floor for a vote. You have to wonder, is there something they know that they prefer not come to light?

    I doubt that there’s some sort of complicated explanation for it, and suspect they’re simply afraid of any kind of fight.

    Unless, of course, it’s with Tea Party backers, in which case they’re all game.

  7. Boehner has either been bought off or had a death threat made against him. The clintons have a long list of people they permanently silenced.

  8. I first read the posting policy, thinking this was a mature thoughtful site. Then I read the comments by a few who were threating, discourteous comments . Nobody cared, nobody here wants reasonable discourse. Can’t we fix problems without turning people into demons. Everyone needs to treated with respect or we are no better then the people we disagree with.

    • That’s exactly what the lunitic liberals do ALL the time is to demonize the ones that don’t agree their opinion – you should tell you’re liberal friends @MSNBC about your advice to be civil in working out problems! I don’t know what comments you are reading in this discussion – the comments I see are telling you exactly how they feel about this pathetic, lying, incompetent, person in the White House who ignores the US Constitution, and the will of the American people. IMPEACH OBAMA, NOW!

  9. How about the so called drone that was on station at the time? Why isn’t the commercial that Obama and Hillary made in Pakistan telling them it was a u-tube video. Why is this not being questioned. How and why was Seal team SIX put out there like fish in a barrel. They are Murderers.

    • Bcash, that was Obama’s doing. He told the enemy who did the killing ( Seal team 6 ) & where they were stationed. it was all his doing!!! .

      • Actually SEAL team six, with the targets on their back was both Obama and Biden’s doing as for being fish in a barrel was Obama (take out the most creditable witnesses). All of the Benghazi personnel would be alive today if it was not for Hillary and a hole list of people and more so the CIA, why was the CIA compound not hit harder?

  10. Obvious, Obummer and Clinton got a cover up going on, they both know the truth will be there demise. Allen West has got a great future in the political arena, no BS straight shooting red blooded american.

  11. Issa has been poking at the Benghazi scab for over a year and never found squat. What’s another commission going to prove? The fear of Hilary must be growing in the heart of the “conservatives”.

    • It’s not “Issa’s fault”. It’s Obama engaging in his “criminal coverup” of what really happened that night. Hilary Clinton’s State Department “slammed the lid shut” on any and information from federal employees who were there. They “whisked them away before anyone could question them and put them in hidding with a “gag orders” they couldnot talke to anyone. The FBI was held back from the scene by Obama while he put out the phony whitewash job about an “anti-muslim flim” causing this “well planned terroist attack”. Lies ,lies, and more lies form Hilary Clinton and every “suck up federal employee and supporter” of this corrupt Obama regime. The equilivant of an “independant Grand Jury” like the one used in the “Watergate investigation” must be allowed to get to the truth using criminal subpoena powers and sworn testimony from every witness. Including Clinton and Obama and anyone else who may have information. Without this, there is NO justice left in our judicial system and no freedom left in our country!

    • The independent committee,not from Washington or politics.if they are from Washington, they will do the same cover up ; if that don’t work, then it’s time for REAL action. bullets are cheap!.

  12. Don’t just HOLD an investigation, but DO something COURAGEOUS and JUST about the ones that are trying to cover up the tragedy and pretend that they are innocent. After all, those were real lives that were brutally taken; lives of true heroes who went to the rescue of others hoping and TRUSTING that others would do the same for them. HOW CAN WE AS FELLOW AMERICANS SIT STILL AND LET THOSE KINDS OF LIVING WASTES HAVE THE RUN OF “OUR COUNTRY”….while at the same time thinking that their own lives are the only ones that really matter ?!?!?!

  13. GOOD . Now then . Start Building the GALLOWS and GREASE UP the ROPE . THAT WILL Create some SHOVEL READY JOBS . Be a BUNCH of Holes to dig . ALL of them for LIB/DEM COMMIECRATS too

  14. Speaker Boehner, please install the ID Fraud Select Committee for special hearings on the discoveries found by Hillary Clinton’s 2008 election staff members, Sheriff Joe and Mike Zullo and Jerome Corsi. They will gladly testify that there is indisputable proof of ID Fraud committed by the President which has enabled him to usurp the office of the President. Perform this action first and it will be determined the President has no legal right to sign the name Barack H. Obama, II on any legal document.
    Our president who ever his name really is will be removed from office along with his VP Joe Biden. You then become the POTUS whether we like it or not.
    At that point we can immediately force you to begin to return our country back to the guidance of our Founding Fathers. U.S, Constitution, Declaration Of Independence and the Federalist Papers.

  15. It appears obvious that “Bohner and Cantor” are afraid of their own shadows. Their fear is that the “left”, (especially the pro-democrat national media), will accuse them of playing politics with this “Bengahzi investigation”. They fear being accused of being “racist” and/or “sexist” for exposing the lies, whitewash and cover ups of both Obama and Hilary Clinton, regarding their actions and instructions before, during, and after this terroist attack. These “political calculations” shouldnot even be considered when investigating wrong doing and even possible criminal actions of this magnitude. But in Washington D.C., political considerations “trump” everything, including the law, the constitution, the truth, and often, the welfare and future of the entire country. Their “political careers” always come first. That is the sad truth about federal government today!

    • reminder:
      The family home of Eric Cantor – was shot at in a drive-by shooting –
      only hours after Cantor made the statement that the American people should be furious w Pelosi – Pelosi should be held accountable for abusing her power and authority as House Speaker for the manner in which she forced Obamacare to passage – and should be held accountable by the American people for Malfeasance in office – at the very least.

  16. I certainly hope that for the families that lost loved ones this can be brought to a resolve for them and all Americans. The culprits of this cover-up should be exposed and dealt with as soon as possible.

  17. You know what strikes me as the basic truths. The fact that they were in danger and communicated that concern to their superiors. The fact the chain of command knew this without being told.

    They should have either been pulled out or reinforced. When they asked for help it should have been attempted whether it was successfully or not. No excuses.

    It did not matter what motivated the attack, that could be determined and worked out later.

    The basic fact is they were put in that hell hole and when they needed extraction or reinforcements they were ignored and or denied support and slaughtered. Our government might as well have fired the shot themselves.

    They are guilty as sin.

  18. Obama and the “left” in Washington will never allow a “real independant investigation” of what happened in Benghazi to ever become reality. If they did, it would be the end of all of them, their political careers, their power, their party, and most likely, their freedom. Many of them could be convicted of high felonies, (if we could ever find a jury in Washington D.C. that would convict Obama and his wrecking crew). Most unlikely.

    • This is exactly why we should pursue the indisputable proof that Obama has committed ID Fraud. He has absolutely no control of an investigation that has completed its proof of fraudulent discoveries.

      • And don’t forget the Voter fraud. The Judge already has the proof & has sent Obama’s & Hillary’s partners in it to prison, he says he’s waiting for them .

  19. It wouldn’t do any good, they covered it up, and they let them get away with it. That is the whole problem. Also to pass gun laws without the peoples consent to do so. This Administration took upon itself, to claim they are our masters. I don’t think so.

  20. Lord God, may the truth, the real truth be know, expose the darkness, please do it now, In the Name of Jesus Christ.

  21. We have a criminal whose title in Marxist in Chief. We see who the next Marxist in Chief by the name of Hillary Clinton who will be performing mom up of the blood of 25 million American citizens flowing in the streets. Her criminal background is extensive. White Water? Deaths? Missing people? A Marxist State tends to get a bit bloody. Certainly a necessary step. Will America be exempt from history? Unlikely but stay tuned.

    • Do You know our prophecy’s ? “Missile’s from the sky at the coastland”
      Of course, we will fight until the final breathe for Liberty & Freedom, & I expect very soon will be the next “False Flag”. I will fight the evil satanist’s, & the terrorist muslim’s, until Jesus Christ’s 2nd coming !

  22. Why are these allowed to still be in office? I just don’t get it. Meanwhile USA is undermined while they are still there. Don’t support terrorist supporting politicians! Impeach!

    There is no need for another committee… ENOUGH OF THIS NONSENSE !!
    There is NO QUESTION a crime has been committed with the COVER UP….
    Call for a Special Prosecutor, free of Congressional and White House control, to investigate, prosecute and sentence those involved to the highest levels. GIVE THEM TEETH ! They need the power to compel cooperation, not the stonewalling that a “Select Committee” is going to get- that’s just more of the same…
    They need the power to compel cooperation and the power to punish those who choose NOT to cooperate.
    Watergate was nowhere near as serious as this and there was no problem appointing one there and a lot of people went to prison. The victims families and the American public deserve nothing less here….
    You want Obama out of office and on his way to prison where he belongs and you want to see Hillary in an orange jumpsuit as well…?
    THIS is your ONLY chance…..

    • “Call for a Special Prosecutor, free of Congressional and White House control” .. Yes to all of the above, but it just won’t happen! Why? For the same reason our most conservative Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts astonishingly voted to approve Obamacare. Chicago-Style Politics. If the Special Prosecutor has family, he will not be able to do what he knows needs to be done. You can’t use laws and follow rules with those who don’t. Plain and simple!

    • We pay too much taxes to support them for the rest of their lives. I think an execution on Pay-Per-View would be great if all proceeds went to the families of the dead and wounded.

  24. Look we know what happen.Obama was so afraid he would not be re-elected, he planned to have the ambassador of Libya kidnapped. He was to then to negotiate his release with his Arab goons. But three Navy Seal disobeyed the order to stand down and fought back. Obama’s goons figured they were betrayed by Obama, and that he lied,(something they know as well as we do) and decided to blow the place up and kill them all. The whole thing was a plot to make Obama look like a world leader to get re-elected. He should be impeached, and put in prison, along with Hilary. She was in on the whole thing. But she took the blame and covered up for Obama with the promise that the Democratic machine would put her in the White House in 2016. And you know what? it will probably happen. It is all corrupt, they keep putting up a fake fight to make people think they care about this country. They don’ and it doesn’t matter who you elect they will get corrupt until you kill the Democratize Machine. I know, I live in Chicago and know what that Machine is,what it does, and how it operates. The Tea Party may be the only way of cleaning up our government. All I know is I will not vote for any incumbent, only the new ones. Vote them out, vote them all out.

    • The Massive Vote Fraud for the 2012 presidential election – indicates Obama “stole” the Popular Election – in order to “trick-out” the numbers on the Electoral votes:


      “What If: Your Vote Did Not Count”


      Pass this around everywhere – that u can.

      Obama is an Illegitimate Government.

      on the day of the 2012 presidential election =

      a COURT ORDER was required in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – to re-instate Seventy-Five Republican Election Officials, Poll Workers, Poll Watchers – who were either physically removed or prevented from entering the polling stations.

      These corrupt machinations should have DISQUALIFIED Obama from the 2012 presidential election – if not all Democrats –

      and is cause for The Democratic Party to be completely DISSOLVED.

  25. Dr. West, two civilians from New Zealand recently killed in Libya have been given far more respect by their government than our four Americans at the embassy. Already two of their killers have been arrested and the NZ government is on the Libyan government to ensure everyone involved is apprehended. What is going on in this country?! This is a nightmare!

  26. Dammit! Fix the rift in the party. Let the new guys IN. If not, we’re gonna lose the election due to the inability of grown men to compromise.

  27. We all know it was a set up for the release of the blind Sheik and Steven was suppose to be returned then. Deal Hillary made when she went to Egypt with Morsi and the planes. It went sower because our men would not stand down. But, they did Obama and his Administration. it was also proven Obama was the one that gave the order. Impeach him now. This is TREASON against Americans

    • “three” Stand Down orders when Americans were serving our country abroad were under siege in a TERRORIST ATTACK in Benghazi –

      and high-ranking members of The Democratic Party = Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice conspired to devise and perpetuate BENGHAZI-GATE –

      disgracing The United States of America – to the world –

      hiding/concealing Obama’s ACTS of TREASON in Benghazi –

      to accommodate Obama to not have anything affect Obama’s “re-election” – that still required Vote rigging and Massive Vote Fraud for 2012 =


      The Democratic Party should be completely DISSOLVED.


  28. I would just be interested in hearing his reply to this request. Why can’t he answer to his employers, the people who put him where he is? If they put him there surely they can remove him. Or maybe it is it the bankers, the financially elite of the world he answers to. Perhaps his agenda is not the same as that of the American people.

  29. I’m still remembering the ones from VIETNAM and

    some from WW1&2 . All the MEN that fought in the Revolutionary war, The

    Alamo, and all since, made this Country. I thank them all for their sacrifices

    for me. At nearly 70 years old I want know WHY these young men are dying.

    Who are they dying for! What is the reason for Mothers to loose their
    Sons like this? it’s time to rethink the Leaders and the people that surround Obbbby

  30. We have another patriot that is willing to put himself on record for supporting We The People and our country. He is Retired Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, as chairman of Stand Up America, he has been at the forefront of many of these rallying cries, encouraging Americans to take action in a number of ways. Please visit his website if you don’t know of him.
    If you agree with Vallely that all confidence is lost in Obama, he urges you to then ask yourself what is in the realm of the possible. I implore you to push aside the urge to try and fix everything in one fell swoop. He knows there is no legal standing in a vote of ‘no confidence’ that would come of this act, but at least one thing will certainly occur: We take back the power of discourse nationally. What do we do? We conduct a national ‘vote of no confidence.’”
    Please know Vallely’s calls to ACTION have been immensely popular among tea party organizations that are seeking a way to restore the rule of law to Washington.

    • I am going to the American Spring May 16th @ the White House, but exactly when will they resign ??? A few harsh words & we get our nation back ?
      Bill Moyer spoke on fox news a couple weeks ago said “We congress is totally corrupt ! If YOU knew the truth, You would rip their heads off with our bare hands”….If this is a good time to start ???

      • This is not easy working without the major media when less than half the country knows whom Obama really is. Also, Paul Vallely is presenting just one type or set of issues that needs to be given much exposure. Starting this spring multiple groups will come forth expressing their issues in Wash DC. There will be the Birth Narrative Fraud, SSN, Selective Service Card, Passport Records as a child and adult, College Loans/Grants, Actual k-12 School Attendance Records, The Bio Lies in the books he has written, Citizen ship with repatriated records and there is the Natural Born Citizen legal argument. In the Mar/Apr. time frame Mike Zullo is also going to release more discoveries about Obama’s fraud actions.

        There has never been a president in the history of this nation that has ever had so many issues of fraud and treasonous behavior brought before him as president requiring resolution about his legal right to even use the name much less sign the name of Barack H. Obama, II on any legal document.
        No Obama supporter has or will come forth to defend any of these issues because there is are no legal records anywhere that exist in the name of Barack H. Obama, II.
        Jay Carney and the News Media will not be able to spin and answer for a grounded rebuttal.

  31. ya’ll need to know he is counting on an armed insurrection so he can declare martial law and suspend the constitution and the the next election. this is an old strategy of the left
    Do not buy into it

  32. There are so many layers and waves of bulls**t and bad manners and “deals” inside the Beltway that the only thing that cuts through it all is being persistent in keeping the beam of light pointed for the truth, be it Benghazi, Fast and Furious or Who Pushed Humpty-Dumpty [He WAS pushed.].
    I was around for Watergate and the Pentagon papers. It took a long time and a lot of daring and risk-taking and bloody noses to bring that festering pile to light. The current administration has a “friendlier” visage; a sometimes smiling First Lady, two girl children and Bobo, but as witnessed by the last TWO elections that the Obamas won, they are first and last one thing, politicians. They play hardball well [the passage of Obamacare] and they take no prisoners [permitting their lapdog Press to savage putridly the former candidate for the Vice Presidency and former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin].
    They will only crack when they are hit hard enough, long enough. We must continue to pound them with a nine-pound hammer on Benghazi, the IRS fixes and Fast and Furious. If we do not, there are only more of those circuses to come through town.

    • Like Michelle Obama setting up The Obamas’ usual KICKBACK schemes – w her friend – to acquire a NO-BID Govt contract – to design the Obamacare website – that has cost the US Taxpayer over $800 MILLION and counting –
      by a company in Canada – that was already under investigation for substandard work and padding the expenses.

  33. He don’t want the truth to come out because he’s in on the whole thing as well. When are we going to learn that their playing both ends against us and we just keep letting them tax our money to no end and watch them give it away like it’s nothing while cracking the whip on our backs and enslaving us like we’re their worker bees that MUST produce for them. We need to burn this mother down and restore our nation’s government back to those that seek NOT to transform it but those that would lead it and her people back to prosperity and freedom! United is what they fear, waking up to their treasonous agenda that’s doing nothing but killing us from the inside, WE NEED TO UNITE UNDER ONE CAUSE, AND THAT’S GOT TO BE TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND SELVES! I never thought this country could be taken over by it’s enemy’s SO easy, but it’s like the Communist RAT just waltzed right into the White House and was giving everything he needed to destroy America right at his fingertips, and not only that but he’s got the federal government protecting him while he does it! Now isn’t that a kick in the teeth? We’re actually funding the agenda to destroy ourselves, we’re working our asses off to make money and pay taxes so they can use it against us, then if we cry out against it then WE’RE the Home Grown Terrorist and get wiped off the planet by a drone that NOW fly’s over our heads just waiting to start the killing. WAKE UP TO THEIR GAME AMERICA BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

    • Read up on Cecil Rhodes, He started the secret society. Rockefellers, The Trilateral commission, One world Govt. and if I remember correctly a few years back Bill Gates made a statement that didn’t go over to well, and was invited to the White House. He has been quiet since. Now he’s the richest man in the world. Makes you kinda wanna go hummmmmm. Huh!

    • I read Everything, all I can do is to go to the American Spring, May 16th @ the White House, we are expecting 5 million Patriotic Americans men & women, hoping this protest will be peaceful, but in the summer may be more explosive than we expected !

  34. Maybe Boehner has to have a good cry over it first? What a little girl. And to think in 2010 we thought he was going to be our hero. Joke is on us. And I don’t get Eric Cantor. I always liked him but he is useless, too. Too bad that Rep. Gowdy is not Speaker. Things would get done then.

    • We should file Ethics complaints – against Democrat-Majority Leader US Senator Harry Reid – for his obstructionism to make Congress dysfunctional –

      w Reid refusing to bring matters to the Floor for debate or a vote –

      that was passed through bi-partisanship in the Republican-Majority House – under Republican John Boehner as House Speaker.

      Only Reid as Majority Leader has the “authority” to bring legislation to the Floor of the US Senate.

      Reid has accommodated Obama to serve a Full Term without Congress passing a Budget – by Reid refusing to even schedule Budget Mark-Up Conferences in the US Senate – as the prelude to passing/issuing a Budget- that By LAW – has to be made available by a Specific deadline = “yearly”.

      Reid has abused his power and authority – to accommodate Obama in his Overt Corruption – to further conceal from the American people – how our US Taxpayer money has been spent – since Obama hi-jacked the white House – w his vote-rigging schemes in 2008 – and since Obama was “re-elected” through the Massive Vote Fraud from 2012.

      Reid’s “obstructionism” is the Democratic Party’s RETALIATION – against the American people – for giving the democratic party the worst/best Vote-Whipping in over SIXTY years – at the time of the 2010 midterm elections – that resulted in 722 seats across the USA in State and Federal government being acquired by Republicans – causing the democratic party to lose control of the House – and for deranged Democrat Nancy Pelosi to become the “former” House Speaker.

      Both Pelosi and Reid should be EXPELLED from Congress – for their illegal maneuvers and improper procedures – to force the passage of Obamacare – abusing their power and authority to subvert proper procedures to place any legislation on the Floor for a vote – when Pelosi and Reid placed Obamacare on the Floor for a vote.

      Obama has operated to COVER-UP their admissions –

      by having ALL the videos SCRUBBED from the internet – of their own words = intentions of Democrat-Majority leaders Pelosi and Reid to make use of improper procedures and illegal maneuvers to force the passage of healthcare reform.

      Pelosi’s response to a reporter – at the Post-Congressional Conference –

      is cause for Pelosi being EXPELLED from Congress – and an Absolute admission to abusing her power and authority as House Speaker – when a reporter was inquiring into whether Obamacare would stand – since Pelosi failed to follow proper procedures – and made use of illegal maneuvers – and improper procedures when she placed Obamacare on the Floor for a vote =

      “We are not interested in procedures, only progress”.

      • Wonderful post. And so true. Plus they should spend the rest of their lives in Leavenworth. Thank you for the response. I am now following your comments. Feel free to do the same.

        TERMS OF SERVICE: No response to cretins ,misogamists, anti-life supporters, users of profanity, users of sexual references, pro-gay supporters, anti-Christians, pro-Muslim, progressives, anti-2nd Amendment supporters (especially if you are not American), anti-veteran or a non-supporter of our troops,feminists, anyone puerile or if you are unable to understand what you have just read

  35. Boehner has proven himself to be a left-leaning non-leader. Time to clean our government of all “progressive” leftists, regardless of whether they are democrat, republican or independent, before it’s too late.

  36. Just read the letter and the signatures thereto. Thank you all for taking this action. This Administration, including Boehner, has failed to be forthcoming on far too many issues.

    • reminder:
      The democratic party – w a democrat-controlled US Senate – obstructs any legislation passed in the House through bi-partisanship –

      by US Senator Harry Reid refusing to bring anything to the Floor in the US Senate for debate or a vote.

      Obama – as the most PARTISAN president in US history – refuses to accept anything under a Republican-Majority House –
      and has operated – through Democrat-Majority leader Harry Reid – to make Congress to be dysfunctional –
      while Obama and his THUGGISH behavior – w Harry Reid was shown in their quest for a Govt Showdown – to falsely blame on Republicans – while Obama acquired press for himself – for his ego – when refusing to negotiate the Debt Ceiling crisis –

      and his THUGGERY shown in Obama’s Hitler-esque Hostile Takeover of our Open Air Monuments and National Parks – barricading open air monuments, dishonoring our 90-year-old War Heroes and their family members traveling to Washington DC to view War Memorials built in their honor – and for Obama to prevent/obstruct the use of Green Space – by Americans and visitors to America – Obama maliciously affecting the TOURIST INDUSTRY – and the related businesses dependent on tourism – Obama’s abuse and waste of US Taxpayer money – placing armed guards in our National Parks – removing visitors from the tour buses and holding them hostage at hotels under armed guards until Obama would release them –
      as Obama’s “retaliation” for Congress refusing to accommodate his DEMANDS to make use of US Military action on behalf of Syrian rebels – when his propaganda tools blew up in his face = the parents of the DEAD Children KILLED w Sarin nerve gas – shown in the videos and photos that Obama and John Kerry as Sec of US State Dept were passing around to members of Congress – were identified by their distraught parents as their KIDNAPPED children when Syrian Rebels raided their villages!
      Obama is a SICK Individual = The Obama Regime should be removed from office – by our US Military.

      • Obama – and the Obama Regime – should be removed = “ousted” – from office by our US Military – for his LIES and DECEIT over what occurred in Benghazi – on the Anniversary of 911 – and Obama Regime devising a Conspiracy to conceal it was a TERRORIST ATTACK – w high-ranking members of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton as Sec of The US State Dept and Susan Rice as US Ambassador to The United Nations – using their influence as US Govt employees to have their lies and deceit over a video appear as truths = “choosing” to LIE for Obama, disgracing The USA = BENGHAZI-GATE –

        until WHISTLEBLOWERS exposed it ALL = three STAND DOWN ORDERS for Benghazi when Americans serving our country abroad were under siege in a TERRORIST ATTACK in Benghazi; everyone “knowing” from the very begnning it was a TERRORIST ATTACK on the Anniversary of 911 – w prior intel known about it – and Obama and Hillary Clinton “denying” requests of US Ambassador Chris Stevens for US Military Security – for Obama and Hillary Clinton to obstruct US Military Security in Benghazi – even leading into the Anniversary of 911 – in a War Zone w al-Qaeda –

        brings on even more of a SINISTER mode of operating for Obama and Hillary Clinton – when the President of Libya had the courage to tell the truth to the American people – and the world – there was no gathering of people, no protest over a video – but a sudden, pre-meditated, fully militarized TERRORIST ATTACK in Benghazi, Libya – as an ACT of WAR against The USA on the Anniversary of 911 – w evidence surfacing that proves Mohammed Morsi as President of Egypt as the figurehead of The Muslim Brotherhood was behind the Terrorist Attack in Benghazi – while Obama’s co-conspirator in Benghazi-Gate = Susan Rice “defended” Mohammed Morsi – further disgracing The USA when she became combative w the President of Libya –

        although Mohammed Morsi and The Muslim Brotherhood – were behind the TERRORIST ATTACK upon our US Embassy in Cairo, Egypt – as an Act of War against the USA on the Anniversary of 911 – that Obama and Hillary Clinton have YET to acknowledge = concealing the TERRORIST ATTACK in Cairo, Egypt – just as they operated to conceal the TERRORIST ATTACK in Benghazi, Libya – as ACTS of WAR against The USA – on the day of the Anniversary of 911.


      • It was exposed on the internet = the MOTHER of Hillary Clinton’s longtime aide/lover Huma Abedin Weiner – is

        married to Mohammed Morsi.

        The mother – Saleha Mahmoud Abedin – is a co-founder of The Muslim Sisterhood – as the female version of The Muslim Brotherhood.

        Walid Shoebat, formerly with the PLO, explains that Saleha Mahmoud Abedin, a professor in Saudi Arabia “belongs to the Sunni movement’s women’s division known as the Muslim Sisterhood.” During the recent uprising in Egypt, which resulted in Mubarak’s removal, “a special women’s unit within the Muslim Brotherhood served as ‘mules’ to deliver messages and acted as messengers for the terrorist group.”

        The Muslim Sisterhood is also known as the International Women’s Organization (IWO) and members are located “across 16 different countries.” Its goal is to “work at all levels in accordance with the message of the Brotherhood.” The Muslim Brotherhood’s goal is Islamic world domination and “[i]t is now public knowledge that nearly every major Muslim organization in the United States is actually controlled by the [Muslim Brotherhood] or a derivative organization. Consequently, most of the Muslim-American groups of any prominence in America are now known to be, as a matter of fact, hostile to the United States and its Constitution.”

        Thanks Hillary Clinton as Sec of The US Snake Dept – FISTING The United States of America – to accommodate Barack HUSSEIN Obama in his LIES and DECEIT- to give the appearance of legitimacy to BENGHAZI-GATE – for what occurred in Benghazi on the Anniversary of 911 = a TERRORIST ATTACK!
        Maybe the people of Egypt should include YOU – for participating in Obama’s CRIMES against HUMANITY – in funding Mohammed Morsi and The Muslim Brotherhood during their ACTS of TERRORISM in Egypt, burning down all Christian Churches, slaughtering Christians, terrorizing Christians to leave their homes, and Obama LYING – to falsely blame Coptic Christians – for the “ousting” of Mohammed Morsi as President of Egypt – who tried to force the people of Egypt under Sharia Law through VIOLENCE –
        that is being reported to the INTERNATIONAL CRIMES COUNCIL – to have Obama held accountable for his direct and indirect involvement in his CRIMES against HUMANITY.

  37. Although I agree with the concept, asking RINOS to put together a Committee, for the purpose of exposing criminal activity, they have worked so effectively & diligently to cover up for Obama, as well as, the LIBS & RINOS who heard about this(and gave the “Go Ahead”) in committee, is about as likely as the Fox turning himself in for raiding the Hen House. #Benghazi #NoRINOS #BringBoweHome #PJNET

    God Bless America!

  38. It’s time to FIRE Both BOEHNER and his Side-kick Canter from their positions of Speaker and Majority House Leader. Call on all their Republicans in the House to call on a VOTE for Speaker and Majority Leader “NOW”!!

  39. Obama could help our country to start to heal –
    if he would just man-up –
    and STEP DOWN as POTUS and Commander-in-Chief.

  40. DEMAND SPECIAL PROSECUTORS – for “every” SCANDAL of OVERT CORRUPTION – from the Democratic Party’s Obama Regime –

    and if Obama and Holder continues to interfere w Special Prosecutors being appointed =

    Demand Obama and Holder STEP DOWN –

    and The Democratic Party to be completely DISSOLVED.

    Obama is an ILLEGITIATE GOVERNMENT – anyway – by the Massive Vote Fraud – that has surfaced from the 2012 presidential election –


    that should have had Obama DISQUALIFIED – and is cause for the Democratic Party to be completely DISSOLVED =

    Eric Holder as US AG – and Obama as a vote-rigged POTUS – is sweeping under the rug – what occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – on the day of the 2012 election – that required a COURT ORDER to re-instate Seventy-Five Republican Election Officials, Poll Workers, Poll Watchers – who were either physically removed from the polling stations or prevented from entering the polling stations.
    Holder failing to PROSECUTE these matters – is cause for Holder to be forced to RESIGN as US AG.


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