Video: Bama mama goes berserk – and the end of college football already?

Hard to believe we’re coming to the end of another college football season – seems like it just started! There have been some absolutely thrilling bowl games, to include last night’s Cotton Bowl game where Missouri prevailed over Oklahoma State and the Orange Bowl where Clemson edged out Ohio State.

For the second straight year the West family took in a bowl game, this year it was the Capital One, pitting Wisconsin against South Carolina. The Gamecocks won an exciting game. The great thing was that after that game in Orlando, the fans exited peacefully after having watched a great contest between their two schools.

We always see the public service announcements that promote good sportsmanship by athletes and coaches. Seems they should have been played on the “jumbotron” at the Mercedes Benz Superdome during the Sugar Bowl game between Oklahoma and Alabama.

As the UK Daily Mail reports about a Bama mama:

A female American football fan took the tackling into the stands on Thursday night when she attacked a male fan at the Sugar Bowl between Alabama and Oklahoma. Michelle Pritchett, who supports Alabama, was caught on camera diving over other members of the crowd to get to Oklahoma fan Michael Connolly. The victim of the attack later tweeted that Pritchett is a mother of three and that her children were in attendance at the Superdome in New Orleans.

No good or bad deed goes uncovered thanks to video capability on cell phones. As well, there are reports that Philadelphia police officers will be undercover in New Orleans Saints gear this evening today at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. those who know sports, know that Philly fans are renowned for their, shall I say, less than welcome sentiments to opposing team fans.

I enjoy a good sports matchup and everyone knows my allegiances; Tennessee Volunteers, Kansas State Wildcats, Georgia Bulldogs, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, and the Atlanta sports teams. However, I also realize that it is just a game, and the sun will rise the following day.

Of course I cheer for a victory when my favorite teams play (as listed in order of support). But it’s not worth fighting over, nah – my country is worth fighting for.

As we wind down another football season let’s take a note from the episode at the Sugar Bowl and ask ourselves, “do I really want the world to see me leaping into a crowd?” We know the stories of fans being attacked and injured horribly. Doesn’t belong in a sporting event.

So instead of ending on this bad note, those of you who have attended a college bowl game this season, tell us about your positive experience, and if possible, share your pictures.

And as for the BCS College National Championship, first a bit of trivia, the first BCS championship game in 1998 pitted the Tennessee Volunteers against the Florida State Seminoles, the Vols prevailed 23-16. I believe Auburn is a team of destiny. Who will ever forget the end of the games against Georgia and Alabama?

However, their defense looked very suspect against Mizzou in the SEC championship. Florida State is without a doubt an exceptional team but their ACC schedule is not as tough as an SEC schedule. I believe the game will be high scoring but I give the final advantage to Auburn — hey, we have that rule in the SEC, we cheer against each other in conference, but for each other otherwise.

War Damn Eagle!


    • They all were removed from the game. The little boys husband needs to teach his son to be a man and if he starts something he needs to make sure he finishes. They should have been there to make sure nothing got out of hand not act like a bunch of little kids.

  1. You need to know the REST of the story. The guys she “attacked” had been unruly and disrespectul throughout the game; throwing bottles into the crowd and generally being obnoxious. When the game was over one of them smarted off at the parents and their three young sons. There was a verbal exchange and then one of the older boys in the group started in on the lady’s sixteen year old son telling him to come down and they could settle it. The bully continued taunting the boy until mom got fed up. I’m not saying she did the right thing but most Mothers don’t put up with older bullies messing with their kids. Security told the Alabama family that these guys had been trouble makers all through the game and they’d finally been called to escort them out…the game ended before they were put out. Security also told the Mom she wasn’t in any sort of trouble.

    • You need to read the whole story. The son instigated it by telling them to come up there to where the family was at, Thats when they said for them to come down. Its called putting your money where your mouth is. What mommy and daddy just told their son is their going to fight his fights.

    • That so called BREEDER, she sure wasn’t a Mom in any sense of the word, wasn’t in any trouble acting like the UNCIVILIZED DRUNKEN SLOB that she was??!!!! They need to FIRE Security and get somebody who has some commonsense!!!


      • For the same reason the OK guys created this situation and videoed it……….to make Bama look bad! Why didn’t any Bama people video them??????

      • Why video the woman in the first place???? Push all the buttons until you get a reaction and blame the crazy woman for reacting and video it ! Real class act ! Just trying to make the other team’s fans look bad, that’s why !

      • Bless your little heart Trep! I do declare i sense a little bit of green envy and jealousy in your remarks sir! We really can’t help it if people turn green when they talk about us but we do try to be accommodating and win every little chance we get! You run along now and troll somebody else’s page because you’ve just about done all you can do here! Oh, by the way…didn’t your mamma ever teach you that it is impolite to shout at people? Roll Tide, ya hear!

  2. Well, if there is a “rest of the story”‘ wouldn’t her husband had dived into the fray to protect his family? I would think so. He pulls her away, she stumbles, dives back in. She looked hammered. Bad form by all parties involved.

  3. Oh bull crap. I was there, sitting behind the Bama mom. She and her son started it. and yes, she was hammered. I think I saw the kid drinking too. They were on the okie guys since before the kickoff. It started to get out of hand when Bama got behind and went downhill. She’s lying. And I’m a Bama student. I just don’t care for assholes.

    • Roll Tide, I’ll bet that you were not even in New Orleans…

      What section were you sitting in and make sure you don’t try to BS me because I witnessed the situation as well?

  4. she needs: 1) to have her ass kicked, 2) to be forcefully ejected from the stadium, and 3) ejected INTO police custody, charged for assault.

  5. Silly Little witch with a “B”…. Its always too much Budweiser “Light ” and athletic events mixed ,(Perhaps her ‘significant other’ had a silver flask of Wild Turkey in his jeans pocket ! ) Notice, the guy she went after was really elated that he got her that P.O.ed and she really chose to make an Ass out of herself — in the Whole seating section !!

  6. You Go West… KState Fan! Your ok in my book! Even though I went to UT (Austin), I’m a K-State fan myself. Go WildCats! Do you know what Billy Graham and Mac Brown have in common? They’re the only two men in this world that can get 80,000 people in a stadium to STAND UP and YELL “JEEESUS CHRIST”! Lord forgive me on that one… but that’s FUNNY!

    • If you hit be prepared to get hit harder, I don’t care who hits me ,man,woman,sick,pregnant,,I’m goning to do my dampest to rock your world
      And if I hit I expect to get hit,,,she should have gotten her ass kicked,,,bet her kids are so proud,,,drunks should stay the hell home if they can’t handle it,,

      • Caffeine causes more symptoms of aggression that people would like to admit… Research the pharmacology of it compared to any Central Nervous System stimulant, including cocaine!

  7. I had a great experience quite a few years ago at the SEC championship game in Atlanta. Florida played Auburn and I don’t even remember who won but it was a hard fought game with lots of passionate fans. My husband, myself and our 5 year old son (his first game) were leaving the stands and exiting to the MARTA station – the train arrived and the people on the platform surged towards the doors. My husband and I got separated but I had my son tightly by the hand. The crowd was pulling me apart from my son, and
    I was screaming as he was being wrenched from my hands. Out of nowhere an Auburn fan lifted my son and propelled me towards the car. After we were safely aboard he held my son in his lap the entire way. I was one grateful Gator. I will never forget that, ever.

  8. Just some more inbred mentality. I am from WV and when my wife and I divorced she became my sister gain. Family reunions are much more laid back.

    • Oh man, where to begin, first the WV resident calls someone inbred, let me tell you something buddy I have never been a more inbred place then WV and I have been in 3rd world countries all over our beautiful planet. On top of your idiotic first sentence you made it even worse for yourself by adding “family reunions are much more laid back” yes sir I bet they are just that…..hahahah wow

  9. A Neanderthal Moron of her ILK, has KIDS??!!! I sure feel sorry for them, having to Suffer through life with such a DESPICABLE , barely.. human being!!! She needs to be behind BARS, away from Civilized ppl, what Total LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice going there MOM, way to teach your KIDS about being a HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!

  10. Jist a typical Bammer fan! They are all crazy. They miss a day of work when they team loses. This lady obviously had too much Bamma in her!!!!

    • From what? Caffeine? Seriously, research the pharmacology of caffeine and compare it to methamphetamine, and cocaine! Caffeine is by far the worst! Withdrawal syndrome lasts up to 9 days too…

      • Spare me! First of all it’s obvious to anyone the women is drunk, possibly drugs, but my guess is alcohol. Secondly, do you have to be so serious, for the most part I was sharing a joke. I say mostly
        because if this has become a pattern for her then I believe rehab is a good solution. Third, I have had to give up coffee and yes I had a headache for a few days. I have also been to rehab for alcoholism and I can tell you that the two do not even compare. To my knowledge you cannot die from withdrawing from caffeine, however, I can tell you for fact you can from alcohol. I know, one of my friends lost her brother this year while he was withdrawing in detox. I ended up in the ER when I tried to withdrawal on my own without the help of medical assistance and meds. Had I not agreed to detox and rehab and been given medicine to keep me from going into convulsions, which I was on the verge of undergoing, I might not be writing this response.

      • Didn’t have to because I experienced both withdrawals first hand and it is very clear to me which one is worse. Strange, I’ve known people who died from alcohol withdrawals, others who experienced seizures, and others who ended up in ICU and every person I know that has withdrawn from caffeine including myself only spoke of being shaky, nervous, and headaches. In the six months I’ve been blogging I’ve discovered that there are some very judgmental and rude individuals who blog. I’ve also discovered that some are just looking for an argument. Looking at some of your other comments, I have a feeling you fall into the latter category. A suggestion of rehab, that for the most part was a joke? Really? Please don’t waste my time, that is not why I blog.

  11. This is totally unacceptable. If she could not control herself where she was, she should have tried to find another seat or just left the area. Security should have been called and she should have been escorted out of the stadium. I have gone to athletic competitions between bitter rivals for years, but I have never seen anything like this. She could easily be charged with assault. There is much more to why people choose to attend college football games than the game itself. Campuses are communities and on game days, those communities open up and welcome back their graduates. They offer former members a place to come home to. The band, fight songs, and traditions unique to each institution make college football what it is. While it can be really fun to defeat your biggest rival or to qualify for a bowl game or even the chance to compete for a national championship, college football’s charm is that it brings a community of people together for a few hours where a few thousand fans can get behind the home team, cheer them on to victory, or stew for a while in defeat—but know that there will be another game on another day no matter what. It’s really great to play for a championship, but as great as winning a championship or watching your team win a championship—as wonderful as this is—it is still just another moment in time. It comes and it goes, You have the memories forever, but it is still just a moment—bright and shining—a milestone on the way to the next moment.

  12. No positive – Ohio State and Alabama lost! Just like the Patriots – always dropping their drawers during the important games.

  13. Mr West, If I were you I would gather the facts before making judgements. The Oklahoma fan in question was taunting her son and threw a cup at him…

    You may want to keep your football opinions to yourself because you will only accomplish alienating some of your admirers and supporters to which you can officially add my name to that list!

    • Thank you for the full story The behavior, though, on neither side was acceptable. Both sides misbehaving should have been kicked out, not just the woman.
      BTW – if Mr. West’s football opinions alienate your support, you must not have been much of a supporter to start with.

      • That person is just trying to get others to jump at shadows and hate Allen West for his politics simply because of a post about something unrelated to politics by using the “Lost in the Mall” technique…

      • I had great admiration for Mr West before he decided to become a biased college football expert.

        Stick to Politics Mr West, a good politician doesn’t take sides in matters that are NOT political.

        Now I am beginning to understand why he wasn’t reelected…

      • Franklin I understand your problem now. Apparently you’re a liberal that don’t like his choice of football teams. So you have to do like all liberals if you don’t agree with them you have to bad mouth them and try to get others to agree with you. I think 100% of all intelligent people know what Mr. West stands for.

      • Actions do speak louder than words, and Mr West actions in writing this article alienated many supporters…

        It show poor judgement on his part.

      • I did visit your face book page and I didn’t see where it stated you were conservative but I’ll give you that. But you sure act like a liberal but after see your F/B page now I know why you were so bent out of shape your team lost. “SORRY” sore looser.

      • Yeah, that is what it is… it’s not because someone I admired and had high hopes for is throwing all away by dividing and

      • I vote for people based on their politics, not what team they like! A good voter doesn’t get their panties all tied up over something as simple as this… You are blind!

      • Insulting someone’s University is like insulting someone’s family. Mr West should understand that…

        If I insulted the United States Army I am sure he would not stand for it and I will not stand for him berating my Alma-mater…

        He is smart enough to know where I am coming from even if you are not…

      • Be weary of taking sides in matters that out of your realm of expertise especially without all the facts…

        I can promise you that in one article he just alienated tens of thousands of Alabama Fan and tens of thousands of Florida State Fans and I get the impression his has already alienated a few other fan bases along the way since this is not his first attempt at trying to be a Sports Writer…

        Not very smart, not smart at all!

        Now I am beginning to understand why there is a “former” in front of his Senator title…

      • Franklin please tell me what he just said that would alienated Florida or Alabama? I have read his article twice now and I don’t see anything offensive. If anyone that may be in Alabama or Florida is reading please let us know if you are offended by anything Mr.West said in his article?

      • genann59, Actually that is the sad part, because I have been a supporter of Allen West for a long, long time, but this is the second time he has decided to ridicule and take shots at the University of Alabama and their fans.

        This shows poor judgement and immaturity on his part and that makes him unacceptable as a leader IMO.

        The last time I left a comment I said he was making a mistake in taking sides in something that should NOT involve him.

        He has already admitted that he is a Tennessee Fan and that is fine, but a Tennessee fan that takes every opportunity to take a shot at the University of Alabama is NOT fine with me or Alabama Fans!

        In fact it is just stupid and immature for a man in his position to make comments on college football…

        Now I see a flaw in the man that could carry over into other parts of his character and that is unacceptable for a man that has aspirations to be a leader…

    • *sigh* Let’s be clear on one thing, assault and battery is
      a felony offense!
      She threw
      herself on top of several people! Let me ask you this simple question, why would they throw a full bottle or cup at someone? Especially considering that they cost more than $5!

      She believes if security had just kicked them out when they started
      throwing bottles originally, the incident would have never happened.

      Anyone with common sense will say that if she had not attacked them, the incident would have never happened!

      Mr. West made absolutely no opinionated statements about Football…
      He talked about the statistics for the behavior of rival fans in a specific geographic area! If you keep ignoring
      facts, then you will end up as a zombie that believes what people tell
      you to believe.

      Also you are
      intentionally looking for anything
      possible to hate Mr. West for even if they aren’t valid arguments,
      and it looks like you are even trying to get others to hate him! So why
      don’t you admit that you are also racist in addition to
      being ignorant because you are looking at everything in
      the same shade?

      • Mr West has no opinion on football? Then why does he write about it every other week expressing his opinion and then sign off with a War Damn Eagle?

      • Mr. Crittenden you are the one that stuck your foot in your mouth. From reading your comments I thought you were a racist also. Mr. West just stated what happen I didn’t see where he had a dog in that fight. I guess you are up set because he isn’t a fan of your favorite team.

      • Franklin first you have no idea who was saying what. Second the video only showed the mother giving the one finger salute (not sure if she was inditcateing

      • Franklin first you couldn’t tell who was saying what. Second the video only showed the mother giving the one finger salute (not sure if she was suggesting they do that to them selves or she wanted them to do it to her) and the son standing up running his pie hole trying to agitate a fight. Please find another video to prove your point this one didn’t get the job done.

      • I am sorry that I have absolutely no clue about Football… The “race card” was a joke you fool! I don’t vote for people based on what their favorite team is… Besides, I am into racing, because most other sports only require one ball.

      • I am not buying the race card as a joke excuse, nice try though.

        The rest of your comment was simply nonsensical…

    • Assault and Battery is a felony offense! She threw herself on top of several people!

      She believes if security had just kicked them out when they started throwing bottles originally, the incident would have never happened.

      Anyone with common sense will say that if she had not attacked them, the incident would have never happened!

      • Scott, the lesson here is to NOT mess with a mother’s child…

        Obviously you have no children

      • Keep jumping to conclusions blindly and maybe one of these days you won’t fall flat on your face… Whether or not I have children has nothing to do with this conversation! I’ve sent pedophiles to jail and I donate money to keep sex offenders behind bars! Hell, I’ve saved a teenage girl from being kidnapped! What have you done with your life to make this world a better place?

        You are still missing the point because you are letting your anger blind you, this woman acted worse than those men! No one ever said one or the other is right. Both did something wrong! Regardless, her actions were extreme in comparison!

      • Have a child and then get back with me Scott.

        Parents will do crazy things in defense of their children, especially Mothers…

        I don’t want to hurt your feelings or insult you, but in this case I am afraid you just do not have a clue about what you are talking about…

      • Everyone look its super man, you forgot saving lois lane from countless super villians…so throwing a bottle is within the law? what i saw was barely a $200 fine, Even if he did not throw a bottle at them, there are words you could say to someone kid which will end in violence. I am fairly positive this lady who can afford tickets for her family to the sugar bowl, lodging gas or air travel etc. does not go around picking fights in the walmart line, life does not work that way, now i think i hear a cat stuck in a tree somewhere you should probably log off and save it

    • Mr Franklin Crittendon, maybe YOU should get all the facts. On Oklahoma Local news, SHE ADMITTED that her SON started the fighting talk. The OU fan had replyed by saying ‘yeah come on down’……..She had been taunting them and flipping them off for most of the game even after many of the ‘bama fans had sat down and gone quiet, she would go down for more drinks… now remember she claimed to only have two… but more than one person saw differently.
      She chose to involve her children by bringing all this attention on herself… by the way, she had two younger daughters and her 16 yr old son with her.
      There are always two sides to a story. You didn’t do your homework.

  14. Well, setting an excellent example of sportsmanship for her kids – NOT. It’s a game, woman, a game. Grow up! Hope she was arrested and thrown in the slammer, that would at least teach her children the results of such bad behavior. And perhaps a ban from attending games for a few years as well. Unpunished behavior like that just encourages more of it.

    • Unfortunately, as a former football fan, I have come to the conclusion that sports are closer to a true religion than Christianity has ever been in this country. People, including myself, make huge sacrifices of their resources and their children to a god that uses and disposes of human beings like animals.

      • well that escalated quickly……..did you really just compare football fans to the crusades? are you sarah silverman?

      • Bless your heart, I just read your comment on this article. I can see why my comment confused you.

      • I am not confused, actually the article does not interest me as much as the comments coming from people about this lady, I am not here defending her but really? your comparing college football to ” a god that uses and disposes of human beings like animals” its a little much i think.

  15. There are always two sides. This young guy might have something to learn here. That if someone is losing it at what you say, you might not want to keep pushing them, as you of course wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to anyone, even them, right, and they may shoot you. If she has been armed, he may have been in trouble. So, is it wise to push someone that far, and then keep pushing? She was crazy, he looked naive.

    Add’l comment: If he threw something at her son, then she isn’t quite as crazy, but she should have authorities deal with such bizarre behavior on his part, not fight him.

    • She admitted on local OK tv that her son started the fight talk and the OU fan involved was smart enough to not be serious about that. Both parties were wrong, the lady, the MOM, was more guilty in this situation by not making a good example for her children. She showed them to be belligerant, agg on problems, become violent, then blame it on the other party for her own actions. Not to mention that the OU boy said that her little girls and son were all crying as the authorities were throwing her out of the game. That’s just pathetic.

    • Last time I checked assault and battery is a worse offense than throwing a cup/bottle… Who cares what insults were made and what was said? She threw herself on several people, punched them, and kicked them! How can you not get this?!

  16. Looks to me like there was more than a little booze involved here. Perhaps we should outlaw alcohol at sporting events. Perhaps posting this video will be enough for her to seek help for her problem.

  17. I have been to different parts of the US and met people who are fans of many different teams in many different conferences. And one thing is more guaranteed than anything else in this world. Those fans will ALWAYS claim THEIR conference is the hardest and no other conference plays a more difficult schedule. And people will try to post stats to prove their point and it all goes back to phases. EVERY conference (or team) has it’s phase where it is good.
    Just shut the hell up and cheer for YOUR team and I’ll root for mine.

  18. What a shining example she is setting for her children. Drunk in public… says Ron White. Lady, you should be ashamed and most definitely seek some help for your anger and alcohol issues.

  19. It’s obvious she is an Obama supporter and most likely a muslim. There’s no other explanation for this. I read that she was screaming anti-american/anti-freedom sentiments. The boys were only trying to squelch her words of hate. You can see that she was wearing a muslim hijab. Her shirt is black and covered with what looks to be stars. Just look at the video, and you will see that everyone around her is not sharing the same color scheme. She attacked the boys when confronted, firing off disrespectful Regan one-liners. Very clear what’s going on here, but the liberal media is going to cover this up… as usual.

  20. if I believed the sweeping generalizations that racists believe, I would now be embarrassed by being Southern or by being white, however since I don’t believe those ways I just realize this is a moment of stupidity for this human and other humans certainly have theirs as well…

  21. Sooner here… Our local news interviewed both. Both said it started as friendly banter, but as the game wore on, apparently both were unruley. Problem was, she was there with her children, intoxicated (more than a few drinks) and was activly agging on the situation by flipping off the boys and yelling at them. The boys were unruley too, but as far as the ‘fighting her son’… BOTH of them admitted on our news that HER SON started the ‘come up here and I’ll whip your butt’ talk. The OU fan was yeah yeah well come down here if you want to fight…. which he had no intention of. Then she went off like a pop bottle rocket. She’s claiming on national news that the OU fans were threatening her son, when it was her and her son that started that talk. There are two sides to every story. Both sides were wrong, but for her to physically attack them?
    She was the Adult, A MOM, with her children (two younger daughters and her teenage son)… she was more than two drinks drunk, and she was belligerant and making a scene. She set the example for her children to be exactly what she is claiming those boys were. Drunk and unruley and on top of that, violent. Then she sets the example further for them how? Not by admitting she was very much a part of the end result of the situation by agging them on, but by claiming she wasn’t drunk, she wasn’t bothering them, and this is the best part….. none of this would have happened if they officials had thrown out the boys earlier? It’s the BOY’s fault she physically attacked them. Good example mom. Sooner fans involved… you were wrong too for stooping to the level of a sore loser.

    • “Everyone’s making me look like such a bad guy,” Pritchett said. “What I did was probably not the thing to do. But they were taunting us. They began by going after me. But then they crossed the line and started taunting my 16-year-old son.”

      At that point, Pritchett says she walked over to the Oklahoma fans to ask them to “leave her son out of it.”

    • “I was provoked…” means “I cannot control my instinctual nature.” If this is true, then there really is no difference between humans and animals. It means we can’t control our proclivity to violence, sex, or any other sin that is fair game for animals, but not for human beings made in the divine image.

    • I love how people can take a fan base of how many ump-teen-million people, pick a few idiots and then generalize the whole group, oh wait a minute…. never mind we have been doing that since the beginning of history, they have another word for it in other situations….let me think of what it is

    • Auburn students just buy kittens from the local HS and mutilate and kill them, as well as molest children, but you didn’t read about that did you?

  22. I wonder if Mr. Allen West had gotten hit by one of the bottles those guys were throwing how this article would read……

      • You have obviously never been cracked in the head with a bottle. Yes they are different, one would be throwing a bottle indiscriminatly into a crowd, ( for which he deserved to be kicked in the face repeatedly) and the other was aimed to one person.

  23. Now, since she is a women no charges will be filed against her. I hope this kid gets a lawyer and sues the crep out of her and her family. But no being a women she gets a pass.

    • They got a pass by not being thrown out of the game! She was told she was not arrested because they had been causing trouble all night! It had nothing to do with her being a woman, you racist! (enter sarcasm font!!!)

  24. I have to tell you Col. West…you have NO bigger fan on this planet than ME. I have defended you time after time, when I’ve seen some of my Bama friends call you a despicable human being. i have donated money to you as well. I’d still vote for you….even walk the streets to promote and work for you. Don’t be hatin my team, sir. RMFT!!!

    • Surely you have to know that you alienate many of your supporters, not by posting the article mind you, but to yell those last three words at the end. You aren’t an Auburn fan, you’re a Vols fan! You holding what this woman did against the whole Bama fan base? Shame.


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