What a week, what a year already

Well, happy New Year everyone. Here we are in 2014 and it seems like yesterday we were concerned about Y2K. What shall 2014 bode for our Constitutional Republic?

We have the beginning of Obamacare and the numbers are lagging as far as the goal of 7 million by March 2014. It seems Obamacare is more about expanding Medicaid rolls than anything else, and the quality of care is already being degraded as medical doctors opt out.

The Dow Jones was at an all-time high and there were record numbers for the stock exchange, but do we have a true economy or an artificial one based upon the inane monetary practice of printing money, to the tune of $85 billion per month? Are we setting ourselves up for another bubble to burst? Enjoy the short- term celebration, but we’ll have to pay the piper at some point.

Unemployment benefits ended, but isn’t it ironic that liberal progressives are screaming about extending those benefits — already at 99 weeks, –yet also claim the economy is improving? If the economy is improving, we should see Americans getting back to full-time equivalent employment.

New York City swore in an avowed Marxist/socialist as its new mayor. So it’s not just the federal government but also the largest city in America led by the progressive socialists – it’s unconscionable. When all that Mayor de Blasio has promised goes into implementation, and you decide to leave New York, please leave your liberal politics there. Ask Colorado what happens when liberals migrate.

New York Times writer David Kirkpatrick wants us to believe that a cheap anti-Islam video was the impetus behind the terrorist attack that took the lives of four Americans. He is also trying to sell us a line of bovine excrement and make us believe that unless the terrorists are wearing jerseys that say “Team al-Qaida” they’re just local militia. I can tell you when you’re receiving fire from an AK-47, RPGs, and mortars, no one is sticking their neck out to check the team logo.

Perhaps Mr. Kirpatrick should have all Islamic terrorists print up business cards. Anyway, al-Qaida isn’t just resurgent, they are as engaged as ever — in the Maghreb, Arabian Peninsula, Syria, Iraq, and yes, right in Benghazi. It couldn’t be any more obvious that the liberal progressive media is in full-out damage control — not just for President Obama, but for the future aspirations of Hillary Clinton — anyone believing otherwise has been out in Colorado getting their “Rocky Mountain High” on.

So welcome to 2014 America, the year that will without a doubt determine the legacy that we pass on to our children and grandchildren. Fasten your seat belts.


  1. Mr. West, Unfortunately I believe u are spot-on, on every single issue. I have been warning everyone I know about the impending financial melt-down which will be coming, probably sooner than most expect. Obama and his type are taking this great country down a very dangerous path. I pray each day that more people, with your intellect and experience will wake those who are in a deep slumber. God Bless you! Press on, for all of US…

    • k. ward; Thank you for being a Patriot and being educated on the damage obama has inflicted upon our Great Country. Keep praying and telling everyone what you know, teach them!

  2. “Ask Colorado what happens when liberals migrate” I love that statement. It applies to Florida as well. I fear we’re not too far behind Colorado in that respect. The Obama presidency has been the worst years of my life financially and unfortunately the hits keep coming. I know I’m not the only one out there who can tie their personal economy’s’ downturn directly to this administration. What the liberal messiah has done to my life is unbelievable. Many people out there have been negatively impacted and don’t even seem to know it, although I know some of you are paying attention. What’s it going to take to stop this liberal disease from continuing to spread?

    • Libs will need to have pain inflicted upon them -GREAT PAIN- in order to know and understand the kind of pain their vote for obama has inflicted on their fellow countrymen, children and families.

  3. If this country is to survive, which is not a given, we have to return to a time of leadership with love of country, not self. This is party-independent and could be salvaged by the likes of a Truman Democrat or Reagan Republican. Allen West is the only name that comes to mind that would give me hope, should he be willing to sacrifice even more for our great nation.

    • Yes, Christopher. LTC West would make a heck of a President, he’s already one heck of a good leader and WE KNOW who he pledges HIS allegiance to.

  4. The time to do nothing is over. What can we do? Those of us who ‘get it’ may never reach enough who don’t. I haven’t given my country away, it is being forcefully taken by liars and pseudo intellectuals, their followers, and the garbage they elect.

  5. Too bad Christmas is over or we could have all discussed the treat of Obamacare along with this monstrosity of government (and I hesitate to say) leadership. We all know what is going on, we all know that the elections were rigged at the electorate, we all know the low information voters are out there making it easy for the electorate to rig it, including NYC Mayor, we all know that the political correctness and white guilt made this idiot happen (yes I said it. Maybe it is time to impeach his white half for those that are hand shy of the whiners claiming racism.) So now, aside from voting out the libtard Democrat Senators at the end of 2014? Unfortunately my State doesn’t have Senators up for this midterm election. Too bad cause Schumer has to go! What are you and I really doing aside from blogging and griping? None of us have the budget to really do anything about this unless we all band together. How can we all effectively defeat this trend? Do we all join the Tea Party and support this organization where they can set up a new name for better marketing? (Assuming the elections aren’t rigged?) Maybe like the leftists do with the NYPD is have a civilian impeachment panel to impeach the POTUS and other politicians when needed instead of leaving it up to the Band of Brothers Politico. Enough is enough of these leftist (and most other) politicians. They don’t represent us all. We need leaders that are qualified, not fundraisers and speech makers backed by billionaires. Maybe to qualify for the job, like any other job needing skills, there should be prerequisites of experience (too un-American?). Maybe to vote, we should have some form of voter renewals each year or so with some kind of ID. I remember that we all had to have and show a voter registration card, albeit low tech and now easily defeated by self printing. Maybe a voter test with the renewal and biometric id (we are all out there anyway, many have been printed for jobs, military etc,, even if we take a picture with our phones, our locations can be tracked). Maybe only allow those who have a job or are not on public assistance to vote. Maybe those who are capable and on public assistance for more than a fair amount of time, should become military or voluntary state workers. Seems like only the ones with the rich budgets are the ones who get elected because they can pound the low information people or idealistic people who aren’t in the real world (like the college kids and “47%” like POTUS did. Maybe allow only a certain amount to each and an approved spending plan. Period… Term limits of one term for POTUS so we don’t have to wait 8 years to correct their screw-ups and all other non local elected officials. (Of course non of this will happen unless the Judges upon lawsuits grow some gonads.) Our checks and balances are done. The politicians stick together. Also you notice that most are rich? Maybe if you wish to run and you have money, you have to defer your wealth while in office, live off of the salary given and defer your wealth for another 7-10 years after you leave office. Allow a middle class income to live for those years. (Too dreamy? Will that eliminate talent? Or will that attract talent true of heart?) Any suggestions? He needs to go. He has weakened America and we are the laughing stock of other countries who have lost fear or respect for us. His plan is working! Or is it the plan of the uber wealthy, the Bilderberg Group? Let’s not lose site that poppa Bush spoke about the New World order! The only way to make that happen is to destroy America financially and militarily as POTUS is continuing.


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