Heed these words, Part 2: Obama told us it would be like this

As I mentioned earlier, lyrics from the song “Words” by Missing Persons are stuck in my head: “What are words for, when no one listens anymore?”

In December of 2011, President Obama gave a speech about the economy in Osawatomie, Kansas. Americans didn’t really listen to the words then, because if they had, they would have heard a very disturbing theme.

Harry Binswanger listened intently and wrote a chilling editorial for Forbes magazine called “Obama To Americans: You Don’t Deserve To Be Free.” In his article, Binswanger notes a couple paragraphs in the speech that were particularly telling:

There is a certain crowd in Washington who, for the last few decades, have said, let’s respond to this economic challenge with the same old tune. “The market will take care of everything,” they tell us. If we just cut more regulations and cut more taxes–especially for the wealthy–our economy will grow stronger. Sure, they say, there will be winners and losers. But if the winners do really well, then jobs and prosperity will eventually trickle down to everybody else. And, they argue, even if prosperity doesn’t trickle down, well, that’s the price of liberty.

Now, it’s a simple theory. And we have to admit, it’s one that speaks to our rugged individualism and our healthy skepticism of too much government. That’s in America’s DNA. And that theory fits well on a bumper sticker. (Laughter.) But here’s the problem: It doesn’t work. It has never worked. (Applause.) It didn’t work when it was tried in the decade before the Great Depression. It’s not what led to the incredible postwar booms of the ’50s and ’60s. And it didn’t work when we tried it during the last decade. (Applause.) I mean, understand, it’s not as if we haven’t tried this theory.”

As far as the market taking care of everything, that’s really what our original framers had in mind. Radical capitalists would use the government only to secure the rights of life liberty, the pursuit of happiness and property – the last being an original right included by classical liberal John Locke in his Second Treatise of Government.

But Binswanger points out that our nation hasn’t had a completely unfettered market for some 100 years. In fact it was in 1913 that progressivism began its infiltration into our economy:

It was exactly 100 years ago that a gigantic anti-capitalist measure was put into effect: the Federal Reserve System. For 100 years, government, not the free market, has controlled money and banking. How’s that worked out? How’s the value of the dollar held up since 1913?”


  1. I’m confused, if our way and DNA hasn’t worked, How the hell did we become the most powerful country in the world, well until the past few years. How did we become the leaders in medicine, science and technology…..One of the biggest reasons I can not stand libs and dems is that they are constantly telling us how much our country sucks. but yet millions keep leaving thier countries every year trying to get here. If you despise this country so much, get out.

    • To the extent that we had freedom and liberty we had prosperity. As that freedom and liberty slowly disappeared under the statist “progressivism”, which the right is guilty of as well, prosperity floundered. It’s not hard to figure out if you’ve read history, assuming you read the “right” history and not the revisionist version.

      • Europe is the example we should be watching not following the whole reason our founding fathers wrote the constitution is to ensure that we would not follow the ways of Europe because they saw the problems, 5 countries have failed, Italy and France close behind. Netherlands is revamping laws to be more like ours, Italians are holding protests against thier taxes. My best friend whos Dutch said that after learning about the US and our individual freedoms that we take for granted she now feels like shes living with a straight jacket on in Holland….We need to stop touting Europe as a positive example.

      • Bonnie, you are one very smart lady!
        I agree with everything you said!
        Maybe, since the left would only vote for hillary because she’s a woman…
        you should run because have a lot more qualties.
        You are a woman and a very smart
        Oh…that may coone at that!

      • Grrrr.
        that may confuse the dems/ liberals!
        You being smart too, bonnie!
        I will say if we had a consertative, smart woman running wdc..we would never have had a lot of the bs these men have created.
        most , and i repeat, most women are not going to put up with all the decite, lying, stealing, back stabbing, unconstitutional crap men with too much “t” will!
        Women everyday, most , i repeat, run more things successfully in one day than many men do in a week!

      • Well it makes a lot of Difference to me,,Cuzz if you check the record a lot of European Counts n England,Rome,France Italy Ect,,Hav Failed with Women i Charge or in Key positions ,If we follow the Liberal Democrat Trail of Bigger Govt n Tax n Spend and Import more then we Export We are Doomed just look around and you can see it in the usa !!

      • Anna, Women are a corruptible as men are, just look at Pelosi, Fienstein, Boxer, et al. If they are in Politics, they become as corrupt as anyone else.

      • Hilary is highly qualified to be our next president and not just because she is a women. The fact that you voted that moron Bush to represent you says volumes about who you think is the best person for the job. A lying, uneducated red-neck that sent our people to war for his own agenda, oil and revenge for his father. He damaged out country for decades and Obama is expected to clean up his mess in an instant. Obama has taken allot crap because of Bush, I admire him and am so glad he is our president.

      • Sounds as if you need to be educated and Hillary is not credible and that was long before Banghazi , like when she was fired after the watergate hearings She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality. Hillary wrote a fraudulent legal brief, and confiscated public documents to hide her deception…let’s not forget The Whitewater controversy…Somethings never change and she is not qualified to be president on her actions period .

      • Thank You Denise For Sharing the Truth with us,,Thanks for Being A Conservative With Values n Morals n Being able to tell n see the Truth

      • hillary,,,the butcher of Benghazi,Got fired out of her first law firm for lying.Her life is one big lie.When every person with enough brains to open a box of crackers ,knew when they saw the the video on Sept 12,that it was a terrorist attack,she and sparky blamed it on a video that no body had seen.,the world knew they were flat out lying.
        When her and slick willie left the white house,the secret service heaved a sigh of relief.The women known as the Bitch was gone.As Senator ,she voted in favor of going to war with Hussein.Her incompetence as Sec Of State led to the out right murder of four men.
        Mr Bush graduated Harvard,flew jets,Part owner and CEO of a major baseball team.Governor of the Great State Of Texas.Twice..President of the United States .Twice.
        Obama,no one knows who this guy is.One day after inauguration he sealed ALL his records.Grew up as a pot smoking,crack head and wired for gin.
        Borrowed more money the all previous Presidents put together.If you vote for hillary,,you need a lobotomy.

      • What a coincidence one day after elected he seals his records. Why would a President do this unless he had something to hide?

      • Oh my…everyone of the politicians said they would go into war as you put it….to seek same weapons of mass destruction. There wasn’t one who disagreed Reps and Dems. This war was NOT solely Bush’s undertaking.it’s easy for all the armchair leaders to go back and in hindsight say we shouldn’t have gone in there and criticize whoever for doing so.

      • Thw WMDs were moved to Syria, as was stated at the time. while Bush had his short comings, he did love America. The Muzzie, occupying the Oval Office, hates America and all it stands for.

      • Shreri, you are one, kool aid drinking, deluded socialist sheeple. Your Muzzie In chief has done more harm to America that the other 43 Presidents, combined. You, my lady, are part of the problem in America, you are so mesmerized by this charlatan, thi communist pig, that you can’t see what he is doing to our beloved America. BTW Bush was onlt in Office for 8 years so decades is a bit of a reach. Keep drinking the kool aid, I much prefer TEA.

      • A few things one can always count on when a demlib speaks, no real data and name calling….go you!

      • Right and I’ll bet in your little world that when Bush was president none of it was clintons fault. Like the whole banking ordeal. Knowledge is power, try it.

      • I wish my brother in England would realize that he’s living under European-style socialism. He still votes here, though he seems to have forgotten and/or abandoned most of his American values after 15 years living there. When I described England as virtually socialist to my son, my brother got furious with me and said I was completely off base. I find it maddening myself that he was so passionately in support of Obamacare, voted to force it on us, hates the 2nd Amendment, but doesn’t have to live with the consequences. We can’t discuss politics and remain friends because he is all into emotion and not willing to hear any facts. 🙁

      • Daniel Hannan is in the british parliment, he was on a show where he gave america a warning its called Warning to America, watch it, it will make your case for you

      • I have a British friend, whom I played golf with, who one day said to me, “I wish Americans could realize what a wonderful country this is.” I haven’t ever forgotten that. I think he has citizenship now.

      • Canada has the same rights and freedoms as the USA. Canada is the STRONGEST economy in the Western world, thanks to a conservative Prime Minister, who has paid off a horrific national debt left by liberal governments. The Prime Minister also has his degree in Economics! How perfect is that?! Canada’s western provinces are rich in resources, and begging for employees! They have “socialized medicine” but it is paid by everyone, and you never notice it! It is paid for by a 5% national sales tax, and some provinces (who elect idiots) have to raise their provincial sales taxes to cover their medical costs. Alberta has no sales tax because the conservative gov’t is careful with people’s money. They also hire American vets in Alberta, because they don’t have enough men to work in the oil fields, gas well, coal mines, or lumber mills! There is NO burden of regulations like Ovomit has imposed! On a personal note, I got sick three years ago, while I was here in Alberta. I have been told, after 9 CT scans, 46 MRI’s, 5 hospital stays, brain surgery, seeing a neurologist for three years, and a GP weekly for three years, that if I had to pay for my health care, it would cost me OVER $3 million! I have not recieved ONE bill! And I won’t, ever! There is an intelligent way to give everyone health care! Ovomit is NOT intelligent! He wanted to hurt Americans, and he has succeeded!

      • Actually I used to visit friends in toronto alot, great city but no i would not want to live in Canada, healthsystem is socialist so is education system…but the cities are sooo cleannnnnnn

      • Actually, Bonnie, Totonto is the dirtiest city in Canada! Please, tell me how the education system here is “socialist”? It is exactly like the American system! I know; I’ve taught in BOTH!

    • Most people don’t even know what being conservative really is haha the black community needs more Allen Wests to look up to.

  2. Bonnie, you’re spot on!!! I have just begun reading “Why Coolidge Matters” by Charles C. Johnson. I heard him interviewed by Mark Levin several months ago. He, like Reagan, knew that government was NOT the solution. There was a depression during Coolidge’s time, but it quickly resolved itself because Coolidge kept government out of the way. Hoover and Roosevelt made the 1929 crash worse. But hey, don’t bother the Marxist-in-Chief with the facts.

  3. 30 years in politics, and I have to say that Obama was right – Americans don’t deserve to be free. I spent years as first a reporter, exposing the charades and thievery, both in local and national governments, and eventually became a paid political columnist and activist, traveling all over the US, teaching people to do everything from run candidates successfully, thru being good candidates, to organizing poll watchers to ensure fairness. I ran political campaigns, all – that is, ALL – successfully. Know what happened? People turned away. They didn’t WANT freedom, they were terrified of being responsible for themselves, they wanted government to provide everything – from education to entertainment, from safety to security. When my elected candidates achieved freedom and independence for people, they panicked – it was too hard, they might fail, they might lose. They wanted their safety nets, their security, their guarantees.They clung to them like fuzzy security blankets. They fled from freedom as if it were a plague of locusts.

    During the debates of 2007, I saw very clearly the writing on the wall. People were BEGGING candidates to take care of them – Republican and Democrat alike. They publicly humiliated candidates who stood for freedom and achievement, and derided those who spoke of small government and personal responsibility. They became partners with the media in decrying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights as outdated and irrelevant. So – I quit, sold everything, and became a virtual hermit; raising my own food and watching from afar as the drooling fools chased after first McCain, then Romney. Most people are self-immolating, ignorant, and demand a nanny, birth-to-death government – and now that they have what they begged for, are still whining.

    30 years ago you could have stopped this; 20 years ago, even 10 years ago. But now? You are sheep to slaughter, baaaaa-ing all the way from your nice safe corrals into the nice safe slaughter pens. You deserve every bit of what you are getting – make no mistake. I pity Col. West and others like him – you will turn on him as you did before, once the parties put up some other mewling idiot who promises you something for nothing, and freedom from responsibility and rational thought.

    • It requires only a minority of freedom lovers to turn this around. I will not quit prematurely, as you have done. I’m sorry you got disillusioned. As for the GOP putting up another mewling idiot like McCain (barf), Romney (milquetoast), or Bush (“moderate” = socialism light), the ranks are swelling of people like me who will no longer tolerate the old guard and their self-preservation, dishonest tactics. Maybe you will rejoin the fight when you see the tide turning. I intend to keep fighting, on behalf of my children and the generations to come.

      • I agree with jeanbean14. Being in my 8th decade I have not quite given up on freedom from big government but have ceased my indulgence in hyperbole and choose to make the following prediction:- If the GOP does not consolidate and embrace the Tea Party to garner votes it will lose both Houses. A General who wins the war makes an in depth study of his opponent and wins battles by using the opponent’s tactics against him. Just because you are on the “Moral High Ground” does not make you the winner. You must be more Ruthless more Cunning and know your Enemy better than you know yourself. The Left leaning Democrat will use any means he can to Garner Votes, the GOP must do the same.

      • jean-bean, here are some of my thoughts. we must use democratic tactics to launch our own republican candidate into the office of the presidency. we need to give free phones to people when they register republican, tell people to get names off tombstones and register those names so they can vote two three or four times, ask some to just go to different polling booths to vote a myriad of times and tell people they didn’t know they were “only supposed to vote once”, sign up their pets to vote so they can vote twice (and make sure they take their cat or dog to the polls so they can prove the pet is registered) – even have a pic of the pet for “i.d.”, complain if anyone asks u for i.d. and say u are to poor to buy a $1 i.d. card. furthermore, we should gerrymander all districts to get our candidate into office. Additionally, since Oblamer pathologically lied about all his campaign promises by not keeping a single one of them, we can have our candidate tell AARP how our guy is going to increase Social Security, expand on Medicare/Medicaid and Obamacare, cut down on military spending, increase taxes and have the government spend more on ALL private enterprises rather than JUST shovel-to-earth projects to build up much needed “infrastructure”. when the liberals realize that the election was a complete fraud, we’ll just say “tough” and have our D/A look into some other trivial matter — like why the NSA and IRS are now targeting liberals for phony anti-privacy scandals and “no comment” audits. then once our man GETS INTO OFFICE, we have him break every single campaign promise he made and further, DENY he ever said them. He then spends on the military and cuts all Social programs way back. He ends all shovel-to-earth programs and cuts ALL government spending in 1/2. He reduces all taxes and eliminates 1/2 the unneeded ones. An executive order is written ending all gay/lesbian marriages repealing all State laws regarding homosexual marriage. Then any future homosexual marriage will be a felony going forward, and everyone involved with the wedding ceremony can be arrested and thrown in jail without due process of law. All drones will be reprogrammed to fly over liberals’ houses. And so on. this is the only way we can compete with the Dem’s anymore. Basically, CHEAT as much as they do, and perhaps more if we want to win.

    • I have taken my own pledge to fight Progressivism wherever I find it. The corollary is that I will not turn on the principles espoused by Allen West and other serious “pure” Republicans alike.
      I don’t know if this will reverse what we are seeing, the transformation of our society from a Democratic Republic to a Socialist State. Nevertheless I will do my best to help out.
      Furthermore, I am hoping to do more to make my own self independent by taking more preparations in various areas so not to have to rely so much on society but to rely more on myself. I’ve heard about hydroponics and I’m going to look more into this.
      Aside from this, perhaps the fight is lost. But that is for now with Oblamer in office and we must not believe in defeat for the long term.

    • BALONEY! Your first name is a good one: Yelow! As in LIAR! As in: as big a liar as Obama! The ONLY people who want the government to look after them are the under-educated, low-information, lazy welfare, food stamp recipient who are in their situation because they refuse to TRY! People fall on hard time, and need help, of course. But, they do NOT need help for a lifetime, or generations! The people Ovomit is handing it to are teaching their children to live off OUR backs! Why should I work for THEM?! When I was in FLA, the state changed the rules: welfare for no more than 5 years in your life, no more than 2 years in a row. Sound harsh, but amazingly, people managed to get jobs, take care of their children and pay their rent! Many of them did it for the first time in their life! Ovomit is NOT helping anyone! And, Yelow, NOBODY wants to live like THAT!

      • You are wrong Jody. There are millions that want to live like that or their behavior indicates they are willing to settle for that since many would only earn a small amount more in a job– at least when they first begin a job. Their reasoning is: why work for that small amount of difference?

      • Patriot: when their welfare was taken away, they had to fend for themselves. They had to get jobs, feed their families, find care for their children (many single mothers had lots of babies to get more welfare!), and learn how to put of impulse buying and think of their children first. Most of them felt a new feeling of pride in themselves. There were many interviews in the leftard press trying to get parents to cry about the rotten gov’t. cutting their welfare, but instead, they talked about empowering it was to have to do it on their own! IF they were forced to do it today, they’d manage. They don’t have to like it. It would be a way to pay down the debt, and make a brighter future for everybody’s children.

      • Well, so much for being courteous as the guidelines suggest. And I will take note that it was a right wing gutter snipe who flew off like that. Of course, the poster to whom you were responding is correct, and you are in error. Farmers/Ranchers vote mostly Republican. What do they want? More free money from farm programs. Defense contractors are mostly Republicans, and what do they want? As for the people getting off welfare, again, check the numbers. At the time it is claimed that welfare rolls drastically lowered the claims for SSDI greatly increased. Kids were diagnosed with ADD, and on to the disability rolls they went. Same is happening today.

        However, according to you, and your “ideology”, close to 900,000 Veterans are nothing but under-educated, low information, lazy food stamp recipients. Loggers here in Oregon are just too lazy to go to work even though unemployment in their counties is around 20%.

        Yes, you truey are a good representative of what is wrong with this country.

      • Thank you for your support of the truth, James. Too many people don’t WANT to believe it, and will shriek and insult and rant and rave, rather than face the truth. And the truth is that the Republic is dead, because everyone was watching Survivor and voting the Party line, doing what they were told. They pooh-poohed as Conspiracy Theorists those who said that the Patriot Act was a serious invasion of individual rights, and foretold the end – they traded freedom for security and now have neither. They talk about how great Bush was, without remembering the way he shredded the Constitution, promoted big banks’ and the Federal Reserve’s control of our monetary system, encouraged the housing bubble, advanced imperialism instead of true Republicanism, and set us up for Obama’s rule. They talked about Clinton’s lasciviousness and tried to have him impeached for it – instead of impeaching him for his 21 violations of the Constitution. And they will do it again and again. They are all about emotion, not rational thought, and – as much as they deny it – are equal in thoughtlessness and visceral vituperative response to their own liberal ‘enemies’. Nothing to do about it.

      • When Reagan began his attack on the middle class, and the working class, and then funded Carters ill advised D.oEd., I understood what was going on, and have never voted for a Republican, or Democrat, since. And yes, they are now clamoring about Obama’s violations of the Constitution while ignoring that the SCOTUS found Clinton in violation 15 times, and Bush43 23 times. And I would bet that most of these in here will vote for whoever the Republican Party puts on the ballot just as they did for McCain, and Romney.

        BTW, Bush also promoted the use of food stamps especially for the military.

      • James: I live in Canada now, in Alberta, where we don’t have enough people to fill all the job openings. We import American vets because they are the most skilled, hardest working men to be found! YOU are the one who called them lazy; I am the mother and daughter of Air Force men – proud as hell of my family’s heritage! I know they are on welfare because there are no jobs for them! I was around after the VietNam war when vets were unemployed too; employers were afraid they were all insane! That’s part of the problem now; the other part is Ovomit’s policies killing jobs! Those on welfare have been there for long periods of time, preceding the recession. They could have had jobs, just chose not to! And no, I’m NOT what is wrong with the country; YOU ARE! You ASSUME you know something, read my words and read INTO my words! You don’t have a CLUE! You are one of the “low information” voters who is on everyone’s “drop dead” list. You simply assume your way through the problems of the day, blame others, and refuse to strain your brain by thinking. I weep for America; there are SO many like you. America is doomed.

      • Funny how you ignored everything else I said, and focused entirely on the veterans issue, and like your kind you forhget your own words. YOU said “The ONLY people who want the government to look after them are the under-educated, low-information, lazy welfare, food stamp recipient who are in their situation because they refuse to TRY”. I’m sorry fool, but when you use the word “ONLY” that includes the veterans, the loggers, the ranchers, the defense contractors, etc. Unfortunately you are not intelligent enough to understand the English language. As to other points, I am a Vietnam era veteran, I have a brother who is a disabled Vietnam vet, and another brother who served in the Gulf War. You can keep your pathetic tears for yourself since it is representative of the verse in scripture which says that God does not hear the prayers of sinners. Your tears are meaningless just as your whining post is. NONE of what you said even comes close to proving anything I said to be in error.

      • YOU are the one to read INTO my comments, deciding what I must mean, instead of READING what I mean! I KNOW vets, loggers, ranchers, etc, are HARD-working people who DON’T want to rely on the government! Do YOU?! Why would you lump them in with the lazy ass welfare-for-life recipients?! Instead of twisting my words, why not GET OF YOUR ASS and get a job! I( sure as HELL wouldn’t cry for a moron like you! You have A BLACK HEART AND AN EMPTY MIND! I am a sinner, as are you! The difference: I am SAVED and forgiven! My Lord has forgiven me because His Son is my Saviour! Don’t tell me what my Lord thinks of me – He loves me! He proves it every day! And I prove my love for Him every day, by giving love to others, and sharing His Great Gift. By the way, that verse means He will not hear the prayers of UNSAVED sinners. Read it again, this time with understanding!

  4. If all the people had read obummacare (the 1000 + pages when it first came out) he told it all in the sub articles in that 1000 pages. It has followed closely with anything else he could think of to mandate. All you “it can’t happen here people” will find out this year if they don’t wake up. All is in place and he sure wont wait till after the elections this year to do it. Chances then would be slim. Allen West/Sarah Palin.

    • Lloyd, hopefully u r not in poverty. Second, realize that most in poverty are registered Democrat so that they can get free stuff, pre- and post-election. It is also likely that they voted for Obeezlebub like the rest of the Demonrats. Which brings me to my next point: if the FEMA “death” camps are really for Americans, and Obamacare really plans to ration care and have euthanasia, then more than likely we will see it being used on those in poverty first. As cruel as this sounds, it should be noted that: 1. The Republicans can sit back and watch and say, “I told you so since we essentially had nothing to do with The Law, but rather the Demonrats DID, 2. we can blame the Demonrats for voting Oblamer into office not once but twice, 3. we can blame the Demonrats for going with Obamacare so that the poor could get “universal” healthcare, 4. if the poor die off because of Obamacare, rationed care and/or euthanasia, then we can just say, “oh well, there go a few more Demonrats – that should be GOOD for the REAL America, and we MAY start regaining our country; imagine the mass exodus of the poor lemmings from Obamacare – it will be like a bunch of rats leaving a sinking ship, 5. those poor lemmings that leave Obamacare will likely also leave the Demonrat Party and sign to be with the Republican party, thus we will gain millions of voters, and 6. once the illegal immigrants get word of this “phony” healthcare scandal, they will like get on board with the Republican party, the only boat that is still floating. See how all these things work themselves out? Perhaps Karma is a b!tch – for the Demonrat Party that is.

      • Mr. Thorpe: And all the BIG cities that are failing, or have failed, have been in Democratic control for the last 50 years!

    • It was, and is still, over 2700 pages. That is why most in Congress didn’t even try to get through it. But, it was a Democrat Congress and Senate; not one Republican voted for it! “the People” are never allowed to read bills before they become law, especially when Ovomit is trying to HIDE THE TRUTH!

      • He is, or he is just ignorant of reality. The flag displayed was a manufactured by a right wing website like a cartoon. If one was to read flag etiquette it clearly states that the flag shall not be used for commercial purposes, and shall not have other images embossed on it. Yet both the left, and the right, ignore this by placing images of buffalo, motorcycles, eagles, wolves, whatever, on the flag.

  5. America has fought with other countries to free them from what has been festering in our country for decades. If we don’t stand up for ourselves, there will be no one left to stop the onslaught of collectivism and communism. I for one don’t want to end up on the wrong end of liberal ‘fairness’ and ‘social justice’ which is based on an oppressor and the oppressed. Communists will go around taking from every group of who they believe are oppressors to give to the oppressed until there is nothing left to take and the oppressed will never see the spoils as it all goes to those in control of wealth redistribution.

  6. I’m finding it difficult to fight the constant onslaught and the ignorance of my fellow countrymen, including many of my friends and relatives, but I know that part of the strategy of the statists/Marxists/socialists is to demoralize freedom lovers until they give up fighting, and I will never allow them to do that to me!

    • I agree with you. It is harder and harder to care most of the time, I want to withdraw to my little 20 acres in the hills and shut out the rest of the world. I just don’t see any way out of this.

      • Dennis, THE way out of this is to vote 2014 and 2016 to get EVERY stinkin’ Socialist-Democrat out of office, whether from the Senate or the House or the White House. WE must win and take over Congress again as well as the WH.

      • if we wait until election time again, we will not have a country to vote IN. This SOB cockroach will have turned it over to the muslims by then. WE NEED TO GET HIM CHARGED WITH TREASON , AND JAILED WITHOUT BAIL UNTIL TRIAL. That way he can be conveniently taken from cell to gallows, and problem solved.

  7. From what I have read in here so far very few of you even begin to comprehend the ideology of the Founding Fathers, or the lassiaz faire economics of Adam Smith as accepted by the Founders. “Unfettered” capitalism is that which gave us slavery, child labor, indentured servitude, etc. Thus began the restrictions on management, and then began the greatest growth in wealth, and the middle class, the world ever saw. Its zenith was in the 50’s, and 60’s, and as corporations (which the Founders, especially Jefferson, despised) gained more power, and the people lost theirs, so began the demise of America. There is NOTHING that Obama has done that was not done before him, or the stage set for him to do so. I would suggest you do some research on the Principles of the Founding Fathers, or on Classical Liberalism. The Founders understood quite correctly that the right to ownership of property was one of the basic tenets of a free society. That has been destroyed by the collusion of government, and the banking/corporate plutocracy. Allen West may be a hero of yours, however, he is not to the common man. Here are some quotes for you to consider:

    “We can either have democracy in this country or we can have great
    wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.”

    – Louis Brandeis

    “I am conscious that an equal division of property is impracticable. But
    the consequences of this enormous inequality producing so much misery to the
    bulk of mankind, legislators cannot invent too many devices for subdividing
    property, only taking care to let their subdivisions go hand in hand with the
    natural affections of the human mind. Another means of silently lessening the
    inequality of property is to exempt all from taxation below a certain point,
    and to tax the higher portions of property in geometrical progression as they
    rise. Whenever there is in any country, uncultivated lands and unemployed poor,
    it is clear that the laws of property have been so far extended as to violate
    natural right. The earth is given as a common stock for man to labor and live

    – Thomas Jefferson, (Founding Father)

    “Any city, however small, is in fact divided into two, one the city of
    the poor, the other of the rich; these are at war with one another.” (The

    “The form of law which I propose would be as follows: In a state which
    is desirous of being saved from the greatest of all plagues — not faction, but
    rather distraction — there should exist among the citizens neither extreme
    poverty nor, again, excessive wealth, for both are productive of great evil . .
    . Now the legislator should determine what is to be the limit of poverty or of

    – Plato, (427-347 B.C.)

    • James Thorpe, if this is Classical Liberalism, then I like it. However, this appears to most closely approach Republicanism and “pure” Capitalism at this stage of the game and not Modern Liberalism/Progressivism which is a FAR CRY from what you are telling us. I like the quotes by Brandeis and Jefferson. It is amazing that some of these men has such incredible foresight (and idealism?) One can only hope that Oblamer and the modern Democrat/Socialist do not destroy our country before we can get back to these more conservative principles, what you call “classical liberalism” a term which is closer in meaning to “Liberty” and “Freedom”, again Republicanism/Libertarianism THAN the current meaning of the term “liberal” which is more of a Progressive’s term which is used to remove incentive and replace it with government gifts.

    • In terms of Plato, supposedly the smartest of the three Greek philosophers: Socrates, Aristotle and himself, I’d have to agree with his quote you give above. I’d also have to say that we have reached that very limit. We now NEED to limit the highest CEO annual pay (including all benefits/bonuses) to the average (median) company laborer’s annual wage (including all benefits) to a ratio OF 500:1. This is an arbitrary figure, but I feel it is a good start since some CEO’s make as much as 1,000:1 which seems a bit excessive. Changing the minimum wage, having Unions bargain for higher pays and having independent workers ask for raises/promotions independently, singly and successfully is not longer an option because it simply is not going to work (for keeping poverty down and excess wealth down, and thus the huge discrepancy of incomes currently). I’d also have to agree with a gradated tax plan, but we already have that. The question is whether to increase the gradient. I think it can be done without hurting the billionaires to greatly. Thus taxes on the elite 1% to 3% could be increased significantly without much harm to them or society. But even more importantly, government spending MUST come down, otherwise NO amount of taxing is going to improve our current predicament.

      • WHO are YOU to decide what “excess wealth” is?! There’s NO SUCH THING! If I worked hard, had an original idea that people loved and patented it, I would deserve whatever good came my way! The “Rich” already pay MORE than 50% of the taxes in America! They do NOT make up 50% of the population! Those with their hands out, for welfare, food stamps, unemployment, etc. don’t pay taxes. They make up 47% of the population! We DON’T need to raise taxes; we need to let the wealthy create jobs, and CUT welfare! Make the lazy WORK! Then there will be more taxes flowing in. We also must cut government spending – it canNOT be sustained at the level it is. Barry’s like a drunk in a wine cellar – he doesn’t CARE about our future, he won’t be here! He’s going to spend us into bankruptcy! His plan will succeed; he WILL destroy America, if we don’t pull together and vote for the Republicans in the MidTerms this year! Our only hope is to IMPEACH the LIAR, and stop the ridiculous spending!

      • Isnt that what Romney said? Hmm.. he was chastized for that that truthful statement that was inappropriatly recorded!
        The truth hurts doesn’t it 47%?

      • So true Jody! People do not realize that taxing the rich more, means less money
        Many yaught makers went out of business ! I (am not being sarcastic here, ) just an example as many never bought a new one or spent their money ovrseas when they made the hike in luxury goods!
        My gripe is that many getting welfare could work cleaning streets, cutting grass , painting schools ,not at the expense of others jobs but places where budget is not big enough to pay those high priced government Lawyers!,,,but nobody wants to force this! Drug testing should be #1 also …..
        I have this to say though the working/middle class. Pay the most taxes, for the least benefit!
        The rich will always be rich, the poor we can manage, the welfare bums will find a way to get around the system!
        Our military pay is dismal! Though good for teaching new trades! But many soldiers sent to Iraq /Afchanistan their families are on food stamps! How do you feel about that?? Many overseas billets in Germany and elsewhere have same, though a lot of their families are there, and cannot use the food stamps overseas, Most places have COLA and. Commisaries which helps some,
        NOW they want to shut those!! And here in the U.S. Too! So many retirees depend on the Commisaries to help with retirement pay! I am one of those, not a tremendous saving! But helps a lot!

      • Reducing military pensions should be the death-knell to Paul Ryan’s carreer! Our military men and women don’t make enough now, but to break a sacred promise, and cut ththe money they need to live respectably in retirement is just plain EVIL! Everyone is Congress and the Senate, both parties, deserves to be fired in 2016! I’m the daughter and the mother of Air Force men; I know how little they are paid, and how their families have to struggle. A better option would have been to cut the pension of every former Congressman and Senator in half! Then cut the current “servants of the people” by two-thirds. They haven’t helped us in any way! The commissaries are essential in areas like the northeast, where cost of living is very high, and the West. They are also essential overseas, where service members can buy food from home, at prices from home. NOBODY in Japan wants to eat the local food all the time! Again, we have Obozo to thank for decimating our troops, and destroying morale. Obama is America’s Public Enemy #1!!

      • Let’s start with the Presidents, we pay them for life plus the tremendous amount they accuire when serving (choke!) the people and the money they make afterward appearing at events, giving speeches, writing BoIographies! We still have to protect them with security! And they still get many benefits and free bees! Like all the Vacatiobns Moochelle and the girls take on AF 2 I guess AF1 has to be kept for his lordship!
        Obama had 1 million when running for Office First year in term he grossed $11 million? How the heck did that happen?
        Our elected government officials are overpaid and underworked!!
        Laws need to be made about how much they can get away with!!
        They have and have had their ownhealth care plan and retirement plan. For years! And are exempt from Obama care!! What Is wrong here? Do people just not care ? They don’t want it, never did, but are forcing it on the general public! Excuse me but I thought we voted them in to protect us! TERM LIMITS !!! For all in government offices !!!
        They make tons o money! Most o the summer off and all government Holidays to boot plus personal Holidays! With those and a set am mount of sick days that they can sell back ! Or use up! All government workers should be given bonus’ on the days worked! Not encouraged to use up sick days to take vacations as many do!
        The lady that cleaned my CPO husbands office got paid more than he did ! As many civilian workers are, and are as set for life! And it would take an act of congress to fire!
        Many do not even attend to vote on amendments propositions etc., They stick sly bills in wth other massive bills to be voted on, that many on’t ever read! AndJoe public would need a set of Phillidelphia Lawyers to explain to him! And they all vote for their own agenda !! Not for the good of the country!!

    • Perhaps I misunderstood, but are you sure these are the quotes you want? The Progressive Brandeis supported a limited government, to an extent, but was a key figure in founding the Federal Reserve, wanted serious restrictions on the growth of businesses, and thought individuals had to be protected from advertising because they were too ignorant or lazy to resist the wiles of corporations. Jefferson’s statement refers, primarily, to distributing public lands (ie, the amazing expanse of the American continent) to those who needed farms. It didn’t involve taking from some and giving to others but using what was perhaps the greatest-ever surplus the world’s ever seen. The Republic is entirely opposed to the concept of democracy, considering it government by the greedy and just one step from an inevitable tyranny. The best government would be run by the philosophers, the second best by their sons (who would at least understand virtue, if not wisdom), and the third best by the wealthy (who are prudent and industrious).

    • > “Unfettered” capitalism is that which gave us slavery,

      Capitalism as understood by Marx, not Rand. Slavery contradicts capitalism as individual rights.

  8. Binswanger does not expand his idea; the value of all currencies in the world have shrunk a lot since 1913 ,mainly through inflation I think.. World wide central banks have to intervene at times to safeguard currencies.from people like Soros who seems to have a warped mind in trying to destroy poor countries. England has its Central Bank and Europe the European Central bank and each European bank has its central bank, all of which are answerable to the European central bank.

    • ALL Central Banks, including the European ones are vicious beasts – no monsters – which have, in a purposeful malfeasant way done nothing but milk all profits from people, their governments and their countries in order to make things comfortable for themselves and no one else. There are MORE THAN a FEW compelling reasons to believe that ALL Central Banks should be shut down – permanently eliminated in favor of multiple, non-controlling, peripheral banks which compete with one another rather than one person setting a single “prime” interest rate with all the other banks being forced to follow. This last idea fits more with Capitalism rather than Banking Communism.

    • Not sure you understand money or economics. There are two sorts of inflation. The first is price inflation and is related directly to the influences of supply and demand. The other is currency inflation, which is the NECESSARY and UNAVOIDABLE inflation that is built into debt-based currencies such as the dollar, euro, etc.

      The value of the dollar is measured in terms of PURCHASING POWER. How much is needed for, say, a loaf of bread. A debt-based currency will lose purchasing power no matter how good the economy may be otherwise. If the supply and demand rates for bread remain absolutely constant, the price of bread will still rise because of the interest that is attached to the “money”. This cannot be avoided by any means precisely because the currency is not an instrument of VALUE but one of usurious DEBT. A dollar bill is NOT money. It is an IOU – a promise to pay at some future date. Every time you exchange dollars for goods you are doing EXACTLY what the federal government is doing when it raises the debt ceiling: kicking the can down the road.

      So, when new technological developments make the price of producing a loaf of bread go down, the price still goes up in the sense that the interest on the currency causes one to experience what is called an “economic loss” in purchase. With real money, when technologies cause the absolute price of a loaf to lower by a dime, you are saving less than that dime due to the built-in deprecation of the currency’s purchasing power. It may be a small amount, but it is there nevertheless and you save less than you would had you purchased the bread with real money. This is the functional equivalent of a tax, albeit hidden from the awareness of most people. Taxes produce ZERO economic benefit. What they do produce is what is called a “deadweight loss” and these are economic killers. The deadweight losses represented by currency inflation are nothing less than staggering and this is made manifest in the fact that the dollar has lost about 97% of its purchasing power since 1913.

      We’ve been played like cheap fiddles and still we seem unable or unwilling to awaken and put this to ends.

      Perhaps we deserve what we get.

    • Not sure you understand money or economics. There are two sorts of inflation. The first is price inflation and is related directly to the influences of supply and demand. The other is currency inflation, which is the NECESSARY and UNAVOIDABLE inflation that is built into debt-based currencies such as the dollar, euro, etc.

      The value of the dollar is measured in terms of PURCHASING POWER. How much is needed for, say, a loaf of bread. A debt-based currency will lose purchasing power no matter how good the economy may be otherwise. If the supply and demand rates for bread remain absolutely constant, the price of bread will still rise because of the interest that is attached to the “money”. This cannot be avoided by any means precisely because the currency is not an instrument of VALUE but one of usurious DEBT. A dollar bill is NOT money. It is an IOU – a promise to pay at some future date. Every time you exchange dollars for goods you are doing EXACTLY what the federal government is doing when it raises the debt ceiling: kicking the can down the road.

      So, when new technological developments make the price of producing a loaf of bread go down, the price still goes up in the sense that the interest on the currency causes one to experience what is called an “economic loss” in purchase. With debt-money, when technologies cause the absolute price of a loaf to lower by a dime, you are saving less than that dime due to the built-in deprecation of the currency’s purchasing power. It may be a small amount, but it is there nevertheless and you save less than you would had you purchased the bread with real money. This is the functional equivalent of a tax, albeit hidden from the awareness of most people. Taxes produce ZERO economic benefit. What they do produce is what is called a “deadweight loss” and these are economic killers. The deadweight losses represented by currency inflation are nothing less than staggering and this is made manifest in the fact that the dollar has lost about 97% of its purchasing power since 1913.

      We’ve been played like cheap fiddles and still we seem unable or unwilling to awaken and put this to ends.

      Perhaps we deserve what we get.

  9. I take a pledge, a personal oath, for my standing up to Progressivism and to knock it down everywhere I see it. ~signed, me.

  10. No one who believes in freedom to have abortions believes in the right to life. Nothing else they may support matters without the right to life.

      • First off, “mother’s life” is like < 1% of all abortions … so take your manure somewhere else, troll. They managed the whole "life of the mother" concerns with very little issue long before you clowns latched onto that BS argument to justify killing the baby anytime, anywhere. Second … nobody is talking about sacrificing anything, except of course you murderous scum sacrificing EVERY child involved. With all the advances in medicine the "life of the mother" BS is pretty much gone … except that now the butchers pretty much define anything as "life of the mother". So take your lies elsewhere, troll, you make us sick.

      • Your mysticism guides your evasion of the mother’s mind, which judges and evaluates her life and happiness. Value is not intrinsic to reality and revealed to a passive, empty mind. Value is objective, a product of a mind’s logical/free will judgment and evaluation of reality. The mother’s life is valuable, if she’s rational, to her. And that makes it a moral issue. Fetuses are merely potential humans, dependent upon the mother’s body, unable to sustain independent living, without rights or moral status. Your depraved religious lust for sacrifice is as depraved as that of jihadists. Individual rights has a domestic religious enemy as well as foreign. Your denial of sacrificing the mother to your intellectual hallucination of the supernatural is amazing. How else can religious pseudo-morality protect the hallucination? We’re returning to the Christian Dark Ages unless Ayn Rand becomes significantly influential.
        Traditional mystics and Leftist social mystics have destroyed most, perhaps, of the Enlightenment spirit of rational individualism which basically caused America. We now have a destructive choice between mystics and nihilists. Reason is barely a blip on the cultural radar. As the 1960s British ,psychedelic, bluesrock group, Cream, sang, “And you know what you know in your head.” God may be talking to you in your head but not in reality.

      • Wow, so much manure all to justify the forced death of a defenseless human being. Ignoring your demonstrable lack of
        knowledge of basic biology, let me point out that YOU are the one bringing your deranged mystical nonsense into this … not me. I simply pointed out you are a bald faced liar … and of course you completely changed the context of what “life of the mother” means to try to cover your butt, based upon your mystical BS.

        is there any forced death that you cannot justify with your rather deranged mystic psychobabble? let me clue you in : the mothers’ lives are valuable whether they are rational or not, and the childrens’ lives are valuable whether they are on this side of the womb or not.
        No rights, huh? Yeah, the barbarians and genocidal maniacs guilty of all the worst atrocities of all time are always telling us how the “other” guys are not really humans, without rights … to justify their evil : probably even lined themselves up with your mystical mothers’ mind (or put their collective heads up her ass, from a rational person’s perspective).

      • > > the mothers’ lives are valuable whether they are rational or not

        Valuable to whom, by whose judgment, by what judgment, for what purpose, by what standard, at what cost? Value is not a mystical stuff inside things or transcending them in an impossible supernatural realm. And allegedly known by non-perceptual, non-rational revelation into an empty, passive mind from an impossible supernatural realm.

        Value exists because life may continue or end. Man must value his life or die. Man’s basic method of survival is his mind. Man must use his mind to know and evaluate the facts of reality relative to his life. If man evades using his mind, he has no other source of values and he will die. There is no supernatural realm revealing values for a supernatural purpose.

        The mothers’ lives are valuable to the mothers if they use their mind to value their own lives as their highest value. Morality teaches man how to use his mind to value his life. Morality is a guide to life, not a mystical revelation to sacrifice life.

  11. When a society has people that are paid hundreds of milions to play games, sing silly songs and play act the future of this society is in doubt.When these same people become politicians, or considered influentional and their opions are valued then we not definitely screwed. And now we are screwed…..

    • For crying out loud … YOU think THAT is the problem? Let me clue you in … when some worthless PoSes takes $$s out of my check to pay some freeloading bum NOT to work for me, and does it on a scale that consumes > 25% of the productive capacity of the society, and then uses those freeloading bums as a power base to constantly vote themselves more and more of my productive capacity … THAT does a lot more to screw us than overpaying (voluntarily, mind you) a bunch of genetic freaks.

  12. It seems to me, and I admit I am no expert, that attacking businesses with onerous regulations and restrictions will mean fewer jobs. With fewer people working, there would be less taxes. More people on relief will mean a heavier and heavier burden on the ones who are still working until they no longer have incentive to work. After the economy is completely ruined and businesses crushed, I suppose then the government takes over business and forces us to work in order to keep itself going. Hmmm, don’t we call that Socialism? And hasn’t that failed on a rather large scale?

    • Now, Jayceej … that was OTHER socialists … not the current crop of governing masterminds that we have today! THEY are SOOOOO much smarter than all the tyrants that came before them … just ask THEM! They will be able to do EVERYTHING that the other guys did, but THIS time it will work … REALLY!
      Look at Obama … for god’s sake … look at all his momentuous accomplishments … before he was elected : he was the smartest guy EVER (like totally) … even though we cannot look at his records … and he wrote the most brilliant law opinions EVER … just not while he was the editor of the Law Review, when he wrote NOTHING … but just take their word for it … and he wrote TWO autobiographies!
      Besides … the other guys were not working with an unlimited ability to print up all the wealth that they want … right?
      So NOTHING that happened in the past … all the human history aside (because, after all, they are busy rewriting it as we speak) … applies. Cuz these are the smartest guys ever.

  13. Jodie represents the sorry mess we are in with her failure to comprehend just why it is that 47% of the people are on welfare to begin with. When the unions were at their zenith in the 50’s, and 60’s, and the middle class was still growing, CEO’s received 40-50 times that of the average employee. Now it is 457 times the wage of the average employee, and growing, and still they are not satisfied. Of all the wealth created in this nation the 1% take home 85%, and of all the wage increase the top 20% take home 80%. In the meantime, corporations have increased their profit margins not by creating a new product, but by firing their employees, and either requiring the remaining employees to take up the slack, or by hiring cheap labor from overseas. And in spite fo all the promises by the Republicans about how lowering taxes would create new jobs, that has not occurred. During this last recession when millions lost their homes due to the fraud by the banks, mortgage lenders, etc., the middle class lost 7 Trillion dollars of their combined wealth, and the 1% gained 11 Trillion dollars of combined wealth. Also, what is ignored by the Jodie types is that since the beginning of the recession the Fed has graciously bestowed on the wealth of Wall Street an additional 4 Trillion dollars on top of the 1 Trillion in TARP, and QE1.

    Now, whether people want to accept it, or not, businesses have not been hit with new “onerous” rules, or regulations. That again is a bit of a ruse offered by the right wing that has little resemblance of reality. And regarless of what one might want to think, the tax rate for the wealthy is effectively quite low, and much lower then that for the average American. Look at how much you paid, and then consider that Romney paid 14%, Buffet paid 16%, and Obama paid 18%. Thousands of the 1% paid NOTHING. Then if you were to look at corporate taxes, 40-60% of corporations pay no taxes at all.

    The Bible says that “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”, and unfortunately that is proven on a daily basis. I won’t get into what Christ taught about greed, the purpose of wealth, etc., for I would be wasting my time. Just a couple of articles you might try to read:




    • So much manure, so little time. Actually, YOU represent the sorry mess … bald faced liars that throw out bogus information to trick people into thinking that there is some semblance of credibility to your bull. the amount ceos get paid has NOTHING to do with anything, nor for that matter what percentage any particular group of americans get paid, what “percentage” they pay in taxes, etc. nothing, nada … period. it is bogus crap that you communists keep dredging up to keep us at each others’ throats while the statists destroy our Constitution, attack our Founding principals and establish their crony networks of criminals where they can funnel our money to in the biggest mafia-style money laundering system ever created.

      Businesses have not been hit with rules … are you out of your mind??? Oh, wait … of course not … you are not necessarily crazy or even ignorant, you are a bald faced liar … probably think you are just soooo clever that people will believe you. There are thousands of new rules added to the books every year ,… that is a fact that is not even in contest. Then again, maybe you are relying on the fact that the government itself cannot even count all of the rules on the books.

      You clamour on about “lack of knowledge” … then try to point people to known liars for … what? I suppose your sources might explain why you make such stupid and demonstrably false statements.

      • That should be “bold face liar” I don’t believe being bald has anything to do with being a liar…

      • Bald face liar is correct. It comes from 19th century when it was thought that men with beards were less trustworthy because their faces couldn’t fully be seen. Therefore, a bald face liar is someone so brazen as to obviously be lying despite having a fullly exposed face.

        Bold face liar is a modern adaptation that spun out of the first expression (around the time of hte introduction of computer fonts)

      • I noticed that James posted three references to back up his assertions while you label him a “bald faced liar” and only submit your opinion as the basis for this assertion. As you do not even use a name but instead hide behind the handle of “rmw” and present no evidence whatsoever to support your position the test of honesty falls squarely to James. Whether or not James is correct in his assertions is debatable but your assertions are completely baseless and should be ignored as such until you are willing to grow a backbone, represent who you are, and provide some evidence that anything you say is more than opinion.

      • Wonderful … typical liberal : attack the messenger, obfuscate the message. Do you really want proof that businesses are being crushed under a regulatory leviathan? Are you really that ignorant, or just assume you are clever?
        Obama told us he was going to regulate businesses he didn’t like right into bankruptcy, so it is funny to hear you communists trying to assert that there are no new burdensome regulations.

        One other thing, troll … not everybody has all day long to dig up all kinds of reference materials to chase the little bunnies down the holes statists and their mouthpieces try to create. If liberals paid any attention to facts and experience, they would not do (or more accurately, RE-do) 99.9% of the deranged failed nonsense they foist upon the productive people in this country. I realize that with nothing to stand on and very little mental capacity to come up with anything, you have to shoot spitballs, try to make it about ‘me’.

  14. i wish America would go on strike so this idiot would realize he has no money for his vacations without the American taxpayer working at Capitalist businesses.

  15. When we submitted to the income tax, it was all over. At that point people became too trusting of government and it has only gotten worse. Now we’re in a deep fix, and I can’t see a way out of it. Anyone who gets voted in to DC will become corrupted eventually because DC is a machine. The machine can have new parts in it, but the machine itself will continue to run as it always has.

    • Heres a recently released fact, 73% of criminals are registered democrats and the democrats have a plan they are enacting to make it easier for newly released criminals to register. To me this fact speaks volumes.

    • Is this not often the case?

      Hitler was praised by a great multitude, regarded as a fatherly leader. He was, and yet he did monstrous things. At least with Stalin and Mao they maintained few pretenses about who and what they were: absolute and vicious tyrants who would have their ways no matter how many tens of millions they had to murder.

      Obama has the heart of a Mao with the Madison Avenue exterior just good enough to suck in the wilfully stupid mass of Americans who steadfastly refuse to use their shriveled brains for anything more than hat racks.

  16. We are probably doomed, but we should fight in any case.

    The shame lies with us – we and our forebears who allowed this to come to pass. We were laden with hubris – the lies of “American exceptionalism”. We have been lazy and allowed ourselves to become ignorant and in some cases outright stupid. We care more about what color the new car is than what they teach our children in the public schools. Net.games are more important than real freedom.

    We have become a timid race, most of us – willing to accept the capricious fiat of tyrants. Behold this “president” – a petty, low-rent, but very dangerous tyrant marching forward. Behold police – running amok across this land. All the while, the only large organized force that MIGHT stand with liberty is 6000 miles away getting its ass handed to it for no good reason whatsoever as they send the bodies, both dead and brutalized, home by the tens of thousands.

    Time is not coming folks. Time is here. It is upon us. Today.

    Time to choose sides. Time to decide what brand of people we are. Time to choose liberty or slavery. But to choose freedome you have to know what it is – what it entails, what it promises, and what it demands. Most do not. Educate yourselves, please. We are good people but we need to get a few things straight in our minds.

    Here is some help, in case any of you are not sure about the basics:


    • Amen, very well said. We lay down and do nothing and let the liberals tell us what we can and can’t do. If they get “offended” about something we stop doing it, saying it, or take it down. Christians need to stand up for our rights too.

    • Imperial Rome kept the legions beyond the borders not only to conduct wars of conquest, but to keep the legions’ leadership out of Rome and to attrit the legions. Dead soldiers can’t return to speak out against Ceasar’s policies and don’t need pensions.
      Now witness the recent commitment of our military to Afghanistan for another decade, and the coming commitment of our troops to Africa.
      Also the coming budget cuts to our armed forces while at the same time, federal law enforcement and enforcement arms of other domestic agencies such as DHS and Treasury are militarizing like cold war era Soviet Union agencies.

  17. Obama has raised our taxes by 3 trillion
    Dollars! Let’s see, it is estimated that the cost of
    Illegal Aliens/Criminals cost us a trillion dollars a year! Think about that!!!
    Also a large amount of them are muslim terrorists guising as South Americans/Mexicans!
    Before you scream at me, please take a look at the link below! I first heard of
    this on a trip to Venezuela in 2007! I know it’s true! Tell me, how much longer
    are we going to put up with this? Wait long enough and we WILL see our country
    in a HITLER/NAZI situation… Only difference will be the names, i.e.,
    OBAMA/MUSLIM. Christians then will be dead or hiding out! Dear God, Please
    inspire our military to honor their oath and SAVE US! http://foreignpolicyblogs.com/2011/05/11/iran-training-militants-in-latin-america/

    • Your Republicans had from 1994 to 2006 to fix the illegal problem, and what did they do? NOTHING, just as they have done NOTHING to fix any other problem. 45,000 people died every year from lack of health insurance, and the Republicans did what? Insurance policies were being cancelled for first time claims, and insurance companies were gladly paying the fines since it was only a feeble amount of their profit, and Republicans did what? Yes you heard about terrorists coming across in 2007 just as we heard the same thing in 2002, and what was done?

      You people truly represent what is pathetic about this country. You claim that the left never takes responsibility for their actions, yet you consistently show that neither does the right. You know little of the history of the country, and next to nothing of the intent of the Founders. Yet you are the ones who think they can save the country.

      God help us if you were to ever gain power as you had from 1994 to 2006 again. Imagine how much damage your kind can do if it happens. Why, you can even lower taxes on the wealthy some more, maybe even start a couple of more wars, triple the national debt as Reagan did, double the size of government as Reagan, and Bush, did. Sell the people out to corporations to an even greater extent. Hell, there is no telling how much more damage you could do.

  18. The U.S has the highest percentage of prisoners per ca pita in the world with the “possible” exception of North Korea. The latest numbers I found were for 2011 and the U.S had 715 prisoners per 100,000 citizens far above the next closest of Russia with 475 per 100,000. I could not find a reliable cost per inmate later than 2008 when the cost was $75 Billion. Total non-violent prison population was 60% and non-violent drug offenders was 25%. For being the “land of the free” we sure have a lot of people without freedom.

    • Larry you have to understand that prisons aren’t for people to get rehabilitated, They are so a small percentage of the population can earn large amounts of money with the promise of keeping the beds filled.
      If you also look at the prison population after each war, Vietnam for example: 75% of all prisoners were vets, today that trend is sure to follow with the wars we have been in for the last decade.

      • Sad but true, it also explains why almost all inmates are poor and mostly minorities. Someone has to pay to keep the system working as it is, if you lock up too many of the middle and upper class the poor cannot afford to pay the premium to keep them locked up. Veterans are locked up because the people in power are afraid of them. As a veteran you have been trained to kill to protect the U.S. and once you leave service, you have still been trained to kill and people in power do not think veterans have the mental capacity to differentiate between the battlefield and society.

    • Old saying “Don’t do the crime if you cant do the time”. I know there are few in prison that are there unjustly, but I do believe that the majority of them do deserve it. I had a teacher in high school that talked about when he got a ticket for speeding there was a hundred other times he deserved and not got caught, and that how I look at, I got a heavy foot but I get away with it more often than not (that is all my illegal activity). My last ticket was pleaded down to a broken head light. I have worked retail much of my like and we find evidence of stolen stuff all the time, everyday (empty packaging, wrappers) the people doing this get away with it more that they get caught. The area that I live in has a lot of “hit and runs” and many don’t get caught. There a plenty of people that deserve jail, but pleads it down to something else, and get to walk. We live in a time everything is some one else fault, and no one (very few) takes responsibility for there action. So to sum it all up, I not buying what your selling.

      • So what you are saying is that the citizens of the United States are not to be trusted. Even though we take the freedoms of more than any other country it is only because the people of other countries are less likely to commit crimes. It has nothing to do with the fact that the United States passes laws to control what a small percentage think is morally wrong and cannot understand why, after spending Trillions of dollars, and locking up millions of people who violate these moral standards, they get an even higher percentage of violations. Personally, I tend to think that the majority of U.S. citizens are pretty good people and should not have their lives ruined by being sent to prison in droves. We could however, take your suggestion, and lock up even more people, over 90% of U.S citizens admitted to smoking pot at some point in their lives, even presidents so we could lock all of them up. Also, why should a policeman have the ability to overlook or write a warning for a violation of the law? As you said, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”. There is the small problem of our prisons being overcrowded so we will have to develop a better rotating door policy. So what we have is mandatory minimum sentences for a whole lot of non-violent offenders so we cannot let them go. To make room we will have to release violent offenders because they do not have any mandatory minimums unless some sort of drug was involved with their crime. Yes, that is it, free all of the rapist, murderers, thieves (both armed and not), child molesters, etc. That way we have more room to lock up those nasty no-violent offenders who are going to ruin society. Oh, wait, we are already doing that and we are also limiting our incarceration to minorities and the poor (everyone knows that a rich person cannot be held accountable for their actions). Yes, you are correct, our system is obviously brilliant and we should help other countries to lock up more of their own citizens so that they too can be like us.

  19. Didn’t obamas 2 black communist fathers mean anything. How about his 2 communist white mothers ? How about God dam America for 20 years, and God dam evil whites for 20 years. Obama is out to destroy America !

  20. I’m ready for the country to spit into two sections. The democrats can have the south back, but let the people who want to be free to be on their own side of the country. If Obama and his brainless followers want government telling them how much to eat, where they can live, and now when they should die, then let them live under government control from birth to death, but no thanks…I want to be the leader of my own life.

  21. So, basically, this is what this article is all about. If those of us who have wealth and power, abuse it, the people vote in folks who clamp down on those who are wealthy and powerful. Which, in turn, teaches the wealthy and powerful that they have to manipulate the masses, more, to ensure their wealth and power stays in tact. Eventually the contest allways ends up the same. The wealthy and powerful get better at controlling the masses, until the masses don’t know how it happened, but their pissed, then all hell breaks loose, and the system is reset. Sometimes it takes longer than other times. But the system always resets. Same cycle, same messages, same result: Persia, Greece, Rome, Japan, China, Germany… It always happens. The only difference now, is that for the first time in human history, nationalized health care, combined with instant global communications, and centralization, makes controlling the masses possible. The only question remaining unanswered, is, who gets to be on top? Don’t act like you’re ignorant of what I am saying. Please. That’s the prize to end all prizes. Obama is just a herald. Many smarter than he, see it, taste it, long for it. Individually, go to God, pray he will introduce you to His Son, before this “leader” introduces you to his father.

    • Note the Marxist evasion of the difference between economic and political power. The power to produce is not the power to force.

      • That’s why those who start out followinug Marxism end up using drastic measures to execute thier ideal of socialism which ends up becomming a deviated form communism.
        Only thing different between an imperial rule and one of the socialist stlyes of government is in an imperial government one one individual profits from the efforts of the people. In socialism a selected group of individuals agree to spplit the majority of the wealth among themselves and let the people have what is left over after the wealthy have their fill of indulgence.

  22. Almost a parody on Adam Smith Philosophical concepts. Excessive greed is the only thing that stops or slows capitalism. Even a Socialist or Communist nation eventually turns to capitalism to spread wealth. Inherently no one wants to works so some one else can sit around and do nothing.

  23. Six stages to civilization, what stage are we now experiencing?? Apathy the next stage is back to bondage!! Your choice.. Figure it out!!


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