Heed these words, part 1: NYC Comptroller follows de Blasio’s Marxist lead

I love the music from the 80s. The other day I heard one of my favorite songs from that era by Missing Persons — “Words” — and the refrain truly struck a chord: “What are words for, when no one listens anymore?” Unfortunately, with our sound bite mentality, we are no longer paying attention to words — to our detriment.

The progressive agenda being laid out by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is truly frightening as we reported yesterday. He clearly articulated his plans to attack free market success in the nation’s largest city. Was anyone paying attention?

Scott Stringer, the new Comptroller of New York City, is unfortunately on the same page. Here’s some of what he had to say in his inaugural address:

There will be those who say that we as a city cannot afford to tackle poverty and inequality. As Comptroller, I say we can’t afford not to. I believe that pursing a progressive agenda and being fiscally responsible is not mutually exclusive. We can and we must do both… And just as America has historically looked to New York for inspiration, so the country once again turns its eyes toward us today, to this city, to our people, for a blueprint of a thriving hopeful future, to a city that puts people above politics, and shared prosperity above individual success.

I hate to break it to the NYC Comptroller, but it is impossible to pursue a progressive agenda and be fiscally responsible. A progressive agenda is rooted in a Marxist/socialist governing philosophy, which means a government-centric economy aimed at wealth redistribution to combat “inequality.” The result is and always has been that government grows in size and scope to provide more services under the guise of fairness.

It eventually leads to higher government spending and that means taking more resources from the hard working and/or more borrowing, an increase in debt, and of course larger deficits.

Stringer unabashedly articulates his bottom line for a progressive agenda: shared prosperity above individual success. Those words should send a chill down the backs of every New Yorker and every American. The Comptroller of the nation’s largest city does not believe in the fundamental premise upon which America was created — individual rights and determination.

This is the essence of the “collective vision” of a progressive agenda. Yes, it’s a communist manifesto, the reduction of the individual and the elevation of the group, the collective. What are words for when no one listens anymore?

Perhaps some are listening because apparently Florida just surpassed New York in terms of population. Of course the weather is better down here, but I’m quite certain taxes have a little to do with the decision to move as well.


  1. “Everything you heard about me is true. . . I am not a free-marketeer. . . I believe in the heavy hand of government,” de Blasio to NY real estate developers.

  2. We are talking about New York after all. They voted for Obama 81%. It has become a morally corrupt city. The city is in a hole and they only have themselves to blame.

  3. The people of NY voted for this guy so the people of NY will get what they deserve. It’s time these people awaken from their political stupor and realize the Democrats they’re electing are really progressives in disguise with an agenda to destroy the very fabric of the United Sates from within. There’s a war right here in our very own backyard and too many low information voters are unaware of it.

    • Only 700,000 voted for DeBlasio out of a population of 8 million. The only borough that did not go for DeBlasio was largely Conservative Staten Island where we used to live. Staten Island is going to feel the brunt of DeBlasio’s revenge when he puts all of the homeless shelters and new public housing there.

  4. When was the last time anyone looked to NYC for anything other than a perfect example of hell on earth? It’s about to get much worse.

  5. ” The nation turns its eyes towards us…” Please, a lot of us don’t give a crap about New York and your liberal ways. We are rolling our eyes towards you and wonder how long the sheep will keep your dumb*&^^^ in charge

  6. The problem when society crosses that threshold looks to Government to fix their problems and all too often are found to be wanting in the end. It will never be the duty of Government to repair society that duty falls upon self responsibility.

  7. While we’re discussing 1980’s music, one of my favorite titles comes to mind “You Get What You Play For” (REO Speedwagon).

  8. What they are forgetting is that the wealthy, who they plan on robbing, can afford to move out of NYC. They didn’t become successful by being stupid. Then the pool of victims will grow ever smaller, and all that will be left will be…hmm….I wonder who and what?

  9. “There will be those who say that we as a city cannot afford to tackle poverty and inequality. As Comptroller, I say we can’t afford not to. I believe that pursing a progressive agenda and being fiscally responsible is not mutually exclusive.”

    Is it just me or odes anyone else here between the lines of this liberal BS rhetoric and here .. we gonna steal lots and lots of money .. In the name of the the poor but really for us the rich corrupt and connected …… cannot believe anyone thinks that a progressive party that openly disrespect morality somehow will be moral with regard to stealing….. LOL… liberals are not that stupid .. but they are that evil .. please stop pretending they are just naive

  10. Just promise the rest of us, living in *other* states, that those of that voted that mess into Gracie Mansion won’t move here…

  11. Would like to see this ‘Mayor’ get run out of town on a rail after being tarred and feathered. Communists are evil and should be banned from public office.

    Look at what Obama has done to this country.

  12. The people elected this Marxist assmaggot to represent them. They get what they voted for. The comptroller is just a puppet of the Governor……Guess you’ll have to live with your decisions voters…..

  13. Unfortunately for Florida, the number one source of domestic immigration is New Yorkers. They are insidious. They go to Florida to enjoy the benefits of living here as opposed to livleing in the ever increasingliy communist North East. Problem is, they then want to impose thier liberal agenda, the very thing that has ruined thier home state0, upon

    • The Liberals have their eyes on Florida because they know Florida is a hot bed for Hispanic minorities and blacks who typically vote “Democrap”. The Liberals have already destroyed California,, Detroit and are now working on NY. One state at a time with FL in their cross-hair.

      • Election reform is coming to Fla…. The old lefties in the south are losing their grip …. especially those with the big noses who have been dictating democratic politics for decades Debbie is the product of this voting block …

      • She’s a product of a bunch of NY/NY jews moving into retirement homes in S. Florida. She goes and tells them the GOP is going to steal their Social Security, and the demented old hags think she’s their granddaughter who came to visit. So at Bingo one tells the other, “My granddaughter’s running for Congress.” And the other one says, “So’s mine!”

      • And don’t forget that it’s one of the few states, along with Ohio, that actually matter in elections anymore. It seems every presidential election it comes down to which way these two states swing. So having Florida solidly in their pocket would be a big deal.

      • You forgot one very important demographic in Florida. .. my fellow tribesman. … Jews who unlike like myself are mostly a bunch of communists very liberal with your money and have moved to Florida in droves most of them to escape the state income and estate taxes that they are told by their Bible. … The N.Y. times. … is so wonderful for everyone else. Luckily at this time Florida is much bigger then Dade Broward and palm Beach counties where they all live otherwise Florida would already be more messed up then N.Y.

      • Correct …. The tide is changing the old beaks are dying off and as long as florida curtails the welfare state the natural order of things will dictate ….. IMHO…

      • Florida is two elections away from either conservative or progressive…I tend to think the conservative faction will prevail by a thin margin and stinger as the welfare system goes into insolvency …. Industry has got to be looking at a labor force that with every day is becoming more and more union less and willing to work..

    • Florida is the home of numerous cheats from every state in the union …. The free and easy welfare program of NY is subsidizing a large number of Floridians as well as numerous pensioners drawing NY benefits and living in Fla… When these commies get finished ,those sucking pensions and welfare may have return to Gotham so they continue with their FREE LOAD …

  14. I will never understand why the people who feed off of socialistic (communistic) governing never quite get the big picture. Will they ever grasp that those who force this existence will never allow the inclusion of their own? They will all live above the grid. Doesn’t anyone remember “Let them eat cake”?

  15. The American paradox: Communists like DeBlasio who live the lives of Wall Street Bankers. I wonder how much these guys will be willing to re-distribute from their own pockets? You know the answer.

  16. “………and shared prosperity above individual success.” Folks- If THAT doesn’t scare the living schitt out of you, you’re braindead. (Every college bowl game should end in a 0-0 tie, too, I guess). And most LAW-ABIDING in NY don’t have guns to stop this. And NO, the rest of us DO NOT look up your smug elitist axxes and wish WE were like YOU, NYC!

  17. All these Lib / Dem / Progressives have so screwed up New York that a lot of them are moving to Florida … and are now in the process of screwing up that state as well. The same thing has happened on the Left Coast … Libs have screwed up California so bad that they are moving to Arizona and Colorado … screwing them up as well.

    • we see some of the same here in Sc, They move because of the monster they created, only to recreate the same monster. I think that’s the definition of insanity.

      • Maybe it’s time for Red States require a test in order for people to move in and settle. Liberals would not be able to pass a pro-conservative inspection/test because they do not and cannot understand the concept.

        By the way Butch, I love ya’lls Gov. Nothing like seeing your Governor at the range really shooting, not the phone Obama shotgun crap.

    • Noticed many east and west coast people moving into Colorado since the 90’s. They screwed up their states, moved here, continued to vote the same way, and screwed up Colorado. Apparently liberals don’t learn from their mistakes.

  18. America has historically looked to New York for inspiration? Really? I look at New York for how not to live. Notice how he had to add the word historically because that is all it ever was.

  19. New York will turn into Chicago and other cities that are bankrupt over this mindset. It will not be the largest city in the USA anymore. It may also give the rest of the nation an idea of what Obama is about?

  20. The progressive policy leads to a bankrupt Detroit and a bankrupt Greece. “The trouble with capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The trouble with socialism is the equal sharing of misery.”—-Sir Winston Churchill

  21. Biggest irony is the neighborhoods that voted for de Blasio by the widest margins are going to suffer the most. I have lived in NYC my entire life and remember how bad things were under Dinkins and how Giuliani was able to clean things up.

    Before Giuliani many neighborhoods which are now safe and trendy were war zones. Williamsburg was once a place that you went to for an amazing steak at Peter Luger’s and parked you car in a parking lot protected by armed guards. Other neighborhoods such at Boreum Hill, Flatbush. Clinton Hill, etc. you did not step foot in. Those are going to be the first neighborhoods that will see crime return under de

    Also de Blasio is going after charter school. He wants to see the poor stuck in failing schools so they create another generation of welfare dependent families. Charter schools have had the most success in places that voted by the widest margins for de Blasio.

    In typical liberal fashion, his divide and us against them rhetoric is all about taking the rich down and has NOTHING to do with bringing the poor up. Liberals know that once someone is no longer of governmentneed that they lose their influence.

    • I could only watch from the sidelines since I never lived in NYC. But I always admired Mayor Koch and Rudy Giuliani. Especially Giuliani when he refused aid from the Saudis.

      • Giuliani was amazing! When he took office NYC was considered un-governable and people thought there would always be crime. Nobody had any idea how great of a mayor he would be. He solved the crime problem and many neighborhoods that were once war zones are now safe.

        Although I am a Republican, Koch was a decent mayor, he took office at a time the city was bankrupt and fixed things. I also admired Koch’s pragmatic streak and that he would endorse Republicans i.e. Sen D’Amato. Gov. Pataki and Pres. Bush.

    • Yes they do but once they realize their mistake they will move to an area and infest it with their communist ideas, they should be forced to stay in NY.

  22. If New Yorkers want de Blasio to destroy their prosperity, I guess that’s up to them. As for the rest of the nation, if de Blasio and Scott Stringer try to spread the communist manifesto, they can kiss our a$$. Come and try!

  23. “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.” -Adolf Hitler

  24. I did not vote for this jerk and as soon as I can I’m out of here This state sucks tax breaks for the Rich and to many non workers or never worked a day in their lives get way to much but if you work and get hurt you earn 20 bucks to much!

  25. new yorkers voted them in now they have to move or pay the piper. lets hope this will be an example to the rest of america, know who your putting into office. don’t vote for someone just because everybody else is

  26. We here in Blue York somehow managed to survive the truly wretched mayoralities of John Lindsay (or as the late, great Bob Grant used to call him, “The Tower of Jelly”), who served two terms, and of David Dinkins, deservedly just a thoroughly rejected and repudiated one-termer. I HOPE America’s greatest city and its people are strong enough and resilient enough to survive what is sure to be a rough next four years as Comrade Bill deB tries to re-make The Big Apple into a sort of Nicaragua of the North.

  27. And I’d wager that no matter what you do to make things “more equal”, there are those who will always live ghetto because they know no better, their incentive to succeed has been removed by the Nanny state. The smart thing to do would be to teach those who have lived on the Democratic plantation for so long the way off based on ambition and self-reliance.

  28. Detroit, Chicago, NYC, LA: ALL democrat controlled and ALL in the tank. What will it take to open their eyes to the failure that their progressive policies have wrought? Honestly! “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

  29. I don’t know any one individual in NY, personally, so I must share my dismay with the city as a whole,…With my first two fingers on either hand, held gently to my temples,…’I See’,…Large Portions of the remaining wealth, fleeing that ‘Common Sense Vacant City’, for more opportune Venues in America, where growth and Prosperity are Appreciated and Admired, not Suspect and Trashed,…It Has Begun,..!!!

  30. this is what the sheeple vote for…I am glad not to live in the People’s RepubliK of NY for that matter, MA, MD, CT, NJ, RI, CA, etc…this mentality sweeping NYC I fear is a tale of things to come for more of the country. I always felt the country would implode after my time here was through; I now know how the Ancient Romans and Greeks felt.

  31. isnt it funny how the most powerful citys in the country at one time are the first to fall i see a pattern here people need to wake up and vote these idiots out before its to late .if its not already

  32. Attention New Yorkers!!!! If you are thinking of leaving NY, leave your politics at the border! We in other states DO NOT WANT THEM. If we did, we would move to New York. So from the South — you are welcome to relocate here but leave your politics and your ‘that’s not how we did it in (enter state here)’ when you move. We like it the way we do things here………..they may not be perfect but they’re a helluva lot better than where you’re moving from!

    • I am a life long conservative born and raised and still living in NYC. All “red states” should put a fence around their boundaries and only let in Republicans. Look at what is happening to Virginia and New Hampshire. Let liberals suffer in their own self created mess.

      • The problem is, no matter how conservative you may have been in your life up until then, once you cross the state line, you immediately become a bleeding-heart liberal.

        At least, that’s what red state conservatives have told me…

      • Not sure where you got that from? I have never voted from a Democrat my entire life. In NYC when there is no Republican candidate for an office I leave it blank. I know lots of conservative Republicans from NYC who have moved to Florida. They still vote Republican.

      • I am a life-long California conservative, and old enough to remember when Ronald Reagan was Governor, and have been told, in no uncertain terms, that I would not be welcome in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, Virginia, South Carolina, and Tennessee (and maybe a few others I’ve forgotten), just because I’m a “Kalifornian.” I have managed to pry a concession from some of my internet “friends” that I might be welcome if “I leave my politics at the border.” WTF?

      • I had one regular at Twitchy tell me to not think of even driving through Texas if I leave CA.

        Something to note about California: everything west of I-5 is mostly communist; east of I-5 is mostly sane (San Bernardino County may be somewhat of an exception: a few years ago, they doubled the Section 8 rent subsidy and now freeloaders from all over SoCal have moved in – and into what were once middle- and upper-middle-class neighborhoods. Both the City and County are now effectively bankrupt because of the strain on social services.)

      • Hey Spiny, I’m a native Californian living in Texas. I LOVE it and would not live anywhere else. Texans are awesome people and very welcoming, until you “cross the line” but I figure anyone who crosses the line get’s what they have coming anyway.

      • Come north and help counter the leftist Californian diaspora. Oregon is a better bet than WA as far as being a place that could be turned conservative.

      • I live in Southern California in a County where Republicans still dominate in the polls. Also, Texas is the most frequently chosen state to move to for Californians leaving the state. Texas politicians come to Cal. to solicit business to move to Texas, so I’d say Texas’ arm are wide open. Oregon is lost for good as has been for a long time.

      • I’ve been registered Republican since 1980 (I was briefly Libertarian before that – until they became the legal marijuana / isolationist party). Never considered “demwit” (I assume you mean Democrat).

        Thanks for proving my complaint true, by the way.

      • I am the same born and raised in NYC, 30 years a NYPD officer, but living on Long Island. Agree, keep your states safe, only let Republicans in.
        Every place run by Dems are on the verge of Bankruptsy or in it already.

    • Not so fast Melissa. At this very moment i am mobilizing an army Gay, Muslim, Marxists, (the GMM) to march on your very town. We will be meeting up at the walmart in case you want to counter protest. Wait for us… we will be there.

      • Oh I’m so frightened. Since I’ll be too busy taking care of my own life, I’ll skip your little party. Grow up.

    • Thanks Melissa:
      I moved from NY a long time ago. In the South now and I don’t know of very many transplanted NYers moving back up north, actually I don’t know of any southerners willingly moving up north.
      Regarding moving: Likewise of our geographically closest progressive, socialist nation neighbor CUBA, many risking their lives to get to USA, none fighting to get back to CUBA. Does it make you wonder how that progressive socialism is working in CUBA??

  33. Why don’t folks recognize communism as an evil concept anymore? I think if the Mayor and all the ppl of NY continue the assault on Capitalism, the New York Stock Exchange should move to another city…say, Houston, Phoenix, etc.

    • Good point Johnny. One hole in that theory. Rich New York Bankers don’t want to live in Houston or Phoenix, because the are cultural wastelands, completely devoid of diversity. Nothing is stopping them for starting there own stock exchanges though, except for maybe people willing to use them.

  34. This is how citizens become subjects. To the idiots that voted for this, don’t you DARE think of leaving NYC, when you start to see the fruits of totalitarian government and the inherent corruption leaves you feeling like you have moved to Detroit.

  35. It’s hard to believe that New York could elect someone to the left of Bloomberg. Di Blasio has Stringer and Obama has Lew. Marxism is alive and well in this Country. We are now a debtor nation and it won’t be long before Country is in default to New York bankers.

      • And BHO has continued…time to let go of bush…your dumb ass president has been there for over 5 years now!

      • Bush had 8 and it was just enough to put the world economy in the toilet. Bam should get equal time to do the same. Oh wait its recovered from that mess. Keep your fingers crossed though he has 3 years to do worse!

      • Obama claimed victory over the recession in 2009. Once an administration has been in place for 3 fiscal quarter the economy is theirs. Debbie Wassermann Schultz gleefully took ownership of it, saying,”We own the economy. We own the beginning of the turnaround…” in June 2011. Yet there is nothing that Obama has done which has helped the fundamentals of the economy to improve.

        QE has only kept things afloat enough to delay another crash, leading idiots like you to point to your artificially inflated 401k’s as evidence that all is well. Ignore the millions on food stamps, the millions out of work and now out of unemployment benefits. The leftist chickens are coming home to roost and they will not be placated with cried of “It’s Bushes’ fault!”

      • Obama claimed victory over the recession in 2009. Once an administration has been in place for 3 fiscal quarters, the economy is theirs. Debbie Wassermann Schultz gleefully took ownership of it, saying, “We own the economy. We own the beginning of the turnaround…” in June 2011. Yet there is nothing that Obama has done which has helped the fundamentals of the economy to improve.

        QE has only kept things afloat enough to delay another crash, leading idiots like you to point to your artificially inflated 401k’s as evidence that all is well. Ignore the millions on food stamps, the millions out of work and now out of unemployment benefits. The leftist chickens are coming home to roost and they will not be placated with cried of “It’s Bushes’ fault!”

      • Obama claimed victory over the recession in 2009. Once an administration has been in place for 3 fiscal quarters the economy is theirs. Debbie Wassermann Schultz gleefully took ownership of it in June 2011, saying, “We own the economy. We own the beginning of the turnaround….” Yet there is nothing that Obama has done which has helped the fundamentals of the economy to improve. The ACA has set us up for abject failure with millions losing jobs and healthcare coverage already. The new EPA regulations will crush us under energy bills which will “necessarily skyrocket,” per Obama.

        QE has only kept things afloat enough to delay another crash, leading idiots like you to point to your artificially inflated 401ks as evidence that all is well. Ignore the millions on food stamps, the millions out of work and now out of unemployment benefits. The leftist chickens are coming home to roost and they will not be placated with cries of, “It’s Bushes’ fault!”

      • and o wants to bring 80 thousand more in to the country this year alone from the East. you know just what that means. lock and load boys and girls lock and load it is going to get really nasty.

      • The US does not specifically borrow from China. What happens is that after approval by Congress, the Treasury Department offers bonds for sale and foreigners are allowed to buy them if they wish. They are sold at auction. The president has nothing to do with who buys the bonds. Bonds can also be resold and transferred to new owners.

  36. Post-modern progressive logic at its best!

    Stringer: “I believe that pursing a progressive agenda and being fiscally responsible is not mutually exclusive.”
    Has Heir Stringer ever heard of the law of non-contradiction? The statement self-refutes and self-destructs just like the worldview Mr. Stringer holds.

    Stringer: “And just as America has historically looked to New York for inspiration, so the country once again turns its eyes toward us today…”
    Ummm… Yes, several years ago America looked to New York for inspiration… But, Rudy Giuliani is not mayor anymore.

    Hey Stringer, Detroit called and they had to call collect…. will you accept the call?

    I wrote about this type of thing today…
    ‘A War Without Weapons’ ow.ly/seUQe

    • Wow Lance, I read that whole article of yours. Whats it like on your planet? Is the gravity about the same as here on earth?

    • Lance you tricky devil i saw what you did! You called him “heir” Stringer, the German word for Mister. Are you implying he’s a Nazi or maker of international poop porn?

  37. People/businesses who are going to be told to share their wealth with those who do not work etc, will be leaving the city in droves to places nearby who are advertising for them.. There are many places that are giving away freebies to business just to get their taxes.. NYC will sink in its own stupidity.
    I agree with Melissa, below.. If you move south, great.. but leave your politics up north in the sinking liberal sand.. we have not made it this far with progressive attitudes.. we thrive because of our work ethic and fairness to all.. and giving business a foothold so they can up our employment. it is a cycle that only works if you don’t break their bank..
    I did not say we were perfect so don’t jump on a problem here and there. Big picture time.

    • Yeah well it took the south a few years to get on the whole “its wrong to have slaves” bandwagon too. Give it a few years Judy you guy will catch up eventually.

      • hey doumb ass the norht had slaves as well! Speaking of slaves….you do know BHO’s family are the ones who sold them in the first place!

      • That post is so littered with ignorance i don’t even know where to start. Time to take your meds and put the tinfoil hat back on.

      • And he is continuing the practice only in a different way but the results are the same S L A V E R Y

    • He just got sworn in two days ago, Can we let him actually screw up first, or should we just take it on faith from you that he will?

    • I agree, the election of Scott Stringer as the NYC Comptroller is literally spitting in the face of US war veterans everywhere. Get a grip on yourself.

  38. Communists always bring front and center some betterment for the people as the disguise to grow their own power. The people have Sh#t and always will. At least with capitalism you had a chance to succeed. Ask people ion North Korea how they love not eating under communism..Fools.

      • you fool..been 100 years since we have had capitalism….tell me what happens when there are no longer any people to fund you sicko views?

      • um.. i guess society ceases to exist and it becomes a lord of the flies scenario. How would you fare there? My guess is you would be the little fat kid that gets beaten to death. I guess thats why you need your guns

      • The internet. Now we get to hear from all the fools who don’t like capitalism yet don’t hold too high a standard that they refuse to not participate in any of it’s benefits.

  39. NYC voters got exactly what they wanted. Too bad they didn’t want Anthony’s Weiner rammed in their asses it might have given their brains a needed jolt.


    • unfortunately they also escaped decent paying jobs as well. Have you been to Richmond? talk about shitholes, but hey they can have all the guns they want..its practically utopia.

    • Comparing Detroit to NYC is like comparing…wait let me put in your terms. GW Bush to Ronald Reagan. wait…bad example.

  41. I’m a retired NYC Firefighter living in NC, left NY in 07. Right now there are more takers than makers in NYC a perfect marxist formula for failure. De Blasio worked in the Dinkins administration and I can tell you first hand what a fiscal, crime riddled disaster that was.

  42. I’m a believer in conservative principles, but I do wonder sometimes if I’m as brainwashed as I accuse libs of being? All this hand-wringing about leftism, but when do these leftists utopias collapse? Sure, Detroit is a fine example, but for years I’ve been warning friends and relatives about the dangers of liberalism with little to point to as an example. I would love for NYC to pay the price for its foolishness. Let NYC be the shining light on the trash heap of liberalism.

    • Take a look across the Atlantic at the EU. Spain,broke, Italy, broke, Ireland, broke, Portugal, broke, Greece, broke, France, well France is just France. All the others falling further into debt due to progressive liberalism. Along with the fiscal problems have also been the collapse of these nations’ individual cultures.

      The progressives in this country began the march down the same path a century ago with the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the Income Tax. Next we had the Ponzi scheme of Social Security, The Great Society, Medicare, and now Obamacare along with a host of other Progressive programs all designed to put more power in the hands of a centralized government. With each step the Progressives have made, individual liberty has been lost.

    • There is no left or right it’s all a lie to make you think you have a choice. They socially devided America with basic issues like abortion and economic equality but deep down beyond those basic issues like gay marriage and stuff they are one in the same. We arent given a choice. The evidence is clear, we are given only 2 out of say 6 parties to choose from and then we are stuck trying to pick the lesser of two evils. Most Americans dont even know there is other options. People forget or dont know about their right to impeachment either. Its so sad to be unplugged from the matrix and know the truth and watch as the sheep make the decisions through the majority. like jesus said forgive them father for they know not what they do. Thats all i can say. please wake up and reclaim our country because this blind leading the blind is only marching us over a cliff

      • There is a difference between conservatism and leftism.You’ve mistaken the RNC leadership for and example of conservatism. They are statist infiltrators and are only playing roles.

    • It takes a long time for something as big as our nation’s economy to come crashing down. There is a lot of substance they have yet to wear away, but the latest EPA regs that will lead to the skyrocketing energy prices Obama promised while campaigning should stoke the fires of collapse and seed it along. The problem is that once the left fells the infrastructure, people expect that electing the opposition will automatically make everything well again. It won’t because it will take a lot of work and time to restore what is now being destroyed. That’s exactly what the USSR went through and why they are back to a semi-socialist system with a strongman in charge.

  43. Those that can produce will leave. Detroit revisited. These people learn nothing and can only see the world as they think it should be without regard to the facts or history. NYC deserves what it will get because they elected these people.

    • Your right, maybe we should just file the bankruptcy paperwork now? I god dibs on madison square garden, i bid $495.00. Anyone want to beat that?

    • What an idiot you are. It is Clinton’s fault for 911 as he streamed down our army our homeland security. It wasn’t bush’s fault for 911 you moron, he had just taken office 8 months before, so shut up you are not making sense.

      • Bush signed into law the PatriotAct and the creation of the DHS.. the destruction of your freedoms. Clinton could only dream of having such a destructive impact on America. GrowUp.

      • “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance”. Clinton did allow Bin Laden to escape for political considerations at the time he could have eliminated that madman. What the Patriot Act and DHS have become is far beyond the vision of their role when they were founded. The only good thing about 9-11 is that all the liberal/progressive idiots crawled back under their rocks and hid away like scardy lil’ school kids. As soon as it was determined to be safe, they slithered back out and started running their mouths all over again. Liberalism, progressivism, communism, etc. do not work (probably because they promise to reward those who don’t work)

      • And Bush ignored the CIA memo that Bin Laden was poised to strike in the US.
        Oh and Reagan sold him weapons.

        That’s the bi*ch about hindsight.., its 20/20.

      • No genius, what i am saying is there are 3 presidents (possibly more) who in hindsight did not handle the the bin laden situation appropriately, Clinton included. Im not being selective in how i view it. Can you say the same?

      • You are right KAT, Clinton did “stream” down the army or slim down…whatever. Anyway everyone knows it was the Army’s job to prevent civilian airliners from being hijacked….duh. We need more informed Americans like you!

  44. Good Bye – Big Apple – and hello – Big Lemon , chaos is a coming , the end is far far away but it has been given a shot in the arm so to speak – and it has cut in line and passed common sense and those with an education as well as those that really do use their brain for the the good things of America – Are Ya ready ta ruuuuuuumm-ble and see the once great n.y.c. be nothing but the worst in this wonderful Nation of Our’s , I say – Please -Play It Again Sam- Play It Again for the old times

  45. Things nyc have never been good our new mayor is just talking more than 75% of the people of city are getting city benifits all the homeless people are being feed by the churchs. just more talk in city that all ready has more than 80,000 homeless on the street.

  46. “I hate to break it to the NYC Comptroller, but it is impossible to pursue a progressive agenda and be fiscally responsible. ” -AW

    So the only way to be fiscally responsible is to pursue a regressive agenda? That doesnt sound right

    • Talk about the Pot and the Kettle. So i take the the GOP renamed itself the Racist, Homophobic, Anti Women’s reproductive rights, Rich old White Mans party this morning? I must have missed the memo.

      • Tom, if i could i wouldn’t leave the house. I appreciate the thought though, you are a true gentleman.

      • You do know that if you look at history Democrats faught tooth and nail to block voting rights for women and blacks. They fought tooth an nail to keep segregation.

        If you want proof, we can start with FDR which was responsible for Japanese Internment Camps during World War II., or Senator Robert Byrd which was a ranking member of the KKK. Yes old news but it shows how far back the democratic ties to hate goes. If you look at the 60s you have the likes of Senator Ernest Hollings who liked to fight about the evil of negros as he put it..do you want me to keep going?

  47. All I can say to NEW YORK businesses Come to Florida the business environment is high and the taxes are low. Come Bring us your jobs

      • and your comment regarding inbred locals was pensive lefty….. I’m thinking you are the bastion of hypocrisy

      • Why, Lefty, are you insulting Florida and holding NYC in such high regard? Let’s see, Florida…no income tax. NYC…state AND city income tax. Real estate tax at 10% of the property value in NYC? About 2% here. And with your new governor’s plan, I have a feeling NYC taxes will go even higher. I think I’ll stay here and keep dating my sister… you can keep on loving Big O and the left’s socialistic agenda.

      • thats the best you can do insults? You better change your name your actually giving the left a bad name.

      • New Yorkers know nothing of he world outside. In the 1970’s they thought my Aunt would be attacked by bears when she came out to the PNW for a visit. Now they believe that the entire state of Florida is inbred. Get out of the Gotham echo chamber and learn a little, lefty.

      • The locals are inbred? Really? The Florida locals are inbred? Wow. Good one! Ha, ha. Gosh, so clever. I can hardly stand it.

  48. This is why New York will continue to drop in population. The problem is the fleeing dont realize they are the voters who created the problem.

  49. There was once a movie called “Escape from NY”, staring Kurt Russell. We will now see a REAL “escape from NY” when freedom seekers and small businesses leave NYC by the droves.

  50. It’s funny how when a conservative says “fiscally responsible” it refers to keeping the government’s hand out of our pockets, but when a Progressive says “fiscally responsible” it refers to the government taking our money before we can even get it into our pockets.

  51. Turns out Di Blasio’s biggest supporters are those who rent apts in NC or Florida and those who lease the outbound-from-NYC Uhaul and Ryder moving trailers.

  52. I do not think America has ever looked to NYC to provide any direction. If anyone followed NYC it was out of a morbid sense of curiosity.

  53. Nice going, you idiot libs/progressives. Electing a hard core socialist. Hope you get what you all so richly deserve. What the hell were you all thinking?

    • They thought De Blasio’s son had a cool ‘fro. Bottom line. That’s the level of wisdom and perspicacity applied by the typical American voter. And that’s why this country is doomed.

  54. Unfortunately, if allowed to continue, NYC will fall flat. What they’re doing has been proven throughout history not to work, and the people will suffer for it. sigh….I guess they’ll get their “example” to the rest of the country – of what NOT to do. I really feel sorry for the people that they’re lying to there. Hope some of them get out.

    • You mean, “get out” before they put a barbed-wire topped wall and armed border guards around the city, like some Eastern bloc communist country, lol? It might come to that, ha, ha. Would serve them right.

  55. Florida, YOU should be very scared. They screwed up their hometown, then they move, they bring their politics with them and then they screw up their new state. Kalifornia did that to Oregone and Washindone

    • At least in the PNW we have the weather going for us. Once Obama makes electricity prohibitively expensive, they may self deport to warmer climates.

    • you know who that reminds me of? I will leave my country and fight to get the same kind laws and junk where ever I go. so why did you leave in the first place. we don’t want excess baggage here so leave it behind or stay where you are. nuff said.

  56. What is truly scary is that this asstard, Scott Stringer wants for his COMMIE big government plans to SPREAD across the nation! I DON’T want his COMMIE bullshit anywhere near where I live!!!!


    • Joel….I applaud you for your insight and common sense reply…you are right on with your assessment of what will happen to NYC…it has been the focus of numerous attacks by the terrorists in the past….they will not stop until NYC is crossed off of their list.

  58. What kind of Crack is he on saying America looks to New York for inspiration ?!…..A Bad Example , but Never “inspiration”……I’ll bet 80% or higher NYC residents pay no attention whatsoever to what their elected marxists/socialists say. I’ve got no sympathy for them, but the rest of the USA better see this for what it is…..SOCIALISM.

  59. Hold on everyone, I totally agree with them on the condition that all government, the most senior officials included, get paid at a rate of one half of the median income of the country including those on welfare. Not a nickle more and they are prohibited from using their own wealth to invest and they are taxed on their personal wealth at twice the rate they want to take it from the general public. Put that into law first and with the strictest of anti corruption laws for government officials (capital punishment) and we can talk. But if they expect to sit on top of the heap like the largest chunks floating in a septic tank… forget it. LORD help us all if this bunch of big city educated retards actually come to power… He even looks like a Lenin or Trotsky type (OK Americanized).

  60. I wonder what it’ll take for the movers and shakers in New York City to finally get a belly full of take, take, take, before they take their producing butts OUT of gimme city?

    • That is why Colorado, and other states are beginning to become liberal/Marxist: They are all moving out of California, and NY just to share their idiocy with the rest of the US. Apparently Colorado hasn’t learned the lessons taught by these two states (watching Colorado go down the shitter).

  61. Do they still teach World History in school anymore or are they too busy brainwashing our kids with a lot of Liberal BS? It appears too many, at least in NYC, learned nothing from what Communism brought to the Soviet Union and every country it took control of during it’s Communistic reign. How about Cuba when Fidel Castro took over? If Communism is such a great system, why did so many escape to Florida? You ever see those marching North Korean troops on the news? Down right scary! They look like a bunch of brainwashed robots with hardly any expression. Any one who voted for this clown, please tell me is this what you really want?

    • They have been brainwashing since the 1980s. Thats why so many lazy, entitled kids came from that generation.

  62. I will not be spending any money in NYC anytime soon. This is the best reason yet for the separation of NYC from NY State. The rest of NY cannot afford their foolish politics any longer.

    • Between bridge and tunnel tolls and parking fees, I don’t go to the City anymore, not even to work. I will, on occasion, take a Charter Bus (YankeeTrails) bus to Yankee Stadium for a game, but that’s about it.

  63. NYC will become a third world city now that the libtards are pushing and implementing their progressive agenda. We are being taxed to death as it is. How much longer before there is no money to tax from working Americans because they 1. Pay taxes and 2 have to buy obamacare which is extremely expensive? Put that with the rest of the bills and it means going without needs! Democrats love to spend money and destroy cities in the name of poverty and inequality.

    • As usual, they will blame their collapse on the republicans, the media (headquartered in NYC) will trumpet it, and the liberals will believe it!

  64. Allen, you must be an imperialist shill. Read the Consitution. Obviously you haven’t or you’d know that it talk about the purpose of government being to “promote the general welfare”. Free trade was the policy of the British Empire during the American Revolution; still is. You assume money must be borowed by a government. No, a government can create it’s own money and put it into production and research to move society forward. We don’t have to have the Fed, the US gave up it’s sovereignity by allowing it to form. Time to take the sovereignty back!

    • Schmucko – “Promote” is the operative word, NOT welfare! Calling LtC West an”Imperialist shill” demonstrates your ignorance. I think your Ron Paul hat needs to be re-formed! BTW – how did that Creating it’s own money work out for Germany pre-WW2?

    • IS THIS THE REASON OBAMA AND HIS BED PARTNERS LET THE CHINES HAVE ALL THAT LAND. so they can come here and build a town for then to escape to when it gets to hot in china. they will invade the us. that is another reason they want to take our guns. because of the Chinese government that is what they want.

  65. Somehow I don’t see a lot of companies maintaining headquarters in NYC if the local government starts stealing all their assets and income. Look for a significant exodus of wealth, leading to a Detroit-style collapse. It is gonna be ugly indeed.

  66. “…And just as America has historically looked to New York for inspiration,
    so the country once again turns its eyes toward us today…” for more ways not to eff up our own towns outside NYC! The de Blasio movie “Armageddon NYC 2014” is about to begin. I’m going to pop a lot of popcorn, watch and laugh my ass off at the biggest City-level progressive/liberal failure. “EVUH!” BUH BYE NYC!

  67. See Detroit, Mi. Tried it. Failed. But I guess there is truly no fixing stupid. It sounds harsh but logic dictates that liberals fall into one of only two categories: ignorant or evil, there is no third possibility.

  68. Well NYC you are about to get what you voted for. I am going to pop a nice bottle of wine, kick back and watch the coming implosion.

  69. JD I would say the same for New York State… Manhattan Island, unless my understanding is wrong, provides about 25% of the revenue for the ENTIRE state gov’t… Financial services leave and NY state will be having a funeral… I for one also intend to drunk in celebration of watching the fools get what they asked for…

    • Actually, NYC bleeds the rest of the state dry to support it’s welfare elites! A few years ago the Capitol roof leaked in Albany, They didn’t have enough money to fix it, as all the money went to NY CIty! Most voters are in NYC. Including the vote counters and liberal government! I just hope they don’t come south, we don’t need any more carpet baggers!

  70. I use to frequent NYC. NO MORE! I suggest everyone take NYC off your travel plans. Most likely, the crime rate is going to sore to record levels. I won’t give a dime to the punk asswipe Marxist prick. NYC can die for all I care and it will under the punk jerk Marxist prick!

  71. And as expensive as NYC is, the majority of those who voted democrap have to be financially successful people! How can people be so stupid? Doesn’t anyone there remember Dinkins?

    • Don’t forget the high numbers on the govt. tit. The millions on welfare, food stamps , housing vouchers, etc, who were afraid they might lose some of those “entitlements” did a lot of the voting.for these progressives. This is what happens when you make the poor comfortable in their poverty. They never leave it. I would never deny anyone who needs a boost to further themselves. But the dirtbags who are happy to sit on their dead collective asses are the ones I despise.

  72. So is the Comptroller going to show the way and impose the minimum wage on himself and all other NYC bureaucrats? That would only be fair and equal wouldn’t it?

  73. Don’t bet too heavily against them. Ordinarily, such policies would send a city’s wealthy heading for the exits. That happened in Detroit, Gary, Cleveland, and numerous other cities.

    But New York’s rich, like San Francisco’s rich, are cut from a different cloth. The radicalism of the city is chic. It’s what New York’s rich like to do in their spare time when they’re not busy setting up Ponzi schemes. They voted for this guy. They wanted him. They wanted this comptroller. Now they’ve got these two. The cocktail parties will be long and late at which they congratulate each other on how cool and hip they are.

  74. “shared prosperity above individual success.” except for the prosperity of politicians and their cronies, the rule only applies to the citizens they control

  75. When NYC starts going broke, they will just blame “those evil, greedy Republicans in Congress” for not subsidizing them. All they want is MORE.

  76. That’s it. Democratic progressives are officially insane – following Einstein’s axiom that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. They have tried experiments like this in other cities like Detroit, with disastrous effect. To the tune if 14 billion in debt and a bankruptcy.

  77. shared prosperity above individual success. that’s ok little bobby, Tommy is working enough for two we’ll Share his with YOU ! an’t that fair

  78. Why would anyone want to live in New York? Or New England for that matter. Sure glad we got out of there a long time ago and found out what a little freedom, such that is left, feels like before it is all gone and just a fairy tale people will tell their children as in “Once upon a time, people had…………

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