Colorado: pot sellers in, gun parts manufacturers out as liberal agenda takes hold

While the Colorado economy may reach new “highs” as a result of legal marijuana sales, the state will also lose 200 jobs and other revenue because one of the country’s largest makers of gun magazines is pulling up stakes and moving its operations to Wyoming and Texas.

According to an Associated Press story via the Huffington Post,

Erie, Colorado-based Magpul Industries announced Thursday that it was moving its production, distribution and shipping operations to Cheyenne and its headquarters to Texas, making good on a vow it made to leave Colorado during last year’s gun control debate. “Moving operations to locations that support our culture of individual liberties and personal responsibility is important,” Magpul CEO Richard Fitzpatrick said in a statement.

Magpul follows HiViz Shooting Systems, another Colorado gun industry company that moved to Wyoming after Colorado’s new gun laws were enacted.

As AP reports,

It was the Democrat-led Colorado Legislature and Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper that enacted a new law last year prohibiting the sale of gun magazines that hold more than 15 rounds. This was part of a package of legislation in response to mass shootings at a suburban Denver movie theater and a Connecticut elementary school.

The laws drew praise from gun control activists but sparked furor from gun rights advocates. The laws resulted in the successful recall of two Democratic state senators — one being the Senate President — and the resignation of a third.

It is of course the typical liberal progressive overreaction to seek any means necessary to infringe upon the Second Amendment which expressly states, “the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Now the second order effect of this overreaction is Colorado’s loss of a manufacturing base and associated jobs. But in the flawed reasoning of those liberal progressives in Colorado, they probably believe they’ll make up the revenue and jobs lost because of the burgeoning pot industry.

But you have to wonder, what is more dangerous, a law-abiding citizen with a 30-round magazine or someone stoned out of their mind driving a car? And by the way, since it’s legal to smoke pot out in Colorado, there are no measurable limits or penalties as there are for DUI. I guess someone causing an accident while high could be fined for bad driving, but that’s little comfort for the victim. Welcome, America, to the insidious reasoning of progressive socialists. For the record, I support decriminalization of marijuana, but not legalization.

Just remember one thing, folks. Colorado was a nice conservative red state until all those Californians moved there, bringing with them their support of failed liberal policies. Migration can be a bear.


  1. They won’t make a thing in special-taxes of mary-jane if users can grow their own… just like home-brewers of beer…

    They CAN however save money by not prosecuting and incarcerating mary-jane possessors for years to come…

    • A better way to save money is alternative sentencing for potheads. I’m thinking things like community service and public flogging.

  2. Just can’t quit shaking my head…..What did the robot say? ” “Illogical Will Robinson, illogical”. Still holds true today.

  3. Apples and oranges Colonel.
    Pot is legal there because people, including doctors,
    know it’s relatively harmless and has efficacy in treatment
    of many ailments.
    This should stir up the reactionaries here. lol

  4. Had the comparison been between the 30 round magazine and a drunk driver, I would have chosen the 30 round magazine. I have know a lot of pot smokers in my day and not a single one of them would get behind the wheel of a car while impaired to the point of not being able to drive. They are too paranoid to do that for the most part. They are also not at all like drivers impaired by alcohol who have a tendency to speed and swerve where pot heads drive a little slower and straighter. I have ridden with a few of them at times when I had no other choice. I won’t ride with somebody who has been drinking no matter what the circumstances.

      • Says the man who has to make pointless drug arrests in order to get your department a slice of that 70billion dollar a year war on drugs budget. Youre not at work, you don’t need to feed us the same bullshit about marijuana that your department feeds you. I drive medicated all the time and have never gotten in an accident and I’ve lost several loved ones to drunk drivers. Whats funny is that as a cop it doesn’t matter how many crimes or homicides that you solve. It all comes down to drug arrests. That is how your departments budget is decided. Because of a “war on drugs” that costs us more money a year than you could imagine. Most cops are very poor officers trained to make drug arrests and nothing more.


      • Yep I have seen many sober people in accidents to. Probably more sober people then drunks/stoner. What’s the sober people’s excuse? Just because the law might say that a drunk/stoned person is automatically at fault, doesn’t mean they caused the accident through their actions.

      • As a first responder I am sure you can rationalize with the idea that a chronic pain patient who is using their pain meds as prescribed to control their pain is a far less risk of causing an accident then a chronic pain patient not using their meds and driving? Surely you know the first is the safer scenario because their pain is controlled and they can focus on their driving. Driving stoned is no different then the label on a opioid pain medication bottle that says “Use care when driving or operating heavy machinery.” It does not say you can’t but care is needed.

      • Youre an idiot creek. You speak for the ignorant few that can still put marijuana and alcohol on the same level.

  5. With the pot smokers, the winner is the Government collecting new taxes on a way to increase revenue.. The losers are the Stupid smokers and the stupid voters who let this happen! The voters did not go far enough on the recall.. They fell far short of their goal to change things back to where it was!

    • The truth is that the tax revenue will be short lived. Illegal growers and run-of-the-mill smugglers will be able to provide at lower cost because they won’t be charging taxes. The legal shops will boom for a while, but because buyers will have no fear of prosecution for possession, they will turn back to the illegal sources for the lower price soon enough. Colorado will learn an important lesson in free market economics and when they reach year 2 or so, they’ll see that revenue decreasing… by year 3 or 4, it will be gone and all they will be doing is providing a safe haven for cartel profits.

  6. Cannabis screening is going to give CO an interesting employment profile. Like what will happen to the value of certain jobs which could not tolerate pot use, like truck driving? Will it be more profitable to be a ‘clean’ driver, than before? What about pharmacists? Can they legally self medicate with a prescription? I thinking about Martin Mull maybe.

  7. Allen, you really should look at the facts of each separately. Muddy the waters and you sound like the current politician. You are losing me as a supporter if you don’t see the evolution of mj and keeping our guns rights.

    • You have no gun rights if you smoke pot. See question 11e on Federal form 4473 (the background check form). Also see the 1968 gun control act. There might be a little confusion on this point because of Willis vs Medford and the US Supreme Courts’ refusal to hear the case, but that confusion should have been cleared up by Obama appointee Federal Prosecutor in MT Mike Cotter charging medical marijuana providers he went after with gun crimes including violations of the 68 gun control act. Marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug according to Federal law. If you use it, you can no longer possess a firearm.

  8. Agreed with this article on all counts, Mr. West. ‘Driving under the influence’ and corresponding penalties should apply to all recreational drugs, not just alcohol.

    Just one question, though: If you don’t support marijuana being legal, why do you support alcohol being legal?

    • To drink until your drunk is substance abuse and will result in a dui if driving. You can have a couple drinks to relax yourself. To smoke a joint has but one purpose, to get stoned. Does that help?

      • Not really. Whether alcohol relaxes a person or not varies depending on the individual–and the drink. Marijuana may have a stronger initial effect, but by your logic, they’re both relaxants. Relaxants that are harmful to your brain cells. From there, the only difference between the two is that too much of one can make you dangerous, the other turns you into a couch potato. Which brings me back to my original question.

  9. This article is irrelevant. Why would you compare marijuana to new gun laws. Colorado has always been a marijuana friendly state dating back to the 70’s when it was decriminalized so it’s not “Californians moving in.” You can’t compare gun safety to safe driving either, it seems like you just picked two hot political topics and threw a few paragraphs together containing both to get some views.. Poor job buddy

    • Maybe if you paid attention to the news you’d understand the connection. Not only did Colorado legalize marijuana, but it lost a large manufacturer in Magpul because of it’s ridiculous gun laws. Thus the comparison.

      • I live in Colorado. I disagree with the new gun laws and am not fond of recreational marijuana, medical yes but recreational no. But if you’re comparing the two then lets talk the thousands of jobs medical marijuana has created in the state along with the tax revenue. The 200 jobs that just left the state are minor compared to the amount of jobs mmj has created. Lets not forget either, if your over 21 and do not have a concealed carry permit you can still be in and out of the store with your background check done and a new pistol in hand in about 20 minutes. So laws are still pretty loose. Besides if you’re a good shot who cares how many bullets are in your magazine. The real issue is why these companies feel it’s okay to over charge for their products because of a political struggle over gun control.

  10. Why try to rationalize with a bunch of weak spined,dopers who see nothing wrong with escaping reality thru a substance abuse? HELLO, IT AIN’T THE SIXTIES ANYMORE!!

  11. Don’t blame the Californians. California was a red state until all these libtards came in and took control of the state government. Every time the East Coast libs watched the Rose Parade on tv and saw all the sunshine. As soon as they could dig out of the snow here they come.

  12. Neither guns nor marijuana are a problem, and both should be freely accepted. Let us not act like liberals and get hysterical calling for the government to ban everything

  13. Nice employment of logical fallacies. What the F does the gun thing have to do with the pot thing? Talk about making connections where none exist. Hey, I’m for more guns AND legalizing pot. Why do these politico-morons always have to keep their agendas nice and tidy? Why does it have to be about “liberals” or “conservatives” at all? Let’s just go issue by issue. First, the 2nd amendment is non-negotiable. Period. If you don’t like guns, then don’t buy any, and leave me the F alone. Second, pot is GOOD for you. That’s why it has been illegal and demonized for so long. Thank God so many people are waking up to the fact that everything we’ve been told about the dangers of weed are exactly the OPPOSITE of the truth.
    Hey here’s a tip for the future, if anybody tells you that either political party is the answer, then they are either lying or they are complete morons. You can hate Obama without having to be a Republican, and you can hate Bush without having to be a Democrat. Unbelievable concept, isn’t it? Now spare me the bullshite about “liberal agendas” or “conservative agendas” and get back to appreciating the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


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