Liberal black leaders wage “war on women” over judicial appointments

(L) Leigh Martin May (R) Eleanor Ross

Civil rights leaders are showing their “true colors” again in my home state of Georgia over judicial appointments.

According to Politico,

President Barack Obama has upset Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) and other civil rights leaders by ignoring their input in picking four nominees to fill vacancies on the federal bench in Georgia’s Northern District.

Lewis and fellow Presidential Medal of Freedom winners Joseph Lowery and C.T. Vivian are expected to ask Obama to withdraw his nominees — a demand that is unlikely to be met — amid concerns about the judges’ records and convictions on matters of importance to African-Americans.

The three appointments in question are:

Mark Cohen — the lead defense attorney in challenges to Georgia’s voter ID law.
Michael Boggs – a state judge who, as a member of the state Legislature, once voted to keep in place the Confederate-themed Georgia state flag
Eleanor Ross – a female state judge who is black and (gasp) a REPUBLICAN

The fourth nominee (not being specifically contested by Lewis) is Leigh Martin May – a female trial lawyer who is white — but a Democrat.

Why is Ross such a troublesome choice for Lewis? According to Joe Saunders, writing for BizPac Review,

U.S. Rep. John L. Lewis (D-Ga) is accusing the president of selling out his political base by naming Eleanor Ross as a federal judge. She is, literally, not politically correct enough. Since most black women are Democrats, Lewis reasons, any black woman Obama appoints should be Democrat, too.

Saunders points out the obvious irony:

The first black president names the first black woman to the federal bench in Georgia and “civil rights leaders” who’ve made skin color a primary way of judging people for decades are furious because she’s not their kind.

It’s always been absurd to me how the only politically acceptable black is a liberal progressive democrat black. If you dare to think for yourself as a black conservative, there’s open season on your hide.

It is horribly appalling how these “black civil rights leaders” will allow white liberal progressives to viciously attack blacks who are conservatives and not say a word about racism or discrimination. Actually, it’s not just appalling, it is deeply disturbing, because in the case of Judge Ross, qualifications mean nothing and her color is dismissed because she did not follow the crowd.

Rep. John Lewis and his ilk demonstrate their self-serving personal agenda of denigrating anyone who has a dissenting voice. The hypocrisy of how the media relates to black conservative Republicans is so very blatant.

This case also clearly demonstrates who is raging the real “war on women.” The Democrats want to keep black women in their place, on the political plantation.

It’s sad. God gave us all a brain and as Americans we have free will and choice in how we live our lives. But for liberal progressives, you’re not allowed to choose the political philosophy that best suits your life, especially if you’re black. Of course, they’ll fight for your right to kill your unborn baby.

I’m sorry, but that whole mindless lemming thing ain’t for me. What about you?


  1. If I had a hammer….I’d hammer away at John Lewis’ head, after that, I’d start on Jesse Jackson Sr. and then on Al (Not so Sharpton). And then on to………THE WHITE HOUSE

  2. If you don’t agree with them, your bad to the bone. No matter what you do if you agree with them your fit to hold office.

  3. It suits the Democrat agenda to keep racism alive and well. It suits their agenda keep us all fighting among our selves.

  4. Mr. West, I really appreciate you and your constant go forward attitude in the name of what’s good for our Republic of all people’s. I also really appreciate the fortitude your family has in allowing you to do what you do despite all the criticism I’m sure you receive for being a black conservative man. I’m sure you have heard from Democrats that you must be an Uncle Tom just because you have decided like us to use your brain when it comes to doing what’s right for everyone in our beloved nation. Thank you sir, keep up the good fight, people of all colors including this Kennesaw Georgia white boy needs you to! God Bless

    • since it was Republicans who freed the slaves and a hundred thousand..not sure of the number…of White men died freeing them and keeping the Confederacy from surviving…the Uncle toms are the Democrats

    • It would be the RINOS who couldn’t get behind Col. West.Conservatives and most Tea Party people would welcome him with open arms.

  5. Please stop referring to Black Americans as “African Americans”! I cringe everytime I hear it. A black American is no more African American than any other person who is born here! If they were born in
    Africa,and become Americans, then and only then are they truly African Americans!

    • E Pluribus Unum

      An American is an American because they choose liberty under the authority of the Creator who gave us our freedoms … The character of the heart is all that matters. People who obsess over shades of skin are ignorant of true liberty, not to mention science that has proven we all come from one father and one mother — see gnome project

      • Beautifully written!! So true. I became a part of the DNA project with National Geographic. ALL our early ancestors marched out of Africa and roamed the planet. WE ARE ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS.

      • People here would be shocked to learn that at least 75% of Americans ancestry has black genes!

  6. Whenever a white liberal tells me black conservatives are self loathing I tell them by their reasoning white liberal must be self loathing too

  7. I am part black and a black conservative woman does not represents me nor the majority of black women. We, black women, are confortable with the Democratic Party, and we vote Democrat. Republicans are cruel, racist and hate minorities and the poor. Republicans only love filthy rich people. voted for Bill Clinton because I identify with him even though he is white. I will vote for Hillary in 2016.

    • This could be the most ignorant comment I’ve seen. If all republicans hate minorities and are racist, please explain republicans that are themselves minorities.

      • So right Joe. Reverse bigotry…I worked for people like her. Have no clue. But to quote a person…can’t remember who…poor people have been voting democratic for decades and they are still poor. Gullible she would not vote for a black democratic female but a white one? Is there really a difference? Nope. Just one is more sneaky than the other.

    • I am a 100% white woman, and I would vote for a conservative black any day. I don’t claim to represent THE MAJORITY of white women, but I do judge a person by the content of their character.

    • Democrats like only one thing- power. The only reason they pretend to be “for” minorities is because they know its an easily bought vote to stay in power. Sadly, people like this seem to never realize that fact. They just keep voting for the Dems because that’s what they’re “supposed” do.
      To compound the problem, when a minority has the courage to follow what they believe in and not stay “comfortable”, they get all kinds of vile, hate-filled insults thrown at them by the very people that should be supporting them the most.

      • Who supports the KKK now? It’s not brainer that David Duke, Skin heads and other white suppremacist groups are all Republicans. Try convincing 96% of my race! We used to be Republicans until Republican betrayed us by adopting the KKK and other Southern racists that the Democrat kicked out.

    • How is that working out for you and fellow blacks? Not so well is it, wake up and realize you are only a “vote” to Democrats, once your race votes as a bloc without hesitation you have no power. You are very ignorant, but that can be changed, educate yourself and realize politicians only care about themselves

    • I am not filthy rich, racist, cruel or hate minorities or poor! I think you have been sold out to the Democrats, oh by-the-way Clinton was not a poor white boy! Also Mrs. Clinton is a murderer! Keep reading the democrats liberal news and keep up with the times Ms Santos!

    • “…a black conservative woman does not represents me nor the majority of black women. We, black women, are confortable with the Democratic Party, and we vote Democrat.” First question, are you yourself the majority of black women? Second question, why do you vote democrat? Third question, why do you identify with the democrat party?

      “Republicans are cruel, racist and hate minorities and the poor. Republicans only love filthy rich people.” First question, where did you get your “facts” about the above statement. My statement to you if republicans loved “filthy rich people” so much they would love obama would they not? Considering his net worth went from nearly 1.1 million before election to just under 14 million in his first term.

      lastly obama is more white than he is black, in fact he is more Arab than he is black…50% white 42% Arab and 7% black…

    • You just go on believing that, as you see all the broken and poor blacks around your democratic ass. You don’t have a clue what your talking about, but then racist seldom do huh

    • That has to be one of the dumbest posts I have read in awhile. Who does your thinking for you and are you even capable of thinking for yourself? Please enlighten me on your dumb blanket statements .

    • No one hates black poor like Moochelle Obama!
      Interesting you say you are part black? What part?
      You are a sorry excuse to your race, Your black Leaders keep you down with racist remarks!
      Get over It !!
      Obama is 1/2 white too you know? It is not his color people hate it is his stupidity! Yes he is charismatic and would promise you the moon! If you voted for him! But he has no class! No idea how to run a country and no loyalty to Americans! I am more and more convinced he is Muslim!

    • Would you mind sharing with us why you are comfortable with democrats, with specifics, as well as provide specifics as to how republicans are cruel, racist and hate minorities?

      • If you knew the true history of the Republicans, you would know that it was them who introduced the 13th amendment to abolish slavery, and the 14th amendment for equal protection under the law. It is the Republicans who are against believing that blacks are inferior and therefore must be “helped” with affirmative action, social services, etc. Republicans believe if they put forth effort, blacks are just as capable as anyone in accomplishing anything they wish to accomplish, and that telling them they are disadvantaged and need help only keeps them in servitude. The fact is, blindly accepting what the Democrat Party tells you only fosters the concept of inferiority and the black community’s subscribing to this concept only perpetuates their slavery, and history proves that the Democrats policies has done nothing to advance the condition of blacks. The truth is, blacks have come to accept their condition, and perpetually push for more of the same. This will not change until you change your perception of yourselves.

    • Obama cares for the rich only. Open your eyes, he wants EVERYBODY dependent on the gov’t. What has Obama done for the black women??????

  8. Col. leftists are ideologues beyond question. They hate anything that is life or freedom affirming. They are in fact fascists.

  9. Mirquella,I get some insight into who you are by seeing the way you write.You are an illiterate and you prove it with your statements.I also believe you to be a racist.Check your history and see who has treated African Americans the best and you will find it hasn’t been the democrats.What has Odumbo done for your race in the last 5 yrs?

  10. Fellow Americans, if “color” is an issue for you then perhaps you are the racist. Neither color, party, sex, sexual orientation, or wealth should be issues….capability is what I want in my representative. Anyway, at least the Administration is trying to be fair in it ‘s appointments. We should believe that all men (and women) were created equal with certain unalienable rights, and we should to preserve those rights even if we don ‘t agree with them. If we hurt one citizen by denying their rights, then we have begun to hurt the entire nation. We must stand firm on equal rights! God bless America and her grand people, who stand FREE before the whole world. I have traveled all over the world and our system is envy of the world…..preserve it.

  11. Every single Republican person of color is an affront to them and they must do everything possible to discourage their advancement. They know that having too many of them in the Republican party threatens their very existence. Make sure you give to BAMPAC if/when you can afford it. I myself haven’t donated in a while, but I’ve lost my job as a direct result of the exalted one and am bleeding money out of what’s left of my savings to stay afloat. Anyway, please do all you can to support minority Republicans. They will help ensure the future of the party, and the end to the democrats.

    • I share your pain, I am in the same boat. This sucks…to be blunt. I can not believe what is happening to our country…

      • Sorry to hear your’re in the same situation as I am. I can’t believe what’s happening to this country either. I’d like to think that the new year will be better, but I’m not really holding out any hope.

        However, I hope the new year will be good to you and yours’. Good luck in whatever you aspire to.

      • ML Hill can’t match the brains he thinks he has the intelligence to challenge. He appears dumber every time I hear him argue. He’s NOT a good rep of the left.

  12. Damn right, it is not for me either. What is right for me, and for the country, is for you to be our next President. Run, colonel, run.

    • Liberalism is feminine thinking and women/liberal males never heard a lie they did not like. How many men (Democrat males) lie to women to get what the want?

  13. Being liberal is considered to be a mental illness which should bar a liberal from having a gun or a knife as they are not stable enough to be trusted with such dangerous items. Liberals should be institutionalized with heavy medication.

    • Liberalism in men is a genetic/mental disorder.
      Liberalism is feminine thinking.
      Think of all the bad qualities of an unmarried woman and you will see all liberals.

      • Well, I am an unmarried woman (was married once, he passed away 20 years ago) I am 56 years old and far from being a liberal. While I think that you are somewhat correct in your assessment, I have found, that generalities generally, are hokum.

  14. It isn’t your expertise, your legal background, your race and gender, it’s the D or R behind your name that counts.
    “Presidential Medal of Freedom” – translation: “Kisses my boots and obeys well.”

  15. I, a 64 yr old white male redneck, would support Mr. West if he chose to run. I’m not racist, but I am prejudiced. I’m prejudiced against bleeding heart, ultra left, ultra liberal, whiney bag socialists that care nothing for this country or the future their children and grandchildren in this country. They care only about what’s put into their hand today when they stick it out. Go Mr. West!

    • I would vote for Mr. West too because I think he is an honest and intelligent man, I might be wrong but from what he has written he sounds like his ethics are much higher then Oblamers.

      • He is honest and intelligent because he puts his country first without all of the label filters.

    • sadly black politicians are only accepted if they are democrat. Mr. West be forwarned that if you have anything in your closet the libtards will find it to discredit you. You got my vote tho.

      • and if you don’t have any thing in the closet they will lie like all good muslims and make up something just to stir up trouble.

    • Mr. West supports the Patriot Act and the NDAA, where if the president accuses you of being a “terrorist”, you can be held indefinitely, without any evidence and without a trial. Those two things he supported are absolutely unAmerican and evil. And Obumma supports them too.

  16. After spending the past year reading, listening to alternative talk radio, and watching You Tube, I have learned that therre is no difference between upper level Republicans and Democrats. I had been a Republican my whole life and voted that way, even if there were things I did not like about the candidates. They are ultimately power hungry and are controlled by the globalists. Read some books: “The Creature of Jeckyll Island”, “LBJ and the Kennedy Killing”, “We Won’t Get Fooled Again-How the Conservative Right Went Wrong.” Also, search the web about the history of the Rothschild Family and quotes of New World Order people like Kissinger and Rockefeller. Search about “Operation Paperclip” and learn how our government brought over thousands of NAZI scientists who taught our military mind control, advanced rocket science, etc. Also search about Pearl Harbor and how the president knew that the attack was going to happen and did not warn the commanders at Pearl Harbor because he wanted a reason for the USA to get into the war. No matter if the president is Republican or Democrat, they get us into war after war after war. This is big business for the elites who own the steel and manufacturing and other parts of the military industrial complex. This has been a sickening revelation to me as a veteran.
    I don’t care what color a person is, but I do care what is in a person’s heart.
    If Lt. Col. West has a pure heart and want to lead this country away from EVIL, I will support him.

    • I too care what is in a person.s heart and that is why I did not vote for Obama. We can review history all we want but we are here today with a person with core valves that do not align with the majority of Americans. His beliefs arrive from his teachings with Rev Wright and the likes. As Oprah says he has marinated in this hate and his on agenda to create divide in this country. We need change now and I for one am a Veteran that fought in a needless war Vietnam. I love my country but fear my government

  17. It is Racist to tell a minority they have to think a certain way.
    If I was a minority I would hat white liberals treating me like I am an animal in their world that needs to be cared for. Have you watch liberal shows about tribes? They talk about them like they are very intelligent animals.

      • MLK wanted all men to be treated equal, regardless of the color of their skin, remember his speech? It is a shame that he was killed, he was a great leader not just for minorities, but for all Americans. Too bad there are not more leaders of his caliber, although if he were to have been born 30 years later, his views would be suppressed by the Democrat party

  18. I think the most racist people are those who want to insist that in order to be of a certain race you have to think a certain way, while the rest of the races can think what they want.
    It was the Republicans who opposed slavery and later Jim Crow laws. Republicans voted for civil rights for all races. Democrats wanted slaves, formed the KKK and were mostly opposed to civil rights. Now that racial discrimination is illegal, they want to dictate what black Americans are allowed to think in order to keep them subservient. Even the so called black leadership opposes independent thought in order to keep racism going. What would they do without it? They would have to simply be leaders then.

  19. I’m curious though, what is Barry’s motive for nominating Judge Ross? Is it because she’s black? Or, is she a RINO? I can’t help but be suspicious of anything he does anymore.

  20. The Colonel is going of the rails this time. So Obama appoints a republican black woman to the bench and he finds reason to complain. Civil-rights leaders are racist because they criticize her record even though she is black? Wow racism has changed.

    • If you can’t keep up, then get the heck out of the way. Looks like your in more need of people than people are in need of you.

    • Read the article again, Vlad. He’s not complaining about her being appointed. He’s complaining about Lewis opposing her because she’s a black conservative.

      • Conservatives oppose everything liberal. So a couple of black liberals oppose a black conservative and Col. get his panties all in a bunch.

  21. The liberals some how manage to flip the script on every issue. Political correctness dictates not only how we should say things but by extension what we should think. And woe be to the individual who dares independent thought. The efforts of these champions of equality result in a culture of extreme intolerance for those who choose not to follow. Even worse, they can never acknowledge success. For with it comes an end to their position. Thus we live in the welfare state where tyranny reigns under the guise of being polite. I wonder how much this nation has lost as a whole by inventions not made, businesses not founded, and dreams never realized because of the liberal mind set.

  22. ‘…dismissed because she didn’t follow the crowd!’ I concur yr analysis. Racism is a disease of the human spirit, and does NOT respond to political or legal solutions. Bias, prejudice and ignorance are spiritual problems, ALSO not amenable to legal ‘solutions’. Good reporting, stay the course!

  23. when the democrats were lynching negroes for years in the south, among other niceties, segregation etc. it was shame on them. my father in law was black, and a republican saw right through this lewis guy and still couldn’t stand him. my father in law used to say that the way you change the negro’s mind is give him some money, how true is that.

    • Not gonna happen Tina. You remember the intentional shutdown of the government by the Republicans right? Well all of America does too. It is gonna be a bad election cycle for Repubs for the next couple. 🙂

  24. Well, Allen, you were wrong this time. You said I would guess wrong on which of the ladies was being opposed and I guessed right. I also guessed that it was because she is a conservative. I guess I’ve been seeing this stuff long enough that it is becoming predictable. Really sad, though.

  25. This was a great article, right up to the next to the last sentence. Using a comparison to abortion argument as a platform for whether or not a black woman has a right to be a republican, trivializes the much larger philosophical basis of conservative verses liberal. What is the focus of the article now? That Obama supports a black Republican candidate which the Georgia gang opposes, or the right of a woman to have control of her body? It is a cheap shot, that makes the article trivial. Remove the next to the last line, and re-run it, and you have a significant article with strong arguments without subjecting the audience to cheap theatrics pulling emotional strings. Separate the issues. If you want to run an article about abortion, run it. But do it separately.

    • Well the article is about Mr West’s opinion .However, factually most people don’t realize that one of the key motivations for first starting abortions in the US was to decrease the population of black Americans (please see Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned parenthood).This ties with how Black America was historically viewed, and since this article is about how Mr West feels about Black American conservatives politically, I don’t see what’s wrong with him pointing out the irony of Lewis contesting a Black America

      appointment for her lack of liberalism.

      • I also understand that most people don’t like to speak about abortion, but how else to stop it when we feel it’s not ‘politically correct’ to speak of it.

        I don’t Like Obama’s policy on healthcare reform and when I speak of this,like Mr West, I might also mention other things like his extensive vacation in Hawaii while fellow Americans linger as hostages or how he stands on abortion too, or even Benghazi…..also heartstrings stuff….but within context still…..

      • The lack of historical perspective, and even historical literacy, from the right wing never ceases to amaze me. You folks are simply amazing.

      • And what does a liberal know of “real” history. Your expertise is rewriting history to suit your agenda.

      • well obama could care less how many baby’s are murdered and goes the same with color. but it this way. obama,obama he don’t care blood is flowing every where.

    • Well, West is, at the core, a trivial man. He’s found an easy gig, and I don’t blame him, but ALL his articles are the same. ‘Libs are racist baby killers.’


  27. Progressive fundamentalism, on parade … NO ONE who does not believe in their One and Only True Way will be allowed to attain a position of authority, if they can help it.

    And by the way, John Lewis and his allies are more proof of what the Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, says … only Democrats care about skin color.

  28. How about judges who actually know the laws and fairly applies them?
    “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
    George Orwell

    “Tolerance is the last virtue of a depraved society. When an immoral society has blatantly and proudly violated all the commandments, it insists upon one last virtue, tolerance for its immorality. It will not tolerate condemnation of its perversions. It creates a whole new world in which only the intolerant critic of intolerable evil is evil.”

  29. Mindless is the catch word of the century. And race? Skin color? Your current president has moved race relations back 50 years with his race baiting and racial appointments. The white part of him left home in disgrace. To bad he didn’t take the black half with him.

  30. I agree with you on this one, it so wrong, but have you seen that CA has let an illegal alien get his law license? lawyers are officers of the court? how can one be allowed to commit a crime by being here? I hope the American Bar Association will not let this stand and fight this them selves. Our leaders can not pick and choose what laws to enforce and which ones they won’t! Plus this is an insult to the Border Patrol officer who was killed, and the others who risk their lives every day to enforce these same laws.

  31. A real sampling of Obama’s appointments should be brought under the due process clause (prejudice against certain rights and the equal protection laws), as well as a percentage of appointment to all positions that are Muslim and the sampling of the persons to choose from, religious discrimination, you’ll find illegal disparity.

    • Why dont people realize or start getting upset about the percentage of apptmts of muslims. We better take notice because soon it will be too late for us infidels.
      Back a month or so, there was a facebk msg that listed a loooong list of apptmts of muslims.

  32. Black progressive / liberal leaders are only trying to keep blacks on the plantation in slavery to the federal government hand outs !!!!!

  33. Not my words but I could not have said it any better:

    ” There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs”
    BOOKER T. WASHINGTON, Republican

    • I remember when I first read this quote and I was startled to see its author was from so long ago. Saddened and angered too, because so little progress has been made in freeing the minds of black voters who look to such race-baiters to get their information on how to vote, which party to support. Personally, I wish we’d do away with parties and let the man or woman seeking public office stand on his or her own…

  34. Black men and women that are Republicans are discouraged from running for public office by black and white Democrats. I can tell you those Republicans that do run for office have backbones and will make a strong candidate. Remember the black woman that Geo. W. Bush tried to appoint to the Supreme Court, she had fought her way out of the Mississipi cotton fields thru law school to a judgeship and the Democrats voted her down. i’ll try to look her name up.

  35. Janice Rogers Brown, she was nominated by Geo. Bush to the U.S. court of appeals for the District of Columbia, but was turned down, but later in years was nominated again by Bush and the Gang of 14 led by McCain made a deal and she was accepted, also she
    was from the Alabama cotton fields instead of Miss. Pardon the error, I first thought she was nominated to the Supreme court. Believe you me, I know what the Alabama cotton fields are about, she has to have a strong will to have accomplished all that is know about her. I was disappointed when Colon Powel and
    Dr. Rice chose not to run for President, Powel is mad with himself and all Republicans for his failure, but he has nobody to blame but himself.

  36. RACISM IS RACISM NO MATTER WHAT THE COLOR OF ONES SKIN! Obviously Obama is one of the biggest RACIST. I wonder what he thought of his mother & her parents? Did he hate them too?

  37. Well said COL West. The truth is that these REAL racists, such as Rep. John Lewis and his hypocritical ilk will always reveal themselves to be partisan politicals, that we know they are.
    They are no more interested in women’s’ equality than is any OTHER communist.

  38. I love how certain individuals come on here to try to discourage those who know what actually went down with that shut down from voting. It won’t work. All the GOP has to do is keep replaying Reid’s press conference–the one where he was asked why he wouldn’t sign a CERTAIN bill…It had been revealed earlier that he had 8 bills on his desk that would have kept parts of the government open the whole time, but they didn’t want to give the one year individual extension on the sign up for Obamacare so THEY shut the government down…Oh yeah…A lot of people do remember THAT press conference. They also know from Bill Clinton that Obama was confronted saying that he had better grant that extension anyhow because it was the right thing to do…When that cat got let out of the bag, then and ONLY then did Obama do the press conference apologizing for LYING to the public and granting that one year extension. I love how Progressives have selective memories, but Bill Clinton, A LIBERAL stepped up to the plate and told him how to do his job since none of his buddies do. No, the GOP didn’t shut down the government. The Senate and the WH caused that.

  39. Interesting that conservatives believe in blacks more than blacks believe in themselves. When MLK preached content of character not color of skin, whites said HELL YEAH. When will blacks believe in MLK?


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