Shock survey: Men would rather be men

Recently the Los Angeles Times lamented that “the gender revolution has passed men by.” While women have broken into fields once dominated by men such as business, medicine and law, men have remained in stereotypically “male” jobs. Oh no!! This is terrible news for the progressives trying to re-engineer society.

But it gets even worse! According to Reyes,

In a recent survey, 51 percent of Americans told the Pew Research Center that children were better off if their mother was at home. Only 8 percent said the same about fathers.

Say it isn’t so! And what does this mean for same-sex couples raising children? (I guess it’s okay for the lesbian couples, because they’ve got two mothers to choose from.)

But it took a Harvard professor (no less) to come to the conclusion that “boys stick with typically masculine toys and games much more consistently than girls adhere to feminine ones.”

Gee, well maybe it’s because that’s the way it’s supposed to be!

As a female, I am personally delighted I’ve grown up in a generation where I can vote, own property, choose not to have a family and choose from many different career options. However, as we wrote about women in the military, there are simply some things I will NEVER be able to do as well as a man. And I’m totally okay with that.

I never thought I would find myself enthusiastically agreeing with über-feminist Camile Paglia, but even SHE recently wrote about the “defense of masculine virtues.”

Paglia says ignoring the biological differences between men and women is undermining Western civilization – in fact she says, “What you’re seeing is how a civilization commits suicide.”

According to an interview Paglia gave to the Wall Street Journal, this feminization of our culture is occurring because “manliness” is no longer valued.

She starts by pointing to the diminished status of military service. “The entire elite class now, in finance, in politics and so on, none of them have military service—hardly anyone, there are a few. But there is no prestige attached to it anymore. That is a recipe for disaster,” she says. “These people don’t think in military ways, so there’s this illusion out there that people are basically nice, people are basically kind, if we’re just nice and benevolent to everyone they’ll be nice too. They literally don’t have any sense of evil or criminality.”

Paglia says the feminizing indoctrination starts as early as kindergarten:

“Primary-school education is a crock, basically. It’s oppressive to anyone with physical energy, especially guys,” she says, pointing to the most obvious example: the way many schools have cut recess. “They’re making a toxic environment for boys. Primary education does everything in its power to turn boys into neuters.”

You know, a couple years ago, my boss (whom you might know), was pilloried by the Left when he suggested liberal progressive women and policies were neutering men. Turns out even a liberal progressive woman who voted for Obama agrees with him. Funny how that happens.

Boys will be boys and men should be men because that’s the way nature (and God) intended it.


  1. Recent medical research has proven that the average (American) males testosterone levels are dropping after age 40 at rates well beyond the natural cycle. Researchers have suggested this has a lot to do with the feminine movement in the USA and role reversals. Your story is right on!

    • Testosterone rates in males drop with age, weight gain, lack of exercise, population density, etc. I wouldn’t lay a physiological change at the feet of a movement – or you would need to prove women’s testosterone rates are higher now because we have moved into careers that were once male dominated.

    • Brent, I also learned in the 70’s when I was raising my five children that pampers which I never used/too expensive were doing a number on boys sperm count thanks to the oil based product/Pamper. I often wonder if that has anything to do with men being less of a man today. On another related subject, I have a daughter who attended a well known feminist ivy league school. She thought that when she had a baby girl, that she would determine her future….wouldn’t give her the typical girl toys/dolls etc. Much to her chagrin, my granddaughter from the earliest age proved she was a girly girl and nothing would change that. So as you can see, the feminists, frumps though they be, didn’t have the last word. It is nature alone that determines what we will be..and all this idiotic LGBT crap they are shoving down our kids throats will come back to haunt the morons pushing it.

  2. I think it’s a touchy subject. I’m very conservative but don’t start with the female submissive stuff. That’s one area that I agree with the other side. I’ve raised two very competent and successful kids and I worked the whole time. They both have good head’s on their shoulders as far as their roles in society and as a husband (my son) and a wife (my daughter). HOWEVER, neither one of them would ever think it would be fare to dictate the roles that women and men should assume and neither would their spouses. I’m also a female airline pilot that has tackled a very male dominated career path and the last thing I would ever want is for the men to think they are any better than me. Don’t go pigeon-holing the roles of men and women. Keep the standards the same and if a women can’t cut a physical test due to strength, then they don’t qualify but don’t go telling us what we can and can’t do and putting guilt trips on us because we worked and raised our kids instead of staying home.

      • I am also an airline pilot. The women I have flown with are no more or less competent than the men I have flown with. However I have noticed women have an inside track to the best aviation jobs. Standards are equal once new hires are in class, but to get there, the field is not equal. Until that happens there will always be the stigma. I would also like to point out that when women continually tell everyone that they “made it in a man’s world”, it becomes self-aggrandizing.

    • I believe you are missing the point of this article. You can be an airline pilot and still be feminine. There is no need for you to act like a man to do your job. The issue is how society is trying to make men less masculine.

    • I knew a couple with a son, although they did not both “have” to work finacially, they did so in order to have the new cars every couple years and name brand clothing. I stayed at home because to me those things were not important to me. The woman and I were fairly friendly we always stopped to chat when we saw eachother and so on. One day she makes a comment about her other neighbor it went something like this “I don’t know how she does it, I would feel useless if I sat at home all day doing nothing”. I’m pretty sure she realized fairly quickly what she had said and to whom. I didn’t get angry I just kinda felt bad for her and I asked her “Do you really think staying at home wiht 3 kids and being a good mom is easy?” she said “well you don’t have to stay at home to be a good mom and raise your kids” I said “your son, he has 2 after school activities he does during the week right? (scouts and whatever sport is in season) And he eats dinner at his Aunts and I see you drive in with him at about 8pm each night. So that leaves you time for what..a bath and then bed right?” to which she nodded and i said “Well then it seems to me that its the school, his coach, scout master and aunt actually raising him, that seems pretty easy to me”. And I smiled and walked to my house.

  3. I’ve noticed men aren’t MEN anymore. I see more men running around getting mani/pedi’s and waxing, tips of their hair dyed ect ect .. They are more feminine than any female I know. And I’ve been told I’m pretty feminine LOL.. For once I would like to see a man be a MAN! I am not sure there are any more

  4. I don’t care, her politics, she is absolutely correct. Men need to start acting like men, not n like the panty waste in the White House.

  5. 30 years now of the female first agenda You know where the Fem’s claimed girls were ignored by the educational system Well we have been ignoring the boys Like this some how balances what went before I don’t think so Now we ignore the boys and punish them for boyhood behaviors

  6. Notice the trend to say “good job!” instead of “good boy” or “good girl” has pervaded homes and schools? ignore the gender of the child?

    • In Cali starting today, they get to choose the restroom based on their gender identity rather that their plumbing…
      Sick, twisted s***!

      • Not the coastal area’s! We don’t allow minorities in the area. Southern CA is slowing trying to split from the North as well. The only Mexicans I see are the housekeepers that come in the morning. We have a live-in and he is white!

  7. Even more disgusting is how hollywood and all the tv shows you see playing do all they can to portray men as gays, stupid, inept, uncaring, etc, etc, etc. I feel like throwing my shoe at the tv when I see the way they have painted the father of a family so many times. Needless to say I don’t watch much tv.

    • Right there with ya, we watch Fox for a couple hours in the evening and Walking Dead but thats about it, used to watch CNN also but they kept showing us things through rose colored glasses or not at all so we stopped.

  8. This is the primary reason people are trying to remove God from our lives. If there is no God then you can convolute everything that is ‘supposed to be’ according to God’s 10 Commandments (and Jesus’ two).

  9. My husband is a man. He provides for his family (I do too), does the “guy stuff” around the house (killing bugs, crawling in and on stuff and moving things around), and supports me in whatever hair-brained scheme I come up with. He does not like housework or ironing. He also believes in God, loves his kids like crazy and treats me like a princess (btw, I don’t demand this). He’s kind to animals, takes care of me devotedly the too many times I’ve been very sick, and would pummel anyone who hurt me. However, he isn’t walking lump testosterone. He thinks women have the same rights as men and i have seen him cry (I think when your dad almost dies you’re entitled). I’m proud I have a man. A real man. Not a wimp or a poser. Too many women know now don’t take care of their men and do not mind taking crack shots at their masculinity. If a woman wants a “real” man, then they need to know how to treat them. Respect and caring goes both ways.

  10. The men just need to stand up and say they’ve had enough and start taking up the reigns again. More people should have read “The War on Boys” years ago. This crap we’re seeing was all carefully crafted over decades.

  11. My husband is a man. He provides for his family (I do too), does the “guy stuff” around the house (killing bugs, crawling in and on stuff and moving things around), and supports me in whatever hair-brained scheme I come up with. He does not like housework or ironing. He also believes in God, loves his kids like crazy and treats me like a princess (btw, I don’t demand this). He’s kind to animals, takes care of me devotedly the too many times I’ve been very sick, and would pummel anyone who hurt me. However, he isn’t a walking lump of testosterone. He thinks women have the same rights as men and I have seen him cry (I think when your dad almost dies you’re entitled). I’m proud I have a man. A real man. Not a wimp or a poser. Too many women know now don’t take care of their men and do not mind taking crack shots at their masculinity. If a woman wants a “real” man, then they need to know how to treat them. Respect and caring goes both ways.

    • Hi Haeli, I thank you for what you said. I been a single parent for quite some time now. I have always been the dad and it took me a long time to have the nuturing side of a mother figure. Never has my son caved to the idea that he was robbed of something. Fact is, I had to be the disiplanary and the comforter at the same time. That is rough on any bodies soul. He is now rough and tumble but also compassionate and enduring

  12. my ex does this stuff with our sons then gets mad because I teach them to be men. They are proud of their bruises and cuts after they spend time with me
    I see a improvement in their self esteem each time

    • I’m right there with you. I wrestle with them and push them. I don’t let my sons get away with taking the easy route, and while I push them to not guess on their reading (they’re 5 and 7) or just short cuts, complain about losing to their brother on mario kart, I also encourage them and praise them and let them know that I am proud of them. Boys need to get bumps and bruises, it teaches confidence and to not shy away in fear. Men need to be rough as well as receive praise for being who they are.

      • Do you also teach them never to hit a girl because they are so much stronger it’s better to walk away? Thats a dying thing now, especially wiht teens, boys are literally beating thier girlfriends.

      • Well, perhaps the girls should learn to not hit first and EXPECT the boy to walk away. I taught my son that men don’t hit women, but if the chick can punch, she can BE punched!!!

      • While I am sorry about what has happend to you in your life which would lead to this questioning, I teach my sons to respect people. But they are 5 and 7 so i’m not too worried about girlfriends just yet.

      • no it is not right to hit anyone, but in defense of yourself. Just because a person is a woman doesnt mean they cannot do real damage. That stigma needs to go away and fast. Its to the point where a girl could completely beat up a boy especially between the ages of 11-14 where girls often have more physical strength because of body development.

  13. Nancification of the USA has been going on for a long tome now. The left and progressives now have the field, now if we still wish to continue down this path we will fall as a nation before the first half of this century. We as a people have a fatalistic attitude towards the leftist and their vision of the progressive doctrine and the change that has come and will come, and the barbarians at the gates are waiting.

      • I am reminded of A. Lincoln asking his cabinet…”If you call a tail a leg, then how many legs does a donkey have?”…. Someone answered “5” – and Lincoln respond that the correct answer would still be 4, because calling a tail a leg still doesn’t make it a leg. Calling the ceremony between 2 of the same sex ‘married’ doesn’t necessarily make it so. It may be a giant step – but not necessarily forward. It is still perversion…and giving it a different name doesn’t make it less perverted!

      • well then shut up and go have a butt baby then! I don’t care just get out of intellectual conversations. Well I guess it doesn’t matter, since we already have a turd for a president.

  14. Reminds me of the old Police Academy movies where the emasculated guy was indecisive in pointing out a hoodlum in a lineup and the police chief told him “For God’s sake Will you take your balls out of your wife’s purse and nail the dirtbag?”

  15. A man is best for the kids when the mother doesn’t care or know how to take care of kids. The best is for mothers and fathers to raise kids together, they provide the core needs of kids security, love, discipline, compassion, right and wrong.

    • You can’t make a kid with two eggs, or with two sperms. It’s pretty obvious that both sexes contribute different qualities to a child.

      • Many Christians do believe in evolution but what is dumb and dumber are the Liberal FOOLS who believe in Climate Change even though it has been proven wrong.

      • How do reconcile that statement with the fact that as a gay man, married to another gay man, evolution on your line ends with you?

      • I have two son’s! Nothing stops….It will be a sad day when they come out and tell us they like girls. What is a parent to do, but accept the child for what they are.

      • no reality to evolution–nothing-cambrian period shows explosion of fossils fully developed into separate species–no apeboy there–becoz there is none–if you want to believe you are a descendant of an ape then behave like an animal(as most prog dems do)–but i believe i was created by a loving God- prove Him wrong

      • Yachty… In Genisis The original Greek version it said that God “evolved ” the heavens and the earth. So anyone that dosent believe that God and evolution cant co-exist is dumb as a slug.

      • Really…The Torah was first written in Greek? Amazing that Genisis is the first book of the Torah (to the uneducated The Old Testament) and I don’t believe G-d nor Moses wrote or spoke Greek. I happen to read, write and speak Hebrew and none of the Gentile texts come close to what is actually written.

      • Babe, you aren’t even American…..who said anything about spending $1500…..I saved most of my allowance. I didn’t have anything to spend it on and when I needed gas etc…I had a CC.

      • Evolution goes both directions .. the average IQ is around 88 currently. In 1950 it was almost 92 .If your lovely evolution doesnt reverse direction , it may be in the low 80s by 2100. They always said liberalism was a mental disorder.. This is good evidence!

  16. The best quote on this: “Men and women are different. They are not interchangeable like Lego blocks”. Wish I knew the author.

  17. I am a married gay male, my husband and I have twin boys. We both work and the boys are great! They have a manny, that is also our house man and cook. All the BS with someone staying at home is ridiculous! We have a $15k nut on a mortgage, plus a boat, cars and private school. John Waynes real name was Marion and he was a well paid actor.

      • Come on, as a kid I would choose wealth over parents being home. My kids will never see the inside of a Walmart, Sears or KMart!

      • As a child they may choose that. But the ones who had at least one parent stay home will look back as adults and realize how loved they were, how much was sacrificed and how special it was to build those memories. Memories and time that cannot be bought in any store.

      • That is total crap! My mother was home and I could have survived without her home. Best thing that happend was that my parents started going to Vegas every two weeks for 4-5 days at a time. I got $1500 a month allowance and it was party time at my house with a well stocked bar…….

      • This whole persona seems too contrived to be real. But if true, a materialistic, hedonistic upbringing does not a good father make. You appear to be a self-absorbed, emotionally immature man who has no business being a parent.

      • FO! I am materialistic, so is 80% of America! Hedonistic upbringing, please! I come from a normal dysfunctional American family……I am a great father, we are always busy and always having a fun time.

      • You know what’s hilarious? If you were actually as affluent as you claim, with so many distractions at your finger tips, you wouldn’t be trolling an Allen West article. So, what are you, about twelve, thirteen years old? Go to bed, little boy, we’re done here.

      • Actually, we came to NYC for the damn ball and everyone last night was passed out. So, someone on my facebook posted this BS and I responded. This a.m. we went to friends in LI and now we are under blizzard watch! I have never even seen it snow until today. I want my palm trees and sunshine. I love NYC, but not this cold. Our boys and their son are watching movies with the manny. Our friends and my other half are in the spa…..I am having a mimosa, tofu scramblers and toast. The mothers are smart and are still in bed.

      • I have seen my ex sister in law try to buy her children’s affections like that too, and it backfired right in her face. Neither one wants to have anything to do with her as material things don’t mean nearly as much as love and care. Having a “Manny” doesn’t mean you are a good parent… it means you are an absentee parent.

      • Sorry, I liked the Benz I got for my 16th birthday, although I wanted a Porsche, but mom got in the way of that!

      • Of course you would choose that as a kid. When we are children, our brains aren’t developed enough to make logical decisoions. Therefore, we have adults that help us survive and learn how to do life properly. Unfortunately it looks like your brain, nor balls ever finished developing.

      • Please! Ask my husband if have balls! I tried for years to make him pregnant, but we finally got a surrogate complements of our mothers.

      • I would like to take you out into the woods sometime lead you to a game trail and then disappear and watch how you fare. By your handle, you haven’t worked for anything in your life. My son actually prefers books, a goods days work and good conversation over TV and candy conversations (talking about nothing important, like celebrities)

      • What pray tell is a game trail is? If it has anything to do with camping, count me out, unless there is a large motorhome I am not going! I work, I started sailing at 8yo, I received a Sabot for my birthday and my father had a 40′ sailboat. After college I went into selling yachts, it is really unlike most professions and it pays rather well. My other half is an interior decorator of homes, yachts and planes, he has done a few motorhomes as well.

    • You obviously haven’t read anything John wrote or viewed any of his interviews, he was infact very much the man he potrayed on screen.

      • Please, he lived where I grew up. He lived on Bayshore, buddy Ebson lived on Balboa Island and I grew up across the bay on Channel. Marions house is gone, torn down to make room for a larger home. Buddy’s old place is for sale for $9m on a prime Balboa Island lot. Who cares about interviews…..I can tell you where he is buried…..I will give you a clue. he is still in Newport Beach, CA. The cemetery won’t tell you wear he is, but he is close to a tree and next to his friend that gave him the plot.

    • John Wayne was also a draft dodger in WW II, unlike many other actors, who stepped up to the plate like Erold Flynn, Clark Gabel, Jimmy Stewart, Tyrone Power & many others

      • John Wayne wanted to join the military but was asked by the President to remain home making patriotic movies and helping to keep up morale. Several actors were asked to do so.

    • May God bless and protect “your” boys from the homosexual perversion they see demonstrated in the home. Why can’t you gays be content with just being gay, you have to corrupt innocent children as well? Despicable.

      • I corrupt children…..What do they see at home? Are you some creep with strange fantasies? We lead a rather normal life, even our holiday card had the entire family including our manny on it. We really need to find our manny a bf. He is a nice Jewish boy and deserves a nice guy.

      • What perversions do you speak of? Two loving parents? Christianity corrupts and should go the same way as Islam! Both are religions of death!

  18. Well one Liberal Feminist woke up ! Maybe she’s tired of pansy guys in the bedroom and wants a real good banging by a man ! I never was one of those 80’s guys who had to get in touch with his feminine side, I was too busy out driving horses and doing quick draw demos, man stuff . Every man should serve two years in the active military and four years in the reserves, that will make our nation manly again, and get rid of the mamby pampy wimp a$$ politicians, with their elitist attitudes, it’s time to teach them that WE pay their salaries and we are disapointed with their work performance ! I served seven and a half years in the Navy, I know of what I speak !

    • We just went to a Gay military wedding, both are officers in the Navy. They are the cutest couple. I don’t know why anyone would join the military, with the entire uniform thing (no thanks) and everything else involved. They are both from middle class families and just getting a boost up. One is a doctor and one is an RN at the San Diego Naval Hospital.

  19. Paglia is not to be pigeonholed. She is a deep thinker and clear communicator who I don’t always agree with, but I think it accurate to say that she is a “post-feminist” feminist and has mostly moved forward (back?) to liberty in general and away from mere “women’s liberation”. There are many feminists who will not claim her and call her a traitor etc. That is a plus in my book. Go Camille!

      • that is what they said but it was not about that at all. in history as well as today women in the work place is still paid less. I know I lived through it. and still am. the movement was brought about for another reason. do history research on who was in the very first movement and you will learn a lot.

  20. I don’t know about this one. She begins the article by stating this lame thing about how girls are more willing to play games and use toys that are traditionally male and the reverse is not true. Hello! That’s because traditional girls toys and games are BORING! As a girl, I hated my toys and was so jealous of the chemistry and erector sets my brother received. What exactly is there to do with dolls besides look at them and dress them up? Girls play with those toys only when there is no alternatives. I was more into Stratego. The assertion of the author that the pendulum has swung too far toward valuing feminine characteristics and it is harming men is wrong. This is the case in all instances when a culture is changing – the pendulum swings way to the other side before it begins to balance out and come back to the middle. Hopefully, this will occur and we will have a new society based on equality, not a destroyed society as the article infers will occur. Hopefully, men will see the benefit to themselves of a balance between male and female qualities in all aspects of society and that relinquishing half the power to women will serve everyone, including men. Both men and women should be free to manifest whatever qualities they choose from the entire range of human feelings, emotions, and values.The point of the feminist movement was supposed to have been for the feminine attributes to be VALUED as much as the masculine attributes, not forced upon men .

  21. Today my son and killed and gutted a deer. Friday we will butcher and process the deer then eat it. We got bloody and know where our food comes from and we are closer friends than ever before. He is strong and growing stronger and his family in the future will be able to depend upon him to be a strong and smart provider no matter the economic conditions. He is becoming a man and I am proud of him.

    • Man I wish I could of hunted this year, damn surgery,lol. Sounds like you are raising him right. now I take both my son and daughter as well as my wife. it is a family thing and we enjoy it. Also it a healthier life style and teaches self reliance something modern times is trying to bury!

    • I would prefer if my son knows how to invest and dress well. There is a reason there are stores…..also we don’t eat meat! Meat is murder!

  22. There are plenty of manly men out there; you just won’t see them very much in the media. Everywhere you look, it’s all about the gay and atheist agenda today (not saying that all gays are atheists). Solution? Turn off the TV! All TV is now, for the most part, is a big propaganda machine for the left.

    And this notion that kids do just fine without a father figure or a mother figure is a bunch of baloney. Sure! Many of them can lead successful lives in the market place, whatever will be left of it, but you are robbing them of some key relationship values that they can only get from have both mother and father in the home.

    For the gay man that claims his household is great for his kids living in an all male household, do you not think your sons are missing out on key values that only a mother/woman can give? How are you going to facilitate your sons when they want to do the things or want to be interested those activities that most heterosexual boys want to do? If they only find woman attractive, how will you guide them when it comes to those relationships?

    • How does a homosexual man handle private things a girl goes through? She needs a mother to share with and confide in. Gay couples can’t conceive children if we were supposed to be men/men women/women they would be able to conceive and bear children on their own. God hates their life style and unless they repent they will pay the consequences.

      • God loves gays! Come on he gives us, looks, money etc… and we give the world fashion, art, entertainment and good taste. Our surrogate did a wonderful job, even straight couples use surrogates. What woman would want to go through all that if she can just rent a womb!

      • Of c course God loves homosexuals He loves everybody but He hates sin. Scripture tells us that . That rented womb as you call it is a woman. Fashion art and entertainment are not essential to a moral life. You can fool yourself into thinking that the way you are living is acceptable to God but you are wrong. Only by accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and repenting of your sin will you have your name in the book of life. We are all going to live forever, the righteous will be with God and the Unrighteous will spend eternity with satan the god they chose.

      • Honey, you are nuts! There is no heaven after you die! You don’t win the lottery! Your are dead and either cremated (70% of whites in CA choose this) or buried. Either way you are dust! Even embalming doesn’t help, just slows the process and if the coffin is not ventilated your ass blows up! Christianity, Mormonism and Islam are religions of death! You get Heaven, Mormons get to be Go’ds of their own planet and Islam gets paradise with some virgins thrown in for good measure.

    • How did my Heterosexual father guide me in my gay relationships? I seriously doubt my boys will do Football, baseball etc….they are rather Blue Collar sports. When my boys are 8 they will each receive a Sabot Sailboat and be in the JR program in the yacht club. We play lots of Tennis and will expose them to Lacrosse, Polo, Swimming, surfing (I surf usually every morning) etc…..You people and your Gay agenda, what do we get for recruiting a Martini Set?

  23. Just what exactly IS feminization anyway? Why can’t a female be strong, physically and mentally, and do math? What would a man even change? If he weakens himself that’s making a parody of femininity.

    • So to the forced policies of schools and such. I mean in the development period they get awards for just showing up. That is not how the real world works. So you see it as early as 1st grade. It is up to us to change this. Nothing wrong with a strong women but in some position they can not do what a man can. Combat is one not to mention all the baggage that comes when you mix males and females. That is a fact. It can cause a very dangerous riff in unit cohesion! Once that is gone it does become combat ineffective. Neutering boys makes them weak.

    • It is better called EMASCULATION. Look it up. It is what has been happening since the mid 90’s. It was planned since the 60’s. Finally, there is a backlash, but I fear it might be too late for the present generation. .

  24. so if nature intended for it to be that way why on earth does everyone resist so much, it has caused some rather lacking male stock in the late 20’s early 30’s generation.

    • Some do not. it truly is a minority that squeaks so loud you think it is more. Unfortunately we also let them get into positions that can influence certain areas. Schools and politics. Things of that nature and now we are seeing the damage being done. Why I suggest either charter schools or home schooling. At the polls vote the idiots out!!

  25. Obama Gives Medal of Freedom To Radical Feminazi Gloria Steinem

    “We don’t just want to destroy capitalism,” she said, “we want to tear down the whole f____ patriarchy.” – Gloria Steinem

    “We are the women our parents warned us against, and we are proud.” ― Gloria Steinem

    “One day an army of gray-haired women may quietly take over the Earth!” ― Gloria

  26. A little boy in primary school who is active is immediately labeled ADHD and medicated. Teachers want little robots that don’t make a sound unless asked to. Research has proven that these children are more likely to abuse drugs. Boys need fathers who are strong roll models to teach them how to be strong adults that know how to treat a girl with respect, to open doors for a lady and pull out her chair. If a boy sees his father treat his mother with respect that is a great lesson he can’t learn in a book. :likewise a girl needs a father to shelter her and so she can feel safe and secure. She needs to be daddy’s little princess. Let boys be rough and tumble that is normal behavior.

    • You are correct. Take it a step further and you will find that ALL of the mass shooters that have wreaked havoc in our schools were all “medicated” with some form of psychotropic substances at the behest of “education experts”. It is curious to note that “educators” address themselves as “doctor”–the only ones outside of the medical profession to do so.

      • Not just educators. “Doctor” is a university degree, not a job description. When sick, I go to a physician. My pastor holds an earned doctorate, and is properly addressed as “Doctor”. So are many others outside medicine and education.

  27. Hey ya’ll, ‘yachty’ is one of those obama hired trolls. You have lost all thread of the conversation to this nutjob. If we ignore him. Stay on topic, he has no power and will leave.

  28. According to new sensitivity training, even military men (trained for combat) when in admin stations if they express frustration in any way… even so much as throwing a paper on the floor….it is to be reported on official records it is determined to be a threat of ‘workplace violence’.

      • Yea doesn’t work, but I hear they removed the wall to wall counseling I received when I was in. that was the early 80’s.

      • Yeah, think about it, if only the mellow make it through without reports of ‘violent’ issues on their records…the promoted ones will be the lower T ,mindless pawns of the administration. Of course those records will also ensure that when they leave the military they cannot clear a background check for weapons either!

  29. I believe that there are more than two genders. The uber-conservative authoritarian Republican right wing nut-jobs are trying to limit us to just 2 genders. Well I say no! I think there are an infinite number of genders! I say there’s not only male and female, but homosexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals, asexuals, no-sexuals, ghettosexuals, metrosexuals, dyslexi-sexuals (people who have sex backwards), trisexuals, psychosexuals, and people who are male but feel a little hungry should rate their own gender classification. Let me add that my opinion reigns supreme, as I am an Ivy-league educated college professor and people are afraid of me. I drive a Toyota Prius.

      • No!! I drive a Toyota Prius!! I make 162000 dollars a year. People are afraid of me!! I drive a Toyota Prius!!

      • Sorry bud, I totally missed it, my bad!! Also bad pain night and on meds probably didn’t help, roflmao. please accept my apologies :)!

      • I drive a Sherman tank, have a sawed-off .30-,30 Winchester for my concealed carry weapon of choice and a 20 gauge pistol for backup and a pygmy rattlesnake in my jacket pocket with my wallet just in case pickpockets think I am a target.. and I have an implanted “eye” in the back of my head that shows a heads up display waiting for the “knockout” punk attempting to surprise me as well as a stainless steel plate in my forehead and a carbon fiber jaw liner. I piss WildTurkey Rye and eat Prog professors from the grill well done just in case that BS stupidity can be passed in raw meat.

      • Seriously if you make $162,000 how do you afford a family? That is only $13,500 a month gross and about $9500 after taxes! You need to put your wife to work!

    • Lyle, there are only two genders: male and female. you are talking about sex, you perverted Harvard professor. And people fear me too, I’m a medical doctor who drives a Nissan 350zx. Eat my dust pal.

      • Doctor, did your medical school, texts, journals, and residency not ever mention intersex conditions, ambiguous genitalia, etc. ? There are major differences between men and women but not all humans neatly fit into those categories. You should know better.

      • I know you are being facetious, but seriously, look up: Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, or Klinefelter Syndrome. They are all legitimate medical conditions that result in inter-gender or trans-gender development of the mind and/or body. It really isn’t as black and white as the uneducated public thinks, and as a doctor he should be aware of this.

      • In the womb we all start out as female. A mix of hormones delivered at a specific time in the fetal development makes the change to male. Science is beginning to understand that there are gray areas to this change, as the hormone levels and the timing aren’t always the same. Gender is not as simple as male/female.

      • Thanks for that info, however, what do we call them, I hate the work Gay? I would be humiliated if I had two mothers or two fathers….the kids suffer, no one seems to understand that fact!! Well, except a few…

      • Sorry, but two fathers and two mothers are very common, unless you live in some hell hole! The NY Times even had a front page dedicated to the Gay Baby Boom! We are everywhere! We do have the best dressed kids…..

    • My aren’t we angry….we all know this, what we need is an intelligent answer as to “how this happens” men with men? Women with women? I know there are strange heter. people that do ugly things, but to each his own, WHY DO THE GAYS HAVE TO “COME OUT” keep your private life private! I think, Professor, that putting your dinky in a garbage can is discustng never met anyone that wanted to do this to me, wouldn’t have let them that is were we do our BM….good diseases to you….

  30. When the feminist movement started, I saw a need for it. There was a lot of unfairness in the workplace. But it went too far. It seemed that feminism as we saw it in the 60s and 70s devalued feminine things like motherhood and domesticity. Instead of fighting to have the things women traditionally do valued, they wanted to prove they could be just like men. Even in their fiction, they treated motherhood as a curse forced on us by men. I think they hurt women more than they helped. Now women feel they have to compete in the workplace to have value. Few women are brave enough to stay home and raise their children and be a homemaker. All of society has been harmed by this. Children need someone who has the time to spend with them. So many children were raised by parents who both CHOSE to be gone full time. When it was necessary, that was one thing, But these parents chose careers over children. And we are reaping a whirlwind.

    • I think the women competing thing peaked in the 90s to be honest. I know way more young mothers choosing to stay-at-home now than ever previously since the 80’s.

      • I’m glad to hear it. But what about the young women who want to be in combat even though many of them can’t meet the strength requirements.

  31. Everything beginning for good; has been abused and pushed beyond limits. Take welfare; at first people were embarrassed to receive it; gradually it became a kind of game. One person looks for loop holes; and pressures the system to adjust the guide lines under threat of law suits. Now it is a way of life for many.The same with feminism; there was a lot of changes for the good of our country; then greed and hubris stepped in and pushed beyond the limits. Some people say it is just human nature; but I say it is failure in families.

    • I say it’s failure in families also…that is where the children first learn…we have to stop babies having babies…children only know what they have been taught….

      • …or maybe we need to stop telling those in their teens (and 20’s) that they are babies/ kids…implying incapable …and and instead teach ,allow and expect them to do meaningful things and to take responsibility from a younger age .

  32. Thank God and Amen! Someone is FINALLY coming around to what I’ve been saying for over 30+ years about men and women – namely the DIFFERENCES in the sexes and how we CANNOT, no matter how hard we try, make men into women and vice-versa — at least not on a non-scientific, consistent basis. To do so is to destroy our society. In fact, I’m writing a “science fiction” book on it.

  33. Our Western civilization is being undermined by social engineers disguised as scientists in areas such as criminology, sociology, social psychology, political science, women’s studies, gender studies, ethnic studies. Social engineers have in fact also taken over climate science. We should cut off the funding money.

    I’d recommend a Norwegian TV documentary series named Hjernevask (Brainwashing). The first episode is about whether sexual differences are innate or created by society. It is embedded and discussed at the blog of statistician William Briggs. One commenter there points to this book by Sara Bonnett Stein (1983):

    Girls & Boys: The Limits of Non-Sexist Child-Rearing. “Drummed out of The Sisterhood by Trademark Feminists for having the audacity to print research data that mirrored commonsense reality.”

  34. I told them not to burn their bras a very long time ago ! I am old school and believe women are and were always the ‘weaker vessel’ and should be up on a pedestal , so to speak !

    • it’s a fact that women are the weaker of the two sexes, and it isn’t a bad thing. Men were created to be protectors, providers of their wives. I could give examples, but it wouldn’t matter. Women are equal in value, and should be treated as such.

      • Good point. Man was created. So was Eve. To share Matthew Henry’s observation, “woman was made of a rib out of the side of Adam; not made out of his head to rule over him, nor out of his feet to be trampled upon by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be beloved.”
        Well, I like the description.

    • Yes, that is being honest…..however too many people live beyond their means and need two incomes…we don’t have many houses for the young to get started with that are affordable, especially now having to fork out thousand a year for insurance…I don’t know how they live or get started today…I’m from the old school also, loved our generation, men and women could flirt, we wore decent clothing, we didn’t show our boobs and butt like today…we had morals, the men waited for sex with us, they didn’t want to marry an easy girl…..I understand what your talking about, there will be women that will get on fire about my views….this generation can be so cruel…I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT EVERYONE, THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS IN EVERYTHING…SO NO COMPLAINTS PLEASE….

    • Why? What the hell is so special about women? Weaker vessel’s….really? I have met women that will chew up men and spit them out!

      • I was speaking on verses from the Bible , you got to know the Word to understand the Word ! If a woman has that attitude then she is the one that is wrong …..just as your attitude is part of the problem ! Is there any woman in your life that you admire or respect ? Look to her for how you judge all women ! It is a test ………….

    • How about we go back to really old school? Back when we were populating most of this country, where it took men AND women working together to make it. The settlers, heading off across country… women had to shoot to help protect the family, women had to work next to the men clearing their homestead, women worked next to the men doing chores… Weaker vessel in what way? Really??? My heritage is from stock that stood next to their men, who stood shoulder to shoulder and protected their family, did what needed to be done to feed and shelter their family. We were able to take care of the farm while the men took the herd to slaughter. What is wrong with society is that too many folks are not doing for themselves, expecting others to do it for them, and worrying too much about what is “acceptable” to society. I will raise my boys the way I was raised, the way my father was raised, and so on…. they will know how to stand on their own two feet, to work hard for what they want, to ensure that they provide for their family… the same way I am raising my daughter. And when she meets a man who respects her and is not threatened by her, then she will know that she has found a partner for life… same as my boys when they find a woman who can stand next to them.

      • As I said , I was using a verse from the Bible , implying a man should love his wife as Christ did the church , willing to lay down his life for her (respect)

        English Standard Version
        Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.

        If all you want to do is argue then I am not going to reply , if you seek understanding then read your Bible (if you have one) . You can start with 1 Peter 3:7 . I believe a woman has obligations to a man to be his helpmate and his partner , but I was speaking from a Biblical sense not a worldly one !

        And as is stated above: Thank you for partnering with us to maintain a courteous and useful public environment where we can engage in reasonable discourse.

      • Thank you for clarifying your meaning… You did not state you were quoting it from the Bible (though I was hoping as much), and accordingly am in agreement. However, too many people take that reference and use it to mean that we are not able to do the same things a man can do. I respect my husband, and support him in all things, and he is the head of our household. At the same time, I am able to go out and hunt with him, garden with him, toil with him, and still take care of our house and children. If we need something built, it will more likely be by my hands, as I was raised working with wood and power tools and love to build things. It isn’t because he can’t but because he doesn’t enjoy it and doesn’t want to. Women should be able to do whatever they want to do if they can physically do it. I do not believe the Bible states that we are not to… but we should not do it to belittle our husbands but to help him and raise our family accordingly.

      • Baby girl , I am so glad you got back with me ! I am a 60 yr old woman who is still working construction after 35 yrs in order to raise my 2 sons alone ! I have always known the words and meaning of the Bible though I have not always lived it ! If we have a good man in our lives it is so easy to be the wife that God wanted us to be ! In Proverbs when talking about the perfect wife it says she will get up in the morning while her family still sleeps and go to the wall to sale her goods ! Ha ! I can almost see that happening ! LOL ! The woman has to be very strong emotionally to bear the burdens laid upon her in life but her man will be there to defend her against the world when her back is against the wall and be proud of her for standing her ground ! I am sad that God has been pushed so far out of this nation , we must fight for Him now ! We conservatives must stand together , that is why I get offended when I come to these sites , I do not always explain cause I think everyone knows what I mean cause in my world they do ! Because they know me !

      • There were no Church back then (not that I believe Jesus ever existed), but if he did he was a Jew! As a Jew he would have thought of you in a non-favorable light!

      • How would you know what a man, who never existed in your mind, would think of me, as a woman, who knows the church was established on the Day of Pentecost in 33AD ? AND what makes you think your opinion of me amounts to a hill of beans ! LOL ! God bless you , whoever you are !

      • So even 33CE the dude was DEAD! AD is not politically correct! You must be Southern to say “hill of beans”

  35. Camille is right women need to be women and men need to grow a set wake up gentleman before you get caught between men and women and turn up a flaming sissy from San Francisco, a lot of men out there should start wearing dresses and makeup, because they have lost their will to be masculine, we need the Duke back to slap some sense into the wussification of America, by the liberal left wing feminists, who probably have a bigger sack than most men.

    • George: The last time I visited San Fran. the guys were already wearing makeup…and you talk about dress! Wow, they are flaming….lol

    • I hope by “the Duke” you don’t mean John Wayne, ’cause he was known as a downright flamer in Hollywood circles.

  36. I am glad that I was given the opportunity to use tools, build, and basically work in a “man’s” world. I have been often thought of a strange because I get my hands dirty and sometimes intimidate men because I can swing a hammer better than they can. But I do like a man to be a man when it comes to appropriate areas in life. I am not a “weaker Vessel” and would put anyone in their place if they thought I was “less” because of my sex. Mutual respect and freedom to live as one society. I don’t want men to become soft, not at all. I do want to have the right to do what I want if I am capable and able to do it. I like my truck, my guns, and my man.

    • Hey, if you can do the job, go for it….we are talking about the women that CAN’T do the man’s job, which takes it away from the man that is supposed to be the bread winner….ahhhh just a minute….I’m from the Victorian age, where men worked, women stayed home with their children, kept the house clean, cooked meal, brought up their children themselves, lived within their means, no credit cards, yes, I know some were skunks back then but there are still skunks today and some women are becoming the same..I know times have changed, but how can you allow someone else to teach your children their values? Don’t you want to be the one that teaches them your values…unless you take drugs/alcohol…please use your common sense in reading this information…just saying……hey, if you want to do a man’s job go for it! You sound very defensive? bless you.

    • Amen! I was raised fixing cars, working with power tools, and hunting. I agree with everything you said. If you can meet the requirements, then let you have equal opportunity for the jobs. Men should be men, as it takes a strong man to be able to live with a strong woman. My husband is such a man, and he’s not threatened by my strengths.
      As to Linedancer2… I work a 40 hr a week job, keep my house, and raise my children. I teach my children their values. You seem to think it is easy to be a working mother, but I can attest to the fact that I work harder than my husband does any day of the week, because when he gets off work, he comes home to sit and play on his computer, or reload ammo, etc, and I’m getting supper on the table, helping with homework, working on housework, etc. My day doesn’t end when I leave the office. Living within our means doesn’t allow for a 1-income household anymore. Healthcare, mortgages, food, gas, etc are all making it impossible to do that. I grow a garden to supplement food, we hunt to supplement food, but we still need 2 jobs to buy clothes, gas, our house, the land for our garden, etc, and we do all this without credit card debt! I wish it were simpler times, less expensive times, and I could stay at home… would be less work for me. You sound very naive? bless you.

  37. Women vote on emotion whereas men vote on logic. Both men and women complement each other . . . as is the way it should be . . .

  38. Nurture and Nature. The feminist liberals want boys to be feminized while they are young and don’t know any better. The only thing it produces is a confused person.

  39. This is what I call the Wussification of America (for public discourse). The schools are indeed trying, and succeeding, in making boys into wimps. So who will defend America from now on?

  40. One of the stupidest things I have seen is removing physical standards for occupations like police officers and fire fighters. It is just a fact that men are physically stronger than women and this is important and consequencial for some tasks. For instance, we have a family member who is 150 lbs. and has had many occasions to be transported to the hospital by ambulance. Ha! When two small ladies were disbatched to do the job, they couldn’t do it and they had to call for backup and the ambulance company sent two large male! This happend twice!

    • I’m with you Cynthia, however it is part of the “womens lib”. I dislike the idea of a women doing men’s jobs in the services…if they want to do a man’s job send them to the front..let them get a taste of what our brave solldiers do…give the men back their jobs…

      • Please take a look around. There are many women that are wounded vets. I believe they have had a taste of the real world. You can state your opinion without being disrespectful.

      • those women arent injured in combat, esp hand to hand, knocking down doors combat, they arent allowed and dont belong there. theyre injured in ied attacks and hajis launching missles into camps, stuff like that. a woman being in combat is no bueno. men are by nature knights, they will stop in the middle of the combat situation to save the female instead of comp;eting the mission and end up gettting himself and a lot of others killed. what is she going to do when theyre out on a mission and some haji drugged a kid (if the kids lucky) ripped open the childs belly to stuff explosives in him, staple him up and tell him to walk toward the soldiers… is she going to have it in her to take the shot to not let the child come closer and explode and kill her and her battle budies? men have a hard enough time with the realities of war,i dont think these women who are pushing for this know just what it is theyre asking for.

    • I can agree to a point. However, to unequivocally state that men are physically stronger than women is a falsehood. I know of at least 5 men that I can out lift, and I am definitely a woman. There are physical requirements for jobs that should be left… and ANYONE who can meet those requirements should be allowed the job. It should not be the fact that one is a male or one is a female that they are considered for the job. But with all this political-correctness going on in the world… all this ‘making everything equal’… I feel we lost the message. The message should be anyone, male or female, whatever age, whatever race, whatever religion, whatever sexual preference, can be hired to do any job AS LONG AS the basic requirements for that job are met. So if you are able to carry a full length of hose up 5 flights of stairs, in an allotted amount of time, then you can be a fireman (or whatever other physical requirements need to be met to do that job) and if you can type 80 wpm with only 4 errors, then you can be a secretary, and so on and so forth. Every job has physical requirements, and those and only those should be used to determine who gets that job. If you can run and catch a ball, then you make the team… if you can’t, you’re not on the team. Real life is that not everyone is the same, not everyone can do the same things… so let’s stop trying to make everyone ‘equal’ and start letting those who can do what they can and let everyone find their niche. I’m never going to be model thin, so I shouldn’t expect to be modeling on the runways in Paris… but I can sure go out on the farm and throw a hay bale, or handle my chores, or sit in my office handling my paperwork. Does this make me “less” or does it make me more, since I learn my personal limitations, not because of my sex (or other descriptive term) but because of reality of my abilities?

      • I agree. Don’t lower standards for physically demanding jobs including the military. If a woman can pass the same physical challenges required of males then she should get the same jobs or be allowed on the front line. If we don’t allow males in physically demanding roles who can’t hack it, why are we allowing females who can’t pass the same requirements just because they are females? That’s just ludicrous. Also, do not lower the requirements just so more females can pass. That just allows more people of both genders in roles they cannot perform.

      • No one ever said you can’t do the job due to your gender. The problem is if not enough of the ladies can’t make the cut then requiremens are typically lowered until the right number is reached. I know it and if you were honest you would know it too. The military is now in the process of lowering standards until enough females can make the cut for infantry. Those women will die and their weaknesses will cause their comrads to die. Been there, saw that.

  41. Keep it simple, men are men and women are women and they are different. They each have a different role in nature. We all need to get back to the natural order of things. All children need to grow up with a male roll model and a female roll model. When we become parents we have to give up our childish arrogance and focus on raising our children to the best of our ability. Too many single parent families are making a mess of our society. Our children need to have influences from both parents. Then we can make the family unit stronger. We owe it to the children…

    • You are soooo right,,,,however, with all the confusion about, “am I a girl or am I a boy” is frightening, especially for the boy or girl…science needs to find us an answer so we can understand this situation! Does the egg split? Instead of being all male or female, it becomes split into half and half? We and they want to know the truth, not just what someone says happens, we want more evidence so we can understand and stop this hate in the butt…..Remember when men marry men and women marry women, where is the childs roll model? How do these children have to deal with your choices when they start adding children? How do they introduce their friends to Mom (man) and Dad (man)? They are not thinking of the children, only themselves…we want to understand!

      • We went with Dad and Dadums…….We live in CA and like NYC, it isn’t unusual. We have lots of Gay and Lesbian friends that have children, both single and married.

      • dad and Dadums? What next…I’m sure there are lots of G&L that have children, but Dad & Dadums…give me a break…

      • Science pretty much knows what happens to form the sexes and it doesn’t always go the way it is supposed to. I agree that some are born that way but others are created by circumstances. The percentage of males who were molested as children by other males who end up saying they are gay is too high to be ignored.

    • Do you live in the 1800’s? Single and Gay parents are not going away! It is the straight people that get nasty divorces…….

      • Now you are making me upset. I recently was in court listening to two lesbian (married) women throw temper tantrums back and forth across the court room. Really, only hetrosexuals get divorced?

      • How can a gay couple have a higher divorce record when they cannot even get married.
        Fact: Conservatives get more divorces than liberals
        How can liberals get a divorces when nobody is willing to marry them in the first place.
        Married women vote Republican 2 to 1.
        I am sure it is the Democrat women that is divorced the most.

      • Married gay couples have a divorce rate? Considering they are just becoming legal (18 states now, and recognized by the IRS, SS and Military) and there are no studies I take issue with that one old timer! Heterosexuals have the corner on divorce! My niece is my age and has been married 3x and divorced 3x! I have been with my husband since college…..BTW- She is a Republican, although she is very liberal and she is a Wiccan. I don’t know how you can be a Wiccan and be Republican.

      • I’m friends with some same sex couples where one partner is masculine and the other is feminine, I don’t know if its the same with all same sex couples or not, but I do believe that is a good atmosphere for raising children. I don’t believe that single parents can give their children the same quality upbringing as a two parent family because children need both a feminine and a masculine influence in their lives.

  42. The sport for boys in all schools should be wrestling. Booker T. Washington wrote in his book that it built stamina and was good for them. Too many are lazy and fat and all they want to do is play video games.

    • What young man wouldn’t enjoy wrestling with another sweaty young man……takes me back to my teens when my best friend and I would wrestle…..

      • yachty, you make wrestling sound so sexual and extremely disgusting. There is nothing sexual about wrestling if you are doing it right. And if you are going into wrestling as something sexual, then you are going to get hurt badly very fast! Wrestling is strength and technique used at it’s finest. If you enjoy having your head and neck face one way and the rest of your body facing three other directions all while you are staring up at the sky wondering when you will black out and hoping it will be soon, then I will happily wrestle with you.

      • The Greeks wrestled naked…They also practiced homosexuality! Women were for breeding and guys for sex!

      • Are you implying the entire Greek nation was a bunch of pervs or just the few pervs who are written about. Rumor has it that Adolf Hitler was a homosexual but kept it hidden. According to you if Adolf dipped his wick into Himmler then the German nation was homosexual. All I ask is to just be sane about this. No one likes anyone who takes it to extremes.

  43. this is the reason SO MANY transgendered people are STILL SO CONFUSED!! You can cut off and attach ANYTHING you want, you are STILL MALE OR FEMALE in the mind!! You CAN NOT “SWITCH” sexes!! It is the MIND, they are FEMALE & MALE!! Very different, but complementary!!

  44. I agree with the message of this story. It seems that those in Education are indoctrinating the boys to see masculinity as a sin and improper.

      • That’s no way to talk about your family members! If you have a problem with someone in your house, talk it over with them, don’t go rambling off insults to an online comment section full of people who have no idea who is “in your house now”.

    • …and they are drugging kids who can’t suppress their natural energy instead of letting them let it out on the playground. The communists always new they could ruin us if they took over our education system. It just took longer than they had hoped.

  45. The Wall Street Journal published content from an interview with Ms. Paglia last week – she’s quite the heretic within the progressive establishment. It is quite the abrupt departure from Progressive canon in that she sees things as they are and will be, not how they should be according to the Utopian vision of the anointed left.

    Ms. Paglia’s take on global civilization is similar to Charles Krauthammer – our ultimate defense against tyranny is brute force, the deterrent value of which the US has wielded since WWII permitting the rise of feminism in the first place.

    While raging against imaginary oppression imposed by the Catholic Church or Evangelical Christians, progressive feminists and progressives in general have long admired fashionable totalitarians such as Che Guevara, Arafat and Mao. Yet, I would challenge any of them to name a woman who has broken through the “glass ceiling” to lead any of the former or present communist states, Islamic theocracies, or mideast dictatorships. What part of “Kingdom” or “strong man” do they not understand?

    • Agree with kfmcgahey.
      People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.
      George Orwell

  46. So True, thanks to the “FAGGOT” in the White House!!! I don’t think either of the Bush’s were “GIRLIE BOYS” !!!!

      • No he didn’t…fags just want to claim everyone is a secret fag…get over it…stuff your mouth with something and keep your hands busy…!

      • He was a cheer leader….Ronald Reagan was one as well! A lot of Republicans were cheer leaders! A bunch of closet cases!

      • George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Franklin
        Delano Roosevelt were all cheerleaders! George W. Bush asked students to give
        him a ‘P’ at Phillips Academy in Andover, Maryland. Ronald Reagan helped with a
        human pyramid at Eureka College. Dwight D. Eisenhower was skilled in many
        sports, including cheerleading. FDR cheered for the football team at Harvard.
        Other famous cheerleaders include Halle Berry, who also edited her school’s
        newspaper and was class president in high school. Another cheerleader? Snakes on
        a Plane’s Samuel L. Jackson!

      • When given the choice of pounding other sweaty guys on the field or putting your hands all over hot women on the sideline, gays may rather choose the former while straights the latter. Wish I had been a cheer leader too! 😉

  47. It seems parts of society define equality as “as long as I am in charge, we are equal”. Those once oppressed always seem to exact revenge when in power, while expressing a loving, peaceful world. As for feminizing men – the Romans, Persians and Macedonians conquered their portions of the
    world in essentially sundresses; no one laughed at them for wearing
    tunics. But they did laugh at them when they sold their values for entitlements and government sponsored care. Study why Rome fell – and look around you to day – look familiar?

  48. I have five kids and they have an X-Box with dozens of games that were just given to them by their cousin who is now attending West Point. Only one of my children is a girl, (she’s also the youngest), and the cousin, who is a young man, didn’t have any Barbie or Dora games or anything else that could be considered a “girly” game. My daughter, who is twelve, was grief stricken and insisted that we get her some “girly” games to play. She’s not interested in proving to the world that she can do whatever her brothers can do and do it better. I think there’s a lot to be learned from watching children before they’re messed up by society. You don’t normally see gay or lesbian twelve-year-old children. You don’t normally see feminists at that age. You don’t normally see sexists of any type. What you do see is children falling into the roles their gender is traditionally understood to “own”. Sure, there are exceptions to that. I cooked quite well for a twelve year old, and I am still a better cook than my wife. I knew how to hand stitch my own socks if they had holes by the time I was twelve, and my wife doesn’t and never has known how to sew by hand, but I believe that society, as it is perverted, tends to damage the psyche and the security of our children as they grow into adulthood. They need both parents, (a father and mother), to lead them by example, teach them how they should behave as adults and how they should treat each other as adults.

    • Total crap! My sister was married and had a kid, my brother was straight (killed in 2012) married twice and he was in college when I was born. Same parents, 2 straight kids and one gay. I had a gay uncle and 3 gay cousins (all on my father’s side)…you are born Gay! I knew when I was a kid…..

      • Yachty, I believe we’ve sparred on this, or similar subjects before. Let me say this before we go any further in conversation. I don’t hate you because of the choices you’ve made with your life, but I do see choices that you may not be acknowledging. First of all, just because you find someone physically attractive doesn’t mean they are an object for sexual desire. Secondly, just because you desire them doesn’t mean it’s moral to pursue them, (sexually or romantically). A good example of this would be my married, male neighbor being attracted to my twelve year old daughter. It’s not appropriate, moral or conducive to his health for him to pursue the fulfillment of that attraction.
        You have stated that you believe that gay people are born gay. Show me the science. Is it irrefutable science? Is it unbiased? Until I see irrefutable, unbiased science proving that homosexuality is genetic, (which is what you’re saying whether you like the way I put it or not), I will have to go by the logic I am able to muster on the subject. Logic tells me that if homosexuality is genetically bestowed, then it would have ceased to exist in a very few and finite number of generations, because it is not possible to reproduce through homosexual behavior nor through asexual reproduction.
        Some produce as evidence for your argument the fact that homosexuals have more estrogen and other hormones that are more prevalent in females than males, but those hormones, at different stages in the life span and social development of a man, are produced in more or less abundance naturally. For instance, after getting married, (or mating for life, if you were to use the naturalist term in reference to any animal that does so), men are prone to produce more of the nurturing chemicals and hormones than they do in earlier periods of their life. This leads to changes in their behavior and physical build. My point is, the same chemicals are naturally produced in more or less abundance according to behavior and age differences in men AND women.
        I’ll give you a chance to reply, but keep in mind, I will not continue to converse with you on this or any other subject if you start to become belligerent or profane, (as I seem to recall telling you before I ended our previous conversation).

      • Assuming you are heterosexual, how old were you when you decided to be straight? All you need to know is in the Constitution of the United States of America. We do not govern this nation by the Holy Bible or the Holy Koran. You may teach and you may preach, but you MAY NOT infringe upon the rights of fellow citizens. Your logic is not logical at all. (opinion) Logically, a person with your outlook would have condemned the Black community – in years past – and perhaps still do. I wonder when the Black folk decided to become Black? It appears, you can’t see the Forest……….jcg

      • You’ve obviously gotten me confused with someone who’s as ignorant as yourself. You REALLY want to equate my disagreeing with homosexuality as a valid alternative lifestyle to racism? First of all, if homosexuals are a separate race, how do they reproduce? They aren’t a race, they’re an interest group. Their particular interest happens to be perversion, but that’s not important. What IS important is the fact that, barring someone who is raped, there is no sex without choice. If you have no choice in the matter then you are a rape victim, which doesn’t make you gay, it makes you a victim. If you enjoy it and seek it out, then you are making a choice. Black, white or purple polka dots has nothing to do with the subject. Furthermore, there’s no infringement of ANYONE’s rights in me speaking the truth. You still have the right to bugger your boyfriend if that’s what you choose to do, but the question is whether there’s a place for that in the Marines. I think not, for the same reason I don’t think women and men should be in the same combat unit, the same barracks or in the same shower.

      • Oh, and another thing. I never mentioned religion in the post that you so ineptly replied to. I am a Christian, but I’m capable of giving logical, scientific opinions that are not based upon the Bible, although you’ll never find a better moral code to live by and I believe nature itself supports the very same moral code.

      • Oh, and another thing. I never mentioned religion in the post that you so ineptly replied to. I am a Christian, but I’m capable of giving logical, scientific opinions that are not based upon the Bible, although you’ll never find a better moral code to live by and I believe nature itself supports the very same morals.

      • So nature says homosexuality is natural:


        Main article: List of mammals
        displaying homosexual behavior

        Selected mammals from the full list:

        Cat (domestic)[20]
        Cattle (domestic)[21]
        Common Dolphin[26]
        Common Marmoset[27]
        Horse (domestic)[33]

        This is just a select few……not counting, fish, reptiles, insects etc……

      • No link? You copy/paste quite poorly. At least give me the link so I can see which LGBT advocacy rag published this tripe. I’m sure you won’t find much scientific evidence of any of this if you really start digging into the sources for your advocacy rag’s articles and blog posts.

      • This is an opinion piece and, as the “About” page of this website states, could have been written and posted by anyone who wishes to provide material for debate, including ‘amateur enthusiasts’. What this means to our conversation is that it could have been written by you or me. When you wish to post some scientific documentation of these habits, as I have posted scientific documentation disproving the argument, feel free to do so.

      • This conversation was never about God and Jesus. Although I believe in God, (and Jesus), it would do you no good to be presented with scientific proof of their existence. You see, the just shall live by faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen.

      • In these references not one had anal penetration, the observations that are interpreted as being same sex, sex is no more than the natural determination of which male will be the dominate male to procreate with the most females, these animal “homosexual” references were made into animal “homosexual” behavior observations by human homosexuals trying to prove their choice is not a choice but a natural response to other like minded perverts.

      • Do you people ever do your homework? 50% of Gay men practice anal sex, while 60% of heterosexual couples engage in the practice. The younger generation (under 30) it is even more common than 60%. Especially among the Christian youth that are told to keep their virginity, their boyfriends are getting theirs!

      • Exactly, Balindon, this is the kind of circular argument you’ll see over and over in this type of discussion with a homosexual attempting justify their actions by citing nature. This may have actually been the way homosexuals got the idea for anal sex, but that doesn’t make it natural.

      • Sorry. This nation is governed by the Holly Bible. What do you think our laws are based on? I’ll tell you, it’s the ten commandments handed down by God to Moses. God hates all sin not just sexual sin which includes fornication and adultery along with homosexuality. Black is just a color of skin. l have heard this comparison before and it doesn’t hold water. Being black, white or purple has nothing to do with sin.

      • NANA, this country was not found on the any bible! Considering the 613 commandments came from the Torah they do not even apply to gentiles! Come on, in Leviticus (if you take it literately)homosexuality is a sin, but so is wear garments made of two textiles, eating or touching shell fish or pork product (no more bacon for you), lying, praying to a lesser God (Christianity is good at that one), having kempt hair (Phil the lame Duck comes to mind), there are more, but you get the drift….You and all your christian friends can be stoned to death more easily then a homosexual!

      • Forrest – as far as your position against homosexuality being genetic is concerned I think everyone is overlooking a possibility here. Nature exists in balance. When that balance is tipped (ie overpopulation) then nature will take steps to re-balance itself. Illness and disease are some of the counterbalances that nature uses to reduce or control over population. I also think that homosexuality is very likely one of natures counter balances for over population.

        I do agree with many of your points. I simply think that when a portion of the population actively becomes homosexual that is a natural counter to overpopulation in a region or even world wide.

      • Regardless of what force of nature you think is behind it, the act of having sex, unless the subject is being raped, is always, always, always a matter of choice. Meaning, no matter who or what you are attracted to, you have a choice in whether to act. It has not been proven to be genetic. Even if it is, there are plenty of other disorders that are genetic and they’re no less abhorrent. So, although homosexuality has not been proven to be genetic, even if it was genetic it should still be consider an genetic disorder, since it leads to, if allowed to ‘run it’s course’, the inability to procreate. Reproduction is one of the criteria for life.
        Do you have any examples of nature rendering an overpopulated species to be, in whatever way, incapable of reproduction? I’m curious.

      • First off I hated that movie……Now Gumpy, if it wasn’t natural it wouldn’t exist in nature as it does. Do you realize there are gay dolphins that will mate for life! Go look it up, homosexuality is in nature, so it is natural!

      • Your comment doesn’t address, even indirectly, any of the points I have brought up. Nor does it even approach the truth. I assume you’re referring to articles such as this:

        But if you were to read the paper this article was referring to, you would find that nowhere does it even mention sexual behavior of the dolphins studied, bisexual, gay or otherwise. Read it for yourself:

        Then read this:

        Just because male dolphins have strong bonds between them doesn’t mean they’re gay. I’m not gay, but at times I’ve had male friends that were strongly bonded to me and I to them. That, as a matter of fact, is where I think homosexuality comes from. Unbalanced individuals that are overly sexual find themselves in a strongly bonded friendship with someone of the same sex and carry their bond beyond the proper boundaries.
        In nature you find certain animals, dogs for instance, that establish dominance over each other by mockingly acting out seemingly sexual behavior. So is this the ‘LOVE’ you and all your sugary little friends are constantly referring to? The act of a male establishing dominance over another male by mock anal rape? That’s not mating nor is it something that should even be considered civil interaction for humans.

      • I am a Conservative and everyone knows that kid in the neighborhood that is going to be gay. Yachty is correct.
        But Gump is just about spot on.

    • Forrest, I agree that some children fall into their gender rolls. My granddaughter and I are exceptions to that. As is my husband and son. My husband, like you, sews like a pro. He should, his mom was a dressmaker and he loves making his own clothes, doing alterations, etc. He has a manly job-he is a chemical engineer. But he likes sewing and fixing the cars, and repairing the house. He cannot cook but my son is better than most professional chefs I have known. Love when he goes into the kitchen. I can sew but hate it. I do like to cook though. Everyone is unique and if we focus on the precious value of each person and what they bring to the earth, we won’t fall into the gender trap. We’ll just appreciate each wonderful gift.

      • Lucy, while I agree that each person is a wonderful individual and doesn’t have to be trapped by stereotypes, I disagree that gender is a trap OR a stereotype. Your gender is what you’re born with and women, by and large, are different than men, hormonally, chemically and emotionally. A man’s chemical, hormonal and emotional makeup is suited for certain tasks and a woman’s is best suited for others. There are tasks that do not necessarily fall into a group or role and there are interests and desires that defy these basic facts, but just because someone is interested in something that is not traditionally within that gender role doesn’t mean those roles aren’t there. Human beings seem to be happier and more productive within those gender roles most of the time, but I would encourage my sons and my daughter to pursue what interests them even if it crosses traditional gender boundaries,(barring sin, of course), because everyone is always happiest when they are pursuing their interests.

    • Cooking is a science of time, temperature and technique.
      Men are better in science.
      Why do you think when you think Chef you think man?

  49. Let’s not forget out the emasculation of men in sit-coms (father-figure a buffoon), and in movies. Even Disney, in order to create a strong female character, makes the males look thin or too fat, weak, stupid, and mean. Why can’t the female lead look amazing while being supported by a strong, intelligent male lead? The “strong” male lead that our kids are now admiring are crafty killers in video games. Moral character, wisdom, leadership are missing from many of these characters that are male. The closest we come is Captain America. Even Superman has evolved into a dark troubled soul, instead of an upright caring man with high standards. My point is, that media is taking away masculine behavior and replacing it with buffoonery or violence.

  50. boys should not be forced to be tough but encouraged to play physical games; we need men who are strong males but gentle also to understand the fragility of children the importance of healthy emotional expression in families; we need women who are real not women trying to be men but women with heart and compassion and who are not afraid to show it; we have too many women snatching and grabbing at things without any human self respect, such as at “sales”, on advertisements on T.V.; we need wives to stand by their husbands as St Paul admonished, to obey their husbands and husbands to love and respect their wives.

    • Do not have enough jobs for women and men to work. One would say that a husband and wife with great jobs and not kids are greedy. One of them jobs could feed a family.

      • Yes, even today a family can be supported by the man’s income and the mother left to be the mother. ‘The job’ now is more important than the child. Satan must be pleased!

  51. Why is it the Left/Progressives/liberals are constantly floored by what the rest of us routinely accept as truth and have known as such for, well forever………….

  52. Men try to support their families and even take one a new family after they divorce. Women tend to work for themselves even in the marriage or just extra money. How many women are in jobs that could support a family but she does not want a family?

  53. Studies show the longer a woman is single the longer she votes Democrat. Now you know why The DNC is not big on family values.

  54. You know the real tragedy of all of this? Those innocent children that are being subjected to this abomination and brought up under those evil circumstances. I feel burdened for these children. I really do!

  55. Thank you Michelle, I totally agree. Men are wired differently from women. However, I am 61 years old and was raised by a man who I think may have very much wanted a son. I became a female version of that son. I hunt and fish, throw a baseball and football like a guy, used to get in fights in school. I would scrap now but arthritis kind of slows me down. I can do some car repair, like to get dirty, don’t mind bugs unless they are venomous and bite me. I almost never wear make up, I’m a little heavy and like most guys, I really don’t care. Believe it or not, I am married and raised two children and am currently raising my granddaughter, another tomboy. My mother’s older sister was a captain in the Army. She also taught me a lot about being self-sufficient. She built her own house at a lake with my Daddy’s help. I learned about putting up stud walls, doing dry wall, plumbing and electrical wiring, pouring concrete, shingles, painting, flooring, you name it. I was also forced to learn how to be a little girl, etiquette, ballroom dancing, all that stuff. Maybe boys would benefit from being a little more well rounded without sacrificing their manliness.

    • I was raised by a stepmother with a mostly absentee father. Not only can I do all that stuff you said but I can also cook, sew, wash laundry without destroying the washer and dryer, iron cloths, clean up the house, wash dishes, change diapers and make a baby smile and laugh. I never thought any of that diminished my manhood. I always just figured it prevented me from being dependent on a woman, especially mommy.

      Have you noticed the increasing number of over 30 men who still live with their mothers? While some actually support their mothers, and there is nothing wrong with that, there are others. I coined a descriptive phrase for them myself. I call them “Saber Toothed Papooses” . A papoose is something mom has to carry on her back and a saber tooth is something to big and dangerous to try and make them walk on their own feet if they just feel like laying down.

  56. Not to mention all the boys that are prescribed ritalin or whatever because their teachers expect them to sit still and be quiet for hours on end. (They MUST be ADD or ADHD) They’re boys! They need to learn to sit still and be quiet during class, but that comes with age.

    • School achievement is a lifetime achievement what the mutts do in school reflects on the the rest of their life, be tough say I, I am me and I intend to stay that way.

      • I have been a teacher for almost four decades. The problem is not with teachers,schools,or even kids. It is the parents. Today a teacher must be a teacher,a social worker,a counselor,a babysitter,a surrogate parent, a martial arts expert,a probation officer,and a referee Where are the parents? Fluffing off all their parental obligations onto teachers. Yet when one of their “little angels” attacks a teacher,it is the teacher who gets blamed for defending himself. Boys who dress like dumpster divers and wannabe gangbangers. Girls as young as twelve dressing like five dollar street walkers. Every other word out of their mouth has four letters A dog is only as nasty as the people it lives with. If a child is disrespectfull,or anti social,he got it at home.

    • Amen Mimi, you are 100% correct. The best place for kids to learn to sit still, is in church, hearing God’s Holy Scriptures. Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night, with a softly spoken Momma saying “sit up like a big boy”. Worked for me. I didn’t have a Daddy around, the violent alcoholic showed me NO EXAMPLE to learn from at all, except to stay away from Booze, and later classmates who were also on dope. Now….I mentor kids…..something’s wrong, where are the Daddy’s? Why don’t they want to be men? Where are the Momma’s, why don’t they want to be keepers of the home like my Momma who worked 18 – 20 hours a day when latch key kids were called bastards because Momma & Daddy were divorced. That hurt. Thank God I had a Proverbs 31:10 to end Momma, older sister, maternal grandmother & now a wife of 22 years. Now AMERICA—–LOOK UP PROVERS 31:10 to End; TITUS CHAPTER 2; & ROMANS 16:16. That will start you on the right track. Pray with humble hearts twice a day, read a chapter of the Bible every night before going to sleep or get up 30 minutes earlier to find the answers in God’s holy word. It works. Sad Mr. Obama, the Homosexual, Islamic Infidel from Mombasa , Kenya isn’t man enough to read & stand for God’s holy word like Ronald Reagan, Harry S. Truman, & James Abram Garfield. S/retired, (10 year Sheriff, with a Captain’s Rank). GOD SAVE AMERICA FROM OUR MARXIST RIFF RAFF!!! God protect our troops & Veterans.

  57. I wish my girlfriend would read this and not be offended. She’s a progressive liberal that this article is reflecting

      • LOL… Hey, cut Alvarez a break. I think he’s a younger generation guy who has just seen to many entertainment movies/videos.

        Besides, women like that are increasingly hard to find. They’re like parking spaces. All the good ones (Just like smart men with real backbone) are taken and the rest are handicapped.

        So what’s a young guy to do?

  58. As kids, my brothers and I lived a pretty simple life with but two choices; we either did as our parents told us to or found ourselves wearing the wrong side of a belt. So, if we didn’t have a toy we wanted, we invented one, even if it was made out of rocks. Those were good days. Wussies and crybabies simply were not allowed and for good reason.

    I think of obama…a wussie and a crybaby and it’s hurting our country.

    • Correction .. that would be King Wussie and Emperor Crybaby. While he certainly is not good for the country, the primary cause of our current, ongoing ruin are the wussie, crybaby, willing subject of the newly coronated King/Emperor. … The bad news is that those same willing subjects are bent on coronating Queen Hilary next.

      • A retired Army Officer Col. Harry G. Riley is working to organize a mass protest scheduled for 16 May 2014 in Washington D.C. The goal is to force the resignation of the Marxist Obama and his cronies (Eric Holder is also included). He calls it “Operation American Spring.” This is our chance to peacefully force a change in the government.

        But for it to succeed it must be huge – HUGE! If you are serious about saving our country, you will be there. And until then do all you can to spread the word and encourage others to participate.

        If we can make this demonstration HUGE, that would be the best response to Michelle and her love for that piece of garbage Jane Fonda.

        For more details Google or Bing “Operation American Spring.”

  59. Whatever else Paglia may or may not be, she certainly is iconoclastic and definitely NOT politically correct like the mainstream Stepford “Feminists” who so completely dominate that sorry movement (the Sows and Cows of NOW railed against supposed “male chauvinist pigs” but they simply ADORED serial woman abuser Bill Clinton and looked the other way and gave Bubba a pass as he victimized a series of mostly unwilling women and continually publicly humiliated his wife and daughter with his sexual buffoonery, all because he supposedly protected “womyn’s reproductive rights.”)

    Paglia’s point about how the political, financial and social elite are now almost exclusively non-military, and the dangerous impact this has had, is well-taken – and without her necessarily intending this, underscores how valuable is the leadership of a man like Colonel Allen West and why A LOT of people want to see him become President.

    The fact is that almost all of our leaders on both sides of the political aisle are by training and background either lawyers, businessmen, academics, policy wonks or lifelong up-through-the-chairs career government official types — who don’t really comprehend the toxic combination of fiendishness and fanaticism displayed by our current enemies (the Islamist jihadi types) as well as the essential ruthlessness of our current “frenemies” and future potential foes like the Russians and the Chinese, all of whom essentially muscled or shot their way into power. This is what Paglia means when she declares that they “don’t think in military ways” and thus underestimate the dangers posed by such current and potential foes and overestimate their civility because “they literally don’t have any sense of evil or criminality.”

    And even those few among our leadership cadre who perhaps served a short hitch in the military decades ago but who are essentially civilian in training and orientation fall into the same trap -GWB’s couple of years spent flying jet fighters back in the ’60s for the National Guard, on his way to becoming first a businessman and then a politician, really did not equip him any better to anticipate the devious evil of an Osama bin Laden plotting to fly airplanes full of innocent civilians into crowded buildings than Bill Clinton’s training as a lawyer, an attorney general and a governor let him anticipate something like the USS Cole bombing or the Mogadishu disaster. Both dropped the ball, and America paid for it, dearly.

    Virtually alone among the current crop of national political leaders, a man like Colonel West has had the professional training and the career background as a much-decorated combat commander who personally fought the jihadis to RECOGNIZE the essential evil of this country’s enemies, UNDERSTAND what’s at stake, and have a coherent idea about what to do about it. Securing America’s place in an increasingly dangerous and uncertain world and protecting our nation and its citizens is, or should be, Job One for any President, ahead of tinkering with taxes and the economy, healthcare or anything else. If we don’t get that right, nothing else will ultimately matter much.

  60. In Grade School we played with cap guns at recess, in PE we played dodge ball with under inflated balls, we played marbles, we climbed on the bars to the cross bar of the swing sets, we jumped off the top of the monkey bar set. After recess we could sit still for the next hour and a half till lunch and out in the play ground again. Boys need to run, play rough and be boys, real boys are kinetic learners they need stimulation to keep them interested, most girls can sit quietly for four hours at a time and learn, boys can not sit more than 1 or 2 hours until something outside attracts their attention. Progressive/liberals can not tolerate the need boys have to be active, the school administrations fear law suits by liberal/progressive feminist mothers when theit boy gets hurt, so they want the activity stopped and the active boys drugged to keep them still.

  61. I never was able to find my feminine side. For years I thought I might have a really sneaky uh… (starts with B) hiding out somewhere deep inside of me just waiting to take down my predominate half. I am immensely relieved to find out that she doesn’t exist! I am normal and it’s genetic. I never could help myself. Even when I was a little boy I felt more like a little boy than I did a little girl. Now that I know it’s ok, I have feminist permission to be a masculinist! I can go on being me, nor more guilt trips about failure to wear pink! Free at last! Free at LAST! Thank Camille Paglia, I am FREE AT LAST!!!!

    Uh … you think it would be ok if I continue to open doors for women? I got called a pig for that once in Fairbanks Alaska…. I wouldn’t want to offend those women whose other half (the hidden man) is trying to overcome their predominate halves.

    I do have one question: If men are really men and women are really women, why do so many people think it’s a bigoted, borderline hate crime to say that out loud?

  62. The most girly game we played was jacks, the boys always beet the girls, so the girls made the boys get their own jacks, us boys used balls that did not bounce as high as the girls which really pissed the girls off.

  63. My Momma didn’t have a choice. She worked 2 jobs, 18 – 20 hours a day M – F & 0600 to 5 P.M. on Sat. to provide for me & my Sister. Yet, she taught us to be the best Christian Man & Woman we could, always look to GOD & his Holy Word. Leave the world a better place, & as Aaron Tipton’s song “You got to stand for something”. Thank God for my Momma, who stood alone against my violent alcoholic Daddy & a corrupt Arkansas Chancery Judge, Ernie Wright of Harrison, Arkansas.

  64. Those sissy men who disparage men who served their country in the military are not worth the effort taken to protect them. These are the same type of individuals who think that fire fighters and especially police officers are nothing but fools.


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