My resolutions for 2014. What are yours?

The year of 2014 will be a turning point for America. It hope it will be the year of jubilee, when freedom-loving Americans are able to look into the eyes of their children and grandchildren and pass on the precious elements of the American DNA — liberty, opportunity, and security.

My resolutions are simple. I will continue to advocate for the restoration of our country as a Constitutional Republic and the recommitment of our nation to the principles of constitutional conservatism.

I will do my best to be obedient to God’s will for my life.

I see something happening in America, which I find encouraging. I believe more of us are taking a stand. America has fallen to the whims of the progressive socialists but the tide is turning. This is not about Republicans or Democrats but rather about a governing philosophy, which upholds the fundamental and founding principles of our great nation.

President Obama promised to “fundamentally transform” our America, and every day we see more of what that means. His vision of a government-centric dependency society is being rejected.

Liberal progressives aren’t going down without a fight — but they are fearful and nervous (you can see evidence of that in their comments on these pages).

Such verbal assaults only serve to reinforce our energies to stay on the offensive and be relentless in our stand. I pray you will continue to stand with me.

The West family is headed to Orlando today to see the girls’ cousin, Sherard Cadogan, a 6’3″ 233 lb Wisconsin Badger who will be taking on the South Carolina Gamecocks in the Capitol One Bowl game tomorrow. It will be nice for them to see him and know he has family in the stands cheering him on. We do have one rule in the SEC: we cheer against each other in conference but for each other in bowl games.

I hope you enjoy the bowl games and a safe celebration of the New Year. Let us pray for a 2014 that is healthy and prosperous for our nation.

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San Arnold

Yes, Mr West, you are correct. SEC fans cheer for ALL SEC teams in bowl games. WAR EAGLE!


Standing with you all the way. We need more men like you who stands for liberty. What is happening to our country is not what our men and women died to protect. Have a wonderful year and let freedom once again reign in America.

Verna Charter

Mine is simple, also. Do God’s will for my life and to do all I can to bring this nation back to God and His precepts.

Susan Fuchs

I resolve to stand strong for the constitution and bill of rights! I also will keep speaking truth and scare the pooh out of the liberals and rinos…..

Hank Mansfield

1. Stick to diet and exercise regimen. Regain 20 lbs of muscle.
2. Take up fishing and hunting again.
3. Stand up for my rights as a Republican.
4. Stop worrying about what idiots think of me.

Sharon Bullard Juday

We stand with you, Col. West…..Wishing you and your’s a very Happy New Year and yes sir….Go Gamecocks….SEC …..GOD bless…..


My resolution – wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Jennifer Crump
1. I am going back to school in the Fall to finish my nursing degree. 2. All of my kids are going to take lessons at the shooting range so that I am not the only one who is able to fire a weapon. I want them to be able to defend theirselves should the need arise. 3. I am going to buy a bow, because I miss hunting. 4. I am planting a larger garden and hoping to get chickens for eggs. 5. I am prepared to stand and fight for what is right and be myself regardless of… Read more »

Jen,. Go to a Tractor Supply and get your chicks. Our neighbor, who has chickens has so many eggs he gives us eggs every month. 2 dozen. There’s only 2 of us so we give them to others. They are so fresh and good for you. Good luck! Happy New Year.

Doug Moore

Awesome…..good on ya Jen!


Happy New Year, to the West Family!


Happy New Year and Thank You for your service


Let’s hope our New Year, 2014 is “We The People” our year Fellow Patriot Americans. Happy New Year and God Bless OUR REPUBLIC!!!!!!!!!


Happy New Year… Glad to be sharing next year with you.. You say what I want to say so I quote you quite a bit.. I always give you credit and share your posts a lot.. Thank you for all you do and for what you have done…

Richard Wittauer

HAPPY NEW YEAR Lt Col West. Thanks For All Your Hard Work For America. 🙂

Ron Livaudais

I will rejoin my efforts with you to get this country back on the right track as I believe millions will do


Voting a West/Cruz ticket or a Cruz/West ticket!


I plan to continue driving Leftist Commie-loving Liberals crazy and shaming and shunning them -in public while shouting even louder for our fellow Constitutional Conservatives to run for office. There’s one such Conservative that should be in our White House and I think he knows it so…