But wait, there’s more! Obamacare will cause insurance company bailouts too!

Washington Examiner reporter Byron York told Fox News on Thursday health insurance company bailouts “absolutely will happen” under Obamacare, claiming a government lifeline is actually “built into the law.”

Wow! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better!

York explains, as reported by the Daily Caller:

There’s something called “risk corridors,” which basically ensure that if an insurance company ends up paying a lot more in benefits than it takes in in premiums, then the federal government will bail it out — it will make it good. And it looks like we are entering a situation — certainly in the first month of January — where the insurance companies will be in that situation. And they’re not going to take the losses. It will be the taxpayer who makes up for those losses.

The fundamental premise of Obamacare is wealth redistribution from healthier, hard working American families to elderly, sicker, low-income recipients. This flood of individuals into the healthcare marketplace results in a problem for insurance companies that can only be solved by higher premiums and deductibles for those who are basically subsidizing the other folks.

Real “sticker shock” is beginning to hit and Americans are realizing the Affordable Care Act is an oxymoronic title, emanating from morons. People just aren’t falling for the idea of paying more for less – especially younger Americans, despite all the fabulous infomercial-type promises they’re received. It’s a sham. Wow.

Then add in all the uncertainty that President Obama has interjected because of “you can keep you plan, no you can’t keep your plan, well, it’s ok for you to get your plan back, we need to extend the deadline for you to keep you plan, if you can’t get your plan you are exempt from the individual mandate tax which I said was not a tax but I agree with Chief Justice Roberts and the Supreme Court that Obamacare is constitutional because it is a tax” – heck, I was confused just writing that.

York explains it this way:

It’s a very confusing situation, and I think what is unavoidable is that after the first of the year, people that require expensive health care treatment are going to find out then that they may not be covered as they thought.” The issue that no one really knows is if individuals have actually been signed up for Obamacare through healthcare.gov and whether or not payment has been processed. If the payment issue becomes of consequence, then a trigger will potentially have to kick in, that could mean a bailout for insurance companies.

You see, in the world of progressive socialism, academics theory always sounds so lovely. It’s in the practical application and implementation of their schemes where it all falls apart.

History teaches us this, as we’ve never seen socialism successful anywhere in the world — yet we fell for it here in America, thanks to the “ShamWow President.” The one difference is that ShamWow actually works.


  1. This is 100% accurate. Insurance company call centers will first be outsourced to India or Pakistan causing thousands of Americans to become unemployed. Then, when they still can’t pay claims, the government will step in to bail out with our taxpayer money, taking further resources from causes such as our military, veterans benefits and much, much more! This is only the beginning my friends.

      • Medicaid for all. And with the ACA medicaid expenses follow you all the years of your life. Upon death, the State will take what it is due, which will more than likely be more than you have. Within a couple of generations, everything will belong to the State. I hope your great grand kids like serfdom.

  2. “Americans are realizing the Affordable Care Act is an oxymoronic title, emanating from morons.”

    Actually, the ‘founding fathers’ of Obamacare are not morons. They are a clever and calculating group who know exactly what they are doing and what they want to achieve. Their goal is to destroy the entire system. They have successfully dismantled the banking system and now the health insurance industry. Up next, the pirates armed with degrees from Harvard and Yale will raid your retirement accounts… They are already robbing savers through artificially low interest rates and robbing the poor through inflation. Run with the hunted….

    • Not to mention the citizens of the US who don’t live there. We can’t take the coverage because it isn’t international so we get to pay that “fair” opt out fee. OH! Let’s not forget, my hard earned not US dollars need to be reported to the IRS every year….just in case I make enough they can take a piece of my pie too. Running is no longer an option with this mafia group at the helm!

  3. “The fundamental premise of Obamacare is wealth redistribution from healthier, hard working American families to elderly, sicker, low-income recipients.” No, it’s not. Medicaid and Medicare have already been doing that for decades. The ACA is to get the American people dependent upon government largess, to completely disrupt our economy, cause our nation harm, and give the Left what they have always wanted–a feeble U.S.A.

  4. So, we get higher premiums…higher deductables….less doctors….more time waiting…AND, have to bail out insurance companies. Isn’t this a wonderful health care plan?! This is infuriating.

  5. When will the American people going to realize that this is a bail out of the insurance companies. Once the policies are canceled no one can make the insurance companies pick back up the risk and they are off the hook and the risk is not on the government either. they are then set up for big profit how ever it goes from here on.

  6. There must be a close relative of Lex Luther mixed up in all this madness. Are we talking World Domination now? It seems to be a no-win game, but who’s benefitting if the U.S. crashes and burns?

    • Nobody benefits if we crash and burn. But psychopaths like obama, Soros, Doomberg, de Blasio and Hitlery all believe they “are the one” that can rule the world and make it all better. These types tend to be the ones who end up crashing and burning…

  7. Privately owned, government run business is call Fascism. That was the model of the National Socialist Workers Party in the 1930s.. and yeah, I am saying that Obama is taking Hitler’s course. Not everything Hitler was about killing certain races. It was a form of socialism.

  8. The way things are going here, we will see Christians again being fed to the lions for sport, government taking our money to get rid of undesirables, but unlike Hitler, the undesirables here are white Christian people, with other religions following closely behind, educated black men and women, and so forth. Apparently this government wants to make a nation of dependent, irresponsible children while forcing the rest of us to provide financial support for them. Somebody needs to stop this, and SOON. We have some wonderful, smart men like Alan West, and many other who continue to fight this, but I fear that if one of them becomes president, they will lose all credibility. I beg these men to just keep doing what they are doing and keeping this information out front so the people may wise up and vote accordingly.

    • I think I understand what you’re saying but still gotta say that I think we need to keep our “threats” credible by putting a smart, wonderful man like Allen West in the White House.

  9. That increasing gap between rich and poor is about to grow much wider than it already was thanks to this Socialist act. My guess is that is exactly what our President wanted.

  10. Mandatory maternity coverage for a 60 year old woman, mandatory spousal coverage for someone not married, very very large deductibles. Nancy Pelosi said we have to pass it and so it became reality. Somewhere in those details was also a plan to make sure the insurance companies don’t lose money – do you really think that has ever happened?? The insurance companies bought Congress and Congress absolved itself by seeing the song of its good for the people. Words you don’t want to hear – I’m from the government and I am here to help you. Those who could not afford insurance before are being supplemented by excessive/unneeded services paid for by those who have busted their butts for their entire life. This is charity plain and simple which will be paid for by middle class America because 51% consume 90% of the resources, and the rich already had a shelter before OOB Care became law.

  11. Can anyone think of one government program that is a success? MEDICARE, Social Security, 401K plans, AHA quickly come to mind as unsuccessful, potentially unsuccessful for the AHA based on problems before even enacted.

  12. If they are bailed out, then they are technically Nationalized by the Federal Government- just as GM was. All of those Health Insurance CEO’s with their bright smiles will be replaced with Black Panther and Muslim Brotherhood members.


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