Egypt declares Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group. Will Obama follow suit?

While President Obama is off in Hawaii enjoying his vacation, true leaders in the world are tackling one of the most dangerous Islamic terrorist organizations, the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to Fox News,

Egypt’s military-backed interim government on Wednesday declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, criminalizing all its activities, its financing and even membership to the group from which the country’s ousted president hails. The announcement is a dramatic escalation of the fight between the government and group, which has waged near-daily protests since the July 3 popularly backed military coup that toppled President Mohammed Morsi.

You may recall the Obama administration’s support of the former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and the ensuing tension between the military backed interim government and President Obama because of that support.

Egypt, the largest Arab nation in the world, had been a steady ally and supportive of the Peace Accords with Israel. It was Morsi’s rise to power which threatened the region and escalated tensions and advancement towards greater influence of Sharia law-type policies and terrorist activities.

Hossam Eissa, the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education said the decision was in response to Tuesday’s deadly bombing targeting a police headquarters in a Nile Delta city which killed 16 people and wounded more than 100.

Ibrahim Elsayed, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political group, the Freedom and Justice Party, said the government announcement will have no impact on the work or the beliefs of the group, because it has seen repeated government repression and continued to exist with a moderate view of Islam.

This decision is as if it never happened. It has no value for us and is only worth the paper it is written on,” he told The Associated Press. “It won’t impact us from near and far. Ideas won’t be impacted by false accusations. We uphold this call only for the sake of God.

I find it laughable that anyone would consider the Muslim Brotherhood as operating within a “moderate view of Islam.” All you have to do is read the Muslim Brotherhood’s charter to recognize the clear and present danger they present of “stealth jihad.” The Brotherhood represents a political, not militant, wing of Islamic totalitarianism – but it is just as threatening to the world.

I recommend Erick Stakelbeck’s book on the Muslim Brotherhood, The Brotherhood, America’s Next Great Enemy in order to understand the history of this group seen as the “granddaddy of Islamic terrorism.”

The links between the Brotherhood and Al Qaeda are irrefutable, especially since current Al Qaeda leader Al-Zawahiri is Egyptian and got his start with the Brotherhood — the same organization responsible for the assassination of Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat.

Ministar Eissa said that the Egyptian government had notified other Arab countries about its decision as the Brotherhood has organizations and political parties throughout the region.

Of course, the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t limited to the Gulf region, it operates with impunity right here in the United States of America. A review of the Explanatory Memorandum recovered in a 1991 FBI raid in northern Virginia reveals the Brotherhood’s intentions for America, sadly coming to fruition. You can read it here.

Groups such as the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Muslim Student Association (MSA), and the Muslim Political Action Committee (MPAC) have proven to have ties and relations as front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood, operating and influencing policies, especially in the Obama administration.

So I ask, will President Obama follow suit and declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization? I’m still waiting for the Obama administration to declare Boko Haram, Iranian Revolutionary Guards force, and others Islamic terrorist groups. It goes far beyond Al Qaeda and the Taliban, and denial just affords this enemy a better chance to infiltrate, influence, and disrupt our nation.

I call upon President Obama to stop playing golf for a few minutes, if he can, and declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and begin eroding their support and operations here in America — and Mr. President I’m waiting to hear your response. Your expected silence will be quite telling.


  1. LOL oops sorry I see you were serious, ah never so don’t hold your breath. He is such a narcissist he wants EVERYONE to think he is great, no matter what.

  2. He has totally lost touch with American People.He is another Nero while the world suffers,as well USA.Obama has keep one promise to the American People,the right to spend money.

    • I don’t think he has lost touch, I think he never wanted to touch us, just control and hurt us in as many evil ways as possible. What do we do to stop this? Are there not enough of us who see what is happening to band together and stop it? I want to do something, but I am grandma and can’t get any of my friends or family to WAKE UP! I have little influence by myself. Are we going to give up on this once great nation and allow the rape and pillage of our children’s and grandchildren’s future?

      • I’m with you Phoebe, we can continue to point out the good points of true Patriots like Col. West and vote for the most conservative candidates for the Senate next election. God Bless America.

  3. When I first heard this a few days ago my first thought was will Obama do the same. Something in me tells me he wont or he will find excuses not too or walk around it lightly.

  4. Is Obama a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood, up for grabs at the moment but his brother sure is, Obama has appointed Members of the Muslim Brotherhood to his Administration and throughout Our Government. In Obama’s book, “Audacity of Hope,” Obama plainly states, “I will stand with the Muslims should the Political Winds take an Ugly Direction.” I find that statement by Obama Treason. He is certainly saying he will not defend our Constitution against Islam. Obama supported Morsi & the Muslim Brotherhood before Arab Spring, and added in removing our allie from office. Which is why Obama, Hillary and Obama’s brother are all under charges in Egypt.

    As far as removing this Muslim and his moles from our Government the most direct route would be to prove the Fraud that has been claimed about his birth in the US, his draft card, and social security number. If any one these were found to be forgeries, not only would it remove Obama and place criminal charges against him but even more important would remove ALL of Obama’s Appointees from Office, as they were appointed illegally.

    • Finally! I’ve been mocked for calling them moles/sleeper agents. They are potentially more danger than the sleeper agents of the USSR during the Cold War. I agree with what you stated.

  5. Because he supports them. He, WE, the USA, placed them in power. He even had them to lunch at the White House before the Arab Spring, remember? He has recently been accused of War Crimes in Egypt, MSM, where are you on that one? And the next chosen one, Billary, has this little issue going on behind the scenes. When will this be reported? He and his 1/2 brother have been accused of helping the BroHood, The brother managing financial assets. All the scandals are a distraction, including Obombyacare, the biggest distraction of all to date. Something much bigger going on behind the curtain, meanwhile, keep the country confused and at odds with each other.

    • No, no I don’t think you had an oopsie. In fact, there is no doubt in my mind that they are radical Islamic terrorists. Their behavior and anti-American sentiment says it all.

  6. They don’t have to be sleeper cells to inflict the type of damage that will hurt us. According to this video, which I have previously commented on, there is an active element waging an economic war against the US.
    The video points to a rash of forest fires aimed to have an economic impact. Think about what the US did to the former USSR, we bled them dry, economically. That is the historical lesson the Islamicists learned and are actively engaged in against us.

  7. You mean — When will ‘WE” follow suite ? Oh is someone – (alquida) – offended AGAIN ? Well WHO??? Well let’s spend some more $$$ on “foreign policy and give away more tanks and guns send our boys/men out into harms way without bullets and NO order to contain and/or protect even our own – this is SICK!!! – iMP each the “social orginazer “… or rather the “sociopathic orgasim” for/of destruction . SICK OF IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD – TAKE PITY ON YOURSELF AMERICANS….. Do it- leagally hunt them down and get them out of office for the mad Dogs they really are. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN VALUES – NOT HOW TO STAND IN LINE TO BE ABUSED BY AGENDA AND BOXES TO PUT YOU IN.


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