Only 5 shopping days left for… light bulbs!

Just when you thought big government couldn’t get any worse, well, it’s about to happen. Hat tip to my dear friend over at BizPac Review, Michael Dorstewitz, for reminding us all,

The American public will soon be forced to purchase a product that’s severely overpriced, hazardous to our health and doesn’t live up to all its hype — and I’m not talking about Obamacare.

We now have a mere five shopping days left to stock up on a product Americans have relied on for their general household lighting needs almost since its perfection by Thomas Edison 134 years ago — the incandescent bulb.

On January first, it will go the way of the dodo bird.

You might have thought that with all the problems in America — i.e. tax code, regulatory and monetary reform (yep, we are printing $85 billion/month), an absent foreign policy, a weakening national security posture, Americans held hostage all over the world, Christians being attacked and murdered, and of course the ominous Obamacare — January 1, 2014 wouldn’t represent “just” the day when many Americans will find out they probably don’t have health insurance, BUT they will have to buy fluorescent bulbs.

Why you ask? Because in their dubious design, the people who believe they know what is best for us — US Congress, primarily progressive socialists — mandated it so. And not to be left out in the cold, even some Republicans went along with this inane scheme.

Dorstewitz explains how he tried a very expensive GE “Energy Smart” 75, with disappointing results. It lacked intensity and cast a weak glow “in a ghastly pallor straight from the movie Night of the Living Dead.”

However, that’s not the only surprise awaiting you, when you’re forced to buy them. If you break one you’re cautioned to retreat from the premises immediately and do everything short of calling in the hazmat team. That’s because they’re packed with mercury – and carcinogens.

So, it has actually happened, our federal government is telling us what type of light bulb we can use. And don’t forget the government regulates the amount of water you can use for flushing your toilet.

So get out there and stock up on those light bulbs that have stood the test of time and were indicative of American ingenuity. God bless you Thomas Edison.

So what do you think will be the next insidious intrusion of the federal government into our lives? Give us your thoughts and ideas and perhaps we can head those varmints off at the pass!


      • Surely you are going to go with? Being a progressive socialist and all, you would love it there.

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    • Mine go in the trash and if they don’t like it they can take them out of my trash when it is on the street. although they will have to wait a long time because we have plenty of the light we like most. EFF you congress,.

    • No they are not in landfills. Several retailers and companies, such as Lowes, have free to consumer disposal programs in place. Most states I’ve lived in have most cities/towns participate as well w/ waste management offering on site disposal for you. Most of the components, including the mercury, are recycled and reused.

      • it is not free, do you think the huge price upgrade in light bulbs are a coincidence ? The company is required to pay for the disposal and that price gets passed on to us, the consumer. This is basis business 101.

      • Liza, Skippy does not understand the basics of economics. He never took Economics 101. Everything is free now! Free phones, free gas, free cars, free houses, free healthcare! Did you not hear they are all civil rights now? It all comes from Obama’s stash!!! YEAH!!!! Let’s move to Detroit, the progressive “free” utopia!

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      • And most Americans have no idea that they are deadly and have mercury and also could care less about taking them to a waste management site. They will throw them in the garbage to poison the rest of us. Way to go, Congress!

        TERMS OF SERVICE: No response to cretins ,misogamists, anti-life supporters, users of profanity, users of sexual references, pro-gay supporters, anti-Christians, pro-Muslim, progressives, anti-2nd Amendment supporters (especially if you are not American), anti-veteran or a non-supporter of our troops,feminists, anyone puerile or if you are unable to understand what you have just read

    • Well, keep in mind that citizens actually converse with congresspeople & senators and voice their opinions on matters such as these. It doesn’t bode well for people to sit back and complain about laws when, again, they sat back and did nothing about stating their opinion in matters. Laws aren’t just passed because congress wants them. They are mostly generate through the voice of the people. Laws aren’t always decided by the majority of people living in the U.S. Most times they are determined by the majority of people who actually involve themselves in government. Face it, our country is among the laziest. People want laws that support their own personal agendas, never interfere with or create problems in their lives, they don’t want to have to actually do anything to communicate their expectations/opinions and then they bitch about how their govt sucks. It’s like expecting to win the lottery without ever getting off your ass and making an effort to buy a ticket and then bitching when you don’t win.

      • People think that because voting on laws are rarely done through election year ballots that our govt MUST be controlling us. Our govt controlling us is much easier said than done. Too many checks and balances and the chances that 100% of several thousand people involved in govt all see eye to eye is less than your chances of winning the largest lottery ever.

      • Into the dumpster they go then. Or else I need money to hire someone to do that for me. I doubt that will happen so into the dumpster they go!

      • We the average american who must work and labor for our substance did not call to the floor our congressmen when the first principle was departed from by our government. This was because of high and lofty words like “Helping others”. That is not the job of government. Governments job is to protect you from harm caused by others directed at you as a person or group. Now because of “helping others” we have run into Thomas Jefferson’s nightmare. “If we run into such debts, as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our callings and our creeds, as the people of England are, our people, like them, must come to labor sixteen hours in twenty-four, give the earnings of fifteen of these to the government for their debts and daily expenses, and the sixteenth being insufficient to afford us bread, we must live, as they now do, on oatmeal and potatoes, have no time to think, no means of calling the mis-managers to account; but be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains on the necks of our fellow-sufferers.

        “And this is the tendency of all human governments. A departure from principle in one instance becomes a precedent for a second, that second for a third, and so on ’til the bulk of the society is reduced to be mere automatons of misery, to have no sensibilities left but for sinning and suffering…

        “And the fore-horse of this frightful team is public debt. Taxation follows that, and in its train wretchedness and oppression.”

        ~Thomas Jefferson

      • Fantastic history lesson. If only every American would read and understand it. So sad that they can’t or won’t. Bravo.

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    • Shop around and try one decent LED bulb. I have a stairway that requires an extension ladder to change the bulb. Neither incandescent or CFL’s lasted very long in that fixture. Put an LED up there 2 years ago and it’s still bright and going.

    • They are awful and we don’t have them in our house. We stocked up long ago. They don’t light up right away and they cast a gloom and doom light. They are not full spectrum or warm. They don’t even last as long as touted for the outrageous price paid for them.They exacerbate SADD (Seasonal Affective Depressive Disorder) which is bad enough in the winter, but at least you could be treated with the correct light from incandescent bulbs. Plus, they are so dangerous you cannot stay in your house. A chiropractor friend broke one in her living room and did not know what to do. She breathed the fumes from the mercury on her rug and was poisoned. She first lost her practice because she got so sick, then she lost her life dying a prolonged agonizing death in the hospital. GO CONGRESS!!! I will use lamp light and fire place light before I will have these in my home, around children who could knock them over or pets. They never think of the unintended consequences.

      TERMS OF SERVICE: No response to cretins ,misogamists, anti-life supporters, users of profanity, users of sexual references, pro-gay supporters, anti-Christians, pro-Muslim, progressives, anti-2nd Amendment supporters (especially if you are not American), anti-veteran or a non-supporter of our troops,feminists, anyone puerile or if you are unable to understand what you have just read

  1. Soon people will buying the old bulbs in back alleys from pushers who are also addicted to the incadescent light and sell them to support their habit. There will be support groups and counselors and whole new career field to help those who really want to break the filthy habit of “being in the light”..

    • Great post. Really makes a strong factual supporting statement. “Stupid morons”? – Both words have the same core definition. That’s like stating that grass is green green. Also, “my dog is much smarter then them” – if he knows how to spell “than” than he’s smarter than you too, I mean two…..or is it to? Maybe you can tell me?

      • Hey Ass Monkey “Iknow”, Your Knowledge of illumination and your Superior intellect seems like a complete waste of your Precious time spent on Spell Checking comments in this Forum. I think even us “Simple Folks” understood what Kcir321 was trying to convey to the group and Only you felt the need to berate him. Why don’t you go back to your Libtard forums, whereas you can fit right in. You don’t belong here, Douchebag!!!!!!! Hug’s and Kisses from The Conservative Right.

      • So your saying that folks who know how to spell and put together a proper sentence are not welcome here with you idiots, who speak a sub-form of english that you and only you folks understand. Good to know, from now on I will steer clear anytime I see writings such as yours.

      • Yes Melody, As you can tell from my earlier Reply, that I must Speak and/or Write in what you call a ” Sub-form of English “. Perhaps I should of have used more words with one syllable, so You could understand the Context of my Post. Please do everyone a favor and ” Steer clear anytime you see writings such as Mine”. I suppose I shouldn’t be to harsh towards you given the fact that the profile picture of yourself Really resembles a Goat. Inbreeding Perhaps, That’s between you and your Brother/Husband and should be left out of this forum. My advice to you, Start going to the Library daily and go to the Children’s section first. Once you get there, look for book’s that contain Large Pictures and Large font and begin your journey on being able to read. Don’t expect it to happen overnight, but someday, your Mind will be open to a whole different World and you just might understand what some of us individuals are actually talking about. Good Luck with your Education Melody!

      • It was satire and funny. What are you? The grammar and thought police? Please. Many people make typos and errors. I am sure you have yourself. Only one man did not and I pray He is coming back soon.

        TERMS OF SERVICE: No response to cretins ,misogamists, anti-life supporters, users of profanity, users of sexual references, pro-gay supporters, anti-Christians, pro-Muslim, progressives, anti-2nd Amendment supporters (especially if you are not American), anti-veteran or a non-supporter of our troops,feminists, anyone puerile or if you are unable to understand what you have just read

  2. makes me so mad that the gov’t(which is so corrupt) is telling us what kind of light bulbs to use! I don’t like the new bulbs…they do not give out the light that incandescent bulbs do! Besides that, they are harmful to our health! Sick and tired of the gov’t telling us WHAT we are going to do! WE should be telling THEM what to do!

  3. The new bulbs are poison , your not suppose to use these bulbs in bed side lamps as they can cause cancer in people if they shine on peoples skin..

  4. Did you not notice that the first ones were Made in….CHINA? They own us thanks to this bunch of apes in congress! And I love that mercury thermometers were deemed unsafe by the government and now we HAVE to by florescent lights with mercury and electricity running through them and put them in fixtures over our heads. I wish politicians had to put in an application for all Americans to read, showing their qualifications to run a country. Of course they’d lie about that too.

  5. I find it quite ironic that clean water action supported these mercury filled fluorescent bulbs. That’s the same group that advocates for clean ground water, which will become contaminated by the influx of mercury leaching into the ground water from broken bulbs disposed of in our land fills. Great foresight, my environmentalist friends, great foresight!!

    • Umm…wrong! Several retailers and companies, such as Lowes, have free to consumer disposal programs in place. Most states I’ve lived in have most cities/towns participate as well w/ waste management offering on site disposal for you. Most of the components, including the mercury, are recycled and reused. The only people who contribute to what you’re claiming are the lazy asses who can’t put forth an effort to dispose of their trash properly.

      • Drive a half hour to the nearest Lowe’s just to throw away my light bulbs? That makes a lot of sense. You enviromaniacs have zero common sense.

      • Whoa!! Easy on the name calling. I still contend great foresight. As Ms. Bear points out below, you have to expend a carbon footprint greater to dispose of the toxic bulbs than you save by using them. I’d rather expend the carbon footprint of walking to my curb to dispose of a light bulb. What would be nice, is for you environmentalists to reign in the carbon footprints of your green supporters in Al Gore and Hollywood, who jet around telling all of us to use toxic light bulbs!

  6. I am now aware that the light bulb norm is being outlawed, thanks to Col. West where we get the best info. and I find this so incredible and scary. What next?
    Now, we ALL read the latest book that came out, listen to FOX, read the these news feeds both from libtards and conservative slants, we grumble, place our opinions out there, pose our own solutions, write to the lifelong politicians to no avail, etc.
    Can ANYONE tell me why these people who were (elected, not by me or you I’m sure,) are allowed to continue on this path to continue to do this to us? America as we know it is doomed.
    With all our checks and balances, it seems not to matter. They continue on their own path, they(Fed Gov’t & State/City “Progressive” gov’t) prepare, we don’t. Of course they have the dollars behind them to build FEMA camps and arm the Homeland Security but we can’t be armed, not pay taxes that feed them their power or we are in violation of law.
    If one writes to our Governor, Mayor, President, Congress or Senate, all you get from their flunky aids who may catch one word in your e-mail, such as ‘Obamacare’, and send back stock answers on the virtues of Obamacare. They ignore us. They don’t really care. There really is no check or balance currently in effect.
    SO WHAT CAN THE LITTLE PEOPLE LIKE US REALLY DO? I am NOT throwing up my hands in surrender. I really want to know what we can effectively do to reverse this fascist if not communist “Progressive” trend. The politicians have no real right to unilaterally do what they wish for their own agenda, or “party” agenda. They work for us. The Americans who love America and wish to keep it America that was fought for in WW2. The last war we really had a true need to be involved in. But they, the new Nazis are knocking on our door again. Here in America. They are the out of control politicians.
    So, how do we truly stop them? Big government is not good nor what our founding fathers committed to.
    This light bulb issue, as a small symbolic a Nazi gesture, should really and truly set those on the fence into action. Is it truly time to …???
    Any real suggestions?

    • Dishonorable Allen West was removed from command for a reason. He is a psychopath, but since mental instability runs rampant with your kind its no shocker you would believe anything he would say. To bad Bush signed this law as well as others that take away your freedoms, such as the Patriot act. The fact is you want to blame Obama because in your simple mind that seems like the logical choice when in fact this law has Republican written all over it.

      • Brian. Did you pass the 6th grade? Guess you have zero reading comprehension and of course you resort to name calling, hence ‘simple mind’ because you just want to get in on the libtard action. Obama wasn’t directly mentioned. We all know Bush implemented the light bulb stupidity. The rest, just generalities about asses in our political system. But hey, it’s people like you that is bringing our great country down!! Say what you wish. I will not debate with an idiot. Good luck to you in 2014.

  7. Just waiting for the EPA to assess a hazardous materials tax on each lamp and upon the disposal of the same.

    Next, we will be forced to buy the grossly overly expensive LED lamps. And that the government mandates that we must use them, there will be no competition that would have otherwise dropped the prices.

  8. the new light globes SUCK. Another example of the dumbphucks in Washington screwing up a good product. Thank you George W. Bush – the man who gave us Obama.

  9. 1) The heat reflective index of the roof on your house. 2) Automobile paint colors. 3) Noise pollution index of gasoline powered lawn maintenance devices. To name just three.

  10. The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, was a bill passed both houses on December 18, 2007 and President Bush signed it into law on December 19, 2007.

  11. Does anybody know why this was mandated? What was wrong with the ones we’ve used forever? Probably goes together with the analog television sets, something else I never understood.

    • Incandescent bulbs use a lot more electricity and give off a lot more heat. In areas of high temp’s, that can/does increase A/C use as well. LED bulbs use even less electricity and produce even less heat than CFL’s.

    • Analogue has too long a range, if you want to control information you have to box the people into small enclaves. Therefore Digital (short range) Now, secretly the Administration has declared that no repeater can be more than 4 watts (except the governments) lots are trying to get theirs up before the deadline! Range of about 5 miles only! When martial law starts, they can keep everybody from knowing anything about the transfer of America to a soviet state! Government control of all media and communication! Think! The communists (progressives) have been planning this for a long time! They have even prevented the truth of communism from even being discussed in schools! And NEVER in the MEDIA! This generation doesn’t know what it is and does!

  12. Granted incandescents are the lesser of 2 evils when comparing the engineered aspect between the 2. But the energy consumption from one to the other and the definite unavoidable side-effect of over-using energy w/ incandescents outweighs the risk that one person will break a CFL creating a very slight risk to exposure to mercury. The mercury content is so minute in one single bulb that the health risk is actually less than that posed by the majority of processed foods people eat. Energy consumption will/does cause more harm to life than mercury in these bulbs ever will.
    On that note, I don’t even use CFLs anymore. I have 100% LED. LEDs are $10-$15 for a good one, they cut my electricity consumption from lights by 85% & they last decades. The longevity almost pays for itself over the lifetime compared to replacing incandescents. I have an LED in a pendant light over my kitchen sink that has been on since 2009 – there isn’t much light in that section even during the day. I’m saving $20-$50 /mo on my elec bill compared to usage trends in years past – and we haven’t changed our usage trends any.
    People need to stop focusing on the negative. This is not forcing people to buy CFLs. It’s forcing people to stop using incandescents because obviously people aren’t bright enough to make the decision on their own. People’s right to live in a healthier environment must always outweigh a right to be irresponsible. Society doesn’t belong to us, we belong to society. People are allowed to exist – they need to stop acting like they have the right to exist. It’s amazing how arrogant and extensively naive people have become.

    • I switched everything over to CFL’s to save electricity . . . they cost more, but still had a nice return on my electric bill. However, they didn’t seem to last any longer than when I was using incandescent bulbs. (At the time, LED was WAY to expensive.)
      Now, I’m just about done converting everything over to LED lights (as CFL’s burn out) and haven’t had one burn out in the last 2 years. Not to mention, they use less electricity than CFL’s and you can get them all the way down to night light size.

      • You certainly are! You and all your assets belong to the Federal reserve bank and it’s real owners the world bankers, Check it out, read the Jekyl Island Conspiracy. The secret meeting where the Warburgs representing the Rothschildes took over the USA, (Corporate America). Complicated, but if you think, you can understand it. Then you know why we have no control over our currency and the “Fed” has never been audited! Your dollar clearly states “Federal Reserve NOTE” an IOU secured by the lives and property of all subjects of the corporate U.S.A.

    • If we are forced in any way, that is negative. A Republic is designed to keep us free of the control of others who we might not agree with. By the way people have the right to exist., and exist free of nazi’s telling us what to do in our own homes. Life is not a right, that can be taken away by the whims of lynch mob feeding frenzy. LED is a better light, but to force someone, anyone, to buy one product over another is just a sick and insane way for people to try to control others. Control yourself. spread the word about LED lights being better. Truly help others and quit trying to force your ideas down other peoples throats, for your own good. It is the same way with government. Leave others alone and pursue your own happiness….

    • I have another problem with the flourescent bulbs. I used them in my horsebarn above the stalls. The light fixtures are just those ceramic ones that you put one bulb in and the bulbs are not covered with any shades. Well, i have some little birds, wrens, that live in my barn. Twice now, they have landed on those darn bulbs and slipped because they are hot and they get their little legs caught in the curly design of them and end up hanging upside down! Both birds died before i discovered them. One of them struggled so hard to get loose that it ripped its leg off! I took out those darn bulbs and threw them away and ive never used them again! And what are we going to do with outside spotlights and lamps that arent designed for these stupid curly bulbs? What good is it to save energy and then hurt wildlife like those poor birds in my barn? And if one of those bulbs ever break with a bird hitting it or something, then i will have all that poison stuff in the barn so more birds will be harmed!

      • They make those curly bulbs with a regular glass globe on them, so they will fit lampshades. Those bulbs have delicate circuitry in them and won’t stand EMP. Another case of our government setting us up for a fall!

    • I like all but the last two paragraphs, They are quotes from the progressive manifesto! As practiced by the Sierra club ! I expected you to go on with “we must get rid of the common people, the useless eaters, the earth rightfully belongs to the animals……………

    • Republican and intelligence are two words that never go well together. Neither is conservative and patriot, because they are all traitors.

  13. Had one of those horrible curly bulbs in my desk lamp – it sputtered all the time. Finally threw it away & put in a real light bulb.

    • I use obama toilet paper – every single sheet of the stuff has HIS picture on it.
      I bought it on line, and it just seems like beautiful poetic justice ……….

      • Well aren’t you special. Maybe you should buy some Bushbulbs because he signed the law sparky, not Obama. We put up with 8 years of his bullshit so you can deal with 8 years of a man who actually did something productive in office, not just take 3x the amount of vacations of any other President in history.

      • Poor guy – you’re drowning in the Kool Aid. WHAT has Obama DONE for this country?Spent more than any other president
        with NOTHING to show for it? Straight up lies to us on a daily
        basis? Gee Scooter, if you’re going to make an idiot of yourself, at least TRY to appear that you know something of what you speak. Obama is THE WORST president in the history of this nation His job approval ratings are in the crapper, he’s not trusted by the majority of the electorate, and generally has NO idea what he’s doing. But, you go right ahead and live in your little fantasy world, okay?

      • Obama has had the highest and consistent unemployment record of any US president. He blew a trillion dollars with borrowed money and made things worse. Under obama there’s 18 million more living under the poverty level. He’s the first president to have a net jobs loss every single month of his administration. 12 million businesses have gone bankrupt since he took office. When obama and his family go on vacation, it’s not to some ranch in Texas, but to 5 star resorts. More than once barry and michelle take separate aircraft going to the same place. By far, obama is the worst president ever. The numbers back me up PJ boy!

  14. A few years ago we bought $400. worth of the ‘old’ light bulbs and any other bulb we use around the house. Sure glad we did. When we die, people will think we were crazy light bulb hoarders! ha


    • Too bad the idiot posting this nonsense has no respect for the office of the President regardless of who is in office. And small tip little fella, Bush signed this into law in 2007. So go call him the bitch. But you won’t, because he is white and its ok if he did this.

  16. I think the next over-reaching regulation will be how much electricity we will be allowed to use. In Texas that spells big trouble when the daytime temps easily meet >100 degrees and night time temps never drop below 85 degrees. We will be forced to make decisions on whether or not we will cook to death or use other electrical necessities. If you are on the grid, you will be accessible.

    • Have you heard of the smart meters that the utility companies are mounting on you properties, yet…They will be able to read how long your dryer runs when you leave it to OVERDRY your shirts or towels… They are to read your carbon footprint. Yes they are working on this very thing.

  17. I’ve decided to use the alternative …. I’ve used this type of bulbs for years. ‘Heavy Duty Utility Lights’. They last far longer than regular incandescent lights.
    For the BEST SOLUTION! American ingenuity, American Made. To H*LL with those Chinese made poisonous bulbs. This type of bulbs were invented due to a loophole in the ‘bulb law’. Besides that, they put out more light.

    Newcandescent™ Light Bulbs – Buy Legal Incandescent Light bulbs

  18. I knew something was trying to tell me to stock up on light bulbs because I had the feeling something would change for light bulbs which is why I was standing in the osle at the store starring at light bulbs for about an hour

  19. Allen West is right, up to a point. okay, Allen, lets go back to horse and buggy.They are cheaper and easier to maintain. If you are going to run your mouth, at least tell both sides.I have been using CFLs since one bulb cost about $15. Now, for about $14.98 you can buy a six-pack. Yes, incandescent bulbs are cheap, BUT add up how many you will have to buy in a one year period. I a sitting here looking at a CFL I purchased in 2005 that is still working in my table lamp. Incandescent bulbs last approx. 1,000-3,000 hours, most on the low end. CFLs last between 8,000-12,000 hours.The average 60 watt bulb USES 60 watts, CFLs use 13. Incandescents cost about $7.50 a year to use, a CFL about $1.25.CFLS produce very little heat, so your a/c doesn’t work as hard,and in your ceiling fans, don’t blow heat down on you.If incandescents are so “good”, turn a 60 watt bulb on and leave it for about 5 minutes ten put your face on it.Let’s see how long you stay there. If you go to L.E.D. bulbs, they are much more expensive but some last 25,000 hours and use almost no electricity.Good example: I have L.E.D. night lights I have been using for about 3-1/2 – 4 years. They use point 4 watts.Yes,4/10 of one watt. An incandescent uses 4 watts. That means all 4 I use here only use 1.6 watts, while incandescent would use 16 watts, plus they would have to be replaced at least twice a year. I could go on, but you get the point. If you want to go on your rampage, tell both sides of the info, not just YOUR opinion.Folks do your research for yourself.I am stating my facts from personal first hand use, not books and word of mouth.If necessary, I will post a pic of my OLD CFL to prove it.

    • CFLs burn out faster than incandescents. I’ve only owned my house since 2008 and I’ve lost count of how many light bulbs I’ve bought. I quite buying CFLs and went back to incandescent when they burned out for the third time

    • I have one CFL bulb in the living room, not much light, but it has lasted for 3 years on except when the power goes off (often in the rainy season) I have 2 LED bulbs in my sandblaster, These are totally shockproof! Again not as much light and focused straight ahead, not so good and $17 each. I found that the CFL bulb in a “trouble light” when working is proof against burning out with a slight tap, like regular incandescent bulbs, once changing a transmission at night to drive it to work in the morning, I broke the filiments in 5 bulbs! None of the CFLs, but where I turn it off and on often…the CFLs don’t even last 6 months! I am now wiring my house and shop 12volts, from golf cart batteries, and solar cells, I have found seperate LEDs that put out as much light as a hundred watt bulb, and use so little watts that it doesn’t even make a spark when touching it on the battery. 4 have been on 7 days now, on a small gel cell battery from a lantern! One small 7 watt solar panel $17, and a small gel cel battery $9, will light my house every room on all the time and bright! I wire it with cheap telephone wire. These LEDs are solid, you can drop them and they won’t break. I’m going to put them in everything!

    • I would rather decide myself which bulbs to use. I have a couple and they dont produce enough light to read or shave with. My guess is they will also need to be recycled and that will cost billions.

      • my husband will have to rewire several of our smaller lamps on which the shade clamps to the round light bulb. They are older lamps, but I made them and they are what I prefer. We are losing FAR too many of what should be our own personal choices. The incandescent bulbs are hotter, true, but I hate fluorescent light & will only use it in my kitchen!

      • Try the LED bulbs . . . little more expensive than CFL, but a fraction of the cost of incandescent in electricity, much less heat, and same shape/size as incandescents. Also, much better/brighter light than CFL’s and last much longer than either incandescent or CFL.

      • A little more expensive? Try a LOT more expensive! And while they do last longer than the cheap CFL’s, they still don’t last as long as the regular bulbs in my house! And the light they give off is so white and obnoxious, it gives me a headache after a short time!

      • When you calculate the savings on your electric bill . . . they’re cheaper than incandescent. So yes, initial purchase is a lot more expensive, but big savings on your electric bill.
        Sorry, but from my experience, they’ve lasted far longer than CFL or incandescent. Can’t explain why you’re having a short life in your house.
        I have grey eyes and bright light does the same to me . . . that’s why for most uses, I use the 40W LED’s. No headaches and can see fine. Stairway requiring extension ladder to change bulb . . . 60W.

    • I have regular bulbs, 60 watt clear, in my ceiling fans and cfls in my table lamps. In two years I have replaced the cfls in every lamp 3 times and only 2 out of 12 regular bulbs. I will hate to change to all cfls so I need to go stock up on the better incandescents. How much longer are we going to put up with idiots trying to live our lives. There wasn’t a Nativity Scene in Washington DC because they could not find 3 wise men!!!

      • hey dumb ass ,,,yeah you ,,,did you ever stop and think that ( NO ) cares what your sayin,,,,,,,,,,i know who sign the dam bill and so do alot of others ,,,,,

      • ok shut up allready uv said it 20 times on here ur the dumbass defending Obama. so what if bush signed it u need to do a fast check u retard and look at In office now obama not bush OBAMA!!!!! ergo he passed law. now shut the hell up fucktard.

      • I see this as a terrible government intrusion, but don’t overlook the LED Bulbs that are out there…. Far more efficient than either the Incandescent or the CFL the latter of which I refuse to have in my house after one in my son’s house literally started sparking on it’s own and nearly caught on fire.

    • The point isn’t whether this bulb Is better than that bulb, it’s whether the government has the right to tell you which you can buy. You obviously have no problem with them telling you what to do. However, some of us still believe in FREEDOM!

      • Yes, Bush signed the bill and Obama has let it remain on the books of five years…so it is now his fault we are having our rights taken away! Like Janene said, you obviously have no problem with government telling you what to do!

      • Blame Bush, blame Bush, you sound like a broken record. Obama has been in office for two terms now and has done far more damage to this economy and country than Bush ever did. Why don’t you do some “fact checking” yourself?

    • But where is the hazardous waste going when you dispose of them. In the landfill where the chemicals can leach into our drinking water. Great trade off. God help the liberal. He cant help himself.

      • And god help the conservative who can not fact check to save his life. Bush signed this law in 2007 and a Republican wrote it. So go blame the correct people. As to the Led vs Flourescent. Any idiot with half a brain knows an led is recyclable, a fluorescent and an incandescent is not. Never-mind the fact that an led will outlast either of those bulbs significantly and takes 1/10th of the power to operate. I know this is hard for a conservative to understand, but its facts and well facts always seem to have a liberal bias.

      • At $15.00 per bulb for a good LED, not many are going to be buying them when half the country cannot even afford to feed their own children! And it doesn’t matter who signed the bill into law, Obama has had five years to ask Congress to repeal it and has done nothing…this is in his lap now! that hardly excuses Bush for signing it originally, but having signed it doesn’t excuse Obama letting it remain in place!

      • Guess who actually VOTED for the bill, retard?

        I’ll give you a hint: The junior Senator from Illinois.

        Stop posting. You are obviously too stupid to be on the internet.

    • The point is, we have lost our freedom to choose. These new bulbs are hazardous and when disposed of they contaminate the land fills. Break one on your carpet and you must cut a big square out of the carpet and replace it. What do you do with the square you cut? It goes in the garbage to contaminate all around it. We are losing our freedoms one by one and we keep electing the people who are taking them from us. Wake up!

      • It no longer matters who we elect, your vote doesn’t matter anyway. They are going to get who they want in office despite how we vote. There is a power system in Washington that they want to retain. Anyone who challenges that will be drowned out. It’s our fault. We allowed our government too much power and too much leeway and now it’s a monster we can no longer control.

    • And you should have the right to chose to use those bulbs, just as we who prefer incandescent bulbs should have the right to chose those! Personally, I have not had any luck with CFL’s, the are now so poorly made that they all burn out WAY faster than my old bulbs and some people have had them catch fire! Both LED’s and CFL’s have poor lighting qualities, with CFL’s being slow to warm up to full effect and they make everything look yellow, while LED’s are WAY too bright and far too expensive to use all over the house and some of them burn out quickly too! I put LED’s in my outside security light and they cost a fortune and burned out in less than six months! At that rate, I could buy and pay for the energy to use incandescent bulbs for a long time! The point is that I should have the right to try them or not try them, use them or not use them….Congress has no right to deny me MY right to chose the product I prefer!

    • I have been using CFLs for many years, About 1/2 of them don’t last anywhere near as long as incandescents. And if you buy cheap ones they hum.

    • I don’t like them because they are much dimmer than incandescents. We have them in some of our rooms and my sons room is like walking into a cave, even with the light on. Very hard on the eyes especially when you’re trying to read.

    • DON’T say that!! That is exactly what they are planning! If we lose our choice of supplements, I will be in continuous, dreadful pain!! Maybe they’d rather buy me a wheelchair?!

  20. So what does it take to repeal whatever statute or environmental edict that outlawed our light bulbs. I’d much rather use regular bulbs than the new ones and the old ones are hazardous when they break.

  21. The folks below that are saying how much better and cheaper to use these new bulbs are may be right. But what happened to giving us the information and letting us make a choice. Are Americans too stupid now to choose a light bulb? It seems to be what our congress thinks. Hmmm! We chose THEM!

  22. Yeh, I put the Obamabulb in the worklight of my bandsaw! Just the little bit of vibration causes it to sound like frying bacon. (Sorry Muslims) It sizzles a little while and goes out!

    • You better call that the Bushbulb because Obama didn’t sign this law moron. Bush did in 2007. Guess who was not President then. I’ll give you three guesses.

      • It really doesn’t matter who was president when this bill was signed. He is president now, so he is responsible for this bill taking effect. He wanted the job, he has to take the responsibility that comes with it! He’s had five years to request Congress reverse this nonsense and has done nothing…so responsibility for it is now 100% on his head!

  23. How does lighting 5 bulbs to get the same light as one bulb save energy? Same thing with water savors: how come you have to flush 5 times with water savors to get results? How does that save water? It doesn’t! I hate this.

  24. Next is toilette paper. How much we’re allowed and maximum thickness. Scot will be the national mandated brand. Congress seems to love to chap our asses!

  25. Remind me why we have literally not taken up arms against the imposters in the white house that are supposed to be protecting our rights- not whittling them away with more and more laws? We have the constitutional right to drive/drag them out- not just vote them out.

      • If Obama wanted to, he could end or postpone this nonsense! At the very least he would be keeping jobs here in the US! Instead he doubles down on all the things we hated about Bush! Right now, Obama is the president, so he is responsible for this actually happening, no matter who originally signed the bill!

  26. Just wait, we will have special recyling of these flourescent bulbs. I sure some poiticians will be making millions on that deal. I wouldnt be surprised if Pelosi’s husband alreay had share of an IPO ready to launch. He had made millions with IPO’s

  27. I thought they were supposed to repeal that ban in 2011. Another Congressional con? BTW, we have REPUBLICAN Fred Upton from Michigan to thank for this BS.

      • Idiot, we KNOw bush signed this dumb azz bill, the fact of the matter is that Congress said it was going to repeal this law a couple years ago, which is what I had heard as well…i think they may have just pushed it back a few years, when they should have just nixed it all in the 1st place

      • Where did I say anything about Obama, troll? I said REPUBLICAN Fred Upton from Michigan. He is the heir to the Whirlpool Company so I suspect the entire bill must have includud some nice bennies for Whirlpool that will enrich Freddie. I know the legislation benefitted General Electric greatly. But my main point is that I read that part of the deal of giving Freddie the chair of the House energy committee in 2011 was him agreeing to repeal the lightbulb thing. Now Allen is telling us they didn’t.

  28. I had one of the compact florescent bulbs burst into flames when I turned it on. Fortunately it was in the kitchen ceiling fixture which is all glass and metal. or it could have burned down my home. I am very angry. Do not forget my Congressman, Sander Levin (D-MI) was a strong supporter of the bill cramming these things down everyone’s throat.. He has also been a very strong supporter of Obamacare…

      • I’m going to do more than vote. I will help his opponent get out the word to voters if I have any time or money to do so. It looks like Don Volaric will be making his third run against Levin. I hope third time’s a charm.

  29. We will never purchase those stupid bulbs! I’d rather use a kerosene camp lantern!! Those tightly wound bulb are the most dangerous things we could ever use for light. Besides, since Christmas and having to pay extra for insurance, we have no money with which to purchase those expensive, dangerous bulbs. I hate the light they give. Since the government is cramming them down our throats, we need to tell them WHERE they can cram them!

    • While you’re trimming the wick, cleaning up the soot, and refueling all the time . . . I’ll be sitting back and enjoying my LED bulbs. Much less heat from the LED’s and far cheaper to run than kerosene . . . not to mention much less labor or fire hazard as well. Don’t forget, your homeowners insurance will skyrocket when they find out you’re burning kerosene lanterns in the house, all the time.

  30. The next intrusion? Toilet seats, insect repellant,
    Dog crap picker upers, doormats, Kleenex booger
    Pickers, toilet paper, toothpaste, washcloths…
    Shall I go on?

    • actually a very good point, this light bulb thing is bad. I didn’t give 2 hoots about it before until now when the govmint takes control over what we biu

  31. Well let’s see, they now control the water flow in the toilet, our light bulbs, our banks, our freedom,they are working on controlling all food sources, all medical care,….would surprise me any if they came back to tighten up the control on the toilet….with some type of weight scale in the bowl….to weight our waste products by the pound so that they could add tax accordingly to the amount of waste we produce.

  32. Why don’t we just demand the person in office to prove his legitimacy to be in office and if he can’t, all is null and void.

      • Yes, the law was originally signed by Bush, but since Bush is no longer in office, it would be up to Obama to void the law if he chose to…which he won’t…so let’s get him out of office, so someone with some common sense can!

      • Obama seems to be changing the Healthcare law without Congress approval Its ok for him to break the law. It is not the same law that was voted for when first approved

      • If you read what this guy posted, it’s in reference to Obama’s fake birth certificate.Dont be so quick to call people idiots……you may make the point yourself.

  33. The new light bulbs are suppose to last for a long time. Well that is not true, in reality they burn out faster than the older types. The new type burns out at the base and the filament or whatever it is calls turns black. They aren’t worth anything, highly over priced.

  34. Mood Killer – Fluorescent bulbs don’t work with legacy dimmer switches so, in their infinite wisdom, Obama has forced me to replace all of my dimmer switches or give up my mood lighting. Welcome to the Obama Gulag.

  35. My fluorescent bulbs burn out all the time which is very frusterating since they are suppose to last. Also, check out for the old bulbs. I saw an article on this somewhere, could have been here, but they will still be ok to buy and i think made in the US.

    • I save my CFL receipts and mark each bulb with purchase date and installation date. Sylvania has been great about replacing them without needing to mail them back. Mine typically last 15-30% of the projected life. I called that defective and Sylvania agreed.

      My latest purchases have lasted nearly as long as expected and some have lasted many times their projected lifespan. So long life is possible and quality seems to be improving even as prices are declining.

  36. Wow , Im not with big government control . But in this case I dont care what they do with incandescent bulbs . I dont know what brand bulbs that all the people buy that have problems . I have been using the sylvania bulbs for years , I think I replaced one bulb all year they go on sale all the time . They’re cost slightly more but I never replace them , they produce 60 watts of light using only 13 watts , so buy some decent bulbs and they last a long long time . Sylvania says right on the box they last 9 years , and I have very little problems if I have had to replace two bulbs in the last three years its alot .

    • I built my house 8 years ago, and guess what. Most of my incandescent bulbs are still burning. I’m guessing, hypothetically of course, that most of them will also make it 9 years.

  37. “You might have thought with all the problems in America…” that you’d be working on some of those…not BITCHING ABOUT LIGHT BULBS. Idiotic rant.

  38. I see so many people complaining about the fluorescent
    bulbs burning out more frequently than incandescent bulbs.
    I am willing to bet that many of these people are…

    A: Exaggerating.

    B: Have faulty light fixtures.

    C: Are not watching the brand/quality of bulbs they are buying. Or

    D: Any combo of the above.

    My roommate and I switched over to compact fluorescent bulbs 4 years ago. In
    that time our electric bill has gone down a fair amount. (cant tell you for sure because over all it’s gone up because of inflation and because we where stupid enough to let them install the new smart power meters.) We had two light
    fixtures in our house that every type of bulb burned out in rather quickly. I
    found that this is caused by the contacts in socket not being clean and making
    proper contact with the bulb. After fixing this they don’t burn out
    bulbs as fast. Out of the 30 bulbs in our house I have had to replace about 8 in the
    last 4 years and most of them where because of the faulty light
    fixtures. I keep track of them because many of them have a warranty and
    you can get them replaced. I have done this a couple of times now. Look at your bulbs don’t get
    the cheapest one you can find. You get what you pay for. See if the bulbs you
    get have warranties. If your really that worried about it save up a little and go buy LED bulbs those suckers last a long time and the price is coming down on them.

    There is less than 4 milligrams of mercury in a CFL light
    bulb. Compared to the amount of mercury that is
    in many of our foods and household products this is nothing.
    The amount of mercury that is put into the air from the coal and
    gas power plants we use to power those extra 20 to 80 watts of power an incandescent bulb
    burns is astronomically higher. You’re breathing and eating mercury everyday
    people. The chances of you getting a hazardous dose from a fish is higher than
    getting it from the occasional broken CFL bulb. You want to
    bitch about something bitch about the fact that Bush and so many other politicians
    and big business owners are keeping us from using cleaner energy.

    Over all this is just an example of the media some refer to as news telling you
    what you need to fear and hate without giving you the full story or editing the story to make it sound worse than it is. Please stop contributing to the hate and fear
    that is poisoning our society.

      • What?!?! That makes no sense… that is not my logic, that’s not even logic, and that is not even a valid argument. You are deflecting the issue with ignorance and hate.

        You are assuming that my statement some how condoned the ingestion of mercury. This is where you fail. This is the real issue is here. The moron who wrote this article and so many people mostly those that actually agree with him are lead by ignorance, stupidity, hate, malice, fear, and cowardice. People that give into these things and let them frighten them into drastic action where simple solutions will suffice are whats wrong with this world today.

        My “Logic” states that mercury is everywhere. It is part of our world. Yes we make it worse but the light bulbs are the least of our problems. You want something to bitch about go to the source of the fire not the little sparks that the media and politicians tell you to be angry about and fear.

        Also cigarette smoke has more than just Mercury in that’s dangerous. On top of that some cigarette brands have more than “74 mcg/m3” Further more it has been proven that smoking has a large impact on reasoning skills and logical thinking among other things. Perhaps you need to quit smoking?

      • You must be a liberal… Its not the light bulb..its the fact that the government wants to tell us what we can and cannot do..just like forcing Obamacare.. Its not the governments job or right to run our life. Before long this is going to be a country ran by another Hitler.. Oh wait..we are almost there.. Wake up America and take your country back

      • You must be ill-informed as to who signed this bill into law, and the actual implications of it. You do realize this was signed into law by Bush in 2007, not Obama… right? President Bush, a Republican, signed it into law on December 19, 2007, in response to his “Twenty in Ten” challenge to reduce gasoline consumption by 20% in 10 years. btw: Godwin’s law look it up… Turning every argument into something about Hitler is absurd, if that is your only fall back, you are even more misinformed than I originally thought. Your ignominious behavior/post is that of a petulant child.

      • Can you kids get over the ‘Bush’ crap? He has been gone a long time. bozo does nothing to fix any problems at all. All he does is blame other people and take vacations.

      • Can you read what I said, and not read into what you think I am saying. I am not blaming Bush, or anyone for that matter… Where did I blame him? I said he signed it into law, not Obama or a liberal like everyone wants to try to point out. I am simply trying to point out to everyone that is just itching for something else to try and blame Obama &/or liberals for… everything that that they feel is wrong in the world that maybe instead of reading a pathetically uninformative article that has a lot of misleading information in it, by a man that just wants attention; that maybe they should actually look up how, and why it came to be. It is fine to be angry about a particular subject or thing when you have all the information, but it is asinine to get angry when you don’t even know the facts of it. Everyone on here is acting like this was some new thing, this law has been in place for years, I hope the same people that all of a sudden are outraged by it now were equally as vocal, and outraged about it almost 7 years ago. I am not blaming Bush for anything in this thread, I am simply saying… he signed it into law, not Obama or a liberal. Don’t say Bush might as well be a liberal because no, he isn’t. It has been shown recently that there is almost nobody that is conservative enough for a lot of people on the far right. Even God himself would have been too liberal, just like the Pope so… I won’t even debate the Bush is this or that crap… If people want to live in a world like it was 5o years ago then maybe they should go start their own colony somewhere, because quite frankly they are in the minority, and we don’t base decisions in this country on what a small percentage of people want, and their beliefs. I don’t mean that to be rude, I am being serious… until someone from the far right gets elected by the majority in this country, and is in office then that is just the facts of the matter; plain and simple. Have a lovely evening with your troll stroll… It is obvious by all of your posts on this thread that you try and get a rise out of people, I can respect that I have a troll account of my own on fb, but beyond this post, you won’t get much more out of me, and I am not going to argue like a child, and call you or anyone else names. Goodnight. 🙂

      • Where do I start?

        First, I made no assertion out of ignorance or hate. I recently wrote an article on the subject of arguing with a liberal and you passed with flying colors. You posited that you have greater intellect than I by calling me ignorant, fearful, and lacking in the ability to reason. Check one!

        I thoroughly vetted your statement about mercury. Your logic is that mercury is all around us, so what is wrong with a little more. Besides, coal fired plants are belching the stuff out day and night, which is why we need mercury filled light bulbs to reduce the amount of mercury in the air produced by said coal plants. Problem is, natural sources (ie. the ocean) emit roughly 70% of the atmospheric mercury, coal plants about 1% – I recommend reading both sides of
        the issue rather than just Sierra Club or NY Times articles. In contamination terms, the mercury in CFLs is airborne (much more toxic than liquid mercury) and <4 milligrams would produce a very high concentration, which would now be trapped in your home – you know, your living space. Break a few CFLs and your in-home concentration is through the roof. It’s kind of like radon gas. Radon is all around, but you don’t want it in your home, building up to
        toxic levels.

        Second, I stated a fact based on your logic that while
        mercury needs to be reduced from coal plant emissions by using CFLs, a little in your home won’t matter. Your response was gibberish. Check two!

        The fact I pointed out is the average concentration of second
        hand smoke in a smoker’s house (I actually don’t smoke). The reason I pointed that fact out is because many environmental crusaders are vehemently anti-smoking and if you think it is ok to breath in the mercury contamination from a CFL, then perhaps you wouldn’t mind breathing in a little (74 mcg/m3) second hand smoke.

        Third, by questioning your logic and presenting a fact challenging your logic, you were the one who was deflecting and being derogatory. Check three!

        It was a perfectly valid argument as I stated above. Nothing I said in my initial post was derogatory or hateful, I just asked a simple question. It is you who is hateful, calling me and everyone else commenting on this site who doesn’t want their choice dictated to them (especially when it involves hazardous materials), morons, ignorant, stupid (you’re being a little redundant there), malicious, fearful, and cowardice (again with the redundancy). Sorry, but we are not what is wrong with the world.

      • Oh also this is a prime example of people picking and choosing elements of a statement story or event and using them out of context to try and make a point that is meant to make people angry. You just pulled a fox news. Pleas stop contributing to the dumbing down of our world.

  39. We have been using the fluorescent bulbs every since they came out and we love them. They last a lot l longer and are bright enough to light the whole room. They are also not that expensive, now grant it that are not as cheap as the regular light bulbs, but they are not over expensive either. I do not think that it is right that the government can force people to use one type of bulb, the homeowner should be able to make that choice, but the government’s choice to force people will not affect my family because like I said, we have been using them for years now.

    • I don’t know how old you are but my older eyes sure don’t like the CFL.not nearly as bright, I don’t care what the packaging says. And I have several of the CFL, in living room, kitchen,,,,just not as bright. The only place I like it is an outdoor light in our front yard. We were always replacing it because vibrations from road traffic would burn them out. Have had two CFL’s so far.

      • They are not as bright therefore you need more of them… Its a scam..its all bs and about government control… Everyone complains..but does nothing about it.

  40. People don’t care about government control over little things like lightbulbs. But sadly this is exactly the problem. Government sneaks in and starts infringing on small things that Americans should be able to decide on their own, meanwhile they are making plans to take over the rights people do care about. One little right at a time. And sooner or later they will hit the ones people do care about. Already people no longer can run their businesses with freedom or do to an owned piece of property what they wish. And people accept this. This is not about the life of a lightbulb. Its about freedom which is becoming endangered.

  41. Allen West,
    please fact check before you write an article that is false and not up to date. This article should have “maybe” been posted many years ago? This law
    was passed by George Bush in 2007. Also, since this law was
    signed, the lighting manufacturers have come up with light bulbs that
    meet the governments standards WITHOUT sacrificing light output but
    still save you money on your electricity bill. There are Halogen
    Incandescent – they are not much more than regular incandescent and they
    actually give you better light output. There are also LED which have
    great light output, save you 75% – 80% on electricity and last for 22
    years. Philips will release the first $10 LED (Philips Slim Style) January 2nd and you
    won’t even be able to tell the difference between it and an old
    incandescent. LED’s also have zero hazardous material and the are fully
    dimmable. The law that Bush passed was not about telling the people
    what to buy. It was about telling the manufacturers they needed to come up with a more efficient light source. The incandescent was invented back in the 1800’s….probably needed some updating. Manufacturers
    have come up with better options than the incandescent and CFL and they
    will only continue to get better from here. Retails will continue to
    drop and so will our electricity bills. Research, research, research. This article is so out of date. Try to Google Philips EcoVantage
    Halogen Incandescent and Philips LED SlimStyle. Both can be found at
    The Home Depot. However, all major retailers have other options that are good replacements for the incandescent and CFL. Just buy branded and you will get the quality that you are looking for. Non branded usually means low quality and less life.

  42. This isn’t about light bulbs as much as it is our government thinking it has a right to RULE. Government is supposed to be our guard against other forces that may want to invade us and budget for trade. Ask foreign governments that have been around longer and DON’T have many protesters- they keep distance from individual’s choices and tell them to figure it out themselves and the final answer doesn’t become the final answer for everyone else in the country!

  43. We bought only one of these expensive bulbs to try it out. After a couple of months bulb dimmed about 80% and there was a really strong, bad smell emanating from the bulb. Bulb was removed, smell went away. We now have a life supply of the old bulbs …

  44. It makes being 67 years old, more attractive everyday…Having lived and enjoyed a free democracy, based on free enterprise, with the freedom to bear arms, and raise my child as I saw fit (and he turned out spectacular!)and all our other freedoms, that we are losing, I don’t think I would be happy in this new society of progressive socialism that we are moving towards…I’d rather be with the God, who created me, and who is also under attack from this evil movement…

    • You do realize this was signed into law by Bush in 2007, not Obama… right? President Bush, a Republican, signed it into law on December 19, 2007, in response to his “Twenty in Ten” challenge to reduce gasoline consumption by 20% in 10 years.

      • Bush was a Republican in Name Only. His “No a$$hole left behind” rule in education trashed public schools all over the country. Now we have RISE. Yet another ineffective manner of dumbing down the students. Combine this with the Disney Common Core garbage and lies.

      • What does any of that have to do with anything that I mentioned? I am simply pointing out to everyone that is blaming Obama, socialist, progressives and so on that they are blaming the wrong person/groups of people. Not to mention, what is really dumbing down society is people not trying to find factual information, and the following: Allen West writing this misleading bs, and leaving out a lot of facts, and fox news going on a rant about the bulbs being banned which is simply not true.

      • This is no longer about DEM and GOP, it is about authoritarian and libertarian (as a philosophy not a party). Both the big parties want control of the US population and are just moving us in different directions. Bush and Obama have moved the country to big government and total control more than any Presidents in modern times.

        It is no wonder that they are ranked as the two biggest failures in modern times.

  45. ( has found a loophole in the manufacture of the incandescent bulb and they still have stock of the other ones. Read this also >> <<.

    So buy your bulbs and skip the government diktat. BTW – I also avoid GE bulbs, since their CEO is so in love with Obama and the regime. FIGHT BACK!

  46. First…… I thought Reporters were supposed to be Neutral when it comes to reporting the News……… Just saying…….

    Incandescent light bulbs – Good for those who have Epilepsy where florescent may cause them to have a seizure, bad for those who can’t afford high electric bills!

    Incandescent light bulbs, I had them in my home! Electric bill was between $150 to $200 a month! I replaced all bulbs with florescent bulbs and electric bill dropped to below $100 a month! My home had 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, a livingroom, diningroom and kitchen. Not very big.
    Everyone should be able to Make up their own minds on which bulbs to use! The government should stick to Politics!!

  47. I tried the CFL’s – both indoor flood and smaller lamp sizes. They are really lousy – wh? Because my kitchen had both large and small flood lighting in the ceiling, on dimmer switches. Even the CFL’s that claim to be ‘dimmable’ are far from it – and when you switch them on, they take a minute to warm up to full strength. One I have even buzzes, like the ugly fluorescents with bad ballasts.They give me a headache! And yes, these were the expensive ones! The life span is no better than incandescent bulbs, and yes, they are poisonous, just as the long tube-style are. It is illegal where I live to put then in regular trash, even recycle bins – they are treated like old TV’s and electronics – hazardous waste. I will probably convert to halogen lighting, at a huge cost. Why does the government get to control our lives like this?

  48. not only are light bulbs out of work – how about the people and companies who make them? can they afford to remain open with the Re$trictions and Regulation$$$$$? Thanks for the heads up – If you want me I’ll be in the last chance bulb asile.

      • he has his own 9/11 Ghost to deal with, now we have to move on to the current garbage that needs to be taken out.

    • No, this was brought about in 2007 by Bush actually. President Bush, a Republican, signed it into law on December 19, 2007, in response to his “Twenty in Ten” challenge to reduce gasoline consumption by 20% in 10 years.

  49. I See The “Nobody” “Loser” Alan West Is Still Misinforming His Followers

    Despite what you’ve heard, Congress’ Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) “doesn’t ban any type of lighting, It just raises the efficiency standards a small amount. Understandably, you may have been misled by news stories about a “ban” on Fox News, that suggest that incandescents have been outlawed by Congress.
    Once the law begins to take effect next year, wattages for 100 watt bulbs are required to drop by about 30%. That means a former 100 watt bulb will use only 72 watts, yet emit a comparable amount of light. The law will be phased in over the next several years affecting 75 watt bulbs in 2013, then 60 watt and 40 watt bulbs in 2014. The new incandescent bulbs employ a small halogen capsule with an incandescent element that looks and operates just like a conventional bulb, while producing the same quality of light and using less energy. These halogen incandescents already meet or exceed the standards set by the EISA. To say it another way, incandescent bulbs are not banned. In fact, you may even have been buying EISA-compliant incandescents since 2009 when they first hit store shelves.

    But some are sticking to their Edisons. If you’re one of them, the new halogen incandescents that meet the EISA’s requirements are sold under a variety of brand names, including Philips’ Halogena Energy Saver at Home Depot, the Sylvania SuperSaver available at Lowes, and a GE bulb sold at Walmart.

    • What do you have to say about the carcinogens and mercury, requiring special time consuming and costly clean up and disposal procedures? What do the studies show about projected hazards to the environment over the next ten to twenty years? How many people are expected to be exposed to the government bulbs and because of their exposures, develop cancers? Fox News also failed to mention these inevitabilities.

      • The mercury issue, to my knowledge, are purely CFLs, not the halogens. I have a couple CFLs, some LEDs and some traditional bulbs in my home. We are ditching the CFLs because I have eye problems. CFL frequencies give me a headache because of this. CFLs are evil in every aspect. Hopefully these things will go the way of the ammonia refrigerator.

  50. people felt the same way about the horseless carriage. So how may want to drive Amish? Why not focus on real issues, not the ones manufactured to distract while America is getting systematically stripped of everything good and right? Lets just start with say, JOBS, and maybe the minimum wage? Heck, maybe we can put people first for a change, like the most productive, safe and healthy democracies do. Maybe we could pattern our economy after those that consistently out perform ours, that just happen to be regulated also?

    • Duh. The government didn’t mandate horseless carriages. You’re sooo missing the point. Freedom lost is America disintegrated Your apathy toward liberty is exactly what emboldens progressive socialists to proceed with their sick plans..

    • B e r t ? Coulld you name those productive, safe, and healthy democracies? Maybe just the productive and safe ones. OK, the productive ones. I am assuming that you imply that “they” are MORE productive, safer, and healthier than America! By the way, we are NOT a democracy. The United States of America is a democratic Republic. Believe me, Bert, there IS a difference! Just like there is a difference between a state and a commonwealth.

      • Thanks you!! It kills me to see how uneducated people really are thinking that this country is a democracy.. However things keep going this way it won’t be. People need to open their eyes…we are becoming less ‘ We the People’ and becoming more ‘hail hitler’ awake up america!!! Its not the governments job to tell us how to live!!

      • The answer to which democracies are better in Bert Slater’s mind can be answered with those that have “People’s” and “Republic” in their names (e.g. the GDR [German Democratic Republic / Deutsche Demokratische Republik / East Germany], the PRK [North Korea]. Ask a lefty what’s wrong with Communism, and the real answer will be nothing but its collapse and not having had the chance to work. After all, Obama’s Anita Dunn cited mass-murdering fellow-Communist Mao as top of her most admired list.

      • Just look up some statistics and find which place the USA takes on those lists.

        – health and acces to healthcare
        – crime
        – Education
        Look it up … google it find those lists search every topic which comes to mind … where is the USA on that list?

        You would think you are number one on every one of them???
        Cause that is what they teach you at School … USA No 1.

        Open your eyes, find out … toss of those carrigehorse eyeflaps.

    • What “most productive, safe and healthy democracies”? Other than US there are NONE!!! We also have the only country where the people expect the government to be honest with them. Some people anyway.

      • Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany to name a few. Places where WE helped them write their constitutions after WWII and they are better than ours. France continues to amaze as it provides a quality of life in spite of classic ideas of economics. So you think Allen B here has a correct world view? WTF?

      • The US is actually rated 8th in those categories. Health is 32nd. Probably should look at what we really have instead of what you think we have.

      • We are not 8th in anything. We were number 1 in healthcare, and education. We get downgraded in healthcare for only the basest of socialistic reasons. We don’t waste enough on the losers. Education is a false ticket. We are the only country that forces losers to stay in school wreaking education for the ones who want to be there. If, once again, we kicked the trash out, we would be #1.

      • New Health Rankings: Of 17 Nations, U.S. Is Dead Last
        Among the most striking of the report’s findings are that, among the countries studied, the U.S. has:
        The highest rate of death by violence, by a stunning margin
        The highest rate of death by car accident, also dramatically so
        The highest chance that a child will die before age 5
        The second-highest rate of death by coronary heart disease
        The second-highest rate of death by lung disease
        The highest teen pregnancy rate
        The highest rate of women dying due to complications of pregnancy and childbirth

        You are right we are first in a lot of areas

  51. When I first moved into my current home, I replaced all of the lights with florescent bulbs. They’ve been burning out for the past year and I run them down to the Hazardous Household Waste (HHW), and replacing them with LED’s. I like the LED’s so much better (dimmible and instant start) and they are amazing. So much so I’ve been replacing the incandescent bulbs in my motor home as well. I get 60 watts of light for about 7 watts of electrical usage (or the same as our old ‘nite’ lights.The initial price is expensive, (about $5.00 per bulb) but they are supposed to last 20 years with ‘normal’ usage which is nearly three times longer than the 7 years that florescent bulbs are rated. The free market will eventually take care of what sells and what doesn’t so why is the *guve’ment* continually interfering when they screw everything up they get involved in anyway?

    • Because that’s what libtards DO! They believe that they are, by virtue of chance, imbued with naturally superior minds. I haven’t seen a BIT of evidence of that in my 65 years and have never met anyone who has in my travels as an OTR truck driver, cab driver, or high speed scofflaw. They are ledgends in their own minds!

    • The longest a twisty light has lasted me was 2 years and that one was on constantly. Twisty bulbs were never longevity tested. Throw them away and go back to incandescent bulbs.

    • One of our first Phillips energy saving lightbulbs worked for over 25 years!!!
      There where the first on the marked and my dad was able to buy two at the place he worked. They where BIG but they lasted both over 23 years the other one even 25 years.

      These where lamps that burned all evening so lets say in wintertime almost 8-10 hours a day.

      I now have installed LED in the kitchen the old ceiling had to go (waterdamage) and for the new ceiling I put the LED’s up. But I really do not like the color of the light, bit blue and cold light. In future I guess these LED lights will be better.

      And there are more wonderfull things going on to bring natural light into your livinghome. Still pretty expensive but prices will be lower in future you will see.

      Most of the energy saving lightbulbs I have now work for over 8 years (bought them new) some did go after 1 year (Ikea by the way). But one could always buy the monday-morning products … you know.

      • GE bought that technology from Phillips, more like paid them to remove them from the market, and more than likely set them up with recurring income derived from the planned obsolescence of the GE incandescents, which last a couple of months.

  52. The free market will determine what the consumer demands. There is no need for government interference, especially when nothing the government does is efficient.

  53. All I have to say “mercury poisoning” anyone? These darn bulbs have mercury in them and if you break one, you are supposed to call a “Hazmat” team to dispose of them. What are we thinking?

  54. YOU are what’s wrong with America. Stop inciting fear and know your facts. “In 2008 — just a year after then-PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH signed the Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) into law, mandating that low-efficiency light bulbs be gradually removed from production — only 21 percent of people surveyed knew of the oncoming shift in how you light up your house.” Source:

    • 1. You are using NBC news as a source. 2. You are whining “BUSH DID IT!” 3. Every time this overstuffed government gets a new law passed, no matter how well intentioned, the bureaucrats with the big egos (AKA democrats) take it and blow it way out of proportion and we end up with Chinese mercury bulbs.

    • The substance to expect from a lefty. Any criticism of your opponent’s premise, how well the your opponent’s premise supports its conclusion, your opponent’s conclusion? No, but you called lots of names. By the way, Nazis were Socialists, as all totalitarians are, as you are. Guest doesn’t like black people thinking for themselves.

  55. Have you read the fine print?? If you break one of these bulbs you nust first evacuate the area for about 15 to 20 minutes, Do not use a broom to get rid of the broken bulb. You must use 2 pieces of cardboard to scrap up the pieces.DO NOT PUT in your trash!!! You need a special container to put it in and when your container is full you then send it to the address on the box – usually a waste facility. My 80 something parents are not going to do that!! They will sweep them up and put in the trash. As I’m sure most people will do because they have not read the fine print.
    Why is the government tellin me what kind of lightbulb to use? It’s none of their flipping business!!! This is not a better lightbulb!!! This lightbulb is more hazardous to our health than its predecessor. Government needs to stay out of my life and focus on improving itself!!! Like wasteful spending and corruption!!!
    George Orwell was so right!!!

  56. Just a bit of food for thought on longevity of incandescent light bulbs.
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Centennial Light

    Livermore’s Centennial Light BulbTypeCarbon-FilamentWorking principleIncandescence

    The Centennial Light is the world’s longest-lasting light bulb. It is at 4550 East Avenue, Livermore, California, and maintained by the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department.[1] The fire department says that the bulb is at least 110 years old and has been turned off only a handful of times. Due to its longevity, the bulb has been noted by The Guinness Book of World Records,[2] Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, and General Electric.[3] It is often cited as evidence for the existence of planned obsolescence in later-produced light bulbs.[4]

  57. Right and wrong. Obviously the government has their fingers in this, another power grab involving what is to be known now and forever as energy exploitation. This is really about the Corporate/industrial/government complex. GE has used enormous amounts of money researching these products. The problem is the money spent was spent like the government spends it to come up with a product that is inferior to the products of many smaller efficient companies.

    • The same GE that designed the bulbs to fail, that paid a company (Phillips) 5 Billion $ for their 20 year light bulbso they could keep it off the market. GE is the most evil company on the planet, with Monsanto a close second.

      • There are many angles to view this from, but one thing I have no faith in is big business and politicians. More and more I find that no matter what one believes, the left/right is one in the same. Too many good old boys are in positions in the government/corporations. None will do the right thing. Too many liberals that want, want, want and no conservatives with a backbone just to balance it out. It is sad that GE fails and is rewarded, the government fails and the voter rewards them, banks etc. and on and on And right now there is light bulb ads all over this site

  58. Let the marketplace decide if the new bulbs are “better.” Mandating them is just one more step toward tyranny. What’s next?

    • A recent study came out that greatly suggests that people exposed to DDT and for 3-4 generations later, have increased weight. Mice were exposed and they all had obesity problems for generations. The study was just published

      • That was my point, Tammy. Sometimes things have to be changed for the future welfare. (oops, there’s that word)

    • But at the LED lighting it is problem to find the real warm white bulb. I’ve tried many LED bulbs declaring warm white, 2900K, 2700K or similar, however in side-by-side comparison to in incadescent bulb declared to 2900K, the LED was not warm white. So governments should force manufacturers to show detailed information about the light parameters of the bulbs

  59. ….however the US Government argued for 20 years after being sprayed exposing military troops in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, South Korea (Along the DMZ) and Dump sites in Okinawa that DIOXIN was not the cause of any injury to anyone including Soldiers who were exposed to it…..Most of Dioxin was manufactured by Dow and Monsanto…..Monsanto today is the largest manufacturer of Genetically Modified Organisms GMO’s as they are called and are now in about 70% of our food. DO YOU REALL TRUST THE GOVERMENT….NEWS FLASH…They are NOT your friend…!

    • And Bill Gates is the largest stakeholder in Monsanto. Yeah, the guy that wants to reduce the population by 95% through the use of “vaccines” that are killing Africans by the truckload.

      • That is a generic agenda pushed by all Progressives. They expect a 70% decrease in the US population by 2020 per Kissinger. His explanation is we have to do this to save the planet. Under the NWO everyone will work, even if Doc’s have to work the fields or PHD’s may have to clean streets. (also per Kissinger) The Progressives have a view of our future, that is not good for us

      • And they want the illegals here to become their slaves once they have rid the planet of the middle class. The slaves will be grateful for being spared and given the opportunity to wipe their masters asses.

  60. Although I don’t think the government should decide what I must buy including light bulbs, I would never buy another incandescent bulb again but that is MY choice.

    • Wrong. Our Landlords were given an ultimatum and short story is they all agreed to require CFL’s or else. They are supposed to last for years. Two of mine began blinking after 3 months and are now worthless. $5+ each to replace them. And I was threatened with eviction and arrest when I couldn’t explain what precautionary measures I took to dispose of the bad ones.

      • I don’t know where you buy your CFLs or what brand you buy but I spend less than $2 each for my Philips 100 w equivalents and they last me an average of 15 months. If someone told you they will last for years they’re full of schitt. You must buy them on sale at Home Depot or Lowes in packs of 4 or 6. Where am I wrong? I said it was my choice and not the governments.

  61. I think next they will try and limit the amount of T.P. you can use, after all it
    might save a tree. (Some feels like they left the bark on it.)

  62. They are working on setting the thermostats in our homes, monitoring them, and “taxing” us if the temperature in our homes gets too high. Thanks Al Gore.

  63. Seems most people are worried about broken bulbs and the problem that it creates. I am 62 and to the best of my knowledge I broke a bulb back in the 60’s but outside of that I think I am bulb clean on breakings. If I can run a light bulb using 14 watts and produce 60 watts throughout my house then that makes sense. If the bulb last 7 times longer but costs 3 times more then that makes sense. I replaced 32 bulbs inside and out with these bulbs and after 2 years I have ;lost 2 bulbs. My electric bill reduced by over $35 a month. Math looks really good, especially for a person that is retired on a fixed income. The government is not going to change a thing, all this info about replacing bulbs is unfounded and no where are you seeing this happen. If you desire keep burning the hogs….it’s your money but it is our electricity.

    • You are mistaken. We have grocery stores here that put notices up that due to government regulations, incandescent bulbs will no longer be available at their stores. I’m talking about Kroger, the biggest grocery chain in the country.

    • you are wrong, because there should be free choice of customer which bulb to buy. Market should solve that, not such regulation. Governments just put away the rival and there won’t be normal market competition to go down with prices of CFL, LED, etc.
      Regarding the light color, quality, spectrum: CFL is not good light, it has very insalubrious light spectrum, and other parameters. Therefore to have only CFL bulbs in the house is harmful to eyesight. BTW which bulbs do you have in your bathroom at your mirror? CFL ? 😀 😀 😀 Nobody, because its light is unnatural

  64. There was a time when the government, in its wisdom, mandated the use of asbestos. Today attorneys are making billions off of asbestos. Mercury from CFLs will be the “asbestos goldmines” of the 21st and 22nd centuries.

  65. Our home has a cupboard full of CFL bulbs because we have gone back to the good old bulb that we can actually see with when you flip the switch. Even the Instant On didn’t work and they have burned out faster than regular bulbs. We have a lot of antique lamps and the CFL’s don’t work in them because they are 3-Way nor will they fit the mogul base antique lamps, nor will they work with my tough lamps, nor will they work in the refrigerator or oven or microwave. No thought for the rural farm people like ourselves…they take forever light in the cold when we need to check animals in our barn and when they finally do warm up even the “supposed” 100 watt are too dim so had to put regular bulbs back in. Incandescent have always been used to keep baby animals warms like chickens, ducks, lambs, pigs, calves, puppies, kittens and more which the CFL’s will not do. Obviously the CFL’s are not a benefit on the farm. AND, Can you actually see landlords spending $5 and more a bulb when they’d be stolen as fast as they put them in?? Obama is always bragging about how many people he has put to work…well lets talk about the 1000’s that lost their jobs when the light bulb factories all closed in the USA while we import all the CFL’s and the like. This whole thing is insane!!

  66. We need to get Obama to resign. no one will impeach him. He and his idiots need to go. remember all the BS he has done. in 2014. lets vote out all who voted against or rights and our constitution, no matter the party.

      • The alternative is to do what they want us to do. Which would mean a real revolution. If voting fails, that’s what many people may do. Lets hear your suggestion.

  67. Hi Everyone! Here are the “fun facts” about disposing of CFL Light bulbs. It is a 12 STEP Process and in some areas of the country it is ILLEGAL to put these things out with your regular garbage because of the mercury levels.

    How to Clean up Broken Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs – A 12 STEP PROCESS

    All fluorescent lights, compact or otherwise, contain small amounts of mercury, which is toxic if released into the environment. Most manufactures have agreed to reduce the amount of Mercury contained in compact fluorescent lights (CFL) to 5 mg or less per bulb. Even so, a broken CFL Can Release Enough Mercury Vapor to become toxic, especially to small children.

    Note 1: EPA’s recommended exposure levels for mercury, last revised in 2001, is currently 0.1 micrograms per kilogram of body weight per day. So if a CFL contains 5 micrograms of mercury, its very production is in violation of the EPA safe exposure codes as each bulb contains 50 times the acceptable level. How did the requirement to use these ever get passed in the first place?

    Note 2: The closest Hazardous waste disposal site available for public drop off to where I live is over 40 miles away! Yeah, I am really going to plan on driving
    over there to dispose of a broken light bulb! Bring on the Light Bulb Task Force to start arresting Grandma’s and young mom’s for throwing away a light bulb. (Oh wait, the government would have to first search through your garbage!!!)

    1. Do not vacuum up broken glass! This will vaporize and distribute all the mercury that was in the light bulb creating a much bigger problem.

    2. Ventilate the room before you start cleanup. Make sure that the room is isolated (doors closed, heating/AC system turned off) from the rest of the structure. Open all windows and leave the room, do not track through breakage area. Let it air out for at least 15 minutes or longer.

    3. Use rubber or latex gloves while cleaning up.

    4. Use stiff paper or sticky tape to collect the
    larger pieces. NEVER use a broom or vacuum to sweep as this can disperse the
    particles or make them airborne.[2] Place in a large re-sealable freezer bag.

    5. Use the sticky side of duct tape to clean up all the small pieces. Place in freezer bag

    6. Wipe the area down with a damp paper towel. Place used paper towels in freezer bag.

    7. Remove rubber gloves and place in freezer bag. Seal up the bag and bring it to a recycling or hazardous waste disposal facility.

    8. Wash your hands and arms thoroughly.

    9. Dispose of burned out CFLs properly. Even unbroken CFLs need to be disposed of properly. The following steps outline how this should be done.

    10. Never throw burned out CFLs in ordinary waste.
    This is a sure way to contaminate the environment and in many areas it is AGAINST
    THE LAW.

    11. Collect burned out CFLs and take them to a recycling facility or hazardous waste disposal facility.

    12. Find a disposal place. For a disposal center near you in the USA, check the US EPA web site on Mercury-Containing Light Bulb Recycling.

    Special Tip: • A good idea is to write on the base of the burned out CFL «BAD» and put it in a small box. When your municipality has a cleanup day when they accept hazardous waste free of charge, take the box in and get rid of them on that day. They
    last so long, usually you will only have one or two burned out bulbs per year.

    *** This special tip is funny as it contradicts everything in the 12 step disposal process which instructs you to not touch anything associated with the light bulb.
    What a Joke!

  68. The Energy Independence and Security Act 2007 by overwhelming majorities of both chambers and signed by Bush. I don’t like it but to say “primarily progressive socialists” seems like a bit of stretch.


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