The everlasting gifts of Christmas

Today I woke in beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado and went on a nice trail run — not like running in South Florida, that’s for sure. But how blessed I am, as we all are, to live in this great Nation.

So today on Christmas, as we open up boxes which contain finite gifts that we shall one day cast aside, let us remember this day and the true everlasting gifts we can enjoy now and forever.

The gift of God’s only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who was born to us this day in the town of Bethlehem. The gift that our Lord and Savior brought to us of everlasting peace for our soul and its salvation for eternity through His supreme sacrifice.

This is a gift which is not wrapped up in a nice shiny wrapped box. It began in a simple manger and ended up hung there on a cross, a crucifix, which draws all Mankind unto it to break the chains of sinful bondage.

The beauty of this gift is that it is always there — one just has to accept it, and enjoy it for the rest of his or her life, here on earth and for eternity.

Will I be attacked for this message? Probably, but the gift I accepted back in January 1980 gives me a courage to stand and withstand.

There have been times when I forgot where I put this gift, but it is always there where I left it, waiting to be reclaimed. And God has so blessed me, and many of us, with the gift of a special title: American.

This is a gift that many have fought and died to secure. It is a gift for which many have left their homes, just as the Three Wise Men did in following the spectacular star, to follow the beacon of liberty and freedom that those of us born here, and thereby inherited this gift, sometimes take for granted.

So on this day, I thank God for the blessing of having given me two very special gifts as articulated in these words by George Washington, “To the distinguished character of patriot, it should be our highest glory to add the more distinguished character of Christian.”

Merry Christmas to all, and to my fellow Americans for whom, in Christ-like manner, I will sacrifice to preserve the gifts that God gave us, His Son, and the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


    • actually, the word “Christmas” has everything to do with the Christ and the holy day for Christians is entirely centered on remembering and celebrating the birth of the Christ — “Christmas” comes from “Christ’s Mass” which the Western
      Church chose to celebrate near the winter solstice to help pagans understand that the Christ is the Light of the World, the Son of God, and Not the god of the sun, which the pagans had been celebrating — this is a condensed explanation, there really is a lot more to it than this — Peace be to you

    • Joe: Sorry you think that way, we do not….and Christians know the reason for Christmas…it’s Jesus birthday…don’t you celebrate your birthday? Stop putting a damper on our traditions…..

      • Line.. All he meant was that Dec.25th is definetly NOT the day the Messiah, Jesus , was born. To be precise, He was born Sept.11th, 3B.C. on that Jewish calendar year of the “Feast of Trumpets”…Tishri 1, 3 B.C.
        The present day acknowledgement of Dec. 25th is a pagan feast day that Constantine, back in the 3rd century, integrated into Christianity for the appeasement of the Greek pagans. Do you want TRUTH or tradition…you decide, we’re in America, still.

    • Joe B. .. You are somewhat correct, the World is just a few months late in the celebration, but for those that arent “there” yet, we don’t need to shove it down their throat…just present the TRUTH, and YAHOVAH will direct them to the light of HIS Word. Was there not a time that we too were blind?

      • Leave us all to our countries beliefs and traditions or go somewhere else….it’s such a short time to celebrate and be thankful for what we have no matter what religion you are…you don’t hear the jewish people complaining! We are not blind, we just believe and trust.

  1. This is perhaps the greatest Christmas message I can remember. Blessings and love to to you and your family. Have a great day.

    Yours in Christ …

    Carl Middleton

  2. I have to tell you about the gift my grandson’s gave to their Mother…(my daughter). It was 3 pages typed of what they thought Christmas was about….It was awesome, they also quoted 3-4 bible verses at the end that pertained to the Lords birth and dying on the cross for our sins…Wow, they are twins, Hunter & Kyle turned 16 last April. She will treasure that for life…I’m so proud of them…they also do volunteer work in the summer. Their first job at 15 was working in the summer at a young girls camp, washing dishes, pots and pans….didn’t make much money, but they worked hard with no complaints…Rene Painter

  3. Allen…a very Merry CHRIST-mas to you & yours. May GOD, Almighty guide your every decision in the coming months & years…to DO HIS WILL as a true Servant of the Lord should do. Have a Blessed New Year full of the BEST health & prosperity for all the West family here in Florida as well as in Georgia. Remember…”…for such a time as this.” I’m sure you KNOW what I mean. Amen, Brother.

  4. guys, stop taking tradition away from us….we know there is no Sants and no tooth fairy, but hey, leave our traditions alone…just have fun…

  5. Disappointed that you went to see the WOLF. I’m a senior citizen and even I knew that it was filled with sex and profanity. When yo go to such a movie, you encourage the movie industry to continue making obscene movies. I try to honor The Lord always, Even when I” m entertained.


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