Video: Christmas “Surprise for Rose” will make you cry

Today, we received this email:

I am CH (CPT) Des Nelson from the 831 TN BN. I am an Army Chaplain. I write this to you from Bagram Airfield. Below is a video that my daughter’s school made for me and it is amazing.

Sir, your Surprise for Rose truly is amazing. It reminds us what your service and sacrifice really means. Thank you, and Merry Christmas.


    • They probably saw the lyrics and thought they were homophobic not realizing that the word gay actually means happy. I try not to think of terrible our education system too often. When I do, I start weeping for the future of humanity.

    • Don we now, our GAY apparel!!!! Happened long before the sexual deviates decided to call themselves GAY…They messed with our English language and now we are supposed to change words (in time honored songs, etc) just to give them a wide birth for their choices???? I think NOT!! They can live anyway they choose.. but when they start telling me what I can think and Say…. I draw a line!!!.. They just stepped on my space and my tolerance level was canceled out by their lack there of…..

  1. We often forget the sacrifice of the families these men and women leave behind to fight for our country. This brings it all home to roost don’t it.

  2. Knowing that sacrifices must be made to insure we continue to live in a country that is the best chance for mankind. And knowing that not only those who serve, but those who love them endure the burden that freedom requires to thrive. Merry Christmas to the Chaplain and his family, Merry Christmas to all of us and Merry Christmas America.

  3. Hey Dads: We little girls need your love and attention so badly when we are young, boys will follow in their father’s footsteps, they may not seem like they are listening, but they hear everything…..I miss my father still and he has been gone over 40 years….I think about a walk we had when I was l0, little things that bring back memories, that is what it’s all about, our memories through this journey called life, be kind to everyone, even yourself….stop wanting to always be right! Be a hero for your family, like you all are hero’s to us…bless you all, Merry Christmas…

  4. Merry Christmas to all our troops, serving here at home and abroad. We have much to be thankful for and you are right at the top of that list.


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