The Christian Exodus

Many thousands of years ago, Jews made an exodus out of Egypt into the Holy Land. Now it appears there is an exodus of Christians out of that land. As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ, it is of particular concern to me that Christians may one day no longer be able to celebrate His birth in His birthplace.

As Prince Charles recently articulated, there is a purging of Christians in the Middle East. This segment from 60 Minutes attempted to blame the exodus of Christians from Bethlehem on Israeli “occupation.” I would humbly ask you to watch the segment, as former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, the Honorable Michael Oren, calls out reporter Bob Simon for trying to do a hatchet piece on Israel. I hold Ambassador Oren in high regard, and having had a few meetings with him can confirm he tells the truth like none other.

Angela and I traveled to the Holy Land of Israel back in August of 2011. We were part of a Congressional delegation and educational trip. We will never forget the day we were to visit Bethlehem when our Jewish tour guide and bus driver were ordered off the bus and replaced by an Arab driver — at least our tour guide was a Christian priest. We found out that Jews were not allowed into Bethlehem. How interesting — going to the place where Jesus Christ, a Jew, was born, and Jews were not allowed.

That was something 60 Minutes conveniently left out. And attempting to blame the Christian exodus on Israel is typical progressive socialist propaganda seeking to create a chasm between Jews and Christians — another Alinsky tactic of the liberal left.

The wall around Bethlehem was built because of Islamic Palestinian terrorism and is a matter of survival for the State of Israel. It is also clear to me that Muslim immigration into Bethlehem is driving Christians out. Given the evidence of what Muslims consider “coexistence,” I would rather have the Holy Lands under Israeli control.

So as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and honor our Judeo-Christian faith heritage — ask yourself, could there be a day in the near future when Christians will not live, nor be able to visit the beautiful place where Jesus was born?

Merry Christmas to my Christian brothers and sisters living in the Holy Land — I got your back!


  1. Christians are fleeing the Middle East because it has gotten to be a very dangerous place for them. The slaughters of Christians in Syria, the attacks on Christians in Iraq (several Assyrian churches date to the 1st Century AD), and the regular attacks on Christian communities in Pakistan for “blaspheming Islam” by Mohammedans are nothing less than ethnic cleansing. And what do we hear from the White House, the State Department, or the media? Crickets….

  2. There will come a day when Christians want live anywhere unless their is a war between them and the non-christian Muslims. All christians will have to fight to preserve the christian religion. The only other way will be for God himself to put the non-christian Muslims down. The parting of the sea….

  3. It does not surprise me a bit that this is happening and will one day soon be a for sure thing.We as Christian must I repeat must no matter color creed or religion start to ban together against what is happening not only in the US but all over the world towards Christians. Our lack of unity and stead fastness on these types of matters have unleashed a whip that if let to continue will cut across the back of each one of us. Back in Genesis satan took out the word Lord before God when he approached Eve and said to her did gog tell you not to eat from the tree. Now there are those who want to take the rest “GOD” completely away. We must realize that with out unity we will do like Adam did just stand by and do nothing. Let’s not be Adams in the garden but lets be the Adams Lord God intended we must begin to unite and make our numbers known. Its time to gather together and let the world know that we are a force and that we stand with our Christian brothers and sisters throughout out the world who are being Martyred for Christ. And we stand by here in America and do nothing. ” OUR CRY SHOULD BE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.Are we waiting for that shot that will be heard around the world. My opinion the gun is empty and they are reloading. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  4. I respectfully disagree. I went to the Holy Land on a pilgrimage with my church. Israeli occupation is EXACTLY why Christians are leaving. I was very Pro-Israel until my trip there. In Israel, Christians are Palestinians/Arabs. They are not allowed in Bethlehem if they reside in Israel and vice versa. Instead of going on a tour of Christian places with a Jewish tour guide, go with a Christian tour guide. I guarantee a complete education. We as Christians need to stop supporting a country that persecuted Christians. Israel not only confiscates Muslim land, but Christian land. They not only destroy Muslim homes and business, but Christian homes and businesses. I recommend reading some of Ilan Pape’s books [I prefer him because he uses Israeli records and sources] for education.

    • As I understand the situation – Christians are a dying breed in Palestinian areas. Christian schools have been closed and Sharia is being implemented. I expect the Israelis to maintain and protect Christian areas and to do that they need to drive out the infinitely evil Muslim scourge!

      • As I understand it we are lucky that Israel is in control there as if not we Christians would be barred entirely from the holy land. We are considered infidels and would be executed there for practicing our faith!

      • Yes, everywhere [except in Israel] Christians are being hunted down and killed. While they may not be dying in Israel, the situation is not ideal. Franciscans, Dominicans, Orthodox and others’ who have owned land there for over 900 years are now loosing it. Christian schools are only closing because Christians are leaving – they are being squeezed out by both sides. All I’m asking is that people do their own research and not take everything we’re told as the truth. Have an open mind and open heart. I’m not denying that Israel has a right to exist and govern their country. I just experienced things that went against everything I was ever told about the area.

    • You say that the christian arabs from Israel are not allowed into Bethlehem. May I point out that it can only be the Palestinian Authority that rules Bethlehem that prevents Jews and other Israelis from entering Bethlehem.

      • The guards at the checkpoints into and out of Bethlehem were IDF. IDF are the ones that boarded our bus and checked our passports. IDF denied our Christian tour guide access to Bethlehem. Our tour guide was born and raised in Israel and is not allowed to be a citizen. He has a different form of Identification.

    • Sorry Stacie, but a short visit as a tourist does not make you an expert in these things. Living here for almost 8 years – I’ve seen what you had blinders on to. I don’t even know where these sources are coming from that Christians are leaving. According to our numbers, the population is growing. In the area I live, Christians, Jews and Druzim work, eat and live together. There is no tearing down of anyone’s homes. And if you look around, the Muslims live very high lives – much better than the rest of us. You also need to read up on your history a bit – more Christians and Catholics persecuted Christians than Jews ever dreamed of. We live the Torah, we abide by HaShem’s commandments. Even when the world is against us, we maintain our peace and generosity. There are places we all are not allowed unless you’re Muslim – and they are allowed everywhere…sure there are some walls, but they can come and go as they please and keep the rest of the world out – and we are the persecutors? I don’t know what you “saw when you came, but most likely it was through smoke and mirrors.

      • Didn’t say I was an expert, but I do believe the many Christians whom I talked to who were born and raised either in Israel or the West Bank are [as well as the many that would not talk for fear of repercussions]. I also saw first hand how we were treated by the IDF as well as by people of all creeds.

      • Not that you needed it but…here is an excerpt from wikipedia about Druze
        “The Druze people reside primarily in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel.[8][9]
        The Institute of Druze Studies estimates that forty to fifty percent of
        Druze live in Syria, thirty to forty percent in Lebanon, six to seven
        percent in Israel, and one or two percent in Jordan” Just a bit of confirmation

  5. Your opening paragraph is a bit misleading, Alan. You state: “Many thousands of years ago, Jews made an exodus out of Egypt into the Holy Land. Now it appears there is an exodus of Christians out of that land….”

    It’s more of an exodus of Christians out of the Palestinian controlled West Bank (or Judea and Samaria to use the real/Biblical names) and the rest of the ancient Christian communities. The Christian population in Israel proper is actually growing, the only place in the mideast/North Africa where this is happening.

    The name “Holy Land” to many people implies Israel, not the West Bank, although I would guess many people would not know the difference. Otherwise, the post is strong and CBS’s behavior in this matter has been reprehensible. Thanks for the continuing good work.


    • Wow, you’re hateful. Have you ever heard of Jesus? My guess is no. Apart from God there is NOTHING. Do you understand that? That means he created homosexuals and those so called “deviants.” If God didn’t want homosexuals or “deviants” to exist then he wouldn’t have allowed their existence. Don’t put limits on God, he could easily eliminate anyone or thing without the slightest bit of effort, but he hasn’t. He loves everyone. Don’t go spewing your hate as if its the pure will of God.


  7. Islam is a crime against humanity as I have said over and over again. Israel should annex Bethlehem today and drive out the Muslim infestation. It is unacceptable for this holy place to be in Muslim hands!

  8. I did not know that . Just how bad is it.? We the Christians of this world must not let this happen. As a American I ask all Americans to stand an defend are kings home. We must run the muslim out of that city soon. So Jesus can come home.

  9. Where’s President Obama on this? Neither he nor the Democrat Party seem to care. If Muslims were being purged by Christians, they’d be all over this.

      • I’ll agree that he is not a Christian, but I don’t agree that he is not a liar, a fraud, and an impostor. I don’t know how you could even think he is not a liar.



        MANY American citizens are NOT aware, & being called “Low-information”…if you are interested Donald, send a request on my email, [email protected] Obama was born in Africa, his birth certificate is a fraud (felony charge), his social security card is another fraud, he lied 36 times “You can keep your health insurance”, international court court has charged obama, biden, & clinton for murder ! Are the “leaders” in our nation are the character’s we are looking for ??? How about Benghazi ?? Our Libya ambassador & 3 other American citizens was murdered by terrorists, obama & clinton went to bed…..was that another lie ?? Obama have directly related to the murder of 100,000 CHRISTIANS in the middle east ! Was that another lie ?? Click & Read that link at the top Donald Sullivan…If You do NOT agree that at least 1/2 of the long list of lie’s, than you are a liberal communist… my opinion.

  10. Even though the Jews left Egypt in Biblical times, more recently there was a vibrant Jewish community in Egypt as recently as 1940’s. But In and around the 1940’s Muslim militancy (what many now call Islamism) started to become prominent and most of the Jews were driven out. A pathetically small remnant of the Jewish community is left. Occasionally the Egyptians trot them out to make some statement against Israel. They have little choice but to do as they are told. Generally speaking, in modern times whenever Muslims run out of Jews to persecute, they start in on the Christians. I’m sure they would prefer to persecute Jews, but–hey–they have to work with what they’ve got. I like Diet Pepsi best if but all I have is Diet Coke I’ll drink it. It’s much the same with Muslim persecution.

  11. I am a Scotsman with the name Cowan, possibly the Anglicization of Cohen. Perhaps my strong love for Israel and Jews is blood born. I hope so, for I identify strongly with God’s Chosen People. I am a Messianic Jew believing as most Jews will sooner or later that Yeshua Hamashiach is the Messiah sent by Adonai to rescue a lost humanity from their death sentence deserved by original sin.
    Sha-alu Jerusalaem and Maranatha Lord Jesus!

  12. Co-existence is an impossibility for Muslims! Even among themselves they murder and destroy. If they believe in their Quran they are ordered to subjugate , torture and or murder all “non believers”! This is why Muslims should be BANNED FROM ALL NON-ISLAMIC COUNTRIES! Take down their cult buildings which are not churches but indoctrination centers. Send them from our lands before we are over run and destroyed!

  13. Yes Palestine is bitter and doesn’t want the Jews in their country because they are treated like prisoners by Israel. Israel has become a huge bully in the region thanks to our gifts of money and weapons. Both sides have gone too far for their cause and Christians have suffered from both sides greatly. That is the truth. I have been there and have seen the violence from both sides. It is our job to stop the harsh treatment of Palestinians from Israel and the violence from Muslims will stop. I am fully Amercian and fully chrsitain.. but I know when media and politics cast doubt on truth.. This is one of those times!

    • Then tell your Palestinian friends to stop using Israeli medical facilities, education system, transportation, technologies, etc. Learn to spend the billions of dollars given in donations to the Palestinian cause properly instead of opening healthy Swiss Bank accounts by your own leaders. Palestine has doubled (if no triple) the 14 billion dollars (Plan Marshall) given to Europe by the USA back in the late 1940’s, in the past 20 years. Why don’t you blame Egypt (Gaza problem) equally? Why don’t you blame yourselves? Why don’t you held your leaders responsible for a change?

      • Israel currently has a full blockade on any humanitarian aid entering the Gaza strip. That is why they must smuggle supplies through hidden tunnels into Egypt. This supposed money they are amassing? Do you know that Israel has blocked any concrete from entering The West Bank or Gaza. Israeli settlers in the West Bank are just as much terrorists as Hamas or the PLO. Stop blindly supporting an Israeli government that does not have America’s interest in mind. When did questioning Israel’s motives become unAmerican? Even when they act completely against our own interest?

      • The blockades have not been without reason. Weapons were being smuggled in, then used against Israel. (Who do you think you are fooling here? We have gone around and around on this.) The tunnels? Made out of the concrete that WAS ALLOWED into Gaza. So, you want to act like mischievous children? Then you will occasionally get your knuckles rapped.

  14. Stop hating Muslims. Most are not violent. Only extremists use violence… That includes Jews and Christians. Now the far left liberals are acting like extremists. When will it stop??

    • “Stop hating Muslims. Most are not violent. Only extremists use violence”…We have often heard this in the past. What we don’t hear about is the non-violent muslims taking any action against the violent ones, or even speaking out against them. Both types thoroughly enjoyed 9/11, you can see it in the videos.

  15. We created Israel and they have used unethical motives behind stealing the land of Palestine and hurting relations with the other Nations. If we want Peace in the Middle East we need to stop Israel from taking all the land there and make them give it back. Bottom line. This is why the Arab world is upset with them… not all this western lifestyle garbage. That is the real topic here!

    • Tell that to my Israeli brother in law. He was born in British Palestine back in 1942. Jews have inhabit that part of the world for centuries way before Islam. Stick with the archaeological and historical facts. BTW I do not believe for a fraction of a second that “giving back” land will promote peace in the Middle East and prevent Iran from hating their Sunni brothers, have a look at Gaza and the West Bank for that matter. Plan-less Islamic nations promoting hate and despair amongst their own people, tribal wars, resistance to interact and interface with the XXI century, the general psychosis of Islamic nations by hating things they do not recognize, and much more. That is the real topic here!

    • Israel has given back miles of land and every time the give more back what happens, the Palestine terrorist launch more rockets at Israel.

      First of all Palestine was never a country, nation or anything and they hide among there own people and shoot rockets at Israel knowing that Israel will retaliate killing innocent people but don’t care. So don’t tell me about Israel taking they have been giving back land for years and it has not brought peace to the Middle East and never will. Palestine people want peace then quit launching rockets at Israel and blowing up buses with innocent people on them.

    • Mr. Stefan Shihada, you mentioned a few words that have no explanations along, 1)- Who is We, Mr. Shihadeh? 2)- Unethical? What is unethical about a war that you or a nation has to protect itself? 3)- What are Palestinian lands? who they belonged to??? 4)- Where was Palestine any time before Jordan? 5)- Where did Jordanians come from? 6)- Palestine in history, Who was the leader of palestine, name any Queen or King? 7)- What year Palestine was established? 8)- What are the lands that you think of, since you mentioned Israel should give back? 9)-How many Sq. Miles should they have? 10)- Why Jordan got 77% of the British mandate, & left 23& for israel, 11)- Why Jordan annexed Judea, & kicked out the Jews of Jerusalem in 1948? 12)- What happened to the words, living together side by side? 13)- Why Israel has over 1.5 Million Arab Muslims citizens, but none of the neighboring countries have hardly any Jewish citizens or even Jewish residents in Jordan Syria & Egypt???

  16. Saying that Jews left Egypt but excludes the other 11 tribes is a mistake. It was “all” 12 tribes of Israel that left Egypt. “Jews” means from Judea, one of the tribes of Israel.


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