Americans get scrooged as Obamacare deadline shifts again

Ask most Americans what today is and they’ll reply the eve of Christmas Eve, and many are out completing their last minute shopping.

Today was supposed to be the deadline to sign up for Obamacare in order to make the January 1 cutoff. But you can chalk up today to yet another failure – as administration officials have quietly extended the deadline 24 hours to Christmas Eve, according to the Washington Post.

As reported by Fox News this morning:

A series of administration fixes and delays is turning the milestone into a day that for many Americans will underscore the uncertainty about the future of the law. The original plan was simple — that Americans who enrolled in Obamacare, online or otherwise, by Dec. 23 and paid in full would have insurance when coverage kicks in New Year’s Day. But the disastrous Oct. 1 start for the federal website and some state-run sites — marked by crashes and the dissemination of incorrect information — sent President Obama and other top administration officials scrambling to change the law in hopes of bolstering enrollment numbers.

Obamacare is fraught with fundamental problems — not just the website — but the overall premise, and even yesterday Democrat Senator Joe Manchin, whom I thoroughly respect, recommended this whole thing be delayed, particularly the individual mandate tax.

Many economic forecasters and market analysts agree we have yet to see the full impact of Americans losing their coverage. Next year could be even more horrific because of the employer mandate which was “unconstitutionally” delayed by President Obama.

Just last week, as we reported, Obama issued another change decree stating that those who had lost their insurance coverage — because of his own mandate — could retain their previously declared “substandard, junk plans” and not be subject to the individual mandate tax.

Obamacare is NOT a law. Let me state this again, Obamacare IS NOT A LAW. It is the whimsical design of deviant minds that will destabilize one-sixth of our economy for their own political and ideological gain.

Just yesterday, President Obama again evidenced his delusion as he restated his case that Obamacare is on the right track and urged those who had yet to enroll to do so by Monday. “The law is working,” he said in a statement. “If you don’t have health insurance, go to [the site] right now and sign up. If you do it before December 23rd, you can be covered on the first day of the New Year… I’m asking you to spread the word about getting covered.”

If the “law is working,” then why grant yet another exemption before he whisked off on vacation to Hawaii? Obama delivered yet another lie when he stated, “I completely get how upsetting this can be for a lot of Americans.”

The upsetting part is that these Americans were fine with their plans until his imperial excellency decided he knew what was best for them — and then proceeded to hose it all up.

Those Americans who lost their plans will not be able to restore comparable pricing, due to the administration’s upheaval of the industry and the ever expanding pool of high risk, elderly, and indigent onto the insurance rolls After all, someone has to subsume the costs and subsidize the system.

According to Fox, while enrollment is ticking upwards,

Several underlying problems persist, including the accuracy of the numbers and how many of those enrolled have in fact paid for their policies. Such problems could create far more serious consequences in the coming weeks should people who think they have insurance under ObamaCare go to a pharmacy or doctor’s office and find out otherwise.

But of course when that happens, the insidious blame game will kick in and the insurance companies will take the hit from President Obama. Robert Moffit, director of The Heritage Foundation’s Center for Health Policy Studies, spoke with on Friday and explained it this way,

“The complexity of the law, including who is exempt from what, will continue to confuse Americans. This whole thing has turned into a rat’s nest of rules and regulations. Who would have thought Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius would grant so many hardships? … This administration is under the mindset of how America is supposed to work, which has nothing to do with how it really works.”

As esteemed author and conservative philosopher Thomas Sowell put it, “We have traded in that which works, for that which sounds good.”

Merry Christmas America from President Barack Hussein Obama. You get a lump of coal, and he is the one who’s been naughty.

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Merry Christmas to you and your family ,Allen West, God Bless you always!

Crystal DeVelis
This piece of legislation grants wide authority to the director of Health and Human Services, and which the president is using to make changes in real time. The very nature of this power grab is reason enough to repeal the ACA. It is a classic Alinski-type of chaos generation that usually results in the government charging in to “rescue” the people, when in fact it will be a takeover of another huge segment of the economy, the health insurance industry. Your 401K’s, pension funds, and mutual funds will be taking a nosedive when this happens. And if you thought… Read more »
Scott Masewicz

The website is just an example that they don’t know what they’re doing.


We’re concerned that these guys can not run one sixth of the economy: let’s not forget that they intend to run it all. It could be that this boondoggle turns out to be a blessing in disguise, as the American people finally realize the threat that is to all of us, liberals, socialists and other assorted fools included.

John H

Exactly. They had how long to get it right? They spent how much to get it done? And it’s still a mess?

John H

I have no intention of registering until they’ve gotten their act together. By then, maybe cooler heads will prevail and this law and the associated power grab will be history.


I hate Obama ,and Obamacare !


Triple that from ME! Cannot stand Pukes and Commies and want them out of my country!

Steven Weaver

It was designed to fail.

Rob Adcox

I have never enrolled. Nor will I do so under threat of fine, which intend not to pay.

Ron Coon

The very moment Obama granted his first unconstitutional exemption, writing legislation from the executive branch, to what was the Affordable Care Act it was no longer the ACA and no longer a law, but the will of a dictator.

Insurance? WHAT insurance??? Thanks to obama, we have no insurance. At least not what we use to call “insurance” a year ago…So what I’d like now, is some ASSURANCE that by this time next year, we will still be living in a free Republic of the United States of America because if we let obama-commies keep on going, we will no longer be the land of the free. It will just be the land of “freebies” and yet we all know (or so I thought we all knew) that NOTHING is free. If I hear one more Liberal tell me… Read more »